Hi I just got back from taking what started out as an average poop. I took my trousers off and sat down leaning forwards with my legs apart. As soon as I felt ready I started to push. I think I typically push about 2 times a minute. Normally just breath in hold it and push for about 10-15 seconds then let it out and rest for a while. I carried on like this for about 5 minutes I knew there was definitely something going to come out but it was going to take a bit longer. I very often find a change of position helps so I sat right back and pushed leaning back against the tank. This worked well and a large piece was soon out. I took a rest and then decided to try and make some more come out I lent forward again and continued as before. After probably about 5 minutes nothing was coming so I began to push harder and tried a few different positions. Nothing was working very well so I thought I would try increasing the pace. I leant very far forward and took short breaths grunting very hard but only for a short period (3 or 4 seconds) then let go and immediately began again. This was very hard work but still enjoyable. I was probably getting about 10 pushes per minute. After about three minutes I got the final piece out and took a good rest. I think this shows that its definitely wirth trying different techniques to get a result.


New York City Public Schools

Did anybody else attend the NYC public high school system? It seemsmost of the schools were built with the same basic floor plans. The "boys" restrooms had a very strange layout. They had urinal troughs and sinks that looked very similar, and the toilet stalls were visable from the hallways. The stalls were always doorless (boys & male teachers only of course) and while you could not actually see somebody sitting on the toilets from out in the hallway, the toilet paper rolls were mounted outside the stalls on the "endcaps" meaning sharing 3 rolls of toilet tissue for 4 toilets. The holders were mounted high which meant you had to stand up to get your tissue, and to make matters worse, they "flattened" every roll which meant you could not pull the tissue off the roll, rather you had to "unwind" the paper ....very slow process while you were standing there partially bareass exposed to all passerbyers in the hallway, and if your neighbor was getting tissue you might have to was embarrasing. The "girls" restrooms all had private tissue holders and stall doors with latches. Anybody else remember these bathrooms from the 1970's ?


Only Post?

Hi, this is my first ever post I've put onto this site. I really enjoy all of these stories that people post. Well, I'm going to add one to the annuls of this wondrous site! Here I go: To start with, I'm 17, average build, 5'8, messy brown hair, and I'm a nice person all around. However, this story takes place 5 years ago, when I was 12. It was February of 2007, and I had gone to a Bar Mitzvah the night before. Apparently, there was some undercooked food or something like that, because I woke up with a bad case of mushy, runny poop, like diarrhea, but at the same time, not like it. As luck may have it, I was going on a trip to the Dominican Republic that very day. The ride to the airport was uneventful, but then I saw that the flight was delayed. Then it got delayed again, and again. About half an hour before the flight arrived, my stomach hurt again and I released another round of mush. The flight then took off and I wasn't feeling too good. About half an hour after the flight took off, I went to the bathroom and took another noisy, runny shit. The turds were light beige and very runny and it burned my ass as it went out. I went back to my seat and I felt some pressure on my bum. I thought it was a fart and expelled it. However, a slimy feeling went into my boxers and the smell was horrible. I went back to the bathroom, cleaned up my messy boxers, took the last of my runny shit and went back. My ass smelled horrible the entire ride through. That was, for as long as I can remember, the first time I shit my pants that I wasn't a baby. I was SO embarrassed, and I hoped no one else could smell the stench. When we arrived, I felt another urge and I went to the toilet in our villa. This runny poop on/off cycle continued for a day or so and then it subsided at last. That was easily the most embarrassing moment of my childhood.

For those that are curious, I poop regularly in the morning and in the evening. I eat a lot of healthy food and a lot of it goes through with no problems at all. It's incredibly rare that I get diarrhea now, and I'm happy with my bowel movements.

Hope you enjoyed, I'll try to think of some more if you liked it.
Love this site BTW.

Curious Guy
Hello, guys and girls,

I have a little dilemma that I thought I'd seek some advice for here, hoping for some good answers. The thing is, I'm one of many, not least in this page, who enjoys watching women taking a crap. My girlfriend, on the other hand, is far from open with these things. I have not yet brought up the subject with her, but I know that it's not her cup of tea. So my problem is whether I should tell her about it, if she'd let me watch her, and if so, how to ask her?

I thought that maybe some of you guys who've told your women about this, or women who've been told this by guys, what would you say would be the best way? When would be the ideal moment to drop this bomb (pun very much intended)? I'm mainly afraid she'll think of me as some sort of freak.

Anyhow, I'd be grateful for all answers and advice. Thank you!


