The Smelliest Ever

Victor, you asked, so here goes.

This is the story of the most malodorous female bowel movement that I have ever smelled. I will never forget this as long as I live. This took place a little over 10 years ago. I was doing a summer internship in a large public building with many employees. There were 3 floors to the building and restrooms were located on each floor. The 2nd floor, however, was a little different. On the 2nd floor, there was a hallway. In the hallway were 3 restrooms. A mens room, a ladies room and, all the way at the end of the hallway a handicapped restroom. The handicapped was just a single toilet with a sink and was "unisex". It was well known to me (and probably everybody else) that women employees went in there to take a dump. On many occasions, I had the luck to smell that restroom right after a lady had used it. It seemed most busy in the mornings and during and right after lunch. I had lots of free time and would hang around on some chairs near the hallway and "hunt". Anyway, one morning I was sitting around on the chairs when I heard the click clack of heels coming my way. I looked up and saw Karen walking towards the restrooms. Karen was in her mid 40s. She had jet black, long hair contrasted with very fair skin. She was not heavy and not skinny with a decent bust and behind and quite a pretty face. She always wore bright red lipstick and was a little heavy on the makeup. She was about 5'3" but always wore high heels to compensate for it. Another thing, she always, always dressed in black. (On this day she had on a black pantsuit and black high, pointy stilettos.) She wasn't a "goth" or anything she just seemed to prefer black. She had a self assured, confident way of strutting around and while I didn't know her, she a reputation for being a little bit of a bitch. She passed me on the chairs and headed into the hallway. Sure enough she passed up the ladies room and went into the handicapped. As soon as I heard the door close, i got up from the chair and went into the hallway. Now, this was kind of a risky proposition since there was no real reason for anyone to be hanging out in the hallway especially near the handicapped. However, I was willing to chance it. I heard the rustle of clothes and her sit down on the toilet. After a few seconds, I heard a short, raspy fart. Karen then began to grunt softly, uh, uh, uhhh. This went on for a few seconds then there was a much louder "ripper" type fart. This was followed by a cascade of shit that I could very clearly hear hitting the water. The barrage seemed to go on forever then I could hear her pee. After she was done peeing, I heard the sound of TP being pulled off the roll. When I heard that, I went back to the chairs. I must have missed round 2 because it was a full 5 minutes more before she came strutting out of the hallway. As soon as she walked away, I went into the hallway and directly towards the handicapped. She had shut the door when she left and my knees were weak with anticipation as I turned the knob. As soon as a the door cracked a little, her stink roared out at me. I quickly walked inside and locked the door. What I smelled was the most pungent, vile, overwhelming shit stink I have ever had the pleasure of smelling. It is now the standard by which I judge the smell of all other women's BMs. It was sulfurous and reeked of rotten eggs. The entire room was strangely warm with her stench. I could feel it seeping into my clothes and was surprised it wasn't peeling the paint off the walls. She had left the lid down and my hand was trembling as I lifted it up. The water level in the bowl was low and there were tons of mid brown skidmarks right around the hole. I stayed in there for what seemed like 10 minutes savoring her stink. It was the most powerful shit reek I have ever smelled and I was amazed that anyone, let alone a WOMAN, could produce an odor like that. I walked out of the restroom to get some fresh air. A few minutes later I went back in and the smell hadn't diminished a bit. I must have gone back in several times over the next hour and the smell lingered. Unfortunately, I had to go to work so I didn't get a chance to see how long the smell lasted. When I went back at lunch both the smell and skidmarks were gone. After that, I could never look at Karen without feeling a little bit in awe.

That is my story. Thanks for giving me an opportunity to tell it. It was like reliving it all over again. If anybody has similar stories please post them I would love to read them. I would ask the ladies here to post about their smelly BMs but women just don't seem to like talking about that :)


My first college shit & reflections on Caryl Marie's ?

Yesterday was my first day of classes at college. I cut through the student union on my way to the arts and sciences building where my communications class is. Knowing that I hadn't shit for a couple of days since moving onto campus, I felt that I might be able to and I also wanted to pee before my 90 minute lecture. There were seven stalls and I took the only one open, the middle one. I dropped my jeans, pulled down my thong and seated my buns on the toilet seat. My pee started almost immediately and lasted almost a minute. At that point, I felt more confident that I would be able to shit, but that I had to stay seated and relax. I took my laptop out of the carrying case, placed it on my lap and started to scan

I directed myself to Caryl Marie's post about food in the bathroom. I let go of a couple of muffled farts and gained even more confidence that I would be able to shit. In waiting, however, and making a couple of scrolling mistakes on my computer, my thoughts went back to several experiences I had in high school and one in particular stands out. On Page 1747 when I was a sophomore I wrote about taking my ice cream cone into the bathroom and being written up for eating it while I was in a stall and on the stool. Sure I was given a four-hour Saturday morning detention and my mom was called by the school. I was much more pissed at the time, but now that I'm away from it I find it kind of amusing. Looking into the stall on my left, I found a large cup of coffee on the floor next to the lady's foot and I noticed one lady was standing in line for her stall with a fast-food sack in her hand. Also, it's strange walking across campus and seeing so many students openly smoking.

