Pooing in a derelict house

When we were teenagers, Kirsty and me used to go out to an old house an that was due to be re developed. We must have been around 14 or so and one day I really had to poo. I hadn't been for 5 days so I was more than just desperate. Kirsty was amazed at how long I'd held it and said she'd never be able to hold it that long. Even a few hours of holding it would result in her having an accident, so 5 days to Kirsty was un imaginable.
We looked around the house in search of the bathroom and I had to clench very hard to keep this huge poo inside my bowels and to be honest I was having a hard time. All the effort was tiring and I was weakening as the pressure behind my anus grew by the second. We found the bathroom but the toilet was broken and the bath was full of plaster where the cieling had fallen down. I was close to doing it in my panties by now and Kirsty said, "Why not just go in your knickers?" You can clean up later. I won't tell anyone." I was shocked at first but the idea did seem exiting. It felt dirty and I knew I should be ashamed for just thinking about it but somehow I secretly wanted to do it. I couldn't find the courage though and told Kirsty there was no way I was going to s**t myself on purpose. Kirsty said she would if she needed to go really bad but I wasn't convinced. I felt a cramp and knew I was out of time so I told Kirsty I couldn't wait any longer. Her eyes lit up when I said that and I'm sure she thought I was going to do it in my pants. She looked disappointed when I pulled my jeans and panties down but she seemed to love watching me squat and release a huge load on the floor. The relief was wonderfull but there was nothing to wipe with so I had to pull my panties up without wiping. We went back to Kirstys house as it was closer than mine so I could wipe my bum but my panties were badly marked.


Urgent poo

I went for a nice walk this morning when I felt the urge to poo coming on. The nearest toilet was in the park but that was about a mile away and my house was about the same distance but in the opposite direction. I thought the best option was to head for home but about half way the urge got a lot stronger and I had to clench to keep it in. I got to the corner of my road when all of a sudden the urge became very intense and no amount of clenching would hold it back. It wasn't runny but it was a bit loose. I tried to stop it but my bowels kept pushing and before I knew it my knickers were bulging with my huge load. My tight jeans held it all in but my bum was a mess and it felt all hot and sticky as it spread out everywhere. When it stopped I still needed to go but I held it untill I got home as I didn't want to risk it coming out of my knickers. Once I got home I waddled up to the loo and took off my jeans and my knickers. I cleaned up in the shower and sat on the toilet but then I remembered a story I read about Feral Girl. I thought it would be great fun to do it outside like she did and put some clean clothes on and took the toilet roll with me into the garden. I have a secluded garden,surrounded by trees and bushes so I couldn't be seen. I picked a spot under a large tree with long overhanging branches and pulled my jeans knickers down and squatted. I started to poo without needing to push and it came out quickly. It was a lot which surprised me as thought I did most of it in my knickers. It was a relief to get it all out and after wiping I pulled my cloths back up and got a shovel from the shed and burried my load.


Poo at work

I needed a poo at work yesterday and I spotted one of my coworkers also heading to the toilets. She has a lovely butt and I hoped she needed a poo as well. She entered the toilets just before I did and I took the stall right next to her. I sat for a minute listening to her wee and then she did a blasting fart. I felt a log almost ready to come out as she did a few sploshs. Then a soft creamy log emerged from my hole. She gave a good push with an Nggh and my log snapped off.

Our two poo odors were mixing together and it was wonderful. There was a floomp from her and I pushed out my next log. She let off a windy fart and a few more sploonks. My second log ended and I shortly was working on a skinny one. She grunted again and I heard a plonk. She started to wipe and my log broke off. I had one more which eased out while she was finishing wiping. She flushed just as my last log fell into the water. I wiped thoroughly, needing a lot of paper for that one. When I was done I flushed and washed my hands before returning to work feeling much better.

That evening after I had eaten dinner, I had an urge to poo again. I went to the bathroom and sat down and immediately a long rope of poo began to shoot out. When that stopped, I let out two small poo chunks and that was all. I didn't need nearly as much toilet paper to wipe that time.

To All Pooped Out:
If he's grossed out by it he simply won't go out with you again. You're no worse off if you're turned down than if you don't try. Go for it!


Very stinky shit

This morning, I woke up with a huge urge to shit. I farted a bunch of times as I walked to the bathroom. I sat on the toilet and emptied my bladder. I let off a few more farts and felt a turd ready to come out. With a little push, it emerged and fell to the water with a Splop. I farted again and let out two turds, Splunk Ploosh. I was already stinking up the bathroom but I had forgotten to turn on the fan. Some more loud farts and another Ploop. Two more turds with a Splink and a Shoonk.

Then my roommate came into the bathroom and she was like, "Eugh! Gross! What did you eat? I wanna brush my teeth but I'll try again tomorrow!" and I shot back, "It's not that bad. Besides your shit doesn't smell like roses either, you know?" but she had already left. I let off a few more turds and by then I had to admit the stink was pretty awful. A long silent fart followed by a Splosh rounded off my shit. I flushed before wiping hoping the stench would dissipate some, but it didn't. So I quickly wiped, flushed again, and left the bathroom, making sure to turn on the bathroom fan.


To Nicole

You have asked about going into a diaper. I have issues with overactive bladder and bedwetting, so for me it is a daily experience. The cheap diapers sold in stores do not hold much, one wetting at most and if you flood them they leak. There are better diapers available through online stores. If you do have a choice, it is better to leak slowly.

Eileen H

Two Questions and Small Stories

I love asking you guys questions and getting responses, so I'll keep doing that. These two are more open ended questions, and I have stories to accompany.

Question #1: Ever blame a fart on someone else?

