Hot woman at the eye doctor's

I went to the eye doctor's today and I was a little early for my appointment. I sat in the waiting room and I observed a good looking tall, thin woman walking towards the bathroom. She came back about five minutes later, and I thought she had probably pooped. I waited a minute or two and headed off to the bathroom, hoping her smell would still be lingering.

When I walked in I was hit by a very strong poop smell and as I approached the toilet I saw a whopper of a turd laying in the bowl. I marveled over how that thin woman could have squeezed out such a huge beast. It looked to be about an inch and a half around and at least a foot long. I flushed and her mammoth went down just fine, so I figured that woman must have wanted someone to see her creation.

This is what embarresed me in the 5th grade. One day at school I was in my 5th period class. I had been fighting the urge to go to the bathroom because the day was almost over.Close to the end of class,however, I realized I wasen't going to be able to hold it. I asked my teacher to go,but wouldn't let me.I then holded it in as long as I could.About two minutes before class was over my bowels couldn't hold it back any longer.Before I could try to stop it my underwear was filled with soft poop.Nobody noticed and I was thankful it didn't smell.I then went to the bathroom and cleaned myself up. I hated that day and always will.


Poo holding and celeb pooing

To Melanie: Wow! You didn't poo for 8 days. That must have been one hell of a poo in your knickers. They must have weighed a few pounds as well. As you probaly know from my posts, I love to hold my poo as long as I can but 8 days beats my record.
To Michelle (Formally M.S.) I googled that story about Jessie J pooing in a caravan toilet that had no bottom to it. I purpose she tried to "Do it like a dude" but couldn't grab her crotch or roll with it. LOL


Sister's desperate poop

Last Saturday, my mother, my sister, and I were out shopping. I think my sister had to go to the bathroom while we were there, but she won't go in public unless she's literally seconds from going in her pants. On the ride home, she was trying to hide her desperation, but I knew for sure she had to poop, and bad.

We got stuck in a little bit of a traffic, so when we finally got home, my sister was openly squirming, very close to an accident. She dashed out of the car and into the house. I went up to my room, trying not to seem too eager, and listened. She was already in mid-poop, and it was a noisy one too. She was farting a lot and dropping loose turds, Pffrrt Braarrrp sploop plop plop FFfttt plip-plop-plip Pffft Braarrrt Pffft Pffft Splunk Splop-plop-ploosh. Then she wiped herself thoroughly and flushed.

Car Mom :)
Lauren: thanks for sharing about your old college couch! I'm glad you and Jagger both got to at least enjoy a one time pee in your current couch. That's probably what I should have done too, just a one time thing. Oh well. At least we only do it once in a while, not like my car which is pretty much a daily thing now. So have you kept in touch with your roommate at all since college?

Whinnie: I'll be looking forward to your stories about your week alone! Glad you get to have a break but I hope your aunt gets better!

Ashley: glad you like my posts! I love how you're always so bubbly and happy! You remind me of Lola on the new Looney Tunes Show, she's my favorite character on there!

Rose: glad you too are a fan of my posts! Yeah, the smell of pee in my car never bothered me, I guess its like a dog owner with the smell of dogs or a smoker with the smell of cigarettes. I myself can't stand the smell of either of those things, especially the cigarettes! But I don't mind pee one bit! So I guess it all evens out! So if you ever met anyone who would let you, would you ever pee in a car?

Ok now for me! All has been pretty routine for me, but I'll post this from last weekend anyway. Kaylee and I were at the mall again and who should we meet up with but Mel and her two daughters! (See page 2032) If you'll remember Makenzie (9) really liked peeing in my car but Madison (6) didn't, and at first she wouldn't do it but eventually she did, and even laughed and giggled with the rest of the girls. Well the way it happened this time was we were in a store in the mall and suddenly Mel came up and said "hey stranger!" and we were all happy to see each other and immediately Makenzie said "can I pee in your car again?" We all laughed and Mel said "sorry, you don't have to let her if you don't want to" but I said "no no, of course she can. You all can if you want." Mel smiled and said "I was hoping you'd say that. Kenzie was the one who saw you here and so she asked me about it. Right sweetie?" Kenzie giggled and she said "yeah we saw you come into the store and I said isn't that the lady that let us pee in her car and my mom said yeah and I said I wanna do it again and my mom said we can go ask." I said "well I'm glad you came over and asked." Then she said "Maddie doesn't want to do it though." Then Maddie said "stop it Kenzie" in kind of a whiny voice. Mel said "Maddie its ok honey." So Maddie was back to not wanting to do it. Mel then said to me "so its ok then?" and I said "yeah come on." And so we all went out to my car. On the way Kaylee told them about her favorite place, which they didn't pee in last time. Of course I'm talking about the console. These girls never peed in there because Kaylee didn't get the idea until after that day with Mel and the girls and we hadn't seen them since. Until now. And so Kaylee was telling them all about how they'd be able to get pee all over the console and the drink holders and the gear shift. Right away Maddie said "Kenzie you're not gonna do that are you?" and Kenzie said "yeah I am." Then Maddie said "but you're gonna get pee on all those things." Kenzie said "I know, its ok. Right mom?" Mel said "yeah as long as its ok with Megan." I said "oh yeah its ok." Then Maddie said "I'd rather go to the bathroom and pee." Mel said "its ok honey, just pee in the seat like last time ok?" By that time we were by my car and so we all got in. I drove to a more secluded part of the parking lot so they could have a little more privacy. Then Kenzie climbed up front so she could use the console. She took off her pants and her panties and she squatted onto the console. Kaylee was in the passenger seat so she could talk Kenzie through it. Maddie just stayed in the backseat. She was behind the passenger seat, and her mom was next to her, behind the driver seat. Maddie kept glancing at her sister and then looking away again. I could tell she was embarrassed. It made me think of Lauren's two girls Maysa and Jagger, only in reverse. Maddie then said "Kenzie why don't you just do it in the seat again like last time?" Kenzie said "no I want to do it here. Its ok Maddie." Then Kenzie started to have her pee. Her pee went right into the console and it made a pattering noise against the plastic and the things inside. Maddie kept looking at her and then looking away again. Kenzie kept peeing. Then after a few seconds Kaylee guided Kenzie into peeing outside of the console and spraying against the drink holders and things. Kenzie giggled as she did it. I said to her "good job." Then I said to Maddie "see Maddie, its ok. See your sister?" Maddie just said "I don't want to pee like that." Then Mel said "its ok Maddie, you don't have to, you can just pee right here in the seat." Maddie said "I'd rather go in the bathroom." Mel said "well we're out here in this car now. So go ahead and have your pee ok? Pull down your pants and just let it come out in the seat." I then said "Mel you can go too you know." Mel smiled and said "thank you Megan. Don't mind if I do." Then she giggled and she got ready to have her pee. She pulled down her pants and her panties. Then she started to go. Mel began to pee right into the seat. I could hear it start to make its little hissing sound against the fabric. Mel was peeing. She also let a fart as she peed. Then she said "see Maddie, look. See the material? See, its turning darker." Maddie looked. There was a dark spot appearing in the fabric between Mel's thighs. "See Maddie, look how the material is getting darker." Maddie nodded and she even managed to smile a little. Mel then said "remember when you used to pee in your pants when you were littler? Remember how they'd get darker when they'd get wet? Well that's what's happening here too. Look." Maddie looked. Then she said "so we're not going back to the bathroom at all?" Mel said "no honey." Then Maddie said "so we're just going to use this car? Nowhere else?" Mel said "yeah." So then Maddie said "ok I guess I'll go then." Her mom smiled and said "good" and then Maddie pulled down her stuff and she sat on the seat, in the middle by her mom. Then she began to pee. She began to pee right into the seat like her mom was doing. She also made a little hissing sound as her pee went into the seat. Then she said "look" and she showed her mom the dark spot she was making. Mel said "good job sweetie. I'm so glad you're doing it. Don't you feel better now?" Maddie just said "mm-hmm" as she continued to relieve herself into the seat. Meanwhile Kaylee also had a pee in the passenger seat and I peed in the driver seat. I also let a few farts as I peed, which encouraged the girls to do the same. Soon the whole car was full of farts and giggles. Then after a while we all finished up, one by one. I think I was last. Well that's that! Hope you enjoyed that! I know I did! And I'm sure we'll run into Mel and the girls again someday!

