Annie O


In college I was at my friend Kristy's house for barbecue. I went with a couple other friends and we stuffed our faces with all sorts of delicious food, including BBQ pork, ribs, chicken, grilled corn on the cob, mashed sweet potatoes, all kinds of dessert, and soda, punch, and beers. The dinner was amazing and the night was so much fun! Then the next morning, Saturday, I woke up with the urge for a big dump. I started to make my way to the bathroom when I heard that all of my roommates were up. They were at the BBQ with me the night before. One of the girls, Ashley, was in the bathroom already. You could hear her farting and pooping a lot. The smell was coming from the bathroom and into the living room. It wasn't too bad, but it didn't smell like flowers either! Lily, Jill, Nicole, and I were all waiting for her to finish up. Everyone had to poop from the BBQ last night and we were all farting to relieve pressure in our stomachs. The smell was getting worse and worse. Lily and I went and opened up all the windows and that seemed to help. Then when we got back to the line for the bathroom Nicole then passed several wet and very smelly farts. She looked like she was going to poop any second. She asked Ashley how much longer she was going to be. As Ashley answered with many sounds of poop exploding into the toilet, Nicole couldn't hold it anymore and she accidently had some soft poop in her pants. Embarrassed, she waddled into the showers. She stripped down and threw her pants into a trash bag and got a shower. Finally Ashley finished after about a half an hour in the bathroom. She said she felt so much better after her big dump. I was clenching my butt as hard as possible I waited for Lily to poop and the Jill. Lilly ran into the bathroom and immediately exploded a series of soft logs into the toilet. She didn't take nearly as long as Ashley and was done within fifteen minutes. Then Jill went in. I was amazed she held her poop for as long as she did because when she got onto the toilet diarrhea came rushing out. Chunks of soft poop were being shot into the toilet bowl. I was really getting disparate for a huge dump. I could feel my bowls cramping up and more gas was building in me. I felt some poop start to try to leave my butt. I clenched harder and harder until my face was red. I then pushed a couple farts out, careful not to poop myself. Then the sweet sound of a toilet flushing echoed through room and Jill came out of the bathroom. I ran in, pulled down my pants, and began to push. A few soft logs flew from my butt and into the toilet. Then loud and smelly farts exploded from me with many mushy waves of diarrhea. After that I pushed out a knobby twelve inch poop into the bowl. Then more mushy logs fell from my butt. I then pushed out a few pieces of firm poop. I flushed my huge dump and began to wipe. As I was wiping I farted out some more diarrhea onto the toilet paper. I sat back down on the toilet and had three more waves of mushy poop. I then felt an air bubble pop in my stomach and I farted a lot. I was feeling very gassy and could still feel more poops inside of me. I pushed and grunted until finally another twelve inch log fell into the toilet. More gas and soft poop rushed from me. Then after almost thirty minutes on the toilet I felt empty. I flushed, wiped, flushed again, and got a long, warm, shower. The BBQ food we ate resulted in a lot of poop throughout the rest of the week.

Eileen H

To Poop or Not to Poop

How do you determine when to poop? Do you go when you are 100% desperate, or do you go when you feel the slightest need? Are you like me and have restricted bathroom usage based on daily schedule? How long does it take from butt on the seat to poop coming out of said butt?


Dodgy Stomach

Hi there, this is my first post although I have been reading this site for about a month now and really enjoying it. I'm a 40+ female from the UK.

Over the last few days I've once again had a dodgy stomach. It started on Sunday afternoon and I'm sure it must have been something I ate, although what I've no idea.

By mid afternoon on Sunday I had already been for three poos each of them a bit looser than the one before and each time spending a considerable amount of time on the loo. By Sunday evening it was clear that I definitely had diarrhoea as my poos were now almost liquid and very explosive, a couple of times I almost didn't make it to the loo. Particularly as on one occasion it was occupied and I had to wait. I really thought I was going to have an accident.

I took some of my medication and only had to get up twice during the night although on both occasions I spent quite some time on the loo.

Monday morning I still felt very loose but took some more medication and decided to head to work and see how the day progressed. With hindsight this was probably a mistake.

I hadn't been at work more than about half an hour when i was in the loo again, still just really loose poo, rather than the really liquid type, but 'm not sure I could have held on if I'd been delayed in getting to the loo. I took some more of my medication and carried on with my work. By lunchtime I had already had another three trips to the loo each still with very loose poo. I realised that I had taken almost 24 hours worth of medication without it having any great effect, so I took the final dose I could take and decided to head for home.

Fortunately I managed to get home without any accidents although it was close. I spent the rest of the afternoon and evening going backwards and forwards to the loo. I decided to have an early night and managed to go the whole night without a problem. Perhaps the medication finally kicked in.

Tuesday morning I woke up and all seemed okay, other than the fact that I felt really washed out, so I decided to go to work as usual. Managed to last the day with only two visits to the loo for a poo, both fairly mushy and quite urgent but otherwise okay.

Tuesday evening I went out. In the middle of the evening during the tea break I was forced to retreat to the loo for some time where I had pushed out yet another load of very loose mushy poo.

Fortunately that was the last really loose poo I've had this week. My stomach still isn't right and every so often churns a bit. My poo is becoming more solid and there is less of an urgency about getting to the loo. Guess I'll just have to watch what I eat for the next few days until my stomach finally settles back down.


