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Hi everyone, Abbie here again with my latest news. I'm glad I'm finally on half term, I've had loads on at school and its been quite stressful getting used to a new enviroment but things have finally started to settle down a bit. I'll get on to my latest story in a sec.
Aimee- loved your latest post about your toilet visit before the hockey game and how you needed to go for a poo during your history lesson. It's been ages since I last asked to go to the toilet in the middle of a lesson, as I've mentioned in previous posts I get constipated quite a bit and I can't face the embarasement of taking a while on the toilet as I usually have to strain for some time to push my poo out. Morning break isn't any good either, I usually have a wee then but even if I need a poo I know I won't have enough time to do it. Mostly I wait until lunch break or now I'm in Year 12 and have some study periods I can use the loo then which is a bonus.
Emma- great story about how you and the others all wanted a poo after the lecture, at least that must have made it a bit less embarasing! A similar thing happened to me a while back, I went shopping with some of my friends and by the time we got there we were all desperate to use the toilet, it turned out we all needed to have a poo! That was when there weren't really any decent loos available at school so we all got into the habit of just going for a wee during the school day and putting off having a poo until we were back home (or in that case in the shopping centre toilets!)
Leanne- great post about the two of you using Lauren's ensuite, I can identify with how desperate she must have been if she'd been wanting a poo since lunchtime. Some days it's the same for me, I just don't seem to get the chance to use the loo and by the time I get home I'm clenching my bum trying to stop a log from coming out into my knickers. I don't know if being at uni makes things any easier, I guessed it would but when I heard about double lectures I can't imagine how hard it must be to hold it if you end up needing the loo not long after the start! Anyway, I've got my own story to tell about an ensuite bathroom which I'll get to now.
I've got to know a girl at my new school called Ellie and on Friday night she invited me to stay over at hers. She's been round to my house a couple of times after school to do homework and stuff but this is the first time I'd been to her house. As we were going back there I realised I'd need to go for a poo pretty soon, I first felt the urge at about 11 that morning but just hadn't had time to use the toilet at school. Suddenly Beth (Ellie's 14 year old sister) said "I'm bursting for the loo, I didn't get time to go at school" and Ellie and I said "Me too!" and then we both burst out laughing. When we got to the house we went up to Ellie's room which she shares with Beth. As we were going up the stairs I was having my usual panic about getting changed in front of them, I could only hope they wore granny pants too. I walked in and noticed that their room was massive, really untidy and also that there was an ensuite bathroom. "Wow, you've got a massive room" I said. "Yeah, sorry about the mess," said Ellie, she kicked a pair of dirty pants under her bed and I breathed a sigh of releaf as they were plain white cotton knickers. We started to take off our uniforms, I'd brought some jeans and a top to change into. Beth had got undressed really fast and was already walking over to the bathroom in her white bra and pink flowery knickers holding her bum, the toilet was right opposite the door which she didn't bother to close so I saw everything as she dropped her knickers and sat on the loo! Ellie must have seen the look of surprise on my face so she said "Sorry, Beth and I are used to going to the toilet in front of each other all the time, we kind of forget if someone else is round."
"Its no problem," I said, "It just caught me by surprise a bit that's all." I heard a torrent of wee splashing down into the bowl and then after a time it dribbled to a stop, Beth stayed sitting and I saw her take a deep breath and start to push, that was when I realised she was doing a poo as well. By now Ellie and I had changed into our jeans and Beth called out "Come in and have a chat, I'm going to be a while yet" so Ellie walked into the bathroom and sat on the edge of the bath and I followed her in, sitting next to her. We kept chatting while Beth strained, I noticed she was finding it hard going and was starting to go a bit red. "Sorry about this" she panted after a few more minutes, "The last time I did a poo was Tuesday so I'm a bit bunged up." Ellie shifted about and rubbed her belly. "Try not to be too much longer, I've got a log trying to poke out of my bum" she said, to which Beth said "Whoa, too much information" and then she screwed up her face, did a really hard push and let out a grunt and suddenly there was a splash. "Right, I think I'm done," she said, taking some toilet paper. "Budge over then" said Ellie, unzipping her jeans and dropping them to her knees. She was just about to pull her green knickers down when Beth paused and said "Actually I think I need to do some more," and shortly after I heard a hissing fart and then few more plops followed by a moan of releaf. Ellie groaned too and sat back down, she didn't bother to pull her jeans up so they stayed round her knees. "Are you done now?" she asked. Beth stood up and said "Yes" then pulled the flush and stepped to the side to wipe her bum. Ellie pulled her pants down and sat on the toilet, I noticed that she had quite a big skidmark. Literally a few seconds later a volley of plops could be heard and then I heard some wee splashing down into the bowl. As her wee stream died away she farted loudly and I saw Beth giggling. "Hey, lift your bum off the seat so I can chuck this loo roll away" she said to Ellie. "Hang on a sec, there's (plop, plop) a bit more to come" Ellie answered. After those two plops she lifted her bottom off the seat and Beth threw her used toilet paper into the water. "Right, that's me done" she said and stood up to wipe her bottom. After she'd wiped she flushed the loo, pulled up her pants and jeans and then washed her hands. "I guess its my turn now" I said, getting up from the bath and walking towards the toilet. "We can wait outside if you want" said Ellie but I said "No, I don't mind" and unbuttoned and unzipped my jeans. I couldn't very well ask them to leave after I'd just sat and watched them, but I must admit I was feeling a bit nervous, I just hoped I wouldn't have to strain too hard although Beth's poo hadn't exactly been an easy one so that made me feel a bit better. I dropped my jeans and yellow knickers and started to wee almost as soon as I was seated. I looked down at my knickers and blushed as I saw they had a big skidmark, they'd been giving me a wedgie most of the afternoon so I supposewould have been surprised if they'd been clean. Just then I suddenly farted loudly, that made me blush even more but luckily Ellie and Beth didn't draw attention to it. I took a deep breath and pushed, I felt the tip of my first log starting to poke out and my heart sank as I realised it was going to be a big one. I strained for a few minutes as calmly and quietly as I could. "Sorry, I'm having a bit of a hard time too" I said to Ellie and Beth, and Beth said "No worries, it happens to me a lot." I took a deep breath, pushed as hard as I could and couldn't help giving out a slight grunt, thank god that did the trick and forced the thickest part of the turd through. Shortly after I heard it splash down into the bowl and I groaned in releaf. I then let out some more farts before a load of smaller logs plipped and plopped down into the bowl. Typically this was turning out to be the sort of poo I would have felt a bit embarased about having in a public toilet when I had my own cubicle, let alone right in front of two people I didn't even know that well yet! I finished with a spurt more wee and then took some toilet roll to wipe my bottom. We had a great evening and used the loo a few more times for a wee, but no-one had to poo again! I'll try to post again soon, bye for now!!


