Poop holding dream

To Michelle:
Hi Michelle. I think you and me are very alike with our toilet habits. I've often pood outside and love to hold it untill I'm desperate. Sometimes I hold it a bit too long when I can't get to a toilet, so you can guess the rest. Have you ever done that? I love that but only if no one sees it happen. That is unless it's Kirsty of course.
To Brandon T:
Hi Brandon. I sometimes dream about pooing. The last one I had was a while ago now. I'd been constipated for 3 days and just before I went to bed I ate a load of fruit. I drempt I was at a party in a very large house. I was busting for a poo and there were lots of bathrooms all over the house but none of them felt right for me to use. They were either in use or had too many people close by and I didn't want anyone to know I was having a poo. I found one bathroom at the top of the house in an attic room but the door was stiff and when I tried to open it one of the hinges broke and I didn't want to use too much force in case I did any more damage. I went over to the other side of the attic and found a bucket but I was worried about using it in case anyone came up and saw me taking a huge poo. I went down to the floor below and tried a few bedroom doors but I heard noises coming from the inside so I didn't enter. One door I tried was silent, so I opened it. Inside was a single bed with a door on the other side of the room. I walked across to the door and opened it to find a walk in wardrobed so that was no help; Or so I thought. I was about to close it when I realised there was another door on the other side. I Scrambled through the clothes and opened it. Bingo! A toilet! But there was no water in it and when I looked closer it wasn't even connected up to anything. Oh well no luck there. By now I was getting desperate and didn't have a lot of time to decide on which bathroom to use. I wanted privacy though and the only one that offered that was the one I'd just found. Only it wasn't connected up so it wasn't an option. I walked out of the room and through the bedroom into the hallway. I was about to poo my pants so I just went back to the nearest bathroom and entered. Once inside I closed the door and pulled my jeans and panties down and sat on the toilet. Just as I was about to go I looked up to see 6 people were with me. I had to pull my clothes back up in a hurry and got then all bunched up in the process. I ran out of there still pulling them up and made my way to another bedroom to find it had a very nice en suite. It was like a palace, with marble flooring and walls. The sight of it was heaven but the problem was it was just too posh. It felt wrong having a big messy crap in such a palacial bathroom. I was about to walk out but the pressure in my bowels meant I'd be doing it in my pants and I had to use it......
I woke up at this point and my need to poo wasn't just a dream. I ran to the bathroom holding my bum as the poo pushed it's way towards the back of my panties. By the time I got to the toilet I had about 3 inches of semi solid poo in my pants. I quickly pulled them down, sat on the toilet and relaxed. It was loose and came out quickly, and the relief was absolute heaven. It was almost like I was still dreaming and I had to pinch myself to make sure I was awake because if I wasn't I'd be filling my panties!


Hi Lauren

Thank you for intruducing yourslef on this site. I would love to hear more pee stories. Peeing stories are my favourite

Thanks in advance


Upstate Dave

My Working Vacation Day 12 Painting Part 7

Brandon T you asked who was the first girl that I had seen pee was the little red haired girl that lived across the road from me. Her name was Louise. She was the closest to my age at this time and I and her became friends and playmates and always would be together. We would have a strong friendship from before we started school and to the day when I moved away which was for close to four years.

Now Brandon we lived in a very small town back in the mid late 1950s. It was a country town too. Our house on three sides was boardered by farm fields. That was my playground along with Louise. Especailly when the hay had grown where it was taller then us! There she and I would play hide and seek or duck duck goose in the high hay.

Well there was one day we were playing out in the hay field together. We both had to pee and quite badly! Niether one of us wouyld not be able to go home to pee. So we agreed to go right there in the field together. Luise did say to me not to look at her this first time. So we both sqauted down back to back and peed! We both did har each other going which we both laughed .

When we had finished we both had stood up but yet had pulled our shorts up. Whatwe did was that we looked at the ground to see how much we had peed! That' when we saw each other! I remember Louise staring at me and I her for several long moments. Thenwe both smiled and then laughed some too. Then we both yanked up our underware and shorts!

Then we went back to our playing. When we were one playing I walked Luise home. As we came out of the tall hay Luise said she had a lot of fun! Then she also told me she really liked peeing with me! I told her I did too! So we both sinced we had liked doing it so much we from that time on would pee together outside when ever we had to go! The seond time we did pee together in the field again we did face each other when we did pee! It was always like that form that second time on!

