girlfriend's accident

A few weeks ago when I was out of town, my girlfriend had an accident at our house. She had just got home with some groceries and put them away. After she put them away she was trying to open something up when she realized she had to pee. She thought she could ignore the urge and continued trying to open the package. But in doing so she said she started peeing down her legs. She waddled to the toilet to finish peeing but didn't have anything left after the puddle she made. She said she was wearing a skirt and didn't get any pee on the skirt, but her panties were completely soaked. The funny thing is that she hid her panties after she peed them and now she can't find them or her new skirt that she was wearing. She's peed her pants many times and maybe I'll share some more stories in the future. This one was the most recent.

Happy Dude

Wife peed on floor

Hi again! Thank you for the replies to my last post about water moving in the toilet due to storms. Makes sense that it has to do with low pressure storms as we get strong low pressure storms here in the winter and that's the time of year the toilet water moves the most. As for Hurricane Irene, she was a piece of cake. It seems NC and VT got the worst of it. We are in a different state and had a lot of rain, not much wind (until the day after when it was gone) and several tornadoes throughout the state. We don't normally get tornadoes here either, so that was a bit unnerving. So much that during the warning my bowels decided to liquify and I was stuck in the bathroom for awhile. It was awful, like black tar pouring out painfully. Of course the poor diet I had been eating that day didn't help and probably contributed to it.

Anyway, a few days ago my wife and I were being playful and fooling around. I spanked her on the butt hard and she enjoyed it. Then for my enjoyment, I told her to piss on the floor, right where she was standing. She obliged by standing tall, legs slightly apart, and her stream started thick and strong, making the carpet darken as it got wet. I enjoyed the sight and sounds, but had to hurry up and get back to the chores i was attending to. My wife cleaned up her mess but our play didn't get any further that night. We made up for it on Saturday, but that's not what this site is about.

TO CATHERINE: Very intriguing that you pee and poop your pants wherever you are. Do you ever use the toilet? Or is the only place you go in your pants? Also, do you wet the bed too?

TO CAR MOM: Thank you for the stories! That's pretty funny the one girl's mom peed in your car the next day. You have quite a number of people enjoying peeing in your car. Has anyone ever confronted you negatively on the issue?


I'm living at the University residency for this next year. With classes starting next week my floor has slowly started to fill up as things get busier in preparation for fall semester. Since I arrived over a week ago it has been pretty quiet. I've been using the shared washroom on my floor since my room doesn't have one. The toilets were really weak for some reason despite being quite old. I had trouble flushing my loads down but I learned to modify the pressure of the water flow with a screwdriver. I guess the school reduced the pressure to try and save water but I think they went a bit to low. I've been using the same toilet stall that I modified for the last while since it has always been free when I've gone to use it. After dinner tonight I headed back up to my room and decided to stop off and unload before I went out to meet up with some friends.

When I entered in my usual stall as well as 3 out of the 8 stalls were in use. I took the free stall next to the one I had come to use. The stalls are quite large and the toilets are very tall and comfortable to sit on. I lowered my short and sat down. Almost immediately I dropped 3 short but fairly thick logs in quick succession. It felt so great and thankfully they came out very quietly and discreetly. I heard the guy next to me unload quite a load. The smell was starting to settle in and I heard him flush quickly before sitting down and unloading more. It didn't take much toilet paper to get cleaned up before I unseated and flushed. Naturally the toilet flushed very reluctantly as I watched the turds spin around and around before slowly going down. I pulled my shorts up and noticed one turd sitting at the bottom halfway down the drain so I flushed again to get it down. Next time I will bring my screwdriver so I can increase the pressure flow before I unload.

I said the other day I'd post about other times I've come across toilets that have holes or whatever in the walls that allow you to see the next cubicle. One that I vaguely remember was while I was in 6th form at school. One day we went to another school as a sort of exchange programme. It was about 30 minutes drive away and when we got there I had to poo. We ate dinner first and then had a talk from someone or other and by then I had to go badly. Afterwards we went into their computer room and had to type up a report about our visit for some reason. During this I asked to go to the loo and the teacher said yes. I went out but of course I didn't know where they were. I found them after a minute and went in. There were four cubicles and the afternoon lesson had just started but there was someone in the end one. One of the others was broken so I took the other one, leaving a gap between myself and the other girl. I sat down and then noticed a small hole quite low down as I started pooing. I looked through it and saw there was another similar hole in the next partition and through it I could just see the front of the toilet and the legs of the girl in it. If I'd known I might have taken the other cubicle!

The other time I remember well was when I was 12. My guide troop had driven to a nearby scout camp for the day where we did the assault course-type thing and some other activities. While we did a bit of orienteering I really had to go for a poo badly. After we finished and got back to the camp there was a break to eat our sandwiches. During this break a lot of girls went to the camp toilets. I was of course among them. There was a queue and only five cubicles. The cubicles had very short walls and doors so from the queue you could see most of the legs of the girls using them. There were lots of plops, farts and tinkling as desperate girls relieved themselves. Finally I got a seat. I could see, without bending down, halfway up the shins of the girls either side of me. We were all pooing. I curled out a load of creamy poo quietly and then I noticed when I leaned back there was a little hole on the right (it always seems to be the right!) wall. I looked and I could see everything of the girl pooping next to me. I remember she had her legs pressed together and a look of concentration on her face. She was pooing too and as I watched she dropped a log and relaxed a bit. I looked for a bit while I finished pooing and then she left. I was up and away so I didn't see the next girl go in.

Comment to Standee Mandy & My New Experience

I have a very recent story but first I have information for Standee Mandy who wanted to know how common squatting is and if we know of accidents. I know that some squatting (very little I think) goes on at my high school and at places like the movie theater and the mall. Sometimes like once a week I'll open a stall door at school and see some splashes on the seat. I feel the hover pissing is largely unncessary and I had one girl in my 3rd hour class last year tell me it was natural and much easier to do, but she admitted that those doing it should at least raise the seat and if they don't do that, at least wipe the seat when they get done. Most of us just sit right down to pee or crap and don't think too much about it. I've heard a few latch the door and then pull of a little toilet paper to wipe the seat off first before they seat themselves. I do remember roughly a babysitter I had back like 10 years ago when I was just starting grade school and we stopped at a gas station for sodas. She did it right for a couple of reasons which she explained to me because I was curious and asked: 1) she used her fingers to aim her stream more directly into the toilet. 2) She held herself at like a half inch off the toilet seat so that there wasn't any chance of the wild splashing. I've never tried it; I just don't think it's for me.
Now this is about my latest experience. My friend Shannon and I went to an evening pro baseball game last night and it was followed by a full country music concert right on the field.

While the band was setting up, Shannon and I went to the restroom. She had to take a crap and was kind of upset that all the stalls were taken and there was such a large group waiting for the stalls as they opened. Shannon was at the sink combing her hair into the mirror and messing with her braids which she's had for a couple of years. I decided to take a chance on a stall where I hadn't seen anyone go in but I knew it was occupied because I could see jeans and flip-flops planted firmly under the door. I heard some farting, a few plops into the water, and then the noise I was most eager to hear, the toilet paper roll being turned. I knew my turn was coming and my piss was starting to hurt me, something that frequently happens after I consume too much soda too fast. Behind me was a mother about 30 and a girl called Ally who was probably about 10. She was doing a pee dance, something that seemed to make her mother annoyed even more than the crowd. The stall door came open, a woman who looked like a grandmother came out and apologized to me for taking so long. She said her bowels don't move as easily as they once did and she reminded me of my friend Mable, whom I've written about from my work at the bingo hall. This lady, however, seemed a lot younger and more active than Mable whom I've had to escort in and out of the stall because at 90-something, she's so feeble.

