accident caring for baby

i had a pretty embarassing accident yesterday. i am 27 years old, far too old for this to happen, and just had my first baby three months ago. today we were out running errands and shopping and i had to go while we were out but finding time with a baby is so hard when you are by yourself so i held it and just tried to hurry so i could get back home. well, the need just kept getting worse and worse. by the time we got home i was turtle-heading and knew my panties were both already a little damp and must have some hershey marks on them, too. but my son was screaming and needed a new diaper and so i carried him inside, grabbed the bags from the car real quick, then took him to change him, all the while dancing and squeezing my legs together on the verge of losing control.

i got him onto his changing table and started to unbutton his onsie when i lost a big spurt of pee into my jeans that soaked both legs halfway to my knees before i could stop it. i couldn't hold myself and change the crying baby but i kept on trying to hold it but a few seconds later i could just tell i had reached the point of no return and suddenly i just stood there and felt my jeans turn hot and wet all the way down my legs and butt and then the poop just came out and filled the back of my panties with a giant mound of hot but mostly solid poop.

i was snapped back into reality by my screaming baby and finished changing him, popped the pacy in his mouth, laid him in his crib, turned on the mobil, and then waddled to my bathroom in my soaked and filled pants. i haven't had an accident in year and haven't pooped myself since i was a lot younger. but what choice did i have? baby comes first, right? i carefully lowered my jeans, thankful the poop stayed contained in my panties, dumped the poop out, then hopped in the shower to use the spray nozzle to hose off my butt and legs, put on new panties and shorts, then tossed the wet and soiled stuff into the washing machine and went back to the baby.

but i forgot the jeans and panties were in the washer after it finished. when my husband got home after work he was going to help me with some laundry and he opened the washer to find just a pair of jeans and panties and asked why i washed such a small load. i tried to answer but just stammered a little and then he looked and saw that the large brown stain in the seat of the panties hadn't washed out all the way and i was stuck and had to admit to him that i'd had an accident. i started to tear up but he just hugged me and told me it was ok and he thought it was funny that i'd sacrifice my jeans and panties for the sake of our little boy!


Dodgy burger

I forgot my lunch when I left for work this morning and got a burger from the van across the road. It wasn't very nice and about 3hours later I had a stomach ache and felt and a very full feeling in my bowels. It was home time and as a precaution I went to the toilet before I left to go home. I just made it in time but instead of a relieving poo I let out a loud bellowing fart. I sat for a while in case there was some poo on it's way but there was nothing. I got up and left to go home but about half way home I felt a large mass of liquid moving around inside me and within two minutes it was at my anus trying to force it's way out. I clenched as hard as I could and made it home just in time. When I got out of my car I felt a sharp pain in my bowels and a surge of pressure that very nearly made me lose control but I kept clenching untill I got to the bathroom. I litteraly ripped my jeans and knickers down and launched myself onto the toilet. As soon as I was seated I relaxed and let out a huge amount of very loose diarrhoea. It was so relieving after holding it for half an hour. I sat there for around half an hour as waves of diarrhoea kept spewing into the toilet and when it was over I felt so much better.

Im sitting on the toilet at home taking a dump while uploading this story. This is one of my largest dumps my frist turd fell into the toilet with a loud plop it curled aroud the inside of the bowl like a snake coming out of its hole. The second turd was medium sized and light brown in color the third was nugget sized and dark brown im on my tiptoes pushing out a monster size turd im straining abit icant feel the head of the turd sliding out its half way out only my toes are on the floor its almost out a couple more pushes it just landed into the toilet with a huge plop still not done mores coming out im gonna finish my dump and ill post more about it later and im gonna try to upload my next dump so yall can hear the plops of my next dump hope you all like it next turd is coming gotta go happy shitting :)


In A Classroom

One time when I was in First Grade When we had an Hour left of School.There was a terrible stench and some kids where holding their noses.Then I noticed something that looked like two melted hershy kisses on the desk.
The Teacher asked, what is that?One boy went to it and smelled it and he goes,IT SMELLS LIKE POO POO!The teacher went to it and smelled it,she moved her hair from her face and smelled it again.The kid that sat there,I didn't remember if it was a boy or girl,wasnt at it's desk.The Principal came in there and put some kind of anti-bactrerial on the poop.
No one never saw how it happened.But one guess is that the teacher wouldn't let him or her use the bathroom.


Couple Surveys I Found

1.Do you sit or stand when you wipe your bottom? I sit.
2.When you have a bowel movement,do you use wet wipes or mission your toilet paper or just toilet paper alone? I usually just use toilet paper.
3.How many times do you typically wipe after a shit? Well since my poops are pretty messy, about 8 or 9 times.
4.Do you read, smoke, or talk on the phone? Read or text
5.Do you bathe just after a bowel movement? No
6.How often usually, do you move your bowels? 2-3 times a day.

