Lots of Pooping!

I have gone poop 4 times in the last 24 hours or so! It's not even diarrhea or soft stuff. I've had to push and strain like mad to get the poops out!

The first poop was yesterday morning right after I woke up. It started out pretty soft with lots of farts and plops, then it hardened up a bit and it would take a couple minutes for each poop to come out. I was on the toilet for about 10-15 minutes and when I was finished, my butt was so sore and there was even a little bit of blood on the TP from when I was pushing. The toilet was filled with lots of small poops (all about one or two inches in length) and I had to flush the toilet first before I could throw in the dirty TP or else it would have clogged up!

The second poop happened later on in the afternoon. It was almost identical to the poop from the morning, but it wasn't soft at all. I had to push the entire time I was on the toilet (10 minutes or so) I even had to push on my stomach a few times just to get things moving. There was a lot of plops and some of them even caused splash back! And the smell during this poop-ATROCIOUS!! I wish I had some air freshener after that poop! Again, my butt was sore after this poop and again there was blood on the TP. There wasn't as much poop in the toilet, but it did cause a small clog when I flushed.

The third poop was right before I had my bath before bed. I only managed to get 4 pieces out and they were of a decent length (3 or 4 inches). I had to push a lot to get those ones out too. It was another smelly one! In fact, it was smellier than my second poop!

My fourth poop (which was the first for today) was this afternoon after I got home from church. There was a bit of gas at the start which helped get the first bit of poop out (and there was a lot!), but after about 5 or so minutes, I had to put down the book I was reading and start pushing on my stomach and straining to get the last bit of poop out. I was in the bathroom for 12 minutes and just like my first poop from yesterday, the entire toilet hole and even around it was filled with lots of poop. It took quite a few wipes to get clean and I had to flush the poop down first before flushing the TP.

More surveys :)


1) Where are you comfortable using the bathroom? At home, Wal-Mart, the mall, at a friend's house (pee only).
2) Do you wait to find a good bathroom, or typically use the first one you come across? If I have to go really bad (either pee or poop), I'll go into the first bathroom I come across.
3) How do you 'position' yourself & your pants etc when you sit? When I pee, I just lower my pants a bit. When I poop, I pull my pants all the way down to the ground (or I remove them) and I then spread my legs apart as far as they will go. My arms are either on my knees or pushing on my stomach.


4) How often do you pee? Once in the morning, a couple times in the afternoon and then again before I go to bed.
5) What color / shade is it? Usually, just a pale yellow. If I drink Red Bull, it is a darker yellow
6) Do you pee a lot in one go? I tend to pee for about 20-25 seconds. So I guess I pee a normal amount, lol


6) How often do you fart? Usually only when I have to poo really bad or when I have diarrhea.
7) What type of farts do you do? Quiet or SBD's
8) Are you shy about farting? Yes, around strangers but not my friends
9) Do you fart on the toilet? Always when I have diarrhea and sometimes I'll fart while doing a normal poop.
10) Are your farts noisy? Just if they happen while on the toilet
11) Do they smell? If I have to poo real bad, yes!


12) How often do you poop? Every day, sometimes 2 or 3 times a day!
13) What foods etc make you poop? Fast food for sure! Eating or drinking lots of dairy, anytime I eat a bigger than normal meal.
14) How long does it usually take you? 10-20 minutes. Sometimes longer if I am constipated or have severe diarrhea.
15) What types of poop do you do? On average, lots of little pieces and maybe a big log or so. I am constipated a lot, so I tend to have hard poops.
16) Does a lot come out? Yes, it's usually little pieces that fill the hole and around it
17) What texture are your loads? Usually smooth. But sometimes, mushy or bumpy.

19) When you poop do you require effort? Usually I have to strain to get it all out. The only exception is when it's diarrhea.

Other / Misc.
20) Do you usually need lots of toilet paper? Depends on how messy it is! I usually wipe 3 or 4 times though.
21) Do you 'line the seat' with tp? No
22) Ever had someone else in the bathroom with you, or vice versa? Nope
23) Not counting when you were a kid, have you ever had an accident? (from being sick, drinking / eating too much, nothing nearby...)No, I have been lucky that way
24) Do you make sounds when you go? Aside from my typical straining sounds, I will moan if it's really painful or lots of diarrhea is coming out. I have also on occasion, exclaimed ouch! when a hard painful poop was coming out.
25) what was your best bathroom experience? Anytime where I have gone after being really desperate to go.
26) What was your worst? Being constipated at Bible camp when I was kid. I sat in the bathroom for almost 45 minutes in pain and crying all the while trying to get out this poop that was in there for almost a week!

