Pooped on the floor

I've been reading a lot of the posts here, especially those about going somewhere other than a toilet. I wanted to try it myself just to see what it's like. Well, a few minutes ago I was about to take out the trash when I felt the feeling of needing to poop. I decided to just do it on some paper towels right there in the kitchen.

So I put out the towels in a square, took off my pants and panties and squatted. With minimal effort, the head of a turd emerged. It was kinda hard and knobbly and it came out a few inches. A small push and a few more inches came out then it broke off. A bit later, a smoother turd eased out. Most of it snapped off, but a little bit remained hanging out of my butt. I pushed again and more of the turd streamed forth before falling on the floor like the others. I felt cleaned out and I realized I didn't have anything to wipe with. But a quick walk to the bathroom fixed that. I wiped and wrapped up my turds then threw them all out with the trash.

Caroline M

Junk food constipation relief

Junk food never really had any effect on my bodily functions until not too long ago.

About a couple months ago before exams started (I'm 17), my friends and I was at Wendy's to get ourselves a baconator combo. I hardly ever have junk food because I've always enjoyed eating healthy more often. Anyways the same night while my parents was away for business, I suddenly felt this discomfort in my stomach and a few minutes later I had gotten a urge to go poop. After a few minutes the urge had gotten really bad. I knew I couldn't hold it in much longer but the bad news was that I live in a small apartment with my parents and there's only one toilet..... and it's broken. I decided to grab my little waste basket and went to the bathroom. I put it on the floor, slide my panties off and just squat on it.

After a slight push, this massive wave of diarrhea started coming out. It just went plop plop plops. Waves and waves of it keeps coming out. I knew it was going to be a lot because I was constipated for a few days. After 10 minutes had passed I was finally done and I just wiped my butt and was glad that my waste basket had a plastic bag in it because it made it easier to clean. Anyways... that was the very first time that junk food had done it to me.

Hello everyone I'm only 16 but I thought I'd post on this site anyway. I don't really like to poop at home because my brothers all pee on the toilet seat and it gets really gross, and I'm the only boy in my house who can actually aim my pee into the toilet. So I try to go whenever I'm out. I was just wondering if there's anyone here who also doesn't see what is so bad about public bathrooms. I admit that sometimes they can smell bad, but look what we do in them, it only makes sense lol. And if there is a particularly really dirty stall, just take a different one. Porta Potties are alright, too, since they usually have seat covers. So is there anyone who has the same thoughts about public bathrooms? Please post!!

Frantic Francine

Sticking to Public Toilet Seats Survey

I've tried to come up with an explanation about why Half Dump Denise's butt would stick to one toilet seat and not another.

First, I wonder if whether we're sweaty and the moisture on the seat has something to do with it.

Second, I wonder if we wipe the seat off with a piece of toilet paper before seating ourselves will help if there are splashes from the flushing or human pee droppings on the seat.

Third, do we sit down or slide ourselves onto the seat? I think it makes a difference!

Fourth, are we pushing against the design contour of the seat? Some seats have almost a cut-out in the very middle for the average butt. Being partially on or sliding over it could cause problems.

Fifth, if the seat is not completely dry from splashes of a previous user, does that almost invisible moisture figure into sticking?

Sixth, does the frequency with which the seat is used fiqure into it? A seat that is sat on once an hour may not have the grime of the seat where 20 or 25 butts an hour sit on it.

Seventh, to what extent does the humidity level figure into it?

Eighth, how far back on the seat is the person sitting? If you're sitting just right over the front, the amount of skin contact on the seat is less than the person who sits with the back of their butt up against the back of the seat.

Ninth, I wonder if the weight of the user is important. A 50-pound child does not weigh a seat down like a 250 pound adult.

Tenth, I wonder if whether you're pissing or pooping is important. Pooping can require more pushing, movement and a longer time on the seat.

I've tried to be as objective as possible in putting this survey together. For those of you who have been on the board for a while, you know that I try to always lay toilet paper over the seat before I sit on it, but often at places like my school there's a lack of toilet paper and time.

Responses to this survey should be interesting. Thanks.

To anonymous: you asked about pee stories, specifically about peeing into a maxi pad. You are in luck, because I have some stories! Let me start by saying that I am the type of person who has to pee all of the time. I drink a lot. I think my bladder is average size, but since I am so well hydrated I usually pee every 2 to 3 hours. I have only ever had one accident, which I posted about a few months ago (travelling for work, drank too much beer, got lost in a strange city, accidentally peed while sitting on a padded stool). Anyway, although I have only had that one accident, you can imagine that I have had lots of desperate moments. Especially considering the fact that I hate public restrooms. I have considered buying adult diapers out of convenience, but have never been able to get over the embarrassment. So, naturally, maxi pads are a logical choice. I have tried them on several occasions, but they really dont work well to contain a pee stream. They can be worn to contain the embarrassment of a small spurt or stream, but you definitely cannot empty your bladder into them. I mostly wore them when I was pregnant, because I did have some problems with small pee leaks. I have tried wearing them too for longer periods when I wouldnt be near a bathroom and would want to be able to avoid a desperate situation.