Constipated with a friend

Yesterday I was over at my friend Sabrina's house and we were just hanging out. I was feeling bloated and just generally awful because I had been dealing with constipation for three days. At one point, I got a bad cramp and clutched my stomach. Sabrina asked if I was okay, and I told her, "Yeah, I'm alright, but it's just that I haven't been for a poo since Thursday" and she replied, "That sucks. If it helps I'm a little bunged up too. Haven't gone since Friday."

The cramp passed after a bit and then I was okay. A little later, I felt like I might be able to finally do a poo. I told Sabrina and she accompanied me to the bathroom. I lowered my jeans and panties to my ankles and sat down on the toilet. We talked while I peed a little and gave some pushes, but nothing was coming out. I sat for a long while and then gave up. I said, "Ugh! I can feel all this poo inside me, and it just won't come out."

After we had eaten dinner, Sabrina said she had to poo and I joked with her, "Lucky you." but then she said, "Well, I'm not feeling too lucky, I don't know if I'll even be able to push anything out." We went to the bathroom and she pulled down and sat. She sat for a long time, but she also wasn't able to produce anything.

Again I got a feeling like I might be able to go, but I ignored it, because I wasn't up for another disappointment. A few minutes later, it was clear this wasn't a false alarm. I was finally going to be able to poo. Once I had sat on the toilet, I relaxed and began to poo. It felt so good to go, you have no idea. I was talking to Sabrina while I went, and I kept pooing for many minutes. I was even still going when Sabrina announced, "I think watching you made me have to go. Are you almost done?" and I replied, "Um... no. I guess I had a ton of poo stored up."

I could tell she was getting desperate to poo, but there was nothing I could do with a big turd hanging out of me at that moment. When it broke off, I still had some more to go, but I stood up and let Sabrina go. Just in time it seems, as she exploded onto the toilet. She was having a very noisy, but very relieving poo, it seemed. I still had to go a little bit but I could hold it while she was going.

When Sabrina finished going, she wiped a bunch and then I took her place again and finished my poo. There wasn't a lot left in me, having pooed most of it out the first time. I wiped myself, though not as many times as Sabrina did. After that, we looked in the toilet and we realized that our poos combined was way too much for her poor toilet to handle.


saw a kid soil her pants at the store...

i was in the supermarket this evening and there was this mom with two kids shopping that were going in the same general direction as me and i kept seeing them from aisle to aisle. the kids were a boy that seemed to be around 8 and the girl looked to be about 11. she had very long, very straight light brown hair and she was fair skinned. she had on a pair of gray tights with a disney shirt on that flared out at the bottom past her waist kind of like a skirt that didn't quite cover her entire bottom. they were cute kids but they got annoying after a while because they would often get in my way and make a lot of sudden movements without looking where they were going. eventually though, the girl got very calm and serious and was just quietly following the mom along. i didn't pay a whole lot of attention but i did notice her talking very quietly to the mom at one point and the mom impatiently said "alright, i know, we're almost done then we'll go home, we don't have anywhere else to stop." the girl frowned and looked frustrated and straggled behind them. that's when i noticed that she was occasionally pressing her right hand firmly against her bottom and crossing her legs together every time they stopped. the girl was clearly in need of a toilet. i guess the mom didn't want her going off to the bathroom on her own and also didn't want to deal with accompanying her with a cart full of groceries and her young son in tow. so the poor girl was made to wait until they went home, but alas, she was not destined to make it. either she had already been holding it in for a long time or she just didn't have very good control of herself, because she only made it one more aisle. about halfway down the aisle she started walking funny and kept her hand on her bottom the whole time. at the end of the aisle her mom and brother made the turn, but she remained in the aisle i was in and stood still with her hand still in place. then, she turned and looked around with her cheeks bright red and a grimace on her face, then turned back around and hung her head down. she bent slightly at the knees and pointed her toes inward and suddenly rushed both of her hands onto her bottom...after a couple of seconds she moved them, and a big lump was growing in her pants. she grabbed onto the flared part of her shirt and started trying to stretch it downward to cover her bottom. it didn't work, and the lump just continued to expand into a large, apple sized bulge causing the seat of her pants to sag slightly as a prominent light brown stain also began to form. the poor girl had pooped in her pants very badly. she clearly had no idea what to do, as she just stood there looking around with an expression of complete helplessness. i approached her and said "is everything ok sweetie? where's your mom?" she looked at me with an expression of shame and sadness and mumbled "no.. she's in the next aisle.." by now i could smell her accident and it was quite pungent. she just continued to stand still trying to pull her shirt down to cover her bottom, and i said "would you like me to go get her sweetie?" and that's when the waterworks started. she nodded "yes" as her face scrunched up and turned red and her eyes filled with tears. i said "hold on" and turned the corner to see her mom and brother all the way at the other end about to turn the next corner, when the mom evidently noticed her daughter was missing and began looking around her in a panic. i waved down the aisle and said "miss! are you looking for your daughter? she's over here, she needs you!" the mom started hustling back down the aisle with a look of horror, and i moved toward her so i could quietly tell her the situation. as she got closer to me she said "she needs me??? is she alright???" and just passed by me without waiting for an answer. i said "she's ok she just...i think she's had an accident." and the mom just looked back at me with confusion as she turned the corner. i stayed where i was to keep out of it, but i could hear what went on. the mother rounded the corner and just said "oooohhh...honey...". the girl began sobbing. the mom sighed heavily and said "come on, lets get home.." i
hesitated a moment before walking back around to get my cart. i saw them heading up the aisle, the mom with her hand on the girl's arm and the girl still in tears with her head down. the little boy tried to keep up, and i didn't see his face. the bulge and stain was very noticeable even from afar, and on top of that, she had also clearly wet herself while i was getting her mom, as the backs of her legs were stained dark gray all the way to her ankles and there was a large puddle where she had been standing. the poor girl had quite an accident right there in the supermarket, i felt absolutely awful for her. that's a tough enough age for a girl without having a major bathroom accident in your pants in public...sheesh... anyway, i informed an employee of the puddle and the abandoned shopping cart and tried to get my shopping done, though quite distracted...i kept thinking about what i would've done if i ever had such an accident...fortunately for me, the only accidents i ever had i kept secret and no one ever saw. i randomly wet my bed a couple times around her age and older, and each time i got out of bed and took care of the wet sheets, my underwear and my pajamas all on my own without ever telling my parents. then when i was 14 i was trick or treating on Halloween and i needed to go to the bathroom. well, on the last street, i couldn't wait any longer and i accidentally pooped in my pants. i was really scared and nervous because i was with my friends including 2 boys. but luckily my costume hid the accident really well- i was a witch so i had a black robe on, and i was wearing jeans underneath so there was no visible evidence that I'd messed myself, unlike the girl in the store whose outfit was extremely unforgiving for a pooping accident.... also, being outside helped keep the odor from becoming noticeable. my friends never knew i had pooped my pants, and when i got home i didn't tell my parents about it, i just went to change out of my costume and changed my underwear and cleaned myself up in the one ever found out. i was very fortunate compared to the girl i saw...