C M :)


How wet do you get when peeing?

I am just curious about how wet girls can get when peeing. My cousin told me that she always pees on her butt cheek and has to wipe 2 or 3 times. Please answer:

1. Do you sit, hover low or hover high when using toilet?

2. How wet does your pubic hair (if you have any) get right after peeing sitting?

3. Does pee flow wet your vulva area? How wet and how often?

4. Does your pee wet your thighs? How often?

5. What about butt cheek or anus? Does your pee flow to there? If so then how often?

6. Do you enjoy the feeling of wet butt/anus/thigh by pee or no?

7. What are some tips you use to prevent wetting your butt/anus/thigh?

8. How many times do you usually have to wipe after peeing?


Tyler Has to Come Out of the Game

My best friend Tyler and I are both 17-year-old high school juniors and line mates for a high school football team in Florida and Tyler wound up being forced to take a really horrible shit right at the very worst possible time - right in the middle of a big game under the lights with thousands of people watching.

Before games, we get ready and put our gear on in a locker room in the school. Usually, several players go to the toilet then if they have to dump so that needing to crap won't become an issue during the game. Usually, we also return to the locker room at halftime so guys can hit the toilets then if they need to go. I had taken a really big shit after lunch and later that afternoon around 4, so I was set for the game. I usually don't dump in the evening if I haven't eaten dinner, and I usually wait until after the game to eat on game days. I didn't notice if Kyle had taken a shit during the day or before the game as I wasn't looking and he doesn't make it a habit of telling me about his bowel movements. Kyle seemed fine and ready to play actually and seemed pretty fired up and really focused on the game as we left the building to run on the field.

We were out on the field several minutes for some warm-ups and the National anthem before the game started. However, when play finally started, I could see that Kyle just didn't seem to be his normal aggressive self. He was actually quite tentative and unfocused really. I could see that Tyler looked really nervous and uncomfortable and was really squirming and having a lot of difficulty getting focused. I kind of wondered if Tyler really needed to crap. After several plays, Tyler finally confided in me.

"Jeff, I need to take a shit so bad I don't know what I'm going to do. If I don't go to the bathroom pretty soon, I'm going to fill my pants with shit!" I told Tyler to try and hang in there because the team really needed him in there. Tyler continued trying to play for several more minutes but it was pretty obvious he was really struggling and having a lot of trouble keeping his concentration. It was soon pretty clear that not only was Tyler definitely not going to make it to halftime without dumping, it was getting very unlikely he could even hold out to the end of the first quarter. The only thing that kept Tyler going was the dread of asking coach to go to the bathroom and the dread of having thousands of people see him running off the field toward the bathroom.

Finally, when Tyler just couldn't stand it anymore, he gave up and ran to the sidelines pulling off his helmet. I could hear him yelling to the coach as he ran to the sideline.

"Coach!! I gotta come out now!! I have to go to the bathroom really bad!!!" I could see coach giving Tyler that you've-got-to-be-kidding really pissed kind of look but Tyler made it clear in no uncertain terms that he just couldn't hold his crap any longer and that he was about to fill his pants with shit. … What made it funnier is that Tyler is all of 6'5 and 250 pounds while coach is maybe 5'9 in elevator shoes standing on his tiptoes. Yet, there was coach dressing down this giant of a kid letting Tyler know that his timing was extremely inopportune and that he better take his shit and get back to the game as fast as possible or that there would be hell to pay. Tyler then ran for the bathroom at the front of the stadium as fast as he could (and Tyler is very fast for a big guy) holding his helmet by the facemask and with far more eyes on him than were watching the game!!!…. I estimate the number of people in the stands who didn't guess that Tyler really needed to shit at somewhere between zero and one.

For Tyler to give up like this and leave a game in the heat of battle, you know this had to be a really serious problem. Tyler is really a baller who loves football more than food and sex and would do just about anything to stay in the game so you pretty much knew he really needed to take a really serious shit…… Anyway, Tyler is a really dominant lineman and without him in the game, our line really struggled and we weren't nearly as good running the ball or stuffing the run like we normally do without any problem. The problem was that Tyler was having serious problems stopping his own runs and couldn't get off the toilet to get back in the game. About 10 minutes came off the game clock and there was no sign of Tyler. I started getting worried that Tyler might actually be sick because he was taking so long. I could see coach on the sidelined getting more and more pissed with every passing minute that Tyler was gone. I figured that Tyler really must have been taking a seriously massive shit because I'm completely positive he would have done anything to get off the toilet and back into the game as soon as possible if there was any way he could. I've been with Tyler before when he's taken a really massive shit, and even then he rarely takes more than five minutes to finish. He just doesn't like to spend much time in the bathroom if he can avoid it.

Ten minutes really seemed like an eternity out there for the team trying to fill in for our best lineman who was (hopefully) only temporarily indisposed. I'm sure it had to seem like a really long time for Tyler who really lives to play football and compete. Finally, Tyler came running back on the field still tying up his football pants as he ran to rejoin us. Coach yelled at him to get back in the game. At that point, we were very lucky to have only given up one touchdown while he was out of the game taking a super massive shit.

