Pissing in Friends House

Hey, Am Maria, 19 years Old. I have been to my Friends house along with my gang. Just Chilling. We were as usual studing and stuff. I had to pee, but since their toilet in the room was under cloag, i had to go down the hall to go to the toilet. My Friends house had a small area on the top room. They would use it to keep the stored Foods. I told my friends i wanted some air and went up. I went in to the room and the storage area. There were flour, rice ,etc stored for the food. I couldnt hold the pee. There was Drinking water stored in a Container. I just sat on the Container and began reading my book. in a couple of minutes i just let go myself on the container. There was drinking water in that upto the half. My fresh pee mixed with the water. After my job is done i just came down and just like that normally as thought nothing happened. Also we stayed at her place for 3 days as her parents were out of town. For all the three days i peed at the Drinking water storage. I woke up early before others and did my morning pee at the Storage area on Drinking water. At the third day we set to leave and the water at the hall was empty, so my Friend went up and got the water from the Storage and filled it for drinking. and all except me Drank the water. My three days of Pee was drank by all. hehehe :D


there isn't really anything worse.

...than shitting your pants in front of other people. it is quite simply the most humiliating, terrifying, and shameful feeling when it happens to you. you feel so isolated and helpless, and you know EVERYONE who saw has strong feelings about what you just did and you know they're all gonna go tell someone about it. no one sees a person poop their pants and just brushes it off and ignores it like its no big deal...a person suffering the ultimate misfortune of shitting their pants in public becomes the center rocks everyone's world who saw it happen...its an event. there is no "oops i crapped my pants! oh well, only like one person noticed and they're not gonna remember it later." wrong. no one forgets when someone shits their pants.

to that end, I'd like to commend a lot of you for having the courage to come here and share your tales of when you made the ultimate spectacle of yourself by publicly pooping your pants. it seems there have been quite a few posts lately about adulthood pants pooping. bravo, i say. its a hard, hard thing to deal with and you just wish you could erase the event from your memory, but i guess owning it is a better way to cope.

the time it happened to me... i was in 4th grade. i was having a great year, i was starting to like boys for the first time, and realized that a lot of boys were starting to like ME. i was a pretty girl, and i was popular among the girls in my class. but that all ended one day. i still don't know why it happened. i was just sitting in class during the lesson when suddenly my stomach started hurting really bad and i got a bad cramp. i grabbed my belly and whinced and waited for the pain to subside...and for a second it did. then i felt a warm, tingling pressure sensation in my butt that out of no where turned into this incredibly strong urge to poop, like someone flipped a switch. i threw my hand up and asked if i could go to the bathroom, and was met with a "you have to wait for Amanda to come back only one person at a time." i was on the verge of total panic as i held on for dear life and waited for Amanda. then i got another sharp cramp and i couldn't even keep my butt on the chair it was so bad. i just stood up out of reflex, bringing attention to myself. i just blurted out "please,i have to go right now!" and my teacher looked alarmed as if she realized that i was having a serious emergency and said "ok go ahead, go go go" and waved me along. but it was already too late. in fact it was probably too late the first time i asked. right after she told me to go ahead i got about two steps from my desk before i completely lost it. i crapped my pants really bad in front of the whole class. it was pretty wet and squishy and made a lot of noise coming out, so it was extremely obvious. i could feel the wetness of it soaking through the back of my light pink cotton pants and i knew there had to be a giant brown stain. i could feel the mess oozing down my legs too. it was a major...major load. the collective "eewwww!" of the whole class haunts me to this day, and i could do nothing but stand there in my mess and cry hysterically. a lot of kids left the room because they were grossed out. eventually i was escorted to the nurse and i remember the awful feeling of the mess sloshing around on my butt and upper legs as i walked so vividly. by the time i reached the nurse, poop had gone all down my legs and there were stains all the way to the ankles of my pants, and my socks even got dirty. it was obviously the worst pooping accident the nurse had ever seen because she was clearly overwhelmed and unsure of what to do first. the teacher just told me to go wait in the bathroom. i stood in there and continued crying to myself wondering when i was gonna wake up from the nightmare. finally the nurse came in with a smock and gloves on, and a whole bunch of towels. she laid towels on the floor and told me to stand on them and get my shoes, socks, pants and underwear off. i was hesitant and cried more, and the nurse just said "listen, i wish there was another way to do this or you could wait for your mom to get here with your stuff, but i can't let you stay in this mess another second sweetie." and so i peeled off everything but my shirt and left them in a heap on the towels, my inside out undies that were once white and yellow were almost entirely brown. the nurse wrapped the towels around all the clothes and put it all in a big plastic trash bag and tied it shut, then told me to step back onto some other towels. once i did she put the rest of the towels on the counter and said "clean up the best you can, use plenty of soap and water, and put all the towels in this bin when you're done including the one's from the floor." and she left the bathroom. so i spent the next 20 minutes cleaning my own shit off myself with wet towels in the nurses office bathroom at school...i felt really good about myself in that moment! when i was done i just shouted to the nurse that i was done, and she came in and removed the liner from the bin with all the soiled towels in it and told me my mom would be there with my clothes any minute. when she got there i cried as hard as i did in the classroom at the moment i painted my pants brown in front of everyone. i put on the clean panties and pants she brought me but she didn't realize i needed shoes and socks i went home barefoot. the nurse handed my mom the bag of my shit covered clothes when we left. it was the single most awful thing i experienced in my life.

