My first car pee

Hello again and thank you to everyone who responded. It felt great to be welcomed so warmly.
To whoever I suggested U check out goldengirl's posts, I did and they were great!
Car Mom: I am most interested in your stories because we are so similar. I have never had strangers pee in my car before and my girls pee into the seats only, although I am sure my middle daughter would love to try the counsel. Also, thank you for the comment about my daughters' names. My husband and I both have very average names so we wanted something different when our girls were born.
So like I said before, I have a lot of stories, but I figured I would start off with the first time I peed in my car. I work in a very small office and the bathroom is right across from our desk space. The air vents are designed in such a way that you can hear EVERYTHING that happens when someone is in there. I work with mostly men who love to comment on this. I am not shy about my bathroom habits, but it still makes me uncomfortable to know my co workers hear everything as well as a customer if they happen to be inside. So I avoid using the bathroom at all costs. I have a pretty big bladder and always poop in the morning before I leave, so this usually is not a problem. Well on this day, I must have had more to drink because about half way through my shift I felt the urge to go. It was not too bad and I continued to hold it. About thirty minutes before I got off, it was getting much worse. My bladder felt very heavy and I had to keep my legs crossed at my desk. At one point I even put my hand in my crotch. finally I was off. I stood up and the urge became much worse. I always think it is interesting that you feel like you don't have to go that bad until you stand up. I hurried to my car and crossed my legs/bounced as I searched for my keys. I finally got inside, but sitting down again did not relive the pressure. I pulled out of the lot and really had a hard time focusing on driving because I had to go so bad. All of a sudden, it came to me. If this was one of my daughters, I would tell them to pee in the car. Why should I be different. So I slowly uncrossed my legs and pulled my dress up and out from under me. I then took a deep breath and relax. It took a minuted for mt body to sense it was okay to let go, even though I had to ge so badly. Then my pee started flowing out of me and into the seat. I was peeing very fast. My entire butt and back of my legs were getting soaked but it felt so good. I realized that I love peeing in my car. When I arrived home I got out and accessed the damage. My entire seat was soaked as well as the floor mats where it had dripped. I knew it would dry and was not worried. My panties were soaked, but because I had a dress on, you could not tell. I realized I could go anywhere like this and no one would know what had happened. It made me happy. I went in the house and of course told my husband and kids. Maysa, my oldest was embarrassed. Like I said she hates this. But my middle, Jagger was very excited that I had tried it. She asked if we could pee together in the car next time, which we did with her sitting between my legs.
Well that is my story, hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I did telling it. I have lots more and more about my office bathroom situation if you guys are interested.


Compliments to Isabelle & Vince

@Isabelle - wonderful story. Please post more about your mega-bladdered friend Zoey, or any of your own experiences about extended peeing times. Thanks for sharing.

@Vince - Good to see you posting again, sir. As an oldtimer who remembers the tales of the elite WWLB group, it's good to hear from a like-minded fan. I think those it was hard for a lot of people to swallow those crazy pee times of yester-year(s), as it was for me, but I still enjoyed reading about them. Please share more about your fiance, specifically about those comments she may received from others, or perhaps she has encountered a pee-er with whom she's been impressed? Nothing better than a large- bladdered lady meeting her match! Take care, -Bubba

Tom, you're very lucky to have smelled the bowl movements of so many different women. My interest is very similar to yours, but I've had much fewer experiences and I've never really had the opportunity to smell a very "aromatic" woman. You mentioned in your last post that the "smelliest" shit you ever experienced came from a white woman; I would love to hear this particular story if you would like to tell it. Thanks.