Stac: I had those kinds of jobs when I graduated HS. I hated them. I thought that I was going to be there for life. Try working in a NYC subway where you can't leave the booth unless you call for a comfort relief.
Rube: I had an incident like that in Barbados when I was barely in HS and in scout camp. Always in the last days, it was. The cramps used to frighten me. See my earlier posts. When you travel, you must be prudent of what you eat and drink. Those countries do not have the best sanitary conditions. I was in Barbados where the habits are pretty good. I believe that I ate some of my uncle's spicy cooking and I had diarreah early on a Friday morning before dawn. It scared me to death.
Blueboy: I've had many memorable farts because I usually fart between the 4th and 6th piece or I would fart when I pee. When I was a little girl in school, I could fart loud and hard. That is why I would not make #2 at school. I would hold it until I got home. I remember some girls who used to fart big in school and college when they sat on the bowl. I was one of them. See my posts. I remember teachers and professors and bosses. They were brutal. I used to get out of the bathroom with them. I hated it. My grammar school teachers could fart when they took a piss in the toilet. See my post about me and the teacher in the same school bathroom.
Kitty: I was a college freshman and decided the first week that I was going to move my bowels. I was an adult and not a scared little schoolgirl anymore. See my first posts. I exploded my first week in school.
Shane: When I taught, I never denied or penalized a child for using the toilet. When I taught secondary school, I let them pass to my class, check in and let them go.
MikeyPee: In elementary school, I used to take disabled kids to the toilet. I was in 4th grade. They were my best friends.
that guy (new here): off the subject-escape from a lift or elevator must be done with the assistance of qualified personnel. We've had serious and even fatal injuries.
to that former catholic school girl: I had such an episode in an airport when I was a little girl. It was frightening. The cramps were horrible. I felt dizzy and rotten. I was shtting water and brown sediment that went to the bottom of the bowl. My ass itched me after I wiped and I was scratching myself while wearing pink nylon panties, worse. I kept running to the women's room. See my early posts. In 7th grade, I had such an attack and so did another girl in my class. we exploded in the girls bathroom bad. We felt rotten, but we were glad for each other's company. I recall us both racing downstairs to the girls toilet. Then, I had an episode each year in HS and in college. High school, I always had it in January and had to be sent home or I would ride it out. Me and another girl, Laura and a boy Larry, had it the same day. One day, I was sent home and I caught an attack at the subway station. Thankfully, it was a clean station with a 5 stall female toilet with doors and plenty of paper. I hung my books on the divider, shed my jacket, undid my jeans and white Carter's band-leg cotton briefs to my ankles, after I put paper on the seat. I had just turned 15 and I let out a torrent of brown water and farts-no chunks. I was scared that I was going to be there all afternoon. It was just before noon. It just kept squishing out these little drops of brown and clear water and wet farts. No other female was around. I was happy. I did not want to be seen like this. I sat bent over to get relief. Then, more waterfalls like Old Faithful erupted. After about 30 minutes and many trains rumbling overhead, I reached for a roll of transit toilet paper and wiped my tender behind, pulled up my clothes and took the train home. I took a warm bath and applied witch hazel to my itching rectum and went to sleep until my parents came home. I laid in bed in my undershirt and a fresh white panty. My father had just become a magistrate. They were surprised to see me and I told them the story.
Story Teller: I remember the difference bet. home and school toilets. I remember holding myself together in first grade when I had to pee. Some girls like me were skinny, so we had to scrunch ourselves together on the bowl. We would first get our paper, then undo our dresses to our waists and underwear to our knees or ankles, hold our paper in our hands bet. our legs, pee or #2 or both, then wipe ourselves. I was a skinny runt. I used to worry about falling into a house toilet at someone's house. I had to balance myself, with a dress, slip and panties and toilet paper. Or, we would sit on the bowl and stretch our little bodies toward the divider to reach for the toilet roll. We had to spread our legs, knees and ankles and stretch our panties. Peeing was fine. #2 was horrible. I had cramps when I was dropping these huge Idaho potatoes. I dreaded visiting my grandfather because Sunday dinner was my biggest meal after Saturday night. So one pushed out the other resulting in my bowel transit time and I used to shit these huge baked potatoes. My behind did not cover the bowl and I was afraid that I would fall in. Some bigger girls had bigger behinds and could fit on the bowl. As you got taller, your feet could touch the floor, you were no longer awkward. My feet touch the floor by 4th grade. I don't ever recall making #2 in school until 7th grade. Some girls could, not me. I was afraid of the noise and the smell. Some girls would comment about others. Some were curious about each other's bodies. They would ask each other questions about what they were doing on the toilet and the condition of their bodies, namely pussies. Some girls would say, "I am making doo-doo or #2 or #1 or I am peeing or am doing #1 and #2." Some of us would let each other into the stalls and we compare each other. Each human body is different. I used to like to sit on the bowl at my grandmother and aunt's house. It was a typical small round bowl for my skinny behind. As I grew, I could sit comfortably in 3rd and 4th grades with my light blue dress and white cotton slip up and my white Eiderlon panties at my knees or below and I was happy. I could cover the entire area or leave a gap. I liked those panties. They had a tiny little bow sewn on the front waistband. A girl named Daryl used to join us to move her bowels every afternoon at school. I would take my piss and then talk with the other girls. One afternoon, Daryl came into the girls room, lifting up her gray khaki jumper, white slip and baring her pink panties saying, "I gotta make bad." She headed for an open stall, pulled down her panties to her ankles, sat on the bowl, closed the stall door and evacuated her bowels in one motion. I heard these loose plops. Then, she followed with a thin long pee that hit the water. She was talking to the girls who were in the stalls as well as those standing around. I was curious and climbed on the next stall toilet and watched her reel of paper and wipe herself front and back. She left behind loose dark brown chunks. She had a skinny behind like all of us that did not cover the bowl and left a gap. She did not mind or care. While she fixed her clothes and was adjusting her panty, dress and slip, she asked me, "Althea, how come you never make doo-doo at school?" I told her. "I wait to get home. I am afraid to do it at school." She never flushed the toilet and would leave a 1-3 log stool with paper that she wiped herself-sometimes. There were times that she was too lazy to wipe. She would not flush the bowl and leave her logs either floating or sunk to the bottom. She was good people. One morning, I was in the girls room, I went to pee. I took one of the mid stalls, pulled the door closed, lifted my gray jumper, white slip, pulled down my white panty hose and white Eiderlon panties to my knees, squatted over the bowl with the seat turned up and peed. I wiped myself between my legs from the front and pulled up my clothes. I did not even flush. I just left my light yellow urine with a strip of toilet paper. When I finished, Daryl came in, took a stall, hitched up her red dress, white slip and pulled down her white with red print panties and her red panty hose to her ankles. She sat on the bowl and I heard her saying. "Oh, oh, oh." Then there were these four huge plops, a long pee, then a fart with another plop. Her tip-toes pressed into the floor and she let out another buzzing fart. As I washed my hands, Daryl's bowels exploded with loose chunks. I left her and went to class. Later, I confronted her and she told me that she could not hold it until afternoon. She stinked the bathroom good.

Once, at my aunt's house, Pat, an older female cousin in came looking for me and found me on the bowl. My navy skirt and white slip were bunched around my waist and my white Eiderlon panty was at my ankles with my knees apart and my hairless girlhood splayed. I was 7 years old in 3rd grade.I was making #2 with cramps. I had already dropped 3 long brown bananas and some loose pieces. I had made a long wet fart and a pee. I peed long and hard. She asked me something and I answered her I told her to tell my dad that I did not feel well and that I was sitting on the toilet. My old man came to the bathroom door. He saw me and what I had done. I told him, "Daddy, I have a stomach ache and I am making #2. Everything is coming out loose." He told me, "Sit there until you feel better." He left and I heard him tell his mother and sisters, "Althea is sitting on the toilet. Her bowels are loose. She'll be better." I sat there for a long time. I just wanted the cramps to go away. I wiped myself so that my rectum would not itch. When I finished, I fixed my clothes and we went home.

Another time when I was 6, daddy and I went to his first cousin's house and I had to go #2, no sooner than I arrived. It was in the afternoon. I was wearing blue jeans and light blue printed band-leg panties, which I got down to my ankles and I was on the bowl. My bowels were loose. I was in second grade and I just exploded like a geyser, "BLOP, FLISH, BLOP, BLOP!" It was not unexpected, just that it was loud and loose. I was used to a 1-4 logs. My cousin Vera, a 24 year old girl looked in on me. I was close with the older girls. When she opened the bathroom door in the kitchen, there I was. She looked over me and saw from my back of my behind on the toilet. Plus, my legs were open. There was lots of large mushy brown chunks. I was glad to get it out of me. I stinked the bathroom good. She kept me company and we talked. She said how she gets diarreah and how she used to get it when she was a girl and how she wore mostly white underwear. When she and I got older, she did wear black. In those days, for a woman, it was white, black or pink, not all these colors and prints. Panties were only full-cut until I got to HS, then there were bikinis. Little girls wore light pretty colors and light prints. She asked me, "Do you know how to wipe yourself?" And, I showed her from front to back.Then, she left me until I came out. In fact, she returned and I wiped myself under my legs, through the front, good and clean with 4 wads, got off the bowl, pulled up my underwear and pants and flushed. I liked that underwear and it fit me through HS. My mother bought the best for me. She reminded me. She asked me if I make #2 at school. I told her that I go at home before or after school. Vera told me, "When I was a little girl, I made #2 at school in the morning and the afternoon and through HS." I told her that I was afraid to make at school. She gave me lessons on hygiene for a girl. I spent lots of time with Vera when I was growing up and we were close that we shared the baths and showers and kept each other company on the toilet. Vera would pull her pants and underwear to her knees and keep her legs together. Her bowels were always loud and loose and gassy. We had these round bowls in all our homes. When I lived in my own apts. and co-ops, I had modern elongated bowls, just like at work. I like them. They are comfortable for sitting and reading.

concerned girl: I do not know about those leg devices. When you join the USMC, I guess that you will see other women and you will use your best judgement. You will be in the woods. So, you will have to, well... I have peed in the bushes in the park. You will find equality very quickly. I never made #2 in the woods.

Susan: I had enemas when I was little until 9th grade. I hated them. They were brutal. Come to think of it, I had a brutal mother who used to give them to me. I was squirting that stuff for days. I prefer a saline or citric of magnesia laxative. Dulcolax was brutal but it was a relief for chronic constipation when I was 19 and 20.