so i never lived it down. unfortunately i spent the rest of my school days in the district, i never moved away and got to start fresh. my classmates remembered me shitting all over myself in class in 4th grade until the day we graduated from high school. everyone knew about it and people talked about it from time to time. it became part of my identity, something I'm known for. I'm jenny, i shit my pants in class when i was in 4th grade.

i know your pain. if you've had an accident in public, I'm there with you. together we will carry on and not let that humiliating part of our legacy hold us back. we are survivors...we should wear brown ribbons to symbolize our strength. yeah, i shit my pants once...but i lived to tell about it. I'm 25 now, by the way, and this is my first written account of "the accident." i found this page in 2001. took me 10 years to finally write about it.

Just a guy

Eileen H - it all depends really. Usually I go when I go when I get the urge, but if I can't or its really inconvenient to go, I can usually hold it for quite a while. In fact, if I'm able to, I usually let out a fart, they will usually smell, but I can usually pass it quietly, so no one would know who's responsible. This sometimes will relieve me for a short while until the urge to dump returns again. Unlike you, my job doesn't restrict me, but there have been times when I'm in a meeting and the urge hits me and obviously during a business meeting, I can't risk trying to fart, so I just hold it the whole time.

Here's a recent story about holding my poop. One weekend, I skipped my morning dump (very rare), but after eating lunch I got the urge. I went to the bathroom and I passed some gas, but no poop. After sitting 5 minutes, the urge completely went away. I decided to go ahead with my planned shopping. As I got to the store, I got the urge again. I don't mind using public toilets in the office and do all the time, but I've never found these to be particularly clean, so I didn't want to go at the store. Since I hadn't left the car, I decided to fart. Suprisingly it wasn't too smelly and the urge left again. I was shopping for maybe 20 minutes and the urge returned. I squatted and grabbed an item from the lowest shelf pretending to read the ingredients. As I did so, I let out a quiet fart (no one else was in the aisle at the time). Again it wasn't too smelly. I quickly got up as someone came into the aisle and moved on. I was able to complete my shopping but as I was driving home the urge came back stronger. I deided not to fart as I would be home soon. I quickly unpacked the car but did not put anything away and rushed to the bathroom. Within a minute, quite a large load (soft but solid) was out. To answer your last question, I am usually very quick - done within a minute or two -but will once awhile have to do a bm that comes in several loads and take several minutes or get a stubborn one that refuses to come out.

BM - that's terrible. I hope you're feeling better. I recently had a similar experience and I accounted for it as being a slight touch of the stomach virus as the first day I had a slight fever and also felt like I was going to be sick, although, I never did throw up.

Kelly - I thought your story about your friend was humorous. I'm not one of those guys who never thought girls poop or fart, but I also didn't imagine you ladies purposely getting even like that.

