Love pooping in the sand !!!!!!

You know it is fun to go to the beach and then dig a whole especially when u wear a bikini and u could slide it down and sit in the whole and watch the waves and shit at the same time awesome feeling .... one night i could sleep so i took night stroll on the beach and took a little shovel with me found me place to sit and watch the waves along with my book .... i was reading ... while i was reading i felt the urge to pooh coming slowly so i grab my shovel between my legs i digged a whole slid my bikini bottoms down some enough to think i still have it on except u see ass in the back but it is dark and 1 am in the morning .... while i was sitting in the whole i relaxed sitting there i relaxed my rectum felt a small fart come out slightly .... so i felt my poop slowly sliding down to come out .so i was still relaxed reading my book ... i felt the brown slimmy log start poking out i began to push slightly as i pushed i got a little more solid. my ???? was rumbling like it need to finish coming out but i was having to grunt and grunt loudly for it to come out i grunt 3 or 4 times and felt it come about 2 inches and 3 inches in diameter really solid and peanuts i call it in the turd so i got on my knees still sitting over the hold as i got on my knees i pushed again 2 more inches came out this 4 inch turd was hanging in my rectum it was feeling great .... I leaned over i didnt care who was watching it was hurting me so i leaned like rocking now back and forth while rocking i was pushing looking at the beach waves was making me sea sick now .... i knew this turd had to come out so i stood up with hanging between my legs and my ass shining in the moon light .... i walked around walked back to hole and it finally dropped what an great beach poop .....

Little Willie

Buddy Poop.....On the Same Toilet!!!

Hello, just sharing a story from about a week ago. Me and my girlfriend were enjoying our last week of summer vacation around the park together. We are both 15. We stopped at the little snack stand at the baseball fields and bought a hot dog to share. We commented on how it was really undercooked, and had weird sauce on it. But we still ate half each. About 20 minutes later as we were walking around, I felt that undercooked meat hit my intestine, and I had to poop, now! I told my girlfriend I needed to get to the porta potty. As we were walking there, she says "Oh god, I have to go to. That was a rotten hot dog, wasn't it?" I just said yeah. We got there and I made her let me go first. As I am letting out my chunky poop soup she is freaking out outside saying she needs to go and to let her in. I unlocked the door, even thought I was still squirting, and she ran in and locked it. I asked what the hell she was doing, she said "Shut up and move back on the seat!" I scootched back as she ripped down her shorts and spread my legs apart, and sat down on the seat in front of me. I was a little confused and my poop was ending. She exhaled and moaned as she let out even worse diarrhea than me! I put my hands on her belly and hugged her from behind, and rubbed it. She had really bad diarrhea and I felt so bad for her, she even started to cry softly. She started to pee also, but she was sitting too far up on the seat, and it was falling on the floor! "Oh no!" She cried, so I put my hand under her stream and angled it to direct it into the toilet. It almost turned me on, catching her pee. She kept thanking me over and over. I had one last diarrhea wave. I have to say, that was real bonding time, pooping on the same toilet together. I wiped up for her and me, and we went back to my house where no one was home. And you can guess the rest from there..........

Hi everyone. I just moved into my new college dorms and have been enjoying life here. I have my first college bathroom story to tell! My building is ten stories tall, alternating boys and girls, with a bathroom at the end of each hall. The bathrooms at the end of the dorm halls are pretty nice, the stalls have doors and are pretty clean. One friday night I really had to poop, so I headed down the hall. There was only one stall open, and I took it. There were four total stalls, but one of them had a big black garbage bag over it and had an out of order sign. So there were three toilets, now all occupied. I released a very long and pleasant turd. Another student came in and waited for a stall. I was having a hard time getting the second part of my poop out and taking longer than expected. It was quiet for a second and everyone could here a loud gurgling noise coming from the young looking guy's stomach. He grabbed it and made a face. "Oh god, how much longer are you guys gonna be? I might not make it!!!" He shouted. I said I just started, and the other two guys said theyre not even close. The kid freaked out and I told him to go to another floor's bathroom. He said he wouldn't be able to walk all that way. Another minute passed and he asked again. One of the other guys said "Dude just shut up and go in the ****ing garbage can or something!" Well, he liked that idea and we heard him pulling the can. It was really little, only like two feet tall. I guess he plopped his butt on top of it and let loose! He had some of the most disgusting sounding diarrhea I have ever experienced, the noise sounded like when you squeeze out the last few drops of ketchup from the bottle. And it was hitting a metal can. I could hear the other guys laughing and the garbage pooper moaning. As I finished up and walked out I could see him ripping off paper towels and wiping his very brown butt up with them. What a first week at the dorms!

Hi again all. Following my last post I thought I'd post again today. I never seem to have much luck with toilets on public transport. On trains I never, ever, ever go, except if I absolutely have to and when I do it never ends well (like when I was on the loo and the door opened)...on planes I only go if I have to because everyone knows what you're doing and they can smell your leavings if they're close to the door! Coaches are a definite no no too. But since ships and ferries are so big they usually have ok loos and I don't mind going on them. When I was 12 or 13 I went on holiday with my parents and brother to France and we took the ferry over from Dover (haha). Before we left we had dinner and while we were sailing I had to do a number two. We were on the top deck enjoying the sea breeze so I said I would go and look around the shops and be back in a bit. This I did for a bit but then my urge became strong so I looked for the toilets and headed to them. The four cubicles were in use so I had to wait behind another girl. Someone was clearly throwing up and the rest were taking their time. Finally I got a seat and found the cubicle was very small even for someone of my age. I got seated and pushed out a log. Someone next to me was vomiting copiously. I couldn't stand it so I flushed the toilet to mask the sounds while I finished my poo!!

thanks to the responses i got to fear accidents a few pages back, i thought because of what i saw in films it was a male problem but according to the responses i got it seems to be more balanced among the sexes than that. I'm just interested in the idea because i can understand having an accident in other circumstances (desperation, laughter etc.) but i cant really imagine being scared into them. not that i ever want to be that scared, i just don't really understand it

A couple of the posts appearing in the last few of weeks reminded me of a hot summers afternoon out with one of my school mates when I was in my mid teens. So I thought, since it still rates somewhere in my list of top ten shits, I may as well share the story.