I looked back for Shannon, who was now standing in line behind this Ally and her mom. Shannon told me to hurry up because she could hear the sound check already. I just flashed her a look that basically told her to get off my back. I quickly latched the door, pulled down my underwear and jean shorts, and seated myself on the toilet. I remember how warm the seat was and the fact that it seemed to be a little higher and larger than many of the others that I've used. I looked directly forward before I could get my stream started and on the left side of the door I saw eyes and immediately I looked to the right and again I saw eyes. I'm pretty shy, but said something like that I was only peeing and it wouldn't be long. I heard Ally tell her mom that she was going to piss her pants and her mom threatening her with "You better not, Allison." That frustrated me and when I become flustered, I can't produce. About 30 seconds later, I looked up again, and saw eyes on me from the left, and also, of course, from the right. I just don't think it's courteous to peek in like that.

Finally, I could feel a few drops come out and heard them hit the water. After a few seconds of silence, more came and my stream had started and I announced that I was almost done. In the background, I could hear the band's soundcheck becoming louder. When I saw the first eyes on me through the crack, I immediately moved my knees together from where they were about 2 inches apart and I pulled my clothing up to above knee level. I continued to see eyeballs looking in and again I said that I was almost done. My stream had gone for almost 2 minutes but it seemed like 10 because of the remarks made and the rude eyeballs. I heard Shannon say something to the lady in front of her and I heard the woman put her down, although I couldn't make out all the words. I quickly got off the stool, looked between my legs and at the bowl of dark, yellow piss and quickly leaned down and flushed. I opened the door and said "All yours" and the lady bumped by me with Ally in tow. As I stopped to talke to Shannon who was next in the line, I could hear the lady's loud voice start and argument with Ally about how she couldn't use the toilet because there was no toilet paper on the roll to place over the seat. I guess Ally started to use it anyway, and her mom stopped her and and at that point, Shannon pushed through the crowd to get to the paper towel holder at the very end of the line of sinks, and pulled off a couple of sheets of towels and quickly handed them to me to give to the mother. I thought that was very helpful on Shannon's part, but as I knocked on the door, I heard Ally cry out that she had peed in her shorts.

The mom quickly opened the door, rudely took the towels and as I walked to the sink to wash my hands, Shannon looked for flustered as the fight continued in the stall. She later told me that Ally had done an instantaneous pee that you could see go down her legs and onto the floor. The lady using the stall immediately to the right came out and the older lady in line for the stall let Shannon cut in. Shannon immediately yanked her clothing down, threw herself onto the stool, and within 10 seconds was telling me "That feels good." I heard the toilet paper roll swirl and within 15 seconds she was out and with a look of great satisfaction on her face.

We only missed the first two songs of the concert and while we were waiting later for Shannon's dad to come and pick us up, we both were thankful we don't have parents with the hang-ups of Ally's mom. Shannon and I think that Ally's mom probably took her home as punishment and that their fight probably continued into the night. Having a pathetic parent like that would sure suck.


Poo before work

A "Frequent Reader" asked if I'd noticed busy times for the toilets at my work. I haven't worked here very long, but I have seen that at the very end of the lunch hour seems to be the busiest time for the toilets. However, today I found out there are a lots of ladies who poo in the early morning.

I was on my way to work this morning and I really had to poo. I arrived and scurried to the toilets. Of the five stalls, four were taken and it surprised me that the toilets were this busy. The bathroom was very odorous but I didn't care because I was just going to make it stink anyway. I took the only empty stall and immediately started pushing out a log. I heard several of the other ladies farting and dropping logs. My log broke off and another small log followed but that was it. I was done so I wiped and flushed. I was washing my hands and I heard one of the other ladies flush and I saw Anna, who works next to me, come out.


Babysitting and Family Stories

Hello everyone. My name is Anya and I am 18 years old. I was born in Germany and my family moved to the United States when I was seven. My family believes that going to the bathroom, whether to pee or for a BM, is no big deal and we never close the door when we are going unless we have company over. I've seen my sister, Angelika, and my parents on the toilet many times and they've seen me as well.

This morning I woke up and needed to pee. I went to the bathroom and Angelika was sitting on the toilet having a BM and my mother was waiting for her to be done. She was just finishing up and after she wiped, she took off her clothes and got in the shower. My mother always needs a BM in the morning so I asked if I could go first because I only had to pee. But she told me "No, I have to make poop very badly." and I said "Okay". She was taking a long time to go and I was getting desperate but we only have one bathroom so I had to wait. When she was done and had wiped she got up and said "Okay, Anya, I am done". She stood up and I sat down. The toilet was warm from my mother and sister having just had their BMs. After I was done peeing I left to eat breakfast.

To make some money, I babysit for the others families in our neighborhood. On Saturday I care for a three year old boy named Jason and a five year old girl named Danielle. We were watching a movie together when I needed a BM. Jason likes to follow me wherever I go, even to the bathroom, but I'm used to going with other people watching me so it doesn't bother me. I walked to the bathroom and Jason came with me. I closed the door but left it open just a bit so I could hear if Danielle called for me. I had my BM, wiped, flushed, and washed my hands. Then I went back to the living room and Jason came with me.

This evening I had another BM and prepared a bath. My father came into the bathroom and had a BM. He was reading and I think he kept on reading for a few minutes after he was done. Shortly after he flushed and left the bathroom, I got out and was drying off. Angelika peed while I was drying as well.

Mr. Clogs


Abbie: Great post about trying out those fiber supplement experiment. Yes the feeling is great after you take a dump. You should notice your stomach slim down as it did for me.

Butt Cider: To the un-named posted, great post about drinking apple cider. It use to give me the runs as a kid.

A Girl: That must of been quite an experience witnessing that lady using the bathroom at the nude beach.

Kenneth: Wow, I experienced Hurricane Irene too, I only experienced a lot of rain. You must of been really busy keeping those bathrooms full of toilet paper and fixing clogged toilets.

Catherine: Fist off, thanks for your story about your dorm roommates interesting bathroom habits. As for sniffing, I use to sniff the used toilet paper after I wipe. If sniff my underwear to smell how funky I can get, LOL! Mainly to see if I wiped well or washed my butt good when I take a shower. Let me answer your following questions.
1. Do you ever wipe your bottom only once after crapping? I need to wipe more than once after taking a dump.

2. Do you fold your toilet tissue or wad it? I fold it until I use every inch of it.

3. After a shit, do you wipe from front to back or vice versa? Vise Versa LOL!

4. After a shit, do you wipe with dry toilet paper alone or do you wet your toilet tissue or use wet wipes? It depends, usually both if I don't want skid marks in my underwear.

