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Hey everybody!

Its me Lori and I saw that car mom (megan) told you about what's been goin on with us lately. As you saw me and the girls have been peeing in my house. I figured I would start that evebtually and now I did! But I'm glad. I see that megan told you how it was mostly katelyn who was the one who kept asking and begging me to allow it. Emma would ask too though. It was funny too, Katelyn would ask when she farted like Megan said, but she'd also ask on other occasions. We'd be watching tv and she'd say "I have to pee I'll be right back" and then shed say "or I can just pee here, that would be easier." Or she'd say "look how I'm sitting mom. This is how I'd sit if I was gonna pee." It was driving me crazy! Not because she was annoying me, I never get annoyed by my girls. But it was driving me crazy because I wanyted to do it so much and Katelyn was asking me about it all the time! She or Emma would mention it and the idea would then be in my mind and I'd want to say "yeah let's do it" but I figured it wouldn't be a good idea so I never allowed it. But then came the day I changed my mind! It was a few weeks ago, at the beginning of august. Katelyn and Emma and I were all siting on the couch and we were watching tv and the whole time I wasn't even paying attention to the show, I was thinking about the fact that I had to pee and how much I wanted to pee in the couch. Then suddnly emma got up and said "I'm going to the bathroom, I'll be right back." I said "wait!" Then she said "what" and I said "well I decided that we can pee on the couch." I looked at both of the girls and their faces were lit up! Katelyn said something like "wow" or "cool" and she immediately got up and pulled down her pants. I pulled mine down too and so did Emma. Actually I think we were wearing shorts that time. I then said "yeah I decided that since we all want to do it so much including me, we should just go ahead and do it." I could tell they were so excited especially katelyn. We sat down on the couch. Emma was on the middle cushion and I was to her right and katelyn was to her left. Katelyn was facing us and Emma and I were just sitting like normal. And so that's how we peed. It felt real good. We peed right into the couch cushions. Finally we were doing what we wanted. We peed just like we did at car moms. And our pee went right into the couch. So that's how it happened. From then on I allowed peeing in places in the house, within reason. The couch was allowed anytime, as long as no one was coming over. And there are also other places too that we have peed in. I told the girls to always aske me first but so far I think I've always said "yes". Katelyn is the most creative about it so most of the places are her ideas. Her lateest place is the bottom drawer of the cabinet that the tv is on. She asked me if she could pee in it and I said she could. The drawer has old vhs tapes in it which are almost obsolete anyway so it was ok if she peed on them. Emma has peed there too a few times. I probably will too. But I like to pee into things the most, like into a cushion or a pillow or something. Thats the best for me. The girls have also been in other places too. I'll post about them in the future. Katelyn will probably post too! And yes, I'm sure we will eventually tackle the car! I have a minivan so I'm sure we can have fun with that!

Thanks for reading!
Lori :)

Brandon T

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To: Jack great story about your girlfriend peeing her pants has she ever pooped them and I look forward to those stories thanks.

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To: Car Mom as always another great post about people peeing in you car and great story about Kaylee friends mom peeing in your and it looks you got another person on board and hopefuly Laura will want to be friends again and I hope Lori posts here again and please tell some of your regular bathroom stories im sure there pretty good maybe not exiciting but it could be a nice change of pace and as always I look forward to your next post thanks

To: Emma great story about you pooping in that porta potie some of them can be pretty nasty while other are supirisenly clean and as always I look forwad to your next post thanks.

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To: Wendy & Kirsty Wendy great story about you pooping in that old house and I bet those kids porbaly saw it and thought wow that woman just did that and Kirsty it sounds like you coworker was really desperate at least she made and that was a poop fart you smelled and you guys stories are ranked number 2 in the best stories your also a tie several others but my number 1 is still Carmalitas from many years ago hers were the best to bad she isnt posting anymore and as always I look forward to your guys next posts thanks.

To: A Girl great story about hearing that woman having a nasty dump at the beach it sounds like she really had to go and I actually think I dreamed that after reading your story I posted it earlier this morning so it should show up along with this post in the nxt update and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Story Teller great story bout your babysitter and as always I look forward tour next post thanks.

To: I>3pooping as I said before I always love your stories and I hope you feel better soon maybe a really good dump will help and please return as soon as posible we all care about you thanks.

To: Zoey first welcome to the site and great peeing story please share anymore you may have thanks.

To: Cathrine as always another great story and I look forward to your next one thanks.

To: Lexi great story about you pooping in that doorless stall but your right when you gotta go you gotta go and any toilet will do and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Claire first welcome to the site and great story it sounds like you took a dump of the year other wise an everything has to go dump but I you felt better after that and please post more stories thanks.

Well im out of time right now so to becontiued

Brandon T
Im back

To: Abbie as always another great poop story it sounds like you felt alot better after that

To: Half Dump Denise as always another great story its sounds like you both had good dumps and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Herb T havent heard from you in awhile you ok please post again thanks

Well thats all for now just add this on to my other from earlier thanks

Sincerly Brandon T

@Zoey - Thanks very much for posting and for your explanation. Your particular "abilities," although likely not worth a second thought in your normal routine, remain intriguing to me - much for the reasons Bubba mentioned below. Given your comments, I wouldn't surmise that you pay much attention to the following. So, forgive me for asking, but have you ever measured/timed yourself for curiosity's sake? I would be interested in the results.


most horrible experience in my life.

