Women in Porta Potties At The Golf Tournament

This story is a bit long, but chronicles my porta potty experiences over the weekend involving hearing ladies using them. I went to a professional golf tournament for 3 days, Friday - Sunday this past weekend. Toilet facilities were unisex porta potties. I had several incidents of hearing women in the units next to me. Trying to stay hydrated in the heat, I drank a lot of water and Gatorade, which made me have to pee often. Also, all the walking caused me to have to dump a few times as well. This gave many opportunities to hear what was going on in the next unit, sometimes from the opposite sex. You can hear a pin drop next to you in these things. I'll detail five incidents that stood out to me starting with the least to the most interesting. In addition to these, I heard three "pee farts", women peeing and passing gas while going. One was a woman about 55, peeing and did a long fart, another woman about 50, who knew I went in right beside her and could hear her, peed and farted loudly. The third was a cute woman in her 30's with a short black skirt on. She peed and let out a short but loud fart.

Now to the best. There was a row of 5 porta potties in one section. I approached it and saw a couple, early 30's approaching from the other direction. When we arrived there 3 of the units on the right end were taken, leaving the other two on the other end vacant. The lady was blond, ????, not obese, just somewhat overweight, but was very attractive, a pretty face. She had on a black skirt which she looked good in. She went into the end unit. I walked up behind a few seconds later and saw the guy just standing there and asked if he was in line. He said no, he was waiting for his wife. So I took the only open unit, next to her. I went to the urinal and began my pee, which is pretty quiet (although women peeing in these things are very noisy since they're peeing right into the water below). I thought I heard some plips coming from the next unit. About halfway through my pee, the man waiting outside came up to her door and said, "Everything OK in there?" She called out, "I had to poop." I was pretty stunned that she didn't just say yes, or "be out in a minute." I finished peeing and went out and washed my hands. She came out in a minute and smiled at her husband and said, "Whew".

The second one was a woman who was probably late 50's. She was an attractive woman, built well. She had her hair colored blonde and wore tight fitting white slacks with a purple shirt. I again was approaching the units when she approached walking with her head down like she was on a mission, and went into the end one. Curious, I took the unit next to her. She rustled her clothes as she sat down. She began peeing, and was whispering "ahh", "uhh" as she went. When her pee died down she continued to do the "ahhs" and I hear several heavy plops of turds hitting the water. She then started wiping and I finished peeing and left.

The third one was early on Sunday morning early before very many people were out. I needed a pee so I was heading to the units. As I was crossing the street, I saw a heavy set Latino lady about 35 years old coming down the hill on the other side of the porta potties. She went into the end one and I took the second one. She was kind of huffing and breathing hard as she rustled around. She then said out loud, "Alrighty then." I heard her sit down and a torrent of gassy poop came from her. She grunted , "Uhhh" not loudly, but I could hear. She paused and again said, "OK." She strained with an "Uhhh" and more gassy poop came out. She said, "Ahhh" as it subsided. Apparently she liked to talk to herself and said, "All done." She pulled TP and wiped about 6 times. I saw her at the first tee a little later talking to some of the tournament officials. She seemed to be friendly with one of the pros. I thought she sure can poop!

The fourth was at another set of porta potties. Again there were 5 units. This area was more remote and was near an area for kids to play. I needed to crap and thought I'd get some privacy there. As I got near, two women and a small girl about 4 years old were walking in front of me. I picked up that they were little girl, her mom, and her grandmother. The girl's mom was very hot. Blond, tight white shorts, great legs and butt. The first two units were taken, and the grandmother took the third one and the mom took the little girl into the 5th one. This left me the one between them. Lucky me! I went in and the grandmother was finishing peeing. The mom was attending to the little girl and apparently didn't know I went in beside her. I heard her telling the little girl, "This is a porta potty. Can you say porta potty?" The little girl repeated it. Mom then said, "Are you done." The little girl said yeah, mom said, you sure, little girl said yes. I was settled in for my dump at this point, thinking they'd leave. Then mom says, "Ok, my turn." I heard her pull down her shorts, and sit. She immediately farted loudly and the little girl giggled and said, "you pooted". Her mom said, "Mommy has to poop." The grandmother had exited and said, "I'm right outside." The mom said OK. I had been crapping pretty quietly thus far and with her attending to her child, I don't think she knew I was there next to her. I got a bit of a tickle in my throat and had to cough. The little girl said, "Who did that?" The mom said very quietly, "Shhh, I guess someone else is using the bathroom." She then started going profusely, PLOP, PLOP, PLOP, PLOP, several heavy sounding turds hitting the water. The little girl said, "You're pooping big, mommy." The mom said, "Honey, please be quiet." She had to know it was a man sitting next to her and from her comment it sounded like she was embarrassed. It then got quiet for a minute or so and the little girl said, "Are you done, mommy?" The mom said, "Not yet." The little girl said, "Why are you taking so long to poop?" Her mom again said, "Please be quiet." I heard a kind of a whispered "uhhh" and then another fart and it sounded like some poop shot out with the gas, hitting the water hard. The little girl giggled again and said, "Wow, mommy." Her mom said, "SHHH!" She started to pee and pull toilet paper. She wiped 4 times and I heard her moving around then open the door. I waited a minute or so to let them clear out. I heard the grandmother say, "Is your stomach upset?" and the mom say, "Not really, I just needed to go."

