We were at church on Sunday, and it was during the recieve of the host, it is very, very quiet just befoe that. Someone flushed the toilet ! I tried to hold back lauhng, but culd not. Neither could other folks... Why do we laugh at sound of toilet flush?

To add to the debate about Public Toilets. One of the reasons I started to do my motions outdoors on various occasions as a kid and still do is the filthy state of many Public Toilets and the Girls school toilets. Although I agree with Coprologist that some local authorities are re-introducing the attendant and the charge of 10 pence (15 cents) is well worth it, many are still foul stinking places only to be used in an emergency when the alternative is wetting or soiling one's knickers. Unlike my friend Moira I didnt go to a posh school in a nice part of Glasgow but to a large mixed comprehensive in a rougher area. As the bullies hung about in the toilets, (there were no teachers or prefects keeping good order in our toilets) and as a ???? girl I was the object of their attentions, I would often go to the nearby woods and do my jobbies in peace there and some other pupils , boys as well as girls, did likewise. Even to this day I will do a motion outdoors as long as there is a sufficiently secluded place, rather than use some filthy smelly public toilet although I sometimes use the Ladies Toilets in shops or pubs and those in shopping malls as these tend to be clean and user friendly. Unfortunately these tend to use the horrid hot air driers that I detest as much as Coprologist does, but that is a small point if the toilet is otherwise satisfactory. When my partner Lauren and I go out together and if we have a dump outdoors we will keep watch for one and other and of course watch each other perform as we do when we have a motion at home and often "buddy dump", Lauren who is quite petite doing her smaller (average 8 inch length) harder, lumpy, carrot shaped jobbies on top of my 12 to 14 inch long, fat but smoother and easier toilet blocking sausages. Finally, if Im alone at home I will often take a book or magazine in to read as sometimes I have to wait for the jobbie to come down into my back passage properly and Lauren isnt with me to rub my ???? and encourage me.

When I was in college, some of the wild girls used to talk about taking a shit in the dorms when they were drunk. They said the bathrooms were not very sanitary and that they didn't like to sit on the toilet. This was before the toilet seat covers present at work or in public restrooms nowadays. They said they would stand on the seat then squat while doing their business. They would laugh as they described the sounds and splashes this technique produced. For me, I would listen to their stories in amazement. I could not imagine these girls actually performing these stunts. I was actually turned on and tried to imagine what it would be like to watch. When I met my ex-wife, she was the first women to consciously take a shit in front of me. I remember the first time. We just had sex at her apartment and were lying in bed. Her bathroom was in the bedroom with a clear view from the bed. She excused herself and went into the bathroom. She left the door ajar and proceeded to handle her business. I could here her turds hitting the water, then the smell came through loud and clear. When she came back to bed I teased her about the odor she produced. She laughed heartily. I could not believe how comfortable she was about it. I for one would have gone in the hall bathroom at that stage in our relationship. She would also fart in my presence and laugh with a snort. I thought she was really cool for not being ashamed for being a motion producing human being like the rest of us. Many girlfriends I have had prior to meeting her would never shit at my place (at least I wasn't aware when they did). In short, I was turned on by her motions and would often go to take a piss only to find the toilet stopped up. One time it took a clothes hanger and several flushes to break up a long thick turd she had left behind. Oddly, I did not mind doing it.

Laura, I loved your post about your pooping in the presence of your friend Tom for the first time. If this same situation arises again, you should try going to the toilet before you go into the shower. That way you can leave the water running in the bathtub while you are pooping. The running water will of course cover up the straining sounds and the sounds of the poop falling into the toilet. I have used this trick many times at home, whenever someone was close to the washroom when I was taking a shit. It seems like Tom did indeed enjoy what he heard. Maybe he wished he could watch as well. Coprologist, I too have read many times while taking a shit. It's true that it's more relaxing and therefore makes the shitting process easier. I guess this breaks the belief that only guys read while sitting on the toilet

