Hello everyone. My friend Isabelle has posted about me before, and she told me about the site.

Vince asked "Has she ever mentioned why she holds like this? A medical condition (lazy bladder syndrome or such), likes the feeling of a full bladder, etc.?"

Well, I don't actually hold in my pee very much at all. I just don't feel the need to go that often. I've been that way pretty much my entire life. When I was like one and a half, my mother took me to the hospital after I hadn't peed for over 12 hours. The doctors did some tests on me, but they found that my bladder was voiding like normal, and there seemed to be no ill effects. My bladder was just much bigger than normal and I don't think they knew why. Then of course as I got older, my bladder grew a bit more, leading to me now being able to go 36 hours or more without peeing.

There have been a few times when I had to stop mid-stream, much to my chagrin, as there just wasn't enough time in the passing periods for me to fully empty. But after that happened a couple of times I just learned to go only at lunch or when I wasn't in school. Having a significantly larger bladder than everyone else really helped in that regard, such that I could comfortably hold it until it was convenient for me to pee.

As for the comments of other girls, this is a condition I've always had so it just didn't bother me at all, much like someone with asthma would get used to it. But I think the best comment I've ever heard was in a public restroom, another girl said, "What'd you do, drink Niagara Falls?" and I responded with "Yup" just to be funny.

I don't have anything new to write, I just wanted to say to Car Mom that I am glad her and Laura are talking again, even if it isn't quite friendly yet. It will get there. I do think Sailor is a cool name, especially for a little girl. I will put it on my list because I just found out....I am pregnant again! Anyway, to answer your question Car Mom, only that one little girl Ellie from my last post has peed in my car so far. I don't have other kids with me as much as you do. I have had some adults, including my mother-in-law though. I will tell that story later if anyone is interested.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Wendy & Kirsty great story about watching Wendy in that abandoned house and as always I look forward to your guys next posts thanks.

To: Louise great story about you pooping in your pants and then later in your garden I bet your garden will grow nicely now with the help of your fertelizer and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Melina great story about you pooping at work and hearing that other lady poop aswell and I look forward to anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Lexi great story about that stinky dump you took and your right her shit dosent smell like roses nobodys does and if it did I would be worried that it should smell it stink some more then others it just depends on what you eat and your body and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Eileen H to answer your question nope but I would take the blame if a girl or woman farted to save them the embarrassement and your second question thats kind of hard ive smelled so pretty nasty smells in bathrooms but none come to mind right now and great stories I bet that guy knew it was you but ecepted the blame to save you the embarrasement and you having to poop in that nasty bathroom as I said above I have come across some very nasty bathrooms but when you gotta go you gotta go even if it means on the floor or inside of something and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Car Mom as always another great story about people peeing in your car and thats great news about Laura its a start and maybe sometime if you havent already you can sit down and talk to eachother in calm way and maybe you become friends again and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Francessca great story about you peeing your pants at school and I hope everything works I look forward to the conclusion and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Cathrene great conclusion to your story it sounds like your going to have lots of great stories to tell and I look forward to all of them thanks.

To: The Listening Ear as always another great story about hearing a woman or girl go to the bathroom and as always keep your ears open and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Mandy great story about you pooping at the pool twice it sounds like your boyfriend knew what you did the first time and evently you will probaly get over your poop shyness or atleast become less shy the best way to do it is to start with only one person in the bathroom with you like at school if go in there and there only one girl using it you should try to poop it would be better if she was pooping to that way the smell wont be blamed on you or even find somone else you know who is poop shy aswell and you both can help eachother over come your shyness and I look forward to anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Amanda M great story it sounds like really felt better after that and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Leanne as always another great story about you and your friend pooping together and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

I think this ite needs a better search feature one where you type in the persons name and it finds all the ones with that name and I mean the name in the box not the story that way you will get exactly what your looking for like if you typed in Carmalitia it would bring up all the posts written by her as long they have her name in the box just a suggestion because many people have been asking where certain peoples first post is and that would help alot.

Well thats all for now

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site


Coworker's poo

Today I was in the copy room at work which is close to the toilets. I observed Cathy, the coworker from my last story, entering the toilets. I had to get back to work, but I had fun imagining her cute butt pushing out a nice poo. Later on, I had to wee and I took a stall between two other women. One of them just needed a wee like me, but the other was having a poo. She was also stinking up the bathroom real good. I stayed to listen for a bit and heard several sploonks and plops. I started to wipe after she did and I flushed and went to wash my hands. I saw the other woman in the mirror as she exited the stall, but I didn't recognize her. She was a young, thin lady, and I was surprised she could produce such an odor.