one time i was at taco bell with my girlfriend and her friend and my other friend. i knew that every time i eat taco bell it gives me explosive diarrhea from hell but i don't care.
i get what i usually get which is a volcano taco, a volcano burrito, 2 cheese rolls and a cherry limeade sparkler. hell if i know why i get volcano stuff, but its so good that i have to get it.
anyways we was eating and i was on my last cheese roll and my stomach started cramping horribly. it usually don't start till i get back to the house but this time it started while i was in the restaurant. i figured it was just warning signs that i was getting ready to have diarrhea. so ignored it and went on eating. but as soon as i took another bite, it churned so loud that my friend heard it across the table he asked me if i was okay and excused myself and ran to the restroom.
i got to the stall door and i cringed in pain. i knew then that i was gonna be a while and it was gonna stink really bad.
i unbuttoned my pants and sat down and as soon as i did liquid shit came out of my ass like lava. it burned like hell too. ever watched that movie about van wilder where someone puts laxatives in his milkshake and he shits in the trash can? well, i was doing exactly what he was doing, pumping liquid shit out of me. i stopped a minute and put my head in my hands. my stomach felt like someone had put a bomb in me and it blew up. it hurt so bad. my stomach started churning again and round two was coming. whenever i have diarrhea i usually have like 4 rounds of diarrhea. all i could do is hold on for life. shit came out of my ass so fast it sounded like piss. & there i was pumping shit out of me again. i looked in the toilet and it looked like there was at least 3 gallons of liquid shit in it. i didn't think that a human could shit that much. i gripped my stomach and my friend came in and said 'austin, you've been in here a while. you okay man?' i didn't really think that i'd been in there that long but i said 'yeah i'm f...' round 3 started coming out. i moaned in pain. my friend said ' i think that we should've went somewhere else'
i said 'tell them that i'll be done in a few minutes. i don't have much left i know. ' and he turned around and left.
i finished my business and washed my hands and left. there was gonna be more later on tonight. i guess i was in there at least 30 minutes at the max. that was the most horrible experience i've ever had in my life. never again will i eat volcano stuff from taco bell again.
as i said, there was more later on in the night but that's a different story.
its good to share my embarrassing story with someone other than my friend and my girlfriend.

Car Mom
Hey everybody!

Today Laura called me again. She was cold like she was last time but it was still good to hear her voice. She said "hi Megan. If its alright I'd like to come over and pee in your chair. Would it be ok?" I said "yeah Laura of course. You know you always can." She said "ok thank you. I'll be right there" and then she hung up. I could tell she still didn't want to be friends again, she just wanted to pee in my chair. I didn't mind though, I really wanted her to pee in it. A few minutes later she showed up. She looked like she had been crying a little. I asked her what was wrong and she said "oh nothing, I just had a really shitty day." I said "I'm sorry" and she just said "its ok its not your fault." Then she said "if its ok I do need to go really bad." I said "oh yes I'm sorry." Then I got out of the way and watched her go over to the living room so she could relieve herself into my chair. I followed her into the room and I asked her "is it ok if I come in here too?" She just said "yeah I don't care." Then she took off her pants and her underwear (what she wore to work) and she sat down on the chair. Immediately I heard her pee start to hiss into the cushion. Laura was peeing. She let out a deep sigh as she peed. I could tell she really had to go. And I knew she was going to go a lot. At first she didn't say anything as she peed, she just sat there with her eyes closed, and she only opened them every once in a while to look down at what she was doing. Then after a few seconds she did look up and she pointed and said "Megan can you hand me that pillow?" She meant one of the small ones on the couch, and I got it and handed it to her. She said "thank you" and then she slipped the pillow under her thighs and she started to let some of her pee go into it. Of course I didn't stop her, I just let her do it, and not only that but I also handed her the other pillow so she could pee into that one too. Laura kept peeing. She also let a couple little farts as she peed which I noticed the smell of right away. But of course I didn't mind. I was so glad Laura was here with me, doing her business in my chair. I missed her so much. She continued to have her pee until she was all finished. Then after the last of her pee came out and went into the cushion, Laura got up and she said "thank you so much for letting me do that Megan, I needed that SO bad. I had SUCH a shitty day at work today." I said "well you're always welcome to come over here and do that Laura. Anytime." Laura then managed to smile a little and she said "thank you." Then after that she left. And so that was that. I'm glad she at least came over to do that. And I'm also glad that more of her is now in my chair.

Bye for now!
C M :)


Peeing and pooping in strange places

One time I peed into a sewer drain. It was late at night and my friend and I were walking to my house. I really had to pee, but we weren't even close. I saw a sewer drain by the side of the road and decided to pee in it. When I told my friend my plan, she said she kinda had to pee as well, so we both squatted and peed into the sewer drain together.

Last winter, I tried to write my name in the snow with my pee. I went outside and found a good spot. I lowered my pants and felt the winter's chill on my bare bottom. I started to pee and gyrated my hips to control the flow. The end result looked absolutely nothing like my name, but I had lots of fun trying anyway.

I have some more stories to tell, but I've been ignoring my urge to poop for a while and I gotta go now. I have a fun idea to try and I'll report back in a few minutes to tell my idea and how it went.

Alright, I'm back. What I did was I got a square glass dish and placed it on the floor. Then I laid down on my side and positioned myself so my poop would come out of my butt and fall in the dish. Finding the right position was a little difficult, partly because I waited until I was super desperate before even getting ready. But once I found the position and began to poop, it was awesome.

A turd eased out of my butt and as expected one end went in the dish. It grew to be fairly long before snapping off. The other end of the turd flopped into the dish with kind of a splat sound. Then I pushed and let more poop flow forth. Another turd about half as long as the first came out. I was glad I didn't have any more in me because the two turds had nearly filled the dish completely. The only thing I didn't consider was that I peed a little while pooping and it made a puddle on the floor, but that was easy to clean up.

Well, that's all for now. I'll share more later on.


