Constipated Girlfriend

My girlfriend had been eating really unhealthy for a week, and when I came over on Friday, she looked really bloated. She kissed me and the two of us went to the couch and started to watch some tv. I looked over at her and she looked pregnant. She was holding her belly a little bit. I asked if she was okay and she said she was totally fine. We kept watching and talked a little bit. She burped a little and said she was going to the bathroom. After 15 minutes, I went over to check on her. I tapped on the door and asked if she was okay.
She said she was, she was just a little bit constipated.
I asked her if she wanted me to come in and she said I could if I wanted to.
Her face was read and she was a little sweaty. I sat on the tub next to her and watched her strain and push.
"are you okay?" i asked again.
She grunted "Ugh... yeah.."
"How long has it been since you've gone?" I asked
She clenched her teeth and pushed "uhhh.... 8 days."
I heard a few plops. She wiped her ass quickly and stood.
I looked in the bowl. There were three tiny pebbles floating on the surface of the water.
I took her back to the couch and laid her on her back and began to massage her bloated belly firmly.
"I think you need a laxative," i said.
"Ooo.. no.. they make my stomach hurt. The cramps are awful."
I continued to rub her belly.
Eventually, she sat up, "I have to go."
She walked to the bathroom.
I could hear her straining and pushing, and then I heard several loud plops.
She walked out and looked a lot less bloated.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

First im glad the site working again because yesterday morning wensday the 10th it wasnt responding but it was fixed by the evening which im glad well enough about that on to more important things.

To: Desiree first welcome to the site and great story about you pooping on the floor and it sounds like you found something enjoy doing and hopefuly you will post some more stories on here thanks.

To: Caroline M great story about you pooping in that garbage can smart thinking and easy clean up as well and I look to your next post thanks.

To: Upstate Dave as always another great story and it seems like you have endless stories which is a good thing because we all love your stories and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Abbie as always another great story about you and your friends going to the bathroom together and a question do any of your friends know about this site if not maybe you could tell them and maybe they might want to post something im not sure if anybodys asked you that and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Leanne as always another great set of stories and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Wendy & Kirsty Wendy another great buddy story and thats the thing with laxatives they can be unpredectable at least Kirsty was there to help you get cleaned up and as always I look forward to your guys next posts thanks.

Well thats all for now I had a story but I cant remember it right now I will post it if I do.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site


Girlfriend's poo and a weird dream I had

Last night I made spaghetti for dinner for me and my girlfriend. She was really hungry and so she had three big plates. So then this morning, we were showering together and in the middle, she told me she had to poo real bad and she got out and sat on the toilet and began to poo. I got excited watching her poo. After she had pood some, she looked between her legs, and said, "Better flush. This is a big one." She did flush and kept pooing more. Finally she was done and she flushed again and got back in the shower with me.

Also, I had a weird poo-related dream a few nights ago. I was reliving a memory of my childhood going to a farm for a field trip except some details were weird. At one point I needed to poo, so I went up to the teacher and told her I had to do a #2. She led me off into the middle of a field, and then all of a sudden I was in my adult body again. I still had to poo and I spotted a toilet just sitting there. I didn't see anyone around and I decided to just go in that toilet. I was pooing for what felt like a very long time, but more kept coming from me, I couldn't stop. Eventually I was able to stop going but I had already filled the entire toilet with my poo. Then a farmer came from nowhere and said "Thanks for the deposit, ma'am" and he shoveled my poo into a nearby manure pile. I woke up after that, quite disturbed.


to the maxi pad pee-er

Why don't you buy incontinent pads or diapers at a store that has self-check?

There are about ten different types of pads, from some that just hold a little bit of pee, to others that hold maybe eight ounces of pee. I tested the pads by pouring water into a measuring cup and then into the pad. I've tried several different sizes.

If I linger around the incontinent pad section of a store too long, I worry that a younger person might make fun of me, but no one ever does. Maybe a typical twelve-year-old doesn't know what an incontinent pad is.

Just Jerika

Response to Frantic Francine's Survey & My Sneeze Story

These are my answers to Francine's survey about why we might sometimes stick a bit to a public toilet seat:

Whether we sit down on or slide onto a toilet seat is the most important reason. I'm 3'5" and 133 pounds so I slide onto most toilet seats because my feet are a little bit off the floor. I've written about some places where the old-style pear shaped seats are pretty large for a person of my size, so I'm just sitting over the front and I'm not as comfortable compared to when I'm using a smaller toilet such as what I have at home. Having to push against the design of the seat is not that comfortable and that's especially the case at my school. Very humid conditions especially in parks and at swimming pools are reasons. Last week I could hear my skin pop as I got off a toilet at the pool because most everyone using it is dripping from either water from the pool or the showers. I was only seated for about a minute because I was pissing, but the girl in the stall next to me sounded like she was dropping large stones into the stool like every five or six seconds. She must have been sitting far back onto the stool because I could see her front legs were right up against the stool.

