Questionairre 1: Poo places

I have always enjoyed peeing and pooing in new places, although it isn't easy. Due to my low age I am not often home alone and usualy not for more then an hour.

I have peed in many places like a toilet (obviously), a sand castle building pale (when home alone), in between two matresses on my sisters bed (it is actualy really smell concealing) and also a tray that I hid in a cluttered closet (which I had to comeback and clean up because it wouldn't evaporate).

I have only pooped in a toilet (again obviously) and the same bucket I pee in.

This is why I am asking you to either post a story including a weird place you pooped or post it at the end shortly explaining where you pooped in brief details.

I am also always looking for more places to pee so I encourage stories about this.
P.S. Even though places like a car are unacessible to me (with my barely 2-digit age and non-pee loving parents but i'm sure other viewers will enjoy

I wish you happy toilet time!

Hide n' Go Poop

Bus poop

As of the new school year I just took the public transit home. All my friends were excited because they always wanted me to come with them but I had no house key.

They asked if I wanted to go an extra stop to get a froster at macs milk (like a slushie) I had to poop but my house was relatively near by so I went along. It turns out there was construction so I had to walk up a hill to go home. As my friends left me I started to feel poop pushing it's way out. I started running even though I was cramping up due to not only the slushie I had just chugged but the poop that was on it's way. Luckily I didn't have an accident like my last post but I had to poop REALY BADLY. When I got home I was rummage through my backpack trying to find my key when all of a sudden a thought occured. I had been wanting to poop outdoors for a long time and thought the circumstances were just right. My neighbour had just moved so I decided to run into my back yard, pull down my pants, hop up onto the fence overlooking his yard and poop in the empty lot. Sadly as I opened the gate to the backyard my mom came home and said "what a coincidence I needed to grab your sisters dance bag, she forgot it at home. So she unlocked the door and broke my dreams. Although sad I still had a satisfying dump with a couple logs and a putrid smell. I wish I could go camping sometime soon. Since my mom and dad aren't realy "outdoorsy" I am sitting here writing this post and hoping I won't look back as an adult and think I was a weird child back then.

stealth pee

musings on peeing in unusual places

(Note to moderator: this is submitted in the spirit of "food for thought"!)
There are now several posters who enjoy peeing in unusual places. (Car Mom, you're awesome!) Hooray! Peeing in the toilet is so boring, isn't it? Here are some random thoughts about it, by "category". I'll stick to pee and let someone else cover poop.
---Diapers. Lots of people like to pee in diapers strictly for enjoyment. They like being able to pee anywhere they are, at any time, day or night. They like the constant wetness, and sometimes like to overfill them so they leak. Well, there's nothing wrong with any of this; personally I've never tried it.
---Wetting. Wetters love peeing their pants, skirts, etc. on purpose, usually in private. You can easily try this at home, and see if you like it. There's an embarrassment factor about having wet pants in public, but one's embarrassment is another's daring thrills. You can hide wetting in public by wearing black, in particular black synthetic pants; you women can also wear skirts that hide the wetness. You can also wet in rainy weather when wet pants are not unexpected. There are lots of people who like discreet peeing wherever they happen to be. I've only wet myself a few times.
---Outdoors. Anyone who grew up on a farm or rural situation has peed outdoors. Hikers, and people who work outdoors pee as a simple matter of convenience, that's all. Been doing that since a toddler. As a teenager, for thrills I'd go up on the roof and pee into a gutter, or climb a tree and pee from there.
---Showers. A very common practice; saves a flush. Unremarkable. A good place for girls to practice peeing standing up with the pee in a controllable stream. Fingers have to assist in just the right way.
---Sinks. A little more unusual, but probably somewhat common among men. It saves water ("flush" takes only a cup or so of water), and is as sanitary as rinsing your mouth with water and spitting, or more so.
---Elsewhere in your house. Can you really pee anywhere? It depends on how much damage you are willing to cause. Eventually carpets and furniture loaded with pee will need to be cleaned or discarded. Hard surfaces are more forgiving, like tile or vinyl floors, plastic furniture, concrete walls, etc... cleanup can be postponed and be done easily. Wood furniture, cabinetry, sheetrock walls, some fabrics, books, antiques, etc. are damaged or ruined by pee as with any liquid. Furniture is fun to pee in, and carpet is fun to pee on, but I'd suggest designating "pee spots" where things are to peed on until they need to be discarded and replaced. I did this for a few years and peed on certain carpets for a long time and then got rid of them when I moved. It's definitely fun to have a "pee chair" that you'll eventually discard. Other harmless places are the dirty laundry bucket or hamper, dishwasher, washing machine, basement floor drain, concrete garage.
---General advice. "Morning pee" usually has a strong lasting odor; dilute pee after frequent drinking is much more benign. In other words, don't be "naughty" with morning pee. (but you could pee into the shower or tub without running the water.) Pee that evaporates quickly doesn't leave much of a lasting smell compared to pee that sits around. Old pee that sits around breeds bacteria that create the really nasty smells. I like reading about you moms who are teaching your kids that pee is not a dreaded, horrible substance but something you can have fun with. But just be aware that your sense of adventure and experimentation should be accompanied with a little common sense. The world would be a better place if more parents brought up their kids to see that peeing can be fun. We all have to pee every day, might as well enjoy it!
If anyone is interested, later I'll write about peeing in other places outside the home.

