Wet my pants at work

Yesterday was really embarassing for me. I work for a fast food chicken place that uses cows to advertise (yeah, that one). I was working the front counter and we got really busy. I also had to pee really bad. I held it because i couldn't get away because of the rush but I was getting really desperate. I had to cross my legs every chance I got and keep bouncing my weight back and forth when I couldnt' stand still, like filing drinks, grabbing orders from the window and stuff like that. Our uniforms are black pants and sock and shoes and a burgundy polo shirt, btw. the rush kept going and i was seriously about to burst i had to go so bad. finally i was taking an order standing at the register with my legs crossed, squeezing tight, when i suddenly felt a squirt of pee escape into my panties. it wasn't a lot but i felt wet and i know my face turned red. i tried to keep going and keep my voice normal but it was really hard. i held the rest of the pee while i finished that order and started getting thier drinks. i had to turn around to get a tea and while i was doing that i felt a bigger amount of pee come out that lasted for a couple of seconds and i felt some trickling down my leg and soaking my panties pretty badly and probably my pants, too. i squeezed my legs shut and bent down a little and cut off the flow and stopped it but i didn't have much longer. I got the food for those people and called the manager over. she is a nice lady and i whispered to her and asked if i could go to the bathroom real quick. she said give me a couple of more minutes and i could go but we were swamped up front and drive through and she needed the coverage. so i went back to my register and started taking the next order, kind of panicking a little inside, feeling very exposed even though i dont think anyone could tell i had peed. i had my legs crossed and was shifting my weight a lot to help hold it and was trying to take the order but halfway through i lost another long pee that seemed to last a while but was only maybe five seconds, but i could feel the wetness spreading on my pants over my butt and down my thighs and drips of pee down my legs onto my calfes and i had to grab my crotch with my left hand to stop the flow. the crotch of my pants was soaking wet on my hand. my whole body felt hot and bright red. I apologized to the customer and ran from behind the counter and towards the bathrooms in the back, still holding myself with one hand, not caring who saw, and lots of people did stare. I made it to the bathroom, found a stall, whipped my pants and panties down and finished peeing into the toilet, but it was only about half and the other half was in my clothes. my panties were soaked front and back and i could tell my pants were wet down to my knees and up the front and butt some, too, but since they were black it was hard to see, but i knew it and if the light hit them you could kind of tell. a minute later i heard the manager's voice in the bathroom calling my name, asking if i was in there, if i was ok. I answered and told her i was in the stall. She stepped up to the door and asked if I was ok. I said no, not really. she asked what happened. I said i had an accident. she said she was sorry and asked what kind. i said i peed my pants. she asked if it was bad? i said yes and then started crying. so she said to wait right there and she'd be back. i sat, wet pants around my knees crying and a few minutes later she came back and stuck a bag under the stall door. she said here's a pair of clean pants and a bag for your wet ones i hope they fit. I carefully pulled off my wet pants and panties and wiped myself dry as best i could with toilet paper. then i pulled on the new pants without any underwear but they mostly fit, a little loose and a little long, but better than peed pants. i put the wet clothes into the bag - a big to-go bag - and opened the stall. sarah - the manager's name - was there and she gave me a hug and i cried into her shoulder for a minute before i got control and she consoled me. she said she would have let me go if she had known i was about to have an accident and next time to tell her it was an emergency so it didnt happen again. i nodded and she said i could have the rest of the night off and go home. so i hurried out the side door to my car and drove home. then i had to explain to my mom why i was home early and what was in the bag and had to admit to her i had peed my pants at work at 17 years old and i cried again and mom had to console me too and then she helped me was the clothes and made me some dinner. i dont know how many people at work know i peed myself but i'm not looking forward to my shift tomorrow.


Went by the roadside

So one time I was on a roadtrip with my friend. We were driving down a large stretch of highway with no scenery when I started to need to go to the bathroom. I told my friend and she said there wouldn't be another rest stop for several miles and asked if I could hold it. I thought I could, so we kept on driving. Before too long, my urge was so strong I couldn't wait. My friend pulled over and she said she'd look for a cup. But I told her I didn't just need to pee. My options were to get out and just go or do it in my pants. I chose the roadside, though looking back I wish I'd messed myself instead. Well, I got out of the car and squatted behind the car. I was still very visible to any cars coming by, but I had no choice. The worst part was that when I was done the only thing there was to wipe with was two old napkins.