One weekend I was invited out by Tom and his parents for a Sunday afternoon walk and picnic. We drove out into the countryside about 25 miles and eventually parked up short distance from a disused, and well derelict, railway house which must originally have served as some sort of small station for what had been a rural railway line. The rails and sleepers had all been removed but the path of the track was still there and provided a nice walk through some really picturesque scenery. We walked for a fair few miles before stopping for a short break and a drink before heading back. I suppose were just past the half way mark when I started to need a shit, not badly at first but it steadily built up to the point were I really did need the toilet. Had I been on my own, or just with Tom, I would have just gone into the undergrowth at the side of the track and dropped my load. But with his parents around it just didn't seem like a very good idea and thinking about it I didn't have anything to clean up with either.
Anyway we eventually arrived back at the car and Tom's Mum and Dad soon set about getting the picnic ready while us two lads lounged around talking and generally messing about. Then after very carefully easing out yet another fart I knew I couldn't hold back much longer so swallowing my pride I told Tom that I was in bad need of a shit and asked him if they had any tissues in the car that I could use.
'I thought you'd gone a bit quiet' he replied, 'That old house is good place for having a crap I had one in there last year when we came here. Anyway I'll come with you if you don't mind, I could do to drop a log as well, I was going to hold it until we got home but it's beginning to push quite hard. He went across to the car and after a quick rummage in the boot appeared with a roll of toilet paper and announced to his mum 'Gary needs a sh, ---- a Poo so were off to the old house' 'Well I'm sure he can manage on his own she replied' 'Yes Mum I'm sure he can, but I need one as well' and with that we wandered off over to the house.

The house was little more than a shell and although the doors were still in place they hung open so we had no problem in gaining entry. Tom headed into what appeared to have been the front room and after a quick look round said 'This'll do' at the same time he moved a little way ahead of me dropped his jeans then briefs and squatted down farting loudly as he did so. I quickly followed suit and as I squatted I couldn't hold it back any longer as my hole stretched open releasing the first of five large soft but well formed turds onto the floor beneath. At one point I could feel the end of one of the turds brush my arse cheek as it broke off and I had to raise my position slightly to make more room. At the same time Tom slowly pushed out two long and smooth light brown logs which crackled quite a bit as they came out then a after a pause a two smaller turds which really shot out.
After a few more moments Tom must have decided that he was finished because he stood up commenting that he 'felt better for that' and after taking a look at his own turds shuffled round the back of me with his pants still around his ankles to see what I had done. I knew I had shit out a good sized pile and Tom must have thought so as well because his first comment was 'When did you last go Gary? No wonder you were desperate'? 'Friday lunch at school I think' I replied as I stood up to take a proper look at what I had come out of me.
If you're all done then I reckon its time clean up and head back said Tom finally, saying that his Mum would be wondering what we were up to if we're gone for too long. So with that we wiped our bottoms, both of us having very noticeably having enjoyed the experience. Cleaning up done we pulled up our pants and after a last look at out efforts headed back in to the fresh air and the big spread of picnic food which I really enjoyed. Eventually we packed up and Tom's parents dropped me off home about 9pm by which time I could feel another shit coming on and I was soon on the toilet having another surprisingly decent sized poo.

all pooped out

A few weeks ago, this really cute guy named John, who I had been crushing on for a long time, asked me to go on a hike with him.

I am SO not the outdoorsy type, but I couldn't say no, right? Especially when it meant some quality alone time with John!

So I went on the hike, even though I hated every mosquito-biting second of it. And to make matters worse, a half-hour into the journey, I felt my stomach turnů

Yep, I had diarrhea - and there were no bathrooms for miles! I didn't want John to know about my embarrassing, um, I snuck away to go Number Two, while he was busy reading a map.

I must have been gone longer than I thought, because John actually came looking for me. I tried to hide the best I could, but right as I was mid-poop, he found me crouching in the middle of a bush.

"Sorry!" he said. "Didn't realize you were busy!"

Basically, I couldn't look John in the eye for the rest of the hike (not to mention the five other times I had to answer "Nature's Call").

By the end, let's just say I was completely pooped out.

What do you think? Should I try to go out with John again...or will he always have that DISGUSTING image of me going to the bathroom in his head? Yechhh!

