College dorm story

I don't have a co-ed bathroom story, as the bathrooms in the dorms when I was going to college were one sex, mens at one end and females way at the other. But, there was one experience of a girl who had to use the men's bathroom. I was just finishing up my shower when a young girl about 22 or 23 poked her head in the bathroom door and asked if she could use the toilet, she said she was super desperate to go and couldn't hold it anymore. Neither I nor anyone else in the bathroom had any problems so she came in and was fidgeting and clearly bursting to pee. She took a stall and immediately began peeing a very strong stream. I remember the noise was pretty loud and very different from the noise a man's pee stream would make. I hoped she might have to shit as well and I'd get to hear a few plops or something, but no luck. She finished peeing, wiped and flushed then left.

Stealth pee

kudos to Car Mom

Car Mom, thanks once again for a great story. And thanks for helping "decriminalize" pee, helping others understand that pee is not a terrible substance and that peeing can be fun.

Too bad that you didn't join in the peeing. Is it difficult to pee in the presence of strangers you just met? Actually they weren't so much strangers as new-found friends. I was happy to read that you will stay in contact and share more peeing later. Hopefully you'll all drink lots of fluids before you meet again!

You said you "don't really care where Kaylee's pee goes for the most part". Does she pee in your house (other than the couch), for example on floors, or in her room? If she's the curious type, you could put a mattress protector on her bed and let her wet the bed "just to see what it's like"... if it's not that much fun, that's fine, at least she tried it to find out. I did that for a while, and it was fun several times, but I decided I liked a dry bed better and haven't done it for a long time. I liked better peeing onto some cheap carpets I put down in different rooms.

Keep those stories coming even if they're repetitive... we love 'em.


At the mall

Hi! My name's Lea, I'm 15, blonde, blue eyed, 5'6'' and weight 132 lbs. Please forgive me my bad English as I live in France. I've never been into the toilet stuff but last weekend I had an interesting toilet related experience, which led me to this website. I'll share my story with you.
My parents were going to a wedding, and I was allowed to spend the day at the mall with my friend Lucy. She must be around 5' and a little chunky, altough she isn't overweight. Her hair is brown. So back to the story, my parents dropped us at the mall at 10 o'clock, and we started shopping. We both were thirsty, so we drank a milkshake before going to buy some clothes. At 12 o'clock we decided to go for lunch. We had some big pizzas and a large glass of soda. By this time I had to pee pretty badly. As soon as we were finished, I told Lucy "I have to pee, let's go to to the toilets!" and she answered "Actually I could use the loo too". This mall has two restrooms, a large one in the basement and a small one on the first floor. As both were equally far away, I decided to go to the small one. I was feeling full after all that greasy food and I think I was not the only one! On the way Lucy released a short and silent fart, like "Prrrrrtt", which led me to think "She may have to go number two..."
The toilet has two stalls facing the entrance plus a changing table left to these stalls, while the sinks are on the other wall. As we walked in, both stalls were in use but nobody was waiting. Obviously both ladies were pooping, but the smell wasn't that bad. I began my pee dance, cause I really had to go now! After a few minutes, the lady in the right stall wiped and exited the stall, without even flushing! She was in her thirties, and rather attractive I guess... She blushed when she saw us, avoided eye contact and left without washing her hands. I could tell something was wrong. We took the toilet (it is not unusual for us to go to the toilet together) and then we saw it: a HUGE turd! I mean, really huge! It had the size of Lucy's arm, in length and in width (and remember, Lucy isn't that thin)! I had never seen something like that. There was also some mushy poo on it and some toilet paper. No way you could flush this monster. We were "OMG!" But by the time I couldn't worry less about the state of the bowl, I sat down and pulled my panties down while Lucy was closing the door. I first farted, a long and airy fart (Pfffffffffffffffffttttttt) and then peed for a whole minute. Lucy couldn't stop gigglig. It felt soooo good! I wiped and then farted again, a similar fart (Pffffffffffffffffffffffttttttttt). Needless to say I did a great job stinking up the place! I didn't have to poo as I only go every two or three days. Lucy was getting pretty desperate by now so she took my place on the toilet. She immediatly began to pee, for 30 seconds maybe. She didn't wipe and remained sited. "I'll try to poo", she said, "I haven't gone in two days" It surprised me because every time she comes to my place, she'll relive herself, which means she probably poops more than once a day. She made herself comfortable a started grunting gently. The woman in the other stall (or the girl, considering her shoes) wiped, flushed, washed her hands and left. We were now alone. Lucy was having a hard time, therefore I gave her a kiss on the forehead and started rubbing her belly. It helped, soon I heard a crackling sound and a hard piece of poo landed on the big turd. "There is more to come", she told me. She was right, two minutes later a sausage emerged from her back, maybe 8 inches long and one inch thick. This turd was followed by a fart (Prrrrrrrrtttt) and an almost identical turd! I was amazed by this amount of poop. But Lucy wasn't done yet: she expelled some stinky mushy poo, which added to the stench of my farts. Then she wiped and we exited the stall, of course without flushing it. The bowl was totally destroyed. As Lucy was washing her hands, I peaked in the other stall: there were some skidmarks, but it didn't look that bad. After twenty minutes spent in those toilets, we were very relieved and ready to resume our shopping. As soon as we exited the toilet, we bumped into some boys we knew (and yes, I have a crush on one of them!). Lucy and I exchanged this look "If they only knew what just happened!" and burst into laughter. It was an awesome day, I didn't think going to the toilet could be so interesting.
Sorry for being so long,

