Desperate to poop

partially pooped pants

Oh I had some stained pants today.

As it was a nice day I went out for a nice walk. I decided to have a nice coffee and cake before I went out so that I could work off the cake :)

Half way round I felt the need for a poo brewing, not too urgent so I thought I'll have plenty of time when I get back. As I walked round the rest of the walk my urge continued to develop and by the time I got back I was definitely ready for a poo. I went back to the cafe area to find a queue for 6 deep for the unisex toilets. 2 toilets. In front was a gent in his 30's, a mother and daughter it seemed, another gent and a young girl in her 20's.

I was pretty desperate now and was hoping there weren't too many poopers. The gent got in pretty quickly and only had to pee thank god, which meant the same cubicle became free quite quickly. That allowed the mother to take it. She had to poop and for a while both toilets were occupied the first one had been occupied since I got there. Finally after 3 minutes the first cubicle opened up and a ???? 50 yr old came out, the daughter went in and only had to pee and was out in a few minutes allowing the gent to go in.

I was now getting more desperate and had to clench by buttocks a bit to stop the pooh from coming out. The lady in front of me was also doing SBD's so it was clear she needed to pooh. The gent came out and the lady went in which left me and 4 others behind me.

I was now very desperate and both toilets were taken with poopers. I tried hard to keep my cheeks clenched but part of my log broke off and dropped into my pants! Thankfully a few minutes later the mother exited and I was able to get in. I rushed in to a very smelly toilet, but quickly got onto the toilet as the rest of my first log rushed out. Oh what relief I can tell you! I tried to clean my pants up as best I could whilst I let a few more logs out. I wiped back and front and then flushed, washed my hands and left very relieved!

Hi everyone! Back at uni now but no interesting stories to tell really yet! So instead I thought I'd go back in time a bit and tell a story from my school days. Back at the start of secondary school. I was in French class, the last class of the day. I had to wee quite a lot but I knew I'd be ok until the end of the lesson. While we were doing some work one of the other girls in the class, Charlotte (not my best friend but someone else), put her hand up. All the boys considered her one of the two or three most attractive girls in our year- maybe they would have changed their minds if they heard what I heard!
She asked the teacher if she could go to the loo, but she said no because there was only half an hour of the day left and she could wait until then. She seemed disappointed but she carried on writing. Five minutes later she asked again. This time she seemed a bit more urgent. Again she was told no. Again she waited five minutes and then asked again. I noticed she was bouncing around in her seat a bit by now and had her legs pressed tightly together and her hand in her lap. I couldn't tell if she had it between her legs or holding her stomach. The teacher said no, she was a big girl and could wait for ten minutes or so and all that stuff. 'But I really need to go!' she said, which made all the boys laugh. By now Charlotte seemed really desperate for the toilet. She was fidgeting and bouncing around a lot. She didn't ask again and when the end of the lesson came she left the room as fast as she could. I followed because my bladder was full by now. The nearest toilets were just at the bottom of the stairs and a few steps down the corridor. When I reached the bottom I saw Charlotte had been ambushed by one of her friends and was standing talking to her. As I approached she said bye and they went their separate ways- needless to say Charlotte was heading right for the loos! She went into one cubicle and I took the one next to her. These toilets had floor-to-ceiling walls and doors but sound still travelled. I locked the door and could hear Charlotte doing the same. I heard her whimpering slightly as she shuffled from foot to foot while she, presumably, wiped down the toilet seat or laid some paper down. I sat myself down and listened in. Charlotte was in pure desperation mode now. I could hear her shoes clicking on the floor as she hopped from foot to foot. Then she swore and I heard her rapidly pulling down skirt and underwear and sitting down heavily on the loo.
Immediately there was a massive wet fart and a rapid series of loud plops, followed quickly by a moan of relief. Another wave of wet plops and farts followed. Charlotte was filling the bowl and must have been absolutely on the verge of losing it in her underwear. I don't know if she had a bit of an accident in her pants or not because after I had my wee and left I waited across the corridor from the toilets for her to come out and she was only in there for five minutes or so in total. Either way she sounded lucky not to have filled her knickers because she seemed sooo desperate for her big poo! If the boys had heard (and smelled!) what I had they might have gone off her somewhat!