While they do contain a small spurt, they dont absorb fast enough, and leak. And descent stream will leak. Even if you do manage to pee slow enough for the pad to absorb, they dont hold much. I have actually thought I got away with peeing into one, only to have them leak when I sit down or move.

Upstate Dave

My Working Vacation Day 11 Camp Out At The Lake Part 9

Well we did make it after some time had gone by to the old entrace road that did go down to the lake. Janet made it that far without pissing. I needed to go again! All the drank rootbeer had filled my bladder by now! The same with Janet! We stopped right where the lake road and the old highway intersection was to take our pisses! That's how urgent we both had to now go!

We both got right off from our bikes. I managed to get my kickstand down. Janet didn't which her bike fell right over with a loud crash. I didn't bother with my zipper this time! I just oppped the snap on my shorts and pulled them right down! Janet did the same but she was going to sqaut to take her piss!

Janet started to squat down. But she never made her full squat! She still had her hands on her shorts and was slipping them down. Her shorts were just barely down at her upper thighs when she let go with a hard piss stream from her vagina! Her piss smacked into the back dead center of her shorts! Her piss hit her shots so hard that a big splash of piss came off from her shorts!

Since I had pulled down my shorts too I almost had the same thing happen top me too! I started pissing very hard but I missed my shorts with my stream of piss. My stream just cleared the top edge of my shorts and it shot out into the old highway! How fast this happened I didn't yet have a hand on my penis holdfing it!

So I just stood there holding my shorts and I pissed that way. Janet now managed to shove her shorts out of the way of her hard piss stream and she had squated downward more. Now she was pissing very close to the pavement of the old highway. In a few short seconds of pissing Janets piss too had run out on the the old highway. So now there was two areas of the greyish white concrete that had turned dark grey with our piss.

Janet after she had pissed now having reached the downside of her piss said to me; When I;m done I'm takeing these shorts right off! THEY ARE SOAKED! The entire backsode of her shorts were wet too! They were a darl blue instead of being light blue like there were in the front! Not only that when Janet had her piss wet her shorts and its big splash had gotten her legs and the lower front part of her body!

Well the bike ride down the lakes road would take care of drying the piss off of her. But that would be a few minutes from now before that would be happening! We both were still pissing very hard yet even though Janet wasn't going as hard as she had been. By the time we both would end our pisses there sure was a lot of piss out on the old highway!

Janet would be the first to stop. When she did she did take her piss soaked shorts right off. She put them on te one carrier on my bike and went over picked up her bike and sat down on its seat which she waited for me which I had finished with my piss yet. I went and pissed takeing a littlemore time and then I did stop which included doing several shorts spurts of piss to finish my piss.

I pulled my shorts back up and I only zipped them. Then i got on my bike and we rode off down the old lake road. I stayed behind Janet all the way till we would reach the spot where we would get off from our bikes and walk overthrough the woods to the campsite! It was sure nice to see Janets cute ass wiggle as she pedaled her bike! That was my reason for staying behind her!

Once back at the campsite Janet took her shorts and she washed them out in the lake and after wringing them out put them on top of the tent. Then she got in the tent and waited for me. I checked my sleepingbag and it was dry! So I pulled if off the tent brought it in with me when I went into the tent. Janet helped me sread it out and then we both started fooling around which Janet wanted to do in the first place! To be continuied.

Brandon T

Daily Dump

A few hours ago I took a good size dump in a park bathroom and when I flushed it almost overflowed but the toilet behaved and sucked it down it was the my poop landed it sunk right into the hole so I dont how big it was for sure but it felt like a pretty good size load and I felt great after that.

Long time lurker here, coming out of hiding to post for a change.

I have quite enjoyed the posts of "The Listening Ear." I appreciate the detail put forth in your reports. I'm not as much into in pooping, but the account of the peeing performance of your brother-in-law's wife certainly piqued my interest - as well as the account of the interminable stream of an unnamed friend in Part 9. As you can infer, I do enjoy the exhibitions of women who can flood the toilet endlessly with the contents of a full bladder. (I miss the random WWLB posts that now seem to have vanished.

I also was intrigued by "Jenny in San Marcos'" post about the drunk dorm-mate who flooded the shower. You say you don't really pee like that - more of a "trickle," as you describe. Does it end up taking you longer to relieve yourself than someone who might have a heavier stream?

The reason I ask is that my fiancÚ pees much the same way - with a soft, trickling stream. I can't say for sure, but it seems she might have a smaller urethra than other women who can pee with more of a gushing stream. If she really has to go, it can take her quite a while to finish. I have timed her in excess of 2 minutes previously - and I'm sure it has been longer at times. Luckily, she doesn't mind me watching.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: JP great story about seeing that girl have diarrhea in the shower I bet she must have been embarrassed but what could she do as you said they couldnt use the bathroom and please share anyother stories like that if you have any thanks.

To: Freshman Freddy another great story about your babysitter please anymore that can remember thanks.

To: The Listening Ear as always another great story and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Jenifer fisrt welcome to the site and great story it sounds like you could be doing it on purpose subconciously because it something you enjoy but havent come to accept the only way to see is to have a "accident" that way you can find out or it could just be really bad luck either way please post any other stories you may have thanks.