I'm transferring to a new University about 60 miles from home. Since it would be too long to commute from home everyday, I moved to the residence on campus. This weekend I moved over to my dorm room. I'm supposed to be sharing the room with another student but they have not arrived yet. This past weekend I got settled in and did a bit of searching around. The University is in a fairly large city so the campus is quite large and has around 30 000 students. My room is located on the 6th floor of a 9 story building about 5 minutes from the heart of the campus. The building itself is quite old but clean nonetheless. My room is quite small with the washrooms and showers being shared and just down the hallway from me.

Yesterday evening I met up with some new people I had met the previous day. We went to the bar in town and had a few drinks. I was hungry and hadn't had dinner so I had some wings, a burger and we all shared some nachos. Chris, who is a few rooms down from me is also in some of the same classes as me so we chatted for a good bit. He had a girlfriend named Alexis who was drop dead gorgeous. Chris told me he knew a girl who might be free and he would introduce me to her. As the night went on a few of Chris' friends left but the three of us continued drinking and talking for another hour or two. In our discussion he told me to watch out for pranksters around this time of the months when some wild parties and gatherings go on before school starts. I looked at the clock and realized it was close to 1:00 am which was the time the bar closed being a Sunday. I was dying to shit and hadn't gone since arriving on Friday night. After having three beers my bladder was ready to explode and the greasy bar food we had eaten over the course of the last several hours was starting to set it. I paid my bill at the front counter and was going to head over to the men's washroom but the bar attendant was starting to close to place down so I knew I would have to head home.

I walked at a quick pace through the empty streets as I clenched my ass to hold the shit back. I knew it was going to be a pretty substantial load and I concentrated very hard to not have an accident. I don't know why I had held it in for so long and not gone in the pub much earlier. Fortunately the walk was only about 10 minutes but it sure felt a lot longer. As I approached the residence building I fumbled with the keys in my pocket and quickly unlocked the front door. I went over to the elevator and pressed the button but someone else must have been using it or it had been disabled. I waited impatiently for about a minute and it still hadn't come. I opened the door to the stairways and ran in a sprint up the six flights of stairs. By now I was home free. I exited out of the stair well and went down to the men's washroom. This was the first time I had entered into this bathroom on my floor since arriving. The bathroom was huge. There were 8 large stalls all about the same size. The handicapped washroom was a private washroom because I remembered I had passed it on the way by. I took a stall somewhere near the middle.