To Elaine; About the problem with your son (17) soiling his underpants, it sounds like something that happened to my daughter when she was 14. She had just started high school and unbeknownst to me, the toilet cubicles in the school had no doors on them for privacy. She didn't mind do number 1 in there, but was unable to have bowel movements under those conditions. Most of the time she was able to hold it in until she got home but other times she would end up with soiled panties of varying severity. I started noticing them in the wash but didn't say anything at first. Usually if they were badly stained, she still put them in the wash, but I never saw any outright panty messes like the ones you mention in your post. Then one day when putting away her laundry, I found three such messed hidden in the bottom of her underwear drawer. Upon further investigation, I found two hidden in her closed and even one in the bushes outside the bathroom. Finally, I had to confront her about this. It was quite embarrassing for her, but eventually she admitted to me that she didn't like moving her bowels in school under the circumstances of no doors on the stalls and sometimes she just couldn't hold it in until she got home. I let her just throw away all the panties she had hidden (she admitted to three others hidden in other places in her room). They were totally encrusted with dried poop and totally disgusting. But I insisted that from now on when she had such an accident or even a bad stain she would be responsible for cleaning them out before putting them in the dirty clothes hamper. I promised her that they would be no punishment and no questions asked in such a situation. If she attempted to hide the panties or put dirty ones directly into the hamper, I assured her she would be punished and several times in the beginning, I did have to ground her and take away privilidges for a while. Totally against her wishes, but certainly for her own good, I made an appointment and talked to her guidance counsellor at school. She was absolutely wonderful. She arranged for my daughter to use the bathroom in the nurse's office at school which had privacy just like a regular bathroom at home. Not only did the accidents eventually stop -- she still had a few while getting used to this new arrangement, but never did one beyond the first month of her sophomore year -- but she was relieved of the discomfort of holding it in all day and the daily worry about whether she was going to be able to hold in or if she was going to have another accident. Maybe there is a similar problem with your son. You should have sympathy in such a case, but surely you can make him clean out his own underwear.

Kevin (11)
I am going to camp in a few weeks with Billy, and I am reminded of a couple of funny pooping things that happened last year. A little while after I got to camp, I had to go poop. I went to bathroom by the cabin and sat down. When I got done pooping, about 30 seconds after I sat down, I reached for the toilet paper (they have those huge 12 inch rolls), and there was none. So I pulled up my pants and went to the dining hall bathroom to wipe my butt. A couple of days later, I found why there was no TP. One of the other kids had to pee in the middle of the night, and I woke up when he woke up the counselor so he could go. I heard a lot people running around, but went back to sleep right away. The next morning, I had to poop. When I looked outside, there was TP hanging everywhere from the trees. Knowing that I did not want to walk to the dining hall, I got some TP from the trees and went into the bathtroom. Not only was there no TP in the stall, but the case was open. Then I realized why there was no TP in the stall when I got there the first day. The next day I had to go again went I woke up. When I got to the bathroom, I was about to go into the stall when I saw a 6-year old kids sitting there. I decided to use the next stall. As I was sitting there pooping, I heard him say, "I can't flush this toilet." He seemed really upset. Running into this sort of problem with my little brothers, I remained calm and said, "Don't worry, I'll flush it for you." He continued to say I could not flush it. I told him again I'll flush it for him. Unfortunately, this was one of my longer poops (about 2 minutes with peeing), and it took me a few wipes to clean my butt because it was a messier poop than normal. So after I flushed my poop down, I went to the adjacent stall and flushed it as well. He really cleaned his butt well, because all you could see was toliet paper. The only other funny thing that happened concerned the fact that some girls bathrooms had urinals. I guess they want to be prepared for when there are only boys at camp. However, only the boys room had showers. There were more boys at camp, and was bigger overall. When the girls needed to shower, they switched signs and made it a girls room and they made the other bathroom a boys room. The girls where funny saying how the urinals all smelled and were digusting. I guessed if they flushed them now and then, they would not have smelled. The other weird thing was sitting down on the toilet and having those plastic boxes next to the toilets for used female hygene things. I am not used to seeing that in the boys room at school when I have to poop.

Shit Radar
I was sitting in a cubicle to let go a load ... as always i am listening to the next person next to me and this one an hour ago did explode, and for some reason it does turn me on . He was forcing and than it happen, a big fart and mud-shit splashed with jet power against the bowl and water splashed back to his ass I am sure just by the sound it did . This happened a few times with a bunch of louds farts ... I now imagine this could happen in the girls bathroom, Yes now I know I will try tomorrow to spy in the women bathroom and get on tape all the farts ... ( I use aportable recorder for voice logging) Happy diarrhea !!

Bacon, water does indeed help in inducing a bowel movement. They recommend to drink a lot of water to relieve constipation, as it softens up the stools and makes them go through the digestive system a lot faster

Hello all................... And in particular Bridget, Laura and Mark. I have been reading the posts here for a few months and have yet to contribute any myself. With this message I will break that pattern. ask about the events of our youth regarding our bowel habits, and specifically about enemas and our mother's ministrations. My young boyhood reflects a history of constipation, and my mother's concern with this condition. She would "fuss" over my bowel habits and worry a great deal about my lack of regularity. It was not uncommon at all for her to take me into the bathroom and "see if I could go". I would get on the toilet and she would sit on the edge of the tub and encourage me to push, strain and otherwise do whatever to produce a movement. If I was not successful in the results she would give me an enema to "help" me to go. She also used Ivory soap to create the solution in the sink, but never had a bulb syringe and used a measuring cup to pour the water into a convent! ional red rubber bag which she hung on a hook on the bathroom door. She would then have me lean over accross her knees as she sat on the edge of the tub, smear a little Vaseline on the enema tip and my anus, and proceed to give me the enema. Then I would stay there for several minutes while she squeezed my butt cheeks together to help hold it in for a few minutes. Then I would get on the toilet and "explode" so to speak. And Laura and Bridget...........this pattern of constipation has continued with me through adulthood. Almost all my movements are accomplished with great straining, grunting and difficulty. The one I had this morning was no exception. Were you two to be the ones sitting on the edge of the tub keeping me company as I moved my bowels you would have seen some world class grunting as I passed three pieces about the size of a jumbo egg, followed by another long segment about ten inches and two in diameter. The whole process took around fifteen minutes. So there it is. My first post in this room. Perhaps there will be more, and perhaps there won't.