Post Title (optionalDiaper survey

I don't wear daipers but I do use pads due to unpredictable cycles and atendecy to leak slightly enough to get my pants damp. Right now I am also using pads in the back as well due to drainage from anal fistula surgury.

A few times i have pooped on my pads slightly as I rushed to the bathroom. Fortunately it has all happened in the privacy of my own home.

Traveling man, I can relate. I had a similar story while vacationing with my family when I was seventeen. My younger sister and brother, a few years younger than me, were on the trip along with my parents. We had just pulled in to town after a long day of driving. I had been holding back a huge load for most of the afternoon. I couldn't wait to find a toilet to plant my butt on. We all brought our stuff in to our hotel room. When you first arrive, everyone just kind of crashes, not really knowing what to do with themselves. I knew what I had to do but was pretty bashful about taking a crap with everyone in my family pretty much in the same room with me. I had seen a small building outside by the pool. I was guessing there was a bathroom in the building so I decided to try to get some privacy down there. But I didn't have much time. Shit was forcing its way to the exit. I told my family I was going to look around the hotel, then hustled on to the elevator and begged it to go faster. I was relieved to find a bathroom in the building by the pool and it was open. I locked the door and dropped my pants, groaning a sigh of relief as my butt hit the seat. It ended up being one of the biggest craps I ever took in my life. When I was done, the bathroom was a mess, with skid marks all over the bowl after I flushed, and a smell I even struggled with. But I felt pretty good that I was able to shit in private instead of in front of my entire family. And once I left the pool area, nobody would ever know who destroyed the bathroom. I felt good until I opened the door to make my escape and found my brother standing there, legs crossed, looking like he was about to shit his pants. I'm not sure who's face turned more red, his or mine. He ended the standoff by pushing by me as he said, "Get out of my way. I have to poop really bad." As he entered he said, "Oh man, what did you do in here?" He closed and locked the door. I stood near the door waiting for him. I heard a groan then poop splashing in the bowl. He finished and came out a few minutes later. As he came out, he said, "That was horrible. You really left it a mess." I apologized and told him I had been holding it all afternoon. We laughed because we both knew we had to take a crap and didn't want to do it in front of our family. I guess it was okay that my brother had caught me and I had caught him.

Hey everyone! Sorry I haven't posted in a while but I've had lots of uni work to do and essays to write. I've got a couple of stories which I shall now tell.

On Monday I had a two-hour lecture and witnessed a girl having a pee accident. Towards the end my stomach started rumbling and soon I had a strong urge for a number two building up down below. I knew I couldn't wait long but I had to hold it until the end of the lecture. I made it ok and got to the toilets and let out three large, soft logs. As I started pooing someone came quickly into the cubicle next to me. I heard her whimper quietly and pull down her jeans and sit. Immediately there was a strong stream of wee pouring into the toilet. All the time I was pooing she was weeing strongly, for at least two minutes. I glanced under the cubicle and could see that her pink panties were soaking wet and there were a couple of wet spots on her jeans. She must have been completely bursting and not quite made it in time! I left without waiting to see who it was because I didn't want to embarrass her.

A fortnight ago I almost had my own pee accident. I'd been shopping in town and needed to go but I thought I would easily make it back home. As I started walking my need got stronger and stronger and soon I was really bursting for a wee. I thought about going to one of the university buildings but I had lots of bags with me and thought it would have been awkward bringing them into a cubicle, so I carried on home. By the time I got there I was minutes from wetting myself. I opened the door and Sophie was just going downstairs. She said hi and I said, 'sorry, can't talk I'm just about to wee myself!' I dumped my bags near the door, shouted at Sophie to close it for me, and rushed upstairs to the loo. Luckily it was vacant so I hurried in, yanked down my shorts as fast as I could and sat. My waterfall began immediately and lasted for about 90 seconds. I felt so much better afterwards! I was surprised I didn't even have the tiniest damp spot in my panties.

Nothing else for now, but I'll post again soon. Bye!

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Elise great story about you being open with pooping thats a good thing because that way wont have to hold it and risk having an acccidnet just to find a private place and please post more stories thanks.

