Emma F
Hi everyone. I see that someone else called Emma has started posting, so I shall call myself Emma F from now on, if I remember!

Leanne- Very interesting stories of you and your friend Lauren! Did you hear me poo earlier? haha!

On Friday we had another double lecture, and as usual I had been needing a poo for a while and was quite desperate by the end. I was with my friends Kathryn, Emily and Hannah and we walked out of the lecture together. Hannah broke down first. 'I'm going to the toilet, 'cause I really need to go!' she said. I said I did as well, and then so did Emily and finally Kathryn! Then Hannah said, ''I've been holding a poo for the whole lecture and I can't wait much longer!' We all laughed and I said I needed a poo as well. Then Emily said so did she. She asked Kathryn if she did as well and reluctantly she admitted that, yes, she had to do a poo too! So we all trooped into the ladies' loos. We were in the arts building where there are many, many cubicles. We headed past the first group to the larger group at the back where there are four cubicles in a row on one side and six on the other. We took the four in a line. Hannah was to my left with Kathryn to my right and Emily beyond her. Four doors closed and locked in unison and four girls got seated on their toilets together. I could see Hannah's and Kathryn's jeans and panties under the cubicles. Hannah was the first to go with a loud plop and then two more quick ones. 'Aaah!' she said. 'That's better already.' We all laughed. I pushed out a log and then I heard Kathryn go as well. Emily grunted and pushed out a wave of crap. Hannah really must have had a big load because there was plop after plop from her cubicle. I produced a couple more big turds and then a few smaller bits that required some pushing. Kathryn, who is a lot shyer than the rest of us about her toilet habits, seemed to lose her inhibitions as she heard the rest of us making so much noise. Either that or she couldn't help her next two logs making really loud plops and then a fart slipping out! Emily's poo sounded messy, Hannah's was big and Kathryn's was surprisingly noisy. Mine, however, was relatively normal! I finished my poo and everyone else was still going, especially Hannah who was dropping poos every few seconds. Kathryn farted again a few more times. 10 minutes passed before Kathryn started to wipe herself. I did too and we met at the sinks. Emily and Hannah were still seated so we waited. Emily came out a minute later and then Hannah a few after that. 'I needed that!' she said and we all burst out laughing again. Then we all went and had some lunch! It was a really enjoyable poo with my friends and I think we all really needed it!

I'll post again soon. Bye everyone!


Big relief in the woods

I had a very big poo this afternoon. I hadn't been for 3 days and wanted to do it somewhere different. I took a toilet roll with me and went out for a walk in the woods behind my house that I often use to do my business. I was dying to go and found an old tree with a low branch about 14 inches off the ground. I pulled my jeans and knickers down and sat on the branch. I pushed a little and out came a fat long poo which landed on the ground with a thud. It must have been 18 inches long and 2 inches wide. I peed at the same time and felt very relieved. Once I wiped myself I left the steaming turd and went home feeling empty after 3 days.


For Michelle, Aimee, and Sarah

I was shocked and saddened to learn of Sarah's death. Although my acquaintance with her was limited to her few posts on this site, I know that she was and is a very fine young woman. Sarah, you will be missed, dear!

Michelle and Aimee, you are among my favorite posters. I always enjoy your stuff and I look forward to much more from the two of you. Take my short survey (page 2108) if you will.

Stay tuned, gang, for a bathroom experience of my own. That's all for now.


Used the men's room

A few days ago I was at a fast food restaurant and I felt a big urge to poop. I was also feeling adventurous, so instead of going to the ladies room, I poked my head in the men's room and said, "Sorry, but all the toilets in the ladies room are busy, can I please go in here?" and I got some answers of "Yes" or "Sure" and nobody said "No". So I went in the stall closest to the door and I did a big smelly poop. I passed three big logs, each an inch around and eight inches long. Then I wiped twice but I didn't flush. I quickly washed my hands and left, leaving the guys to admire my huge load.



Last night I ate two sandwiches with Pizza inns little red peppers. Well this morning I felt the need to go poop. Well I rocked the toilet with a HUGE fart then the tears welled up in my eyes as the burn kicked IN OMG. Log after log hit the water and all i could do is beg for it to end. Took me about 4 mins to be able to walk to the bed room. NOT 15 mins later I had to go again same burning 10/10 PAIN OMG it hurts so bad I've been 5 times in 3 hours this is the worse day in my dumping life.

