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I know I have posted already but I just couldn't wait to ask this.

Has anyone ever noticed anyone going to poo at work, school etc. The reason I ask is because there is this really hot girl who not onl attractive but no one else in the school is even remotely attractive. This means most of the boys are constantly swooning over her. I realized that she has asked to go to the bathroom several times and gotten rejected because someone was using the Hall Pass. She then waits for a little bit then tells the teacher she is not feeling well and runs out of the room holding her but. She comes back 20 minutes later saying she feels better. After doing this a couple of times I started to watch to make sure my suspicions of her pooping were correct I noticed she is always holding her but franticaly when she asks the teacher to go to the bathroom and only holds her stomach after she has said she isn't feeling well.
I almost totaly confirmed my suspicions when I saw her run to the teacher with a lump starting to apear in her pants begging to go to the bathroom. When I told my friend this he cut me off and said "she has big boobs, doesn't she?" and then gets lost in his perverted thoughts. Does anyone know of someone like this?


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Hello, everyone! These are three rather short stories:
This morning, I went into the restroom to pee and saw that there was a stall occupied. As I was peeing, I suddenly heard a rather loud plop from the girl. She wiped herself as I was still peeing, flushed, and left. I cleaned myself up and headed to my first class.
Yesterday morning, I went to the restroom to poo. As I was about to go into the stall, I accidentally discovered that my roommate was sitting on the toilet and appeared to be pooping. I mumbled a quick apology and went into the stall beside her. As I began my poo, my roommate wiped herself, washed her hands, and left. I finished pooping about two minutes later and cleaned myself up before I headed back to our room.
Yesterday afternoon, I was sitting on the toilet pooping when I suddenly heard someone tug on my stall door in order to get in. The person mumbled, "Sorry" and I recognized my roommate's voice. She went into the stall next to me and peed furiously. We both came out our stalls at the same time and washed our hands, then headed back to our room without acknowledging the small incident.

The End

I love the feeling of a relieving poo so I've been waiting for about two weeks now for a great dump.

When I woke up Saturday morning, I felt a small urge to poo. I held it in and decided to wait a little longer. Because I knew I had to poo I had 2 cups of coffee, bran cereal, and a laxative. Then I got ready for work. I made sure, just in case, to pack an extra set of cloths. When I got to work I didn't feel like I had to poo at all. As the day went on I could feel the laxative working with the bran and coffee. At about 11:30 am the urge was getting strong. I started to let some bad gas go out my bum. it was pretty loud, but being in a private office no one noticed. After the gas I started to have to go pretty bad. I held in the urge as much as I could. The farts got worse and my stomach was rumbling. As I was about to make my way to the restroom, my boss and a client came in. They asked me to follow them into a conference room for a meeting. I slowly sat down in the meeting clenching my bum muscles as hard as I could. Then 20 minuets later I really, really had to go #2. I slowly got up because I didn't want to poo in front of everyone. Then I accidentally let a big one rip in the meeting room. "GGGGRRRRRRAAAAAVVVVTTT!!!" As soon as that happened I took off for the loo. I raced into the second stall and pushed hard. "NNNNEEEEERRRRGGG!" The poo immediately flowed from my bum. It was soft, but still solid. After a few logs and some diarrhea I still felt like there was more emptying to do. I took four laxatives and within ten minuets I was pushing out more poo. "AAAAHHHHEEERRRRGGGGGG!" I pushed the last of the poo into the toilet. I wiped several times and flushed. I felt so much better and not constipated at all.
After work I was driving home when I had to poo NOW! Without warning I expelled terrible gas about thirty times in one minuet. I pulled off the road and ran, pants down, into the woods. I squatted in the dirt and pooped. It felt so good to poo when I needed too. Then I went home pooed some more, showered, and feel asleep, so tired from my bowel movements.

have to poo

i have to poo so badly, but all noises coming from my bathroom are audible anywhere else in the house, so i am waiting.

Mr. Clogs

Survey Response

1.Do you sit or stand when you wipe your bottom? I sit.

2.When you have a bowel movement,do you use wet wipes or mission your toilet paper or just toilet paper alone? I use toilet paper, sometimes I wet some hand paper towels to wipe.

3.How many times do you typically wipe after a shit? I usually wipe 4 or 5 times. I use every possible inch of toilet paper in order to conserve the amount of toilet paper I use.

4.Do you read, smoke, or talk on the phone? Read emails on my phone, text, surf the internet on the phone, and other stuff.

5.Do you bathe just after a bowel movement? Unless I'm getting ready to wash up (take a shower) after I've take a dump.