Wednesday, July 15, 1998

pooping girl
Someone asked about reading while going to the toilet. I almost always read while i do jobbies. If I have to go to the toilet in a public toilet I will look around for a brochure or a flyer to read while I sit there. when Im home I will bring something to read and a cool drink to the toilet with me. I think thats why I push my pants and underpants around my ankles when I poop because its more comfortable for me. I usually spend about 15 minutes one the toilet while pooping. Laura, did you see or hear Tom go to the toilet while you were there?

I enjoyed reading Laura's story. Coupled with Cindy's remarks the same day I have the following thoughts. If you want to go, then go now. I have never been inhibited about having a bowel movement and go as soon as circumstances allow, only holding it in when I was at school and having to wait till the first available break in lessons or when my work circumstances prevent from going to the toilet at the time I need. Certainly I have never avoided doing a motion because someone else could hear me doing it, anything but! At home I often heard my mother or my brother doing their jobbies and they heard me and indeed I would let my brother come in to the toilet with me when I did a number 2 and vice versa and did likewise with girl schoolfriends as I have mentioned in previous posts and even let one of the boys in my class watch me doing a jobbie on one occasion. George and I of course accompany one and other when we do a motion at home or elsewhere when we can go together. Many of! the posts to this site indicate that lots of men are turned on by hearing their girlfriends, wives etc doing a motion, seeing the jobbies they have passed and actually watching them doing it. So, rather than be inhibited and holding it in possibly to your discomfort and even risking a big messy accident in your panties, just go ahead and do your motion and if someone hears the "kerplonks!" so what! We all defecate, and if you can overcome your shyness and let your boyfriend or husband accompany you and perhaps rub your ????, as George and I do for each other, so much the better. You will feel better and he may well enjoy being with you when you have your dump.

As to Elaine's problem with her 17 year old son soiling his underpants, this sounds bad. I assume he doesn't have a leaky sphincter or some medical problem which makes his stools loose,as in this case I would suggest a doctor's help. If it is just dirty habits then I would have thought peer group pressure would have stopped him as nobody likes being with a mate who is smelly. There is however an attitude in some men that it's "butch" or "macho" or "hard" to be dirty, and such types will deliberately wear the same dirty clothing day after day, avoid having a bath or shower and in extreme cases not clean themselves properly after urination or defecation as they equate smelliness with manlyness. YEUCH! :-( It might be possible to shame him into cleaner habits but be very careful as there may be some deeper seated psychological problem such as bullying at school which his pride wont let him tell you about. I would suggest further investigation and perhaps seeking expert advice i! f this seems to be a behavioural problem.

Water must really help loosen the load somewhat! The other night (Sunday), I drank bucooos of water (I was dehydrated from the Texas heat!) I must've drank 2 or three 1.5 L bottles of spring water!!! Well the next day when I got home from work, I immediately sat down on the pot, and farted real good ppppppt! Then I shot a turd out of my anus at magnum speed KA-POWWW!!! Then I passed a little more shit. It wasn't a big dump, I guess that's still yet to come. But a funny thing happened. When I was wiping myself, my USED piece of toilet paper slipped out of my right hand, and fell shitty side down on my floor!!! I picked it up with another piece of toilet paper, and put it in the commode. Then I sprayed that part of my floor with Dow bathroom cleaner waited a few minutes then wiped it up. Has this ever happened to any of the rest of you? This is in reference to the photo at the top: Is that built-in-floor type toilet common in Asia? Keith mentioned that type a couple of times last year in his posts. That's the first time I've actually seen a picture of one. How is that type's flushing performance compared to the other makes? Finally, and I guess this depends on availability of photos, my suggestion would be to feature as many unique type toilets from around the world as availability permits. It would be interesting to experience using that type of toilet at the top. Cheers, and may all yalls' movements be easy!!! Mike Bacon.