To Ashley: My parents do not know about me liking to pee and poop in strange places, and they definitely would NOT understand. As for my friends, only a few know. And really just the one actively joins me in going in places other than the toilet.

To Mr. Clogs: I do have a story about the chamber pot, and I'll post that in a second, but first a question for you... Why do you go by "Mr Clogs"? If you've said before or do not care to share, I'm sorry.

Last night after I was comfy in bed, I realized I had to pee. I didn't want to get up so I just held it in and hoped I didn't wet the bed. Well, when I woke up this morning my clothes and bed were dry, but my bladder was aching for relief. I hurried to get the chamber pot, pulled down my pajama bottoms, and held it under my lady parts and then let my stream flow. It felt so good to go after holding it in for so long. I filled the pot up close to a third of the way.

One day, I was driving and I saw a bus parked by the side of the road and seven to ten girls were squatting by it and peeing. I guess they didn't have a bathroom on that bus and just couldn't hold it any longer. A part of me wanted to join them, but I didn't have to go, and plus it would have been awkward anyway.

This next story is one that happened to my friend who peed in the storm drain with me. I don't know if she wants her name on her, so I call her L. So L was hiking on a trail near a waterfall and on her way back down she really had to pee. She ducked off the beaten path and into a wooded area, but there was nowhere to get total cover. She didn't see anyone around, so she discreetly pulled down her pants and began to pee. But then she almost got caught and had to quickly pull up. She couldn't stop the stream though and peed the rest in her pants. She says nobody noticed as she was walking back down, luckily.

Alright, my last story for today might be a bit of a sore subject for some people and I apologize in advance. I want to say that my heart goes out to anyone who lost property or a loved one in Hurricane Irene. Where I live, we were spared the worst of the damage and just got a ton of rain storms. During one of those storms, I thought it would be fun to go out and pee. So I went into my back yard and stood in the rain for about a minute and then I peed in my pants. It was weird, being all cold from the rain but also a warm spot from peeing in my underwear.

Okay, that's all for today. Bye.


bad frist day

today was the worst day ever i had a major case of the runs today because today i wokre up late and forgot to set the alarm so i woke up late i didnt get a chance to go so i wait till later but before i left i ate this chicken patty thing i had for dinner a week ago . so when i got to school i cramped uped in homeroom so i held it in till lunch and when lunch came around i ignored it at had the tuna salad sandwitch for lunch (BIG MISTAKE) after lunch i asked my teach if i could go to the bathroom and she said yes so i rushed to thre toillet and shited the worst case of runs i had in years it was just like a gyser on and off i checked my phone and i had been gone for like 20 mins. so i wiped and pulled up my panties and rushed too class the teacher told me to sit down rudely so after school i was ready to blow up the toilet again but i had cheer pratice outside i put on my uniforn and started practice half way she gave us a break so my inside were ready to bust and i knew i coundt make it back so i ran to the bushes and just shitted this light green mushy baby food looking runs . i when basck to practice and finished it barely when i got home i ran to the toilet but my cousin was in there shitiing her brains out she thinks the chicken patties were bad cuz she ate one early o well i went in and took a shit in the tub idk if im going to school tomarrow

Car Mom
Lauren: I'm SO glad to hear that you got your car back! And also glad to hear you've joined the couch club! You said that Jagger peed on it, can you share that story with us? Enjoy your posts!

Whinnie: I'm so glad you got to have a pee-filled vacation at your neighbor's house! I haven't heard of that method of wetting your pants that you tried. I say, whatever's fun! If its fun, DO IT! I'm so glad that you like my posts! When I read them I wish I was your mom :)

Ashley: thank you and I'm glad you like my posts! I do hope that there will be a long line of car pee-ers to come in my family! Its funny to think that someday I'll be a Car Grandma! Are there any strange places you've peed? If so please share!

Mr Clogs: glad you like my posts and thank you so much for calling me awesome! That's was so cool to read that! Thanks for the post. That's funny that you handed your cup of pee to your mom!

