So I'm pretty open with pooping and all. I've pooped in front of my friends many times. But a few days back I was in my basement which is unfinished and all and has no walls to rooms so the bathroom can be seen through the tv room. My boyfriend and I were watching tv and i felt the need to poop. So i got up and walked into the bathroom and sat on the toilet. He notices and asks what I'm doing. I pause and say, pooping why? He asks if he should leave. I'm like why I'm just pooping, if it bothers you then leave the room. He just keep watching tv and shuts up. I then relax. The way i poop is I lean over and push for a good 5 seconds three times, and in a fourth push i get the poop out. On my third push I see him peek at me, which I pretend I didn't see. On my fourth push a long poop comes out. I peek and see about a foot long of poop. I wipe three times and flush. I'll post more later


Just Replying

To Ashley and Brandon, glad you enjoyed my Sasquatch post! And I forgot to mention in my post that no one knew I was the culprit, or, at least I didn't admit to it, that was the most fun part. Didn't even crack a smile. Did the deed early before any of the others even thought of waking up. It was fun to keep them guessing tho! It's just that when I'm in an unfamiliar place especially with other people, I find that my BM schedule gets disrupted in a big way. Stomach cramps big time but oh so much better after it all came out. I'm a big believer in laxatives, use 'em every day except that time camping. Big mistake.

And to Arron O, love reading of your own ordeal, too! My older brother took a Polaroid one time of one of his very own "masterpieces", brought it to school and nearly got himself some time in in-school-suspension for it! Lucky for him one of the coaches took it away before some holier-than-thou English teacher caught him with it. In high school I used to really hate PE with a passion because it was in the morning, early, before my (then) morning BM time and so the running around and all that sort of active stuff, well that made for some really painful belly cramps as you can imagine. I got out of PE by joining the marching band. Don't get me wrong I love sports but just not PE in the morning, back in those days they made us do calisthenics every day and it was horrible like being in the marines or something. After I graduated I discovered the black magic, or I should say "brown" magic of nightly laxatives and morning coffee. These days I take Dulcolax and a glass of water before bedtime then BM first thing in the morning after my hot coffee which seems to get things into gear and I feel great all day, unless for whatever reason I don't take it then I'm miserable. Traveling for me is the worst as I always seem to get really bad bowel cramping/gas when I sit for long periods of time. What brand of protein bars were those by the way if you don't mind my asking? I'd like to give 'em a try!


To Hide n' Go Poop

Have any close calls lately?


girls helped me out

so today i was hanging out with my girlfriend marissa and her best friend jenna when i had to poop. i waited awhile to see if they were going to leave or head out but they just stayed put on the couch and we were watching tv together and just relaxing. i knew it was going to take me awhile to poop since i was a bit constipated, this wouldnt be a problem with just marissa, ive taken dumps around her before and taken awhile,it was jenna i was nervous about pooping around and being in the bathroom for awhile. i finally just got up and jenna asked where i was going, so i admitted to the bathroom, and that it was going to be awhile. she just said oh and giggled a little. i got into the bathroom and sat down and began to give slow but long pushes to try and get my poop moving. i could feel it was going to be a battle. i pushed out a few hard 2 inch logs that hurt but it felt good. the next turd was a big hard stuck log that i couldnt push out more than a inch or 2 and then it would get stuck. i looked at my phone and had been in the bathroom about 10 minutes when i heard a knock at the door and it was both girls asking if i was ok, and wanted some company. i was pretty nervous but just said sure, come in. marissa sat down on the counter next to me and jenna sat on the edge of the bathtub. jenna asked "having a little trouble"? i said yeah its a big hard one thats not coming out! she said oh i hate that!. i know i said, and gave a big push and grunted a bit. i was pretty red in the face and both girls kept encouraging me to push harder and dont worry, it will come out. marissa started rubbing my back and jenna told me to lean forward and push, sometimes that helps her. i did and after a couple minutes the big poop was finally moving some. i leaned over pretty far and pushed really hard and marissa said "oh my god justin!, thats a huuuge poop!!" and immediately jenna said "let me see!!" i was kinda embarrased about it but let her look with the turd still stuck halfway out of my butt. "Wow! jenna said, ive never seen a poop that big and giggled. keep pushing, justin i want to watch it come out! so i did, just pushing slowly and grunting as the turd crept out of my butt and landed in the toilet. i sighed in relief and jenna asked if i was done. i said yes and she watched me wipe my butt lol. the turd was about 18 inches long and went straight up out of the hole and was sticking out of the water. the girls commented on how big it was and marissa flushed it away. i teased them and said, hey you watched me go, now its my turn! the girls giggled and said maybe next time they had to go they would let me watch. we will see what happens!


Post Title (optional)Twin Seat Toilet

Brandon: Thanks for your comment, it is much appreciated.

Had a couple of days off from work at the weekend and decided to try and make a few bob with an Avon Lady party at home. Several of my neighbours came and I invited Isha from work. Since we helped each other when we were constipated (see 2116) we have become much closer friends. The party went well, I had laid on some drinks and a cheese board. Managed to sell quite a few cosmetics and we all had some fun. Brenda T. my next door neighbour had to go to the bathroom and almost like collapsing dominoes we all said we'd better go. So seven of us trooped upstairs to the bathroom. Brenda already had used my twin seat toilet so it wasn't a surprise to her, but to Isha, Glenys, Sheila, Daphne, Helen and me, naturally. Brenda wasted no time before she took her slacks and panties down. The rest of us were watching until I said who needs to go the worst. Glenda didn't answer, instead she just went over and lifted her dress took her panties down and squatted on the seat beside Brenda.

Brenda had her head bent over and she was giving little cough like gasps and then she was shitting with a loud splatter. Glenys sitting beside her gave a moan, "Ohhhhh that wines going straight through me." With that she started to shit at the same time. Helen and Daphne both asked how long Brenda and Glenys were going to be, Brenda said she's be a few minutes and with Glenys holding her stomach and not answering, I told them to use the en-suite facilities down the hall.

Sheila went over to the wash-basin and Isha and me watched as she started to have a piss in the sink. Brenda really had the shits, she had pushed her slacks and panties right down and was doubled over hands over her stomach, just almost gasping as her shit splashed into the pan. Glenys had shit but it was normal, but she said it was nice to be able to go with a friend like this. It was yet another example of my philosophy that all women lose their inhibitions when their panties are down. Glenys is in her late forties, married, and has four kids, but she is so sexy and so open that I started to wish it was her and me alone. Still I thought maybe some other time.