Ladies Room at Work

This past Friday was an interesting day in the ladies' room at work. It was my time of the month, which usually makes me have to poo more often. So I ended up in the restroom about 6 times that day with 3 poo sessions. Not my preference, but when you gotta go……….The first time was about 8:20 a.m., just after I got to work. I had just gone at home before coming to work so I was surprised to have a need again so soon. I held it a few minutes then realized it was time. I made my way to the ladies' room only to find three women entering the restroom about 10 feet in front of me. One was a 40ish woman who I've seen before but don't know. She is attractive, had on a short skirt and medium heels. The second is a blond 20-something young woman whose name is Rebecca. I know her a little. She's very attractive but known to be a bit stuck up, but I haven't had any specific problems with her. The third was Lydia, the young extremely shy woman, very cute, bashful in the office, but look out in the restroom. She has no inhibitions there. We have 6 stalls and I went in a few seconds after these ladies. They were taking stalls 1, 3, and 5 in the previously empty restroom, practicing the "skip one" technique. Stall 6 is handicapped so I avoid it unless it's the only open one. I took stall 2, between Lydia and Rebecca. I'd not been in the restroom with Rebecca before that I knew of, nor the 40ish woman in stall 5 that I recalled. We all got settled. It went deathly silent. There was not a sound. After about 15 seconds or so it became apparent that all of us needed to poo and were holding back hoping the others would leave. But that theory didn't seem to fit Lydia, as I've posted before, she is shy in the office but will let loose in the restroom. Finally, my need was too much. I relaxed without pushing and in my custom, I farted softly but virtually silently, a PFFFFFTTTT type, but I know they could hear it. A soft poo started from me, crackling as it came out, with some plops. I was embarrassed but also a bit proud of myself being first to go, since I'm a continuing work in progress overcoming being poo shy. Me going apparently gave the green light to the others. The 40ish lady farted softly but we could hear then started dropping nugget sounding poo, like it was hard and in smaller balls. She dropped about 10 or so of these nuggets before sighing. Lydia, with her feet spread out, let out a gush of mushy sounding poo punctuated with a fart and moaned "MMM". The 40ish lady peed and started wiping. She quickly wrapped up and flushed. I was still feeling some pressure in my stomach and didn't feel through. Lydia pushed out another bit of mushy poo and started peeing. She wiped 4 times and stood up and flushed. She and the 40ish woman washed up and left, which left Rebecca and me sitting side by side. It was deathly quiet again. Rebecca hadn't made a sound yet. Was she poo shy like me? I heard her take a deep breath and then I heard a quick but loud fart from her. She gasped like she was humiliated. I felt for her being the same way, but have worked to overcome it. I felt more need to go so I relaxed and more soft crackling poo came out. I know she could hear me going, and I was a bit embarrassed, but I had to go and this is the place to do it. Finally Rebecca started going. I heard a crackling sound and a loud plop. She gasped again. Then she farted softly and I heard soft poo start from her, getting faster and faster until it sounded like she was pooing almost liquid, and a splattering fart came out at the end of her burst. After a few seconds, surprisingly she said, "Excuse me." I was a bit taken back but said, "It's OK." I pushed out another long crackling soft poo. I really needed to go this morning. I felt I still wasn't through yet. Another lady came in the restroom and at first apparently took the stall next to Rebecca. Just then Rebecca started making straining sounds, kind of like 3 exhaling noises and then she just exploded into the toilet. A very loud fart/splatter came from her. The lady who'd just came in whispered loudly, "My God" and went back out of the stall next to Rebecca and took either the 5th or 6th one. I thought it was rude for her to say that. I'm sure it embarrassed Rebecca. I pushed out one more round and peed just as Rebecca was peeing. We both wiped at the same time. Rebecca wiped about 5 times. We flushed about the same time and came out just as the other woman, who'd just peed, came out. The other woman was about 50 and looked at Rebecca and made a face and shook her head. I thought that was uncalled for. What was Rebecca supposed to do? She had to use the bathroom. Rebecca just looked down in an embarrassed way. We all washed up and left. Rebecca watched the other woman go down the hall in the opposite direction from us. She said, "That was rude of her. I'm sorry. I had a stomach ache." I said, "It's OK. Don't worry about her. I was going too." We went on back to the office. I visited the room for a poo twice more that day, to the accompaniment of several other pooing ladies. Nothing eventful, just a few farts, grunts and plops coming from the co-workers. Our ladies' room is quite an active place at times.


Closed Bathrooms at Camp

Hello, I just got back from a summer camp program that my school hosts that goes on camping trips far away, and I have quite a few stories to share! Like I said in my last post I'm a sixteen year old boy and my friends call me Moose. Every summer I join my schools program and it's a lot of fun. Here is a story from this summer's.

We went to a campsite way up north in the mountains by Canada. We slept in cabins with bunk beds, four of us to a cabin. There was a big bathroom down a trail, maybe a quarter mile from the cabins. There was also an outhouse porta pottie by the cabins for us to use during the night. We were not allowed to go anywhere after 10 o'clock p.m. or before 5 o'clock a.m., including the bathroom building. So the porta potty was your only hope at night. During the second night I woke up at around 2 a.m. and really had to poop. So I went out to the outhouse and there was a HUGE line, like 7 or 8 people, who all had to poop. I got on line and eveyone was talking about how dinner had to have been under cooked because we all had to poop and everyone has had diarrhea so far. We were getting loud and started yelling at whoever was in there going. One of the camp's official's came out with a flashlight and asked what was going on. We told him the situation and he said there was no way we could go to the bathroom building, they are locked anyway. He asked how many people had used that outhouse so far and we told him more than you could count. That made him upset, and when it opened up he went inside and shined his flashlight. He came out and said the porta potty reached its maximum uses and the sanitization company would have to come empty it tomorrow, so it can not be used. We were not happy about that and he said it is a violation and the camp could be shut down once it becomes unsanitary. He put a lock on it, told us to wait til morning, and went back to bed. We stood looking for another option, because some of us were bursting with poop, and we ran for the woods. There was a nice long fallen tree that was about a foot above the ground, and someone suggested the idea. We all agreed, pulled down the pants, and sat side by side on the tree, with spouts of diarrhea falling to the ground. New kids continued to come to our spot as they saw us there, and I recognized them from my cabin. The other person in my bed actually ended up sitting next to me. Someone brought a flashlight and shined it to see a massive lake of chunky diarrhea under the fallen tree. The smell was undescribeable. We were all relieved and laughing about it at this point. Someone had the idea to get a piece of paper, and write "Sanitize this" on it and leave it on the tree for the camp guy to see. We all left feeling much relieved.
The next morning you could smell the diarrhea ocean as soon as you stepped outside. We could see the camp official standing with some other guy, looking at our mess and the note.

The camping trip was awesome, and I have many more stories from previous summers to share! Please post your camp stories!!!


to wendy

hey wendy love reading stories when parents didn't let use the restroom but still thought it was pretty cold of them to do that, even if i do see there point of view about you holding it along time. Straight my point i read one about friend not letting you use her bathroom and I read you messed it up before, if its not to I hard I'd like to hear that story it seem like it a good story you should also give more backaround how time you broke the bathroom at home before parents started put a stop to your holding it in.