One time during class I had to poop very badly (big surprise). The students were working on individual essays and I was fielding questions. I was bending over talking to a student when I felt a bubbly sort of feeling in my bottom. It was a fart, and I was very uncomfortable, but cutting a fart here was out of the question. It slipped out however. No noise, but the smell was quite evident after a few seconds. The kid next to me got blamed. I felt somewhat bad, but he didn't mind too much. I certainly wasn't going to take credit for it. I swiftly left the scene of the crime, hoping the smell wouldn't follow.

Question #2: What's the worst smell you've encountered in a bathroom? It can be a smell you caused, something someone else perpetrated, or the bathroom itself.

I remember one poster several years back who stunk up the bathroom she was in so bad a woman vomited. I was on a road trip to Hershey park (ironic) several years back and we were driving back at night. I had to poop very bad, and the ride wasn't nearly close to over. My husband stopper at a gas station. The bathroom stood there, taunting me. I had to go so bad I thought I'd ignore the filth and get my business done. I told my husband I'd be back in a few minutes and scurried off.

The wall of stink that smacked my nose was atrocious. It smelled like a mixture of rotten meat, sour milk, manure, and tons of other stinky stuff. I covered my mouth and nose and used my feet to open the stall. The toilet was covered in dried over... stuff. I really have no idea what it was, but it smelled very bad. No seat covers or toilet paper, not like that would help. My brain and nose wanted to leave, but my stomach and butt wanted to sit. I hovered over the toilet and pushed. A brown beast exited my rectum, adding a fresh stink to the mix. With nothing to wipe with, and a broken sink, I felt disgusting. When I left the bathroom, I doused my hands in that sanitary liquid, and caught my breath. The whole ride home I felt leftover creeping around back there. It still smelled. When I got home I took a long shower.

On the floor

I was on my bathroom floor the other day, and I had to do 1 and 2 I got up, sat on the toilet, and peed. I got some toilet paper and laid it on the floor. I sat on it and pooped. It felt good. I just sat there fort 20 minutes!

Hi again, wanted to answer some questions you guys had:
J: you asked what my husband thought about me peeing in my car. First off, no it does not turn him on. But as long as I do it in my car, he does not mind. He won't let the girls pee in his, which has led to some issues on long trips. My husband is a very supportive man and since I enjoy it, he would never want to stop me.
Car Mom: Maysa refuses unless she is really desperate. Jagger will pee in the car for fun, even when she really does not have to go, but Maysa waits until she can't hold it anymore. I usually try to stop and let Maysa pee elsewhere; I am not going to force her to use the car, but there has been situations where I just can't stop. For example, last summer we were on a road trip and got stuck in heavy traffic. No one was moving and I think we were there a total of three hours. We were stuck in the middle lane and I could not pull off anywhere. Maysa had needed to pee right before this happened and about an hour in she announced she really could not hold it anymore. I told her to pee in her seat. I had already as well as Jagger. She said she did not want to and would wait, but eventually I heard her pull her pants down and begin her pee. I did not say anything and neither did she. Short car trips she does not have this problem because she knows we will be somewhere with a restroom soon. As far as friends go, there has been one girl. Her name is Ellie and she is a friend of Jagger. The first time we picked her up from school, Jagger was very excited to show Ellie she could pee in the car. Of course she loved it and now she does it whenever she is with us.
That is all for now, keep asking questions!


Question for Car Mom

Just wanted to ask Car Mom a quick question that just occurred to me. Do you think Kaylee enjoys peeing different places so much because you raised her that way and taught her it is fun or do you think biologically she just shares your interests. I was wondering because Maysa and Jagger are so different. I obviously enjoying peeing places other than the toilet and tried to instill that in my girls. One rejected it and one loves it. I did not start until Maysa was a little older so maybe that is it. Jagger grew up with that mindset. Story is still in diapers, so it is too early to tell what she enjoys. Although we are beginning to potty train her and the other day I tool her to the grocery store with me. I had just loaded up the car when she said, "pee." I asked her if she needed to go and she said yes. Not wanting to lose the opportunity, I stripped of her diaper and sat her right onto the passenger seat. I kneeled next to her and told her to make her pee right into the seat like mommy and her sisters do. She would not go. I do not know if it was because she is like Maysa or because she is still too little to get it. I lifted her up and had her stand by the car, with the door shielding her. She instantly peed into the parking lot. So i guess I will just have to wait and see.
Car Mom- when you were potty training Kaylee, did you teach her to pee in unusual places?

Standee Mandy

Squat shitting gone bad

Yesterday my best friend Skye and me were messing around on the computer at her house and she went back to an Old Posts page (#1612) which is like four years old. She showed me a story written by Third Stall Susan. What Susan wrote about was someone dropping a foot-long log onto the floor of her school bathroom, like right in front of the toilet. While Third Stall Susan was at the sink washing her hands, a girl came running in during a short passing period and used the stall. Whether the girl saw the foot-longer in time or stepped in it, and/or saw there was no toilet paper left in the stall we'll never know because Third Stall Susan had to make a run to class. Now Skye is using this as evidence against using a squat to go to the bathroom instead of sitting right down like she says most normal people do. I'm in 8th grade and Mom learned me to squat like two years ago when I started middle school. Even though I've been helping Skye to do it when we're out together at places such as the state fair and the mall, much of the time she ends up just sitting down and going normal. My question for the rest of you guys on the board, how common is squatting and do you know of any squatting accidents? Thanks.

Car Mom
Hello all!

Catherine: welcome! I will be looking forward to hearing about your anti-toilet experiences as I'm sure many others here will too! I noticed you are only 15, do your parents (or guardians) approve of your habits? Keep posting! I'll be looking forward to it!