much needed stop

ok so this happened to me a while back as I was driving home I felt the urge to pee. I wasn't far away from home so I tried to hold it for as long as I could. It was very unbearable after 10minutes, I decided to stick it longer. By now I was squirming in my seat, I had to pull over. I drove a bit farther and pulled over my car. I rushed out as fast as I could and I walked into the mini-woodland area. I hoped over a gate and found a nice spot from peeping eyes. I Pulled down my panties and squatted. It wasn't long before a big long stream of pee flooded out. It seemed to go on forever but it felt so good . I heard voices as I tried to pee quicker in case someone spotted me. My pee kept flowing there was a lot. The voices got louder as I tried squeezing it out. I ducked in the bushes as two people walked by walking their dog. By then my pee was just finishing and it slowly dribbled dry . I Pulled up my panties and observed my very large puddle. I rushed back to the car and carried on driving home.


In reply to Fleesum

You asked about unusual poop colors. The other day my load had a distinct blue hue to it, as a result of the dye/food coloring of icing on a piece of ice cream cake I ate. Everything else about that dump was normal except the color.


Just shutouts for now...

Hey all, hope the week is going well! Been a bit busy, but i will offer some feedback etc. i plan to post on or by Fri (Tues today)

Just a girl: it sucks when pooping, or anything associated with, is never pleasant or relieving. I hope you are feeling well, and your poops returned to a satisfactory level.

Fleesum: sometimes mine can be a yellowy / beige...but is that still brown?

Brian: I may be a bit shy when it comes to that. As open as i am to bathroom habbits, sometimes politeness takes over when I'm in public or at another person's house. Esp if it may be smelly, or overly loud. If a girl did that in front of me (invites me in) and I do the same, would prolly a bit more relaxed due the intimacy.

Emma F: welcome aboard! I can understand & appreciate being 'unnown' on here, but due to your 'newness', I'm curious to know more about you (appearance wise also). Of course if you're willing to share. Anyway, sounds like you and your friends really filled that place with farts and plops! Is that common?

Nicola - 18 inches? You win! But then again, 3 days! Still, a monster.