In my company there are occasionally late meetings/conferences which go on into the evenings (8/9pm). Most of the staff leave at 5pm, except security who work 24/7 and building maintenance who leave at 9. I work in maintenance and a couple of months ago there was such a meeting, a finance committee which ran until 8.30 having started at 5. Usually, the security guards keep the toilets etc open until after the meeting has finished in case anyone needs to use them, but on this particular evening there was a new member of staff who forgot. The meeting finished and seemingly a lot of ladies needed to use the loo, as I got a call to say that security couldn't be found but that "we need urgent access to the ladies". I went over to the conference suite and in the corridor towards the toilets was a long queue of ladies in business suits, some of whom had openly crossed legs. Several sighed and said "ah, finally" or similar when I arrived. However, I don't usually unlock the toilet doors so it took me quite a while to find the right key and get the sticky lock undone. When the door was finally opened there was a collective sigh from the crowd. I stayed a little while to close up afterwards and noticed a lot of releived looking ladies.


Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Heather great story about you pooping at your daugthers school sure she may be embarrassed but you shoudnt have to hold and risk having an accident because theres nothing to be embarrased about and she should realized sometimes you cant hold it and so what her friends poop as well and I ope that made since and please post more stories thanks.

To: Ali great pee story at least you didnt have a full accident and please share anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Kyle From WA first welcome back and great stories and those guys should have minded there own business and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Emma as another great story about you pooping with another girl and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Feral Girl as always another great post about going to the bathroom in different places and it sounds like you are having lots of fun finding new places to go and it might give you a chance of seeing someone else going and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Whinnie The Poo great pee story and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Wendy & Kirsty Wendy great story about you and that girl pooping together outside and great story about your friends accident it sounds like she was having a rough day and Kirsty at least you where able to get to a bathroom and bullies can be very mean but evently they will learn that bullying dosent get you anywhere and as always I look forward to your guys next posts thanks.

To: Standee Mandy great about you and your friend Skye going to the bathroom together and her doing a squat poop and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Leanne as always another great poop story and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Bianca great peeing story and I look forward to your next one thanks.

To: Tevin AKA Bob another great story it sounds like you and Maya where having and she sounds like a very interesting person and she seems not to be embarrassed at all but the exact opposite and it sounds like she cant beat anyone in a farting contest and have you thought about telling her about this site it like she would fit right in with the rest of us on here and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: The Listening Ear as always anothe great post about hearing women going to the bathroom it seems like you always happen to be in the right place at the right time and as always I look forward to your nxt post thanks.

To: Aaron great story about your girlfriends constipation and at least your there to help her if she needs and please post anyother stories about her if you have any thanks.

To: Jasmine great story about your girlfriend pooping and dreams can be very bizarre and hard to explain but it did sound like iit was an interesting I know ive had pretty good dreams about girls and/or women pooping but sometimes I cant remember and sometimes ive had strange poop dreams but I cant remember them at the moment and does she know about this site maybe you could tell her about it and maybe she might want to post something and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Just Jerika it sounds like you had an interesting day it couldve been something in that bathroom like an air freshner or some other thing that your alergic to the only way to do is to test it by smelling different thing in there to try and find out what the cause is and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Eileen H great story its sound like you made the right choice because if you had gone to do something else first you probaly would have had an accident and a pretty messy clean up from the sound of it but at laest you made it to a bathroom and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Nathalie as always another great story and it sounds like your friend felt alot better but ended up stinking everyone else out and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Car Mom please keep posting stories even though there basicly the same thing there still really good and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: UKN Guy another great story and I like how you put your name at the end instead of the top it makes your posts unigue how ever thats spelled and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Story Teller as always another great story it sounds like that will be a memory that last forever and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Upstate Dave as always another great story and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Victoria as always another great accident story at least you got help cleaning it up and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Messy Mommy first welcome to the site and great story about your accident and yes its true accidents can happen to anyone no matter how old they thats why there called accidents and please share anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Abbie as always another great pooping story at least you found a place outside and didnt have an accident and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: I<3POOPING first welcome back and great story about you pooping that big load at home and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: whoever wrote about pooping and peeing while giving birth from what I hear a nurse will clean up any mess

Well thats all for now

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Kyle from WA

Few more memories

I'd like to share two stories about Tracy today. I remember once when she had spent the night at my house and I had to get up and go into work earlier than usual. I quietly got out of bed so as to not disturb her and began my morning routine of peeing, showering, and shaving. I was in the middle of shaving when she shuffled into the bathroom. She said she needed to piss and asked if I minded. I said of course not and she sat down and started peeing. She peed for quite a while, I think at least thirty seconds, then she closed the toilet lid and got in the shower.

Another time on a hot summer day, we decided to go to the swimming pool. As soon as we got back to her house, she made a beeline for the bathroom. About twenty minutes later, I heard Tracy call my name and I went up to the bathroom door and asked what she needed. She told me that there was no toilet paper, and asked if I could bring her a roll from the hall closet. It took me a little bit to find the paper, but I opened the door a crack and held out my hand. She said I could come in, so I did. I handed her the roll and she apologized for the smell, even though it was hardly noticeable to me. I left her alone and she came back out a few minutes later.

This last story is one that Tracy told me, so I wasn't there to witness it. She was at a county fair, and she had to go to the bathroom so she went to find the porta-potties. When she got there, she opened the door to one of the units, only it wasn't empty - there was a woman using it. Tracy quickly shut the door, but the embarrassment was already done for both of them.

New poster

Girlfriends big relief

My girlfriend Joanne once held her poo for five days and we went to the shopping centre when she started complaining she really had to find a toilet. We saw a sign for the toilets on the floor above so we got in the lift which too some time to arrive. When the doors opened the lift had stopped about three inches bellow the floor level but we still got in. The doors closed and the lift began to move down instead of up. (We were allready on the ground floor) It stopped almost instantly but wouldn't do anything else. Joanne pressed the alarm but no one answered. She was nearly pooing herself by now and began to curse and swear at the stupid lift. She was holding her bum with both hands and it was clear she was in real trouble. Then she calmed down and let go of her bum as the smell of poo filled the lift. She bent her legs and just let go in her knickers. She peed all down her legs as her bum swelled to twice it's size. When it stopped she begged me not to tell anyone about it and I promissed to keep it to myself. She said she wasn't finished but could hold it for now. Eventually they got us out of the lift and the engineer almost gagged on the smell. He was very polite and being a gentleman said nothing about what happened as We got out. We ran to the car and I put a bag on the seat for Joanne to sit on and we drove to her place. Once we got to Joanne's flat we walked inside and She closed the door. I offered to help her clean herself up and she said she'd love that so we went to the bathroom. Joanne took off her trainers and jeans to reveal her knickers. They yes absolutely full of soft poo and it had spread all over her bum. She got in the bath and I turned the shower on and rinsed her down. Once all the poo was off her she got out of the bath and sat on the toilet to release the rest of it in the toilet. It was a bag load and it smelled. She wiped several times and flushed the toilet before washing her hands feeling much better.

