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Today, I was headed to the shower when I suddenly had the urge to pee. As I walked into the restroom, I heard loud music playing from one of the stalls. I went into the first stall and suddenly noticed a pair of feet in the stall next to me. I assumed that the girl brought a small radio to the restroom to listen to while she pooped. I wiped myself and flushed, then headed to the shower, while the music was still playing.

My answers to Catherine's survey.

Do you ever wipe your bottom only once after a shit? I always wipe at least three times.

Do you fold or wad the tissue? I always fold, and always use a corner to get right into my arse to cleanse it properly.

After a shit do you wipe from front to back or vice versa? Always front to back, away from my vagina.

Do you ever sniff your used toilet tissue? Often. I love the smell of my own shit. There are times when I sniff a friends also, I find it stimulating.

Thanks again Brandon for your nice remarks. I always look for what you have to say and appreciate your words a lot. Like you I love this site. I haven't written much before, but have been a reader for a few years now.

Yesterday I had one of my lovely two people shits. It was with a stranger [Moira ] from head office who had been demonstrating a newly installed accounting program. When I say a stranger I had known of her from head office of course, a high flyer I suppose. But to me a very nice, kind lady. We have often conversed by email and phone so in that way I knew her. She had finished her demo and we were having lunch in the Bryanston Rooms near the office. She told me she had to go to the ladies and, naturally, I did to. This time I wasn't just saying it to hear what she was going to do, hoping it was to have a shit, but this time I needed to have a shit. I had tried at home, before work, and couldn't go. I tried again getting to work and before Moira had arrived but again I couldn't. So going with Moira was just to listen to her I really wanted to go myself. There are four cubicles in the Bryanston Rooms ladies and one was occupied. Moira went to the last one, the farthest from the door. I went in next to her and as we were both taking our panties down the other woman was finishing, she only had a pee and flushed. Before Moira and me had finished peeing she had flushed and left, so we were alone. Moira farted as she started to pee and my heart started to beat faster as I hoped she wanted to shit. I hoped she might say something as that is so intimate, but she just sat peeing and the one fart, quite a loud burping sound. I had stopped peeing and was pushing hard, hoping. Then Moira gave a deep sigh and I heard her shit with three or four lightish sounding plops, then another sigh, it could have been a push, and four more turds splattered into the pan. By now I was pushing, red in the face, then I felt a turd pushing out of my arse, I pressed forward on my toes, as I felt the turd stretching the sphincter muscles around my arse. It hurt but I took a deep breath, and gripping the lavatory pan hard, I bent my head and pushed as hard as I could, at last I felt the turd at last moving out of me. Splashing into the pan. I really mean splashing, it pushed water out of the pan all over the cheeks of my arse, I must have groaned at that because Moira then asked me if I was alright. I told her yes, rather shortly, rather breathlessly. Then she shit again but also said as she did that she realised I must have a dirty bum, I loved her using the word bum, so quaint. Despite feeling out of breath and with my arse hurting, I giggled and said yes the water dirtied my arse. It broke the ice between us and we were able to sit and chat about bowel movements, about times when our arses had been wet and dirty. We must have been sat there for at least twenty minutes before we both started to wipe together. I flushed first but my first turd was so big it blocked the toilet. I had to take paper and reach in and break it up with my hand before I could flush it all away. Washing our hands Moira and me were chatting away and I had no qualms in telling her I had blocked the toilet. Going back to the office Moira stopped just before we left the toilets and gave me a quick hug and a kiss telling me that knowing I was having a shit had helped her to go easier. I told her the same. I know she had to come down to us from head office a few times before the holidays so i will be hoping to share a shit with her, and with any interested readers here.