Sheila said she would go downstairs and start to was the dishes from our party, Helen who must have had only a piss poked her head back in and, hearing Sheila, she said she would help too. Isha went to to the wash basin and had a pee and then Glenys was wiping her bum and flushing. They went downstairs and I took my panties down and sat beside Brenda. The great thing about my twin toilet is that, if we want, we can sit so close together our thighs can touch. My hubby and me find it one of the most romantic of moments, we often go to bed and make love after we have been together. I stretched forward and made my thigh touch Brenda, she looked at me briefly then just reached and took hold of my hand. We didn't speak but just both had a shit comforting each other. When we finished we wiped together and Brenda gave me a quick kiss and said thank you for being so kind to her.

I asked before if there was any writers here who liked to listen as somebody had a shit in the next cubicle, so far there are no takers, so I thought I'd ask again.


Testing a new camping toilet

Two friends and I recently went on a camping trip for a week. We're not seasoned campers and didn't particularly fancy the idea of going in the woods all week long. I had heard about portable camping toilets and decided to try one out for the first time. The one I selected amounted to nothing more than a large bucket and a toilet seat attached, and I had my doubts about it, but the other toilets were out of our budget.

The toilet got its first use just after we arrived. Set-up was very simple, as the seat just snapped right on top of the bucket, and a bag liner was already provided for us. My friend was super desperate to go and as soon as it was ready, she sat down and pooped. She remarked how comfortable it was, much more so than she was expecting it to be. And whatever the bag was made of, it absorbed the odors of her poop wonderfully. That I was thankful for, as I know how awful porta-potties and such can smell after prolonged usage.

When I used it the next morning, I noticed that it was indeed very comfortable to sit on, maybe even better than a normal toilet. I think what surprised me the most though is how much the bags held. Even with the three of us going multiple times each day, the bag only needed to be replaced once a day.


to Scarlet

It sounds as if mainaining order was very important at your school... much more so than at my school. I'm from California. At my school, students could stop playing at recess and go to the bathroom. After everyone finished eating their bagged lunches, it was up to the students to go to the bathroom before or after playing.

We never had bathroom monitors. When we had rainy day session, one row of students would go to the bathroom at a time. When one row of students got back to class, the next row of students would go to the bathroom. The teacher always stayed in the classroom, while waiting for the students to return. The students seemed to know that they weren't supposed to waste time, that they were supposed to get back to class as soon as possible.


found out my wife-to-be is accident prone

hey everyone. been reading this page for a really long time, never had anything worthwhile to post, and now all of the sudden, i have a lot to say. I have been engaged for 2 months, and i met my wife-to-be 2 years ago at a fitness camp and we formed a bond helping each other to both lose a lot of weight. the entire time we've been together i never saw her or knew of her ever having an accident in her pants, but over the past 3 weeks, she's done it twice, and she then confessed to me that it happens to her more often than i think..

my fiance, Erica, is short and pale skinned with chocolate brown hair that is slightly wavy and goes down past her shoulders, and she has green eyes. like i said she lost a lot of weight, so she's got a pretty good figure, and well, she didn't lose so much weight in the right spots, if you know what i mean...great boobs and butt. anyway, 3 weeks ago we spent a weekend in Atlantic City because my cousin who works at one of the resorts there got us a room for free as an engagement gift. we had a great time, and when we left on monday morning we had gotten up late because we were up pretty late the previous night, and a lot of alcohol was involved. so no one was feeling great for the ride home... when we were about 50 minutes away from home, she started kind of quietly whining to herself and sighing and kept sliding around in her seat. i said "are you alright?" and she stayed quiet a minute, then just looked away from me and mumbled "...i gotta go to the bathroom."
i said "ok, we're like 40 minutes away (i lied to make her feel better thinking it was a shorter distance) and she just made a pouty face and started to breathe a bit heavy, and just said "no..i gotta go right now..oh my god!"

she was pressing her knees together firmly and her back was hunched forward and her arms both across her stomach. she start to cry as i heard this wet, bubbling kind of sound followed by a series of low, popping farts and a squelch. she started sobbing really hard into her hands and kept saying "im sorry! im sorry!" then the smell punched me in the face. it was pretty rank... she took a major wet shit right into her pants in the car. i couldn't believe it...she just continued crying as i didn't know what to say. i eventually put my hand on her shoulder..i didn't know how to react. she eventually asked if we could pull over, and when i got a chance we stopped by a Target store. she asked me to get her bag from the back and so i did. what we wound up doing was she got a change of underwear and another pair of jeans out of her bag (they were actually dirty panties that she had worn over the weekend that i thought i had noticed a slight skid mark in as i handed her her stuff) and she tied a jacket around her waist, then we headed in and she went to the ladies room while i went and bought a box of wet wipes for her and met her by the ladies room. when she opened the door the jacket was no longer on her waist, and when she turned around to go clean up i got a glimpse of her butt just before the door closed all the way. it looked all wet on her butt like she had peed herself, the wet stain just wrapped up around her butt cheeks from her crotch and went into a point along her crack, and right in the center of the wet stain there was a dark brown stain seeping through right at the bottom of her butt between her cheeks, causing her jeans to slightly bulge out. she was in the ladies room for about a half hour before she finally came out to the car, looking pretty ashamed. she had her dirty panties and jeans all balled up in the bag that the wipes were in. we rode home mostly in silence. i passed it off as a freak, one time accident she had as the result of a weekend of partying.

then, last night...she pooped herself in bed. i couldn't believe it. we didn't do any drinking or anything out of the ordinary yesterday..but all the sudden i woke up at about 4:15 in the morning to this awful, awful smell in the bedroom. instantly i knew it was poop. it was so bad...for a second i thought maybe Erica had farted or something but then i knew it was definitely poop. i turned my light on and got up and checked all over the bedroom to see if the dog had shit on the floor, but i couldn't find anything, so i checked the rest of the apartment. then i went into the bathroom to see if maybe Erica had gotten up in the middle of the night to use the toilet and maybe just forgot to flush or it just left a strong smell, but the toilet was clean and there was no strong smell in the bathroom. so i went back in and had to face the reality that the smell was definitely coming from the bed, and i stared and Erica sleeping on her left side facing my side of the bed and remembered how just 3 weeks ago she badly shit her pants in the car driving back from AC.i walked over to the bed and slowly slid her blanket down trying not to wake her. i got it down and sure enough there was an enormous bulge in the seat of her pajama pants that was stained brown.the pants were pale blue cotton with small white flowers on them so the stain really showed, and it looked fairly moist. she had beige cotton panties on underneath, i could see the waistband sticking out of the back of her pants. i'd say the bulge was about the size of a large potato. after i confirmed that she'd pooped in her pants in her sleep, i put the blanket back over her and gently shook her awake. when she opened her eyes i could tell by the look in them that she already knew she'd pooped herself. i just said "erica...hey. i think you had an accident..."