Anime fan
I had just taken a crap and I went to flush and I saw there was a different color in the bowl and when I looked I saw there was blood. So I wiped a couple of time and there was blood on the toilet paper. What could be the cause I am freaking out. Btw I am a first time poster.


Airport Runz

I will not sugar coat this story. I will give you all the details as they happen. Why I keep doing it to myself, I will never know, but the mexican resturant in the airport terminal makes good breakfast taco's, but at a price and I don't mean money. For some reason when I eat those taco's, they give me the fast in fact, that I damn near have to eat them while sitting on the pot, you know, to increase my safety margine (white boxers reveal everything). As far as I know, im not a violent shitter, and I cannot stand violent shitters. One day, I was, you know, doin' my dootie in peace and quiet. It's rare to get that at an airport craperie, butt it happens from time to time. All was well until I heard a man run into the restroom sounding as if he ran past ALL the other use this one, my restroom. 4 stalls in this bathroom, and this sum-a-ma-bitch decides in his haste that HE wants to sit in the stall next to mine.....naturally. What happened next made me immediatly grab for the roll of toilet paper immediatly. This dudes ass sounded like it dropped breakfast, lunch and dinner........from the past 12 months, all in one drop. I started to gag, short of breath and was starting to see double. You could actually hear the value of the toilet bowl next door, drop. I flew off the pot, "half-assed" my wipe sequence, and darted out of the restroom. So, what is the point of this story??? It's knowing that you can stand at the door of the restroom for over an hour and NOBODY with a cannon ass like that, will even get near you. As soon as you sit on a toilet, here come Ghallager, ass edition. Till next time.


Weighing in on the seat discussion

Both Stac and I have been busy packing up and getting ready to move to college. Our campuses are relatively close, 80 miles, so we will be still seeing each other on weekends and over breaks. Since both of us are involved in student activities, we've got a friendly bet going as to which of us will become student body president first. We both enjoy that type of volunteer work.

In weighing in on the seat discussion, Stac and I differ quite a bit. When a person sticks to the seat for a few seconds Stac believes it's because of either the number of people who are sitting on the seat (#6) or #1, butt sweat or moisture on the seat. As for myself, I vote #4. I think if you push forward or backward against the contour of the seat or you momentarily stand or sit down during a tough-to-dump shit, that is the cause of the sticking. However, even though we've been great friends since back in grade school, Stac and I have different toilet habits. She sits right down on the seat each time in public places; I put a liner of toilet paper down first. My Dad has a great line for such situations: "Different strokes for different folks". I think he plagiarized it from some old song, however.

New poster

Crap holiday

I was 16 when this happened to me. I was on a weeks holiday on a Mediteranean island where the plumbing isn't up to flushing paper or even large poos. You have to put the used paper in a bin and if you're doing a big poo, as I do you have to keep flushing in between. I couldn't use them so I held my poo for 3 days before I got too desperate to hold it any longer. I was on the beach and felt my bowels pushing hard but I clenched and held it in which hurt like hell. I knew I was in trouble now and in desperation I went into the sea to relieve myself. It was a close call too. The beach extended for quite a long way and as I speed walked to the water I felt an enormous urge to push that I couldn't ignore. I clenched harder but the pain was excrutieating and I had let some pressure out to reduce the pain. I relaxed for a split second and a hard dry poo emerged as my bowels pushed without my control. I was lucky I'd made myself constipated as I would've had major bowel movement in my trunks. I made it into the water but my bowels kept pushing and I was only knee deep in the water so I wasn't too well hidden. There were these 2 girls about 50 feet away from me and I'm not sure if they saw what was happening. I moved quickly into some deeper water to hide on situation but I was still going the whole time. The girls kept laughing and I felt sure they'd noticed me. I carefully took my trunks off under the water and emptied the contents out. Luckily they weren't marked as my poo was so hard but the girls were watching me and I was still dying to go. I moved further away and they didn't follow me but I still felt uneasy about going any more. The only trouble was I was still dying to go and thought what the hell and relaxed. Nothing happened though so I pushed. Still nothing so I pushed again. I felt my bum stretch around the emerging poo and it stopped moving so I had to push again. It wouldn't move so I pushed harder. It was so big I thought my bum would split open but I had to get this huge poo out so I kept up the pressure untill it started to move. It got less wide after a while and came out much easier. I had to keep pushing to keep it moving but the more I went the easier it got. After passing about 10 inches it broke off and I felt better but nowhere near finished. The girls were coming coming towards me by now and I had to stop pushing in case they saw what was going on. I tried to get my trunks back on without them noticeing but one of them saw me and said something to her friend in a language I didn't understand. They giggle about it and I swam off as fast as I could. They didn't come after me thank god. I don't know if they could swim or not but I didn't really care as I got away from them. Once I got far enough away I lowered my trunks and pushed again. It came out quickly and what a relief it was. Finaly empty I washed my bum in the water and pulled my trunks up feeling a few pounds lighter.
I didn't go again untill the last day of my holiday which was 4 days since my last poo. I'd planned to go at the airport but the seafood I had the night before was having a laxative effect on my bowels. I made it to the airport but had no idea where the toilets were and with 4 days of lose poo it wasn't easy to hold back. I clenched hard while I looked franticaly for the toilets and saw one of the two girls from the beach walking quickly across my path. She was holding her bum so I figured she was heading for the same place I was followed her. I was right and soon found the mens toilets. Outside the ladies there was a que and out of curiosity I watched the girl to see what would happen. I was desperate to go by now and by the worried look on the the girls face, I knew she was too. Then she stood rigid and let go of her bum. I was having a trouble holding on myself but the girl had failed totaly. A large wet patch formed in her shorts and I saw her legs getting wet as her pee poured out of her. Then the wet patch turned brown and slowly grew across her bum untill it oozed down her legs. I was ready to go in my pants by this time so I ran into the mens toilets and found a vacant cubicle just in time. I ripped my jeans and pants down as fast as I could and sat down. At that moment I had an explosion of soft loose poo that half filled the toilet. It stank like hell and went on for ages. I shit my brains out and it was one of the most intensely relieving poos I'd ever had. After holding it 4 days I suppose it was to be expected!


