Log Launchin'

Being an aircraft mechanic, you can get a call to fix anything.......even shit. One night, got a call that the aircraft lav would not dump into the truck. The ground crew pulled the handle, but nothing came out. I verified the valve worked, and knew something was clogging the line. Well, it was late and my options of finding things to unclog the line, were nill. So, I did the next best thing. I locked the dump handle open, and closed up the aircraft. Started the engine and started to pressurize the aircraft on the ground. I knew when the line became unclogged because the pressure in my ears dropped instantly. I shut down, went outside to survey the damage, and it looked like a porta potty was dropped on the ground from 36000 feet. Their was blue water, toilet paper and ramp buscuits everywhere. One chunk looked like a baseball (do they makes assholes big enough to pass things of this size?). Needlesss to say, we kicked the shit out of the aircraft and it was returned to service.

Hello I went to the movies last night and had to use the hige gross bathroom in the middle of my movie. I didn't want to sit on the disgusting toilet seat to do my poop (im a boy by the way, 15 years old) so i hovered my butt over it and pushed. My poop just kept on coming and coming and seemed to never break off. Finally it did and i heard a loud splat instead of a plop. I looked down to see my gigantic foot-and-a-half long poop sitting on the floor next to the toilet. The guy in the next stall over could see it and yelled "gross"! I got very worried, but had to fart, so i let it out. It was very very loud and once again I heard a splat. I looked down again to see a little but wide wet turd next to my long one. I wiped and threw the paper in the toilet, and wondered what I should do. Now it was starting to smell up the room and people waiting and walking by could see it. The toilet paper was the cheap thin kind so i couldn't use that to grip it. I decided to just leave it and run. When the movie was over my friends went in and said "ew someone pooped on the floor in there". I just said "what a diisgusting idiot" and left with a smile



Hi everyone this my first story.
Well my college room mate is a girl and hell she shit a storm one time went to her house for Christmas and she doesn't like going to the bathroom at her parents house because she always block It so the hole week while we were she held it in it was pretty funny watching her trying to hold it. the day we left I thought asking her out but it want my luck because when asked her she let out a large fart in the car I almost died from laughter . well she blushed and got mad at me for laughing and hit me but I kept laughing. when we got back to our room she ran in to the bathroom lifting her dress and dropping her nice blue panties and sat on the toilet (she left the door open it was a nice view) she started to pee then herd horror she relaxed I yelled out " you better not and she said "to late but you can " she open her leg and saw her poop it was 3 inch. thick and it just kept getting longer and longer . then I left because I couldn't stand there wanting eat lunch and 30 mins. I came back and she was crying on the bed and I asked her Wats wrong and she said "I killed the toilet " then I look in the toilet and yell dam I called a plumber the next day to put in a new toilet the plumber was shocked too and had a good laugh to.

Me and some friends went boating at a lake outside of town since it was another very hot and humid day. It was refreshing to go out on the water and go for a swim. I had a beer as well as two sodas and some water. The boat didn't have a washroom so I was dying to unload my bladder after about an hour and half on the water. I was also needing to shit since I hadn't gone for two days. I tried to hold it in but it was becoming unbearable. I discreetly let out a few farts that were quite smelly. We went to the fuel dock to get some more fuel for the boat. It was a pretty remote part of the lake so me and Kevin ventured off to find an outhouse. After walking half a mile down a gravel pathway I didn't want to go any further because the rocks were quite jagged.

We continued on for another short bit down a small and remote pathway in the brush and tall grass. I was contemplating going in the bushes but Kevin wanted to continue for a bit since we didn't bring the toilet paper off the boat. Eventually we came upon two outhouse toilets completely in the open on a concrete pad at the end of the pathway. The toilets were all plastic and about 5 feet apart from each other. Of course we forgot the toilet paper and there was obviously none at the site. Kevin told me he would go back to the boat and get it. That would be great because I could unload in privacy until Kevin came back with it, although he would see me sitting on the toilet, but I didn't really care as long as I could unload my stinky shit without him being there to listen.

Just as he was about to turn around he said "oh what's this?". I saw him approach a small plastic bin to the side. He opened it up and there were about three or four rolls of toilet paper inside. "Great he said, I didn't want to walk all the way back to the boat". He picked up two rolls and passed me one. I took the far toilet and lifted the lid to see what condition the pit below was in. The smell was pretty strong and the hot day certainly wasn't helping the situation. It was mostly toilet paper at the top with many turds scattered about on the top. The seat was black so I knew it was going to be super hot. Sure enough as I seated myself down it scaled my butt but fortunately I was still wet from swimming so it cooled down a bit. I let out a very loud fart as pushed out two turds in quick succession with no effort. I then pissed for about 30 seconds as I unloaded a wave of soft shit. It felt like someone had lifted a ton of bricks of my stomach. I glanced at Kevin and saw he was straining quite a bit but he sighed a short time afterwards. I wiped about 15 times and unseated myself but I couldn't tell where my load had gone. I slammed the lid closed and went back to the boat while Kevin finished up. Jared went up as well just as I had returned and the two of them both came back about 10 minutes later.

Story Teller
Another story about my beloved aunt. This one took place at a movie threatre when I was about 6 or 7. Near the end of the movie my aunt put her hand on her stomache and said she had to go to the bathroom. Me and one of my cousins asked to go with her since we both had sucked down a coke and REALLY had to pee. Surprisingly, the bathrooms were actually empty, and fairly clean. My aunt was nice enough to let us go first, we both peed for about ten seconds. After we were done our aunt pulled down her pants and took a seat. She peed for about sixteen seconds before it dribbled off. She shifted slightly and gave a little grunt. Since the bathroom was so quiet, the crackling and splashing was unusually loud, up to the point my cousin and me could barely not giggle. After three loud splashes and a smaller one, she grabbed a wad of toilet paper and wiped. She wiped again and we left and didn't miss the ending of the movie.

