two accidents from my past

so I'm back to share another two of my stories about how I'm pathetic and should probably still wear diapers. if you don't remember or didn't see the post, i posted the other day about accidentally pooping myself in a hallway on campus, and mentioned it was the latest in a series of accidents that I've suffered since the age of 12. i think today I'll talk about that first accident when i was 12 that unbeknownst to me at the time would be a horrifying experience that I'd have the pleasure of reliving multiple times. here goes... i was in 6th grade, and it was right at the end of the school year. I'm talking it was like 3 weeks until summer. i had just turned 12. it was already hot outside and i was dressed for summer time, i remember that day i wore a sleeveless green top that had a white flower on the front and i was wearing short blue denim shorts. about midway through the school day i became aware of a growing urgency to use the toilet. i didn't like going "twosies" at school, because frankly being 12 and in 6th grade is a hard and awkward enough time without having girls know you're in the stall pooping. so i made the fateful to decision to hold it in... and hold it in i did. for the rest of the day. i got through all my classes with clean panties. i just had one close call at lunch time when some kids bumped into me pretty hard in the lunch line and i almost lost it in my shorts right there. but i didn't, and at the time it was a triumph, but unfortunately in the end it wouldn't have mattered if i did, because when we were all waiting on the sidewalk to start getting on our busses to go home, i couldn't hold it in anymore. i stood there in sheer terror as i felt the tip of my load turtle heading into my panties and pushing on the seat of my denim shorts. i stood gritting my teeth and trying for dear life to keep my cheeks closed and regain control, and i was making fists so hard my finger nails were digging into my palms. i was trying so hard to fight it back without putting my hands on my butt and making it super obvious what was going on. but it was time for it to come out, and i couldn't stop it. i grunted loudly and my face turned bright red as a solid load crackled into my panties one turd after another and formed a massive bulge in the seat of my denim shorts. i felt 2 inches tall. there i was, 12 years old and i was standing in a crowd of all my schoolmates pooping my shorts, and i couldn't stop. by the time i was done messing myself i didn't know what to do. i just stood there in terror looking around to see if anyone noticed. at first i thought i was in the clear. then the smell started to permeate the crowd... then, before you knew it, someone said "eww! Kelsey pooped her pants! look, she pooped her pants!"... that was it. as far as i was concerned my social life was over once those words spread amongst the crowd of all my peers. i burst into tears and just stood there as everyone stared. after what felt like 20 minutes an aide came up to me and held my hand and walked me to the nurses office. i cried the whole way and kept arguing with her that i just wanted to get on my bus and go home but she told me that wasn't a good idea. instead i had to sit in the nurses office in my pooped shorts to wait for my mom to come get me. it was an absolutely devastating experience, i had a really hard time going back to school those last 3 weeks...thankfully the summer being so close helped, and i didn't have to go through a whole school year right away of being the girl who pooped her shorts at the bus port. when 7th grade rolled around, yeah i still faced some of the fallout from it and heard about people making fun of me about it, but it eventually faded away and despite what i thought during those moments when i was still standing there with a load in my panties, i DID have a pretty good social life. until of course i would eventually shit myself again...

i had my second accident about a year and a half later. i was 13 and it was during winter break in 8th grade. during the week between Christmas and new years the ski club at school took a trip to one of the nearby mountain resorts for a day of skiing/snowboarding. me and a bunch of my friends all liked snowboarding and i got a new snowboard and gear for christmas so i was really excited. well, something went terribly wrong on the trip. it was after a few hours of snowboarding, and we were at the top of the last slope we were going to hit before lunch. i knew already that i had to poop, so i was pretty relieved that we were going to be heading to the lodge after this last quick run. but shortly after starting down the trail one of the bindings on my snowboard had a problem and it wouldn't stay fastened all the way, so my foot was loose and i was having trouble keeping my balance. i fell down a couple times and i kept having to stop to try and adjust my binding, then i eventually wound up having to walk a lot of the way down. all that arduous work made me have to go a lot worse, and when we all got to the bottom i was ready for the toilet! we headed toward the lodge and it was probably about 10 minutes. the closer we got the more anxious i was to go. i started getting panicky and remembering my accident from 6th grade, and i started to really fear going in my pants again. we got into the lodge and as quickly as i could locked up my board and loose gear in one of the lockers and scrambled to get my boots off then rushed towards the girls bathroom practically in tears. i got there in time. i got into the stall and closed the door. but then i couldn't get through all the layers fast enough...i got my snow pants off, i got the sweat pants that were underneath them off, but then i still had on my long thermal underwear and my panties when i lost it. my cheeks opened and warm squishy poop squeezed into my panties and formed a droopy wet bulge. my heart started pounding and i was overcome with the same horror i felt at the bus stop just a year and a half earlier. i couldn't believe it, i pooped my pants again... i stood there trying not to cry and wondering where to even begin. i got so overwhelmed that i couldn't help it and i started to cry. someone heard me in the stall crying, and i guess could see underneath the partition that my long thermal underwear was still on and could smell the poop i had just done, and figured out that i had crapped myself. she knocked on the stall door and asked if i wanted her to get anyone and i just cried and asked her to go away. well she did, but i guess alerted some of my friends because within a couple minutes they were all in the bathroom saying "Kelsey? are you ok?" and then i heard mumbling "did she poop her pants?" and "i don't know. oh, i think she probably did." my friend jenny knocked and said "kels..are you ok? do you need any help?" i got frustrated but probably more because i was so embarrassed but i just snapped at them to leave me alone and I'd be out when i was done. they said ok in a reluctant way and all left. then i carefully pulled off my long underwear. they had a brown stain in the seat that had seeped through my panties but no actually poop got in them so that was kind of a relief. then i carefully lowered my panties. the load was heavy and fairly loose. it wasn't liquidy but just kind of mushy and was all in one pile in the seat and gusset. i felt sick to my stomach looking at it. i tried dumping them out but it was too hard so i just dropped the panties in the toilet completely. i wiped myself off as much as i could with toilet paper, then i knew i needed something better. i waited and listened until i was sure no one else was in there and then i snuck out of the stall and as fast as i could grabbed a bunch of paper towels and got them wet in the sink and ducked back into the stall. those did much better cleaning me up...when i felt clean enough i put all my other layers back on without the panties obviously. i couldn't flush the toilet with the panties and all the tp and paper towels in it so i had to just leave the huge disgusting mess for someone else to deal with. i was completely humiliated once again. when i left the bathroom my friends were all staring in disbelief and i felt my face burning red. they were polite enough not to say anything, and i just said i didn't feel good, and they didn't mind going back out after lunch without me while i just hung out in the lodge until it was time to leave, i stayed as far away from that bathroom as possible and avoided making eye contact with anyone...i didn't want anyone being able to identify me as the girl who shit herself in the bathroom and left a huge mess...soo mortifying! fortunately... my friends didn't exactly go around telling everyone. i mean it got out eventually but it was slowly going around and i got the feeling a lot if people didn't believe it and thought it was just made up because of my 6th grade accident... but who knows. the other thing that played in my favor was this 7th grade girl having a wetting accident on the bus ride back, which got a lot of attention. i felt really sorry for her but kinda glad she took some of the focus off me...