There were about half a dozen urinals across from me with the showers and sinks around the corner. Again, it was a very large bathroom and I could tell it was old by the style of the fixtures. The white porcelain toilets were huge and looked ancient. They stood very tall and had a large and wide black seat to accommodate someone of larger girth. There was more than enough room inside which I found quite luxurious compared to the miniscule ones I was so used to. I locked the door and slid my shorts and briefs down in one motion. Sitting down I noticed the toilet was very tall and had a almost commanding feeling. I started to piss almost uncontrollably as a turd very slowly eased its way out. Suddenly I felt a warmth on my ass and looked down to see that someone had saran wrapped the toilet. I immediately stopped what I was doing and carefully unseated myself. The piss was all over my shorts and shoes by now and I had a turd on its way out. I was absolutely furious. I opened the stall door and took the next stall. It too had been saran wrapped so I quickly ripped it off and through it into the bowl. I sat down and released the furry of piss and let the turd slip out. It landed with a pronounce thud and gave a quite a splashback.

I wasn't feeling relieved so I waited a minute or two. A pressure built up and I farted to try and relieve the pressure only to have a flow of soft and mushy shit rush out. It hurt for a few seconds but it felt hugely satisfying. I went to grab the toilet paper only to realize there was none. Clearly the entire bathroom had been pranked. I now was in a stall with piss all over my clothes and nothing to wipe with. I unlocked the stall door and quickly walked with my pants still down over to the stall next to me. Sure enough it and the rest of the stalls had all of their toilet paper removed. I went back to the stall I had used and locked it. I took off my briefs and used them to wipe up. Desperate times call for desperate measures. I spent the next five minutes trying to clean up as best I could. My only stupid mistake was putting the briefs in the toilet. As I pulled the handle the weakest flush I could ever imagine swirled the shit into a big mess and blocked the toilet up good. I flushed again holding the lever this time hoping the water pressure would build to force everything down but the water rose slowly to the rim of the seat and I knew it wasn't going to go down. I went over to my room and grabbed a towel before heading back to have a hot shower and clean myself up.

Upstate Dave

My Working Vacation Day 13 Painting Part4

Jill and I now started painting the workshop shed with the red paint. The latex paint was thinner so there was so much more coverage with our brushfulls oof paint. Seeing this I knew it was going to take a lot ess time to get the shed painted! Even with two coats it would be less time.

I was moving right along and so was Jill. Soon we were done with the back. So instead of going to one of the sides we went straight out to the front of the workshop shed and started painting there. Latex paint dreis fast so when we would finish the front the back would be ready for its second coat. I had a second reason too for painting this way. The front and back had trim to be painted white so that would be done before giving the long sides its paint.

Jill and I didn't talk much while we painted. We both would ask how each other was doing or would sing a long with the song that was playing on the radio. So here again the work went along rathere quickly. Soon the front was done with its first coat. It looked pretty good too. Jill asked if we could take a break before we went to te back again. I told her we most cetrainly could!

So we walked to the house went inside and Jill was the one this time went to the fridge to get something cold to drink. There was a pitcher of lemonade in the fridge so that is what we had to dink. A big glass too! After haveing drank our lemonade we walked back to the workshop shed. As we walked back Jill laughed slightly. Then she said to me; Dave no repeat of yesterday! I looked at Jill with a sort of odd look on my face. You know! Falling off the ladder! I now remembered. I told Jill I wouldn't. I'll give you fair warning to if I do have to piss or shit! Jill laughing said to me; I will too!

We very soon were painting the second coat on the back of the workshop shed. We had been painting close to a half hour. Jill placed her brush down on the top of the paint can. I have to piss Dave. How bout you? Come down and watch if you don't have to! I said to Jill; I'll be right down! I scrambled down the ladder real quick. Jill was smileing with a big smile as she waited for me.

I stepped over to her and Jill raised her dress right up and above her hips both front and back. Jill then stepped back one step and squated downward. With her squating down Jill had her bare ass make contact with the sheds wall! JILL! I aid loudly. The paint may not be dry! Your ass is touching the wall! Jill stood right up! She tried looking back at her ass but couldn't see it.

So she asked me if there was paint on her ass! There was! I didn't have to say a word too! Jill got her answere for I started laughing. I couldn't help it. For the way her ass looked is just like she had gotten spanked! AND HARD TOO!!! For both of Jills asscheeks were dark pink where there was paint on them. Is there a lot Dave? Jill now asked me. I still was laughing and I told Jill that her ass did look like it had been spanked. That made Jill giggle pretty hard.