Tyler looked extremely relieved and told me he just taken an ultra-massive shit and had tried really hard to get done with the toilet as quick as possible but that the shit just kept coming and coming out of his body and just wouldn't stop coming. To make matters even worse, there were at least 50 people in the bathroom, all of them who knew who he was and there are no doors on the stalls, just block wall partitions. So for nearly 10 minutes, at least 50 or more people got to watch and hear Tyler on the toilet taking this big massive shit. And Tyler said he took a really explosive shit at that so you could really hear him dropping everything too as all that crap came out of him. I could see that Tyler was really embarrassed by the whole situation. Everyone there at the game had it figured it out that Tyler had just taken a totally major shit. I could definitely relate as I also wrestle and I've frequently needed to use the crapper at other schools during tournaments where there are no doors on the stalls. I've had to deal with parents, coaches, fans, and other competitors milling around while I crapped or even on the toilet pooping right next to me with no partition between us. Still, it was usually just a few people often in the same boat I was, not a huge crowd of 50+ all gawking at me while I took a big noisy shit!

Later on though, Tyler told me what made matters worse still was that when he got to the bathroom, there was a big lineup as there usually is during the entire game when we play at home since we draw overflow crowds. Besides wanting to get back in the game as soon as possible, he was so desperate to shit by then that he had to push and plead his way to the front of the line telling everyone there that it was an emergency. Of course, these were our fans lined up at the bathroom so everyone was more than willing to oblige a football player so that Tyler could get back in the game as soon as possible. I guess that was the upside to the situation in that being a football player got him a pass to the front of the line (among other perks). The downside of course was that once he was there, he had to pull down his pants and take a really big mean nasty shit right there in front of everyone.

Anyway, the good news is now that Tyler had finally relieved himself and was back in the game feeling much better, he regained his confidence and aggression and our whole line started playing a lot better. We then took control of the game and won going away.

After the game as we made our way back to the locker room to change, Tyler admitted to me that he had not made it all the to the toilet before some of his shit escaped his butt and got smeared all over his underwear and that he had played the entire second half that way. He asked me not to draw attention to it while he changed and that he was going to try to dispose of the shitty underwear as discreetly as possible. I really respected the fact that Tyler had taken one for the team (no pun intended) and had played most of the game with shit smeared all through his underwear.

After showering and changing, Tyler and I were able to sneak outside for a few moments and dispose of the shitty underwear in a trash dumpster before joining the rest of the team at Pizza Hut to celebrate our win. We laughed the whole situation off and agreed not to make a big deal out of it although I have a feeling that people who were there will be talking about it for years to come.

I knew how you feel..

re: Samantha..

I saw your post and how you recently had a case of diarrhea in a Home Depot.
Three years ago while shopping with my husband and11 year old daughter the very samething happened to me.
I had gone to the bathroom three times at home since I awoke the morning and so I felt I was safe from another attack of the runs and I mean 'get out of my way runs'.
While my husband shopped for a few things we needed my daughter and I walked around looking at several of the new doors as we needed one and all of a sudden my stomach rumbled and I knew I had to shit and soon.Like you I had to first find out where the bathrooms were located and then I quickly made my way there or I should say I tried because halfway to the bathrooms my stomach rumbled again and small amount of gooey poop slid into my panties and just as I got to the bathroom another older lady was just going in and so I had to wait and that caused further trouble as two more tiny spurts shot into my underwear.

My daughter said nothing as she waited with me but she knew what was happening,finally I got inside. I slowly waddled to the toilet and just as slowly pulled my sweatpants down and completely off,my panties were brown covered as well as messy and stained stained in the rear and crotch. I used about 1/2 of the toilet paper roll to clean my messy butt and finally before redressing in my lightly stained sweatpants I tossed my panties into the garbge can.
I told my daughter to keep quiet and she did and in fact she hasn't mentioned it since.
Still it was highly embarrassing to have been 37 and to have shit your pants.

Jamie C.


Back to doing really big poos lately : )

Hi everyone :)

To Ashley: Thanks for your comments and yes, I do have a story to share with you in a public bathroom which goes back to this summer. I did have a rough day at work but had a really good satisfying poo when I got home :) Keep up your stories hun and god bless.

To Brandon T: Sorry to hear that you didn't get your wish to hear a woman poo on your birthday. Keep hoping and one day it may happen. I had to wait a long while too but when I heard my girlfriend (now my ex) having a poo years ago I was sooo turned on by it.

To Tanya: Great story and I can imagine your boyfriend was so turned on seeing you poo, because it turns me on to see a really sexy woman having a poo. Oh god! I'm getting all hot now just thinking about it.

Firstly my 2 poos from 2day and strangely enough they occurred exactly 12hrs apart from each other ...

7:15am this morning (5 Oct): I had just got up and had a strong urge to have a wee but could also sense a feint urge to have a poo as well. So I made my way to the upstairs loo, shut the door, pulled down my shorts and pants and sat myself down on the loo... within about 5-7 seconds I was peeing strongly for about a good 15-20 seconds...then I could feel some serious movement inside me and it was significantly BIG I can tell you. I could feel my hole opening and a couple of chunky pieces of poo dropped out of my bum and made loud PLOPS! as they hit the bowl ... PLOP! PLOP! PLOP! Suddenly I could feel a crampy, knotted feeling in my belly and all I know I let rip with a loud fart .... BRRAAPPPPPPPTTTT! and immediately followed through with an explosion .... Plop, plop, plop, plip, plop, plip, plip, plonk, blop, blop, plip, ploooop, plop, plip, blop! and then a couple of seconds later more soft poo just kept dropping out my bum like a dispenser ... blop! blop, blop, plop, plip, plip, plip, plip, plop, plop, plop, spdoooosh, plunk! It was getting really smelly and I was still no where near done as I could still yet feel more waiting to drop out and surely it did with about 5-7 loud plops! Then I was done after 20 mins of having a good colonic clear out :) I looked behind in the bowl and it was an absolute mess, it was all soft and mushy like and it really stunk omg! I tore off some loo roll and wiped my bum at least 5 times before it was even clean. But I had a good poo to start the day off with. I pulled up my pants and shorts, flushed the loo and sprayed some air freshner as it was really smelly. I then brushed my teeth, had a shower and got ready for another day at work.