Eventually I passed my log that was very formed and about nine inches long. Connor and I are now separated for the first time in a dozen years, but I texted him to tell him of my accomplishment. He starts his college this week too.

We'll keep you guys up to date.


Latest Story

Hello, everyone! I haven't been able to post anything up here in the past few days due to the fact that I was busy moving into the dorm and I didn't have Internet access for a few days. Here is my kind of short story:
Yesterday, I ate a bunch of junk food at my school's cafeteria. As I was sitting at the student lounge with my group, I felt the urge to poo. I went into the women's restroom, and luckily, no one else was in there. This restroom is HUGE! It has at least 10-15 stalls lined up in two rows on one side of the restroom, about 10 stalls on the other side, and about 5 stalls on the middle wall. I decided to take a stall on the other side of the restroom. As soon as I sat on the toilet, I let out several small pieces of poop and one medium one. I wiped myself clean, wash my hands, and went back to my assigned group. I also have some good residence hall restroom stories that I'm going to share later.

The End

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Upset Stomach

One day at work I started to get a really bad stomachache. I had about an hour left of my shift, and I didn't need to go to the bathroom yet, I just felt sick. I kept drinking water, hoping it would settle my stomach. I got in the car to go home and sitting there my stomachache got much worse. By now I knew I was in for a serious case of the runs.
My drive home was about 20 minutes and for the first 10 I just hurt and felt sick to my stomach. By the second half of my drive my stomach started sloshing around and I could feel things moving into place. I knew I was going to have to hit a bathroom soon. The last 5 minutes of the drive were the longest ever. I had to go, and I had to go soon! There was nowhere to stop, and I told myself I could make it home. My stomach was aching badly and I could feel myself full of diarrhea. I almost stopped in the woods to find a tree, but I didn't have any tp and I was embarrassed that someone would find me.
I drove home as quickly as I could and I made it to my driveway. Getting out of the car it was pushing so hard on my butt that I had to clench with all my might not to mess myself. I unlocked the door, threw it open and undid my pants as I ran to the john. I didn't even close the door behind me. I slammed the bathroom door and in one motion I turned, pulled my pants down and started to sit. My stomach made a horrible noise and as soon as my ass touched the seat I lost it. Diarrhea exploded into the toilet with a loud rush. Not even a second later more came. I took a deep breath and exploded again. I turned to look in the toilet and it was the consistency of chili. It smelled pretty bad, and my stomach still really hurt. The act of turning loosened more and I almost didn't make it back into place before more came out. For about 10 more minutes I went and went and went. Every time I thought to myself I can't possibly go anymore-another cramp would hit me and diarrhea would come out. I sat there for a few more minutes, my hands were shaking and I couldn't believe the sheer volume of shit that had just come out of me. Once I was sure I was done I wiped about 20 times, flushed, and left. I didn't go anymore that day - or the next if I remember correctly.

Happy Dude

Hurricane coming!

I live in a section of the US that does not frequently get hurricanes, but there is one on the way. Exciting! Butt I was wondering, has anyone ever noticed in storms with high winds, that the water in toilets moves with the wind? The wind must be making extra pressure or something on the sewer system, because the water in the toilet in intense storms will playfully flow front and back like the ocean on a calm day at the beach. Haha! What visuals!


End Stall Em

More time with Sod Buster Spencer

My last two stories on pages 2068 & 2083 have been about a friend of mine Sod Buster Spencer. We are now back in school. He's in 9th grade and I'm a year older so his parents pay me to tutor him because while he's smart, he has a hard time in subjects such as English and Social Studies.

You might remember that the concern I have about Spencer is that he is very afraid of using bathrooms to crap when he's away from home. When he was doing lawn work in our neighborhood this summer and he had to crap, he would walk sometimes six blocks or more with his mowing equipment to our house so he could use our bathroom. Gas station, fast food and park toilets would have been much closer for him. On one of the last days he used our bathroom at home, he invited me in to accompany him. I was surprised that he was sitting on toilet paper sheets that he lined the seat with. I asked him why and he listed STDs such as gonorrhea, syphilis and several others that he thinks are spread by public bathrooms. I told him that I sit directly on the seats away from home and that most of my friends do. He just seems so surprised that everyone else hasn't been taught like him about fearing public toilets. His father, as an example, taught him to cover the seats just before he started middle school and his father is very careful to sit on toilet paper when he takes Spencer to pro basketball games and events like that. Spencer's mom carries these Kleenex-like packages of toilet liners in her purse and then puts one down when she has to go to the bathroom away from home. After learning that, now I know why Spencer is the way he is.

Spencer's upbringing is definitely hurting him because after less than 10 days of high school, he's already holding his crap in and trying to avoid using the bathrooms at our school. Two or three nights a week he and I meet after school in the information center and I help him with his homework, especially where he has to write things out. He came by my house to crap at about 2:30 p.m. may times this summer when he was on his full-time job, so I wasn't too surprised the first two or three times when I could smell his need to crap. To me, and I know this is probably hard, but I just think its absurd, to hold your crap in for several hours. If it were me, I would be on the first toilet available at 3:05 when the dismissal bell rings. Spencer says, however, he's going to hold it until he gets home in an hour or two.