Huge accident

I love it when I need to poo really badly and I'm about to do it in my knickers. When (and if) I get the the toilet I find the relief is amazing, so at the weekend I decided to hold it as long as possible. The last time I had a poo was on saturday and it's now thursday. That means I hadn't pood for 6 days and boy did I have to go. I spent all day at work thinking about whether to play it safe and use the company toilet or to hold it untill I got home. Well it got to home time and I still hadn't decided what to do. I was so desperate I didn't think I could make it home so I went to the toilet but there were two women waiting outside while the cleaner was in there. I only live about 2 miles away from work so I decided it would be quicker to drive home and use my own toilet so I got in my car and started to drive. I pulled out of the car park and onto the main road but was immediately hit by a huge urge to push. I resisted it but the urge came back with a vengance. I clenched hard and it hurt but I managed to keep it in. It helped that I was sitting down but the pain got worse as the pressure grew. I had to clench for the whole journey home and the pain was unbearable. By the time I got home my bowels felt like they would burst and the pain was excrutiating. I got out of my car and felt the the most intense urge to push. I tried to resist but the pain and the pressure was too much for me. I held on to the drivers door and bent my legs while my bowels did all the work. I totaly filled my knickers untill they overflowed into my jeans. I couldn't stop pushing and it started to move down to my knees. By the time it stopped my knickers, my jeans and even my trainers were full of poo. The pain was almost gone and the relief was so good it was like an orgasm. I still felt like I needed to go so I gave a final push and the rest flowed out adding to the mess. Now the pain was gone and it felt so good. You don't want to know what the cleanup was like but it was worth it just for the intense relief.


Latest Story

To: Whoever asked me about the RA, no, she took her crap first, then came out of the stall to brush her teeth. I guess I should have been more clear.

Today, I was about to head to the cafe to eat when I suddenly felt the urge to pee. I went into the restroom in my residence hall and was about to go into a stall that was seemingly empty when I saw a girl sitting there. I mumbled a quick "sorry" and went into the next stall. As I sat down to pee, I heard the girl fart and let out a small grunt. She was stinking up the place really good. I flushed, washed my hands, and left while the girl was still sitting on the toilet.
This is all I have for now.

The End


To Bubba

I can't say as though I'd ever really paid much attention to the goings-on in other stalls. But when I read your post, I started to get curious. I figured I'd want a frequented bathroom, and the food court at the mall would probably be the busiest bathroom I could find so I went there. When I first went in, all of the stalls were busy and I had to wait for one. As soon as it became available, I went in and began to pee.

I listened closely for any flushes as I was going. There was one, nothing for a while, then another. Someone came in and entered one of the vacant stalls, and shortly after a third flush. A second stall was taken and I was nearly done, then I heard a flush just as I was finishing up.

So I guess the answer is four people. Though, to be fair, I don't really know how many of those women were peeing or pooping, or how far along they were in the process when I came in.


Dog Poopie

One time it was in the First or Sceond Grade,I was going to play a prank at school.So the day before School I was out in my yard with a ziplock bag and shoveld some dog poop in it.I left it on the pourch that night. And the next day I snuck it in my backpack.I put it in a sperate pocket in my bag.When I got to class before the teacher came in the class,all kids where up and playing.
I got the doodoo when no one was looking and put it next to the Teachers' desk.And then I sat down.I heard one boy asked another boy if he went to the bathroom in his pants.The Teacher came in the class and nothing happened,And we went to reading.During the bathroom break I saw the Janitor leaving my homeroom,And the Teacher was thanking him for something.
No one ever did asked about what happened.I was lucky the teacher didn't inspect everyone's backpack by smelling them.


constipated at work

hi my names kayla, im 19 years old. lately like the last week or 2 ive been pretty constipated. i havent changed my diet at all, its just been really hard to get my poop out. i only went twice last week, the first time took 15 minutes and i only managed to get out 20 or so really hard and dry marbles. the other time i pooped i got out about 10 marbles and a fat and really hard 4" poop. other than that i havent even had the urge to go until today at work. it was after lunch and i was sitting at my desk and i felt the urge coming on to poop, but since i dont like going at work, i put it off for now but the urge kept growing until i was very uncomfortable. i knew it was going to be a huge and very hard painful dump but i decided i better at least try to go push for awhile to see what i was up against and just how hard a time i was going to have. i walked to the bathroom and luckily no one else was in there. i quietly sat down on the toilet and began to push slightly. i could feel how hard the poop was and winced in pain. i took a deep breath and pushed hard. nothing. i sat for 10 minutes pushing and pushing and only a few marbles came out. i could feel so much more poop wanting to come out but i couldnt get my hole to open far enough. the next turd was just stuck. it would come out about an inch or so and get too big so i had to suck it back in. i texted my boyfriend nearly in tears and told him what was going on. he told me to try and make it through work and he would help me go when i got home. i wiped carefully and flushed and went back to work. i could barely sit down my butt hurt so bad. i finally made it home and my bf was waiting for me. i quickly walked to the bathroom and sat down on the toilet with my bf by my side holding my hand and rubbing my stomach. he gently told me to push and rubbed my back. i strained and grunted for awhile and he asked is it coming? i said no, only a inch or 2 and then it hurts too much and i have to suck it back in. i got up off the toilet and squatted in front of him while he rubbed my back and i pushed and pushed "oww, ow babe it really hurts! he said keep trying sweetie it looks like its coming a little bit! i pushed as hard as i could and it felt like a baseball was coming. once again it got stuck and i sucked the turd back in. my bf asked " would you like a suppository or vaseline? i was a little nervous but i had to get this poop out so i said yes, both please. my bf got out a little jar of vaseline and a suppository from the cabinet. he told me to get down on all fours and i did. i watched him lube up a suppository and he told me he was going in. as he pushed the suppository in my butt, he said oh my god babe your poop is solid as a rock, no wonder you cant go!! he finally got the suppository in my butt and applied alot of vaseline. we waited for about 30 mins or so and i told him i was going to go try again. he came with me and told me to bend over and put a old piece of carpet under me, and told me to just poop on that ( i knew my poop wouldnt flush anyway so good idea lol). i bent over and began to push. the poop came out about 2 inches and i stopped to breathe and because it hurt. come on, babe you can do this my bf told me. he was spreading my butt cheeks a little and i looked in the mirror to watch my huge turd come out. the suppository was sticking right out of the turd and i gave a long hard push and the turd barely moved. i tried again and it moved about another inch so now i couldnt suck it back into my butt, and it was about 3 inches wide and hurt like hell but there was no going back now. unnngggghh!!! uhh nnnnn!!! i grunted and pushed as hard as i could. my bf was now in front of me and i was bear hugging him because it hurt so bad and to push harder. come on baby almost there keep pushing!! he said. my turd was now about 10 inches long and coming out a little faster. i pushed and panted another 10 inches out and the turd finally landed with a very hard thud onto the carpet about 20 inches long and big around as my arm. i moaned in relief but i was not done. i took a 5 minute break and pushed out another 15 inch log very slowly. after that i pooped out 3 4" pieces that came out without even pushing barely. i finally was done and wiped. i looked at what i had done and couldnt believe it but it felt SO good. my bf ran a hot bath for me as i soaked my pained body. that was the hardest dump i have ever took. i thanked my bf and gave him a kiss. we cleaned up and went to bed. i will keep posting if i have any further issues! i feel so much better!!