Jill now squated again which she didn't have her ass hit the sheds wall this time. In a short few seconds Jill was pissing and very hard! Her piss stream with this piss had made a short arc and then came down weting the grass. Her stream was just cloudy looking but in the bright morning sun it glistened brightly. Her stream also gave off a nice steady hiss as it flowed. After pissing too for several seconds Jill sighed.

Jill went and took what I should say was a medium length piss. It wasn't short or I would say long also. Almost the entire length of her piss it stayed hissing. ;-) Her stream eased off slowly too when it neared its end. Jill did some dribbleing as a result of ending slowly. She also dripped a lot too after she had stopped. When she had stopped driping Jill stood up keeping her dress up in the front and back. I better get the paint of my ass! she said to me laghing.

So Jill started walking out from behind the shed. Now she did drop her dress. We walked all the way over where the hose was by the bathroom window. There was the bar of soap still there and a washcloth. I turned on the hose for Jill. She wetted the washcloth lathered it up with soap and told me to lift her dress!

I set the hose down and I lifted the back of Jills dress for her and she reached back around to wash the paint of her cheeks. Jill wasn't sure where the paint was on her cheeks so I told her where to put the washcloth on her cheek. Once she had it where it was on the paint I told Jill; Right there Jill! She then started washing the paint off. She went till I told her she got it all. Then she rinsed the washcloth out resopaed it up and did her other cheek. She got that one all cleaned up and then I shut the water off and we walked back behind the shed.

When we got behind the shed first thing I did was I pulled my zipper right down on my shorts! Jill saw me pull my zipper down and she smiled and then let out a giggle. Then Jill said to me; Good I hope that you needed to piss! Here let me! Jill reached right over and she got my penis right out! She was standing slightly in front of me and off to the side too. She had me aimed so that I would piss out into the pasture there behind the shed.

Like her it took me only seconds to start pissing. When I did I sent a very long stream of piss from my penis. My stream wasn't all that high in the air. But it went a good distance anyway shooting just over the tips of the hay in the pasture. Where it did finaily did hit the hay my piss had enough force to move the hay back with a good splash where it was hiting the hay too.

Jill was smileing as she held me while I was pissing. After close to en seconds had passed Jill said to me; Thanks Dave for leting me hold you! My hands are warm again! It was a little cool this morning. I laughed a little. I said back to Jill; They didn't feel cool to me! Even when you first had touched me! That made Jills giggle turn into a slight laugh.

I went on with my piss. I soon had my stream slack off which it dropped down into the tall hay and came back through the hay at the same time. Part way back my piss stream weted a spiderweb in the hay. It didn't break it but my piss did leave glistening drops of piss in the web. We both saw this too. It made Jill gigge and I smiled.

Now I did stop my pissing before my stream had come out of the tall hay in the pasture. Jill now playfully shook my penis! As she did this she asked me if I had anymore! I told Jill that I didn't alon with she also had shook me enough too! Jill was laughing and as she still laughed she did put my penis back inside my shorts and zipped them up. We turned around picked up our paint brushes and went right back to work. To be continuied.

Magnesia Maggie

Junior year--1st crap

Yesterday, me and my best friend Gretchen started our junior year in high school. We're both good students(actually on the honor roll)and in a lot of activities. Where Gretchen and I are different, however, is in our crapping habits. She craps with great regularity every morning right after she wakes up so she doesn't normally have to crap at school. She does regularly pee, however. I, however, rarely go a week or two without having to take Milk of Magnesia, which my mom gives me in the morning before I leave home. Therefore, I crap at about lunch hour time or early afterooon at school. And, as I've written about before, I hate it.

I don't think much about having to pee at school and usually that's in the morning and sometimes in the early afternoon. I just sit down which is something I would like to see the hover pissers do because they leave the seats messed up for those of us who go normally. I wrote last year about how I often have to sit on a wet seat because there's no toilet paper left and I have like 2 minutes left when I get to the front of the line. Once I get myself onto the stool, I don't normally have a hard time getting my stream going, but I get about half way through my pee and then the 1-minute warning bell rings and I have to run. Often that means I don't have time to wash my hands and of course I don't have time to flush. Yesterday, a younger student got sarcastic with me when I left the stall after peeing because I hadn't flushed. She must be lucky and not have to worry about being late to her next class.