Laura came over today and she did the same thing as last time. She had a pee in my chair. She also acted the same way, she smiled a little but she wasn't very friendly, not like she used to be. Its like we have a good business relationship or something, but nothing more. But at least my chair got a good soaking of Laura's pee. She went a lot too. She peed into the cushion and she also got up and peed a little into the armrest. At least she still let's me watch her. But so far I'm not comfortable asking her if I can pee next to her, nor has she asked me if I wanted to. So I guess this is just how its gonna be for now. I can't complain though. Like I said at least my furniture is getting her pee in it.

Well, bye for now!
C M :)


I've been reading this site for about a month now. My name is viviana i just turned 12 last month. I really like WhinnieThePooh and catherines posts. I also go to the toilet in my pants a lot, sometimes out of laziness, but also for fun too im weird lol. I have to hide it from my parents, but they both leave for days sumtimes upto a week ata time so im home alone ALOT! When their not at home and i have to pee i either pee where i am or hop into my bed and empty my bladder. If i know they are not gonna be home that day at all then i will also poop in bed too. Then i usually take off my panties/pajamapants (sometimes i dont wear undies) and dump the poo onto my sheets and then i'll get outta bed and put them back on and wear my peepee/poopoo stained undies for the rest of the day. everytime i have to go i just get back inbed and rewet the same clothes all day long.

im not brave enough to play any peegames at shool or in public, but at home when im by myself i dont think i ever use the toilet

Hi everyone,
I have been so busy lately I just haven't had the time to post. Besides, nothing new has happened. But Whinnie said that you guys were asking about me and that there are a few new posters so I thought I would check it out. Something happened at school yesterday that made me think of you guys. There is a bathroom at my school just off the cafeteria. It is a smaller bathroom with only four stalls. I was in the stall all the way on the end and I guess the other three were occupied as well. I heard two girls walk in and were waiting. One girl kept complaining how her bladder was going to burst. I was having a poop and I guess so were the other girls because we all seemed to be taking a bit. The bursting girl kept asking us when we would be done because she was about to pee herself. I felt bad, but there was nothing I could do. I was having really nasty diarrhea. I finally finished up and walked out. No one else was out yet. The other girl that had walked in took my stall, which really upset the bursting girl. She had her legs tightly crossed and was doing the pee pee dance. I began washing my hands and I guess the water noise was too much for her. A huge wet spot formed on her pants and on the floor. I could hear the hissing sound. I finished up and left. She was still standing in the same spot, just peeing. I saw her later and she had a new pair of pants on.
That is all, just wanted to share. I will try to post more often.


Embarasing poo at school

Hi everyone, sorry I haven't managed to post in a while, starting the new year at school has kept me pretty busy!
Emma- thanks for your nice message, I enjoyed your story too!
Leanne- again thanks for your message, that was a great story about you and Meg using the ploo at the festival. It sounded like you were really close to pooing your knickers, glad you made it just in time!
Things haven't been going too bad for me but I have started to get a bit constipated again, I'm doing my best to go for a poo every day but quite often I just can't get anything out, I only seem to have to put off going for a short time and then when I get on the loo I've lost the urge and can't produce anything. I thought I wanted a poo yesterday during a lesson, bearing in mind I hadn't moved my bowels since Saturday I knew I must need to go, but even half an hour later when I got the chance to use the toilet my need had gone and I couldn't push anything out, its really frustrating. Anyway I woke up this morning and by the time I got to school I had a heavy feeling in my belly, towards the end of the morning it suddenly turned in to a massive and desperate need for a huge poo. As soon as the next lesson I had was over I dashed off towards the small English block loos which are the best I've found so far. I pushed open the outer door and went in to find a queue of girls in Year 7 and Year 8 waiting for a cubicle, I wanted a poo so badly I'd forgotten it was lunch break and that loads of girls would be bursting for the loo by now. It was a bit embarasing standing there waiting and being the only girl my age, I was trying not to squirm around too much and give away how desperate I was. The queue was moving quite slowly as a lot of the girls were having a poo so at least I knew I wouldn't be the only one, the only problem with there not being many cubicles was that it was a bit more obvious where the noises were coming from. The girl in front of me suddenly squirmed and grabbed her bum so it was clear that she was pretty desperate, just at that moment the far and middle cubicle were freed so the girl in front took the far one and I was left with the middle one. As I locked my cubicle door I could feel a hard log starting to poke out of my bum, without thinking I pulled my skirt, tights and pants right down to the floor and sat on the loo, trying not to moan as my poo started to slide slowly out. It was then that I remembered with the high cubicle partitions my pink and yellow spotty pants would be visible to my neighbours either side, I was so desperate to get them down I'd forgotten about the privacy not being ideal. I looked towards the next cubicle which the girl who had been in front of me had taken, I felt a bit better when I saw her skirt and pale green flowery pants round her ankles, I noticed her pants had a big skidmark in them so either she had a bad wedgie or she must have been losing the battle with her poo as well. The girl on the other was taking some toilet paper so I knew I'd soon have a new neighbour. My poo was getting really wide and starting to get stuck so I started to push and then I let some wee out in spurts, the girl in the far cubicle had finished her wee and I could hear some panting as she worked on her poo. The other girl flushed and straight away someone else came in, I heard the door lock and then her trousers and white knickers appear under the partition. I heard some wet farts and then some runny poo splashing into the bowl followed by a groan, she must have really needed to go. I was having to push much harder than I would have liked in public, by now I could hear my first neighbour grunting so I bore down and had no choice but to join in, much to my embarasement. I could feel the turd inching out, eventually it dropped with a loud plop and I felt myself go even redder than I already was from the pushing. Shortly after the girl next to me got her poo to drop as well. We both finished with a couple more logs which were easier to push out and started to wipe our bums at the same time. The girl in the near cubicle had finished her poo quite quickly but had spent ages wiping so I'd only just got a new neighbour as I was doing my final wipe, I pulled up my pants, tights and skirt and flushed just as the new girl's skirt and yellow pants hit the floor. I came out of my cubicle feeling like all the other girls were looking at me and went to wash my hands, the girl who'd been in the far cubicle was standing next to me and flashed me a nervous smile as we left the loos. Next time I'll have to hope I can use one of my free lessons if I need the loo as it was a bit embarasing!
Thanks for reading this, hope you enjoyed it!