The last and most interesting was Sunday morning around 10 a.m. I needed a pee and went toward the set of 5 porta potties. As I approached, from behind and the other side came two women, one in her late 40's and the other in her early 20's. I got the impression they were mother and daughter. The mother was attractive, the daughter was absolutely drop dead gorgeous - about 5'9" tall, slim, long beautiful legs, excellent butt, thick shorter hair dyed dark red, and a stunning face. This was one of the best looking young women I'd seen in a long time. The first 3 units were apparently open on the end they came from. The younger one said something to the older one and pointed to the end one and went to the door. The older one took the 3rd one, skipping one in the second. I noticed when I approached with them entering all units were now taken except the second unit the tag had half red and half green as if someone was using it and not locked the door well, or didn't unlock it completely when leaving. I pulled slightly on the door to see that it opened and was empty. I thought, "This is my lucky day." I stepped in the unit and locked the door. I heard the older woman peeing quickly and the other units on the other end being vacated. It was now dead quiet. I got ready to use the urinal and I heard coming from the young, good-looking lady's unit a gush of gassy mushy poop that splashed loudly into the chemical water. This gush went on for a good 10 seconds, and then a huge SPLUUUUUUUUSSSPPP of a messy wet fart. There was quiet for a few seconds and another sound of plopping wet mushy poop hitting the water again. Quiet for about 5 seconds and a splattering fart with blowing fecal matter came from her again. This poor girl was obviously in dire straits to poop. I heard her start to pee and pulling toilet paper. I heard her wipe 3 times and I went out of the unit and walked down the sidewalk a way. The other lady was outside waiting for her. In a minute she came out. I looked back at them discretely and the young one put her hand on her stomach and wrinkled her nose and said something to the other lady. They headed toward the practice facility, the young woman looking very fine from behind. I couldn't resist - I went back to the porta potties and went into hers. The bowl above the chemical water was completely splattered with her poop, and some freshly used TP was floating on top of the water with brown smudges on it. Now to make this even more interesting, about an hour later I went to the first tee, and there the two ladies were, watching the golf action. I admired the young one again (as were MANY other men). About 10 minutes later I noticed the young one whisper to the older one then stand up and start to walk away toward the porta potties again. Her being a complete turn on, and feeling the urge to pee myself, I thought I might as well go see what I could hear plus take my pee. I was lucky again. She went into the same porta potty, the second one was again half green, half red tagged, and I was able to take it. I started to pee when I heard her erupt AGAIN next door. She splattered near liquid sounding poop and farted loudly with it. I heard her sigh and then start pulling TP. It was obvious she had an upset stomach. I felt badly for her but also enjoyed hearing anal eruptions from such a gorgeous young lady.

I saw a lot of golf action, but I'd have to say the porta potty activity was almost equally as exciting.

Upstate Dave

My Working Vacation Day 11 Campout At The Lake Part 7

I was awoken by the feeling that I could feel something warm and wet on me! I looked down where I could feel the warmth and wetness was. I saw that I was pissing on myslef! I bore right down cutting off my piss! I scrambled real fast up from my sleepinbag! I had moved so fast that I had woken Janet up out of her sleep. She said verly sleeply huh? what?

