Updated Survey

I added a bit to my survey and posted my own answers as if I took it :P

I did one similar when I first came aboard. Now that I'm back, I upped it. Hoping for some ladies to respond...


1) Where are you comfortable using the bathroom? Home usually
2) Do you wait to find a good bathroom, or typically use the first one you come across? I try and wait for a good one if possible
3) How do you 'position' yourself & your pants etc when you sit? Sitting down normally (for poop cus I'm a guy), with everything down to my knees.


4) How often do you pee? 2-4 times daily

5) What color / shade is it? yellow

6) Do you pee a lot in one go? Depending on how much I have to drink


6) How often do you fart? Approx 5 times daily

7) What type of farts do you do? Usually loud, get soft / quiet ones before a poop

8) Are you shy about farting? Yes actually.

9) Do you fart on the toilet? Sometimes. It sounds like a ghost : "booooo....!"
10) Are your farts noisy? Oh ya
11) Do they smell? Hardly ever


12) How often do you poop? 1-2 times a day
13) What foods etc make you poop? Nothing that i'm aware of...

14) How long does it usually take you? Not even 5 min

15) What types of poop do you do? (chunks, logs, pebbles, semi-solid...) logs or chunks

16) Does a lot come out? If it's logs, no. anything else, usually.

16) What texture are your loads? (soft, liquid, mushy, firm, rock solid..) soft or firm

18) When you poop do you require effort? Hardly ever.

Other / Misc.
19) Do you usually need lots of toilet paper? The softer the poop, the messier...
20) Do you 'line the seat' with tp? nope
21) Ever had someone else in the bathroom with you, or vice versa? (for toilet purposes) not yet
22) Not counting when you were a kid, have you ever had an accident? (from being sick, drinking / eating too much, nothing nearby...) no
23) Do you make sounds when you go? Sigh after a pee you've been holding for an hour, grunt / strain on a difficult poop, etc...? sometimes a sigh after a pee or poop, grunt or something if it's BIG.
24) what was your best bathroom experience? Lots of big chunks that plop noisily.
25) What was your worst? The runs!

Hello everyone. Sorry I have not posted in awhile. I have been pretty busy lately with work and my new pregnancy. First off I would like to say welcome to Catherine's mom Ellen. It is so nice to hear another mom's perspective. I love Catherine's stories and I am sure yours will be just as great.
Car Mom- you asked about me letting Jagger pee in the couch. I did resist for some time, but finally gave in. It is hard to say no to your daughter when you did the same thing. She kept asking and I finally just said alright. There is really no story behind it, and that is the last time she did it. I told her since we have our car back. let's just pee in there.
I posted a bit back about my couch pee. I should tell you guys that it was not the first time I peed into a couch. Back in college, my roommate and I would pee into our couch all the time. This was before I had started peeing in my car. That came with the birth of my daughters. Anyway, my roommate and I had an old couch that she got from her parent's basement. One morning, right when we first moved in together, we were both headed to the bathroom at the same time. I had to poop quite badly and told her if she just had to pee she could go first. She said, no it is okay, I will use the couch. At first I thought she was kidding. But she headed over to the couch, pulled down her pants, and began to pee loudly. She then stood up and pulled her pants back on. There was a big wet spot. I was very surprised but intrigued. She explained she did that all the time, especially when she is too lazy to get up. I tried it the next time I had to pee and loved it. We peed in that couch all through our time living together as did many of our friends. When we moved out, I got a nicer place with a nicer couch and stopped. The pee I had in my couch just a bit ago was the only time I have done it since. Well have to get back to work, just wanted to tell that story. More posts to come.


Caught with our pants down

Hi again. Wow! I never thought others would like the post about the time I stayed with my great-aunt and used her outside toilet. Glad you liked it, guys and gals.

At the school I attend, we have an army cadet troop of which I am a member. We wear an army uniform - camouflage jacket and trousers, black beret, khaki t-shirt, black boots - and, yes, I do carry a rifle at times. So, no sexist remarks about females and guns, please, guys. No, only joking.

