Caryl Marie's question

People are not perfect and sometimes they just don't think. Back in the late 1990s when I was in high school, I had just arrived in the building one morning. I was a freshman and the size of the school was daunting. Originally, I was heading to my locker which was on the far side of the building, my bag was heavy and the halls were already crowded. There was some student group just finishing off a donut sale and they were yelling "free donuts" as the janitor was taking down their table. The last one in the box was a pink iced one and I took it. I had eaten a bite out of it, when I saw the girls' room sign and decided to go in and crap. Luckily there was a stall open, something that didn't typically happen at that hour, so with my left arm, I opened the cubicle door, dropped my bag, placed by donut on top of the toilet paper holder, dropped my underwear, hiked my loose-fitting skirt, and placed my butt on the seat. While I sat, I picked up my donut and started eating on it. A few seconds later I heard a knock on the door, saw an adult's eyes on me and was told that I was violating some sort of health department rule by having food or drink in the bathroom. I didn't recognize the teacher or administrator, but as I sat and finished the donut, I couldn't think of too many things I could have done differently. Within a couple of minutes, the first hour bell was going to ring and I was just trying to take my crap before class rather than having to miss class. Luckily, my crap itself was perfect in terms of size and left me very little wiping to do. Although I didn't have time to wash my hands or flush (sorry), I did make it to class on time. From time to time I've also seen others eating in public restrooms and remembering what happened to me has made me more empathetic.

a pooping accident

The other day I was driving home from a friend's place when my bowels started to cramp. Soon I realised that I wasn't going to make it home so I pulled into the nearest McDonalds. I ran into the bathroom, as waves of pain shot through my guts I had to use every ounce of strength not to lose it in my pants. I desperately wanted to fart but I knew that'd release the sloppy poop into my pants. Of course there were lines in the mens, womens and the disabled toilet was also being used. I joined the line nearly doubled over with pain and urgency, diarrhea pushing at my butthole. I crossed my legs in a desperate attempt to prevent the diarrhea from bursting into my pants. I tried rubbing my belly to ease the pain but to no avail. Then all of a sudden I lost control, I let out a massive, wet fart and the diarrhea exploded in my pants. It was loud and smelly, and kept coming in waves. With each wave I was bent in half, legs still crossed, with squelchy farts and runny soup filling my undies. I was wearing thin grey track pants so a wet patch quickly formed over my butt. Everyone was looking at me in disgust, but there was nothing I could do, except shuffle over to a big pot plant and sit on the edge of it, holding my sore stomach. "pfffttttttttssss SPLAT" the next wave spilled out over my undies onto the floor. As soon as the next person came out I dashed in, ripped my pants down and exploded all over again. The diarrhea started out as watery, then became more forceful and slightly thicker, like the texture of soup. The splattering sounds were so embarassing but at this stage I didn't care. My messed up pants were on the floor in a big pile of diarrhea. I sat there on the toilet for about 45min until finally I felt that I was emptied. With my butt hole red raw, I gingerly stood up to survey the damage. My pants and undies were ruined, but I had to put them back on to get to the car. Feeling a bit dizzy I cleaned up as much as I could and dashed back to the car. As I jumped in I felt another wave coming on but there was nothing I could do. Since I was already messed up, I just let it out in my pants. All the way home I sat in a pile of diarrhea. When I got home I jumped into the shower to clean up and promptly had three more waves of chronic farting and diarrhea. After that I went to bed and when I woke up in the morning I felt worse - tired and deydrated - with another bout coming up. I was so weak that I couldn't even bring myself to get out of bed so another wave of sloppy poop filled my bed and my pyjamas. I was shocked at how disgusting I was, but I literally couldn't move for the dehydration. Then I got a message from my friend who said that she'd been up all night in the toilet and that her bottom was on fire! The rest of that day was spent in and out of the toilet, sitting there for 30min at a time as waves of liquid spewed from my backside. We must have eaten some bad meat or something, definitely the worse bout of diarrhea I've ever experienced.