she picked her head up quickly but avoided looking at me, and frantically said "can you leave the room please????" she started to breathe heavier like she was gonna panic and just said "please go out there, omg.." so i left the room. about 20 minutes later she slowly opened the door and mumbled "you can come in now" and i walked in to see she'd changed her pants. the room still had a bit of an odor but she had sprayed a good amount of air freshener. she still wouldn't look at me and just mumbled "sorry..." and carried her soiled clothing past me to take them to the wash. when she came back i was sitting on the bed and she still couldn't look at me, so i just said "Erica, are you feeling ok? that's the second time you've soiled yourself in a couple weeks.... maybe you have to go to the doctor." she remained quiet and facing away from me, then after a minute said " just happens sometimes. im fine." i said "you mean more than just tonight and in the car a couple weeks ago??" she gently nodded "yes". i said "....well how often?" and she said "not too bad...just every now and then, i have to go so bad its hard to hold it in." i was stunned, in the 2 years i'd known her i didn't realize she had a problem controlling her bowels. eventually she told me about some of her accidents that she was able to hide from me- when we first left the fitness camp and didn't see each other every day, we talked on the phone all the time. she told me that on 2 separate occasions she was holding it in while we talked on the phone and eventually had to get off the phone, once because it was about to happen and she just barely didn't make it to the toilet fast enough, she got into her bathroom and got her jeans down before filling her panties, and then another time she waited too long to get off the phone and started messing her pants while we were saying goodbye. then she informed me of a couple of moments when she came home from work and didn't come say hi to me right away but when upstairs and showered and got in her pajamas as soon as she got home, it was because she'd pooped herself at work.

so, now i know i'm marrying a panty pooper.


Latest story

Hi everyone, sorry its been so long since my last post, I've had loads on and just haven't managed to find the time.
Timee- thanks for your kind comments, glad you liked my post.
Aimee- loved your last two posts. I'm glad you managed to go for a poo while you were on the school trip and that no boys overheard you telling your teacher you needed the toilet, as you said that would have been embarasing. I've had to do a poo outdoors a few times as well, once a while ago I'd been holding it in all day as I didn't want to use the school loos and as I was walking home I had no choice but to go off the path into some trees and have a poo there, it was either that or do it in my knickers. If you're like me and you usually end up wanting a poo while you're at school I hope your loos are OK to use, at my old school they were grim but luckily when I was in Year 10 a new set of toilets was opened so finally I didn't have to spend all day feeling uncomfortable and holding in my poo until I got home which made life easier. I'm at a new school now for A levels but thankfully the toilets there aren't too bad, I usually do a poo at school at least two or three times a week.
Anyway, on to my story now, the other day I went to the loo after break, I had a study lesson so I hoped it would be quiet. As I've said before the sixth form loos are actually dirty and horrible so I've got into the habit of using this small set of toilets in the English block. I was dying for a wee and was starting to get quite desperate for a poo as well, I'd felt the first twinges in my belly not long after getting to school and part way through first lesson I realised I'd have to get to a toilet fairly soon. As I went into the toilets a girl who looked about 13 or 14 came out looking red and flustered, I went into the first cubicle and saw a pair of white knickers full of poo in the toilet bowl, I guessed the girl I saw on the way out had pooed her pants and then left them there. They were rather grim looking big knickers but actually it didn't look like any of the poo had leaked out, I always knew there must be some advantages to wearing granny pants! I chose the next cubicle, locked the door and lifted my skirt before pulling down my black tights and pink pants. I started to wee and it fizzed loudly into the bowl, after a while my stream died away and I could feel the tip of my turd ready to poke out. I started to push and I could feel it slide slowly out, apart from a few harder pushes as it got wider it wasn't actually that bad and soon the log dropped into the water. I pushed out another couple of logs before wiping my bum and then pulling up my pants and tights and letting down my skirt. I felt a lot better after getting rid of my load and actually managed to get a lot of work done afterwards. Hope you liked this story, bye for now.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Elissa first welcome to the site and great acccident story at least it wasnt diarrhea which would have been a real mess to clean up and please share anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Annie O great story it sounds like you and your friends had an interesting day and it sounds like your bathroom got quite a workout with so many girls pooping and doing alot of it you probaly should put a hazmat sign up after everybody was or a sign that said enter at you own risk and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Eileen H it depends on how bad I have to go if its a normal I usualy wait until I really need to go but sometimes regular poop just has to come out and of course with diarrhea all bets are off I need to find a bthroom right this second because with diarrhea there is no I will hold it and go later nope diarrhea dont work like that and if try and wait its just going to come out any way and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Renee great story about and you and your friend Sabrina pooping together and have you thought about doing a buddy dump that way you dont have to wait for the other to be done and it might bring you closer as friends and please post more stories thanks.

To: alayna great story about you seeing that little girl poop her pants well that can happen if the parents are to busy with the other kids or what ever and please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: rb great story about your friend Jean peeing her pants in front of you in grade school and then you becoming firends and please share anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Althea as another great story and I bet you enjoyed hearing those girls poop and I bet they both felt better afterwards and great story about you talking with that girl while you pooped and stopping to push another piece out and it sounds like she didnt mind talking with yu while you did it and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Back In The Day great story it sounds like you and your friend had a great time pooping together and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Hide'n Go Poop as always another great story and it sounds like you got a treat seeing your friends big poop and I bet she felt so much better after that and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