Tim's Survey
1.How many times do u go for a pee? 4 times or so.
2.How long does it take you to pee? I don't know for sure. Less than 30 seconds, I know that.
3.Is you pee stream loud or quiet when hitting the water in the toilet? It's in between.
4.How long do u poo? 10 minutes or so
5.What ur poo like solid, mushy, or liquid? Mushy and soft.
6.Do you fart when u poo? Always
7.Would u let someone of the same sex in the toilet with you? Maybe.
8.Would u let someone of the opposite sex in the toilet with you? I sometimes let my girlfriend come into the bathroom with me.


"Spicy Food and the Zoo"

I'm 17 and here's my story...
One day my friends and I were going to go to the zoo. The night before we over ate at a buffet that had all kinds of spicy food. We love it! The next morning, my buddy James and I woke up late so we both showered and got dressed, but we didn't have time to go to the bathroom. We met our girlfriends, Sara and Nicole, for breakfast. We had two eggs each with hot sausage and three cups of coffee. Immediately after that we took off for the zoo. All the way there, James' stomach and my stomach were churning. We kept letting go of some really bad gas, but none of the girls noticed since the windows were down. When we arrived at the zoo, Sara and Nicole took off for the lions, all the way across the zoo. We had no choice but to follow them. When we finally caught up with them, they took us to the zoo theater and we had to sit through a two hour movie about dinosaurs! It was pretty cool, don't get me wrong, but we thought that our bowls were going to BURST! Then to make my cramping worse, I heard James let go, what sounded like the most relieving fart EVER! All I could do was clench my ass muscles so hard and hope that I didn't explode all over the theater. When the movie finally ended the girls decided to go grab a bite to eat. Thank god the bathrooms were right around the food court. But the food court was all the way across the freakin' zoo!! With every step bad gas was pushed out of me, and James too, causing the worst smell! Luckily we were behind our girlfriends. When sweet relief was finally about to happen as we neared the food court the girls told us that they were going to get a table and for us to wait in line for pizza. (not a good idea, pizza sometimes causes uncontrollable gas for me!) The cramping was getting better as we were waiting in line. (good!) Then we sat down and I was feeling loads better. But James looked like he was going to loose it if he didn't shit soon! We both scarfed down our pizza (NOT helping) and then we excused ourselves to go to the bathroom. James took off like a lighting bolt, leaving a horrible fart behind. I had to waddle to the bathroom to avoid exploding all over my briefs! when we made it to the bathroom all but one stall was taken! SHIT! James took it and as soon as he shut the door an explosion over smell and gas erupted from him, followed by ghastly ploppings and grunts. Then I heard the beautiful sound of a toilet flushing! I rushed into the stall and as soon as i pulled down my pants I un-clenched and waited for the anal volcano to erupt. A huge fart exited me followed by a bunch of little farts that smelled awful! The poop never came, but the cramping and pain didn't ease either!! I asked James how he was doing and he was relieved! (lucky!) I told him how I couldn't dump and he pulled laxatives from his jacket pocket and handed them to me (just to my advantage!) I took them thankfully. After about twenty minuets of sitting on the toilet nothing had happened so I left to met up with Sara, Nicole, and James. Then thirty minuets later my insides turned and I felt a massive turd moving through me and out my asshole! "Holy Shit!" was all i could manage before I knew that I had to POO right NOW! I took off with my hands on my ass and my muscles clenched yet again. I reached the bathroom seconds too late! A huge poop was coming out NOW! All of the stalls were taken and all I could do was hold on for the ride. Then a toilet flushed and I flew into the stall so fast I almost took out whoever was leaving. I ripped off my jeans as fast as I could and took the biggest crap ever. It started with a huge log splashing into the water, followed by some BAD GAS so loud it sounded like a lion roared in the bathroom. Thinking that I was done I cleaned up and flushed. upon exiting the stall, like a roaring river my ass opened up and right as I sat down diarrhea flooded from me. Finally finished with my mess, I exited the bathroom and met up with my friends, only to discover that I had the most awful gas for the rest of the night, including all through sex which, as you can imagine, ruined most of the evening.


Cathy's big poo

On Friday night I was out having drinks with a few coworkers. Much to my enjoyment, Cathy was one of the people who came. Well, at some point, I saw Cathy getting up and walking towards the toilets. I waited a minute or so and then I also headed off in that direction. The toilets there were two separate rooms, one for men and one for women. I couldn't hear too much from Cathy inside, but I did hear a couple of her loud farts and I loved that. I heard a flush and I expected Cathy to come out, but she didn't. A little later another flush and then she exited the toilet room. She looked slightly embarrassed and quickly walked back to rejoin the group.

I went in and closed the door and the first thing I noticed was a strong poo smell. Then I saw that Cathy had closed the toilet lid. I opened it and saw a rather sizable chunk of poo still lodged in the bowl. If that was what remained after two flushes, I would have loved to see the whole amount of Cathy's great poo. I did kind of have to wee so I sat down and did that. I flushed again and only just a tiny amount of Cathy's poo remained and some skidmarks.

