Pee survey

My name is Megan, this is my first time posting... Been reading for a while though!

1. Your age, if you care to say.

ANSWER: 16 years old

2. Do you keep a jar or bottle near your bed? If so, how often do you pee in it?

ANSWER: No but I should, never thought about it I guess

3. Same for a bottle/jar beside your computer so you don't have to get up (presumably at home, not at school or the office, LOL).

ANSWER: No, which has resulted in an accident because I was talking on facebook chat too long.

4. Same for your car/truck.


5. Wet bed by accident? Your age last time it happened?

ANSWER: Yeah, randomly in like January of this year... idk how it happened, just woke up in the middle of a pee... I guess I drank to much, or forgot to go before going to bed :(

6. Wet pants by accident? Your age last time it happened?

ANSWER: When I was 15 I was talking to friends on Facebook, and kept holding it. It leaked a couple times but just little spurts, when it started to dribble I made a dash for the toilet, but peed slowly the whole time. I did a little in the toilet, but there was a football sized wet spot between my legs.

7. Wet pants on purpose? How often?

ANSWER: lol no, too afraid of getting caught

8. Pee in shower at home? How often?

ANSWER: All the time, who doesn't?

9. Pee in a public shower (gym, dorm, school)? How often? Others see?

ANSWER: In school we have to swim for gym sometimes, and we'd shower in our suits and I'd pee in mine.

10. Pee in sink at home? How often?

ANSWER: Nope, never done that.

11. Pee in sink in public restroom (for example, at a concert or game in stadium when the urinal lines are too long)? How often?


12. Pee out of a window, off side of deck at home, or similar, even though regular facilities are available? How often? With others watching?


13. Pee while swimming in ocean? In lake/creek/swimming hole? In pool? In your bathing suit while not in the water? How often for each?

Every time I swim I pee my suit, sometimes before or after the water!

14. Other unusual places where you have peed? Details, whether anyone else saw, frequency, etc. are welcome.

Peed outside in fields and such... theres been times when I peed with a friend because we both have to go.... Better than peeing your pants in public!


Response to Half Dump Denise

I enjoyed your story about the road trip your parents took you on for a family wedding. I saw many of my experiences there and it got me to thinking of what a contrast it must be to go from using a absolutely filthy toilet in a gas station to a new and prestine one in a nice hotel where your butt doesn't even need to touch the seat, and then going to another grime-laden reststop toilet. And all in the course of a day.

I was particularly interested in your experience in the gas station where you said your butt momentarily stuck to the toilet seat. That is so amusing to me because it has happened to me a few times, most recently last week when I took the afternoon off and made the 70-mile drive with my boyfriend, Diver, to his evening softball tournament. The bathroom building looked like it was built during Civil War times (I just studied such buildings for my summer history class paper I wrote) and there were only three toilets, each separated by a partial brick wall about three feet high and of course, no doors.

I sat down twice, once to crap and once to pee, and each time the seat seemed a little sticky to my butt. It was like I was sitting on adhensive tape when I would go to stand up and there would be a ripping noise as my butt skin would pull off the seat. This is not a new issue, however, and those of us who have been on this site for a few years kknow that this topic has been discussed before. I went back a couple of years in the old posts and found stories by Merrilee (1738), Mistee (1731 & 1738) and Robynette (1731) and I know there are more.

Perhaps readers can find additional stories or tell of their experiences. From what I've read this is true of both inside and outside toilets and it occurs in all four seasons.

Can anyone help with an explanation?

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Ally great pee story please post more thanks.

To: David as always another great story about your girlfriend pooping while you were in the shower and also you seeing her poop in the toilet it sounds like she is getting more open with you and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: TRN my only advice is maybe see a doctor maybe they can prescribe something to help.

To: Nikki great pee story and I look forward to your next one thanks.

To: UKNGuy another great story and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To:Hannah great story sure it was embarrassing but it would have been more embarrassing if you had an accident and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

Well thats all for now

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site


End Stall Em's story

To directly answer the question: putting strips of toilet paper over a home toilet seat before sitting on it to crap is definitely different, strange, peculiar, plus a few other things.

His idea, however, to flush midway through his shit is a great one because it does prevent clogging. I know at our bank we get clogs on a regular basis and our maintenance service contractor says our toilets are the largest water capacity allowable.

Pushing commercial mowing equipment five blocks in the hot sun to avoid using a public bathroom is indeed different. Most of us use public bathrooms every day and in my case, multiple times everyday. There is absolutely nothing wrong with seating yourself butt-down directly onto the seat. Spencer most definitely has some very absurd fears.

Please don't take it personally, Em. Next time Spencer comes over, and it probably won't be too far into the future, I hope he has time to have something to drink so that you and him can talk about his fears of catching an STD or something like it from a toilet seat. In your first post about him, you said you tutor Spencer during the school year. Perhaps that will provide you with the opportunity for such a conversation.