New poster


To Emmie:
I have a constipation story for you. I was 14 and it happened at a campsite when I used to be in the scouts. I hated using the toilets on site because they were about a 300 hundred yards from our tents so I'd pee in the woods which were just behind the tents. I couldn't poo there as I didn't want anyone to see me and held it for 4 days. I felt quite unwell and very bloated. My stomach was swolen and I was getting cramps. I had to do something about it and went to the to toilets. I sat there for an hour without success and gave up. When I got back to the group I noticed 3 of them were missing. It turns out they had food poisoning and were in the woods pooing for England. I was worried I'd get it and sure enough that afternoon I had to make a dash for the toilets. I just made it in time and the moment I sat down I had the greatest poo ever. It wasn't runny a just a bit loose and I have to say it was the most relieving poo I'd ever had. The entire 4 days worth of poo emptied into the toilet messing it totaly. The bowl was full and when I flushed, it filled about half way up and drained away slowly. It failed to clear all the poo so I waited for it to fill back up and flushed again. That did the trick so I left and went back to my tent feeling a whole lot better and a few pounds lighter.

Mr. Clogs

Peed in a Cup

Last night I needed to pee, I was too tired to walk to the bathroom so I grabbed my trusty 32 ounce plastic fast food cups I keep in my bedroom for that purpose. I put the cup up to you know and peed a nice stream into the cup. I was finished about a minute later, I placed the piss filled cup on my computer desk. I got up the morning and poured out the cup to reuse later. Hope you enjoyed my little post, take care.

Mr. Clogs


fear accidents

i was just wondering do fear accidents actually occur. I've seen them in movies and heard people say they had the shit scared out of them so i was just wondering if people actually wet or mess themselves from fear in real life. also in films it seems to happen to men more often than women, is it a case of it being a thing that happens to males and not females. any info or stories would be appreciated. thank you

Happy Dude

Replies and birthing story

TO ANIME FAN: Welcome to the sight. You are probably constipated and need more fiber in your diet. Fruits, vegetables, and grains. I find eating sweet potatoes, mangoes, or even just getting a fiber supplement like phsyllium fiber works well. If you get constipated and have to push a lot, hemoriods develop. Those are blood vessels near or on the surface of the skin or in your rectum that bleed easily under stress. If I let myself get too constipated, and it's easy to do being a choco-holic, I have had bowel movements where the entire toilet in filled with blood. Yeah, it's gross and disturbing, but as long as I make changes in my diet, it will clear up when I start going normally again. Never told anyone, but I joke to myself that I must be on my period.

TO FERAL GIRL: And everyone else who is interested. When my wife was pregnant with my son, I took time to watch baby delivery videos online to prepare myself for what's going to happen in the delivery room. Let me tell you, every delivery is different and my wife's was no exception. Anyway, the answer to your question, when pushing the woman will just start erupting with pee or poop if the need arises during labor. Nurses and doctors don't mind. One video a nurse just takes a small container and puts it under the woman's butt as the poop comes out and catches it while she is spread eagle and the baby's head is crowning. I would think in the heat of the moment, most women don't take into consideration whether they are peeing or pooping while trying to give birth. Trying to pass a baby that feels like a watermelon out the vagina is probably all they are aware of. As for my own wife's delivery? Her pregnancy only lasted 8 months because my wife had preeclampsia. The doctor had to induce labor and we all thought it would be vaginal delivery, but wound up being C-section in the end. So no pushing or peeing or pooping. At one point the doctor broke her water and my wife had to lay on these hospital pads and let the fluid drip out. She said it felt like she was constantly peeing herself and it went on for awhile. I had to keep changing the pads for her. And I remember the smell the most. The room turned hot and humid smelling and had the same odor like a rain forest. I thought it very odd, but that's normal.

TO CAR MOM: Even though the stories might seem the same, the number of times they happen make it impressive and something to talk about. I'm always amazed at how many times your stuff has been peed on! One question though. Do you pee in the car and on the couch too? We always hear about the girls and your friends peeing, but don't remember stories of you, yourself peeing.


Mr. Clogs

Questions about wiping

I've got a question to both women and men here. When you wipe after taking a dump, do you wipe from front-to-back or back to front? Also have anyone taken a dump other than a bathroom like your bedroom, kitchen, basement, etc? Me I wipe from back-to-front. Your thoughts please. Thanks.