5. Do you ever sniff your used toilet tissue? Why or why not? I haven't done it in a while, I guess I should.

I >3 POOPING: I feel your pain, I'm going through a similar situation as well. Deal with in your own way, and keep your head up. It's gonna be alright. Trouble can't last for long. Sometimes taking a good hard crap and piss makes me feel better. Hope this helps.

Question for all of you, has anyone ever used those (pay toilets) that you have to deposit a coin just to take a piss or crap? Just curious if anyone has tried them.

Mr. Clogs


A coworkers strange pee

Car Mom-keep the questions coming. I will gladly answer any from you or anyone else and thanks for answering mine. Surprisingly, this next post is not about peeing in the car. Like i said before, I work in a small office with the bathroom just across the hall from our desks. Because of the vent system, you can literally hear everything that goes on in there. I usually avoid using it and if I must pee, I always put a bunch of tp in first to soften the sound. Friday we had a girl come in for her first day. Her name was Alexis and being new did not know about the bathroom situation. She came into work clearly desperate to pee and after the initial introductions, made a bee line for the bathroom. I heard her pee instantly begin to start. However, it made a weird pattering sound, different than the usual pee hitting water sound. It was very loud and went on for a long, long time. After a few minutes, another one of my coworkers said it sounded like she was peeing in the trash can and I realized it did sound like pee hitting metal. Alexis was also moaning and talking to herself, saying how badly she had to go and how it was amazing she did not pee her pants. She finally finished and we heard the sink run and Alexis came out. There was no sound of the toilet being flushed. Curious, I went in and saw that the metal trashcan was wet, like she had just washed it out and the toilet seat was still up from when a male coworker of mine used it before. It is very obvious the Alexis peed in the trashcan for some reason. I had to leave the office early, so I do not know what happened when someone else used the bathroom and Alexis realized you can hear everything. I will be interested in going into work tomorrow and finding out what happens.

@Brandon T

thanks for your nice welcome.

i had only two poop accidents...the one 2 years ago i had posted and my first try to smoke as i was 10.
i hope my "brown list" will not be extended...haha

my posted accident was embarrassing enough....after this i waddled into the bathroom,lowered my shorts and peeled carefully my thong out between my cheeks.
then i sat around 20 minutes on the toilet...not that i had to poop anymore mentionable,but i needed time...time to find myself again...time to overcome the incident.
so i sat,smoked to calm down my nerves,staring at a few brown lumps and nuggets that fell down at the tiled floor while i pulled down my pants,and quarreled with my fate.
about a hour later,after a shower,new pants and panties and two glasses of cognac,things got slowly better...

but this was really a worse evening

the smoking story and my two pee accidents over the years i will tell some other time


To Catherine

I really like your posts. we sound very similar in the fact that I will also pee my pants anywhere and everywhere. I never cares who sees. You are so lucky that your mom is supportive. My parents get so mad I have to hide it. Just this morning, I was in my bathroom brushing my teeth when I felt the urge to pee. So I just let loose in my pajama shorts. Warm pee was cascading down my legs and onto the floor and it felt great. I was going to clean ir up; the floor is tile so it would have been easy but then my mom walked in. Just came in without knocking because she said she heard the sound of pee hitting the floor. She yelled at me for a while and grounded me. I had to stop peeing and hold it the rest of the afternoon because she said if I can't use the toilet, I can't go at all. Anyway, keep the posts coming.

Car Mom
Hello everybody!

First of all congrats to Lauren! Looks like another future car wetter on the way! And yes, any and all stories you may have would be fun to read! Kids as well as adults!

Catherine: actually my rules are pretty much the same as your mom's. Although when Kaylee has visited other people's houses she hasn't ever specifically asked anyone if she could pee somewhere. But her friends are always welcome to pee somewhere here, and on anything they want for the most part, especially now that I've gotten more relaxed about it. As far as relatives are concerned, I'm not close to any of my family. I get along with them, we're just not close. Most of them live far away except my one sister who I'm not close to. And none of them know about our peeing and wouldn't understand it. I'm glad that your mom is cool about it, especially since you're a teenager and most people would consider you to be too old to be peeing and pooping in your pants. I'm glad your mom isn't like Whinnie the Pooh's parents. I'm also glad your mom seems to at least be curious about it and has even wet her own bed. Maybe peeing will grow on her like it grew on me! Also its very cool that you're brave enough to go in your pants at school. It seems like kids nowadays are more tolerant of other kids who go in their pants than they would have been when I was a kid. I'm glad of that. I'll be looking forward to hearing more about your adventures!

I finally called Lori and she told me something new! First of all I need to give you an update on Lori. As you remember she and I had peed in and on some things in my living room: the couch, the chair, the magazine rack, the floor a little bit. And as you also remember Lori has really gotten into peeing in different places. I know it was because of me but also it was because of her daughters, especially Katelyn (who is now 13). Lori said that since the last time I saw her, Katelyn had been constantly asking her if she could have a pee somewhere like she does when she's at my place. Lori said that she would ask her all the time, and the temptation was becoming unbearable. She said that one time Katelyn farted while she was sitting on the couch and she said "see mom if I can fart on the couch I might as well pee on the couch too." And so Lori finally decided to give in. She decided to allow Katelyn and Emma to relieve themselves in different places, and not only that but she also decided that she herself would do it as well. And so Lori and the girls came up with some peeing places in the house. Of course the couch is one of those places but there's a lot more too. I told Lori that she needs to post on here again so she can give you some of the details, and she said she would so hopefully she will soon. Obviously she has some stories to tell! She also said that Katelyn might post on here too, and she said that Katelyn has peed in the most places and that she has also had a friend over who likes to pee with her. So hopefully Lori and Katelyn will both be posting in the near future!

Bye for now!
C M :)

Hi everyone! Leanne and Abbie- loved your most recent stories! Interesting as always. I did come across a cubicle with a hole in the wall once, but I saw it before I sat down and picked another one! Abbie, hope your new school is a good one (and so are the toilets!) and that you enjoy it, and that you won't find moving your bowels too hard there. Let us know how you get on, we'll be thinking of you!

Today I helped out at a charity fair near my house and had cause to use a portaloo- twice in fact. I helped my mum's friend run a book stall. We alternated shifts so we could both look around the place. I went and got a burger at lunch and then took over for my shift. After a while I had a small urge to poo. When my shift ended I headed off to take a bit of a look around. My first stop was the toilets because although my urge was not desperate I wasnted to go while I could. I found the loos and there was quite a big queue because there were only 6 portaloos plus a male urinal, although there were more portaloos at the other end of the fair. After a while I got to the front. Then one of the toilets opened. It was a young girl of about 5 or 6 and her mother was standing outside. They talked briefly and the mum looked inside. Then she said, 'well I suppose it won't flush any better than that,' and they walked off. I didn't want to hold up the queue so I went in.
I was expecting the worst but actually there was just a bit of toilet paper stuck to the bowl. Which was another surprise, since there were almost two full rolls of paper which I was doubting would be the case since it was already early afternoon and the fair was very busy. I sat down since the seat was clean and tried to go. All that happened was that a tiny piece of poo came out and I couldn't do any more. I wiped and left, annoyed because I could feel a big load waiting in the wings but had been unable to produce anything. I knew I'd probably have to go again before the fair ended.