Yesterday, Spencer and I left the information center at about 4:15 just as the librarian turned the lights off. Since there was hardly anyone else in the hallways as we walked out, I asked Spencer to take me into the boys room because I wanted to see what the conditions were like. I refuses to believe that there are no doors on the stalls, seats are splashed and dripping with urine and that the urinals are pretty much sabatoged with litter and vandalism. He also says the water handles are broken, the sinks stopped up and the paper towel holders vandalized. Again, I could still smell his need to crap and with almost no one around, I hoped that I could encourage him to do so. We finally got to the most out-of-the-way bathroom just inside the school's exit.

Once we walked around a long wall, Spencer led me in. On the right side of the room, there were about 13 stalls, none with doors on, just bowls with black seats on them coming out of the back wall. The most curious thing to me was that there were no rolls of toilet paper available; each stall had a large container of pre-cut sheets of one square each that the boys pull off. There was shit floating in several of the bowls and a good number of toilet paper sheets on the floor of a couple of the stalls. While a couple of the seats were splashed, I tried to refute Spencer's argument by telling him he could just wipe oen off before using it or select one of the 11 other toilets. I concluded that the upkeep of the boys bathroom wasn't very different from the girls'. I told Spencer this was a good time to get over his fear and to just put his butt down on the toilet of his choice and that would help him get over his fear of crapping at school. He tried talking his way around it, as usual, and I told him he wasn't going to get out of it. I told him I could probably guess the color of his boxers--I said blue and lucked out. I told Spencer I wanted to see them because I had just seen his yellows a couple of weeks ago when he crapped in front of me at our house.

I just pointed next to me on my right into a stall. I told him that would be the one he would use because I didn't want us to take too much time, because I didn't know what time the janitors would come through. Spencer hastily agreed to it and dropped his bookbag, walked over the the toilet paper holder and started to rapidly pull the square-shaped paper slips off. It was obvious that he was going to use them to stack on the seat. I told him that if he absolutely had to, he would take one, wipe the entire seat with it and then he would seat himself. He took me up on that, wiped the seat very carefully as if he were preparing a surface for painting, and I told him to hurry up because I was starting to feel a pee coming on. Spencer unbuckled, lowered his light blue boxers, and seated himself very gingerly over the very front of the seat. It was obvious that it was uncomfortable for him and that he didn't want to sit any farther than back than absolutely necessary. He looked awkward, though, with only the tip of his butt on the seat, but I could hear splashing into the bowl immediately and within 45 seconds or so he had that look of absolute relief on his face and he was starting his wiping. He stood to wipe and used about 7 of the squares. It might have been as many as 8 because he dropped one like three times before I finally reached down, handed it to him slowly, and told him to put his bowling grip on it. (He and I have bowled before and he's very agile with the ball).

Spencer raised and left foot and quickly flushed. All of the crap didn't clear, so he repeated it twice. I complimented him on filling the bowl and that fact that he was working on getting rid of his phobia. I'm not sure he has the amount of confidence that I do, but he reminded me of my share of the bargain: I now had to pee for him. I took my jeans and underwear down to knee-level and placed my butt fully onto the seat. My pee stream started within 3 or 4 seconds, something that surprised Spencer, and continued for more than a minute. I glanced on the side of the stall panel, where some pretty graphic language and a phone number had been etched into the paint and then scratched out, and knew that I was impressing Spencer. I picked one square of the toilet paper up from the floor and made a quick dab while I was still seated. Then I stood, pulled my jeans and underwear up and I reached back and flushed, while Spencer had already started washing his hands. I joined him at the sinks.

On our walk home, Spencer asked me some things about the girls bathrooms and it was obvious he had put a lot of thought into his situation and fears. I do feel good that I finally had a chance to talk to Spencer about his (and his parents') issues. I now better understand why he papered my toilet at home, but at least I hope I've convinced him to be less rigid.

wheelchair Sara
Hi All just wanted to say a quick hello and to let everyone now that im still around just been having a busy summer with work and teaching.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Jale great buddy dumping story and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Uknown poster great story about you pooping in that bathroom and hearing that other girl poop as well it sounds like she was probaly constipated or just poops really big and pleas share anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Lea first welcome to the site and great story about you and your friend Lucy poopig together it sounds like you both had to go alot and ibet you both felt alot better afterwards and please share anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Upstae Dave as always another great story about you seeing your female friends go to the bathroom it seems like you have unlimited stories which is a good thing because we are almost always guranteed a new story or 2 from you in every update and since youve been here the longest you can remember all the great posters who use to post here but dont anymore like Carmalita and friends and the late Rjoggerandwife and Kendal and Lawn Dog Kid and rest of them maybe one these days they will post again if there still around and as always I look forward to your next post and you truly are the king of this site thanks.

To: Magneisa Maggie as always another great story about you first crap junior year and also hearing that other girl poop aswell and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Emma as always another great story it sounds like you were beyond desperate but at least you were able to make to a bathroom without having an accident it sounds like you had seconds to spare and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Kelly P first welcome back and and great story and I look forward to your next one thanks.