I have a few comments for some members here as well.

To AmyLee: I don't know if you still visit here, but I miss your posts. In fact, you were the one who inspired me to begin posting.

To Rose: It's excellent you like to pee and poop in fun places. I wish I was as adventurous as you.

To Jane: I also saw the segment you talked about on the Ellen show. I wouldn't think they'd have shown it if she visibly wet or messed herself, but yeah, maybe she did let out a bit in her panties. Who knows?

Frank: That is a good suggestion. I will definitely have to look into diapers to keep in the car. Even if they spread them on the seat, it would still feel like peeing right into the seat. My girls are 8, 6, and almost 2.
Car Mom: I had a 2007 Toyota Camry. I wonder what the thief thought when he got in and smelt it. Nothing new has happened with Alexis. I think she figured out we could hear her and stopped using the trashcan. I want to ask her about it, but it would be really awkward. In my last post I said that I had used the couch to pee. I am not crazy about my house smelling like pee and my couch getting stained, but I have let Jagger pee into it. Hard to say no when I did it.
Catherine the Freshman: I enjoy your stories. I love how accepting your mom is. As Car Mom pointed out, not all moms are like that.
Well that is all for now. No new stories.

Hey everyone
Car Mom: Thank you. Your last post meant a lot. I totally would have cleaned it up. I really wish I had a mom like Catherine's or like you that understood. I told Nathalie you said hi and she says hi back. You are her favorite on here (and mine too.) She is really busy with her new school and has not had time to post.
Katelyn: Welcome! I liked your post. That sounds like fun. I wish I could pee in those places. Keep posting and letting us know about your adventures.
Lauren: I really like your stories. It is cool that you let your daughters pee in the car. I hope you get a new car soon!
Now for my story. My neighbor went out of town for the weekend and asked if I would housesit. He has two dogs that need company. I happily agreed. This meant I could pee where I wanted as long as I did not ruin any of his things. Whenever I had to pee I would just let loose. The entire house is tile so nothing was ruined. Today was my last day there, so I decided to do something. I read on here a while ago a test to do when you had to pee. I do not remember who posted it, but I had been wanting to try it. It consisted of pushing on your bladder, laying down and relaxing your muscles, etc. I drank a lot of water that morning and some coffee too. I had to pee pretty bad, but still held on while I did my homework. Then I drank two more glasses of water and waited ten minutes, like it instructed. I pushed on my bladder for thirty seconds, then lay down and relaxed my muscles. I did not pee my pants. I then waited a bit more. At this point it was getting hard to hold. I really had never had to pee this bad. I usually don't hold it, I just go in my pants so this was new for me. When I really could not wait much longer, I squatted down over the tile floor. I read somewhere if you push you butt up and out while in a squat and pee forcefully the entire time, you only wet a spot in your pants. I had been wanting to try it. So i got into position and began to pee forcefully. My entire butt was instantly soaked. That does not work, but it felt wonderful. I stood up and continued to go. I loved the feeling of it running down my legs. When I was finally done, I cleaned up and threw my clothes in the wash. It felt great and I am sad to be back home. If anyone knows how to pee your pants with less damage, or has tried that method, please post! I would love to hear if it worked for you.

one time i was sitting in the living room with my boyfriend watching a movie and he looked really uncomfortable i asked if he was okay and he said he really had to use the toilet and asked me where it was and i pointed down the hall. a few minutes later he yelled and said 'um babe, could you come in here and rub my stomach for me? it hurts so bad..and it helps me relax.' so i went in there and rubbed his stomach for him and he closed his eyes and i saw a tear roll down his cheek. about 2 minutes later he had the worst explosive diarrhea ever. each wave lasted about 5 minutes and i cant count how many waves he had. while he was waiting for another wave of liquid poop i asked him what he had ate that made him get like that. he said he had no clue but he wouldnt ever eat it again. after a few more waves of diarrhea he said that he was about finished and asked me to go get him something for his stomach ache. so i went to get him one of those pepito bismo pills that dissolve in your mouth. when i got back he was sitting on the couch with one hand gripped around his stomach and the other one holding his head. he asked me if he could stay the night because he didnt feel like driving home and he figured he would shit on his self if he did. of course i said yes.
later in the night he had more explosive diarrhea and each time i followed him in there.
hes much better now but he said that was the worst experience of his life.
hope you enjoyed my story.

Hi everyone! I see Emma has told you about my festival weekend. I went down on Friday with my friend Megan and got back home about an hour ago. We had a fantastic time, and needless to say had to go to the toilet a few times while we were there as well!