6.How often usually, do you move your bowels? Usually once a day, sometimes twice a day.

--Mr. Clogs

Brandon T

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To: Claire N first welcome ive read all your stories and loved them all and look forwars your new ones thanks.

To: Hide'n go poop first welcome to the site and great story about you pooping on the floor but what could you do when you gotta go you gotta go and please share more stories if you have some thanks.

To: Ashley when ever you have a story it dosent matter if its boring or not exiting at least you will have something to post and I look forward to it thanks.

To: Ciara as always another great story and I look forward to your next one thanks.

To: Story Teller as always another great story abut hearing a female poop and it sounds like your sister had to go and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Lauren im glad you found your car and the thieves probaly couldnt stand the smell of pee so they left it meaning your peeing in it probaly helped get it back and great story about your first couch pee and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Mary great story it sounds like you had the dump of the century probaly your body doing a good clean out and yeah I bet you feel a whole lot better and lighter to and I look forward to more of your stories thanks.

To: Kathy 3 great stories I loved them all and cant wait for more of them thanks.

To: Wendy & Kirsty, Kirsty great desperate pee story and great story about your very bad diarrhea at least you made it to a bathroom and that burger must have been undercooked or something and Wendy another great story about you pooping at that old house and as always I look forward to your guys next posts thanks.

To: Meg great play by play or should I say poop by poop of your dump I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Newmom11 first welcome to the site and great accident story and please post more stories thanks.

To: Melina great story about your friend Kathy big poop and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Whinniethepoo great peeing story and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Leanne as always another great pooping story about you and friends and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Aaron it sound like you had a rough time im glad you feel better and I bet you wont do that again and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Kelsey great stories about your accidents I bet it was embarrassing but accidents happen and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Kerrie first welcome to the board and great story about your big poop and wow I bet you felt better after that and please share anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: the Listening Ear as always another great story about hearing a woman going to the bathroom and as always keep your ears open and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Car Mom as always another great story about you and your friends peeing in your car and other places and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: sandy great story about you hearing all those women pooping and please post more stories thanks

To: Jane great story about your library poop and that sounded funny what you saw on ellen and please post more stories thanks.

To: Rose great post about the different place you went to the bathroom and please post more of them thanks.

To: Louise great story it sounds like fate for you 2 to meet up again and he sounds perfect you and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: I<3pooing as always another great set of stories and its a good big dump can solve lots of problems and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Emma as always another great story and I look forward forward to your next one thanks.

To: Who ever wrote about that girl having diarrhea in bed maybe since you took the blame she just went along with it instead facing the embaraasment sure it wasnt right but she probaly was ashamed of what you wouldve thought.

To: Amylee & Upstate Dave havent heard from you 2 in awhile I hope your both alright and please post again soon thanks.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Claire N

A long absence

It has been a very, very long time since I last posted, page 1840 in fact! Although I have not posted, I visit the site quite regularly as I enjoy reading many of the posts about toilet experiences. I am female and in my mid 40s. My first post, where I introduced myself, is on page 1632. Since that time it is evident that I have become even less inhibited about going to the toilet, and also not using one, and it has a lot to do with the posts on this site. My early posts are under the name of Claire. The N came later to avoid confusion with someone of the same name.

I do enjoy having a poo and most times it is twice a day. If I only go once, it often wont all flush away the next morning. I poo every morning and Monday to Friday it will be in work, unless the urge is very strong when I will go at home. I also usually empty my bowels before leaving work in the afternoon, when having a wee. It is quite common for me not to poo at home Monday to Friday. I have found that most of the girls poo in work every day as a normal routine. The toilets are kept clean, but there is often odor present because of the amount of usage. I have more than one favorite cubicle.

This is far removed from the situation in my youth when I had a real phobia about public loos. My post on page 1634 describes how I eventually overcame it. Now I like going in a cubicle and am less fastidious than I used to be. I will even poo in a public toilet if the lock on the cubicle door is broken. On one occasion someone walked in when I was wiping. She was very apologetic and dashed straight out. I said it was no bother and could not be avoided.

In full circle contrast to my younger days, I have developed a liking for emptying my bowels in public toilets out of choice. If I have a train journey, I will wait until I am on the train to relieve myself. More recently it has been the same when on a coach trip. This is a bit daring because there is only one loo. What I have noticed is that having spend sometime inside, making it obvious that I had more than a wee, there has been no shortage of men using the facility soon after with the odor present. I am sure they get a buzz out of female deification and I feel more pleased than embarrassed. I will also poo on a long plane flight, in preference to waiting until the landing.