Last weekend, my family went to the long beach aquarium. My parents went to the cafe, while I was left to watch my younger brother and sisters. My brother and I are both in 8th grade (I'm 14 and my brother is 13), my first sister is in 3rd grade, and my second sister is in 2nd grade. After the fourth exhibit, I started to feel a slight urge to poop and pee. I ignored it, thinking I could hold it till the end of the trip. We saw 3 more exhibits. I was getting more and more urgent. After seeing the ninth exhibit, I was desperate for the bathroom. I asked my brother if he would watch the girls, I really had to poop. He grinned and refused. He watched laughing as I crossed my legs and squeezed my butt cheeks together. My face turned red as everyone turned to watch me. My brother was laughing sooo hard and the girls were watching me curiously. I glared at my brother as I felt a turtlehead protrude out of my butt. I stood horror struck as a huge log fell in my panties, making an extremely gross sound. It smelled so bad, and my brother was still laughing so hard. The I realized that I stilled had to pee really really badly. I threw my hands to my crotch and held it as hard as I could. But I could not hold it in. I grimaced as I felt warm piss flow out , soaking my white short shorts. It revealed my pink panties and made the brown bulge in the seat of my panties more obvious. My mom got really mad at me and put me in diapers for the next 2 weeks, even to school :(


My reply

Thanks Vince And Dan.

Emma F
Hi again everyone!

Dan- I think you misunderstood, I'm the same old Emma who has been posting for a while, but since someone else has started posting as Emma I thought I would call myself Emma F from now on! I live with Leanne, if that helps avoid confusion!

Anyway, yesterday I was doing some work in my room when I started to need a big poo. Someone came in while I was working and went upstairs. I put it off for a bit until I couldn't wait and then I went up to the loo. I locked the door and sat down and as I did so someone else came in the front door. She came upstairs and paused for a second by the loo before carrying on upstairs. I did a quick wee and then started pushing out a turd. It was big and quite hard to pass. I sat there straining for a minute before it moved but it still wouldn't drop. Then someone started to come downstairs. I was still pushing out my first log and I knew this would be a long poo. Someone knocked on the toilet door. It was Kat. She said, 'Sorry but I really need the loo. How long are you going to be?' I told her a while and she groaned. 'Is that you Emma? Only I'm really desperate for a number two and I can't wait much longer.' She said someone was in the upstairs bathroom showering and of course the downstairs one had no paper or lock and the seat is now damaged (courtesy of a party we held). I said, 'Hold on, Kat. I'll be as fast as I can.' I pushed really hard and my log came out with a big plop. I had much more to come so I kept pushing and two logs emerged rapidly. I heard Kat moan as she heard me relieving myself when she couldn't. I produced a few more logs and appologised to Kat for taking a big poo. She said, 'That's ok, it's what I need to do right now!' More poo came out and then I was done. I quickly tore off some paper and began to wipe. I did so quickly, flushed and washed my hands. I opened the door and came out.
Kat was leaning on the wall with both hands on her bum and her legs crossed. 'Oh, finally!' she said, and hurried in past me and locked the door. I heard her pull up her skirt and drop her knickers and sit. 'Thank you!' she called as she started to unload with a rapid series of loud plops. 'Ohhhhh,' she moaned as she finally relieved herself into the toilet. I walked to my room slowly so I could hear her go. Lots of plops and a few loud trumps could be heard as she had her poo! She was right when she said she had to do a big one! I talked to her later and she said she was really close to going in her pants!

I believe Leanne will be posting soon because she has her own story that I understand involves Kat! Bye for now everyone!

Hi everyone! I've just got back from having an 'early day motion,' at least for me, at 11:15am. Pleasant but nothing special- just a long, low fart and a couple of medium-sized logs and then two smaller bits.

Abbie- Another great post from you and I enjoyed reading about your new pooing friends!! It is easier, to some extent, to have a poo at uni. Normal lectures are only 50 minutes rather than an hour, so it's slightly less time to hold it in than a lesson at school. Also in some lecture theatres, mainly the big ones, people leave from time to time for whatever reason so it's possible to slip out if you are sitting at the back and get desperate. But for the two-hour lectures the lecturer usually gives the class a choice at the start of the year- have a 10-minute break in the middle, or run straight through and finish 10 minutes early (unless he talks too much and ends up overrunning anyway)! For whatever reason the students always seem to choose to go home a bit earlier at the end, at least in my classes, so that makes it awkward for me because I usually need to poo in the early afternoon and I have a lot of early-afternoon lectures that always seem to last two hours! So I quite often find myself holding in a poo for most of the two hours which is very difficult indeed sometimes! At least in our case, if you take quite a while to poo, you can always go between lectures if you need to because it doesn't matter if you arrive 5 or 10 minutes late to a lecture since nobody keeps a register of attendance, at least at my uni!