I didn't have time to answeer her! I wanted to get out of the tent before Ipissed more! I didn't make it! I had only gotten as far asthe end of my sleepingbag. Then I started pissing again! My stream shot very hard forward right at the sceen doors of the tent! My ppiss did go through the screening mostly! But te screening was very fine so with my hard stream of piss some of my piss did splatter from the neting and was landing inside the tent!

I now let out a loud OH SHIT! I grabbed my penis with my hand and squeezed the shit out of it! My stream went down to a dribble but that still wasn't enough! Now I was lightly weting the end of my sleepingbag!Also with my saying so oudly oh shit that made Janet raise up to where she was siting. Janet cuaght sight of my intial hard piss stream hiting and going through the screening of the tents front doors.

Now she saw me holding my penis and pissing on my sleepingbag! Dave your'e pissing inisde the tent! Janet said almost shoutng. I now still dribbling piss I moved again which I now was going between the two screen doors of the tent. I was on my knees and as soon I was outside but right in front of the tent I let go of my penis!

Out came the same hard stream of piss that I did inisde the tent through the sceening. My stream made one hell of a long low arc. My stream came down a good seven feet out in the lake! That included the sandy strips length too. I let out now one loud sigh of relief as I kneeled there and pissed!

Now only after I had been outside the tent for several seconds Janet had gotten up out of her sleepingbag. She had knelt when she had moved to the tents sceendoors. Now she was looking out from them which she was rght behind me. She I knew could see me pissing. But Janet only watched me right then. She hadn't spoken.

I would have to say after I had pissed close to a half minutes time Janet did speak to me. Dave the end of your sleepingbag is pretty wet with your piss! IKNOW JANET! I said right back to her. I'll get it out of the tent when I'm done. Then Janet let out a giggle. Mine is also needed to be gotten out too! Gee did I piss on yours too Janet? Janet againg giggled. Then she told me she had! I pissed a little in it last night! I didn't take all my piss when I pissed last night when I had woke you up!

You mean that you with that piss of yours you didn't take a entire piss! Janet now laughed and as she did laugh Janet said NO I DIDN'T!!! Now I chuckled just a little. Then I went on and said to her; The way you did piss I thought you had! Janet giggled and told me she hadn't. So Janet stayed inside th tent kneeling and went on watching me piss.

I took a real long one which now I had pissed a good forty five seconds or more! I even got up off from my knees and now stood and pissed. That let Janet get out of the tent. She stood beside me now and watched me piss. I would have bet I pissed close to another half minute more!

When I did stop I did do several spurts of piss to finish my piss off. Janet and I then turned around and we did grab the sleeping bags and dragged them out of the tent. We hung them over the top of the tent. Now too the sun was shining but barely abve the tops of the trees on the other side of the lake. So I turned on the radio fro the time and the temperature. It wasn't cold outside like it was last night. But it was sort of coolish.

Well in a few minutes the station gave the time which it was after six am. The temp had risen to where it was now 58. But it had gotten cold. They low temp overnight was 46! That's why Janet and I were cold last night when she pissed and earlier too! It would get warmer fast also as the sun always did heat the air up quickly in the summer!

But I still ws going to kep my flannel shirt on despite it beig wet with my piss. That was mainly on its two frnt tails that had gotten wet with my piss. Janet now said she was hungry. I was too. So we got started by building another fire and Janet while I did that got my mess kit out.

She also got out the half dozen of eggs and a litle butter. But I told her I was going to do the fish first. Then do the eggs after the fish. Janet sid she would! I walked down to where the stringer was in the water pulled it out and I carefullly got the two trout off from it. They were still alive. So was the oether trout and the big bluegill too. I set the stringer back in the water and went back over to our campsite.

I gave both trout a hard wack withthe big handled kife I had. That killed them both. Then I fillaid them both. Janet had heated the frypan with the light coating of melted butter sizzleing. I placed the two fish in the pan and I held it over the fire. I told Janet to get me a couple of stones which she went an did. I put the two stones down in the fire and placed the frying pan on those two stones and the ring of stones that went around the fire.

Then I rememebered I had a second smaller fryingpan in my messkit! I said a loud duh! Then I told Janet to get it out. You can use that one for the eggs! She laughed and got it out from my backpack. She put some butter in it and she grabbed another rock placed that in the fire and she placed the frypan on the rocks now and the butter melted quickly and then she broke all six eggs into the pan and cooked them.