Up until this evening I hadn't had a poo for 3 days and as you could imagine I was getting pretty desperate but I loved the feeling so much that I wanted to wait a bit longer until I went to the toilet. I knew it was going to be a runny poo by the feeling I had in my stomach and not before long I got too desperate to hold it any longer so I ran to the toilet holding my bum but I didn't quite make it in time and dropped a small amount of soft runny poo into my knickers. The feeling of pooing myself was so hot that I didn't even care and I just went into the bathroom and sat on the toilet without even pulling my knickers down. As soon as my bum hit the seat my anus opened and my poo emerged without the need to push. The poo was coming out so fast that my knickers filled up like a balloon within seconds causing the poo to spread all over my bum and past the leg elastic of my knickers . I soon started to let out a gushing flow of pee causing a puddle in the seat of my knickers where it was coming out faster than it soaked through. I kept pooing and peeing myself for ages until I was empty. I pulled my messy knickers down to see that they were caked in runny poo so I dropped them down the toilet and flushed. The water began to rise and I started to panic but just before the water reached the top it started to go down…. Panic over. My bum and inside my thighs were so dirty I decided to have a shower rather than waste loads of toilet paper and risk blocking the toilet.

Catherine the Freshman
Hey everybody! Thanks for all the positive responses. Whinnie, I'm glad you were able to pee your pants at your neighbor's house, even though you can't whenever you want to (i.e. around your parents). Have you tried talking to your mom about it, like why you do it and such? It might be worth a shot, although I don't know your mom, or how she'd react.

Now it's time for a story from today at school. (By the way, I'm sitting in the school's computer lab in wet and pooped panties, which my story will explain :) .)

We have a pool at our school and we were there today for PE. I love peeing in pool's, even if there's that stuff that makes it change colors and be obvious. Actually, I like it more if that stuff is there lol. Anyway, while we were swimming I had to pee and thought nothing of it. I wear my panties under my suit because I don't like to get naked in the locker room, so I peed in my panties, too. I did that a couple times, because I always need to pee a lot when I swim. Towards the end of class I felt the need to poop. Now, I don't really mind pooping my panties and suit in a pool, but I don't want to at school because I can get in a lot more trouble than I'd want, so I was holding it until after class was done. After a while the coach blew her whistle and we all got out of the pool. I waited until I got in the locker room, and while I was taking off my suit, I gave a push. Mushy poop immediately rushed into my panties. It had kind of a consistency of oatmeal, and it was done in one push. A lot of the other girls were laughing and moving away from me, but I didn't care. I finished getting dressed and pulled my pants up without emptying my panties, and I waited for my friend Chelsea to get done. While I was waiting, I noticed something that made me smile, and made me curious. A few girls peed through their suits before changing, girls I've never seen have an accident or anything, so that made me think of some things to ask.

1) Do you ever pee in the pool?

2) If you pee in the pool, do you pee through your suit, or move it to the side?