Story for Lynn about my friend Jean

R - liked your post about pooping your pants. Please post stories of your wetting accidents.

Lynn - Here's another story from about a year ago at another store...

I was in the checkout line when Jean, a classmate and old friend of mine, got in line behind me. I hadn't seen her in a few years. She was wearing a white top and kacki pants and looked great. We started talking on the way out of the store and found we parked just a couple of spaces from each other. We then talked for almost a couple hours, so long that the store was now closed and the parking lot nearly deserted. Which I probably wouldn't have noticed if Jean had not looked back once and saw it was closed. While she was talking, Jean paused for a second, then said "Uh, oh!" She looked down, so I did too, and saw a small wet spot on her pants. Then the floodgates must have opened and Jean totally peed her pants. I could only stare. By the time Jean finished peeing her pants, her pants were wet almost halfway up her zipper and all the way down the inside of her legs. Jean looked up again and said, "Sorry, I had to pee and I guess I wasn't able to hold it anymore." I asked her "Why didn't you say something? We could've left and looked for a bathroom." Jean said "I thought I'd be able to hold it. Guess not." I was starting to feel bad for keeping her, when Jean giggled and remarked "It's not the first time you've seen me pee my pants." Which was true, as Jean and I became friends shortly after she peed her pants in first grade. I guess some things don't change in twenty years.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Golden Eye I agree with you on that nothing beats a good fart its one of lifes little pleasures and are you a guy or girl.

To: Mung great stories about your best friends sisters accidents and I look forward to more of them thanks.

To: Shane (female) as always another great story and it sound like found a keeper he sounds like he truly care for you and its lucky you both found eachother and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Karen great about that big dump you took outside and a I bet you felt alot better after that and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Michelle (formley M.S.) as always another great story and as the saying goes when you gotta go you gotta go and at least is was dark so nobody could see you and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Aimee as always another great story it sound like you and your friend Katie enjoyed pooping outside and lucky she had that book other wise you wouldve had to use something else like your panties or socks which would have been uncomfortable going without but would be then having a messy butt all day and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Kate The Soccer Mom first welcome back and it sounds like you had a pretty rough day you must have had a stomach bug or something you ate disagreed with you or some other random reason but you braved through it to watch the game and for that I salute you and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Kelly as always another great post and it sounds like Meghan got her revenge and was that the end of it or did you get her back again and then she you so on and so on and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Dan another great story about you hearing a woman poop and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Hermes first welcome back and as always another great story about hearing women poop and it sound like you had good look at that bon fire and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: The Listening Ear I hope you get to hear more women very soon and I look forward to the stories and as always I look forward to your next post thanks

To: R first welcome to the site and great story about you pooping your pants and as the saying goes acccidents can happen to anybody no matter there age or gender and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Stepahanie great story about you and your firend Isha pooping together after taking those supositories and it sounds like you both felt alot better afterwards and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Sherry another great entry from your toilet journal and I look forward to the next one thanks.

To: Workig Man great story about your friend telling you the story about her pooping her pants in front of that cop after getting pulled over and please share anymore stories like that if you have any thanks.

To: B.M. first welcome to the site and it sounds like you had a rough couple of days at least you made it to a toilet every time and didnt have and accident and please post more stories thanks.