Locked out desperation

I got myself locked out of the house tonight with a desperate need to pee and poo. Kirsty was working late and I had to get the bus home. I spent the whole journey holding myself, determined not to have an accident and by the time I got off the bus I was ready to burst. The three hundred yards from the bus stop to the house felt like a mile and I had a hard time keeping it all in. I reached the front door with a feeling of relief that I'd kept control but the feeling was short lived when I looked for my key. It was nowhere to be found and I got myself into a panic. My bladder was about to burst and so were my bowels and I was out of time. There were lots of people around so letting go in my panties and cleaning up later was not an option. I tried to get into the back garden but the side gate was locked and climbing over it in my condition was out of the question. I had to go round to the old ladys house next door but she was out. The next door neighbor on the other side was out too and I was now not only out of time, I was out of options. The only thing I could think of was to squat behind the wheelie bin and do my business there. It wasn't very private but at least no one saw my private parts and the relief was un believable. I peed about a litre while I pood my brains out. As soon as I was done I pulled my clothes back up and waited for Kirsty to come home. When she finaly came back she saw the pile by the bin and reminded me we keep a spare key hidden under a stone!

@Kyle from WA - thanks for your story about your co-worker Chloe. She must've really been bursting. Did she say anything to you after she emerged from the bathroom? I wonder if peeing that much is a normal occurrence for her.

@The Listening Ear - thanks for the welcome. Believe it or not, I've been reading here since sometime back in 2000; I just rarely post. I look forward to your future anecdotes.

I am also curious as to the replies "Anonymous" will get RE: the changing pee streams of other ladies as they age. I really hadn't thought about such differences, but it stands to reason that maturation over time, factors like childbirth and so forth may have an effect.

Slow-Shittin' Sammi

Frantic Francine's survey

In answer to Frantic Francine's survey, I feel Number 6 is the best choice. The frequency with which a toilet is used has to be a factor in the smells that accumulate. The frequency with which the number of people sit on the seat has to be a factor in contributing to any stickiness. Choice Number 1 could also be a contributor: a person's sweaty butt would leave moisture on the seat that most users probably wouldn't see. I took an Intro to Physics class last year and could see Number 9 (the weight of the user) also being an issue, especially if the person was obese and was on the toilet for 10 or 15 minutes taking their shit.

I can only remember one situation from last year where I heard a complaint about someone saying they were sticking to the seat. It was my friend Sheila and during homeroom she quickly walked into the bathroom, peeked into my stall and said "Hi Sam" and then I heard her take the next stall, drop the seat, and then there was a tremendous round of farts that went like 10 seconds, followe by several carefully spaced out thuds into the bowl. While Sheila sat, I heard her going through her handbag which was on the floor closest to my stall. She was obviously looking for something. The fact that she pulled out a pack of smokes surprised me, because I didn't know that she smoked, but everything else that she laid out on the floor was pretty normal.

I had a headache that I woke up with but forgot to take two aspirins before leaving home. I asked her if she had any and she said yes. I heard Sheila go through her purse this time with two hands and within seconds she handed the small bottle to me under the partition. I took out two and as I handed the bottle back to her, it slipped out of my hand, fell to the floor, and since I didn't have the cap tightly on, a dozen or so of the pills started rolling around, mostly into Sheila's stall. Sheila cursed, not at me but the situation, as she reached to pick the pills up and place them back in the bottle. Suddenly, I heard another thud or two splash into the toilet and this was followed by a screech unlike anything I had heard before. She cursed again and said her left left butt stuck to the toilet seat and that's what the noise was. She put the rest of her handbag's contents back in, quickly wiped, and then flushed.

I did the same, but was careful to put the two aspirins in my jeans pocket so that I could stop by the water fountain on the way back to class.

Amanda M
I think I'm a little constipated right now. A little while ago I was sitting here and I got an urge to go poop. I went up to the bathroom and turned on the light switch and it didn't go on. The bulb it out. I can't poop with the door open and I didn't wanna poop in the dark so I just turned on the hallway light and left the door cracked so a little light came in. I then pulled down my pants and started to push. I could feel it start to come out then it stopped. I pressed on my stomach and a small ball came out. I still felt way more in me so I started to push again and got nothing. I pressed on my stomach really hard and pushed and still nothing. I stood up off the toilet and wrapped both arms around my stomach and pressed harder and still nothing. Finally I got tired of pushing so I gave up. My butt feels weird cause I could feel it right there. I'll probably try again soon. I don't wanna have to get prune juice cause I have to go out tomorrow even though prunes dont upset my stomach I dont wanna take a chance.

Upstate Dave

My Working Vacation Day 12 Working Day Painting Part 1

Well I did have work to do today. I had to scrape down my granfathers workshops exterior and get it painted. I had two days to get this job done before my vacation was to end. It was plenty of time to get this last job done too. So after haveing breakfast I got right to work starting the scrapeing of the old paint where it needed to be done.

I started on the back end of the outside of the workshop. I then would go up alongside the rigt side to the front. Then the front and back down the left side to finish the scrapeing of the paint. Then I would primer where needed and if there was time I would start the painting. I had my radio with me to listen to as I started the needed work.