Mr. Clogs


Latest news

Hi everyone, its me Abbie again with another post, its really late but I can't sleep for some reason.
Emma and Leanne- enjoyed your stories and thanks for your comments.
Brandon T- thanks for your nice comments, I've told my cousin Amy about this site and she has posted once and will hopefully do so again soon, shes due to visit at the weekend. I'm trying to pluck up the courage to tell Lucy but I'm not sure quite how she'll react, I have written some quite personal things about her on here and I think she'll be cool with it but I need to find the right way of telling her.
Disappointed poster- sorry you haven't enjoyed my latest posts as much, I'm sure you can understand I enjoy posting but want to try to make sure I don't end up constipated all the time, as I don't think its very good for me. Although my poos are a bit easier at the moment it probably won't last long, normally going back to school throws my bowels right out of any routine I've managed to get going in the hols and I end up struggling again. This September its probably going to be even worse as I'm moving schools, the one I'm at isn't too good for the A levels I want to do so I'll be going to a different school over the other side of town.
Anyway, as nothing much has happened recently I thought I'd post about a few years back when I was really constipated not long after the summer hols at the start of Year 9, so I was 13. Back then the only loos available were the main girls toilets which were and still are horrible, I was absolutely adament I would only use them for a wee and hold in my poo till I got home even though by morning break I was usually bursting for a poo. The trouble was I got so good at putting off my need to open my bowels that after a few weeks I didn't feel like I wanted a poo any more by the time I got home so it was easy to forget to go, the need would always come back a few days later and I knew then I couldn't ignore it but by then it could well have been 4 or 5 days since my last poo so it would be a real struggle to push it out and I'd have to strain on the loo for quite a while. I remember one day probably at the end of September, I went to the toilet at the start of break as I was bursting for a wee, I also wanted a poo pretty badly as I'd been putting it off and I realised it was at least 4 days since I'd last opened my bowels. When I got to the loos they were almost deserted as we had actually been let out a couple of minutes early believe it or not, so I managed to get one of the few decent cubicles with a door that would lock. I put down my bag, lifted my skirt and then dropped my knickers and sat down, quietly sighing as my wee gushed out of me. I was feeling quite relaxed as the toilets were still really quiet, and I got this crazy idea that I could try to have the poo I knew I so desperately needed to push out, so I took a deep breath and bore down. After a lot of pushing I managed to work maybe a couple of inches out, of course by this time a load of girls had come into the loos as other lessons had finished so I didn't feel quite so happy sitting there with a huge fat turd sticking out of my bum, I knew there would be a queue and that other girls would be waiting for my cubicle. I relaxed and hoped that the turd would get sucked back in but it just stayed there stretching my bumhole wide open. I got some loo roll, reached round and broke it off then lined my pants with some paper as well as I knew that I would end up with a massive skidmark otherwise. I flushed, pulled up my pants and let down my skirt, as I went out I got a few looks which was pretty embarasing, as I washed my hands I looked in the mirror and saw that I was red from all the pushing which just made me blush even more and made it look worse. I spent the rest of the day at school feeling really uncomfortable and couldn't wait till I could get home and push this massive poo in peace. After school I shot in through the front door, kicking off my shoes and dumping my bag before dashing upstairs. I went straight to my room and took off my skirt and school shirt so I was just in my crop top and knickers, if I know I'm in for a hard time on the loo I prefer to be just in my underwear. I went to the bathroom and took off my knickers, some poo had leaked into the paper I had put in them and gone through so I quickly rinsed them out and dumped them on the floor ready to wash after I was done. I sat on the loo now naked from the waist down and started to push, with each push I could feel the monster turd sticking out slightly more but it was really hard going, the turd was getting really wide now and stretching my bumhole to the limit. I stopped for a rest after a while and looked underneath my legs, I could see a huge knobbly log hanging down, it looked to be about four inches long already and I knew that there was loads more to come. I wrapped some loo roll around my hand, lifted my bum off the seat and tried pushing as hard as I could and pulling the turd. After a few pushes which felt like giving birth and made me grunt really loudly (I was glad I was on my own in the house, my sister was round a friends) I felt the turd move more quickly, and a few pushed later it slithered down into the bowl. I had to sit back down quickly as all at once some runny poo and a sudden spurt of wee came out. I looked into the bowl and saw this humungus poo, I knew it would never flush away so I quickly wiped my really sore bum, got dressed and went out into the garden to find a stick. I returned to the bathroom and chopped the poo up and luckily after a couple of flushes it did all go away. I went to lie on my bed to recover from the ordeal, I was feeling really weak and tired but at least my belly felt a lot better after getting rid of 4 or 5 days worth of poo!
Thanks for reading this, I'll post again soon, bye for now!!


Not allowed to poo. Old stories

To Enmie, DR.DM:
I used to hold my poo for several days at a time and ended up so constipated it took another day of laxatives to get things moving. It made my bowel movements so big it often blocked the toilet and if my mum knew I hadn't been for a few days she wouldn't let me use our toilet. Instead she would make me wait untill the next day and go at school or in a public toilet. I remember one time it had been 4 days since I last went so I took a laxative in the morning and went to school. By home time I still hand't been able to go so I went home feeling very full and bloated. When I got home my mum asked me he I'd had poo yet and I said "No." She lectured me about holding my poo and as usual she refused to let me go in the bathroom. Holding it untill I got to school the next morning wasn't an option as it was Friday so I decided to wait untill it got late and my mum would be asleep and do it in my waste bin. Well she was watching a late night film on tv and didn't go to bed untill 1:00 am. By then the laxative was working with a vengance and I really had to go. I waited an hour for mum to get to sleep and lowered my bum onto the bin. It was very soft almost liquid and it came out fast. I pood for quite a while and the relief was absolute heaven. I had a box of tissues on my bedside table so I wiped and tied up the bag ready for disposal in the morning. I went back to bed and had a really good sleep now my discomfort was gone. In the morning I got up and my mum found the bag all tied up and knew I'd used it for a toilet and was mad at me for it but it was worth it for the shear relief.

Hello. My name is Lauren. I am new to this site. My friend reads it all the time but has never posted and she told me about it. Thought I would try it out. Anyway I grew up in a home that was very strict about bathroom policies. We were to quietly pee or poo at home without any talk about it. If we were out somewhere, we were not allowed to announce we had to go or use any public bathrooms. We had to wait until we were home. My brother, sister, and I always thought my parents strict rules were ridiculous and I vowed when I had kids to never be like that. I always secretly enjoyed peeing and thought, if we have to do it anyway, why can't it be fun.
Well, fast forward and I have three daughters of my own. Maysa is eight, Story is six, and Jagger is a year and a half. Maysa takes after my parents. She is very shy about her bodily needs and does not like to talk about it. However, Story is like me and will pee anywhere. I read through some old posts and was immediately drawn to Car Mom. Car Mom, I also allow my kids to pee in my car. It started about two years ago. We were on a road trip and Story, then four, announced she needed to pee. I knew she could not hold it very long. Even to this day she has a very small bladder. We were on the highway making good time and I really did not feel like stopping. I told her she could just pee right into the seat (it was a booster seat at the time.) She loved that idea and it is something we continued to dom even when she was out of the booster. Well Maysa was very embarrassed and refused to pee in the car. She held it until we reached our destination.
I have a ton more car peeing stories, as well as some stories from my work. I will post those at a later date if anyone is interested. I just wanted to introduce myself for now.


shitting behind a dumpster at the airport

Funny story. I was a security guard working at a Houston airport and one night while I was on post I had to take a dump, so I call my supervisor who comes over but says he can't drive me to a restroom cuz he's the only supervisor on duty. He asked me if I had to take a leak or whatever and I said nah man I gotta take a shit. So he kind of laughed and said well, I can't take you anywhere but you could go behind some dumpsters which have a cinder-block wall around them if you have something to wipe with and I was like, cool, I've got some baby wipes in my patrol bag I keep for such an occasion so he was like, ok now I'm not telling you to do this and I said, cool, I understand, so I went back behind one of the dumpsters with a newspaper I was going to put on the ground but then I saw some boxes in the dumpster so I took one out and hung my ass over the side and shit a big load then wiped w/ the baby wipes. I threw the newspaper on top of it and put it back in the dumpster, then went back to my post and told my supervisor 'mission accomplished!' he started laughing.

I agree with James violent ass-cannon shitters are annoying even when one is standing at the urinal. worse when they're in the stall next to you though or if you're in the middle stall and two are on either side.