Well thats all for now

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site


Morning Pee with my Girl

Hi everyone! This morning my girl ( a beautiful red-head bombshell, 22 years old), and me went into the bathroom together for our morning tinkles. First she put her cute little butt on the toilet and dropped a nice hard pee stream for 30 seconds. It made a nice hissing noise and got me turned on. Then she really got to me. Right as the last few drops of pee came out of her cute little spot, I heard the noise. A cute little toot followed by a little bitty sounding turd. I told her, damn I can't hold it long enough for you to poo, so I stood in the shower and peed for a minute and a half out of my fully turned on penis. It was hard to get all that pee to come out of my fully aroused penis, and there was a TON of pee. As I peed she watched me and I watched her drop three little turds that went ploop plip plop. They sounded kinda bulky, but not real long. Ah, it was nice to relieve myself for so long in front of my girl, and for her to drop a cute pee and poop in front of me. I'll have to get her back tomorrow by dropping a big log right in front of her!


my bladder history

hi everyone... thanks for your interest in my story. I'm still quite shocked that i pooped myself leaving work last week..its so weird to think about. anyway, as promised, i am back to share my wetting history like i said. so i figure I'll break it down like this, accidents before i was 18 and accidents after i turned 18. i guess because when i said i had a "handful" of wetting accidents...i meant in my adulthood, but growing up, i had more than a handful. like i said I'm a petite girl, and i have a really small bladder so i was never able to hold it in for a very long time growing up.

there were two main situations where I'd wet- one, i was a bedwetter. not every night, but pretty often, maybe 2-3 times a month. i did it well into my teens, when a doctor suggested i stop drinking caffeinated drinks after 4pm, and it seemed to do the trick...something so simple. that was when i was 16 that i finally stopped wetting the bed regularly. one memorable bedwetting story happened when i was 16 and it was what finally prompted my parents to take me to the doctor and find out how to stop it. they never made a big deal because it wasn't nightly, and to be honest, by the time i hit 13 i started dealing with it on my own so they probably thought I'd stopped doing it. but this one weekend we had company over. they were all staying at our house and my bedroom was used as a guest room. i was nervous about people using my bed so i just took the plastic mattress protector off so no one would notice and i put brand new sheets on. i slept in my parents room that night, just on top of a comforter on the floor. well, i woke up soaked in the morning. my entire butt was wet and the wetness went partially up the back of my shirt, down to the backs of my knees and was even my hips and thighs were wet on the sides, and the front of my pajama pants too. my underwear didn't have any dry spots at all except a small section on the front near the waistband. it was like i just peed all night long, it was the biggest bedwetting accident i ever had. the comforter i was laying on was soaked through to the parents room stunk like pee. they were really, really upset and so was i. that's what lead to the doctor visits which lead to the diet adjustment that basically eliminated the bedwetting problem.

the other main situation, i was notorious for wet roadtrips growing up. every time we went on vacation, went to visit someone, whatever...significant time in the car almost always resulted in me peeing my pants. it drove my dad nuts every time, because we'd always stop for bathroom breaks, but I'd always have to go on a stretch where there was no where to stop and wind up peeing my pants then. a couple of times my mom forced me to wear a diaper in the car, which i resisted greatly. eventually when i was around 12 i got into the habit of using a jar and was hard to do but i got the hang of it. i would like kneel on the floor bracing myself behind one of the front seats and just secure the funnel between my thighs...worked out pretty good but it was hard when it was bumpy and it was a pretty uncomfortable position.

other than those 2 reoccurring situations, i had some other isolated accidents. in 4th grade i peed my pants during recess because i couldn't make it back to the building quickly enough from the farside of the school yard. then in 9th grade, one of my more embarrassing moments, i had a big accident in science class because i had to go, i was goofing off with my friend and i started laughing, and i completely flooded my jeans and it splashed loudly onto the tile floor falling off my lab stool. after that accident, people teased me by saying "NO DON'T LAUGH!" every time i expressed amusement about anything, and some of my friends would tell me to go use the bathroom if they were about to make a joke. my final school aged accident happened on my senior class trip. we took a weekend-long trip to Washington DC to visit all the major landmarks and stuff. we took nice buses there that had bathrooms on them, it was an 8 hour bus ride both ways. on the way back, the bathroom was out of order on my bus, just my luck. i hoped and prayed that I'd be able to make it between rest stops, because obviously my jar and funnel system wasn't an option on a bus full of my classmates. well, i didn't make it between rest stops. i completely wet my pants in the bus seat not 20 minutes before we stopped at a rest area... i felt so self conscious and i tried to just keep it a secret. i never got up so no one would see that my butt was soaking wet, and i told people i didn't feel well and wanted to stay on the bus during the rest stop, so i did. while they were all off the bus i thought I'd be alone and i could quickly change my pants and underwear and put something over my seat, but the bus driver and 2 other kids also stayed on the bus so i was too scared. i just had to remain in wet jeans and panties. we eventually hit the road again and the odor of pee was getting pretty obvious in my area of the bus, but no one was saying anything. obviously since i couldn't get up and reveal my wet butt to everyone, i missed the following rest stop as well, and i eventually peed my pants again before we got home. that was a first, wetting my pants and later re-wetting them without ever changing. it felt just great as you can imagine... when we finally got home i waited to be one of the last people off the bus, and i had a sweatshirt at the ready to tie around my waist the second i stood up. i thought I'd gotten away with it, but it turns out a lot of people noticed that i smelled like urine, that my bus seat had a giant wet stain, and that there was still visible wetness on my jeans not covered by the sweatshirt, so i spent more than 5 hours in pee-soaked jeans for nothing. i could've gotten off and changed at that first rest stop since everyone was gonna know anyway that I'd gone and wet my pants, then later i could've gone at the next rest stop instead of wetting myself a second time. that was a pretty terrible bus ride, and not a good experience in the last month my senior year... the science class accident in 9th grade happened close to the beginning of the year, so i basically started and ended my high school year by peeing my pants... quite a legacy, I'm most definitely remembered by classmates as that girl with bladder control problems.

those are my notable accidents from my childhood and adolescence. next time I'll share my adulthood bladder mishaps... bye for now.

Punk Rock Girl

Street Fair Food and a Porta-Potty with no TP don't mix


Okay, I didn't shit my pants, but I came dangerously close. I was at a street fair not far from my neighborhood while my BF was out of town. In other words, I was alone with no one to rescue me from a TP emergency.

I ate an extremely greasy sausage and peppers sandwich and washed it down with a latte - BAAAAAAD combo that. Within an hour, my guts were twisting and turning as everything in them turned to liquid and rushed down to my ass. I rushed to the nearest porta-potty and hopped inside. I was happy to see that the seat was piss free. I am not very picky about public toilets, and as long as the seat isn't covered in bodily fluids of any kind, I don't care if my bare ass touches it. So I yanked my pants and underwear down and sat.