3) Do you ever pee through your suit while outside of the pool?

4) Do you ever poop in the pool?

5) Do you ever poop in your suit outside of the pool? (like when you're sunbathing)

6) Do you feel the need to pee often while swimming?

7) Do you wear your panties (or other underwear) under your suit? If so, do you still pee in your suit?



Skidmarks In Panties

I have a question for the women and older girls.
I try to keep my anus hairfree, I move up to the front of the
bowl and lean forward to wipe my anus but I still get awful
skidmarks in my panties. Is there anything that I can do to
prevent it or will I just have to live with it?



When I was a child I had a female friend I played with all the time. One day when we were playing at her house she said she had to pee. So she went down the hall and I followed her. When she shut the door I would look through the key hole. She would always per with her legs open so I could see it all. One day I guess I leaned on the door to much and she didn't have it latched. I fell right in front of her by her feet. She looked and said "if you wanted to watch all you had to do was ask" I smiled. I then shut the door and got closer then I ever thought I would. I got right between her legs. After she was don she asked if I had to go I said yes. She asked if she could watch and told me she watched me per all the time. From then on if our parents weren't around we went in and watched the other pee. One day I was going with her and she turned around and said she had to poop. So I stayed outside after she closed the door I heard her say, "if you want to watch me poop also come in" I don't think I ever opened a door so fast in my life. She sat down I heard her cart a little and she giggled. Then there were a few plops then she took toilet paper and wiped. I asked if I could watch closer next time and she giggled again. We watched each other from when I was about 8 up untill high school when she moved with her dad after her parents split. I always wonder what would have happened if she would have stayed with her mom. Oh well it was great wile it lasted.

The Listening Ear

Part 24 (last)

I hope this doesn't appear twice. I was in the middle of composing it when I pressed the wrong button and it disappeared, but I don't know what I pressed!

At work, expansion and cost-cutting forced another move, and I spent the last year of my working life in the weirdest and most frustrating building of all. In theory it was perfect. There were some lovely women in the office (and I don't mean just physically attractive, but people who I really got on well with and became fond of). The Ladies and Gents toilets were next to each other, the Gents stalls backed on to the wall next to the Ladies, and sound transmission to an ear pressed to the wall was good.

BUT! Whenever I followed anyone out (and the office was large enough for this not to be noticed as long as I didn't do it too often), there wasn't a sound to be heard - not even a flush. And whenever I did hear anything - frequent peeing and flushing sounds, and even the occasional few plops - then if I timed my exit to see who was responsible, there was never anyone to be seen. It was as if the Ladies and Gents were in parallel universes.

We had meetings on the floor above, which gave me the opportunity to investigate the toilet arrangements there, but they were exactly the same as ours. So it was Gents above Gents, and the only way the sounds I was hearing could be coming from there was if an extraordinary number of men were peeing in the WCs rather than the urinals, which hardly seemed likely.

The only bright spot in the whole year was young Lucy (another one). Lucy was so sweet and demure that I was convinced she would be a 'silent'. But just before I took early retirement she did a nice little pee-tune for me, with limpid tone, straight into the water. Well it was either Lucy or coincidence, but I like to think it was Lucy.

And on that extremely unsatisfactory note, my life as a Listening Ear seems to have come to and end. I must say what a pleasure it has been having somewhere to share it.


A few years ago, my wife and I spent a few weeks with a relative near Chicago, and while there, we 'took a bus trip' (American) or 'went on a coach tour' (British). On the bus there was an old guy called John who was very interested in these differing usages of the same language, and at one of our 'rest stops', he said to me "Now let's see, we're going to the 'loo', right?" I said yes, although I don't use that word myself - it seems to be used more in the soft south of England than the grim north, and more by women than men. I then added "It's a pity there's no-one called Lou on the bus, because then Lou could go to the john while John goes to the loo." John made no reply. I don't know why. Maybe he didn't like bing reminded that his name means toilet.

The End

Greg (Mike's Friend)

Mike Gets Caught In Traffic

Back on page 2050, I posted a story about my buddy Mike who got caught by me in the throes of a massive shit at a gas station while we were running some errands during the summer between our freshman and sophomore years of college. We were both 19 at the time. On that day, Mike ended up needing to take a series of really MAJOR dumps to clean his system out possibly from a virus or light food poisoning. Another possibility was a supplement Mike was taking for football training which was also known to "bulk up the stool." (Translation: It made you SHIIIIIIIT!!!) We never quite figured out what caused it. All I know now is that I was happy to have been lucky enough to have been there to enjoy it all!! Mike ended up pretty much pooping and pooping all day and this is the story of the 3rd such toilet encounter.