Kevin (11)
This weekend Billy, his brother Mike and sister came to stay with us because their mom and dad when away. On Saturday morning, when I woke and peed, there was no water to flush the toilet or wash our hands. When I went up to tell mom (dad was out to work), she said that dad was going to bring back some pressure switch other after work. He should be back about 2:00 pm. After we ate breakfast, my brothers Jimmy (6) and Brian (3) and I headed to the bathroom, like we uaually do after breakfast. When I went to pee again, I notice two small sets of poops in the toilet. Jimmy and Brian also had to poop. I could feel a load coming, but knew that I would not have to go until aftger lunch. That is when I decided it would be a good idea to go swimming and stop and poop in the woods on the way. I knew the bathroom would really stink by then.

Anyway, after I lunch I was starting to really have to go. Billy and Mike and my brother Ken (9) said they have to go. I asked them and anyone else if they want to go swimming. Then we got our suits and left for the beach. Sharon, stayed behind, but Billy, Mike and my four brothers decided to go as well. When we got near the log we usually put our butts on when we poop, I said that I would be along in a few minutes. I asked Brian and Jimmy if they had to go, too. Ken brought along a big wad of TP. Both of them had to go as well. So when we got to the log, five of us had to poop. I helped Billy get on the log. It took him a minute or so to get started, because he is not used to having so many other poo around him when he is going. Then I sat real quick, because I was about to mess my swimming suit. The other boys sat down as well. Neither Billy or I put our butts back far enough for the poo to clear the log. Fortunately, it didn't back up to our bungs holes, though. Our poop wa! s really soft, and we left quite a bit on the log. Brian must have eaten so gum in the last day or so, because near the end of poops, you could see 2 or 3 gum logs. Billy was really embarassed because he had diarrhea at the end of his load. When we were finished, we used some leaves first, becuase our poop was so messy, then finished up with toilet paper. Just as we were finishing, Sharon, and our freinds Jennny and Anne came back. They said that they had to go too and did not realize we were there. By then, the only one of us who was pooping was Brian, and he did not care. Sharon really said that she was holding in both #1 and #2 since she got up. She got what was left of the TP from Ken and ran back behind a tree where no one could see her. She was gone for only about a minute when she came out. She asked if anyone wanted to see what see did. We went back and there was a huge pile for a little girl (she is only 8). And the ground was soaked.

After we went swimming, we went back home. We all had some iced-tea. When we were done, we asked mom if the water was back on (a stupid question, because there was no other way for her to make iced-tea without water). I was happy, because I had to poop again (after I poop on the log, I usually have to make another little poo about 2 or 3 hours). We all went back and changed into shorts for soccer and brushed our teeth. I saw Brian head for the toilet, and I though he had to finish his poop from the woods, like me. So I changed into my shorts and brushed my teeth. I hopped on the toilet. Usually, the last person done flushes the toilet, unless there is a big load, so Brian's four or five little logs where there. Just as my poop started to come out, Peter, my 7 year old brother came and said, "Hurray up! I really, really have to go." I could tell this would be a longer poop for me, so I told him he could hop on my lap if he couldn't wait. He said ok, so I moved my butt as far back as it would go and opened up my legs. He really did have to go. As soon as he sat down, you could hear a big log come out, with a bunch of crakling and other poops sounds. Sharon came in to brush her teeth, and left before she could see us. Two of the other boys told them that some of the boys need to use the toilet, and we would let her know when to come in. I wonder what she would have said if she saw us sitting on the toilet like that. When he was done, there was one big long log, about one and half inches wide and 12 inches long, plus two smaller logs. When I saw what was in the toilet, I said, "Boy you really had to go!" He said, "Ya, this is the first time I have gone in about three days." It made me feel a little inferior, because I made only a few, soft poos. So we just wiped. After that Billy and Ken peed in the toilet.

We guessed that Sharon would have to use the toilet, too. So we decided not to flush. We knew that mom would not know we did this, because the was a lot of skid marks from before. We told he she could go in. She came out in about two minutes. She said that you could really see a lot a skid marks now. She also said she knew what took us so long before. After that we went and played soccer.

I was at work yesterday, and one of the female staff members asked me to help her with something on another floor (I'd done this a number of times, it takes two people). I said sure, but I needed to pee first. She didn't have a problem with this, and as we walked to the lift, said she might do the same. We agreed to 'go' on the floor of our destination. I went into the mens room, she into the door next to it (the ladies). When I was done, I went out and waited (girls DO take longer). She seemed to take a LONG time, but I didn't say anying (being polite and all). As we made our way to where we were going she said. "Sorry I took so long. I went to pee, but felt a number two, so pushed. I'm very regular you know." (Her very words.) The image that flashed before me was delightful, and I wanted to continue the conversation, but was too scared, not sure what she would think. I said it was ok and let it be. When I saw her today the image that entered my mind was etertaining (to say the least!).