A few months ago, our troop went on an exercise in Wiltshire, a county near to Bristol, where I live, with an army cadet troop from another school. My troop were the allied troop whilst the other troop was the enemy. We had to track them down and capture them.

The exercise was a two-day event and we hadn't found or captured the other troop by the end of the first day. We arrived at a camp that had been set up in a field somewhere and settled in for the night. I was in a two-man tent with a girl called Charlotte, who's in my year at school. We took it in turns to sleep and keep watch. About five-thirty in the morning, I was woken by Charlotte who told me she needed to do a poo. I realised that I needed to go as well and suggested we go together. We knew roughly where the latrine was and made our way there, taking our rifles with us. The latrine consisted of two field toilets (large wooden boxes with a hole in the top placed over a hole or trench dug in the ground) surrounded by a camouflaged screen. It was just beginning to get light when we went into the latrine and propped our rifles against one of the field toilets. We pulled our trousers and knickers down and sat down on the field toilets in full view of each other. There was no noise when we did our wee and poo, but I could tell by the pained expressions on Charlotte's face that she was having a little trouble going. As I was pushing a large lump of poo out of my bum, two boys from the enemy troop burst in. I don't know who was more shocked - Charlotte and I, because we had being caught on the toilet, or the two boys who had burst in on us. Suddenly, their cadet officer came in, saw Charlotte and I sitting on the field toilets with our trousers and knickers round our ankles, holding our camouflage jackets up above our waists, and ordered the two boys out of the latrine. He looked pretty embarrassed and after Charlotte and I had finished and wiped our bums, we went back to where our tents were with him.

Everyone thought it was hilarious that Charlotte and I had been literally caught with our knickers down and we both saw the funny side of it, too. But we did get told off by our cadet officer for going to the latrine together and leaving the camp open to attack.

Well, that's it for now. When I have something to post, you guys and gals will be the first to know. Bye for now.


Part 2 of my return - surveys & a bit.

Hey all!

How embarrassing! I spelled my name wrong in my other post...ooops.

Here are my replies to questioneers survey...

1. What do you use the shower for (just showering or peeing/pooping etc.) To take a shower, if I have to pee I aim straight for the drain!

2. How do you pee when you shower if you do at all (in the corner, squatting, casualy as you clean yourself etc. I stand.

3. How do you poo when you shower if you do at all (in the corner, squatting, casualy as you clean yourself etc. n/a

4. What position do you poo in (squatting, standing, hovering/do you do the same while peeing?) only on the toilet...well maybe outside i squat if i need to, due to no toilets.

Second part for guys...

It is really just one question but

1. What do you do with your penis while pooping (do you aim it down and hold it there, push it up against the inside of the toilet seat so it holds it down. i just let it hang haha.

Now I have two quick tales :

The first, is a few days ago I had a meeting at a business hotel a few blocks away from my work. On my way to the area it was being held, I noticed a brunette woman, about 25-35, shoulder length curled hair, grey skirt, and a, shirt. blouse? I'm not sure what it's called. I walked by the bathrooms, and she went into the ladies. It was there that there was a sign and a few rooms nearby. Unsure where to go, I hung back and read the signage...and to see how long my attractive potential colleague would be. I could hear through the wall of the ladies room. I heard her shoes on the floor, the closing of the stall, locking of the door, and that was it...for a few seconds.
After that, she pooped. I heard a loose sounding blast of lots / loose poop into the bowl all at once. It wasn't wet sounding or the runs or anything, but like a very fast rustle, as if ALL her poop came out at once. I heard her wipe a few times, but she was not done. Shortly therafter, i heard a strained "uuh!" (or "nah!)
By now, people were milling about and asking if i needed anything, as I was hanging out by the washroom doors (and thankfully other doors), yet i had my iphone and papers with me, and I was pretending to look through them. Still, I got asked too many times and ran out of answers to use, so I had retreat prematurely.