This weekend, I went on a camping trip with my boyfriend and his dad. We drove for hours and finally, by nightfall, we stopped at our destination. We were camping at a private beach. It was too dark to setup our tent, so we slept in the car. His dad slept inside the truck, while me and my boyfriend slept in the back. We were chatting about random stuff, but I guess he was really tired and drifted off to sleep. As my eyes started drooping, I felt a small urge to poop, but I ignored it. Next morning, I was the last one to wake up. I was alone in the back of the truck. I sat up and saw that my bf and his dad had set up camp and were moving a small sail boat to the water. Again, I felt the urge to poop, only this time, it was stronger. My bf saw that I was up and came over to me saying that he was taking me out on an early boat ride. I thought I could hold my poop until after the boat ride, so I got into my bikini and stepped onto the tiny boat. My bf got on next to me, while his dad got in his car to watch sports. The boat ride turned out to be pretty fun. But after about 30 minutes, I felt the urge return. I stood up and crossed my legs as a turtle head started to emerge from my butt hole. I clenched my butt hard and I felt the turtlehead stop moving. My bf asked if I was ok. I admitted that I really had to poop. He stood up and me a hug, than sat me down on his lap and started stroking my belly. It felt so good that I forgot to clench my butt cheeks. I sat helplessly as I loaded my bikini on my bf's lap. I started crying really hard, and my bf tried to comfort me. It felt sooo good that I accidentally peed my bikini on his lap. He was very nice about it. But I still felt terrible.

Well, that's all for now. I definitely come back and post again! :)

shane (female)
another great story keep em commin

Annie O
My husband and I must have eaten something over the weekend that make him sick.
We were watching a movie at home. I looked over at him and he looked very uncomfortable. He had his hand on his stomach. I askedhim if he was okay. Wears very open about our bathroom habits. He said no, and that his stomach hurt. He looked bloated. He also said that he was having really bad cramps.
I went to the bathroom with him and he tried to poop. All he could push out were some wet and smelly farts. We went back to the movie and I pushed and rubbed on his stomach. I could feel some mushy poop inside of him. I pushed harder and he farted. This time he got a concerned look on his face. "Ooohh Annie, it's coming!" Before I could answer I heard "BBRRRAVVVTT!" Plop,plip,Plop,plip,Plop,plip,Plop,plip,Plop,plopPlop,plip,Plop,plip,Plop,plip,Plop,plip,Plop, plip as mushy diarrhea fille his pants. He moaned avian. "Uuugghhh! Ooohh!" and ran to the bathroom. I ran after him. When I got there he was already on the toilet. His pants were around his ankles, full of diarrhea. The smell was awful! I bared through it and helped him out. Plop,plip,Plop,plip,Plop,plip,Plop,plip,Plop,plopPlop,plip,Plop,plip,Plop,plip,Plop,plip,Plop, plip. More diarrhea rushed from him a's he moaned and farted again. After eight more waves he was looking weak, but feeling better. I got him all cleaned up. He took some anti-diarrhea medication and we went to sleep.
Later that night I woke up with gas building int stomach. I farted a lot. "BRRAAVVTT" "PPFFFTTTT" "GGGRRRRHHH" I started rubbing my stomach and released
more farts. Then I felt another huge fart waiting to come out. I pushed. "GGUUUURRRRGGGGAAAAAVVVTTT" A huge fart exploded
from my bum. Diarrhea came, without warning, rushing into my pants. I jumped out of the bed and launched myself onto the toilet. Wave after wave
of liquid poop gushed from me for minutes at a time. I was feeling better after my diarrhea explosion. I was amazed that I didn't wake up my husband with my diarrhea and farting. I, too, took some anti-diarrhea medicine and went back to sleep. It was very weird because when we woke up in the morning, both pf us felt totally fine!

Today, the business lady who proudly announced her need to shit came back. I was sitting on the pot, taking my daily dump, when the door busts open. Good thing I was on the toilet because I may have shit my pants otherwise. I hear heaving breathing outward like someone is giving birth. I peer under the stall and see high-heel shoes and slacks, not the type of clothes most people wear at the job. She takes the stall next to me, after seeing the mess somebody left in the other one. She's still panting as I hear her frantically fumble with her zipper. She sits down and lets one rip. She lets out a big sigh and the fart continues to rip out of her cheeks.