I did end up having to poo at work again today, but only just as I was about to leave. I went in the work toilets rather than hold it until I got home. It was weird having no one else in the toilets with me. I selected the closest stall and began with a short wee and a fart. I was pushing out a turd when the cleaning lady pushed her cart in and asked "Is anyone here?". I replied, "Yes, sorry, I'll be done in a minute" and she told me, "Okay, take your time sweetie" and walked out. When the turd broke off, another took its place. After that I felt empty and I wiped and flushed, washed my hands, and left for home.


Any Other Sniffers Out There?

When I was a freshman in college, my roommate, Cindy, and I vacationed at the ocean during a summer break. One morning, at Cindy's request, I kept her company in our motel bathroom while she was taking a dump. I had never experienced her shitting in full view before. A beautiful young girl she was; tall, pale, honey blonde, curvacious. There I was watching her shit. I was somewhat aroused and I was curious, in particular, about her wiping habits.

She lit a cigarette to help loosen her bowels a bit. She strained and farted and finally dropped her turd. It sounded like a solid one. She shat and stank and blabbed on to me. She finished her cigarette before reaching for the toilet roll. Yanking a few squares from the roll, she wadded up her tissue and quicky wiped her butt in one swipe. She looked at the used tissue and saw nothing on it. Then she sniffed it before dropping it in the commode.

"Eww, why did you smell it?" I asked.
She replied "Because I like the smell of my butthole, it's a funky

I couldn't wait to try the same thing myself. The next time I crapped (without Cindy around), I sniffed my used toilet paper as well. It WAS a funky smell, and a rather stimulating one. I liked the smell of my butthole, too. I became a habitual "sniffer" and have remained one through years. Now, in my middle age, my husband knows about this quirk of mine, as I've crapped and sniffed in his company many times. We laugh about it.

I'm curious about wiping habits (of ladies only) anyway, so please take the time to answer this short survey.

1. Do you ever wipe your bottom only once after crapping?

2. Do you fold your toilet tissue or wad it?

3. After a shit, do you wipe from front to back or vice versa?

4. After a shit, do you wipe with dry toilet paper alone or do you wet your toilet tissue or use wet wipes?

5. Do you ever sniff your used toilet tissue? Why or why not?

That's all for now. I'll post more in the future. I really like this forum!


Shit with no door

I went to take a shit at the mall today. There were four stalls and three of them were being used, but the last one had no door. There were two other ladies waiting and none of us wanted to use the open stall. I tried to hold it but it seemed all three of the women in the stalls were also shitting. After a while, I just couldn't hold it anymore so I decided to go in the doorless toilet. I was very embarrassed as I let loose a barrage of splops and plonks. I farted a couple times and a big turd shot out with a shploonk. One last sloop and I was finished. I wiped up and flushed and went to wash my hands. I noticed that my bravery to use the toilet in front of the other ladies gave one of them the courage to also go. Or maybe they too were super desperate, I don't know.


Latest Story

This morning, as I was getting ready to meet my study group, I suddenly felt the urge to poo and immediately headed to the restroom. The restroom in my residence hall only has four stalls, but it works out pretty well for 30 girls. As I walked into the restroom, I noticed a toothbrush, a tube of toothpaste, and a room key on the counter, and I assumed that someone accidentally left those items there. I went into the first stall, sat down, and let out some soft poo. As I was pooping, I suddenly noticed a pair of flip-flop clad feet in the stall next to me. The girl's feet were close to the pan and she was pushing up on her toes. I suddenly heard two massive plops from her. She wiped, flushed, and exited the stall. I came out a few seconds later and saw that it was our RA, Kelly, who made those loud plops, and that she was brushing her teeth with the toothbrush that was on the counter. Kelly is an attractive blond with green eyes and an athletic build. I washed my hands and went back into my dorm room to finish getting ready.