Sarah: You and your friend just happened to get the call of nature at the same time. I had the same thing in grammar and HS and college with many of the girls. See my earliest posts.Same girls, same toilet habits morning, afternoon and evening. Another girl(Vietnamese) and I used to meet up in the girls bathrooms in HS. She used to move her bowels often. She could hold it from morning, but then she had to find a toilet. The reason was there was no toilet paper in many of the stalls. There was shortage due to budget cuts. I liked her. She was tall and cute. I ran an AV squad. So I had keys to the rooms and I would open up an unused girls or boys or even an obscure men teachers toilet for her to use.

USA Dude: Those who are the best dressed are the ones who make the most noise and stink. I've been around them.

Nicola: That is why I was glad that I was an only child.

Kilroy: When I was that age, I had boy playmates and we let each other in the bathroom. My cousin, a boy was shocked that girls made #2. He was 3 years younger than me. Another was 6 years younger than me. I taught him how to use the toilet. I did the same with neighbors' son on the block. I was 6 years old and I brought in another boy my age. We were playing and we wanted to use the bathroom. We came up to the apartment where I lived. He unzipped his short pants, let them down and his white briefs, pulled out his johnson and simply peed in our toilet, flushed and fixed his pants. Then, I lifted my plaid jumper, let down my cotton white pak-knit briefs to my ankles sat on the toilet and urinated. I wiped myself, wiggled on my undies, let down my jumper and flushed. He asked me, "Do girls make doo-doo?" I told him yes. Later came in the afternoon and back inside we went. I had to make or it would have been in my undies. I let him in the bathroom with me. I sat on the bowl with my jumper bunched aroud my waist and my briefs down. I pressed out a long 18 inch log. I sat with my chin in my hands when they were not clutching my ????. He was shocked by whar he saw. He said, "I did not know that girls make doo-doo." I sat for 10 minutes until I wiped myself and flushed. Then, it was his turn. He undid his pants and I noticed his erection in his white briefs. It sprang out when he pulled down his briefs. He sat on the bowl, holding his stomach in one had and his erection in the other. He pressed out three dark brown logs. They plopped hard in the bowl. Plus, he broke loud and stinky wind and urinated. He sat for 10 minutes. I gave him toilet paper and he wiped his penis and used another wad to wipe behind. He stood up, fixed his shorts, after he pulled up his briefs stuffed his erection in his penis and flushed. He was an only child and he moved away.

Abbie: Congratulations. You have lowered your inhibations by using a public school toilet. When I was in HS, I was surprised by the different colors of panties around ankles in the stalls, then in the movies and dept. stores. My first school bowel movement was in 7th grade. I could not hold it in one morning about 10-11AM. I squirmed quietly at my desk and then I went downstairs to the female bathroom. It felt good to get it out-thick and creamy. It felt like a hard rock in my rectum. Read my earliest posts. Days later, I had the same episode and I left my desk. I was holding my stomach for the relief of it. A quiet and shy girl whom they all picked on whispered to me, "You had #2?" I told her yes. She said, "I saw you squirming. Kid, do not hold it in. Your intestines will burst. Just go and donot be embarassed. Plenty of girls do #2 in here. You just do not catch them at the right time. Don't be afraid." Then after, I was going at school often, morning or afternoon. It was a religious school. We could not hang out in the bathroom.

I went for an evening run on the pedestrian path this one recent evening. So, I stopped in the female toilet at a nearby park. It has two stalls with doors. I reached for one door not knowing there was a little girl about 12 on the toilet. I saw through the crack that she was an ultra-Orthodox Jewish girl with blonde hair. Her long black skirt was up around her waist, her white cotton panties at her knees and she was bunched together. I realized my mistake and I apologized. I saw a bike outside and asked if it was her's. She said yes and I told her that I would bring it in so that it would not be stolen. She thanked me. She really stinked up the place. I took the next stall to urinate. I lowered my light blue Hind running shorts and my black Adidas microfiber panty to my knees and proceeded to squeeze out any leftover urine in me. This was for about 15 seconds. While I was sitting, the kid apologized for the smell. I told her not to worry. She was figidty. I could tell. She said, "I was riding my bike with my two friends outside when I had to move by bowels. I just could not hold it anymore. Thank God, because I almost went in my pants." She reminded me of when I was her age when I would sit on the bowl for an eternity. Bowel movements were murder for me. At that age, you are literally pressing it out. I reached for toilet paper and wiped myself bet. my legs from the front, pulled up my shorts and briefs and flushed. I still talked to the girl. She asked, "Can you wait until I come out? It's kinda lonely in here." I said, "Sure." I could look from a distance and see her still bunched up on the bowl while she reached for toilet paper. She sat and leaned over to wipe herself. Then, I saw her stand up with her skirt around her waist and facing the toilet. She was pulling up her briefs and then she flushed the bowl three times. That flusher is weak in that bathroom. She had a messy bowel movement because there were streaks at the bottom of the bowl. The girl exited the stall, saw me in my running clothes smiled and said, "Wow! You are gorgeous. Are you a teenager?" I told her that I was a grown woman. I was adjusting my black sports bra and another pink microfiber bra underneath for support. Otherwise, one sports bra and you can see my erect nipples. She said, "I want a nice body like that." We said our good-byes and went our ways. It is hard to believe that I went from a runt to a pudgy to a fatty and now I have nice defined body.


Held it until I couldn't anymore

Today I finally took a huge dump after not going for 8 days. I was doing some housework when I felt the urge. I was feeling naughty and decided to hold it until as long as I could and just go in my panties. I took off my jeans and then continued cleaning and holding. When it started to come out, the feeling was incredible.

I kept on pooping and pooping, and my panties were swelling and, oh man, I can't even describe the relief as more and more poop forced its way out into my totally filled panties. I was surprised my panties held this much poop without spilling any out of the sides. Finally the flow stopped and I made my way to the bathroom. I emptied out my panties about half way and thought I had better flush when I saw how much there was in the toilet. I flushed and dumped the rest then flushed again. I knew there was no way any amount of wiping would get me clean, so I just hopped in the shower.

Sophie: You are normal. I wake up in the morning and pee for a long time-30-60 minutes. Maybe, you are drinking water late at night. As long as your are going, be happy. The day that you don't, you are in trouble. I pee a lot during the day. When I feel the urge, I go. I do not hold back.
1. Name, age & sex: Timee, 19, female
2. Who, when and under what circumstances were you given the best advice on using public bathrooms? I was told not to hold it back and put paper in the seat. My mother, father and grandmother taught me. I was primed for school. So, I got trained at home.
3. Do you worry about doing things different than others? No, because I am a girl and I can do everything behind a closed stall door. No one has to see you.
4. What do you remember about what you were taught before beginning day care or kindergarten? My mother and father told me to when I get the urge to speak up, ask to go to the bathroom and go. They taught me how to pull up my dress or let down my pants, clean the seat, sit on the bowl and wipe myself, fix my clothes and flush the toilet and wash my hands.We practiced at home, church, department stores, relatives' houses, anywhere there was a toilet other than home. My parents always asked me if I had to go and they showed me the bathroom door and the toilet. They made me pee especially and asked me if I had to to move my bowels. I am fortunate not to have ever caught a stomach virus where I was throwing up or running my stomach. Using the toilet away from home is an adventure, now. I like schools, theaters, parks and department stores. I have had to use subway stations. They are nasty. And I only hover or squat to pee. I would never sit on one of those things. They have no doors. Some have no stalls, just 3 next to each other. I always tried to go at home or when I got home from school.

