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Welcome to Lauren

Lauren, thanks for introducing yourself. Yes, we ARE interested in hearing all your peeing stories, in your car and elsewhere! Like you, I found Car Mom's stories the best. You also might want to look way back in the early pages of this forum and read posts from "goldgirl" who peed in her house. I think peeing is fun too.

Dear all

Yesterday I was in the pub that I've mentioned before - the ladies and gents cubicles back on to each other, and there's a false ceiling, so noise travels.

After a while I went upstairs to the loo noticing behind me a pretty 20something auburn haired lady. I entered the gents cubicle and a few seconds later heard the ladies door slam and the lock bolt. I heard the sound of jeans and pants being pulled down, loo roll being pulled off, then a long silence. After what was probably about a minute, she started to wee - and it went on and on for several minutes, eventually dying down. She must have needed it!

A few years ago I witnessed an amusing toilet accident. Two boys entered the gents, one about 10 the other seemed like his younger brother, around 5. The younger boy pulled his trousers and pants down to his ankles at the urinal and turned around, but the older boy told him to turn and face it. So, the boy does as he's told. He wees into the urinal, then there's a crackling sound, and a poo drops onto the floor behind him. The older guy noticed this, and told his brother to go into one of the cubicles, almost marching him there. Unfortunately the younger boy was in full flow and pooing as he walked. I pity the poor person who had to clean up!



Girlfriend's upset stomach

My girlfriend went out to eat with friends, and I was already in bed by the time she came back. I felt her get into bed and roll around a bit.
"What's up?" I asked her sleepily.
"Ohhh.. I ate way too much," she replied.
I ran my hand across her belly. She was bloated and I could tell that she was full.
"What did you have?" I asked.
"A bunch of greasy pizza and two milkshakes" she told me.
I rubbed her belly a little and it gurgled loudly under my hand.
She laid on her back and I continued to massage her belly for a bit.
"How does your belly feel?" I asked
"Ugh... I feel stuffed and full of gas," she moaned.
I pressed my hand into her domed out belly. She moaned and clenched her muscles and let out a long, gassy fart.
It smelled absolutely awful. I almost gagged.
i continued to rub her belly and she let out a longer fart.
"Do you think you could poop?" I asked her "you'll feel better when it's all out of you."
"Not yet.... offff" She lifted her legs a bit and let out another gassy fart.
She sat up and let out the longest fart yet, "I can't believe I ate so much."
I rubbed her back for a few minutes and then led her to the bathroom.
She sat on the toilet, bent double, holding her belly and farting.
Eventually the farts became wet.
I rubbed her ???? and told her to push.
A wave of diarrhea poured out of her.
It was followed by two shorter waves of chunky mush.
She stood up and wiped, and I could see her poop floating on top of the water.
She said she felt better, so I flushed and we went back to bed.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: DR.DM first welcome to the site and great story it sounds like your roomate and I bet she felt alot better after and she probaly has a mega colon that is if all her dumps are like that and if you go back a few years you will find some stories by a poster named Kim who was famous for giant dumps and they need to create a toilet the can handle montsters like that and please share anymore stories about her if you have any thanks.

To: Story Teller as always another great post about your aunt and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Paddy yes they do there was a story on here from a few years about a woman who was being attacked by a guy she was so scared she pooped her pants which ended up saving her life because it made the guy so in short if we are really scared are bodies do that as a form of protection because you dont want to mess with someone who stinks and is coverd in there own waste or at least thats what I read I hope that helped.

To: Abbie as always another great story about your giant poop I bet you alot better after and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Wendy & Kirsty Wendy great story about you pooping in that plastic bag and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Lauren first welcome to the site and I look forward to reading any stories you post and maybe you can convince your friend to post here as since she has been reading them.

To: Michelle (formely M.S.) as always another great story about you pooping outside inthat puddle and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Kitty first welcome to the site and I think it might be good idea to try and get over your shyness about pooping because that way you wont risking having an acciddent or having to be real unconfortable you should find one and do it while there in the bathroom and then gradualy work your way up and evently you will be able to do it without being I know I was like that up until high school as I have said before on here it became something that had to be and im glad I did and please post anyother stories you may have thanks.