The End


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hello everyone! On August31st i turned 28!
to Bethy: i really enjoyed your post! sounds like to me that you were in an interesting postion while relieving yourself! i also find it intersting that you had your lab top computer between your legs and you were able to partly hold your bowel movement in and make it to the tiolet without having an accident! i dont think that i could have accomplished that at all! i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless!
to whatever women posted about barrying herself in the sand and having a relaxing bowel movement! iam gald that you were able to succeed so well! it sounds like you really enjoy doing this alot! it also seems like that for you at least the late night hours are the best! iam really glad that you have not been caught by anyone! that would be my only worry! i look forward to your next post! take care and God bless!
to LittleWillie: i really enjoyed your post! sounds like you and your girlfriend had an erotic bowel movement in the porta potty at the park. it sounds like you the food that you both ate didnot agree with you too well. iam glad that you both didnot get real sick from this experience that you both encountered while out on a day of fun! i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless!
to whoever posted about the bathroom experience in the dorms while in college: you will adjust to things ! all you have to remember is to clean up after yourselfs and you will do fine! i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless!
to Emma: i really enjoyed your post! sounds like you had quite an interesting bathroom experience while on the cruz! it sounds like you and the young girl behind you had quite a wait! since all four cublicals were taken the bathroom probably stunk quite bad! also when one of the cublicals has someone vomiting that doesnt help any! i remember growing up walking into a public bathroom and the place smelling horrbile! sometimes that is just reality! iam glad Emma that you didnt have an accident! i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless!
to Paddy: iam glad to hear that things are improving for you! take care and god bless!
to Gary: i really enjoyed your post! sounds like you and your cousin Tom had a fun thrilling bathroom experience in the shed! it also sounds like you both have relieved yourselfs in the same place before! i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless!
to the female that posted about the bathroom experience while out in the wilderness! iam glad that John didnt take offense to you relieving yourself in open! hopefully this experience will bring you two closer together! i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless!
to Aaron: i really enjoyed your post! it sounds like to me that you need to pay more attention to your girlfriends needs! she was trying to tell you that she needed a bathroom stop! you should have done a better job of listening to her! if you love her then you will listen to her whether you like it or not! had you listened to your girlfriend then she probably wouldnt have had a major accident! hopefully this experience will be a lesson to you in the future! i lookforward to your next post! takecare and God bless!
to Jas: i really enjoyed your post! iam glad that you had a cool bathroom experiemnce at the bookstore! iam glad to learn that there were no najor issues involved! i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless!
to Nicole: i really enjoyed your post! iam glad that you had fun at the Nets basketball game! however it seems to me that you were a little lazy when it comes to going to the bathroom! i wonder why if that is why you were diapers! i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless!


What's biggest poop ever done ?


Record-Breaking Poop

Hello, I'm Claire. I am in middle school now and this is a story of when I once had an unbelievable accident/poop/embarrasment.
I hate pooping. I try not to do it, even at home. My parents say it's bad for me, but it's not like they can make me poop or something.
So once I was at Macy's, and I thought about poop. I broke my own personal record; a week and 3 days without poopiing. however the urge struck me right there. I HAD to poop. I tried to hold it, but after only 13 seconds, and the poop came. I farted so loudly everyone at the shoe store looked at me. Then, it REALLY came. Diarrhea and gigantic turds ripped out of my hole in an explosion of farts that hurt my eardrums. I ran to the bathroom, and every step i took, about 5 turds, 6 farts, and a half cup of diarrhea spilled out. the bathroom was unbelievably big. there were 10 stalls. and 8 of them were filled. I rushed to one, and let it all out. To make a long story short, some very inappropriate gangster girls got a timer and recorde my... stuff.
I was in there for and hour; a 1 min pee, 108 farts (they were very presice), and 29 turds. they also receorde on a clipboeard that I had 15 min of diarrhea. And my accident on the floor was so great that my parents had to pay $500!!!! ( you see, every item was covered ). and taht s my stiry

Car Mom
Hello to all!

Lauren: thank you for answering my questions! I will be thinking of more. I'm so glad that you also have the opportunity to be a car mom and I can imagine that Ellie likes when you pick her up more than when anyone else picks her up! I'm also glad your husband is so supportive of your pees, even though its not something he himself enjoys. As far as the whole nature/nurture thing, I'm sure its both to an extent, but I'm also sure that Kaylee only does it because I offered it to her. She was 3 when I first started telling her to pee (in her carseat) and to her its always been a normal thing, but also a fun thing, especially when her friends do it too. You're probably right about Maysa not wanting to do it because she was older when you started it. It was a change that she didn't want to accept. But she may eventually accept it, maybe even when she's a teenager or a preteen. As far as Story, she's probably still too little to tell, but I think there's hope! And no, when I was potty training Kaylee I wasn't yet into peeing. Like I said she was 3.

Francesca: I'll be looking forward to finding out what happens!

Catherine: that was a great story about how you and your friend Marissa came to accept and enjoy peeing! I will be looking forward to more posts from you in the future for sure!

Brandon T: no, I don't think anyone has ever just accidentally pooped, but I can see what you mean about the fact that it could happen. Especially with the kids. But so far it hasn't. Kaylee's friends all know I'm not big on poop so they don't do it, but if they do need to I now have those great plastic bags!