I nearly had a poo accident twice this week! The first time was on Tuesday. I had no afternoon lectures, and neither did Hannah, so we both decided to go shopping. We got on the tram to the shopping centre and pretty much as soon as we got on I started getting the urge to go for a number two. After a bit I was desperate. As we approached the shopping centre I told Hannah, 'As soon as we get there I'm going to need the toilet.' She said she could use a pit-stop as well so we quickly went to the loos. By the time we got there I was really close to going in my knickers and there was a queue of two women that we joined. I considered putting a hand on my bum but I thought it was too undignified! Soon enough I got into a cubicle and just in time. As soon as I sat down two logs came rapidly out with loud plops. Now that the urgent part of my poo was over I could sit back and enjoy the rest. Three more logs followed and I heard Hannah have quite a long wee. Then she let out a big fart and there was a single plop. She was finished and waiting for me by the sinks when I came out feeling better!

The other time was on Wednesday. Towards the end of a two-hour lecture I started getting the first stirrings down below but I didn't need to go until I was walking home. Then the urge came on rather fast and rather strong and soon I had to tighten up my muscles to help hold it in. I started getting stomach cramps too so I started walking faster. I made it home and put my bag in my room and then went upstairs. Unfortunately someone was in the loo doing a poo of their own so I went up to the top floor. Someone was in there too having a shower. This sort of situation happens all the time in our house since we only have two usable toilets and one of those is in the same room as the shower! With 10 girls sharing there's quite often two girls relieving themselves or showering and one (or more!) waiting desperately to get their own chance! On Wednesday it was my turn. I went back down to the middle toilet and knocked. 'Are you going to be long?' I asked. It was Kat who replied, 'Probably another five minutes, I've just started having a poo.' I asked her to hurry up and she said she'd try. I heard three plops in succession as she went and that just made me need to go more. I held my stomach as the cramps were getting worse. Kat did her poo but it took a few minutes and when I heard her tear off some paper I almost lost it. She came out and I quickly squeezed past her into the loo. 'I'm so desperate!' I laughed and she laughed too. I quickly sat and immediately blasted out some mushy chunks of poo into the toilet. I immediately felt loads better. 'You weren't kidding!' Kat laughed as she went downstairs. Some more mushy pieces followed and then a couple of bigger logs. It was all out of me within a minute but it was a big load!

This sort of story makes me want to post a similar experience with my friend Lauren and her en-suite loo. One day she invited me and our friend Heather over for a sleepover. It was Heather's first time sleeping at Lauren's house, although we had both slept at hers before. We were at school before and I needed a poo. I had no time to go in afternoon break so by the end of the day I was pretty desperate to go. I met Heather first and we went to meet Lauren. As we passed the toilets I eyed them enviously but they were really busy with girls going before they went home. We met Lauren and walked back to her house. On the way my urge changed from pretty desperate to very desperate. When we got there we started getting changed. Lauren started towards the bathroom. 'Oh...can I go first? Only I'm desperate,' Heather said. 'So am I!' I said. 'Oh....and me!' replied Lauren. So here we were, three girls and only one loo (since we weren't supposed to use her parents' en-suite). 'So...' Lauren said. 'I've got to do a poo and a wee. What about you?' Heather said she had to poo as well and so did I. How to choose? We decided Lauren would go first since she was desperate for both a wee and a poo, so she went in and sat down without closing the door. Very soon a torrent of wee began. Heather looked a bit uncomfortable but I couldn't tell if that was because she was desperate or because she didn't want to have to poo with the door open herself. We sat on the bed waiting while Lauren emptied her bladder and dropped three quick logs. Heather put her hand on her stomach and I sat on mine to hold my logs in. Lauren dropping her load just made me more desperate to unload mine, and Heather seemed to be having the same problem. 'I'm trying to hurry,' she said, 'but I've been holding this one all day!' Lots of logs made plops that made us more and more desperate. Finally after 5 minutes she was done. She quickly wiped and flushed her business away. I was about to lose control so I asked Heather how desperate she was. 'Really desperate. I should have gone at school,' was the reply. I stood up and had to keep one hand on my bum to stop it coming out. 'Can I go first? Only I'm about to have an accident if I don't,' I told her. She said ok, but to hurry! I rushed in and tore down my school skirt and knickers. Before I could even get my bum on the seat the first of my logs was half out of my bum and as my bum hit the seat the log dropped with a splash. I moaned with relief involuntarily and two more logs shot out of me. Lauren laughed and said, 'That sounded close Leanne!' 'You've no idea!' I replied as I kept on pooing. Heather was squirming and crossing her legs now. I considered cutting off my dump and letting her go before I finished but when I tried to stop going I couldn't! Lauren was watching me go. I kept producing bits for a few more minutes. 'Please hurry!' Heather said. 'I can't hold it.' I strained to go faster and pushed out the last of my load and wiped as fast as I could. When I flushed Heather was already in the bathroom and with her school trousers undone. She sat very quickly and immediately pooed two logs. She sighed with relief and I put my hand on her shoulder and said, 'thanks for letting me go first. I definitely would have had an accident if I'd had to wait.' She said no problem, but to let her go first next time!

