Pooped at my daughter's school

This is a story from not too long ago, and while I can sort of laugh about it now, at the time it made me feel like the worst mom in the entire world. It all began one day in March when I was driving my daughter to school, like I do every day. But on that particular day, I felt a need to poop shortly after dropping her off. I was still very close to the school, so I doubled back and went to the bathroom there. Sounds like a perfectly normal act, yes?

Well, that's where it all goes bad. The first thing I noted was how weird it felt to be using the bathrooms at the same elementary school that I went to all those years ago. It was so much different, probably because I'm an adult and the toilets were smaller than I'm used to. Well, I finished up my business and left, unaware of the coming crisis. Later on, when my husband brought my daughter home from school, I could tell something was wrong the minute she came in. I tried to talk to her, but she wouldn't tell me anything. Eventually, some hours later, when she had calmed down, I attempted to talk to her again, and finally I got an explanation. Apparently, some of her friends had been in the bathroom while I was pooping. I just don't understand why that's so bad, but she says that her friends made fun of her because of it.

So, for the next week or so she barely talked to me. As I said, I really felt awful, even though all I did was poop. I guess I'll just never understand kids these days, but you can bet I'll hold in my poop instead of going at her school again. Not going to make that mistake twice.


Had to pee!

So this happened like a few years ago. I was at work when I decided to pee... When I got in the bathroom I realized my zipper was stuck and my pants were really tight so trying to pull them off was impossible. I dont know why my zipper was stuck but it wouldn't budge at all no matter how hard I tried to pull on it. I was too shy to tell my boss so I just went back to work. A few hours later I really had to go so I raced to the bathroom, determined to get my pants down somehow. Once I got in the stall I realized how BAD I had to go. I still couldn't get the zipper unstuck or my pants down. I knew I couldn't hold it until the end of the day. I told my boss I was feeling really sick and had to leave... THANKFULLY he let me go home early. Halfway home the pressure on my bladder suddenly starting to get worse.... I tried to use my hand to hold myself and lessen the pressure but it didn't help. It was like someone just sat on my bladder! I tried clenching my muscles but this time the pressure didn't let up but KEPT increasing. Suddenly the bladder just jolted and pee starting coming. Luckily I got it to stop after a few seconds and finally made it home JUST in time to release the rest in my own bathroom over the bathtub.

Kyle from WA

Some stories from my past

Sorry I haven't posted in a few months, I've been very busy. In any case, I'll start with a story for Vince. I saw his post on here talking about how he enjoys posts about women with large bladders. Back in 2004, one of my coworkers was in need of a ride to pick up her kids from school and then to their house, because her car was in the shop. My own route home took me very near her kids' school, so I volunteered to give her a ride. She was very grateful and offered to pay me, but I declined, saying she could just owe me a favor for later on.

So, some time after that, my own car broke down and I had to have it fixed. I remember Chloe, the coworker I had given a ride to previously, and I decided to ask her if she could give me a ride home. She happily obliged. When we pulled up at my house, Chloe asked if she could use my bathroom, she really had to go. Of course I said yes, and she turned off the car and came into the house with me. I pointed her to the bathroom and she dashed off. She was in such a hurry that apparently she didn't close the door all the way as I could hear her pee stream. She peed for an incredibly long time, even dying down several times, only to begin again at full strength. I was just amazed at how much she was peeing. Then finally her stream actually stopped, and then she wiped and washed her hands. I looked at my watch and it had been nearly four minutes since she started peeing.

This next story involves my girlfriend Tracy. I mentioned her in a post on page 1952 if you're interested. Anyway, the two of us were at a baseball game. Tracy said she needed to pee and would be back in a bit. She came back after a while, but told me the line to the ladies' room was really long and she didn't even get to go. I had an idea that she could use the men's room, because the men's line is never as long. She was hesitant, but agreed very quickly because she really really needed to go.

I knew the men's room also had no stall doors so I went with her and we went into the bathroom. She went into an empty stall and I stood with my back to her to protect her from prying eyes. Some of the other guys were cool with her being there and some weren't. A few even said some... very offensive things not suitable to be written here, but we ignored them. As for Tracy peeing, I didn't really hear anything good with all the other people going as well.


Abbie- I liked your latest stories, espeically your outdoor poo! Sorry you had to go there but at least you didn't have an accident.

Yesterday I had to go up to my university to resit one of my exams. Naturally enough I had to poo during it quite badly. The exam was in a small building that I'd never been in before. The girls loos were at the back of the room and when someone used it I could hear her weeing. SO I wasn't about to go there! When I'd finished I went out and headed for the student union. I was pretty desperate when I got to the toilets and picked out a cubicle and sat down. Just as I was about to relieve myself and let loose with some poo someone else came in. For once she took advantage of all the other cubicles and did not sit down next to me, instead she was three cubicles down. I waited for her to leave or start pooing before I pooed. After she weed she let out two logs and a fart, so then I started to push out my soft poo. After a few seconds the other girl let out another log and then I pushed out some more mushy poo and farted. A couple of rapid fire pieces came out next and then two fairly solid logs and I was done. The other girl produced another log and a fart and we came out together. I recognised her as from my exam although I didn't know her. We washed our hands and discussed the exam where we'd both clearly been desperate for a poo!