Well, I don't really have anything tonight, but I'm sure you're enjoying my other two posts! I'm still hoping to see more of Laura! And its been a while since I've seen Lori. I'll have to give her a call.

Take care!
C M :)


Constipation relief

About three months ago I'd been unable to poo for five days so I just before I went to work I took a laxative to make myself go. The instructions on the packet recommended waiting as long as possible before going to the toilet for maximum effect. Well as the day went on I felt the urge to poo getting stronger by the hour but I decidede it was best to follow the instructions and waited untill I got home. By mid afternoon I was really feeling the pressure and thought about going to the toilet but I wanted to have a proper clearout so I held it instead. I felt quite uncomfortable as the last couple of hours went slowly by but it was a strangely pleasurable discomfort. By home time my bowels were full to bursting so I went to the toilet before leaving work but on the way, the thought of having an accident in my knickers briefly crossed my mind. There were two women waiting outside the toilet and I felt it would be easier to just wait untill I got home rather than wait for the que to go down. Not only that but I liked the desperate to go feeling and wanted it to last a bit longer. It was then I remembered that Kirsty was working late so I had to get the bus home. That meant I would have to wait a lot longer than I planned but I wanted to take the risk. As I walked towards the bus stop my bowels began to push but I clenched hard and stopped it coming our into my panties. It felt great to be this desperate for a poo and nowhere near a toilet. Then a thought struck me. What if I forget about getting the bus and just walked home. I'd be really desperate by the time I got home, if I made it of course! I got to the bus stop and the bus was already waiting there. I was in two minds whether to get on the bus or to let it go and walk home. With such a desperate need of the toilet I knew what I should do......

I walked home! I made it about half way when I felt my bowels suddenly push again and much harder than before. I clenched hard and stopped the inevitable accident. For now. My heart was was racing. It was so exiting knowing I could end up walking home with a very big mess in my underwear. I walked for another fifteen minutes or so when my bowels cramped up and started to push. I tried to clench against it but the pressure was too much for me. All I could do was relax and let it happen. I leant with my back to a tree and let my pants fill with a huge load. They sagged down at the rear and I still had to go. I pushed a bit and the rest came out like a rope squishing up with the first load untill there was no room left in my underwear. I wanted to stop before things got too messy but my bowels kept pushing and it started to flow up my back and then out of the leg elastic into my work trousers and down one leg. Still I kept going and it began to pee myself and it ran down the other leg. By the time I was done, I had about four pounds of poo in my underwear and another pound in my trousers. There was a pool of urine around my feet and I was in such a mess. I made it home without anyone peeing me and got in the shower fully clothed ready for the big cleanup. I took my clothes off and showered must of the mess off my bum and legs when I felt the urge to go again but I held it while I got cleaned up properly. It took a lot of work but finaly I felt clean and dried myself and sat on the toilet to completely empty myself.

To Car Mom: My mom kind of approved of it in stages lol. At first, I think that she thought I was just having accidents, but that only took a couple of days and then she knew it was on purpose, as I would just go wherever I was. Then she got kind of upset, but we talked about it, and we set some rules that we could agree on. Mostly, as long as I was at home, a friend's house, or a relatives house, I could go when/where I wanted. If I was anywhere else, or if my friend/relative got mad, I could still go in my pants, but I had to be sitting on the toilet. So in that case, I guess she approves? What about you? I know you approve of Kaylee peeing in your car, but would you approve of her peeing/pooping her pants, even while not at home? And what about her friends when they're over?

To Brandon T: It is fun, actually. I was upset when Marissa got mad, but I still liked it. And now we're even closer. She pees and poops in her pants too, just not as often as me.

And now for a story, something from this morning before school that happened and is awesome! I went to throw my clothes in the laundry room, and I saw my mom's sheets in a pile on the floor in front of the hamper. I mostly ignored them until I stepped on them in my bare feet and felt damp. I looked them over a bit and realized that there was a large spot on them. I was smiling and giggling when I came out of the laundry room, and I asked my mom about it. She blushed and I had guessed right. She peed her bed last night and was getting ready to wash her sheets. She said that she woke up in the middle of the night and had to go, but she didn't want to get up or she wouldn't be able to go back to sleep. My mom is one of those people that if they get up out of bed it takes a couple hours to go back to sleep. So instead she peed and went back to sleep. She said that it didn't bother her, and she'd probably do it again in a similar situation.