So it proved. I looked round for a bit then went back and took over for another hour or so. About halfway through I got a real urge- this one was quite strong and I could feel my poo begin to move and start to knock on the door. A while later my relief came, so to speak. She took over from me and I went off to the toilets again. There was still a queue so I joined it. This time when I got to the front my urge was undeniable. A girl of about 10 came out and I replaced her. There was a slight smell of poo but again there was over a whole roll of paper. The water even ran! I was amazed so I quickly dropped my jeans and panties and sat down. My knees were almost touching the door because it was a very small model of portaloo. I sat back, spread my legs as much as I could and relaxed and a big soft log slid out and made a thunk as it fell into the bowl. What a nice feeling! Another log came soon after and then two small bits and a fart completed my first wave. After a minute another piece came out and then I pushed out another. After a while there were a final two small bits that just refused to drop! I'd been sitting for about 10 minutes when I was done. I could hear people outside takling so there was still a queue. I quickly wiped, flushed several times and left. As portaloo poos go it wasn't too bad!


Pooped five times yesterday

I'm a young college girl and I have to poop a lot. I take fiber powder and I eat tons of food at each meal. I usually poop three times per day, but yesterday I went five times. In the morning I had to go very bad. I sat on the toilet and I pushed out a big long log. I looked at it and it was about eight inches long and an inch and a half around. I felt maybe a bit more but I had to shower and run to class.

Then after I ate my usual big lunch, I had to poop again. I was passing a lot of small nuggets. I think I counted 20 or so. Some hours later, I felt the urge to go. That time it was a very very long skinny log. It kept coming and coming. I couldn't see most of it, it disappeared around the bend of the toilet.

Just before I was going to eat dinner, my butt told me I needed to poop. A big log came out but it was short, then another, and then one more. Then finally, later at night, I had to go one last time. I pushed out a long log like a foot long. It looked only about an inch around though.


To Brandon: Thanks for commenting my story! For sure we felt very relieved. Sadly I only have I few other stories, because I never realized how funny going to the bathroom can be!

Last week, Lucy had lunch at my place. After lunch, we went to my room and I showed Lucy this website. (Since our trip to the mall, we're pretty open about discussing about peeing & pooping) We read some stories and some of them were very funny too! Abbie, we particulary liked your stories, since you have an experience at the mall and your friend is also called Lucy!

A little later, Lucy told me she had to poop (She almost always has to poop when she's at my place, but I wasn't surprised because she ate a lot, she is rather chunky. For a better description, you can read my first story on page 2094.) There was nobody at home, so I asked if I could go with her. She accepted. She seated herself on the toilet, and I seated myself on the bathtub. A few seconds later, she started peeing, but it didn't last long. Then she let a little fart escape. She pushed, and a log began to emerge. I didn't see it yet, but I heard it's unique crackling sound. Every time she pushed, it grew a little longer. The turd finnaly fell into the water with a loud "sploshh" But Lucy wasn't done yet, she pushed again and managed to expell two soft nuggets. Her poo didn't smell very bad. She stood up and I could take a look at her poo: there was a smooth sausage, 6 inches long and the two small nuggets. Rather unimpressive compared to what she had done at the mall. She wiped three times and flushed. Only a ligth skidmark remained.

Once again, I didn't have to poop, but I peed, for maybe fifteen seconds, wiped and then we left the bathroom.

We were wondering if anything could get us constipated, because we'd like to see if we manage to clogg the toilet like the woman at the mall. I think it's possible, but Lucy don't. Any ideas?

Thank you for reading, and I am sorry for my bad spelling, I am French.
Love, Lea

Michelle (Formally M.S)

Desperate poo in public & a few comments

When I woke up this morning I felt a mild urge to poo but I decided to hold it in all day as I love the feeling of needing a poo. I had to work all day and by the time my shift ended I was dying to go. Unfortunately I wasn't able to use my car as it has recently broken down and I haven't had chance to get someone to fix it yet and I had forgotten my purse so I had no money on me to get the bus so I had no choice but to walk home. I then realised that Emily's house was about half way to my place so I decided it would be better to go to her house and use the toilet. The walk to Emily's seemed to take forever and the pressure in my aching bowels kept growing by the second and once I had reached the corner of her road I was feeling really desperate. I felt the poo pressing on my anus and I had to clench hard to keep it in. I got to Emily's front door with a sense of happiness at the thought of having a poo in her toilet but when I knocked at the door there was no answer. I knocked again and waited but still no reply. Once I realised she wasn't in I started to panic as I now had to find a way of getting home without pooing my knickers. I thought about finding a bush to hide behind but there weren't any around. The urge to go was getting unbearable and it hurt to keep clenching. I began to walk away from Emily's house but only got a couple of yards down the road when I felt a huge urge to go that couldn't be ignored. I tried to clench but the pain was so bad I had to relax. My anus opened without my control and I felt the tip of a turd emerging into my knickers. A part of me wanted to poo myself due to the excitement but the other part of me didn't want to poo myself in public due to the embarrassment but there was nothing I could do about it as the poo kept emerging from my anus until I regained control but by then I had a load of messy poo sitting in the seat of my knickers. The relief was so good I just decided to push the rest out; filling my knickers to capacity. Once I got home I went straight up to the bathroom and cleaned my messy bum up with loads of toilet paper. I dropped the contents from my knickers down the toilet but my underwear was badly stained so I put them into the bin.

Wendy - Hi, I loved your story about going back to the old house for a poo. I bet it brought back loads of memories for you. As always I look forward to your next post.

Kirsty - hi, I loved your story about the pay rise while being desperate for the toilet. Congratulations on the promotion but I bet you were quite relieved to release the diarrhea you were holding inside you, even if you did have a really messy accident. As always I look forward to your next post.

The Listening Ear

Part 22b

The rented office was an offshoot of a larger complex where we were allowed to go for lunch. But since most people were more interested in shopping than eating, I usually ate alone, which gave me a chance to explore. Actually, probably for the same reason, the staff restaurant was not very well used, and neither were the nearby toilets, which is a pity because they were perfectly configured for listening, with the stalls in the Ladies and Gents back to back.

On one occasion I had just finished a dump, stood up and wiped, and was just about to flush and re-robe when I heard movement next door. I put my ear to the wall and heard two female voices in conversation. Unfortunately conversation seemed to be all they were doing that day, and at that moment I felt a giant post-poo fart approaching, and an idea forming in my mind. Removing my ear from the wall I could still just about hear the voices next door, which meant that if I could fart louder than they were talking, they should be able to hear me. I knew there was no-one else in the Gents, so I held it and held it until the moment of maximum pressure and then blasted off. It was absolutely deafening, the loudest trumpeting fart I have ever heard! But incredibly, the voices next door didn't waver for a second. Such is the power of female conversation. Still it gave me a laugh.

The building was 5 storeys and three blocks, with the restaurant on the top floor. The two outer blocks each had their own stairs, toilets etc, and the middle block was built around a single connecting corridor on each floor. One day this gave me the idea that if I went downstairs zig-zag fashion - down one flight of one staircase, along the connecting corridor, down the next flight of the other staircase, back along the connecting corridor and so on - I would pass by lots of offices and toilets, and might hear some action. Sure enough, I had only gone down one floor when a couple of girls came out of an office ahead of me and went into the Ladies. The Gents was on the other side of the lift (elevator), and once again the stalls met up back to back behind the lift shaft. I entered a stall, put my ear to the wall and heard one of the girls peeing very clearly.