I was picking my girlfriend up from work. She got into my car.
"I have to poop," she murmured.
I told her that we would be home soon anyway and that she could just go then. She said okay and I started driving towards the apartment.
She unbuttoned her beige colored pants and rolled up her shirt a little and began to rub her belly.
"I really have to go," she complained.
We were on the road, at this one stop light that stays red forever. I told her we would be home in a few minutes and she could poop as soon as we got home.
She farted a few times and groaned, squirming in her seat and holding her belly with both hands.
"I can't hold it in," she moaned.
I reached over into the back and got a towel, "put that under you."
she lifted her hips and adjusted the towel under her bottom.
With another groan, a turd slipped out into her pants, and I could see a large bulge where it was. The light fabric was slowly turning brown. She sat back, squishing the turd between her and the towel.
A few minutes later, she moaned again and let out something that sounded wet.
"Oh, Aaron, I'm having diarrhea," she whimpered.
I rubbed her back and told her it was okay, and to just go and let it out.
She let out another bubbly wave of shit, and then another.
We finally got home and I helped her up the stairs. She bent over and groaned and let out another wave. I could see it running down her pant legs.
I led her into the bathroom as she had another wave of diarrhea. She pulled her pants and panties down, which were filled to the brim with mushy shit. Her legs and bottom were a mess to. She sat on the toilet, and I rubbed her back while she had more diarrhea. It was liquid and chunky. She stepped into the shower after to get clean, and I threw out her pants and panties and the towel.


Poopie Deluxe

A few Days ago Me and My Brother And Kid Sister was out in our car at a PetSmart.My Brother And Sister Started laughing at something and we saw a Young Woman with her dog on the sidewalk,The dog was arching its back and we noticed it was pooping.A few bystanders was said something to the Woman and they started laughing.
And Yesterday Evening I was at a BookStore.And I was looking at somebooks near the bathrooms,They where single bathrooms,One for Men and another for Women.I needed to pee but the Men's bathroom was locked.I saw a woman came out of the Women's bathroom.Then a few minutes later I saw the woman that worked there(which is between 19-24)came out of there she was a pretty one,wearing a skirt.I went in there and peed,it didn't smell in there,but in the toilet still had some little poop left in the toilet that didn't go down on the first flush.


a very embarriising pee

earlier today i went to the mets wearing a diaper as always and i had to pee so bad and at the 8th inning i soaked my diaper and the pee warmed my pussy an ran to my asshole and it started to heavily leak and when i got up from my seat to leave my jean short shorts wet and my diaper was bulged out so far that everyone new i was diapered and i had to wobble all theway to my car


Not much in terms of Hawaiian Buddy Dumps!

I spent a week in Hawai'i and used the doorless stalls a couple of times. Only twice did someone else use the toilet while I was crapping. The guys there are fast! Or they have dirty asses! I would start to wipe and they would be out of there before I was done! lol!

At the airport, I had to take a dump and I took the last, handicapped stall. I was there for a few minutes and there was a guy in the next stall. I finished up and as I was reaching for more paper, I realized there was a portion of the paper dispenser missing and the guy in the next stall could somewhat see me on the toilet. Actually, he could only see my legs and underwear and shorts down at my ankles. Unless he leaned forward a bit, then he could see more.

At Home Depot, I entered the restroom with 2 other guys. One was a Home Depot employee, probably in his 20's. The other guy was probably in his late 40's, blonde. We all took the stalls. After I sat down, I decided to lean down a bit and check out how they wore their pants: down at their ankles, or up. All three of us were down at our ankles. The Home Depot employee was wearing jeans and he had them and his plaid boxers all bunched up on top of his shoes. The 40ish guy was wearing khaki shorts and he also had them way down. He was wearing old school JC Penney white briefs, some of the most comfortable underwear I've ever worn, nestled inside his shorts. And I had my teal green Calvin Klein briefs down inside my shorts. We all pretty much finished up at the same time. They were seated wipers.


Smelly dump at the airport

I recently returned from a 3-day business trip. I don't usually poop when I'm on trips away from home, don't know why. Well when the plane landed, as if to officially signal my arrival at home, I really had to poop bad. I let off a few quiet stinky farts while walking to the toilets. I went into the bathroom and all of the stalls were taken, plus there was another lady waiting. I waited for a few minutes, feeling a large mass waiting to be evacuated. A few more women came in and got in line and then a stall opened and the lady in front of me took it.

A kind of loud fart erupted from me but luckily that one didn't smell too awful. I was feeling like I'd be going in my pants very soon but finally someone flushed and came out and I took the stall. I put down a seat cover, pulled down my pants and underwear and sat down ready to release this load. I peed a little and did a booming fart. A small turd plashed into the toilet, I farted softly two more times and a bigger turd crowned. By then the bathroom was very stinky and although I can't say it was all me, my turds certainly didn't help. I pushed a little and the turd slid out of me and made a floomp sound.

I let off a squeaky fart followed by an airy one. Another turd came out with a splonk. I started to feel sorry for the other ladies in this bathroom as I was only just getting started and my dump was putting off quite a stench. I peed a little bit more and squeezed out two tiny turds. Then a long turd curled out a bit at a time. I looked between my legs and saw I had put out a lot of poop and I knew there was more to come so I flushed. I did a silent long fart and let off a turd. Another spurt of pee and a fat turd came after that. Then two good sized turds rounded off my dump. I began the ordeal of wiping and I think I may have used half of the remaining roll or more. I flushed and left the stall and someone else took it immediately. I wouldn't want to be her, with the big stinky dump I just took in there.

Test man

Pee test

Hey Everyone, first I'll introduce myself. I've been a lurker here for a while now and I hope to add something everyone will enjoy. Every two days I will add a survey or what I call a test. A test will be something that triesto make you either pee or poop your pants. Today's will be a pee test. Enjoy.

1. Make sure you have to pee really bad
2. Drink 2 glasses of water and wait 10 minutes
3. Once your ten minutes is over, press your bladder for 30 seconds
4. After this, lie on your back and and think about the stories you've read on this site
5. Do as many sit ups as you can
6. Lie on your back and try to get on your hands and feet
7. Arch your back
8. Relax all muscles in your body

Thx for reading! I'll see you Teusday and remember to tell me if you peed yourself and at what step you finally did. Thx!