"G--damn, close call. I held this monster through a whole damn meeting. Prairie dogging it the entire time. Phew!" She starts letting the farts and plops fly out as I start giggling to myself. She starts telling me, in detail, how badly she needed to shit throughout a long meeting. She tried to slip away several times but was constantly thwarted. She just kept talking. Even though I finished I stuck around because it was so entertaining, albeit quite smelly.

Has anyone ever encountered such a bold woman when it comes to the bathroom?


Painted my pants brown also


So sorry to hear that your school mates witnessed your worst moment. When it happened to me I was out of school and to the best of my knowledge only strangers witnessed my moment.

I went on a scuba diving trip one weekend. Actually it was the final exam for the scuba training. We met at a lake and completed our "test" dives. The only thing that remained was to drive back to the dive shop and turn in our equipment.

It was almost a two hour drive. About half an hour into the drive I needed to poop. I also needed fuel. The pressure eased so I thought I could re-fuel before using the restroom. I re-fueled the truck and walked to the restroom. There were four or five people waiting ahead of me.

When I advanced to second in line, liquid poop began to leak into my pants. The texture was somewhere between chocolate pudding and chocolate milk. I knew I could not stop so I stepped out of line and walked back to my truck pooping more with each step. I had no fresh clothing to put on so I had to remain in the soiled clothing. I covered the truck seat with plastic and sat in my mess to complete the drive. I went straight home.

When I arrived home my parents were out so I was able to avoid that embarrassment. I called the dive shop and told them I "had a problem" and drove straight home. I promised to return the equipment first thing the next morning. I removed only my shoes, socks, and belt before getting in the shower. When both I and my clothing were as clean as possible, I then tossed the clothing in the laundry and washed them again. I could not believe such a large amount of poop came out of me.

Random person

Largest poop ever

Yesterday I came home and had to poop so bad so I quickly walked to the bathroom and then sat down and immediately once j got on the toilet the log came out, and it was probably 2 feet long. Obviously, it was way to large to flush on the first try and took like 3 flushess to get it down


The Ones that got away?

Hi All

Special Hi to Brandon T, Michelle, Dan.

Hope everyone is OK.Really enjoying all your posts as ever.

During my travels through life there have been several instances of missing out on hearing women poop or not being able to "confirm" who was doing what when, for want of a better expression.

The first case was at school, when in the sixth form when I was nearing the end of my time there. In the year below me was a blonde girl called Georgina (name changed), she was a very pretty petite blonde girl with her hair in a bob and always wore tight skirts which showed off her figure and one of the nicest bottoms I have ever seen on a woman.I have to confess that I really fancied her at the time, she was a friendly girl, but this was never mutual...

I can't remember whether I posted in this before, but as the Sixth Form male toilet was on the other side of the wall from the female, you could hear what was going on loud and clear.Not that I ever remember having any time spare to indulge in the temptations available.

One day around 11am when there was no-one at all around the Sixth Form block, I went for a pee, and I heard someone go into the girls toilet.I went into the cubicle nearest the wall. I heard the rustle of either a skirt being pulled up, or trousers being yanked down, and the snicker of pants coming down. I heard the girl peeing with a torrent
which went on for ages.I heard the rattle of a toilet roll holder, and heard her wipe, adjust her clothes and flush and leave the cubicle.

There seemed to be some delay as I did not hear her leave the toilet block.I was about to leave when I heard the girl curse out loud with a "Bloody Hell!" It sounded like Georgina's voice, but then two other girls in the lower sixth had almost identical voices.Something was about to kick off, so I stayed in the cubicle to see what would happen.

I heard the girl run back into the toilet and slam the door - I don't think she locked it.I heard a rapid fumbling of skirt/trousers and pants and a clang as she slammed her bottom onto the toilet seat.

The instant she sat down there was a wet fart which made a loud SPPPLEEEEEEEEEEE! noise, there was then a rapid shower of hard little pellet like poos which shot out her bum with an urgent PLIP_PLIP_PLIPPLIP_PLIPPLIP_PLIPPLIPLIPPLIP_PLIPPLIP_PLIP.
There was then another SPLLLEEEEE!as she did another wet fart followed by a PLIPPLIPPLIPPLIP_PLOP!She then wiped, and I left the toilet.