More about smell

To Tom: I like your thinking here. More research needs to be done on the smell of women's bowel movements. Quite possibly women have stronger odors than men, which may be due to hormones and other factors.
The great thing about the smell is that is contains molecules of the original material, IE her poop. So when you're able to go in a restroom just after a woman has had her bowel movement, and you get a good whiff of her odor, you're really getting a small part of the source material, her poo, in your sensory system. You get to actually experience a part of her bowel movement! No wonder we get a "charge" out of her smell.
Let's hear more first hand accounts of experiencing the smells of female bowel movements. And let's here from some of the women who produce those smells too!


imagining ppl on the toilet

sometimes when i see people i try to imagine what they would look like sitting on the toilet. i try to imagine how far down they pull their pants, whether they sit straight up or relax. i know some ppl put their head between their knees when they go to the bathroom (i couldnt, it smells!!!) if its a girl and shes wearing a skirt i try to imagine whether she hikes the skirt up or pulls it down, and how far down. sometimes i have trouble imagining that these ppl ever use the toilet, but i know everyone does lol

anyone else do this?

Mr. Clogs

Eileen H Survey response

More specifically, bad smells caused by big poops. What do you use to conceal the stink? Options:

(A) Light a match
(B) Air freshener
(C) Candles
(D) Open a window
(E) Waft the stench elsewhere
(F) Nothing; I love the smell of a jobbie well done

I say D my final answer if it were someone else's poop. For my poops (F) is my final answer.

Mr. Clogs.

Thanks to MikeyPee for responding to my question about wiping.

guy shaving in the bathroom

today at the men's bathroom in the eaton center in toronto, i saw a guy at the sink, shaving - straight razor, shaving cream, everything. has anyone else seen something strange like this? whats the strangest thing you have seen in a public bathroom?

I want to tell you all a story about the most amazing shitting day of my life. I had been more than regular the day before - going a few times throughout the day. My loads had been very soft and came out easily.

This particular morning I went to the bathroom in my hotel and had a soft small movement. Normally I need to wake up a little and have coffee, but I needed to go as soon as I woke up. It didn't have much form, so I can't call it a log, but it wasn't liquid either. It came out the second I sat on the toilet and I cleaned up and went to breakfast. As I was getting dressed I noticed that my stomach was really swollen - like, super swollen. I felt full, but not sick.

I got to breakfast, had a cup of coffee and ordered my food. Suddenly I got the full feeling in my bowels - not exactly my normal 'you need to poop' signal - but a warning of sorts. I excused myself to go to the bathroom. Normally I don't like to go in public bathrooms, but at the moment I really didn't care. I sat down and began to pee. Within a second a bunch of soft pooh started coming out of me. I released a few small loads and cleaned up and went to eat breakfast. I ate about half before I realized I didn't have much appetite. I managed to force myself to eat it all, but it required a bit of effort.

After we finished eating we went for a walk. About a mile from my hotel my stomach started to hurt. I had to pee really badly all the sudden. I went to find a bathroom only to see that it was being cleaned. They directed us to another one and I walked really quickly. I thought I would wet myself.

Again, this was a public bathroom but luckily it was empty. I sat down on the toilet finally and peed little, meanwhile a little bit of soft pooh started coming out before I even knew I needed to 'go'. Then my stomach gurgled and I realized the signal for pee was really a signal for a huge load. I relaxed and a bunch of barely formed pooh came out and then a second later more of the same. My stomach started to hurt again right then and I felt disgustingly full. I leaned forward and had two more small loads come out. My bowels felt as if they were more full than they've ever been. All the sudden I got that sick feeling in my gut and I pushed out a wave of sloppy muddy stuff. More came without trying and I waited a second to make sure I wasn't going to go again. I turned and looked into the toilet and it was more full than it's ever been. The pooh was covering the entire bottom of the toilet, and splattered all over the white part. I still felt more inside of me and I leaned forward and a wave of sloppy diarrhea came out. I realized I had been in the bathroom for a while, and even though I still felt I had a lot more inside of me, I didn't feel like it would come out quickly. If I was at home, I could have spent a half hour longer in there and gone a bunch more - but I was on a time crunch.