Feral Girl

Toilet stuff

was gonna post this the other day but never got around to it, lol. J didn't get to come over last weekend, or last night. she's coming over tonight though, so i may have another post soon, lol.

first some things i started wondering when i typed this, lol;

So i was wondering after i typed my post. i read this thing about how humans were supposed to poo squatting instead of sitting, and there's a bunch of problems we get if we do it while sitting. I hate sitting to poop, is this why? it feels a lot easier and normal to squat instead, but toilets aren't made to do that around here... how many other people squat to poop even when they're using a toilet?

also am i the only woman that pees when she poos? i can't poo without peeing some, even if i don't really have to go a little will leak out. or sometimes i'll poo a little first, then start peeing, but then i can't stop peeing if i push to poo. is that normal?

when a woman's giving birth and they have her on the bed with her legs up, what does she do if she needs to pee or poo? she definitely can't get up and go to the toilet.

Brandon T: lol, I always really have to go just before i do. i have a bad habit of holding it until i'm about to lose it before i go. partly cuz i'm lazy and partly cuz it feels great when i finally go. i'll keep those in mind and try it as soon as i can find a place to, lol.

Happy Dude: ya, okay, gonna share some now! i've actually done something like what you described in the toilet, lol.

also i forgot to mention i *do* pee a lot of times when i go running. i drink a lot of water, and drink more when i run, so i do pee pretty often. i'll usually just step off the road and pull my undies and shorts down then squat and pee. though one time i did pee right in the middle of the road, lol. lucky no one came around the bend and saw me there with it all out to see.

so i do use the toilet sometimes, though i always try to avoid it. when i do i'll stand on the seat and squat over it to go. this *has* caused some problems, lol. i also like to be entirely naked to use the bathroom, but sometimes can't do that either.

one of the problems was if i really have to go and i get on it too fast, lol. it was a couple of years ago, i was in the mall with friends, and really had to pee bad. i didn't want to do it while they were in the bathroom with me and have them ask why i was standing on the toilet, so i held it after they went and waited until it could look like i'd started needing to go finally later. so i went into the bathroom alone, waited for a lady to leave, then rushed into a stall. i locked the door and hung my bag from the hook then started undoing my jeans. i got them undone and stepped up onto the toilet and turned around as i squatted and just as i did i let loose and my pee splattered on the back of the seat before i got centered and started peeing loudly into the water. took a while, lol. i did at least wipe the seat before i left. :-p alot of women don't do that i don't think, i've seen pee on the seats a lot.

another time was at a friend's house and this wasn't long after i started standing on the toilet to go. i went to use her toilet because i was staying with her that night. so i needed to poo and it was later than usual after dinner. i told her i was going to take a shower cuz we'd been out running around and i'd gotten sweaty. so i took my chance to poo then, i'd been holding it for a bit. so i went into the bathroom with my bag and stuff, locked the door, then stripped nekkid cuz it was a perfect plan, lol. i went over to the toilet and stepped up on the seat and squatted and hugged my knees. i started to push and my pee started and went perfectly into the water. i kept pushing and my poo started to come out. i felt a piece slide out quick and heard it hit plastic. i looked back quick and it'd landed on the back edge of the toilet seat. :( i slid myself forward, but my pee was still coming out so it was nearly going over the edge of the bowl at the front. i have to be careful now to pee first before i poo (which is hard, i always do one when i do the other if i have to go), or i lean forward with my knees pressed into my chest to make sure everything goes where it's supposed to. so anyway i finished finally and grabbed some TP and pushed the turd into the toilet and wiped the seat good. then i jumped in the shower without wiping and washed my butt. i like doing that too when i can. TP makes my butthole feel raw. :-p

and the last story is about what i did on my own toilet!

so i've mentioned before i have my own bathroom my parents let me used. it used to have a huge bath tub in it with water jets and stuff, but that broke, so my dad replaced it with a regular tub. so the toilet was right beside that big tub, now there's a space between them. there's this hamper chest that's about as tall as the toilet between them where i keep my clean towels. so a couple of years ago i wanted to do something different than standing on the toilet seat, but i didn't have the guts to go poop in the woods like i do now (or compost heap, or wherever i decide to poop, lol).