Well thats all for now

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site

to GoldenEye: i hope that your doing well! take care and Godbless! i lookforward to your next story!
to Mung: i really enjoyed your post! sounds like your sister has a bad habit of waiiting too long before having to go to the bathroom! it also sounds like she gets a thrill of having accidents! if this were me i would be totally embarrassed about having so many accidents while out in public! i hope that your sisters friends can learn how to use a public bathroom! sometimes you just have to do that! i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless!
to Mr. Clogs: i really enjoyed your post! thats really cool to learn that you can completley fill the top of a cup after relieving yourself! i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless!
to Sarah's dad: my conselence goes out to your family! iam so joyed to learn that your daughter was able to share her own experiences on this forume! iam glad that she made alot of friends while visiting this forume! she will always be in my heart! take care and God bless!
to Shane(female): i really enjoyed your post! congrualtions on dating Aaron for two years! iam really sorry to hear about constipation that you experienced while on a date with Aaron! iam so glad that he was there to comfort you during your tough moment that experienced with your bowels! your so blessed to have a man that cares about you! i hope that your relationship lasts for a lifetime! i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless!
to Karen: i really enjoyed your posts! sounds like you had a Great time camping! i havent been camping since i was fourteen years old!
sounds like you also enjoyed some delicious food! bake beans will definitely help you have a Good bowel movement! i have eaten them in the past and produced a really huge log from just eating them! thats really funny that you left a huge mountain from your bowel movement that you had the previous night before! i bet that got everyone else's attention! i look forward to your next post! take care and God bless!
to Michelle: i really enjoyed your posts! sounds like the weather was perfect for a good jog! iam more of a bicyclist than jogging! i dont have the best feet for jogging! see my left foot is pronated! so running and jogging arent the best sports for my feet! it also sounds like you had a Good healthy bowel movement on the side of the road! i look forward to your next post! take care and God bless!
to Aimee: i really enjoyed your post! sounds like you had a new experience with katie relieving yourself in the woods that are halfway to your school! it also sounds like that katie didnot enjoy it as much as you did! maybe you can create a way to change her mind for the next time! i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless!
to kate(Soccer Mom): i really enjoyed your post! sounds like your Daughter had a Great soccer ternament! iam very sorry to hear that your bowels were causing you all kinds problems during Chelsea's games! iam really glad to hear that the other parents were extremely helpful to you during this terrible moment that you encountered! does this always happen to you during your period? if this continues in the future than you need to visit the doctor! i hope that this kind of experience will not happen again in the near future! i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless!
to Kelly: i really enjoyed your post! sounds like your friend Meghan left a huge present in the tiolet for you! sounds like you both enjoy pulling pranks on each other! i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless!
to Secret Poster: i lookforward to any stories that you might have for this forume! take care and God bless!
to Dan: i really enjoyed your post! sounds like you had a Great time at the Pub! sounds like you also got to listen to a very pretty woman relieve herself! i know that the experience will always stay in your memory for a lifetime! i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless!
to Kelly: i also love leaving a huge bowelmovement unflushed while out in public somewhere!
to Hermes: i really enjoyed your post! sounds like you had a cool experience while visiting the bathroom at work! it also sounds like that your female coworkers have really cool bathromm habits! i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless!
to ListeningEar: i lookforward to your next post that you might share on thus forume! take care and God bless!
to R: welcome to the forume! i really enjoyed your post! iam very sorry to hear about your accident that you experienced while working! i hope that this kind of experience will not occurr in the near future! take care and God bless!
to Karen: i really enjoyed your post! thats really cool that you visited the mens bathroom! iam glad that you didnt get caught by security! it also sounds like that you had a valid reason to be in there! i know that men can also be as messy as women too! i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless!
to Brian: i really enjoyed your post! sounds like you had a Good healthy bowel movement after your physis class! iam glad that you didnt have any major issues! i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless!



Aimee and Kayleigh
When I was in HS, two girls were making #2 and talking at the same time. I was a sophmore and these thin girls were juniors. I was in the mid stall of three. They were pushing out their pieces and stopping their talk to do so. They entered, looked in on me over the low doors, took their stalls, lowered their bell-bottoms. I was seated with my navy jumper, white slip bunched around my waist, my white Eiderlon panties and navy panty hose at my knees. I was taking a good piss. I had some gas in me. So, I let it out while I was sitting on the bowl. Funny, the stalls had these small micro holes that allowed me to see in on them. The holes were from old toilet paper holders, since newer ones were installed. One girl, on the left was wearing light blue slacks and white/blue printed panties and the other on the right was wearing navy blue slacks and white panties. One said, "Girl, I gotta shit a brick that is pressing on me." The other said, "I gotta make a big doo-doo. I've been holding this since morning and it is now 2:00. I could not find any toilet paper. This is the only bathroom that has any." One girl started off with a pee, then her bowels released these chunks very slowly and distinctly plop after plop. The other girl's bowels crackled and I saw her through the hole as she sat with her arms wrapped around her stomach with her tight shirt pulled up to her chest. As her piece crackled, it plopped into the bowl. Then another piece started out. As they were talking about school and their young bodies, they would stop so they could press out the hardest part. The girl in the navy slacks said, "This feels good to get out, even if it is hard." I had finished my piss. So, I decided to sit and hear this all. The one in the light blue slacks paused to break a buzzing fart and then a plop. The one in the blue cotton slacks was straining out a piece with a buzzing fart, also. They kept on talking about their bras and their breast sizes when one said, "I am finished. How about you?" "Yeah, I guess," said the other and they reached for toilet paper to wipe themselves. I saw them through the tiny holes. The girls opened their legs and wiped themselves front and back. I had already wiped my pussy and dropped my paper between my legs in the water. I watched these girls clean themselves good front and back. I stood up, pulled together my undergarments and clothes and flushed the bowl. I fixed myself good and then washed my hands. As I walked by them, I took a quick peek over the stalls and they had pretty healthy bowel movements-thick, chunky and long. They flushed and came out fixing their pants. I was adjusting the straps on my full slip and bra, the waistband of my panties and pantyhose. I was wearing black loafers. I lifted my knees to adjust my lingerie. The girls were fixing their pants, belts, zippers and underwear. I liked the one in the navy slacks how I could see the outline of her white panties under the navy cotton fabric. The one in the light blue pants commented, "This girl got a slip under her dress. She is always a sharp dresser." I told her that I cannot wear a dress that does not hang good without a slip. I went back to the a/v office where I worked. The girls went back to their classes.