Feeling very pleased with myself, and looking forward to more adventures, I walked out of the Gents and found myself staring straight into the lens of a security camera. I hadn't noticed, but there was one on each landing and two in each corridor. I then remembered the huge bank of CCTV monitors in the room where I had gone to collect my security pass, and had vision of some guy leaning back in his chair, with feet on desk, arms folded and a Chief Wiggum smirk on his face, watching this idiot going from the top of the building to the bottom by way of every landing, every corridor and quite a few toilets.

So that was the end of that little idea!

To I <3 POOPING: Thanks for your words and I'm sorry you are feeling so :-(. Hope you soon plop your way out of it.

To Brandon T: The search on posters' names is already there. Just uncheck 'Body' and check 'Names' instead. Unfortunately sorting by date to find someone's first post only works as far back as Dec 2009, as earlier pages all seem to have the same date stamp.


The Listening Ear

Part 22a

A new project and a new building once again. Our organisation rented the top two floors of a 4-storey building. Our team was on the top floor, where the Gents and Ladies were on opposite sides of the office door and no sound was transmitted between them at all. The floor below looked more interesting, with the doors of the two toilets some distance apart in a corridor off the landing, but at least nothing between them. Not only that, I had seen lots of young lovelies trooping up the stairs from below, indicating that there were no female toilets on their own floor. So one morning I went in there on my way into the office to investigate.

The sight that greeted me was disappointing. The end of the Gents nearest the Ladies was devoted to washing facilities, with the stalls right up at the other end. Nevertheless I entered a stall and put my ear to a partition, in case any sound was transmitted via the back wall which I assumed extended into the Ladies. Immediately I heard about one second of pee-waterfall. This could have been the beginning of a silent pee, before the stream makes its way up on to the porcelain, but in fact it was the opposite - the end of one as it dribbles back down into the water - because a few seconds later there was a hard, resounding PLOPP!

This was odd. Not only was it much louder than I would have expected at that distance, but I seemed to be hearing it with both ears! I removed my ear from the partition and waited. After a few more seconds, PLEPP! like the smallest, hardest pebble but grossly amplified. The sound seemed to be all around me, and yet I knew there was no-one else in the room. That, and the hardness of the sound, made me a little doubtful about what I was hearing, until, unmistakably, KERPLUNK-PLAP-PLOP-PLONK-PLAPPIT-PLOPPIT-PLIPPLOPPLAPPLOPPLUP-PLUNK-THUD-SPLASH-SPLOSH-PLUNK-PLOP-THUD-PLAP-PLOP! And then . . finally . . . as I waited, with gaping mouth, baited breath and thumping heart . . . . PLEPP! once again.

Well I knew by now that some buildings transmitted sounds in strange ways, but this was beyond belief! And since all the females I had seen in that vicinity had been young and attractive, I was convinced I had struck gold. All that remained was to wait for the flush and anything that followed it, and then time my exit carefully to see what manner of dream-girl would emerge on to the landing.

But at that moment a pair of hearties came in, laughing and shouting the way hearties do, and making it completely impossible to hear anything else. I flushed the unused toilet and left the stall. The hearties were standing at the urinals, staring up at the wall and guffawing their silly heads off. To avoid drawing attention to myself I washed and dried my hands as quickly as I could, and exited to wait on the landing. When the hearties came out, I hid up the stairs until they had joshed their way back to their office, and continued to wait. But nobody came!

The next day I went in again at the same time, but nothing happened. Over the next couple of weeks I tried again and again, varying the time by 5 minutes each way, then 10, then 15, but to no avail. It was only when I started to think about writing these things down for this forum that the truth dawned on me - the sounds I had heard didn't come from next door but from upstairs on my own floor! I cannot now remember the layout well enough to work out which toilets were above which, but I'm oretty sure that the opening pee sound was female, as I would have great difficulty producing a sound like that from a sitting position. So, since the top floor consisted of a single open-plan office, if only I had gone straight back upstairs instead of hanging about on the landing I would quickly have seen whether it was the dark and sultry Vicky, the sweet and curvy blonde Sarah or the large loud woman from New Zealand. Instead of which, we have, in Victor's words, an unsolved and unsolvable mystery, which becomes number three in the Three Great Frustrations of the Listening Ear.

I've run out of time

Why are my craps so difficult at school?

I've just started my junior year of high school. I enjoy the classes and activities, but just like last year, my bathroom "problem" has come back. I pee every morning immediately when I get to school and there's no problem. Mom runs a day care at home, so when I get up in the morning, kids are already arriving and the bathroom is often in use. But peeing isn't the problem. Once I place my butt on the toilet at school, my stream starts immediately and sometimes lasts for just over two minutes. No problem.

Crapping, however, remains the problem. Four times on Friday I had to get a pass from a teacher and each times I got into the bathroom and onto a stool, I would sit for five to ten minutes and no matter how hard I pushed, I was only able to drop one or two small blocks the size of a hershey drop each time. It's so depressing that I can feel my full crap waiting to come out, but I'm unable to unload it. I gave up last year already even trying to sit down and crap during the passing periods or lunch because there's usually 30 of us packed in each of the bathrooms waiting for 15 stalls.

So I go all day with that stuffed-up feeling and at 3:05 when the bell rings, I head to the nearest bathroom and practically every time I finally get results. Friday was a good example. I selected my stall at the very end of the line, lowered my white panties, pulled up my loose skirt and seated myself comfortably. I don't think I did more than three moderate pushes and the first of my two banana-size logs quickly slid out. It felt so wonderful and as I sat, I started to wonder why it was necessary for me to carry my load around all day. My friend Sheila has told me that sometimes she can smell me if I fart a little, but when I sit and try to go, I can't. It's so frustrating.

Then to addd to the frustration, during my Friday afternoon crap there was a strong pound on my door that startled me. One of the security matrons told me that since I wasn't in a sport or activity that was happening that night, I shouldn't have been in there. Her really strict voice just seemed to hit me the wrong way, as it did about two minutes later when she came back in to check up on me as I was standing and wiping. The square of toilet paper I had just wiped with would look so good on her face, I got to thinking. So I followed the original routine of tossing it into the toilet on top of my shit. Then I flushed and pulled up my panties. I was hopeful I wouldn't be dealing with a skidmark in my underwear later, but I didn't want to further upset the matron. Even when I was washing my hands, she was still eyeing me pretty closely, and she said something about I should have waited until I got home.

As Sheila and I walked home and talked about how upset I was becoming, Sheila said the matron was way wrong and rude and that she would have told her to "Get F@@@ed." It was pretty funny and made me laught, although I know Sheila would never be that disrespectful to an adult.