Thanks for your reply, Car Mom.

That's cool that you have at least one place you can still call your own away from pee. I've peed in bed before on purpose, and that's why it came to mind.

A little about me before my story. I'm male, 28, and I occasionally like to pee and poop in my pants. Unfortunately, my wife disapproves extremely, so I won't get into any more specific details about me personally.

Now onto my story. After reading posts on here, and also messages on a polling website, I decided to try something at work. I work in a shipping department at a warehouse. Some posters have talked about letting pee slowly into their pants all day to keep them warm and wet all day, and I decided to try that a few weeks ago. I was wearing gray boxer-briefs and these heavy blue jeans that were flannel lined. (I live in Phoenix, so I call them my "weight loss pants", lol.) For the beginning half of the day, that's just what I did, release a little pee at a time into my pants. I eventually had to go more than just a little at a time, and because I was feeling slightly apprehensive, I decided to finish up in the bathroom. My boxers were soaked in the crotch, the flannel was damp, and there was a small, barely noticeable spot around the base of the zipper in my jeans. I thought I was good to go. I didn't go anymore between then and lunch, and when I went back after lunch I needed to pee again. I started to go a little at a time, and then I got more bold. I looked down at one point and noticed that pee had run down my legs a little, but it hadn't yet reached my knees, it was still mostly in my crotch. I still had to go, so I figured that the game was up and I was going to be found out anyway, so I finished peeing in my pants while I stood there working. On my last break for the day, I was thinking "What the hell am I going to do now? A friend is going to be giving me a ride, and he'll know for sure I pissed myself at work. He might not want me in his car." I got the creative idea to pour a bottle of water on myself, but to make it look a little less obvious, I poured it over my head and on my shirt, then on my pants. That way it wouldn't look too obvious. The only thing my friend said was that I had to be working hard, because he saw a giant sweat stain on my shirt. I did tell him it was water, and he didn't make any other comments about it.

I don't think I'll try that again, though. Like I said, my wife hates it, and she still doesn't know about it.

Until next time.


Happy Dude
TO FERAL GIRL: Forgot to thank you for sharing your toilet stories. I agree that peeing and pooping while naked is the most fun. FREEDOM! Lol!

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Samantha great story about you peeing in that urinal I bet that guy probaly thought smart thinking why wait in line when you just do it there and please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Melinda great pee story sure you had an accident but you made a friend from someone and lucky she was nice enough to help you and please post anyother stories you may have thanks.

To: Christine great story about you pooping on the side of the road but if you did mess yourself you would have been stuck in the car for the rest of way with big load in your pants which probaly would have stunk the car up so my thoughts are its better to have a little embarrassment then a much bigger just my thoughts I hope that made since it sounded alright in my brain m but not always when type it or write it out and please share anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Amylee as always another great tale from the ladies room and it sounds like almost everyone there has two sides to them there normal side and there bathroom side like you said with Lydia its probaly because the bathroom is the one place everyone has to go to at some point and those sounds and smells are expected in there and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: UKN Guy as always another great post and I look forward to our next one thanks.

To: Kyle From WA as always another story and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: New Poster you are a true boyfriend helping your girlfriend out and she is lucky to have you someone who cares for her that much and please post anymore stories like that if you have any thanks.

To: Anime it all depends on the colr of the blood if its light red you probaly just tore something or its a hemoroid but if its dark then you should she a doctor right away because it could be something bad so I hope you feel better soon.

To: Wendy & Kirsty Wendy I bet you felt silly for not remebering where the spare key was and I bet next time you will remember or at least have a key with but sometimes it can be hard to remember something like that when all you can think is holding it in and as always I look forward to your guys next posts thanks.

To: Amanda M I hope you can that poop out I know that feeling its right there but dosent want to come out for me it usually comes out a little while later and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Upstate Dave as always another great story a question who was the first girl ever saw go to the bathroom please share the story if you havent already thanks and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: The Listening Ear as always another great story and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Leanne as always another great story and I look forward to your next one thanks.

To: I>3 Pooing as always another great and WOW I bet you felt alot better after that and but I bet your toilet didnt and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To everyone keep up the good work with all these great stories thanks.

Well thats all for now

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Rag Muffin Reanna

3 a.m. amusements--Part 1

Two weeks ago our debate teacher had teams start coming up to school in the afternoon to prepare for the new season. Since I don't have that much to do during the week because I work for my dad on weekends as a mobile DJ, going up to school a couple of weeks before the others come back for the start of the new year isn't that bad, In addition, my debate partner Tank and I remain really good friends so we're at each other's houses a lot and we're together a lot anyway. Both his family and mine don't have enough money for regular vacations because of the bad economy.

Last Wednesday night I had dinner with Tank's family and after messing around a while in the back yard with his big lab, we went back to his room, got on line with our computers and started researching our case. His mom came in like at 1 a.m. and said we should call it a day and asked me if I wanted to stay over. Severe weather was threatening outside so I didn't want to call my dad so late so she knew I would take her up on the stay over offer. She already had a couple of pillows and a blanket on the rec room sofa and I thought I would be tired enough to sleep 12 hours of so, at which time Tank and I would get to work again. Tank's dad has a great sense of humor just like my dad and when Tank's mom remarks about how many hours we put into debate preparation, Tank's dad reminds her that it's better than him spending his time down at juvee and having to put up bail bond money that they can't afford.

Shortly after I laid down, the thunder and wind storm hit hard. The wind and rain beat against the side of the house and you could hear the lightning strike nearby. The storm continued for like an hour and I saw an old neon beer sign they had in the hallway had gone off and that meant the power was out. I figured I would eventually have to get up and pee, but I wasn't alarmed because I got to know the house quite well over the past year and I figured I could find my way through almost anything. Once the storm ended, I found myself getting much warmer and I recognized that the AC was off, so I quietly got up and in my bare feet, found my way out to the back porch. I figured it would be good for me to sit outside on one of the porch chairs for a few minutes before I went in and tried to go to sleep. The chair was dripping wet, but I didn't care because even though the water penetrated my jeans and helped cool off my legs, I still liked the crisp, clean air the storm had left. I enjoyed watching the storm's lightning and hearing the thunder as it struck in the next county.