When on holiday I consider using the public loos, for a number 2, to be part of the experience. To strait with I will poo once where I am staying, but after wards it will be outside the accommodation, taking my own toilet paper as there often isn't any. I will use squat toilets where ever there is the opportunity. My first experience of using one is my post on page 1658 and I have come a long way since then! I know I am not alone in this. Some time ago I read a post from someone describing a dump he had in a public squat toilet in China, in preference to the hotel. I was interested that there were no cubicles. I have never been to a country where the toilets are not in cubicles, but if I do I will certainly poo in one. I would not feel inhibited about being in public view, as long as I am not the only one. It would be the same if I was somewhere where the cubicles do not have doors. There was one occasion on my travels, desperately in need of a wee, when I asked where the toilet was at a stall after purchasing some souvenirs. It was not a compete surprise when the lady pointed to some secluded bushes a short distance away and said no one would see me. I took the opportunity to poo as well! It did not seem all that secluded, but if someone had seen me it would not have been the end of the world! I do prefer sit down toilets, but the squat ones make a very welcome change.

At home my husband and I have an open door policy. When there is no one else around I did not think it would ever come to this, but am glad that it has. My first poo in front of him is posted on page 1802 and his in my presence on page 1835. I let my husband watch me poo at least once a week.

My first poo outdoors is described on page 1640. This is something I really enjoy and don't want to be a once in a blue moon experience. Since my last post I have occasionally been make use of some woodland near me out of choice, carrying toilet paper in my handbag. Usually I am not alone, my hubby will poo with me behind the bushes, or more often, my friend Debbie. Debbie was the first person to see me poo since I was a child, when we did so outdoors together, described in my post on page 1795. Her very open attitude to all toilet matters removed a lot of my hang ups. Ever since when in each others houses we have an open door policy when no one else is around.

Mr. Clogs

Response to Car Mom

Car Mom: Thank you for your response. I was curious if gone other places than the toilet or the car. I really enjoy your posts and I think you're an awesome mom too. Keep the posts coming!

This response made me think of times as a kid going on car trips with the family and you know as kids we can't hold our urine as strong as adults do. I remember going on the road trip and we were stuck in traffic, I had to pee really bad, I told my mom I had to go and she handed me an empty cup to pee in. So I opened my pants I had on, put the cup up and pulled out the little stick out and peed into it. I was awkward at first but I continued on. I handed the cup back to my mother and I sat back in my seat until we reached our destination.

Lauren: Nice story about peeing on the couch. Sorry to hear about the car :(. Keep us posted if anything.

Rose: Nice post about going to the bathroom in weird places and things. If you have a story about using the chamber pot, please post.

Have a great day everyone.

Take care.


Hide n' go poop

Pool poop

I had the worst pooping experience ever. I was at a public pool when I started to have to poop, I had a couple hours untill I really had to go so I decide to go when people started to leave. I also decided to hold my pee because I didn't want to raise questions as to why I was going to the bathroom so often. In a couple of hours I realized I had to pee REALLY badly so I started to wade to the exit when I all of a sudden started peeing uncontrollably. I didn't want the colour to show so I moved around leaving a warm trail behind me. As I finaly stopped my stomach started cramping and my poo was slipping out a little. I quickly got out of the pool and ran to the bathroom. The bathrooms were inside the changerooms, this meant I had three choices: the girls (which I ruled out), the family changeroom (Which I thought would be full of kids who "needed to potty") or the boys. I chose the boys. I ran through the maze of a changeroom only to find a single stall with a line up and a kid with Diarhea. By now a large log was hanging in the netting of my swimsuit so I ran to the family changeroom. Sadly it was also full. By now my swimsuit was on the verge of spilling poop down my legs so I made a bold decision and ran into the Girls changeroom. To my relief it not only had 2 stalls (instead of one stall and a urinal like the Boys) but it was empty. I ran to the closest one but couldn't get it open because of the broken lock. I didn't have any time to sweat over it so I ran into the other one and emptied the contents of my bowels, then pants. I went to wipe of my bathing suit but there was no toilet paper so I decided to switch stalls with my pants around my ankles before girls came in. I kept fiddling with the lock until a second wave hit me and I started to poo some more all over the floor. All I could do was squat so I didn't get more poop on my bathing suit. By now I had left a pile big enough to clog a toilet in the middle of the floor. I quickly started slamming on the door untill it opened. I let out another large log onto the floor as I ran into the stall with the new truly belroken door, I finished of my poo, wiped and got the heck out of there. Luckily I got out of there and no one knows who left that dump there exept for me and you guys. Hopefuly the janitors don't think I'm some selfish little nasty girl. Oh well.