Then during my 5th hour class, I started to feel the rumbling in my gut and got permission from my teacher to go to the bathroom. What made it worse, was she used me as the example, of what procedures would be when we needed to use the bathroom. And while I was gone, Gretchen said our teacher talked about how we're not suppose to miss much of class and that we need to be prepared for success in the real world. Our teacher told the story about how in the 1960s when she was our age her teacher went to the custodian and got an extra toilet seat. The teacher laid it in front of the room and a student wanting to use the bathroom had to carry it down to the bathroom with them and bring it back. Gretchen said she would have probably waited until class break. Troy, who was sitting right behind us told us after class he would have just shit in his pants rather than carry the seat.

Well, at lunch Gretchen asked me about my crap. I told her the Milk of Magnesia had worked, that I quickly filled the bowl, and that I had only two squares of toilet paper in the container to clean myself with. She asked what I did and I told her I used them and then waddled into three other vacant stalls before I found one with toilet paper left. Then I sat and cleaned myself. I flushed, opened the door, and intended to go back to my original stall to flush it and sure enough the door was closed and there were legs showing. I heard a couple of blasting farts as I washed my hands. There were a couple of splashes and a sigh of relief from the user, but I left before she was ready for her toilet paper.

Michelle (Formally M.S)

To Wendy

Hi, I agree with you about our toilet habits as they are very alike. I too enjoy holding in my poo as long as possible so I can experience the intense relief it gives me when I release it. Like you I have often held it too long and not been able to get to a toilet resulting in me loading my knickers full of smelly poo; although do I enjoy the warm sensation between my bumcheeks even if it is in public.

As allways I look forward to your posts (as well as Kirsty's)


Today I took the train into London to visit a friend who lives there. We met up and did some shopping and then had lunch. When we split up and said goodbye I had to get on the tube for 2 stops, then change for a longer journey on another line, then change to the overground train to get home. While I was waiting for the first train I started to need a number two. The train came and I got on and it was only a quick journey and then I had to change. While I walked through the station I thought about the loo but there weren't any without going up to ground level and through the turnstiles. So I got on the next train and started to get desperate. By the time we pulled in to the station and I got off I was really in need of a toilet stop asap. I hurried up the steps to the concourse and looked for the loos. I headed to them but I had forgotten that you had to pay, even though this seems to be becoming the norm in large stations in the UK. It's soo annoying at the best of times especially if you're desperate! At local stations with toilets they are almost always free, although sometimes you have to ask the staff for a key which is a bit embarrassing! I fumbled for some change (30p) and a queue immediately formed behind me. I paid and went in. Every toilet was in use and I had to crap so badly now! Waiting ahead of me was an attractive businesswoman in her late 20s, and right behind me were a couple of teenage girls. The businesswoman looked flustered, like she was desperate and had been waiting for a while. Since they'd had to pay, it seemed everyone wanted to make the most of their toilet break!
Eventually three cubicles opened. The businesswoman went into one and I took the one next to her that had also opened. I quickly got seated and very quickly pushed out two fat logs that had been pressing hard. My neighbour hitched up her skirt and sat and she quickly pushed out a loud log too. I produced another three small pieces while she had a long wee and then at the end made another plop.

Needing to go on the tube reminds me of another time a couple of years ago that I travelled into London by train to do some shopping and almost didn't make it to the loo in time! Basically I had a slight urge for a crap when I went to the station to start heading home and I thought I would go there. But there weren't any toilets there and I didn't know of any nearby so I just had to grin and bear it and get on the train and go when I reached King's Cross. Needless to say on the way we had to stop because of a broken down train ahead or something and were stuck there for aaaages. Tube trains don't have toilets and all the time my guts were churning more and more and I knew it would be a big, wet shit. We sat and sat and the stupid announcer voice kept apologising for the delay and I kept getting more and more desperate. Finally we started moving again and I was dying with the effort of keeping my poo inside. Pressure kept building and I knew I'd let go involuntarily soon and I couldn't hold it for much longer. I silently begged the driver to hurry up. There were a couple of other stops first and I was pressing my legs together and clenching my bum as hard as I could in desperation. When we arrived I tried to run up the stairs but I knew I'd poo myself if I did so I had to walk and each step was agony. I finally got there and through the turnstile and mercifully there were free cubicles so I dashed in, locked the door, put my bags down, yanked down my jeans and underwear and sat and immediately a torrent of wet crap poured out of me! I unloaded a big load into the toilet in immense relief since as I walked into the loos a tiny squirt of poo came out but it didn't get on my knickers so I was pleased with that!