so i decided to have a poo while laying down. i got a couple of towels out of the hamper and laid them on top of it like bedding, then got the book i was reading and laid down on it. i rolled up another towel as a pillow. there was just enough space i could rest my head on the edge of the tub with my back mostly on the hamper and my butt over the edge of the toilet seat and my feet on the edge of the counter with the sink. i think i looked like how women do when they're giving birth, lol. my feet were up in the air and spread, and i started reading cuz i didn't really have to go too bad yet. and even then i knew it felt good to hold it, but was afraid of having an accident (i've gotten a lot worse about that lately like i've said).

anyway i was reading. i read for a while and actually fell asleep, lol. it was really comfortable there. i was entirely naked, the towels were really nice and soft, and i just sort of dozed off with my book on my chest. i woke up as i farted, haha. my bladder was really full and my ???? was starting to cramp.

i dropped my book on the floor and braced myself and started to push. i started to pee a little and i could feel it matting my the hair between my legs and up my booty crack together as it ran all the way down the crack of my butt and dripped off. hate when i do that, but it's hard to avoid when i pee. i was peeing slow because i didn't want me stream to stop running down my butt and hit the toilet seat or worse the counter past it, lol.

i guess i was kind of constipated is why it took so long. so i was pushing my poo and it felt *huge* and really hard and i knew it was going to hurt. i strained really hard to get it out, and i felt it finally move and start to come out. i gave it a big push and i felt it crown (just like i was giving birth out of my bootyhole, lol) and it really hurt, and just as i pushed i felt my bladder spasm, and a stream of pee shot out and i could hear it splatter on something that wasn't the toilet water. it really hurt to try to stop like that and i couldn't so i kept pushing, and each time i pushed another stream of pee would come out. i finally got the poo out further and it hurt less and my pee started to trickle out and run down onto the poo hanging from my butt and dripping off. i had to poo some more and some thinner (thank god, lol) pieces came out that were softer and it just kept coming. i kept peeing, but was going slow enough it just ran down my butt like i wanted. i finally finished and carefully rolled off of the hamper and to my feet. my butt felt filthy and wet and my poo smelled horrible. i looked on the other side of the toilet, and my pee had hit the wall of the counter and run down onto the floor. i quickly grabbed some TP and wiped it all up then flushed and jumped in the shower then to clean my butt.

so ya, some of the things i've done on the toilet, lol. hopefully i'll have a post again soon. maybe! gonna try some stuff!

-Feral Girl


Question for the women.

A question for all of the women on the board.

How has your peeing changed as you have gotten older?

As I have gotten older and into my 40's, I've noticed my peeing has changed over the years. I wondered if it was just me or do all women have similar changes.
When I was in my teens I clearly remember peeing like a laser with a tight stream that went almost straight forward and hit the front of the toilet bow;. At the time, I remember also thinking I could hold a lot, but in reality the few times I peed in a cup in an emergency, it fit comfortably in a 20 ounce soft drink cup. In my twenties, my stream got fatter, a little more downward angle, and a little more ragged, but probably about the same speed. My bladder was noticibly larger. I was shocked as a senior in college when I tried to pee into the same sized cup, while my roommate was in the shower, but had to stop early because the cup was going to overflow. I still had quite a bit left.
Now, when I pee, it fans out, splatters, and splashes into the water in the bowl more. Recently, while camping in our pop-up camper, I woke a few times in the early morning hours needing to pee, but dreading the walk to the bathroom tried to sleep a little longer. Finally, I couldn't put it off any longer, and peed in the dark in our camper, into an old plastic container with markings on the side we used to store supplies. When morning came, I noticed it was quite full with almost 700 ml. Wondering if any other women have similar observations or has it stayed the same their whole lives?

Hi everyone. Thought I would share with you something that happened to me last week. But first I wanted to say,
Car Mom: so glad you are posting again. Your stories are definitely my favorites. Sorry to hear Laura still isn't talking to you. It is her loss. Peeing with you would be so much fun!
Nathalie: I thought your story was hilarious. I can just picture your brother's face when all this was happening. He is so serious. Are you still hanging out with Lila? Her family sounds interesting and I bet they would give you a lot of stories to post.
Francesca: you said you peed in the steam room at the gym. Could you tell the story?
Anyway, on with my story. For those of you who read my previous posts, you know that I pee my pants a lot on purpose. I just do not like the uncomfortable feeling of holding it and would rather be wet. My parents get really mad though, so recently I haven't been doing this. I still never had a real accident, until last week. I was at the library trying to write a summer essay I had that was due at the start of school. I was seated at a table in the back with my laptop and a ton of books to research from. To stay awake, I drank a big cup of coffee and also lots of water because it is really hot out. I had been there for about three hours when I felt the urge to pee. I did not want to ack everything up, or risk my stuff being stolen, so I held it. Three hours later, the urge was really bad. I had my hand in my crotch and was bouncing my legs, but I did not want to get up. I was almost done writing and just wanted to finish. Plus, I was sort of enjoying how bad I had to go at that point. An hour later and I knew I could not hold it any more. I hastily threw all my stuff in my bag and stood up. As soon as my butt was off the chair, a huge squirt of pee came out. I was sort od in a squat position and it shout out straight behind me, soaking the back of the chair. I fully stood and more pee leaked out. I knew I would never make it to the bathroom without leaving a pee trail behind, so I sat back down in the chair. I did not know what else to do. I began peeing a ton into the chair. The chair was plush, but could not absorb fast enough and it began to drip on the floor. I looked around but no one noticed. I peed for a long time. When I was done, the floor, the chair, and my pants were totally soaked. I picked up my bag and left before anyone noticed. In the parking lot, I had to pee again (all that liquids) so I just stood by my car and peed my pants. They were already wet. I then climbed in and drove home. Luckily, my parents were not there so I did not get caught.