Soon the fish and eggs were done. We got plastic plates out which were part of the messkit too. I placed our fush on the plates while Janet sereved out trwo big portons of eggs on the plates also. Last Janet from the cooler got out the pints of orange juice. This we wre going to have with our fish and eggs!

Weboth sat down and we ate! The pan cooked trout was great! The eggs were tasety too! After all camped out cooking is the best! When we finished I heated water up for tea and I did the cleaning up of the dishes too. Then Janet and I had a single large cup of tea and that was it for drinking for now for both of us.

I then went and rinsed the two cuos out in the lake. Janet went over to my backpack when I wentand rinsed the cups out. I got up turned around. I saw Janet standing faceing me. As I looked at her now I saw why she had gone over to my backpack! Janet now was standing theree tossing the toilet paper roll up in the air and catching it when it came back down!

I laughed and she did too. Are you now Janet that you have to shit! Janet laughed and said to me YUP I DO! I laughed again. Janet waited for me to step over to her. When I had reached her she grabbed my hand and we walked into through the bushes and into te woods. We didn't walk far. Not becuase Janet had a urgent need to shit but only we were far enough away from the campsight now.

Janet dropped the roll of toilet paper on the ground. I asked Janet if she wanted to sit on my knees. She said no. I'll squat for this one. Janet sqauted but it wasn;t much of a squat she did do! Janet had barely bent her knees so she wa real high up as far as her ass! But she did have her both fet well spread apart on the ground.

So I made myslef comfortible. I sat down on the ground beside Janet. Where I sat I only had to slghtly lean either way. Doing this I could see Janet piss if she pissed. Lean the other way I would see her shit when she shit! ;-)!!! Janet did strat to piss before she would shit.

Janet started pissing which was at first her piss came outdribbleing from her vagina. It wetted it and her crotch. It did drip off from her crotch going down to the ground. The ground here had a layer of dry dead leaves covering the ground. They gave of a slight crackle as her big drips of piss struck them.

Janet did dribble piss for five six seconds and then she did have a stream of piss form from her vagina! It was a straight down stream of light yellow colored piss too. It struck the leaves makeing them crackle louder for only a very short time. Her piss had soaked them so they no no longer crackled. But her piss now gave off a very muted drumming sound as her piss now hit the leaves.

Janet pissed like this for a good close 15 seconds. Then now her stream had started hissing softly. That was so nice to hear! ;-) Her stream let off that soft steady hiss almost to its end. But it did stop before Janet had stopped pissing. I will say now before Janet finished pissing she did start to shit while she still was pissing!

Janets stream suddenly thinned right down and was just a trickle which lasted a few short seconds. Then she dribbled piss off of he crotch. Janet said to me rght then; Dave I'm shiting now! So I moved leaning to m right and now looked at Janets ass! Janet had started to shit! I saw a good inch and a half or so turtlehead shit poked out of herasshole!

It was a dark tan smooth very fat turtlehead of a shit thathad poked its way out! It was moving kind of slow. There was a slight crackle being given off nby her shit too! It took some time to get longer since it was moving on the slow side. Maybe three four inches long was her shit after better then ten more seconds had gone by.

Janets shit still was smooth and fat as it had been. It wasn;t crackling now. That had stopped. I would have guessed another ten seconds had gone by. Now her shit was close to eight inches long hanging down from her ass! It wasn't stretching either from all its weight. It was that firm enough.

Now her shit began to speed up. In less the half the time it took to gain several inches in length her shit had reached being a good one footer or a little more in length! Then it did fall! It fell very fast! It hit dead leaves when it hit the ground breaking many of them with a loud crackle bveing given off by the broken leaves! Also with the hard impact her shit gave offa pretty good thud too! Janets hit wasthat heavy!

Janet did try pushing on herasshole which I did see it streach outward both times she tried. But no more shit came out form her asshole! But it did make two real brief hard spurts of piss shoot from her vagina! Those two spurts of piss hit her shit and wetted it. Then Janet now straightened up and was standing. She side stepped bent down and picked up the roll of toilet paper off the ground.