Will post more soon. Bye everyone!

Kelly P

Visit to the cabin

It's been ages since I've posted, but my husband and I just got back from our annual week in the little cabin in the forest that we rent each August, and I wanted to share a few things that happened. It's a very isolated place on an in-holding in the national forest. The road is very rough and gated, so as usual the only person we saw was the ranger on his weekly patrol. We could hear his pickup coming long before he got there, so had plenty of time to put on some clothes.

The weather was mostly great, so the only time we wore clothes was when we were doing something dangerous like cooking or chopping wood, or in the evening when it was cool. No electricity, no running water, no cell phone service. Just a lot of reading, skinnydipping in the swimming hole in the little river that flows by, sharing of the two-holer outhouse, and some wonderful pee games.

We only did our distance peeing contest once, and as usual I won using the finger spread and lift method, but not by as much as usual, probably because I was constipated and the hard poo was pressing on my pee mechanism. I aimed my hubby several times when he peed, and he tried aiming me with my TravelMate pee funnel. That sort of worked, to my surprise.

We discovered our newest peeing game by accident. Each morning when we woke up we put on our water shoes and went straight to the swimming hole. Of course, the cool water gave us both a terrific urge to pee. I've always liked the feeling of warmth between my legs. Anyway, we were hugging and suddenly felt each others pee. Wow. We tried various positions. One great one was when I sort of trapped his penis between my legs, than peed on top of it. That way the warmth was caught between us and lasted much longer. Also, his pee really warmed my vagina and poo hole. It's really hard to describe how super it felt.

Of course, we were both constipated, as usual when we're away from home. So we spent a lot of time grunting side-by-side in the two-holer. We used our favorite miniature glycerine enemas three times during the week to be able to go simultaneously. Just squirt them in each other, sit down and wait, but only about two minutes, and then kiss while plopping. That was suggested by somebody on this forum several years ago. Ultimate bonding. If you haven't had a chance to try it, you're missing something.

Wild One


To Ashley: Im very glad you liked my story. It was a fun, very satisfying and naughty experience to take dump on that sofa. I enjoy it very much. Iīve always loved to take big dumps on old houses, old cars, old empty factories, barns, offices etc. I specially like if I found some good pooplace where you have old papers (newspapers, magazines, bills, notes, commercials etc.) to use as a "target". Of course there is always risky to get caught but I think that little risky makes it way more fun and gives bigger enjoyment.

Upstate Dave

My Working Vacation Day 13 Painting Again Part 5

Jill and I had finished painting the front and back now as far as the second coat. So we moved to the sorshop sheds left side and got ready to paint that side. After we had painted about 15 minutes Jill said to me; Dave I'm going to piss! I also think I have to shit too!Jill was standing when she told me this.

I said back to ill very quickly; Jill can you wait just a second! It would be better if you went behind the barn and shit in the used hay and hoarse shit! I was to late! Jill I saw had already started her piss! Jill hadn't even pulled her dress up when she started her piss! Jills piss when it did come out of her vagina had shot foward right into her old summer dress! Her piss wetted it pretty good. I saw piss running off its hem right in the middle of the front of her dress.

Jill feeling her own piss splash back on herself let out a loud opps! She cut her piss stream right off stoping it.I didn't think it would have gone forward like that! Jill said laughing which she also pulled her dress out and saw where she had pissed on it. Now she did turn around and she did walke over where the haywas piled up behind the small barn that had come from the hoarses stables.

I had followed Jill. Now I stood in front of her to watch. Again Jill stood there without lifting her dress up in the front and back. Let me try this again! Jill said to me. Jill started to piss again which again her stream had come forward which she again wetted her dress in the front with more piss! Only for several seconds. Then her stream went sraight down which i saw her stream shoot right down into the edge of the hay on the ground.