Now for my poo 2nite which I had at 7pm... I was just relaxing and putting my feet up after a busy day at work, and had just got changed into something more relaxing at home ... yep t-shirt and shorts with sandals. I had just finished enjoying my evening cuppa after work and could feel something brewing in my belly. I let out a couple of foul SBDs and I knew I really to go and sit on the loo, take my time and have a really good poo. So I made my way to the loo. Quickly locked the door, opened the window (because I know this was going to be a bit of a smelly one) then pulled down my pants and shorty shorts and sat on the loo with crossed arms pressing to my belly and leant forward and let out a couple of softish grunts and then about 5 chunky pieces just started to emerge from my hole and then dropped out one after another ... Blop! Blop, plop, plip, plop! Phew! The smell was bad as I could feel a HUGE pressure on my butt now and all of a sudden I just farted ..... BRRRRAPPPPTTTT! (It stunk BAD!) and then piece after piece of poo just dropped out and landed in the bowl below .... PLOP, PLOP, PLOP, PLOP, PLIP, PLIPSLOPSLOPSPLOOPSPLOP! BLOP, BLOP, BLOP, BLOP, PLIPSPLOPSPLOPSPLOP, PLONK, PLONK, PLIP-PLIP-PLOP-PLIP-PLOP-PLIP-PLIP-PLOP-BLOP! I then could feel my bum opening up again and could smell my poo and then .... PLONK!, PLONK!, BLOP, BLOP, PLIP, PLOP, PLIP, PLOP, PLOP!! I was literally just dropping poo every couple of seconds and it was getting so smelly but I was no where done yet and I had been on the loo for a good 15 mins now and there's was still more that I needed to get out of my system ... I let out another fart and kept dropping chunks and pieces .... PLIP, PLIP, PLOP, PLOP, PLOOOOOP, SPDOOOOSH, SPLOPSPLOOOPSPLOPSPLIPSPLOPSPLOPSPLOP, PLIP, PLIP, BLOP! There was no way I was going to rush and I was going to take as much time as I need to have a really good poo.... a couple of seconds later I could feel more poo rushing towards my bum and then it all came out in one big wave ... BLOP, BLOP, PLIP, PLIP, PLOP, PLOP, PLOP, PLIP, SPLOOOPSPLOPSPLIPSPLOPSPLOOOP, SPDOOSH! PLOP, PLIP, PLOP, PLOP, PLOP! and my god was it smelly in the loo, PHEW! I stunk the place up with my poo. I needed to let all that poo out of me and it was a really big satisfying one and one that was soooo badly needed! I was done now and quickly looked behind me into the bowl and it was so hard to make it out what I had dropped as the water in the bowl had turned brown too and there was marks in the bowl. I tore off some loo roll and wiped my pooey bum at least 5 times before it was even clean and then got up off the loo, pulled up my pants and shorts and flushed the loo and sprayed more air freshener in the air. By now it was 7:30pm and I had been on the loo for at least half an hour now but how it was satifying to have a good poo like that was great.

This last one for now involves me out and about and having to have a poo in public loos ...

Well I was at a holiday camp with my mates for a week and every night we would go into the main club house for the main entertainment. Well on this particular night I had a bad bellyache because I had a rather a lot to eat earlier on that day. It was very hot and humid and I was in a tight v-neck figure hugging shirt which was rather sweaty and had denim crop shorts on with open-toe sandals on. It was stifling hot inside the main hall and I also needed a HUGE dump as well and said to my mates that I'd be back in a couple of minutes cos I needed to be on my own and wanted some air...I headed out of the main hall and into the loos and there was 3 unisex cubicles and I took the middle one, it look really spotlessly clean, smelled nice and had lots of loo roll because I was going to need it as the urge for a dump became overwhelming. I quickly went in, locked the door, took off my bag, put it to one side, pulled down my denim crop pants and pants and sat on the loo with my arms crossed to my belly and I leant forward and let out a couple of grunts but nothing happened nothing was moving so I let out another couple of grunts and at this point someone walked in and took the cubicle to the right of me and I could hear her taking down her skirt and knickers and sat on the loo... Meanwhile I let rip with a fart and then starting having a poo .... Plop! plop! plop! plip, plop, plip, plip, plop, blop, blop, bloop, blonk, plop! at the same time the woman next to me also let rip with a loud fart and started having her poo and I heard a good number of plops from her cubicle and the smell from both of our cubicles was getting BAD...I still had more to do and carried on with having my poo and was plopping and farting a lot as I had a bit of a bellyache and I was stinking up the place a lot and then I dropped loads of pieces which made really loud plops .... PLOP, PLOP, PLOP, BLOP, BLOP, BLOP, BLOP, PLIP, PLIP, PLOP, BLOP, BLOP, PLOP! I was now done and it was a relief meanwhile the woman next to me was still dropping poo out of her bum as I could hear plips and plops every couple of seconds. I was wiping my bum and getting ready to get up off the loo, pull up my pants and denim crop pants, flush the loo and pick up my bag...and I went to wash my hands when I heard the woman let out another big smelly fart followed by loads of loud plops! I left at that point and when I got back my mates knew I was having a poo because I was gone almost 25 mins but hey I didn't care a jot because I had a really good and satisfying poo and made a smell too.

That's all from me now...
Till next time. Nite nite :)


At a family reunion

Hi everyone. I have a story to tell about a family reunion I went to when I was 7. There was mostly older people and my parents were having fun talking, but I was bored out of my mind. There was only one other person even close to my age, so we ended up spending most of the two days together. Her name was Liz and she's like my third cousin or something, I don't really remember, but anyway, at the time she was 9, just two years older than I was.

On the first day I was there, we decided to play hide and seek. There were lots of good hiding places inside the house we were at, so we played for a bit. At one point, I was looking for Liz and I checked inside the largest bedroom. I didn't see her, but then I noticed the door to the attached bathroom was cracked just a bit, and I figured she must be hiding in there.

I went over to the bathroom and opened the door and Liz was in there, but she wasn't hiding. She was sitting on the toilet, and from the smell, I could tell she was taking a dump. I flinched, expecting her to yell at me for barging in on her on the toilet, but she didn't. Instead she calmly explained to me, "You found me, but this doesn't count. I was hiding under the bed when I really really had to do a poo." I was amazed that she was so open and not even the least bit shy. We continued to argue about whether my finding her counted or not, all the while she kept on pooping. She never once seemed embarrassed or asked me to leave. When she was done going, she stood up to wipe, then flushed.

The second day was even more interesting than the first. Liz and I were mostly playing outside that day. Out of nowhere, Liz openly said she had to do a poo. There wasn't much of any place to get cover, so she just walked a little bit away, pulled down her skirt and began to poop right in front of me. This girl really had absolutely no sense of embarrassment, but that didn't bother me any. She deposited a good sized dump on the ground at her feet, and upon realizing she had nothing to wipe, she just pulled up her skirt.


Latest Stories

Hello, everyone! Here are two short stories for today and I hope that everyone enjoys them.
Today, I went to the restroom to wash my hands and brush my teeth after eating some popcorn. As I was washing my hands, I heard someone in a stall flush the toilet and the sound of something being sprayed. I saw a black girl come out of the stall with a can of Glade in her hand, so I figured that she pooped and then covered the smell with Glade. She washed her hands and left while I was brushing my teeth.
Yesterday, I went into the restroom to pee. I peed quickly and came out of my stall to wash my hands. I then heard some movement and discovered that someone was in the very last stall. She was just sitting there, so I assumed that she was pooping. She stood up and flushed the toilet and then sat back down, so I figured that she must really had to go. I finished washing my hands and went back to my dorm.