So as I said we arrived on Friday and set up our encampment. Meg had brought a portable camping toilet, but this was no ordinary campign toilet- this was a Ploo, which is a cardboard collapsable toilet that she said her brother saw on Top Gear and purchased when he went to a festival last year. She bought one for us to bring with us to use if the queues were too long.
There was so much to do and so many bands to listen to that, after we went for a wee as we arrived, I forgot all about needing a poo for that day and only weed twice more. That evening when I went for a wee before we went to bed I pushed out two small logs but that was all. On Saturday after a not particularly nutritious breakfast Meg said she was dying for her first number two of the weekend. My bladder was full so we set off for the toilets. There were toilets not far away and there were big queues. Meg, along with more than a few other people, was desperate for a poo. After about 15 minutes we got to the front and Meg got to go in and sit down. My turn came shortly after and I went into the portaloo for a relieving morning wee. The seat was dirty so I had to hover and this led to the seat getting even dirtier! I let out a loud fart but didn't have to poo. Of course we'd brought our own paper from the tent so I wiped and left to wait for Meg. A few minutes later she emerged and said she felt much better. Saturday passed and I hadn't been for a poo at all. Meg hadn't gone again either, and we both normally go twice a day.
So on Sunday morning I awoke quite early with a hangover. As I lay in my sleeping bag all the alcohol and greasy food from the past two days began to take its toll. Within minutes I was dying for a huge poo. I really didn't want to get up but I knew I had no choice because much longer and there would be a simply hideous accident! When I got up I just knew I'd never make it to the toilets and to the front of the queue in time. Meg was still sound asleep. Soo....I decided to test the Ploo. We had it on top of a pile of clothes at the back of the tent. In its unconstructed state it is basically a couple of sheets of cardboard that can easily be carried under your arm or whatever. I picked it up. Now came a fairly big dilemma. Did I go in the tent or outside? We had a sort of porch behind our tent we'd set up with windbreaks and things that screened it from view from 3 sides where we cooked and so on, but should anyone walk between our tent and the next one over they would see me if I went there. I didn't think Meg would thank me if I went inside, so I unzipped the tent and went out. I was almost touching cloth now but I still had to set up the Ploo! Under the 'lid' were the instructions, and they looked far too long and complicated for my liking! So first I had to unfold it and then 'fold and insert tabs,' fold down the seat, insert the stabilisers(??) and prepare it for inserting the 'poo bag.' By the time I'd figured it out and got it set up ten minutes had gone by and I was about to poo myself! I got one of the poo bags and inserted it. I was only wearing underwear and a t-shirt so I pulled down my knickers and sat carefully, because I didn't trust it to take my weight even though it says it is ok for up to 16 stone. It held, and I could finally go. First I weed but as I was doing so I let out a fart and all the poo began to move. A mushy load came out and flumped into the bag. Then a more solid log, and some more mushy stuff. It was an enormous relief because I'd been really close to going in my pants. As it turned out it may well have been faster to go to the toilets! I kept pushing out poo for 5 minutes or so and there was a lot of it. I was worried the bag wouldn't take it all but it did. While I was sat on the Ploo, nobody walked between the tents so although I was quite embarassed nobody saw me. But then I heard someone walking up beside the tent. It was Meg, and she looked relieved when she saw me. Turns out she woke up and needed a poo and decided to go on the Ploo, but when it wasn't there and neither was I she panicked! She said she really really needed a poo. I said I would be finished in a minute so she stood by while I pushed out a few more bits of crap. Then I wiped and stood up and pulled up my knickers. Meg made to sit down herself but I told her I'd filled the 'poo bag' and she would need another. I removed the bag and she put a new one in and hurridly sat down. Immediately there was a squirt of poo from her into the bag and she sighed. So I was standing there with a bag of my own poo in my hand watching Meg fill up another bag with her own poo! I told her how lucky she was because she didn't have to set it up before she could relieve herself! She kept pushing out logs and runny poo for a few minutes while I tried to figure out what to do with my bag! Eventually we took our bags to the nearest bin and just chucked them in! A very interesting toilet experience and a very interesting weekend!

Abbie- Hope your poos at school can go as well as or better than your first one. At least the toilets were clean and as long as nobody can see you from outside the privacy isn't that bad!

Will post again soon. Bye!

This is the first stomachache I remember having.