Lauren: keep posting! I'm so glad to have another friend even if its not in person! Have any other girls/kids peed in your car or anywhere else strange besides your daughters? So far I think I've covered all the places where Kaylee or anyone else has peed in my posts. I don't think we've ever peed anywhere but my car or in my house somewhere. Except for that one infamous time in Laura's couch. But otherwise its always been in those places. Of course we've done it more times than I've posted, but not in any different places. I think I've covered them all (so far!) And we've never done anything with diapers yet. Just our pants & panties.

Anon: great "Pee in Bed" post! Any more posts coming? I might try peeing in my bed some day, we'll see what happens! If you want tell us about yourself. Thanks for posting!

Kaylee has really taken a liking to peeing in (and around) the console. I guess its because it was her own idea so its sort of her own little thing. She also likes when her friends pee there too. Today Hannah the Humming Girl peed in it. I'm sure you all remember her. She's the one who always hums quietly while her pee is coming out. Its a habit she has and I noticed she also does it while she's coloring or using scissors. As you'll remember Hannah has peed in my car several times but not in the console. Well today she was with us and so was a new girl from school named Sailor. I thought that was kind of a cool name by the way. Lauren, I'm sure you agree! Sailor had never peed in my car before but Kaylee told her about it and so she wanted to try it. By the way, there have been some girls who had only tried it once and have never done it again. Once in a while someone won't even like doing it. I know I mentioned the girl who did it on her knees because she didn't want her pee to touch her. I mentioned that in my very first post I think (page 1892 or maybe 1925). Anyway so Hannah and Sailor were with us and we were at McDonald's. After a while (and after the girls were playing in the play area for a while) Kaylee came up to me and she said that they all needed to pee. Of course I asked her if she wanted to go out and use the car and Kaylee said "yeah" and she also said that she told Sailor about our pees and that Sailor wanted to pee in the car for the first time. And so we went out to the car and Kaylee asked me if they could use the console and I told her "yeah go ahead and use the console. I know that's where you like to go a lot." Kaylee smiled. We all got in the car and I drove to the other side of the parking lot and then after that the girls got ready. Sailor said that she didn't want to be first and so Kaylee told Hannah that she could be first if she wanted since she had said that she really had to go. Hannah then said that she wanted to watch Kaylee do it first since she had never peed in the console before and wanted to watch her do it first. Kaylee said "ok" and then she climbed to the front of the car and she took off her shorts and her panties and she got herself into position on the console, with one foot on each of the front seats. I actually noticed the smell of fart as Kaylee sat herself down and so I knew that she had already let one even before she started peeing. Kaylee was all ready. She began to pee. Her pee went right into the console and made a pattering sound against the inside. I had also thrown a wrapper from a pack of crackers in there earlier and so it made a crinkly sound when Kaylee peed on it. The other two girls looked on as Kaylee had her pee. Then Kaylee said "watch" and she began to do her usual thing of lifting herself up and spraying outside of the console. She sprayed the back drink holder and then the parking brake and then she moved it up to the two front drink holders. Then she sprayed the gear shift and the pillow behind it and after that she hit the two front seats a little. She also got some on my leg and she giggled and said "sorry." I just giggled back and said "its ok." After that Kaylee let a couple farts as she peed. Kaylee continued to have her pee until she was all finished. Then after that she said "who wants to go next?" Hannah said "I'll go next" and Kaylee said "ok." Hannah then got undressed and she climbed to the front of the car and she took off her shorts and her panties. I thought about getting out so she would have more room and so I asked her if she had enough room and she said "yeah I do, you don't have to get out Miss Megan." I said "are you sure you have enough room" and she said "yeah." And so I stayed there. Hannah then sat down on the console. She was all ready to have her pee. Kaylee watched from the passenger seat and Sailor watched from the back. Then Hannah began to pee. She peed right into the console. Then she began to do her little humming thing. She hummed along with the sound of her pee. Then after a while she lifted herself up and began to pee outside the console and onto the drink holders and the parking brake and the gear shift. As Hannah peed on the different things she hummed right along with the sound of her pee. It was so cute. Then after a few more seconds she was done. I think she let a little fart as she let the last few drops come out. Then she was finished. She smiled and said "I'm done." Then I said "ok Sailor you're up." She giggled and said "ok I'm ready." Then she climbed up into the front and Hannah moved to the passenger seat with Kaylee. Sailor took off her shorts and her panties and she sat down on the console. She smiled and said "I can't believe I'm gonna peepee in here!" I said "well you are" and then she giggled. Then she looked down and she began to pee. Sailor began to relieve herself right into the console. It pattered against the inside of the console. It also made wet sounds as it hit against the pee that was already in there. It takes a while for pee to fully drain out of there. As Sailor peed she let a fart and she giggled and said "excuse me." I said "its ok honey." She continued to pee. Then after a few more seconds Sailor lifted herself up and she began to spray against the drink holders and the seats. As she sprayed she got my leg a little bit and she giggled and said "sorry" and I said "its ok sweetie." Then she said "this is fun" and she kept spraying onto the things in front of the console. She was soon hitting the gear shift and the pillow. I said "I'm glad you like doing this honey. And remember you can do this anytime you want." She said "ok" and she continued to pee. Then after a few more seconds Sailor's pee slowly came to a stop and she was done. She let another fart as she finished up. Then she smiled and said "I'm done." And so those three girls each had a pee in my car! Well I guess that's it! Hope you all enjoyed that!