She whipped off a good wad from the roll. Then she did get down into a deeper sqaut to wipe her ass! I watched her! Janet had reached back under her vagina this time to wipe her ass instead of going arond her side and back underneath like she did most of the time. Janets wipe was a long upward deep slow one! Then she pulled her arm back through and looked at the paper.

She quickly refolded the paper and went right back under herslef and gave her ass a second wipe which she did much more quickly. Her second wipe was shorter in its length then her first one. She pulled the paper back through took a real quick glance at it and dropped the paper now on the ground and stood back up.

Janet stepped back and took a look at her shit there on the ground. Janet giggled and then looked down at me. That looks like one of yours! Its sure big enough and long enough to be one of yours! I had started to get up off the fround. I laughed a little now. Janet you could say that! It does look like I took that shit! I also then said to Janet now too; Well we are going to soon find out! I have to shit! We might have a close mathing pair! Janet laughed hard and she stepped away to let me stand where she had just stood. So I did step right there where she had been! If I sqauted down there I would shit next to where her shit was laying there on the ground! To be continuied.

Monday, August 08, 2011

Happy Dude
TO FERAL GIRL: Please share some interesting ways you have relieved yourself on the toilet. I'm intrigued! As for my pooping idea, I used to do this and many other things for fun when I was a teen. The goal is to look like an "h" laying on it's back. I would do this by laying flat on my back on the bathroom floor (naked, of course) with my legs propped up on the edge of the bathtub. My back was flat, my upper legs straight into the air, and my lower legs bent at the knees at 90 degree angle. That's most of the "h". For the last part, I would just relax, open the cheeks, and didn't even have to push. It would come out slowly on it's own and felt great! Of course, I put down paper towels so cleanup wasn't bad. But it was interesting pooping laying down instead of sitting or standing. If you try it, let us know how you make out!

TO ALLY: Like your women peeing survey. Curious what results you'll get. My wife uses our pee bucket in the basement quite frequently. Like during the day even just so she doesnt have to go upstairs. Also, what type of computer chair do you have that you pee into? No one else notices it's been peed into?

Can't think of anything new here. Last night Jr was at grandmom's house, so we were drinking at my place. It's morning and I just woke up, so my bladder is at it's bursting point. Feels good, but am going to use the pee bucket.


Ally's pee survey

Hi y'all. Just thought I'd anser this cute survey about peeing. Lol.
1. Age: 28
2. Jar or bottle near beed: Nope
3. Jar or bottle near computer: Nope. I wet my pants a lot on the computer though.
4. Jar or bottle in car: Nope. Hard for a girl. I've peed my pants a few times in the car. Leave paper towels for clean-up though. I actually pooped my pantes once in the car.
5. Wet bed by accident: Yes. About once a week. Especially if I drink alcohol. I wear diapers sometimes since I pooped once.
6. Wet pants by accident: Yes. Last week in the car at night. I then peed the bed too that night. 7. Wet pants on purpose: Yes all the time. Like once a week for fun. Put on old jeans and panties and stand in the tub and watch it. So fun.
8. Pee in shower: Yes everday.
9. Pee in public shower: Yes. Whenever I take one.
10. Pee in home sink: a few times when I was younger.
11. Pee in public sink: Nope
12. Pee out a window etc at home: Nope none of that.
13. Pee in ocean, lake, pool or bathing suit: Yes to all. Love peeing in my dry bathing suit then jumping in the water.
14. Other unusual places to pee: My parents basement drain. Hole there.
I love peeing. Great site and hope to see more. Byes!

scared girl

claustrophobia problem

i'm very claustrophobic, to the point that when i use public toilets, i cannot close the stall door. i try not to use public bathrooms unless they're totally empty, but sometimes i'll go in when it's totally empty, sit down, and someone will come in, and a lot of the time they'll stare at me. it's not so bad if i'm just taking a pee but i also can't hold in my poo very long, and when i'm sitting there with the door open taking a poo people are really rude to me about it. anyone else have a similar problem??


Cleaning Ladies in the men's room

Ladies in the men's room is not my thing, but since I know some of you guys like that, I'll mention my experience this morning. I'm in the business lounge of a major airline at an airport in NY.

I was in the stall taking care of morning business, and when I came out a lady was there cleaning the sinks and changing the paper towels. Clearly she had been there while I was shitting.