To: Justin lets hope they do let you watch and if so be sure to post it here thanks.

To: Stephanie as always another great story and that twin seat toilet sounds interesting and you and your friends pooping together if I came across a toilet like that in a unisex bathroom and there was a woman pooping I would sit next to her and try to poop even if I didnt have to just to hear her poop but a bathroom like that is highly unlikely or a very rare thing and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Amanda great story about that camping toilet and now you know have good they are and you know they can hold alot to and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Rob great story about your wife at least you handled it in good way and didnt make that big of deal out of it and it sounds like she has to plan her day carefuly too make sure she will have access to a bathroom and please share anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Abbie as always another great story I bet that was really desperate and just left them there hoping no one would konw she had an accident but you happen to come in so she had to hurry and get out of there as fast as posible and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Cory great story about your girlfriend peeing and pooping in front of you and please share anymore stories about her thanks.

To: R great peeing stories and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Punk Rock Girl its nice to hear from you again and great story yeah be stuck without toilet paper is bad but be stuck without it after having diarrhea or a really messy dump is alot worse and please dont stay away so long next time and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Amy first welcome to the site and great story and I cant wait for the next part thanks.

To: Leanne as always another great story and it sounds like you felt really good after taking that dump and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Michelle (formaly M.S.) as always anoother great story and I bet who ever finds them wont be happy but what were you suposed to do the bathrooms were locked at least it wasnt a very messy dump and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: LeAnne great story about you and your friends pooping and farting in the house making it into a gas chamber and I bet anyone who came in from outside turned right around and went right back out and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Mike great story about you seeing that girl pooping on the toilet and then seeing her poop in the toilet and please share anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Steve great story about the first time you saw a girl on the toilet thats a memory that will last forever and please share anymore stories like that if you have any thanks.

To: Aimee thats to bad Beth chickened out maybe next time and I would love to be in a bathroom and have a woman come in and poop in there while im there the closest was a woman peeing in the mens room which I posted about awhile ago and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Secret Poster it sounds like you might have some great stories please share them thanks.

Well thats all for now

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Hi again everyone. Today I thought I'd post another one of my stories about me and my friend Lauren pooing together. I'll try and write this quick because on a scale of 1 to 10, my current need for a poo is about a 7!

Well one day fairly soon after my last post and our first shared bathroom experience, Lauren and I organised another sleepover round her house. It was a Friday so we went to hers straight from school. I'd had a bit of a poo at school at lunchtime but it wasn't a very big one. By the time we finished school my bladder was quite full again. I met up with Lauren and we walked back to her house. As we walked Lauren complained about how she hadn't had a chance to do a poo at school that day and that she was quite desperate to go now. I said I really needed a wee too. When we got back we said hi to her mum and went up to her room. Lauren immediately headed for her en-suite loo and said, 'do you want to go first?' I said ok and followed her in. She left and went to get changed but left the door open so we could carry on talking. I quickly hitched up my school skirt and lowered my knickers and sat on the loo. I could see Lauren take off her uniform as I weed and we talked for a bit. When she heard me tearing off some paper she came into the bathroom in her underwear and waited. She told me not to bother flushing and when I stood up she immediately dropped her knickers and sat. Very quickly I heard a fart and a couple of logs dropping. She leaned back and sighed quietly. 'I wanted to go as soon as lunchtime finished but I couldn't, and in afternoon break the queue was so long I couldn't get to a toilet!' she complained as she carried on pooing. A few more logs were produced and then as I got changed she wiped and flushed.
After we had dinner I started to need to have my second dump of the day. While we were playing in her room the urge came on strong so I told her I had to poo. She said ok and asked if I wanted some company. After accepting her in the bathroom last time I couldn't really say no so I said sure and she sat on the edge of the bath while I dropped my shorts and knickers and sat on the loo again. We chatted as I dropped three big logs and half a dozen smaller bits. 'You really had to go!' Lauren said. I said yes, and she said that she would need to go again soon. She looked at my production while I was wiping and commented again on its size! A couple of hours later Lauren said it was her turn again to go for a number two and asked me to come with her, so I sat on the bath while she pushed out some poo and emptied her bowels.