Ana - wow, lucky guys. Especially if you farted, grunted AND not flushed? Very adventurous! In one of my recent posts, I mentioned how a guy can't get away with that in the girl's room. Or rather, less often. Funny eh?

Annie o : sorry to hear about the runs but sounds like ya had some good farts! Be careful if you have Mexican food with apple juice to drink and applesauce for dessert.

Kelly: that's a first, a self-commentator!

Hermes: sometimes,getting 'partial' entertainment is better than the whole thing cus then you can sue your imagination. Me,i don't 'try' for a situation if something comes up, or COULD come up, i'll pursue to see what happens / how lucky I can get. I don't get too out of the way.

Michelle (formerly MS): oh Michelle, you are my 'forum friend' lol.
ah so you like the wet farts eh? I don't mean to sound immature or easily amused but those can sound funny on the toilet. Also, I would fart with ya if I could!
I myself like the poops where it builds..and builds..and when sit on the toilet, it all comes out in a 5-10 second rustle type noise.
you must 'enjoy' the loose noisy ones...even if you don't unload in the toilet ;) how do you get 'away' with going in your pants? I would assume it'd be noticeable.

golden Eye: Do you prefer one large turd, or the multiple smaller pieces? I've enver tried your toilet method but may this weekend...

That's all folks!

A very big accident

Hi All

I have been reading the posts on this site for sometime now and often thought when reading about someone having an accident that it would never happen to me.......until last night.

Firstly I had better tell you about myself. I am 28, slim (uk size 10) divorced, no kids, live alone outside London and take great pride in my appearance.

I have a very good job in the city, I travel by train everyday and it takes about 55 minutes plus the walk to the station from my home and then to the office at the other end. In all about 1hour 10 minutes.

Yesterday I had been at the office all day and (for a Monday) had a good day. Got a big project finished and my boss was very pleased with me.

So im heading home just after 5, the train is at 5.30 so I dont need to rush to the station, so I stopped off for a coffee to drink on the train. Now I often get coffee on the way home if I have had a big lunch, as I have the coffee and then a sandwich when I get home and dont bother with dinner. Yesterday one of my friends had taken me for a nice lunch and I had eaten loads.....a big mistake.

Anyway, so I had been to the loo just before leaving the office and as my period had started the night before and it was heavy, changed myself and also the liner I was wearing in case of leaks.

So I have my coffee and get the train which leaves on time and is heading out of the city and just after I finish my coffee the train stops in the middle of nowhere. The driver makes an announcement saying there is a problem with the points ahead and he is not sure how long we will be stuck there. So I just sit back and relax and read my book.

An hour later and we still haven't moved and I am starting to feel the need to pee, wishing I hadn't had the coffee and wondering how long we have to wait. I should explain that the train is full up and there is people standing everywhere and its very difficult to get to the toilets. So after another half an hour and the pain in my bladder getting worse I decide to try and head to the toilet.
When I finally get to the end of the carriage and the toilet, I see a notice has been put on the toilet door saying the toilets are locked and cannot be used as they are full as the train has been waiting so long. I swear loud enough for a woman standing next to me to hear and she says all the toilets on the train are the same because she has already checked. We both smile and swear again. She says she is desperate to go and not too sure how long she can wait. I nod and agree I am in the same situation.
There is no point in trying to get back to my seat as someone took it as soon as I got up and I doubt if I will get it back, so I just stand there with this other woman as the two of us start doing the 'pee dance'. But I also feel the need to p** now!

Now when I have the need to move my bowels I cant usually wait that long. I only go every 3 or 4 days and when I need to go I need to do it quickly. So things are getting worse and I am starting to worry.
And the train driver comes on saying that the fault is being fixed and we will be moving in about half and hour. HALF AN HOUR! I'm not sure I can wait another 10 minutes, but I will have to try as I am wearing a very expensive dry clean only dress and not one I want to ruin by having an accident in it.

Finally the train starts to move. It has also started raining heavily and its now dark, so for some reason that is having an effect on my bladder too. I find the best thing to do is stand with my legs tightly together and try to ignore the bouncing of the train as we move along.