I know in many European airports its quite common for a woman to be cleaning while men are at the urinals. The stalls are usually fully enclosed with an actual door, so I don't know if that counts, but the women attendants are there as men go in and out.

For you guys who seem to like this kind of thing, perhaps add some travel to your plans...


Defective Outhouse

I took a family friend of mine and her 2 teen daughters tent camping with me on a little used, remote family woodlot. There was no real facilities, just a spring for water and an outhouse. Nobody had even visited the lot in several years, so I was nervous on what I might find. After a 2+ hour car ride and driving the truck down a very overgrown dirt road, we made it to our destination. No one said it out loud, but there were probably some full bladders after the car ride and everyone drinking a large soda or iced coffee during the trip. The women took immediate interest in the outhouse.

I agreed to check it for bee's nests and animals before the women went in to use it. Surprisingly, after removing enough vegetation to get the door open, it was relatively clean, totally dry, and pest-free. No water on the floor, no rotten boards, no dirt, and little smell.

I let the women use it first while I unloaded our gear. When the women were done, I went to use the outhouse. I opened the door to find a wide river across the floor of what was likely urine. None on the seat, the box, or the front of the box, just from the seam where the box met the floor and across the floor. I straddled the flood, barely finding enough dry space on either side for my feet.
I jokingly asked who had peed on the floor, but everyone denied it. Every time I used the outhouse the entire long weekend, the floor was drenched and really began to

Has anyone witnessed this from an outhouse? I don't see how the urine comes out of the seam of the floor from the seat box. Anyone know of an easy fix (hopefully without going into the hole.)

New poster

Desperate poo on my way home

When I was 13, I walking home from school with a desperatate need to poo. I'd held it all day so I was close to doing it in my pants and I thought about looking for a bush or wall to go behind, but there was nowhere that was private enough. I kept walking for about a hundred yards untill I came to a field with a hedgerow around it. It wasn't very high but I thought if I squatted I wouldn't be seen so looked for an entrance to the field. I had to walk all the way to the next lane to find the gate that led into the field but there was a problem as the crop was being picked and I couldn't get any privacy. I was now past being just desperate. I was about to fill my pants in a big way but there was no place to go. I was sweating and knew I was out of time. I had to hold my bum with both hands and in the end I just dropped my trousers and pants at the edge of the field and squatted. It was very embarrassing but the relief was so good I didn't care who saw me. Al the workers were on the other side of the field and I don't think they saw me pooping so I got away with it. I had to use a couple of blank pages from my exercise book to wipe with which wasn't very pleasent but it was better than doing it in my pants.


Angela's diarrhoea attack

I went to the toilet at work today to find it was occupied as usuall and Angelica was waiting by the door. She was hopping and fidgeting as as you do when youre desperate to go and kept saying, "Oh god I can't hold it much longer." She held her bum as so said, "Oh no!" Then the smell hit me. Angelica went a fiery red colour as the wet spot in her crotch spread out between her legs. That was nothing to the brown stain she had spreading across her bum. She farted at the same time and then a sort of liquidy sound came out of her. The entire back of her jeans turned a yellow brown as she had the worse diarrhoea attack I've ever seen. It began to ooze down the back of her legs untill it reached her knees. Angelica just ran out of the main door and went home.

Jenny in San Marcos

Stranger peed in the shower with me.

Well, okay, not really _with_ me, but it was the shower I was using at the time. This happened a couple of weeks ago during the summer semester at college. Normally during the school year I stay in the nice new dorms where the rooms are suites with each set of rooms sharing a bathroom. Meaning only three other people are sharing it with me. That's nice.

During the summer, they open only a few dorms, and it's usually the old disgusting ones. This summer I took some classes and ended up staying in one of those dorms. They have communal bathrooms, which are basically two stalls for toilets and then a big shower with three heads in it. Which no more than one person ever uses at a time.

There's at least a partition with a regular sized doorway going from the part of the bathroom with the toilets into the shower part. So on the occasion someone actually comes in to use the toilet while you're in the shower, they still don't see you.

Anyway, this was a Friday night, or rather a Saturday morning. I had been out with friends at a club and it was about 2am when I got back. I'd had some to drink, but my buzz had worn off. I decided to take a shower before going to bed, as I usually do early in the morning before bed so I know I'll get my peace in doing it.