We left, and went to walk around some more. My stomach felt a little sick and I was suddenly really thirsty - like I couldn't wait to have water - and I practically ran into the pharmacy and bought a large bottle. I drank the entire thing right away and it settled my stomach. When I got back my husband had bought me a milkshake. Normally I would have been really excited - but I had no appetite. I started to drink the shake and even though my stomach didn't feel sick at the moment - I felt full to the point of breakage. I drank as much as I could (about ) and gave him the rest. We made it back to really close to my hotel and he wanted to stop at a store that I had wanted to go into. I felt a little sick to the stomach and didn't really want to stop - but I had wanted to go there and I didn't want him to worry so I went with him.

We were on the clear other side of the store when my stomach started to turn. I told him I needed to go find a bathroom soon and as we walked it got sicker and sicker. For the first time the 'you need to have diarrhea' signal hit me like a ton of bricks. My stomach went into spin cycle mode and I walked faster back to the hotel. He decided to stop at another store but I went up without him. I was secretly happy to have the room to myself, as I knew this was going to be a long sloppy pooh.

On the elevator ride up my stomach was doing summersaults. I could feel the liquid moving through my intestines. Somehow walking toward my room the urgency lifted. I had an hour to shower and get ready to leave so I stopped to get a couple important things done before hitting the toilet. I was part of the way through the second thing when I HAD to go. I tore off my clothes on the walk to the toilet, stopped long enough to turn on the shower (so my husband wouldn't hear me when he got back) and sat down. A huge amount of muddy pooh rushed out of me into the toilet. My stomach turned and another flood came out. I felt so sick but I didn't have to go again right that second and I didn't have time to waste.

I got in the shower and sat in the tub rubbing my belly. It was tossing and turning and cramping. I got nauseous and spit and gagged a few times. The nausea passed a little and I started to shampoo my hair. Then with barely a seconds warning I was suddenly leaning over and vomiting up bile. I took a breath and before I could even try for the toilet I wretched and the milkshake poured out of my mouth. It was the same texture as it was going down, and there was no bile in it. Another breath and the rest of the milkshake came up. I felt gross, but the nausea passed completely. I rinsed my shampoo out and rubbed my aching belly.

A minute later, as I was finishing up in the shower I got the warning that I needed to sit on the toilet again. I didn't even grab a towel - I jumped onto the toilet and two huge waves of muddy pooh rushed out. My stomach cramped and my bowels and anus opened to their full size. As they opened my stomach contracted and a yogurt consistency movement poured out of me. It was as if someone were pouring it out of a measuring cup. It was a steady stream of thick diarrhea and it lasted about 7 seconds. I still felt more inside me - but it wasn't ready to come out yet. I cleaned up and rushed to get ready to leave.

My friends thought it would be a great idea to go to a buffet for lunch. I had zero appetite, and took a tiny bit of food on the first trip. I couldn't stomach some of what I had taken so I left it on my plate. I went back up for another trip and took a little bit more. I didn't eat much at all. I had a couple of sodas hoping it would help settle my stomach. Everyone was shocked when I didn't want dessert, but they attributed it to having the milkshake earlier. (If only they'd known about my bathroom trips - but I wasn't about to tell them)

I was nervous that I'd have to go again while we were traveling, but I didn't. I actually felt okay. About of the way through my stomach got a little bit upset again, but it passed within about 10 minutes and no trips to the bathroom. When we got back my friend wanted to stop for fast food. To be honest, I wasn't hungry at all, but I decided that I probably needed to eat something. I started to eat and had an appetite for the first time in 24 hours. I ate my entire meal and felt okay after.

I woke up in the morning around 8 and had a cup of coffee and a couple of sips in I had to go. I sat on the toilet and had more of that barely formed but not liquid poop. My belly was a little bit unhappy but I went on about my day. I worked really hard, but my stomach was crampy and a bit upset. I had to stop working and stand in place a few times to let my stomach settle. I was exhausted, and my stomach kept cramping on and off all day. Finally, I was ready to call it a night but my husband had just a few more things to do. I went to the bathroom and tried to pass whatever was hurting me but it didn't want to come out. I went back and helped him but my stomach really hurt by that point. We finished working finally around 7, and I laid down on the couch. My stomach was aching and I had to do a few stupid little things before I could really relax. They required way more effort than they should have. I sat back down on the couch and within a minute I got the warning that I needed to go to the bathroom now.