To: SportsFan as always another great story about hearing different women pooping and I wish I had your luck with porta potties as I posted in my earlier posts I tried to over hear a woman pooping but no luck and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: upstate Dave as always another great story and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Scared Girl first welcome to the site and have you tried closing your eyes and closing the stall door and focusing on something until you finish just something to try and pleas post anymore stories thanks.

To: Wendy & Kirsty Kirsty it sounds like your friend Angela had a very bad day I hope she felt better and Wendy I couldnt agree with you more nothing beats a good dump its one lifes little pleasures that shouldnt be taken for granted and as always I look forward to your guys next posts thanks.

To: Jenny In San Marcos great story about that girl peeing in the shower and please share any other stories you may have thanks.

To: Andrew great story about hearing that woman poop and please sahre anyother stories like that if you have any thanks.

Well thats all for now

sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site



Hi everyone, its me Abbie with my latest news. After getting really constipated following my trip to Charlotte's (see my last post) I've vowed not to put off having a poo again, even if it means using a filthy toilet or having to go at an awkward moment. This story is about a sleepover Olivia invited me to and how I ended up having to go for a poo round someones house who I didn't really know, which was a bit embarasing. On Saturday Lucy was out for the day doing a family thing so I was quite pleased when Olivia rang up and invited me to a sleepover, although I did get a bit nervous when I found out it was at Molly's house. She's one of the really cool girls in our year, she's in my PE group and when we get changed I've noticed she wears really trendy underwear, lacy bras and thongs and all that sort of stuff, not that I'd want to go around with some scratchy thing jammed up my bum but I knew I was going to feel a bit self concious in my granny pants and was glad that Olivia still wears girls knickers too so at least it wouldn't just be me. A couple of hours before Olivia was due to pick me up I made sure to go on the toilet, I was determined to try to open my bowels before I left as I didn't really want the added stress of wanting a poo in a strange house. I went into the bathroom, lifted my black skirt and dropped my pink and yellow spotty pants before sitting on the loo. I was bursting for a wee so I released a fearce stream that fizzed loudly into the bowl, it went on for some time before finally slowing to a dribble and then stopping. I sat there pushing hard but nothing was forthcoming, I strained for a good ten minutes but still nothing so I wiped myself and gave up, flushing and washing my hands. Olivia's mum picked me up at 5pm, we were going to have takeaway pizza for tea and then watch a film. On the way would you believe it, I started to get a feeling in my belly that told me I'd need a poo before too long, obviously all the pushing earlier had shifted something. After what had happened before I didn't dare hold it in, I decided I'd eat tea and see if I could use the loo after that. We had the pizza and then sat round chatting and reading magazines, I was feeling quite relaxed until Molly said we should all get ready for bed and then play a game of twister before the film. That made me feel even more nervous, I wear nighties rather than pyjamas and I'd meant to pack some shorts to wear but had totally forgotten, it would have been OK if we were just lying round watching a film but if we were playing twister I'd end up flashing my pants to everyone which would be embarasing to say the least. I could only hope that I wouldn't be the only one wearing a nightie, luckily as we started to get undressed the girl next to me who was called Alice and seemed really nice and quiet took a nightie out of her bag as well, so I breathed a sigh of releaf. Opposite me Molly and the girl next to her were taking off their jeans and I noticed they were both wearing thongs, I felt much better when Alice pulled down her leggings, she was wearing pink cotton knickers rather than anything trendy or lacy. I was starting to need a wee pretty badly again after all the coke I'd drunk and knew by now I'd be able to go for a poo as well, after putting on my nightie I went over to Molly and told her I needed the loo before we started, "Start playing without me, I'll be as quick as I can" I said blushing, knowing that was going to make it pretty obvious what I was going to do. I went upstairs and found the bathroom, closing and locking the door behind me. I lifted my nightie, pulled down my knickers and sat on the loo, I started to wee a gushing stream straight away and when I was done took a deep breath and gave a push, quite soon I felt the tip of a log start to poke out of my bum and I had to keep pushing hard to keep it moving. Luckily it didn't take more than a few minutes of pushing to get it to drop, I pushed out two more logs which weren't too hard to get out and then I felt empty, so I took some paper and wiped my bum before pulling up my knickers and letting down my nightie. When I got back downstairs the twister game was in full swing, so I joined in trying not to reveal too much in my rather short nightie.
Thanks for reading this, I'll post again soon, bye for now!!


Longest Turd Ever

What's up, folks?

Last Wednesday, before I left for work, I managed to crank out what I believe was the longest unbroken turd I ever had.

Normally, I'm probably one of the most regular guys there is. Not only do I shit once a day, but also at about the same time every day. But last Sunday and Monday, for some reason, I didn't poop. I don't know why, I just never had to go. Tuesday morning, I went in and pooped, and it was a fairly good sized amount, but I didn't feel finished. Wednesday, however, was another matter.

I got up, showered, and sat down to drink my coffee. About halfway through my first cup, I began feeling that familiar dull pressure down below. Armed with the sports section, I headed to the bathroom. I dropped my shorts, sat down, and began skimming through the paper.