Friday evening after work poo

Hi everyone : ) I have another story to share with you all about a really big poo I had after work yesterday evening (Friday)...

but firstly ...

To Brandon: Happy belated birthday for the 21st September, hope you had a great day and that you got your wish in hearing a woman poop. Thanx, I'm glad you like my stories about the poops I take and I have another for you which I will share.

To Mr.Clogs: Thanx, I'm feeling a lot better now and alot more myself now...yes I do agree you can poo/pee your troubles away.

To USA Dude: Absolutely fantastic post about all the women you heard pooing at the golf tournament. Loved reading all the accounts you wrote, so looking forward to hearing about something like that again. I bet you must've been really happy with hearing all those women take a poo. I'd have been in heaven. Please post again :)

Right now, here's my story of my after work poo last night... I got in from work at 5:30pm and was mega exhausted and felt soooo tired after a long, day at work. All I wanted to do was to change out of my work clothes into something casual so I slipped into a white t-shirt, black shorts and black flip-flops. I was just relaxing in my room, relaxing and putting my tired, hot, achy feet up and enjoying a cup of tea, enjoying peace & quiet and some quality time to myself. I could feel that I needed to go and have a poo really, very soon as had a very fullish feeling in my belly. I could feel that I was about to fart so I let one rip ... BRRAPPPPTT!! It was a loud one and it stunk! Phew! I just knew that it was gonna be a big poo that I was in store for tonight. Suddenly I felt my belly was crampy and bloated and I farted again and it was really smelly this time and I made a dash to the upstairs loo, locked the door, pulled down my black shorts and pants to my thighs and sat on the loo, leant forward, crossed my arms and pressed them to my belly and let out a couple of grunts ... Nggghhh! Nggggh! Uhhhhh! Uhhh! and then a big chunky piece of poo dropped out of bum and landed in the bowl with a really loud PLOP! and then another couple of chunks just dropped out ... Plop, plop, plip, plip, plop, plip! It was getting rather smelly now and then loads of little bits of poo began dropping out .... Plip, plip, plop, splooonk, blop, blop, plop-plip-splipslopsplopslopsplop, blop, plooop! followed by blop, blop, plonk, flooomph! I could still feel more inside me just waiting to drop out and I let out another fart and followed through with a torrent of small chunks and pieces which dropped out in rapid succession ... Plop, plop, plop, plip, plip, plop, plop, spdoooosh! and I was done! There was a strong odour of poo in the air as I tore off loo paper ready to wipe my bum but before that I had a quick look behind to what I dropped out of my bum and there was a lot of lightish brown chunks, pieces and pebble like poo. It took me 5 wipes to get clean but all in all the main thing I had a really satisfying poo :) I got up off the loo, pulled up my pants and shorts and flushed the loo.

That's all from me now more soon :)

Michelle (Formally M.S)


Sorry I haven't posted in ages but I still have been reading the site and I have a few comments regarding posts from last week.

To Nicola
Hi, I would like to say welcome to the site. I loved your post called "Poo Holding" as it shows that we have a lot in common as we both love that desperate feeling we get when we hold a big load of poo in and then the intense relief we get when we empty our bowels. I love it when I don't make it to the toilet in time and end up loading my knickers full of hot and sticky poo. As always I look forward to your future posts.

To Ellen (Catherine's Mom)
Hi, after reading both of your posts I'm glad that you tried pooing your knickers. I love to poo and pee my knickers as it gives me a sense of excitement especially when in a public place but unlike you I wouldn't have the courage to poo myself at work...not on purpose anyway lol. I'm glad Catherine told you about the site and I like the relationship you have with your daughter as theirs not many that are open about toilet habits especially talking about pooing and peeing yourself. As always I look forward to your future posts.

To Catherine the Freshman
Hi, just like you I love to poo and pee myself as I love the hot and sticky feeling between my bum cheeks. Although I didn't have the courage to poo myself on purpose at school but I did have the occasional accident which I will post about soon. I would also like to say thank you for introducing your mum to the site. As always I look forward to your future posts.