After pissing for several seconds Jill told me she was now shiting! As I stood there only seeing just her piss stream I wished that Jill had pulled up her dress so I could see her shit too! But Jill did give me a great description what she was feeling as she shit! She told me that her asshole was really stretched open to start with! Then she told me she could feel it slideing along her cheeks! It felt smooth and warm!

I stood there now still watching Jills piss stream. ( Jill was still pissing but with her shiting her stream was a lot weaker!) I also hoped that Jills shit too would reach being long enough that I would see it come out from under her dress! That didn't happen! Instead something else happened!

Jill a couple of seconds later suddenly said to me; Dave look behind me! Quick too!!! So I took the two only needed stpes and I could see behind Jill! I saw her dress moving outward! There was a small pinted area in the dresses material! Jills shit was against her dress and was pushing it!I now just stood there watching her dress move slwly outward as Jilld shit pushed it more!

Then in a few more short seconds Jills pushed out dress moved back. I saw a fat brown shit fall out from under her dress and land with a flump in the hay. It was close to a one foot job too! It was smooth also. Jill now suddenl said to me; There is more on the way! I feel it comming right out!This time Jill did hike up her dress to her waist ony in the back! Now I would see her shit this second shit!

Jill was still pissing butdown to just a trickle of a stream. In the next few seconds her shit was long enough that it was sticking out from her bare asscheeks a good four plus inches! It was like the one that already was laying in the hay! Brown fat, and smooth. It gained another couple of inches and then it broke! It fell hard into the hay missing her other shit so it made another good thump.

Then in a couple of more seconds I saw more shit comming out past her bare asscheeks! So Jill was not done yet! But Jill was close to finishing. This shit fell only after maybe two inches had come out past her cheeks. Thi shit felland did land on her first shit makeing a soft flump. Jill let out a short phfffit of a fart and then a small skinny shit fell from her ass. Then there was a short pause and one more skinny shit came out and fell to the hay. Jill dropped her dress and stepped forward.

Jill turned around to look at her shit. As she did this she took her one hand and I couldn't believe what also she was doing! Jill was useing her old summer dress to wipe her ass! She had pulled it hard back between her legs and was wipeing her ass with her dress! Seeing me look at her with a funny look Jll said to me; Dave the dress is old! I'm going to toss it out. Besdes the dress is wet with my piss so it's not going to hurt it anymore if I get some shit on it too!

So Jill went on wipeing her ass and I just stood there watching her wipe herslef. Then Jill let go of her dress. She grabbed it in a different spot and wiped herslef in the front takeing care of wipeing her vagina! Then after Jill had wiped herslef in the front she asked me if I had to piss or shit. I only had to piss a little so I told Jill that I would piss later which there will be a lot more when I go then. Jill said ok and we walked back over to the shed and went right back to painting. To be continuied.

Brandon T

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To: Tom great story about that desperate girl peeing in the mens room to bad she didnt poop which would have been great and pleas anymore stories like that if you have any thanks.

To: Eileen H it depends if really stinks I will do B but if its a really big one F I want people to know it was a good one and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Jennifer it sounds like you enjoyed that big dump and I bet you felt alot better after that a little bit lighter as well and I look forward to anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Ashley I look forward to your next story and god bless to you aswell.

To: Kalee great story about you eating on the toilet while pooping you were filling up and emptying out at the same time and I think most people who do eat are probaly running late for lunch like it could be there lunch and they may have been on the toilet for awhile and then realize there time is getting short so they figure since they have the time right now why not eat there lunch but it is pretty gross with all those poop and pee molucules floating around some are bound to get on the food and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Amanda M I hope you feel better soon yeah constipation can be a real pain litteraly sometimes and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: The listening Ear as always another great story about hearing a woman going the bathroom and as always I look forward to your next post thanks and keep your ears open.

To: Unknown Poster great stories about your daily poop and pleas post anymore of them if you have any thanks.