Moira may be glad to know that in our part of England there has been a return to public toilets with attendants to prevent vandalism. Unfortunately most of them close at 6pm and many are not open on Sunday, so hard luck if you need to shit out of hours. They also have a turnstyle into which you have to insert 10 pence to gain admission. They tend to be very good, the attendants are friendly but not obtrusive, the toilets are always clean, and one that I visit from time to time has artificial flowers and spare toilet rolls in the stalls, with a rubbish bin, and hot water and paper towels at the sinks and not those abominable hot-air driers. I get as fed up with hot-air driers as George does with urinals. This new generation of public toilets is wonderful if you need a shit, but most men at any rate are a bit fed up at paying 10 p (about 15 cents) merely for a pee.

I would like to know from some of you what course of action you take for constipation. Do you take laxatives, enemas or some other method; or just wait it out? How long to you go before you do something? 2 days 3 days? If you use an enema, do you use a bag, Bulb, disposable ? Do you take it sitting on the toilet, bending over the toilet or some other way? We grew up in a family in which my mother gave us enemas for constipation. If we went more than two days without a BM, she would have an enema waiting in the bathroom for us; A soapsuds solution int the sink made from Ivory soap with a bulb type enema syringe floating in the solution. When we were older, she would use her hot water bottle syringe hanging from the shower curtin rod and have us sit on the toilet. I alaways felt great relief after she gave us an enema and I wonder how many other people had a similar experience when they were growing up?

Me4unu - A Quickie
I was leaving work to go home for the day and I passed the womens' room. It is right in front of my exit. Two women came out juuuuuust as I was walking by and continued their chat in front of the door. Now, in the span of 5-6 seconds that I walked by, I noticed the strong, heady smell of shit emanating around the door. I felt like asking: JESUS CHRIST!!! What the hell did you two just do in there?" Two other guys were walking closely behind me. I know they noticed the smell, but they didn't show any sign of letting on. One of the two was a lot heavier than the other. The slimmer woman was tall and ass. I think it was either both...or the slimmer one alone. Anyway, I resisted the urge to ask (because I wouldn't be the one to get slapped), and continued in the direction...wondering what it would have been like to listen to them chat on the toilet...straining, grunting, plopping, wiping, and coming out those doors to play it off. HAH! You gotta' love! it baby!

anon 36
Laura loved your story of being with your boyfreind and not wanting to shit,thats the turn on i think. needing to go and not going because of the shyness. I see it in the girl i m dating shy is very shy about it,she would hold it all day rather than go when i was there.I kinda like that she is like that its a turn on.i would like to here more of your poop stories.

Tuesday, July 14, 1998

Hi all, thanks for the warm responses I got for my story. I hope you've enjoyed reading it as much as I've enjoyed defecating that day... My parents have returned, and of course I got constipated once again.. The big problem was that on Friday I went to a long weekend with this guy I've been dating for several weeks. I really like him, and of course I've never went to shit when he was around, as we never spent the whole night together. So, I was a bit nervous about going to spend 3 days with him, as I knew I might need to go #2, especially after being constipated for 2 days. I really hoped I could empty my bowels on Friday morning, before he came to pick me up, but all I could do was 2 little hard balls. I could feel that I was full and heavy, but couldn't do anything about it... On Friday night, after having a nice dinner, we returned to our hotel room, when I sensed the urge of pooping finally tingeling... Of course that wasn't a very good timing, because Tom was in the room with me, the room was very small, and the bathroom had no venting, so I knew that he would be able to hear everything... I decided to hold it in and try to go later at night, when he'll be asleep. Several hours later, when Tom was finally asleep, I sneaked into the bathroom and tried desperately to shit. But unfortunately, the urge had gone away, and I just couldn't... I returned to sleep and was hoping that the next day I'll get my chance. The next morning, after we had coffee in our room, the urge returned, this time very strongly. I was desperate and didn't know what to do: should I try to hold it in until tommorrow night when we return home, where I'll finally have my privacy, or should I just go and relieve myself, and not take the chance of worsening the constipation I already have? I was feeling the shit inside me pressing against my little hole, who was really hungry for a good bowel movement. I could feel how I was so heavy and full and truth is, I really really wanted to get rid of all the crap that had accumulated in my bowels for 3 days now. I was dying to shit... I decided to go to the bathroom despite the presence of Tom in the room. I went in and set on the toilet. I peed a little and immediately could feel my sphincter being streched and anticipating the passage of some heavy turds. I could feel the solid dry poop starting to slide out for a second, and then it just stopped. I started straining and grunting, and was very embarrassad, but I just couldn't help it... It hurt and I felt my little ass hole would tear if I wouldn't pass this turd as soon as possible. It slided out very slowly, and with a lot of effort. I was suffering from it and enjoying it at the same time...I just wanted sooo bad to get rid of this cork... I longed for that light feeling one gets immediately after defecating... I saw my reflection on the mirror that was on the opposite wall: I was sitting there, my face was all red and ugly from the effort I had to put into defecating. I thought to myself it's so humiliating how anxious we all are to empty our bowels and get that anticipated relief... We look so funny when we're so desperate, and our basic needs are stronger than any inhibition we might have. Anyway, the turd was reliesed and fell into the water with a loud noise, as it wasn't long, but very thick and hard. A sigh of relief went out of my mouth. I couldn't hear any noise from the room, an! d I realized Tom was probably hearing everything, and was intentionally very quiet, so he wouldn't miss a sound. I was very humiliated, but I just couldn't stop... There was a lot waiting to get out... The next 8 turds were much softer and came out with only a little straining, and with a lot of noise while dropping into the water. I really enjoyed the sensation of them sliding out so easily and naturally, filling my rectum for a minute and then gone forever. It was a soft tingeling sensation in my rectum, which suffered a lot in those past few days, and deserved that pleasure... After I was done, I went out of the bathroom, and saw Tom sitting on the bed. I could tell he was excited, but he was trying to hide it. He didn't say anything about my being in the bathroom for 25 min or about the noises I made. But I did see him trying to look at my butt, which was red from the long sitting, and he probably was trying to imagine what a relief I must feel, and how my bowls and sphincter are so relaxed now... And indeed, I was as happy as I could be, but I tried to hide it too, 'cause I didn't want Tom to know, how important this bowel movement was to me and how much I had enjoyed it... My image is very "clean" and I can't let anyone who knows me know how much a slave I am to my earthy needs...But you all know the truth: I just love having bowel movements... Talk to you later...