To: Candace great story about your poop dream and you have to be careful you might not just poop in your dream it might also for real for me it happened only with pee and please post any other stories you may have thanks.

To: Unknown poster great story about you pooping on the floor and a little in your pants when your toilet was broken and please post anymore stories if you have any thanks.

To: Lauren great story about your first car pee and if you have any pooping stories please post them if you want to and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Uknown poster it sounds like you had a pretty nasty time with all that diarrhea and mushy poop but at least you made it do a toilet and didnt have an accident most likely it was something you ate or a stomach virus or maybe just you body having a major and rather messy s cleanout who knows for sure and plkease pot anymore stories if you have any thanks.

To: Joe great stories about your outdoor poop and your other poops aswell and please post anymore stories if you have any thanks.

here a short story back when I was in high school or middle school im not sure I overheard a girl in my class say she once peed in a soda bottle.

I really think this site needs a masscot I think it would really make this site more fun and interesting so if anybody has any ideas please post them I already did mine awhile ago I really think it could be somthing really fun to do so I look forward to your ideas thanks.

Well thats all for now

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site


???? troubles

My stomach hasn't been feeling right lately. I had diarrhea for several days in a row earlier in the week - and threw up once too. Since then, my stomach hasn't been feeling good. It rotates between hurting, feeling full, feeling sick, and indigestion. I haven't been nauseous though, and I have been eating. I've never really had indigestion before this week and I'm 30. I kept trying to go to the bathroom, because I could feel food in my guts that wanted to come out - but I couldn't go. I decided to wait a few days since maybe the diarrhea took a lot out of me. After two full days of no movement and a stomachache, I decided to lie down and rub my ???? thinking maybe I'd get things moving. I had indigestion on top of it, and when I laid down a bit of vomit rose into the back of my throat. I didn't throw up, but it burned. I didn't go or vomit, and my stomach kept telling me that I needed to do something. I wound up doing something I've only done once before - I took a laxative. I was hoping that whatever was in me would come out. I took it around noon since I knew I had the house to myself for several hours. It says it takes 6-8 hours to work so I gave it a shot. I went out and ran some errands and around 2:30 my stomach started to feel sick. I got the signal that a movement was coming soon and I left the store and came home. As soon as I got home I went onto the toilet and crayon sized soft piece came out. My stomach didn't feel well, but that was all that I had to do. I didn't go again that night even though I had a slight ???? ache. I went to bed figuring that I'd be up in the middle of the night for sure - but I slept through the night. I got up and as I was trying to get everyone out the door I started to feel like I needed to go. I really wanted my privacy so I kind of rushed them out. I went straight to the bathroom and as soon as the car was out of the driveway I turned on the light and sat on the pot. I started to pee out of both holes. A bunch of chunky diarrhea went into the toilet. I pushed gently and more came out. I took a warm bath and waited to see if there was more but there wasn't. I decided to lie down for a few minutes before I got ready for work. I had to chat with an online representative from the phone company and about half way through our conversation I had to go again. I grabbed my laptop, laid it on my hamper, pulled down my pants and had more diarrhea. I rushed to get ready for work and even though my stomach wasn't right, I decided not to call out. I got to work and realized I was the first one from my department there. Since my stomach was bothering me the whole way to work I decided to be preventative and make a trip to the bathroom just in case. I peed and with a slight push a rush of liquid shot out of my ass. I went to work without eating or drinking anything since I didn't want to spend the day in the bathroom. Around 11 I decided to brave drinking water and it gave me indigestion. I ate a few pieces of fresh ???? for lunch and actually felt okay for an hour or so. My indigestion came back a little bit for the last hour of work. I left a little early and sitting in my car made it worse. The whole ride home my stomach felt sour. I am now lying on my bed and you can hear my stomach across the room. I have a wicked sour stomach and I can't decide if I'm nauseous or not. I keep trying to drink water to settle it, but it's not working. I'm debating making myself throw up but I haven't decided yet.

Just a girl...

Fiber pooh with a sour stomach

The last couple of days I've had heartburn and an upset stomach on and off. I hadn't hadn't had a real bowel movement in a couple of days, and when I ate my stomach got upset. Yesterday, I decided to eat a granola bar before work - I figured it was fiber and pretty easy on my stomach. I felt a little sick the whole way to work, but after an hour or so it passed. Around 10 I drank some water and a few minutes later my heartburn started to come back. It hung on for a while and when lunchtime came, I ate a really light healthy lunch (just some fresh garden ????). Not long after I ate my heartburn started to become pretty noticeable. Before I could almost ignore it, but it was getting worse. I left work early and started to drive home. A few minutes into my half an hour drive it got worse. It must have been sitting in the car, but my stomach was making noises and I could taste bile on the back of my tongue. I was literally holding my stomach the entire way. I was almost home when I seriously debated pulling off the road and finding a private place in the woods (which are very popular and crowded - especially in daylight) and throwing up. I was too embarrassed to stop and get caught. If I had stopped I have no doubt that I could have thrown up everything I ate without trying. However, since I didn't feel the urgent need to, and I wasn't nauseous in the normal sense, I decided to avoid that. I made it home, walked past my bathroom and again debated kneeling in front of the toilet and tossing my cookies. Instead, I crawled onto my bed and curled up in a ball. Bile rose to the back of my throat but I kept it down. Whatever was making my stomach so upset was in my intestines too, and I knew I needed to flush my system. I wanted to do it in the most natural way possible so I drank a bunch of water and took a fiber pill. It said it would take about 12 hours to work so I made sure to stay hydrated and waited. I felt a little bit better at night and slept well. I woke up this morning and again I had a very sour stomach. I was up for about a half hour when I got the signal. I sat on the toilet and a long soft rope started coming out. I looked into the toilet and it must have been 8 inches but when it hit the water it broke into several pieces. It was really dark brown, but I assume that was because of the fiber pill. There was a ton on the toilet paper when I wiped. About a half our later I needed to go again. I sat and a few soft pieces came out easily. It's been an hour and while I still have a very sour stomach, my intestines at least feel a little better.