I went and jumped in the shower then. About halfway through, when I was about to wash my hair, the door to the bathroom opened hard and scared the hell out of me. Four women came in, several of them obviously drunk, and the first two in ran into the bathroom stalls. The third must have been the drunkest of them, as she stumbled in last assisted by a girl I actually recognized form living in the room across from mine. The drunk girl was complaining saying she was about to piss her panties. She broke away from the friend helping her and stumbled into the shower, saying she'd go in there. She noticed me only _then_ and apologized vaguely as she stumbled over to the corner. I could barely hear the other two women pissing over the shower, and tried to keep my back to the drunk girl. I was kind of embarrassed having her in there with me even though the shower is big and we're both women. The sober friend stood at the door way and apologized more clearly.

The drunken girl stumbled into the back corner opposite of the shower heads and was quickly hiking up her skirt and pulling down her panties. I tried to avoid staring at her, but she was pretty average height with a skinny, busty build, and bleached blonde hair. Pretty much a quintessential sorority girl. I also saw a glimmer of a ring in her nether regions as she started to squat. The sober girl at the door yelled at her not to go there, and to instead go under where the shower heads are so her pee can get washed down the drain. I guess that was a good idea, though it meant she stood closer to me. I cut off my shower head so she didn't have to worry about getting splashed and she stumbled across the shower, nearly falling as she did so, panties still around her knees.

She went into another low squat, this time facing right towards me so I had a perfect view of her perfectly manicured and waxed loins. Just what I wanted. She started to pee, and it was a _torrent_. Her pee was clear, so it was obvious she drank a lot. The floor was already wet from my shower, but she clearly made a puddle that started running towards the big drain running along the wall. She giggled to herself because it was splattering onto her feet and just kept going, and going. Her other friends finished and came to the door to laugh at her for peeing in the shower then.

The drunk girl _finally_ finished after what seemed like an eternity and tried to stand up to pull her panties up. She was far too drunk to manage that and instead stumbled, then fell right back so her ass landed in her puddle, and she turned onto her side in it to try to get up.

The drunk girl didn't find it funny and started to cry then, while her sober friend finally took pity and came in to help her up, get her panties up, and then back to her dorm room. So they finally left and I resumed my shower.

It's not like I'm against peeing in the shower, I do it sometimes, but I don't go in when someone else is showering and just squat and pee there. Also she pissed a river. I've never seen anyone do that before, not that I've seen many women peeing. I just kind of trickle when I go. Anyway, I turned the other shower heads on and washed her pee down the drain.

And that's my story.


Poop relief

How many people enjoy the feeling of relief when you poo. I certainly do especily when I haven't been for a few days and it's a big one. Does anyone like to hold it on purpose just so you can enjoy the relief of it?


Experience at a hotel

I've been staying at a hotel for a business trip. Well, today, I had just left the room and was in the elevator going down to the lobby and I needed to pee. I knew there were bathrooms in the lobby to use so I went there. It was two separate rooms with a toilet and a sink inside, one male, one female, right next to each other. So, I was almost done peeing when I heard a door open and close, and I realized the sound must carry well between these two bathrooms.

I was impressed by how well the sound traveled, as I could hear even the faintest sounds like the rustling of clothes as the woman lowered her bottoms. She sat on the toilet and I heard a slight trickle as she began to pee, after a bit a hissing stream, and back to a trickle, then a few spurts. Silence for a short while but then a bassy fart from her. She gave a small "Unnh" and a big sploonk. A long airy fart I could barely hear followed by two more plops and another deep fart. She started to roll off some toilet paper and I took that as my cue to leave. I flushed the toilet and washed my hands in the sink, exiting the bathroom and started to walk away, but I turned around to look over my shoulder as the mystery woman left the bathroom. She was a very pretty woman who I recognized from the front desk.

hi just a few questions for the females here

1. how many times a day do you do a poo

2. have you ever accidentally gotten poo on your finger when you have wiped your bum

3. do you ever look down at your poo before you wipe

4. have you ever had skid marks in your undies

Wanna stay anonymous(:

First time poster

Hey guys... First time poster here! Car mom, upstate Dave, and happy died are my faves! Y'all rock! Does anyone have any stores about peeing in a maxi pad? I have read one post about them and I want to know more. What about having accidents on purpose? I really enjoy those stories as well. Thanks

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