Just Random 5

One time when I was in the first grade I was in the bathroom getting a rag to wash the chalkboard.My cousin was in there and he told me to smell those brown handprints on the wall,but I didn't do it.

And in the second grade Me and this one boy was at the long urinal peeing and one boy was in a stall singing,YANKKEE DOODLE WENT TO TOWN RIDING ON A PONEY STUCK HIS FINGERS UP IT'S BUTT AND IT MADE A LOOAD!

And one time I drew a doodle at school of a man sitting on the toilet,and I made a speech balloon that made him say sheeew,but I spelled it shoo.I droped it in the floor to see if someone would pick it up.I saw one girl picked it up and she said SCHOOL?

Car Mom
Hey everybody!

Sorry I haven't posted in a while! I'm fine, but nothings really new. I am really enjoying everyones posts though, especially Catherine the freshman and now her mom!

Take care!
Car Mom :)

Pooping with mom at the grocery store

A few weeks ago me & my mom were at the grocery store getting ready to leave as mom was putting up the cart she farted an sbd & it stunk mom looked at me & said I GOTTA POOP I said me too mind if I join u? she said no not at all so we headed for the restroom. When we got in the restroom there were 3 stalls mom took the first stall & I took the second stall I unbuttoned my jeans & pushed them & my underwhere down to my ankles & sat down on the toilet I heard mom unbuckle her belt & unbutton her jeans & push them & her underwhere down & sit down on the toilet then the room went silent. As I was sitting there I started to hear noises come from mom's stall I looked under the stall & saw her jeans & underwhere around her ankles & her belt made a jingling sound when she tapped her feet on the floor & I heard a grunting sound too. Then the room went silent again then I heard a plop sound of the turd hitting the water then I pushed out a turd as well the room started to stink really bad. I could tell mom wasn't done pooping because she didn't move at all. She pushed out another turd & so did I then she reached for toilet paper & whiped her butt & I whiped mine we both flushed, pulled our pants up,washed our hands & went home.

Happy Dude

Peeing while walking

Sorry for the absence, but Sept means working two jobs. My wife and I both work at the same Halloween attraction. This past weekend was opening weekend and we have been extremely busy. There are many toileting stories I can tell about the place, mostly not involving the toilet. Like today was an annual daytime obstacle course for charity. My wife participated and I volunteered. I peed twice outside today. Once I just walked away from the group and went behind a fence and watered the grass. The other I had to search for a better place out of the way, as there are kids there at the time and it would be inappropriate for them to see me peeing. So I walked off a distance and stood with my back to the area we were working at as there was little cover to be had. I also witnessed 3 different guys who were participating wander off the course, knowing full well they were heeding natures call. Two volunteers mentioned later they saw women doing the same. Wish I was in their spot instead, as I would rather catch the ladies answering the call of the wild!

Anyway, I wanted to pose a challenge to any willing to participate. Pee while walking. I have seen a video or two of women capable of the feat and have enjoyed it. I myself have tried and was successful on a few occasions. It's interesting to do since the body does not normally work this way. Let us know if you have tried and the results. Walk slowly and concentrate.

Wife and I are sleeping and relaxing after pushing our bodies to the limit today. She just got up and noisily peed into the pee bucket. Sounds relieving!


Daniel W.

Beach Dump

I was at a beach last week and I was enjoying soaking in the ocean when I saw a woman, very hot with a cute ass, making her way to the bathrooms. I was hoping she was going to take a huge dump because her ass muscles were clenched and she was holding her stomach. Being curious, I followed her. After she went into the stall I went into the one next to her. (unisex) I sat down and listened. She started with a stream of pee and some farting. Then the highlight began. I heard her grunting and pushing pretty hard. Pretty soon a huge PLUNK echoed through the bathroom as her turd fell into the bowl. Immediately after that she moaned and a wave of diarrhea squirted from her asshole. She pushed a few soft logs and some smelly gas before the next wave hit. She groaned and gassed sone more as a third wave took control. Then she expelled another rather stinky and long fart and some more loose poop. She sighed a relieving sigh and began to wipe. She wiped about 7 times before flushing. I remained a few minuets longer in the stall until she left. Then I proceeded to the ocean where I saw the hot woman. She looked relived and thinner floating in the water. It was a good dump experience for me.