Shy Poop Girl
Hello all, it's been quite awhile since I posted here. By "quite awhile," I mean five years! The longevity of this community truly impresses me. I started visiting this site when I was 14. I turned 25 last week.

I pooped twice this morning. Pooping twice inspired me to visit this Web site. My father used to refer to having a bowel movement as "making a visit."

Speaking of childhood:
When I was four years old, I was reading "The Ear Book" by Dr. Seuss on the toilet. I kept going back to the parts I liked. I didn't want to leave the washroom because I enjoyed reading "The Ear Book" in complete solitude. This prolonged "visit" concerned my father, who kept knocking on the door and asking if I was done. "I'm almost done," was the response I continuously gave. He got impatient and asked if I was constipated. I replied with, "YES!"

I didn't know what "constipated" meant, but I thought it was a long, cool, big, sophisticated word. My father didn't bother to inquire further and somehow assumed that long, cool, big, sophisticated word was in my vocabulary. This encouraged him to take me to the doctor.

The doctor gave me mineral oil and suppositories, which made me poop my pants with oily orange stuff, since I was NOT "constipated" after all.

I never said I was "constipated" again.

To: "Why are my craps so difficult at school?" : perhaps you have, uhm, performance anxiety. I find it difficult to poop OR pee in a public restroom while talking to someone. Sometimes, I can't go if people are around. I need my privacy to relieve myself. Maybe you have a subconscious reaction similar to my conscious one. I hope you are able to get over it and I wish you best of luck crapping at school!

I used to be COMPLETELY phobic of pooping in public restrooms, but I got over it when I decided it was better not to be uncomfortable. That "gotta poop!" feeling is so distracting. Plus: I'm one to be overly concerned with my physical appearance and being stopped up makes me feel fat and distended.

When I lived with my first boyfriend, I never pooped while he was home unless it was an emergency. I didn't want him knowing I pooped and I definitely didn't want him smelling it. I felt like pooping made me unladylike. Silly me!

I've been dating my girlfriend for a year now (yes, I'm bi) and we live together. She's helped SO much with my poop shyness. She also has Crohn's Disease... having Crohn's Disease would cure anyone of shyness regarding gastric functions, I think. When she first told me the details of what she goes through, I was concerned (of course) and... well, a little grossed out. If she eats something she can't digest, she'll have nonstop diarrhea. She has bleeding and anal leakage on some days. I'm not grossed out by it anymore; I care very much about her and thankfully, between medications and avoiding intolerant foods, she is doing better. I don't find her any less sexy for it.

She'll poop with the door open, but I still won't. I don't care if she knows I am pooping, but I prefer to close the door and turn on the fan for both privacy and courtesy.

Pee is interesting

Questions for CarMom et al

I live you're posts! I wish we could share contact info like IM but guess that's not allowed? I was wondering. This is to you and or Laura. Have your girls ever peed in a cup for any reason at all? If so would you tell why they had to and how they did it?

Thanks! Please keep posting!


Interesting piece on constipation

I saw a wonderful pictorial article on constipation that was in a medical magazine that I subscribe to on the internet. It was a 20 slide presentation. Each slide was accompanied by some text. It covered the usual topics--eat plenty of fiber (a slide of a medley of fruits and vegetables appeared), drink plenty of fluids (a slide of a woman drinking a tall glass of water), get exercise (a slide of a middle aged couple running), etc. Then there was my favorite slide: when you feel the urge to go, don't delay! The slide was of an attractive thirty something year old woman, dressed in business attire so it appeared she was at work. She is rather anxiously looking at her watch, and in the background is a ladies room that is very busy (people are coming in and going out). The implication is this poor woman is at work and she's busting for a good shit, but she doesn't want to unload in the busy ladies room at work. So she is looking at her watch trying to gauge if she can make it until she gets home. There's this look of anxious desperation on her face and you can almost read her mind: "I'd do anything to unload this massive dump!" I found it hysterical.


Had to poo in a meeting

I was about to head to the toilets when our entire floor got called into a meeting. I hoped the meeting would end shortly because I had to poo pretty bad. I saw all of the other ladies I work with and I wondered if any of them were holding it as well. When the meeting was over, I went straight to the toilets.

One woman had beaten me there and there was another lady following me closely. I went into the very end stall and started pushing out a long log. The log felt like would never end but it eventually did. I was done after that, so I wiped and flushed, washed my hands, and returned to work.


Hey Soccor Mom are you still around???

I LOVED the stories that Soccor Mom used to post about her and her daughter. Would love to hear more!!!

Labor Day bike ride with Cherish

On Labor Day neither Charish's family nor mine had any special plans so Cherish and I decided to take our bikes out a little farther than we normally do. We are both avid riders, enjoy the exercise, and, of course there's not that much to do when you are only 13 and the temps are too cool to swim.

Cherish wore jeans instead of shorts because it was so cool and she said the tight jeans made riding her bike harder. I was able to get more speed, especially on some of the partial hills in our suburb. We had enough money between us to get some fast food for lunch and it was Cherish's idea that we then take it across the street to where there is a park and a picnic area. Both Cherish and I had already downed most of the water from our shared water bottle and we still had another 1.5 miles to go to reach our destination. I told Cherish that I was starting to fill up my bladder and she surprised me by saying that it was my fault for drinking that much. I admit she can hold her pee better than me, but I still don't like to be reminded of it that much. We finally got to the strip with the fast food places and we parked our bikes, when it and got our food. Then with the bags dangling from our hands which also had to control the handle bars, we rode about a another two blocks to the picnic area.