Just a guy

Eileen H - I haven't seen any of your stories recently. Are you still posting? I was hoping with the start of the school year that you would have more experiences to tell about.

Mary Kate - I look forward to your stories - I always like those about the work place and it sounds that your roommates are interesting. Hopefully you'll get a story about them eventually.

Leanne - I feel bad for you. Days where the stomach is churning and you keep having to go are not fun. Well hopefully, you're feeling better now.


To Samantha

Hey Samantha, that really stinks - both literally and figuratively. LOL (Sorry I couldn't resist.) Yeah, I had a horrible time once which is the only story I've ever posted about an accident. It was quite an ordeal. Fortunately for me, I'm not likely to ever see anyone again from that situation. Here I am, a 50+ guy on a day trip and get an intense urge to have a BM on the highway. Pulled off, found a place, and had to deal with a porta potty. Made a mess, and then went to a Walmart to get new pants and underwear (I should have gotten a diaper). Long and short of it, I ended up with another urge a little later and got in to the classic story of not being able to use a restroom as they're only for employees. They told me where I could find a bathroom, which I headed for, but ended up going in my car! Eek!!!!! Went there, got the key and went in to clean up which took a while. The guy came out to the door and was knocking on it, and with a key in his hand apparently getting ready to open the door! I don't remember exactly what happened, just that he copped a real attitude with me like I was doing something wrong.

All I can say is that I'm sorry that it happened to you. Now, get over it. If something like this happens again, you need to look into the reason for it. It could be IBS, or any one of a number of things including neurologic problems that are affecting either your ability to know when you need to go, or the ability to control it when the need arises. If anyone says anything to you about it, just tell them you were sick. If you are worried about another accident, keep a couple of towels and plastic in the car to protect the seat, and have a change of clothes and a means of cleaning up such as disposable wash cloths with you.


Dad Takes A Major Shit

Most of the time (I would say 95% or more) when we see fathers bring young children into public restrooms, it's usually the kid having to go potty and dad having to supervise. They go through a whole rigamarol yelling at the kid not to touch anything and asking them ten times if they are done, etc.

Sometimes however when the roulette wheel of life is spun it's dad's number that comes up and these situations can test a parent's poise under fire.

One time I was at the shopping mall on the can doing my business and there was another guy 2 stalls over doing his thing when I heard the door open accompanied by the voices of a young adult male and two very young children. The adult voice was doing the typical charge to the kids not to touch anything and such when one asked if they were going potty. The adult voice then said that daddy had to use the potty and asked the kids to be patient while he went.

At that point, I saw a pair of adult-sized feet about size 10 enter the middle stall accompanied by 2 pairs of much smaller feet. This time however, it was the bigger pair of feet that turned around and faced the door as the smaller pairs stood there. I then heard the clinking of the belt and saw the pair of jeans next to me crumple up like an accordion as daddy's butt went down on the toilet. This was quickly followed by an explosive machine-gun-like fart followed by a devastating barrage of soft loose crap that seemed to blast out of the young dad's badly-loaded butt like it was shot from a cannon. Reflexively, before he could even think about it, the young father let out a spontaneous and heart-felt gasp of relief after the shit had hit the water. Clearly, dad had obviously needed to crap quite badly.

Immediately, the young children burts out in uncontrollable convulsive laughter. "Daddy farted and made a big poop!!!" they exclaimed in glee. In typical kid fashion, they then started imitating the sounds that had just resonated from the toilet and their father's sponataneous gasp of relief. Daddy wasn't done either with farting or making an even bigger poop.

I could hear the young father's voice try to stay calm as he attempted reason with his kids, but you could tell his voice clearly sounded embarrassed knowing that he had company on either side of him.

"Jason and Jeremy, don't YOU sometimes fart when you go potty?" he tried explaining to them. "Sometimes, big people need to fart when they go to and that's all right." His own words didn't really sounded like they carried a lot of conviction in them, but it did momentarily calm the kids down.

That was until dad's butt crackled again and lots more soft loose shit thundered out of him. This time, the kids were beside themself with uncontrollable laughter as their poor young father sat with his pants down around his ankles filling the toilet with shit. At this point, all dad could do was to admonish his kids to settle down, the humiliation in his voice being plainly evident. The young father got his kids semi-settled just in time for yet one more round of loose soft shit cascading into the toilet that once again sent his kids in an uproar.

As the father started tearing off some toilet paper, one of the kids asked him for a look in the bowl before he wiped with his brother chiming in with agreement. Reluctantly, the young man stood up for a moment to let his kids have a look. "Wow!!! That's a BIIIG poop!" One of them exclaimed. The young father tried explaining to his boys that they would have big poops too as they got bigger.

Dad's humiliation wasn't quite done however. Now came the business of wiping. After he sat back down and proceeded to wipe, one of the kids exclaimed "Yuck!!! That paper is all poopy!!!"

I managed to wipe and flush along with our other neighbor just before dad and his kids and was washing up just as he emerged with them. When he saw us, his face was nearly beet red with embarassment. I would say he was about 27-30 years old, 6' tall, 180 pounds, brown-haired, blue-eyed, lean and quite attractive. His 2 kids had just given a detailed account to us of nearly every aspect of his very major dump. And make no mistake, this had been one very loaded young man who had just bummed out one SERIOUS pile!! I'm sure this young man envisioned a lot of great things about fatherhood when his wife first told she was pregnant, and this probably wasn't one of them.

As we washed up, I tried to make him feel a little better by giving him sort of a "kids will be kids" look He did get a little smile out of this as I washed up and walked out.

Wednesday, October 05, 2011

clean up guy
Hello everyone I used to post on here a long time ago. I like to pee in the shower because it saves water. Also I pee in empty sport drink bottles too. As for pooping I used poop behind the dumpster, but in the area I stay in It's getting a little to dangerous for that and i don't want to get caught by someone. But I poop at work. But I'm thinking about pooping a in container also i have a bed side toilet that once belonged to my grandma, be for she passed away in 2005. But I'm want to poop and pee outside again any suggestions? I stay in a big city.


First poop in front of my boyfriend

This afternoon, I let my boyfriend watch me poop for the first time. He actually confessed his secret love and told me about this site a while ago, but I was hesitant at first. Over the next few days, I thought about it and I decided that if watching me poop turns him on, then that's okay with me. I figured there were worse things he could be in to.