After a pee and a couple of farts, I leaned forward slightly and began to bear down. A thick, firm turd began to come out, and it kept coming, and coming. Finally the end of it slid out, and I actually felt totally empty. After a few minutes, I dropped the paper, and began wiping. This one was really messy, and it took about 10 wipes to get clean.

I stood up, as I couldn't wait to get a look at it. In a word, it was AWESOME! It was about an inch and a half thick, coming up out of the hole, curling over to the left, then back around to the right, with the end coming to rest right by where it began to originally curve over to the left. Must have been a good two feet of solid poop.

Being really pleased, and feeling much lighter, I flushed, washed my hands, and got ready for work.

That's all for now. Good pooping all.

Have to say, I LOVE all the peeing stories in here recently. Haven't posted in awhile because I am not into poop, but when I saw Allie's survey I figured I would start posting again and answer it.

1. Do you keep a jar or bottle near your bed? If so, how often do you pee in it? No, I always think about doing so for convenience reasons, but haven't yet. I have peed in a cup before that I left besides my bed not for that purpose.

2. Same for a bottle/jar beside your computer so you don't have to get up (presumably at home, not at school or the office, LOL). I have a laptop computer so I am always in different rooms of the house. Therefore that would not really work for me. I have just peed my pants before because I was writing an essay and did not want to get up.

3. Same for your car/truck.

4. Wet bed by accident? Your age last time it happened?
I actually have never wet the bed.

5. Wet pants by accident? Your age last time it happened?
Have never wet my pants on accident either.
6. Wet pants on purpose? How often?
I will wet my pants on purpose all the time. I love to do it in the bathroom right before I get into the shower.
7. Pee in shower at home? How often?
Almsot every time. Even if I pee beforehand, like I said above, I will find myself needing to again. Think it is the running, warm water that does it.

8. Pee in a public shower (gym, dorm, school)? How often? Others see?
I have peed in the shower at my gym before. It is just as easy as doing it a home an no one knows.
9. Pee in the sink? Yes I do all the time at home. I have never done it in public though.

11. Pee out a window etc at home: Nope never
12. Pee in ocean, lake, pool or bathing suit: Yes to all. I always pee in the water, or while sitting in the sand at the beach and then jumping in the water.
13. Other unusual places to pee: I have peed in trashcans, diapers, the steam room at my gym, in cups and containers, on the floor, and for the poster who asked, in maxi pads. I find they are good for just going a little, but normally I wait until I really have to go and I have found they leak. Well, that is all I can think of for now. Keep the peeing stories flowing.


At a Friends'House

Me and my Brother usally spend the night at our friends'House it was usally the third of every Friday night.And He would spend the night with us on the next every other third Friday.It was in 1991 when I was 11 and my brother was 9.And our Friends Carson,he was 6 and Brittany was 10.
Well we just hung around Carson most of the time.He said he had to go poop when we was up in his room.So he gone downstairs(They have two bathrooms).He left the bathroom door open a little bit,and every once in a while I would hear him grunt.And bbbbbbbbbrrrrr.I would hear that once every 3 minutes.
Then I heard his Mom asked his Dad,Is Carson in the Bathroom?Then he yelled for my Brother yo come in there,And my brother went in there and I heard my Brother say,I don't want to be in here!It Stinks in here!

Hi everyone. My bowels have been acting all weird today after I had mexican food for dinner last night. This morning after I got up I got a strong urge and went to the toilet to push out a load of rapid-fire soft turds. Then I had to go again after lunch but this time I could only get a couple of pieces out. I went to the gym and when I got back I had to go again when in the shower, but again I only got a few small bits out and still felt like I had to go. After I ate dinner this evening I had to go again and produced a little more. All day I've been having slight stomach pains which I assumed were from trapped wind and in the last hour I've been farting a lot and now I feel much better! It's annoying having to poo so many times a day- I hope I'm back to normal tomorrow!

SportsFan, your post reminds me of a similar experience I had at a sporting event. It was a few years ago and I was at a motocross meeting where a friend of mine was racing in the junior division. I watched his first race and then while he worked on his bike in the pits I got something to eat and then suddenly really had to crap. I went straight to the row of portaloos and joined the queues. Within minutes I had a very urgent need and it looked like a couple of other girls in the queue were in the same boat. Two portaloos opened up and I went in along with another girl of about my age (16 or 17) who had long blonde hair and shorts on like me. As I locked the door and lowered my shorts and knickers I heard the other girl do the same. She sat down first and immediately exploded into the bowl with a load of loud spattering poo. Then she moaned quietly. I could tell my poo would be similar. The seat was clean so I sat down. I did a short fart and then out came some runny poo squirting into the toilet. The other girl did some more similar poo and then farted twice. It felt great for me to release my poo, so I imagine she felt the same! More runny poo came from both of us and lots of farts for five or ten minutes. I finished first while she was still farting and I leaned back and relaxed after an intensive session on the toilet! The smell was quite intense of course! I wiped and left and she was still in her portaloo.