- Daniel W.


Back from hiatus

Hey all, Dan from NYC again.

Things got busy at work, with life and the 10th anniversary of Sept 11.

Now I'm back to posting. First some feedback.....

Emma - I've had those dumps too where it's not the runs, but all your poop comes at once in one push. Must have been loud and had some good farts in there too...

Joseph - wow please do hang with Mary more!
USA dude - wow lucky! I woulda been in heaven.

Mary kate - what was your load like? sounds like we can expect more from you.

Lea - oohlala

I <3 pooing - awesome post and awesome load. Wow.

Wow took longer than I thought. Next post will be a story or two and some surveys for me to answer!

* Dan

Car Mom
To Carissa: I'm glad you want to pee in your car when you get one! Yeah you'll definitely want cloth seats and not leather since they will definitely be more absorbant! Keep us posted! Let us know how it works with your boyfriend too! Cool name too, it has Car in it!

See ya!
C M :)

Sunday, September 25, 2011

gassy boy and girlfriend

Greetings all,

Glad to hear all your stories, and I will share mine.

So I've been with my new girl for two weeks now, and we're still shy about pooting and pooping around each other. Well today, when she came over to my house, we had a meal of baked beans, rice, chicken, and potatoes. An hour after eating, while I was sitting and loving on her, I started to get really gassy. I haven't ever pooted around her, but I felt the urge, so I went outside, said that I was going out to the car to get something, and brought back a pack of gum to make it look legitimate. While in my car, I raised my butt up and pooted. It was a nice loud long one, that felt really good, and was really needed. I went back inside and continued spending time with my girl. An hour later, I walked away from her and into the kitchen where I grabbed a bottle of water and pooted. This one was a really little one, so I didn't get in any trouble. A little while later, I was started to get real real bad, and so I went into the bathroom, and took a pee. While peeing I pooted. This one was silent, just because I released it slowly, but it was huge, and it stunk, so I sprayed the bathroom. A few minutes later, while hanging close to my girlfriend, I noticed something really stinky, and it got worse and worse, and I began to suspect that maybe my girlfriend had pooted. I had never smelled one from her before, but I thought that was probably my first time. My girl started to look really uncomfortable, and she went into the bathroom, and started peeing a strong stream, that lasted 20 seconds, followed by a weakening stream for a few more seconds. Then, I heard an unmistakeable noise. My girl had pooted on the toilet. It was a wet one, and it was accompanied by a long crackling log that splashed, and then a few more pieces, and a little more pee. I was very happy that she pooted, because now I didn't have to feel embarassed when I went to the bathroom. I went in there in the bathroom and pooted. It was a small squeaky one. As my bladder got close to being empty, I let out a really really long one, and then when I was shaking the drops off of my weiner, I pooted again. Then I sat down on the toilet, and let go a long crackling poo, then pooted again. That one was really runny sounding. I was relieved to have finally got that out of my body. i felt much lighter, and then me and my girl had fun together, and we both knew that we knew each other a little better now.


Re: A stupid problem

Don't worry, you're not alone with this problem. Be glad that you haven't yet experienced the "fun" of getting a pyelonidal cyst (basically a zit on the butt). The solution is an easy one. Get one of those battery operated grooming clippers (sometimes called beard grooming clippers) and use it to cut the hair off in your butt crack. Shaving is not necessary, and can tend to get painful especially if you catch any part of the anal sphincter. If you don't want to do that, try soaking in some hot water for a while to loosen things up and then try cleaning up. Also, it may just be a matter of giving a little more attention to wiping yourself after "dropping a load". Good luck.

To Hide n' Go Poop

I think part of the reason you have close calls or almost accidents is cus you hold it for so long. That might be why you have the problem.


Celebrity diarrhoea

Has anyone got any original stories about famous people getting diarrhoea and ending up unable to hold it? There are several stories on the internet about rich and famous people having accidents but they are rare, so I wondered he anyone has ever seen someone famous mess thier pants in public.