I'll post again soon. Bye everyone!


Embarrased in 7th grade

This morning i skiped breakfast because my bus arived. But i was thursty so i took a water bottle with me. When i sat in the bus, my dumb self drank the whole bottle. 45 min later i arrived at school.Its 8:00 school starts at 8:30. Im a shy girl so i dont have many friends and i dont talk much. When it was 8:20, it felt like my bladder was 10% of water. So it was 8:30, the bell rang. We lined up outside waiting for our teacher. Our teacher arives and we started walking towards my class. I forgot we had a reading test. It was 8:35 when we got to oue class. While the test is going, no bathroom untill lunch time. Lunch i 12:15. Then my bladder felt 13% of water. The tests were passed out. We started at. When i wear pants it was easier to hold my pee, but this time(idk y) i wore a navy blue(dark blue) skirt with pink hearted, knee high stockings. Anyway i started my test that has 42 questions and 7 stories. At 9:30 i read 2 stories, answeres 12 questions. Thats when my blader started getting full.Its 10:00. It got worst untill the point i couldnt focus. I started to wiggle a little. NOT TO MUCH SO EVERONE KNOWS I HAVE TO USE THE RESTROOM. I started looking around. It was kind of imbarrasing but i had to so in could hold it better. I keep trying to read te stories but i couldnt focus. 10:45, 57%. I started to wiggle a little more then i tried to lift one leg up a little putting my knee on top of the other and did the same with the other leg over and over. I raised my hand to ask for the bathroom bt when the teacher came, i said nevermind. I kept trying to hold it. 11:00, it was realy bad. I lifted my leg again but i forgot i had a skirt on so i crossed my legs. My bladder felt 80% full.My face was turning red, i was hot and sweaty, i started shakeing. I was looking around to see if anyone was looking at me. I didnt want to hold my crotch so i wouldnt make it noticible. But i was thinking about doing it. I started wiggling a little more. These two guys started looking at

7th grade (contenued)

These two guys were looking at me. I was soooooo embarrased. I felt realh hot and sweaty, my heart was racing HARD,i was shaking. 11:30 came, my bladder started hurting. Tears started to form inmy eyes. I put my head down, wiggling like crazy trying to hold it.I didnt want to but i started holding my crotch. It started hurting bad. Then my bladder got full. I was trying so hard to hold it. My panties felt a little wet. The my bladder relaxed for.5 seconds. My panties were realy wet. My bladder was swolen, i could see it below my stomach.A tear fell from my face. Then my bladder relaxed again and i started holding my crotch again hard. It felt like if it happened 1more time the its over. My bladder relaxed for a second. My panties got a little wet. Then it relaxed more and more, my panties were soaked. Then all of the muscles relaxed and i started holding my crotch. The i realised everytime i hold my crotch from above, i was wetting my skirt. I started moving all over the place, wiggle my leggs back and forth while crossing them. Then my muscle relaxed again so i holded my crotch from inside my skirt. I was sooo emmbarrased. But i realsed when i do that, my panties show. So itried holding it without my hands. My hands were wet. My muscle relaxed again and i tried holding it by positioing my legs a way to hold it. Then a puddle would form in my seat. My skirt started getting wet. Then a bad thing happened. My bladder gave up, so i tried holding it with my hands, but more and more preasure build up which made it more and more painful. I slightly let go to decrees the pain but the bigger the puddle. I couldnt hold it anymore so i let go. I cried as i heard the dip from my seat. Everone was looking at me. That was the worst day of my life.