Poo round Lucys

Hi, Abbie here again, sorry its been a while since my last post, I've had a lot on as its not long now till the hols are over and I have to go back to school. I'm a bit nervous, as I said in my last post I'm changing schools for Year 12 and 13, there's a school over the other side of town that offered me a place and luckily I did well enough in my exams to be able to go. Its not a private school but it is really strict as its a girls grammar, so even though I'm going to be in Year 12 I'll still have to wear a uniform. I've been out a lot over the last few days buying some new skirts and blouses so I'll have everything I need. As you can imagine given my issues with constipation I'm most nervous about the toilet arrangements, I just hope there'll be a decent set of loos which are reasonably private and which I can get the time to use when I want a poo. Opening my bowels has been a bit easier recently although my poos are still quite hard and dry, that never seems to change no matter what I do, so I'm determined to try to keep it going even if that means going for a poo at school as soon as I feel the urge. I really don't want to get in the habit of keeping my poo in and start getting constipated again if I can help it. Anyway, I realise I was meant to be telling you the story of when I stayed round Lucys the other night, her sister was on sleepover and her parents were due back really late so it was just the two of us. We'd really pigged out on pizza, crisps and chocolate and were up in Lucy's room just chatting. My belly was feeling really full and my jeans were digging in and hurting me so I took them off and sat back on Lucy's bed wearing just my white tee-shirt and yellow pants, shortly after Lucy took her denim skirt off as well, she was wearing a tight pair of pink and blue flowery knickers which were wedged up her bum. We rubbed our bellies for a while trying to recover from everything we'd eaten, I'd been feeling the need for a wee for some time and suddenly I realised I wanted a poo as well. Just at that moment Lucy farted loudly and we both giggled. "I think I need a poo, do you want to come with me?" she asked. "Yeah, I'm going to have to go after you," I said. We got up and went across to the bathroom, Lucy pulled down her pants and sat on the toilet. "Sorry if I'm a while Abs," she said, "I'm still really struggling to poo at the moment."
"Take your time," I said, hoping she wasn't going to be too long as I was getting more and more desperate by the second. Lucy started to have a wee a few seconds later, it sounded like she'd been bursting to empty her bladder too as it went on for ages, and she let some more dry sounding farts out. Suddenly I farted loudly from my cross leged position on the bathroom floor and we both burst out laughing. I saw Lucy take a deep breath and start to push, as she did so I heard a few more squirts of wee trickle down into the loo. She was pushing really hard and going red and was finding it pretty much impossible to talk. About ten minutes later I was really bursting, I knew I couldn't hold it much longer, especially my wee, so I said to Lucy "How long are you going to be, only I'm just about to wee my pants?"
"We might as well swop, I've got a huge poo stuck half way out and I can't get it to go any further" Lucy panted. She stood up and shuffled over to the bath leaving her pants round her thighs and sat on the edge of the bathtub with her bum hanging over. I caught a glimpse of a really fat log stretching her bumhole wide open. I quickly went over to the loo, pulled down my pants and sat, almost straight away the floodgates opened I started to wee heavily down into the bowl, it was really loud and went on for ages. As I was weeing I let out a few loud farts. "Gosh you really needed that wee" said Lucy as I was groaning with releaf.
"Yeah, I was dying for it," I said as it trickled to a halt. I started to push and almost straight away felt a turd poke out of my bum and start to move out slowly. It was quite thick but I managed to keep it moving with some concentrated pushing and a couple of minutes later it plopped down into the bowl. I pushed out a couple more logs and then I felt empty so I took some toilet paper and wiped my bottom. I pulled up my pants and flushed, although it was a massive load it all went away thank goodness, I'd hate to block the loo in someone else's house. Lucy shuffled back over to the toilet and I massaged her belly while she carried on straining, she gave a massive heave and a really loud grunt and shortly after her huge turd slithered into the water. She finished with some runny poo which must have been stored up behind the hard one and then wiped her bum, she said it was really sore and there was blood on the paper. She flushed, the runny poo went away but the massive log was left behind so she had to break it up with the toilet brush before it finally disappeared. We went back to Lucy's room and changed into our nighties, Lucy needed a lie down after all the effort she'd had to make to push her poo out.
Hope you liked this story, will post again soon, bye for now!!

Questions for car mom

Have you ever thought of putting a plastic bag in the console in case someone has to poop?
Do you keep tissue in your car?


Question- Please Respond!!!

I was just wondering everyones opinion on something and I would really appreciate responses. I'm a 15 year old boy and my best friend's name is Zack, he is also 15. The other day we were at the mall hanging out with a group of 5 or 6 other friends when I told Zack I had to drop a massive poop. He said 'So do I actually' and we told our friends were heading to the bathroom. They followed to wait outside. The bathroom we went to was a single shitter, where the door locked and it had one urinal and one toilet. Me and Zack have been friends forever and have done it before, so we went in the single bathroom together. Zack let me poop first, it was a really long and thick one that wrapped around the bowl. I stood up and let Zack go, wiped while he went, and threw my toilet paper in the trash. Zack stood up and showed a poop similar to mine, but a little thinner. He wiped and we decided not to flush, we thought it was funny. When we came out of the bathroom our friends were laughing and making ffun of us for going in and using the bathroom together.
Does anyone think this is weird? We have been friends forever and are both straight, and we saw no problem with it. Any experiences? Please let me know!!!!