After several minutes, I heard a rustling and thinking it was Tank's black lab, I put my hand out and was surprised when Tank started licking it and rubbing his nose up to me. At the edge of the roof, I saw a rain gauge hanging and I asked Tank how much rain we had received. He said it looked like just under an inch. I told him I was surprised and thought it was more. The gauge, he said, went up to 10 inches and he said he could make it happen. Since we frequently tease one another, I asked him if she could do a rain dance or whether he knew where the ammo was for his rifle and whether it could hit a cloud. He jumped up on the porch chair and pulled the plastic gauge down. "I'll give you 9 inches," he said. I quickly told him, "Let's see you do it!" He immediately dropped his shorts and briefs, had his penis out, and told me to hold the gauge while he inserted his dick in the 1-inch wide plastic bottle. I had both hands around the gauge as I put it up for him to insert his organ. The connection was easy and he was squirting away almost immediately.

Tank's urine was warm, almost hot, and the intensity of the stream increased so much that it actually forced me to hold the gauge tighter. When we got toward the 10-inch mark and I was worried that he wouldn't be able to cut him off, I told him we were full. This came none too soon and he directed the last 25 seconds of his piss into the hedge just too my right. A rabbit quickly scampered off from under the bush and I told Tank I hoped his pee didn't burn the rabbit. He put his organ back in his underwear and said for me to hang the gauge back up and that if his parents checked it, they would probably freak. I hung it, but very carefully.

Then Tank took the chair next to me. Neither of us was sleepy so we decided to put our heads together and decide what else we might want to do.

I'll tell you about that in Part 2 of the story.

Michelle (Formally M.S)

Natural toilet & a few comments

A few weeks ago on page 2080 I posted a story called "Oops" and at the bottom of it I stated that I was holding my poo in and I would post about it soon and well you've guessed it, this is what this post is about, even if it is a bit late which I apologise for.

Anyway I was able to hold it in for a total of 4 days and it happened while I was walking home from work on a Friday evening with a desperate need to poo. It had been so busy at work that day which meant I didn't have time to go to the toilet and when my shift ended I thought I could make it home but I underestimated my need & knew I had to find somewhere to relieve myself before it was too late. There were no bushes to hide in (apart from in peoples gardens, but I couldn't poo there) but it had been raining all day so I had a crazy idea that I might be able to poo in a puddle & not be seen. I came across several large puddles that would be perfect to go in but they were all in full view of houses so I could be easily seen but I had to find somewhere to go or I would soil myself. As luck would have it I walked down an alleyway which had large walls so it was out of sight of beading eyes; I then found a large puddle that was relatively deep so I walked around it and stood on the edge of the puddle and slid my work trousers down to my knees together with my knickers. I squatted so my bum was hovering over the puddle and relaxed; I soon started to pee and when it hit the water it splattered back at me causing me to be covered in a mixture of wee and rain water. A couple of seconds later I let out a long loud fart and my anus began to open and I felt a turd emerge which dropped into the puddle causing another splash; this was followed by three more average size turds. Once I had pushed out my last turd I looked at my creation with amazement; it was a huge floating mess and the top of the poos was sticking out of the puddle. Unfortunately I had nothing to wipe with so I had no choice but to pull my clothes up and walk home with a dirty bum. It felt sticky between my bumcheeks and slightly damp from the back splash and by the time I got home my knickers had stuck to my anus so I went straight to the bathroom to clean up and when I pulled my knickers down to inspect the damage they were a real mess. I had a huge skid mark right across the seat of my knickers and my bum was covered in poo and I wondered if it would have easier just to have loaded my knickers but the experience of pooing in a puddle was sensational. I wiped my bum for ages but I had to throw my knickers away as they were beyond saving.

Abbie - I enjoyed reading your post on page 2086 called "Poo on the way home from Olivia's". I have had many experiences like that and I find it frustrating when the public toilets are closed for some reason or another; but I'm glad you were able to relieve yourself albeit on the grass. I'm just wondering if you have ever pood yourself as there hasn't been anywhere appropriate to go and you just couldn't hold it for long enough.

Wendy - I enjoyed reading your "Locked out desperation" post in which you pood behind a wheelie bin as you couldn't get inside to your toilet and you couldn't hold it in for long enough. I bet you were annoyed when Kirsty reminded you that there was a spare key under a stone but then you wouldn't have had the thrill of pooing behind a wheelie bin. Your experience reminded me of something I did a couple of years ago when I was walking home from the pub at night with a desperate urge to poo and being a little drunk I went into someone's garden and walked over to their wheelie bin. I opened the lid and noticed it was empty so I sat on the top; putting my hands on the rim to hold myself up in the process. I then proceeded to release my smelly load into the bin which landed on the bottom with a thud but when I had finished I noticed I had nothing to wipe with so I walked home with a dirty bum.

I <3 Pooing - I'm glad you made it to the toilet to "unleash the big brown beast within" or you would have had a very messy accident, although I bet your knickers were slightly stained after those "rank wet farts" you were having.



College privacy

OK here is my story: I'm a freshman from a medium size college. Ive only been here for about a week and I have to share a bathroom with 3 girls, the forth being myself. It would seem doing #2 in a shared bathroom is kinda wrong in some ways in my opinion. Anyway, I been holding in #2 for about 2-3days of my week being here. I have been managing to hold it in but lately the urges have been stronger than ever. I have been thinking of ways to do #2 without being smelled or heard and I have been unsuccessful. I was worried about getting caught and the gestures that would have been done if anyone had found out. In the end,I had to find another way to release what was a monster of a #2. So today I was looking on the Internet to find maybe someone has been in my shoes and I found this website. I read some of the experiences on the site and I felt much better abut my situation in a way. when I left to go to my next class, i found out it was due till next week.Then a urge hit me and I knew what needed to be done. So I was searching around the building trying to find empty bathrooms when I came across the restroom with a waiting room inside but the toilets were behind a another door. Needless to say I did what was needed to do for a long time.The conclusion is I would not have done #2(unless somehow I got off campus) without the needed boost in support for natural functions without this site. Thanks..

Desperate to poop

Desperate train poop

Oh I had a desperate poop the other day. Coming back on the train and I hadn't had chance to go before the train arrived (I only just made it in time).