I had gone to a birthday party and gorged myself on cake and ice cream. I knew I was full, but I never got to have any of the junk food at my house, so I just wanted more. Already way too full, I ate three more slices of pizza and another huge slice of cake. By the time I was finished, my stomach was aching terribly and I just wanted to go home. I started to cry and my friend's mom called my dad, who came to take me home.
He sat me down the back seat of the car while my stomach churned horribly. Despite the fact that I was in agony, he lectured me about how I shouldn't have eaten so much.
When we got home, I was so full and bloated, I couldn't get out of the car. As my father undid my seat belt and started carrying me inside, I threw up. It wasnt much, more like an acidy dribble of water. It didnt give me any relief as I still had all the food still in my belly. My father got angrier and gave me to my mom. I felt so sick and tired as she carried me to bed. She laid me down and undid the button on my pants, and pulled them of. My stomach seemed to bloat out even further and I only felt more sick as my stomach churned more violently. She rolled me over until I was lying on my ????, but this made me so uncomfortable that I just rolled back over.
"Aww... you had too much to eat didn't you?" she asked me softly as she began to massage my belly in firm circles.
I could only groan in reply.
"you'll feel better soon," she assured me, continuing to massage my belly.
I began to drift to sleep.
My stomach just felt full of gas and pressure and I just wanted everything I had eaten out of me.
I threw up. Lying in bed, I just started letting it out.
"ooo.. honey, no," my mother was murmuring in the background.
But I didnt care, I just let out one giant wave of chunky, foul smelling, vomit that splattered all over the bed and floor. i laid back and continued to retch and burp, still in pain.
Boring down, the diarrhea started.
I could feel it flowing out of me, chunky.
I passed gas, it was long and smelled awful.
My mother slid something under my bottom - probably a towel or something.
She massaged my belly as I let out another wave of diarrhea.
Then another.
I passed gas again, shorter this time.
Another wave of diarrhea came with such force that it seemed to push me up of the bed.
My stomach was still gripped with cramps.
It was still bloated out.
My mother picked me up, and took me to the bathroom. She took of my underwear and wiped my bottom a little. I let out more diarrhea, pushing out wave after wave.
Finally, I felt empty, and fell asleep.


Re: Peed Pants at School

Franchesca, I liked your story. Very interesting. Hope to see you write more on here :)


Super size poo

To Kerrie:
Wow. I can't believe you did a 46" poo. You must have held it a long time and got really desperate to go that much. How long did you hold it for?

Monday, September 12, 2011

Greg (Mike's Friend)


For a few years after we graduated from college, Mike and I got together from time to time, but there was nothing exceptional to report. (Mike did some pooping in those visits, but it was behind the protection of a closed door.) However, I decided to pay Mike a visit in New York a few years after we graduated after he got a job located in a very tall building that no longer exists because some individuals saw fit to fly a couple of airplanes into it about 10 years ago. (Fortunately, Mike, along with his wife and 2 kids had moved from New York to another large city on the West coast by then).

As Mike was relatively new to the job and didn't have much in the way of time off, I would need to pretty much show myself around town during the day while we hung out in the afternoons and evenings. This concerned me a bit as I felt this would cut into prime opportunities to catch Mike with his pants down bumming on the toilet in the throes of a shit, such as right after lunch or in the morning at work right after the train ride in from Jersey. Luckily however, my fears turned out to be unfounded and I did get to see a loaded Mike at his dumping best turn in some prime pooping performances with plenty of power ploppage, to say the least.

On the second day of my visit, we had both gotten up around 6:30 and had breakfast and I hit the shower in the small bath first while Mike went out on his morning run. To set this up, Mike had eaten a large bowl of oatmeal with raisins, 2 jumbo eggs over medium-hard, 4 sausage patties, 4 slices of rye toast with blackberry jam, a banana, 2 cups of coffee black and a large glass of grapefruit juice. (Can you see where THIS is going???) Mike normally had his breakfast on the run on his way to work, but since I was in town, we decided to do it up right.

Anyway, I'm in the shower about 5 minutes with the curtain pulled and lathered up thinking Mike to be out on his run. I suddenly hear that unmistakable sound of an exceptionally loud toilet-resonated fart and seconds later the room is filled with toxic fumes choking the life out of me. Sure enough, when I pulled back the curtain to see what was going on, I discovered a BADLY-loaded Mike helplessly bumming on the toilet with his back to me practically out of breath with his running shorts and white briefs around his ankles draped over his running shoes sitting there huffing and flexing and puffing as he sat there in the throes of a shit filling the toilet with excrement. The loud crackling and plopping told me Mike was dropping a absolutely HUGE bomb.

"Duuuude!!" I exclaimed in disbelief.

"Sorry about the bro." Replied Mike between huffs still trying to catch his breath. "I really needed to have a shit that wouldn't wait." Mike went on to explain that during the middle of his run he started getting really loaded and the powerful urge to shit quickly became massive as he continued running. The overwhelming need to shit had forced the desperately-loaded young man to run back to the apartment before the astronomical load got too overpowering to hold. By the time my badly-loaded buddy covered the half-mile back Mike had become EXTREMELY desperate to crap. Mike explained he had just BARELY gotten his pants dropped and mounted to the toilet before the gigantic load of shit in his butt totally overwhelmed him. It was pretty easy to tell from the sound of all that shit STILL falling in the toilet that Mike must have needed to crap very very badly.

For the next 10 minutes I showered while the bumming Mike groaned, crackled and sputtered, moaned, crackled, farted, fizzled, grunted and pooped on the much-needed toilet. Clearly, Mike was one seriously loaded young man and it was no wonder his major shit wouldn't wait. I was a bit embarrassed to get out of the shower and walk past my bumming friend as his situation had caused a bit of a physical reaction on my part!