After 20 minutes we arrive at my station and I try to shuffle off the train keeping my legs tightly closed but as I take the step off the train onto the platform I feel myself leak into my liner. That's ok I think, no mess to worry about and start walking along the platform towards the exit. But my body has other ideas, as I had done a little my bladder must have thought it was time to empty completely and within a few feet I cant control myself and start to leak much more and cant stop!
I stop walking and pretend to look into my bag for something and that allows the crowd of people around me to keep moving and finally leave as the train pulls out of the station.
I cant move, every time I go to take a step more leaks out of me. The liner has started to leak now and its running down the legs of my tights. Also as my bladder weakens so does my bowels and the urge to p** is almost uncontrollable. I just give up. My bladder just lets go completely and the pee is going everywhere, both legs are soaked, my shoes are now filling up and I feel my bottom opening up.
As the station is empty and nobody is about at all, its raining hard and dark I remember all the stories I had read on this site and think 'if they can do it so can I' and just let go. Lots more pee comes out of me and I feel my bottom opening up and releasing a very large p**p. I can feel my panties and tights stretching at the back as they try to take the massive load escaping from me. And I fill my panties! I can feel them straining at the waist as the weight of the p**p tries to pull them and my tights down. I am so relieved but worried that I might see someone who knows me. So I start to walk home slowly keeping to the shadows between the lampposts and hiding when I see someone walking towards me.
I finally get home and inside my house and start crying. Me, a grown woman has not only wet herself but p**ped herself too.
I head straight to the bathroom. Leave my coat in the hall and start to look in the mirror at the mess. My dress is soaking right down the front and the back, there is a large bulge at my bum, my tan tights are all streaked with wet stains. When I pull my dress off my white panties are all stained at the front and back and I am so disgusted with myself. As I start to pull down my tights and panties I find the p** is hard and not squashed all over my bum like I thought it would be and the stain is caused by the wetness spreading the stain around more than just the p**p.
My clothes are ruined. The only thing that is dry is my bra. All of it ends up in the bin wrapped in a black bag and I head for the shower.

Never again will I say 'it wouldn't happen to me'

Just a girl...
A continuation of my earlier post… After vomiting out of my ass on Sunday night, and having chunky diarrhea on Monday morning, I decided to give myself an enema to clean out whatever was in my system. For those of you who have never done an enema, it doesn't make you sick or give you the runs. The water comes out easily and usually brings a normal movement with it. It makes it easier for the pooh to come out and stimulates your bowels - at least in my experience. I've never felt sick from one before.

Anyway, I decided to try the enema since I couldn't afford to be sick at work. Normally, I hold the water in for a few minutes before evacuating but I simply couldn't this time. I inserted the tip and the second the water started to flow my intestines started to rumble. It took a huge amount of effort and clenching to be able to take in the water at all. My stomach starting doing summersaults and cramping like crazy. Once most of the water was in, I simply couldn't hold it anymore. I lunged onto the toilet and a huge rush of liquid came out the second I sat. A second later I had explosive diarrhea. About 4 waves of violent runny diarrhea came out one right after the other. My stomach made a loud gurgle noise and more of the water I inserted came out. I could feel the difference between the water and the actual diarrhea - I can't explain how but I could tell the difference.

For about 10 minutes I sat there overcome and unable to get off of the toilet. It stopped and I could feel more inside of me so I pushed and another wave of diarrhea came out. I finally felt done so I cleaned myself up. I stood up to start getting ready for work and my stomach dropped like a ton of bricks and I barely had time to sit before more exploded out of me. By this point I was weak and shaky. My stomach felt sick and my head was starting to hurt. I finished my third diarrhea session of the morning and finally left the bathroom to get ready for work. I went into the bedroom, found a pair of panties and put them on. Suddenly I knew I had to go again. I actually worried about soiling the clean panties and I ran to the bathroom and had several more waves of runny diarrhea. I got off of the toilet, drank a full glass of water, and finished getting ready for work.

I did not eat breakfast before leaving for work and I didn't really feel like I could. My stomach did not feel well at all. I went to my meeting and after leaving I started getting light headed and nauseous. I decided that I needed to eat something so I got a breakfast sandwich. I was about half way through when I didn't really want anymore, but I forced myself to eat it. I ended up going home and on the drive my stomach was upset the entire time. I got home and went directly to my room and curled up on my bed. Lying down helped settle my stomach a little, and I spent a couple of hours lying there with my laptop trying to get work done. A few times I had to put my laptop aside and just breathe slowly to try and calm everything down. I had one more diarrhea attack in the afternoon. I did not eat lunch that day. I ate dinner and went to my class, but I still didn't feel well. A couple of times I debated heading to the bathroom and trying to go, but I didn't have to. I went to bed and slept through the night.