I didn't stop either. I kept working till I did have the back,right side and the front done. I did move to te left sideand that;s when I did take a break. But my break was only to take a piss! Nothing else! So I was useing the stepladder at this time but I did get down from it to take my piss.

I faced towards the back end of the shed to piss. I had pulled my zipper doqn on mypair of ols shorts I was wearing. I left m penis out without bothering to hold it. I wasn't erect at the time also. So when I did start pissing I shot a har stream of piss outward but more of a downward stream at te grass close in front of me.

I did watch my stream but my mind was on about the rest of my work as I did continuie pissing and watching my stream of piss wet the grass. All I remembered about this piss was that I did takea long piss and I had Jill show up just before I stopped! She did see me pissing which I knew she had come for Jill let off a loud giggle seeing me piss!

When Jill walked up upon me I was doing my finishing off spurts from my penis! had already dne one hard spurt. I was right in the middle of doing a second sput of piss! That's when from behind me came her hard giggle! My second hard spurt of piss lasted for a few short seconds.

Then I held back even though I could have now doen a thirdgood spurt of piss! Janet now was comming right up behind me as I stood there with my back to her and my penis hanging out of my open zipperof my shorts. Giggleing still Jill said to me; I missed most of it didn't I! I knodded my head and said yes back to Jill.

Have anymore left? Jill next said to me. Yeah I do. I was going to do a third last spurt when you came up on me Jill. She giggled again. So I re;axed gave a push and I did end from my penis a good hard ;last spurt of piss from it! Jill giggled again. Then I slipped my penis inside my open zipper of my shorts and zipped them up.

Before I would go back to my scrapeing paint Jill and I talked some. It was mainly her that talked. To make it short it was all about Janet teling Jill about Janets and mine campout! As Jill talked about it Janet had not spared any details! It took Jill awhile to go on about it so I listened to her as I went and scraped paint.

By the time Jill had finished I had done the remaining scrapeing so that was now done. I was ready to get the primer and start applying that to the workshop walls. I took a quick look to see waht Jill was wearing. Jill had on a pair of jeans and a short sleeve top. They were clean and new looking.

So I asked Jill if she wanted to help me but you'll have to change into old clothes. Jill got real excited and said she sure would like to help! I told he that inside up in the attic were old clothes from my niece which were left. They should fit you. So that is what Jill and I did then. We went inisde the house to the attic and she dug out some of my nieces old clothes.

Now Jill tried them on right there in the attic. I was there too which it didn't bother her that I was there with her. The old pair of jeans and shirt did fit her! Then we went outside again and I did get two brushes and the gallon of primer. After opening and stiring it up real well we walked behind the workshop shed to start painting it with the primer.

Jill before we did start asked me if I needed to go to the bathroom! I had taken that piss of mine not all that long ago. So I told her that I didn't need to piss. What about a shit then? Jill asked me. I didn't have to. That big shit I had taken at the lake with Janet was such a big one that I knew I wouldn't have to shit at least till tomorrow if I was luck that I had to.

Jill was a little disapointed that I didn't have to go. I did make her happy for I told her that there were would be plenty of times today as far as seeing me piss Jill. If you are around tomorrow which we will be working and if I have to shit you'll get a chance to see me shit too! Jill smiled and I told her; Let's get to work! So we started puting on the primer where I had scraped.

Both of us worked pretty had but steadily. The back end was done. We worked along the right side. Got that done. Then went around to the front to do it. But before we started primering up the front Jill informed me she needed to take a break! It was time for her to take a needed piss and shit! Jill said to me as far as her needing to shit she said to me; It feels like a real healthy one too!

So Jill also told me she better use the bathroom nside the house for this one! So we set our brushes down on the lip of the gallon of primer and we walked to the house. Once inside Jill headed straight to the bathroom too. On the way Jill unbuttoned her old jeans and pulled the zipper down on them. But she did hand o to them with one of her hands to keep them from slideing down.

Once she was over to the toilet off came the old pair of jeans! Jill sat right down on the toilet seat for it was down. In a few very short seconds Jill was pissing and hard! Her stream I saw shooting out from her vagina was a golden yellow color which in those few short seconds had turned the water in the bowl a lighter golden yellow!

Lus with her hard pissing the splashing of her piss in the bowl was very loud too! Then Jill being Jill and needing to shit Jill let off one loud long fart which the bowl amplified! The long brapping sounding fartshe let go started off being low but went louder as she let this fart go! Jill giggle as she let go this fart and looked right at me too.

But Jill only had farted. She wasn't shiting yet. Jill didn't tell me she was or wasn't hearing that she was also. Jillwas still just only pissing which was still flowing very hard! When her piss stream started to slow her piss down inside the toilet made a golden yellow foam covering the water. Then Jill did stop pissing a short time later.

Then before Jill did start to shit Jill changed her position on the toilet seat. Jill sld back on the seat. Then she moved her feet on the floor way back aside the base of the toilet. Jill also had opened her feet wide apart which seperated her thighs and crotch wide open at the same time! I could see real well down inside the toilet!

Jil was now ready to shit! Jill placed both of her hands griping the edge of the toilet seat alond both sides of her. Then she pushed hard and let out a short but loud grunt! Jill let out another fart but this one was a only a phffiting sounding fart. Then I heard some crackleing so I knew that Jill was shiting!

It took a good several long seconds for hershit to come into view. When it did I saw a tan smooth fat shit poked out under Jill. It looked soft too like soft ice cream! The front tip was fat in size but it had curled. Her shit was moving but kind of slow. Jill managed to hold her breath till her shit was almots five inches long. Then she let go with a loud sigh when she did let out her breath.

With Jill doing this her asshole must have clamped down on her soft fat tan shit. For I saw it lean over geting into a sharper angle as it leaned sideways under her. I saw it to carck too which the crack got wider and wider. This made her shit lean even more. Her shit looked like it was barely hanging on with a thread holding it together!