I can't help but hope that it's me who is making my mom into a bedwetter :)

BTW, I'm typing this from the computer lab at my school, and I'm peeing in my seat. I'm wearing light blue jeans, too, so it will be really obvious, but I don't care. I'll probably wait until after lunch to poop my pants.

Laterz for now,


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Fiber-aided desperation

I love the feeling of being so desperate to take a big dump. I had been reading about fiber supplements and I decided to buy some. Yesterday afternoon, I mixed up a glass of water with one dose of a fiber supplement to take with my lunch. I also made sure to drink lots of water. I peed quite a few times, but I didn't feel any urge to poop. Then at dinnertime I took another dose of the fiber with my meal.

By the end of the evening, I could definitely feel a pressure building. I let off a bunch of gassy farts and there was a small urge to poop. I ignored the urge and went to bed a little earlier than normal. When I woke up in the morning, the urge had intensified but it was still manageable. I ate two bowls of some bran cereal for breakfast. I was feeling quite full but I continued with my daily routine. After a while, I really really had to poop. I waited just a little longer, but then I just couldn't hold it anymore.

I walked to the bathroom, gingerly lowered my jeans and panties, cut a huge fart and sat on the toilet. I released my hold and a long ropey poop zoomed out. It was followed by some farts and lots of chunks of poop. The relief was amazing to be releasing all of this poop. Several more soft logs exited at rapid speed. Ropes and chunks of poop continued to flow forth from my bottom for many minutes. The grand finale was an extra long log which seemed to just go on and on and on. I imagined it must have been at least two and a half feet of poop or possibly more. Afterwards, I was amazed that I needed just three wipes to get clean.

I had to sneak a peek at my dump. It was an interesting feeling seeing that much poop and knowing it had all come from my butt just minutes before. I flushed the toilet and the load all went down easily, but leaving a bunch of skidmarks all over the toilet. This was a fun experience and one I'd like to try again some time.

ate Hi everyone, Abbie here with my latest update.
Leanne- great story about when you were on the way back from Heathrow and how you were able to see into the next girl's cubicle. Sounds like you both had a good poo! I look forward to your other stories about the times you could see into the neighbouring cubicle, like you I often look under the partition to see if I can see my neighbours feet and sometimes their trousers/ knickers round their ankles.
Not too much has been happening to me lately, I've been struggling a bit to go for a poo these last few days, I think because I've been getting nervous about going back to school. I can't believe it's happening on Monday, the hols have flown by so quickly this year. I know a lot of people end up with diarrhea when they're nervous but I tend to get bunged up instead. I'm hoping I can keep my constipation under control once I've started school but I'll have to see how it goes, as I said before I'm going to a new school so I hope the loos will be OK. I guess I'll find out on Monday!
I got up late this morning and brought some breakfast back up to my room. After eating it I was bursting for a wee and I thought I might be able to have a poo as well as I was starting to feel a distinct need, I'd tried to open my bowels yesterday but my body wasn't having any of it so I hadn't been for a poo since Thursday. I went to the bathroom and locked the door, once inside I went over to the toilet, lifted my nightie and pulled down my red and white striped knickers and sat. I started to have a wee, it splashed loudly into the bowl and as I was weeing I let out some loud farts. When I'd finished my wee I took a deep breath and pushed hard, I could feel a log moving down inside me and shortly after the tip of it coming out of my bum. I kept on pushing and let out some pants and grunts, the log was sliding slowly out, it felt like a huge one. After two really hard pushes and loud grunts it started to move faster as the widest part was through and shortly after it plopped into the bowl. I felt another log move into position almost straight away and start to ease its way out of my bum, after a couple of minutes that one splashed down into the loo and I finished with a few more spurts of wee. I took some toilet paper and wiped my bottom before pulling up my knickers and letting down my nightie. I went back to my room to get dressed, I looked at the clock and saw I'd been on the loo for about 10 minutes which I suppose wasn't too bad. I hope my poo doesn't get any harder than that to push out otherwise I'm going to find it hard to have a poo at school if I feel the urge. Anyway, hope you liked this story, will post again soon, bye for now.