I excused myself and on the walk to the bathroom my stomach pains got worse. I sat down on the toilet and three horrible stomach cramps hit me - like I was being stabbed in the gut. I actually grabbed onto the sink and tried to relax. I was in pain and I had to go really badly. I couldn't push because of the cramps so I relaxed as best I could. It took what felt like forever (but was probably less than a minute) before a soft log finally came out and fell into the toilet. (This was the most formed pooh I'd had in days!) My stomach rumbled and soft pooh started coming out of me. A few small waves of that and then I had another stomach pain. I leaned forward and muddy diarrhea shot out of me. My stomach was aching so I pushed and more diarrhea came out. I was done fore the moment and I cleaned myself up and went to watch tv.

I laid down on the couch and tried to relax my upset ????. It took a lot of effort not to rub it. We started watching an episode and a few minutes into it my intestines started to feel sick. By the time the second commercial came, I got the uh-oh warning and went to the bathroom. I barely sat down and a rush of diarrhea went into the toilet. My stomach lurched and about 2 minutes and about 8 waves of diarrhea later I was done. I went back to watch tv.

Yesterday I felt sick off and on. At one point I went to run errands and thought for sure I'd have to run to the restroom but I didn't. I went to go somewhere else after that but my stomach started to feel full and sick again - I rushed home and in the last mile I thought for sure I would have the runs. I made it, sat on the toilet but nothing came out. The feeling kept coming and going but I didn't pooh at all yesterday. I peed and got the urge but I just farted - when I wiped there was liquid pooh on the paper but none in the toilet.

This morning I went to pee and a tiny bit of soft pooh came out too. My stomach feels slightly better, but I still have no appetite. I keep making myself eat - but I'm careful to eat wise things. I went again about 3 hours after the first time- a very soft bm not really a log but not really diarrhea either. I'm not sure what's going on with me but I'm still not 100%. I know that I am not done poohing for the day - I can feel it inside me.


Bloated At the Beach

We were wading in the lake having a great time. i had enjoyed two ice cream cones, two hot dogs and a huge serving of potato chips My belly suddenly gave a loud groan and my tank top rose up as my stomach blew up to basketball size. There was a sudden poop lineup and pee block. My friend Gabby suggested I go right there. I yanked down my bottoms not even noticing how my small butt jiggled furiously and squatted in the water. They were five fat long turds accompanied by a torrent of pee and a long fart. She clapped
Later, I was preparing for bedtime when my stomach swelled again. small but still accompanied by poo. I ran to the bathroom cfradling poopy wet panties wearing only a t shirt and my soiled blue underwear.

I usually pooh every other day, but last week I went 6 times in one day! I had been regular up until this point too. I woke up and went to the bathroom to pee as usual. Normally I don't pooh until I've been up for a while and had some coffee but this morning was different. I started to pee and suddenly realized I needed to pooh. I relaxed and two soft logs dropped into the toilet easily. I wiped and went to have my coffee. I was part of the way through my coffee when the urge hit me again. I sat down and some soft pieces came out easily. I thought it was weird, but went about my day. Not even 2 hours later the urge hit me strong. I had to go really badly. I went, sat down and several soft pieces dropped into the toilet. A second later, a little bit of soft pooh flew out with a fart. I wiped and left. After lunch my guts felt full again but I thought to myself, I've already gone three times today! I sat on the toilet and released bunch more soft pooh. I peed, cleaned myself up, and left the bathroom surprised at the enormity of the loads I'd produced that day. After dinner I stopped back home and sat down to pee. Once I relaxed enough to pee more pooh filled my colon and I poohed a huge soft load absolutely covering the bottom of the toilet. It was impressive but exceptionally so that it was my 5th load of the day. Through the night I was a little gassy, which isn't really like me either. I let a few slip out silently hoping it would ease some of the pressure on my intestines. Later in the night the pressure started to build again and I visited a public bathroom (which I normally don't like to do) and sat there for a good 5 minutes pooping my brains out. A ton of soft pooh kept on coming piece after piece after piece. I pushed a little to make sure I was done and more slid into place. With a small fart a gigantic load of sloppy messy butt mud went into the toilet. I waited a bit longer, feeling empty but not wanting to have to visit the same bathroom twice, and I was done. I went to bed feeling empty and satisfied.