Constipated Corky

Quick comments

For Half Dump Denise:

I'm very interested in what you wrote about while you were on the stool in the gas station and you seemed to stick to the seat. I've written about crapping at ball park quite a bit because that's where our team plays and the physical nature of the game excites my bowels. For me, the problem is that there's often not enough toilet paper available for me to place on the seat, so often I just place myself on the seat and hope for the best. Often I'm sweating head-to-toe. With my uniform and cap (which sometimes I will place next to me on the floor) I often will wipe, flush and leave a seat with quite a bit of moisture on it for the next user. It's sweat from my butt and sometimes the front of my uniform down by my lap will also be wet because the sweat is literally rolling off me when I sit. Yesterday, I noticed there were drops of sweat on the concrete floor directly in front of the stool. Could it be that when the sweat dries on the seat, it gets a little sticky with each and every butt that sits on it. If a user moves a lot while seated, could that be the cause of the adhesive-ripping noise being made? Also, in many such bathrooms, there no ventilation or blower and the condtions are about as humid as they can get. Could that be another reason?

To Megan and Ally. I really liked reading your pee surveys. If you ladies have more stories, post them :)


Our latest buddy dump

To big buck:
I'm glad you like our stories. I'm sorry but we never keep our old posts once we send them so you'll have to search for them I'm afraid. We had a nice buddy dump this morning. Mainly because we got up late so the quickest way to get our business done was to share the toilet. Kirsty sat right back on the seat with her legs wide apart while I sat in front between her legs. Kirsty peed a long powerfull stream while she dropped her smelly load. It was a big load too and boy did it stink. I had trouble going myself as I hadn't been for two days but I did have a good pee which felt good. I pushed hard but only got a few pebbles out so I gave up as we both had to get to work. I got up to let Kirsty wipe and took a laxative before leaving for work. By the end of my shift I was busting to go and I had to wait for Kirsty to pick me up. I got in the car and as she drove off I felt a cramp hit me. I told Kirsty to drive quickly as I was close to doing it in my panties but as luck would have it we were stuck in traffic. By the time we got home I was beyond desperate and had to run to the toilet holding my bum. I got half way up the stairs when I lost it. My bowels pushed and there was nothing I could do to stop the flow. I made it into the bathroom with it swilling around in my panties. When I pulled them down it was a big mess. I sat on the toilet to finish off but there wasn't a lot left as most of it was in my underwear. My panties were beyond cleaning so I dropped then down the loo. My work trousers had a skid mark in the crotch but were washable. My bum was caked in poo right up to my back so I got in the shower to clean up. Kirsty helped me to make sure nothing got missed and I dried myself while she sat on the loo to have a pee.

I had to piss while I was only way to Texas so I decided to get out of the car, lift up my skirt, take off my panties and spread my legs and pee outside

Upstate Dave

My Working Vacation Day 10 Camp out At The Lake Part 8

I had squated down. I was faced at Janet. So when I would shit my shit would drop to the ground by hers that was already there. My flannel shirts tails weren;t in the way behind me or in the front of me. So I wouldn't shit or piss on my shirt when I did start to go. Janet now moved over to where she could see my penis in the front and my ass also. Then she sat right down to watch.

I started pissing first thing. My pis stream started by when it came out from my penis it made alooping arc that was short. As my stream gianed stength the looping arc went forward and higher. I said to Janet right then; Good thing you moved! You were right in the line of fire! Janet let out a little short hard giggle.

My piss stream was light yellow and it had gained full strength in a few seconds or so. Now it was makeing a nice long arc which was pretty high. It had come down better then six feet from where I was squating. Hiting the ground it had also found a spot with dry leaves and having a good hiting force I first broke a few leaves with some crackleing. But there was less then Janet had made when she had pissed. I just wetted the leaves faster.

As I was there squating and pissing I could feel the pressure right there at my asshole. I knew I would start to shit any time now! So I then told Janet I would be starting to shit any time. Janet said; Alright I'll be looking! I felt myslef smile. Then my piss stream dropped and came halfway back as my asshole now I could feel was opening up! I was now starting to shit!

I felt my asshole really get stretched wide open! I couldd really feel my shit right on it and its movement as it was comming out! It felt smooth luckily! For if it was chunky and there was a larger chunk in my shit larger then it was stretched right then it would have stopped my shit or it would have caused quite some pain to get it to get past my stretched asshole! I thought right then too only to myslef; Stay just the way you are!

Now my shit had slid out enough that Janet could see it. Janet said loudly; OMG!!! Dave it's hudge! I quickly said right back to Janet; I KNOW THAT JANET! I can really feel that it is! Janet became silent watching me shit. I just stayed squated still pissing which now my stream had weakened more. I also went on feeling that massive shit keeping myasshole stretched open and it slow slideing as it kept comming out.

I soon had stopped pissing. But I still had my penis in my hand just in case I would restart. I was still shiting and I was geting a little uncomfortible being squated the way I was squating. So I moved my free hand placed it down on the ground for suport and raised my ass higher. That felt better. After doing this my shit broke! I heard a thud on the ground but my asshole still ws stretched wide open. I could also still feel shit slowly slideing out still too.

Janet now after my shit had broken off spoke put very loudly; Dave your shit already is longer then mine! Then the other part of my shit that was still comming out of me had come into Janets sight. Shit your'e still shiting! I let out a short little laugh. I kno I amd Janet. Lets see how much more there is still yet to come out! That got Janet to giggle.