1. Do you sit or stand when you wipe your bottom? sit mostly. I will stand if I want to really clean myself after a messy bowel movement or pee or my cat area is wet and itching.
2. When you have a bowel movement, do you use wet wipes or moisten your toilet paper or just use dry toilet paper alone? dry toilet paper. If wet wipes are available, then I will use them after I use toilet paper.
3. How many times do you typically wipe after a shit? I never counted, but I look at the paper.
4. Do you read, smoke, or talk on the phone while you shit? read sometimes. Some people talk on the phone
5. Do you often bathe just after a bowel movement? Yes, if I am at home, if it is my first in the morning or if I am going out, I will bathe. I will bathe if my ass itches.
6. How often, usually, do you move your bowels? 1-3x a day. I eat a lot of fiber, nuts and drink lots of water. They make my bowels loose.
1. How many times a day do u go for a pee? many. I drink a lot of water.
2. How long does it take you to pee? 10-60 seconds.
3. Is your pee stream loud or quiet when hitting the water in the toilet? loud. I pee like a typical girl. It splashes against the folds between my legs.
4. How long do u take to poo? less than 5 minutes, unless I am making solid pieces or I have cramps with diarreah after eating spicy food. Or if I am constipated.
6. Whats ur poo like solid, mushy or liquid? mostly mushy, some liquid, or sometimes solid.
7. Do u fart when u poo? sometimes. My bowel movements are sometimes gassy. I am not bloated or distended.
8. Would u let someone of the same sex in the toilet with you? yes, my mother or another female, a classmate or a female relative. I have done so with a total stranger, a girl my age.
9. Would u let someone of the opposite sex in the toilet with you? yes, if I had the opportunity. My dad looks in on me sometimes. I let him. If I had a boyfriend, I would. I am around lots of girls, for "some" reason.

Please send out more surveys. I like answering them. In June, I had to pee at the library. So, I went upstairs to the female toilet where there are four stalls. I pulled down my blue jeans cut-off shorts and bright green American Apparel men's briefs to my ankles over my purple sneakers. It was a normal pee. It hit the water loud. Then, a little girl about 6, took the next stall. She had to pee. She bent over with her blue jeans and white panty to her ankles and asked if I was a guy. She said, "You are a guy. I can tell by your underwear." I told her, "No." She said, "Prove it." She took her pee and reached for toilet paper and bent her little body over to wipe herself. She forced the toilet flushed. Then, she came to my stall as I wiped myself. I opened the door and she saw my true womanhood sitting on the toilet. She exclaimed, "You're a girl!"

Saturday, I went to this country club that I like. I won two church raffles. They say that the raffle was fixed. I will go next weekend, again. I just ate my favorites: sausages, ribs, chicken, salads and watermelon. I ate carefully and slowly to satisfy my appetite and so that I could enjoy it. I had five large plates. I peed a few times-nothing spectacular. I went home and went to sleep. Sunday, morning I woke up and went to the toilet wearing only my birthday suit, naked. I sat on the toilet and dropped these semi-soft logs and chunks. I really stinked the bathroom good and I farted explosively. There were about 8 or so pieces. I wiped myself good, flushed and took a bath. After breakfast of Greek yogurt, berries, nuts and flaxseed, I put on my clothes and went to church. At some point about 10AM, I had to make more #2. So, I went to the women's room where there are four stalls. I took one of the stalls, closed the door, lifted my yellow skirt, white half slip high above my waist and pulled down my white Jockey microfiber bikini panty to my ankles and splattered out more soft chunks and logs. I sat with my knees together and my ankles apart. A lady was in the next stall heard me and said, "that must be that strange teenage girl who eats so much. I know the sound of her stomach anywhere. It does not take much to get her drawers down." I said nothing. I just sat on the bowl. She called me, "Timeeka?" and I answered." Are you alright?" I said, "Yes. I just ate too much at that place yesterday." She was undoing her dress and slip and garter panty to take a piss. She hovered over the bowl, peed, wiped, flushed and left. I finished and wiped myself clean, fixed my clothes and flushed the toilet and attended church. Later, I went to the movies in a real nice exclusive theater. They let me in and I was sitting in the lounge reading when the urge hit me again. I did not have diarreah. I was just filled with undigested food. So, I went to the womens room. It was spotless and smelling of disinfectant. I did not need a seat cover. I took a stall with these elongated white toilet bowls, undid my clothes, sat on the bowl and squeezed out this semi-soft banana-shaped stool with great ease, then two very short pieces. I sat for a short while. Then, I wiped myself with two wads of paper, fixed my clothes and flushed. Then, I enjoyed my movie. I will tell you about next weekend.

Next weekend: I returned to that country club for another round of eating. I stuffed myself with more vegetables and fruits, as well as ribs and sausage. I had five plates altogether, polished it off with lots of watermelon and sparkling water. For some reason, there was no movement until Sunday afternoon. I felt the urge in my rectum while ar home. I was lounging in some cotton pants. So, I went to the bathroom, undid the drawstring, let down my white FOL full-cut briefs and pants to my ankles and pressed out these three hard 6 inch pieces. They were murder. I sat for 15 minutes. It was like I was constipated. I did not drink enough water. But, I pressed them out with great relief. I wiped myself clean with two wads of paper and I admired my handiwork. As a poster said. "I ate big. So, I shit big." That is the way. I will take another colon cleanser tonight. I like it. It cleans me out without cramps and loose stools.

I went to summer school. I am way ahead of myself. Not bad for a girl who was a little dummy in public school. I am awaiting a transfer to an out-of-town school. So, I might be going away. My father bought me a colon cleanser to tone my colon and to latch on to the toxins in me. It is great. I put two scoops in water and drank it before bed. The next morninng at school, I went to the women's toilet, let down my gray cut-off sweat shorts and pink Flirtitude bikini panty to my ankles and pushed out a nice semi-hard solid stool about 7 inches. I smelled the rotten toxins. I sat for less than 5 mins. before I wiped myself and left the stall. I did not even flush come to think of it. I have gone into many stalls where the girls did not flush. Another day, I took another dose and I felt the urge while I was in the midtown. So, I ducked into a public building, found a female toilet, pulled down my black Nike shorts and gray Jockey microfiber panty to my ankles, sat on the bowl. My bowels evacuated loose brown pieces of all the fruits and vegetables that I ate in the morning. I have been drinking lots of water. I just sat and loosed these semi-soft pieces in rapid waves. Sunday, after church, I went to the movies, as usual. I got in duiring the intermission and headed to the female toilet. I took a stall, closed the door, lifted my black dress, pulled down my pink Flirtitude panties to my ankles and sat on the bowl. I let out another series of brown semi-soft chunks and I mean chunks-too many to count. While in there, another girl about my age was in another stall dropping her pieces and stinking the place. She called out to me, "I am sorry for the stink. I have to pinch off this loaf." I told her, "That does not bother me. We are in the same position." Literally. She said, "It smells like something died in me. I am just glad to get it out of me. These logs are huge and tough." I still had another wave of fine chunks to let out and out they came with no pain. After a while, I wiped myself and flushed the bowl. I bid the girl good-bye and went to my seat. I left her in the toilet, still.
Mr. Clogs: I wipe front-to-back. I have used plenty of school bathrooms at college, dept. stores, hotels, church, hospitals, movies and commuter trains. I like them when they are clean.
Sarah from Calgary: You really had problems
Survey: Your Preferred Method For Smell Elimination
Either air freshener, if available or nothing. I like the smell of my bowel movements. I pull down the seat lid. Greens, fruits, salads do it for me.
Lauren and Dave: I love to pee, also. I love to hear myself pee, as well as others.