I needed a poop but found the toilet closest to my carriage out of order. So I had to walk 2 carriages down to find another toilet and a queue 3 deep waiting for the toilet. 1 gent a young 20 yr old lady and a 40 yr old lady blonde. My stomach was rolling and I really needed the toilet by know

The chap went in after 2 mins and spent a good five minutes in so must have been pooping I figured.The young 20 yr old wasplahying with her (a sign of desperation) but the 40yr old didn't show any signs of desperation. When the chap came out the girl hurried in but only needed a pee and that let the lady in.

She hadn't seemed desperate but boy did she take ages. I sat waiting as another lady came and asked was I waiting I said yes. 5 minutes passed and still engaged. I was clenching my buns at this point as I was very desperate. A further 5 minutes and still not joy and now a queue of 3 agan. The lady whispered she's taking ages and I said yes and I really gott a go.

A further 5 minutes passed and still we were waiting. A couple of ladies left to find another toilet but there wasn't one and they soon returned. Finally after another 5 minutues she flushed and came out apologising. I dashed in locked the door opened the seat to find plenty of skidmarks and let rip with some extremely soft poop. Oh the relief! I was in for 5 minutes

Happy pooping

The Listening Ear

Part 18

The business where I was working was sold to a large group, and I was told that the new owners "didn't understand" what our department did. My boss thought that was hilarious, but I saw straight through it, and quickly got a job working for a government agency in another town for a bit more security! The new place was a low, rambling building. On the positive side, the Ladies and Gents toilets in our corridor were next to each other, with the stalls back-to-back. But on the negative, the offices were small, so following people out would have been too noticeable. So I was entirely reliant on coincidence, and overall there isn't much to report.

There was a rather lovely Frances, who played the viola in a string quartet, and appropriately, when I listened to her peeing with my ear to the wall of the Gents, she peed straight into the water with the tone moving very tunefully up and down the viola register. The other girl I remember was called Mich, a blonde who looked as if she had had a very hard life. She slopped slowly along the corridor just like Diane and Clare before her, and sure enough, her pee sound - which I heard often - was just as lazy. I wrote about this on page 2057.

When I went to the toilet after lunch and put my ear to the wall, there was often some plopping to be heard from the Ladies, but whenever I timed my exit to see who had been responsible, it was always one of the grey-haired old biddies from another department who looked as if they should have been past retirement age. One day as I entered the Gents I noticed one of the stall doors was closed and there was a guy washing his hands. There was a sudden explosion of plopping from behind the closed door, and the hand-wash guy exclaimed "Sounds like the bottom just dropped out of your world!". After a pause, a voice from the stall said "I reckon it has, John. I reckon it has." I then entered one of the other stalls, sat down and released my own after-lunch pffvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvrrrrattat BOOFfloploploploploplop-plop-plop-plop plop plop plop, plop, plop, to which the comedian replied "Blimey, I'm getting it in stereo now!"


To Brandon T: No, it isn't true that I'm always in the right place at the right time. Far more often I'm not, but I don't tell you about that because it's boring!

TLE (Why do I keep calling myself TLI? It is a Freudian slip for The Listening Idiot?)

Firecracker Girl

Butt-sticking survey

I find Frantic Francine's butt-sticking survey to be immensely interesting.

The #2 option of wiping the seat off is going to do nothing but stir up particles of sludge that you are going to sit on/in. The only way to assure that your butt is not going to have contact with the toilet seat is to place paper over it or to squat.

It comes down to a matter of individual preference.

Brandon T

Toilet Dream

I had a dream last night about a woman pooping in the mens room well it didnt start like that it started out with me leaving the libary and realizing I forgot my bag there so I went back to there and when I come in the building I see a woman enter the mens room so I follow her in to tell her its the wrong bathroom but when I do she says she dosent care so she then goes in the stall and starts having diarrhea and then I wake up I think my brain wanted to make sure my bag was there at home which I knew it was but my brain didnt and I tried to go back to sleep to finnish the dream but you know how that is it dosent usualy work but it was a great dream even though it didnt start out that way.

Hi again everybody. I had another very satisfying poo today! I was surfing the internet and got a slight urge so I waited until it got a bit stronger and I could feel my poo moving down. Then I went and sat on the loo and had a short wee. My first log started to come out so I let it get half way and then held it short. Then I let go and it rushed out and felt great! Another one followed and then two quick pieces. Then there was a blast of soft poo that came out in two loads and I was done. I looked at my load. The first log was quite chunky and long, the second a bit thinner and shorter. The mushy stuff had sunk to the bottom and there were some loose fragments floating around.

Nothing else much to say for now, but I'll post again soon.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

that guy (new here)

to "crap holyday"-new poster, and about lifts

to new poster: didn't the girls see your poop floating in the water? did it sink?

And for Joanne's bf: for security reasons, lifts can always be opened from the inside, even if they stop between floors. You should be able to open the inner doors with the hands, and the outer doors by unlocking them. I'm sure a fast research on google will show the exact procedure.

Now, some stories:
First: I'm a male in my mid-20s, 1.80m, 80kg

The first story happened a few years ago. I was with my gf in the park near to her house. We were talking, when I suddenly heard a splashing sound. We looked around, and i saw that the sound was coming from her. She was peeing, and didn't notice at fist. She was shocked and started crying, saying that it also hurt her, but it was evening, nobody was around and I calmed her down. The next day the doctor told her she had cystitis.

Also, i find her poop strange, or at least it's very different from mine. I think she has some form of constipation (most of her family members suffer from constipation). She has actually never had problems or stomach ache for not being able to poop, but her poop is very slow, she has to strain a lot to poop, and it comes out in small, hard bits. Is it normal? I think it could be because she does not eat many vegetables, but I'm not sure..?

As for me, the last time I pooped somewhere "unusual" was in a park in my city, few months ago. I had to walk quite a bit away from the path to make sure nobody could see me, and when I found a good spot, i squatted down and let it out. I think I made two or three soft logs, i wiped with some tissues and returned with my friends.


@ Animefan

Yo all... am new here.