@Happy Dude:
What's going on is the Venturi effect. It has nothing to do with low pressure in the environment and everything to do with low pressure in the pipes.

There is a pipe connecting the sewer to the air above your house. Look at the roof, you'll see several such pipes. When the wind blows over the end of pipe it lowers the air pressure in the pipe. This pulls the water back into the pipe a bit so the weight of the water balances the pressure differential. *IF* the wind were totally steady the water would simply stay at the different level but there's always turbulence, it keeps changing and thus the water level wiggles.

For a simple and surprising demonstration of this take a hose, a stone that's smooth, either flat or rounded and a bit bigger than the end of the hose and bucket. Run a bunch of water into the bucket, and then underwater press the stone onto the end of the hose. If the shape is right it will stick. The pressure differential sticking it to the hose is greater than the force of the hose trying to dislodge it!

If you line it up just right you can also do it with a clear straw and a glass of water. Stick the straw in the glass and blow over the end that's sticking out. Do it right and you'll see the water level in the straw rise.


My First Couch Pee

Hello everyone. Still no new car or the return of my old, so still no more car pees. I did have my first pee in my couch so I thought I would post about it. My youngest daughter Story is almost two and has been having trouble napping recently. Today we were watching a movie and she fell asleep on my lap. well of course I was overjoyed. Story was getting a nap in and so could i. plus it was nice to get some cuddle time in while my husband was st work and my older daughters at school. So I layed back to enjoy the moment. Soon after I realized I needed to pee. I tired to ignore it, but it was getting worse and Story was pressing on my bladder. I did not want to disturb her and get up but the need was getting worse and worse. I started to think of car mom, catherine, whinnie, ,lori, and all the other folks on her who would just let go so I decide to do the same. I propped my feet on the coffee table so that my legs were spread apart and Story was out of the way. I relaxed and tried to let go. At first it was hard but soon I started and couldn't quit. the couch felt warm and wet beneath me. Later when story woke up and I stood I notice there was a big stain. When my girls and husband came home, they all wanted to know what happened. of course I told them. maysa was very embarrassed but Jagger wanted to try. I think I may let her since she can't go in the car anymore. I will let you guys know what happens.


The mommy test

My 22 year old daughter just moved into. A house with her boyfriend. I went up to see it for the first time when her boyfriend had to go see a friend in the hospital over the weekend. I was staying for the weekend and the second I got there I had to pee. I noticed that the toilets were incredibly weak. I told my daughter that those toilets will clog at even the smallest sign of a big poop. She said that she took a big dump and it flushed fine. I bet her 5 bucks that mommy could clog it on her first try. Late on Friday night I declared I was going to use the bathroom. She came to watch the test to make sure I didn't stuff something in the hole to male it clog. We im a very very very tall women 6'6 to be exact and and heavy because of my height 240. I sat down with a thud and let out a fart that was so loud the little wood door actually shook. I started pushing and knew I had just won 5 bucks. The log came out and was absolutely incredibly big. Like "call the plumber big" . It was so amazing that even i was a little bit shocked. It was a fantastic sight laying circled around the bowl may times was a log that was so big I could not see the hole of the toilet or any thing white except for the top inch or so of the bowl. My duahter saw it and was so amazed I told her that is not flushing but we hit the flusher just for fun. It dindnt move the dark dark brown water rose up to the top and spilling over onto the floor. I helped her clean up and then she said she had some gloves and she wanted to measure it! She pulled it out ( kinda gross) and laid it on some newspaper. She got a yardstick and laid it next to it. It was then that I said we were gonna need a bigger yard stick. She put her finger where it ended and moved it up. She read 46 inches and I was so shocked. This seemed so unreal that I thought this was just a dream but it wasn't. We threw it in the garbage and we both felt sorry for whoever was going to find it. The end

The Listening Ear

Part 23

I'm sorry Parts 22a and 22b came out the wrong way round; I hope anyone who's interested made sense of it.

Before I bring the story up to date, I should say something about holidays (vacations) and business trips over the years. The activity holiday where I met Fran (page 2064) - and even more interesting people when I went back the following year - was a great disappointment. Without going into detail, the sleeping arrangements were such that I never even found out where the female toilets were!

At a hotel in North Wales with my wife and her sister, in the days before such hotels all had en-suite rooms, I went out into the corridor to find a bathroom just as a rather ???? young woman came out of breakfast and into a bathroom. She didn't see me, so I lurked in the doorway of the next bathroom, ready to go inside if anyone appeared. She began with a long, strangulated, squeaky fart. I suspect she was deliberately pushing it out slowly in the hope of not making too much noise, in which case she failed spectacularly because it went on and on for ages. She'd have been better off pushing it all out at once and covering it by clearing her throat. Everything else was quite discreet, a few gentle plops and equally gentle tinkling which I don't remember very well. The fart was the thing!

At a hotel in the Cotswolds with my wife, with a mixture of ensuite and non-ensuite accommodation, there was a corner of two corridors which had two bathrooms and a toilet in close proximity. I called it Poo Corner, because whenever we passed in a morning, either before or after breakfast, there was a strong smell of poo. Unfortunately we had an ensuite room, so I had no excuse to join in the fun, to hear the sounds that went with the smells or to see who was responsible.