I agree with Francine that the number of users and the cleaning schedule is important. What Half Dump Denise found in that one luxury hotel bathroom would be interesting and that was where the custodians signed off on the times each day that they cleaned each toilet and it was posted for the users inside the stall. I read somewhere online that where there is a line of toilets, the one or two in the middle are the most heavily used. I think that's true at my school, because some of the toilets at the every ends of the row are open more than the middle ones. At my school, I don't think I've ever seen the toilets being cleaned during the school day, except if someone has puked or there is vandalism. However, they do replace the toilet paper because so much of it is wasted.

Finally, I had a situation last week where I have to ask if a person can be allergic to a toilet or bathroom. Me and Gopi used her parents' season tickets to an afternoon pro baseball game and after the 5th inning I had eaten and drank so much that I had to crap and really bad. I think I had been stopped up for almost three days. As soon as Gopi and I got down to the bathrooms, I was getting worried that I was going to mess up my shorts. There were like 30 or 40 stalls total between two sides of the room and they were all in use. While we waited in the aisle, Gopi tapped me on the shoulder and showed me a door that was slowly opening. Actually, it looked like someone might be stuck because the door or latch was broken. I swear it took like a minute for the door to open and an elderly lady walking with a cane came out. She almost fell because, she wasn't watching and put her cane into a drain that was a little lower than the floor in front of the stall.

I slithered to the side of her, quickly closed the door which was somewhat bent and yanked my underwear and shorts down to my knees, and slid myself up onto the toilet. The seat was warm, but not sticky, but almost immediately I started madly sneezing. After about 10 or 15 seconds of hard sneezes that came right after one another, I let out a super sneeze that caused me to double over and I partially slipped off the stool. I put myself back on just as my first log fell onto the front of the bowl, then broke up, about half of it falling each way. I looked down fearing the worse and I was right. About 3 inches of it was in my underwear. I was still sniffling and about ready to start another round of sneezing, and while I tried to keep my balance on the seat, I reached over for the toilet paper and quickly cleaned the front of the bowl between my legs. I dropped the TP in the bowl, grabbed another bunch of paper which I made into a mitt with which I reached down and pulled the log piece out of my formerly all white underwear. There were a couple of skidmarks there, but it could have been worse. I quickly deposited the mitt into bowl at just about the time I had another round of sneezes coming on.

Gopi knocked on the door and asked if I was OK. I said I thought so but at that point, I realized I had another problem. I started to feel like I might have to puke. I quickly started to think about my plan. I would get off the stool, lift the seat, and then while on my knees in front of the bowl, puke into the bowl. I didn't know if it would make any difference, but as additional softer shit plopped into the bowl, I grabbed some toilet paper and completely blew my nose. Now my breathing was easier and I instantly felt better. I was hopeful that I would get rid of that nauseated feeling. As I calmed down, I tried and was able to piss a little too because I didn't want to have to come back down and use the toilet again later.

I asked Gopi how long she thought it had been and she said like 20 minutes. It seemed like each of the cubicles next to mine had turned over about three or four times, but I had lost count. I knew I had a hefty wiping job ahead of me and I used every bit of the toilet paper left on the roll. I had flushed twice earlier and with my final flush, I felt I was extending my arm on the flush level to the point where it was getting sore. "Good, you just saved me from peeing my pants," said the woman who looked me directly in the eyes as I opened the door and as she dropped her jeans and threw herself onto the seat, I spoke loudly to make sure she knew there wasn't any TP left. Her pee stream was already going when I heard her say finally getting onto the toilet felt really good.

Gopi caught up with me at the sinks, or I should say, the line for the sinks. I washed up a little more thoroughly for obvious reasons and noticed that the lines weren't getting any shorter. As we walked back to our seats, Gopi and I almost got knocked over in an almost head-on collision on the stairs caused my a man who had drank too much and was throwing up his beer.

When Gopi's mom picked us up a couple of hours later, her first question was "Did anything interesting happen?" We just looked at each other and smiled.

Just Jerika

To Abbie:

Like so many on this forum I really enjoy your posts. Though I would never want to ask someone to withstand unnecessary pain, I was slightly disappointed by your last post. I really enjoy hearing about those huge difficult to pass poops. Perhaps if you are determined never to poop like that again you can try to remember more stories like that from the past to share?

Eileen H
Sorry for the severe absence. With summer in full effect I've been enjoying getting away from the computer for weeks on end. Newest story happened a few weeks ago.