Anyway, Mike had already been pinned to the toilet with his pants down around his ankles for 25 minutes that morning and his butt had the outline of the toilet seat imprinted on it. Seriously, Mike had more trains coming out of his butt that morning than Grand Central Station. After Mike's second huge dump, we eventually left the house to run our errands with Mike THINKING the worst was behind him after dropping what seemed like more than a week's worth of excrement in just two sittings.

On our way to Sears which is normally a 15 minute drive, we got slowed down by the combination of a traffic accident and construction. Mike was driving and we were about 2 miles from the mall when I smelled a really rancid fart in the car. I turned to give Mike a nasty look but saw that he was shifting and squirming uncomfortably with a very concerned look on his face. I could see that Mike was trying to straighten himself out as much as possible and keep his legs tightly together. After two MASSIVE HUGE bowel movements already that morning, it SEEMED impossible that Mike could get loaded up again that quickly, but I soon realized that Mike might actually need to crap REALLY bad yet again.

Of course, Mike did not have to speculate on what he needed. Mike *FELT* the pressure starting to escalate in his butt as his rectum became increasingly loaded with excrement. Mike's shitmakers were evidently working overtime and in overdrive that day.

"Sorry about that, Bro." Mike apologized. "I REALLY have to go to the toilet really bad again." His words confirmed my suspicion.

Bbbbbrrrap…… Bbbbbrrrap… Mike ominously let two large farts escape his fit young body. Mike's butt was getting really loaded with shit which was displacing the gas and forcing it out.

Unfortunately for Mike, because of the traffic and construction, it was a bit of a slow go to the Mall which was pretty tough on Mike who was working hard to resist the relentless growing pressure but already starting to weaken from the pounding he was taking. As we wound our way through the brutally slow traffic, Mike squirmed more and more as he became increasingly loaded and the relentless pressure inside his inundated butt continued to mount as his will and ability to resist started to wane. The beleaguered Mike then let a few more particularly rancid farts escape against his will as his GI contractions continued to ominously gain strength even as his own was ebbing away. At the last traffic light before the stop, the light had just changed to yellow and Mike frantically wanted to get through but the 80-year-old lady driver in front of us stopped instantly in front of us forcing Mike to slam on the brakes.

"Dammit! Nooo!" Mike wailed in despair clearly starting to worry that he might not be able to hold his excrement until he reached a toilet. Mike then blared the car horn in frustration and threw his hands up in the air but the elderly driver in front of us apparently did not notice. I then heard some more rumbling and grumbling in Mike's gut as he winced from a bad cramp and I knew that even MORE crap was on the way to push on the train that was already in the station and ready to depart!! A few moments later, Mike was no longer just loaded with shit, he was DESPERATELY loaded with shit. Tears were practically coming to Mike's eyes as he moaned and held his legs as tightly together as he possibly could. The overwhelming pressure to shit just had to have been unbearable and Mike's position was now going from desperate to untenable as his painfully throbbing 19-year-old butt became packed with more and more crap. Mike had a whole LOT of shit inside him now, and holding on to that shit to reach a bathroom was proving to be a bitter, desperate, grueling struggle that continued to weaken him.

"Oh my God!" Moaned Mike as he desperately struggled to hold his excrement at the light. "I need to shit SO bad!!" Mike started to break a slight sweat from the stress of the situation.

For my own part, while I don't want to see a friend suffer, I really didn't mind the delay. I knew that the delay under that kind of relentless pressure would weaken Mike even more and that the heightened desperation would result in an even better payoff when the badly-loaded Mike eventually did reach the toilet and let loose. If there's one thing better than seeing a great looking athletic young man caught in the throes of a massive overpowering pants-down shit, it's if that shit comes with a dramatic buildup with a badly-loaded young man truly desperate to HAVE that massive overpowering pant-down shit, sort of like the anticipation that precedes the Super Bowl or the NCAA Final Four.

Finally, the ridiculously long traffic light changed to green and Mike desperately wanted to gun the throttle in the worst way possible to get into the Mall, but the old lady driver in front of us pulled away like molasses in January happily oblivious to the urgent bathroom plight of the desperately-loaded young driver behind her.

"Come On!!" Mike groaned in despair. Finally, Mike was able to get in the left turn lane and he gunned the throttle as he turned into the mall on two wheels. He gave one final frustrated honk to the elderly driver who gave us a bewildered look as she drove away. She possibly thought Mike was just being an aggressive young driver not realizing that the desperately-loaded boy was in such dire need of a really massive bowel movement. By this time, Mike had ominously STOPPED farting as the mass of shit had totally displaced ALL the gas. Now Mike did not DARE let up even in the slightest to let ANYTHING out of his inundated throbbing butt. The next thing coming out of Mike's badly-loaded butt would be a WHOLE lot of solid waste product!!