Amanda M
I've been having such a miserable time in the bathroom lately. I'm so constipated. It started last Sunday when I posted. I finally got that out the same night then a few days later I had another hard time going poop but I winded up getting it out after some painful pushing. Now I can't go at all. .
Thursday I got the urge to go. My sister was in the shower and as you all know I'm extremely poop shy so I didn't wanna go with her in there. After she was done I ran straight to the bathroom and started pushing I could feel it slowly starting to come out then it just stopped. I pushed harder. It didn't budge. I sat there for at least 40 minutes trying hard to get it out but nothing. My butt hurt really bad and I got tired of pushing so I gave up and took a shower. After my shower I decided to try again and the same thing happened. the tip came out then just completely stopped. finally afer another 20 minutes of painful pushing I gave up and went to sleep.
Now everyday since then the same thing happens. I sit on the toilet straining my guts out and get nothing only the tip. It hurts really bad. Everytime I go pee too it tries to come out. I try to let my pee out slowly so I'm not tempted to push it out because of the pain and risk of hurting myself from all the straining.I'm getting so frustrated and my butt is in so much pain. I've never been this constipated before. Usually when I have a hard time going I get it out the same night. Tomorrow I'm definitely going to buy some prune juice. I really dont want to because I have work in the night and dont wanna have to go in a public bathroom but I have to try something. I'm so uncomfortable. My stomach is kind of bloated and it hurts to sit down. To be honest I rather have diarrhea then deal with this. Its so horrible.


I thought this was funny but.....

I got to the airport early. I had never had a ride in a small airplane before. It was cool and almost no wind and couldn't wait to take off.
My friend arrived after about my 3rd cup of coffee. I would later regret having any coffee but didn't know.
He walked me around the plane, showing me how it would fly and then we got in an taxied to the fuel depot. This is where things went sideways. While the plane was being fueled, he grabbed a small bag and said "come with me."
We went into a small mens room. There were lockers, showers, a tv lounge and some toilet stalls in a side room. He opened the bag and tossed me an adult diaper! I was taken back, thinking it was a joke, but he said it wasn't and proceeded to drop his shorts and put one on himself! Again, I was a little in horror: I had never seen him naked before and never had a diaper thrown at me. To make it worse, he threatened to rip off my shorts if I didn't to it myself, so in all my glory, I put it on. Having to endure his whistles and howls in the process. Being bigger than some guys, I didn't think this thing would actually stay on me, but it did. We both put our collective underwear in our pockets and donned our shorts and returned to the plane. It felt wierd and loud but nobody paid us any attention.
The take off was fun and I soon forgot about my padded bottom. The views were great. We flew from Tucson to Flagstaff to Las Vegas. About ten minutes after Flagstaff, I realized I never went to the mens room. I started to get nervous and my friend sort of knew what was going on, finally, he tapped my leg and he then padded his crotch and smiled. He said he was pissing then too and to not worry about it, just go. It took me about 15 minutes but eventually things started to flow. I wet for nearly three minutes! The relief I felt was tremendous. I went 2 more times before we landed.
I was so scared again, when we got to Vegas, that people would notice the huge bulge I was sporting in the front of my shorts. Once in the FBO locker room, again, nonchalantly, my friend went to a toilet stall wearing nothing but his diaper! I laughed but he stopped almost in the stall. I heard a muffled fart and then the back side of his diaper filled up. He was so red with embarrassment. This, he wasn't planning. It took him nearly 20 minutes and 10 flushes of the toilet before he made a mad dash for the showers. I will never forget this trip. I tease him about it in private, as I know he would get rather upset if others found out about it. I took mine off while he was in the stall, rinsed off and got dressed.
We had fun in Vegas and the trip back, while both of us wet out diaper, nothing else happened. He told me in the air that a few people have had to go while in the air, and sometimes there isn't room enough to pee in a bottle. His son was too small to make it into a bottle and peed all over the back of the plane too, so going "astronaut" was de riguer from then on in flights that are over 2 hours.
With my new job, driving a research truck all over the west, I too wear a diaper while on the road. I was surprised to see that many truck drivers wear diapers and use them. Now I am not as ashamed of being seen in one. It has sort of become a fetish for me of sorts as well as a time saver for me. I have played poker one night on the road with 4 other guys, and everyone was wearing a diaper. We all made wise cracks about it, but it was fun. I now look forward to hearing and chatting with others who enjoy the same things in life and aren't afraid to talk about them.