Euro Hiker

TV documentary about guts

I just watched a BBC TV documentary programme called 'Origins of Us, Part 2/3 Guts'. The presenter is a female anatomist and physical anthropologist.

She told us of a theory that the discovery of how to cook food using fire allowed our ancestors to evolve larger brains because it takes more energy and time to chew and digest raw food compared to cooked food. To illustrate the point, she showed what would happen if she ate a quarter of a day's calories in the form of raw carrots. She started to chomp her way through a large pile of carrots and said that it would take 8 hours to chew and eat enough raw carrots to provide a whole day's calorie intake.

What she didn't say was how much of it would come out the other end of her gut but I'll bet she had a really good shit after eating that lot.


Answers and comments

For Fleesum: I hardly ever know,I never look at mine.

For Karen:I'm glad to hear from you.The pizza was Tontio's Party Pizza.

For Aimee: I Wad it up.


outhouse in the air

Today while waiting for the bus, I saw an outhouse being lowered from an upper floor of a building that was being constructed. (The building has nine floors). The outhouse was hanging from a cable.

They must raise the outhouse by cable to an upper floor every morning, and lower it back to the ground every afternoon.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Annie O

responds to Golden Eye

I have also pooped out a good solid BM onto toilet paper. It feels good for the poop to hit the paper.

Mr. Clogs

Morning pee in the cup

I woke up early this morning needing to pee really bad. I didn't get up in the middle of the night to pee, so I was ready to go. I grabbed one of my 32 oz plastic cups putting it to my very stiff morning wood and peed into it. The urine was nice golden in color, while urinating into the cup it made a nice foam top. I filled the 32 oz cup half way and felt relieved. I took the piss filled cup to the bathroom and dumped the piss filled cup into the toilet and rinsed out the cup out for next use.

Punk Rock Girl: Shout out to you, it sucks eating greasy foods and having to poop a lot with no tp. Keep the posts coming.

Have a great day everybody, happy peeing and pooping.

Mr. Clogs

Brandon T

part 2 in back here are the rest of my posts

To: Elissa great story at least your boyfriend was cool about it and didnt get mad and didd he help you get cleaned up and he sounds like a keeper and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Annie O great stories its sounds like you had some rough days probaly the food or just your body having a major cleanout and great story about your nasty poop out of nowhere and it could be caused by the reasons I just said who knows for sure and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Kelly as always another great story about you pooping and then hearing that woman take a major dump it sounded like she really needed it and was lucky she didnt have an accident and great story about your desperate dump only to find out there was no toilet paper which is bad but is alot worse if you have diarrhea or a really messy dump and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Stevie great accident story but thats the thing with diarrhea its unpredictable.

To: Hermes as always another great set of stories about women going to the bathroom it sounds like your luck from not so much to the jackpot and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Kathy first welcome back and great story about you pooping on the floor and your husband helping you it sounds like you felt alot better after that and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Elise great story about you falling asleep on the toilet while pooping im suprised you didint finish pooping in your sleep and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Arron O great story about you watching that girl take a nasty dump and it sounds like she probaly had food poisoning or the stomach flu at least she didnt have any accidents that you know of and please share anymore stories like that if you have any thanks.

To: Ashley thanks for the comment and you should post a story it dosent have to be exiting it could just a normal pee or poop story thanks and god bless.

To: Golden Eye another great story and yeah ive been there where I was letting off a big fart when I sidenly feel a poop appear so I have to go the bathroom and sit on the toilet and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Maria first welcome to the site and great story about you peeing in that water container and then everybody but you drinking from it and it sounds like you will have lots of great stories and I look forward to them all thanks.