to Kelsey: i really enjoyed your posts! iam very sorry to hear about your childhood accidents that happened when you were younger! sometimes things like that just happen! its not right that other students made fun of you during your first year of middle school! your first year of middle school is always the toughest! however iam really glad to hear that yiou had Good friends that stuck by you the whole way through. other girls can be really cruel at that age especially when in the restroom together! i believe this is cause they know that their not with their parents and they have no feelings of how appropriate it is to act! you should never ignore the urge to relieve yourself! i know that using a public bathroom is not always easy but when you have to go you have to go! that simply means that you will be required to use a public bathroom when away from home! there is no reason to be afraid! girls always go to the bathroom together try and have someone with you who can help you overcome your fear! if you accomplish this than you will eventually overcome your fear of public bathrooms! then you should have no more accidents! i look forward to your next post! take care and God bless! PS. you might have some memorable experiences that you will never forget! Good luck to you Kelsey!
to Anon: i hope that you are well! take care and God bless! look forward to your next post!
to Lauren: i really enjoyed your post! congratulations on peeing in the couch for the first time! sounds like to me that you were in the perfect mood for event to take place! i look forward to your next post! take care and God bless!
to Kerrie: i really enjoyed your post! that's funny that you clogged the toilet at your daughters apartment! i bet this experience will remain in your daughters memories forever! have ever done that elsewhere? it sounds like to me that you and your daughter have a good relationship! i look forward to your next post! take care and God bless!
to Listening Ear: i really enjoyed your post! i hope that you wonderful experiences continue! i look forward to your next post! take care and God bless!
to Brandon: i enjoyed your last post! i hope that soon i will have an experience to share on this board with everyone! your always so kind and that is what God loves! i look forward to your future story! take care and God bless!
to Wendy: i really enjoyed your post! iam sorry to hear that you had to use a portal instead of going out in open! at least you left something unflushed for everyone to see! hopefully you will be able to overcome your fear of using a portal! i love leaving something for everyone to see! i look forward to your next post! take care and God bless!
to Car Mom: i really enjoyed your post! iam glad to hear recently that Laura came over! i hope that one day you guys can start a new relationship as friends! iam glad that you continue to have alot of cool experience peeing in the car! i have never known a mom to allow her own child to pee in their vehicle! i know that this tradition will pass on when your child grow up one day and start a family of there own! i have really enjoyed your stories! i look forward to your next post ! take care and God bless!
to Ciara: i really enjoyed your last post! that funny that your roommate is so open with bodily functions! i must admit myself i burp alot as well! however i try to be polite and not be rude to others! sounds like you and the other girl had an awesome bathroom experience together! when i was growing up i used to have some pretty hilarious experiences with other girls! you can read my past experiences that i have had in the look up sections! i look forward to your next post! Take care and God bless!
to Sandy: i really enjoyed your post! sounds like you and the other women had a funny experience while relieving yourself! i have had similar things happen to me while relieving myself as well in public! i look forward to your next post! take care and God bless!
to Jane: i really enjoyed your post! sounds like you quite a massive log that came out of you! everyone has a massive shit that comes out once a month or once in a while! i believe that its just the body's way of getting out all of the waste that is not needed! was anyone else in the bathroom with you? that's funny that you left it unflushed! i tend to do that always as well! i look forward to your next post! take care and God bless!
to Rose: i really enjoyed your post! i have recently read your past post! i have enjoyed them! it seems to me that you have a really creative mind when finding new places to relieve yourself! do you tell any of your friends about the places or do you keep it a secret? i look forward to your next idea and cant wait to hear your future story that might happen in the near future! take care and God bless!
to Kristy: i really enjoyed your post! that's crazy that you witnessed to young girls having an accident! that's very kind of you to not make fun of them ! alot of girls are teased cause they have a very serious accident in their pants! i got teased recently by a group of girls for having a major accident! i look forward to your next post! take care and God bless!
to Louise: i really enjoyed your post! iam sorry to hear about your accident that occur ed when you were sixteen walking home from school with your boyfriend! iam glad to hear that he helped you clean up and did not make fun of you for messing your pants! iam really glad to hear that this experience brought you both closer together! it also makes me happy that you and Paul remain friends still after what happened! i look forward to your next post! take care and God bless!
to I 3POOING: i really enjoyed your post! iam glad to hear that your depression not worsened! sounds like you experience two powerful bowel movements ! i look forward to your next story! iam also glad to see that you have made it back on this forum! take care and God bless!
to Emma: i really enjoyed your post! sounds like you had a cool experience in the ladies room at the park! it also sounds like that you didn't have to wait too long before getting into a stall! that's also funny that the girl in the stall next to you was being silly! i have experienced this alot of times when using a bathroom in public! its always interesting to see who you will be next to in a stall. you might meet a new friend you might have a memorable experience that will stick in your mind for a lifetime. you will also experience what young children do and their habits! i always enjoy your stories! i cant wait to hear the next one that you will talk about! take care and God bless!
to whoever talked about experiencing gas on a date with a woman! iam sorry to hear that this occurred! i guess now you know that Mexican food doesn't agree with you! iam glad to hear that your new girlfriend was nice and kind to you during this uncomfortable experience! i hope that this will not happen again in the future! i look forward to your next post! take care and God bless!
to Katrina: welcome to this forum! i really enjoyed your first post! sounds like you and your friend had a Great time at the beach! it also sounds like that you both had a rather cool experience in the small bathroom ! sounds like the adorable blond had quite a smelly bowel movement! iam sure that you both could tell what was going on immediately when you opened the door! sounds like this blond had relieved herself in like a week! that's cool that you both added to the pile that was already there! i wonder what the other ladies thought of massive pile that was in the toilet? i have always wanted to do what the blond girl did! i know that this awkward experience will remain in your mind for a lifetime! i look forward to your next post! take care and God bless!
to Lauren: i really enjoyed your first story! everyone needs a break ! at least you get to drive a brand new car for a short period of time! where will you pee in the mean time? i look forward to your next post! take care and God bless! PS. i love your stories they are so creative and really cool!
to Anya: i really enjoyed your post about you and your friend at the mall! sounds like you both have a cool experience in the ladies room! i have experienced cool things as well when i have visited the mall and used the restroom! iam also glad that you and your friend had a fun time! the mall is so much fun! i look forward to your next post! take care and God bless!
to Catherine The Freshmen: i really enjoyed your post! that's funny that you wet the bed! that's really cool that your mom did not scold you ! i have wet the bed many times as a result of being too lazy to get up! my parents used to get mad at me for doing that! i look forward to your next post! take care and God bless. i love your stories!