Well I did shit more. But not in one long piece. I did three pieces in total. Then I stopped shiting. But up front now I restarted pissing so I wasn;t totaly done yet! I went and pissed close to twenty seconds and then I stopped pissing. Now I was done! Janet now grabbed the toilet paper roll which she had beside her. She handed it to me. I thanked her. I also could feel that there was a lot of shit right at my asshole too. So I was going to have to wipe a lot!

So I tore off a fairly thick wad of paper from the rol. I reached around me and placed the paper where I felt the shit on me and gave a quick wipe with the paper. I pulled the paper out and around me so I could see it. There was a big chunk of shit on the paper! I dropped it right on the ground. Janet had taken the roll of paper and whikle I had wiped she tore off a wad of it for me to use. I took it from her. I thanked her and I reached back and wiped my ass a second time.

I pulled the paper out and checked it. It was smeared with shit so I knew at least I would need one or two more wipes at least! Janet again had more paper waiting which I took from her. I even said to Janet as I took the paper from her hand I'll need more! I wiped my ass and when I checked this time there was still smeared shit on the paper there was less on it. I dropped it. One more time Janet. I said to her. She giggled for She already had paper waiting for me to use!

So I used it. The paper was slightly smeared with shit after I had wiped with it. I dropped the paper and then I stood up. I turned around just to see how big my shit was and how much I had done too. Well Janet sure was right in saying that my shit was longer then hers! My shit that had broken was over 15 inches long!

The other two shits that had followed this one the first one was five inches and the last one was just about the same. I laughed! Becuase I had thought then to myslef; What if my shit had not broken and had stayed as one piece! Janet had gotten up off from the ground. She was looking at all the shit that was laying there. Hers and mine. She was giggleing.

Then she stopped giggleing and said to me; Looks like both of us were full of it! I chuckled a little. Then I reached for my penis and pushed it down. I gave a hard push and I managed to send a spurt of piss from it which hit my long piece of shit. There I said; I sighned my work! Janet laughed hard! We turned around and we walked away. To be continuied.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


College Dorm Stories

Hi I'm a male going to be a junior in college and saw "Jenny in San Marcos"'s post about the dorm bathrooms. I also have had a dorm with both kinds of bathrooms, my freshman year we had a big communal bathroom that the whole floor shared and sophomore year my dorm had a connecting bathroom to next door. I can say that they both are awkward to use, and I have sooo many stories, but not enough time for them all. Here are a few!

This one is from freshman year when we had the big communal bathroom. I was getting back from my night class and it was pretty late, so I thought it would be a good time to take advantage of an empty shower. The shower was a large square room with three shower heads on each wall, making it weird with people you don't know. I was surprised my roommate was still up and I told him I was going to shower up. He told me he would come too, which ruined my empty shower plan. I was still getting to know him so it was a little weird. Like I imagined we were the only two down there and we got in the showers. He took a head on the same wall as me but on the other end. As soon as I turned on the water I felt my stomach turn and I knew I would have to poop soon. I wanted to wait as long as possible so I didn't have to go there with my roommate. The urge got really bad and I knew there wasn't much time. My roommate let out a fart so I knew I could try to relieve some of the pressure like that without offending him. I pushed and it was very very loud, and out popped the head of a turd. My roommate was laughing and looked over, and suddenly got a blank look on his face, due to the turd hanging 3 inches out of my butt. I realized it and stood still for a few seconds, and jetted to a toilet. The stalls have no doors and I was completely naked and soaked, pushing out one of the biggest loads in my life. I could hear my roommate laughing his face off. It was even more awkward when a group of kids came in to see me like that...

This story is from my sophomore year when our room shared a bathroom with the dorm next door (this is a different roommate this year). We didn't really know the people from next door very well, and there never really was a problem with the bathroom sharing. Until the neighbors started going out to party and bringing back girls to their room. There were two problems with that: we could hear them "having fun" all night and bathroom usage was awkward. One night I was studying and felt a poop so I went in and locked both doors, and studied while on the toilet. It was a rather wet poop and I knew there would be some heavy duty clean up, but I would be studying before I did that. A few minutes later I heard the neighbors come in, with two girls, probably drunk. One of the girls tried to open the bathroom door and was angry to notice it was locked. She kept on telling the other girl how badly she needed the bathroom, with a lot of cursing, and I could hear it all. She knocked on the door and said "Hurry the **** up I have to gooo!" I decided to start wiping and like I said it was dirty. She kept banging on the door and it was annoying me. During my wipe I felt another turd so I sat back down and let it out. Finally she said "Oh my god I'm gonna shit myself get out!" I didn't realize she had to poop. Somehow she got the door open and saw me pooping and shouted angrily. She glanced around nervously and ran for the shower. She ripped off her mini skirt and panties and threw them near me. She squatted in the shower and pooped out a torrent of diarrhea. Believe me when I say there was a PUDDLE of liquid poop in there, all as she moaned and groaned. At this point the neighbors, the other girl, and me were all staring at this. She finished about two minutes later and stood up without wiping or even trying to get it down the drain, and left with her friend. Me and my roommate had a talk with the neighbors and we came to the conclusion that if they had girls over they could not use the bathroom.