To: Jenny it sounds like you had the most embarrassing days of your and to have it follow you all the way through school but it could be a story you tell your kids someday and laugh about it who knows and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Emma as always another great story about you seeing that girl pee her pants and then almost doing the same later and great story about you add your roomate taking big dumps I bet you both felt alot better afterwards and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Leanne asa lways another great story about you and your friend pooping together and it sounds like you both really had to go and I bet you both felt alot better afterwards and as always I look forward ot your next post thanks.

To: Shane (Female) as always another great story and it was really nice of your teacher to help you poop and I hope you get over your constipation problems soon and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Aimee as always another great pooping story about you and your friends pooping together it sounds like you guys really had to go and as always I look forwad to your next post thanks.

To: Nicola as always another great story it sounds like your workmate really had to go and was lucky she didnt have an accident and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

Well thats all for now please add this to my last post thanks.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site

I was taking the subway home when I really had the urge to shit. I really was trying to hold it in until I got back home but as the minutes passed by I knew I was going to have to go sooner rather than later. I got off at a stop that wasn't as busy and walked quickly to the men's washroom that was down a hallway near some pay phones. Inside it was pretty dirty as could be expected but better than I expected. The bathroom had two toilets in the open on one wall with some urinals around the corner on the other side of the same wall near the sinks. I could see that there used to be stall partitions because of all the holes and brackets on the wall. The fixtures were all pretty old and the toilets looked very well used.

Fortunately the privacy from the rest of the bathroom was reasonable and there was lots of toilet paper. I lined the toilet seat with about two or three layers of paper before sitting my ass down. I farted a bit before a long and soft turd plopped out rather easily. It felt hugely relieving and I knew I had to let more out. I wanted to just get out of the place as soon as possible but it was going to be another 20 minutes before I would be home so I decided to unload everything quickly. I relaxed as I let out one very long and gassy fart before the 2nd turd fell out into the bowl. Just then I heard someone come in but they went to the urinal so they didn't see me. I stood still not making a sound as the pressure of yet another turd wanting to come out increased. As he was washing his hands I heard the door open and another person come in. A guy in his mid 30s came around the corner and seated himself down on the toilet next to me. By now the pressure was unbearable so I let out the last and final turd just after a loud wet fart shot out from me. The guy next to me had what sounded like a mild case of diarrhea so I just wanted to get out of there fast. I grabbed the toilet paper roll and started to roll off a large bunch. I wiped as fast as I could while staying seated before getting up and flushing. I didn't really see what I dropped because I was in a hurry but the first turd was quite big with the others smaller but still decently sized. I washed my hands before rushing out and getting back on the next train that was just getting ready to leave. I'll remember to use the bathroom before I use the subway next time.

Brandon T

Commenrs & stuff

To: Mung another great story please share anymore you may have thanks.

To: Just A Girl it sounds like you had a pretty rough week at least your were on a toilet and didnt haave an accident and also you stayed on the toilet to make sure you were really done which was a good idea and as always it sounds like it might have been the stomach flu or something you ate or just your body having a major cleanouut who knows for sure and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Back In The Day what a way to spend your birthday at least it ended good and it will be a birthday you wont forget and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Emmma F as always another great story about you and your friends pooping together it sounds like you all felt great afterwards and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Nicola as always another great story and yes you should feel better after getting rid of that monster after not going for 3 days and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Ana great story about you pooping in the mens room because as the saying goes when you gotta go you gotta go and then leaaving it for them to see I knoow I would go and look and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

well im out of time and my computer messed up so I will be back later with part 2


Answers to Catherine's Survey

Hi, all. Here's my answers to Catherine's survey.

Do you ever wipe your bottom only once after crapping?

Always wipe a minimum of twice.

Do you fold or wad your toilet tissue?


After a shit, do you wipe front to back, or vice versa?

Always front to back.

Do you ever sniff your used toilet tissue?

When you've got a mum who's a nurse, you learn a lot of things others don't know. Actually, sniffing used toilet tissue after you've wiped can tell you a lot about your state of health. For example, a really foul smell (bad enough to clear a room in a matter of seconds) can indicate you aren't digesting proteins properly. Other smells can indicate other illnesses. So don't be afraid to sniff the toilet-paper after you've wiped your bum.

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