Ok let me go one with my posting now. Jill and I had gone over to the school playground. We had drank a bottle of soda along with a something to snack on. We talked some too as we swung on the swings for awhile also. The talk was about our painting and Jill mentioned about when it was finished about what we would get paid for doing it. I assured Jill we would get paid and we would wind up getting a good amount. My grandmother always did pay well for well done work.

We could had stayed longer at the school but since I knew to get finished tomorrow I would have to be up early. I told Jill this which she agreed we should leave. But before we do go I have to take one more piss Dave! Jillo said to me laughing lightly. So I smiled and said ok back to Jill. I also said; How bout over behind the firehouse? (Which was rightnext to the playgrounds right side and a short walk too!)

So that's where Jill and I walked quickly over to o that she could piss! I would also wind up pissing also. As soon as we had walked past the left back corner of the firehouse Jill stopped walking. Jill pulled her shorts right down as she sqauted down. Jill had her shorts at just above her knees. In a few short seconds that's all it took her to start pissing!

I saw a thin angled outward and downward steram of piss shoot out from Jills vaginas slit. It let of a nice steady hiss as soon as Jill started to piss! Jill too let out a soft sight sigh right after she had started pissing. Her stream itself was thin with a short thin twist. Where her piss had struck the ground there was hard packed dirt only. So at first her piss turned the brown dirt dark brown.

I stood there watching Jill piss with my arms folded. Now with the hard packed dirt after several seconds time haveing passed Jill had pisse enough her piss wasn't soaking into the dirt. A thin piss puddle had formed only being a small one. Now having this thin piss puddle her flowing piss was splashing in the thin puffle adding the splashing dound along with her piss streams hissing.

Jill I would have to say pissed about close to twenty seconds before she had her stream ease right off,then did a couple of wak shorts psurts , and last did some driping for several long seconds too. Jill grabbed her shorts and pulled them right up as she stood up. Took a sngle step forward and turned right around. She looked down and saw her piss puddle which was slowly shrinking in size as her piss now was soaking into the dirt.

Then Jill said; Even made a small puddle too! How bout that! Then Jill said to me; You going to go too before we leave? I told Jill I was so she stepped aside to let me stand where she was standing. I stepped takeing her place. As I moved I had pulled my zipper down on my shorts. I had my fingers inside of it when I stood still. I pulled my penis right out and I aimed it at the back brick wall of the firehouse! Jill seeing where I was aimed let out a giggle.

I started to piss right after I had aimed my penis at the firehouses brick wall! My stream wasn't all that strong so it didn't hit the wall all that hard. Its impact only made a small splash hiting the bricks. So even with the small splashing of my piss on the bricks I did have multiple piss trails still that ran down the wall to the ground. They were justreal close to each other.

Now having drank that bottle of soda I thought I would have pissed a lot more then I did. My piss this time was on the short side. I in bout ten seconds or so I had stopped pissing. But I could feel that I could do some spurts of piss to finish off with. So I did do some spurts which the four I managed to do were all short ones too. Then I was done. Jill did enjoy my piss anway. She did giggle each time I sent a spurt out and hit the wall when I did do my four spurts in a row to finish.

I slipped my penis back inside my shorts and zipped them up. Jill and I turned and started heading over to our bikes. On the walk over Jill told me she would see me first thing in the morning. I will be over early! Make sure you are ready too! I laughed and told her that she didn't have to worry about me! I'll be up and waiting for you!

Jill then told me she would be ready also. Just make sure that you have plenty to drink! I'm makeing sure that I am! Now I laughed harder! Jill had let me know what she wanted to do besides paint! I said ok to that too. We had reached our bikes now so we got on them. Jill took off rideing fast which she cut through the Doucher's side yard to her house. So that left me t head right home to my grandmothers instead of with Jill. So I did ride directy over to my grandmothers house. To be continuied.

Gabriel (Tizzy)
Abbie: Leanne you too,

I love reading your stories about how you burst to go for a poo i like the way you express yourself how you do it please i would like to read more about your poos its soo interesting.
Leanne you are amazing how you was talking about your pooing too when you was surfing the net. I would also like to here more of your stories too



someone asked about constipation stories several days ago and i have one. I am a diabetic and i take medication that causes my poop to be hard most of the time. When i wipe it takes only a few sheets of TP.