The Listening Ear

Part 19

A few months after I started my new job, reorganisations and rumblings of closure started, and this eventually resulted in relocation to another part of the country. As previously, this meant spending several months staying away from home four nights a week until we could move into our new home. This time I chose to rotate between several small hotels and guest houses. Only one of these promised any listening experiences, and that was unfortunately blighted by a bad case of creaking floorboards on its echoey landing, which would easily have betrayed my lurking presence.

But there was a massive compensation. Across the street was a very large house which had been converted into flats (apartments) with shared facilities. Two shared toilets, one above the other, had their windows right opposite my bedroom. The windows were quite deep, and the toilets were mounted sideways-on directly beneath them. It was winter time again, so the lights were on whenever I was there. The glass was of course frosted, but when the subject is so close to it and so well lit, that isn't much of an obstacle. The owner of the guest house put me in the same room every time I stayed, without me having to ask. He knew I wanted it - perhaps he even knew why! So for one week at a time, The Listening ear became The Watching Eye!

Nearly all the females I saw peeing there adopted the leaning-forward position I described on page 2071. (There was even one middle-aged woman who maintained the same position, disappearing below the window sill, for her after-breakfast poo every morning.) As I said on the previous occasion, with the knowledge I have now I would assume that they were hover-squatting, Standee Mandy style, if it wasn't for one incident involving the young redhead who lived with her boyfriend in one of the downstairs flats (oh yes, I could see into the kitchens of three flats as well as the shared toilets). Late one night I heard voices in the street, and when I looked out I saw the pair of them coming home, obviously rather drunk. He was fumbling with his keys, and she was hustling him to get in as fast as possible. As soon as they were inside, she went to the toilet, leaning forward in her usual peeing position, but only for a few seconds. Then she sat bolt upright for about one second, then down again for a few seconds, then briefly up again, then down again and so on. So obviously she was actually sitting on the seat after all, but what was that all about? Was she leaning forward to pee and sitting up for plops? And if she needed to lean that far forward to pee without spraying the seat, what happened when she sat up? Whatever she was doing, I have to say it was one of the most exciting things I've ever seen, and I only wish I could have heard the sound effects that went with it!

There were evidently other toilets in the building beside the ones I could see, because the young couple in the upper right-hand flat never used them at all, although they had a very pretty and frequent visitor who did. She was completely uninhibited in front of that window, perhaps even an exhibitionist. On one occasion she turned to face me as she dropped her knickers, and I saw a distinct triangle of pubic hair before she squatted.

The only female who didn't squat or lean forward was a little blonde with a rather ruddy complexion who lived by herself in the upper left flat. She would usually sit bolt upright for exactly 50 seconds. On one occasion this stretched to 90 seconds before she reached for the toilet roll on the window sill, and I told myself that must have been a poo. But it wasn't. As soon as she put the toilet roll back, she started rocking gently backwards and forwards. THAT was the poo!

One evening she had a guy round for a meal, and during its preparation, left him in the kitchen while she went for a pee. This time she didn't switch the light on or close the toilet door (with the door open there was probably enough light from the landing for her, though not really for me), and she leaned forward or squatted instead of sitting up in her usual position, and she was only down for about 12 seconds instead of her usual 50. This was so odd that I would have said I was looking at someone different, but for the fact that I actually saw her leave the kitchen and then go back. So I'm guessing (you'll have gathered by now that I like to make sense of these things) that she wanted to go on talking to the guy while she peed, and perhaps she could pee more quietly by squatting like that? Fascinating!

A couple of times I passed her in the street and got a real buzz from knowing what I'd been watching her do, while she didn't know me at all. Even now, when I occasionally have to drive up that street, I still look fondly up at her toilet window, although it's hardly likely that she's still there after 20 years!


To That Guy (new here): Hey, I think your diagnosis of your girlfriend's semi-constipation is probably right. If she doesn't eat many vegetables it may be that she's been brought up that way, and that will be why all her family are constipated too. If she doesn't like vegetables, buy her some fresh fruit and see what happens. Meanwhile there are lots of us on here who would appreciate a pebble-by-pebble account of her activities! (I don't know about anyone else, but I'm missing Fred's Roxanne stories.)