to Lauren

Hey Lauren great story. hope to hear many more from you. I did have a question or two if you don't mind. What was your husband's opinion on you peeing in your car? And did it seem to turn him on or anything? Hope to hear from you again soon.
Thanks and have fun

@Isabelle - I would say your bladder seems more than just "a little larger than normal." If you can routinely outlast the one-minute mark than that's impressive to me. Of course, there will always be those outliers like Zoey that make everyone else pale in comparison - but the reality is that they are extremely rare. I would consider the friends you described as having weak bladders to be more the "norm," from what I have experienced from listening and such. However, the variation that exists is what makes this subject interesting.

It is a shame about the comments people make. Peer pressure being what it is, it might make a young girl feel like a "freak" for having to pee longer than the rest of her friends - when in reality, she just has a larger bladder. I've read some reports of some who'd stop going when they hadn't completely relieved themselves, which can't be good. I'm glad you didn't listen to them; hopefully others can do the same.

I can only imagine what your friend Zoey has heard. I wonder if she avoids public bathrooms for that reason; I have heard stories from others who have done this. 40 hours without peeing? That's incredible! Has she ever mentioned why she holds like this? A medical condition (lazy bladder syndrome or such), likes the feeling of a full bladder, etc.?

@Bubba - glad to see you still around. Those stories were a little hard to swallow sometimes, but they were an interesting read, as you say. I haven't had much luck getting any stories about other women from my fiancÚ - she doesn't pay attention. I have asked, though. One quick story about the comments she has received - as you know, some women like to go to the restroom with friends - guys don't do this. One such occasion occurred when she and I were out with friends at a local bar, having a few drinks and watching a local band play. After a few, my fiancÚ went to pee with her friend. I have no idea of length, but she peed long enough for her friend to make the comment, "Damn girl, are you done yet?" I found that one interesting. :)

USA Dude

Porta Potty Sounds

I went to a major amateur golf tournament this week. It was in the Midwestern USA. I arrived at one of the courses on Wednesday morning around 6:30. I'd read other posters on this site mentioning porta-potties and how sound travels when they're placed against one another. I'd eaten at Taco Bell the night before and my stomach was kind of cramping like I was going to have an emergency. I walked from the parking lot into the fenced area of the golf course and there was another parking lot for the players, the driving range to the right, loaded down with players practicing before their rounds along with their family members, and at the edge of the parking lot, porta-potties. There was a handicapped one, then a hand washing station, then three regular ones butted against one another. The far end one had a big sign on it saying "Women only". I really didn't need to crap just yet, but did need to pee. I saw the women's potty had a red tag on it, indicating it was in use. There was a woman kind of hanging around about 50 feet away. She was a bit ????, about 35 years old, OK looking. I went into the middle one and peed. I heard the person who was occupying the women's one pulling toilet paper. She wiped a couple of times and went out. I could see through a small crack around the door as she walked by toward the hand washing station. Then I heard the door opening again for the women's. I presumed it was the ???? lady. She seemed to be trying to go into the unit quietly, so I assumed she saw me go in the middle one and wanted to be discrete. I could hear her pulling down her pants and sit with a creak. Then I heard SPLAT, SPLAT, BARAPT, SPLAT, two mushy sounding turds, a fart, then another mushy one. She was obviously taking a big dump. I'd finished peeing but hung around a few more seconds to see if I heard any more sounds. She started pulling toilet paper. I went out, washed my hands and went by the range to watch the players practice. I heard the porta-potty door slam and glanced back, and sure enough, it was the ???? lady coming out of the unit. My stomach began to churn more in about 10 minutes. Then I realized I was going to have to take a dump. I thought it would be interesting if I was sitting in that middle porta-potty and a lady was dumping next to me. Just a fascination type thought. I then got a strong urge, so I started walking to the porta-potties. I glanced to my right and my heart skipped a beat. About 50 yards away, toward the other end of the parking lot, a young woman was walking rather slowly but straight for the porta-potties. She was kind of looking down as she walked; almost giving me the impression she needed to go but didn't want to be obvious about it. I thought, man, oh, man could this really be happening? This was a woman about 20 or 21 years old, beautiful face, shoulder length blond hair. She had on a white visor and white shoes, and a black golf outfit - short skirt with shirt. Great legs, just a very attractive girl. I went into the middle potty again to do my dump. As I was unbuckling my belt, I saw through the vent screen at the top the women's door open and someone stepped in. I assumed it was the girl. At least I knew it was a woman unless some man was ignoring the sign on the door. I got settled and I heard her pulling down her shorts women wear under golf skirts. She sat down and immediately started unrolling toilet paper. I've heard that women who just need to pee sometimes pull the TP as soon as they sit. If they have to crap, they wait. Anyway, some guy told me that one time - not sure if it's true, but I digress. Well, she just blew her nose on the TP. Then the magic began - plop, plop, splat, plop, and a large exhale. I went ahead and did my dump which I'm sure she could hear. There was another plop, plop from next door and another sigh, then a quick toot and a last plop. I was done and started wiping, and I heard her doing the same. I pulled up my pants and I heard her rustling around. I went out and went to wash my hands. A few seconds later, the door opened, and sure enough, out stepped that beautiful girl. She came over to the hand washing station, smiled, and washed her hands, dried them and started back across the parking lot. I have to say this was the highlight of the golf trip!