Abbie: I took my colon cleanse preparation. and I got good results. There are no cramps, just good smooth and large firm bowel movements.

Grace: I take fiber powder and the results are excellent.

Story Teller: Parks departments have people to maintain the restrooms. It is a health law.

RandiP: I wipe front to back and I use lots of paper and I dig in until the paper is clean. If the paper is clean, then my panties will be clean.

Dan: My trips to the toilet are enjoyable.

Storyteller: I have used a variety of toilets. I like the elongated ones in schools and theaters. We have them at my church. Some old buildings have them. When I was little, I liked the long toilets. They made me feel comfortable. I could spread myself out or keep myself together. Parks have small bowls. Large bowls, I squat or hover over them sometimes when I pee, I lift the seat, with my pants or short skirt around my ankles or my skirt around my waist.
Question: If you enter a public bathroom and all 10 toilets are available, how do you choose the one you're going to use?
a) random
b) end stall
c) closest
d) first one my eyes see
e) if the seat is clean
f) if there's toilet paper available
g) if there's no crap or pee in the bowl or I will flush it.
h) there's a door and lock that works
i) there's a container for feminine products
j) other
My answers are:
a. if it is clean and has paper
b. I like end stalls at school. They give me privacy when I need it the most.
c. if it is clean and I am desperate
d. same as above
e. self-explanatory
f.same as above and clean
h. I can live without it.
i. yes, if I have tampon hardware
j. I like the ones that are evenly-spaced facing each other. I can look in on another girl or vice-versa and we can talk.
I like this survey and this forum. I can be who I am with no recriminations, as long as it between us. I heard a doctor on radio say that 3 or 4 stools that do notfloat are good. That means that there is fiber. I have to look more at my stools and remember if I ate fiber. Mine tend to be loose and soft. Grapes and strawberries are loaded with magnesium.
Raven: Them must have been some good underwear that you ruined. You wasted the best part that did not go in the toilet.
Anny: Keep a diary of what you eat, daily and of your toliet use. That will pin it down.
Susan: Enemas are nasty. My science professor says that the anus was designed for expelling, not for a tube pumping water into you. I hope that I never get one.


Desperate walk home

I took my car to the repair shop today and instead of riding the bus I decided to walk home. It was a nice day and I was just enjoying the perfect temperature. I was maybe half way there when I noticed a small urge to poop. I might have been able to hold it until I got home, but I wasn't sure, so I began to look for nearby public toilets. I continued walking and found a store, but unfortunately, I was told their bathrooms were for staff only.

My need was getting a little more intense, so my next stop was a gas station. They always have public bathrooms, I reasoned. I went in and bought a small candy bar, then asked about the bathroom. The clerk pointed me towards them and I headed that way. But the ladies' room in that gas station was so filthy I wanted a haz-mat suit just to breathe in there. The toilet was plugged up with the hugest turd I've ever seen, and there was diarrhea on the floor and in the sink. I swiftly closed the door and left the bathroom just as quick as I could without drawing undue attention to myself.

At that point, I really had to go, and it occurred to me that if I had just gone straight home when I first felt the urge, instead of looking for public bathrooms, I'd have made it. But now, I was just minutes from eruption and would take any toilet... well, any clean toilet. I made a mental map of where I was and I knew there was a fast food restaurant fairly close, so I made a beeline there. When I got there, I headed right to the bathroom and found all the stalls taken and three people in front of me.

I was super desperate to poop and it seemed all the occupants of the stalls were also pooping. The time slowly ticked by and finally one stall opened and the line was down to two people then me. I let out several horrible smelling farts, but I couldn't feel too embarrassed, I mean that's what the bathroom is for. Two stalls opened almost at the same time and that left just me in the line. A little girl, maybe seven years old, ran into the bathroom doing a pee-pee dance. When a stall opened, even though I was on the verge of pooping my pants, I let the girl go first.

Thankfully, she peed very quickly and then it was my turn. Just in time, I plonked myself down and started to fill the toilet. That was the most relieving poop I can remember having in a long while. The fact that I didn't mess my panties was just icing on the cake, really.

Riley- I do still try to have fun. It is just hard because I get in so much trouble when my parents find out.
Catherine- Have to say your posts are my favorite. We are very similar.
Ellen- So happy you started posting. I wish my mom would understand like you do and even try it.
Brandon-Happy belated birthday. I hope you get your wish soon. You are always so nice to everyone on here.
So yesterday was my first day home alone for the first time in awhile. My parents are both out of town visiting my sick aunt. I could not go because of school. I did not use the toilet all day! I held my pee at school so I would really have to go when I got home. I am not brave enough to pee my pants at school like catherine is, although I do go in them most other places. As soon as I got home, I sat on the sofa to watch tv. I slowly peed my pants and it was great. My sofa is leather so it was not as fun as Car Mom or Lauren have, but it did not leave any damage for my parents to see. Later that night, I peed in my bed as I was falling asleep. It was great. My parents are away for the rest of the week, so I am sure I will have more posts to come.

Mommy loves her Little man

Hi this is my frist post in a long Time
But my name is Nika but not full name cause someone may know me and I don't want the attenion, but alot has happen for me I have moved back to Japan with my husband and two wonderful children 7 and 2.
So anyway onto to the story I was out shopping with my son and stuff and for a dinner event for my husband job, wanna him look nice for the event, and our son say's mommy I wanna tell you something but I got to wishper it in your ear, so I lean over and son say's I need to poo poo right away, poor child takes right after his mommy, so I hurry him to the store bathroom so, I take him in the womens restroom, one stall in use,and I take him in the next one, he hurries pulls down his little underwear and pants and sit's on the toilet, and smiles say thanks mommy I made it just in time. so I wait for him too finish by the sinks. So the lady in the frist stall comes out, and washes her hands. We just make small talk, so my son finishes up and say's I need my behind clean now mommy, so I get refresh him up. So we end up finishing shopping and it was great time with my son. The End


Couldnt make it

I had to poop really bad ever since my school ended and i was getting home. I thought i was gonna make it home, but just as i took off my shoes, hot poop started to flow through my panties. I was so close, yet so far.

Hide n' Go Poop

Mono Cliffs

I was at an outdoor education center as part of a school field trip for the last 3 days. I was hoping to be able to poop or at least pee in the forest for 3 days but I had no opurtunities so I ended up holding it for three days.

Although the trip was fun I had so much to eat that I was dying to poo. Iwas going to go at the place but I held it for some reason.

When I finaly got back to school I had to poo realy badly. I finaly got home and lay down. A couple of seconds later I felt the urge to poo again. I got up and as I did a turd slipped into my pants. I ripped my pants down and sat on the toilet. A hurricane of poo shot out but I didn't feel relief yet. I tried pushing and grunting but nothing happened and I wiped afl few times than got up. A couple hours later when I decided to shower, Diarrhea s started pouring out all over my bathtub. It went down the drain but torrents kept coming and coming. After a while I finished. Somehow it all drained worked out ok but my stomach still felt full. I finaly sat down a couple hours later, I farted and a Giant log about 1 foot long came out really quickly. I was surprised because the average poo size of me are little golf balls with a few long pieces if I haven't gone in a while but never a big dump, Diarrhea and a 1foot turd. My stomach relief was almost instant and that was the end of my gargantuan dump


Battle of the mega bladders

I've always known I had a bladder far bigger than a normal person, and I'd heard of other women with "mega bladder", but never met one. But then, a few weeks ago that changed. I was at the mall shopping for clothes and I felt a need to pee. At that moment I was in the middle of trying on some outfits, so I ignored it and finished what I was doing.