We were both pretty hungry and we ate rather fast, but spent a larger amount of time talking and just resting. Cherish laid out on the wooden bench and said the ride had made her so tired, she thought she could take a nap. And she did for about 10 minutes, but a plane overhead woke her up and at that point she realized she had to pee. I suggested that she use the bathroom about two blocks south of where we were because it's smaller and less dirty because its so far out of the way. She agreed and we rode over. As we were riding, I got to thinking that she and I had some time back talked about her trying to use a urinal. Since she didn't have to shit, and there weren't a lot of others around, I saw this as my opportunity. She was leading so I had to peddle even faster to catch up with her and I started to tell her about my idea. When she said "We'll see", I got encouraged.

We finally got to the small bathroom building, I told her I wanted her to try the urinal. At first, she had she had to go too bad and would probably have an accident doing it. Then she changed her mind and went into the guys room with me. There was one stall, no door, a urinal with some splashes on the concrete floor below it and a sink. You could see by the paint exposed that a mirror on top of it had been removed, or stolen. I went to the urinal and, unzipped my shorts, and took out my dick. Cherish was partially putting me on, but she was surprised that I didn't drop my shorts and underwear all the way to the floor. I told her I've only seen some really young kids to that and that they learn pretty fast that it's not a good move to make. Luckily, I was able to get my stream going amost immediately, although I was a little self-conscious with an audience watching my every move. As I peed, Cherish asked how long I could keep it going, and I told her at least a minute, but I don't think I made it. She seemed surprised that I held onto my dick. I told her I had too in order to keep it from sitting on the bottom of the bowl which often has pubic hairs and pee drops from previous users. She said that makes sense.

I finished, flushed, and then told Cherish the urinal was hers. She seemed to hesitate at first, but I moved to my left, blocked the entrance to the stall and told her to get going. A previous girl I knew was absent from school a couple of times last year because of bladder infections and I told Cherish I didn't want that to happen to her. When she knows I'm right, she makes a certain and turns away. So I knew I had her where I wanted her. At first, she looked at the urinal and said it was too high. I told her to get up on it. She slowly unbuttoned her jeans and dropped them all the way to the floor. Next came her white underwear, which had to be pulled down. She backed up and the back of her butt rubbed up against the bowl of the urinal. Again, she said it was too high. I told her to stand on her toes and slide back onto it. I could see it was uncomfortable for her, but she remained in pretty good spirits. As she partially seated herself, she put her hand down to make sure that she was seated far enough back so that the pee wouldn't miss the bowl. She explained to me that it would be easier for a girl to crap than pee in the urinal. At that point, I could hear the first drops of her pee hit the bowl and the stream picked up. It continued for about 30 seconds.

Then Cherish took a step forward, walked around me and placed herself on the toilet pretty fast. I heard two or three quick splashes into the bowl. She was taking a crap and also finishing her pee up. She made one quick wipe which she held up for me to see, then she threw it between her legs as she stood up and reached back to flush. She flushed before I could see how much she had in the bowl, but that was OK because at least she had learned to use the urinal. She said it was something she didn't want to do again. Often, she both craps and pees at the same time.

Our ride back home went faster because there were more down hills. Then we went home because both of us had homework to get to.


First poo at my new school

Hi everyone, Abbie here with my latest post.
Emma- Sounds like you had a good poo in that portaloo at the fair. I hope it wasn't too embarasing having to spend a while getting those last bits out! Thanks too for wishing me all the best with toilet visits at my new school, as you can see from the title of my post I went for my first poo there today so I'll get on to that story now.
I got back last night and started to feel the need for a poo after tea, I knew I hadn't been since Saturday and that I really ought to use the toilet but unfortunately things didn't work out, first Lucy rang to see how things were going at my new school and to arrange to meet up at the weekend and then my mum decided to have a long bath so by the time the loo was free I was already in bed watching telly and I couldn't be bothered to get up, my need wasn't too strong anyway. I woke up the next morning and by the time I got to school I was kicking myself for not going on the toilet the night before as I was starting to want a poo pretty urgently and I knew I probably wouldn't last till I got back home. I managed to hold on till break and then after break I had a study period so I knew the loos would be a lot quieter, now I'm in Year 12 I have a few free lessons which is a bonus. I've explored a few sets of toilets now and there are some that aren't too bad but its very different to my old school, basically there are loads of smaller sets of loos rather than a few big toilet blocks. The ones in the Sixth Form area are actually the worst I've used so far, I went for a wee there the first day and they're really old and dirty, a lot of them don't have seats at all or if they do they're cracked and broken which is a bit rubbish. Today I decided I'd use the loos in the English block, I was walking past yesterday when I needed to have a wee so I thought I'd check them out. The actual toilets themselves are really modern and clean, the only drawback is that they obviously tried to save money on the cubicle partitions as they're flimsy, theres a massive gap underneath them and they don't exactly go up a long way either. I have to say given the choice between an old and dirty toilet or a lack or privacy because the cubicles aren't enclosed enough I would rather have less privacy but a decent toilet to actually sit on, I know a lot of girls hover but I hate doing that even if I'm just having a wee. Anyway, I walked stiffly to the toilets, I knew I didn't have long before my first log started to poke out of my bum. As I got there I saw a younger girl who was probably in Year 8 or 9 coming from the opposite direction so I held the door open for her and she smiled shyly at me. I guess she must have asked her teacher if she could use the toilet as we were now part way through a lesson. Those loos are really small, there are only 3 cubicles and the far one was already taken so I went in the middle one and the girl took the one closest to the door. I quickly pulled down my skirt and dropped my black tights and pink knickers to my knees before sitting and starting to wee. At that moment the girl in the far cubicle flushed and went off leaving just the two of us, I was hoping the other girl wanted a poo as well so it wouldn't be quite so embarasing if I grunted or farted, both of which felt pretty likely! I looked towards my neighbour's cubicle and saw her skirt and white knickers at her ankles, her wee started to splash down noisily into the bowl and I realised the cubicle partitions might as well not be there it was so easy to hear. By now I'd stopped weeing and was pushing, all at once I did some farts, they didn't last long but they were quite loud! Before I could get too embarased the girl next to me farted as well as her wee stream was dying away, I started to relax as I realised we both needed to open our bowels. It went quiet for a few minutes, I could hear heavy breathing and knew the girl must be pushing to get her poo out, she could probably hear the same coming from me. I was finding it hard going, my log was starting to get dry and thick and I was struggling to keep it moving. Next door I suddenly heard a grunt and then a massive plop, this opened the floodgates as the poor girl suddenly let go with another four or five plops and finished with a few more farts. I guessed she was done but she stayed where she was. I pushed as hard as I could and did my best to keep quiet but couldn't help panting after I stopped holding my breath. Next door the girl finished with a few final bits before I heard loo paper being ripped, just then I felt my log drop with a splash. As the girl flushed and then left I pushed out two more logs and finally was ready to wipe my bum, which I did carefully and then pulled up my pants and tights and then my skirt. I went out feeling much better and happy that I'd managed to have a successful first poo! Hope you enjoyed this, will post again soon, bye for now!!