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Remember the last time I told you all about my roommate farting while we were in our room? Well, I recently found out that she farts a lot while she's sleeping as well. One time, when she was sleeping, she let out three loud farts in a row!
Last night, I was getting ready for bed when I suddenly had to pee. As I was heading to the restroom, I saw an attractive, tall brunette coming out of the restroom. I went in and was immediately hit by a stench of poop so bad that it smelled like a sewage. There was no one else in the restroom, so I concluded that the brown-haired beauty was the one who took that really stinky dump. I went inside a stall, quickly urinated, and cleaned myself up before I went to bed to have some 'me time.' ;)
Today, I went to the restroom to pee. There were two stalls occupied by the time I got there. The first girl flushed and left, while the second girl remained in her stall. As I was getting ready to pee, I heard a few little plops and a small sigh from her. I quickly peed as the girl started wiping herself. I wiped myself as well, flushed, and came out a few seconds before the girl. We didn't say anything to each other as we were washing our hands, and I went back to my room to watch some TV.

I'll share some more stories about my roommate later.

The End

Has any one got any stories about pooping their tong or g-strings

Story Teller
While they are pretty dirty usually, public bathrooms aren't well maintained. I've seen pletty of examples (wether to us or someone else unfortunet) where the toilets don't or barely flush. I mentioned something like this many pages back, but it did happen more then once. A example I can think of is one of the bathrooms in a local park we visit sometimes. We'd decided to stop for a bathroom break after walking on some of jogging trails for a while, my older sister went into a stall by herself while our mom took my younger sister and me into one with her. She took a minute to lay some TP on the seat before pulling her underwear down under her skirt and sitting down. She started straining and there was a loud splash after a moment. She pushed out three more before sighing in relief. She grabbed some more TP and wiped three times and dropped it in. Here was the problem though: When she turned and hit the level to flush, the toilet just made some weird sound and obviously didn't flush. Our mom was visibly flustered as she tried to get it to work, instead only getting the werid sound like it was going to, but didn't. Still partially embarassed, she stood up, pushed all the TP on the seat in, and pulled her underwear up. Being the curious kids we are, my sister and me tried peeking into the toilet, though the ton of toilet paper was all we could see. Though the whoel incident was forgotten within the hour, at least to them anyway. Is there even a person to maintain public restrooms?