And now I really, really must go for a poo! My need is about a 9 now- I'm desperate! Bye for now!

Shane (female)

BAD Constipation at School!

I'm so happy you guys are liking my stories. Just to make it clear, I've had a crush on Aaron for 2 years, we just now started dating. And yes, we're still together.
Anyways, I've got yet another constipation story for you guys!

I normally don't use the bathroom at school. I'm not embarrassed, I just never have to. Well, recently I was constipated for 10 days. On the 11th day without pooping, I really didn't fell well. My stomach was rock hard and very very bloated. I was in choir (that's right. I'm a singer.) and I don't know, all of a sudden I just got really irritated and wanted this poop out now. I didn't even have the urge to go, but we weren't really doing anything, so I asked my choir teacher if I could please go to the bathroom. She said yes and she must've noticed my swollen ???? because she added, "Take your time, dear." I went in the bathroom, sat on the toilet, and began to push. My stomach was so sore, just that one tiny push made it hurt like nobody's business! I paused to let the pain die down and tried again, this time a little harder. I stopped again 'cause of the pain. I was now leaning back against the tank clutching my stomach while my eyes were watering. I heard someone come in. It was my friend from choir, Nicole. "Shane, you ok? You've been gone a really long time." She said. I pulled everything up and came out to meet her. While still gripping my ???? I said, "Actually, no. Tell the teacher I'm going to the nurse, thanks for checking on me." I slowly walked to the nurse, Mrs. Clark's office. (You might remember her from one of my older posts.) I walked in holding my stomach and Mrs. Clark ran over and helped me sit down. "Awwh, Shane. Got a ???? ache?" she said. "Yes," I said. Since no one else was in there, I added, "I haven't pooped in 11 days." "Dear Lord!" she said. "Come, Shane. We've gotta get you on the toilet!" She led me to the room on the side of her office that is empty except for a bed, chair, and a door that led to her bathroom. She closed the door to the room, giving us plenty of privacy. She had me lay on the bed on my back and gave me a ???? massage. She warned me she was going to rub pretty hard, and she was right. She also said that I shouldn't be afraid to groan, push, squirm around, or even cry if I need to. I started fidgeting and moaning fairly loud. Mrs. Clark had me roll over. She massaged my butt cheeks and then she stuck her finger up my butthole. That made me really start to squirm. After that she told me it was time to start pooping, but we didn't go to the bathroom. Instead, she had me stay on the bed on my back and told me to push while she spread out my butt cheeks. She pulled them out so far, my hole started to burn. Mrs. Clark told me to push, so I pushed reeaally hard. Uuuuuuuhhhh!!!!! That actually got things moving, I felt 3 inches of rock-hard turd slide out of my butt. Mrs. Clark got a bucket and told me to roll over onto it to catch the poop so I did. I pushed again and a 5 inch piece slowly came out. Then, I sat on the bucket real fast, farted, and shot out 2 short waves of runny poop. Next came a thick log about 7 inches. Then, an even thicker turd about 6 inches. Next, a BUNCH of grape sized pebbles, followed by more runny poop. After a long while of nothing, I pushed out another 8 inch turd and 2 really thick 4 inch turds. Then I passes about 5 golf ball sized turds that hurt pretty bad. I finished up with 3 long waves of diarrhea. I thanked Mrs. Clark for helping me out and went back to class. When I got home that day, my mom said that Mrs. Clark had called her and told her everything. Now she's scheduled me an appointment with my doctor for my constipation issues in a few months. I'll definitely post about that when it happens!

That's all for now.
Thanks again for everyone's sweet comments!!!

Arron O
To Karen:
Thanks for the comment!
The fiber protien bars that really help to empty my bowls are actually the Fiber One bars. I don't know if they make everyone have to take a crap, but they certainly work for me! Give them a try and let me know!


School Toilets

I found Abbie's account of the toilets at her school interesting. On the whole, the toilets at the school I go to aren't that bad. Okay, the girls' toilets can smell at times, but, then, so can the boys' toilets. I know that, one day, I followed someone into a toilet cubicle and came out quicker than I went in. Talk about smelling rank. It was heaving.