Then her shit broke fell into the toilet sendin up a god splash of golden yellow water. The pissy water did not hit Jill. But it did come close! Jilll told me she could feel much more right at her asshole! Jill rested ofr a little bit. Then she sucked in her breath loudly and pushed! Theree was a shgort phit of a fart and then some very loud crackleing. Jill was shiting again!

What first apeared comming into sight was the thin thead o a shit from where her shithad broken. That was a couple of inches long. Following that thin thread was a thick shit. Sane darkish tan, still smooth, and soft looking. This time her shit did move faster but not much faster. Jill was pushing garder with this push and she managed this time before she let her breath out her shit had reached over a half foot long. It also didn't break. It just hung there under her.

Jill said to me; Let me rest. Then I sould do it with one more push. I smiled and told Jill to take her time. Jil did rest takeing a pretty good long one. Then Jill bore down and I saw her shit move. Jill pushed out another four inches or a little more and the her shit dropped into the toilet. Jill was finished except for wipeing her ass.

Jill did her standing up wipe like she always does. She did wipe three times to get her ass wiped. Then she had to flush the toilet twice! The first time both of her shits just swirled around spinning many times and didn't go down! It took the second flush and her shit did go down. Then Jill quickly put her shorts back on and we went oustde and back to wirk. To be continuied.


To Amylee

Hi hon. Haven't heard from you in quite a while. How are things at work? Love to hear another story. As I am sure I mentioned, I would LOVE to spend about 5 minutes in that work bathroom at about 10:15 and 2:15 after about 10 different ladies used it. Is there anybody there who is particularly stinky? When you have that many ladies taking dumps in such a short period of time; is there a "mixture" of smells or is there on particular person whose smell dominates?

The Listening Ear

Part 17

After a year on the project at the customer site, my task was complete and I moved into my employer's own offices to do something different. There were a lot of beautiful babes working there, and it wasn't pure luck, it was management recruitment policy - the lads who ran the place were quite proud of their achievement. (That was probably the reason for having an all-male crew at the other place - the bosses wanted to keep the girls in-house for themselves!). And as if that wasn't good enough, the location was quite close to where the heart-stopping J (see pages 2073 and 2076) was now working.

I was now in a compact 5-storey building with a single staircase, and Ladies and Gents toilets on alternate landings. There was a Gents toilet on our floor, and thankfully all the women from our department went upstairs to the Ladies rather than down. Putting my ear to the wall in the Gents, I could hear the goings-on upstairs quite clearly.

However, as well as the usual problem of having work to do, I didn't have a clear view of the office door from my desk, so opportunities for following people out were restricted. Foremost among them was the lovely young V, a fresh-faced, raven-haired graduate trainee. At exactly 9:30 every morning she would go upstairs to the toilet and release a huge torrent of pee, followed by a rapid cascade of heavy thudding plops like machine-gun fire. Her timing was so precise that one morning I was able to come out of the Gents and intercept her as she left the office, and stop for a long chat to see what effect the delay would have on her performance. It was quite exciting to stand there talking to her, knowing exactly what I was preventing her from doing, and knowing that she didn't know that I knew. Eventually I let her go, and made to go back into the office, but as soon as she was out of sight I doubled back into the Gents and put my ear to the wall. The result was disappointing - after the usual Niagara impression there was only one audible THUD instead of the usual cascade.

The other girls I was able to follow out occasionally were also disappointing, especially the taciturn and darkly-mysterious Barbara, who always took quite a long time over her visits to the toilet but never made any sound whatever. So I was mainly reliant on coincidence. One day as I was on my way out to the toilet I saw Luscious Lucy - long blonde hair, bright red dress, big blue flashing eyes and even bigger personality - heading up the stairs. Putting my ear to the wall I heard a stream of pretty tinkling, followed by a long, long, long, long silence and then some more tinkling. Obviously there was a poo in the silence but I couldn't hear it. But imagination is a wonderful thing. A vision of LL on the toilet, rocking gently back and forth as she pushed her poo out, would be pretty hot at any time. But in real time, sitting immediately below her while it was actually happening, together with thoughts of the effluvium that must be developing in the air around her, it was positively scorching! Another time it was a thin, blonde, dopey-looking girl from the floor below that I saw heading up the stairs. This was unusual, and I could only assume that the toilets on her floor were fully occupied and she didn't want to wait. And once I got my ear to the wall, a resounding SPLONK! from upstairs told me why.

Those people downstairs worked slightly longer hours than us, so one evening I stayed late and went to the Gents two floors down. As I passed their office I noticed that the extremely attractive young secretary who normally sat by the door was missing, and simultaneously I heard a loud toilet-fart coming from the Ladies. I raced down the rest of the stairs, shot into the Gents, banged the stall door shut and stuck my ear to the wall. But there was nothing to be heard until the eventual flush. On my return, the secretary was back in her place. Tantalising, isn't it?

I've left Clare till last. Quiet and petite, with a face like Kate Mulgrew, a lovely figure and a knowing glint in her eye, Clare was an absolute delight. Everything about her was slightly slowed-down, not exactly lethargic but certainly languid. This could have reminded me of Diane from my first permanent job (see page 2057), but it wasn't until I heard her pee that I made the connection. Although I couldn't see Clare from my desk, I had somehow got hold of the idea that she went to the toilet for a #2 at lunchtime, but I always missed it because I was always out, either in the pub having lunch, or in the street contriving 'accidental' encounters with J like a besotted teenager. Then one day as I came back from lunch I saw Clare heading upstairs. I had already been seen walking towards the office, so I had to enter, take my coat off and hang it up before doubling back to the Gents. By the time I got my ear against the wall, a slow, steady trickling sound had already started. But after a while it seemed to be too steady, and to go on for too long. One of the drawbacks of listening through walls is that you don't only hear what you want to hear, you get everything the building has to offer, especially from the plumbing department. After about 40 seconds with no variation I became convinced that I was being a complete fool, standing there with my ear to the wall, listening to a cistern filling up somewhere. But I hung on and hung on, just in case. And then, to my surprise, the trickling stopped very abrubtly and was followed by .. SPLOCK! . . . . PLUNK!