A few disjointed thoughts

I have a couple things I want to share my thoughts on, but I'd like anyone who feels so inclined to post sharing their opinions on these topics as well.

First off, I'd like to talk about padded toilet seats. I just find it ironic that something designed to make sitting on the toilet more comfortable actually makes me feel so uncomfortable. Plus when I have to use a padded seat, I find that I always get piss or shit on the seat instead of in the bowl. Yecch!

Switching topics to toilet paper, is any one brand really superior to any other? I buy whatever brand is cheapest at the store, so I've probably used just about every brand of toilet paper there is, and I really haven't noticed much difference. In my mind, any two ply toilet paper is functionally equivalent to any other and you're paying more for the packaging.

I won't deny there's a certain appeal to seeing a big turd that just came from a woman, but I tend to prefer girls who do lots of little plops. The sounds of the turds hitting the water is the best part of the experience for me.

Sorry if this is a little blander than the usual posts here, but I just wanted to open up a discussion about things that normally aren't discussed.

Katelyn =)

Car Moms friend!

Hi! =)

I'm Katelyn and I'm Lori's daughter, and also Car Mom's friend! As you know I'm 13 and right now I'm in 8th grade. And its all my fault that there are many toilets in our house! Just kidding! My moms right though, it was mostly me who got her to start allowing it. I do really like to pee. At first I didn't and I was shy about it but I then decided that it could be a fun thing and it turned out to be, and so now I love it and I love that I get to be open about it! My mom posted already and I read her post and also car moms. And so I've decided to tell you about some of the places that I have peed in. I've peed in most of the unusual places first and then sometimes Emma and my mom have followed suit. Let's see I peed in my closet. There are a lot of things in my closet that are good for peeing in like boxes and pillows and stuffed animals. I also peed in mine and Emmas toybox. Emma peed there too actually. Once I peed in one of my moms purses. At first she didn't want me to pee in it but then she decided to give in and let me. I also peed in one of the kitchen chairs while eating dinner and I also peed behind the living room chair and I leaned against the back of the chair so that way I would get pee on it. Another time I took a towel and I wrapped it up around me like a diaper and then I sat down on the couch and peed in it. Of course a lot of it leaked out into the couch. I also did that with one of the placemats from the kitchen table and another time I did it with one of the armrest covers from the couch. Well that's all I can think of for right now! Next time maybe I'll tell you about my friend Haley who also peed with me a couple times!

Katelyn =)

sore bum girl

problem with sore bum

Hello! My name is Ewa. I am from Poland. I am 16. I have this problem. When i make poop, it is always very hard, and when the poop is all out, my bum is very sore and has much pain. Also i spend much time in the toilet before the poop is out and my parents and my sister are angry with me. Are there any boys and girls of my age with the same problem? Please answer me


mudslide in my black tights

i'm kelsey, 20 years old, I'm short and have blue eyes long light brown hair. I'm not afraid to admit that today i pooped in my pants for the 5th time in the past 8 years or so. I'll go into the other stories later, for now I'll just share today's accident. i only had one class at college after the long weekend and i just wanted to get it over with. i got up and just pulled on my school sweatshirt over my tank top and slipped on a black pair of tights with no underwear and just stepped into my sandals and headed out to class. i didn't even get breakfast or use the bathroom except for a quick pee. during my walk to class i started to cramp up and suddenly i knew i had to shit kinda bad. i squeezed my cheeks together and tried to surpress the urge because my class was about to begin. it would only be a 50 minute class so if i could get my bowels at bay I'd be able to get through it. i felt like i got it under control as the cramps faded to a dull pressure that was manageable, just enough for me to be aware of my need to go. i sat through class trying to ignore it, but about 20 minutes in i got another bad cramp and suddenly i was struggling to keep a wet fart from ripping into my tights and reverberating off of my desk chair. i started grabbing my things and getting ready to bail on class early even though its only the second week but with my track record of having a lack of intestinal fortitude i knew i had to get to a potty in a hot minute. little did i know, it was already too late. i stepped into the hallway and the noisy wet fart i had worked so hard to supress in class popped right out, echoing off the wall and giving me a sticky wedgie. i cramped up bad and just froze, and i had to decide which walk of shame to make- head towards the ladies room in the hall and pass the 4 or 5 people who heard me rip ass and knew i was about to explode, and probably not get to the toilet in time anyway, or go straight out the door to go outside and hesd directly to my dorm and almost certainly load my tights before i got there. neither of those happened. i just stood there like a fool, ripping more loud farts as globs of brown mush flowed into my tights. it was all hot and wet and it was a pretty big load. i could feel it all sticky between my cheeks and the warm bulge was slowly oozing down the inside and back of my left thigh. i finally was able to move again, after i stood in the hallway completely shitting myself in front of those 5 people. i walked gingerly out the door and made the disgusting trek back to my dorm, with the mess spreading all over my ass and oozing pretty much all the way down my left leg. it was like a mudslide for sure. it was pretty degrading, but believe it or not it wasn't my most embarrassing accident. thankfully i got out of the classroom and i didn't start pooping myself at my desk! i do wish i had thrown some panties on under my tights though so the mess would've been contained and didn't go all down my leg, that was really uncomfortable... anyway, I'll try and be back to share my other wonderful tales of my public humiliation resulting from a pitiful inability to control my bowels at times.