Finally, after what seemed like endless huffing, flexing, puffing, crackling, sputtering, farting, fizzling, and popping, I finally heard Mike tearing toilet paper off the roll. It took Mike numerous wipes before he was finally able flush twice, pull his briefs back up and walk out. I was then able to get out and grab a towel without revealing my condition that Mike surprise dump had caused! Mike's dump had been so large that even with two flushes, there were still a few small pieces of crap floating in the water with a couple of shit streaks at the bottom of the bowl. We were both 25 by then, and I discovered that even after all these years, Mike STILL looked AWESOME bumming on the toilet!!

Before leaving, Mike apologized again a bit sheepishly for crapping while I was in the shower and that he would have waited until I was done if it had not been a dire emergency.

Things were about to get even better from there…..

A couple mornings later, I was in the bath brushing my teeth when Mike walks up to the door. It's a narrow bath and Mike starts walking in wearing just a tee shirt and brief.

"Let me get past you bro. I really need to take a dump."

Mike then just bangs the seat down, drops his briefs around his ankles and mounts the pot totally unembarrassed, totally uninhibited and totally loaded with shit.

After a moment, I'm still there brushing my teeth when Mike extends his finger to me and says with a big grin…

"Dude, pull my finger….."

I roll my eyes but I go along with the gag and pull his finger. The next instant my loaded friend ripped a solid fart before a heavy barrage of excrement came gushing out of Mike who heaved a big sigh of relief.

"Whew! Thanks, I really needed that!

"Anything I can do to help." I replied sarcastically.

I was done brushing before Mike was done bumming so I left him to huff, flex, puff, crackle, sputter, fart, fizzle and pop in peace. He was done about 10 minutes later.

But the BEST came that afternoon!!!

Around 11:30, I met Mike at his workplace and we decided to go to this Mongolian grill for lunch where you make your own stir fry. When we got there, I decided to lay off the curry because you could just tell that stuff was just lying in wait for some poor hapless soul to consume it and then play havoc with their bowels. In my opinion, that stuff is EVIL!!! I think "Curry" probably means "Shit-inducing" in Swahili.

But do you think that deterred Mike from laying on an extra-large helping on his chicken dish??????? Evidently, Mike wasn't up on his Swahili, or he would have known better.

I watched incredulously as Mike devoured this extra-large, shit-inducing curry-laden beast then watched in utter disbelief as Mike went back to the line for an extra helping. At this time, all I could think was, "By the end of the day, that dude is going to SHIIIIIIIIT!!!" As it turned out, it wouldn't take nearly that long.

Once inside Mike's stomach the evil curry was quick to begin its nefarious work on Mike's bowels. Soon after leaving the restaurant and walking a couple of blocks, the bowels began moving mightily and Mike began getting really loaded with a whole lot of shit and was hit with some nasty painful cramps that nearly had him double over.

"Oh my God!" Mike exclaimed as he winced in pain. "I just got the nastiest cramp." The shit was winding it's way through the lower intestines and was quickly bearing down on Mike's butt.

"That means you have a big nasty shit on the way. Hope you know where the bathroom is!!" I warned him.

"You're probably right." He replied sounding a bit concerned now. "Let's hurry up." Mike immediately picked up the pace of his walking.

I already knew that Mike's irritated bowels were directing a serious NASTY major load of excrement toward his rectum and that Mike would be experiencing some severe GI contractions in the next five minutes that would make Mike incredibly desperate for a toilet. All I needed to do now to see a pants-down Mike severely loaded on the toilet helpless in the throes of an incredibly major shit was just to hang with him for the next 5 minutes or so.

After we got another block, Mike was hit with another exceptionally severe cramp. Mike was becoming EXCEPTIONALLY loaded and this impending shit was going to be even better than I first thought. This nasty cramp was followed by yet another really nasty one a minute later.

As we neared Mike's office building, Mike started to walk with even more urgency as his rectum started to fill up with all the shit induced by the curry. I actually heard Mike's bowels gurgling and grumbling as I hurriedly walked next to him. When we entered the building, Mike was walking upright with his butt tightly clenched. Mike was beginning to weaken under the enormous pressure of the shit in his desperately-loaded butt and the way he clenched his butt told me;

A: Said butt was now BADLY loaded with excrement beyond capacity, and
B; Said owner of butt was really fighting DESPERATELY to hold said excrement in until he reached a toilet. Despite the bitter and valiant struggle however, the shit in Mike's butt was pounding and throbbing with relentless intensity weakening the badly-loaded young man's resolve to resist the overpowering urge to defecate.

As we hurriedly walk-ran through the corridor the besieged Mike confided to me,
"Dude, you were right. I have to take the biggest f***ing shit EVER!!!" Mike, now unbelievably loaded with shit, continued to weaken and my badly-loaded buddy again stepped up the pace of his walk-run as the shit in his intensely-throbbing butt started pounding unabated with even more ferocity.