To Kitty: MaryKate is right, there is nothing wrong with doing #2 in a shared bathroom. What about the other three girls? If it's okay for them, it must be okay for you. And if it isn't, then there are probably four of you going around feeling uncomfortable, which is ridiculous.

@Isabelle: great story about your friend Zoey. This is what fascinates me - a woman whose bladder just seems to be much larger than everyone else's. What about yourself? You mentioned that you pee longer than any of your friends (except Zoey, of course).

I've heard/read statements from women who get embarrassed if they pee longer than others that may be in the next stall/within earshot, etc. My fiancÚ tends to be one of the longer pee'ers, and has told me of times when friends who may be listening have made comments - such as "Damn, you had to go!" and "When are you coming out of there?" She doesn't get embarrassed; just goes about her business. I did have an ex-girlfriend who was bashful about this, however - even though she didn't pee for nearly as long as my fiancÚ.

Let me preface by saying that I normally only pooh every other day or so. Well, the last few days have been interesting to say the least. We went on vacation - and between lots of food and lots of walking - it has really done some damage to my bowels. I had a good sized pooh before I left the house which made me happy that I wouldn't have to go on the plane or in the airport.

We stopped for lunch on our layover and I had a burger and fries. We made our second flight, got to the hotel and everything was fine. We went to dinner and went for a swim and everything was fine. I went back up to change and I had to pee. I sat to pee and suddenly a bunch of soft pooh came out as well. It didn't hurt, and I didn't feel sick, but it wasn't formed and gave me no warning. I was fine the rest of the night.

Day 2: My husband and I woke up early. He was already downstairs so I took a minute to shower and get ready. Before I got in the shower I sat down to pee and all the sudden the urge to pooh hit me. I released a little bit of soft stool. It wasn't formed like a log, but wasn't watery either. I met my husband and we had a breakfast sandwich and started walking around. We walked quite a bit and at one point I stopped to use the bathroom and poohed a little bit again. I poohed every time that I stopped to pee that day, but just a little bit each time. It had to be at least 4 small loads of gooey pooh.

Day 3: My husband was up before me again, so I showered and used the bathroom before I went down to meet him. My pooh was very soft and came out easily. At this point, I was starting to feel a little bit uneasy and my stool was getting softer each time. I went down and got a coffee and part of the way through it I started feeling a little bit sick. I drank some and gave the rest to my husband.

We went to breakfast and before the food even came I excused myself to visit the restroom. My stomach started rumbling and I sat down and a ton of mushy pooh came out of me. I had about 3 waves of soft pooh and rushed to clean up so I could have breakfast. I ate a normal breakfast and went on with my day.

We started walking around again and I suddenly felt my stomach turning. We were at a fancy casino and we stopped at a bathroom but it was closed for cleaning. I got a little bit anxious and walked faster to find another bathroom. By this point my stomach was starting to hurt and do summersaults. For the first time since all of this started, I had the "you are going to have diarrhea" feeling in my bowels. I made it to the bathroom and some chunky pooh came out. My stomach was really turning now, and I knew I was nowhere near done. I turned a little and another wave of mushy pooh came out. It was like opening the flood gates - wave after wave of it kept on coming and I still felt full. I got a bad cramp and my stomach turned and diarrhea flooded out of me. I still wasn't done. I looked in the toilet and I was more full than I've ever seen it. I pushed 3 more waves of diarrhea out and realized I had been in there for a really long time. I cleaned up and my belly still felt like there was more to come. My husband made a comment about me taking longer than him - if he wasn't waiting I know I could have gone some more.