My enormous poo

On monday morning I felt the need to poo but fancied holding it for a while so I could enjoy the relief of it even more. By the end of the day I'd lost the urge to go and forgot about it untill the next day when I felt a slight cramp. I decided to hold it untill the evening but again I forgot all about it when the urge went away. Well it got to friday evening and I still hadn't been. The urge didn't go away and by the time Kirsty picked me up from work I was getting desperate. I hadn't pood for a full five days now and my bowels were really feeling the pressure. As soon as Kirsty drove off my bowels cramped up and I had to clench hard to keep it in. I told Kirsty to hurry up and get us home before it was too late but it was already too late. I felt another cramp and my anus opened up against my will. I urge to clench but the poo was on its way out and there was nothing I could do to stop it. It was hard and wide so it hurt as it came out. I felt my panties being pushed away from my bum as the huge poo tented the back of them outwards. I felt another cramp as my bowels pushed again forcing more poo out untill it broke off and fell back into the crotch. It was still advancing and my panties were getting full. I had to stop before it made too big a mess and somehow by clenching hard I managed to stop going. I was about a third of the way through this huge poo and I was still busting to go. When we got home I ran up to the bathroom with my panties sagging heavily with the weight of my poo. I dropped them into the toilet and flushed but the toilet couldn't clear it and it filled up almost to the top rim. It went down after while but I couldn't risk blocking it again so I went out to the garage found a bucket and completed the rest of my poo in it. The relief was too good for words to describe. All I can say is it was good. VERY VERY good! Almost as good as ***!

Car Mom
Stealth pee: those are all good ideas. I would actually let Kaylee pee in her room any time she wanted. For some reason she has never brought it up. I want to wait till she brings it up, then it can be her thing. But so far she hasn't yet. She could just go right into her bed too, she wouldn't need a protector. Good idea though.

J: the best way to answer your questions is to reread my old posts. I like to do that too actually! Its fun to see all I've done so far. And its funny to think back and remember how much more shy I was back then, and not as free about peeing in different places as I am now. A lot of that is thanks to Laura, but a lot is Lori too. And now Kara. And you're right, Lori needs to post again!

Brandon T: I never thought of telling regular toilet stories actually! I don't know if they'd be interesting since its not fun to do or anything. Maybe I'll give it a try sometime.

Lauren: thank you for the post! Yes goldengirl's posts are very interesting. I'm sure Kaylee will be like that when she's older. But of course she won't have to hide it! Keep posting Lauren! Tell me, when Maysa has to pee does she absolutely refuse to pee in your car or does she eventually give in? Also, have any of their friends ever done it? I'm sure you have more posts coming, so you are probably getting ready to answer those questions. So I'll be patient! Also, I've never tried peeing with Kaylee sitting right in front of me. I would have to see if she's up for that. I like the idea though! I will be looking forward to your next post!

Thank you in general to all of the Car Mom supporters out there! :)

Well I guess that's it for now!
Car Mom :)


no toilet for me

Hey everybody, I just found this site not too long ago, and I thought I'd share about me. I'm fifteen, live in Arizona, and oh yeah, I don't use the toilet. Like, anywhere. I've seen a lot of posts about people being too shy or just plain not wanting to use a public toilet, but I don't even use the toilet at home anymore. Let me tell you about how it started.

When I was twelve, I was spending the night at my friend Marissa's house. We stayed up real late playing her playstation and when we finally got tired, we went to bed. By then I needed to pee and poop really bad, but I was too tired so I just fell asleep. I was able to last until morning, which was amazing considering how badly I needed to go when I went to sleep. When I woke up, though, I felt that if I tried moving, I would pee all over her bed. So what did I do? I sat up and told her I had to pee and didn't know if I could make it. She told me to run and try to make it, so I did. I got two steps away from the bed and began peeing, so I stood where I was and finished peeing in my pajama shorts. I felt so relieved that I relaxed and pooped in my panties and shorts too.

I took too long and now I have to get to class, but I'll finish later. Bye for now!


Hi everyone,
Just wanted to post to say how much I am enjoying this site (especially the posts about pee!) I am slowly making my way through the back posts.
Car Mom- I am so sorry about Laura. I know it is tough to lose a friend. I am not Laura, but my name is LAURen which is similar and I consider yo my new friend. I can't come pee with you, but we can pee together in spirit; you and your daughter in your car, me and my daughters in mine.Just out of curiosity, where else do you let Kaylee pee? I know you do it in your house, but what about out and about. I ask because the other day I took my two youngest girls to the park. It is a weird park and the parking lot is pretty far away from the playground. Jagger, my six year old has a very small bladder and announced she needed to pee and could not make it to the car. There is no bathroom in this park, so i let her squat behind a tree and pee through her panties (she had a dress on.) Another mother saw and yelled at me, saying it was not right to teach my daughter to pee in public and she should learn to hold it. Have you let your daughter do anything like this?
Also, to whoever posted the story about peeing in diapers in airplanes. I looked for it again, but could not find it so I apologize for not knowing you name. My question is, what kind of diapers do you use? I will occasionally wear a diaper for fun or convenience, but it always ends up leaking after one pee. Maybe I am peeing too much at once? Any tips would be much appreciated, from anyone who uses diapers.
That is all for now, but I have much more stories to come later.