So, anyway, this afternoon we were eating our lunch outside and enjoying the nice fall day. After we finished eating, I felt a poop brewing and told my boyfriend I needed to poop, and invited him to come with me. Well, I didn't have to ask him twice, that's for sure. We entered the bathroom and I pulled down my slacks and underwear and sat on the toilet. I began with two drawn out airy farts. I could feel a poop up there but I didn't want to rush it. We continued to talk as I sat and I farted a few times. I told him I thought there was a big one but it wasn't quite ready. He said that was okay, he was thrilled just to be watching.

I let out a really long loud fart and then I knew the poop was on its way. I slid a little forward on the toilet and said he could get a better look from behind. He watched as my hole opened, closed, opened again, and then a well formed log began to slide out. Immediately the room started to smell strongly of my poop but he seemed to enjoy it all the more because of the stink. The log eased out some but then it just hung there about half out. The feeling was amazing of my hole being stretched open for a prolonged period. I love it when a log works out super slow like that. After a bit the log started to move again and then it fell into the toilet with a floomp.

He commented that the log was a big one. I told him there was more where that came from. I farted silently several times, only adding to the "aroma" of the room. I felt some more poop almost ready to come out. For a bit nothing happened and then a chunk of poop shot out. I let out a quick bursting fart and then two similar chunks followed, making a shoonk, shoonk sound. A little bit later, a log emerged from my hole. It wasn't quite as big around as my first one but it felt good coming out just the same. My body kept churning the log out until it was touching the bottom of the toilet bowl. A bit more slid out and then it snapped off. I gave a quick push and the remnants of the log plopped into the water, then I was done.

I tore off some paper and wiped my butt thoroughly. It took me four passes to get clean. I stood up so he could get a full view of my load, and I could tell he really enjoyed the experience. I flushed my poop down and then we left the bathroom together.

Hey all! So I'm getting to know my roommates a lot better, and definitely have hit it off with them. I'm so happy I moved here! We have different schedules, and they get up before me in the morning. So, I think I miss a lot of their #2 action. It's better that way, because if we all got up at the same time, it would be very crowded in our one bathroom!

A story from work...I work in an office with lots of women, many 40+. I don't want to sound rude, but I don't have any interest hearing older women have a BM. It's so weird how that works, I know. So, I kind of get in and out because the older ones seem to be more casual with their farts and plops, grunts and groans! Eww LOL!

This past Thursday I had a lunch meeting at 11:30 and knew I wouldn't have a chance to poop for a few hours. I had to go, so around 11:00 I went in for a quick dump. I had the place to myself, so I quickly papered the seat and started to pee. I began pushing and just as I was getting ready to poop, the door opened. Ugh - I get embarrassed with an audience. The newcomer walked past me, and took a stall two down. I caught a glimpse of her as she walked by and it was this very pretty black girl named Alicia. She's around my age, and while we have never had a long chat, always smile and say hey what's up. She wiped down the seat and I heard her pulling down her pants and underwear. A "ffft" fart happened right away, and she began to pee for only a few seconds. I glanced under the stall and could see she was on her toes. After she stopped peeing, we sat in silence for about a minute. Awkward!! Hehe

She then flushed and I was hoping that meant she was going to leave. Another glance under showed her shoes in the same position, so she was definitely pooping. I glanced at my phone and it was 11:07 and I knew my ride was leaving at 11:15. Ahhh! So, I gave her another 30 seconds of silence and just had to start my own poop. I crackled out two logs that kerplunked and caused my face to go red. Well, that seemed to be Alicia's invitation and I heard another fart, a quiet splash and a quiet sigh that comes after a good push! It sounded like she had just one big log. This was all she needed, and started to roll paper to wipe. I had one more to go and dropped my third kerplunk. She exited and went to the sinks. I thought by the time I wiped she would be gone. It was 11:11 - I had to get out of there. So, I tore off paper and only needed one or two wipes. It was a healthy but clean poop. Speaking of healthy, her smell had drifted over to me and was quite ripe! I pulled up my thong and pants, and listened to hear whether Alicia left or not. Nope, she was still there! I had no choice but flushed and walked out, staring straight at the sinks. She clicked her lipstick shut, smacked her lips, straightened her hair, and turned to walk out. "Heyy, how are you?!" she said as she walked by me smiling, apparently not at all embarrassed about her smell & my noises. I kind of looked up, trying not to make eye contact, and said "oh hey, pretty good thanks" and looked right back down at the sink. She exited and it now being 11:14 so did I! When I got back to my desk, my ride was waiting to go to lunch. Off we went, me feeling much better but also still a little embarrassed about being outed hehe.

Dan from NYC: Umm, my "load" was big! LOL Drinking usually hits me in the rear hehe, so the next morning is a guarantee for a good poop. Trust me, it can be awkward when guys are around.

Brandon: Thanks - glad you enjoyed it!

USADude: Nice stories about hearing the girls and women poop at the golf tournament! You are either very lucky in your timing or spend a lot of time around the porta potties.

Hi again everyone. After a night out last night and consuming plenty of alcohol I've been up and down to the toilet 8(!) times today for pooping matters. Not diarrhea, just soft poo. My first poo of the day was a few hard pieces, and my second was a few larger bits. Then every hour or so I get a sudden strong urge for a big wet fart that I have to go to the loo to let out, and every time there's always one or two soft pieces of poo following it! Very gassy today and my stomach is churning a bit but I feel ok otherwise. Good job I don't have anything else to do today because I've been tied to the loo!

I'll post again soon. Bye!

sweet c
I sometimes enjoy pooping over mirrors....anyone else?


why i'm afraid to ever be in public again...

i think we all...well, most of us...go through life with one of our daily underlying goals being "don't shit your pants today!" it's true. we don't really think about it. sometimes yeah, but shitting one's pants is not an experience most desire to have, and so any day you get through without such an incident is a success. most days are successful for me. for 29 years, well, at least after i got out of diapers and forward from that point, i have failed at the reaching that daily goal exactly twice. it was horrifying both times, but the second time, much moreso. honestly, i have never experienced anything more psychologically jarring or just plain humiliating than pooping my pants. it seems like such a simple thing to avoid when it happens you're left chastising yourself.."how could i let this happen!??!" it plagues your mind for days...