Rag Muffin Reanna

A Variety of Comments

for Connor
--No Tank and I didn't get to dump out the rain gauge before his parents woke up. We, of course, slept through pretty much the next day until it was time to get to school for Debate practice. Before we went into the debate room that afternoon, I went across the hall to the restroom, seated myself and peed. As my stream was going, I got to thinking, "S***, we forgot....." but Tank didn't seem too concerned.

for Gopi
--You are lucky I guess to have the seat tissues. There are so few high schools that have them. I must have competed at about 30 schools last year for debate tournaments and only two or three of the schools had the covers. I'm not interested in using them and think they are more trouble than they are worth. Also, say I were to take a good-size dump, use a good amount of toilet paper plus having sat on one of the protectors, could the protector contribute to a flushing clog?

for Caryl Marie
--I've taken food pretty regularly from the debate room and across the hall into the bathroom with me. Do you think I'm going to leave some nice french fries out for Tank to eat while I'm emptying my bladder?

for Standee Mandy
--I've seen a few students hover pee, but I don't think there's much hover crapping going on. I know you're experienced at it, and we appreciate your stories, but there just seems to be too many ways to err and Third Stall Susan's experience is a good example.

for Victor
--I had a friend when I was in 6th grade at a Catholic school give me a very valuable piece of advice. When crapping, slide yourself back on the seat so far that the back of your butt touches the back of the seat, and no matter what the size of the bowl or water level is, your crap goes directly into the water. That cuts smell problems and others judging you. When your crap sticks on the front of the bowl outside the water level, that's where the worst smells come from.

for Laurel:
--I love your statement: "No calamity has ever overcome me for sitting directly on the seat."

for Claire:

--I'm interested in your mom making you use the seat covers. How did you protest? What did she to that? What caused you to ultimately change your mind?

Car Mom
I didn't have anything to post last night, but tonight I definitely do! As you remember a new girl from Kaylee's school peed in my car a few days ago. Her name is Saylor (I found out that's how its spelled) and she's 9 like Kaylee. I posted about her and Hannah the Humming Girl peeing in the console but Saylor has actually peed in my car twice, the second time was in the backseat the following day. Well on Friday I got a phone call. It was from Saylor's mom. She said "hi is this Megan G*****? Kaylee's mom?" I said "yes." Then she said "ok well this is Natalie M*****. Saylor's mom." My heart stopped when she said that. I knew right away why she was calling me. She then said "this is kind of an awkward thing to ask you. Saylor tells me she got your permission to go to the bathroom in your car. She said she went in the storage thing between the seats and the backseat. Is that true?" I didn't know what to say at first. Finally I said "um well yes she does actually." Then Natalie said something good. "Well I don't have a problem with her doing it. Its actually kind of an interesting thing really. I just wanted to see if it was true or if it was just something she made up." I said "no its true." Then she said "well I just wanted to make sure. And I just wanted to make sure you weren't nuts or anything like that." I could tell she smiled a little when she said that. I said "no I'm not nuts." Then I said "if you'd like you can come over and I can show you where exactly she did it." Natalie then said "um yeah actually. That would be good. I know we've met at the school but it would be good to meet you again." I said "great come on over." Well she did come over and she saw the car and the places in the car where people had peed and I could tell she was interested in the whole idea. She said "when I was a kid I had to pee in the sink a few times and in the bathtub right in the water and I went a few times outside. But I've NEVER peed in a car. That's amazing." I said "well there's a first time for everything." She said "what do you mean?" and I said "I mean if you want you can pee in my car." Natalie smiled awkwardly. Then she giggled. "Are you sure?" I said "yeah you can do it now if you want. Do you have to go now?" She said "well yeah I do actually. But are you sure its ok? I mean I can understand maybe the kids doing it, but ME? Are you sure?" Natalie is 33 by the way if anyone was wondering. I said "yes I'm sure. Have a pee in my car." She giggled again. Then she said "ok." And so she opened up the passenger door of my car and then she said "anywhere?" and I said "yeah anywhere you want is fine." And so she pulled down her jeans and her underwear and she got in and sat down in the passenger seat. She giggled again. "It does smell a little like pee in here." Then she said "I'm ready." I said "ok go ahead and go." And so she let herself relax. Then she began to pee. Natalie began to pee into the seat of my car. I could hear it starting to hiss into the seat as she peed. Natalie giggled and said "I can see why Saylor liked doing this so much." I said "yeah and you're welcome to do it anytime you want." She smiled and said "thank you Megan." Then she continued with her pee. Soon a nice little puddle was forming between her thighs. And like everyone usually does, Natalie let a fart. It made a bubbly noise against the wet seat. "Excuse me" she said and then she looked down at her pee and she said "wow I'm going a lot. I didn't realize I'd go so much." I said "its ok you can go as much as you want." She said "are you sure" and I said "yeah its ok you can go as much as you need to." Natalie smiled. "Ok. But the seat's gonna really be soaked." I said "its ok." And so Natalie continued to have her pee until she was finished. And so now both Saylor and her mom have peed in my car. And since they both liked doing it I'm sure it will lead to more adventures!