Bye for now!
Car Mom :)

Car Mom
Happy Dude: I HAVE noticed that about the water in the toilet actually! Its funny that it does that! Hope all is well after the hurricane! I don't live near it but my heart goes out to those who do!

Anon: I do keep tissues in the car actually, and that's a good idea about the plastic bags especially since I'm not a fan of poop. I will keep some in my car from now on. For the console and for the seats too.

Well believe it or not Laura called me! She left me a message while I was at work. You can imagine how excited I was when I saw it was her. She didn't apologize or anything though. The message was really strange. It said "hi Megan its me Laura. I was just thinking I really liked when I used to do what I did and I'm willing to come over and do it again. I'm not saying we have to be friends or anything I just was thinking we could work out a deal or something where I could come over and I could pee on something and then I'd just leave. Give me call. I really liked when I got pee in your stuff. And I'm also willing to pee in places that other people peed in too and I don't care if its special or not, I just really want to do it. So give me a call. And maybe you can call me soon cause I'm actually starting to have to go now and I don't want to just go in the toilet. So call me. Bye." Well I was surprised to hear all that! It wasn't an apology that's for sure, and it certainly wasn't her wanting to be friends again. But it was something. And I missed her. I missed her and I missed her pee. There was just something about the fact that she had been peeing into my car seat or into my couch that I really liked. And so I called her. And she answered. All she basically said was "so does that sound good then?" I said "yeah Laura that sounds good." I knew I needed to go slow with her. She wasn't ready to be friends just yet but at least she wanted to pee here. And so I invited her over and she agreed. When she got here I was so glad to see her. But I was careful and didn't get mushy with her. We just said "hi" and she said she was ready and that she really had to go. She even managed a little smile when she said she really had to go. But in general she was very businesslike. It was ok though. I was just glad she was there. I decided to offer her anything she wanted to pee into. She said "well I was thinking since that other gal peed in the passenger seat maybe I could pee in the driver seat." I said "ok" and then I said "I've peed there too though." She said "that's ok Megan" and then she got up and got ready to have a pee in the driver seat of my car. I asked her if she wanted me to come out with her and she just said "its up to you." I really wanted to watch her so I went out with her to the garage. She took off her pants and her panties and she got in the car and sat down in the driver seat. Then immediately she began to pee. Laura began to pee in my car. I was so glad! I could hear it start to hiss into the seat. I was standing right by her and I could hear it clearly and I could also see her wet spot start to appear in the seat cushion. Then as Laura was still going, she looked at the console and she said "so you said Kaylee pees in here?" I said "yeah she likes to pee in there a lot now actually." Then Laura said "I think I'll pee in there too then" and then she stopped her stream and she moved onto the console. I just watched her. She got herself into position and then she continued to have her pee. She peed right into the console and it made a patter against the plastic inside walls and against the papers inside. I also told Laura about spraying in front of the console. She said "you mean you let people spray their pee on here?" I said "yeah" and she said "wow I created a monster didn't I! Just kidding." She smiled. I was glad when she smiled. Then she got up a little and she began to let her pee go outside of the console and spray onto the drink holders and the parking brake. She also let a fart when she lifted herself up and she said "sorry about that." I said "its ok" and she smiled. She continued to spray her pee. I put the pillow in front of her and I told her she could hit the gear shift if she wanted. Of course she did. As she did she said "do the kids like to hit it too?" and I said "yeah they do." She smiled again and then she began to move herself around a little and made her pee more splashy. It even sprinkled onto the two seats. Laura continued to pee for a few more seconds. She also let a couple more farts as she peed. Then she slowly came to a stop. She was done. Then after she was done she said "thank you so much Megan. I really appreciated that." Then she basically left. And so that's where we're at right now. I know I need to be slow. But I am SO glad she came over and did that! I hope she will again and again!

Bye for now!
Car Mom :)


Thanks to Tom, and a Story of my Own

Tom, thanks for sharing that excellent story about Karen. I always enjoy reading about your experiences; you really know how to tell 'em.

Anyways, I don't want to nag you about sharing more stories, but whenever you feel like posting I'm always interested in hearing more. If you need ideas, I'd be particularly interested in any experiences you've had regarding 1) girls with red hair, 2) college age girls, and 3) tall girls. Also, you mentioned that Karen's stink is the standard by which you judge all others. Perhaps you could use her as the high end of a numerical scale to give a better idea of how other women's BMs smelled. In other words, on a scale of 0-100, a 0 would be no noticeable odor at all, and a 100 would be Karen, and other women would fall somewhere in between those points. I encourage other posters writing about female bathroom odors to use the Karen scale as well (or adjust it for their own "stinkiest of all time").

As I mentioned before, I've had very few good experiences with stinky women, or otherwise I'd be happy to share them. I will share my own personal "stinkiest of all time" story, though as you will see, it is a bit unsatisfying. It was April of my freshman year of college and I lived in a coed dorm. On my floor, each gender had two bathrooms, a large one and a smaller one. My room was on the corner of the building, and the large female bathroom was right around the corner from the door, and directly across from the stairwell I used to leave the building. (I initially had high hopes that this positioning would produce some great experiences for me, but other than the story I'm sharing right now, there was really nothing memorable at all.) On the day in question, a female friend and I were leaving my room and on the way to dinner, and no sooner had we turned the corner out of my room when we were hit with a tremendous stench that was clearly emanating from the women's bathroom. This was the first time all year that I had ever detected a poop smell outside of one of the bathrooms (and I know for sure that some guys on the floor took very smelly shits). And this was not just a minor intrusion; the smell was incredibly strong several feet from the door. Adding to the impressiveness was the fact that this was the large female bathroom, meaning the smell must have filled up a very large space before it was "pushed" out beyond the door.