The other instance involved my first girlfriend, Natasha (this is going back....5-6 years). She was a larger woman. Not TOO big, but...big. She was attractive tho - nice face, pretty hair, and nice bum and breasts. We would be open enough to mildly discuss bathroom activities, but not to the extent of "my turd was 9 inches, and I was farting my ass off!".
One time when we were initmate (or rather, beginning to get intimate at that point...). She stopped what she was doing, said "wait, hold on!" and squeezed her eyes shut, scrunched her face up a bit, and blasted a long, loud, 5 second blast from her curvy big bum. It smelled, but not 'stinky'. She apologized, saying sorry if i wrecked the mood or anything. It did the opposite, and I said I barely noticed anything.

Second part of a tale with her, was not something I witnessed or heard first-hand, but something she told me.

She lives about a 10-15 minute walk from a complex that has a movie theatre and a restaurant or two. Well, one time she had this particular burger at one of the nearby grills. She didn't say the exact details: if she got food poisoning, she drank too much, or the combo affected her bowels, but she ended up pooping her pants. It didn't happen at the place, but at hers when she got home. Apparantly, the urge to dump overcame her, and she made into the bathroom, but not to the toilet itself in time. I wasn't sure if it was liquid, mushy, or solid, but after having some beers, a burger, and a walk home with a big urge, it makes one wonder What she looked & sounded like. This was before we dated though...

Riley- I do still try to have fun. It is just hard because I get in so much trouble when my parents find out.
Catherine- Have to say your posts are my favorite. We are very similar.
Ellen- So happy you started posting. I wish my mom would understand like you do and even try it.
Brandon-Happy belated birthday. I hope you get your wish soon. You are always so nice to everyone on here.
So yesterday was my first day home alone for the first time in awhile. My parents are both out of town visiting my sick aunt. I could not go because of school. I did not use the toilet all day! I held my pee at school so I would really have to go when I got home. I am not brave enough to pee my pants at school like catherine is, although I do go in them most other places. As soon as I got home, I sat on the sofa to watch tv. I slowly peed my pants and it was great. My sofa is leather so it was not as fun as Car Mom or Lauren have, but it did not leave any damage for my parents to see. Later that night, I peed in my bed as I was falling asleep. It was great. My parents are away for the rest of the week, so I am sure I will have more posts to come.


Crystal Light with Aspartame = Constipated

I have always enjoyed a good poop in the morning before work. Recently I began drinking those little Crystal Light to-go packs in water. Ever since then things have been slowing down. Now I'm totally constipated. I haven't had a laxative in years but may need a suppository soon because thjs sucks. Hoping that my coffee in the morning will finally do the trick. Has anyone else had constipation with aspartame?


Desperate walk home

I took my car to the repair shop today and instead of riding the bus I decided to walk home. It was a nice day and I was just enjoying the perfect temperature. I was maybe half way there when I noticed a small urge to poop. I might have been able to hold it until I got home, but I wasn't sure, so I began to look for nearby public toilets. I continued walking and found a store, but unfortunately, I was told their bathrooms were for staff only.

My need was getting a little more intense, so my next stop was a gas station. They always have public bathrooms, I reasoned. I went in and bought a small candy bar, then asked about the bathroom. The clerk pointed me towards them and I headed that way. But the ladies' room in that gas station was so filthy I wanted a haz-mat suit just to breathe in there. The toilet was plugged up with the hugest turd I've ever seen, and there was diarrhea on the floor and in the sink. I swiftly closed the door and left the bathroom just as quick as I could without drawing undue attention to myself.

At that point, I really had to go, and it occurred to me that if I had just gone straight home when I first felt the urge, instead of looking for public bathrooms, I'd have made it. But now, I was just minutes from eruption and would take any toilet... well, any clean toilet. I made a mental map of where I was and I knew there was a fast food restaurant fairly close, so I made a beeline there. When I got there, I headed right to the bathroom and found all the stalls taken and three people in front of me.