To: Desperatet To Poop as always another great story it sonuds like you made it with just seconds to spare but atleast you made it and didnt have which from the sound of it you were very close and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: The Listening Ear as always another great story and as always keep your ears open for more great sounds of women in the bathroom the ears open part was just something I thought would be fun to add because it suits the name you gave yourself I hope you like it and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Leanne as always another great story and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: That guy (new here) great story about your girlfriend please share anymore stories about her if you have any thanks.

To: Upstate Dave as always another great story and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

Well thats all for now

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Rag Muffin Reanna

3 a.m. amusements--Part 2

After sitting and talking for about another half hour on the back porch, I told Tank I had to go in and I felt my shit was coming on. I assured Tank I was going to use the half bathroom in the rec room and not go to the upper level where his parents were asleep. He said I didn't get off that easy. Despite his large size, I bounded out of the chair and said he'd be right back. He came back within a minute clutching a coffee mug that I recognized that each of us got last month at the college debate workshop we had gone to. It was white, had the college's logo printed on it, and Tank held it up to my face, pointing his finger into it. At first I thought he was suggesting that we walk about four blocks down the street to a 24/7 convenience store store to fill it and at that point, a really messy fart escaped from between my legs. It happens quite frequently when I'm lounging and have my legs spread widely. You would think I would learn ....

Tank moved my unkempt hair from my face, got up real close to where he could probably see my eyes in the 3 a.m. darkness, and continued to point into the mug. "Think you can fill it?", he asked. Then I caught on and told him there was no way I was going to shit into the mug. We know each other too well. Tank knows that I have a hard time shitting at school and at some public places and I tease him about how regular he is. He'll get up on the morning, go directly to the bathroom by his bedroom and easily take his daily dump. I can't even envision ever getting to that point. I also threw out the point that he didn't even crap at school once last year and that he brags about it. He had a big grin on his face and just continued to point into the mug. "F*** you," I told him but he continued to point at the mug and tease me. He asked me that when I had excused myself to use the bathroom yesterday afternoon at school, if I had taken my crap. I told him that I had sat, tried and failed. He said the time was perfect.

Finally, half mischievously, I told Tank that I was ready to get it over. As I was pulling my shorts and underwear down, I seated myself on the very edge of the chair, thinking he would hold the mug between my legs. No! He insisted on a squat. I'm not good at squatting and have never done in at public places, although I know others who have. At first, I had a hard time keeping my balance. My shorts and underwear we at sidewalk level and covering my bare feet. I tried various stances, somewhat playfully trying to keep Tank guessing as to where he was going to have to hold the mug. He's like so naive. When I finally decided on the squat that would work best, I told him to get the mug under me and to hold it steady. I could feel it up against the back of my legs and I couldn't believe where he was holding it. He obviously knew nothing of the female anatomy. "You f**k head, I'm not peeing!", I told him and I grabbed his hand and moved the mug back. Then I took a finger and had him follow it to clearly demonstrate where the shit would be dropping from (hopefully, of course!).

Not loudly, because we didn't want to wake up his parents, Tank started to slowly count what I guess were the seconds I was using up while in my squat. Since the clouds had broken up, there was a little moonlight and the illumination enabled Tank to see that I had a few moles on my butt, plus some pimples that I told him were probably just prickly heat. I pressed harder, almost lossing my stance, but I knew the log was starting to emerge. I looked like Tank put both of his hands on the mug at this point and I could tell from what he said, as well as my knowledge of my bowels, that it would probably be like the soft ice cream we get from the machine at school. Finally, he swore and told he to slow down and I could see between my legs that Tank was moving the mug around, just like you would if you were pouring into an ice cream cone. Finally, and he seemed relieved, the meandering log broke off. "Stop!, he yelled. And I did. He put the mug into my face and it looked like poured ice cream into a sundae cup. The top was about two inches on top of the mug and luckily because of the smell of the moist air, the stink was not as bad.