Now for the unsatisfying part: since I was on the way to dinner with my friend, there was simply no way I could hang around the area to find out who the big stinker was. My friend and I exchanged some comment about the smell, as it was simply way too strong to ignore, and within seconds we were out the door and into the hallway. By the time we returned from dinner over an hour later, the smell in the hallway had dissipated, along with any chance of knowing for sure who the culprit was.

However - I have always had one suspect. Diana was girl on my floor that I was quite close with freshman year. She was about 5'5", very thin and athletic, with dirty blonde hair. She also had a very large appetite. My college had one dining area that was an all-you-can-eat buffet style, and our floor often had group dinners there. Diana was notorious for putting away an incredible amount of food, often still filling up another plate or two after everyone else had finished. Because of this, I always wondered what her BMs might be like. One particular incident intensified this interest. Late one night, I was hanging out in my friend Nick's room when Diana came out of the small female restroom and joined our conversation. As she did, I immediately noticed that she smelled - strongly - of poop. I was really surprised and taken aback. If she had any awareness of the smell, or self consciousness relating to having just taken a stinky dump, she didn't show it at all. She talked to me for about 5-10 minutes and then gave me a hug goodnight before returning to her room to go to sleep. The poop odor remained very noticeable the entire time.

Unfortunately, after my freshman year my friendship with Diana deteriorated rapidly (I had something of a drinking problem during college that caused some problems between us), so I rarely saw her anymore and never gained any additional evidence as to her bathroom habits. I've been out of college for almost five years now, and it seems that this will always remain an unsolved, and unsolvable, mystery.


Peed Pants at school

So as I write this, I am sitting here in soaked pants. I go to college and have a break between classes. So i normally use the time to work on homework. Anyway, it is really hard to find a place to sit with my laptop because this seems to be the time everyone has a break. Today I was able to nab a chair right by an outlet, which is a prime spot. I peed right before I sat down, but about ten minutes later I felt the urge again. Forgetting that I had drank a huge water and glass of orange juice earlier, I figured it was just the left over pee I did not get out the first time and would not be very much. Sometimes I get a strong urge to go right after I already went and go to the bathroom and it is really just a spurt. I did not want to pack up and lose my good spot, so I figured, why not let it go into my panties. It wont be very much. Wrong. I relaxed and instantly started peeing a ton. I cut it off but not before my crotch got soaked. I am wearing light jeans so I am sure it will be very noticeable when I stand up. ALso, I still need to go quite badly and am afraid if I stand, I will start peeing again. I also do not want people to see my wet pants, so I am not sure what I am going to do. Guess I will sit here for awhile and figure it out. Give you guys a update later.


part 2

Yay, I finally have time to finish my story lol.

Well Marissa got really mad that I peed on her floor and she went to get her mom. I took off my shorts and put my pants on, went out to the entryway, and sat down and cried. I was really upset that my best friend got mad that I had an accident. Her mom took me home, and she was nice to me on the way. She was pretty understanding. Marissa, though, didn't talk to me the rest of that day. I thought about calling her, but I didn't want to deal with it, so I just stayed home all day. I went to bed, still without talking to her, and when I woke up I needed to pee. I was feeling embarrassed about what happened at Marissa's house, but at the same time I had felt soooo relieved, so I just lay back down and relaxed. As I peed my bed, I began to think that I could get used to this, and then my mom called down to my room. (She was pretty understanding about it too, by the way. Yay moms!) I got out of bed and went out to the living room, and I saw Marissa and her mom standing there with my mom. And Marissa's pajama pants were soaked! We smiled at each other and she gave me a hug and apologized for getting mad at me, and she told me that she couldn't make it to the bathroom in time this morning. I was happy that we were friends again lol.

Fast forward a couple days. I had become a bed wetter just like that, and I was now peeing in bed every night, even if I was still awake and could make it to the bathroom. Marissa came to sleep over at my house the next weekend, and we began talking about what happened, and she said that she wet the bed every night too. Then, while we were talking, I needed to pee, so I just relaxed and let it go. It was probably right after dinner, because I know it wasn't bed time or anything. We giggled like little girls, and she peed her pants too, and then we decided that we'd just pee our pants instead of using the bathroom.

That's kind of how it started. Pooping my pants was similar. We were playing (at her house this time) and my pants were already wet. I needed to poop, but I didn't want to go inside, so I just squatted and pooped in my pants. We played like that for a bit, and when she finally noticed that I had pooped my pants, she burst out laughing. She didn't poop in hers, though. At first I would just do it while at home or at her house, and our moms didn't say anything (our dads don't live with us), but I got more and more adventurous. I'll share those stories later if anyone wants to hear them, but at least I was able to finish about how I started!



Places to poo

To Bethy:
I've never pood on the floor exept when I pood my pants so badly it fell out the leg elastic and landed on the floor. I've pood o the beach before in some rocks but I've never done it in the sand. It sounds like a great idea though and next time I into the beach I think I'll try it.
To Aaron:
I've been desperate to poo twice in the car and had to do it in my panties. It felt great and very naughty and such a relief. It was messy too but nothing the shower couldn't deal with when we got home.

The Listening Ear

Part 21

Our new abode was much nearer to the part of the country where I grew up, and so one Saturday I took my wife to a small seaside town that I had known as a boy. I needed the toilet, and found one in the narrow strip of public park between the Promenade and the seafront. This was a typical brick-built municipal 'public convenience' with the Ladies at one side and the Gents at the other. As I came out of the Gents I saw a slim, dark-haired young woman in a raincoat heading for the Ladies with a look of worried concentration on her face. If I had been alone, I would have ducked back into the Gents and stuck my ear to the wall (I had instinctively checked that the single stall was suitably positioned for listening). But my wife was waiting for me, so there was no chance of that.