This is a story about me.
I went to a barbecue that one of my friends was having, and I ate a little bit of everything. Around seven, everyone was leaving, so I did too. I got into my car feeling overly stuffed and sick. I slipped of my belt and unbuttoned my pants and hoped that everything I ate would digest okay. As I was driving, I began letting out farts to relieve some of the pressure that was building. My stomach began to churn and I realized that I would probably be sick. I rested my hand on my now bloated belly.
"Oh, what did I eat?" I moaned to myself.
I belched loudly tasting a sour taste build up in my mouth. I got home to my apartment and went to the toilet, pulled my pants down, grabbed a waste basket, and just sat for a few minutes, belching.
"uuuuggghhh," I groaned, belching again.
I bet double, pressing my hands into my bulging belly, and began to gag and heave.
"ooooo," I moaned as a wave of chunky vomit came out. It was hot, brown and yellow, and full of undigested food. I felt better almost immediately.
I belched again and again, and then managed to bring up a second wave of vomit into the basket.
I began to have diarrhea.
wave after wave quickly poured out of me until I felt empty.
I wiped many times. It seemed almost impossible to get clean.
And then I looked down.
The diarrhea was all undigested food, and looked like I had vomited out of my ass.


Thanks to Zoey

Thank you, Zoey, for sharing your story. I've always been interested in ladies who can pee for longer than average times, though I have no idea why. You said an interesting thing about your large bladder being something you've always had, and therefore not really paying much heed to your extended peeing. It's the norm for you, for sure, as it is the norm for a very tall person to be able to see over everyone else's heads. Of course, other people may still stop and admire that person's height. I'm sure other ladies have been both impressed and jealous of your extended pees, just wishing their bladders could hold that much. I would imagine they would think about how convenient it would be to only have to pee once a day.

Though you say you don't pay much attention, I'd like to think that if you were ever in a situation in a crowded public bathroom where you really, really had to go, you might take some pride in the number of times the stalls to the sides of you turned over before you finally stopped peeing. At least, that thought makes me smile. Take care, please share more if you are willing.

once i was on ahike with my cabin and i had been sick all day.also i had not gon pee all day after drinking tons of water, so when we got to the campsite i had to pee really bad! so i set off to find a place to relieve myself far enough away so no one could see me. once a found a place behind a tree i sort of wished i could stand to pee but sadly i had to i pulled down my shorts and my underpants and slowly squated down with my garments in front of me so i would not pee on them.once i was down i looked at my private parts for a minute because i guess i am pee shy. then finally my nice warm stream of yellow pee came bursting out of me in a suprisingly straight line. all of a sudden after peeing for about 30 seconds i realized that i was peeing on a flat surface, and the pee was forming a puddle that was near my shoes making a mess. lucky for me i felt that my stream was coming to an end.once i was done i shook a little because i could not use toilet paper unless i had to poop.then i stood up and pulled everything back on. and started walking back to the campsite relieved to have finally peed.:)


Latest Story

On Friday morning, I woke up with the urge to pee and poo. I went into the restroom and took the nearest stall. As I was peeing furiously, I heard someone else come in and take the very last stall. I then let out three rather hard turds, wiped myself, changed clothes, and headed to the sinks to wash my hands and brush my teeth. The girl was still sitting on the toilet as I did all of this, so I assumed that she was pooping, even though I didn't smell anything. As I finished brushing my teeth, the girl finally flushed and came out of the stall, and I discovered that it was none other than Kelly the lovely RA. We didn't say anything to each other as she was washing her hands, and I exited the restroom and headed to my English class.

The End


Men v Women pooping

I have a little informal poll:
1.Of the people you are intimate with, such as your husband or wife, boyfriend or girlfriend, brother or sister, etc., who has the strongest poop smell, the man or the woman?
2. Who takes the longest to poop,the man or the woman?
And what would you say was the average amount of time spent pooping, for each.
3. Who mentions being constipated more, the man or the woman?
4. Who poops less often, such as less than everyday, every other day, etc, the man or the woman?
5. Who has diarrhea more often, the man or the woman?
6. Who plugs the toilet with their poop more often, the man or the woman?
It will be interesting to see how men and women compare!
Thanks for participating!

Several comments

It seems that we were raised the same with both of our moms insisting that we didn't sit on public toilets. What would you mom have done if she was to walk in on you in a pubic bathroom and see you seated without paper between your butt and the seat?

End Stall Em:
Are you confident that you've changed Sod Buster Spencer's ways? I had that (and I've written about it) phobia too until I was 16 and changed schools into a situation with no toilet seat papers and I'd never want to go back the phobia can be broken and for me it's been four years.

I wouldn't want you to get too comfortable with those tissues because your other school bathrooms don't have them. I'm a sophomore now in college and none of the university toilets have them.

Standee Mandy:
Opening a stall door and having a footlonger greet you would sure be shock. Too bad the student seeing it had to leave and get to class, because I'm concerned that a student in a hurry and if the lighting were bad might step in it. Toilet hovering is so unnecessary. Dropping your shit and missing the toilet with it is gross. There's no excuse for not taking a towel or some toilet paper and picking it up and tossing it into the stool.

Last year in the dorm I saw a girl sitting, shitting and flossing. Was she bored while waiting for her crap to drop or just short of time and trying to do two things at one time?

It's nice that you and Connor are getting adjusted to college. Too bad you're at different schools but I'm sure you'll have great experiences and stories to share. You are right to take care of your bodily functions before class because college professors treat students as adults. Two of my lecturers last year got really sarcastic with anyone who had to leave the lecture hall early or those that were tardy. One girl who sat next to me was ready to pee her pants and when she was called out by the professor for interrupting a lecture, she apologized to him after class, but he wasn't amused. I saw her leave the lecture hall crying.


Embarrassment at the community theatre

I got a part in the community theatre. Everything is great, except for that the only bathroom we have to use is a small room with a toilet and sink just off the stage. It has a door, but that provides little to no noise protection. I hoped that I've never have to poop in that bathroom, but one day last week, I did.

At first it was a small urge and easy to ignore, but after a while, I knew I'd have to suck it up and go in that bathroom. I hadn't gone in two days and I often have very stinky dumps, so that only added to my predicament. When I had a free moment, I excused myself and went to the bathroom. I sat down and began to poop. Immediately I noticed the stench and wished I had a fan or even some air freshener, but no luck. I finished pooping and looked between my legs. It was a pretty big load, but I knew the toilet would flush. I wiped, flushed, and washed my hands and rejoined the group.

I'm sure everybody heard and smelled my dump, but nobody said anything to me. Which, in some ways, was actually worse, because my mind automatically assumed that they were thinking things about me, but just not saying them. So, yeah, that's my embarrassing story. It feels good to share it, even if it's anonymous.

Monday, September 05, 2011


Back to the old house

While Kirsty was at work today I went out to the site of the old house we used to poo and pee in when we were younger. I didn't poo this morning and took some wet wipes with me in case I really had to go.
When I got there, the site was all fenced off but there was there was a gap by some overgrown bushes big enough to crawl through. I was busting to go but I managed to get through the gap without any misshaps. The house was gone but the cellar was still there. I went down into the cellar and found the toilet and all its fittings were intact but no walls or roof of course. There was no water in it either but that didn't matter to me. I couldn't resist using it and pulled my jeans and panties down and sat on the seat. I pushed a big poo out while I peed and it felt so good. When I finished I wiped myself clean and left quickly. As I left there were some kids on the site but they hadn't seen me pooing. I wonder if they found my poo in the toilet. I didn't hang around to find out.