As I got back I saw Georgina and Kelly coming into the sixth form common room from the corridor (where the toilet door was).
Georgina was wearing her usual black shirt and red blouse, with knee high boots.Kelly was wearing brown trousers and a beige top.
It could have been either of them, but I did notice Georgina was unusually wearing perfume and Kelly was not, so make of that what
you will.....

The next concerns my Driving Test.When I went there were two other guys doing the test, and a freckle-faced redhead schoolgirl. I say schoolgirl, because the local Girls Grammar School insisted on their pupils wearing full uniform right up to age 17/18 when they completed their A Levels. Even in 1991 it seemed a bit odd.Still, she did look very smart with her blue tights, blue and grey tartan knee-length pleated skirt, white shirt and believe it or not, school tie. She looked even more uncomfortable then the rest of us.

There was a toilet door by my seat and I noticed her get up and run into the toilet.I heard the noises of someone hurriedly adjusting their clothes and the next thing I heard was a truly massive bowlblaster of a fart, which people must have heard half a mile away. This was followed by a heavy sounding PLOP-PLOP_PLOP, and then the door to the Examiners Office opening and my name being called.

One of the Driving Examiners working there at the time, was a Mr Sidney (name changed) and he had a reputation for failing any driver unfortunate to share a car with him. Mr Sidney - I knew him by sight as he was a stern angry looking man called out the girls name, and when I pointed to the toilet, he looked even more stern and angry.

I took my test and passed, but as my Driving Instructor drove me home - I was too stressed out to drive, he said "Oh by the way Mr Smith and Mr Tides candidates also passed, but Mr Sidney failed the girl" I felt sorry for the girl as sharing a car for half an hour with that horrible man Sidney was almost a fate worse than death, lot alone the embarrassment of having a noisy poo within earshot of most of (town name censored) and failing her driving test.

The next one concerns a "confirmed" scenario from way back.I can't give too much detail of the exact circumstances, but about ten years ago, before I brought a car,I used to commute to a job in (XXXXXXXXXX) by train.This turned out quite well most of the time, but one Monday morning, horror of of horrors, the maintenance guys had not finishing changing a lightbulb, or whatever they get up to at weekends when they close the railway.

The way round it was for the railway to hire in buses (the more luxurious ones over in the UK we refer to as coaches) and so it came to pass. On my usual journey to work I often shared a train carriage with a very pretty blonde - she was very similar in appearance to my former friend Georgina from my schooldays.On the Monday in question there was
unusually no sign of her at the train station.

I got on the coach, which already had a few people on board, and found a seat.The seat was in front of some steps leading down to the toilet.As the engine was switched off all was relatively quiet apart from an odd noise which I kept on hearing now and again. It was a CLACK noise - like the sound a woman's high heels make when walking along. I counted four CLACKS, until a raspy BRAAAAAP of someone farting, made me realise what was going on. I heard the rustle of tissue/toilet paper
and then the slurping sound that a modern coach or train toilet makes.

The door opened and my blonde travelling companion started walking up the stairs.As the coach was full and the seat next to me was
the only free one, she sat next to me.She completely ignored me for the twenty minutes, and I have to hand it to her as this must
have been rather tricky for her as she absolutely stank of poo!The farmyard aroma coming from between her legs and her short green skirt
almost made my nostrils burn.My former colleague and expert on matters pooping-related, KC, would have suggested that the blonde girl
had, how do I put this delicately, broken off a hanging poo too early.

Fortunately for both of us her stop was half way on the journey.I needed a pee so as soon as the coach was round the corner from
the blonde's stop, I went into the toilet.I will assume that the blonde girl was the guilty party in what I saw next.There were
four poos floating in the solvent/water which were to put me off the cocktail sausages in the buffet at work that lunchtime.

One interestingly thing followed from this.The following evening I had my head buried in the London Evening Standard when I noticed the blonde girl and another blonde girl get on the train and sit on the seats alongside me on the other side of the carriage.They were discussing some rather rude topics, certainly not the things I would say in public.

I heard "my" blonde friend say out loud and these are her exact words

" I can't stand it when they put buses on as I can't
take my usual dumps on the way to and from work" she giggled, before leaving the carriage -presumably to do just that.

On the basis of what I had experienced, I might beg to differ!

Bye for now take care

Hermes x

Michelle (Formally M.S)

Dan's Survey & Comment to Leanne

I was meant to post this on Saturday before the site got updated but I was at work so I am sorry if the survey is a bit late. In a way it was good I was at work as I had an interesting pooing experience with a work colleague while on the way home but unfortunately I haven't got time to tell you about it but I will in my next post.