If you have dorm bathroom stories or camp stories or anything, share them!!!! And let me know if you would like to hear more of mine. Thanks!!!!!

Freshman Freddy

More memories of Babysitter Caitee

Me and my friend Drew, who is in the band with me at school and who lives in my neighborhood, both got an email last week from our band director that our checks were due that day for band camp. Drew said he saw his dad write the check out but then put in back in his desk drawer because there probably wasn't enough money in the account. After I reminded my Mom, she wrote the check immediately and reminded me that I should get it up to school that day. I knew that would mean a 12 or 13 block walk but I wasn't planning to do anything else so I called Drew and he said he'd make the walk with me. Drew doesn't have the best relationship with his parents and says some pretty biting things about them like he thought his Dad wiped his ass with the check. Because he's got such a cutting sense of humor, he catches so many of us off guard and just one of two of his comments can lead to a much longer discussion. Me and Drew left my house at about noon for school. Just as we started walking down the street, Drew asked to see my check to make sure his dad made his out in the right amount (he had) and Drew started talking about how we should cut through the park because he had deliberately been holding his shit because his parents were home. I asked him why that would make a difference. He said it's because his mom b*****s him out for leaving skidmarks in his underwear and his dad makes fun of how badly the bathroom smells when he gets done. So as much as possible, Drew tries to shit elsewhere. I didn't say this but I thought how ironic it is that I am almost the opposite and would almost always prefer dumping at home.

On page 2064 I wrote about my experiences with Caitee, a high school age babysitter for a lot of the families in our neighborhood back eight or nine years ago when we were just starting grade school. Like me, Drew remembers how hot Caitee was and how very open she was about her bodily needs. As we walked along the railroad tracks, Drew said he would love to be able to see Caitee go to the bathroom today. She'd be like 23 or 24 now and we both agreed we would appreciate it more. We left the tracks before we got to a trestle and decided to cut through a mid-size park with a swimming pool because both Drew and I knew there was a bathroom there. As we walked along, Drew let off a couple of blasts so I knew something was happening below his waist. I told Drew some of the things I remembered about Caitee (that I wrote about on page 2064) and he added to it. One weekend, when his parents were off somewhere celebrating their anniversary, he stayed at Caitee's house. She had just got her drivers license and drove to his grade school to pick him up after school. On the way home, which includes a short trip on a couple of rural roads, she ran out of gas.

As Drew remembers it, Caitee's cell phone didn't work and she started to panic because he they were off the side of a county road, not many people around and they were out of gas. Also, Caitee had to pee. She had Drew get out of the car, walk with her down an embankment, onto which she fell and grabbed her crotch thinking she had pissed into them, when they finally stumbled into a big tree. Caitee told him to stand there, not move, while she dropped her jeans and underwear, got into a squat and immediately pissed up a storm. Drew may be exaggerating, but he said her stream was stronger than an garden hose and like a hose, tore into the ground a bit. He remembers her apologizing and telling him as he gets older, he would have to do it too.

We came down the hill into the park close to the bathroom building. Drew led the way into the building and ran the last few steps to the toilet. There were two stalls, no doors, and he dropped the seat loudly and yanked his shorts and boxers down and seated himself. In about 15 seconds, he was grabbing for toilet paper and he started wiping from the seat. I asked him how much he did, but he didn't seem interested in looking into the bowl. He said when he can feel it, it's a satisfying shit and that's all he cares about. I jokingly reminded him to remember to do the extra wipe for his mother and he told me to get f****d! Then we resumed our walk up to school. We went in through the music entrance and he showed me the music hall of fame trophy cases where there were three pictures of Caitee. One of her was with the band marching in a New Years Day bowl game in 2004 and others were of her with her all-state medals.

As we walked back home, both me and Drew talked more about Caitee. She babysat for a lot of families so we both agree there's probably a lot more stories to be told out there.

The Listening Ear

Part 15

(continued form page 2076)

It must have been around this time that my wife's brother and family came to visit. His wife was a pretty woman, then about 30 years old I guess, and I was keen to get an earful. Shortly after they arrived I was lucky enough to have an excuse to spend a little time upstairs on my own, and she was the first to visit the toilet, so I was able to stand on the landing and listen.

She must have been desperate after the long journey, because her pee was of symphonic proportions. It started with a combined hiss and waterfall, then after about 5 seconds it changed to just a waterfall, then after another 5 seconds just a powerful hiss, and then back to the combined hiss and waterfall again, but lighter-toned than the first one. After that I don't remember the details, but it went on and on, changing note every 5 seconds or so. I lost count after 8 or 9 variations, but I do remember that every one was different - she never repeated herself. Eventually the pressure began to subside, and what followed was an interminable tinkling diminuendo, like the one at the end of Shostakovich's 4th Symphony. She must have been going for more than two minutes, and when she eventually trickled to a stop I remember thinking wow! after a performance like that it would be too much to hope . . . but it wasn't! There was a nice little coda of four well-spaced plops. Bravo!