Tank asked me how much more I had and I said that seemed like it was all I had. I told him that it's hard to know how much you've still got in you when you are in a squat because it's so uncomfortable. I told him it was now his responsibility to wipe me. It was obvious he had not thought about the need. I told him to hurry it and that the squat was starting to hurt me. He went into the house to get some toilet paper from the half bath, but came back within seconds and said the roll was out down there. I thought "Great...just f***in' find something to clean me with. Out of my left eye, I saw an orange ad that apparently had been blown off a door handle. I told Tank to go and pick it up. He did and started reading me that we could get $12 off a fast lube special and have our oil changed at a guy named Shorty's auto shop. I told Tank to improvise and use it to wipe me because my feet were getting tired. I think he tore it into thirds and I felt three wipes. Finally, I told Tank to check the paper for efficiency. He mumbled something profane, and I corrected his grammar (something he hates!) and then he told me we were done.

After I pulled my shorts and underwear up, Tank was standing there awkwardly with the poop-filled mug and wiping papers. What were we going to do with it? What I ended up doing was walking with him about a half block down the street to where our city has a litter control bin. After dumping it, we walked the extra three blocks down to the gas station/store and each got a cup of coffee. Since he noticed we were both barefoot, the attendant asked us what we were doing out at 4 a.m.

We told him we couldn't sleep and just looked at one another and burst out laughing. Then we walked back to the porch on Tank's house where we just hung out and talked until his parents woke up. It was the first sunrise I had seen in years.

Not disappointed with Abbie
I just wanted to apologize to Abbie for being a little harsh. I didn't mean to criticize, just to express my great love of your posts and you could imagine the thought that it was sort of over. That was a really great story, I know it must be uncomfortable when those huge turds get stuck like that, but I bet it made the experience at home that much more rewarding. Would you agree with that at all? I feel bad about taking pleasure at your pain, but I really enjoy that kind of story. You've posted about at least one experience like that before and if you have more, please submit them!

A couple of years ago I was working as a dishwasher at a nice family restaurant. Part of my job was to clean the bathroom every night. One night in particular stands out.
The restaurant was more or less empty except for a decent sized family gathering. I was just about finished cleaning the women's restroom and had made sure to get the toilet's extra clean because my boss was very pressing about it. On my way out of the room, a girl from the family came in. She was stunningly cute. She gave me a flirtatious smile as I left. Needless to say, I was walking on sunshine after this.
I quickly did some other chores and came back to the door to the restroom as I wasn't quite finished in there and I was hoping to make lighting strike twice and catch her again. When she finally came out, A brief second of panic struck her face as she saw me standing there. She ducked her head and shot right past me back to her table. I was incredibly disappointed as I had felt a real charge that first time. I chalked up another failure and proceeded into the restroom. The first thing that hit me was the smell, This definitely came from some concoction in the kitchen. I pushed open the first stall and tah-dah, found her box of roses. Whatever she ate, must have hit her like a freight train. Most of it had gone down with the flush, but these toilets weren't exactly the strongest in town. Brown sludge had been blasted all around inside the bowl. There was some splattered on the under side of the toilet seat, the part that isn't even over the bowl. NOW it makes total sense why she panicked when she saw me. Mere minutes after making eyes at each other, I was already cleaning up after her cute ass.



WENDY-well I love the story thanks tell me about time you clog your friends toilet and how mad she and her parents were.