Tim's survey;

How many times a day do u pee? 4 or so

How long can u hold it in till u find a toilet? Pretty much all day if need be

How long do u pee for? Anywhere between 20 and 25 seconds

How often do u poop? 1-3 times a day

Is ur poop solid, mushy or liquid? Normally, it's solid

How long does it take u to poop? 10-20 minutes for the most part

Do u fart alot when u poop? Only when it's diarrhea

When u need a poop do u always have pre poop farts? Not always

Would u let someone of the same sex see u on the toilet? Not quite ready for that

Would u let someone of the opposite sex see u on the toilet? Probably not...

This happened a week after school started.
I'm a 8th grader, black hair, brown eyes, and a pretty good body. I go to a public school with one large unisex bathroom only in the entire school. I woke up late for school one day and didn't have time for my morning poop. So I went to school and managed to hold it until lunch. When I coudnt hold it anymore, I rushed to the bathroom, only to find that all six cubicles were taken. I was getting desperate. I knew that If I didn't gett on a toilet soon, I would poop my pants. I went over to the stall with no door no one uses. I was a bit embarassed, but I was too desperate to care. I went in the doorless stall and pull down my shorts and panties and began too poop. As my first log poked out, my crush walked into the bathroom and saw my poop hanging out of my butt. I was so embarrassed, but I think it turned him on because I saw a bulge growing in the front of his jeans. A week after that, he asked me to be his gf :)!!!!!
Thats it for now!!! Enjoy



1. How do you poop (secretly, scheduled whenever you feel, it when you are in a certain place etc.)
When I have to poop, I'll just get up and go. If out in public, I'll find a bathroom somewhere and go too.

2. Do you poop in one location or wherever you are when you feel it.
I'll poop anywhere, except at work

3. Do you bring friends with you or wait until friends have to go and then go with them (peeing and pooping)
If it's just peeing, I'll bring a friend along just to talk to. I don't like my friends knowing that I'm pooping though, so I tend not to bring them along when I need to poop.

4. What position do you poo Sitting. How else? Please be more specific.
I sit with my legs spread apart and my elbows on my knees .

5. Do you grunt, pull on your stomach, stick your fingers up your butt or anything else to help get the poo flowing?
If it's a difficult poop, I will grunt and strain to get it moving. I also push on my stomach a few times during my poop session.

6. What do you do with the toilet paper, ball it up, fold it so it's like a thick napkin of cushybess, wipe one piece at a time etc.
I ball it up

7. Where is the grossest place you've gone (quality)
When I was in Nicaragua, I had to go when my group was at a rehab center and it was this little outhouse in the middle of the forest. It smelled bad and there was nothing to wipe with! Luckily, I just had to pee.

8. Where is the grossest place you've gone (grossing you out because you shower there, eat there, sleep there or something to that degree)
I've peed in the ocean and in lakes.

10. What is your worst expierience when going to the bathroom (inside or out of the bathrooms)
When I was super constipated at a Bible when I was about 10? It was so painful and it was just awful.


Sweet Soft Bliss

Now it's time for my story!

Went out to a pub last night for some supper with my dad. I had a chicken wrap which had chicken, bacon, cheese, lettuce, tomato and cesar dressing, with fries. I also had a Yuengling.
Shortly before bed, I had a few farts, which were 'trumpety' and some sounded like the trumpet was underwater.

This morning, I had to shit. And badly. Getting to position, I peed for about 5 seconds, then let out a long, hissing fart. I felt it at my anus, and I gave it a push. Soft, noisy, poop crackled out of me for about 20 seconds. There was no plops but it was like "bloooft..." with many wet crackles. It took 10 wipes, the first were very smeary. The turd was long, soft, coiled and cracked. It had a pretty healthy smell too. When I flushed, it 'broke away', and left a few vey tiny chunks.

I see there's been a bit of activity since my last posting :

Rachel: wow, many thanks for answering my survey, and the remainder of the post! :)By best bathroom experience, I mean the best time you've had on the toilet - really relieving pee, a huge dump...
My turds usually make the same noise, and i love that fast, relieving kinda soft poop that just flies out of you.

Goldeneye: I rarely fart round other people. But yes, I say excuse me or sorry, especially if it was loud, or smells bad; even to me. A tip to overcome shyness is this: if you're embarrassed by your plops, putting toilet paper in the toilet will silence (or minimize) the turds hitting the water sounds. Just remember, "Everyone Poops". So (and this is for everyone) let it all out with pride.