Little Willie
My uncle took us out on his boat for a little end of summer family party, but he said I could bring a friend since my cousins are all young. My uncle's boat was pretty big- 48 feet, with a really nice cabin and bedrooms, and yes- a bathroom. We were going to sleep on the boat overnight on th ocean and it sounded fun. I brought my friend Ryan and we had fun all day. After dinner my youngest cousin (she is 10) came out of the bathroom and called for her dad. He came out and declared that the toilet is broken and clogged up for the night and he will get it fixed in the morning. This dissappointed everyone. Everyone mostly peed in the shower and then ran the water before going to bed, but I guess no one pooped. Until around 2 a.m., when me and Ryan were still awake messing around quietly on the deck. Ryan asked me what we were going to do if we had to poop. I said I didn't know, and asked him if he had to go. Of course he said no, but after he was silent for 2 minutes I could tell he had to. I said "Ryan you definately have to poop really bad." He said "Yeah, and it's gonna be diarrhea with the way these farts smell." I got worried and looked around. I told him his options were going over the side of the boat or I could get one of my cousins pull-ups. He said he would fall over the side if he tried to poop in the water so he would need a pull up. I ran inside and got a pull up. He turned around and pulled down his pants and boxers so I could only see his butt, and put on the pull-up. He turned back around and it actually looked like he had a boner, I'm not sure why. He let his poop river loose and you could see after a minute the bottom elastic of the thing turned brown. Luckily, none leaked out, probably because it was so small on him. He said he was all done and thanked me for it, and I grabbed his towel for him to wipe up with. He slowly pulled it down, turned around again, and I could immediately see his butt cheeks were coated in brown. He threw the pull up in the ocean and cleaned up with the towel, and decided it was ruined, and threw that in too. In the morning on our way back, my uncle said "It's a good thing everyone could hold their poop!" And I smiled at Ryan, he looked so embarrassed.


Desperate girl in meeting

I was in a meeting at work today and the girl sitting next to me was fidgeting in her seat a lot. She was obviously in need of the toilet but I guess she was too embarrassed to ask for a break. It was a long meeting and she was getting more and more agitated untill she eventualy turned bright red and asked to be excused. No one objected and she walked quickly out of the room. There was a definate whiff of poo in the air but it could have been a fart. She didn't return for half an hour and looked very relieved. She took her seat next to me and whispered in my ear, "I just made it in time. Another minute and I think I'd have shit myself!"

Mr. Clogs

Pooping in a cup (gone right!)

I got it right about pooping in a cup in the tub right. I had to squat up against the bathroom wall and get into a comfortable position because if you're not use to squatting and heavy, it puts a lot of pressure on the knees. Ok I pooped in the cup, made a nice fart followed by some soft logs into the cup, i felt somewhat empty but felt the pressure on my knees building so I made my way back into the toilet and finished moving my bowels into the toilet. I peed a little bit and wiped and took my shower. I can't wait to move out of my folks house and get my own apt, so I can get me a chamber pot and do my business wherever I feel like. I got pooping in a cup down to a science, hope you enjoy and have a great weekend.

Mr Clogs

A Girl

At the nude beach

One time this summer I went to a nude beach. I saw a woman get out of the water holding her stomach with a distressed look on her face. She was headed to the bathrooms so I followed her. She went into a stall and I went into the one right next to her. I didn't have to go but I wanted to listen to her. This is what I heard...

Ptttt Ooooh Spprrrt Plonk Splp-pl-pl-lp-plloop Mmmhhh Frrrrppp Bttt Splunk Plosh Prraarrrp Pfffff Ffffrrrttt Plip-plop-splop-pl-pp-ppl-pl-op Ooohohh Prarrrt Pffrrt Braatt Brrrrrrtt Pfft Ffffff-sploonk Ohhhh Unnh Plonk Ploosh Splosh Splonk-Rrrrt Pffrrt Ffffttt Brrarrt Sploot Ploosh plip-plip-plip-plip Praarrrt sploop shoonk

She paused for a bit and I thought maybe she was finished but she started up again.

Splort Sploop Shloop Plop Mmmh Oooh Pfffffffffffffffftttt Brrarrt Frrtt Sploonk Splonk Pl-spl-spl-ppp-pl-oop prraappptt splop ploonk sploosh

Then she said mumbled something and wiped her bottom. She must have a very dirty behind and she used a ton of paper. She flushed and went to the sink to wash her hands. I stayed in my stall until for another minute or so then I flushed and left the bathroom. When I saw her in the water again she looked very much relieved after that nasty poo she took.

Butt Cider

This evening, I ended up with a pretty violent case of the runs. I was supposed to meet a friend in the coffee shop an hour after dinner. I ate a dinner of an avocado salad and two quarter pound burgers. I decided to wash it down with some apple cider. After dinner, I went and fooled around the computer. All of a sudden, I felt really gassy. The farts were ripe and vibrated my rear end pretty nicely. Pretty soon, I began to feel that there was some substance behind the farts. I went and sat on the toilet. All of a sudden, a soft log of about 6 inches with bits of tomatoes and corn shot out. My stomach started to cramp up but I was not successful in pushing anything out. Just as I left the toilet, I developed a more major cramp. I could begin to feel the start of some diarrhea. When I sat on the toilet, a bunch of mushy poop began to drizzle out. I looked down and what I saw looked quite weird. There were all sorts of chunks of undigested food. I could see pieces of carrot, undigested cabbage and corn. The consistency was quite mushy. It looked as if a baby spat up his baby food into the toilet.

A few minutes after I left the toilet, an extreme urge started to develop. I thought about letting a fart but I could feel a whole mass of diarrhea about ready to come out. Problem was, my roommate was in the bathroom. So I paced around for a few minutes. When he got out, I rushed in and let out a huge push. A stream of liquid diarrhea shot out. The color became more of a greenish brown. It looked like a watered down lentil soup. The food chunks remained and this time, I could see the poppy seeds that I ate earlier. I pushed again and nothing came out.

Not 10 minutes later, I was starting to feel the urge again. Fortunately, I acted on my feeling really quick. As soon as I sat down on the toilet, I could feel a huge rumble in my stomach. Shortly after, more brownish greenish water shot out with such force that my whole digestive system was vibrating (in fact, I could even feel a stir up of bile in my stomach).

I decided to take the risk and go out to the coffee shop to meet a friend of mine. When I arrived and was about to order an iced tea, I had that familiar call. I quickly ran in the bathroom. I let out a push and some more creamy diarrhea splattered all over the bowl. It looked as if an artist splattered light brown paint all over the bowl.

Fortunately, this time, sore butthole and all, my digestive system decided that it had enough time churning this stinky paintlike substance. I made it through the rest of the night free of any pain.

Since the apple cider tasted quite tart, I am thinking that the apple cider was the cause and produced a sort of laxative effect (especially given the force at which things came out).

I said the other day I'd post about other times I've come across toilets that have holes or whatever in the walls that allow you to see the next cubicle. One that I vaguely remember was while I was in 6th form at school. One day we went to another school as a sort of exchange programme. It was about 30 minutes drive away and when we got there I had to poo. We ate dinner first and then had a talk from someone or other and by then I had to go badly. Afterwards we went into their computer room and had to type up a report about our visit for some reason. During this I asked to go to the loo and the teacher said yes. I went out but of course I didn't know where they were. I found them after a minute and went in. There were four cubicles and the afternoon lesson had just started but there was someone in the end one. One of the others was broken so I took the other one, leaving a gap between myself and the other girl. I sat down and then noticed a small hole quite low down as I started pooing. I looked through it and saw there was another similar hole in the next partition and through it I could just see the front of the toilet and the legs of the girl in it. If I'd known I might have taken the other cubicle!