He's lucky to have a very sensitive and caring friend such as you.

Sunday, August 07, 2011


to Shane

Your story was interesting. What the nurse did to the student seemed so personal. I wonder if any students from my grade school saw the nurse for that type of problem.

When I was in grade school, I just went to the nurse's office once, when I fell and skinned my knees. There weren't any other students in the nurse's office at the time.


The Mexican Food War

In the past 2 days or so, I have been going on a sort of Mexican food binge. Last night, I had a big bowl of nachos with cheese, guacamole, shredded steak, refried beans and some lettuce. Then today, for dinner, I had a quesadilla with all sorts of sauces and guacamole.

A few hours after dinner, I was at a coffee shop chatting it up with the barista and all of a sudden, I develop a tremendous urge to take a shit. I decide to pass a little wind. The smell was a sort of pungent rotten smell. Though silent, I could detect a faint air of wetness. I was hoping that the barista wasn't able to smell it. A few more minutes into the conversation, as I was finishing my drink, I could start feeling something more substantial knocking at the door waiting to come out. I could tell that I was in for a serious attack of diarrhea. So, as I finished the drink, I told the barista I had to go.

As I was walking back to the apartment, the urge became so incredible that I debated taking a risk to let it all out in a secluded section of a nearby park. But, I decided to trek onwards. Finally, I reached the apartment. I immediately ran into the apartment, dropped my trousers and sat on the toilet. Initially, nothing came out. So I gave a gentle push. With the gentle push, an explosion of chunky diarrhea came flying out of my butt. Looking down into the bowl, I could see some large solid chunks with a bunch of undigested food and a ton of mush that turned the whole water into a brown soupy mess. I then let out another push only to let out a few squirts of liquid and some explosive farts. The smell was quite putrid to say the least. It smelled like old roast beef sitting out for the entire day in the heat.

About an hour later, I started feeling a dull rumbling in my stomach. I decided to go back to the toilet. With a surprising urgency, a steady stream of mushy diarrhea came right out of my butt. Towards the end of this stream was some more explosive farts. I again looked into the toilet bowl. It appeared as if someone poured in several cans of wet cat food into the toilet.

I still am feeling that ole' dull ache in my stomach. Looks like a little war is going on in my stomach with all that Mexican food.

Brandon T

woman poops at park

About 10 I think I heard a woman poop in a park bathroom I was sitting there enjoying the nice weather when a woman walked up pushing a stroller with 2 kids in it so she entered the ladies room and I think she pooped because she was in there for awhile and I think I heard another woman fart that was sitting near me I cant be sure of either but a good site anyway.


Female Pee Survey

Hi, im new here and just wanted to ask the girls here a few questions regarding pee! I answered my on questions by the way, to get the ball rolling!

1. Your age, if you care to say.

ANSWER: 17 years old

2. Do you keep a jar or bottle near your bed? If so, how often do you pee in it?

ANSWER: Yes, absolutely! I pee in it like three times a week.

3. Same for a bottle/jar beside your computer so you don't have to get up (presumably at home, not at school or the office, LOL).

ANSWER: No, but when I'm at the computer and it's night and I have to pee wicked bad, I'll usually just piss my panties. I'm usually too lazy to get up so I just deal with the wet pants that results.

4. Same for your car/truck.


5. Wet bed by accident? Your age last time it happened?

ANSWER: Yeah, several times. Last happened just in May just after I turned 17. I woke up totally desperate to piss, so I instantly grabbed my jar. Couldn't prevent a few long pee squirts from leaking into my panties. Other times were when I was 13 and younger.

6. Wet pants by accident? Your age last time it happened?

ANSWER: Who hasn't? Last time for me was at age 15 . Had to whiz incredibly bad while riding home with a neighbor from a baseball game where the only bathrooms were porto-potties. Being a lady, didnt want to let on that I had to piss so bad in his car. He dropped me off at my house and I just lost total control and flooded my panties while walking up the driveway. I've had smaller accidents since, but that was the last major one.

7. Wet pants on purpose? How often?

ANSWER: Yes, all the time! Sometimes I'll get desperate, put on an old pair of pants and piss them while standing in the shower. I love watching the wet spot grow in my crotch and down my legs.

8. Pee in shower at home? How often?

ANSWER: All the time, it's the easiest way!

9. Pee in a public shower (gym, dorm, school)? How often? Others see?

ANSWER: Yeah. I was a 16-year-old high school junior and i had gym 1st period one morning. I had gotten up late and didnt have time to piss before leaving home or before gym so I was doing the pee-dance and shifting around throughout the thing. We had to take showers (obviously naked) afterward and I was planning to take a leak after that. I tried to hold it. Didn't work - all of a sudden I just started pissing away on the floor. The girl next to me saw but didnt say anything. I was embarrased but luckily nothing came of it.