My stomach had been feeling funny for the past couple of days. I went to drop my son off at the library for the program I mentioned several posts back. I was not about to make the same mistake so I made a concerted to get in and out as fast as possible. I made an even bigger effort to get back home when I felt the telltale signs of a big dump on the way. I was caught in some insufferable small talk when I nearly doubled over from cramps in my stomach. I quickly got out of there and back home, which was thankfully only a few minutes away. I certainly needed to go, but not bad enough that I would defile that library toilet again. This was the type of job that required me at my home base. A clean toilet, good supply of paper, air freshener, and most importantly, privacy.

My need for those four things was growing by the second. I lifted the right side of my butt, looking to cut a fart and relieve some pressure it seemed like I only needed to poop, and any pushing in that area would make quite the mess. Thankfully I made it home. I raced upstairs and into the bathroom. I has hit with a pretty foul smell upon entry. I realized it was the poop I took the last night, still stinking up the bathroom and leaving minor residue in the bowl.

It turns out I was about to have diarrhea. Or at least a poop with diarrhea like consistency. My stomach was tossing and turning like a ship in the midst of a hurricane. I kept pushing and pushing, causing a weird sensation around my butthole. That part of my body was saying "Stop pushing!" and my stomach was saying "Keep pushing!" This back and forth was silenced when it all fell out of me like a ton of bricks. I swear, one second the toilet was white and the water was clear and the next the water was brown and full of tiny little turds, swimming around. The relief was matched with the ungodly smell of it all. That's the thing about poop smells, and smells in general, there's always a delay while the fumes trickle up to your nose. Repulsive is a good word for this scene. I wiped even though I felt more on the way. It was just so dirty I needed to clean. More smelly wet turds blasted out of me. A knock came to the door.

"Hon, aren't you supposed to pick up Gavin?" I was my husband.
"Nnhh, I think I'm gonna be ahhh a few more ngh minutes. Could you phew pick him up sweety?"
"Sure." I could hear footsteps as he walked away. I cursed myself for not asking him to turn the fan on. But then again, subjecting him to this stink would be downright torture. Even with routine flushes it still stank in there. Hot liquid shot out of me like a geyser as I supplied a chorus of grunts and moans to go with the plops and farts. It was a symphony of sounds and smells in there like almost nothing else I've encountered. Waves and waves of greasy poop and liquid shot out of my backside. When the ordeal was over I could do nothing less but take a fat sigh of relief and do the normal post-poop routine. Leaving the bathroom, I felt like I had just committed a murder and had to get away as quickly as possible from the crime scene.

More fun stories to come so stay tuned and take care.


Bullies tried to make me mess myself

I was once bullied at school when I needed to use the toilets. It was morning break and I needed to pee really badly and also needed to poo a little bit. They wanted me to wet myself but I refused and tried to run off but I was grabbed and made to do it on the floor of the toilets while another girl filmed it on her phone. I didn't dare tell them I needed to poo as I'd have to do that on camera too.
After break I went back to class and during the morning I felt the need to poo getting stronger. I made it up untill lunch time with no problem and decided to wait untill I got home before I pood as there was no way I was going to let the bullies know I needed to poo. Well after lunch I was dying to go but still held it in case the bullies would want me to do it in my knickers. By afternoon break I was getting desperate but I couldn't risk them finding out I needed to poo so I kept holding it even though I might not make it home in time. After break I went back to class feeling very uncomfortable and my teacher noticed me squirming in my seat. He asked me what was wrong and I said I was fine. Of course I wasn't at all fine. I was about to load my knickers. He knew I badly needed the toilet and asked me to get some books from the office. This was my chance. I gladly said ok and made my way to the school office via the girls toilets. I entered to find then deserted. All eight cubicles were vacant so I took the one at the far end and quickly pullled my skirt down and then my tights and knickers. As soon as I sat on the toilet I felt my poo coming out. It was such a relief after holding it for so long. It was a big one too and I had a nice long pee before wiping and flushing the toilet. I left the toilets and collected the books from the office and took them to class. When I gave them to the teacher he asked if I felt better and I was so embarrassed. I felt my face flush red as I said "Yes" quietly.

This afternoon after work I played a soccer came with some friends against another team at the local recreational park. I was going to hit the washroom at work before I left but I was late and didn't get the chance. By the time we finished the soccer game I was pretty desperate to relieve myself. It was really hot out as well and I had consumed a ton of water. I was holding it in at both ends since the porta potty nearby was pretty gross on a hot day and the building that housed the washrooms and change room was at the other end of the field near the parking lot. We all went back to the building to change and shower. I headed to where the toilets were around from the showers.