The Isle of Mull, off the west coast of Scotland, promised much but delivered little to Listening Ear with a wife in tow. If I had been alone, on a still morning I could have parked my car in pole position next to the Ladies on a harbour-front with the window down, and listened to the sounds floating out through the open door. In a hilltop village there is a theatre so small that in the interval the audience spills out on to the patio, where there is a clear view through a large frosted-glass window into the Ladies with the light on. I saw quite a lot of movement out of the corner of my eye, but of course I couldn't be seen to look.

In the same village there is a visitor centre with very compact toilets. All that is required is to avoid going to the Gents until I see someone interesting going to the Ladies, and then follow. But although we've been there several times over the years, it has only happened once. We were browsing in the shop, I think, when a young girl of about 12 detached herself from her mother and younger sister, and headed for the toilets by herself. I similarly detached myself from my wife and did likewise. I entered a stall, put my ear to the cardboard wall (I exaggerate, but only slightly) and heard the girl's wayward, splishy-splashy pee loud and clear. But then I made a stupid mistake. From force of habit I timed my exit to coincide with hers, which was quite unnecessary because I already knew what she looked like. As we exited together, our eyes met and she fixed me with an accusing stare. She knew! Of all the women and girls I have ever listened to, I don't think anyone else has been aware of the fact, but that girl definitely knew. Returning to my wife I made a point of not looking again. If the girl told her mum while I was looking innocent, her mum would tell her she had imagined it. But if I was seen to look, there would be hell to pay. Whew!

Business trips have usually involved those corporate hotels where alternate bedrooms have their bathrooms on opposite sides, so that pairs of bathrooms are next to each other. But of course, my luck being what it is, anyone interesting was usually on the non-bathroom side, so all I usually heard were blokes coming in from the bar late at night and peeing like horses. One night I was kept awake by a sort of party in the next room, and at one point there was a hammering on their door and a female voice shouting "Let me in, let me in, I need a pee!" Nice of her to announce the fact, wasn't it? I got up, entered my bathroom, put my ear to the wall and heard her peeing up a storm.

On another occasion I was staying at a hotel associated with an exhibition hall where I was working, and there were two girls - sisters actually - from the exhibition in the next room to mine, on the bathroom side. This was very promising, but alas, all I ever heard through the bathroom wall was a man singing in the shower. I mentioned this to one of the girls (the man in the shower, not the fact that I couldn't hear them going to the toilet!), and she said the only man in their room was her teddy bear, who definitely did not sing in the shower. It must have been one of those buildings that conducts sound in funny ways, which is rather odd, because the girls told me they could hear me farting clearly enough!


Brandon T

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To: Katrina great story about you and your friend pooping on top of thats womans poop in the toilet I bet she wanted you to seee it or she thought it would clog it who knows and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Lauren to bad about your car I hope you get a new one soon and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Anya great story about you and your friend going to the bathroom together and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Catherine The Freshman great story about you pooping yourself and you mom peeing herself it sounds like you guys are very close and I bet you will have lots of new posts and does your mom know about this site maybe you could tell her and its to bad about your friend that just proves she wasnt a real friend real friends dont do that and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Lori (Car Moms Friend) nice to hear from you again and as another great peeing story and I see your daugther has posted here as well thats cool and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Car Mom as always another great peeing story it sounds like Laura is slowly coming around I think evntaly you guys will be friends again it just takes time you know and please post some of your regular bathroom stories im sure there good and your friend Loris daugther has loined us and once Kaylee's old enough she might to if she wants and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Rose great story about you pooping in that dish and peeing in that storm drain and I look forward to anyother stories like that thanks.

To: Louise great accident story but from the sound of it you felt alot better and I look forward to your next story thanks.

To: Ciara great pee story and as always I look forward to your next one thanks.

To: Kayla first welcome to the site and great story it sounds like you had a rough time constipation can be a pain litteraly and please share anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Shy Poop Girl welcome back and great story mybe you can try pooping with the open and see how it feels it sounds like girlfriend dosent care and please post stories I remember reading your stories from back then they were great and I look forward to the next one thanks.

To: Melina another great poop story it looks like those women had the same idea as you and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Labor Day Bike Ride with Cherish great story please share more of them if you have any thanks.

To: Abbie as always another great pooping story and as always I look forward to your next one thanks.

To: Katelyn=) first welcome the I love your moms stories and im sure yours are going to be just as great and Car Moms daugther Kaylee is old enough she might come here as well and I look forward to your stories thanks.

To: Ewa first welcome to the site and dont worry about your english its good and you might want to cahnge your diet that might help and please post more stories thanks.

To: kelsey first welcome and it sounds like you had a pretty rough day accidents can be very embarrassing but at least no one said anything and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Tom great story about your friend Kelly she sounds interesting and please post more about her and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Anna great story from your childhood it sounds like that boy was interested you peeing and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Bill great sory about your wife if you have anymore please share them thanks.

Well th all for now and we made to 2100 pages and its nice to see old posters returning we just need Carmalita and her fiends to return.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site


Back to the site of the old house.

I went back to the site of the old house today. I needed to poo quite badly of course and took along the wet wipes. When I got there I crawled through the hole in the fence and found the cellar had been filled in. My favorite place was gone so I had to find a new place. There was a portaloo but that was boring so checked out one of the two site huts. It was locked so I checked out the windows which were also locked. I was getting desperate by now and it looked like I would have to use that portaloo which was disappointing. I tried the other hut which was also locked but found an open window. It was only a small top opening windown so I couldn't get through but I saw a bunch of keys on an office desk. All I had to do was get those keys and I would be in. But how to get them. I found a piece of wood and drove a nail into the end and bent it over to make a hook. Using this I fished the keys and and pulled the wood carefully back to grab the keys. Unfortunatly my bowels cramped up and I dropped the keys on the floor. I was close to pooing my pants and almost gave up and used the portaloo but that would be no fun at all so I tried to pick the keys up with my home made fishing rod. I couldn't get the hook under the keys to pick then up and in the end I pulled the rod out of the window and re arranged the hook so it would get under the keys and I tried it again. It was fiddly and it took five attempts to get hold of the keys. I drew the keys carefully out of the window and took them to the door to unlock it. Guess what? The keys didn't fit. I was about to poo my pants at any moment by now and I couldn't get the dam door open. I decided to try the key in the other site hut and bingo! It was open. I opened the door and walked inside just as my bowels cramped up again. I came within a hairs breadth of loading my pants but I managed to control it. I looked around the office with a now biological need to empty my bowels and quickly took off my jeans and panties ready to relieve this extremely urgent poo. I sat on a chair by a desk and relaxed. A turd quickly emerged but it met the resistance of the chair and only came out a little. The backup in my bowels hurt a little but it wasn't unpleasent. I pushed hard and the poo moved further out under the pressure. It spread up between my bum cheeks and then forward towards my vagina but I didn't want it going in there so I lifted my bum off the chair. All the poo that was squished up between my bum cheeks fell onto the chair and it made a big pile. I pushed again and a soft load came flowing out quite quickly and made the pile on the chair about twice it's size. I pushed some more and a smaller load came out landing on top of the rest. It was a great relief but my bum was a big mess. I used up most of the wipes in the cleanup but it was fun creating the mess. I left the keys on the chair next to my creation and left the site.