Huge relief in the park

I was was busting for a poo while out walking in the park early this morning. There weren't any toilets around so I had to wait untill I got home. I thought about finding a bush to do my business but all there was were some newly planted trees that provided no cover at all. I left the park and started to walk home but the pressure was growing fast and I had to clench hard to keep it in. I remembered what Wendy did the other day when she forgot her key and wanted to try it for myself. I went back to the park and made my way to the cafe which was closed as it was so early. I went behind the cafe and found a large round bin on wheels. I thought this would be a great place to relieve myself but I had nothing to wipe with so I looked around to see he I could find something. I was in luck as there were some old napkins on the ground that looked clean enough to use for toilet paper. I bent down to pick up a handfull but I nearly messed myself in the process and had to clench really hard avoid having an accident. I hurried behind the bin and pulled my jeans down and then my knickers. I needed to pee quite badly now and was afraid to squat in case I sprayed my jeans with pee so I leant against the wall keeping my feet as far away from my body as possible. I found it easy to poo this way as my anus opened naturaly in this position. The pee poured out against to wall as my poo emerged. I gave a slight push and the first turd came out easily and at seven inches I was impressed. The next one was even longer and softer than the first and was surprised at the at the size of it at nine inches. It landed on top of the first and bent over as it layed cross the first one at ninety degrees. I pushed again and the third turd shot out of me as it was so soft. It wasn't as big as the first two but at five inches it was still quite a big one. It landed on top of the other two and stood upright for a few seconds before it fell over and ended up moulding itself around the rest of my load. I felt so relieved after that and wiped my bum with the napkins and pulled up my clothes before leaving the scene.


First Day of High School DARE!

Hey, it's Shane (female) I'm dropping the female part from my name, since most of you know by now that I'm a girl.
This story is about a killer dare my friend gave me!

The weekend before school started, my friend Sarah stayed the night at my house. (She's interested in constipation, just like me) We were playing truth or dare, and she gave me a great dare for the first day of high school. During 4th period, I was supposed to go to the bathroom, sit on a toilet, and keep grunting like I'm trying to poop until someone says something. I accepted it with pleasure.
So I got my 3rd hour teacher to let me leave class early because I told him I had to pee really bad. I made my way to the nearest girls' bathroom, took a seat in one of the middle stalls, and waited for the bell to ring. It rang after about 2 minutes. Showtime! I started pushing lightly, but still managed to gasp a little. Then I heard people coming, so I kicked it up a notch. I started groaning and straining, trying to get someone to notice. The girls giggled, then left. When 4th hour started, there was no one in the bathroom for a while but I knew what I had to do. I started going, "MMM! UGHH! Ehhh!!" and gasping for breath ever so often. I heard someone coming, it was Sarah. She couldn't believe I was actually doing it! We talked for a while, then she left while I kept pretending to try to poop. About 6 or 7 minutes later, I heard a girl washing her hands. I went, "NN! NN! HM! UUUGGGHHHHH! Ehh, ahh!" She turned the sink off and paused. Right then, I took a deep breath and went, "UUUUUUHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!" OWWW!!" She asked me if I was alright. "Not really," I said. "It's stuck big time. EHH!" "What should I do?" she said. I said, "I don't know, go get help! OOOOHHHH!!! Hurry!" The girl left. I decided that I should probably get to class, so I ran to 4th hour. I told my teacher I had trouble with my locker and she believed it.. I never found out what that girl did for help.

So that's my store! Hope 'ya liked it!


New here

I just found this site here.So here is one story.It was a Saturday Morning My Daughter who is six,said she didn't poop since Wensday.Well later that day Me and my wife and daughter went to the mall.My wife was somewhere and my daughter was complaining about her stomach aching.I started to get worried.I couldn't find my wife,so I let her go in the restroom by herself and hoping that would fix the problem.I waited for her and never saw anyone leave the restroom.five minutes later a woman and her daughter gone in there.And five minutes later they came out.and I asked the woman if they where someone in there.And she said that she thinks there is someone in a stall.She told me I can go in there and cheek on her,and she won't let no one in there.I gone in there and my daughter was in a stall.I called for her name and she said there is no more toilet paper.I gone in another stall to get her some paper.I gave her some.And I asked her if her stomach quite hurting.
And she said yes.The toilet that she was in looked like a big bowl of chilli.We left the restroom laughing.And we waved good bye to the woman and girl.