To Car Mom

So do the other Mom's no longer pee in your car? Those are my favorite stories and no matter how similar they are I always enjoy them. Also had anyone else try to poop in your car or have you been able to avoid that for now?

big buck

to wendy and kirsty

wendy and kirsty just wanted to say how much i enjoyed reading your story and to say thanks for answering my question. also i read some more of your old posts and saw some of your pee/pooing adevtures were in the woods. i was wondering if you ever saw any hunters while you were there. like if they saw you going or you saw them go. the reason im asking is some of my hunting buddies have had some bathroom incidents while in the woods and i know it can happen to anyone. i'll be sure and post some sotries when i have some worth sharing.


Poo behind the toilets 2

To Abbie:
I once had to poo while I was in the park and found the toilets closed. I posted about it a while back but I can't remember the page number so I'll tell the story again. I was really desperate and knew I wouldn't make it home as I was about to do it in my panties. I hadn't been for a few days and the pressure in my bowels was causing me a lot of pain. I tried to hold it in but the pain was unbearable so I looked to see if anyone could see me and went behind the building. There was a young schoolgirl of about 14 leaning with her back to the wall with her skirt up around her waist and her panties round her ankles. She had a pile of poo under her as well as a puddle of pee. She was still going and couldn't stop. I felt my own poo moving towards my anus and quickly pulled my jeans and panties down and assumed the same position as the girl. My poo came out quickly and it was a fantastic relief. I peed a little bit and pushed the last of my poo out and that was it. Neither of up had anything to wipe with but the relief and the fact that we'd avoided totaly messing our underwear made it all ok.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Standee Mandy

Squat Shitting at the State Fair

I wrote on Page 1916 last year about how my mom learned me to squat pee and squat shit and how I've become much more confident in doing that. It's helped me at school since some of the seats are usually wet and when we're traveling, since many of those heavily-used public toilets suck. However, my best friend Skye is pretty negative about squatting to go to the bathroom and Skye failed to believe that I was as good as I am at it and when I shitted with her watching while we were at a high school football game last fall, she lost a bet with me and had to wipe me. She kind of backed off criticizing me after losing the bet, but says going normally by sitting down on the seat is the normal way and what God intended (her father is a minister) but I know that I'm stubborn enough because I will never go back to sitting butt-down on a public seat again. This is especially useful when my family and I travel.

Yesterday, Skye and I were allowed to go to the state fair. It's about an hour from our houses and Skye's mom drove us down, dropped us off, did some shopping at the mall and when we weren't ready to go back at 4 p.m. she allowed us to stay longer and my mom drove down to pick us up at sundown. That way we got to ride many of the rides multiple times and, of course, we had to use the bathrooms like 4 or 5 times. The fair is so big that some of our friends have parents who get hotel rooms and stay overnight and they to stay for two days. But I'm not complaining.

At about 11 a.m. I had to pee and Skye had to crap so this is the first time we went into the bathroom building. The place was very hot and humid, stunk real bad and some of the toilets we plugged and running over. Me and Skye are in 8th grade but we saw some younger kids in there. Some were with parents, some were alone, but several were barefoot. I mentioned to Skye I didn't think it was that sanitary for them, but she kind of thinks like I'm some germ freak. Well me and Skye got a stall. She knew the routine, she picked up the large black seat and lifted it back to the upright position. I dropped my panties and tan shorts and took my squat position which is about a half inch above the bowl. Because I had been holding it for much of our ride, my stream started almost immediately and after making a small adjustment with my right forefinger, the aim was square into the water. I think it went like a minute and a half and Skye seem amused and asked if I had peed right after I had woken up. (I had).