Gabriel (Tizzy)

Commenting for Michelle (Formally M.S)

I must say, I am thrilled of your post "To Wendy"
I understand where your coming from when you like holding in your poo for as long as possible, like I said on my last post It is SENSATIONAL when you relief yourself from your smelly poo.(To bad your might have to through your knickers away) You Actually like doing it in public too? Am not surprised or disgusted its good for some woman to be completely honest about their joy when the poo.
Please continue to post more of your stories i respect them dearly
Am looking forward to your next post



Stranger imagines what people look like when they sit on the toilet. As s/he speaks about girls last, I assume that Stranger is a male.

Well, Stranger, I am a male, late thirties. I find that sitting with my trousers and underpants right down to my ankles is better. I tried for a time just pushing them down to my knees, but I need to fidget and move my legs around, so that I can open my bottom properly. This means that I can empty my human dustbin completely after breakfast, before going to work.

I sit pretty upright, and still can relax. I like to wee first, and then I can clasp my hands and let my bottom be in charge.

I have a slightly different 'take' on the matter which Stranger mentions. I wonder how many people imagine what they look like themselves when sitting on the toilet.

I have a vivid recollection from teenage days. My best school pal and I used to spend a lot of time together in evenings, on school work and projects, at each other's houses. Naturally, we used each other's toilets quite often to 'stand and deliver'.

Sometimes we would stay overnight at each other's houses, and in the morning, after breakfast, we would use the toilet for the other purpose. (My pal's euphemism was 'going to do one'.) He sent me in first, as I was the guest.

On the door facing the toilet was a mirror, which I had normally had my back to, but that first morning as I stood there dropping my trousers and sitting down, was a very funny experience.

I had a fit of giggles when I came out. He had grown up seeing himself on the toilet every day, and hadn't thought anything of it.

He told his parents, who wondered if it should be removed. But I said I would get used to it. It was very useful to have a full length mirror, but perhaps not in that position.

Eventually, when they had some renovations, the mirror was removed, and placed elsewhere.

Sometime I will tell you about a toilet experience of my teenage sons.

Saturday, August 27, 2011


My friend Mackenzie and me went to the pool today. When we were done and in the locker room I whispered to Mackenzie "I gotta do a number two" then she whispered "So do I" so we went into one of the toilet stalls together and I did my number two. I wiped and got up then Mackenzie sat down and did her number two. She wiped and then we left without flushing the toilet.

About a month ago I was doing some clothing shopping as urge to poop hit me. It was a big shopping center with several restrooms. It didn't take long as I noticed restroom sign. As I was walking towards to ladies room a mother with her three daughters (or I believed they were her daughters) went there just ahead of me. Mother was around 40, youngest girl maybe 5-6, then 10-11 and oldest about 13. There were only two cubicles, but both were available. Youngest girl announced that she didn't need to pee. Mother and girl about 10 years old went in cubicles. I thought that I have to wait some time, but the girl was done really quickly. She just peed shortly, flushed toilet and came out. Oldest girl took her place. Mother was still peeing but her hissing was clearly fading out. In the end of pee she let out a little fart. Soon she ripped off some toilet paper, wiped and flushed and it was my turn. I went into cubicle and locked the door. I lifted my skirt and pulled my underpants down and sat down to warm ring. I did a little pee. Immediately I felt my poop moving down. Two youngest girls were already outside of restroom, but mother was washing her hands. As she started to dry her hands she asked girl was she done. Girl said that she needed to go number two. When girl replied I noticed a bit of strain in her voice. Mother said that they will wait her in nearby cafeteria. Then she left and I was alone with oldest girl. I passed a small turd quite easily. Then I leaned forward a little and started to push a larger piece that slowly moved out of my butt hole. After about four inches it broke off and splashed into toilet. As I started to push out next piece I looked under the wall and saw that girl has pulled her feet in closer to the toilet and only her toes were touching the floor. I didn't hear any straining but I could hear some faint crackling sound and suddenly a huge plop was heard. Girl was still on her tiptoes and crackling sound continued. I pushed and another four inch long turd plopped into the toilet. Just a few seconds later I heard amazing splash from girl's cubicle. It sounded like "FLOOOMPS" and it must be larger log than her first one. She sighed softly and catch her breath awhile before she started wiping. She wiped really carefully, she took at least 5-6 wad of toilet paper. Meanwhile she was wiping I dropped three smaller turds and I was finished. Girl flushed toilet but she didn't leave. Then she flushed again and I thought that she might clogged the toilet. After the second flush she shut toilet lid and went to wash her hand. I wiped and flushed. Girl was already gone as I stepped out of stall. Before I washed my hands I decided check girl's stall. I opened the lid and saw wide poop stain at the bottom of the bowl.