She poops sometimes 3 times a day

I have a very good freind, who I have helped for years. I move her heavy furniture around, and when she moves stuff into and out of storage I do the carrying. She tends to be constipated, so I sometimes cook her vegetables, and she sometimes cooks me her wonderful bean soup (which causes the expected farts.)

She is such a good freind that she lets me sit in her bathroom while she sits on the toilet.

On days when I help her, I usually arrive at her home before she gets up. After I knock on the door, she gets out of bed and heads for the first encounter with the toilet of the day. On the way, while walking, she usually lets out the first fart of the day - WHOOSSSHH, and keeps on walking. her first fart of the day is a quiet one, long, and not smelly at all. It is pretty quiet, just having gotten up, everything in her is relaxed, including her hole.

When she sits on the toilet in the morning, she always pees first, slow and long, because she is tired and does not push hard in the morning. If she wipes soon, she is done; if she doesn't, there is more to come - poop. After sitting for a minute of so , she does a pre-poop fart (she will poop, but the fart is in front, and has to come out first.) WHUOSSSHHHT,another soft one. Why is it soft? The fart is coming out of her relaxed hole between the outside of the poop and the inside of her hole. A few mintutes of pushing and a big one comes out - Plopppp. Maybe a second one - plippp, a little quieter.

Somtimes after lunch she does it again. The pre - poop farts, this time of day, come out in pairs. FFFDRT, FFGREST........FFFERT, FFFARRTTST. Loud, and being pushed out hard.

When we eat her bean soup (which by the way is very good), at night she will go again. She starts by farting, litle ones out of her pants, which sound like wet ones. Walking to the bathroom, she gets ready to go: pulls down her pants and panties, sits down, and waits. Not long, the beans are ready to come out!

This starts with wet farts, FRRRHSRTTT, FISSSED, FERRSSGHT. They sound wet, but I never hear any poop coming out with these first pre-poop farts. Then comes the poop: wet, soft, squishy, long, gentle, I can hear it all going into the toilet. Then comes the post - poop farts. This is her last chance of the day to empty everything before she goes to bed. She strains, pushes, gets red in the face, moans, and farts - FFRRTZTZT. Loud and hard, the loudest of the day.

Her wipes at night are the biggest ever. The soft wet fart must stick to her hole. She likes to wipe sitting down. She takes a little piece of TP, folds it in half, and wipes sitting down from the front. Looking at the poop on the paper, she folds it again and drops it in the toilet. More paper, more brown wipes, until the paper no longer gets brown, or just a little brown. Four or five wipes before she is done.

One day we were cleaning her apartment, and she did a huge, huge, huge wet fart in her pants. I thought, "She is really going to take a big one after that." She did, but in her pants. Walking to the bathroom, she pulled down her pants, sat down, and her pants were filled with wet brown poop. She had pooped her pants !

She also farts when we go hiking; the excercize seems to loosen up her hole making the farts easier to come out. FRRRST< GGRUNTFFRT. "I am usually not so farty," she says.

At the end of the day, when I am done helping her, I hug her good bye, and think about how happy I am to have a freind who lets me into the bartroom with her when she goes, and what a simple pleasure it is to hear pee, poop, and fart.


Solution for "a stupid problem"

Temporary = use some wet wipes
More permanent = use some "lotion hair remover" about once a month. Follow directions carefully to avoid irritation by leaving it on too long


dumping my load outside

I am kind of new to this site.I was just wondering if anyone here loves taking a poo outside as much as i do? i remember this one time i was 14 and my friend and i walked down to a store that was down the street from my house. we were in the store and i felt a big dump coming on. I asked the store guy if there was a bathroom but he said no. Me and my Friend went outside and started to walk home but i was holding my butt the whole time. The feeling of having to poop just got stronger and stronger until i couldn't take it anymore. I looked at my Friend and said " I'm just gonna poop behind a tree". So we found a tree that was far enough away from the road that cars couldn't see us. Then i dropped my pants and underwear, squatted down and started to poop. My Friend was right next to me so i said: you might want to move away and turn your head cuz its gonna stink pretty bad.So he turned around. I pushed a little and a huge,smelly load of poop came plopping out and made loud fart sounds. My Friend was laughing the whole time and commenting about how big and stinky my turds were. I still had some more poop that needed to come out so i pushed a little more. I could see out of the corner of my eye that my Friend was halfway turned around so he could sneak a peak at the logs coming out of my big brown backside. Finally i was done. I wiped with some leaves and then me and my Friend admired my load. It was huge, a rich brown color and really stinky. Then we went home and joked about it as we walked.