Skye reached back and flushed the bowl. I was surprised because I usually use my left foot on the flusher and at the same time she dropped the seat and as I stepped aside, she dropped her jean shorts and underwear all the way to the floor and placed herself on the seat.
Then she takes her arms, sticks her elbows into her thigh and places her head onto the top of her hands. She said she felt her shit ready to come out in the car, but didn't want to make her mom stop at a rest area, so she held it in. After about 10 minutes and some really lame conversation, I could see Skye was getting impatient so I asked her to stand and try something. I had her stand, I pushed her into a squat, which she thought was very funny at first and she started to say something "Like, yeh, I'm going to unconstipate myself this way..." I heard some rumbling in her gut. She broke her stance three times and seated herself, each time pushing harder. Eventually, I talked her into getting into the stance one last time and it worked. Within like a half minute, 7 or 8 pieces somewhat soft crap dropped from her ass and splashed into the bowl. I told her the big splashes which were messing up the seat were because of her not squatting lower, so I grabbed the seat and placed it upright. I grabbed her shoulders and thighs and lowered her to about 1 inch from the bowl. Now the largest piece which was about 4 inches long and a little harder (because it didn't break off) started coming out and with some extra-hard pushing, Skye got it to fully drop.

She was surprised that she could now squat shit. And so successfully. She said she was going to seat herself to wipe and I said that was fine with me. She needed about 5 sheets to do the job and as she remained seat, she took her phone out of her left pocket, stood and took a quick picture of what's in the bowl. As she did, I told her to type in the caption "Standee Skye" and she laughed and said that I was taking it a little far. In each of the other times we went to the bathroom, she peed by sitting down. I wasn't going to push it with her, put squat peeing should be next on her list.

At least I'm encouraging it.

Hi everyone its John from the UK. First of all some great Posts and Eileen H good to have you back again because I really enjoy your descriptive tales of your lavatorial exploits! As for you Leanne that certainly was a case of "Montezuma's Revenge" after your Mexican culinary experience, glad you're better now though! As to the anonymous Poster who criticised Abbie, hey leave the girl alone I find her Posts informative and from the heart so to speak - you keep posting as you see fit Abbie! As for me I was in a bookshop in Truro, Cornwall yesterday afternoon when I had the slight urge to crap. No time like the present so I went to their unisex loo to see what I could manage. What a clean facility, and six rolls of bog roll too, i'm sure the ladies is similarly turned out. Anyway I leisurely pushed out 4 easy logs over a 15 minute period and felt so cleansed. Bearing in mind I had my usual poo earlier in the day! Anyway huggles and kisses to all the girls and hi to all the guys. Bye.

stealth pee

pee survey, male

Since the questions seem to apply equally well to males as females, I'll answer the survey!

1. Your age, if you care to say.

ANSWER: OK, don't care to say

2. Do you keep a jar or bottle near your bed? If so, how often do you pee in it?

ANSWER: No, but I did for a while when I lived by myself, for middle-of-night pees when too tired to go to bathroom.

3. Same for a bottle/jar beside your computer so you don't have to get up (presumably at home, not at school or the office, LOL).

ANSWER: No, never.

4. Same for your car/truck.

ANSWER: Never.

5. Wet bed by accident? Your age last time it happened?

ANSWER: Can't remember a single time.

6. Wet pants by accident? Your age last time it happened?

ANSWER: Can't remember a single time.

7. Wet pants on purpose? How often?

ANSWER: No, except when a good opportunity presents itself, as when my pants are already soaked from rain. Then it's fun.

8. Pee in shower at home? How often?

ANSWER: All the time when showering; also into tub or shower with water NOT running.

9. Pee in a public shower (gym, dorm, school)? How often? Others see?

ANSWER: In school we showered nude and lots of us peed regularly, not caring who saw. It was a normal thing.

10. Pee in sink at home? How often?

ANSWER: Every time except when showering or pooping. Saves water!

11. Pee in sink in public restroom (for example, at a concert or game in stadium when the urinal lines are too long)? How often?

ANSWER: Not when others are present, but yes when alone. Saves water.

12. Pee out of a window, off side of deck at home, or similar, even though regular facilities are available? How often? With others watching?

ANSWER: Only a few times during college years.

13. Pee while swimming in ocean? In lake/creek/swimming hole? In pool? In your bathing suit while not in the water? How often for each?

OCEAN: Whenever I'm in it.
LAKE/CREEK/SWIMMING HOLE: Prefer to pee in woods before going into pond.
POOL: Usually.
BATHING SUIT: IF wearing one, pee in it anytime before or after swimming. Usually am skinnydipping.

14. Other unusual places where you have peed? Details, whether anyone else saw, frequency, etc. are welcome.

-- on Continental Divide in Wyoming (everybody on hike did; pee goes into both Atlantic & Pacific oceans!)
-- on floors in filthy restrooms, or if floor is already wet
-- in parking garages (have seen men & women pee there)
-- on carpets in my house when I lived alone (bought small waterproof carpets so I could pee anywhere; washed them occasionally)
-- in dishwasher & washing machine before starting load
-- wherever people have peed before (carpeted hallway to restroom in movie theatre, smelled like pee, lots of stains)
-- many other places where I can pee without anyone seeing or knowing (dilute pee dries without leaving much of a smell)
-- have NOT peed in a car, maybe someday!