My ass barely touched the seat when it erupted like Mount Vesuvius and sprayed chunky diarrhea into the cesspool inches underneath. Inside the fiberglass outhouse the sound of groans, farts and splatters echoed in a symphony of bowel distress. After a few minutes of this crap concerto, I felt better and reached into the dispenser for some toilet paper.


I sat there, my ass crack literally dripping with liquid shit, and nothing with which to wipe it off. After sitting there and pondering this for a few moments, I finally realized there wasn't much I could do. I stood up, grimacing at the clammy sensation of my diarrhea smeared ass, pulled up my pants and walked home.

With every step, my buns further squished the shit around. By the time I reached my apartment, some shit had actually dripped down my thighs. Thank goodness for black jeans. I removed my soiled pants and underwear and hopped in the shower.

At what point will I remember to carry a pack of wipes with me? This is far from the first time I've taken a dump and had to forgo wiping my ass.



old timer
Any stories about popping in front of your boyfriend, or vice-versa?

Mr. Clogs

Comments and response to Eileen H question

Ashley: Thank you so much for the warm comments on my posts. Yes indeed I filled that cup to the top. Those cups hold about 32 oz of liquid, just enough to relieve my bladder at night. Thanks again Ashley and God Bless you too. :)

Eileen H: It all depends, most of the time I wait until I have to go, to a point when I'm about to poop in my pants (I have gone in my underwear a few times). I was curious what the feeling of going #2 in my underwear. I try to avoid going in my pants at all costs. If have to go, I have to be 100% desperation.

Well that's all for now keep the posts coming and catch ya'll later.

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when you have to go you go part 1

ive been reading the forum in this site for quite some time and i decided to post intil now. as you can see im a girl 17 im 5ft4 mi skin is dark brown and long hair that reach mi shoulders very good looking well im a shy pooper especially at school and yesterday was no exception when i got to school i got this slight to have a bm i dected to ignore it becouse it was just a slight need to go. as the day when on more around lunch time was when my urge grew to the pont where i hade to go know and whent to the laddies room there was a que for the laddies room and i was infront of 4 girls it look like they needed a good bm as whell as the time whent on my urge grow stronger and i was waiting for one of the poopers to get out i was basicly turtleheading at this point as the my great relife one of the girls came out as i enter the stall i was hit with a strong sceet of poop as ill contine this post lather. (sorry im a bad speller)

I've been trying to have more regular dumps since my intervals have been too long in the last week or so. Today I had a lot of bran cereal and fruit for breakfast to help get things moving again. Combined with a lot of water and some fruit juice and by my last class I could really use a dump. I went to the local campus swimming pool for a short swim since I had never seen the facilities. The swimming building is very big and contains two large olympic sized pools. The school swim team was practicing in one pool and there were a few other people swimming in the recreational pool. To get to the pool you have to go through the change room. I entered in to find a very large room with about 8 toilet stalls. I got changed and put my swimsuit on. I was going to use the toilet before hand but I felt okay for the time being. I locked my stuff in my locker and went for a swim.

After about 20 laps or so I could feel my stomach starting to grumble and I knew I should get out and poo. I went back to the men's change room which now was a bit busier with people showering and changing. I took the very last handicapped stall at the end. Inside there was a nice large toilet that looked pretty clean and lots of toilet paper. I took noticed that the toilet partitions were quite high. In other words I could see the toilet next to me quite clearly since I was sitting down on a much higher toilet and because of the short partitions. Even my toilet stall door was quite high. I lowered my wet swimsuit and sat on the toilet. I let out a small fart before I felt a very strong pain and I released a wave of very mushy poop. Just then someone came into the stall next to me. I saw him sit down on the toilet before he started a very noisy shit. I let out two more waves of mushy shit before I got up and started to wipe. It took a lot of paper to get clean but I felt a lot better. The bowl was full with mounds of my shit and the smell was only getting stronger. I flushed and everything went down quickly due in part to the powerful toilet. I left and washed up before I headed back to continue swimming.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Hi again everyone! Firstly some comments.

Michelle- Thanks for your comments on my last couple of stories. I've enjoyed reading yours too! Like you I too use the time when I stand to wipe to inspect my load in the toilet. I never like to leave the toilet without seeing what I produced! As to my accident while shopping, I did post about it but it was quite some time ago and I've no idea what page it was on, sorry.

The Listening Ear & Abbie- Glad you both enjoyed my latest stories too. Keep on posting both of you!

Last night a couple of us ordered a takeaway curry. It was really filling and I knew it would lead to an interesting bathroom experience today! Sure enough, I had a lecture at 10 this morning and towards the end I was letting off some really foul but fortunately silent farts that nobody seemed to associate with me luckily! Then I got a sudden strong urge for a big, big poo. All of the curry and rice and naan bread and poppadoms (how DO you spell that word?) suddenly wanted out at the same time! By the end I was desperate to unload so I made my way to the arts building as fast as I could and my favourite toilets. I took the first empty cubicle I found and quickly dropped my jeans and knickers to my feet and sat down. Immediately I let out a bubbly, disgusting and wet fart that felt sooo good! Then a couple of easy logs curled out of me and then some more nasty farts. Then a really big, soft log worked its way out and fell into the bowl with a big plop. More farts followed and then lots of smaller bits of poo. Emptying my bowels felt really amazing and it was one of the most satisfying poos I've had for a long time! Surprisingly it only took me just under 10 minutes to complete my poo and I used a lot of paper to wipe my bum and then I flushed and left. There was still a distinct smell of my dump in the air!

I'll post again soon. Bye for now!

This morning I had to write a Geography midterm exam. Amazingly I had not had a decent shit since the bus ride last Friday to visit a friend. I dropped on very small turd at a restaurant on Sunday morning but it didn't really satisfy me so by Tuesday morning I could feel it coming down the pipe and I knew I would unload before I took the test. I reserved a private study room in the top floor of the libraries nearby to where I was going to write my exam. Each room is private but has an all glass front from ceiling to floor. I walked past all eight rooms and only two other rooms were being used since it was only 7:00 am and the main part of the library was still closed. There was a guy working on a laptop next to me. He must have been in his late 20s and was pretty large. He must have weighed at least 270 pounds. After setting up my laptop and books I went to go and find the washroom.