Also i do not go every day which is normal for me. Several years ago i had my gall Bladder taken out and when i woke up I could not pee. The nurse(female) thought it was because she was in the room, that was not it. I was totally cleaned out and just could not pee. she let me go to the toilet, i squatted and pulled the gown up and finally relaxed enough to go.

As to the constipation my doctor gave me pain meds, but it started stopping me up and I quit the meds the next day!!


Beach Bathrooms

I've been in Hawaii for the past few days, staying across the street from the beach. The public restroom across the street from me has a very small men's room, just barely enough room for a toilet, sink and urinal. I took a dump there once, and just had one guy walk in on me and then back out when he saw me on the can. I'm feeling a bit of an urge to dump coming on right now, so I may head up the road a bit and unload in the other restroom that also has 3 doorless stalls. One is right as you come in, and is large, with the toilet on the other side of the stall. The other 2 are next to the urinal. Maybe I'll have a dump buddy in this one.


It's been a while!

Hey all, I used to post way back in 2008 about some of my experiences at college. I'm all grown up now hehe, and reading some of AmyLee's posts about pooping at the office has inspired me to begin posting again. I don't really know why I stopped. I guess this little interest is something I've tried to ignore and get rid of, but I've never have been able to. I am interested in hearing women (especially my age range - early 20s) take dumps. That's the scared truth.

Kitty: Welcome to college, hun! I think you will soon find out that you are putting yourself through a lot of agony for nothing. You are actually lucky to only share a bathroom with 3 other girls as a freshman. Usually you are part of a floor and the bathroom can accommodate double digit girls. So, look at that as a positive! :) I'd say when you have to poop, just poop. Do you guys have spray in there? Even better. Don't end up giving yourself lifelong stomach problems because of a poop shyness.

AmyLee: I love your posts! I admit they can be a little gross - even I am not a huge fan of a lady making loud grunts or having smelly diarrhea. Sometimes I get embarrassed for the other lady and get out of there. I know it all happens, but I prefer a girl having a nice three log poop. Hehe!

I was lucky to get a job shortly after I graduated, and it's for a big financial company. So, as you can imagine, there's rarely any P&Q in the ladies room. Similar to AmyLee, I'm not crazy about dropping bombs with other women listening, but I've gotten used to having to just go and occasionally that involves a loud plop! Oh well!

Just a few weeks ago, I was heading into the bathroom for a pee and a stall door was closing just as I entered in. I left a buffer stall between, and pretty soon we were both peeing. As mine died down, I noticed no movement in the other stall so I peeked under to see if the shoes looked young or not. As much as I like hearing girls poop, I'm not crazy about hearing older women go. And, more often that not, they are the ones who will put on a show. So, I saw a cute pair of flats in the heels-up pooping pose and knew this was most likely someone under 30. I got that shiver :) because I knew what was about to happen. No sooner did I hear "ploomp", "splunk" "plunk" followed by a short pfft. I was a happy girl! I didn't want to look weird since it was quiet in there, so I wiped my area, flushed and pulled my pants up. Pretty amazingly, I heard my stallmate do the same and it sounded like she was going to come out about the same time I did. That's a rarity as even proud poopers will usually wait for the coast to clear in an attempt to hide her identity. Anyways, I exited and was washing up, and out walks this really pretty blonde named Emily. She is relatively new, but we work close to each other so we said hello. She didn't seem embarrassed and the bathroom didn't really have a smell, but even so, I was impressed and shaking a little due to the excitement. We made small talk and she actually left first, which allowed me to pull myself together before returning to the office. I definitely look forward to THAT happening again, and now that I know she's not shy, maybe I won't be when I'm around her.

Take care, all. - MK

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Greg (Josh's Friend)

A Classic Tale from Greg's Stall

Hey Guys,

As I was remembering some of my old Mike and Josh stories, I remembered this very cool experience when Mike and I were just 15 and Josh was just 13. It was one of the very first times I ever saw Josh take a dump although that experience has been repeated many times over the years.