Amanda M: answers to your survey!

1. How do you poop (secretly, scheduled whenever you feel, it when you are in a certain place etc.)
I never hold it to the point of desperation. I poop wherever, whenever.

2. Do you poop in one location or wherever you are when you feel it.
I prefer home

3. Do you bring friends with you or wait until friends have to go and then go with them (peeing and pooping)
Never 'been' with anyone, except an ex who peed for me a few times. Would love to see a grl unload as if I'm not there though.

4. What position do you poo Sitting. How else? Please be more specific.
everything down to knees, arms at my side.

5. Do you grunt, pull on your stomach, stick your fingers up your butt or anything else to help get the poo flowing?
Sometimes I cross my arms over my stomach lol

6. What do you do with the toilet paper, ball it up, fold it so it's like a thick napkin of cushybess, wipe one piece at a time etc.
Cushy ball of win.

7. Where is the grossest place you've gone (quality)
I haven't experienced a nasty public bathroom yet. Some are cleaners than others, but haven't found a 'gross' one.

8. Where is the grossest place you've gone (grossing you out because you shower there, eat there, sleep there or something to that degree)
I've never went to the bathroom in a place other than the toilet or urinal

10. What is your worst expierience when going to the bathroom (inside or out of the bathrooms)
Aytime I have the runs. They aren't fun.

That's all!


Comments & On the Beach.

To Duchess: She actually did come to school the next day. No one gave her any trouble for it, because fortunately, my class is mature enough to understand an accident. I, like everyone, was shocked that it happened but I figured it would happen just by looking at her.

Bedpan's Rants: Its a good thing no one caught you having an accident! That would have been fairly embarassing lol.

Here's a story from about a year ago:

So I was walking around the beach up in The UP of Michigan with a girl I met up at the camp I was staying at. Her name was Hope (Funny. Her name was Hope and her brother's was Will.) She was beautiful. She was about as tall as me, long red hair, very curvy, great personality. We were walking along the beach together, when she started to rub her stomach. I asked her if she was okay, and she shocked me how she said what she said. "No, I really need to take a shit." I was suprised she was so open about her bathroom habits, especially to someone she met three days prior. "Okay," I said, "Do you want to go back to camp?" Camp was probably a mile away, and over a pretty large sand dune. "Actually, can you keep a secret?" I shook my head yes. "Well, I don't really want to go back to the bathroom..." I raised an eyebrow. "What do you mean?" I was shocked by what she said next. "Well... I, kind of like to use my pants as a toilet." My brain scattered. A hot girl just said that she enjoyed pooping her pants. I was soooo confused. "So, is it okay if I use the bathroom right here? You know, in front of you?" I was tounge tied. But I answered at last. "Um... s-sure." "Thanks," she said. Then, Hope squatted right there, in the middle of the beach, and grunted. Soon, a brown mark began to appear on the back of her white bikini bottoms, and they began to tent out a lot. They began to sag under the weight of it all as well. Soon, she stopped, stood up, and turned to me. I was stunned, so stunned that I didn't noticed I had an erection. She giggled. "I didn't know you liked this stuff." I covered my crotch fast. But then she stepped in and kissed me. I kissed her back. We spent the rest of the three weeks up there together, me seeing her use the bathroom six more times, but now I only see her on the Internet occasionally. She was nice and I kind of miss her.


Playing catch up

Hi Catherine, and thanks for having me!


1.Do you attend an urban public school and hate to use the toilet there?
I attended public schools in the 1960s. For peeing I didn't mind much, I'd usually just use it twice a day, tops. It was really bad to have to go number two at school because other girls would make fun of the unfortunate one who needed to have a bowel movement at school. I'd hold mine at all cost until I got home and be miserable with cramps all day because of it, luckily that didn't happen often but when it did, oh man!

2.Are you harassed by school security guards?
Security guards in schools? No such thugs were allowed in schools when I was a child--if there were, why, we'd have bombarded them with "Barney Fife" jokes to no end. From some of the horror stories I've heard, some of those so-called "security guards" are worse than the actual bullies.

3.Do your teachers allow you enough time?
We used to be expected to use the bathroom in between classes, during recess, after lunch, etc. which was IIRC five minutes before the bell rang. Missing the bell counted as a tardy. Too many tardies meant a note to your parents. Solution: whip up some tears and say you were sick in the bathroom; this worked if not done too often. Don't think it worked too well if you were a boy though.