I was super desperate to poop and it seemed all the occupants of the stalls were also pooping. The time slowly ticked by and finally one stall opened and the line was down to two people then me. I let out several horrible smelling farts, but I couldn't feel too embarrassed, I mean that's what the bathroom is for. Two stalls opened almost at the same time and that left just me in the line. A little girl, maybe seven years old, ran into the bathroom doing a pee-pee dance. When a stall opened, even though I was on the verge of pooping my pants, I let the girl go first.

Thankfully, she peed very quickly and then it was my turn. Just in time, I plonked myself down and started to fill the toilet. That was the most relieving poop I can remember having in a long while. The fact that I didn't mess my panties was just icing on the cake, really.


Vacation Accident

I just found this site and thought I would contribute a story. I am 32 years old now but this happened back in 1995 when I was 15 years old. Even so it is burned into my memory like it was only an hour ago. I was a normal teenage girl back then, about to start my sophomore year of high school. That summer my family took a vacation down to Disney World and we drove the whole way from Indiana to Florida in our mini-van. Me, my younger 12 year old sister, and my mom and dad. It took two days to drive it. On the second day we were on the interstate and I started to really need to go to the bathroom. I had peed that morning at the hotel before breakfast but nothing else since then. Dad wanted to drive straight through to the hotel in Orlando. At first I didn't say anything and just held it in and kept reading my book in the back seat where I was sitting alone with my sister in the middle row watching a movie and my parents up front. The longer I held it the stronger the urge kept getting and soon I was quite desperate to both pee and poop. I finally spoke up and asked when we would be stopping for lunch. Mom responded that we weren't stopping, she had sandwiches and drinks in the cooler, so we could keep driving.

I just kept holding it, not wanting to admit I needed the bathroom yet, since we weren't to be stopping for lunch. Instead I ate a sandwich and drank a Coke that mom passed back to us girls and kept reading my book, now sitting on my heel to help hold it. After a while even this started to not be enough help and I knew I was getting close to absolutely needing a toilet. I finally asked if we could stop at a gas station or rest area. Dad wanted to keep going but mom finally said that we could all use a little break. But there was nowhere to stop on that stretch of road for another 50 miles or so. I almost panicked when I heard how far it would be, not sure I could make it that far. But I kept my mouth shut and crossed my legs tighter and pushed my fingers into my crotch.

After another half hour I felt like my eyes were watering I had to pee so badly but even more than that I knew my poop was not going to wait much longer. I passed some silent gas a few times and once my sister complained that something smelled. I was on the verge of losing it in the back seat. I asked how much farther. My dad said only a few minutes to the next exit with a gas station. I relaxed momentarily at that news and immediately regretted it as a squirt of pee escaped into my panties but not enough to show on the outside of my tan mid-thigh shorts (I checked). I clamped back down and tried to breath and act normal but I knew I only had a few minutes left.

The exit finally arrived and we pulled off the interstate and into the parking lot of the gas station. I had unbuckled myself and moved to the side door before we even came to a complete stop. My sister yelled because she wanted out first but I shoved her aside with my elbow, making mom and dad yell at us to cool it, and then as soon as the van stopped I pulled on the sliding side door. It took some force to pull it open and when I did I lost another squirt of pee but I had no time to check for damage. I hopped out and ran inside the gas station to the back and found the bathroom but it was locked. I knocked on the door, dancing frantically in front of it with my legs crossed and bouncing on my feet. The attendant said, "You need a key!"

I cursed and turned around and ran back to the desk and grabbed the out held key, turned, and sprinted back to the bathroom, another leak of pee escaping as I went. I nearly slammed into the door and then fumbled with the key for a second trying to get the key into the keyhole while feeling my anus begin to open and my bladder muscles quiver. I finally got the key in, turned the handle, opened the door, jumped inside, turned to lock the door... and immediately felt with my entire being that I was too late. One second I was fighting the good fight and the next second I knew completely that I was a millisecond from having an accident.