Firecracker Guy

Answer to Caryl Marie's question

About eating or drinking on toilets away from home:

At the business I manage I regularly find coffee cups and sometimes containers from where food has been eaten on the floor of the stalls. Guys do eat and definitely drink while they sit waiting for their craps to come. Then after they wipe, they forget to look on the side of the toilet and inadvertently leave the trash for the custodial crew that comes in at 6 p.m. Myself and other management do our best to pick up the trash, although we leave newspapers and sometimes a crossword puzzle book. I try to remember about 10 years ago when I was in high school and how boring it is to be sitting away from home, waiting for your crap to come, and not having anything else to do. I'm going to have to ask Firecracker Girl whether the other gender is better about picking up after themselves in public toilet stalls.

Here is a story from when I was in 6th grade. I went to a strict Catholic school and teachers weren't usually keen on giving passes to the bathroom. We were taking a test when my stomach started to make noises. I tried to clench it to quiet it since it was embarrassing but soon it started to hurt and feel sick. I held on for the test, but I kept feeling sicker and my stomachache was getting worse. I kept clenching my stomach to stop the noises but they were pretty loud. By the end of class I felt horrible. The bell rang and we had to go next door for our next class. We aren't supposed to leave the line but my stomach hurt so bad I couldn't wait. I rushed into the bathroom and into the first stall. I closed the door, pulled up my skirt, pulled down my panties and explosive diarrhea erupted out of me, hitting the back of the bowl with major force. In less than a minute, and 3 gigantic eruptions, about a gallon of mostly liquid diarrhea escaped me. I knew if I were late I would be in trouble so I hurried to class. My stomach was killing me! All I wanted to do was go home, but I didn't want to go to the nurse since I was embarrassed.

I skipped lunch that day, and spent the whole rest of the day with the worst stomachache! I didn't even feel very sick to my stomach it just hurt like crazy. I somehow managed to survive the day and I made it home. I ran up the stairs, dropped my backpack outside the bathroom door, and sat down on the toilet. Luckily I was alone upstairs so I could relax. I didn't even feel the urge to go, but it hurt so badly that I had to try. I could hear the others outside at the pool having fun - but I was in no shape to join them.

I shifted around on the toilet trying to relieve some of my pain. Finally after a few minutes, I pushed a little and had a horrible stomach crap. I could feel my insides shift and my anus opened. My intestines moved and suddenly a flood of liquid diarrhea poured out of me and into the toilet. There was no pressure behind it, it just poured out. My stomach was hurting so badly! I shifted positions again. A minute later more poured out. I leaned forward resting my head in my hands. A couple of minutes later the urge hit me and I just peed out of my butt for a few seconds. Pause for a about thirty seconds and then more liquid poured into the toilet, then more, and more and more. Wave after wave of liquid kept coming. My stomach was in knots, and I wasn't anywhere near done.

I shifted and waited for several minutes. My stomach was suddenly bloated and making horrible noises. I felt awful! I sat there for what had to be an hour in total, switching off and on between liquid diarrhea pouring out of me and trying to find a comfortable position and waiting. Finally, I was done and my stomach was completely empty. I turned and looked into the bowl and couldn't believe what I saw! The bottom of the bowl was coated in what looked like chocolate sauce, but only the very bottom where the water is. The rest of the bowl was totally clean. There was no splashing or anything. The water was totally brown, no chunks or anything - just brown saucy water. It was disgusting but also really impressive.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


College dorm story

I don't have a co-ed bathroom story, as the bathrooms in the dorms when I was going to college were one sex, mens at one end and females way at the other. But, there was one experience of a girl who had to use the men's bathroom. I was just finishing up my shower when a young girl about 22 or 23 poked her head in the bathroom door and asked if she could use the toilet, she said she was super desperate to go and couldn't hold it anymore. Neither I nor anyone else in the bathroom had any problems so she came in and was fidgeting and clearly bursting to pee. She took a stall and immediately began peeing a very strong stream. I remember the noise was pretty loud and very different from the noise a man's pee stream would make. I hoped she might have to shit as well and I'd get to hear a few plops or something, but no luck. She finished peeing, wiped and flushed then left.