Great post Car Mom

Great post I really appreciate it. I love to hear stories of when the Mom's pee in your car. Have you ever had one of the mom's poop in your car? sorry fuzzy memory cann't remember. Also what ever happened to your friend who started posting on her once and then never did again? Lora I think it was?


A Couple Comments

Eileen - Definitely not air freshener. I've always found that you just end up with a flowery, sweet shit smell. If I use any air freshener, I've found Febreez works best for me.

Ashley - Welcome back! You have been missed!


To Vince

Well, when I was in middle and early on in high school, I would sometimes hear comments from other girls (and from my friends too) after I would pee for a full minute or more. At first I was real self-conscious about it, but eventually they just didn't bother me anymore. And until I met Zoey I did think that I had a big bladder. I now think that my bladder is only a little larger than normal and most of my friends back then just had small, weak bladders.

Speaking of Zoey, I never could understand where her body kept all that liquid. She often went 36 to 40 hours without peeing even once, although a few times on very hot days when she would drink a lot of extra water, she only managed a paltry 30 hours or so. I just never fail to be amazed by her peeing.

To Eileen H:
My prepared method for dealing with poo odors is to open my bathroom window and/or turn on the bathroom fan if the stink is especially bad. I don't tend to like using an air freshener, because although it gives quick results, I find it doesn't actually eliminate my smells, but just mask them. As another poster said earlier, you end up with "vanilla scented shit".

Car Mom

Another Great Day!

Happy Dude: yes I do pee in those places, and I have to admit, it was Laura who got me to start doing it. But now even though we aren't friends anymore (I hope temporarily) I still enjoy doing it. Lori is now the only one who I do it with on a regular basis. As for stories about it, they're here. Do a google search within this site for "car mom". All my posts should come up.

Lauren: welcome!! I'm glad you do some of the things I do and I'll be looking forward to hearing as many stories as you have! I'm sure others here will also enjoy them! So, yes, please post! And soon! I like your daughters' names by the way. Very unique.

Bobbinmo: thanks for the post, and its so funny how some people are like us and others are so uptight about things. I mean its just PEE! Oh well, I hope you still have a happy marriage.

Anon: I never thought of that, in the UK I'm Car Mum! Its funny that we in the states say mom when the o in mother sounds like a u. Actually I've never bought pull-ups. I've never really thought about it. They do cost money, and since I don't really care where Kaylee's pee goes for the most part, I've never suggested that she use them. Sometimes she does pee in her pants though, as I've said before. But that's always been on purpose.

Whinnie: great post! I bet it still felt good even though it was an accident!