Girls, Please Take This Survey

Catherine, believe it or not, I was actually thinking about running a survey of my own on this site about the wiping habits of other girls. There are far too few of these. I hope you'll get more responses to your survey. Following are my responses.

Do you ever wipe your bottom only once after crapping? Sometimes.

Do you fold or wad your toilet tissue? Wad.

After a shit, do you wipe from front to back or vice versa? Front to back, whie seated.

After a shit, do you wipe with dry toilet paper alone or do you wet your toilet tissue or use wet wipes? I use dry toilet paper alone, nothing wet.

Do you ever sniff your used toilet tissue? Not usually but I have. It strikes me as something people do out of normal curiosity.

Mr. Clogs

Comment for Lauren and question

Lauren: Wow, that's good observation about your co-worker Alexis bathroom habits. I guess we're all wondering if she has to take a dump, would she go for the trash can? Keep us posted!


Smelly Kelly

Hi all. I had a great experience at a Labor Day party on Monday that I wanted to share with you. I was at a friend's house for a barbecue. There was a young lady there named Kelly. She was in her early 20s and I overheard that she was in her 1st year of medical school. Simply put, Kelly did not have what most people would consider a pretty face. She looked like she had severe acne problems as a teenager and, to make matters worse, her face was kind of pinched. She was about 5'7" with a very skinny build. She had long brown, curly hair. Her best feature, by far, was her long muscular legs. She was dressed kind of preppy in tiny white shorts, a Gray shirt and Gray flats. This skinny girl had a monster appetite. At the barbecue, I watched her eat 2 hot dogs, a hamburger and a LARGE plate of potato salad with eggs. Anyway, after dinner I was filling up my beer at the keg when I saw Kelly make her way into the house. Now, the party was outside and the only reason someone would go into the house would be to use the toilet. Being the "nosy" guy that I am, I followed her in. When I got inside she was already in the downstairs bathroom. This bathroom is like a closet and consists of no more than a toilet and sink. I snuck up to the door in time to hear a long, loud stream of urine. A few seconds later, a loud fart was heard. After that, the flood gates broke loose. This girl must have farted 20 times. One of her farts had to go on for at least 10 seconds. If there was a way to bottle it, I am sure the whole barbecue could have been cooked with the gas coming out of her anus. At this point, I am getting really interested and step closer to the door. The house is dead silent and you could hear a pin drop. After the farting ends, I hear the crackling and spitting "snap crackle and pop" of a turd being expelled but I don't hear it hit the water. This led me to believe that it must have been pretty long. I listen carefully and hear 3 more turds come out. By this time, I can't wait to get in there. She wipes 5 times and then flushes. I back away and out she comes. She won't make eye contact and gets out of the house as fast as possible. I walk in and close the door. Whew! What an interesting odor. I would rate it a 7 (heavy-moderate) but the most interesting part of it is that her bowel movement smelled like food. Don't get me wrong, there was a shit smell but underneath there was a stench something like rotting fruit or vegetables. I swore I could detect the smell of onions. Also, it was very pungent and "sharp" and went up my nose with almost a "burn" to it. I walk over to the toilet and lifted the lid. To my disappointment, there isn't a trace of Kelly's feces in the bowl. I stay in there for a few minutes and "huff" Kelly's stink before making my way outside to see her sitting in a chair with her legs crossed drinking a beer. I founding myself wishing that I could be there when she got rid of the food she ate at the barbecue. I hope some other lucky guy got a whiff of that! Anyway, that is the story of "Smelly Kelly's" B.M.


Childhood memory

When I was about 8 I was visiting a friend and her brother one day (it must have been a weekend) and her dad took us out for a game of golf. I'd been there for a few hours already and we had lunch before we went out. When we were nearly leaving I noticed that I was starting to want to go to the toilet a bit, but I didn't like to ask to use other people's toilets and couldn't seem to bring myself to ask to go before we left. I wasn't wanting to go very much, and hoped it wouldn't get too bad while we were out. I did feel a little uneasy about it as we got in the car and drove away but then forgot about it, and once we were playing didn't worry about it even when I started getting a few urges to wee. That was pretty normal for me; I was always holding on well past when I first wanted to go. I must have had a fair bit to drink with lunch though, because soon I was needing to go quite a lot. I must have started squirming fairly noticably because my friend giggled and asked me if I was wanting to go to the toilet. I said yes and we both giggled, but soon I wasn't finding it funny any more. Before long I was really busting and frequently having to hold myself, even when I knew others could see me, and then her dad noticed too and asked me if I was needing the toilet. Embarrassed, I admitted that I was, and he asked if I could wait a bit longer until we were a bit closer to the clubhouse. I agreed, not wanting to seem like an infant, but soon afterwards when we were driving off onto a new hole I was squirming so much I couldn't hit the ball. My friend's dad took pity on me then and took me over to a nearby little group of trees. It wasn't very good cover, but I really HAD to go, and didn't feel I could ask him to walk all the way back to the clubhouse with me. He considerately turned the other way but stayed only a few paces away, and I was further embarrassed by knowing he must plainly be hearing the loud squirting noise that my wee always made.