Eileen H

Survey: Your Preferred Method For Smell Elimination

More specifically, bad smells caused by big poops. What do you use to conceal the stink? Options:

(A) Light a match
(B) Air freshener
(C) Candles
(D) Open a window
(E) Waft the stench elsewhere
(F) Nothing; I love the smell of a jobbie well done

I go with B. I find it has the most immediate results, which is what I usually need.


Just had a huge shit

I had just come home from the store and was putting away my groceries and I needed to shit real bad. It had been four days since I last went and two days ago I had been at a buffet and had stuffed myself super super full, so I knew this one was going to be massive and my toilet couldn't handle it.

I hurried to get some newspapers, got down on my knees and prepared to release the beast. I felt my hole open and then expand to let this big turd through. There was nothing actually coming though, my hole was just opened wide, and I felt the turd up there ready to come out. I gave a good push to get it started and then I was churning it out. Having that huge turd hanging off of me was an amazing feeling, and every second more of it squeezed from my hole. Every time when I thought there couldn't possibly be more, there was, but finally it all ended. The mega-turd was really an impressive specimen and I just had to measure it. 21 inches long and a little over 2 inches wide.

It felt kind of wrong to chop up that beauty and flush it away, so I instead wrapped it up in the newspapers and took it directly to the dumpster.

Michelle (Formally M.S)

To Wendy

Hi, I agree with you about our toilet habits as they are very alike. I too enjoy holding in my poo as long as possible so I can experience the intense relief it gives me when I release it. Like you I have often held it too long and not been able to get to a toilet resulting in me loading my knickers full of smelly poo; although do I enjoy the warm sensation between my bumcheeks even if it is in public.

As allways I look forward to your posts (as well as Kirsty's)