I didn't even have time to back away from the door. My right hand was still on the lock button when my bladder spasmed and I began flooding my panties and shorts with the full force of my over-filled bladder. Urine poured down my legs and onto the tile below me, splashing my feet and sandals, and soaking my panties and shorts. I just stood in a daze as it happened, almost in slow motion, hearing only the hissing sound of it hitting against my clothes and the splattering as it fell onto the tiles. Then, horribly, I felt my anus expand and I remained motionless and helpless as the large load of feces began to quickly expel itself from my bowels and into my soaking wet panties. It felt so warm and unusual as it pushed against my shorts and expanded into a pile in the seat of my panties. The aroma of my bowel movement hit my nose next. A second turd followed the first, both thankfully solid and contained within my panties. Then it was all over. It was finished. I slowly came out of my daze to fully realize what had happened. I looked down and saw the extent of the wetness on my shorts and the brown bulge under the seat of my butt. I started to cry silently. I was 15 years old and in high school, this shouldn't happen!

There was a knock at the door and then my mother's voice, "Tia, are you alright? Your sister needs to go, too." I didn't know what to do at first. Another knock. "Tia?"

I found my voice and croaked a response, "Mom?"

"Tia? Is that you?"

"Yes, mom."

"Are you ok, sweety?" She asked softer, now right up by the crack of the door.

I hit the unlock button on the door and said, "No, mom."

She started to ask, "Do you feel well?" as I cracked the door an inch so we could only see each others' eye clearly. She saw I had tears on my cheek. She stopped and asked, "Did you..."

I shook my head a little and said, "I didn't make it, mom." And that set me crying again. With that mom pushed the door just open enough to squeeze inside and pushed it shut behind her before my little sister could see. She pounded on the door wanting to know what was going on anyway.

Mom then saw my full condition from the front and the puddle on the floor. "Oh dear, you've wet yourself. I'm sorry." Then she must have smelled the other prevailing scent. I looked at her and frowned. She said, "Oh dear, you've more than wet yourself." I nodded silently and turned around so she could see the brown bulge at the back. "Oh, my." I was crying again and she took me and hugged me and told me it would be ok and we had clean clothes in the van. I got the crying under control and she asked if I needed help. I just nodded.

Mom unbuttoned and unzipped my shorts and lowered them down. I looked down at my pink panties in horror at the darker pink stain on the front, knowing the back would be infinitely worse. She helped me step out of the shorts and my wet sandals as well. Then she helped me very slowly lower my soiled panties to keep from dropping the mound of poop out of them. As they slowly inched their way down I began to be able to see the poop mound and as they got lower the full amount was visible and I was astonished at how large the mound was - it was in a little pointed mound, shaped to the conforms of my butt cheeks but inverted, and stretched to both sides of the panties crotch and roughly 4-5 inches front to back. It was dark brown and had cracks in it. I can see it clearly still today.

I carefully stepped out of the panties as mom held them to keep the wavering mound of poop contained inside them, now only slightly aware I was standing exposed from the waist down in front of my mother for the first time in many years. She said, "Why don't you start cleaning up and I'll get you some new clothes?" I nodded. She stopped me and said, "First..." as the tipped my panties over the toilet and tilted out the mound of poop into the water with a slash. The seat of the panties was soiled and soaked half-way up the butt. She said, "I think we'll just throw these away?" I nodded. She tossed those and began rinsing my shorts in the sink with soap and water. I meanwhile began wiping my butt with large amounts of toilet paper. My little sister still pounded on the door. Mom then said she would be back with a change of clothes and snuck out the door, again keeping my sister out.

I wetted some paper towels in the sink and used those to clean myself and sat on the toilet, nude from the waist down, still sniffling a little. About five minutes later my mom knocked on the door and came back inside with a new pair of shorts and panties. She told me my sister was able to use the other bathroom. I asked what she told dad. She said she told him that I was having "girl problems". I smiled and thanked her. She said no problem but to speak up next time I was in danger of having an accident. I had to stand up and turn around and have her check my butt to make sure I was fully wiped clean, which was as embarrassing as anything else that day. I then put on the clean panties and shorts, we washed our hands well, and we left.