Then I went to the bathroom and I entered just behind another women. We took the two stalls and I heard the rustling of clothes and then we both started to pee at almost the same time. As I peed and peed, I began to notice that I was still hearing this women's pee stream. I figured had held it until she was absolutely bursting, and would taper off any second. But it didn't, she was peeing a strong stream that rivaled my own. I was amazed because, as I said, I had never met anyone else who could even come close to peeing like me.

I figured by then we had been peeing for three minutes, although I wasn't sure of the exact time. She showed no signs of stopping any time soon, although I knew I didn't have too much left in me. My own stream trickled off and ended and this other women was peeing just as strong as at the start. I began to wonder if this woman had an infinite capacity, considering she had out-peed me. I wiped my front and flushed and went to wash my hands, but continued to listen to her peeing. The end of her stream came abruptly. Instead of gradually trickling out, she just all at once stopped, then a few tiny dribbles and she was finished.

I wish I knew who this mystery woman was, so that we could maybe pee together again. It's hard to explain, but there was something thrilling about meeting my match in the bladder department, having been so certain that there was no such person. I keep hoping each time I go to the bathroom somewhere that I'll by chance run into that lady again, but sadly I never do.

Cindy Shitter

Girl at beach

i saw a woman at a beach today run out of the bathroom with brown poo running down her legs

Mega Girl

2nd post

Hey people I'm back and am just wondering if my last post came through. Please reply and now a memorable moment of my life, my first high school dance. I was all pumped up and just waiting for the dance two days before the dance mom made, chili. Back then I held my poops for days. Wednesday being leftover night we had chili again. Don't get me wrong I LOVE chili but they also give me the shits. My mom saved me the last bowl of chili for lunch on the day of the dance. I stopped home and freshened up before the dance but still was full of poop. At the dance it was fun, the music was so loud that it vibrated by belly. I started feeling urges to go. They got worse and worse and by the time the dance only had an hour left I could barely hold it. My boyfriend wanted to have sex in the bathroom. I told him after the dance but he persisted. We went to the bathroom on the far end of the school empty but still public. Long story short, just as we were about to start I told him I HAD to go poop. He, suprisingly was turned on by this. So I pooped for him and later that night we had sex. Oh and my poop was huge. 4 turds, alot of diarrhea and a minute long pee. I will repost my first post just in case it didn't show up.


Runners diarrhoea

I was reading an article about famous athletes getting caught short during a race. I was amazed at thier focus on winning. There was the 1982 Iron Man Race where Julie Moss collapsed close to the finnish line and crawled across the line while she was filling her running shorts. She was covered in diarrhoea and even though she was beaten the public admiration for her sheer guts was so great she was considered the winner. Then in the 2005 London Marathon, Paula Radcliffe was forced to stop at the side of the road to relieve herself of her load of mushy poo. She was so far in front she still won and I wondered if could have held it untill after the the race rather than go in full view of the cameras. I knew a friend at school who had an embarrassing accident on sports day. She was lined up at the start of the 500 Metre race and was fidgeting a lot as she waited for the start and at first I thought she was warning up but as soon as the race started she seemed to be a lot slower than the rest. She finished last of course and headed straight for the toilets with a big brown bulge in her shorts. I know from personal experience that running when you're desperate to poo is a bad idea as it's almost impossible to control it.
I was 13 at the time and on my way home from School I had to run for the bus when I was bursting for a poo. It was an hourly service so I had to get on it. Well you can guess what happened and I still didn't catch it. I just have up and let it all out in my knickers. Luckily no one was around to see me so I didn't bother trying to stop it. The relief was pure heaven. like a religious experience. All the desperation of holding it drained away from me as my underwear filled up. As I walked the rest of the way home I needed to go again but held it untill I got into my house. I went straight to the loo and locked the door. I look off my skirt and tights but left my knickers on and sat on the toilet. I pushed another big load out. It came out the sides of my legs and fell into the toilet and it felt wonderfull. The clean up was a task but it was worth it.

This afternoon I had to write an exam so at lunch time I was doing a bit of last minute studying with friends. I was going to head to the washroom to drop a load by the cafeteria but I didn't get the chance because we continued studying right until the class was about to begin. I only had the chance to take a quick piss before heading to the exam room in the basement of one of the science buildings. I had never taken an exam here before and it was a very secure area from what I was told. By the time I got settled in to my desk I could feel my stomach churning partly due to nerves but also due to the fact that I hadn't had a shit in nearly two days. The examiner came around and dropped the exams off as I relaxed and set forward on concentrating.

After about an hour I could really feel the turd poking at my butt and I knew I would have to get to the washroom sooner rather than later. Fortunately the test was easier than I thought it would be and I was a little more than halfway done. I continued on but as the next hour passed on I could feel my stomach grumbling and I knew I was holding in a lot of gas. As the 2 hour mark closed in I double checked my responses and was getting ready to leave. I was absolutely crazy in holding it in for so long. By now most of the class had finished the exam and I was one out of a small handful who was left. After I was confident with everything I turned the exam in and bolted out of the room. Down the hallway there was a men's washroom and I quickly made my way towards it in desperation. There were a few other test rooms in the basement and i think there was one other test being held in the room next to ours at the same time. I had to go through two doors to get into the washroom. There was a small hallway between the two doors making the inside of the washroom very isolated and quiet. Inside I discovered that there were two toilet stalls but they both lacked doors. Right across there were three urinals and to the far left by the entrance there were the sinks. I'm guessing they removed the stall doors because they didn't want students to go inside and cheat while taking an exam. Still I was a bit disappointed by the lack of privacy considering the massive, smelly and noisy shit I was going to produce. I took the handicapped stall because it was absolutely huge and a bit further away from the urinals.

The bathroom was very dated judging by the style of toilets and urinals. The seat was black and very thick but looked comfortable enough and was similar to the ones in the rest of the campus and my dorm building. There were quite a few skidmarks in the bowl so I'm sure this particular toilet was well used. Just as I undid my belt buckle and dropped my pants and underwear I heard someone else come in. I sat myself down and clenched my ass together. The toilet was centred slightly to the left which meant it offered a bit of privacy but not much. A guy in his mid 30s approached my stall and said sorry when he saw me seated on the toilet. I told him no problem and he quickly moved over to the stall right next to me. When I realized he was getting ready to shit I relaxed and let out a very loud fart that filled the room. Shortly after he sat down he started to drop turds in quick succession followed but a lot of gassy farts. I started to push out what felt like a very thick turd as it slowly made its way out stretching my anus quite wide. It took about 15 seconds for it to come out which felt like an eternity because it actually hurt quite a bit coming out. It dropped into the bowl with a heavy thud so I knew it was going to be a big one. The guy next to me was starting to wipe as another person came into the washroom but saw they both stalls were in use and quickly left. I think the other exam was done now so everyone was making a run to the bathroom. The guy next to me flushed and left just as I felt more pressure in my gut and I think another turd readying to come out. I pushed and it slid out with great difficulty so I knew it was almost as large as the first one. It dropped down quietly as it fell into the bowl. I took a minute to pee and began to wipe just as someone else came in. I think it must have been the guy who had come it a few minutes earlier but I couldn't be sure. He sat down next to me and took a nearly quiet shit except for when he let out a squeaky fart before his turd dropped out. I could tell he was a bit frantic to try and finish up perhaps because he didn't want to be caught in a compromising position as one of his classmates entered in. My two turds were huge and it was evident why I had been in such discomfort. I flushed and they both made it down without much problem thanks to the powerful flush unlike the ones in my dorm room. By now I was the only one left in the room. The smell was pretty strong due to all the use the toilets had received so I flushed my toilet again. I peaked at the toilet next to me to see that it was equally turd streaked as mine indicating it too had received good use. I washed up and left the building to go back to my dorm.