We strolled up the Promenade for a while, then turned round and strolled back. On our way back I saw a familiar figure approaching. It was the young woman in the raincoat, now minus the worried look. As she passed us, I looked at my watch, and guessing that we were still about five minutes from the toilets, worked out that she must have been in there for a good 20 minutes!

Some years later I found myself in the same town, but this time alone, so I thought I'd try to find those toilets again for old times' sake. But when I got to where I thought they should be, there was an ice cream servery, with some very modern and unfamiliar-looking toilets close by. Dejected, I was about to assume that I was in the wrong place when I noticed a corner of roof jutting out from among some low-lying bushes. I followed an unlikely-looking footpath into a hollow, and there were the old toilets, with the windows boarded up and a closure notice on the locked door.

It was like a little lost world down there. The bushes screened out the sights, and to some extent the sounds, of the present day, so that it was easy to imagine that I had travelled back in time. And as I turned away from the Gents to walk back up the footpath, there she was in my mind's eye, a dark-haired young woman in a raincoat, heading for the Ladies with a look of worried concentration on her face, contrasting with the huge grin on mine!


To Vince: Don't forget that size of bladder isn't the only factor in the time it takes to empty. There are slow relievers, fast relievers and inconsistent relievers. Normally I'm pretty fast, but if I have to get up in the night I pee very slowly for ages, as if my bladder is as sleepy as I am!


Re: Seat Covers

I saw a post by Gopi asking about seat covers. Well, I haven't been in school for quite a few years, but I wish they'd had any kind of seat covers available when I was going. Growing up, my mother would always use a seat cover or make one using toilet paper any time she was away from home. On the few occasions when no cover or paper was available, she'd either hold it in or hover if she was really bursting. And anytime I had to go, my mom would also make me use a cover, much as I'd protest. But over time, I just got used to it and now I find myself also covering the
seat when away from home.


Shy pooper

Well, I'm a very shy pooper and I have a boyfriend and I never want him to know when I'm pooping.
But sometimes, I think he noticed.
Like one time at the swimming pool. We were with a group of friends camping, and I pooped the day before in the chemical toilet. Mostly I poop 3 times a day, so I had to go bad. When we arrived at the swimming pool, I changed and let out some farts. I was in the changing room with a friend of mine, and she asked if I had to go poop. I said no, because I'm very shy. Then, when I went out the changing room, my boyfriend was changed already and he saw me going into the toilet. I really had to go, and I immediately pulled down my bikini. I pushed and a soft long turd fell out. It wasn't only one turd, there were four more to come. When I wiped, I left the stall, but I was busy for at least five minutes. My boyfriend saw me coming out and took a look at my butt. Later the day I had to go another time in the pool, and pushed out another two logs. My boyfriend was luckily in the pool with some others.
I will post some other stories soon, and also stories about others.

Love, Mandy.

Amanda M
I meant to poat this a while ago,but I never got around to it.
I'm over my little constipation problem.
That Monday,I went to the store and brought the prune juice I said I was going to buy. I drank a glass and a half heated up. A little while later I felt like I had to go,but got nothing.
I really felt crappy. My stomach was bloated and my butt was in so much pain. All I wanted to do was lay down,but unfortunately I had to go to work. I was really moody. My mom asked me what was wrong. I kept saying nothing,because I was extremely embarrassed to tell her. Finally I realized how miserable I was and how much pain I was in. I thought maybe she could help. I told her and she said after work she would buy me laxatives.
Work went alright. Talking to my co workers and staying busy kept my mind off it. When I bent down is when I felt pain in my butt.
After work we went to the store to buy the laxatives. I had no idea what to buy. My mom eventually picked out milk of magnesia. I was really nervous about taking it. Turns out I didn't have to though. When I got home the urge hit me and it hit me strong. I had to hit the toilet. I ran up to the bathroom sat down and the tip came out then stopped. I got up and squatted over the toilet to see if it would move. I gave a big push and I felt it move a little bit. It hurt so bad I was almost in tears. I was about to give up because I was scared I was going to hurt myself from all the pushing but I couldnt get off the toilet. I looked between my legs and I could see it hanging out. I sat back down. Finally after about 40 minutes of painful pushing it came out. I breathed a huge sigh of relief. I don't think I've ever done a poop that big. I wiped my sore butt and flushed. The toilet got a bit clogged but I fixed it.
I'm so glad thats over. It really hurt so bad.
I've been going almost every day after it. They have been hard though. I'm kind of scared to hold it in so when I feel the urge to go I go to the bathroom right away. Thank god I havent had to go when I was out.

Brandon T

comments & Stuff

This will be a contiuation from my post from yesterday because more was added and it was in the evening when I posted it didnt get added at that time but will be in the next batch probaly along with this one.

To: Emma as always another great story and I look forward to your next one thanks.

To: All pooped out great story you should ask him to go out again from the sound of it he didnt seem botherd by it and he may always remember that but that could turn out to be a funny story years later and if you have anymore stories please post them thanks.

To: Aaron great story it sounds like your girlfriend was having a pretty bad time at least you were there to help and I bet she was happy about and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Claire great story it sounds like you really had to go and I bet you felt alot better after and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Abbie as always another great story about you and your friend Lucy pooping together a question does she know about this site and have you thought about telling her about it maybe she might want to post here aswell I dont remember if that question was asked before and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Catherinegreat story about you pooping and peeing your pants it sounds like you enjoyed it and have you done it again if so please share the story and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Wendy & Kirsty as always another great buddy dump and it sounds like you both really had to go and as always I look forward to your guys next posts thanks.