Maybe someone will know something that will help us with a problem. My 17 year old son has a constant problem of soiling his underwear, sometimes quite heavy. He had an earlier incidence of this when he was 7 or 8 but was under a lot of family strain then so I didn't want to add any more pressures and hoped he would outgrow it which he did. But now it has started again, maybe in the last six months. I notice each time I do the laundry that his underwear is soiled, sometimes so heavily that it comes through to the outside. I havent said anything to him, because I'm not even sure what to say or if it will just stop again on it's own like before. I am concerned that it is so heavy most times that it transfers to his pants too and they begin to have a faint odor after a few days. He hasn't mentioned a thing and seems to be doing alright in other areas - school, friends, activities. Is this just a phase again, that I shouldn't be concerned about ? Does anyone have or had a similar experience with their child ?

I usually read whilst taking a dump for two reasons: (1) It relaxes me. Pushing out turds can be hard work. (2) It whiles away the time. I know that for a complete evacuation I need a minimum of 15 min. That's a long time if all you have to look at is the bathroom furniture or the stall door.

anon 36
my girlfreind is 20 and very shy about pooping anywhere,but her house. last week we went out to eat and had steaks,and some putt putt golf.on the way home i could smell that she was farting but would not say she had to we got back to my place and i could smell that she had to poop,but she was very shy about it and wouldnt go in about 20 min. she said she wanted to take a shower but i knew she was gonna shit so i kinda listoned it was a turn on,she farted then took a big crap shed a freaked if she thought i had listoned so i never told her. THIS IS A COOL SITE GLAD I FOUND IT.

To Graham. I must say that the Public Toilets in Scarborough were quite clean, at least the Ladies anyway, and the one I mentioned using where I saw the teenage girl's big jobbie stuck in the pan , had bolts on the door, soft toilet paper, warm water to wash one's hands and liquid soap and didn't have a nasty smell. I have used quite a few Public Ladies Toilets and the Girl's Toilets at school and still use these latter toilets when I play (Field) Hockey with my team . Public Ladies Toilets have varied a lot in quality from scruplulously clean to just adequate. The problem is that Local Authorities who administer such places very seldom employ an attendant nowadays as they used to when I was a child. This person both kept the toilets clean, replenished essentials such as toilet paper, soap, etc and their presence discouraged vandalism. Often regular users would develope a friendship with this person and I well recall the woman attendant at the Ladies Public Toilet near our school called Kathy. Many of the girls preferred to use these toilets than those at school to avoid the bullies etc and they were far cleaner. One could leave one's briefcase PE kitbag etc with Kathy in her little room while one used the toilet and often had a chat with her especially if there was some personal problem to discuss.We called her "Aunt Kathy". I must say I often left her a problem to solve as I'd do a big jobbie which got stuck in one of her toilet pans but she never made any comment, discretion being a necessary part of such an occupation I suppose, and she must have seen some whoppers in her time. Gents'Public toilets of course are usually very smelly and dirty- George confirms this!. Part of this is that too many men seem to be dirty in their personal habits unfortunately, but most of the vileness of Gent's Toilets arises from the presence of urinals. Both George and I have in the past written here about our dislike of these items and George just wont use one prefering to do his "wee-wee" in the cubicle (stall) instead. By their very nature urine will be splashed all over the area and the floor near the urinals as most men neither have the accurate aim they claim nor do they have such a long penis as they like to think. Even if there are individual urinals rather than the long slab type these do not get washed out with water often enough or get blocked with discarded cigarette ends etc and the smell of stale urine is absolutely disgusting. On the odd occasion when the Ladies has been out of order or too busy I have had to use a Gent's Toilet and have been nearly sick with the disgusting smell of stale pish. To my mind removing the urinals and providing more cubiciles with WCs and stalls would be cleaner as most men would flush the toilet after doing a pee as they do at home and there would be the added advantage of privacy for those who want it as many men cannot pee if another male can observe them a condition known as "ner! vous stricture" -George is like this. For Graham's information the worst Ladies Toilets I have used were in Brighton about five years ago, no paper, no bolts on the doors, cold water only in the washbasins, no soap floors wet, I only used it because I was deparate for a wee wee and would have wet my knickers if I'd tried to make it elsewhere. In fairness the last time I visited that town these toilets had been closed and the ones I did use had improved greatly. Perhaps there ought to be a "Best and Worst Public Toilets Survey"?