When I was a cheerleader and a college tennis player, I had to make #2 one afternoon at summer school. I was taking tennis lessons. After a session, I had to make. I went back to the locker room, took a stall, hung up my raquet on a hook, lifted my navy tennis skirt, pulled down my full-cut nylon white tennis panties to my ankles and sat on the bowl. I was with another girl. I was a entering my junior year and I was 19. We were talking and I pressed out five good sized logs. They hit the water like huge rocks. I was talking to the girl and I had to stop at one point to squeeze out the three of the five. We kept on talking until, I stopped and told her, "Wait, I have to squeeze out one more piece." With my panty at my ankles, I grabbed my abdomen with my right hand, pressed my inner muscles and dropped a baseball-sized piece, laid a fart and peed for about 30 secs. We talked some more and I stopped because I felt another release coming, but it was another buzzing fart. It buzzed deep with vibration with my black butt on the bowl. The girl said, "You must feel better, now. A girl like you has tremendous capacity. You are in here everyday, either before or after session." I grabbed paper, cleaned myself good, flushed the bowl, pulled off my clothes and hit the shower.

Colton: Leave your pubic hairs alone. I tried it. I got nothing out of it. Just wipe yourself good and clean. Inspect the paper and it will be clean.

See my earlier posts about high school and college.

Tanya: I did let my boyfriend, if you wanted to call him that, watch me have a bowel movement when I was 21 at his house after a movie and I was expelling theater junk food. In fact, it was a thick diarreah. See my earliest post.

Samantha: Do not be afraid to be in public. I was the same way at school. I stayed overnight at many houses and I was not afraid to go to the bathroom. I asked or I just went. Did you ever make #2 at school? I did not until 7th grade, but I went at other people's houses and in dept. stores and bus terminals.

Frank: I went to NYC public schools. We girls had private tissue holders and doors on our stalls-most schools. I saw the layout for the boys. There was plenty of room and privacy, even without stall doors. No one could see from the hallway unless the side of the stall faced the bathroom door and then, did it have a partition. I felt sorry for the boys in HS. The only place where they had some privacy was in the boys gym toilet and that had no door on the stall. Boys were animals in those days. Girls were no better.


Celebrity survey and stories

To Secret Poster:
My survey is aimed at any celebrity really, male or female, it makes no difference. I'd love to hear your stories and look forward to seeing the results of the survey.

Michelle (Formally M.S)

Comments to Hermes, Aimee and Golden Eye

To Hermes
Hi, I enjoyed reading your recent post as you mentioned the topic of famous people pooing. A few weeks ago I wrote a post entitled "Jessie J - "Everybody does it!" on page 2110 which was about her being open with her toilet habits. Anyway I really liked the story about Geri Halliwell as I grew up watching and listening to the Spice Girls and I bet she was really nervous about singing to Prince Charles (who wouldn't be) so I am not surprised she pood 11 times before singing to him and as she said "singing to the Prince is the ultimate laxative". I wish I had watched that documentary you talked about as I would have loved to of heard "a very loud, long and squelchy wet fart" followed by a "noticeable SPLAT!" coming from her toilet especially as she told a magazine a few years ago that she "loves talking about poo and wee!" so I guess she is pretty open with her toilet habits too. I look forward to your future posts.

To Aimee
Hi, I'm glad Katie was able to relieve herself in time as it sounded like she was seconds away from an accident. I noticed you mentioned that seeing her having a poo made you need to go as well. I agree as I have watched a few of my friend's poo and it has made me need to poo even if I didn't feel the urge before they went. But by the sound of what Katie said you let out a huge load of poo so you must have been quite desperate. I like Katie's idea of using pages from a school exercise book as toilet paper but I must have been rough to wipe with but I suppose it is better than having dirty knickers for the rest of the day at school. I look forward to your future post and I am eager to know whether Beth went through with her plans of doing a poo in the boy's toilets while they were in there. I hope she did.

To Golden Eye
Hi, I too find it very relieving and satisfying to fart as it release tons of pressure. However my farts are untrustworthy as I often poo myself while trying to fart, in fact it happened to me the other day when I dropped a rather wet and runny load into my knickers while I was watching TV. On occasions it has happened in public when I am desperate for a poo but I like when that happens. I hope this helped and I look forward to your future posts.


Shane (female)
i love your stories keep em commin.

In page 2093, Stranger wrote about imagining OTHER PEOPLE on the toilet. In page 2095, I replied to this, altering the direction slightly, on the first time I saw MYSELF in that position when staying overnight at my friend's house when there was a full length mirror opposite the toilet.

On page 2097, Stranger replied, raising the issue of 'sitting down to pee'.

There are arguments for and against this for males. It's now a few weeks since Stranger and I responded to one another, but I thought about it this morning as I sat unloading bowel and bladder after my high fibre breakfast.

I often sit for Number 1, as do my 2 teenage sons. We do that because sometimes our penises have a mind of their own, and in consideration for one another we often sit down, particularly when at home and we are wearing jogging pants which are easier to pull down. We have a rule - and they are as strict with me about this as I am with them - that if we wet the floor, we wipe it properly. (The same rule applies to cleaning the INSIDE of the toilet

It they use the toilet in friends' houses, they always sit.