To Animefan: the cause of blood is called piles... Um i think u should drink more water to stop it.. or consult a doctor.
hope i could help


The smell factor

To Tom and others,
I think the odor of a woman's bowel movement is not given its due when considering the entire experience of women pooping. I have found there are many types of odors associated with women's poo. From faint barely noticeable tinges of smell to heavy gag filling smells. In between are the musky smells and many other types of odors, depending on what they have been eating, their digestive system, etc. When describing the pleasurable experiences of women's poo, don't forget about the smell!
Would like to hear from others on what they like about smells.

Upstate Dave

My Working Vacation Day 12 Painting Part 5

Jill ad I were back outside puting primer on the workshops last wall. We had been working better then a hour since haveing lunch. We had reached the halfaway point on this last wall. So the job as far as the primer was would be soon done. I would need to stop before the job was finished.

Not becuase I would need to piss! (That would happen too!) Instead I would need to shit! It came on in a hurry too! I wasn't expecting it snce I had taken that hudge shit with Janet while camping out at the lake yesterday. But it did happen! I felt the urge to shit hit me while I was up on the ladder working painting where I had scraped the wall up at the top under the eveaves!

The urge struk me so hard and fast I froze right there on the ladder squeezing my asshole as hard as I could to keep from shiting my shorts right there on the ladder! I would have bet I stayed this way well over a half minute! (A very long half minute!!!) I still had my paintbrush in my hand too which I made the mistake of haveing the bristles up so primer had ran out of the brush down its handle and had started running down the fingers of my right hand.

I now had to decide to either shit my shorts or scramble down the ladder! I chose to get off that ladder! I went down to steps only droping mybrush to the ground as I took my steps. Then I just jumpe off the ladder after takeing the two steps of the ladder! With my jumping to the ground I did knock the ladder which it fell over going to the left.

The ladder made a ppretty loud crash when it hit the ground. That scared Jill who was painting off to my right midway up the wall. Jill screamed a short but veryt loud scream. What I was doing right then was unsnaping my jeans right where I was when Jill screamed. I got them unsnapped and I just yanked them down and squated down super fast!

Jill now had turned in my direction to see what had happened. There I was with my shorts down around my feet,squating, and I already was shiting! So I had my shit hanging under me already as now Jill was looking at me! Jill to had started to say; What happened but cut herself off halfway through happen. Her reason was she saw me shiting!

Now since I could feel my shit moving so fast along with it being good sized the way I was sqauted was my ass way high in the air and one hand placed well out in front of me and I was looking back under myslef! I could see my own shit this way! It was tan,very smooth, very fat, and it had to be soft for I could see shit on the inner sides of my asscheeks already!

In a few shorts seconds my shit had moved so fast the front tip was pressing into the ground. My shit bent right over and broke! Now a good eight fat piece of shit lay there in the grass with more on the way! It wouldn'take long either! Now too in myhaste I hadn't bothered one single bit with my penis! I was so worried about shiting instead.
I now started pissing as I kept on with my shiting!

Remember I was in a position being bent way down and looking back down underneath me watching my own shit comming out from my asshole. I saw suddenly a good hard stream of piss come out from my penis! My piss stream shot by my head just missing it by less then a inch! Again you never see someone move so fast as I did then! I jerked me head up> I reached down with my left hand and shoved my penis down at the ground!

That made my piss stream drop and I was now pissing just ahead of my fet and shorts! If I had been erect I would have got myslef! So what I now quickly did was hold my penis and I did again bend over but not as far as I had been and went back to watching myslef shit! Jill had seen my actions along with me starting to piss and I heard her let out a short laugh. To me it wouldn't have been so funny or not funny at all if I did hit myslef in the face!

By this time my shit had gotten long enough again the broken off part had reached the ground and was bending over and cracking open. This time I could see where my shit looked like it was going to break. I saw my shit bend more and more with its crack in widening. My shit looked like it was in a bow shape. Then I had reached my shits end. For I felt myasshole close right up.

Then like it was in slow motion as I looked back my bowed shit fell over on to the ground without breaking! I also right after this I cut my piss stream off stoping my pissing. I did keep a hold on my penis as I stood up. I managed to shuffle my feet with my shorts around them to get myslef turned around. Now I could have a better look at my shit!

There on the ground laying in the grass was my shit! The first one which had broken off was well over nine inches long! Next there was my second shit laying there with its broken front, in a long fat bow with one large crack in it along with I now saw two there smaller cracks in it! As I was looking at my shit I said to Jill; I almost did all that in my shorts! Before Jill said anything I went on and said; I almost got a facefull of my own pee too!!!

You did Dave? Jill said to me. With Jill saying that Jill didn't see that happen! I thought she had. She missed it. Jill now told me that she was watching me shit so she never saw when I had first started my piss. TELL ME!!! So I did tell Jill what had happened when I was watching myself shit and was almost struck when I had first started to piss. Boy did Jill laugh! I even chuckled some now too.

Then I was reminded by my bladder that I hadn't finished my piss yet. While Jill and I were looking at my shit and were talking I had loosened my hold on my penis just a little. With me doing that I had a short weak spurt of piss shoot from my penis lasting a few seconds. I instinctivly squeezed that piss spurt off. Jill saw it happen which made her laugh again and me with her.

Then Jill said to me after she had stopped laughing; Arn't you going to finish pissing? I was still laughing lightly so I let up on my squeezing and I started to piss again! I wasn't aimin at the ground when I started pissing then. My stream went across the space between me and the small barn out in front of me. It hit the wall splashed some and my piss then ran down the wall turning the red paint darker where it had ran down the side of the wall.

I saw that I was pissing on the side of the barn and I said laughing; Opps! I shoved my penis down and I started pissing just past my shit. So I moved my penis a little more which moved my piss stream and now I was pissing on my shit! Now as I stood there pissing all over my shit on the ground with Jill standing there too watching me I said; Jill I'm a mess! I sure feel that I am!

Need toilet paper Dave? Jill now in return said to me. YES! I said to her very quickly. So without hessitation Jill spun around and ran off. Jill had taken off while I stood there and had not finished pissing! I now smiled a little smile. I thought it was so nice to have a girl that would do everything! I went on with my piss but I did squeeze my penis a little slowing down my stream. Then I went and stopped it completely.

Jill must ahve ran all the way and back at least before she came around the corner of the workshop shed. It didn't take her long at all. I was standing there looking towards the front corner of the shed
when Jill did come around the corner. As she turned the corner I started piss ing right then again.