I was traveling to Tennessee with my family and had Mike and Josh along as well as their older brother Brian (16 at the time) and we had eaten lunch about an hour before. All of us had taken dumps that morning before setting out except for Josh. However, soon after lunch, Josh's bowels started working big-time and before too long a whole bunch of turds began piling up in his butt. Pretty soon, Josh was quite badly loaded and quite desperate for the services of a toilet. Josh then pretty much pleaded with my dad to turn off at the next rest which was 13 miles up the road. My dad agreed and for the next 12 minutes or so, the desperately loaded Josh sat squirming and grimacing in a desperate fight to hold his shit inside him. Josh crossed his legs in a desperate bid to somehow keep his shit-filled butt clenched shut. My dad hurried as best he could to the rest stop understanding the badly-loaded Josh needed to shit urgently and was weakening quickly. Of course, Mike, Brian, and I were totally enjoying Josh's plight watching him squirm as he struggled valiantly to hold his crap. The weakening Josh didn't find it as funny feeling he was on the verge of filling his pants with shit as his badly-loaded butt throbbed and throbbed with unremitting intensity.

Finally arriving at the rest stop, we quickly piled out of the car with the urgently-loaded Josh high-tailing it to the bathroom. Mike, Brian and I followed closely behind figuring we could give the bumming Josh a hard time as he sat helplessly crapping with his pants down around his calves. Entering the restroom, we noticed that all the stalls were without doors and that Josh was working frantically to get the toilet seat in the end stall wiped down and lined with paper. At that point, we decided to have some fun with Josh and headed over to his stall where he was hastily preparing for a greatly-needed bowel movement. As we arrived, Josh was just turning around to face out and saw our smiling faces in the doorway. Too weakened to resist the overpowering urge to shit, our arrival did not deter the desperately loaded Josh from hurriedly dropping his pants and collapsing to the badly-needed toilet.

"WHAT are you doing?" Josh asked incredulously as he urgently dropped his pants and sat down. A moment later, Josh was helpless in the throes of a shit as the badly-loaded boy furiously unleashed an absolutely HUUUUGE load of crap. Feeling the massive load of excrement leaving his young body Josh was rolling his eyes helplessly and moaning in relief as the enormous fecal monster blasted right through my helpless buddy and stormed into the desperately-needed crapper. As I said before, Josh was 13 at the time but he was a big athletic 13. He was already 5'10 and 160 pounds at the time and wore size 12 shoes. Josh ate like a bottomless pit and I understand his shits were absolutely massive like this astronomical pile he was currently expelling from his body.

Immediately upon hearing this massive overwhelming excremental rush, Mike, Brian, and I started laughing uncontrollably. What can I say? We were KIDS then!!

"What do you guys WANT?" Josh moaned as his monstrous shit wave finally subsided.

"We're here to keep you company Josh! You know, so you don't feel all alone in the world!" I cracked.

"I don't NEED any company at the moment, thank you very much." Josh groaned.

"Oh come on, Josh!" Mike said. We're brothers! We're here to support each other in times of need!"

"You can support me by letting me TAKE A DUMP in PEACE!!" Even at 13 years of age, Josh's voice had an air of authority and confidence and the sense of humor in his tone was evident. These are qualities that have served him very well in his life since!!

Just as we were really getting into giving Josh a hard time, another badly-loaded young man desperately needing a SERIOUS dump anxiously dashed into the restroom, and let me tell you, it was clearly obvious right away that this dude needed to shit, and I mean he REALLY needed to SHIT!! This guy was an older teenager about 17-18 years old and besides carrying a MAJOR load, you could just tell this guy had an ATTITUDE as well. Right away, I, Mike and Brian were a bit intimidated by this guy because you could tell he was no-nonsense and wasn't about to take any flak from us, or anyone else for that matter. We also didn't want to look geaky in front of an older teenager by giving a younger teen a hard time while taking a shit. The intimidating effect was enhanced by his short blonde hair trimmed in a military style crew cut and steely pale blue eyes that seemed to cut right through you. I figure he was about 6' tall, 185 pounds with muscular arms, a "V" shaped chest and torso, well-defined quad muscles and a round butt with buns of steel. Obviously, this was one SOLIDLY-built young man who was about to shit. Unsurprisingly, his t-shirt indicated he played football somewhere. His butt also urgently needed to be relieved as it had become badly loaded with a substantial amount of crap that caused it to throb relentlessly under the intense driving pressure.

Mike, Brian, and I then dispersed over to the urinals when he gave us a dirty look (or so we perceived it.) We could tell this guy was really distressed and needed a serious crap because of the way he nervously inspected each of the three remaining stalls as he pondered his somewhat limited options. This dude obviously dreaded the idea of crapping in a doorless stall, but resistance against the relentless crushing pressure in his badly-loaded butt was futile.