Hi everyone. Abbie- another great post about your outside poo! Looking forward to your next post. Thanks for your concern- unfortunately I still feel strange. I don't feel ill and I haven't thrown up or had diarrhea, but I keep having to poo more than normal and my stomach always feels really warm, sort of like constant indigestion and also trapped wind. It went away towards the end of last week but after some more spicy food on Saturday it's come back again, so I suppose it's something to do with that. It always dies away in the evenings and when I go to bed it pretty much disappears and then comes back after I eat something the next day. It's so annoying!

Yesterday I went shopping but I only had to go once when I was out. It was a sudden need and fairly urgent so I went straight to the loos and got seated. After a series of loud embarrassing farts I pushed out three quick logs. More gas followed and then one smaller bit. As soon as I got home I had to go again and once more that evening. I hope I get back to normal soon!

Will post more soon. Bye for now!


Post Title (optional)At The Bistro

Hi guys! One time at the Bistro at the Texas School For The Blind, I went into the restroom to pee. I secretly stole some soda from the on-campus restraunt. I took the can in the restroom with me, and after peeing, poured the soda over the stall wall into the adjoining one. Of course, my boss Mark asked if the toilet overflowed, he pushed on about it, but I told him it didn't. The good thing was I never got found out! This is the same Bianca who wrote other stories about the Texas School For The Blind.

Happy Dude

Peeing out a window

The current survey going around is asking the women if they ever peed out a window. I'm not a woman, but thought to share my peeing out a window story anyway. Years ago, when I first moved out of my parent's house, I moved into a craptastic apartment on the 3rd floor. After a few weeks living there, I got the idea to pee out the bedroom window. Usually I wake up once a night with my bladder bursting and run to the bathroom. The windows in this poorly designed apartment were on the floor. The window sill was literally 2 inches off the floor. So I got the idea to kneel on my bedroom floor and pee out my 3rd story window late at night. I would put the head of my penis right up to the screen and release a niagra falls stream! No one would be around when I did this, but it must have looked impressive from the outside. A thick stream of pee issuing forth from the 3rd floor window to the grass below that would start and stop for about 5 minutes. (yeah, I admit doing this would give me a stiffy) The apartments, maintenance staff, and neighbors were awful there so I moved out after a year and did not renew my lease. When I moved into my new place, the thing I missed most from those apartments was being able to pee out the window every night. I actually tried it again a few times in the new apartment, but because the windows were at a normal height, I had to stand on tip-toes and it was uncomfortable to do so. Now adays I just pee in a bucket at night to relieve myself. HAPPY PISSING EVERYONE!!


Two short stories

I was watching my local news today and they aired a story which caught my interests. They didn't go into a ton of detail about it, but apparently a family in my area had a major problem with homeless people openly pissing and shitting on their lawn. I thought that was so weird, I just had to share it here.

Also, a few days ago I was waiting in line at the store and there was a mother and her young daughter. The young girl looked to be no older than five. I heard the girl whisper, "Mommy I gotta go potty." and the mom whispered back, "Can you hold it for just a minute?" as they were the very next in line. Then the girl said, "No". They left the line but didn't get too far before a puddle began to form under the little girl's legs and then there was a definite poop smell. The mom quickly rushed the girl to the bathroom to clean up, but she looked more embarrassed than her little girl.

Tevin AKA Bob

Wild Night

Well uh...Hello there peeps. If you didn't know already, my name is Tevin but everyone calls me Bob.....don't ask why. I have many stories that are humiliating, embarrassing, and down right weird. I am willing to tell them because most are kinda my opinion. Most of these stories revolve around my neighbor and friend Maya who has a serious eating/farting/and bathroom problem in general.

Well we are pretty much juniors in high school now so we are practically young adults with jobs and such and most people are out having fun and partying...well except me. I have yet to do such things because I'm too lazy too. I would much rather spend my time at home, on the couch, watching tv and eating junk food.

Well It was a regular Saturday night and I was doing my regular routine (absolutely nothing). I just sat there with my usual bored and irritated demeanor playing Call of Duty and pwning noobs. For the pass 10 minutes I had been holding in the urge to pee but apparently since the bathroom door in the hall was broken and locked (Have no idea how it happened.) I have been holding in the urge until I felt motivated enough to go try to fix it ( I'm just that lazy). I sat and distracted myself with the game until I heard a knock at the door. I reluctantly stood and while looking through the watch hole I suddenly froze. There on my porch was Maya standing there tapping her foot impatiently.

"Open the door Bob!"

I sighed. "Eh use some manners and don't call me Bob."