Since the rest of the library is locked off there is just one washroom that can be accessed to the study room area. I went inside and to the very small bathroom. There were two toilet stalls with one urinal. The stalls were regular sized since there was a handicapped washroom next door. I took the stall on the left and locked the door. I could really feel the turd poking so I knew it would be a well needed dump. The toilet was of the wall mounted variety which I have had bad success with. They are often to weak to flush anything larger than my normal dumps. Since it had been a few days I knew this shit was probably going to be a bit bigger but I really didn't have a choice. I let out a bit of gas and started to push. It came out rather quickly but it didn't feel very big when it came out. I got up to see a fairly small but chunky looking turd sitting in the bowl. I sat back down and started to piss and I released a loud and smelly fart. I could feel more pressure so I knew there was more to come. Just then the door opened and someone came into the stall next door.

I could tell it was the large guy next door to me by his jeans and running shoes. I heard him make a small whimper before he slammed the door shut. He dropped his jeans and sat down. The toilet started to creak and groan as it became loaded with his heavy mass. He couldn't hold it in because only a few seconds later he let out a very loud round of farts before I heard his turd crackle and hiss before slamming into the bowl. I could bet it was a big turd and he felt a lot better unloading it. As he leaned forward the toilet made a large creak noise again indicating it was under a lot of stress by his weight. At that point I pushed my second turd out with much more effort. I got up and saw it was much larger in length but was about twice as thick at one end than the other end. I started to wipe just as the guy next door produce more shit sounds and it really sounded like he had taken some laxatives. It took a lot of toilet paper for me to wipe so I flushed before I put the big wad of toilet paper in. The small turd while thick went down it quickly backed the toilet up because the water level rose floating the second turd up.

At that point I heard the guy next door flush before he swore a few times. His toilet must have been blocked up real good because he washed his hands and left in a hurry. I waited a minute for the water level to go down before I dropped the toilet paper in and tried again. The water level rose again so there was no way I was going to get the second much larger turd down. I exited the stall and took a look at the mess the fat guy had left. The toilet water was absolutely brown and I could just make out an very large turd floating under a wad of toilet paper. I washed my hands and exited out to make my way back to study. When I returned I noticed the guy next to me had left.


celebrity survey

to nichola- i too love to hear the celebrities stories...
to secret poster- man just try to put some posting about the celebrities poop..and u dont want to reveal the name but give some hint so we can find it by ourself....
Actually celebrities wont do this bathroom things in public .mostly...its kind of secret because they are celebrity and they need to maintain there dignity...they dont want to ashamed because it will become popular easily.


Daily Clean Out

Hey all, hope your week is going well! Fall is definitely here...

Change of pace, some shoutouts / replies first THEN my post!

Michelle (formerly MS) - wow, I'm glad you like my posts! Always nice to have a fan. I do have a few more questions, which will be included in this post shortly. Sounds like you can outpoop me! lol! Good thing you had that smelly dump outside, rather than have it 'contained'.

Hermes - glad you're back! Really enjoyed your last post. Did you get more friendly with Eva after that incident? Or how close are you, even though she left?

Karen - you usually make bear piles? wow. If I don't go every day, mine WOULD be a mountain!

Shane _ I'd definitely have the same approach as Aaron. I'd be helpful & sympathetic, although slightly 'wow, REALLY? o.0'

Golden Eye - I love farting. It feels great and sometimes the sound can amaze you. Would love to hear bout the post after the electrician left, must have been an incredible dump.

Ashley - thanks! I look forward to your next post / story.

Renee - what was your & Sabrina's loads like? Must have been quite a bit!

BM - appropriate name! Welcome to the board! When I have loose / softer poops, they come out noisy and I fart a lot.

Eileen H - I usually hold off for a bit, but not too long. The longer I do, the more I poop, and larger / more turds I get. Also, I don't need much, if any effort. But if one waits TOO long...For a normal poop it takes me around 2-3 minutes. If I hold off and can definitely feel the pressure, anywhere from 5 seconds to a solid minute. I ask you one of your questions back to you: How long does it take from butt on the seat to poop coming out of said butt?

Annie o - you're not kidding about the huge dump!! Do you usually fart & poop THAT much?? you girls def did some damage.

and now for a few extra questions to go with my survey a bit back, open to the entire board:


what's your favorite type of fart to let out?

how would you react (in your head, and how you behave) if someone farted around you?

what makes you fart, and do you eat / drink it if you know you'll gassy later?


How many turds do you usually let out in a dump, and how large are they?

Whats your favorite type to pass?

When you say 'big dump', do you usually refer to the urge, how MUCH comes out, or how BIG it is?

Do you eat certain things knowing it'll change your bowel habits? (ie, ordering nachos even tho you'll have a looser dump)

For the ladies: does your period affect your toilet habits?

I've noticed lately my pooping schedule has changed slightly - rather than pooping shortly after a fibre / wheat loaded breakfast, I got about 10 minutes after my lunch. My turds are even bigger, slip right out, feel awesome to pass. Beforehand, I get small, airy quiet puff-like farts, sometimes even quiet ones.

I think that's it for now...

Michelle (Formally M.S)

Poo Hammock & comment to Eileen H

I had a massive poo this morning. I don't know why because I hadn't been holding it for too long. I woke up at 7am feeling very full so I went to the toilet but I wasn't exactly desperate. I sat on the toilet and noticed that I had no toilet paper so I got dressed for work and went to the shops to get some more. The only problem was by the time I got to the shop I was bursting to relieve my bowels. I quickly found the toilet rolls and paid for them but in that short amount of time I was really desperate to go. It was a big effort to hold it in as I knew it was going to be a really big load and the chances of me holding it in until I got home were slim so I decided to look for a place to relieve my urgent need or I would end up with a very messy poo in my knickers and possibly leak into my work trousers. I knew there were some public toilets a few minutes away so I decided to use them. I quickly made my way over to the toilets but it was locked and there was a sign on it saying the opening times. Between Monday and Saturday it is open from 08:30am to 17:30pm and on Sunday it is closed. Why do they feel the need to lock public toilets? I know that people vandalise them but that doesn't take away the fact we all have to use the toilet and as the saying goes 'When you got to go, you got to go' and believe me I really needed to go. I looked at my watched; it was 7:34 which meant I had three options. I could either wait 56 minutes until the toilets opened, try to make it home or squat in front of the door and relieve myself. But these were no longer options as a powerful wave went through my bowels intent on forcing this huge poo into my knickers. I had to clench hard but my anus opened allowing it to emerge. I couldn't stop it so I relaxed and experience the shear relief of filling my knickers to capacity. It felt so good but I was annoyed as it wouldn't have happened if the toilets weren't locked. Once I finished pooing myself I took my soiled knickers off; there was a huge pile of semi solid poo laying in the seat of my knickers. They were ruined so I decided to get a little payback and tie them to the door handle forming a 'poo hammock'. My bum was caked in poo so I wiped myself with the toilet rolls I had just brought, pulled my work trousers back up and disposed of the dirty paper in a nearby bin. I then quickly left the scene.