Any thoughts on this matter from any one? This site is useful because comments can be anonymous.

(I know that some women always expect men to put the seat down. We put the lid down anyway as well, and normally no women use it. (My wife uses the en suite bathroom attached to our bedroom.)


to Anon. Girl

Thank you for answering my question. At my Catholic grade school, students were for the most part on their own for deciding when to go to the bathroom during recess or the lunch hour. Also, when the weather was good, students ate their bagged lunches on benches outside the classrooms.

But, during rainy dey session, when we couldn't go outside to play or eat lunch, we had assigned "toilet times." On rainy days, students ate their bagged lunches at their desks. Then, everyone would go to the bathroom one row at a time.

Also, when I wrote that I recall students going to the bathroom one row at a time in third grade, the weather was good. It wasn't rainy day session, so students could have gone to the bathroom during recess or the lunch hour.

im a middle school cheerleader in 8th grade. It was a
football game day, so i had my cheerleader skirt on. Right
before lunch, in spanish class, i felt the urge to poop. It felt like a solid one. I thought i could hold it in until lunch, so i
ignored it and went back to work. About ten minites later, i
felt the urge return. "can i use the restroom?" i asked the
teacher. she said no. I started fidgeting in my chair. My
boyfriend, who sits next to me, asked if i was ok. i never
kept secrets from him, so i told him. i asked the teacher
again. this time she said yes. As i stood up, i i accidentaly
stopped clenching my butt. I stood helplesly as i filled my
red panties, now forming a huge bulge that hung out
below my skirt. i felt soooo embarassed! Everyone still calls me names :(

Travelin Man
Talk about weird bathroom experiences. I was traveling with three other guys from high school to spend a week at my best friend Mike's dad's house on the beach. It was far enough away that we had to spend a night in a hotel half way there. After stopping for lunch the first day, we continued the long drive. As we got close to our stopping point, I started to feel the need to take a crap. I assumed I could hold it until we stopped but it just kept getting worse. I couldn't even let any gas out to ease the pressure because everyone in the car would know I had to shit. As we pulled in to the very nice hotel and started to check in, I was already trying to figure out where I was going to go. I didn't want to just run in the room and overwhelm the bathroom. I'm kind of a bashful about using the bathroom around other people. I noticed a building by the pool area that looked like it had a bathroom for swimmers. I couldn't leave because we all had to sign for the room. We carried our bags up to the room. As soon as we got in the room, I told the other guys I was going back to the car because I forgot something. I was in dire straights now. It was just a matter of time before I was going to have far bigger problems. The elevator seemed to take forever. I was walking as fast as I could without being obvious, out to the pool area. Thankfully the bathroom was not being used. I quickly locked the door and dropped my pants. My butt couldn't hit the seat soon enough. I was quickly filling the bowl with soft piles of shit that seemed like it would never end. Just as I breathed a sigh of relief, there was a loud pounding on the door, followed by what sounded like my best friend Ben urgently yelling, "Mike, open the door. Hurry up. It's an emergency." I was in a pretty compromising position to let him in but had no idea what was going on outside the door. I got up from the toilet, pants still down, and gave the toilet a quick flush before opening the door a little. Ben pushed me out of the way and said, "I'm really sorry. I'm about to crap in my pants." Apparently I wasn't the only one who was holding on tight in the car, and bashful about going in the room. I felt weird being in the room with him in a desperate situation, but I really hadn't done any clean up yet. It only took a second for him to get in front of the toilet and drop his pants. He looked in the bowl and moaned, "You could've flushed". Now I was really embarrassed. I guess my quick flush didn't work and all the shit that left my body was too much for the bowl to handle. I answered, "I tried to flush. I guess it didn't work." It no longer mattered to Ben. He was loudly adding to my mess in the toilet. I didn't want to watch but I needed the toilet paper. I asked Ben to hand me the toilet paper so I could wipe my butt. Ben and I had seen each other without clothes before but never in this type of situation. He handed me the role and laughed as I started wiping in the other corner of the small room. He laughed and said, "This is embarassing". I was just about done wiping, throwing my toilet paper in the garbage can when he asked for the toilet paper back. As he was wiping, I pulled up my pants. I was about to leave when Ben said, "If the toilet wouldn't flush with just your shit in the bowl, what do you think will happen with both of our shit in the bowl. I told him maybe he should throw his paper away in the basket instead of in the bowl, to help the flush. He finished wiping, threw his paper in the basket with mine, then stood up, pulling up his pants. We both looked in the bowl. Wow! What a mess. Ben tried to flush. The toilet tried to flush everything down. It actually did flush but there was so much poop in the bowl, it took three flushes to get it all down. Now that everything was back to normal, Ben explained that he was getting pretty desperate in the car, and didn't want to go in the room with everyone else there because he knew it was going to be a big one. He saw me going in to the pool bathroom and knew that was the answer to his problem. He apologized for barging in on me. I told him I was thinking the same thing and knew I only had a short time before I was going to crap in my pants. We both laughed at our shyness about going to the bathroom, then decided we better head back up. When we walked in the room, imagine our surprise when the room smelled like shit. Turns out one of the others had to go too but wasn't as bashful as Ben and I were. I guess whatever we ate for lunch was like a laxative for all of us. Ben and I didn't tell them what had happened to us. We decided to keep it to ourselves. In a weird way it made us even closer best friends.