Doorless stalls & a visitor

Most of the stalls in my grade school had no doors. We didn't like it but there was nothing we could really do about it other than hold it and that would be tough since most of my shits came at mid-morning and there would have been no way I could have held them in for another four or five hours. Once early in my 4th grade year I had been holding my shit for about half an hour, we had a substitute which meant there was a line of students wanting to be excused for the bathroom and we had to sign a list on the wall and wait our turn. I think it was a school rule that only one of us from each classroom could go at a time. There were several students ahead of me while we were doing a worksheet or something. Finally Darla, a girl who sat in front of me came back in, crossed her name off, and whispered to me that it was my turn. My shit was knocking at the door so I didn't want to waste any time getting the job done. The job was always easier when the class wasn't on a bathroom break and, of course, those of us shitting, would appreciate the additional privacy of no line waiting for each of our toilets. I always took the first stall because I thought it was a little more private. The large white seat was up and I quickly dropped it, unzipped my jeans and briefs and placed my 9-year-old butt on it. I don't think I had sat for a minute when when a 2nd grader came running in, crying badly and came within a couple of inches of my toilet. I don't know if she saw me or not, but since she was crying so bad, I yelled out that I was using that stall and then I told her as she turned to go into another stall, that she was in the wrong bathroom. She was a couple of stalls down and I think trying to find the stall door to close when she finally turned around, saw the urinals mounted in the floor, and realized her mistake. She ran out crying without saying anything. I told my best friend about it and he said the girl was in his brother's 2nd grade class, and had made the mistake a couple of times before. She had some type of disability that caused her to not pay close attention to what she was doing. As for me, when I told my dad about it that night, he recommended that I keep my underwear and jeans up as high as possible when I'm on the toilet away from home and use the toilet at the farthest end of the room. I still do that today, although three out of four bathrooms I use have stall doors thankfully.

Hi Guy

pooping outside

Im 13,and one day at school wondered "What is it like to poop outside?" so that afternoon I ran home from the bus stop,grabbed a handfull of toilet paper and went off. The tricky part is,i live in a condo and was worried about being seen by someone. so i went to a field at one of the ends of the complex,and went behind the concrete foundation of a light post. i squatted down and pulled my athletic shorts back just enough to give the poop room,and tried my best no to pee(because i pee when i poo) and just let the turd go. i pushed and managed not to pee somehow,and then pushed again. by the time i was was done i had to decent sized light brownish turds out. I must admit,going outside is much better than inside!


Found My Car!

Hi again. This will be my second post of the day. That is because right after I posted my first one, I got a call from the police saying they recovered my car! I immediately asked if it was all in one piece and they said it was fine. then they paused and said the only thing wrong was that it smelled like urine. They thought the thieves peed in my car! I replied it was okay and I was happy to have it back. They gave me directions to the lot where it was being held. I told the girls and Jagger asked if she could come with me to pick it up. she said she really had to pee and wanted to do it in the car to welcome it home. We went and picked it up. unfortunately they were busy and slow and poor Jagger peed her pants waiting for them to release the car. She was upset, but was able to pee in the car that night. I also peed in the car and it felt great. I am happy to have my car back. it is quite a relief in more ways than one!


The Best Poo Ever

I've been waiting for that feeling that I need to poo for about a week now and it's never came. Today I've decided that it's time to release the poo that has been building inside me for a while. I got up this morning, Saturday, and tried to go, but since I'm constipated I couldn't. After I showered and got ready for the day I went downstairs and made some cheesy eggs with laxative tea and coffee to help me have a BM. In about 30 minuets I finally felt a small urge to poo so in order to make this the most relieving and best poo ever I took a few more laxatives and waited. I started to feel gassy so I pushed, "UUURRRHHHH" and passed some bad wind. It felt pretty good. Then I felt that I had to go more and more. After taking some more laxatives I really had to go BAD! I ran upstairs and made it to the loo just in time. I pushed and pushed, but to my surprise all I did was pass some more bad gas. After sitting in the loo pushing and farting for about 25 minuets I wiped and decided to go out. I went to the mall about 15 minuets from my house, knowing that I can easily make it home for a poo when I need to. I was shopping around when I started gassing and cramping in my stomach. I waited a couple of minuets and it only got worse. I was clenching my butt muscles when I felt a push in my butt. Clenching tight I hurried to the car. As I started driving I knew that I might not be able to make it to the loo before I made a huge BM. I drove rather quickly trying to hold in as much poo as possible but the gas building inside of me was unbearable. I let loose a few farts which helped to ease some of the cramping. As I was waiting for the light to turn green so I could pull onto my street, I felt as though a bomb had been dropped in my lower abdomen. I gassed and the poo moved closer to my anal opening. I quickly pulled into my driveway to see that my boyfriend was home. "Good" I thought "Luke can help me make the big BM that was about to happen." I waddled into the kitchen and explained to Luke what was happening and what was about to happen upstairs in the loo. He understood and followed me into the loo with a cup of laxative tea. I sat down and pushed. "NNEERRRUUUGGGHHHH!" I felt the poo coming out, but it hurt like hell! "AAAHHHHNNOOOUUUGGGHHHH!" I groaned, pushing as hard as I could. "Babe, drink this." Luke said holding the tea to my lips. I drank it all down and felt the cramping and gassing start up again. "OOOHHH NNOOOO! UUUUUGGGGGHHH!" I groaned. "PLOP!" "SPLASH!" The huge, hard poo building inside me for a week finally cam out after about 10 minuets of pushing. Little did I know, worse things were about to occur in the loo. I wiped and flushed. (Luckily it went down) Upon exiting the loo my stomach rumbled and this terrible gas was expelled from my butt.
"OOOOOOHH! AAAAHHHH!" I pulled down my pants and quickly put my butt on the toilet seat. At that very moment diarrhea came exploding from my rear. I felt great relief, but man, it stank! With more gas and diarrhea I felt that I was able to clear my colon completely. After cleaning up and showering, Luke and I settled into bed. Later that night I awoke with cramping, farting, and more diarrhea. In the morning I was all clear and felt 4 dumps lighter.