This morning I woke up and felt okay. I went to the bathroom and had a mostly solid movement. About 20 minutes later, I made another bathroom trip. Again, it was mostly solid. I still feel a little uneasy, but it could just be that my intestines are still riled up from yesterday. We'll see what happens…

Was at the library today when I felt the urge. On my way to the ladies room I let out some silent but deadly farts. I was lucky, the roomy handicap stall was empty. I pulled down my jeans and panties and and placed my big bottom on the toilet. I released a long and smooth turd into the bowl followed by a few smaller soft ones. Sat there for a few minutes before I started wiping. After about 5 to 6 wipes I could feel more poo wanted to come out and I released wave after wave of soft runny poo and it stunk really bad.. I sat there for another few minutes before starting a very messy cleanup job. I used up almost a whole roll of tp, when I stood up and looked at the toilet it was not a pretty sight and I knew right away that there was no way that mountain of tp would go down so I just closed the lid and discreetly left the library.

So my friend has been using this strategy for pooping because she usually has a hard time pooping. This strategy is healthy for you as well. This morning I tried it. You do this by sitting down then putting your feet onto a stool or something that puts your feet off the ground. This puts you into a squat position the ideal way of pooping. It's not like i have any problems pooping just it's good to be healthy. I did my usual 9" poop but i didn't have to try as hard to poop it almost just slipped out. My friend said she had no problems pooping after she did that, so anyways until next time.

john, again

thanks to Ashley and Brandon. She pooped again

My lady friend still does poop, the same one that poops 3 times a day.
We went to the library together (we are good friends)and she had to go.
she thought that she could hold it until she got home. A few farts, and she must have been uncomfortable, but she did hold it.

When we got home, I asked her if I could watch. Yes, no problem, there are many things in our friendship, poop is a small matter and a pleasure.

Down came her pants, she sat down and nothing happened. I asked her to sit back a bit farther so I could see everything coming out.
Slowly a thin wet stream of brown poo came out, (and a certain odor), then a thicker one, then a third poop, and she was done.

I asked if I could wipe her, and yes, I could, and did. she stood up for wiping. I wiped and it was very brown.

I still like her and she still poops. I still like her poop.


To Car Mom and her friends

Just haven't heard from yall in a while (a week or so) so thought I would let yall know that some of us really miss your stories Please post again soon.

Desperate to poop

most desperate time

Somebody asked a while back what's the most desperate you've ever been.

That's quite a difficult one as I've had a few but I suppose one of my most desperate was I was on a train that broke down and I urgently needed a pooh. There was no toilet on the train and it took over an hour to get to the next station where we had to get off. I had been sweating and clenching on the train for ages and when I got off I rushed to the toilet but it was a small station and just a single ladies cubicle. When I got there it was engaged and a lady waiting looking about as desperate as me. She was holding her ???? and bending at the knees. We both grimaced a smile.

She went in after about 5 mins and immediately exploded it sounded awful. She had the runs for a good 10 mins and I was holding on for dear life! Finally she finished and I rushed in, flung my jeans down, knickers down to my ankles and exploded myself into the bowl. OHHHH THE RELIEF!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Morning diarrhoea

After that huge poo in the woods on Monday afternoon, I was intending to hold it untill at least Wednesday but when I woke up on Tuesday I felt a cramp in my stomach and a sort of churning sensation. I knew that meant some diarrhoea was on the way so I thought it best to not hold it and go to the toilet. I sat down and pushed a little bit of solid poo, followed by a lot of softer stuff. Then the floodgates opened. A torrenet of diarrhoea erupted out of me and it went on for 15 seconds without stopping. I felt so relieved and the cramps had gone. I felt fine after that so I wiped and flushed the toilet. Some of my poo hadn't flushed away and was floating on the surface of the water so I put some toilet paper over it and flushed again that got rid of it which I was glad about and I got myself ready for work and left the house.


about sarah and more

jenny - what a terrible thing you had to endure! I hope your mother was consoling. I am not sure the school did the right thing, treating you like a biohazard.. but I am not sure what else could have been done.

This is a good segue into a comment someone had about my friend's sister, Sarah. You would think that peeing and pooping your pants past age 5 or so would be a major issue. Well, it was. Their parents worked, and me and my friend essentially babysat her when we weren't all in school. In the summer, our parents would all leave for work around 7 or 8, and we'd have the entire day to ourselves. I am relatively certain that she pooped herself solely to get my friend (her brother) in trouble.