I opened the door and Maya swiftly moved inside almost causing my to fall over. I closed the door shut and went back to the couch to sit down. Maya slowly placed her purse onto the table and faced my direction with an annoyed expression that I could clearly feel on the back of my head, which forced me to turn. Now I wouldn't say Maya was ugly at all, over the years she actually grew into a fine young lady. The tight white capri pants and small sports hoodie multiplied it all but her same personality from long ago was still there.

"You play that game waaaayyyy too much Bob. You need to get out more."

"Uh huh.." This was pretty much my way of aggravating her (using indifference). She slowly walked over and sat on the couch next to me. She started asking me questions about classes and junk and homework. I pretty much do all my work so that I don't have to work hard later.
Maya isn't so keen on doing such so she just pretty much copies what I have down for the classes that we both have together.

"Can I borrow these? Ill give them back tomorrow."

"Sure sure...whatever." I still kinda had the urge to pee and I tried my best to hide it. After all, bathroom issues seem kinda embarrassing to me and I kinda don't feel like fixing that door at all.

She took the notebook and quickly stood and at that moment she lot out a blubbery fart. It didn't really make me feel any better that her ass was literally like 3 inches from my face. I coughed and turned my head away swiftly as she yeeped from the shock of her own fart. She clasped her hands onto her butt and grabbed her cheeks as if this could prevent more farts from coming. I could feel the alarm in my bladder going off and I pretty much had to 'bleed the lizard' NOW but hide it nicely. Maya looked back at me with her hands still on her booty. I could clearly hear her giggling giddily with an embarrassed grin on her face.

"Hehehe I kinda had a big Taco Bell meal before I got here." I looked at her in horror. This could not be good, Taco Bell and Maya do not mix well. I saw an odd look on her face and could tell that more were coming...and fast.

She smirked at me.

"Oh my, my shoe laces are untied." She bent down slowly and out came an even louder one.


"Oh dear!"

I couldn't help but choke in disgust as I jumped from the couch and spread the distance between me and her. She knows that I hate when she does this disgusting crap. I could see her laughing madly as she patted her butt lightly towards me in a joking manner.

"What's wrong Bob? Afraid of this donk?" I could pretty much say 'YES' because that was the obvious answer but I was too busy trying not to the breath in the poisoned atmosphere to speak.


One after another started to rip out of her asshole and it could be clearly noticed that a look of terror spread across her face as she soon started to noticed that she lost complete control of her ass (she does this from time to time). I laughed at her.

"Ha serves you right, I hope you fart till your booty hole rips!" She looked up to me, fear in her eyes with a hand to her stomach and a hand tightly clenched to her ass.


"What?" She began to start farting uncontrollably to the point in which I could now clearly see a tainted spot on the seat of her white capri pants.

"Ow my booty hole burns! I got to go doodoo now!" I remembered all the times when this situation happened before and I realized that the hallway bathroom was......broken and locked.

Damn...just my luck...I have a girl in my living room that was about to shit herself, the bathroom is locked, and I didn't get a chance to finish my team deathmatch.

Maya began to slowly make her way down the hall to the bathroom all the while trying to keep what was every about to come out in. She tried twisting the knob but found that the door wouldn't budge which I could guess the look on her face then was rather hilarious.

"What the hell! Why is the door locked?"

"It's pop was suppose to fix it but..."

PHHHHHHRRTTTTTTT "Just hurry and open it because it won't go back in!" RRRTTHHRRRTTT\

I reached into my pocket and rummaged around into my wallet and found my driver's license. That could be useful right? I could clearly see her doing some kinda of dance as she held both her hands inside her pants (possible using them to keep that solid object from coming through.)



"Damn, I'm trying my best!" The license did nothing but bend and fold up so I quickly went to hall closet and opened one of my pop's tool boxes to find your average screw driver. I tried my best to jam it through the edge of the door to see if maybe that would work but it did no justice. The urge to pee was slowly coming back to me and I couldn't help but feel fidgetty like Maya who was now pretty much on her knees farting like crazy. I could feel beads of sweat drip down my face as the urge grew larger and my bladder felt fully filled.


"SCREW IT!" Maya jumped up and ran out the front door. I began to shuffle out the door after her trying to hold in the liquid that dared to try to be released. It was rather dark outside but the porch lights beamed brightly. I looked around until I heard noise coming from the side of the apartments. When I walked towards the direction of the noise I could clearly hear large, loud, wet farts and the sounds of moaning.

"Maya is that you?" And it was her. I took out my cell phone to use as a flashlight in the dark and there she was, pants and panties to her ankles and her ass to one of the neighbor's trashcans. I wanted to laugh but that would have caused me to piss my pants. She moaned in a mix of pleasure and pain as the farts continued.