Their small daughter had just reached the stage of being able to go to the toilet by herself, but she kept the door ajar for security and liked to have lots of people around. So I heard some nice little grunts and surprisingly loud sploshes from her that weekend too. Sweet!

to be continued

To Dan: You mentioned unisex toilets in offices. Do you remember Ally McBeal? The camera shot under the stall doors with three pairs of feet, two men facing one way and Ally in the middle facing the other? Actually I don't think I'd like it that much. There's enough female poo-shyness already without men listening in as well. I think we're likely to hear far more if they dont know we're around!


big buck
hello everyone. i'm a new poster here. a friend of mine who is anther poster here ( the deerslayer) told me about this site. i'm about 6 ft. tall, jet black hair, and have a full beard. i thought it sounded pretty cool so i decided to check it out. i read afew of the old posts and really enjoyed the ones from wendy and kirsty, leanne, and stephanie. my favorite stories are the buddy dump stories and and girls going in front of eachother. i do have a question for wendy and kirsty. i was wondering what pages i could find your first posts on because i loved your stories so much?


Response to Half Dump Denise

I enjoyed your story about the road trip your parents took you on for a family wedding. I saw many of my experiences there and it got me to thinking of what a contrast it must be to go from using a absolutely filthy toilet in a gas station to a new and prestine one in a nice hotel where your butt doesn't even need to touch the seat, and then going to another grime-laden reststop toilet. And all in the course of a day.

I was particularly interested in your experience in the gas station where you said your butt momentarily stuck to the toilet seat. That is so amusing to me because it has happened to me a few times, most recently last week when I took the afternoon off and made the 70-mile drive with my boyfriend, Diver, to his evening softball tournament. The bathroom building looked like it was built during Civil War times (I just studied such buildings for my summer history class paper I wrote) and there were only three toilets, each separated by a partial brick wall about three feet high and of course, no doors.

I sat down twice, once to crap and once to pee, and each time the seat seemed a little sticky to my butt. It was like I was sitting on adhensive tape when I would go to stand up and there would be a ripping noise as my butt skin would pull off the seat. This is not a new issue, however, and those of us who have been on this site for a few years kknow that this topic has been discussed before. I went back a couple of years in the old posts and found stories by Merrilee (1738), Mistee (1731 & 1738) and Robynette (1731) and I know there are more.

Perhaps readers can find additional stories or tell of their experiences. From what I've read this is true of both inside and outside toilets and it occurs in all four seasons.

Can anyone help with an explanation?


30 years old and still has problem getting to toilets.

Hello. I'm 30 years old and has a story to share.

About a week ago, I had dropped my son off to his friend's house while my husband was at work. While I had some spare time I decided to go do some grocery shopping and it took about 30 minutes until I was done. While I was loading up the car with the groceries, I suddenly felt some stomach cramps. Then all of the sudden this urge to poop came and the urge had grew kinda fast. I quickly gotten into the car and started to drive home as fast as I could. As more time had progressed the more desperate I had become. I was constipated for the past few days so that could probably explain why the urge was really strong. By the time I got home I quickly parked the car in the garage.

At this point the urge had gotten extremely bad that I was afraid of moving without having an accident. I slowly got out of the car but that just made the urge even more worse and each step I took to the garage door, the harder it was to hold it in. I managed to get to the door and I quickly reached for my keys and tried to unlock the door with haste. While I was doing that I couldn't fully concentrate on what I was doing and I accidentally dropped the keys due to clumsiness. I wasn't able to focus because it requires me to pay most attention on not losing control. I knew I had to get to the toilet so I quickly tried to reach for the keys on the ground, but that's when it started to go down hill.

As I went to get it, this sharp pain in my stomach had forced me to let out this forceful fart and right then and now, this thick hard solid poop started to emerge. I gasped and could feel it slowly coming out and I tried everything I could to hold it in but failed. That's when I knew I couldn't hold it and make it to the toilet anymore so I decided to waddle in front of the car, pull my pants and panties down, pressed my legs together and lowered my butt down a little bit while hovering my butt over the ground and leaned over a little. Once I did that, I just relaxed my bowels and completely give up and let it completely take control.

As I stood there, I was thinking about how I'm a grown women and I couldn't make it to the toilet but at the same time I didn't care all that much anymore because this feels really good because I was finally able to relief myself after 3 or so days. It was coming out really slowly and it was such a big turd. By the time it was finally out, I could feel some more about to come out. I decided that I might as well finish because I had started going. I started pushing a little bit and a few smaller poops starts coming out and these ones came out a lot more faster.

By the time I was finally finished, I sighed due to relief and quickly went inside and into the bathroom and wiped my butt, then pulled my panties and pants back up and went to grab some garage bags and tried to get these turds inside of it and toss them into the trash. Then after I was done cleaning up I went to wash my hands and quickly went to put the groceries into the fridge. Since then I never told anyone about the whole thing and I don't think I ever will because it was the most embarrassing thing that had happened to me even though it felt pretty god.


Cleaning ladies in the men's room

Esteban, I liked your post about the cleaning lady in the men's room in the airport lounge. I have also had several experiences with cleaning ladies in the men's. Back in 1992 when I was 14, in Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, I entered a men's room and there was a cleaning lady mopping the floor while several guys were at the urinals. However the stalls were not fully enclosed and several guys were pooping as well (you could see their feet). Will keep posting more of these weird experiences. Cheers. Fernando

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