Office Lady

Little Office Accident

I don't' want to share my name but I'll say I am "Office Lady" because I work for a big company and am in an office full of cubicles, etc. I'm in my early 30s and keep in good shape and rarely have any bladder or bowel problems. But today I had a little "incident". I went to lunch with some friends from the office and afterwards I had a 2-hour meeting. We got back a little late from lunch so I had to go straight into the meeting and we didn't get a break the entire time. I realized quickly that I hadn't been to the bathroom since before lunch and with all I drank at lunch and water before and then more water in the meeting I soon had to pee very badly. I kept my cool in the meeting and tried to act and talk normal, but under the big conference table I had one leg crossed over the other tightly and was bouncing my hanging foot constantly to help hold in the pee.

When the meeting finally ended I made a bee-line to my desk, dropped off my notepad, etc. and then booked it for the ladies room down the hall, squeezing my crotch muscles for all they were worth because I was seriously close to losing control. If I had been alone I would have shoved a hand into my crotch to help hold it but I couldn't in a busy office. I tried to walk quickly but not so fast as to make it obvious to everyone that I was in a big hurry to get to the bathroom.

I made it into the bathroom and headed for the stalls, pushed open a door, now practically dancing and squirming to hold it, got inside, turned around, pushed the stall door closed, fumbled with the latch to get the door locked, and... peed my panties. Not all the way, mind you, but quite a bit. It just started to come out and at first I couldn't stop it. I could hear it hiss against the fabric of my panties and my crotch turned wet and urine began running down the inside of my thighs. I clamped my thighs together and bent forward slightly and clenched my muscles hard and finally stopped the flow after a few seconds, but not before I had released maybe 20-30% of my bladder. I quickly pulled up my skirt, shoved down my panties, and sat before releasing the balance of my bladder into the toilet. Meanwhile I surveyed the damage. My pale blue panties were very wet in the crotch and partially up the front and back. I had streaks of urine down both legs past my knees to wipe off. I wiped my legs and then used toilet paper to pat dry my panties as best as I could, wiped myself, flushed, then stood up. I pulled my panties back up but did not enjoy the wet, clammy feeling of the wet panties against my skin and was worried the wetness would soak through to my grey skirt after I sat down. I quickly shoved them down and off over my shoes and balled them up tightly into my hand. I opened the stall door and made sure nobody else was around and quickly exited the stall, shoved my panties down into the trash can and recovered them with paper towels, and then washed my hands very well before returning to my desk, embarrassed that I had wet myself fairly badly at my age at work, and very self-conscious that I was now commando and had nothing covering my privates except a loose, knee-length skirt!

Office Lady

Post Title Pooping in a glass

If you have tried pooping in a glass I find it best to hold the glass up against my bottom so it all goes in it


Amanda M
I came close to taking that milk of magnesia the other day.
I had just gotten home from work and I had that familiar feeling in my stomach. I went up to the bathroom and gave a slight push. A small ball of poop came out. I could feel more so I sat. I kept pushing but nothing came out. I was getting frustrated. I really hate being constipated. Rather than making it worse I figured I might take the laxative. I wiped a few times and went down stairs. I went to the kitchen and grabbed the bottle. I stared at it. I was kinda nervous to take it. I thought I'd try one more time. I went to the bathroom and pushed a few times and finally got the poop out.
does anyone have stories about taking milk of magnesia im curious to try it sometime but nervous at the same time

Catherine (the Sniffer)

Welcome Newcomers Aimee, Mary Kate, and Sarah!

Girls, I love your posts. I hope you'll remain with this community for a long time. I'm actually a newcomer myself.

Responses to my survey about female wiping habits were few (two of the respondents were guys), so I thought I might as well answer the thing myself. The ladies of this forum (and you three newcomers especially) are invited to do likewise.