Tearing into a parking spot, Mike quickly cut the engine and hit the parking brake as we both jumped out of the car. I was out of the car first and making my way in since Mike had to park the car. Luckily for my desperately-loaded friend, the bathrooms were just down the corridor from the entrance we were going in. We had both used this bathroom many times before and many times since. Mike quickly passed me in sort of an urgent run-walk saying "I have to HURRY bro!! I *REALLY* need to shit right *NOW!!!*"

I was correct that the delay had in fact weakened Mike considerably and it was clearly obvious that the massive load of shit in Mike's butt was throbbing with absolutely insane relentless pressure and threatened to totally overwhelm my weakened buddy at any moment. It was absolutely critical now for the crap-laden Mike to get his pants down *ASAP* or risk totally filling them with shit.

As the desperately weakening Mike hustled to the restroom down the hall, he held his legs tightly together clenching his badly-loaded throbbing butt, struggling mightily to SOMEHOW hold all that shit inside him just a few more moments. We had gone to the mall for other reasons, but right now, his impending bowel movement was the desperately-loaded Mike's first and ONLY concern. Approaching the door, Mike urgently unbuckled his belt and unzipped his pants when he saw that nobody was watching, (Then again, Mike had to shit so badly, he may not have CARED if anyone was watching.) Mike was already strategizing on how to get his pants down and his badly-loaded throbbing butt on the toilet as quickly as possible as he pushed the door open with his shoulder, his big hands still grasping his belt buckle. Mike then urgently dashed into the first stall making no attempt to secure the door instead opting to drop the seat into place and urgently pulling down his pants as I took a place next to his stall at the urinal. The side barriers were quite low at that time allowing a tall person inside the stall like Mike to look out and the person at the urinal a chance to look in. Giving me one last resigned desperate look, my shit-laden buddy QUICKLY dropped his pants in defeat and COLLAPSED to the toilet. For the next few minutes, that toilet was going to take my place as Mike's best friend in the whole world. I quickly got over my jealousy!!

Almost immediately upon surrendering, a mighty overpowering mass of shit stormed out of the badly-weakened Mike who was just about worn out from battling to hold his shit so long overwhelming the defeated young man quickly, easily and completely while rendering him totally helpless. Mike was now officially caught in the throes of a massive overpowering pants-down shit.

As the huge mass of crap rushed out of the helplessly bumming young man, I was able to look over the partition and see the top of Mike's head bobbing up and down as he helplessly sat there moaning, groaning and pooping profusely.

"Ugggggggghhhhhhhhhh!!! Thank God!!.... THANK GOD!!!" Mike moaned in gratitude and euphoric relief as the enormously long turd continued to evacuate his body coiling into the porcelain bowl below him.

While I only heard Mike's shit rush out of his fit athletic young body, it was quite obvious that the badly overwhelmed Mike clearly FELT all that crap exploding right through his undulating butt. Because the sound of shit hitting the water was instantaneous, I'm thinking Mike in his weakened and desperate state may have actually had let go of his crap before his beleaguered butt was all the way down on the toilet. Not surprising really considering just how DESPERATELY he had needed a really major shit for the last 10 minutes or so. The crackling and spluttering sound of crap rushing out of Mike seemed to go on ENDLESSLY as the huge mass of shit piled up in the BADLY-needed toilet beneath my helplessly pooping buddy.

"Holy Smokes!" I yelped in disbelief as Mike's first huge wave eventually subsided. "I bet you have to feel better after THAT!!"

"Ooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…." Mike moaned in his utter disbelief. "This is UNREAL. I have absolutely NO idea where all this SHIT is coming from. I don't think I've ever been this loaded with so much shit in my life!!"

"You were pretty upset with that old lady driver!" I laughed.

"Oh my God!" Mike groaned. "I really thought it was all over when she stopped in front of us. I really thought I was GOING to shit my pants. The only reason I managed to hold out was because you were in the car with me."

"Your secret would have been safe with me." I said laughing. (Except it would have been one of the first stories I ever posted here on this site!!)

"It's not that." Mike grunted " I know you haven't said anything about Josh's accident (Page 1464 on this forum). I just didn't want you to have to deal with the mess and the smell."

"Oh." I laughed. " Well you know what they say… Life is what happens when you get stuck in traffic and have to take a shit! Or SOMETHING like that!"

"Or Murphy's Law…. " Mike cracked. "The length of a red traffic signal is directly proportional to how BAD you need to take a shit!!"