No Name Given A couple of other terms for use other than "pee", that I know of, are "taking a leak", "taking a whiz", "drain the tank", "piss like a racehorse", are a few that I have heard over the years...

Yesterday I went into the bathroom to take a shower. I took off all my clothes ready to step in when I decided to take a pee first, and just sat down on the seat and did it. I usually try and do a no.2 before taking a shower so that I am cleaner afterwards. I sat there pushing at my rear end and just starting to feel something moving when my boyfriend walked in. I think he used any excuse to come in, and he stood their talking to me and watching most of the time. I tried to hold back until he left but he found any excuse to stay, like shaving. I managed to do two large plops without him seeing me straining in the face, then stood up to wipe myself. As I was wiping I could see him trying to glance without making it too obvious, I didn't need to be too fussy as I was then going in the shower anyway. I got the impression at the time that he enjoyed himself watching.

I agree with many of the posters here that diarrhea is a turn-off. It has no effect on me whatsover to have diarrhea myself or to imagine someone else who has it. Like almost everyone here, I prefer the bigger, firmer turds, as these are more intersting to look at and to listen to. Also, watching a person doing these types of turds is a lot more entertaining. As for the different names given to urine and defecation, there are of course the scientific terms such as urine, feces, stools and many others. Then there are the more vulgar terms such as piss and shit, and of course the more polite, childish terms such as pee, poop or poo poo. Of course, one must use these terms only in the appropriate situation, depending on who we talk to. George, I agree that it's better to try and pass turds while on the toilet instead of having an accident later on.

sad sack
Just got over the trots after 5 days, man do I feel better....

Monday, July 13, 1998

I sympathize with No Name Given. "Pee" always seems babyish, and similar words like "piddle" sort of euphemisms. Unlike number 2 with lots of really macho words for it, for number one we have nothing really but piss.

I have certainly enjoyed the latest posts and am pleased that some of the correspondents who have been away on holiday seem to be back. I have to agree with various UK writers that diarrhea is a total turn off. I hate suffering from an attack of it myself, luckily I seldom do, I can't stand hearing someone doing it in contrast to the sound effects of big solid turds dropping into the toilet pan which give me a real buzz and if I am unlucky enough to see a load of watery liquid shit in a toilet I want to throw up whereas seeing a nice big solid jobbie is a sure fire turn on for me. Perhaps you should add a question to the "Sitting on the Toilet Survey" asking readers what they feel about diarrhea and indeed what they would describe their ideal motion to be like. In my case it is a long fat firm to easy turd which after the first few nobbily inches becomes smooth and slides out making a resounding "kur-sploonk!" as it drops into the pan. It will be about 10 to 12 inches long and about 2 inches fat and slightly curved and will get stuck in the pan requiring several pulls on the flush to go away. Im glad to say t! hat I often do ones just like this.

In a previous posting I related how listening to my mum doing a motion and seeing it afterwards turned me on as a kid. I also enjoyed it when my grandmother visited as her performances were outstanding. When I was about 10 she was 60, not that old but ancient to a kid. Like a lot of older people, particularly women, she had sluggish bowels and only had a motion about twice a week or so. I can remember one time she was staying for a week and after lunch one Saturday she went upstairs to the toilet with a newspaper to read as she said quite openly that she " felt she needed a good motion and might be in the toilet for a while" . I ensured I was playing in the hallway with my toys outside the toilet. Ignoring my presence she went into the toilet, bolted the door and I heard her pull up her skirt and drop her knickers then sit on the pan. Her wee wee tinkled long and loud then she farted a couple of times and with a "plop! plunk! plonk" did some small hard balls. For a while nothing else seemed to happen and all I could hear was the rustle of her newspaper as she turned the pages and I thought she had finished, then I heard her go "OO! AH!" followed by a resounding "Kur-sploonk! Ker-sploosh! Ku-plonk!" as three large turds were passed into the pan. She did a further smaller lump which went "ploonk!" then I heard her wipe her bum, pull up her knickers, adjust her clothing and come out. Again she ignored my presence as she went back downstairs. I entered the toilet and saw that the fat lumps had jammed together in the bottom of the toilet pan. They weren't that long, the largest being about 8 inches at most but they were very fat and nobbily and it took a further 3 flushes before her load went away. She was to give such performances many times when she visited us.