Dan's Survey


What's your favourite type of fart to let out? I love letting out all types of farts but the one I like the most is wet ones as I just let them out in my knickers and worry about the wetness and stains later.

How would you react (in your head, and how you behave) if someone farted around you? I wouldn't mind as everybody farts no matter who you are. In fact I would feel privileged if someone farted around me as it shows they are open with their toilet habits like I am.

What makes you fart, and do you eat/drink it if you know you'll gassy later? All foods make me fart a lot but spicy foods, fast foods and Mexican give me wet farts as they are greasy.


How many turds do you usually let out in a dump, and how large are they? Quite a lot, I usually let out about 4 or 5 logs which differ in length as they could be anywhere between 5cm to 15cm.

What's your favourite type to pass? I love releasing every type of poo but my favourite are semi solid poos as they are easy to release but I also enjoy having soft, mushy and sometimes watery poos.

When you say 'big dump', do you usually refer to the urge, how MUCH comes out, or how BIG it is? I usually refer to 'big dump' as how much comes out but on occasions I have referred to it as how big it is.

Do you eat certain things knowing it'll change your bowel habits? (i.e., ordering nachos even though you'll have a looser dump) Yes, if I am eating out I will often order spicy foods such as a curry or something greasy like a pizza or burger which will make my poo looser and it will make the next trip to the toilet exciting, that's if I make it to the toilet in time;)

Does your period affect your toilet habits? Not really, but on occasions I get the runs when I am on my period, which often means I end up filling my knickers full of runny poo if I can't get to the toilet in time.

To Leanne
Hi, it's a shame you don't know the page the post about your accident while you were out shopping as I would love to read it as I am a fan of your posts, but when I have got some spare time I will try to look for it. In your last post you needed a poo quite badly. How was it?

I hope to post about my interesting pooing experience soon.



Haven't Posted in a while...

I had a really satisfying poo Saturday night
I woke up in the middle of the night feeling bloated and gassy. I made my way to the bathroom for a dump. I sat down and pushed and pushed for about 5mins. All that I was able to push out was one rock hard marble and some very smelly farts. I went downstairs and took a few laxatives to relieve my constipation. My husband came with me to help me poo. About 45mins. after I took the laxatives I suddenly felt the poo trying to push its way out. I took of my pants and walked naked to the bathroom. Then I was hit with a huge cramp. "OOOOOHHHHH" I doubled over and farted. "BBBRRRRAAAAVVVTTTT" He rubbed my stomach until I was able to move again. Then another cramp and gas hit me. "AAAAHHHHGGG" "PPPPFFFFFFFTTTTTSSSS" I squated down on the hard wood floor and uncontrollably pushed. "OOHHHH Here it comes!!" I exclaimed to my husband. Then I farted some more "BBBRRRAAAVVVTTTT" "OOHHHH" "GGGRRRUUUUUGGGHHH" A huge soft poo fell out of me within seconds. Then another 18inch soft log exploded out. More soft poo was pushed onto the floor. My husband was rubbing my stomach as this massive, uncontrollable load exited my bum. After pooping eight long and soft poos I cleaned up my mess with my husband. After that we both showered and fell back asleep.

I have an interesting story about the next poop, but I'll save that for later.
"OOHHH" I just released the best farts. Got to poo. It's going to be a big one! C ya later

This story is embarrassing but also kinda funny. During the summer I was on a walk until i realized I had to poop. There is really clean public bathrooms just 5 minutes away so I walked there. There was no one in the bathroom so I took the stall on the far end, with the window sill. I relax and push. I pushed many times but it wouldn't come out. I signed and after 5 minutes I relaxed a bit, by taking my pants and shoes off and putting my legs up on the sill. I was also tired from my walk, and I didn't get much sleep that night so I actually fell asleep on the toilet. Funny thing is I slept for about two hours there until I was awoken by the janitor coming into the stall I was in to clean because he didn't know I was here. He said sorry and left. I was confused and my ass hurt from sitting there so long. I looked at my watch and it was 11:58pm. I stared and wondered if I was dreaming but the truth was I fell asleep while pooping. I pushed and this time the poop came out. This one was about 9" which is my usual length of poop. Well anyways until next time.