4.Do you feel safe in school bathrooms?
Nooooo, I'm afraid the toidy will swallow me up!!! Just kidding. I haven't had to worry about falling in ye ole bowl ever since about age 15 when I grew this tush. Never been overweight according to the chart, just wanted my body to look more balanced and symmetrical. Bigger on my lower half from using my legs so much I guess, I was always an active kid riding my bike a lot and playing ball, etc. Used to go on strict diets bigtime to try and get it smaller, but now I see a butt as a safety device that keeps me from falling in the toilet. No fear!!

5. Do the stalls have doors that lock?
Not until I got to high school did we have stalls with doors and a latch. Lower grades it was all doorless stalls. Really felt like a big step up my first year of high when the signs on the bathrooms said "women" instead of "girls".

6. Besides peeing, do you make #2 and do kids tease you about smell or noise?
(SEE Q #1). Yeah, pretty much they'd go around telling everyone you pooped at school and this lasted no more than a couple days before they'd find someone else to pick on, a new "victim" if you will. Once, I think in eighth grade, I had really bad diarrhea in the bathroom at school, I was several minutes late to class and the teacher sent one of my friends to find me and she found me perched atop one of the ivory thrones, and I ended up checking out and going home. Nobody made fun of me that time because I was ill. If they knew you weren't feeling well they didn't poke fun at you. We had some code of honor at least.

7. Are they clean, stocked with toilet paper, soap, hot water and dryers?
The janitors tried to keep them clean but .... There were no such things as dryers back in my day. The paper towels were these thick brown stiff deals from a metal dispenser on the wall, and the soap was in wall mounted dispensers, one over each sink, they were a little glass globe with a nipple on the bottom, you push upwards on the nipple to get out the liquid soap that smelled like LifeBuoy. Sometimes when they were out of soap the janitor, presumably, would leave a can of powdered Ajax near the sinks for us to use as soap.

(this one cracked me up) Flute or Tuba. Mud.


How many times a day do u pee? Six at least.

How long can u hold it in till u find a toilet? Quite a while.

How long do u pee for? Until I finish.

How often do u poop? Every day.

Is ur poop solid, mushy or liquid? It's liquid or mushy.

How long does it take u to poop? About a minute.

Do u fart alot when u poop? Typically yes.

When u need a poop do u always have pre poop farts? In most cases.

Would u let someone of the same sex see u on the toilet? Depends on who they are.

Would u let someone of the opposite sex see u on the toilet? My two boys and my ex-husband have all seen me in that position before.


More Survey

It's so glad to see many more shared stories here!

I have since young developed an interest in the different peeing positions of different people (I'll share this story soon!). People have asked for more surveys so... For mere interest in studying micturition, this survey is for every woman & girl here:

What's your most comfortable position to pee? (sitting, squating, hovering...?)

How far do you pull down your panties when peeing? Pooping?

Does your pee make a hissing sound when it comes out? How loud is it?

After a pee labia usually gets wet. Does anywhere else gets wet by the pee flow as well? (thigh, butt cheek, anus...?)

Continuing the question above: If somewhere does get wet, then how often does it happen? How wet is it (just a few drops or drenched)?

Do you enjoy the feeling of wet butt/anus/thigh by pee?

I know different human bodies function differently in this but, just for you, in what sitting posture will you most-likely/least-likely to wet yourself when peeing?

How many times do you have to wipe after a pee? After a poo?

When you poo, does your pee and poop come out at the same time, or one comes out before another?

Yay! thanks for answering!

Just a Guy

Embarrassing dumps at work

As I mentioned before, I usually take a morning dump at work every day and occasionally a second one after lunch. Usually, I'm not embarrassed, but not too long ago, I had an embarrassing experience. I took my morning dump and it came out fairly quickly in 2 or 3 loads within 1 to 2 minutes, but unlike my usual dumps, it was a bunch of chunks and stunk badly. Then later that day, I got another urge - it was around 12:30 but I hadn't each lunch yet - very rare for me. I almost never take a dump then. Again, it was the same as my morning dump. I thought that would be it for the day, unless I went after dinner, but about an hour after lunch, I had to make another trip to the bathroom. Again, it was a quick dump with a bunch of chunks and it stunk. Usually, I'm not embarrassed but I don't like to make a stink and it was the third time in one day. I still had 2 more dumps just like the previous ones that day but they were at home (so no embarrassment there), one right after dinner and another about 2 hours later. What's strange is I don't recall eating anything different and my habits returned to normal the next day.

For those of you who regularly go in public, is there anything that embarrasses you? For me its definitely leaving a strong smell. Also, if you have any related story to an embarrassing public dump, I would look forward to hearing it.