Car Mom

Happy Dude: so far no one has ever called me or approached me negatively about letting their kid(s) pee in my car. Hopefully no one will. But of course if they do I'll have to stop allowing it for that particular person's kid(s). But so far so good! Keep enjoying my posts!

Lauren: that's TERRIBLE about your car! I'm glad to hear that you would still allow peeing in your next car though. I've also come to the conclusion that I too will continue to be Car Mom even after I get rid of my Neon and get a new car. Hopefully it will still be a few more years but I that's what I'll do. I'm pretty certain that Kaylee will still be into it then. So if you do need a new car, when do you think you'll be able to get one? What kind was your car by the way? I don't think you ever shared that. You know, its interesting that someone would actually steal your car considering it probably smelled like pee when the thief got into it. I guess nothings safe anymore. Sad. So for now will you allow another peeing place so Jagger can still have her thing? In the house maybe? Or in the rental you might consider the console since it can probably be taken out and cleaned before you take the car back, as long as there aren't any holes in it. And of course don't let her spray outside the console! That might not be a bad idea though. You had said that Jagger would probably love peeing in a console. I now mine comes out with screws. Although I don't take mine out anymore since I put a drain hole on the bottom and the pee just goes wherever. Anyway keep us posted and good luck! Interesting about your coworker. Maybe she's into peeing in strange places! I'll be looking forward to you letting us know if you find out more about her!

Whinnie: I see we are both fans of Catherine the Freshman! I'm sorry you keep having bad luck when it comes to getting caught when you pee somewhere! Your mom needs to realize what a nice person you are. Its not like you weren't going to clean it up when you were done. I really hope things turn around for you because I definitely know how fun peeing can be! Tell Nathalie hi whenever you hear from her!

Mr Clogs: so far I myself have never pooped anywhere but the toilet. As I've said earlier my personal preference is to have as little as possible to do with poop. Its fine if you like it, but I myself don't. I just can't get past the idea that it used to be yesterday's dinner! LOL If you remember I mentioned that some of the girls have pooped in my car but it was completely unplanned and its only happened a handful of times, I think I posted all of them actually. Kaylee says she doesn't like it either. I don't know what would happen if she ever got into it later in life. We would have to talk about it. I know I don't like poop, but on the other hand I wouldn't want to be like Whinnie's mom and not let her do it at all. Hopefully Kaylee will stick with pee!

Catherine the Freshman: that's SO cool about your mom! I wish so much that Whinnie had it the same way you do. I feel so bad for that girl. At least her mom could be like Marissa's mom and just have limits on it but allow it anyway. That would be better than the way she is now! She's going to lose her daughter's affection which is sad. I can already tell that you and your mom will be friends forever! Now about school, I really admire you that you're not afraid to have messy pants in front of people at school. I don't think I'd have been that brave. But it just meant that I cared too much about what other people thought! Good job! I do enjoy your posts! I myself am not into poop but that's your thing so its cool for you. I do love the pee parts though! I can't get over what a fun thing peeing has become for me! And I'm glad!

Lori and that nice girl Katelyn: I'm so glad you both posted and one of these days Kaylee and I will come by and visit!

Brandon T: we'll see if I can come up with a post about the bathroom or not. Like I said it would be hard to make it interesting for me personally. The naughty places is what I've come to enjoy. I'm so glad you enjoy my posts though! I know I always look forward to reading your greeting whenever I go to this site!

Rose: welcome and thank you for sharing! I and I'm sure others would love to hear more from you!

Pee is interesting: glad you like my posts! I don't think we ever peed in a cup but if I or anyone does I'll let you know. That would be a good alternative for those few girls who don't like sitting in the seat to pee. Although the console works good for that as long as I'm parked. Keep enjoying my posts!

Well a couple days ago something happened that involved Kara and her daughter Payton. You can read about Kara and Payton on page 2095. After that day at the playground we wanted to keep in touch, and so the other day Kaylee and I met them there again after school. Payton goes to a different school by the way. When I called Kara she said that she had been looking forward to another session in my car and so I suggested that we meet somewhere the next day and we could have at it. And so the following day after school Kara and Payton met us at the playground again. Of course we were all glad to see each other and right away Payton asked me "is it ok if I pee in the console since I didn't last time?" and I said "of course." Then she giggled and said "I have to go a lot too. I didn't go to the bathroom for the whole afternoon!" I said "so you wanted to save it all for my car?" She giggled again and said "yeah." I smiled and said "good." And so I opened up my car and Payton got in first. As she got in she smiled and said "I'm gonna go a lot." She was so cute. I was glad she was making it a fun thing. First she sat on the passenger seat and she took off her shoes and her shorts and her panties. Then she got up onto the console and she squatted over it and sat down, with one foot on each of the seats. She was all ready. She said "can I go now?" and I said "sure honey go ahead." And so she let herself relax. Then she began to pee right into the console. It made a pattering sound as she peed into it. Then she let a little fart, which made her giggle and us too. Kaylee then said "you can spray here too if you want" meaning the drink holders and stuff. Payton said "ok" and she lifted herself up and began to pee outside of the console and onto the back drink holder and the parking brake. She giggled. Then she kept doing it. There was actually an empty soda can in the drink holder too so it made a neat little sound as Payton peed onto it. Then she worked her way up to the gear shift and the pillow and after that she worked her way back again. She also made her pee splash onto the two seats a little. Then she sat back down and finished her pee into the console. As she finished she let another little fart and then she was done. She smiled and said "thank you" and then she got up and put her clothes back on. Meanwhile Kara and I had sat down on the backseat and so we were also beginning to have our pees. We peed right into the seat. It felt really good. Our two pees made two little hisses against the seat cushion. It was really cool to be sitting right next to Kara and peeing with her. I was behind the driver seat and she was behind the passenger seat by the way. Kara was also letting farts rip into the seat as she peed and after a while I let a couple too. She said "excuse me" and I smiled and said "its ok its all part of what we're doing." I really liked that Kara was peeing right next to me and letting farts right next to me and sharing her overall bathroom experience with me. As Kara and I continued with our pees, Kaylee came in and sat over the console right in front of us so she could have her pee in the console like Payton did. Kaylee sat down and relaxed and first she let a fart into the console and then she began to pee into the console. It made a little patter against the inside plastic. After a few seconds of doing that she lifted herself up and peed onto the drink holder and the parking brake and the sides of the seats and the gear shift. Of course since Payton was watching her Kaylee couldn't help but show off a little bit and she made her pee stream hit right against the gear shift and it hit it right at the center of the handle. Payton giggled and then so did Kaylee. Then she let another fart and after that she was done. She let the last few droplets go into the console and then she got up and got dressed. Kara and I also finished up with our pees. The last of our pee trickled into the fabric of the seat and we got up and pulled our pants back up. Kara and I both went a lot. We all did. Everything that we peed in and on was soaked. I was so glad that we did this. We will definitely be doing this regularly. Hopefully next time Abby (Kara's niece) will be with us again and Kara said that it was also a possibility that Abby's mom (Kara's sister) would join us too. Well that's it for now! Enjoy!