i was 9 years old the first time. i slept over at my friend gabby's house. i didn't poop while i was there, didn't want to do it at her house. in the morning i was pretty desperate to go. i still didn't want to go at her house. finally, i was dressed for the day, i had my things packed up, i had my backpack on, and i was waiting with gabby and her mom by the front door for my mom to come get me. i don't even remember what we were talking about, i was thinking only about getting home and running to the bathroom. finally, the chariot that would wisk me away to the porcelain paradise arrived. as i watched my mom pull into the driveway, i guess my body went into relief mode a little early. very quickly, i started to turtle head, and it got out far enough that i felt my panties stretch out a little in my jeans. i was on red alert, i played it cool on the outside but on the inside i was screaming my head off. i had to fight so hard to keep that log in, and i did, but it felt like a little had come out in my panties. i anxiously said goodbye to gabby and her mom and opened the front door, and then i turtle headed again. that time i couldn't hold it back. it came all the way out and formed a nice, solid lump in my pants. i burst into tears instantly. i stood right outside the door in tears with a poop in my pants. both alarmed mothers rushed to me to ask what was wrong. i just cried, then continued pooping myself. the odor, the sounds, the expanding bulge on my butt and my sobbing were all the clues anyone needed to solve the mystery of why i was so upset. "oh, Sammy's had an accident," gabby's mom pointed out to my mom. my mom said "oh, Samantha!" impatiently and escorted me to the car. i sat in the car in complete shock at what I'd just done, and in disgust about what it felt like to be sitting with a mess in my underwear. i saw gabby's mom staring with a look of pity, and gabby staring with a look of disbelief and disgust as we rode away. my mom was pretty embarrassed for me, but i was obviously catatonic with humiliation. she was decent about it, told me she understood not wanting to go at someone else's house but that i need to be absolutely positive i can make it home. that kinda stuff. anyway, i couldn't stop thinking about it and reliving it in my head, even when i tried so hard not to. i couldn't believe that i had actually pooped in my pants.

Twenty years later. Present day. this one...oh, man. totally out of my hands. A horrific accident. couldn't be avoided. never even saw it coming and never had a chance, and it was so random that i am now terrified of it happening again. seriously, it came upon me so quickly and suddenly if was like god just decided "hmmm I'm bored hey Samantha's gonna shit herself riiight NOW!" i was in Home Depot. i was with my husband, who i married 3 months ago. i felt perfectly fine, didnt feel an urge to go the bathroom at all. we had just gotten in line for the checkout, and i suddenly felt a very unsettling rumble in the pit of my stomach that made an audible gurgling sound that people nearby could have heard. before i could even think about what it was, the most intense urgency to poop struck me like a lightening bolt. i got an incredible cramp and i knew i had diarrhea, which meant i had, at the most, a 60 second window to find a toilet, get my pants down and sit on it. i said loudly and in a panic, to no one in particular, "where are the bathrooms??" and an employee told me "go all the way past the paint section, you'll see a doorway on the back wall with a sign for the restrooms." it was way too far. i felt all the blood drain from my face as i had to realize that i was going to fail at not shitting my pants for the day. i took maybe 3 steps away from the checkout area, wet diarrhea started gushing into my underwear, soaking through and flowing out of them into my jeans. it was one, liquidy explosion, and i could feel my entire ass was wet as well as my crotch and the front of my lap. i stood in horror. i felt it start to leak down my legs, so i turned and hobbled for the exit, trying not to look at anyone. i didn't make it to the exit before another cramp stopped me in my tracks, and explosion number 2 happened. it wasn't only noisier than explosion 1, it was squishier...the first time it was like all liquid. the second time it felt like some actually mushy poop came out too. it spread up the seat of my jeans and i could feel streams going down both leaked on my shoes and on the sidewalk outside. i must have gone into shock because i barely remember my husband coming out and taking me home. single worst experience of my idea why it happened, but its terrifying because within i span of 45 seconds i went from having no need whatsoever to use the toilet to uncontrollably shitting my pants in public. so, to me, that means all bets are off. i can shit my pants any time, any place for all i know. its no longer a goal of the day to not shit my pants, its a prayer of the day to not shit my pants... how long will it take me to recover from THIS feeling?

Story Teller
Playing hide n' seek was a way most of us had fun. A very common hiding place was the bath tub, so there are quite a few stories, but I'll just post a simple one. My older sister was looking, so me and my younger sister hid in the tub. After hiding for a few minutes I had to poop, so I climbed out of the tub. I pulled down my shorts and hauled myself up. The whole time I was sitting there my sister was just watching from the tub. We'd gone in front of eachother before, so to us, nothing seemed out of place. I finished and flushed. When I climbed back into the tub she said she had to go. She got her underwear down and sat down and just peed. She cleaned up and flushed. We got found just a minute after that.



So I stopped with the Crystal Light but have recently been drinking Alka Seltzer which I see also has aspartame. Thus morn I was sipping coffe and felt a faint urge to poop. Went, sat on toilet, took a deep breath and pushed hard. It emerged slightly then as I was catching my breath it slipped back in. I took a sip of coffee, took a deep breath and sorta started puffing and pushing gently as my stomach cramped. I was making progress and it was about 2 inches out, 2 inches wide when it just stopped. I grabbed some toilet paper, put my hand down for some leverage, gave a soft push and it moved a little. It felt like it was going attempt a retreat so I took a another big deep breath and pushed really hard. It quickly slid into the toilet without making a sound ans my sore butt clenched back shut. The thing was like 9 inches long and 2 inches thick, solid stick. I'm not used to that and was exhausted. Today is Sat and I haven't had anything since. Uggghhh. May just resort to a laxative and hopefully get back to normal.

hello everyone
i hope that you everyone had a Great weekend! iam just finishing up responding to the posts that i didnot get to elebrate on! i feel so blessed that the modator left the posts up so that i was able to finish responsing to them! if i have time then i will elebator on the previous stories that were posted on this forume!