He, of course, had no interest in cleaning her up, so when they got home and she was dirty, he'd get in trouble for not taking care of her. She would also get in trouble, and she would have to wear a diaper the next day. I'd guess this happened maybe once or twice a week during the summer.

The peeing thing was another story. I think she had a weak bladder or something. Whenever we were at a group event and she wet, her parents were always rolling their eyes. They did have her in diapers full time for awhile, but apparently some psychiatrist told them to stop.

One of the best memories I have of her is when she was around 12 and she came along on a camping trip. I was 15, and I had a huge secret crush on her. We all went up to the camp bathrooms and did our business, but she freaked out because of some huge bug and ran out. When I came out of the bathroom, she was squatting next to a tree and her dark blue jeans were darker in the croth.

More later....

Just a girl...
This week has been a bad one for my bowels. I have been pretty constipated all week. I've had a few small movements, but little bits, nothing of substance. Yesterday I went in the morning and was only able to push out a couple of tiny pebbles. It had been at least a week since I had a true movement, and I knew I was way overdue. I ignored it and went on with my day. Last night my stomach started to hurt a little. I went to the bathroom and again, only a few little pebbles. They were hard and round and little. I still needed to go but I couldn't. I went back and hung out and watched tv. My stomachache suddenly went from a slight stomachache to a pretty bad one in about 2 minutes. I felt uneasy and crampy and I decided to try again. By this point my husband noticed that I was going to the bathroom again and I told him what was going on.

I sat down on the toilet and I started having bad cramps. I pushed and nothing came. The cramps were really bad at this point. I felt like my stomach might burst. Finally, I pushed again and a thick dry piece started coming out. Two logs came, but they took a long time to come out. My stomach made a very loud liquidy gurgle noise. I felt a little sick. I pushed again and a softer but firm rope came out. My stomach lurched and made another loud liquidy churning noise. I pushed again and a little diarrhea came out. Then the floodgates opened. I pushed and a stream of pure liquid poured into the toilet. I felt like I might throw up. I put my head in my hands and moaned. My stomach lurched and I began what I can only describe as vomiting out of my ass. Small waves of liquid pooh kept coming and coming. None of them were substantial amounts though. None of them gave me relief. My stomach was a mess. It hurt, it felt sick, it felt full, all at the same time. A huge wet fart and explosion of diarrhea came out suddenly. Then, several small waves of diarrhea later and I couldn't go anymore. I cleaned up and flushed. When I stood up I felt like if I tried I could go again, but I decided not to force it. I would wait until I really had to go. I went back out and watched more tv. There was about 15 minutes left of the episode and I remember really hoping I could make it that long. I just about sat down on the couch when I felt more move inside me. I needed to go again soon. My stomach was hurting so badly. It was doing summersaults and I knew I was in for an epic toilet trip.

I made it through the episode and I excused myself for another trip to the bathroom. This time I went to the upstairs bathroom so I could have some privacy since it might be loud. I no more than sat down when the diarrhea started. First, a small amount came out. I turned and looked in the toilet and there was a rush of brown liquidy pooh in the middle of the bowl in a stripe. I turned back and woosh, more came out. I got cold and clammy and nauseous again, and I thought I might be sick. For about 10 minutes, I sat there while vomiting out of my ass. You know that feeling when you've thrown up a bunch of times and only small amounts are coming up now, but over and over again? It was like that, but out of my ass. I wasn't totally empty, and I knew it, but I didn't need to go again right then. I crawled into bed feeling bloated, sick and achy. Lying on my side it started to settle down a bit. There was calmness in my stomach. I put my hand on it and it was hard, but I didn't feel any movement at all. The slight sick feeling remained until I fell asleep. I woke up in the morning and felt okay. I was up for about an hour before I needed to go and when I did I had chunky diarrhea. It filled up the entire bottom of the bowl and came out in one huge rush. I think I might give myself an enema this morning, just to clean out whatever ickyness is still in there. I don't want to have to vomit out of my ass at work today.