About 15 painful desperate seconds later, Mike's loaded butt pounding almost unbearably, we did find our way into a rather cool looking washroom. The walls and floors were made of highly polished marble. The restroom had 5 toilet stalls made of highly polished stainless steel with two already occupied. I could see 4 feet pointed out and a couple pairs of pants down around the ankles of two loaded young men (I figured them for 24 or 25 after they came out a while later) already in the throes of their post-lunch dumps. I could hear some farting and a whole bunch of crap falling into a toilet accompanied by some contented and very relieved-sounding groans and sighs which seemed to be coming from the second of the two stalls. It really didn't matter much as the defeated Mike was the real star and he was about to put on a very impressive show to say the least.
Mike, now in really serious trouble and DESPERATELY weakening critically needed to get his pants down and seated on the toilet in a major hurry before the weakening young man's strength and will to hold back the massive onslaught of shit completely ebbed away on him!! Hurriedly making his way into the end stall, Mike slammed the door shut with a loud grunt followed by a loud clack of the door lock. It didn't matter one bit that this stall had a door. The spacing between the door and the partition was wide enough to drive a truck through and I could EASILY see EVERYTHING as the desperately-loaded Mike frantically prepared to shit. I could also see that the polished marble gave a nearly perfect reflection of my desperately loaded buddy as he went about urgently preparing to take "the biggest f***ing shit EVER!!!" The stall also had a gap in the partitions that gave you a perfect side view of the toilet as well plus another gap that would give me a good look of Mike's grimacing face as the badly-loaded young man sat pinned down on the toilet and bummed out an absolutely massive load. Mike may as well have taken a shit in the middle of the street for all the protection this stall gave him. Mike's heavy breathing told me he couldn't possibly get his pants down and his badly-loaded butt seated on the desperately-needed shitter too soon. This was definitely going to be FUN to watch!!!

Mike first quickly ripped off his suit jacket and hung it up on a hook in the stall which did absolutely nothing to impede my view and then you could see the reflection as he flung his necktie over his shoulder. I then heard a really loud fart as an agitated Mike frantically prepared himself for his impending monster shit. The loud fart wasn't mushy sounding so I knew that Mike had not yet crapped himself. It was more of a warning salvo alerting the fast-weakening Mike that he was quickly running out of time and the next fart would come with a whole lot more than just gas.

Looking at the floor reflection, you could see the desperately-loaded Mike, still breathing hard desperately working on his belt, top button and zipper as my defeated buddy urgently dropped his pants in unconditional surrender frantically pulling them down around his calves. The marble wall then perfectly reflected Mike's highly pressurized ass urgently going down on the bowl as the desperately loaded young man hurriedly mounted the desperately-needed toilet for a desperately-needed shit. Let's just say that THIS time, the urgently-loaded Mike wasn't going to need anyone to pull his finger!!!!!

Only after getting his pants down and his incredibly loaded butt on the crapper did my besieged buddy finally give in and incredibly powerful butt spasms took over Mike instantly sending my helpless buddy into the throes of an absolutely awesome overpowering shit. I then heard Mike's severely-loaded butt explode with an ear-splitting wall-shaking fart and a massive DEVASTATING barrage of soft loose shit came THUNDERING out of Mike with explosive speed and force. Mike was soundly defeated thoroughly overwhelmed, but once again, the valiant young man refused to surrender to the unrelenting pressure until his pants were down and his butt safely mounted on a toilet. At this time, I was also able get a look at Mike's facial reaction as the defeated young man helplessly sat there totally overwhelmed and filling the badly-needed toilet with a whole bunch of soft loose excrement. Mike was clearly stunned and reeling from the overwhelming force of all that shit going through him, his eyes were glazed over and rolling into the top of his head as he helplessly sat there with his pants down around his ankles and his overpowered ass exploding like a nuclear shit bomb was going off.

This overwhelming torrent of soft loose shit coming out of Mike and falling into the toilet seemed to go on and on endlessly for a long minute or so before the bumming Mike settled into a pattern of crackling, sputtering, farting, fizzling, and pooping. As the toilet-bound Mike continued to sit with his pants down, I looked in on him again and saw he really looked beaten and disheveled. He hadn't torn off a single sheet of paper and already he looked wiped out.

"I should have known better about that restaurant." Mike finally called out to me catching his breath between crackles. "It always makes me SHIT." The strain from shitting profusely was plainly evident in the helplessly bumming Mike's voice.

"Really sorry about that bro!" I replied. "If I had known that, I would have picked somewhere else." (I am SUCH a notorious LIAR!!!!)
"I haven't had to shit THIS bad or this MUCH in two and a half years!!" Mike continued.