We walked around and had lunch and I had a milkshake. I didn't really feel well but I didn't want my husband to worry so I drank it. I kind of had to force the last little bit down, but I did. We walked a bit, and stopped in a store which was thankfully across the street from our hotel. All the sudden my entire stomach flip-flopped and I got the "you need to find a bathroom now" signal. I knew I was full of diarrhea, and I said something to him about needing to go back. I was having stomach pains and felt queezy the whole walk back. My husband decided to stop and I went up by myself. On the elevator my stomach was gurgling and I felt full and gross. I made it to the room but by then I didn't have to go as badly. I knew checkout was only an hour away so I decided to do a few things quickly before I hopped in the shower. I got about 2 minutes into my project when the urge hit me stronger than before. I rushed onto the toilet and released a huge load of soft diarrhea. About 2 more waves came and my stomach was really upset. I was done for the moment and didn't have time to waste so I got in the shower. My stomach was turning and all the sudden I was nauseous. I spit a few times and felt super sick. I shampooed my hair, and as I was rinsing it out my stomach lurched. I bent down and vomited up all of my milkshake in two waves. I finished my shower, made it to the toilet to pooh some more and cleaned myself up. We had to rush to pack and get out of there, but my stomach was feeling a bit better.

I was nervous that I'd have to go on the plane, but thankfully I didn't. At one point, near the end of the flight I did feel a little bit sick to my stomach, but it passed quickly. We stopped for fast food on the way home, and I went to bed.

Day 4: I woke up in the morning and had a cup of coffee when the urge hit. This time it wasn't diarrhea, but it wasn't formed either - more of that mushy pooh.

I worked really hard all day and around mid-afternoon my stomach started acting up again. I didn't go but the warning was there. I had no appetite, but my husband fixed me lunch and dinner and I ate with him. Finally, around 7 I had to go again. I sat on the toilet and my stomach started cramping like I was being stabbed. I couldn't push because it hurt too much so it took a minute for it to come. Finally a soft log came out (the most formed pooh I'd had in days), and another sharp cramp and a softer log. Suddenly the bubble guts hit and I could hear my stomach gurgle as all of the rest slid into place. My ass erupted a huge amount of mushy pooh. It looked and felt like soft serve pouring out of my hole. Another cramp and I pushed out some chunky diarrhea. I knew I wasn't done so I leaned forward and pushed. A few seconds later diarrhea without any form came out. One more wave of liquid pooh and then I cleaned myself up.

I sat down to watch tv with my husband and during the second commercial I had to excuse myself to use the bathroom. I sat down and had several waves of diarrhea.

Day 5: This morning I had a very soft gooey bm and still didn't feel right. I ran some errands and off and on my stomach switched between hurting and turning. I got to school and thought for sure I'd have to use the bathroom there but I didn't. I was going to run more errands but my stomach warned me otherwise. I was driving home and about 3 miles from my house my stomach started tossing and turning and I couldn't tell if I had to go or if I was going to throw up. I didn't do either. I made myself eat something and so far, I haven't gone again. I definitely hear my stomach rolling and I don't feel well, but I don't have the urge to go either. I will write again if it gets interesting.

Story Teller
One thing I always wondered is why public toilets are so different from ones at most homes.At home the seat is round and when most people sit down their butts cover the entire gap, yet with public ones the seat is usually in a horseshoe type shape and are much bigger; when someone sits down there is usually a gap at the back where someone could look in. How big they are also could make it difficult for small childeren to use, my older sister for example. Around the time she turned seven she developed a sense of self sustainment and started to go in public by herself in a different stall. I wouldn't exaclty call it undersize, but my family is fairly short so we were pretty small when we were young. At home she could just lean foward on the toilet to keep her balance. Public toilets were a different story. What she did was lay some TP on the seat and haul herself up there and hold on to the covered section of the seat for dear life while she hung her bottem over the water. She did look kinda funny doing it. When she finished she jumped down and wadled over to the toilet paper dispenser with her underwear still down. Our mom didn't really like this, but my sister was adament about going on her own. There were some mishaps though. Quite a few times she didn't lean back far enough and instead of hitting the water her pee would hit the edge on the seat and dribble down onto her clothes. Perhaps the most noticiable is one instance when she was trying to get down she slipped and fell into her own mess. Very bad to say the least.


Embarrasing situation in Sears....