That was the story of "The Best Poo Ever"
Hope you enjoyed,
More to come
Have fun pooing
xo Mary


3 Satisfying Trips to the Loo

Having not made a bowl movement in a couple of days i feared constipation. I awoke in the morning and tried to poop, but I couldn't. Then I went downstairs and took a few laxatives and got a cup of coffee. I sat down of the couch and turned on the TV. Within minuets I felt some smelly gas coming out of my bum. I let out some farts that were really stinky YUCK! and then I felt cramped and bloated. Farting some more I ran into the loo and locked the door. I sat there, hands clenching my rumbling stomach and pushed. "OOOOHHHHHNNNEEEERRRGGGG!" I pushed some more "AAAAAHHHHUUUUGGGGHHHH!" That last push got things moving. plop...plop...plop...splash. I felt a wave of relief as the poop fell into the toilet. "PPPPVVVEEEERRRRAAABBBBBBRRRRAAATTT!" The loudest and smelliest fart escaped my bum. plop...plop...plop...pplllloooppp...PLOP. A couple more pieces of poop were released followed by some more stinky farts. Then the runs came. I was moaning, farting, and having diarrhea on the toilet for about 45 minutes. After my satisfying big dump, I cleaned off and went to the kitchen. Still feeling bloated I took a few more laxatives and waited.

Nothing had happened since my satisfying dump on Saturday. I was at work when I felt that I had to go. I took a quick poop this morning, but was still feeling bloated from a few days ago. Now at work I needed a toilet NOW! I tried to hold it in, needing more privacy than in a public restroom, but the gas was starting to fly from my bum. I ran to the bathroom and let the rest of my wind break free inside the stall. "BBBBBRRRAAAAAVVVVTTTTEEEEERRRR!!" The farts came all to quickly. was gassing up a storm! Then the rumbling started. "OOOOHHHHHAAAAGGGGGG!" I pushed. plop...plop...plop...plop...splash...kirplunk. I looked and saw a great mess of poo in the bowl below me. The rumbling went away and I felt pretty good. I flushed, washed up, and went back to work. The day continued with several trips to the bathroom for little poo dumps.

It has been over a week since I last made a successful BM trip to the loo and I was getting constipated again. I had some laxatives and drank 2 cups of coffee. once again I started to feel gassy. I let out a few smelly toots and I really started feeling bloated. My rumbling stomach started cramping. The gas got worse and worse until I was sure that if I farted again that more than just air was going to exit my bum. All of the sudden I doubled - over in a cramping pain. I knew at that point that if I didn't make it to the loo right NOW! I was about to have a huge accident all over the bedroom. The only issue was I was cramped and clenched so much that I couldn't move! "GGGGGUUUURRRRGGGGG!" My stomach rumbled and knotted. "BBBBRRRRAAAAAVVVVVVVTTTTTT!!" Poop and gas rushed out from my bum and before I knew it there was a huge log in my pants. Able to move, I ran to the bathroom and pushed out a few more logs followed by a really big, solid, turd. "AAAAAHHHHHGGGUUUURRRRRAAAAGGGG!" I pushed so hard and it hurt like hell! At that point my bf comes home. I call him upstairs and I tell him to bring laxatives and Vaseline. Knowing that I haven't pooped in over a week he hurries into the bathroom. I take some more laxatives and push harder. "UUUUUUURRRRRRAAAAAGGGGGGG!" The solid log barely moves. My bf tells me to get on the floor and he will put the Vaseline on to help the poop come out. I do as he says and try to push some more. Then on a final huge push, so hard I was almost positive my bum fell off! "GGGGGGUUUUUUUUGGGGGGGAAAAAAHHHHHHHHEEEEERRRROOOOOFFFFF!" "NNNNAAAWWWWNNOOOOOOOOOHHHHHAAAAAAHHHHH!!" The solid log plops onto the floor. As soon as that happens I jump on the toilet and let the rest of the poo come out. After clean up and a good shower, I congratulate my-self with a sundae and some bf "fun"