Anyway, I belong to one of the hockey teams at my school and, one afternoon, we had a match at a private school just outside of Bristol. The school was in what looked like an old stately home and, I admit, all of us were taking the mickey as we went up the drive in our minibus. The changing rooms and showers were old-looking and the toilets had that sort of glass that distorts whatever you're looking at through it in the doors of the cubicles. After I had changed into my hockey kit, I decided to visit the toilets. I went into one of the three cubicles and sat down. I had a wee and felt a stirring inside. I pulled up my skirt and made myself comfortable. After about a minute, I heard a crackling sound followed by a plop. As I waited for more poo to come out, I heard someone come into the toilet. Suddenly, a face appeared at the window in the door of my cubicle and a girl's voice said, "Are you going to be in there for much longer? I need a shit and the other cubicles are out of use." I told the girl, "I'm in the middle of having one myself."

I heard the girl give a little moan of despair and passed two more lumps of poo as quickly as I could. The toilet-paper was that awful hard stuff and I had to use quite a bit of it before my bum was clean. I pulled up my knickers and flushed the toilet. As I came out of the cubicle, the girl who had come into the toilets pushed past me, pulled her knickers down and sat down heavily on the toilet. I heard her bum explode into the pan. I said with a grin, "You sound as if you've just pebble-dashed the pan." The girl laughed and said, "Tyrolean finish, more like." She stood up, checked the pan, sat down again and said, "Yep. Definitely Tyrolean finish." That seemed to break the ice and I stood there chatting to her while she went to the toilet, even when she was wiping her bum. Despite that, my team still ended up thrashing her team.

The last time I had to visit the toilets at school during a lesson was last month. It was during a history lesson, which I don't like much anyway, and, as I sat at my desk listening to the teacher prattling on, I could feel something moving inside me. I soon realised that what I could feel moving inside me was poo moving into position, ready to be pushed out. I sat there trying to ignore it, but, after about five minutes, I realised that I needed to let it out. I asked the teacher if I could visit the toilets. Luckily, he let me go. I had to go down to the girls' toilets on the floor below because the ones on the floor the history classroom was on were being redecorated. I was feeling pretty uncomfortable by the time I arrived at the toilets. I went into one of the cubicles and locked the door. I undid my trousers and watched as they fell in a heap around my ankles. I slipped my knickers down and sat down on the seat. Despite the movements inside me, nothing happened for two minutes. Then I heard my wee running down the side of the pan. I pulled up my blouse and sweater and leaned forward. I heard a crackling sound behind me, then, "Plop, plop," followed by, "Plop, plop, plop." I was still hearing, "Plop, plop," when I heard the bell sound for the end of the lesson. The next lesson had already started when the "Plops" finished. I stood up and checked the pan. I was surprised at just how much poo I'd passed. I wiped my bum, pulled my trousers and knickers back up and went to the next lesson after collecting my schoolbag from the history classroom.

Well, that's it for this post. Hope to post something else soon.


Pizza Fart

This has happened back in late 2000 when I was almost 21.I was at my Friend Dan's house.And this annoying man we knew since we was about 15,His name was Elmo.He was about 7 years older than us.He came over one night and we was going to watch StarWars Episode 1.We went to Wal-Mart and bought those boxes of frozen pizza for 1.99.We got 3 boxes and nuked them in a microwave.We ate them,and then Elmo Farted.I laguhed a little bit.The we was going to start the movie,we put the tape in the V.C.R and the V.C.R fell in the floor and it wouldn't play.And the tape wouldn't come out so we ahd to take it aprart and well anyway here I am on here writing about non toilet stuff,In the middle of the movie I smelled something like rotting potato chips.And I go WHAT SMELLS!And Elmo was laying in the floor and said that he farted again.I think the pizza caused it.Anyone on here know what the rotting potato chip fart smells like I mean you all know what I am talking about?A few years later when my brother was dating some woman,we went to her Brother's Apartment and all we talked about was Farts.Me at the age of 24 I asked him if he ever smelled a pizza Fart,And he goes NO,BUT I SMELLED A SOUP BEAN FART!