Bye for now!
C M :)


Buddy dumping incident

I was at a medical school which I occasionally need to visit for business when I experienced something interesting. Whenever I go there, I always visit the mens room where I like to relax, check my email and observe the med students and interns. There are three stalls, and I always take the farthest stall which is the handicapped stall. I was sitting there when two guys entered. They were conversing and both took the two empty adjacent stalls. I could tell from their blue hospital scrubs that they were most likely young residemts. Dr. A took the farthest stall and Dr. B took the middle stall closest to me. Dr. A dropped his scrubs quickly and sat down while Dr. B cleaned the seat with toilet paper, then untied the drawstring of his scrubs, then lowered his scrubs and blue checkered boxers to the floor in one motion and assumed his position. There were a series of soft grunts and light plops when Dr. B reached around and flushed his toilet. He obviously was concerned about either the smell or the sounds. Then Dr. A initiated conversation. It went something like this: "Rob, what do you think we should do with the X-rays?" Dr. B said, "we'll take them up to the lab,". I got the impression that Dr. B did not want to engage in conversation during this usually private experience. There were a few more grunts and sighs and then Dr. B again reached around and flushed. He obviously was a bit concerned about the odor. It was quiet for a couple of minutes. I could tell from the shadows that Dr. B was checking his email. Then Dr. A started to wipe. As Dr. A was finishing up, Dr. B put away his phone and started his clean up process. I could tell from the shadows that he was taking a strip of tp, wadding it up and wiping from the front, from between his legs. Dr. A then stood up and flushed and left the stall to wash up. I got a peak of him through the crack in the stall as he was at the sink. He was dark and trim, about 6 feet tall with short hair. Dr. B continued to wipe and I prepared to exit, to coincide with Dr. B's exit. As Dr. B pulled up his scrubs and boxers in one motion, I left my stall and went to the sink. Dr. A had already left the restroom. I was at the sink when Dr. B exited his stall and approached the sink. I looked at him in the mirror. He was about 6 feet tall, ruggedly handsome with light brown hair and a scruffy beard. We made eye contact as we washed up. I think it might have been a little awkward for Dr. B. We both left, me trailing him down the hall. I found the whole experience to be very exciting.


Comments and Stuff

To Eileen.About the Farts,Well Me and my Brother was at our friend's Dan's when we where Teens.Me my Brother and Dan and his Brother Wayne was in the living room watching Tv and Me and my Brother fart at the same time.Dan goes Wayne!And Wayne Goes, no it was you Dan!They both started yelling at each other.Then there Dad comes in and asked what was going on in here,Then Wayne goes Dan Farted and said it was me!And Dan said it was Wayne.Their Dad goes,Who gives a S..t on who did it.And about the bathroom smell.At a Vender's mall it smelled like hot urine.
To Wendy.Like your story!I was in a situation like that.So I went in a paper bag and threw it down in the woods.Let the Racoons have it!


Pay rise while desperate for the toilet

I came home from the shops with a desperate urge to pee but the phone was ringing so I had to hold it while I talked to my boss. There was a much more urgent problem though. I had the runs and I'd been holding it for two hours. I couldn't get off the phone as he was offering me a promotion but I was about to do a wet motion in my knickers! We talked about my salary and I had to pee so bad I just let it leak slowly down my legs. I really needed the money and I kept talking even though I knew I could end up having the worse toilet accident of my life. I managed to negotiate a good pay rise but I was losing control of my bladder by now and soaked my jeans. He could tell by my voice that something was wrong and I said I was fine because I wanted to get this job so badly. We talked at length about my position while my bowels were turning somersaults. I had a reall job holding it back and by the time we agreed terms I was losing control. I put the phone down as liquid diarrhoea exploded into my knickers. I ran to the toilet with it running down my legs but at least the pay rise would pay for some new clothes and carpet!

Half Dump Denise

Comment to Standee Mandy & My New Experience

I have a very recent story but first I have information for Standee Mandy who wanted to know how common squatting is and if we know of accidents. I know that some squatting (very little I think) goes on at my high school and at places like the movie theater and the mall. Sometimes like once a week I'll open a stall door at school and see some splashes on the seat. I feel the hover pissing is largely unncessary and I had one girl in my 3rd hour class last year tell me it was natural and much easier to do, but she admitted that those doing it should at least raise the seat and if they don't do that, at least wipe the seat when they get done. Most of us just sit right down to pee or crap and don't think too much about it. I've heard a few latch the door and then pull of a little toilet paper to wipe the seat off first before they seat themselves. I do remember roughly a babysitter I had back like 10 years ago when I was just starting grade school and we stopped at a gas station for sodas. She did it right for a couple of reasons which she explained to me because I was curious and asked: 1) she used her fingers to aim her stream more directly into the toilet. 2) She held herself at like a half inch off the toilet seat so that there wasn't any chance of the wild splashing. I've never tried it; I just don't think it's for me.
Now this is about my latest experience. My friend Shannon and I went to an evening pro baseball game last night and it was followed by a full country music concert right on the field.