A few moments later, Mike felt the second train in the station ready for departure. I suppose this was the wave that had made Mike cramp up at the traffic stop and had escalated his toilet predicament. A moment later, the immense wave of moist loose shit came gushing violently out of the dismayed Mike much softer and mushier than the first wave and mixed with lots of sputtering gas and piled up on the rest of Mike's shit sort of like the chocolate syrup going on top of the chocolate ice cream and bananas in a sundae. Except, this was HARDLY a tasty treat unless you happen to be a fly!! :-O

This second wave of shit was nearly as long as the first one and had the helplessly crapping Mike moaning, groaning, and gasping like I had never heard him do before. As this was going on, I got one more look at the top of Mike's head as the overwhelmingly massive shit wave powered right through him. All my overwhelmed buddy could do was moan and stare wide-eyed ahead, eyes rolling, a helpless young man bumming on the toilet in the throes of a serious shit. As for me, all I could do was stand there and listen in awe as the helplessly pooping Mike sat there with his pants down filling the badly-needed toilet with shit.

Mike let out yet another lengthy moan of euphoric relief as the mushy crap wave finally abated.


I flushed the urinal and walked over to the sink to wash up. A badly-loaded Mike had been so desperate to crap he elected not to secure the stall door and it swung about halfway open leaving anyone a clear view of the young man on the toilet as he sat there with his pants down. The latch was just out of his reach unless he got up to secure it, something the exhausted Mike didn't feel up to doing. The long protracted struggle to hold his shit combined with the 2 monstrous waves he unleashed and the precipitous drop in internal pressure had left Mike feeling quite weakened and worn out so he just sat there to finish up and try to recover somewhat.

Even after all this, my buddy was STILL not empty. Mike then crackled, farted and sputtered intermittently for the next 10 minutes as he continued to crank out mush while I waited by the door.

Pbftpbftpbftpbft Pbftpbftpbftpbft Pbftpbftpbftpbft
Pbftpbftpbftpbft…. The crackling and the sound of shit coming out of Mike and cascading into the toilet seemed to go on and on and on endlessly. I figured there must have been just an INCREDIBLE amount of shit in the toilet.

I was absolutely awestruck by just the VAST amount of shit coming out of Mike. Many of the crackles and sputters were accompanied by soft, under-the-breath grunts and gasps. It was easily the most vocalizing I had ever heard Mike do during a shit. While this was a TOTALLY impressive shit in its own right, keep in mind that Mike had already bummed out TWO substantial loads already that morning. (It would continue with yet a 4TH MASSIVE dump at the gas station which I wrote about on page 2050.) We later figured out that Mike and other members of his family probably got a mild case of food poisoning from a family meal the day before which likely gave Mike an overactive bowel that day.

Looking under the stall from the side, I could see Mike's lowered pants hanging halfway around his muscular calves draped over his canvas sneakers, down far enough to also see his white briefs also stretched around his calves. For some reason, the mental image of the white briefs down around Mike's calves has always made me think of a surrender flag, which in this case, it really was!!

If you were just walking in and saw this but didn't know Mike, you could still surmise that the dude sitting on the toilet with his pants down was a young guy based on the style of pants, underwear, shoes and socks he was wearing along with the fact that Mike's voice was young sounding. You would also know that the young man bumming on the crapper was on the tall side (6'3 or 6'4 depending on who you believed) based on Mike's large feet (Size 15 or 16) and the distance of his feet from the toilet. You could then also conclude that this was quite a loaded young man who had needed to shit pretty badly based on the overpowering smell indicating a sizable load, the fact that he hadn't secured the door, and the fact that he had chosen the first stall he could get into rather than one further down that would have afforded him a quite a bit more privacy.

Finally, after he had pooped and pooped and pooped then pooped a whole lot more, Mike reached behind him and flushed the shit-laden toilet sending his massive fecal monster away to wherever it is that massive fecal monsters go. As expected it then took a greatly-relieved Mike numerous wipes to clean up before he pulled his pants up and flushed the toilet again to dispose of the paper. He then walked out and went to the sink to wash up. Seeing me, he rolled his eyes and exhaled a LOOONG sigh of relief.

"Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeewwwwww!!" He exclaimed. "Oh My God, Bro! THAT was a NASTY shit!"

I then asked Mike what he was talking about when he referred to Josh's accident since I hadn't heard about it yet. He thought I already knew and he confided on me that Josh had shit his pants at football practice the year before. (Page 1464.) Later when I saw him, Josh was pretty upset that Mike had spilled the bean and he proceeded to tell me about a near-accident Mike had traveling to Florida. (Page 1493).

After Mike washed up, we went into the Mall to run our errands with Mike THINKING the worst was FINALLY behind him! (See page 2050 to see how THAT worked out!!)

Be Safe,


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