Annie O
I haven't been feeling to great over the past couple of days. I've come down with a really bad cold. Also my stomach has been acting up, causing me to become very gassy, bloated, and have some diarrhea.

A couple of days ago I at home, taking care of my cold and stomach, when my boyfriend showed up. He brought tissues and herbal teas which I thought was really nice. We both curled up on the couch and watched some TV and enjoyed a cup or two of herbal tea. My stomach was feeling cramped and I started to feel some pre-diarrhea gas wanting to come out. My boyfriend and I are very open about our bathroom habits. I told him how I was feeling and he was very sympathetic. He told me to just let it out and I would feel better. I openly was farting in front of him over the course of an hour or so. Then I felt my stomach rumbling and cramping. This had been happening for days now. I start to make my way to the bathroom and my boyfriend follows. I push out a wet fart unexpectedly and I almost lose control as some mushy diarrhea squirts into my panties. I moan and waddle up the stairs to the bathroom. My boyfriend is rubbing my back when I feel a tickle in my nose. I try to hold it back, but the sneeze is too strong. I go into a violent sneezing attack, which was very common with the cold I have. During all my sneezing I couldn't clench my butt anymore. Diarrhea explodes into my panties. Sneezing and still pooping in my pants, I run into the bathroom and sit down as fast as possible. I let go wave after wave of diarrhea for about 20 minutes into the toilet. My boyfriend is there the whole time rubbing my stomach and back. I sneezed again and diarrhea exploded from my butt and flew all over the toilet seat and tank. After about a half an hour on the toilet, the diarrhea stops and I start to feel better. I throw my soiled panties in the trash, and put my shirt and pants into the washing machine. After I clean up the toilet with my boyfriend, we both hop in the shower to clean off. He stayed with me through the rest of the week. I've been recovering slowly. I haven't had a lot of diarrhea lately and the sneeze attacks are becoming less and less common.

Annie O

Response to Dan's Survey about POOP and FARTS


what's your favorite type of fart to let out?
I enjoy a good, long, dry fart. If I have diarrhea the wet farts that usually cause some diarrhea to leak into your panties often feels very relieving. Clean up is messy though.

how would you react (in your head, and how you behave) if someone farted around you?
I wouldn't mind at all. I might even ask them how there fart was.

what makes you fart, and do you eat / drink it if you know you'll gassy later?
Spicy foods, fast foods, Mexican, Chinese, and believe it or not, apple products (apples, apple cider, juice, and apple sauce)


How many turds do you usually let out in a dump, and how large are they?
I usually unload about 10-15 turds every time I take a dump. (I'm usually constipated) They can range from being 3inches long to about 15inches long.
Whats your favorite type to pass?
A lot of soft logs that clear out my colon are the best to poop out.
When you say 'big dump', do you usually refer to the urge, how MUCH comes out, or how BIG it is?
Since my dumps are usually fairly large, when I say 'big dump' I refer to the urge of 'I need a toilet NOW and there's a lot of poop ready to come out'.

Do you eat certain things knowing it'll change your bowel habits? (ie, ordering nachos even tho you'll have a looser dump)
Yes. I often get diarrhea or lots of soft poop from eating certain foods, (see lit above) but the feeling of a good colon clean out is so nice that I have to indulge in those certain foods.


Punk Rock Girl's latest (excellent) story reminded me of an incident last summer. I was over a friend's house for a BBQ with some other friends. All the standard BBQ food was present: hot dogs, burgers, ribs, mac n cheese, sausages, and of course beer! After a while of stuffing my face I started to feel the undesired effects of such greasy foods. I went up to the bathroom and found another girl waiting outside. Apparently I wasn't the only one with a load to drop off.

It was quite the wait. When the first girl left, the smell she created wafted back. It only made me more desperate. When the second girl left, more stink wafting. She advised me to "hold on for a few minutes, it's not pretty in there." I had to ignore her advice given how badly I needed to shit. She was not lying. It stunk bad in there. The window was closed because the partygoers were right outside, and the sounds coming out of here would not make for good party ambience. I plugged by nose and plomped down on the seat, ready to explode.