Toilet Ordeals for Olympic Swimmer

I was reading a story the other day about the U.S. Olympic Team swimmer Michael Phelps and the typical diet he is on while in training/competition and the article was saying that he consumes 12,000 calories in a day's time during his rigorous training

Breakfast: 3 fried egg sandwiches, 2 cups coffee, 5-egg omlette, bowl of grits, 3 pieces of french toast, 3 chocolate chip pancakes

Lunch: 1 pound pasta, 2 ham and cheese sandwiches, energy drink (1,000 calorie)

Dinner: 1 pound pasta, 1 large pizza, energy drink (1,000 calorie)

Dspite all this voracious eating, the 6'4 Mr. Phelps has never cracked 200 pounds. In fact, he rarely breaks 190.

Keep in mind that the MAXIMUM recommended calorie intake for a very active fit young male 24 0r 25 years of age and 200 pounds is about 3000 calories, and you figure someone like that will be bumming on the toilet a couple times a day producing some really good sized dumps. An average male should consume no more than 1500 calories a day.

So after reading all this, naturally someone like started speculating that this handsome, extremely fit and extremely voracious youmg man's body must produce just an AMAZING amount of excrement. I really wonder just how many times a day Mr. Phelps requires the services of a toilet??? Michael Phelps must jut get TREMENDOUSLY LOADED with shit at times and I'm sure that young man really has to bum out just an astronomical amount of crap every day. I would have to think that much excrement would really have to be broken up in multiple trips to the shitter, certainly more than two. Concentrating THAT much shit into just 2 drops a day would be REALLY overwhelming, even for a big fit young guy like this.

One thing I did notice was that young Mr. Phelp's diet wasn't especially conducive to smoooth easy pooping.... lot's of starch, sugar, and cheese in the diet.. Sounds like he could use some more fruits and vegetables in that mix. This probably makes his numerous turds more firm and compact instead of soft and bulky which probably serves to make his dumps less urgent and more manageable when he DOES have to drop his pants and let loose. But STILL, any way you look at it, 12,000 calories every single day is going to make for a LOT of shit!!! I do wonder though if he gets his crap out somewhat easily or if there's a lot of strenuous grunting when he's sitting on the hopper with his pants around his ankles.

As you can imagine, a big dump aficionado such as myself would absolutely LOVE to find all this out firsthand. It would be totally awesome to watch Michael Phelps drop his pants and absolutely pound the porcelain pot with one of his patented 12,000-calorie bombs. But barring that, it's fun to at least be able to speculate!!!

Freshman the Catherine

updates and a story or two

I noticed there was another Catherine on here who's also posting, so I changed my name so people wouldn't get confused. But I'm still the Catherine who doesn't use a toilet anymore.

To Happy Dude: I only use the toilet if I absolutely have to, and then I still go through my pants. I usually just sit on it and pee, and that's only if my mom or someone else doesn't want me to make a mess, like if I'm at a friend's house that doesn't want me to pee on their floor or something. And yes I do wet the bed, every night, or if I don't at night, I will sit in bed and pee when I wake up. Sometimes I poop in bed, too, but not all the time because cleanup tends to suck. I'm a restless sleeper and I toss and turn a lot.

To Whinnie the Poo: That sucks that your parents are kind of uptight about peeing your pants, I mean, they're your pants lol. Unfortunately, I do have a few stories where I have gotten in trouble (not by my mom though), and I'll share one at the bottom.

To Car Mom: I think it may be growing on my mom! And that makes me happy, because I think it's my fault lol! I keep pestering her to think about peeing her pants the next time we're out, and she finally broke down, sighed, and said that she'd at least think about it.

To Alice T.: Actually, our moms are fine with it, mine more than Marissa's though. Marissa is only allowed to do it at home, school, or my house. She will pee and poop in her pants at other places though, just not as much as me, and she still gets in trouble, but she does it anyway :) Other family members have just accepted it from me because my mom talked with them, but my grandma's house is one place where I have to use the toilet (through my pants of course). So far they haven't said anything at school, but I usually pee my pants outside of class. Poop doesn't make a huge wet puddle (usually) so I'll poop whenever. Of course there are those other kids who make fun of me, but I don't care. I usually just ignore them.

And now for a story!
This happened last year when I was fourteen (I had been toilet free for about two years). I was hanging out with my friend Emma at her house, and we were playing Super Smash Bros. Brawl on her Wii. I had to go to the bathroom, like usual, and we were sitting on the floor in her room, so I just relaxed and peed in my blue jeans. It created a huge puddle, but I didn't really care. Well, Emma did care. When she saw my pants and the puddle I made, she got really mad. (She's seen me go to the bathroom in my pants before then, but she always assumed it was an accident.) She ran out to get her dad, and he came in yelling at me. She also said that I was gross and she didn't want to be my friend anymore, and he kicked me out. I had to walk home, and on the way I was crying. I tried calling her when I got home, but she just hung up on me. The next day at school, I tried talking to her again, and she told me (loudly so everyone could hear) that she didn't want to be friends with someone who would piss all over themselves on purpose, and then she stomped off. I got laughed at again, and thought about going home, but I didn't let her get the best of me and I stayed. Marissa cheered me up by peeing in her pants, and then we hugged, and I felt better after that.

So it hasn't always been fun for me, and I have lost friends over it, but I think the friends I've kept and the friends I've made are way better.

Hope you like it, and I'll try to post some more.


Brandon T

toilet dream

I just had a dream about a girl or woman pooping I cant exactly remember but I remember her going into a portapoty so I went into the one next to her and heard her have very bad diarrhea and I started to wake up but I was able to finish the dream I knew her but I dont know from where or even if she was or from a cartoon but thats how dreams are this isnt my regular post I just to post it before I forgot.


drunk wife needed a pee n dump bad!!

i picked up my drunk wife from a party, she said she was bursting for a pee while on the phone and to hurry, she was outside, it was day time too, when i got to her she was sitting on a low wall, thought she had wet herself, she said she could not move or she would wet herself, her skirt was very short, her legs crossed with her hand between them, her face was a picture, she got into my car walking funny, as i drove she lean over saying oh god i have a bad pain in my ???? you need to stop, i said fart, she said she would p her pants if she did, go on try and fart she messed and pee her pants, the hissing sound!

Thursday, September 08, 2011

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