to WildOne!: i really enjoyed your post!i have never tried to take a dump in a dirty old sofa! sounds like you enjoyed every bit of it! i quite surprised that nobody caught you doing your dirty deed! be careful! it sounds to me that your taking a risk of being caught! iam not quite sure that i would have enought courage and strength to attempt what you did! i lookforward to your next post! take care and Godbless!
to Samantha: i really enjoyed your post! you are a daredevil women!but i competley understand why you decided to go in the mens room! it seems like to me the logical thing to do when the lines are jammmed packed ! iam glad also that you didnt end up getting hurt! not all guys would be cool with a girl just walking the in the mens bathroom to relieve themselves! did you flush the urnial or leave it unflushed! iam really glad that you had an awesome time at the concert! i look forward to your next post! take care and God bless!
to Melinda: i really enjoyed your post! iam sorry to hear about your accident that occured at work ! iam really glad to hear that a women came in the bathroom to check on you and comfort you doing your horrible experience! to tell you the truth i wish that there were more people like this in the world! i lookforward to your future post! take care and God bless!
to Christine: i really enjoyed your post! thats cool that you and your friend went on a road trip. it sounds to me that you didnot enjoy experience at all. however when your have to go and your out in the middle of nowhere than there is no other option. at least your friend was there to be by your side during your horribe experience to comfort you! i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless.
to Amylee: i really enjoyed your post! sounds like you had quite an interestimg experience in the ladiesroom while at work. at least you have alot of coworkers who stick up for you and are not rude! people can be rude in public bathrooms i absoultley hate that! i look forward to your next post! take care and God bless.




A peeing story

When I was a little girl I never really liked going to the bathroom. I'd always hold it in as long as I could and then make a last-minute dash to the toilet. I noticed that over time I went from feeling like I had to pee every hour to usually only going twice or occasionally three times per day. This of course meant that I peed for far longer than any of my friends... Well, until I met Zoey, that is.

I remember the first time I noticed it. I was a junior in high school and Zoey and I spent most of that Saturday at the mall. I observed that while I had peed my usual amount of times, Zoey hadn't gone once nor had she even expressed the tiniest need to do so. We were back at my house and it was almost time for dinner, so Zoey was about to leave when finally she said she needed to pee. I was honestly beginning to think she was part camel.

My room had an ensuite bathroom attached to it, so she went in and asked me to come, saying she wanted to talk to me while she went. We talked while she was peeing and she just kept going and going and going. I didn't know exactly how long it had been, but I felt like at least five minutes, maybe even longer, and she showed no signs of stopping any time soon. More time passed and her pee stream was continuing on but eventually it did taper off and stop.

I said something like "Wow! You must have been just bursting to go" and she said, "A little, but no, not really." Then I had to ask, "How long were you holding it?", she told me, "Um... since yesterday at lunchtime" I think my jaw hit the floor after that.

Also, on a completely unrelated note, if you're at home and you're completely out of tp, paper filters like from your coffee machine will work, but I definitely wouldn't recommend trying it unless you have to.


Comments & NEW stories!!

To Brandon T: Hey thanx : ) for your comments, I'm glad to hear you like reading my stories about me dropping big loads. I

Hi again everybody. I had another very satisfying poo today! I was surfing the internet and got a slight urge so I waited until it got a bit stronger and I could feel my poo moving down. Then I went and sat on the loo and had a short wee. My first log started to come out so I let it get half way and then held it short. Then I let go and it rushed out and felt great! Another one followed and then two quick pieces. Then there was a blast of soft poo that came out in two loads and I was done. I looked at my load. The first log was quite chunky and long, the second a bit thinner and shorter. The mushy stuff had sunk to the bottom and there were some loose fragments floating around.

Nothing else much to say for now, but I'll post again soon.


Vacation Constipation

Hey guys! I posted here only once before, it was a few months back. Well, I've been thinking about posting again so here it is! I'm Ally, and I'm a 15 year old girl. I don't want to get in to detail, but I'm a natural blonde and 5'3". I love to poop, but only in private! I'm semi poop shy.

First of all, I've always had trouble pooping on vacation. I just either dont hardly ever get the urge to go, or I have to go at super inconvenient times where I don't have a toilet (such as in the car with my family). Well, me and 3 girlfriends were going on a beach vacation for a week and I swore to myself that I would try to poo as often as I could! I started out with a thick, heavy dump the day before we left to clear out my system. Then, nothing for the next 2 days! I tried so hard to sit and push, but nothing! Worst of all, my other friends take super big, healthy dumps at least twice a day. I was so jealous of them when they would go in to the bathroom, switch on the fan, and sit down on the toilet. I could hear their heavy plops and thick logs hit the toilet and their relieved moans echo in the bathroom.