My Responses:

Do you ever wipe your bottom only once after crapping? Yes, often.

Do you fold or wad your toilet tissue? Wad.

After a shit, do you wipe from front to back or vice versa? Front to back while sitting.

After a shit, do you use dry toilet tissue alone or do you wet your toilet paper or use wet wipes? Nothing but dry toilet paper.

Do you ever sniff your used toilet tissue? Yes, often. I somehow like the smell of my own bottom.

That's all for now. Later, everyone. xxxxx

Old Dude

The Poop that wants to stick around

Colton: Although I don't have the same problem as you do I don't have a hairy ass, occasionally even though I think I like myself very well I don't get it all. I did however find a solution to this problem, when I went to the grocery store I found these handy wipes or baby wipes that are flushable. They even come in small packages that you can even put in your pocket or your bookbag. Some are sent free and others have a nice scent to them. Not only are they good to wipe your rear end but also when you have dirty hands and there is no soap or water available. Wipe yourself off with the baby wipe first and then dry it off with the toilet paper. Oh yeah, this is good for the girls too. I hope that helps.


New Lady In Our Office

A new woman started in our department this past week. She previously worked for our company on another floor of our building. Her name is Summer, she is 32 years old, tall, about 5' 10', blonde, blue eyes, and really has a cute figure. She quickly became another of the women the men leer at and talk about in the office. The other day I heard one guy say, "I'd like to bury my face in that Summer girl's butt." The other guy agreed with him. Needless to elaborate, Summer has a nice looking posterior. My boss Leigh (I've posted about her several times) introduced me to her and asked if I'd do some training to show Summer our department functions. She suggested we get coffee and get to know one another first, so we went to the lunch room and sat down. Summer is very nice, married with no children. We finished coffee at about 9 o'clock and I felt the urge to poo coming on. We left the lunch room and started back toward the office. My urge got quite strong so I said, "I think I'll run to the ladies' room for a few minutes. I'll meet you back in the office." Summer said, "Oh, wow, I was just about to say the same thing. I guess I'll tag along if it's OK." I said, "Sure" although I didn't want to poo with her there then have to work directly with her the rest of the day. We went into the ladies' room and only the first two stalls were open. I took the first one and Summer the second. I heard 4 flushes almost at the same time as the other ladies in the room finished. In a matter of 30 seconds, the room was empty except for Summer and me. Now it was dead silent, we both had just sat down. I waited to see if Summer was going to pee and leave so I could poo alone. But she stayed quiet. About a minute went by, nothing from either of us. Another minute went by and I realized, and probably she did too, that we were waiting on one another. The thought occurred to me to wipe and leave, basically faking using the bathroom, but I knew she would know I didn't do anything. Finally Summer said, "Amylee, are you OK?" I said, "Yes." She said, "OK." Then she quietly said, "I've got to poop and I was embarrassed to do it with you here." I said, "I need to poo too." She laughed and said, "Well let's just do it." I said, "OK" and pushed. My customary soft sounding fart came out with a crackling poo that kept coming and coming to the point I thought I'd clog the toilet. Summer then started a crackling poo which made loud plopping sounds. She dropped about 4 or 5 logs then sighed. I pushed out more soft poo, which I knew she could hear, but I couldn't help it. Then Summer let out a huge loud fart. She said, "Oh, excuse me! I didn't mean to do that." I said, "It's OK. You're using the bathroom. I passed some gas myself." She said, "You were polite about it. What I did was rude." I said, "I don't know if any farting is polite, but it isn't rude to do what you need to do. Besides, come in here around 10 or 2 o'clock and hear what goes on. This place is a madhouse with noisy pooing women." She said, "Really?" I said, "Yes, and don't say where you heard it, but our boss, Leigh, is the ring-leader of the noisy poopers." She laughed and said, "You're kidding." I said, "No. She's a sweetheart but she holds nothing back in the restroom." Summer then farted a bit softer this time and plopped a couple of more logs. I was through and peed, and so did Summer. We both wiped, Summer about 5 times, and me the same. We flushed and washed our hands and went back to work. After lunch, around 2:15, Summer went to the restroom again and came back and whispered, "I know what you mean about Leigh." I said, "What?" Summer said Leigh came into the restroom when she was peeing and Leigh farted loudly, splattered poop, then did a huge grunted UHHHH. I told her that was common of her, to expect it several times a day. Summer and I have become quite good friends, and have visited the restroom and pooed at the same time a fewl times since that first day.