Yesterday, I was shopping at Sears I had to take a dump really really bad. I made it to the MENS restroom, but to my dismay, all 3 toilets were occupied, and to make matters more embarrasing, none had stall doors. I had no choice but to stand by the sinks, which were directly across from the toilets, and wait for one of the guys to finish up. It seemed like forever, but I was in pain. The 3 guys were all having hard times themselves, lots of farting, grunting, and the room stunk like you cannot imagine. Finally the man in the center stall started wiping up, he was the Sears eye doctor, and I prepared to hit the toilet, as his bowel movement was still swirling down the mouth of his toilet. I dropped my shorts and briefs, sat down on the warm toilet seat and EXPLODED! The eye dr. laughed a bit, apologized for the wait and the stink he created, washed his hands and left. I sat there about 10 minutes, relaxed and wiped and washed up. I met my wife about 2:00 and what do you think she says to me? "You have an appointment with the eye doctor at 2:30" When I went in to the doctors room and Dr. ____ came in, we just looked at each other and laughed.... It was really funny ! Later that day I told my wife, she laughed and said the womens room had doors with locks, and even a sofa !! We laughed again.


To Tbonz

Hi, Tbonz. I agree with you. For me, the stench of a woman's bowel movement is the highlight of the whole experience. Sure, hearing the grunting and farting is great and seeing "remnants" is even better. However, the aroma a woman makes is the best part of her BM. I have always felt this way since I experienced the aromas of my mother's friend "Aunt Andrea" (You can read about her on 1841 if you like.) Over time, I have had the luck of smelling the bowel movements of hundreds of women. I have found that, for me at least, there is no such thing as TOO smelly when it comes to a lady's shit. The more foul smelling, the more I enjoy it. At one point, I was convinced that larger, heavier women took stinkier shits than skinny girls. I now believe that this isn't necessarily true. I have seen a skinny, 16 year old "cheerleader" type utterly destroy a ladies room and a heavy 250 pound woman leave barely a trace of odor. I have made the following observations though (based on my own experiences only):
1) Diet is a contributing factor but not the sole determiner of the smell left by a woman. I have seen different women eat the same diet but only one took really "nasty" shits. I have concluded some girls just "smell" :)
2) The size or amount of the feces does not necessarily determine its odor. I have heard girls defecate a few tiny "pebbles" and really leave behind a "funk".
3) Most women are embarrassed about the odor of their feces. It seems when a girl really stinks a place up, she can't get away from it fast enough and won't make eye contact with anyone. Why is this girls???
4) As a rule, African American and Latina women produce stronger odors than Caucasian women. I have only smelled 4-5 Asian women so I don't really have a standard of comparison there. However, the "smelliest" shit I have ever smelled came from a white woman.
5) Bathroom sprays don't work at all. I hate it when a girl takes a great shit and tries to cover it up with spray. All you end up with pine or vanilla scented SHIT which really doesn't help the odor.

Anyway, those are my observations. I don't pretend they are correct or have any scientific validity. I would love to hear about others who enjoy the "aroma" as well as from women who are "aromatic".

Illini Lurker


Hello All,

I am a 21 year old from Illinois. I have been a lurker for a long while. Love the content decided it was about time that I posted some of my stories. I'll post one and if you like it I'll post another story soon!

First one was when I was about 16, I had been hanging out with this girl for awhile and we decided to go for a country drive at 3 am and didn't pee before we left! MISTAKE! We were out driving when my girlfriend at the time Ashley said we need to find a bathroom soon that she needed to pee. I told her that there wasn't anything for miles. Ashley didn't know I had a pee fetish and told me to find some secluded place and pull over. So I pulled over on an abandoned farm lane and she got out and walked over to my side of the car near the cornfield and pulled down her jeans and thong and started peeing. It really turned me on a lot. She finished peeing and pulled up her thong and jeans and off we went.

I hope you liked that story. I have many more including a pooping off a bridge, peeing on the side of the road, and peeing behind a concession stand and an ambulance. Hope to hear what you think!

Gabriel (Tizzy)

fanticies and comments

To tell you girls the truth peeing and pooing is actually fun the relief after it its just sensational.

Abbie: Again your pooing stories are incredible , hope you had a nice relief after your poo I would like to keep reading more of your stories.

Leanne: Another great interesting story about the "satisfying" poo you had i hope you will continue to share more too.

New poster

Desperate girl

I saw a girl on her way home from school a couple of days ago. She was walking oddly and grabbed her bum at one point so I knew she was desperate for a poo. She ran behind a bush so I let her have her privacy and went my own way. I went back after a while to find she hadn't quite made it to the bush in time. Her soiled knickers were on the grass and next to them was a pool of diarrhoea. The poor girl must have been seriously desperate to mess herself like that but at least the damage wasn't too bad once she'd relieved herelf.