There were three stalls and I could hear that two guys were already shitting in the first two. I heard lots of farts and splashes as turds hit the bowl. I guess everyone had held it in until we finished the game. The handicapped stall was the only one open so I approached it. When I went to it I saw a player from the other team sitting on the toilet starting at the floor obviously working on relieving himself. Startled I turned around and went to the changeroom to get my stuff out of the locker and waited for a unit to open. I saw the guy come around to the showers to wash up so I went back to the stall. When I closed the door I realized that the lock had been punched out. Realizing I couldn't hold it in any longer I sat down on the toilet after pulling my shorts and briefs down. I released a very long and low pitched fart that felt great. I heard someone approaching. It was my friend Jared. He laughed when he saw me sitting on the toilet. He stood in just his boxer shorts waiting for a stall to open. I was grunting a bit because it was quite straining. I spread my legs wide and bent forward giving one final push that caused the turd to slowly slip and splash into the bowl. I relaxed and took a deep breath as I started to piss. Just then the toilet next to me flushed. I heard Jared approach and come into the stall next to me. I heard him drop a couple turds drop as I started to wipe. I got up and saw a very thick but short turd. I flushed and went back to shower.


The smelliest shit ever

Hello everyone. It has been awhile since I posted. Been getting used to my new home and just started at my new school. I agree with Francesca that I love all the peeing stories on here today. That being said, I have a pooping one to tell.
So I started school Monday and met a girl in my biology class. Her name is Lila and she is also a new student. Because of that, we became friends right away. Yesterday,she asked me if I wanted to go out to dinner with her and her family. My brother dropped me off at the restaurant and her parents were going to drive me home (since my parents took away my car.) I met her parents and her sister Sydney and they all seemed really nice. We ordered and Lila just ordered a salad. She said that she had been constipated for awhile now and was hoping the ???? would get things moving. I remembered that she had drank a smoothie at lunch with spinach and apples, and she told me that it had also had fiber in it. I guess she normally eats really healthy, but when she gets off her routine she gets all stopped up. Her mom told her that if she didn't poop soon, she would have to drink a saline solution or use an enema. I could not believe that they were talking about this at dinner. My family would never discuss these things, especially at the table. Lila excused herself and went to the restroom and Sydney went with her. That left me alone with her parents. Finally they came back and Lila announced that she had only made a couple pebbles. She attributed it to the bathroom being really dirty. Sydney agreed and said that the stalls were so filthy, she had squatted and pissed on the floor. My parents would get really mad at me, but hers did not seem to mind. Me paid the check and left. On the way home, Lila kept farting. They smelled awful; probably the worst I have ever smelt. When they reached my house, Lil asked if she could come in and use my bathroom. She told me she was turtle heading and could not hold it any more. I let her come in and directed her to the guest bathroom in the hallway.She passed my brother on the way and he said hello. She answered that she did not have time for pleasantries, she really had to shit. My brother looked pretty taken aback. The bathroom is pretty close to the living room, and could hear Lila grunting and then it sounded like she had pretty bad diarrhea. SHe was in the bathroom for awhile, and the entire living room started to smell. My brother's fiance was in the office at the other side of the living room and came out to ask what that horrid smell was. We could only imagine what the bathroom smelled like inside.
After 20 minutes, Lila was still going at it. Her father came in to see what was taking so her so long, right when she was coming out. He smelled our house and congratulated Lila on a poop well done. After they left, my brother's fiance started to light candles and I made my way to the bathroom. I had honestly never smelled anything so bad. I had to use my shirt to cover my mouth and nose. The entire toilet was covered in poop. And she had used almost the entire roll of toilet paper, then made no attempt to flush. I mistakingly tried to flush it, and it started to overflow. Long story short, we had to call a plumber and our house stunk for some time. Lila is not allowed to use our bathroom anymore.

Car Mom
Sorry I haven't posted in a while! Not much has happened that isn't IDENTICAL to my previous posts.

Thanks to all who posted and who missed me! :)

Happy Dude: thanks for thinking of me when you saw the neon! I actually read your posts in reverse order so I knew what you meant! But I probably wouldn't have taken it the wrong way. I probably wouldve thought you meant that you were seeing if it was me and I needed help!

Stealth pee: thank you so much for the advice and suggestions! Though I most likely won't answer the questions on here publicly, they are definitely helpful and I will certainly think about them. Thank you VERY much!

Brandon T: good idea about peeing in Laura's car instead but I know her husband won't allow her to pee in her car so that's out. We were actually taking a chance peeing in her couch that time. But at least that's more hidden. Her car would show. I've never met Laura's husband but he seems to be controlling from what Laura has said. And he's not open to the idea of peeing anywhere but in a toilet. Thank you though!

Thank you also to EVERYONE who gave me advice regarding Laura. She's still avoiding me. I miss her so much. We'll see what happens. But thank you all SO much!

Bobbinmo: I don't know if I would allow peeing in my bed or not. It is my one space I have left where no one has peed so I'm not sure. I've never mentioned it and its never come up which is probably a good thing! As far as my pants, so far I myself haven't done that actually, but some of the girls have. Kaylee sometimes likes to do it, either in the car or somewhere else.

Shelby: welcome and glad you posted! Maybe we'll run into each other again and you can have another pee!