Monday, October 03, 2011

Mega Girl

First time post

Hi i'm new here and have to say i LOVE this site. I'm blonde 21 and i do take considerably, big dumps. I'll start with a story that happened to me last year. While at the mall I was shopping and later that day was going to the mall spa. I felt a small urge to go #2. I held it because i was in public and mall bathrooms are always full. it was 4:00 and my appointment was at 5:30. by 4:30 i felt an urge to go stronger then last time by 5:00 i was starting to NEED to go. I held it and at 5:30 I went in to the mall spa and got my massage. It soothed the aches I got from holding it as long as I was. After my massage I headed to the mud bath for my last treatment. I was really desperate by now and could bareky hold it. Being in a mud bath gave me an idea. I pooped in the mud bath. I pooped 4 turds and a cupsworth of diarreah. It was so relieving I loved it. Afterward i cleaned up and went home. That's my story for now.


Pooing when you're not well....

Hi everyone, me again... I was just interested to know how our poos change when we're not well. Usually I produce good healthy poos when I'm fine and well but when we're not well everything seems to change ... the frequency of bowel habits, the texture, consistency and smell ... Well since mid-morning Monday I have been feeling like I'm coming down with something and achy all over plus low in energy so I've been taking paracetamol tablets to try and keep the symptoms at bay but this has had a direct effect on my bowels because I have found my BM's semi-solid and hard to pass and they smell real bad too. I usually go twice a day (morning and evening) but last night I couldn't go for love nor money and sat on the loo waiting to go but nope! and even this morning when I woke up I felt there was something there to go and pass but it felt solid and I was fearing that I may have constipated myself a bit by eating Codeine which is a pain reliever. So at about 11:45 this morning I went to the loo and tried to go and sure enough I did thank god! I dropped two softish logs which plopped loudly into the bowl and a lot of sloppy, sludgy poo which smelled bad! It took me about 3 wipes to get clean but when I looked behind the water had turned brown too and it obscured my view of my poo. It's now 9:45pm and my belly is feeling all crampy again and I feel like having a really good poo and when I go I'm going to take my time and I know it will be a smelly one because something inside me feels pretty yuk that's for sure. I will report about it when I go ... hopefully it will be 2nite because I can't be feeling yukky like this all thru the night.

Take care everyone happy peeing and pooing to you all : )

To Rose: i really enjoyed your post! sounds like you had an intersting bowel movement in the chamber pot! i have never relieved myself in something like that before! i wish you best in luck in finding new creative places to relieve yourself! i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless!
to Riley: i really enjoyed your responses to Catherine"s Vivana's and winnie's stories that they have spoke about on this forume! sounds like you all enjoying holding your bowelmovements for quite some time! i dont think that i have that capabililty to accomplish such a thing! i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless!
to Desperate Too Poop: i really enjoyes your post! sounds like you enjoyed your walk! it also sounds like the weather was perfect for such an occasion! it also sounds like you had too wait a little while to use the bathroom at the cafe! iam glad that you didnt have an accident! iam also glad to hear that you were able to make it home without have another accident as well! i do enjoy coffe cake but i must say that iam not a coffe drinker at all! everyone else in my family loves coffee except me! well i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless!
to Leanne: i really enjoyed your post from your early highschool days! sounds like your classmate charolette was extremely desperate to relieve herself! i absoutley hate it when teachers deny students bathroom access during class! thats definitely not cool at all! i believe that this particular kind of behavior from teachers causes students to have more frequent accidents while attending class! i dont know about you but that would make more upset than ever! sounds like you both experienced some alone time in the ladiesroom! i dont mean it in a sick way at all! sounds like you both have quite a smelly bowel movement! it also sounds like to me that you both had alot that needed to comeout! i also understand why you say that the other guys would have thought differentely of charolette! but i dont think that charolette should have been made fun of the rest of her highschool days just cause she had to take a really smelly bowel movement! Leanne i always enjoy your stories! it sounds like that you enjoy college quite well! you also sound like a hard worker as well! i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless!
to I 3POOING: i really enjoyed your post! sounds like that you had a rough day at work! sounds like also that you had a really good bowelmovement at home! iam glad that everything came out without any major issues! have you ever had any experiences using public bathrooms? i would love to hear them if you care to share! i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless!
to Michelle: i really enjoy your responses to Nicola, Catherine and Ellen{catherine's mom). i think that it really cool that Catherine's mom enjoys posting on this forume! i have never known any other ladies that have parents that will share there experiences about going to the bathroom! it also sounds like that Catherine and her mom have a special reationship! she has been truely blessed! i lookforward to your next post! take care and Godbless!
to Jas: i really enjoyed your post about your friend in elementary school! sounds like he was a daredevil while in the mensroom! your both lucky that you didnt get caught or in any major trouble by the prinicipal! i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless!
to CarMom: iam glad to hear that your doing well! take care and God bless!
to UnknownGirl: i really enjoyed your post! sounds like you and your mom had a cool bathroom experience after doing your weekly grocery stores bathroom! i lookforward to your future post! take care and God bless!
to HappyDude: i really enjoyed your post! sounds like you had a rather interesting experience relieving yourself outside in the open! if you plan on doing that in the future you need to be fully aware of what dangers might lurke! i lookforward to your next post take care and God bless!
to Daniel W: i really enjoyed your post! sounds like you had a Great time at the beach! it also sounds like you had an experience in a unisex bathroom with another women! however i fully understand the fact that you were curious about what the women was doing! however you werent in the right place to just follow right behind her! most women are uncomfortable with a man following them especially when it comes to the restroom! i know that you had to go extremely badly but you could have waited just a few minutes! your very lucky that the women didnt try to attck you or call the police! please be careful next time and more aware of what you do in the future! i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless!
to Dab: welcome back from vacation! i lookforward to your next story that you post about on this forume! take care and Godbless!
to Gassyboy: i really enjoyed your post! sounds like you have a cool new girlfriend! thats funny that she cooked food that made you a little gassy! iam sure that you both will get over being shy about your bodily functions! i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless!
to Anon: i really enjoyed your short post! sounds like you offered good advice to anyone who has a small zit on their bottom! it is important to treat that carefully so that you dont end up hurting yourself! i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless!
to Nicola: i enjoyed your small response! iam sure that every celebrity has encountered dirreah at some point in there career! sometime unfortnately it is just a fact of life that we all have to face! i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless!



Michelle (Formally M.S)

Jessie J - "Everybody does it!"

Why do so many girls find it difficult or embarrassing to talk about pooing or to admit they poo? The fact is that everyone poos and I personally love to do it but some girls act like they have never had a poo in their life. Not all girls are like this of course and one example of this is award winning 23 year old English singer and song writer Jessie J who insists that she doesn't have any "boundaries" and is honest and open with everyone. In the same interview she stated that "My band has got used to me talking about farts and poos, it annoys me when people are all girly about it. Everybody does it! I'll do interviews and say I need a poo".