The other time I remember well was when I was 12. My guide troop had driven to a nearby scout camp for the day where we did the assault course-type thing and some other activities. While we did a bit of orienteering I really had to go for a poo badly. After we finished and got back to the camp there was a break to eat our sandwiches. During this break a lot of girls went to the camp toilets. I was of course among them. There was a queue and only five cubicles. The cubicles had very short walls and doors so from the queue you could see most of the legs of the girls using them. There were lots of plops, farts and tinkling as desperate girls relieved themselves. Finally I got a seat. I could see, without bending down, halfway up the shins of the girls either side of me. We were all pooing. I curled out a load of creamy poo quietly and then I noticed when I leaned back there was a little hole on the right (it always seems to be the right!) wall. I looked and I could see everything of the girl pooping next to me. I remember she had her legs pressed together and a look of concentration on her face. She was pooing too and as I watched she dropped a log and relaxed a bit. I looked for a bit while I finished pooing and then she left. I was up and away so I didn't see the next girl go in.

Mr. Clogs

Pooping in a cup (gone wrong)

Louise: Great post about your sense of urgency poop, too bad that you had to go in your underwear.

Melina: Nice post, liked the vivid description about you and another co worker's poop odors mixing together. I bet it was a wonderful experience.

Car Mom: Great stories, keep em' coming, also question to you, have you pooped in your car or gone to the bathroom other than the toilet in your house?

Lexi: It's always the pot calling the kettle black if you know what I mean. Great post, too bad your roommate couldn't take the smell. Oh well.

Eileen H: great post, that sucks having to use that bathroom!

Standee Mandy: I hope that girl cleaned up that turd off the floor at school. Your question is how common it is for people to squat, well it's common, it's mostly a rare site to see people squat in a public rest room. I can attest witnessing scuff marks from men's shoes on the toilet seat is good evidence of squatting. Hope this helps

Ok onto the story:

I was getting ready for work and I needed to take my shower, but I needed to take a dump before I washed up. I grabbed one of my cups I use to pee in for night time peeing, I got into the tub put the cup under me, I proceeded to poop. Instead of the turds going into the cup, it went all in the tub! I was disappointed that it didn't go into the cup, but what the heck I finished pooping out the remainder of the turds into the tub. I finished moving my bowels and went to the toilet to wipe up. Grabbed some toilet paper and picked up the sticky turds and dump them in the toilet. I flushed and washed out the cup and took my shower.


To John, about public toilets on the Tube

You should see the arguments that are going on in Warsaw. The Poles are co-hosting the 2012 European football championships, and a group of protestors are saying that public toilet facilities are woefully inadequate for the crowds of fans who will be out in the streets.

Take a look at their site - Google for "????". It's in Polish, but Google Translate is your friend.



I rmember the first time I heard a woman fart. I had gone to pick up a girl on a date. She lived alone (quite something for a 19 year old then). She excused herself and went to the loo. I heard a loud BRRRRT and then the tinkle of piss on water. Boy, was I aroused!!

Frequent reader

Eileen H - Your "Filling the Bowl" post was great. I like how your posts are detailed. I also like the fact that you often post about the smell as I find this to be an important part of the taking a dump experience and find that this is the one aspect that is often left out.

Amylee - miss your stories. They're always great and detailed. I know you've always mentioned that 10-11 and 2-3 are the big pooping times in the ladies' bathroom at your office. I also found this to be the case in my office - maybe a little earlier in the afternoon, like 1:30 to 2:30 - in fact there's been times I went to use another restroom cause all the toilets were occupied.

Leanne - sounds like you and your cubicle neighbor had nice healthy dumps. You and Emma have had a lot of interesting stories.

Melina - great post about you and your co-worker. At your place of work, have you found any particular times to be busy for pooping?

Alice T.

To Catherine

Hi Catherine,

I liked your two posts! I'd love to hear more from you, so please do pen down those other stories you were talking about. I just wondered, how do your moms/other family or aquaintances take it, and how do you two manage at school? Thanks again for writing!

Love, Alice

Story Teller
I have yet to post much about my babysiiter, so I think I will do that this time. As I mentioned I saw her on the throne somewhere around 12 times. During one instance me and my sisters were at her house while our mom had some important work meeting or something. The babysitter also had a friend over at this time. They both vanished while my little sister and we were playing with some toys. As you can imagine, little kids don't exactly like being left alone, so we both wandered off looking for her. I was very lucky that day. I heard a toilet flush and them talking so I followed the sound to see the bathroom door slightly opened. I gently pushed it open and looked inside. Her friend was looking in the mirror (she'd already finished, which now I realise was unfortunet. But our babysitter was just now seating herself with her dress pulled up and her panties down. Her friend however noticed me standing in the doorway and scowled at me. She yelled at me to leave and slammed the door. while this had scared me, I did still listen.

"Why did you do that? You probably scared him."
"He was peeping."
"He was just wondering where we were."

I was actually still scared that when they both came out I stepped back. She was nice and gave me a hug though, her friend just walked back out into the living room. Judging by her acting throughout her visist she did not like my sisters or me. There are quite a few stories by people about their babysitters going in front of them. I wonder why that is? Do they just naturally assume the kid will forget the experiance?


Shelter experience after Irene

I am the head custodian at a high school in a working-class district which was devastated by Hurricane Irene. We opened up our school as a shelter, and we were filled to capacity (actually overfilled, and we turned nobody away) It was an amazing experience, cots and sleeping bags everywhere. Keeping the place clean for 4 days would have been impossible for our crew if everybody did not pitch in. We kept the restrooms locked, and they were used as "family restrooms" if a parent had to accompany a child or a spouse with a disabled partner, we would give them the key. Otherwise the student restrooms were in use round the clock. The male restrooms are large with either 6 toilets divided by tiny cinder blocks, but no doors, or the ones by the cafeteria which has 6 toilets with no dividers at all "latrine style" The lack of privacy did not bother anybody...Guys used the toilets day and night, mopped the floors, refreshed the toilet paper 24-7, and it was nice to see guys chatting with each other about losing their homes with each other (without their wives) it was a neat bonding experience for them. The female restrooms all have full partitions with latching doors. Thank goodness, I doubt females brag about their poop like guys do. Glad we are getting back to normal here...


Not feeling good

To Brandon T: I'm glad you like reading my stories about me taking really good dumps. I promise I will have more.

To Listening Ear: As always love your stories :)

I'm sorry I haven't posted any interesting poo stories on here in a couple of weeks this is due to me suffering some really bad personal problems which have got me feeling very low, depressed as well as teary. I haven't felt like this in a long time and I am finding it hard on some days to cope & keep myself in check. I feel unhappy and at times when I really feel low want to just be left alone to myself to deal with my feelings and try to sort myself out :( I hate feeling like this but I just feel really upset with things in my life. I will be back real soon with more good stories once I've got myself back to where I was before.

See you soon everyone x

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