Stealth Pisser: yes peeing has definitely become a fun thing for me! As far as frequency, peeing in the living room furniture is only a special occasion, but the car is anytime but I do like to let it get a chance to dry between pees. Thanks for the advice on the electric things, I did actually think of that, and so now we put up a pillow between the dashboard and the gear shift so pee doesn't touch the dashboard. As far as skirts, Kaylee usually just takes them off too in case some pee touches it. If we're on the way home she just pees in whatever she's wearing and changes when we get home.

Well I guess that's it for me! As I said nothing new has happened. Kaylee has really taken a liking to peeing in the console so that's where she has done a lot of her peeing. When she does it she also likes to spray between the seats and on the drink holders and the gear shift and the parking brake. Of course I make sure she's careful not to spray anything electric. As I said I now keep a pillow in the car that she puts in front of the gear shift so it blocks the dashboard and the radio and stuff and she can just pee freely. A few of her friends have also peed this way. Of course its not something you can do while the car is moving, so if they can wait till we get home that's what they'll do. I'll just park in the garage and the girls will have at it!

I have definitely gotten more liberal haven't I! ;)

Well that's all! Bye!
Car Mom :)

B&B and French visitors

Dear all

Not long ago I stayed in a small B&B, which had 5 rooms sharing 2 bathrooms at the end of a corridor. It was quite quiet, but there was a French family staying on the same floor accross 2 rooms. My first encounter with them came on my first night - I went along to the bathroom and opened one of the doors, to find a girl of around 17 squatting with her feet on the toilet seat! We were both embarrased and she apologised in broken English for forgetting to lock the door. I went into the other, empty, bathroom and heard her groan as she had a long poo.

A couple of days later I was in the bathroom when I heard someone running towards them, they tried the door to the bathroom I was in but it was locked, went into the other bathroom and slammed the door. I heard a whimper and a stamping of feet, and someone whining "no, no, no, aaah!" before someone seated themselves heavily and had a very long, and very loud, wee. I then heard them sigh heavily and wipe. As I exited the bathroom they were not far behind - it was another of the French girls, this one about 11/12, who was wearing a skirt and clutching a pair of knickers in one of her hands. I presumed that she hadn't made it quite in time and got her pants wet.


Story Teller
I mentioned before about seeing a interesting post back on page 1901 about a poster named John the Lurker who used a trick of stealing TP from the bathroom to see his mom pooping. I've been trying a similar trick myself, though so far it wasn't working. Success came last night at our house. The whole family was around and we'd just finished dinner. The bathroom in our houe is near the back, across from the bedrooms. I hadn't actually stole it this time, I'd just neglected to get a new roll when the old one was gone. I heard my aunt say she had to go and got up. I walked out of my room towards the bathroom at the same time and we nearly ran into eacher. I offered to let her go first. She thanked me and went in. I patiently waited outside, fingers crossed. After about a minute she called out.
"Are you still there?" She asked.
"Can you please come in here for a second?"
I couldn't believe it was actually working. I tried to look uninterested as I stepped into the bathroom. Her sweat pants and underwear were around her ankles and he hands were clapsed on her lap. The sight remidned me a lot of my earlier memories.
"There's no toilet paper here, can you reach under the sink and grab some please?" I obiediently started looking, though I pretended to take some time to find it.
"I hope your not embarrassed dear." My aunt told me.
"It's okay."
She laughed. "It's not like you havn't seen your aunt on the toilet before, when you were little you use to sit in mine and your mom's lap while we went all the time." (I faintly recall such events). I finally grabbed the toilet paper and set it on the counter.
"Thank you." She took the roll and pulled off a big wad. "Go wait outside, I'll be done in a minute." She told me and I left. The experience was...interesting, to say the least. I wonder if I should comb through all the old posts for similar methods...

Upstate Dave

My Working Vacation Day 11 Camp Out At The Lake Part 13

Janet and I did get out of the ake after takeing a long time either swiming or just plain fooling around. It was time now to consider start packing everything up or take a short break first. We cose a short break. We had a soda nd ate a snack. We both figured at least doing this less to take back with us.

Then we started breaking camp. We both did agree that we wouldn't get dressed till last! We weren't n a rush so takeing the camp down took us awhile. We were to the point where the tent was now left and the clothes we were going to put on. But it was time to do one other last thing there at the campsite! PISS!!! Janet and I both had to go.

So where we chose was our fireplace. There was no fire at all going. There were no hot coals either. Just some ashes nd parts of some burnt branches left. So I let Janet go first. Janet steped over by where the fireplace was and she sqauted her ass dead center over the fireplace.It took Janet a few short seconds to start pissing.

When she did Janet let go a good hard spraying stream of piss! Her spraying piss covered a large area of the fireplaces ashes too! The ashes ranged in color from almost white, to grey, and black. With the ashes being wetted down with Janets piss they got heavier so they settled. The ashes also gave off a slight oder which ashes will when they are wet.