While the band was setting up, Shannon and I went to the restroom. She had to take a crap and was kind of upset that all the stalls were taken and there was such a large group waiting for the stalls as they opened. Shannon was at the sink combing her hair into the mirror and messing with her braids which she's had for a couple of years. I decided to take a chance on a stall where I hadn't seen anyone go in but I knew it was occupied because I could see jeans and flip-flops planted firmly under the door. I heard some farting, a few plops into the water, and then the noise I was most eager to hear, the toilet paper roll being turned. I knew my turn was coming and my piss was starting to hurt me, something that frequently happens after I consume too much soda too fast. Behind me was a mother about 30 and a girl called Ally who was probably about 10. She was doing a pee dance, something that seemed to make her mother annoyed even more than the crowd. The stall door came open, a woman who looked like a grandmother came out and apologized to me for taking so long. She said her bowels don't move as easily as they once did and she reminded me of my friend Mable, whom I've written about from my work at the bingo hall. This lady, however, seemed a lot younger and more active than Mable whom I've had to escort in and out of the stall because at 90-something, she's so feeble.

I looked back for Shannon, who was now standing in line behind this Ally and her mom. Shannon told me to hurry up because she could hear the sound check already. I just flashed her a look that basically told her to get off my back. I quickly latched the door, pulled down my underwear and jean shorts, and seated myself on the toilet. I remember how warm the seat was and the fact that it seemed to be a little higher and larger than many of the others that I've used. I looked directly forward before I could get my stream started and on the left side of the door I saw eyes and immediately I looked to the right and again I saw eyes. I'm pretty shy, but said something like that I was only peeing and it wouldn't be long. I heard Ally tell her mom that she was going to piss her pants and her mom threatening her with "You better not, Allison." That frustrated me and when I become flustered, I can't produce. About 30 seconds later, I looked up again, and saw eyes on me from the left, and also, of course, from the right. I just don't think it's courteous to peek in like that.

Finally, I could feel a few drops come out and heard them hit the water. After a few seconds of silence, more came and my stream had started and I announced that I was almost done. In the background, I could hear the band's soundcheck becoming louder. When I saw the first eyes on me through the crack, I immediately moved my knees together from where they were about 2 inches apart and I pulled my clothing up to above knee level. I continued to see eyeballs looking in and again I said that I was almost done. My stream had gone for almost 2 minutes but it seemed like 10 because of the remarks made and the rude eyeballs. I heard Shannon say something to the lady in front of her and I heard the woman put her down, although I couldn't make out all the words. I quickly got off the stool, looked between my legs and at the bowl of dark, yellow piss and quickly leaned down and flushed. I opened the door and said "All yours" and the lady bumped by me with Ally in tow. As I stopped to talke to Shannon who was next in the line, I could hear the lady's loud voice start and argument with Ally about how she couldn't use the toilet because there was no toilet paper on the roll to place over the seat. I guess Ally started to use it anyway, and her mom stopped her and and at that point, Shannon pushed through the crowd to get to the paper towel holder at the very end of the line of sinks, and pulled off a couple of sheets of towels and quickly handed them to me to give to the mother. I thought that was very helpful on Shannon's part, but as I knocked on the door, I heard Ally cry out that she had peed in her shorts.

The mom quickly opened the door, rudely took the towels and as I walked to the sink to wash my hands, Shannon looked for flustered as the fight continued in the stall. She later told me that Ally had done an instantaneous pee that you could see go down her legs and onto the floor. The lady using the stall immediately to the right came out and the older lady in line for the stall let Shannon cut in. Shannon immediately yanked her clothing down, threw herself onto the stool, and within 10 seconds was telling me "That feels good." I heard the toilet paper roll swirl and within 15 seconds she was out and with a look of great satisfaction on her face.

We only missed the first two songs of the concert and while we were waiting later for Shannon's dad to come and pick us up, we both were thankful we don't have parents with the hang-ups of Ally's mom. Shannon and I think that Ally's mom probably took her home as punishment and that their fight probably continued into the night. Having a pathetic parent like that would sure suck.

Saturday, September 03, 2011

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