That was the story of my 3 great dumps

Just a guy

I haven't posted in some time, but had a question. I usually take a dump 2-3 times a day - almost always in the morning and sometime in the evening after dinner & occasionally after lunch. Usually my morning dump comes at work - within my first 15 minutes of getting to the office. Sometimes I've have to take the dump at home before leaving the office, but recently when this happens to me I have to dump again at work within my first hour of getting there. I thought this was very unusual. The morning dump hasn't seem smaller, nor was it rushed (its also not diarrhea). Additionally, after, the first dump I felt completely relieved. Does anyone experience having this happen?

Melina, I like your posts about dumping at work. Your post about holding it in during a meeting reminded me of an experience I had several years back. As I already mentioned I usually take a dump very soon after getting to the office, but one time another worker intercepted me as I was on my way and did an impromptu meeting with a vp. The meeting was very short (15 min), but I had to go so bad, I could barely concentrate on the topic. As soon as the meeting was over, I hurried to the restroom and unloaded very fast. It was all over in less than a minute - but I went a lot (soft serve).


Desperate pee

On my way to work this morning I felt the urge to pee very badly. I needed to go just before I left home but thought I could make it to work in time. I'd had 3 cups of tea and I always have to pee a lot when I drink tea. As I drove my bladder filled up so much I thought it would burst and by the time I got to work my knickers were quite damp. I ran into the toilet and just made it. I sat down and peed for ages. It was a huge relief but I had a small wet spot in the crotch of my jeans. I don't think you could see it but I felt as if everyone else could. I needed to poo at around 9:30 so I went to the toilet for a nice relieving clearout. The wet spot had dried along with my knickers which was almost as big a relief as my poo.

I was at the mall this afternoon because I had to pick up some new running shoes. The mall was pretty busy and after I found the shoes I wanted I decided to head to the men's washroom to drop a turd that was needing to be dropped. I went to the main washroom but most of the stalls were taken and it was much too busy so I decided to try and find another one on a different level. I decided to head to the basement level where there were only a few small stores open since the rest of the area was being renovated. I headed down the very long hallway and entered into the washroom. There was only one handicapped stall and it was being used. I headed back out and walked across the other end of the floor as I passed a few construction workers who looked like they were on lunch break.

I rounded the corner and low and behold I saw another washroom sign. I quickly walked to it down the long hallway and entered into the washroom to see that there were two toilets but again both were being used. I could tell that they were both construction workers by their large boots and work pants. Just as I was about to leave the handicapped toilet stall flushed. I heard the toilet flush again before a construction worker in his early 20s came out with an almost startled look on his face. He walked past me quickly to the sinks as I approached the stall. I set my bag down in the corner away from the toilet and I had some trouble locking the door. I heard the guy next to me unravelling a lot of toilet paper as he started to wipe. The stall was large and had the toilet mounted to the wall. As I approached the toilet i could see that it was clogged up real good. There was a very large and thick turd floating around a large was of toilet paper blocking the drain. I knew it wasn't going to go down and I suspected the toilet was very weak and constantly clogging given there was a plunger next to it.

I decided to wait a bit to see if the stall next to me would be free soon. I heard the toilet flush and the guy exit out but the toilet was making a funny noise. As soon as he left I went over to his stall only to realize it was clogged as well. I don't know what these guys had been eating but they had both produced very large turds. I decided to head back to the handicapped stall since it offered a bit more privacy. I was so desperate to shit I didn't think I would be able to hold it in. I slammed the door closed and laid several strips of toilet paper on the seat. I dropped my jeans and boxer shorts before seating myself down. Almost instantly a turd slowly started to ease its way out. I felt a tremendously sharp pain in my anus, no doubt due to the size of the turd but I couldn't stop now. It slipped into the bowl without much noise and I took a huge breath of air as I relaxed and sighed in relief. I got up and saw my behemoth turd next to the other guy's turd. It took a lot of paper to get clean and by the time I was done the toilet was a mess. I exited out and washed my hands before somebody else stumbled in having to shit.

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