When Janets piss was past where it had reached its srongest flow it spraying got less and a clean stream formed.Now her piss was no longer weting a large area of the ashes. Her piss was just weting a smaller area. The one good thing now was with her clean piss stream was that it was hissing but softly. (;-)) I stood there arms folded and I smiled. Janet was looking down watching herself piss so she didn't see me smile.

Janet only pissed with her stream hissing for several seconds. Then its hissing stopped but she still went on and pissed a little more. Janet wound up not stoping cleanly. Her stream tapered off with some dribbling wich weted her bare asscheeks with piss in after that there sure was a lot of driping of piss off her asscheeks and crotch! Janet styed squated till she felt no more drops of piss comming off from her.

Then Janet stood right up and stepped away from the fireplace. Janet did step beside me when she stepped away from the fireplace. Now she looked at it. Janet laughed and said to me; Dave there's not a dry spot left for you! Janet was right as I now also looked. It sure looked that way!

So I had to piss anyway so it really didn't matter to me at all. I already was holding my penis so I aimed it at te wet ashes and I started my piss. I too hit into the center of the ashes which being wet when my hard stream of piss hit them the ashes did not move. So I started searching for a area where my piss just might make some of the ashes move. I moved my penis which made my stream move.

I was moving it around where my stream sort of moved incircles. That was the shape of the fireplace. Janet seeing me moving my penis whichmade my stream move the same way stood there giggleing pretty hard. The only places that I did find dry were some of the half burnt branches so I pissed all over them! When I did my piss stream did move some of the smaller ones.

Well I had my fun. I like Janet had done I gave everywhere inside the fireplace a soaking with my pissing into it. I even kept it up when I did my two spurts to finish my piss too. Then Janet and I got dressed and we wre ready to leave. Janet did take out two cans of soda from the cooler before we got on our bikes. We opened them made a toast which was about haveing such a good time. Then we left and headed home first to my grandmothers then over to her house. To be continuied.


Another Accident...

Oh my god! The Friday before the August long weekend (I live in Canada), I had the third accident in my pants in my life. And, it was my second this year! The first one happened in March as I was on my way from school to work. Those stories can be found on pages 2013 and 2017.

Now that we are done school, my boyfriend Alex and I moved in together. Our apartment is about a 30 minute walk from my office, so on this particular day, since it was really nice out, I decided to walk.

It was just my co-worker, Megan and I, in the office that day as everyone else was off. Also, since it was Friday, we were allowed to wear jeans as a "Casual Friday" thing. For underwear, I was wearing a pink satin bikini with lacing at the waist and leg holes along with a matching bra. Over top, I wore a green blouse and rather tight fitting jeans.

Megan and I decided to go out for lunch and then for a walk after we ate. Part way through our walk, I started getting cramps. At first I thought it was my period starting, but the cramps got pretty bad and I realized that they were not period cramps. I needed go get to a toilet!

I am not too overly open about my toilet habits, so I said to Megan, "Hey, is it okay if we turn back now? I'm not feeling that great." She said, "Yeah sure. Are you going to be okay?" I said, "Yeah I think so." We then went up to 17th Ave., and turned towards our building.

When we got to 17th Ave, the cramps got really bad and I thought I was going to poop my pants right there. I said to Megan, "Oh god! I'm going to be sick!" She said, "There's a garbage can right over there. You can puke in it." Then a rush of diarrhea slipped past my tightly clenched butt cheeks and into my panties. I whimpered, "Oh no!" With a worried voice, Megan said, "Vicky, are you okay?" I said, "No. I need a toilet really badly." She said, "Oh! Oh no!" I could barely move with out running the risk of filling my panties and jeans with really wet diarrhea. Megan said, "Let's go into Melrose to see if we can use their washroom." I said, weakly, "Okay."

I took a few small steps and did not make it to Melrose. We were just outside the restaurant when I uncontrollably pooped my pants. The mess spread all over my butt cheeks, and also went up my back and front. I just stood there and started crying. Megan looked at me in horror, but she was so nice. She put her arm around me and said, "Don't worry sweetie, it's happened to me before too." As we were walking back to the office, I had to go again. I tried to hold it in, but it was no use. I filled my pants for a second time. This time, the mess went down the back and insides of my jeans.

When we got back to the office, I didn't even bother to go to the ladies room. I turned off my computer, grabbed my stuff and left.

The walk home was not fun at all. It was a really warm day and I did not have a sweater or anything to tie around my waist. Plus, I had to go again, and I filled my pants for a third time. I got some pretty interesting looks from people as I walked by them, or as they drove by me.

I was hoping that Alex would not be home when I got there, but he was given the afternoon off. So I had to explain to him what happened. I cried the entire time. He was really sweet about it and led me into our bathroom to help me get cleaned up.