C M :)


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I actually have two very short stories for you all. The first one involves my roommate. A few days ago, her and I were sitting in our room studying when I suddenly heard a long, loud fart from her side of the room. She mumbled, 'Sorry,' and I pretended not to notice that she had farted. I couldn't believe that she is so open with her belches and apparently, her farts as well.
Today, as I was watching TV in my room, I suddenly felt the need to pee. As I headed to the restroom, I saw one of my neighbors heading in the same direction. She went into a stall first, and I went into the stall to her right. As I was getting ready to pee, I heard her pee quickly and then let out a buzzing fart. I also heard some crackling from her stall as I was peeing, but I didn't hear any plops. We both wiped, flush, and came out at the same time. We said hello to one another as we washed our hands, and went back into our dorms.

The End


Public Washroom Symphony

Once I went to the ladies' room and I had to do a little #2. I quickly rushed in, and 5 out of 6 stalls were taken. Oh, well, I thought, and I settled down. Now, I'm not very comfortable wit hpooping in public restrooms, especially with other people in it. But these ladies were all LOUDLY doing #2. So i settled down and as soon as I did, an atomic bomb fart blasted a huge turd out. I heard the other ladies giggling and I was too embarrased to even move, but they all let out booming farts and disgusting wet turds that smelled so bad, I was the one tortured. And I was right in the middle stall. I couldn't move. The stench was too great and the other girls must have let out a whole truckload. Finally, I couldn't hold it any longer and I rushed outta there. i was relieved to get out of that living hell, but I forgot about my own poop and I totally busted.


Huge poop at the library

Today I was at the library and I really really had to poop. I scurried to the bathroom and took the first stall available. The instant I sat down a beast of a turd emerged. It was a ring-stretcher for sure and the thing just kept churning out. When I was done I looked in the toilet. I knew I had to go, but where was I keeping THAT? The turd was really thick and super long. I knew it would never flush, but I pushed the lever anyway. The mammoth barely budged, so I just wiped and did the walk of shame, hoping no one would know I destroyed that toilet.

Also, I saw on the Ellen Degeneres show today a clip of Taylor Swift entering a bathroom. Ellen was already in there hiding, and she jumped out to scare Taylor. I just wonder if Taylor had to pee, and maybe she went a little in her panties. Or maybe she had to poop, that would be cool.


Hey Lauren ... how about this ...

I know your girls are used to peeing in the car and I TOTALLY understand not wanting to pay a HUGE rental cleaning bill so how about this.

Would your girls ... or you for that matter because it's up to you. Would they be interested in wearing Pull-Ups or diapers? This way they can technically still pee in their seats and then this way they don't have to hold it!

How old are your girls by the way.


More weird places to go

I have an old chamber pot that's been handed down in my family for many generations. I use it occasionally and it excites me to know I'm peeing where my great great grandma used to pee. Speaking of, I haven't peed in it in a while... maybe tomorrow.

I've peed in a cat litter box once. I was at my friend's house and I needed to pee. I asked my friend and she said it was okay, so I squatted over the litter box and peed.

There is an irrigation canal close to my house. One day I went out and I stood on the bridge and peed in the canal. I used my fingers to angle my stream, but a little bit of my pee got on the bridge anyway. Oh well.

I saw a post on here about a woman in an office bathroom peeing in a trash can. Well, one time I actually pooped in a trash can. I had just come home and I was absolutely dying to poop. I spotted the trash can, squatted over it and let loose. Several turds rocketed out of me one after the other. I don't think the whole thing took even a minute, it was that fast. The relief was so amazing though.

Alright, that's all for today. Bye guys.

Do you ever wipe your bottom only once after crapping? Sometimes.

Do you fold or wad your toilet tissue? both

After a shit, do you wipe from front to back or vice versa? It varies

After a shit, do you wipe with dry toilet paper alone or do you wet your toilet tissue or use wet wipes? Toilet paper and often wet wipes since I have a rubber band draining an anal fistula. Depends on the poop consistency

Do you ever sniff your used toilet tissue?I do right now to see if i can detect the oder of infection.


Girls pee accident

I was driving my car yesterday afternoon when I saw two girls walking round the corner. One of them was crying and her trousers were soaking wet down the inside of both legs. Her bum was wet too and further back I saw a big puddle on the pavement. She must have been holding it for a long time to get that desperate and simply couldn't hold it any longer. She looked very embarrassed but I bet she was relieved.