Finally, at the end of day 3 we were swimming and the urge hit me like a bus. I knew I had diarrhea before it even spewed out of me. I faked an asthma attack and we headed up to the room. I closed the bathroom door and sat down. Thick, mushy, liquid poo poured out of me. I let a few juicy farts rip, so relieved. But even after that, I felt like there was more left that I couldn't empty out.

Days passed. No poo! Then, the day before we left I got the urge. My friends and I were being typical teenagers and messing around in the hotel elevators, riding them up and down. I felt the need for a thick shit. I told my friend Sofia that I needed to pee (we NEVER discuss pooping matters, but peeing isn't off limits for some reason!) We went back to the hotel room only to realize that we were locked out, and my friends sister had the key. I laughed it off and said I could wait, but I knew I couldn't. One of my friends cracked a joke, and a bit of poo squirted into my gray undies. I felt like crying. I suggested we find a bench to sit on. Sitting made me feel much better, but by the time we got back in the room, I didn't have to poop! Ughhhh.

Last day. It's morning, and we're about to leave. We were just done scrubbing the toilets when I felt a wave of diarrhea hit me. My ???? grumbled. I knew there was no holding it. I told my friend that I would scrub the toilet clean again if she let me, er, "pee" in the toilet she had just cleaned. She agreed. I dashed in the bathroom and plopped down on the seat. A massive explosion erupted from my small ass. I grunted, and blushed thinking about how my friends could hear. I couldn't help it; I let out a loud moan followed by a huge wave of watery pop with chunks. A huge log then snaked out of my ass and thudded in the bowl. A wet fart ripped out of me. I grunted and let out one more huge chunk of poo. I knew there was still more compacted turd in me, but it wouldn't budge. I flushed. Wiped the toilet. And returned to my friends.

I'm STILL constipated though! I hate not pooing! I'm so bloated from it all. I'm going to try to eat more fiber and leafy greens so I can push out the huge poop that must be inside of me. Wish me luck!

That was sure a shitty way to fix things! <G> Couldn't you have connected it to the tank when you did that?

Caryl Marie


Last year we had a woman come to our social studies class on career day and talk about business. I remember her saying the biggest challenge was multi-tasking, which is doing different things all as part of the workday.

Well, yesterday I was bored and walked down to Wal-Mart to look at school stuff. After about an hour, I felt I had to piss so I went to the bathroom which had five stalls. All were in use. I usually don't look into the crack between the door and stall because because just seeing legs sitting there is enough for me. However, in the end stall which I was closest to I heard some sounds that were not normal. One was like a glup sound when you're drinking soda through a straw and there were other rustlings of paper. Sure enough, there was this girl about my age (middle school) sitting on the toilet, underwear and jeans down all the way to the floor and one one knee she had a sandwich like a hamburger and on the other, a large container of soda and she was eating away.

I don't think that's an appropriate thing to do in a public restroom. What opinions do you guys have?


Bathroom explosion

My girlfriend and i were at my parent house and my parents were making chili. it was maybe 20 minutes after dinner while we were having coffee my girlfriend said she had to go to the bathroom at the time so she excused herself. She was very shy about using the bathroom at the time. I followed her toward the bathroom and asked her whats wrong and she said she only had to pee when she really had diarrhea. So i guess she decided to hold it in and went in to pee. i waited outside because i wanted to have some alone time with her before i went back to my parents. I went in the bathroom when i heard her finish peeing and she had just pulled her thong up. She smiled and i went over to her. I grabbed her and started making out with her. Then we both sat on the floor continuing to kiss. She sat on top of me with her chest facing me. She started to rock back and forth and I guess her stomach was bothering her but she was to shy to say anything. She started to moan and i thought she was just getting turned on. I grabber her ass when all of a sudden she exploded. Diarrhea slid down her legs onto to me. At that point she just held onto me because she was to embarrassed to do anything. After that we cleaned it up and she took a shower. i made something up to my parents and everything was okay:)