10. Pee in sink at home? How often?

ANSWER: Nope, never done that.

11. Pee in sink in public restroom (for example, at a concert or game in stadium when the urinal lines are too long)? How often?

ANSWER: No, but I've been tempted. Many a time I've been in line doing the pee dance looking for other options. Frankly I'd rather piss my pants though than expose myself and go in a public sink.

12. Pee out of a window, off side of deck at home, or similar, even though regular facilities are available? How often? With others watching?

ANSWER: Nope, never done this either. Maybe some day!

13. Pee while swimming in ocean? In lake/creek/swimming hole? In pool? In your bathing suit while not in the water? How often for each?

OCEAN: All the time.
LAKE/CREEK/SWIMMING HOLE: Never really had occasion to do so.
POOL: A few times, but sometimes I get scared of being caught.
BATHING SUIT: I piss my bathing suit while not in the water ALL THE TIME. I love getting away with it and it feels sooo awesome!

14. Other unusual places where you have peed? Details, whether anyone else saw, frequency, etc. are welcome.

When I was 15 I pissed in my basement while down there with a friend to avoid going upstairs - it created a bigger puddle than I had counted on!
Once when I was 16 I had to take a piss real bad while doing yard work so I went up and started whizzing against the side of my house. Naturally, my brother came around the side and saw, which was totally embarrasing.
When I was 13 I frantically peed between two parked cars in a downtown parking lot after a crowded hockey game at my dad's suggestion. It was either going to be that or a ride home in freshly pissed jeans because I had a hand in my crotch and was still leaking all the way to the car. Got away with a golf ball sized wet spot, better than all the way down one leg

End Stall Em

Spencer's Back

I wrote on Page 2068 last month about Sod Buster Spencer, a friend of mine who is a year younger who works outside in our large subdivision all day doing lawn mowing and sod laying work. Since he doesn't live nearby or drive, he's started coming to my house to use our bathroom to take his craps because he doesn't like taking his shits in one of the park, gas station or portable potty bathrooms.

Yesterday, I was in my bathroom, on the toilet pissing at about 2:30 p.m. No one else was home. Ours is a split-level house and my bathroom, next to my bedroom, is on the second level, right above the driveway and garage. I was pissing away when I heard some rattling in the driveway, kind of like a little kid or two pulling a wagon. While still seated, I put my finger between the blinds to peek and sure enough there was Spencer with his large commercial lawn mower and and gas can bouncing on it heading up our driveway. I figured I'd have enough time to finish, which I did, but I pulled my underwear and shorts up as I ran down the hall buttoning myself up. He got one ring in, waking up my dog, before I could open the door. This is probably the 10th or 11th time he's stopped by this summer. I knew what he wanted and he knew where he was heading. On the staircase he mumbled something about trying to hold this one since lunch, but that it was ready to blast out. I tried to beat him into the bathroom to flush, but I knew it was futile. Instead I stopped in the hallway linen pantry and grabbed him our largest bath towel which I knew he would need because he starts work at 7 a.m. and sweats head-to-toe.

The door was ajar so I tapped on it and asked if he wanted the towel and he said I could bring it in. I didn't expect him to be seated and shitting already, but he was. He pointed to the bathtub/shower right across from him and said "Do you want to sit and keep me company?" I didn't have to think about it and have great memories (that I wrote about) from last year when my cousin Jacob visited and we used a park toilet together one morning when we were sledding. I apologized for leaving my pee in the bowl unflushed, but here is was splashing away into the bowl with his torn blue jeans and yellow boxers hanging just below his knees. At that point, I noticed something that truly surprised me: under his butt he had strips of toilet paper on each side of the seat, across the back of the toilet, and across the front of the seat. His penis, with a little hair around it, was laying over the front paper. I got to thinking that I had never thought anyone would TP a seat in a private home. I don't do that at school or at any other of the toilets I use regularly elsewhere.

I could smell what he was dropping, plus all the sweat from his body. Spencer started sweating worse, I think, because of the small room. He quickly turned around with his right hand and flicked the flusher, but he remained seated. I said something like "That was fast!" and he said he didn't want to stop the bowl up. He said his dad taught him to do that not only at home, but also at school and other public places. But Spencer said it really doesn't help because he hates to shit in public toilets. Period. He went through a whole list of things that were wrong with his junior high (doorless stall, dripping pee from the seat, guys making fun of him because of his--and he pointed down-- relatively small cock, plus the short amount of time between bells during the passing periods between classes, and some other items that I didn't catch. As I started to hear additional drops into the bowl, Spencer asked me about the high school bathrooms that he will start using this fall. I wonder if for a moment that he forgot the gender differences, because he started asking me about the bathrooms and I playfully told him that too many of my classmates jam the toilets with their sanitary products, and that the hover pisser's aims aren't any better ... Then I caught myself and we both had an innocent laugh. At that point, I noticed that Spencer was starting to get a hard-on, but I didn't say anything and he stood up to wipe. I had to supress a laugh because the toilet liner that he sat on was now clinging to him like the wallpaper on the four walls.