She looked up at me with a look of shame on her face and I could tell that she felt pretty much humiliated by the whole thing and though I pretty much felt weird with her just taking a dump in one of the neighbor's trashcans, I couldn't help but sigh and unzip my pants. It felt good to release all the good ol golden stream and if my friend felt humiliated then I'll humiliate myself too (Good thing it was too dark for her to see my member.)

She was shocked to see me peeing next her but then the sounds of me releasing my stream along with a relaxed fart caused her to laugh aloud. I looked up at her with a bored expression

"What are you laughing for?"

"Your just weird Bob."

I chuckled as I did my finishing shake and zip my pants up.

"Well I ain't the one who took a shit in a trashcan."

And that's pretty much all that happened then...How did she ever wipe you ask? Well its best not to ask certain questions but one thing I will say is that I managed to get that damn door open........eventually


Embarrassing accident

My most shameful accident in my life happened at the age of 11. Now I am 19 but it is still in my memory. I was on a summer holiday with my sister who was 8, in another city where my aunt is living with my cousin - girl, she was 10 years old. As we like each other very much we always spend some time together in summer. We went there for a week and had a good time until that DAY. I have usually my bowel movement stopped when away from home. I had not pooped for 2 days that time and the third day I was feeling really uncomfortable. We finished our breakfast and as every day went out to walk and play in the city. We were in the city park where I felt I will need to relieve myself, but did not payed very much attention, thinking that I would poop when going back to have lunch. This was a mistake, as soon I started to have sharp cramps and at some point I unintentionally farted and the extreme urge to poop hit me. I could barely move not to lose control. I had to tell the girls that I need to go back to their flat because I don`t feel OK. They were against of course, as my aunt told us to be always together. Anyway, we were walking back, I have to say we had some 2 km to walk, when the most unbearable cramp hit me, and before I realized what was going on, I defecated in my underwear. I almost petrified from shock, I didn`t know what to do, my sister and my cousin were just looking at me with surprise. I remember my cousin asked whether I poop my pants. I had tears in my eyes from embarrassment. I was red from shame. Unfortunately I couldn`t say no, as the smell around me was obvious. I was standing in the middle of the city with massive soft poo in my trainers. Thanks God, the trainers were black so the stain was not visible, but I had to hold my butt with one hand to prevent the poo to fall down.
It was terrible to walk this way, but there was no other way to get to the flat. Not to make the story long my aunt helped me to clean up, which was even more embarrassing at my age. Well for a long time it remained the story for discussion.

The Listening Ear

Part 16

At work I was assigned to a doomed project, and redundancy followed inevitably a year later. The story resumes with me working for an IT services company at a customer site. This was a large, two-storey rectangular building around a central courtyard/quadrangle. Unfortunately we were an all-male team (something about which we complained frequently and bitterly to the management). So sightings of the female of the species were few and far between, and in any case the configuration of the local toilets was not conducive to my listening activities, although other parts of the building looked more promising.

In an attempt to brighten my day I would sometimes work late and wander around a bit in the hope of some action. One evening I was patrolling the upper corridor just after most people had gone home, when a young woman came out of an office ahead of me, wearing a raincoat and carrying a briefcase. But instead of going downstairs to the exit, she went into the Ladies. I ran quietly down the stairs into the Gents immediately below, put my ear to the wall and heard PLOP . . . . . . PLOP . . . . . . PLOP! At the time I thought good for you, it's better than waiting till you get home. But after reading all the stories of female poo-shyness on this forum, I wonder if she might have been holding on to it during the afternoon until everyone had gone home. That would be quite ironic really, her staying late so that no-one would hear her, and me staying late specially to listen!

During this period my wife and I had to attend a church meeting, not at our own church, but at another church within the group. It was a modern building; as you entered there was a large foyer-cum-lounge, then immediately ahead were the doors to the church, and on the left a corridor leading to the other rooms, including toilets and church office. We had our meeting in the lounge, while the church secretary - a very attractive blonde who must have been nearly 40 but looked a lot younger - busied herself around the corridor, so that the click-clack of her heels and the squeaking of door hinges became a regular accompaniment to our discussions.

Suddenly I became aware of a hissing sound. Surely it couldn't be. I didn't think the toilets were that near, and in any case the door would have closed behind her, shutting out any sound. So it must be something else - something from the kitchen maybe, or some piece of equipment in the office. But it wasn't! A few seconds after the hissing stopped, there was a flush, and about twenty seconds after that, the sound of a cistern refilling rose and fell as the door opened and closed and she click-clacked her way back into the corridor.

I couldn't believe it. I could not believe that I had actually been sitting next to my wife in a church meeting, listening to the delectable Cath having a pee. And I could not believe she could be so LOUD! Wow! I hope my excitement didn't show.


To Vince: Welcome aboard. Although I'm more into the plopping myself, I share your interest in the wide variations in female peeing and the reasons behind them, and it's good to know that that aspect of my stories is appreciated. Look out for Clare in the next one!

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