Sneaking another look at Mike, I could see him bearing down as he readied himself to resume shitting. Mike made two fists with his hands and I could also see the blood vessel in his forearms start to bulge out as he started his next push. His face turned slightly pink as he shut his eyes tightly and I could see the blood vessels in his neck start to bulge out. The effort paid off abundantly and bountifully as a whole lot more shit crackled out of the grunting Mike. This was then followed by lots more crap which in turn was followed by a whole bunch of excrement. Now, I don't know if this was "the biggest f***ing shit EVER," as Mike stated he needed to take, but it was pretty damn big!! I really couldn't believe just HOW MUCH shit was coming out of Mike. I mean for a while there, the flow of excrement cascading out of Mike's fit young body seemed absolutely relentless. It isn't often at all that you get to see a healthy, handsome, robust young man like this need the toilet THAT badly like the badly overwhelmed Mike obviously did here. But eventually, like all storms and the avalanche of shit coming out of my helpless friend finally did abate. Mike then reached behind him to find the lever and flushed the toilet. Luckily, this was an office building so the toilet had a more powerful flush to get all of Mike's crap down. The way the water gurgled going down, it sounded as if Mike had really loaded it up with a WHOLE lot of shit!!

It was about this time that the young chaps in the other stalls had finally satisfied their own substantial dumping obligations and I heard them start to tear toilet paper off the rolls. It took both young men numerous wipes to clean up leading me to believe their dumps were quite large and sticky….. Maybe not quite in MIKE'S league as far as crapping goes (few people were/are), but still very substantial shits all the same.

Despite having finally expelled such an incredibly vast amount of soft loose shit from his body, Mike continued to have a somewhat worried look on his face like things were still not right with the world as he remained seated with his pants down on the toilet without wiping, his grey dress pants down to his calves draped over his size 15 black wingtip shoes. I understood why a moment later as an absolutely MASSIVE overwhelming wave of diarrhea just blasted right through the helpless Mike like it was being shot through a fire hose and violently splattered the walls of the toilet.

"Oh nooo!!" Mike moaned as the runny loose shit kept coming out of him like he was taking a really long piss through his butt. Mike now realized that not only did the curry make him shit, it had also made him sick. Mike was getting weak now and I could see that Mike looked really run down as he stared at the floor trying to figure out what to do, or if there was even anything he COULD do.

"This really SUCKS bro!" Was all Mike could say after the diarrhea went right through him. The strain and angst in my buddy's voice confirmed to me Mike he was beginning to really weaken.
At this point, the two young men sitting in the other stalls finished off their own really big dumps by pulling their pants back up and flushing the toilets before emerging to wash up. Judging by the gurgling sounds of the flushes, it sounded as if these young gentlemen had bummed out a couple of substantial piles as well. The noisier guy of the two came out first. I figured him for about 24 years old, maybe 6'4 and 195 pounds with an excellent athletic build, dark wavy hair, very handsome face with a middle-Eastern complexion and I figured him as Chaldean. His dump buddy emerged right behind him. He seemed to be around 25 or 26 years of age and a few inches shorter and around 170 pounds with an athletic build as well. This dude had short dark blonde hair trimmed quite conservatively with slate blue eyes. Upon seeing the other guy come out the Chaldean dude looked directly at the blonde guy, rolled his eyes, and made a long heartfelt expression of relief. "Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeew!!!!!"
This exchange tipped me off that this guy felt very relieved by his just-concluded dump and that he must have really bummed out quite a huge pile. Maybe they both did. He then made a joke to the blonde dude that he was swearing off sushi after this as they were washing up at the sinks. While he was washing up, we all heard another massive explosive diarrhea wave savagely attack Mike who could only sit helplessly and moan under his breath as the volcanic runny shit blew right through him. The guys made a couple of pained facial reactions as if in sympathy to Mike's plight, but they didn't laugh or make comment before they walked out.

After 3 more nasty waves of diarrhea hit him over the next 5 minutes, Mike (although badly weakened by this dump) decided he better try and get back to work and he finally started wiping up.

After finishing up, Mike was understandably not feeling his best but was going to try to gut it out (no pun intended) at work for the rest of the day. We decided to make it a night in since he was under the weather and I went back to his apartment to take a brief nap and wait for him.

A few hours later, I was resting on the sofa back at Mike's apartment. I was half asleep when I heard a key hurriedly open the door. I then heard footsteps across the floor as the bathroom door was shoved open and the toilet seat banged down. Whoever had come in had not made an attempt to close the front door or the bathroom door. I then heard the familiar rustle of pants being dropped followed by the sound of a whole bunch of soft very loose shit rushing into the toilet.

Well, I figured either a burglar had broken in to Mike's apartment to take a serious shit, or Mike was still feeling the ill effects of the curry. Walking to the bathroom, I found a very weakened Mike there sitting with his pants down, breathing quite heavily still bumming helplessly on the toilet. I could hear Mike didn't even bother to look up as he said hello in a weak voice. A moment later he was absolutely pounded by another wave of diarrhea.... And then another wave.... And then another. As we talked, Mike told me he had to rush to the bathroom 3 more times at work after I left. Once Mike was finished up in the bathroom, he took a great big dose of Pepto Bismol and some Immodium AD. He then went and took a 2-hour nap before we rented a movie to stay in and rest and let Mike's intestines recover.

The next day, Mike was his old self again and we went out to a club that evening. To this day, I do not believe Mike has ever eaten curry again.

Be Safe!!


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