Galtres Festival

I just came back from Camping at a festival and before I set off for home I needed a pee, so I went into one of the portaloos to find the toilet broken, the part were you flush it with your foot had been pushed down too hard so all I could see was sh!t and toilet paper, glad I can hover over the toilet :P


Deli belly buddy dump

Kirsty and me had an indian takeaway last night and it was delicious. The only problem was we both got the runs this morning and needed the toilet at the same time. I made it to the toilet first and started to go the moment I sat down. Kirsty was clearly desperate and was dancing around the bathroom holding her bum. She said she was about to go in her pants so I moved myself to the back of the seat and let her sit between my legs. She quickly positioned herself and began to blast the toilet with a huge load of muddy diarrhoea right between my legs. I put my arms around her waist and could feel her stomach contractions as her bowels emptied into the toilet. By the time we finished the toilet was a mess. The water was brown and the ran was covered in our diarrhoea. We cleaned each other up and showered together. We felt so much after for that and once we were dry we went back to bed for the rest of the day but we didn't sleep!


traffic jam poo

i was on my way to holiday when i suddenly needed the toilet . we were in a traffic jam and no cars were moving , we were about 16minutes away from the next service brake. i opened the door and went into the bushes . i had no tissues so i used DOC leaf to wipe. i saw some man pee which lasted ages he saw me finished and rushed of.

Eileen H

Filling the Bowl

Last year I took one of the biggest dumps I've ever done. Easily the biggest that year. The kicker: it was at school. No worries about clogs. I felt like I got away with murder (although I was detected in the bathroom). Enough pretense, let's get to the story:

I had the major urge to poop all day. I had to poop so bad it was affecting my movements. I dreamt of lunch, just a few hours ahead. If I could get in before the after lunch poop session that always happens, I could pass the beast and take no blame. Fate conspired against me on this one though. I had lunch duty. I tried to slip away to the bathroom for a few minutes but ran into the dean who redirected me to the cafeteria. I was too tired from constantly holding it in to tell him I needed to take a break.

I was so bloated I couldn't eat anything. I picked at my salad until I got a tap on my shoulder. It was the dean. He told me to make sure every table had thrown away all of their trash. Usually I walk around the cafeteria and interact with the students. It's fun. But I was not up to it today. I asked him if I could slip away to the bathroom. He gave me a funny look that let me go. I shuffled along to the bathroom. Only one occupant. My nose picked up a minor poop smell lingering. I was about to make that smell run in fear of a much burlier comrade.

I took the first stall, the sole factor being it was the closest toilet to me. I didn't have to wait which was nice, but the lunch rush was imminent and this would not be a quick job. I settled down, shaking my butt down on the bare seat a little to get comfortable. I let out a big sigh and let things get moving. I big, and I mean BIG, log started to creep out. It was a thick one. I had to start pushing it along since it got stuck on my poor little hole. Things moved much quicker after then and log #1 dropped with a big "flomp." A wet fart left almost right after. I let out a big moan. I couldn't help it. It was so relaxing.

The smell was terrible, as it always is. After all these years, I've adjusted to the smell of my poops. Even I was offended by this and it wasn't anywhere near the end. My smelly stallmate left though, so I had about 1 minute of privacy before the rush. I figure I get a flush away now and hopefully that will get rid of some of the smell. I reached back to flush. The smell was mostly still lingering. Before flushing, I took a look between my legs to see what was going on down there. A thick log, dark brown, sat there. I'd estimate 6 inches, but very thick. Log #2 was fast approaching as my stomach gave a sharp cramp. I could get its coming out. This was a thick bastard too. And very, very smelly.

I wouldn't be alone anymore as two people came in. It was Janet and the school nurse. Janet recognized my shoes and took the stall next to me.

"So this is where you went? Phew, sure smells like it. How ya doin' in there?"
I let out a big "Ugh" as the long continued to descend to the water. It landed with a fat plop and a ripe stench hung in the air.
"They need to start putting air fresheners in these bathrooms" pitched in the nurse. Janet and her then had a discussion on varying methods of eliminating smells (sound familiar?) as I let out more poop. Another teacher came in. Mrs. B, the spanish teacher. She took the last open stall.

I suspected I'd be here for quite some more time, but I was apprehensive about revealing that fact, even though I needed Janet to cover my first class for a few minutes. I tried to quietly bring it up to her but the echo in the bathroom was no help. I gingerly said "I think I'm going to be here for a few more minutes, could you cover 6A for just a few minutes?" She agreed, as long as I flushed. I chuckled, then let log #3 drop and reached back for a flush. The nurse and Mrs. B had left at this point as a group collected in the bathroom. Janet left and Mrs. S took her place. She was breathing heavily and from the sound of it fumbling with her pants. I was hoping she was desperate for a pee, not a poop. The last thing this bathroom, and these toilets needed was another dump.

She was in it for the long haul apparently as I heard some farts and plops, and smelled some smells that lead me to believe she was pooping. I was no one to complain with the way I was stinking this place up but phew did she smell bad. I checked my watch. I had been here for 10 minutes. The bell had rang a few minutes ago so my time was growing short here. I had to push out the last few logs then scram. With just the two of us farting and plopping away in there, it got pretty awkward. By the time I felt finished and was wiping, the place smelled like a pig sty.

That's all for the story. Hope you liked it. I have another survey question that will actually lead into another story to tell:

Do you have issues pooping at places other than your own home?

(A) Yes.
(B) No.
(C) I used to, but I got over it.
(D) No, I actually prefer it.
(E) I prefer not to, but in emergencies I will.

I'm either C or E on this one. Lean more to C. I'm fine pooping at school now, but other places I'm less comfortable in. It's just the normality. I know the layout of my own bathroom, and even the bathrooms at school.