Embarrassing incident ends up good

When I was 16 I had a very embarrassing experience in front of my boyfriend. Paul was walking me home from school and I'd been feeling a bit off colour all day. I felt a surging sensation in my stomach as we walked hand in hand and knew I was going to need the toilet very soon. He could tell something was wrong with by the way I was walking and he asked me if I was ok. I said I was fine but he knew I wasn't and said, "You need the toilet don't you?" I replied between gasps, "Yes..... Ooh.....I do.....Ooh" He said, "Pretty bad too!"
".....You could.....Ooh.....say....."
I couldn't hold it any longer and let it all out in my knickers as I finished my sentence. "that."
I couldn't stop it and my knickers filled up to the waistb and before it came out of the leg holes and ran down my legs. I thought he'd be totaly grossed out by it and would dump me but he was really nice about it and took me home. When I saw his trousers he had a bulge in the front and I realised he was getting turned on by my accident. He made sure I was ok and I went up to the bathroom to clean up. It took ages and when I came downstairs Paul was still waiting for me. I was so relieved he loved me so much he still wanted to see me even though I'd totaly disgraced myself in the worse possible way. He was sitting cross legged to hide his arousal and I led him upstairs to my room. Well you can guess the rest and we stayed together for about 3 years before sadly his work took him overseas.
That was 10 years ago an the other day Paul phoned me to say he was back in the country. He was still single; as I was and wanted to meet up sometime. I was thrilled and we we went out last night. He picked me up in a hire car which was actually a top of the range Mercedes sports car. We spent the night together and well I'll post again to tell you what happened.


Having 2 hugely satisfying poos.

Hi everyone, I thought I'd post about the two huge poos I took in the past couple of days. One of them was on Saturday evening and one on Monday evening and on both evenings I was on the loo for some considerable time as I have gone back to dumping big loads and I like to take as much time as I need to have a good poo ...

My Saturday evening poo:
It was a lovely hot day and I was in my red v neck t-shirt, denim shorts and black flip-flops. I had just been out all afternoon enjoying the lovely sunshine and came home feeling really tired as my legs and feet were all achy and tired and my feet were really hot from the walking around. It was 5pm and I quickly grabbed myself a cuppa and just sat on the recliner couch, kicked off my flip-flops and put my feet up, watched tv and enjoyed my cuppa. I could smell a little cheesy waft from my feet as my feet were all hot and sweaty ... but that's nothing new for me really lol. Next thing I remember is that I could feel something in my belly a bit like a bloated feeling but a bit sharper and at first it felt like it was wind but it felt more like someone was tying knots in my stomach...Ooooh! I then leant over a let out a very smelly SBD and needless to say it was rank! Phew! I knew I had a bit of an upset belly and could feel that I needed to let rip and break wind again and let out another smelly omission from my bum. I knew I needed to have a poo as the feelings in my belly were rumbling but the urge wasn't quite there yet so I just sat and finished off my cuppa and got up off the recliner, slipped my tired, hot feet back into my flip-flops and headed up to my room just wanted to have a lie down for a bit in peace. By now it was quarter to 6 and I was still feeling the same and was passing more smelly gas and my belly became more crampy and I knew I was in for a good poo whenever the urge would hit me. Anyway I spent the next hour in my room keeping myself to myself and clearing up things. Finally at about quarter to 7 the urge to have a poo finally hit me and I let rip with a loud, smelly fart and then with one hand on my belly I rushed to the upstairs loo, locked the door, pulled down my denim skirt and panties down and parked my bum on the loo. I leant forward, crossed my arms and pressed them to my belly and let out some grunts ..... Ngggh, ngggh, ngggh then all of a sudden I let another fart slip out which stank...Pooey! then I could feel a huge load of little chunks of poo dropping out of my bum ... PLOP!, PLOP!, PLOP!, splop, plip-plop-plip-plop! Blop! blop! Splop! Plip, plip, plop, plop, plop, blop! Then I let rip with another smelly fart and more toxic, smelly, sludgy poo slipped out ... Sploop, splop, sploop, plip, plip, splopslopslopslopslop! Then I could feel thickish soft log drop out and it made a loud PLOP! Then another more chunkier log dropped out and ... FLOOOMPH! it hit the bowl with some force as more smaller chunky pieces of poo were dropping out ... Plop, plonk, plip, plip, plop, plop, blop! You would've thought that even after having all that poo drop out my belly would be feeling a bit lighter? Nope! I still had more to drop out and by now I was on the loo for a good 20 minutes! I then let out another fart followed by a load of smelly, chunky pieces of poo just dropping out my bum …. Plop!, plop-sploopslopsplop, plop, plop, plip-plip-plop-plop-plop, blop! It was quite smelly now but I knew there was one more lot of poo that I needed to just drop … and this took a couple of really good soft grunts and lots of effort as I could sense it was a thick log. I managed to push the head out so that it was turtle heading but it wasn't budging so had to give it some grunts …. Ngggh!, nggh, nggggh! I was getting a bit hot and sweaty and this last bit was proving to be hard work and then all of a sudden I just let rip with a loud fart but couldn't follow through and then again had to really had to push as I could feel this log hanging out my bum and then slowly it just snapped into 2 pieces as the first piece landed in the bowl with a loud PLOP! Then followed by the second piece … SPDOOOSH! … that's it I could feel that after a really big dump like that I was clear inside : ) and boy! Was it a good feeling. I tore off some loo roll had a look behind in the bowl to see what I had dropped out of me and it was an absolute mess there was a load of poo heaped in the bowl and a lot of marks in the bowl. It took about 5 wipes till I got my bum clean fully but I had a really, good, satisfying poo although it was quite smelly. All in all I was on the loo for a good 35 minutes but I don't care because you do what you gotta do.