To: Carry great story sbout you pooping outside during that trafic jam and please share anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Gopi great story those toilets sound pretty interesting and as always I look forward to you and Jerikas next posts thanks.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site


Some comments on postings

To Caryl Marie: Regarding your eating-on-a-public-toilet survey, I think its gross and unsanitary to eat while using the bathroom. I know my long-time friend Stac has written about doing it our our old high school (we've both started college now), but I don't think it's necessary. I could, however, see a situation where especially a female with a 48 ounce drink wouldn't trust anyone to watch it so she'd went to bring it in with her, but actually eating while using the toilet is gross to me.

To End Stall Em: I've really enjoyed your stories about Sod Buster Spencer. It's nice that you are willing to tutor him and address what you feel are his phobia issues. However, I too cover the seats when I'm away from home, but I agree that lining your toilet at home is a bit much. Remember that the session you two had in the boys bathroom is NOT typical of what he and I and many other males must encounter every day:
1) there weren't 20 or 30 other guys in the room; just you two.
2) all the stalls were doorless, but there were not any others there.
3) he didn't have a few dozen guys look over he boxers or briefs and
sneak a look at the size of his cock.
4) you guys lucked out because there were no leaking/overflowing toilets.
5) he wasn't hassled about wiping the seat off (I've been called unflattering names when I've pulled off toilet paper for seat liner)
6. I've been in a coat and tie for a Student Council function and when washing my hands, I've had a soap dispenser sabatoged to squirt me.
7. In the 3rd floor social studies wing of my old high school, from one classroom doorway you could see the legs of guys seated on the toilets.
It seems, End Stall Em, that you are very empathetic of what Spencer's going through. He is so lucky to have you as a friend. If your school has a Student Council, students like you should run for election because you seem to truly care for others.

To Rag Muffin Reanna: Did you and Tank remember to pour the pee out of the rain gauge? Your story somewhat reminded me of a situation from several years ago when Stac and I were walking on railroad tracks and she had to relieve herself. I'm surprised she didn't burn her butt worse by sitting on the hot iron. I remember she showed me her scar even a couple of weeks later when we were talking about it.


To Tom

You posted a few observations about the smells produced by various women, and I agree with them very much. Concerning your third point, I find that most girls do tend to "get out of dodge" after bombing a toilet, but there are a few who not only stick around, but are also proud of their stench. Also, based on the posts here, I think women are more likely to be embarrassed after pooping around a man than they would be around another woman.

As sort of a combination of points one and four, what about the effects of eating "ethnic" foods? In other words, how would the smells of a hispanic woman compare to those of a white woman who ate Mexican food? And the same question can be extrapolated to Asian women and Asian food.

Finally, related to point number two, I have noticed that girls who produce lots of little "plops" do make heavier stinks than girls who produce just a few logs.

Dan Boy

Happt Dude: Storms and Toilet Water

Hey there happy dude. About your observation regarding the water in toilets moving during a storm. That is actually due to the drop in atmospheric pressure when a low pressure storm system moves in. Because the pressure drops, the water will move a little bit. Sort of like what you see in a straw. Just thought I'd give you some insight into this phenomenon. :)

Hi everyone. Today I drove my friend Sarah to Heathrow airport so she could fly to visit her grandparents in France. She said she'd pay me a not insubstantial amount for it and it would still be cheaper for her than taking the train so I agreed! We stopped for lunch on the way down and when we got there I waved her goodbye and set off home. On the way back there were roadworks and as I drove I started to need a poo. After a while I decided I had to stop although I was near home so I pulled in at the services. I went in to take a much needed poo. There were a few cubicle in use and a few free so I took one near the middle and locked the door. I dropped my shorts and pink panties and sat down and had a wee first. Then I heard someone approaching and then she came into the cubicle to my right. As I usually do I looked down to see if I could see her feet under the cubicle wall while I pushed my first log out but then I noticed something odd. The wall was plywood but part of it had been covered with metal sheeting, presumably to cover up holes or damage. But part of the metal had peeled (or been peeled) away so that there was a gap, and behind the gap was a hole, and through the hole I realised I could see into the other cubicle! I could see my neighbour through it and if I leaned forward I could see the toilet. I got a bit worried then in case she found it and looked in on me but she dropped her jeans and white knickers and sat down. I could see she looked to be about my age and a bit overweight. I could pretty much see everything but I didn't want her to see me so I leaned back again but I could still see her thighs and her jeans down around her legs. At this point my log dropped and I think maybe the noise made her look towards me and I think she might have seen the hole herself then. I knew she could presumably see my legs through it too. I heard her start to wee and then a flushing toilet somewhere blocked any sounds. I took the opportunity to push out another log. When the sounds died away she was just finishing peeing. Then I could see her legs move from a knees-together position to one like my own, with her legs a bit apart. Then there was a soft fart and two quick plops. Then she spread her legs a bit more and there was a louder plop. I decided to join in and pushed out another log of my own. She coughed and let out three more plops. Then it was my turn to fart, long and loudly and I could just sense her looking through the hole at me! A spattering of poo followed my fart and then my neighbour dropped another log. Then I felt a big log coming so it was my turn to spread my legs a bit more and I let it drop with a big plop. Another small turd worked its way out and then I was done. She was still sitting so I wiped and left. I have to say I quite enjoyed my experience! It's not the first time I've come across toilets with 'viewing windows' in the walls and I'll post again soon about some of the other times I've used them. Bye for now!


to loo-dirkus

i have seen myself on the toilet! once in a coffeeshop two years ago, i came in to buy a tea and use the toilet. i pee sitting down, so i sat down on the toilet, and looked at myself in the mirror. i thought it was kind of interesting, but i didnt think THAT Much of it.