Fear Accidents

I know of a couple girls from high school so pre 2006 that peed their pants at haunted house attractions, so they do happen


Latest Poop

I went out for a run earlier this afternoon and by when I was coming back I was feeling a need to poop. I got home and went straight to the bathroom, but someone was using it. Luckily, a short time later, there was a flush and my sister came out. I went in, pulled down my shorts and sat on the toilet. Despite having to go pretty badly a few minutes before, I just didn't have to go anymore. I sat for a little while to see if the urge would come back and it didn't.

I left the bathroom and went to relax in my room and listen to some music. Some time later, I let off a few loud bassy farts and I went to fart again but I realized that one wasn't just gas. I held it back just in time and scurried out to the bathroom again. I seated myself on the toilet and I began to push out the head of a turd. I had a few inches of it protruding from of my butt and it was continuing to emerge but very slowly. Normally I don't read in the bathroom, but I was kinda bored sitting there with a "brown tail" just waiting for it to snap off. Finally the turd did break off and fall into the water. I waited to see if more would come. After a bit, I wiped three times then flushed.


Mr Clogs / Wiping

For most of my life I have always wiped from front to back after a BM.
Because of my disability, I shift myself slightly on the toilet so that
I can raise my right buttock and obtain access to my area to be wiped.

A long time ago when I was a kid, I attended a school for disabled children. There were many kids who needed help going to the bathroom.
Some kids were assisted in transferring from their wheelchairs to the toilet in order to have a bowel movement. The women who assisted them
wiped them (boys) from the front by reaching under them while they were still seated on the toilet. On numerous occasions I have tried to
wipe myself in this manner (by reaching under my genitals and wiping from back to front) but I've never been able to get myself clean
especially if I'm very messy (which nowadays is usually always the case for me).

I've had a life long fascination with "bathroom stuff" and I remember
about 20 years ago I was reading a women's magazine (I have no idea why) and there was a health article that said that women should always
wipe themselves from front to back so that they don't get fecal material into their vaginas thereby preventing urinary tract infections and the like.

Sarah from Calgary

Accident on Ha Ling Peak

Hi everyone. It's been a while since my last post. I haven't had much happening on the diarrhea front until last weekend…

My husband Steven and I went for a hike up Ha Link Peak near Canmore last weekend. The hike up to the peak takes about three hours but only takes about an hour and a half to get down. Anyway, we went on Saturday and I wore a pair of tan coloured yoga pants and a white tank top. Underneath I wore pink flowery bikini panties and a white bra. I also brought a change of clothes for after our hike, which I ended up needing quite badly.

Before our hike, we stopped at Subway in Canmore to buy some wraps to each for lunch at the top of the mountain. The hike up went pretty good and we got some really nice pictures. We had lunch and walked around the top of the mountain for a little while. I started getting some bad cramps after we ate. I thought that it could be PMS cramps, but my period was still a few days away. Actually, it started today (Friday, August 19th). Since there were no porta-potties around and we were above the tree line, I knew that we needed to leave so I could get to the toilets at the bottom of the mountain. I told Steven that I wasn't feeling well, so we started down the mountain.

The walk down from the top was difficult with all the loose rock, which meant a lot of slipping and using your hands to keep from falling. Anyway, as we were going down this part, I cramped up really badly and started having diarrhea right there. It was really hard to keep my butt cheeks squeezed tight and at one point I slipped on the rock. When I slipped, my bowels slipped as well and a rush of wet diarrhea shot into my panties. When I got my feet back under me, I stopped and put my right hand around my bum to assess the damage. It was pretty bad. I could feel the wetness start to leak through my panties. I had a worried look on my face and Steven came over to ask me what was wrong. I said, "I don't feel good. We need to hurry down." He said, "Okay, no problem." I didn't tell him that I just pooped my pants and he walked in front of me, so he didn't see the stain or bulge on my bum. Other people walking by gave me some interesting looks after catching a glimpse of my bum area.