Another incident which occurred about this time was when the kids next door with whom I played had an infestation of threadworms. This is not that uncommon in kids and is easily cured although the treatment is unpleasent involving taking a vermicide (worm killing) medicine and a powerful purgative to clear out the dead worms and usually all members of a family need to be treated. My sisters and I didnt catch this infestation as we were very clean in out habits always washing our hands before eating and after using the toilet etc but to make sure mum insisted on seeing our motions for a few days to look for the presence of worms. She trusted my sisters to leave the toilet unflushed for her to see and I must say I also sneaked in after them to have a good look at their jobbies, which were clear of worms. In my case however she insisted in accompanying me to the toilet as she thought I would flush it away if there were worms in it. It was a strange feeling sitting on the toilet ! with my trousers and underpants down at my knees with my mum watching as I had been going to the toilet on my own since before I went to school at the age of 5. I passed a carrot shaped jobbie of about 7 inches long with a loud "kuploonk!" , no whopper but about average for a then skinny boy of 10. Mum looked at the jobbie as soon as I got up off the pan and pronounced it free of any worms. The next day I ensured that I did my motion in the Boys' Toilet at school but she asked if I had looked at it for the tale tale white "threads" . Since I have always looked at my motions since I was about 5 I was able to tell her it had again been clear. This interogation went on for the rest of that week until the mother of the family next door confirmed that she and her kids were cleared of worms. I found out from those kids just how nasty the medicine had been with all of them the mother and father included having terrible diarrhea from the purgatives they had to take and was very glad we had not suffered the same fate. Have any other readers had an experience like this?

Im usually quite continent, but, one day in high school I felt a big mess enter my rectum... I thought I could hold it until the end of school, but lost control of it on the bus..As the bus pulled up in front of my house, the load started to escape my bottom.

I don't know if the same applies to the North of England from where Moira reported, but some of the seafront loos in many South of England resorts are positively discusting. It is almost as though the councils are trying to encourage people not to use the public loos but to pee in the sea, sand or bushes instead. You would have thought that they would make the toilets as clean and inviting as possible so as to have the opposite effect.

Best wishes to all. To answer "no name given" I have no problems whatever with various terms for both urination and defecation. As regards Number 1's Moira and I prefer to call this a "wee-wee" or a "tinkle" or a "piddle" but in male company I'd say a "pee" or a "pish" or a "slash" (a favourite UK expression). Some people say "passing water" and of course there are the medical terms "urination" and "micturation". For defecation our favourite is of course "to do a JOBBIE" but we also say "do a motion" or a "poo" or a "number 2" or to "go bombing". Both of us will sometimes use the American term "to have a dump" but consider the expression "to have a shit" as a bit crude. Incidentally we always find the American usage to TAKE a dump etc rather strange as where do you TAKE it, but I suppose its a difference of syntax, and as Winston Churchill said of the USA and UK "two great peoples divided by a common language" Nice to hear from Jill again. I'd say lucky husband that she did a jobbie in their toilet when he was in the shower and left it for him to see. Jill didnt describe it but I hope it was a nice big one and that he got a buzz from seeing it as I know many who post to this site would envy him. Moira and I of course do this anyway but I have to say that her jobbies do not usually pong that badly, just the usual smell of a healthy formed motion, but it all depends on diet I suppose. To Andy , yes enemas can be repetative depending on what solution they contain. The simple warm soapy water enema is usually single action but some of the low volume active ingredient type such as the veripaque enema have chemicals which stimulate the bowel and cause repeated loose stools after the first use. Neither Moira nor I use these, nor laxatives, but needs must if one is seriously bunged up. Glycerine suppositories may be of better use to you and dont tend to be repetative. As regards the un-named person who asked why a small motion sometimes feels more urgent than a big one, I dont know for sure but certainly a softer stool will give a more insistant feeling of needing to go than a good solid firm one. How one tells whether one needs a fart or a turd is never totally certain and many people have soiled their panties thinking they had to pass wind (gas) only to find to their horror that something more substantial came out as well. My motto has always been, if in doubt go and sit on the toilet,as its better to waste a few minutes or even the cost of using a Public Toilet than to fill one's underpants. Finally, I have read that in the USA the amount of water used in the toilet flush is being reduced by law as some silly green eco nonsense. I wonder if this will have the effect of leaving turds unflushed and thus letting others see them, no doubt to the great delight of many US posters.

Sunday, July 12, 1998

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