Only reluctantly accepting his inevitable defeat, the desperately-loaded boy eventually selected the second of the four stalls which meant there would be an empty stall between him and the bumming Josh sitting at the end while leaving the near stall vacant. We could then hear the distressed young man then work hurriedly with a palpable sense of urgency and purpose to get the seat wiped down and lined with toilet paper. The very proud but defeated boy then turned around, unbuckled his belt, unzipped his pants and dropped them to the floor before mounting his throbbing shit-filled butt to the badly-needed toilet.

A moment later, the vanquished teenager abandoned all resistance to the overpowering pressure and the badly-loaded young man was immediately rendered helpless as a MASSIVE devastating barrage of gas and shit thundered right through his badly-overwhelmed butt with explosive force and stormed violently into the desperately-needed toilet hitting the walls and water with numerous loud splashes and plops. For several moments, the toilet sounded like one of the battle scenes from "Saving Private Ryan" as the defeated young man sat there helplessly farting and filling the badly-needed toilet with shit. However, nothing except the toilet could save this bumming young man and there sure was nothing private about his torrential bowel movement as Mike, Brian, Josh and I all clearly heard the mass of stools storming out of his fit young athletic body. The awesome tidal wave of shit prompted some spontaneous groans of relief from the greatly overwhelmed young man bumming on the toilet.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh��" The helplessly bumming athlete groaned as still more shit thundered out of his overpowered butt and piled up in the urgently-needed crapper. "Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhh��You've got to be KIDDING me!!!!!" He moaned in seeming disbelief as more and more shit kept coming out of him. Despite his words, his voice most definitely had a tone of relief and gratitude in it!

Hearing the young guy's explosive defecation and his groans of relief from our vantage point at the urinals, Mike, Brian and I started looking at each other and even started laughing under our breath realizing the overwhelmed guy had been rendered completely helpless and that he was totally in the throes of an overwhelming shit. We were safe for the time being! There's just SOMEthing about being in the throes of an overwhelming shit that seems to make a person a bit less intimidating at the moment!! :-0 (Of course, Mike's and Josh's moments would come later and are well chronicled in the pages of this forum!) As for Josh, he used the reprieve of us no longer harassing him along with the explosive noisy cover of his overpowered neighbor to bear down and expel the rest of his crap from his own body without risk of further harassment! Within five minutes or so he was finished and able to start wiping up.

Meanwhile, the laughter Mike, Brian, and I were enjoying from Sergeant Rock's explosive bowel movement was interrupted by the entrance of another intimidating figure into the restroom. This dude was about 45 years old and in very good shape and had the same blonde buzz cut and steely blue eyes as the helpless young dude unleashing a massive pile on the crapper. And if it was Sergeant Rock who was helplessly taking a big overpowering shit, then THIS was General Patton. Anyhow, he comes into the restroom and inspects the urinal area as if expecting to find someone while seeming to inspect Mike, Brian, and myself at the same time. Instinctively, we reverted to our best behavior so as not to get thrown in the brig!

Not finding what he wanted, General Patton then calls out, "Hey Scott, are you in here?"

"Yeah," Came a hesitant-sounding grunt from Sergeant Rock's stall sounding like he really didn't want to be identified or just didn't want to talk at the moment.

"Oh!" Continued General Patton looking down the row of toilet stalls and observing his bumming son's pants hanging around his ankles. "You're on the TOILET! Ok." It was like this was his first inkling that his desperately loaded son might be deep in the throes of a badly-needed shit. The General's voice also carried like a foghorn so now everyone in the rest stop plaza knew that Scott was "on the TOILET."

"Yeah." Scott replied in an embarrassed-sounding voice. "I needed to take a dump." He continued, blatantly understating the obvious. If this was just a dump, then the D-Day invasion was just a minor border skirmish!

"OK." Said General Patton. "We'll all wait by the car. How much longer do you think you'll be?"

"I'm going to need another 5 minutes." Scott replied, now sounding absolutely humiliated. How could it not have been absolutely CRYSTAL clear to Scott's father that his urgently-loaded son was just DYING for an ENORMOUS shit when they were pulling into the rest stop plaza? When Scott had come into the restroom seeking a toilet, he looked ready to explode and fill his pants with shit right then and there.