Oh Clare, oh deep, deep joy!



Outdoor pooping

To big buck:
In answer to your question about pooping in the woods. We don't have a lot of hunting here in England since the restrictions on fox hunting. Plus any hunting that does go on is on private land as we have very (and rightly so) strict firearms laws, so you can't go shouting just anywhere you like unless you want to end up in prison. Anyway, I love pooing outdoors and sometimes I have to when I've held it a few days otherwise it would block the toilet. The best times are when I haven't been for more than 4 or 5 days and I'm really desperate. I find the intense relief is easily the most pleasureable thing you could ever have. Sometimes I hold it a little too long, so I always take some spare underwear and some wipes for the cleanup in case I don't make it in time!

Hi everyone. Abbie- another great post about your outside poo! Looking forward to your next post. Thanks for your concern- unfortunately I still feel strange. I don't feel ill and I haven't thrown up or had diarrhea, but I keep having to poo more than normal and my stomach always feels really warm, sort of like constant indigestion and also trapped wind. It went away towards the end of last week but after some more spicy food on Saturday it's come back again, so I suppose it's something to do with that. It always dies away in the evenings and when I go to bed it pretty much disappears and then comes back after I eat something the next day. It's so annoying!

Yesterday I went shopping but I only had to go once when I was out. It was a sudden need and fairly urgent so I went straight to the loos and got seated. After a series of loud embarrassing farts I pushed out three quick logs. More gas followed and then one smaller bit. As soon as I got home I had to go again and once more that evening. I hope I get back to normal soon!

Will post more soon. Bye for now!

I <3 Pooing

Unleashing the big brown beast from within!

Hi everyone : ) me again! I feel I should share about the poo I took this morning. Well
anyway I woke up at 9:30am & felt really uneasy & bit crampy again in my belly, I kept passing really smelly gas every couple of minutes & I could feel
the feeling in my belly build up more because it was now getting to the point where it was soooo uncomfy : (. I was more worried about having a really bad accident & really pooing myself which would've been inevitable given that I was feeling extremely crampy, bloated & very gassy. I was still passing really smelly, rank wet farts which I knew were the signs that I needed to go for a really big poo. Strangely enough the urge wasn't an full scale emergency just yet, phew! However half an hour later it was a completely different story as now I was getting so much more uncomfy & the pains in my belly wouldn't subside & I could sense that really full feeling in my belly. I got up & with my shorts on, I quickly slipped my feet into a pair of open-toe mules & dash to the upstairs loo with one hand on my belly. I quickly shut the door, locked it, pulled down my denim shorts & knickers & sat on the loo with my legs spread & my arms crossed & pressed to my belly. Usually I always take as much time as I need to have a really good poo & I never hurry-up for no one. Why should I? My bum had barely been on the loo seat for a couple of seconds when all of a sudden I felt a huge load of poo rushing towards my bum, I let out a SBD followed by the sensation of my anus opening up with what felt like a big, thick, smelly log waiting to drop out & it did & it landed in the bowl with a big PLOP! Then I felt my bum opening up again almost immediately as 3 more thick logs just dropped out in rapid succession ... Floooomph! Splooooosh-plop! Then there was a pause for a couple of seconds then I could feel yet more poo chunks waiting to drop & surely with another smelly, rank fart there was more poo just coming & coming ... Plop, plop, ploooooop, blop-blop-blip, plopslopslop, ploooomph! It was getting really smelly now but I could feel more yet to come & with a fart all the remaining lot of smelly poo just dropped out with loads of big plops! That was it all done! I was now feeling the most awesome relief as I felt so much better for releasing this big, brown beast from within...yes it was really smelly but I don't care as I so needed to poo, badly! I tore off some loo roll & had a look into the bowl below & there they were 3 big, thick, healthy logs with other chunky pieces surrounding it. I wiped my bum at least 5 times & then got up off the loo, flushed the loo, pull my knickers & denim shorts & flushed the loo. Phew! It was a really smelly one as well!

More from me soon, bye now. Nite nite x


to car mum

to car mum have you ever asked kaylee if she wanted to pee in a diaper or a pull-up

Hi again everyone. Thanks for your concern John- Yes I'm fine now and I'll explain why!
Yesterday it was my turn to go for a resit exam and near the end I need to poo as I always do. At the time it didn't seem like a particularly big urge but when I finished and left and made my way to the loo I got a stronger urge and a feeling that it would be a big one. There were only two cubicles but they were both empty so I took one and sat down. Quickly a big mushy log slid out and I let out a quiet moan. After that there were two more logs, then a fart, some formless mushy crap, then another log. After that I got a bit of a break while the next load readied itself. Another lot of mushy poo heaved itself out of my bum followed by two quick pieces and a fart. By now ten minutes had passed and I felt like I was near the end of my mammoth load. Someone else came in and went into the other cubicle for a wee which sounded like she'd been holding it in hard. While she was peeing another girl came in and I heard her exclaim, 'oh!' when she realised she had to wait. I saw her shadow move in front of my cubicle and I could see she was shuffling around nervously. I guessed she was bursting to go. The other girl finished and left and I got a new neighbour. She hurried in and sat. Her first motion was disguised by the flushing, but then it finished and I could hear her exploding into the loo. It sounded like she had been really desperate for her diarrhea and had only just made it. Within a minute the smell, strong before, became quite intense. As she emptied her bowels I finished emptying mine, with two more logs and a bit more mushy stuff. I felt fine afterwards and since, so I guess I just needed a good clearout! I felt quite sorry for the other girl who was still glued to the seat blasting away when I left! Still, it happens to us all!

More soon. Bye for now!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Hello! I have been reading on this site for almost a year now and I thought I'd post. I have a question: most people say bowel movement for bm, but at home ( I'm only 14) instead of calling it having a 'bowel movement' we call it having a 'big mess'. I'd like to know if anyone else has heard this or used it before.


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