Back in the day part 2

Thanks Mr.Bradon T for your comments

This time frame takes place back before I was in the 10th grade.
just the summer of it just turning 15 at the time cause my birthday is in July so anyways. This one day in general it was a real hot summer day me and my friend I told you about in my last story. Well we chose to go swimming that day at her apartment club house pool where her and her family lived. So my mom drops me off and my bike just in case we ride bikes later, by the way my friend " sister n law " is a year older than me and my husband 4 years old than me, but we didn't talk till I was 18, but anyhow. So I make it there I see my friend and we talk and she asked me if I was ready, not yet have too change into my swimsuit, so she wearing a nice two piece suit that was white and poka dots. So I hurry in the bathroom part and take a stall and take off my outfit I was wearing and fold up my skirt neatly and t-shirt and place them in my bag and take off my panties and place them in my bag and put on my two piece on and joined my friend in the pool by the way it was a red two piece cause red is my second color outside of pink hehe.
So we swam for couple hours, So we going into the bathroom part and walk in the middle part two hit the showers, to wash the carlone off.
So as I was washing off I got urge too stinky, and I told my friend she said it's cool she had to boo boo. So I quickly grab my towel and wrap around me and head to the toilet stalls and I notice coner of my eye she hurried herself so I take the 3rd stall she takes the 2nd cause the other two was in used already. So I quickly take my towel off and wipe off the water that was driping from my behind and afterwards, I hang up my towel and sit on the toilet, So I ask her was she was ok she said yup just glad to get the show on the roll. So as I was sitting there I feel my hole open ups and 3 mud sliders slide out of me, with a smile to my face made my stomach feel lighter, so I heard splashs from the 2nd stall and I start laughin at her she said that wasn't funny I said huh huh cause you need stop forcing it out just let it come naturally, so grunting and stranning is not good cause it wears you out, so till this day she learned not to strain or grunt, we thinking comming out with a book on healthy habbits , I like Dr. Oz cool guy, but so after we got done having our stinky we wipe and flush, and change into our clothes we had on. So later on that day we rode our bikes into town, and that night her brother who is my husband of 3 years took me home and it was funny too, we didn't talk the whole time, he just drove and listen to his music all the way, just something nowdays we can't wait to ask how each other day. Thank you all for your time. The End


more Catholic School info!

I went to a Catholic school too! I'm in Kentucky and I know there are all girl schools here as well. Ours was boys and girls, 1-8 grades.

We had toilet time twice a day, once in the morning, once in the late afternoon. We had recess outside and there were no restrooms in the cafeteria. So going during those times was out of the question. We were not allowed to get up from our seats during lunch until our table was called and we were required to sit in a certain order at certain tables.

We did often have teachers not allow breaks, but usually, if it was an emergency, they would. I don't recall anybody having accidents past 3rd grade.

We did have "bathroom monitors" that were assigned to stay in the bathroom during bathroom time and tell people to move along and not hang out or talk, make sure there were no messes, all toilets were flushed and nobody was "primping"...and report to teachers if they were. Sometimes if someone was in the bathroom too long, the teacher would come in and tell them to get out. Only 5 were allowed in at a time, as one left, another would come in.

Hide n' Go Poop

Friend poop

Today I was thinking back to when I was 6 years old. My best friend was a year older than me and my first crush.
I remembered a time when we were at my house playing battleships along with my sister. When the game was over I got up and everyone followed me, I walked into the bathroom and Emily (my friend) said "what's this?" I said "It's my bathroom, and could you guys leave? I have to go" Emily and my sister left and I peed then we played more battleships. When I got back into my room I was about to play more battleships when Emily said she had to go to the bathroom. I played with my sister and was so in to it I didn't even notice it had been almost an hour since Emily left. Finaly I asked my sister where she went and she just shrugged. We played another game and finaly she came back and we played another game. After the game she left and I went to go pee again.
In the bathroom I smelled NOTHING I looked at the seat and saw the BIGGEST turd ever, It was almost vertical and was poking out of the toilet and was leaning on the seat and had a giant smudge. I flushed the toilet and al the water turned all brown. Finaly after 2 flushes it broke down and went down the toilet. I wish I wasn't 6 because that would have been the best moment of my life

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Golden Eye

Story and Question

Does anyone find it relieving and satisfying to fart? Every time I fart, I feel like the world is off my shoulders. I gotta say that in public places, especially the library, it's hard to hold it in when you really have to fart.

The story just deals with me currently. I'm holding in my poop until the electrician is done working on the lighting. I hold he finishes soon because I gotta poop something awful. The gas is coming more frequently and getting louder and stinkier. I'm downstairs btw and the electrician is upstairs so he can't hear me haha.

I love the accident stories here. I have some of my own, but most are from friends when I was growing up.

My best friend's sister was always having accidents. I think she liked doing it, although I don't know how she could sit in it for hours without issues. The times when it's happened to me, either pee or poo makes me really itchy/burning and uncomfortable.

One time me and and my friend (her brother) went to the movies to see.. I think it was Edward Scissorhands.. and we had to take her along. She was I think 8 or 9. Anyhow we get our popcorn and stuff and go sit down, and like 5 minutes into the movie I get a whiff of pee. I looked over at her, but it was too dark to tell. I smelled it a couple times during the movie, but I mostly forgot about it until we left, and then I saw her pink jeans were totally wet on the butt. She denied it and said she spilled her pop, but she stunk like pee really bad.