Comments on recent stories & postings


Your story about the shit prank at school was brilliant. What if the freshman walking into that bathroom would have freaked out? What if it had been a teacher or administrator who had walked in?


That was an interesting story about your daughter being upset with you about you taking your crap in her grade school bathroom. I would think at least some faculty, administrators and other visitors would use it too. Especially when you're in a hurry, the staff bathroom could be way on the other side of the building. I went into the bathroom at an elmentary school once a couple of years ago when I was out riding my bike and there were no other alternatives. I stopped in the office first and asked permission, and the secretary was very nice. A couple of minutes later after I got done with my crap, I stopped back in the office and thanked her again so she would know that I was out of the building. A couple of girls came in and were very polite to me when I had to ask them for more toilet paper. Because I wasn't dressed appropriately, they knew I wasn't a substitute teacher.

Standee Mandy:

I like the several posts you've had regarding squatting to relieve yourself. You may be interested to know that in several European and Asian countries that is the norm. An Russian native who is in my MBA classes said she was raised to squat over a ground based cistern one of many right off the sidewalks on main streets. You will your underwear down, squat at knee level and your bodily waste drains a couple inches below you into a ground cistern. There's very little privacy compared to our doored stalls. Others will stand and wait, and some will even assist the user in lighting their cigarette. The user then pulls her underwear up and resumes her walk. Regarding the several kids in the bathroom at the state fair who were barefoot, I don't see that as a major health threat. They are getting their feet pretty dirty and possibly scuffed up.

Just Jerika:

I'm glad you survived your sneezing while shitting experience at the ball game. As you fell off the toilet, luckily the small log that went into your underwear was well formed and not that messy. Next time if you get a sneezing attack, why not grab onto something such as the front of the seat to prevent yourself from falling off. That's even more important for a person of your size. I wonder if your sneezing is due to an alergy toward chemicals used to clean the toilets or the change of temperatures from outside to inside. Take care. I love your descriptive stories that remind me of some of the things that happened to me 25 years ago when I was your age.

Caryl Marie:

Multi-tasking while on a public toilet? That's an interesting question. I don't see anything wrong with it, but I'm not sure I would have my full appetite if I was having a messy poop and the smell of other's urine was permeating my stall.


I know from my boyfriend that some guys do squat. However, you need to lower yourself closer to the toilet seat so that you don't get off balance and your shit doesn't end up on the floor. Not all will agree with me, but I often will sit on a public seat which I know is nowhere near as clean as my boyfriend and I have a home. It just seems more natural to me and that's why we have bathtubs and showers that most of us sue daily.

Rag Muffin Reanna:

I enjoyed your two-part story. He gave you the challenge or dare to crap in the mug and it was only logical that you would give him responsibilities too. Did he clean you well? Did you have any skidmarks in your underwear?


I would have been petrified by having guys watching me sqaut pee into the urinal? Worse yet, my pee stream probably would have damed up.

Slow-Shittin' Sammi:

Nice story about sharing the aspirins. I sometimes get headaches when I'm clogged up.

Upstate Dave

My Working Vacation Day 13 More Painting Part 1

When I did get back to my grandmothers I went inside the house. My grandmother was waiting in the kitchen for me. She told me to sit down which I did. First she told me the workshop shed looked good. So you are going to paint it tomorrow? I told her I was planing on it. I also told her that Jill had helped me today an would be helping tomorrow. That was fine with my grandmothere.

Then I got great news form her. She had talked on the phome with my mother and my mothers work schedual had changed. I now wouldn't be picked up till Sunday! I almost jumped off the bench at the table and let out a loud yippie! But I managed to stiffle all of that off. I then told my grandmother I was turning in now. She told me she was going to bed now too.

I started for the door buut I remembered what Jill was going to do and had asked me to do too. So I went over to the sink and filled a large glass full of water and drank it right down. Then I left the kitchen turning out the light and then walked outside over to the trailer and climbed into bed and I did go right toi sleep.