Halfway down the mountain I cramped up again and stopped suddenly. Steven didn't notice at first and kept walking as I stood there trying not to fill my pants again. When he finally noticed that I wasn't behind him, he came back and saw the expression on my face. He asked again what was wrong and I didn't answer him. He came right up to me and said, "Sarah, what is it?" I could feel my face go red and said quietly, "Oh god!" And then an eruption of diarrhea bubbled out of me, filling up the back and front of my panties in a matter of seconds. I had to go again causing the mess to spread out of the leg holes of my panties and go down the back and insides of my legs. My tan yoga pants were stained right through and it was really obvious that I had filled my pants really badly.

The rest of the walk down the mountain was just terrible. I kept having diarrhea in my pants. We finally got back to our vehicle and I grabbed my change of clothes and headed towards the out-houses. Cleaning up was impossible. My panties and yoga pants were so messy and I had it all over me. I cleaned myself up the best I could and put on my clean red bikini panties and jeans, bit I still had quite a bit of mess on me, so I knew that my clean clothes would be messy as well.

On our drive back to Calgary, I started feeling sick again. I started pooping my pants and said, "Oh god, no!" Steven asked if he wanted me to pull over and I said "Yes". But it was no use. By the time he pulled over, I had gone diarrhea in my red bikini panties and jeans. I didn't even bother to get out, I just sat there in my mess for the rest of the drive home.

By the time we got home, I had messed myself completely for a second time that day.

Thank you,
Sarah from Calgary.

Before the story I have a question. I was watching TV today and I saw a scene taking place at a college, Harvard I think, and the characters were in a "co-ed" bathroom. So Does anyone have any stories about dormitory bathrooms open for both sexes? I'd think that would be a great opportunity to listen to girls peeing or pooping.

Well, anyway... yesterday I was playing Truth or Dare with my friend Jenna. We'd been at a party before that and we both had probably had far too much to drink, and most of our dares were just stupid stuff. Jenna said something like, "I gotta poop real bad" and so I said, "Well, I dare you to let me watch you go."

And so she went off to the bathroom and I followed and she asked, "You're serious about this, aren't you?" and I replied, "Yup.", she said, "Alright, if you're really sure", Then she pulled down her jeans and thong and sat on the toilet. she spread her legs real wide and began to poop. She peed a strong stream for about thirty seconds while letting out a few small turds. Already there was a strong smell emanating from the toilet. It almost smelled like rotten eggs or sulfur. After she was done peeing, she followed up with several more turds, most of which floated on the surface of the toilet water.

I started to choke from the horrible smell she was putting out, and she laughed a little and said, "I warned you." and I went to leave, but then she told me, "Oh no you don't, you started this, you gotta stay to the end." and I just thought, "Why? Why did I ever think this was a good idea?". But luckily for me, she only had a few more turds left in her and then she wiped and flushed. The smell still persisted after the flush, but it helped a small amount.

Hi everybody. Yesterday I had my final resit exam, but this time I didn't need a poo during or right after it. I was driving home when the need came and it was very strong and sudden. There were services in 5 miles so I sped up a bit and got there as fast as I could. By the time I stopped I was getting bad cramps too and my load was pressing on my hole and wanting to get out fast. I quickly went to the loos but there was a big queue. Only a few people seemed to be pooing but lots of people were taking over 5 minutes to finish even if they weren't. People were complaining at how slow the queue was moving. By the time I got into a toilet 10 minutes later I was bursting for my number two. The seat had wee all over it so I had to quickly wipe it down before I lowered my jeans and panties and sat.
At first my poo moved slowly until it was at my hole and then it all burst out in one go, about 8 soft bits and a fart too. I exploded into the bowl and let out a groan of relief. And that was that- within a few seconds the main event was over. I had three more bits to push out over the next few minutes but the main bulk of my crap was out in seconds, as is so often the way when you're desperate and your poo is soft or runny!
I quickly finished and left because I knew some of the people waiting must have been desperate like I was! Stopping gave me an excuse to fill myself up again with a McDonalds!

Will post more very soon. Bye!

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