Gopi's story....Jerika's right!

I find Gopi's short story to be immensely interesting. Although she and Jerika are about a third of my age, they are showing their wisdom. Yes, the toilet tissues that have been added to the gymasium and auditorium wing of their school are diectly intended for the adults who will be attending concerts and games. They are not meant for the students and I could see what happened in my old high school (I graduated in the late '80s)that those bathrooms could be locked during the regular school day so as to keep them nice and clean for the adults and community people. Gopi and Jerika should not hold their breath until the tissues are added to the other 20-some restrooms.

My personal restroom habits are such (and I've written about these over the past several years) that I wouldn't use the seat tissues anyhow. I just don't feel there's anything wrong with sitting right down on a toilet and being as comfortable as you are at home. Spreading toilet paper over the seat and hoping that it doesn't slip off is so unnecessary, in my opinion. Twice in the past month I've experienced what Just Jerika has referred to. Last week I went to a financial services conference at an international airport. The two bathrooms in the conference center where we met for two days had the seat protectors; the main terminal restroom I used in the main airport while leaving for my hotel, didn't have the papers and overall was no where near as clean as the conference center bathrooms. Yesterday after work, I stopped by Wal-Mart to pick up a few things. There were five stalls, all of which were in use and there were four of us waiting. The left end stall was the first to open and I bolted over there. A lady about my age came out, but stopped to tell me I probably wouldn't want to use it because she had used the last toilet seat protector. I laughed, thanked her, but told her it didn't matter to me. My bladder felt much better after my 30 seconds or so on the toilet and no calamity has ever overcome me for sitting directly on the seat.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Bethy great story about you pooping on the bathrom floor and peeing in the toilet please share anymore stories like that if you have any thanks.

To: Who ever wrote about pooping in the sand great story the only thing is you have to make sure it burried good that way no one steps in it and please post anymore stories like that if you have any thanks.

To: Little Willie great story about you and your girlfreind pooping together in that porta potty it sounds like you both really had to go and you helping her out aswell and it seems like that it brought you both closer together and pleas share anymore stories about her if you have any thanks.

To: Wendy & Kirsty Wendy yeah I bet you feel alot better after 5 days of not going and Kirsty great diarrhea story at least you didnt have an accident thats the thing with diarrhea its hard to hold back so the best option is either poop your pants which will probaly be very messy or do what you did and find a place outside to go and as always I look forward to your guys next post thanks.

To: Car Mom you should do some stories like that they may not be exiting bu it could be a nice change of pace and a question has anybody accidently pooped in your car I know theyve done after asking but I mean there peeing and sudenly they start to poop without planing to because that can happen and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Eileen H as always another great story about you pooping with a bunch of other women and it sounds like you felt alot better after that dump and probaly a little lighter aswell and it sounds like that bathroom was probaly avoided for awhile after that and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Louise great story about you pooping in that nasty gas station bathroom but what could you do when you gotta go you gotta go and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Story Teller at the moment I cant rember it was a long time ago before I found this subject interesting but if I remember one I will post it and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: The Listening Ear as always another great story about hearing a woman goig to the bathroom and as always keep your ears open and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Tom great story about you smelling that womans poop yeah some peoples poop really stinks like how is that even posible to create a smell that bad thats the thing about are bodies the never stop amazing us and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Stac as always another great story and I look forward to your next one thanks.

To: Ciara it nice to hear from again and great story and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Just A Girl I hope you feel better soon yeah stomach aches can very bad and anoying and again I hope you feel better soon and please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: USA Dude great story about hearing those women poopin in porta potties as ive said before thats what I love about them and please share anyother stories like that if you have any thanks.

To: Wheelcahir Sarah its nice to hear from you again and I look forward to your next post thanks.

Well thats all for now and I hope everyone in the huricanes path stayed safe indoors.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Thursday, September 01, 2011

Hi everyone its John from the UK. Just loved Emma's Posts on her experience of needing a desperate crap whilst travelling on London's public transport system. Years ago i'd been in a similar situation to her inasmuch as i'd had too much to eat and drink and it was touch and go whether or not i'd make it in time, fortunately I did! Being a suburbanite Londoner i'm only too aware of the dearth of lavatorial facilities on the London Underground and surface rail system! So to non UK readers of this site be aware of Emma's predicament especially those of you intending to visit next year for the London 2012 Olympics, though it is to be hoped that the "powers to be" will have the foresight to place in situ plenty of portaloos (pottys) to cope with the expected numbers but dont count on it! Hey perhaps finding a lavatory on London's Underground system could be a special one-off event for next years Olympics, in which case Emma I nominate you as Chief Umpire! Lol. Great posts everyone and a big huggle to all the girls and hi to all the guys! Bye for now.


pooing while sitting on the floor

currently i am on the bathroom floor. my pants and panties are around my ankles, and my feet are hugging my computer which is about two feet in front of my face. my bum is resting on the floor. i am thinking of pooing like this and i wonder how itll go.

report: it was hard. the fact that my bumhole was resting against the floor caused too much resistance to actually poo. what i was imagining would happen was that as i pooed, i would be lifted off the ground, and then slowly would depress as the poo flattened. what actually happened was, i adjusted myself so that while my bum cheeks were on the ground, my bum hole had space to let the poo come out. with a few hearty pushes, it came out. i picked it up with pieces of toilet paper, put it in the toilet, seated myself on the toilet with my laptop on my lap, and began to pee, then started writing this.

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