I saw too that Jill had the roll of toilet paper in her hand that had been outside over by the hose and the bathroom window. GOOD GIRL!!! I almost shouted out but did say it loudly. Jill was right next to me in a short momnet or two. Your'e still going! You went all that time I was gone! I smiled and I told Jill that I had stopped and waited for her to come back. Jill giggled and I smiled a little bigger smile.

Well I pissed for a little longer then I did stop. Jill handed me the roll of paper which I spun right off froom it wa big wad! I had to squat this time! So I did. I gave myslef my first wipe. I checked the paper and was it smeared with shit! Plus I had pulled off a piece of shit with my wipeing! I tossed the paper right down on my shit.

I had given the roll back to Jill while I had wiped. She now spun the second wad of paper from the roll and handed it to me. I wiped myself a second time like I had done the first tiem. I didn't go deep in between my cheeks. I pulled the paper out and there was more smeared shit showing. I dropped that paper down on my shit too. Jill spun me off more paper and had it ready for me to use.

I again wiped my ass going deeper this time. Again the paper was smeared but no so heavily. Tossed that aper in the growing pile. Jill gave me more to use. Well it took me a half dozen times which the fith and sixth times I used those two wads twice fliping them over my ass was finaily clean! I stood up now being finished. There was all that toilet paper there on the ground and my shit too that I had to get rid of!

I reached down and I pulled up my shorts and took care of them. I said to Jill; I've got to get the shovel. Be right back. Jill said she would be right here! I walked up along the shed and the barn and went inside the shed and got the needed shovel. I came back outside and turned the front corner of the shed.

There was Jill in a high squat with my neices old shorts pulled down waiting for me! Jill was sqauted in a high squat right over my shit and all the toilet paper! Jill looked right at me with a big smile. Jill said Hi! Jill giggled too as she said hi to me too. I've been waiting for you! Jill said to me also. zthen no sooner then she had said that Jill began to piss!

I mean PISS! From Jills vagina out came a gusher! It was a wide sparying stream which covered a large area right under her which was my shit and the toilet paper! In a few short seconds all off the toilet paper had been soaked by her piss! Turning it a darker pink and it was sagging over my shit at least the sheets that were on my shit! My shit that wasn't covered by the sheets of toilet paper were wet with her piss too!

Her piss gave off a kind of combo sound. Pattering where the big drops spraying off her stream were hiting my shit and toilet paper. Also where her stream itself was hiting which was mainly on one of the bigger wads of toilet paper it sounded like just in a toilet with a lot of paper in it! Jill pissed like this for what seemed to me right then a good long time!

But Jill did have her piss stream change when it lost its hard force behind it. The sparying piss stopped and she had a clean stream going. There was no hissing with it till a short time later which it did do. Then the hissing stopped along with her stream! Then Jill did do several short spurts of piss out from her vagina in a row! Then she picked up the roll of paper off the ground which there wasn't much left after IO had used it!

Jill wiped her vagina and also dabbed it as much as she could. Then she dropped the toilet apper down with my shit and toilet paper. She then spun off what was left from the carboard tube and used it. She left that with all the rest that was there. Then she stood right up gave me a quick look with a smile. Then she nebt right over reaching down and pulled up the old pair of shorts and took care of them.

I had stood and watched all of this leaning on the shovel handle. Jill stepped aside. Ok you can clean up! Jill said to me slighly laughing as she again was looking down at my shit and all the sheets of toilet paper that were there. I stepped over and I took the shovel which was a pointed one and scraped it lightly across the grass and got part of my shit and a good amount of the piss soaked toilet paper on the shovel.

I walked the several needed steps down the space between the shedand the barn. I then gave a heave with the shovel which was a hard sweeping sideways upward heave. The toilet paper and the shit that was in the shovel flew in a long outward arc and came down a good ways out in the pasture! It fell heavily down through the hay and was all out of sight!

I turned around and started walking back to scoop up more shit and paper with the shovel. As I walked back I said to Jill; THANKS! With you pissing all over it all it helped me out big time! Jill laughed pretty hard. I again worked the shovel the same way. I got a second and last shovelfull of shit and toilet paper. I heaved that too out in the pasture.

There was only some scrapeings of smeared shit in the grass left. I laughed and told Jill; DON"T STEP THERE! Jill laughed and told me she wouldn't! I had to clean the shovel off which I did go over to the hse by the house and I washed it off which it did become clean. I put the shovel back when I came back. Then I picked up the fallen ladder and my brush which was there on the ground too. Luckily the brush had landed on the grass so it was clean. Then Jill and I went back to our work which we finished a little more then a hour later.To be continuied.

Anyone got a good constipation story? I'd love to hear it!!

Wild One

School Days - Part Two

One time I decide to do something different: I take shit there on our smoking place but not on the backyard but inside on the old house. I wait until the school day was over and then I walk there. I broke in very easily because broken windows were replaced with thin boards. I go in and first I take big piss on the floor. There were lots of old magazines and papers and it was naughty and fun to spray pee all over those and wet that nasty floor all over.

Then it was time to take shit and I decide to take it on the old dirty sofa. I jump there, drop my boxers and jeans and squat. First I produce one little thick one and then some bigger. It was very satisfying to drop that 8 inch log out. I feel there was a little bit more and I drop some little poops out. Then I started to wipe my ass. I take some tissues and wipe. I drop those on the piss wet floor. When I was ready I lift my boxers and jeans and leave the house.

Hello! I have been reading on this site for almost a year now and I thought I'd post. I have a question: most people say bowel movement for bm, but at home ( I'm only 14) instead of calling it having a 'bowel movement' we call it having a 'big mess'. I'd like to know if anyone else has heard this or used it before.


I was at a concert recently and when it was over I had to pee pretty bad. Whoever was in charge of porta-potties obviously didn't estimate the number of the people who were coming, because there wasn't nearly enough to go around. I was seventh in line waiting to get into one of the potties and there were even more people behind me. I waited until I just couldn't wait anymore and then I got a crazy idea. I had seen an area with trough urinals for the guys and decided "Why can't I just go there?" and so I did. I did sort of a half-squat over the trough and let my bladder empty. The most surprising part was the guy's reaction. They didn't even seen to mind and one guy even broke out in laughter when he saw me.

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