To Stealthpee: welcome to the forume! i dont remember any of your past stories that you have posted! i lookforward to any future stories that you have! thats very kind of you to welcome Lauren to the forume! i lookforward to any new stories that she might have! you both take care and Godbless!
to UKNGuy!: i really enjoyed your post! thats really cool that you were able to listen to another woman pee! thats also really cool that you had a meomorable experience with two younger kids! i must advise you to be careful with kids cause most parents would have a major problem with with strangers talking to their children especially in a public bathroom! i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless!
to Aaron: i really enjoyed your post! iam very sorry to hear that your girlfriend ended up with an upset stomach after dining out and enjoying a night out with her friends. i guess that the greasy food she enjoyed affected her in an uncomfortable way! sometimes we dont know what certain foods will do to your body until you eat them! i had a similar experiece last week! iam glad that you were there by her side to comfort her during her mild sickness! she is lucky to have a supporting and loving man by her side! i lookforward to your next post!take care and God bless!
to BrandonT: i have enjoyed your stories that you have posted about! i hope that you are doing well! you always have something positive to say! that is a Good Characteristic to have! take care and God bless.
To Rag MuffinReanna: i really enjoyed your post! sounds like you and Tank have a Good realtionship as friends in school and outside of school as well! iam sorry to hear that Tank ended up having an accident! on ther other hand it sounds like that you both have a memorable bathroom experience at Tank's house! its also ccol to learn that Tank is not fearful of relieving himself outside! that can be risky if you know what i mean! i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless!
to Noob: i really enjoyed your post! thats cool that you work at a family restaurant! sounds like the teenage girl that used the bathrooom had a smelly bowel movement! i know that it is not always thatfun to have to reclean a public bathroom after someone has been in there! iam glad that you were a Good sport about having to clean the bathroom again after the young girl had been in there. i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless.
to Kristy: i really enjoyed your post! iam sorry to hear that the restrooms were closed at the park that you were in! iam also glad to learn that you didnot have another accident! iam also glad that you didnt get caught relieving yourself behind the bathroom buildings! i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless!
to Shane: i really enjoyed your post! it sounds like you accomplished your friends dare! werent you afraid of getting caught by security or school officals! i dont know that i could have accomplished what you did! at the same time it sounds like you were trying to pull a prank in the bathrom! it also sounds like that alot of your other classmates found it quite amusing ! i lookforward to your future post that you might have! take care and God bless!
to Fleesum: welcome to the forume! i really enjoyed your post! iam glad to hear that your young daughter had a successful bathroom outing all by herself! was really glad to hear that she didnt get hurt at all. it can be really dangerous when a young child epespecially at age five or six goes into a public bathroom all by herself. there are crazy people out their! i advise to be careful! i will keep you in my prayers! i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless!
to Isabella: i really enjoyed your post! sounds like you have overcome your fear of using a public bathroom! there is no need to be afraid! i wonder if you had a really bad experience as a young child! that can affect you as you grow older! i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless!
To I 3POOING: iam glad to hear that your doing well! please take care and aGod Bless! i always enjoying your post!
to Leanne: i really enjoyed your post! it sounds like that you had a successful bowelmovement at home! i hope that it continues! i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless!
to Ally: i really enjoyed your post! iam sorry to hear that you were constipated while on vacation with your friends! i hope that this doesnot continue for you in the future! i read your first post about your experience at school with your friends! i really enjoyed it! i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless!
to CarlyMarie: i really enjoyed your post! iam sory to hear about your horrible bathroom experience while shopping at walmart! the teenage girl should be ashamed of herself! there was no reason for her to be eating and drinking and hangingout in the stall! you were on the verge of having a major accident! did you complain to management! someday the teenage girl will get her revenge back! i lookforward to your next post!take care and God bless.
to Pen: i really enjoyed your post! iam sorry to hear that your girlfriend had a terrible accident while visiting with your parents! i guess that she thought she could go the whole visit without having an accident! i hope that this episode doesnot repeat in the future! i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless!
to Erica: i really enjoyed your post! sounds like you had a successful bowelmovement after running! physically activity always help you have a successful bowelmovement! i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless!
to MickeyPee: i really enjoyed your post! i know how hard it can be in life for people who are disabled! i have a friend who is disabled! however he has no problems when it come to relieving himself! has it gotten easier for you to go to the bathroom? i lookforward to any stories that you might have in the future! keep your head held high! you have a friend forever and that is Jesus! take care and God bless!
to Sarah (From Calargy!): i really enjoyed your post! it sounds like you both had an awesome time hiking! iam very sorry to hear about your major accident that you had! unfornately things like this happen sometimes! at least your husband was there to comfort you through your tough ordeal! i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless!
to Dean: i really enjoyed your post! thats cool that you and Jenna played truth or Dare! sounds like you had a fun time peeing allover the floor in the bathroom! i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless!
to Emma: i really enjoyed your post! sounds like you had to wait a while in the loos at school! iam really glad to hear that you didnot have an accident at all! i bet the bathroom smelled horrible while you had to wait! sometimes it justs happens! i hope that you passed all of your exams! i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless!
to Wendy: i really enjoyed your post! sounds like quite a dream that you had! iam really glad that you didnot have a major accident! we all have strange dreams every now and then! i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless!
to UpStateDave: i really enjoy your post! your so lucky to have Janet as a lifetime friend who will go to the bathroom with you! i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless!
to Ally: FYI:dont be afraid to leave the tiolet unflushed when you feel like it!
to Zip: i really enjoyed your post! sounds like the beach bathrooms in Haiwi arent as clean as they sound! i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless!
to Marykate: i lookforward to any stories that you might have in the future! take care and God bless!


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