Broken down car

I haven't posted for a while now as there hasn't been a lot to write about really. Well that changed this morning because I went out shopping and needed to poo quite badly. I finished my shopping and loaded my car intending to go when I got home. Well I started the car and it took a while to get started. When it did start there was a warning light that looked like a little engine on. It wouldn't go out like it normally does and when I drove off there was no power. This was a bad omen as I had to get home quickly as I was dying for a poo. I got out of the car park and onto the main road but when I put my foot down the car stopped suddenly and refused to turn over. The warning light was now flashing so I knew it was serious. I was stuck in the middle of the road and the traffic was building up behind me. The driver of the car behind me got out and helped me push the car to the side of the road so the traffic could get past and I had to call out the breakdown service. The breakdown van turned up in twenty minutes and by then I was getting desperate for that poo. The mechanic said my timing belt was damaged and the car had to be towed to a garage to be repaired. Once we got to the garage I was about to load my underwear so left it to the breakdown mechanic to book the car in for the repair work while I ran off to the toilet. When I got there I found a disgusting toilet. It was filthy and I really did not want to use it but I had no choice because I was about poo myself. I grimaced as I pulled my skirt and knickers down and I sat down. The tiny room was so dirty I shut my eyes while I unleashed a huge amount of mushy poo. I felt so relieved to get she of it all I stopped caring about the filthy toilet and wiped and flushed and quickly left. The breakdown man was very helpfull and have me a lift home along with my shopping and I was just glad that whole experience was over.

Test man

Girls pee survey

Hi everyone! Sup? Today I'm gonna get right down to business. Today's survey is girls only. Enjoy.

1. How long can you usually hold it?
2. Do you keep some sort of container around the house to pee in? If so, where?
3.Your swimming with your friend in a lake and out of nowhere the urge to pee hits you (like you can't hold it any longer),where do you pee?
4. How many times a day do you go?
5. Can you pee standing up (if yes, how?) ?
6. Have you ever peed yourself out of fear?
7. When's the last time you peed your pants?
8. When's the last you wet the bed?
9. What's the strangest place place youve ever peed?

Aaaaaaaaaaaand that concludes my second ever post. Don't forget to post your answers and to all you males out there don't worry, a survey for you will will come on Thursday. Thx for reading and see you Thursday !!!!!!!!:D

Tuesday, August 30, 2011


fart suvery

Hi everybody, i made a quick Suvery about Farting specialy for our female members.

Body Type:

1. Do you Like farting?
2. About how many times a day do you fart?
3. Are your farts stinky?
4. What kind of farts do you rip? (wet, loud, silent, etc.)
5. Are you comfortable farting around others? If so who?
6. Where are you comfortable farting?
7. Have you ever farted at a place, where you shouldn't had?
8. Do you have a reputation of being the person that farts alot?
9. Do you think you can fart better then most boys?
10. Have you ever farted at Someone?
11. Do you try to push out farts for relif or humour around friends?
12. Do you enjoy farting underwater to see bubbles?
13. Do you know if you fart while you sleep?
14. Do you know someone who rips huge farts?
15. Have you ever had an accident because farting?
16. Have you ever stunk out a room or a car?
17. Do you like the smell of your own farts?
18. Do you fart in public?
19. Should all girls be open about farting?
20. Any stories you would like to share?

thakns in advance ;)

I had to take my car in for a State inspection this morning. I had to go do a few errands before I went to the test facility which was a little out of the way. I had a bit of upset stomach for some reason and was having very bad gas. My stomach continued to grumble and I started to feel queasy. I knew I would need to take a shit rather soon so I hurried over to the get my car inspected so I could use the washroom. When I arrived there was a considerable lineup. I waited about 10 minutes before the agonizing wait ended. After pulling my car in I exited and followed the sign to the public washrooms. I went down a long hallway before coming to a few offices where the washrooms were located. There were two single units washrooms back to back of each other. I went to the first unit and quickly locked the door and proceeded to the toilet against the wall in the corner. Someone had clearly just used it because there was fairly strong odour and a large skidmark in the middle of the bowl. I quickly unbuckled my belt and seated myself down.

Almost immediately I released a much needed fart that I had been holding in. It filled the small room with a stench that I knew would be there after I left. I heard footsteps and voices approaching in the distance. I realized there were two people as one of them approached to my door and tried to open it only to realize it was locked. I heard a man's voice say to what sounded like his teenaged son to wait here as he used the washroom behind me. He entered into the unit behind and I heard the door close and lock. I looked up and behind me to see that there was a large ventilation grate on the wall allowing me to hear everything very clearly. I think the toilet was directly behind the wall where my toilet was because I could hear everything so clearly. I heard toilet paper being unrolled and it sounded like he was lining the toilet seat. I heard him fumble with his buckle and they clanged on the floor as he sat down on the toilet. I decided to hold it in since I knew very well my dump was going to be a messy and smelly one and I didn't want to finish up before the dad was done and have to walk out in front of the son who was going to use mine.

Almost immediately he let out a very loud fart that echoed into my room. I heard a couple more very loud farts before a loud splash of a turd dropping into the bowl. I heard him unravel a lot of toilet paper before wiping. I thought he was going to flush but I heard him sit back down and let out a very long fart before grunting a bit and dropping another turd. He sighed in relief and wiped again before flushing and washing up. I then heard him say to his son he would see him back at the car. I hoped the son was just there to pee because I wanted to get on my way and for some reason I felt uncomfortable relieving myself to his ears. When I heard him sit down and let out a few farts I knew I would have to wait a bit longer. I heard a turd splashed into the bowl. He wiped quickly and washed up after flushing. As he walked away down the hallway I immediately released a wave of soft and mushy diarrhea. It felt hugely satisfying but took a lot of paper to clean up. I flushed twice to get the toilet a bit cleaner before I quickly exited and went back to the testing area but the guy and his son had already left.