Waves and waves of diarrhea spilled out of me and splatted into the bowl. It was one where you can only grit your teeth, tug on your jeans, and try to get through it. The smell would only get worse from here. When I felt better, I suddenly felt much worse when I found there was no toilet paper. I waddled around the bathroom, but nothing. I spent the rest of the party with mushy shit squishing around my butt crack, with the occasional remark by somebody that "Something smells like shit!" I tried to get out of there as soon as I could before they could deduce that I was the constant. I showered but much of the damage to my panties was done.


Big shits after a picnic

For Steve: In my opinion, the appeal of seeing a female on the toilet is a sense of closeness. I mean, after you've seen someone with a log of shit hanging out of their ass, there's just not any closer you can get.

Alright, on with my story. Yesterday my roommate and I went to a picnic for the church we both belong to. We were enjoying good company and good food. I ate more than I should have, for sure, and my roommate probably ate even more than I did. So, then, the next morning, I woke up and went to make some coffee and breakfast. My roommate came into the kitchen when she smelled the coffee brewing. I ate and drank my cup of coffee, but my roommate doesn't usually eat breakfast, so she just had the coffee. Then when we were done, my roommate said, "I gotta take a major dump." and I said, "Yeah, I know. I'm gonna take a big shit this morning too"

We went into the bathroom and she sat down first, expelling some loud, smelly farts. She began to shit, saying "I -ngggh- ate too mu -nnh- ch yesterday -oohhh-" She was straining to push out a big log. "This shit's really big" she told me. I held her hand and she squeezed as the log slid more out of her. Finally, a huge splooosh, then she farted and let loose a barrage of plops and sploops. Then, over the next few minutes, there were a few floomps as she passed solid logs.

After she finished, she stood up and I peeked at her shit. She had filled the toilet about half way. She wiped herself clean and flushed. I was getting ready to shit about then, so I sat down. I had some long, windy farts at first. I felt a log take position and start to slide out of my butt. It was a nicely formed log that kept coming and coming. When it finally ended, I was completely emptied out. I rarely have a shit that's just one log, but today I did. I got up to look at it, and we admired a good-sized log that curled around the outer rim of the toilet about one and a half times. It wasn't quite the mountain of shit she had produced, but quite impressive nonetheless. I wiped, needing just two passes, and flushed my log down.


Work coligue's desperate diarrhoea

After work when I was getting ready to leave this evening I noticed one of the office girls looking worried and she had a strained expression on her face. I won't mention her name in case she reads this site as I don't want to embarrasse her. She had went downstairs and rushed into the toilets holding her bum and it was very obvious to everyone that she had a bad case of the runs and by the look of shear desperation on her face she was about to do it in her knickers. I had to pee so I went into the toilets before I left to go home. The smell was unbelievable and the sound effects of her diarrhoea went on for ages. When she finaly came out she looked pale and weak. The toilet was covered in brown stains and little bits of poo were floating around in the water. She started to wash her hands but a few seconds later she turned round and rushed back into the loo to release another load. I took the cubicle next to hers and had a nice relieving pee and exited. She was still in there having wave after wave of mushy diarrhoea and I left to go home. I walked along the road towards the bus stop and waited for the bus to arrive. A few minutes later a car pulled up in the bus lay by and it was her. She asked if I wanted a lift home and I greatfully accepted. I got into the car and we drove off. The journey didn't take long as I only live a couple of miles away from work and I got out of the car. Just as I was about to close the car door she asked if I would mind her using my toilet as she had to go again and didn't want to risk having an accident on the way home. Of course I said yes and showed her where the loo was. She ran in and left the door ajar while she blasted my toilet with more diarrhoea. It took a while before she came out and when she did she didn't look well. Anyway she left and I forgot all about it untill about 8 o'clock when she texted me to say, [hi nick just to say i'm ok now and thanks for letting me use your loo. dont think i wud have made it home otherwise. had to go again wen i got in. been 3 more times as well. feeling better now though but drained.]

Saturday, October 22, 2011

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