Arron O
Just thought of a good story from when I was in ninth grade:

The boys bathroom was directly above the girls bathroom at school. There was an air duct on the floor of the boys room that when u looked into it you had an over view of the girls three stalls. One day my friends and I took off the air vent so we could see the girls going to the bathroom. One girl named Anna, she was the hottest girl in the class, came into the bathroom. She sat down in the second stall and started to poop. We all guessed she was constipated because she was pushing really hard and nothing was coming out. Then she leaned forward so far that we got a really good look at her hot ass. She farted a loud one and a huge piece of shit started to come out. She was moaning, farting, and grunting to try and push out the monster shit. Then the turd splashed into the bowl. It looked to be over 12inches long! As if that huge shit was the wine cork on a champagne bottle, diarrhea rushed out of her ass as she moaned and farted. It splashed all over the toilet tank and seat. She had more and more diarrhea for about 10mins. After that we left her to finish shitting her brains out. Then we saw her in the halls later that day. She was walking briskly to the bathroom with her hands on her asshole. She obviously had a bad case of the runs that day.

Renee - I know this is a late response, but somehow I missed your story and just saw it. I liked your story with Sabrina. It seems like the two of you helped each other to go. It was nice of you to get up for your friend though you knew you weren't done yet. Are you used to sharing the bathroom with a friend or was that a first time experience?


Re: Pissing in Friends House

To Maria: Your story was very fun to read. I liked it!

If you have any more, please post thanks :)

to GoldenEye: i really enjoyed your post! thanks for your kind word! i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless!
to Stephanie: i really enjoyed your post! sounds like you and your coworker have similar bathroom habits! to answer your question that you posted on this forume! i do like sitting in a stall and listening to others relieve themselves! however i will admit that i donot like hearing about creepy men who purposely enter the ladiesroom when they know that it is totally out of line! i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless!
to Maria: i really enjoyed your post! sounds like to me that you had a Good time chillen at your friends house! sounds like you also had a fun time peeing in the storage room all three days that you were there! i dont believe that i have accomplished that before! i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless!
to Jenny: i really enjoyed your post! i totally agree with you on messing your pants! that is toally embarrassing! i have had unfornate accidents in the past! sometimes it just simply happens! other times we make a poor choice of waiting too long or think that we have enough willpower to hold on till we make it home! it seems to me that the in elementary school our teachers our trying to prepare us for the realworld! however they should not deny us access when it comes to our bladders! i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless!
to Just A Guy: i really enjoyed your post! sounds like you had a meomrable bathroom experience while shopping in the mall! i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless!
to Post Title: i really enjoyed your post! sounds like you and your brother had a tough time while holding your bowels movements while on vacation with your family! iam glad that you both didnt end up having an accident! i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless!
to Emma: i really enjoyed your post! sounds like you had a cool bathroom experience in the ladiesromm at your college! sounds like the other girl in the stall next to you was realeasing a huge load that needed to come out! i love all your stories! i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless!
to Brandon T: your a kind gentleman! i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless!
to Leanne: i really enjoyed your post! sounds like you and your friends had a Good time at your sleepover! sounds like you had a good bowel bowelmovement at Laurens! it also sounds like lauren had a good pee as well! i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless!
to Shane(female): i really enjoyed your post! sorry for the confusion between you and Aaron! i used to be in choir when i was in school also!iam glad to hear that mrs. clark let you out of choir to use the ladiesroom! iam really sorry to hear that you still had to go to the nurses office! iam glad that your mom was sympathic and didnot get mad at you! iam glad that to hear that you will be seeing a doctor in a few months ! i will keep you in my prayers! iam so glad that your realtionship with Aaron is off to an excellent start! i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless!
to Aimee: i really enjoyed your post! congraulations on being on the hockey team! sounds like you really enjoy it! sounds like you had a cool bathroom experience with another girl! sounds like the girl in the stall next to you was having a hard time reasling the load that was in her! sometimes it can take a while to get started! you should allow as much time as you need when releaving yourself! sounds like you had a second bathroom experience while in between classes! it also sounds like that the other girl was having a relaxing bowel movement! are you two good friends? i like to chat with someone while realsing a huge load! i look forward to your next post! take care and God bless!
to Jas: i really enjoyed your post! i must admit that i like pizza as well! it makes me gassy also! i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless!
to Annie 0: i really enjoyed your post! iam sorry to hear about your horrible experience with dirreah! iam really glad to hear that your boyfriend was there to keep you company during this tough time ! i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless!
to Kelly: i really enjoyed your post! sounds like you had a Great time at your friends barbaque! sounds like you guys enjoyed alot of delicious food! sounds like kelly that your friend is a good cook! sounds like also that you guys had a good bowel movements! iam glad to hear that none of ended up getting sick! i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless!
to Emma: i really enjoyed your post! sounds like you and your roomates had a good time at the annual picnic! iam glad to hear that the food was delicious! sounds like you and your roomates had good results from the picnic the next morning! thats cool that you and your roomates took really huge dumps! i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless!
to Nicola: i really enjoyed your post! sounds like you and your coworker had a cool bathroom experience at work! sounds like she had quite a bowel movement!~ iam glad that you both didnt end up having a accident! i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless!
to everyone: black friday is about a month away! i cant wait to hear all the stories that are associated with the upcoming holiday! i hope that i can contribute a story or two!