My panties were in bad shape and so were my jeans. I got my jeans cleaned out pretty good. I had stained them completely through, but I was able to wash out the diarrhea stains. My panties however, still have a pretty bad stain in them from the diarrhea. I decided to keep them to wear during my periods.

Anyway, thanks for reading. It's still upsetting and horrifying for me to think of pooping my pants for the third time in my life, not to mention for the second time this year!

Thank you,


Frantic Francine's survey

I don't make a lot of movement once I'm seated on a toilet away from home. For those of you who don't know my story, it's because I'm a big multi-sport athlete who is 6'3" so I tower above the cubicle partitions in many restrooms. I most often will sit back all the way on the toilet and even then my knees will be against the door. I'm required by our college's athletic department to stay within normal weight guidelines, so I'm not overweight but sometimes I hear a pop or two when I go to stand after I've used the toilet. This is the case in a big way at the amusement park I'm working at this summer. I'm pretty much convinced that the high humidity has a lot to do with it. When I'm seated on the toilet for just a couple of minutes to pee on my break, I break out in an even-larger sweat and could use a half roll of toilet paper to dry myself off. I do, however, wipe my face and neck with two or three paper towels when I'm at the sinks washing my hands. In some bathrooms, I will take a stall with no doors because I get more air and my knees aren't against the inside of the stall doors. One thing I have to watch out for however, is that I take the time to flush the bowl before I seat myself. Unlike others--and my boyfriend Adam has pointed this out--when I'm dropping my crap there is no room for me to move forward on the toilet to prevent from getting splashed and my craps are large and hit the water hard. Getting splashed with someone else's urine is something I have to try and avoid.

messy mommy

i guess it really can happen to anyone...

I'm 31 year old mom with a boy, 5, and a girl, 2. i was shopping and doing errands today with both my kids with me, and all day i had a growing need to move my bowels. i was at my last stop and it was getting to be very urgent, the pressure was on and i really, really had to go. i wanted to get home and do it because doing it in public is an ordeal when you have 2 small kids...they need to be in the stall with you otherwise you're leaving them unattended in public. so i gave myself a little pep talk that i was gonna have to hold it in until i got home. but unfortunately my bowels didn't care about the pep talk. when i was strapping my two year old into her car seat, my abdomen cramped up badly and my brain just went numb as i realized what was about to happen. i had never before in my life even considered the possibility of finding myself in a situation where i couldn't hold it in anymore... it was the worst I'd ever had to go, and i was in disbelief over what was happening...i stood there frozen with the painful cramps immobilizing me, and i was using every muscle i could to hold it back, but before i knew it, warm soft poop was forcing its way into my gray cotton panties and jeans. it just kept pushing its way out, forming a large soft bulge on my butt, and i just couldn't stop it. as hard as i tried to regain control of myself it just kept coming out and filling my pants until i was done. it felt so good to go, but i was absolutely mortified about losing control of myself and pooping my pants at my age, not just in public but in front of my kids... i have never been more humiliated in my life! i was in total disbelief. i didn't even know what to do with myself! i messed myself so bad i could actually feel the weight of it in my pants. i slowly tried to move and it felt very strange! i worked my way around to the drivers side door and knew i was gonna somehow have to get in the seat...well, that was probably worse than when i pooped myself in the first place. that at least provided me with a feeling of relief, but having to sit down with the huge load in my pants was utterly just flattened the bulge and the mess spread everywhere.... it was awful, and it made the smell a lot worse. i even gagged because of it and my son got upset after a few minutes because it smelled so bad, and i had to tell him "im so sorry, mommy had an accident!"

i definitely never thought i would poop in my pants as an adult, but now it happened and it was worse than you can imagine...the cleanup was one of the worst experiences of my life and i don't even want to describe it! anyway, that's my unfortunate story.


To Car Mom and her friend L:ori(I believe that was your name

Hey just ain't seen you post in a while Car Mom and I really miss you stories. Also Lori(I hope I got your name right, Car Mom's friend) I was hopeing you would have some stories for us to read also but haven't seen anything from either of yall in a while. Hope yall are well and hope to hear from yall soon.


To Desiree

You forgot the most important part of your pooped on the floor account. Did you enjoy the experience? How did you feel about it and would you want to do it again. Even as a guy I have had to poop in the woods before when I have been out in the fields and no toilet was around I can tell you poop seems to come out easier when your in a squatting position as apposed to a sitting position. At least for me it did. Only problem I ran into was even though I had peed before I went to poop I still pee some when straining and being a guy it kinda squirts forward into my boxers instead of strait down like a girls does. Speaking of which did you pee as well on the floor?