Diarrhoea holding

Has anyone had diarrhoea when there isn't a toilet around? I have and it happened at a boot fair this morning. I held it for about an hour untill I realised if I didn't find a place to do my business I'd end up with a big mess in my knickers. I went to the burger van and took some napkins and walked over to the woods at the side of the field. I found a secluded spot and lowered my jeans and knickers and squatted just in time. The brown liquid poured out of me for ages and when it stopped I felt a lot better. I peed a bit and wiped myself clean and went back to the boot fair to look for some more bargains.


Surprise in our school's bathroom

Me and Jerika started school this past week. We have a surprise in the large bathroom in the newest addition to our school which includes the gymnasium that's used for games and public events as well as also the auditorium that is used for our concerts, plays and also for political rallies for community groups. In each of the toilet stalls there is a metal holder that's been screwed into the cubicle panel. You pull down a lever with your thumb or finger and out comes a toilet tissue that you can unfold and put over the seat. They work really nice and it's much easier than placing strips of toilet paper over the seat and having one or two of them fall off before you can sit on them.

I do have a question, though. There are like 20 bathrooms in our school and this is the only one that has the seat tissues. Jerika thinks they were added because this is the bathroom used most by adults and the school wants to make a good impression. Some of my friends, however, aren't taking it seriously. One was even caught walking out of the bathroom with one of the tissues around her neck as a bib would be on a little child. I hope we don't lose them because of such problems. I know Jerika isn't using them but I think they are a great idea. Do any of you others go to schools that have these seat tissues? What are your experiences with them?

Story Teller
Brandon T- Would you happen to have any stories about that to share?

The Listening Ear

Part 20

At work, having relocated our small group, they had no room for us, and we were shoved into the back of another department's Portakabin. Outside were too Portaloos, inside each of which was a sign:
"Wee-wee? Oui oui! Poo-poo? Non non!"
In practice, nobody used them for either purpose. Everyone went across to the main building, where the men's toilets were upstairs at one end and the women's downstairs at the other. This was hopeless, and I was thrown back on my first pleasure, the one I had discovered at university, of listening to other shitting guys. Fortunately there were lots of them around.

Most memorable was the morning-after guy, a real ale-drinker complete with scruffy beard. He would start with a cascade of loose plops, then there'd be a minute or two of silence, followed by a cascade of looser plops, then another minute's silence and so on. The culmination would be an extended ffffloloploloploloploloplololololololol... of almost liquid poo.

At one point I became particularly interested in opening gambits - how long it takes a guy to get going. One I particularly remember, because I was actually timing it with my watch, went like this:
Silence for twenty seconds, then POOT! Uuh!
Silence for another twenty seconds, then POOT! Uuh! again.
Silence for another twenty seconds, then SPLOSH! Uuuh!

On another occasion a guy had been so quiet that I had almost forgotten he was there, when suddenly there was a long crescendo of crackling followed by a single massive SPLOOM-PCH! Closely related to him was the most intriguing, and possibly the most exciting, of all - the Silent Smell. This guy would regularly sit there for several minutes, not making any sound at all (to parody Danny Kaye, not a plop, not a plop, not a crackle nor a plop), and then the poo smell would start to rise, getting stronger and stronger in his continued silence, until it was almost overpowering, at which point he would briskly get up, wipe a couple of times, flush and be off. How did he manage that?

On one occasion I had to visit another Portakabin which had internal toilets, Ladies next to Gents. While I was working there I was lucky enough to see an attractive brunette heading for the Ladies, and follow her out to the Gents. But what I heard (very clearly) was one of those ambiguous noises that could equally well be either a heavy vertical pee stream or a burst of liquid poo. And that was the sum total of my female listening experience until we were finally found accommodation in another building. But here I discovered the vagaries of some modern buildings, because although the Ladies on our floor was directly above the Gents on the floor below, no sound was transmitted at all. What a blow!

By the time my assignment to a new project took me back to the original building, an extension had been built, incorporating more toilets, but the Ladies and Gents were separated by a disabled toilet in between, and in any case, the stalls were at the wrong end of the room for listening. Nevertheless I often went there at lunchtime for a change of scene, and the challenge of trying to pick out distant female sounds from the general plumbing noise. One day as I was coming out of there, the door from the main block burst open, and a very pretty blonde from the admin office came flying through, and ran, with arms folded beneath bouncing assets, into the disabled toilet. Obviously she thought she wouldn't make it as far as the Ladies!

Now the thing about disabled toilets is that there is only one door seprating the occupant from the outside world. There was a water cooler in the corridor, so I poured myself a cup of water and stood there drinking it, as an excuse to hang around while her desperate pee fizzed away furiously just a few yards away. A rare and unexpected treat in a listening desert!


Pee in Bed

I though i would share this story with you all..... hope you like it, I was in bed yesterday, using the laptop when i felt the need for a pee but could not move, the loo is on the ground floor and I on 3rd floor, I was looking around for something to pee in a cup, container anything, but their was nothing..

I was bursting though about just wetting the bed but could not do that... then i though i would grab a cushion pad and I put it between my legs and let out a little wee, I was still busting so carry on till i was finished it felt so good and really naught too. There is a way of doing this i have tried to explain below.

1) Feel the need for a wee decided you cant wait
2) Grad a cushion pad minus the cover
3) But the cushion pad under the covers
4) Move the cushion pad so it inside your pj bottoms
5) IF you have underwear on place the cushion in between your pee hole and your underwear
6) Make sure you have double thickness cushion remember your depreste
7) Cover your self up and relax just think you be having that wee you needed soon
8) Let in go only a small amount just to check it in the right place
9) adjust it if you need to
10)carry on having your wee
11)Oh that so much better

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