My Monday night poo happened to me after I got in from a really busy day at work. It was about half 5 and I was just so tired and went straight up to my room to relax and get changed out of my work clothes into something more relaxing…a black t-shirt, black shorts with flip-flops. I came down for a lovely hot cuppa and decided to take it upstairs with me to my room so that I could slip my shoes off for a bit and sit on my bed and enjoy my cuppa in peace and quiet. I was half way through my cuppa when I started to get that crampy feeling in my belly again and I let rip with a really smelly fart which was meaty and disgusting. Phew! I knew I needed a poo as this morning before work I had a small poo which consisted of 2 small logs which stunk! Anyway I could feel a sharp pain developing and was really feeling uneasy and a bit worried. I then waited to see if I would get hit with that all too familiar urge suddenly … but it didn't materialize into anything but I could feel I was gonna pass more really smelly bum gas so leant to one side and released another smelly, meaty fart. By now my belly was knotting up and I knew that I had to quickly drink up my cuppa and head straight to the upstairs loo as soon as I could do. I gulped down my coffee and made my way back to my bedroom upstairs to sort a few things out on my laptop. A while passed and it was now 7pm and I was on my laptop talking to one of my friends when I could feel that strong urge, and I knew I really needed to go and have a poo real BAD! So I excused myself from my friend and told them that I had to go as I had stuff to do and just put my feet back into my flip-flops and quickly made my way to the upstairs loo, locked the door fast, pulled down my shorts and pants and parked my bum on the loo … I crossed my arms to my belly and pressed them and leant forward and within a couple of seconds I let rip with a loud fart … BRRRRAPPTTT! and then followed through with chunks of poo just dropping out of my bum at such a rate … Plop, plop, plop, plip, plip, plip, plip, plonk, plonk, bloop, ploooop, splooop, flooomp, plop, plop, plop, plip, plip, plop, plop! … and then there was more poo just dropping out … plop, plop, plooop, plip, sploopslopslopplopsplopslopslooop, blop, plip, plip, plop, plop, plip, plop! It was really smelly but I still felt I needed I had more poo inside me that I needed to drop out so I waited and then a couple of seconds later I broke wind again and then proceeded to drop out 3 thickish and smelly logs which all made loud plops as they hit the bowl and then followed by some more smallish chunks and pieces …. Plop, splop, splop, plop, plip, flooomph, plopslopsplop, plip, plip, plooop, plonk, plooooop, plip, plip, plop, plip, plop! No wonder I had a bit of a bad bellyache this poo was proving to be a huge load and there was a little bit more as I have now had been on the loo for a good 25 minutes. I didn't care because I always take as much as I need to have a poo and I hate being disturbed while taking a poo. The last wave of poo exploded out of my bum with force … plop!, plop!, plop!, plip, plopslopslopsploopsplopslop, blop, blop, plip, plip, plop, plip, plop! This was a huge poo that I was getting rid of and oh my it felt so great to stink up the loo with the smell but better out than in and then before I tore off some loo roll I looked in the bowl and it was a real mess as I had managed to just turn the water brown in the bowl and there were a lot of smears in the bowl of my poo. It took me at least 7 wipes to clean my bum as this was a messy one. Never mind though but I felt the ultimate relief in unleashing a poo like that into the loo, I so badly needed it.

To Brandon T: Thanks for your kind words, yes I am feeling a bit better now and yes taking 2 good dumps had made me feel a lot clearer inside and I enjoyed taking both of those dumps as it made me feel good. I hope you like reading my 2 new stories and I'm sure I can come up with more. I'm staying at a hotel this weekend with a friend so I hope I will have a story or 2 to report back on Monday night.

Take care everyone x

Hey again everyone!

Abbie- Glad your first school poo went off without too many problems. I know what you mean about your 6th form toilets- mine were of similar quality so I would usually go to another block nearby that had full-length doors and walls. I don't understand how 6th form toilets can get so dirty/damaged or whatever when there are only 2 years of girls who use them, and yet the ones used by the entire school can be maintained relatively clean! Keep us updated on your future poos, I really enjoy your stories!

Here are my answers to Catherine's survey about wiping;

Do you ever wipe your bottom only once after crapping? Only if it's a very small poo, normally mine are quite soft as well so they need a few wipes to get my bum clean.
Do you fold or wad your toilet tissue? Wad.
After a shit, do you wipe from front to back or vice versa? Front to back.
After a shit, do you wipe with dry toilet paper alone or do you wet your toilet tissue or use wet wipes? I hardly ever use wet wipes or wet paper, only if it's been a very messy poo and I'm at home or somewhere else where I can get to a sink.
Do you ever sniff your used toilet tissue? No. While I do sometimes enjoy the general smell of my own poo, I think a faceful of it would be a bit much!

On Tuesday I took my cousin, Tom, out for a last day before he went back to school. He said he wanted to go 'somewhere fun.' So I decided to take him to a really big kids adventure play centre about 15 miles away. It was full of stuff like dodgems, climbing frames, and trampolines. Tom went straight in and started playing with some other kids so I was left to sit down with the other parents and guardians and read a book and reflect that at least his dad was paying me for it! We had lunch there- pizzas. After a while I felt the need to go. I decided to wait and see if Tom was tired yet but he showed no signs of flagging. After I waited for a bit I had to go really badly and I knew it would be a big load. So I went over and beckoned Tom to me. I told him I was going to the toilet and would be a while and not to worry if he looked round and couldn't see me. He said ok and went straight back onto the climbing frame so no problems there! I went into the toilets. All the cubicles were taken, some with mums relieving themselves like I needed to, and some with kids, and some with kids by themselves. Two women were waiting in line so I joined them. After 5 minutes I got a cubicle and gratefully sat down. To my left one young mum was well into her own poo, and to my right was a young girl making lots of noise with the toilet paper dispenser.
I started my own dump with a big, soft log that made a big plop. I heard the young girl snicker a bit. Another medium log plopped down next. Then after a fart I had another big log and then four small bits over 5 minutes and then I was done.
I went back out and Tom was still playing. Eventually he got tired and we went home but he certainly enjoyed himself!

Leanne is at a festival this weekend but says she will try to report back tomorrow evening some time. I'll be posting again soon too! bye for now!


Re: Peed Pants at School

Franchesca, I liked your story. Very interesting. Hope to see you write more on here :)