Poo on the way home from Olivias

Hi, this is a story from earlier on today after I'd been to Olivias house. Lately I've been managing to have a poo at least every other day and I've been trying to eat more fruit and drink more water and it seems to be working, the last time I opened my bowels it wasn't nearly as hard to push my poo out which is great. I'd gone round to Olivias after lunch and started to want a poo almost as soon as I arrived, the trouble was her dad was home doing some tiling in her bathroom and I was too embarased to tell him I needed the loo, especially as I would have taken some time and probably left a smell behind which he would have noticed as soon as he went back in to carry on working. We were up in Olivias room on the internet, I was sitting on my heel which was helping me feel a bit less desperate. After a couple of hours I knew I had to leave as I could feel the tip of a big poo trying to poke out of my bum. I said goodbye to Olivia and did my best to suck it up as I walked stiffly down her road towards the park, there were some public loos there which are really gross but I was getting too desperate to care. I made it to the toilets just as I felt the poo poke out and touch my knickers despite my tightly clenched bum, to my horror there was a sign outside the loos saying they had been closed. I knew there was no way I could make it home so I ran off behind some bushes, holding my bum. With each step I took the turd was sliding out a bit further and I knew it wouldn't be long before I filled my pants. I quickly unzipped my blue jeans and wrenched them down together with my pink and blue stripy knickers then got into a squat. The first turd came sliding out, I was having to push a bit as it got wider but not really that much. It dropped with a splat into the grass then I started to have a wee. After I'd finished weeing I felt there was some more up inside me so I took a deep breath and bore down and felt a second log start to come out, along with a few dribbles of wee. I did have to push a bit harder to get that log to drop but it still wasn't too bad. I looked around for something to wipe with but there was nothing, when I looked at my pants I realised there wasn't much point bothering as they were pretty badly marked from where my poo had poked out, so I just pulled them and my jeans back up and headed for home. Once I got home I went to the toilet and wiped my bum properly and then put some clean pants on.
Hope you enjoyed this, will post again soon, bye for now!
Leanne- sorry to hear the Mexican food disagreed with you, hope your poos are back to normal soon.


Immense relief!!!

Hi all :) Just got a quick story about having a really satisfying and enjoyable poo this morning before I went to work... I woke up at 6:30am and had my usual cup of tea and then felt a rumbling in my belly and I knew that I was due a big poo because I could sense a crampy, knotted feeling inside me. So I quickly finished my tea and took myself to the downstairs loo along with my work clothes so that I could have a shower. As I went downstairs and made my way to the bathroom I could feel a huge load gathering at my bum. I quickly went in, locked the door put my clothes down, pulled down my shorts and panties and sat myself on the loo with my legs spread wide and I crossed my arms and pressed them to my belly and let out a couple of quiet grunts and then I let slip a really smelly, wet fart followed by a crackling noise and could feel a big soft brown log begin to slip out of my bum and then .... with a loud PLOP! it dropped into the bowl followed by another couple of chunks ... ka-plop, ka-plop, ka-plop, flooomph! then more and more soft poo began to drop out in rapid succession ... plop, plop, plip, plip, plop, plip, plip, PLOP! Spdooosh! The smell was getting bad but I didn't care as I was having a really good poo which was virtually effortless as chunk by chunk dropped out easily. by now it was 7:30am and I knew I wasn't quite done yet as I let out another fart and followed through by more chunky pieces ... Blop!, blop!, plopslopslop, plip-plip-plop-plop-blop!! it was really smelly but the last couple of pieces just slipped out and I was done, I looked round in to the bowl behind and all I could see was a big brown heap of logs, pieces and chunks heaped and I managed to pebble dash the bowl a bit too. Phew! It stunk! but the main thing is I really enjoyed having a really satifying effortless poo and it was needed so badly. It took me at least 5 wipes to get my bum clean, then I flushed, had a shower and got ready for work.

That's all from me now fellow poo lovers : ) till next time xxx


Sarah's accident

I was finishing work last night when one of my work mates, Sarah caught up with me. She's only 16 and was fresh from school. I was walking home from work as Kirsty had to work and Sarah who lives in the same street as me walked home with me. We chatted as we walked and I couldn't held noticing Sarah had a strained tone in her voice. She was walking quite slowly too so I asked her if she was ok. Sarah went bright red and said, "No not really. I really need to go toilet." I said, "Well why didn't you go at work?" Sarah replied, "I couldn't because it's a number two and I don't like doing it away from home." She looked very desperate as she spoke and I knew she'd held it too long. I though at the age of 16 she'd know better than to hold it untill she was about to mess herself. We carried on walking home but Sarah stopped and was holding her stomach with one hand. She muttered, "Oh!" and held her bum with the other hand. I asked if she could make it home and Sarah replied sharply, "No!" She took her hand away from her bum and bent over and moved her legs apart. I knew she'd run out of time and sure enough the smell of poo filled the air. Sarah peed down her legs as she filled her pants so badly her bum looked twice its size. She looked very relieved when she was done and she said, "Please don't tell anyone about this. It's never happened to me before."

Saturday, August 13, 2011

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