to John: i really enjoyed your post! sounds like you wife had several healthy bowel movements! iam glad that she didnot encounter any issues while relieving herself! i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless!
to Dinesh: i really enjoyed your post! sounds like you and your friend both enjoyed having a good bowel movement behind the bushes! it also seems to me like you both dont like relieving yourself in a public bathroom! have iether of you had bad experiences or do you guys just going elsewhere! i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless!
to OfficeLady: i really enjoyed your post! sounds like you were pretty desperate to relieve yourself during your meetings with other collages! iam also glad that managed to not have an accident! that would have be really emabarrassing! iam also glad that you were able to relieve yourself in the bathroom with complete privacy! Welcome to the forume! i look forward to your next post! take care and God bless!
to PostTitle: i really enjoy your short response! i must admit that i have never tried to have a bowelmovement in a glass! i believe that i could easily knock over the glass or it would completely miss and land on the floor! lol! i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless!
to AmandaM: i really enjoyed your response! i have had a similar experience with Milk of Magnisum! first of all that stuff if way too strong for me! i will never take it again! it tastes absoultey so nasty! the one time that i took it i vomited a couple of times from the tastes and my eyes only burned for a short time! i have taken lacatives as well! only take it in modoration as well! make sure your near a bathroom to! i hope Amanda that this is insight will help shed light for you! i also want to mention that i have gaged to when trying to take a lacative in the past as well! i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless!
to Catherine: i really enjoyed your response to the ladies on this forume! i also plan on staying on this forume for the remainder of my lifetime! i hope that your doing well! i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless!
to OldDude: i really enjoyed your post! sounds like you offered some good advice to Colton and others that have a hairy abdomen! sounds like also that you recommend a really Good product for this kind of issue! i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless!
to Amylee: i really enjoyed your post! sounds like you and your coworkers have a cool new worker named Summer! she is only an 1.5 inches shorter than iam! i can understand why the men give Summer such a strange look! most guys like women with blond hair! sounds like you and her have had several bathroom outings at your workplace! it also sounds like summer has gotten used to Leigh as well! i love all of your stories! i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless!
to Brian: i really enjoyed your post! iam glad that you were able to complete your assignment on time! sounds like you also over heard the other guy in the washroom that right next to the computer lab! iam also glad that you made it to the washroom without having an accident! i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless!
to Tony: i really enjoyed your post! i know that you really enjoy having your bedroom right next to the bathroom! sounds like your sister and her friends have some really interesting bathroom habits! i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless!
to Brandon: Happy Birthday! i hope soon that you receive your wish to hear a girl relieve herself! i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless!
to Ciara: i really enjoyed your post! sounds like you had quite an intersting bathroom experince with the other two ladies that were in there with you! it sounds as if they were both having the time of the lifes while taking a shit! sounds like you all got along just fine! i absoultley love your stories! i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless!
to Thbonz: i really enjoyed your response to coltons problem! i hope that your advice will help colton solve his problem! he has nothing to be embarrassed about! i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless!
to Amiee: i really enjoyed your post! thats cool that you and your friends talk to each other when realeasing a huge load! its also perfectly normal to do that! iam also glad to hear that you take your time when releaving yourself! i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless!
to Mr. Clogs: thanks for the nice comment! i really appreciate it! take care and God bless!
to Colton: i really enjoyed your post! all you need to do is follow the advice that others have given you on this forume! i believe that you will be fine in the long run! please take care of yourself! i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless!
to Emma: i really enjoyed your post! sounds all three of you had a blast hangingout! iam sorry to hear about the accident that occurred while you were sleeping! iam glad though that you were able to clean up and put on a fresh new pair of clothing! iam also to glad to hear that Natalie didnt have any problems from the food that you guys ate! at least Lauren could relate to the horrible experience that you had! i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless!




Toilet at State Park.

I posted this before,but I'll do it again just to get more stories on here.Ok,One time when I was 5 or 6 Me and my Family was at a state park in Ky,I had to pee so me and my Dad was going to those little outhouse with the pipes stick out of the roof.We where waiting to for this one man to come out of there,and was waiting with us was a boy and his Grandfather.The man using it started talking,like he thought someone he knew was out there.Three minutes later he came out of there.He was a big looking man between the ages of 47-53,wearing camelflouge pants and a white tee shirt not to friendly looking.He looked at us and walked to a crowd of people.
I didn't want to go in there.So I peed in the woods when no one was around.
Later that day we walked passed that toilet,and my Mom said,Boy!That bathroom stinks!

Yesterday I took my car into the repair shop. It was going to only take about three hours, so I decided to head to the mall nearby and shop. I returned later and was hold it would be just a half hour longer. I had a seat in the waiting room and read a magazine. There was a woman sitting across from me, and I noticed she was fidgeting a lot, and I hoped that meant she had to pee. I knew from experience that the only bathroom at the shop was very close to the waiting room and you could hear every noise the person made.

Well, my hope came true, and then some. The woman continued to fidget in her seat for a few minutes longer. I assumed she too knew about the bathroom and was hesitant to go, knowing anyone could hear her. Finally, I guess she just couldn't hold it any more, as she stood up and walked to the bathroom, very quickly. She disappeared around the corner and then I heard the bathroom door open and close. She lowered the toilet seat and forcefully sat down.

I heard her pee begin as a tinkle and build up to a strong stream, then die down. She rolled off a bit of paper but didn't flush. There was a bassy fart followed by several splooshes. A plonk, four distinct plops, and a floomp, then she rolled off more paper to wipe her backside. She wiped three times, flushed, and came back out to the waiting room. She was blushing and wouldn't make eye contact with me.


At the stables

I have had horses for a number of years, but was going down the yard with a friend, because I had the blacksmith out and then me and my friend where going to go for a ride together.

Got to the yard and had a call from the blacksmith to say he was running very late and would be about 1 1/2 so I though well I bring the in and groom them.

The blacksmith arrived two hrs later so now been their for the last 2.5hr my friend when for a walk to the shop about 2miles. He was doing the shoes on my first horse and I said to him are you ok it looking worried he said yep I fine thank you, and he carry he finished the first one and smart the second he look really bad so I ask him again he said he need the bathroom. I know him for a while so said did he need a wee? or a poop?, He said he was busting for a wee. He carry on and then about 15mins later said can i use your bathroom please? I said we dont have one but I can find you somewhere to have a wee if you dont mind going outside. He said I finish this horse and then yes please.

So he finished my second horse, and to make it easy we but them back in the feild..... Then I took the farrier round the back of the barn where we keep the straw and said you can have a pee hear he said you saw i said yep pee away. I let you have some privacy i said he said no your fine your stay hear and you can talk to be while i am going.

I Though he would have taken out his willy and stood next to the wall so it was decrete.

He unzipped his jophurs and pulled his stick out facing me and start to have a wee we were still talking he must have been going for 5 mins we as so depreste. He finished and we walked back and he left.

I though I would go and have a pee myself i was busting and whating the farrier did not help. But my friend was coming up the track so i wait for her.

She wanted to get on a ride so we tack up and go on I was bursting for wee and the saddle didn't help, we ended up riding for a 2hr hack by the time I got back my friend said to be that she needed a piss and must got to the loo when you get back. I told her that I was busting too and have been since we left the yard.

We got back to the yard and got of and but the horse in the stables and untacked and she then said I going to wet myself if i dont go. So she said to me where is it, I said we dont have a loo but you can have a pee outside, I told her i was going to go and have a wee if she want to come so she came with me, I went round the back of the barn, it kind of reminded my of earlier, I was so depreste that I could not undo my clothers.

But i managed to undo my buttons and my zip and she did the same then i found a sport (my use one) and squatted and began to pee what a relive she did the same, I did say to her that i really wished i went for a pee before we went out, she said I have a squatted pee on the way to the shop.

I know have a new way of make sure i dont need a pee while riding before i set of i roll up a large towel and position in in between my pee hole and my jophurs so now if i need a pee i just let it go it feels lovely too and i am not depreste when i get back and then i remove it after i ride and then but it in the washing machine ready for the next use.

Although I still have a pee round the back of the barn when i am not riding

Any have a pee storied when at the stables or riding.... I would love to hear them

bye for now

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