To Eileen H,
Hi, you recently asked the question 'how do you determine when to poo' in your post entitled 'To Poop or Not to Poop'. I decide to go to the toilet when I am really desperate as I love to hold my poo in as long as possible, but sometimes I don't have a choice due to work so I have to go to the toilet when I get up. If I don't go then I struggle to find time to go and I often can't hold it in long enough and end up pooing myself. You also asked how long it takes from my bum hitting the seat to the poo coming out which depends how desperate I am but on average I would guess between 30 seconds and a minute as my poo slides out without much effort. Just before I post this I would like to ask you a question Have you ever pood yourself?



Why I'm not a vegetarian

Hello all,

So this is my third post in 3ish years... I dunno, I just don't feel the need to post about everything that happens... and frankly, it would be boring and I've already used my 2 most infamous. But I'll toss in an old college story.

I had a month long retreat at a christian camp/village in the mountains for a class in the winter. The vast majority of the food was whole grain/vegetarian. I'm definitely a meat/cheese/potatoes kinda girl, but I'm not necessarily picky as far as food goes. I'd guess my normal diet contributes (along with my freakishly spacious colon) to why I only poop once every 3-5 days normally (and its weird, I mentioned before, but its not that I'm generally constipated at all, but instead of pooping every day, I just go a lot a once less often).

So anyhow after a couple days eating the food there, I quickly realized a couple things... For one, I had to eat a lot more to get full because the calories were a lot more spread out. For another thing, not eating hardly any dairy at all meant food blasted through me relatively to the norm. Finally, eating mass amounts of roughage creates amazing amounts of gas at least to me.

Ironically, the final straw came at a dinner halfway through when one of the camp leaders before they started made an announcement that their limited sewage system/field was being overloaded and to please use the toilets as little as possible (there were 40 college students+teachers for a relatively period of time compared to the normal population). Then, and I'm not kidding, they proceeded to serve chicken with a sauce made partially from stewed prunes (I'm really not kidding, that was the ensuing dinner).

So yes, adding prunes to my already tortured digestive tract gave me and my roommates (and as I later found out a lot of the other students) a absolutely hellish night of awful gas/cramps (there was an aborted poker game that didn't last long... trying to hold in that gas even in front of some cute guys was out of the question) and eventually yep, explosive diarrhea. There were at least 8 of us running back and forth all night down the hall to the couple toilets (the toilets were inside and were flush - thank god I wasn't dealing with outhouses). There weren't any accidents, but there were a couple really close calls (and at least 2 women ducked into the mens at one point). I swear that if any pictures were taken that night that I would have looked 5 months pregnant with how gassy/bloated I was.

The last straw was how awful the rooms smelled due to said gas. Now it was the middle of winter in the mountains, maybe 10 degrees outside, so opening windows was out of the questions. We often had the guys over in the rooms late, but we quickly kiboshed any men that night. Anyhow, things calmed down after about a day, but I really got an understanding and sympathy for people with iBS or who have to deal with having the runs on any sort of a regular basis. Awful, horrible, I'm so sorry for y'all..

This was all 5+ years ago, but the only good story Ive got that I haven't said yet. Laters



Aftermath of a party

A few nights ago I went to a party at a friend's house. There were lots of people I didn't know, and I ended up spending most of the party hanging out with another friend, not the one who was hosting the party, and some other people he knew. There was one girl in our group who seemed pretty interested in me. We were flirting and as each of us had more to drink, our flirting escalated. After the party wrapped up, I ended up going home with her and, well, you can fill in the rest...

So the next morning I woke up and I had to poop. I went to her bathroom and the door was about half way closed. I pushed it open and there she was sitting on the toilet. I apologized and went to leave, but she said, "No, it's okay. You can stay. I'm almost done." and so I stayed. About a minute later, she stood up without wiping or flushing. I jokingly chided her, "Eww that's gross, you don't wipe.", she responded, "Well, no, of course not. I'm going to shower anyway." and then she took off her shirt and got in the shower. I admired her load in the toilet for a few seconds and sat down and added my creations to hers. We talked while I was going and she was showering and our talk culminated with us in the shower together.


Sightings of females on the toilet

The first time I remember seeing a girl I'm not related to on the toilet was when I was seven years old. I was over at a friend's house and we were playing in the back yard. I had to pee pretty bad and my friend said I was a guy and I could just go behind a bush or something, but I was super shy at that age, and I hadn't really mastered going standing up. I didn't want to just tell my friend that embarrassing secret, so I lied and said that I didn't just have to pee. So I went inside the house to go. For some reason I don't really remember, my friend's bathroom didn't have a door at that time, instead just a curtain was draped across the doorway for privacy. When I went in and pulled the curtain out of the way, I saw my friend's sister sitting on the toilet. She was much older than I was, I think about sixteen, and I remember seeing a patch of pubic hair between her legs. Well, she was not happy about me seeing her, and I immediately retreated from the bathroom. I was afraid I was going to get in so much trouble for that. But, later, my friend's parents talked to me about it and since it really was an honest accident, I wasn't punished.

I was surprised, though, at how much I actually enjoyed that accidental sighting. Upon browsing many of the pages of this forum, I noticed that I am not alone in my enjoyment. I know that I can't speak for everyone here, but I personally like seeing a girl peeing much more so than a girl pooping. I'm not one of those people who believes girls don't shit, but even so, the smell of poop is universally disgusting to me whether it was deposited from a male or a female anus. So what is it in particular that is so appealing about a woman sitting on the toilet? I don't believe is so simple as just that private areas of the body are exposed, although I think that does play a part in it.

Well, I'm afraid I'm kind of rambling here, so I leave with one final thought. In my life, I've only had the opportunity to see a few girls on the toilet. Most of them were accidental like my friend's sister, but a few were intentional, where the girl invited me to watch. Oddly enough, in those cases, I actually enjoyed it less. For me, I guess the idea that I'm seeing something private and secret that the girl doesn't want me to see adds to the appeal.