Bad gas and diarrhea on a date

Okay so I'm on a date with this really cute girl and
I mean she is hot! After dinner, mexican, we go back to her apartment. So we're about to
hook up and we're kissing and she goes down and grabs my ass and well I haven't been feeling all that well, with gas and all, and right there I let on go real loud and it stank! This girl was cool though and she just smiled and let it go. Later on in the evening these cramps start getting worse and my stomach is telling me that something big is going to happen. Being stupid I ignored them. We are kissing and all and getting comfy and I let another one rip again and again and the proses repeats for like 3 minuets. She's okay with it though because I can tell she digs me. Then all
of the sudden as we're getting ready to do it the cramps come on really strong so I excuse myself and sprint to the bathroom. As soon as I finished making "The Move" (for guys went u sit down of the toilet) I
explode with diarrhea. It smelled so horrifying I was afraid my girlfriend
would be able to smell it! Lucky for me there wasn't a huge mess for me to clean up. A's I come out of the bathroom she's lying on the bed almost naked. Feeling much better I join her for some "fun". we're getting it on and such and I'm getting cramps again (stupid Mexican food!) Then the feeling passes with a huge sneeze! I sneezed all over her neck. Then I look at her and down at my pants and her pants to see the big "D" yup diarrhea all over the two of us and her bed. I start apologizing like a madman and take off for the bathroom to clean things up. She tries to be forgiving but I can tell that she's pissed off. After cleaning everything up, for the most part, I gather up my stuff and start to leave when she says "I really like you even though what just happened really grossed me out. I want you to stay. it's okay" and now
I'm thinking "this girl is freaking' awesome!" A's the night goes on my cramps go away and I feel great. But I came to realize that when I sneezed and had diarrhea all over her that it actually wasn't me! when I sneezed she had explosive diarrhea! She tried to blame me! I figured this out because in the middle of the night, when we're falling asleep in her cleaned bed she gets up and takes off for the bathroom. hoping nothing is wrong I follow. I knock on the door and ask if everything is okay, but all I hear in return is a loud fart followed by plops of diarrhea going into the toilet. Sickened I pack up my stuff and write a quick note to her saying "feeling really sick. I'm sorry. tonight was still fun though." and I flee. I never heard from her again.

Saturday, September 10, 2011


My huge dump experiance

Hi it's my first story here so hope u like it. This happened to me 4 years ago when I was 17. me and my friend maddie were at the beach. I am about 5'7 and weigh 110 and maddie is very tall, 6'2 and says she weighs 140. We were playing in the water when the urge to poop hit me. I told maddie I was headed to take a dump and she said she had to go also. We arrived at the little foot shack with a 3 cubicle bathroom in the back. Maddie and I are comfortable with going to the toilet while the other is there. There wasn't a line but every stall was filled. After a few minutes of waiting, the most beautiful women I had ever seen came out of a stall. The women towered over maddie, easily 6'5. She was blond and had a very large bust. She looked worried and walked off. We entered only to find a mammoth log sitting in the bowl. This thing was more than 20 inches, as it started near the top and curled all the way around the bowl with then end covering the hole. We flushed but the water just rose. We needed to go so badly so we just crapper on top. I went first and let out a big 8 inch log that was thick. Maddie then went and had a titanic turd. She started with a huge fart and then proceeds to take a footlong dump and as big around as a soda can. We didn't flush and left the stall. 3 hours later we checked on it and it was still there smelling so bad that I literally could hardly breathe.
The end


No More Car Pees

First off, Car Mom thank you for the congrats. My husband I and I are very excited. We both wanted four children when we got married.
So I am sad to say that my car was stolen. Our insurance company is providing me with a rental until the car is recovered or we buy a new one. But a rental car means no more car pees. The rental agreement states the car must be returned the way it was borrowed, and if it came back smelling like pee or stained I would be charged a great deal of money. I explained this to my daughters. Maysa, of course was happy with this. Jagger, not so much. The first day I picked her up from school, she pulled down her pants to have her usual after school pee in my car. I caught her and told her she could not do that. She was very upset and said she had to go quite badly. I told her she would have to hold it until we got home. We live very close to her school. She was said, but obliged. When we got home she squatted and peed in the grass saying that it was more fun than the toilet. So far, there has not been any other issues. I am hoping to get a new car soon so we can continue to pee in it. That is all for now. I will keep you guys updated on what happens.

Michelle (Formally M.S)

To Louise.....

Hi Louise, I think the two of us are very similar when it comes to pooing as we both love it when we need to poo really badly and were about to do it in our knickers. Then the amazing relief we get when we release the poo which could either be into the toilet or in our knickers which I love and after reading a few of your posts I guess you love it too. As always I look forward to your future posts.



At church and the mall

On Sunday morning, I got up and had to pee. While I was going, my mother came in and as soon as I was finished, she sat down and had a BM. My family goes to church every Sunday and when we got there Angelika needed to have a BM and I needed to pee again. We went to the bathroom together. There were just two stalls and a woman was in one having a BM. Angelika took the other and began to have her BM. The other woman flushed and came out then I went in and peed. Angelika and I actually finished and exited our stalls at the same time.

Normally on weekdays I care for a neighbor's children after school, but Monday was a holiday so there was no school. I went to the mall with a friend. We spent most of the day and then ate there. After eating, my friend said she had to have a BM and so did I. The two of us walked to the bathroom and took a stall together. My friend had her BM, wiped, and then she got up and I sat down and had my BM. When I was done, I wiped, flushed and we washed our hands.

Catherine the Freshman
Hey everybody it's me again, and I have something awesome to share with you that happened last night/this morning! (Hint: I've confirmed that my mom's a bedwetter, and I take all the credit.)

Last night me and my mom were watching The Deathly Hollows Part 1 on DVD, and we were laying on her bed together. During the movie I needed to poop, and since I was laying on my stomach I decided to push it out into my panties and pajamas. It was sticky, but not mushy or anything (like a lot of my poops). Thankfully she didn't notice, or this would be a much shorter story lol. Anyway, near the end of the movie, I looked over and realized that my mom was asleep, and since I didn't want to wake her, I decided just to go to sleep too and worry about cleaning my panties in the morning. FYI Usually I don't sleep in pooped panties if I poop when I'm awake, because of my restlessness. Some time later, I woke up and felt that my left side was wet, and I thought at first that I had peed her bed, but when I felt my crotch it was still dry, and I realized that she was the one who had peed! I was smiling and had to cover my mouth to keep from laughing too hard and waking her up. Since I was already wet, and I needed to pee too, I decided to just go pee in bed and go back to sleep. Around six o'clock this morning the alarm woke us up, and she knew that even though I had peed in her bed, so had she. She was kind of embarrassed (mostly because she had peed on me) but we talked about it for a little bit, and she said something amazing. She told me that she's not going to worry about it anymore, because it's simpler just to relax and go to bed, even if that means she's going to wake up wet, or even perhaps with poop in her panties! She was a little frustrated with me, though, because now there's a big yellow and brown stain in her fitted sheet, but I didn't get in trouble.

Anyway, she left for work about ten minutes ago so I thought I'd share this before I left for school. I hope we can pee in bed together again! (It's nothing sick, we just lay in her bed to watch movies a lot. Sometimes we're more like friends than mother/daughter.)


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