I have recently watched a video of her confessing live on stage that "I had a poo in a caravan toilet that I wasn't supposed to and it won't flush, so who ever has to tidy my caravan when I leave I'm really sorry". That isn't the only video I have watched Jessie J talking about poo as I saw her on MTV's "When I Was 17" where she mentioned that her diet gave her really bad diarrhea when she was on her way to a gig and she told her dad that "I'm going to poo myself" so she had to go to her mum and dads friend's house and use their toilet. She then went on to say "I won't even tell you what happened but it was really bad and I nearly shit myself"

Why can't more girls be like Jessie J and us girls on here and talk about poo openly without being embarrassed and admit we drop large smelly poos into the toilet and occasionally (frequently if your me) we have accidents in our knickers. At the end of the day we are all human and we have to answer the call of nature so don't be embarrassed if you don't make it to the toilet in time or have to squat in an inappropriate place to relieve yourself because we all have to open our bowels, even if you are famous like Jessie J.

To Leanne
Hi, your story is quite similar to this post in terms of being open with the fact that everybody poos as some boys don't like to think of girls pooing and like you said they find it a turn off which I think is stupid as everybody, even us girls have to open our bowels on a regular basis. Anyway I'm glad Charlotte made it to the toilet in time as she would have had a very messy accident if she didn't... believe me lol. As always I look forward to your next post.



To Rose

I don't know about bedpans, but I have used both a chamber pot and a child's potty. Assuming that you actually sit rather than squat there are two major differences: the potty is just a little bit closer to the ground, and the capacity is generally a lot less.

This has interesting effects. If you pee hard, you tend to get a lot more splashing back with a potty than you do with a chamber pot, and if you are male you may find the pee comes up far enough to lap around your genitalia.

Pooing is also a bit different. Even a fairly big poo will drop away from you if you use a chamber pot, but with a potty there may not be space to do so...

I tried something new earlier while taking a dump, and I've always wanted to try it. Instead of sitting down on the toilet, I sat on it facing the tank. It came out and it felt good taking a dump this way, might have to take a dump in this position more often.

Mr. Clogs


Rose: Nice story about you peeing and pooping into your chamber pot. Whenever you go poop in the large fast food cup, keep an extra cup handy just in case you have to pee in.

I >3 POOPING: Yes indeed, I do feel better after a good trip to the bathroom. Keep the posts coming.

Happy Dude: Indeed a lucky man, both you and the misses sharing the pee bucket for night time pees. Nice.

Office Lady: Nice story about your pee accident at work, and have to go commando the rest of the day.

Catherine (the Sniffer): Nice response to your survey, I happened to answered your survey.

Amylee: I was curious about the new lady at the office, does she still pee in the trash can at the single occupant restroom?

Mr. Clogs


Diarrhoea at work

I hate doing a poo at work and always wait untill I get home but today I got the runs. I tried to hold it untill lunch time so I wouldn't be noticed but I couldn't hold it and had to go. I felt very self concious about going at work but I had no choice as doing it in my underwear would've been far worse. I speed walked to the toilets, trying to look normal but it was obvious I was about to poo myself. When I got to the toilets, there were two women waiting to get in and I knew I was in trouble. They'd seen me hurrying to the toilet and kindly allowed me to in first. I was so embarrassed but I was gratefull for it too. I thanked them both as Louise came out and I rushed in. I just about made it and ripped my slacks and thong down and sat on the warm seat. I exploded into the toilet and it was super relieving. Then another load came out and then another. It took about twenty minutes before it stopped and my bum was sore but the relief was indescribable. I wiped a lot and the toilet was half filled with my semi solid poo. I flushed but the water came almost to the top of the pan and slowly went down. When it emptied it took all the water away with a loud sucking sound. I flushed again and the water lever returned to normal so I exited and washed my hands. The two women were waiting impatiently outside and I apologised for keeping then waiting. They were OK about it as I was so desperate beforehand. I thanked then for being so nice about it and one of them said it was OK as she'd been there herself a few times.

I have a pretty embarrassing diarrhea story for y'all today:

My husband and I were laying together and we were watching a movie. I was catching a cold so I was sneezing a lot. Also my stomach was rumbling a little. We started fooling around and we went into the bedroom. We were getting pretty into it when I felt this HUGE sneeze tingling in my nose. "AAAHHH".... "AAAAAHHHHH".... "AAAAHHHH".... "AAAAAAAHHHCCCCHHHHOOOOOO!!"
I sneezed all over my husbands chest! However, when this happened my bum exploded with diarrhea all over us! It was flowing hot and mushy all over his stomach and my back and all over the sheets of the bed. I sneezed again "AAAAAHHHHCCCHHHHOOOOOO!!!" and more diarrhea squirted from my bum. I grabbed my bum with both hands an I held it as I ran into the bathroom. There I had seven more waves of diarrhea and many, many, more sneezes that didn't help the diarrhea. My husband an I showered and cleaned up the very messy bed.

Travelling Girl
Some years ago, I stayed at a Hostel in Italy for a week. There were myself and about ten other girls sharing a room. Anyone who had any inhibitions about using the toilet or showering had to quickly get over them, as we also shared one bathroom. There was five toilets and five showers, but no doors or stalls. The showers did have thin curtains though, so I guess that's something.

I'm about as open as they come regarding using the toilet and so were most of the other girls. A few of them would quickly scurry in, do their business and get out as fast as possible, but most of us stayed and took our time. It was not uncommon for all five of the toilets to be occupied and sometimes we'd even have chats about how our day was, or what we planned to do that day, while we were going.

On the third day I was there, I woke up early and shuffled off to the bathroom for my morning poop. One of the girls, Francesca, was sitting on the toilet completely nude, reading a magazine and pooping. I said "Good morning" to her as I pulled down my pajama bottoms and sat on the toilet next to her. She said, "Good -Nnggh- Morning" back, grunting as she spoke. We talked while we both were pooping, interrupted by grunts and plops and splashes. She finished up, flushed but didn't wipe, and got in the shower.

I was still going when another girl, Eleanor, walked into the bathroom. We exchanged good mornings, only this time I was the one grunting in the middle. She did a very long piss, punctuated with a sploosh at the end. I was done then, so I wiped, flushed, and then I took a shower.

I think pooping next to someone and talking to them, knowing they're also pooping is one of the best experiences I've ever had. I can't wait to have it again some day.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Rose as always another great story about different places you have gone to the bathroom and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Desperate To Poop as always another great story and it sounds like you were very lucky that a toilet became avaliable that way you didnt have a full blown accident and it sounds like you felt alot better after that and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Leanne as always another great story it sounds like your friend Charlotte was beyond desperate and near having an accident but somehow made to the bathroom to explode and I bet she felt so much better after that and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: I>3Pooping thank you and not yet but sometime soon I hope I can hear a woman have a good poop and as always another great story it sounds like you had another great dump and also enjoyed it and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Pooping With Mom great story please share anymore you may have thanks.

To: Daniel W great story about hearing that woman pooping it sounds like she was beyond desperate but at least she made it to a bathroom and it sounded like she felt alot better after that and please share any other stories like that you may have thanks.

To: Gassy Boyfriend & Girlfriend great story please share anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: John great story about hearing your friend poop she sounds like an interesting woman and please share anymore stories about her if you have any thanks.

To: Office Lady first welcome to the site and great peeing accident story at least no one knew about it and please share anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Amanda M as always another great story and I bet you were glad you were able to poop and didnt have to take that stuff and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Amylee first its nice to hear from you again and as always another great tale from thom the ladies room it sounds like you met another shy pooper in the new girl and I bet it helped you and her over come your shyness alittle bit more and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Tony great story about hearing your sister pooping and please share anymore stories you may have like that thanks.

To: Ciara as always another great story and I look forward to your next one thanks.

Well thats all for now

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site

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