Big relief after shopping

The last time I had a poo was on Thursday and by this morning (Sunday) I was bustsing to go. I love that feeling and knew I could hold on a little longer, so I did some shopping. While I was walking round the supermarket I felt the need to poo getting stronger and had a slight aching in my bowels. Not that I minded, as it's all part of the pleasure for me. By the time I got to the checkout I realy had to go and had to clench to keep it in. It felt great to be holding it in such a public place especialy as there was a risk I might not make it home in time. I could have used the customer toilets but why spoil the fun? I paid for my shopping and went over to the courtesy phone to call a taxi to take me home as I had a lot of bags. I waited for the taxi with a huge load pressing on my anus and it was hard work clenching for so long. By the time the taxi arrived I was getting realy desperate and was worried about having an accident. I got in the car after loading my shopping in the boot and spent the whole journey home clenching for dear life. When I got home I was so desperate I could hardly move and had to get out of the car very carefully. I paid the fare and took my shopping out of the boot almost losing control as I lifted one of the heavier bags. I don't know how I got into my house without pooing myself but I somehow managed it. I closed the front door and left the bags in the hallway while I slowly and carefully made my way up to the bathroom. Once I got there I ripped my jeans down and sat on the toilet a fraction of a second later. I relaxed and felt the most amazing relief. Then I felt a warm stickyness around my bum as, you guessed it. I'd forgotten to pull my knickers down! It felt so nice so I kept going. And going. And going. The poo began to come out of the leg holes and it went all up my back I pood so much. Once I was done I got in the shower with my knickers still on. I say on but they were so full of poo the weight of it was pulling them down to my thighs! I let them slide down to my ankles and stepped out of them. My legs were now streaked with poo and the cleanup took some work. I had the throw my knickers away as there was on way they could be washed.

Brandon T

daily dump

I just took a dump about 5 minutes ago it was one soft log about 3 inches long and about 1 inch wide some soft chunks it was a messy one and stunk to

Hi my name is Kevin and i had an awesome story from 2 days ago. I took my gf out to lunch to chipotle and had a boritto and chips. My gf got 6 tacos(she is not fat) because she was hungry. Well we had to go to a few places around town and i was hearing her stomach groan a lot and asked if she was okay and she said yes. Well about 45 minutes later i hear her fart and she said sorry and i said its okay do you have to go to the bathroom. She said she did and said that she wanted me to go with her so i said sure. So we walk in to the family restroom at the mall and hear her groan and sit on the toilet. She tried to go but she couldnt so she asked if i could push on her stomach. So i shoved her stomach very hard so she would not have to go through any more pain and then i hear the loudest fart ever then, shooshloshpfftploopshooshploopshofttttftpooshploplop. And it smelled so bad because it went on for a whole 2 minutes. She said she felt a little better so i did it again and the same thing, shooshloshpfftploopshooshploopshofttttftpooshploplopploplopl. She said she was done after that last 5 minute diarrhea and i looked in the toilet. There was so much doarrhea everywhere on the bowl and in the toilet. There was crap all over the place i was stunned. She flushed then washed then doubled over and farted more diarrhe in her pants. I felt so bad because i could do nothing. She was just lying on the ground moaning, doubled over and squirting diarrhea everywhere. After 15 minutes she stopped and she even got diarrhea on me and she apologized. I examend the bathroom and there was still diarrhea on the floors and walls. She tried to clean up but it was just no use. She was dirty.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Bedapan's Rants great story about you pooping your pants yeah that the thing with farts you can always trust and I bet you were glad it wasnt a messy one or diarrhea because that would have been a real mess to clean up and also lucky nobody noticed and please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Golden Eye thats good that your poop came out with trouble and I bet your farts will be pretty loud from you holding them in and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Tom great story about smelling that girls stinky poop and seeing some of the leftovers of it and I guese the saying is true big things come in small packages or in this case big stink from a small girl and please share anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Michelle M first welcome to the site and great story about that very desperate dump you took and it sounds like you were just seconds if not milaseconds away from having an accident and that the thing about diarrhea it can strike out of nowhere and please share anymore stories you may have thanks.

Well thats all for now I may post a story about my next dump if its a good one.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Sunday, November 14, 2011

Desperate to poop

Erikas question


In response to your question

* I've pooed in a bin before when both toilets were taken and I was about to load my pants. I've posted about that one ages ago.
* There's a few posts I've read of ladies going in the sink and I have seen one girl doing that who was beyond desperate

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