Beth Bottled Out

Hi all! Remember in my last post I said that Beth, one of the girls in my year at school was going to do a poo in the boys' toilet at school, while boys were in there, for a dare?

Well, she bottled-out. Yes, she got cold feet at the last minute. And, boy, are we giving her a hard time about it.

That's all for now.

I was the secret poster before. I'm on TV in the UK. I'm not exactly a celebrity but if you live in Britain, you might know me. I appear on a quite popular show and I was formerly a singer. I'm a bit of a trashy celeb I guess, but still!

I'm always having to relieve myself in places where there are camera crews, producers, people with clipboards everywhere. I'm shy about pooing but I don't have much choice because it's nerve-racking doing this job, and you are in the studios all day and don't really get to sneak away. Sometimes I have to go just before the cameras roll and I'm sitting there aware that people are discussing me right outside, and that they're waiting for me and will know I caused the smell etc. A lot of the people on TV crews are female and that makes me even more self-conscious (I'm a male, mid-twenties).

This is in answer to Nicola's survey:

-I've never had an accident on camera yet, but I have been close during a live show when I was singing on tour. I was on stage for the whole time and there was nowhere to hide, and I could feel myself getting more and more desperate. I was having to hold back a bit as I sang because I could feel myself clenching more and more to hold it in. When the show was over I was so relieved I went backstage and took a huge dump without even caring who could hear.

-I haven't been followed by the paparazzi into a toilet because I'm not that famous, but people do look at me in publix loos all the time, so I try to keep a very low profile. The worst time ever, I was in an Indian restaurant which was one of these places where they have just one really small toilet which is for all customers (unisex). I wouldn't normally poo in a place like this but I had been waiting for ages and it was ruining the meal I was so desperate. So I had just hurriedly pooed and I was wiping with this pink toilet roll, and there must have been something wrong with the lock because suddenly a blonde girl walked in. She started to apologise and did a double-take and was like 'hey, aren't you X?' I was so ashamed. There was no point trying to pretend otherwise. I just sort of nodded and then waited a long time so she'd go away. When I came back upstairs I didn't meet anyone's eye in case I saw her or her friends.

-Once I was in North Wales on the coast, doing a show and afterwards there were all these annoying people in the hotel room where me and my sound man were sleeping. It was a party and I didn't want to be involved, just wanted to go to bed, but also I was bursting for a poo. There was an ensuite bathroom and I knew I'd be heard if I went. In the end I said I was going out for fresh air, and went out onto the beach in the dark. I found a place among some rocks and pulled down my suit trousers and underwear and just let it go. I didn't have paper but it felt like it didn't matter.

Thursday, October 20, 2011


diaper survey

Hi all, I'm just looking for some experiences/stories about any of the following about diapers/pads/pullups, preferably as an adult or teen:

Why do you or did you wear diapers?

Have you ever had a leak/mess in front of anyone who didn't know you wore diapers, what did they do, where did it occur?

Have you ever witnessed an adult or teen`s diaper leaking who you didn`t know previously wore diapers, what happened afterwards?

Has anyone ever noticed you wearing a diaper because you didn't hide it well enough (ex. sticking out of pants, bulge, smell) what did they do?

Have you ever noticed that someone (who you didn`t know wore them) was wearing a diaper from some reason other than a leak (ex. smell, bulge, sticking out), did you mention it to them, did they do anything afterwards?

Has any medical professional ever seen you in diapers, were they wet, did they offer to change you, did they offer you a spare?

Have you ever worn a diaper when you were in the hospital, were you wearing one when you came in or did the staff give you one, why did they give you one, did they change you, how often, what were the changes like?

Have you ever had your diaper changed by someone else (like a friend or a stranger or a salesperson at a medical supply store, etc.), what was it like, where did it occur?

Have you ever been offered help changing your diaper and you declined their help, who was it, why did you refuse?

Have you ever asked someone to help you change your diaper and had them refuse, who was it, why did they refuse?

Have you ever changed someone else`s diaper (other than babies), whose was it, why, where?

I don`t expect answers to all of these (but if you can thats great), and the more details the better


Arron O
I've been constipated for about six days now and the morning before football practice I had a very large breakfast. When I got to practice the coach handed the team protein fiber bars that were suppose to help us build muscle for football season later that fall. I ate two bars in the beginning of practice. During the middle of practice I started to feel like I needed to pass a huge shit. I had to wait until a break to go. The urge to go was getting stronger and stronger. As soon as the coach called for a break I took off for the bathroom. I immediately sat down and started to push. I was able to pass two seven inch turds that landed in the bowl with a splash. Then a bunch of mushy shit shot from my ass. I got a huge cramp and crapped out four more three inch logs. Then I started to feel very gassy. Every time I farted mushier diarrhea shot from my asshole. I had been in the bathroom for almost twenty-five minutes. After the gas passed I pushed out another log that was almost a foot long. Then I pushed out about five more farts which came with diarrhea. I felt empty after being constipated. I stood up and looked at my masterpiece of shit. A large brown mountain was lying in the toilet. I wiped until I was all clean. Then I left. I usually flush my shits, but today it was too large and the last thing I wanted to do was clog the toilet. When I got back to practice the coach asked me where I was and I told him that I had to poop really bad. He was okay with it and put me in the practice game for the rest of practice.
After practice I went home and pushed out four six inch logs and a few more mushy farts. I felt that my stomach was clear of crap and I felt so much better. Now I keep a box of those protein fiber bars in my house whenever I'm constipated. They always help to empty my bowls.

im a middle school cheerleader in 8th grade. It was a
football game day, so i had my cheerleader skirt on. Right
before lunch, in spanish class, i felt the urge to poop. It felt like a solid one. I thought i could hold it in until lunch, so i
ignored it and went back to work. About ten minites later, i
felt the urge return. "can i use the restroom?" i asked the
teacher. she said no. I started fidgeting in my chair. My
boyfriend, who sits next to me, asked if i was ok. i never
kept secrets from him, so i told him. i asked the teacher
again. this time she said yes. As i stood up, i i accidentaly
stopped clenching my butt. I stood helplesly as i filled my
red panties, now forming a huge bulge that hung out
below my skirt. i felt soooo embarassed! Everyone still calls me names :(

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