My sister was waiting. "Why are you in new clothes? Did you pee your pants?" I told her no and to shut up. She kept pressing. Mom told her to stop bothering me and that it was a girl thing she'd understand when she was a little older.

We continued on our way. I tried to have a fun vacation anyway, but the memory of my massive accident still haunted me. It did bring me closer to my mom in a strange way. A few years ago at a Christmas I was with my sister and the topic of vacations came up. I finally, all these years later, admitted to her the truth - yes, I had peed - and pooped! - myself that day. She thought it was hilarious. So much so that she wound up peeing her own pants a little right there by the Christmas tree at the ripe old age of 29. I love my sister.

The Listening Ear
To Lynn: Thanks for your post. Yes, it's the same on the British BB. There have been toilet scenes shown when people are doing things other than using the toilet.

To Just Jerika: Sorry to hear of your troubles at school. Have you ever tried standing on the toilet seat and squatting over the bowl? It is supposed to be a medical fact that squatting is the most efficient position for emptying the bowels, and in your case it really sounds as if you need to have your feet on something.




Yesterday I needed to take a crap not noticing that there was no toilet paper I had to walk around all day with runny crap in my ass

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Greg (Mike's Friend)

To Anon

Thanks for your comments regarding the story I posted about my buddy Mike traveling to Florida with fraternity brothers. I can assure you that Mike had no spinal injury and that he was a very healthy, robust, fit young athlete of 19 who simply had to urinate and defecate EXTREMELY badly at the time. And oh yes, there definitely was a little beer involved in this incident and I think all of them except the drive were slightly inebriated.

Be Safe,



More places to go

To Mr. Clogs: I have not yet tried to poop in a large fast food cup, but it sounds interesting. I'll add it to my list of fun things to try.

To Aimee: Loved your post about the privy. I've been camping only a few times and each time the site had indoor plumbing. Too bad, because I always thought sitting next to someone in an outhouse and talking to them, knowing they're pooping as well would be really awesome.

To Car Mom & others: Please post more stories about peeing in the car. I enjoy reading them, even though I don't pee in my car. I couldn't stand to drive in a car that smells like my pee. It would bother me too much.

Alright, now on to my stories. In my last post, I was talking about what to do if you have to use the toilet and I can't believe I forgot going in the sink. I've used a sink several times to pee, although I wouldn't think pooping there would go over so well.

Recently there have been some posts about bed wetting. I used to pee the bed a lot on purpose when I was a kid, just because I didn't want to get up and walk to the bathroom. My mom really wasn't happy with me and I got in lots of trouble, but to me it was worth it. I've grown out of that habit and now I only pee the bed on purpose if I'm going to change the sheets anyway. There have been a few times recently when I wet the bed accidentally though.

Today I pooped in my chamber pot. I felt a small urge at work and I held it until I got home. I arrived and I had pee and poop. If I was going to use the chamber pot, that was going to make a mess. I peed in the chamber pot first, still holding in my poop, but just barely. The instant I was done peeing, I moved the pot underneath my butt and let loose. I could hear the turds fall into the pot and make a splash in my pee. It was sort of a different sound than usual, probably because there wasn't as much liquid as in a normal toilet. Cleaning up was also difficult because I had to wash it by hand but I think I'll still try it again some time.

Last thought for now... I wonder how peeing and/or pooping in a bedpan compares to going in a child's potty? I haven't tried either one and now I'm curious. I don't currently own either a bedpan or a potty, but I'd imagine I could buy them at any "Big Box" store.

Catherine: What's the longest youve ever held your pee or poop? My friend would sometimes hold it for days then if she had an accident she would poop until her pants couldn't hold anymore lol. I could tell she didn't like doing it though. I felt sorry for her it musta been miserable to hold it that long only to have an accident anyway. Also have you ever been embarrassed by going in your pants or did you always enjoy it that much?

Viviana: Thats interesting that you dump the poop on your bed. I don't think I've heard of anyone doing that before lol sounds like youre having fun though. Hope you post more!

Whinnie: Thats cool you still have fun even though your parents don't like it. It would suck if you stopped just because of what they think.

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