Another time, a few months later during the summer, me and my friend were hanging out on this dirt hill near our houses riding our bikes. His sister came up and started bothering us, so we started throwing dirt at her. We were having a cool dirt war until she stopped throwing dirt and said "Wait! Stop." She stood there for a minute then kind of squatted down a little bit and put her hand on her butt. My friend said "Gross, Sarah!" and she kind of grinned, tugged on her shorts, and went back to throwing dirt at us. It was pretty obvious after a few minutes from the smell and the lump on her butt what she had done. That one was really nasty, she kept playing and bothering us for hours and the back of her shorts was totally brown and she reeked.

Oh, one other time, this was later when she was like 10 or 11. My family met up with their family randomly at the grocery store. She was wearing navy blue tights which were super obviously peed in, and she had a white t-shirt that went down past her crotch. The shirt had a perfect half-moon yellow stain over her butt.

I have tons more stories about her. Will post them soon!

Mr. Clogs

My routine night time pee in the cup post

I have a quick post to share here. I got up to pee like I normally do during the night. I reached for my bathroom cup and proceeded to pee a nice golden stream into the cup. The cup is 32 oz and I manage to fill the cup 3 quarters up which is about 24 oz which was a lot for me. Usually I can fill up the cup up to the top with clear or light yellow urine, not the golden brown color. Interesting discovery if I just hold my pee in for a little longer and pee later then I can pee a nice golden stream into the cup. I might try it again soon.


Karen: Thanks for the compliment about men's bathrooms. Sometimes men can be messy too and don't pull up the toilet seat if they have to pee.

Car Mom: Awesome posts, I really enjoyed reading them. From the car to the arm rests, nice.

To Sarah's Dad, my condolence goes out to you and the family on Sarah's passing. Stay strong. Take care.

I feel the urge to poop now. I'm going to take care in a few. Have a great weekend everybody and catch ya later.

Mr. Clogs

Shane (female

Constipated on a Date with a Hot Guy

What up, it's Shane. I wanna tell you guys about what just might be the most embarrassing thing that's ever happened to me.

There's this dude I go to school with named Aaron, and I've had a thing for him for about 2 years. He actually asked me out on a date a few weeks ago! He had plans to take me bowling and then out for pizza. He picked me up at my house around 6:30 on the following Saturday and we walked to the bowling alley. (Remember, we're 14. We can't drive yet.) It was really fun. We bowled 2 games and then we played some arcade games. He even won me a stuffed SpongeBob from the claw machine. During the middle of the second bowling game, I started to get a stomach ache. I had completely forgot that it had been constipated for 6 days! It kept getting worse and worse, and before long, I got a pretty big urge to poop. We left the bowling alley around 9:00 and walked to a cute little diner type place in the small town where I live. All that walking made my urge to poop even worse. We got a booth and ordered our pizza. I had to put my hands on my stomach to settle things down. Aaron didn't notice since it was going on under the table. After we got to talking, he came over to my side of the booth and put his arm around me. He noticed I was holding my stomach and asked if everything was alright. I told him yes, and that I'd be ok. After a little while, my stomach started to hurt really bad so I was rubbing it a little. Once again, Aaron noticed. "Whoa, you feelin' ok? You look kinda odd," he said. "I don't know, to be honest with you," I said. "Would you care if I went to the little girls' room real quick?" I asked him. "Not at all," he said. "Take your time." Since this is such a small, local restaurant, both bathrooms only have one toilet and a sink. I went in and sat on the toilet. I gave a long hard push to get things started. To my surprise, nothing happened. I tried again, and still nothing. I rubbed my stomach super hard while I tried again. This time, a turd about 2 in started coming out about 3 inches and got stuck. I bent forward and pushed as hard as I could, trying not to grunt since I was in public. It came out 4 more inches and was now 3 inches thick and starting to stretch my hole pretty bad. I relaxed a little to try and catch my breath. I looked at my phone and I had been in there for 5 minutes. I hated keeping Aaron waiting, so I began to push harder. The turd wouldn't budge no matter what I did. I tried rubbing my stomach, hips, and butt cheeks, getting on my toes, bending over, and even standing up. I heard my phone get a text. It was from Aaron. It said, "You ok in there???" I texted back, "No, not really." Then, he said, "What's the problem?" I replied, "I'm so sorry, I have a turd stuck half-way out of my ass." His next text said, "OUCH! Are you ok?????" I said, "I know, I'm so sorry I'm keeping you waiting! I'll try to hurry, this is so embarrassing." He said, "No worries, I'm not going anywhere. To be honest, I'm really worried about you." Before I could reply, I was hit with a MAJOR cramp that made me immediately double over. I pushed with all my mite and the turd moved about an inch. I had to do something, this turd was stretching my hole to its limit. I looked around and saw a bottle of soap sitting on the sink, this gave me an idea. I put some on my hand and rubbed it on the turd and my butthole. I made sure to put a bunch on there. I let it sit for about a minute and tried pushing HAAARD! Thank God, the turd slid out about 6 inches and fell right into the toilet! I wiped my beyond sore hole, washed my hands really, really well, and went to join Aaron. I couldn't believe he was still there! I sat down and he gave me long hug and said, "Are you feeling better?" "Yes," I said. "I don't even feel the slightest bit sick now. Thanks for being there for me, it really helped me out." "No problem at all. Let's just keep this between us," Aaron said. "I was hoping you'd say that, haha." We ate our pizza and Aaron walked me home. Before I went inside he said, "You can come to me anytime you have trouble pooping, ok?" I said ok and we hugged for a really long time.

That's mah story, hope you guys like it(:

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