I woke early in the morning and I changed into my work clothes that I had worn yesterday. I had walked over to the clothes line and got them and I had checked too to see that my grandmother had left and she had. So I just changed right in the backyard! Then I went in the house to eat breakfast.

I ate quickly. One I wanted to get all that would be needed for painting. The other thing was with my drinking that large glass of water before going to sleep I had a very full bladder! I was strongly wishing that Jill would show up so I could piss! I knew if I kept myslef busy it would help keep my mind off that I did have to piss!

I had the ladder out and setup on the backside of the workshop shed. I had both gallons of red paint out also with oe opened and stirred. I had also both brushes there mine and Jills. I also had a couple of large rags for us to use too. There was one item left to get and that was my portible radio. So I headed over to the trailer to get it.

I was just comming out of the trailer with my radio and here came Jill rideing her bike up the driveway! She was here! I thought instantly; I CAN PISS!!! Jill saw me standing by the trailer and rode right up to me and got off from her bike. First words out of her mouth to me were; I HAVE TO PISS RIGHT NOW!!! I told Jill that I did too. So I grabbed her hand and we ran right around the back of the trailer together so we could piss!

Jill did not have on shorts this morning. She had on what looked like a old summer dress instead. It was faded out and the material looked worn around the dresses hem and in the back of the dress too. So as soon as we had gotten behind the trailer Jill just flipped the front of that old summer dress up, spreaded her feet wide apart and began to piss right then! Jill didn't bother to sqaut to piss this time!

Jill had a light golden yellow piss stream jet out from her vagina! It didn't spray at all. It went straight down to the ground hiting dead center between her spreaded out feet. Her piss streams head was wide. Then it went into a tight long twist which was so long the far end of the twist in her piss stream wa only a few inches above the grass and the ground. Her stream hit the ground pretty hard makeing a pretty good splash.

Jill let out a loud short sigh right after she had started to piss. She also had taken a short look down too when she first started pissing. Now she looked up again and straight at me. See I did what I said last night! I made sure I drank a lot before going to bed! Then Jill paused and did a little giggle. Now your'e seeing what resulted!

I gave Jill a quick smile and I told her that she in a short moment would see the ame thing from me! I had my zipper down and I had my penis out already too! But I had my fingers pinched hard diwn on it to keep from pissing at that moment! I was faced towards the trailer so I turned around now faced the same way Jill was standing there and pissing.

Then I let up on my pinched fingers on my penis. As soon as I had doen that out came my piss stream! My stream too was a yellow color! My stream had a wide head at its start like Jills. But my head was longer and then my stream went into a twist which wasn;t as long as Jills was. But my stream was flowing real hard. So it went way out in front of me going under the pine tree branches in front of me and came down at the edge of the garden!

Jill giggled slightly for she did see how far my stream had gone. See there's my results from haveing a big drink too before I went to bed!!! Then we both did a quick short laugh together. Then we were silent as we both went on with our pissing. Both of us would take a nice very long piss too! Jill kept up her nice stream and so did I.

After pissing close to a half minute Jill still stood there pisssing but she did move her feet. The ground gae off a squishy sound when she had taken her steps. Jill laughed slightly and said to me; Gee I've reall y pissed. The ground is all squishy sounding! I had heard the squishing sound too. I could have bet if I walked over where my piss was weting the ground it would have done the same squishing sound too!

Well good things after all have to end! :-( Jill stopped pissing first. But when she did before she did stop Jill did spurts of piss which there was no pauses between the spurts tat came out from her vagina! Her piss stream shot forward and backwards instead and then came to a stop with no dribbleing or driping! A nice clean stop!

Now as for me I had a slow easing off of my piss stream. That's what made me piss longer then Jill had. My stream crept back across the ground till it had come back 3/4ths the way back. Then I stopped pissing with a few drops of piss going down to the ground. That was it. I was done now. Jill had already had dropped her dress down and had been standing watching me piss till I stopped.

I slipped my penis back inside my shorts. I felt a little piss dribble out from my penis when I did this. I shopuld have shaken my penis but I didn't. I zipped up my shorts, picked up my radio,and outstretched my hand for Jilll to take. She did and we headed ver to the workshop shed to go to work. To be continuied.

Monday, August 22, 2011

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