I had to finish an assignment after class this afternoon and was in the small computer lab by the classroom. It was almost 4:00 so there was only me and one other guy who was working at the other end of the room. I was feeling the need to shit coming on so I let out a small fart that was quiet enough but very smelly. I farted a few more times over the course of 10 minutes but the pressure didn't go away. I was by the doorway to the lab and there was a men's washroom right across the hallway from me. There was also a shared washroom in the lab just behind where I was sitting.

Meanwhile, the guy in the lab with me started to pack his bags and finish up what he was doing. He printed a few documents and walked over to the washroom in the lab. I heard him undo his belt as it clanged when it dropped to the floor. Clearly he too was going to shit. Sure enough about 15 seconds later I heard a round of very loud farts and a splash of a turd dropping into the bowl. I heard him unravel a lot of toilet paper and then silence for a couple of minutes. About 5 minutes past before I heard the toilet flush and he came out and left the room. After I was sure he was gone I closed the lab door and bolted over to the washroom in the lab. The smell was pretty bad and I was amazed at how many skidmarks were on the toilet bowl. Clearly the toilet got a lot of use throughout the day. I didn't waste time and quickly seated myself down to release a pile of soft and mushy poop. I knew eating all that pub food and grabbing a beer at lunch was going to have consequences. I wiped a lot and flushed immediately to try and get rid of the smell. I flushed again because the water was still brown after the first flush. I washed my hands before I headed back to complete my assignment before the weekend started.


About my sister

My sister and I share a bathroom which both our rooms are connected to. If I put my ear to the door I can hear my sister or her friends using the toilet. My sister also hates using the toilet anywhere in public, so she often comes home and hurries to the bathroom.

Today I got back from school and my sister wasn't home yet. About half an hour later she came home with a friend and they were talking and laughing all the way up the stairs, into her room and then into the bathroom. I listened, but I couldn't hear too much, maybe a slight tinkling sound as one of them peed, but I'm not sure. I heard a toilet flush and the other sat down and again I heard the faint sound, which I then knew for sure was peeing.

Later on, just before dinnertime, one of them entered the bathroom. I put my ear to the door to listen again and I heard a very short tinkling as she peed then a loud Brrrpp fart. There was a pause followed by three distinct sploosh sounds. Another Pffft fart and then she started to wipe.

Finally, just a little bit ago, after my sister's friend had gone home, my sister went into the bathroom. She began with two big PRaaartt farts. A Pfffffff fart, another Pfffff fart and then Shlunk. Plop-plip-plop-plop-splop. She did a loud Bbbraarrrt and ended with a sploop. She wiped a bunch of times and flushed.


comments & stuff

To: Emma as always another great story is sounds like you and your friend Lauren had a pretty rough night at least you felt better quickly and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: John great story about hearing your sister poop and please share anymore stories about her if you have any thanks.

To: Whistler as always another great story about seiing a womans poop it sounds like she really had to go and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Joseph great story about your Friend Mary and WOW I bet she felt alot better after getting that beast out and please share anymore stories you may have about her thanks.

To: Just Jerika as always another great story and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Andrea great story about you and your friend Beth buddy dumping and leaving it in the toilet I bet who used the toilet next was surprised and please share anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Just A Girl great story it sounds like you had a pretty rough day at least you didnt have an accident and also you felt better in the morning and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Hide'n & Go Poop as always another great story it sounds like your cousin must have been in a deep sleep and then you peeing in bed to and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Jillian great story it sounds like you made it with micro seconds to spare but at least you made it and please share anymore stories you may have thanks.

In my last I forgot to say how old I turned im now 25 years old and my wish of hearing a woman taking a good poop hasnt come true yet but it might sometime.

Well thats all for now

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site

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