Back in the day part 3

Hello again everyone

Just remembering my 18th birthday, one the best of best days of my life, but I explain later on, but getting up early my daughter waking me up singing happy birthday mommy I love you, So I get out of bed ask if she was hungry, she said she ate already cause granny fixed it cause it's your birthday that you need to enjoy the day, so I head to the bathroom.
Get ready for my day as a normal day,so while I'm in the bathroom I take my daughter in there with me to get her ready also, so while during my shower and her bath, I felt the urge to pee so I pull back the shower curtain and close it back and take my pee. It felt good too, so as I'm sitting there I pass gas and my noisy girl sticks her little head out like I heard that, so I stick my tongue out at her like so, I wipe and flush.So get back in the shower, she said to me it's cool mommy if you had to poop, I wouldn't mind cause it's all natural. So I said little girl you too grown sometimes and that wasn't the case. So after we get ourselves clean, I get her dress so I can take her to the park. So at the park I see my friend Taykisha and yes I got premission to use her name on here, wishes me a happy birthday along with her boyfriend from a different highschool we went to when we graduated, but he was nice and polite. So we hang out a bit and said meet you at your party, like I ask what party, your party silly and told me the adress.
So after her and her boyfriend leave, my kid said some funny that I still laugh about to this day, mommy I know you don't get out much but go have fun, it's going be alright I just be home and sow with granny.
So like special gifted child God blessed me with to say some funny things. So hours later as I was getting ready for the party my nerves became on edge so with that sends me to the bathroom, so as I'm driving to the party stomach pain hit's me hard, so I pull over to pizza hut, and hurring parking, and get a space. and Go inside and smile like nothing happening. So I get to the ladies restroom, hurry into the 1st stall, and quickly pull down my shorts and panties to my ankles and sit on the toilet and huge mushy mud squirts out my behind, as I hold my stomach in pain and rubbing it too. my phone rings my friend calls ask me come on the party girl need be here, I told her I can't, I'm on on the toilet at pizza hut, she said don't worry so much it just a few of us wanting to celebrate with you, so stop stop tripping girl get off that toilet and wipe and flush and get to the site. So as I'm finishing up, knock on my stall door female co worker older lady comes in ask young lady are you ok, I wipe 5 times and flush. And the woman worker still there ask me again are you ok, I said not really just scared about a party for me, so she said come sit down we talk, and so I sorry lady I don't know you, she said yes you do then said my name, right then and there I remember she was my 3rd grade teacher, and we talk quite a bit and why she working at pizza hut extra money she said cause her husband lost his job, So after about a 15 mins just talking with she gave me her number said call her and don't worry enjoy yourself happy birthday by the way, said thank you and left, till this day I still talk with her but by email. Sense I'm out of the states, so When I get there my friend and her boyfriend there, and few friends sing happy birthday to me and I get some gifts and Taykisha say's i have special gift for you and her brother walks behind from the wall and like what I start crying like what the , and he tells me I always liked you but at the time you was young and how liked how I carried myself and that he repected me and would love to date me, and I said yes, so after all those years he said holding back was hard but it was worth it too,so we hugged each other for awhile. So after the party was over me him talk for a very long time, even when I got home from the party like 12 in the morning we talk on the cell phone, but it was a great 18teen birthday, thank you all for the time, The End



Who Had Poop that wasn't BLACK,BROWN,nor GREEN.

To Arron O, Fiber One bars, that's going on my shopping list and hope to pick some up later today. I'll post my observations after trying 'em. Wishing you a victorious remainder of your football season!

To Jas: the worst pizzas (though we thought they were ???? back in the day when we were kids) are those cheap Chef Boyardee kit ones where you get the dough mix and toppings all in a box. I made one of those not too long ago just for old time's sake and yuck. Gave it away to the neighbors. Made my whole kitchen smell like pepperoni farts.

To Kelly: That reminds me of something similar that happened to me, I think it was back in 1978 or 1979 while traveling. Stopped at a Mexican place for dinner, the greasy chili I ate is what sticks out in my memory. Anyway, got really bad gas pains while driving all night and my husband and sons were not happy campers confined in the car with me. About daybreak we pulled into a gas station and my diarrhea started. There was another woman already in there when I went in and she had her cosmetics laid out over a sink as if she'd plan to be in there awhile. I went in a stall and let loose with my noisy BM and then immediately I could hear her quickly shoveling her stuff back into her bag and she got out of there pronto. Just had to share that one with the family and to them it was just the funniest thing they'd ever heard. My two boys, now grown, still get a laugh out of that time!


what's your favorite type of fart to let out?
I don't enjoy having gas.
At work I ease 'em out, but at home I just blow it out without shame. My two boys used to tell me at times I sound like a tuba, also at other times they've told me they sound bubbly. When I'd do it in bed my husband used to have choice words for me. If someone poots in the bathtub you can hear all throughout the house.

how would you react (in your head, and how you behave) if someone farted around you? I was taught at a young age not to poot around other people especially males. If a stranger expelled gas around me I'd act as if I didn't hear it or preferably I'd get away from them if possible. Maybe I'd give them a dirty look if they continued doing it and I was unable to get away.

what makes you fart, and do you eat / drink it if you know you'll gassy later?
Milk-based drinks, ice cream, beans, cabbage have that effect on me. Boiled chestnuts also.