To: Story Teller as always another great story and I dont know why those toilet seats are like but do remember when I was very young going in the womens room with my mom and looking in the toilet because of its desighn and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Car Mom as always another great stroy about people peeing in your car and you I know most of your stories involve your car or couch but have you thought about posting any regular stories like you peeing in the toilet not that theres anything wrong with you stories as I said before there really great but it might be nice change of pace and give you something to write about it just an idea and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Illini Lurker great story about your girlfriend peeing outside and if those stories involve her I would love to hear them thanks.

To: New Poster great story about seeing that girls poop I bet she had to be beyond desperate and if saw a woman like that I might follow her to make sure she was ok and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Upstate Dave great story about the first girl yu saw pee was she also the first one you saw poop as well and as always another great post about your friend Janet and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Aaron great story about you helping your girlfriend when she needed and I bet she b alot better after that and she is very lucky to have someone like you someone who really cares about her and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Rag Muffin Reanna as always another great story and I look forward to your next one thanks.

To: Noob great story it sounds like that woman must have been desperate and please share anyother stories like that if you have any thanks.

To: Wendy & Kirsty, Kirsty great story about you pooping outside at least you didnt have an accident and as always I look forward to your guys next posts thanks.

To: Shane great story I bet that girl probaly went to get a teacher and since your dropping the female from your name maybe you can put the first letter of your last name or add something special that way we know its you and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Fleesum great story about your daugther if she still young enough you can take her into the mens room without any problems that way if she needs help you will be there to help her.

To: Isabelle great peeing story

To: I>3pooing as always I look forward to your stories.

To: Leanne as always another great pooping story and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Ally first welcome back and great story it sounds like you felt alot better after that poop and I look forward to anymore stories you may have thanks.

To anybody I missed from the last few days im sorry but im out of time but your stories were great

Well thats all for now

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Although the college I went to had unisex bathrooms in their dorms, most of the times I heard a girl going to the bathroom were to pee. My guess is that a lot of the girls just went off-campus if they needed to take a dump.

I think the most memorable experience I've had, well... I was taking a dump and it was early in the morning so the bathroom was mostly empty still. Two girls came into the bathroom and one of them went in the stall right next to me. I heard both of them peeing in tandem, then one stopped and other kept going for a bit longer. The second girl finished up and left her stall but the girl next to me stayed seated. By then I was nearly done and I stayed mainly to see if this girl was going to poop.

She wasn't making any noise but she had not flushed yet. Out of nowhere, I heard her grunt like "Ngggh Mmmh Nnnhh" and a loud sploosh. Then again, "Unnnggh Mmmph" followed by another big splash. There was one more little plop and she started to wipe. I waited until after she flushed and left the stall before I began to wipe.

so i was coming back from a chinese restrant and i felt like i had to crap. and i could not make it home but there was nothing on my way home like restrants or anything just houses. when i got home my boyfriend told me the water was out and he said it would not be fixed till tommoro. he said we could pee in the shower but hopefully we don't have to crap, but i had already started in my pants. i just pulled down my pants and craped on the floor.


Dream about pooping

I had a weird dream last night. I don't remember a lot of the details but I was at a high school and I was a cheerleader and we in the middle of a football game. After it was over and the crowd went home, I needed to poop real bad but there was only one toilet. And for some reason, all of the other cheerleaders and all of the football team were suddenly in the locker room with me and the door to the toilet disappeared, plus the toilet was totally see through so everybody could see my poop.

I remember that I had to go worse than I ever had to before and holding it wasn't an option. I sat down and began to poop and everyone was pointing and laughing at me, making comments about the smell and stuff. I pooped a lot and I flushed in the middle, but that only made the toilet bigger to hold more of my poop instead of getting rid of it. When I was finally done, there wasn't even any toilet paper. The worst part of all, though? I woke up at the end of the dream and I had completely loaded my panties in real life.

Amylee, I felt really sorry for your work collegue Rebecca, that was really rude of that women. I think its hard enough to poo at work anyway (I can't, never have been able to) and it was obvious she was feeling well.
I that women would have been nice, she'd have come back later and left her to the bathroom alone, when u feel like that the last thing you want is to share the bathroom hence she held for so long hoping it would empty. For me, I can't go if anyones in the same room so i'd have probably gone home sick.


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