This is going to be similar to other things in the past, but since so many people have said that they like when I post even when its something similar, I will go ahead and post it. The other day something happened involving strangers. Now I've mentioned in the past that a lot of the people who have needed to pee have turned me down, and not everyone has agreed to pee in my car when I have offered it to them. Well this time Kaylee and I were at a playground and we saw a mom and three girls. One of the girls was her daughter and the others were her niece and her daughter's friend. The daughter (Payton) and her friend (Emma) were 7 and the niece (Abby) was 9. The mom (Kara) was in her early 30s, probably 5 or 6 years older than me (I'm 27). Ok so as usual Kaylee and I, mostly Kaylee, asked Kara if she'd be interested in letting the girls relieve themselves in my car. At that particular playground there aren't any bathrooms, so I knew there would probably be a chance that she would agree to it. And so Kaylee asked and I remember Kara said "do you mean IN your car or BY your car?" and Kaylee said "IN our car." Kara then said "ok well how would they do it sweetie? Would they pee in a cup or something?" and then Kaylee said "no just in the seat." Kara said "so the pee just goes right into the seat?" and Kaylee said "yeah it just soaks in." Then I said "or if you prefer they can also go in the console. The thing between the seats." Kaylee then said "oh yeah I forgot about that!" Then she giggled and said "that's sort of a new thing." That's when Kara said "you know what, we're ok. We can wait." I said "are you sure?" and she said "yeah we'll be fine. Thank you anyway." I said "are you sure? The girls really look like they have to go." She said "yeah we'll be fine. The girls can wait. We're going home soon anyway." The girls then said "aw we don't wanna go home yet!" But Kara said "its ok, we should go home so you can go potty. Go play for a little while longer and then we'll go." Then she said to me "thanks anyway." I said "ok." And so Kaylee and I got ready to go on with our day. But then about 5 minutes later Kara came back to where we were, and the 3 girls with her. She said "um maybe we should go ahead and do this after all." Then she smiled awkwardly. "I'm sorry." I said "aww its ok. Don't be sorry. Come on." Then I led them over to my car and I opened up the doors. As soon as I did Kara started telling the girls to pull down their pants and find a spot to pee in. And so they did. Abby was the first to get to the console so that was her spot. The other two sat on the backseat, Payton behind the driver seat and Emma behind the passenger seat. At first Emma didn't want to do it. She said "I don't want to pee here. I want to pee in a toilet." Kara said "there aren't any toilets here sweetie. You have to go here. Now it was nice of Miss Megan here to let you use her car like this. Go ahead and go. Its ok." Emma said "I don't want to go here. I don't want to go in this car. Its not where you're supposed to go. I want to go in a toilet." Then Payton said "here Emma just do what I do." And then she began to relax. As soon as she did she began to pee. She began to pee right into the seat. It made a hissing sound as it went into the fabric. As Payton peed she said "see Emma? I'm doin it. See?" Payton's mom also said "yeah Emma, go ahead. Its ok. Just do like Payton's doing." But she still wouldn't. Then by that time Abby also began to have her pee. Her pee began to flow right into the console. It made a pattering sound against the inside plastic. It also started to hit against some pieces of paper that were inside, which had already been peed on by Kaylee and were now dry. By the way I made a little hole in the bottom of the console so that pee would eventually drain its way out. Kaylee and I were getting tired of having to empty it out all the time. So now it just drains away and then dries on its own like the seats. Anyway Abby kept having her pee in the console and Payton had hers in the seat. They were both going a lot. Kaylee then went over to Abby and said to her "hey Abby, you can also go on here if you want." She said "where?" Then Kaylee said "here" and she put her hand on the drink holders and the gear shift. Abby said "go on there?" and Kaylee said "yeah. Just let it spray on it." Then I said "yeah Abby. Go ahead. Its ok. Kaylee does it all the time. And so do her friends." So Abby said "ok" and then she lifted herself up. As she did she began to spray outside of the console and onto the drink holders. She giggled. Then she kept doing it. That's when Payton spoke up. "Hey no fair! I wanna get pee on there too!" Kara then said "Payton! Stop that! Just ask nice!" But then I told her "its ok sweetie. You can spray on things back there if you want." Payton smiled and said "ok." Then she lifted herself up and began to spray against the back of the driver seat and the back of the console and on the door next to her and on the papers that were on the floor. Abby also continued to spray. She began to hit against the gear shift and the pillow in front of it. "Look Aunt Kara!" she said when her pee started to hit the gear shift. Kara smiled and said "good job Abby!" The two girls kept peeing. As they peed I also began to notice the smell of fart in the air. By this time Emma finally said "ok fine I'm gonna go too." I said "good sweetie I'm so glad." By that time Abby was finished and she said "here Emma, you can pee up here if you want." And so she moved up to the console. She squatted over it and then she began to pee. Emma peed right into the console just like Abby did. She also let a loud bubbly fart which made everybody giggle, even Emma. Then she also began to spray against the drink holders and the parking brake and the gear shift. As she did she said something that was too cute for words. She said "look its like I'm pouring chocolate syrup on an ice cream cone!" She was talking about peeing onto the handle of the gear shift. We all laughed. By that time Payton was finished and so she was up front next to her friend Emma. Then after a few more seconds Emma was also done, and so all three girls had their pees in my car. And so they all said their "thank yous" and they started to go back to the playground. That's when I said "Kara do you have to go too?" She smiled awkwardly and then she said "yeah I do." I said "please. Have a pee here." She said "are you sure?" I said "yes positive. Have a pee. Have a pee in my car." She said "ok" and then she giggled and so did the girls. I said "did you want to be alone?" and Abby said "yeah should we go away?" Kara said "no you don't have to if you don't want to. I don't mind." And so we all stayed. And Kara got ready to have her pee. She got in front and sat down in the passenger seat. She smiled. Then she began to relax. As soon as she did she began to pee. She began to pee right into the seat. Kara peed right into my front seat. And I wasn't about to stop her. Laura wouldn't have liked that! As Kara continued to pee she leaned herself forward a little and then she let out a fart into the seat. It made a ripping noise into the fabric. The girls all giggled. Kara continued to have her pee. By her expression I could tell that it felt really good. It was making a huge hissing sound into the seat and I could tell she really had to go and that she was going a lot. She was making a huge wet spot in the seat. Then suddenly she got up and she stopped peeing. After that she moved over to the console and she positioned herself the way Emma had done, in a squatting position, with her feet on the seats. Then she began to pee again. Kara began to pee right into the console. It made the same pattering sound that the girls' pee made. Then like the girls Kara began to spray. She let her pee stream go outside the console and it began to hit against the drink holders and onto the parking brake and the gear shift. When it started to hit the gear shift Abby said "good job Aunt Kara!" and we all laughed. Then Kara pushed out a loud ripping fart which made the whole car smell and then her pee slowly came to a stop. Then after that she was finished. Well, there you have it! More pee in Car Mom's car! Yaaaay! And not only that, but we all promised to keep in touch so that means there will be more pee to come! Yaaaaay!

Car Mom :)

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