How many turds do you usually let out in a dump, and how large are they?

Can't measure mine with a ruler, my BMs come out loose and or runny due to the fact that I take laxatives every night. If I miss my laxatives the consistency is more like that of a thick pudding.

Whats your favorite type to pass?
See answer to question 1.

When you say 'big dump', do you usually refer to the urge, how MUCH comes out, or how BIG it is? How much comes out.
Usually a fair amount, my diet is high in fiber, vegetables, salads, fruit, etc.

Do you eat certain things knowing it'll change your bowel habits?.
Anything greasy and spicy tends to give me bad gas discomfort but that said, I love authentic Mexican food. If I drink milk or milkshakes or if eat too much ice cream I get gas. Yes I use different types of food to control my BMs for instance lots of fruit such as apples before bedtime makes for a looser stool when I feel constipated. Binding foods such as sweet potatoes and white bread helps firm it up when I need. When I have diarrhea I find that eating a lot of cheese helps get me feel better and get back to normal by next day.

For the ladies: does your period affect your toilet habits?
A non-issue now. I do remember as a teen this issue adding to my discomfort though, as a frequent constipation sufferer. As a young adult I began taking laxatives each night after which time I found that having regular BMs alleviated a lot of the TOM discomfort, too.


Wonder about the fecal matter from people who eat foie gras.


I had a thought the other day about people who eat foie gras on a regular basis. See, I've heard people who eat fattening (but expensive and not cheap) foods like foie gras, caviar, etc. get fat necks. People who eat fattening, inexpensive foods get fat bellies. Now what I'm wondering is whether or not these people who eat the more expensive foods like foie gras have a nicer stool than people who eat less expensive foods like burger king and such.

See, I had foie gras the other day, and for the first time in weeks i did not have diarrhea. Yeah. I had a nice slippery (but yet solid) turd come out my arse, and therefore I have now drawn this conclusion.

So, tell me. Do you know of an answer for my thoughts????????????? >:(

I woke up this morning still feeling a little bit hungover from the night before as I was at a friend's birthday party. I quickly got dressed and headed over from my dorm washroom to take a much needed shit. When I got in all the toilet stalls were in use so I left instead to visit my girlfriend Carly to have breakfast. She was out of town on a school practicum for the last couple of weeks so I was looking forward to seeing her again. When I was on the way over there she called me to say she just had to run out for a few minutes and would be back shortly. I quickly made my way over to her apartment nearby and unlocked the door. She has a small 1 bedroom studio which is quite close to the campus. I made my way over to her washroom and quickly pulled my jeans and underwear down before sitting down on the toilet.

I let out a very long and squeaky fart before I pushed a load of soft shit out. I peered between my legs to see a good sized pile of shit before I immediately flushed since I knew she was going to be arriving home shortly. I wiped quickly before flushing the load down but it left a lot of skidmarks so I flushed two more times to clean the bowl. The smell was pretty strong but fortunately she arrived about 10 minutes later and by then the smell was gone. We had breakfast before heading out to do a few errands together. Carly invited me to come and spend the evening with her so I offered to cook her a nice dinner. As the afternoon passed on I could feel my stomach starting to grumble again and I knew I would have to unload more. I went to the dorm washroom and sat down on a toilet for about 10 minutes but only released a bit of gas. I made my way back to her place for dinner at around 6 pm.

We had a few drinks with our meal and watched a movie afterwards. By now I was feeling quite tired since I was up pretty late last the previous night. I was going to head back to my dorm but she invited me to stay. It was about 10 pm when we started to get ready to go to bed. I could feel my stomach pains getting stronger so I knew I would need to shit soon. I told her I was going to have a shower. I took all my clothes off and turned the water on. I made my way over to the toilet and sat down. I almost instantly released another pile of soft shit and let out a lot of farts while doing so. I flushed almost immediately to try and cover the smell. Luckily it wasn't as big a dump as this morning and everything went down neatly. I stepped into the hot shower and had an enjoyable shower for about 10 minutes. I dried off quickly before slipping my boxer briefs back on and heading out the bathroom door that went to her bedroom. By now Carly had already gotten into bed and had fallen asleep. I guess she was almost as tired as I was. I got into bed and had a restful sleep.

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