"Ok," Replied Scott's father. "We'll see you outside."

"Yeah." Grunted Scott sounding like he wanted to keep the conversation as short as possible.

"Geeze," Thought Scott to himself. (Or so I speculate!) "Why did dad have to announce to the whole freakin' world that I'm taking a shit? I love him and all that but he can be such a PUTZ sometimes!"

Mike and Brian followed Scott's father out of the restroom while I was a bit longer finishing up. A moment later, I heard a bunch of light grunts coming from Scott's stall before his butt started crackling and sputtering as Scott began bumming again, struggling to grind out his residual crap. A couple moments later the boy began struggling again and another "Urrggh, ugggh" was followed by still more shit crackling out of Scott.

I then finished up at the urinal and went over to the sinks to wash up. The sinks were just across from the toilet stalls and I carefully used my peripheral vision to see if I could get a few glimpses of Scott sitting there struggling with his pants down. Scott did not bother to look up as I went to the sink instead just sitting there staring at the floor with his right hand clenching his left hand like he was concentrating and readying for another concerted push. With this in mind, I risked getting another glimpse of him in the mirror as I washed up. From the mirror I could see Scott struggle and brace for battle yet again as his muscles started tensing from the effort. The beleaguered young man on the toilet then grunted and moaned again as he fought to drive out some more residual crap that landed on top of the already massive pile that Scott had bummed out previously.

Finishing up, I decided to see how Josh was doing and stood just outside his stall as Scott continued to do battle.

"Hey Josh," I began. "Sorry about harassing you earlier. No hard feelings??"

"Oh, you're cool!" Josh replied. "I would have done the same thing!" Even at this young age, Josh already had an incredibly well-developed sense of perspective, self-confidence and the ability to not take himself too seriously. This was something the self-conscious Scott seemed to lack, at least from my brief observation of him and how he responded under pressure.

"Are you about done?" I continued. "I think we're about ready to roll."

"Yeah. I'm finishing up right now." Josh replied as he began tearing toilet paper off the roll. Josh was finished up with his big dump while it was apparent the grunting Scott was still in the throes of his draining and arduous struggle.

As I walked out, I was able to get another look at Scott who looked absolutely GREAT struggling on the toilet. This time, I looked right in since he wasn't even bothering to look up. Scott was apparently gearing up for yet another push as his fit muscular body was tensing yet again. Sure enough, as I was leaving, the struggling young man started grunting and began bumming again as more shit crackled out of him.

"Ugggggggh." Scott grunted with a strained-sounding voice as the shit dropped into the bowl. This struggle of this big overwhelming shit now seemed to be weakening Scott and I guessed that the long protracted battle to drive all that shit from his body was going to leave Scott just EXHAUSTED when it was finally all over.

I wondered why Scott never bothered to look up all those times I went by his stall and looked in. Maybe Scott was just trying to get his big shit over and done with. Maybe it was the psychology that if he didn't see me, then I wouldn't see him. Maybe Scott was already sufficiently embarrassed by his dad and he felt that he could spare himself more indignation by keeping his head humbly bowed in penitence. Maybe Scott was trying to re-establish his somewhat bruised male dominance by not acknowledging me (or anyone else) during his shit. Or maybe the grueling ordeal had simply sapped his strength and he didn't have the energy to raise his head. It's fun to speculate on these things!

A few minutes later, Josh joined us outside wearing a big contented grin and telling us how much better he felt. We finished up by exercising our dogs a bit more and throwing a Frisbee around before deciding to get going again. It was a full TWELVE minutes from the time I left the bathroom before an EXHAUSTED-looking Scott finally emerged from the restroom clearly weakened from his massive and overwhelming shit, a bit longer than the 5 minutes he promised his dad. He apparently must have needed to struggle out several more rounds of residual shit before he was ready to wipe up and leave.

It was probably a good thing that Scott was such a fit young man and in good physical condition for such a demanding workout!! :-O He then got into a van with his folks and 4 other kids who had been waiting for him before driving off. As they got into the van, one of Scott's younger brothers teased him with the old joke about how they thought he fell in. Poor guy. Instead of jokes, Scott deserved PRAISE for just surviving and eventually prevailing in such a bitter hard-fought battle! But then again, his bowels were empty and relieved and maybe that's all he needed to find contentment!

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