Annie O
I went to work today feeling fine. Towards the end of the day, I started feeling these huge farts churning inside. I went in the bathroom and tried to rip a few to relieve the pressure, but nothing would come out! To make matters even worse, the slacks I had on that day were not comfortable at all. They were tight around my waist. My stomach was totally bloated but there was nothing I could do but suck in. Once I got home I immediately went to my room to change into some sweats. I had just finished changing my top when all of the sudden the gas pains and the urge to fart got really strong. I didn't even bother taking off my slacks. I've had to fart all day and I wanted to relieve the pressure as soon as I could! Since none of my farts came out normally, I figured I would need to push. So I bent at the knees, stuck my ass out, clenched my fists, and pushed.
The loudest, smelliest, longest, and thunderous fart I've ever had exploded from my asshole, and with it came a torrent of explosive diarrhea. I tried to stop it by clenching up, but it was no use. I grabbed my ass and I bolted for the toilet. I let out two more farts and another load of diarrhea followed. I spent most of the night with a bloated stomach, terrible gas, and explosive diarrhea. It was horrible!
I have not one clue about what could have caused this!
Any ideas? Let me know!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Golden Eye

Comments and Stuff

To Brandon T- Thanks for reading my post! I'm a girl.

Ashley- Thanks for reading my post! My story is at the end of the comments. :)

Michelle- Thanks for reading my post! Haha I haven't had that happen to me yet. I've only had turtle heads poke out after passing some loud and stinky gas.

Dan- Thanks for reading my post! After the electrician left, I let out one last loud fart that caused the poop to poke out a bit. I went to the bathroom and pushed the poop out. It was long and solid. It felt so good letting that one go. :)

Oh and here are my answers to your survey:


what's your favorite type of fart to let out? I love the ones that are big, loud, and stinky.

how would you react (in your head, and how you behave) if someone farted around you? Well it's kinda a double standard for me. I would really be shocked if a woman did around me but as for guys, I wouldn't mind it at all. I would totally join the guys in farting.

what makes you fart, and do you eat / drink it if you know you'll gassy later? Mexican food for sure and yeah I do.


How many turds do you usually let out in a dump, and how large are they? It depends. Usually, I can get it in one large poop but sometimes I will get six or seven medium pieces.

Whats your favorite type to pass? The solid ones. I feel like I'm doing something monstrous when I pass those.

When you say 'big dump', do you usually refer to the urge, how MUCH comes out, or how BIG it is? How much comes out.

Do you eat certain things knowing it'll change your bowel habits? (ie, ordering nachos even tho you'll have a looser dump) Fiber cereal creates big poops for me.

For the ladies: does your period affect your toilet habits? Harder poop.

The other day I felt the urge to poop. I didn't want to go to the bathroom right away so I held it in for about four hours. I was reading when I felt farts coming. I leaned to the right and farted as I needed to. The last fart I ripped made way for some poop to start poking out. I closed my book and headed to the bathroom. I knew this was going to be a solid poop so I tried something different. I took some toilet paper and folded it over and held it in my hand while putting it over my butt. I was going to poop on the toilet paper and then drop it in the toilet when I was finished. I started pushing my poop out. It was big and hard and in felt good for the poop to hit the toilet paper. I released more poop in the toilet paper. It came out as one giant poop. I released the toilet paper and flushed. Great experience indeed! I wonder, has anyone else done this?

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