It took him about four wipes, and his technique is like my dad using sandpaper on wood, and I moved forward quite a bit to pull two sheets of the TP off Spencer's thigh, and in doing so I noticed his cock was getting harder. He flushed, pulled his boxers up over his you-know-what and buckled his jeans. Usually either my parents or I give him a cold drink and he takes a 30-minute or so break. He said he wasn't going to be able to stay today. Since that time, I've been wandering if I embarrassed him by something I said or did. Or if he really wanted to to give him his space but was too shy to ask me. But he had invited me to stay with him.

One thing's for certain: this was not the time I've written about before for me to ask him about these absurd fears he has of catching gonorrhea, syphilis or other STDs from using bathrooms away from home. But walking five blocks from his last cutting job to our house instead of using the bathroom in the park, gas station or fast food place is somewhat different, I think. Am I wrong?


Couple stories about my roommate

One night I was watching a movie and my roommate came home from some party she was at and she was very clearly drunk. She went straight for the bathroom but I didn't hear her close the door. I didn't think anything of it and kept watching the movie. After a while, a very distinct poop smell began to seep out to me. It grew in strength but it was never very overwhelming. Some time later, I thought I heard some toilet paper being rolled off and then it was quiet. When the movie was over, I had to pee so I went to the bathroom. As I got closer, there was still a smell of poop in the air though faint. And then I saw that my roommate hadn't flushed the toilet. I peed then enjoyed the sight and smell a bit longer before I flushed and left.

Another time I had just started to take a shower when there was a knock at the bathroom door. My roommate said, "Sorry I gotta go to the bathroom, can I come in?" and I said sure. The shower curtain was closed, so neither of us would see anything. She came in and there was a rustle of clothes and she sat down. She peed for a good while and then she rolled off paper. I expected her to leave, but she didn't and I thought she might have to poop. I heard a very quiet fart and a floomp. Then she said, "Sorry again, I just really couldn't hold it" and I told her it was no problem. I was glad there was a curtain between us so she couldn't see my, uh, excitement. She continued to poop though there wasn't much in the way of sounds. When she was done she wiped again and then flushed.

im pooping now its big. im on my period so i have cramps from it so i cant push without crying. i get cramps horribly im only 14 and have bigger poops and worse period cramps than my mom. im in so much pain i can barley push to get it out and its mushy..pleade give suggestions..

New poster

Almost messed my pants

I had a small toilet accident in class when I was 14. I went to school feeling unwell and during the first lesson I felt the most desperate need to poo. I felt embarrassed about asking to leave the room so I tried to put it off untill break time but the urge quickly got worse untill I realised I wouldn't make it untill break time so I swallowed my pride and put my hand up. The teacher was a very attractive woman in her early twenties and I had a big crush on her so it was very embarrassing having to ask for permission to go to the toilet. I had no other choice though as doing it my pants didn't bare thinking about! I felt my face burning red as she asked me what I wanted and when I asked her to let me leave the room she said no! She just read the rule book and made me wait untill break time. It was already embarrassing enough having to ask the first time so I couldn't face any more humilliation by arguing my case, so I sat at my desk trying my hardest not to have an accident. to make things worse the two girls sitting in front of me kept giggling and whispering about me. I couldn't hear much of what they were saying but I did hear one of them saying I wonder if he's going to s**t himself. They both giggled about it and I just wanted the ground to open and swallow me up. I felt a pain in my gut as the pressure built up inside me and after half an hour I felt a hot sticky squirt of runny poo between my bum cheeks and it smelled awfull. At that point I jumped up and ran towards the door but the teacher stopped me and said, "Where do you think you're going?" I didn't need to answer her because she started to fan the air away from her nose and said, "Oh my god! I had no idea it was that bad," and she let me go. I ran to the toilets holding my bum cheeks together and barely made it in time. I took the nearest one and almost lost control while I pulled my trousers and pants down. As soon as I sat down it all poured out with a lot of wind. It was the most relieving moment of my life but the smell made me gag. I nearly threw up in my pants while I redecorated the toilet. When it all stopped I looked at my pants to check the damage and amazingly there wasn't a mark to be seen. It was all between my bum cheeks so all I had to do was wipe a lot. I couldn't belive my luck and once I cleaned up I flushed the mess away and left the toilets feeling fine. The only problem was having to go back to class with everyone thinking I'd messed my pants. No one said anything about it though. I think the class had been told not to mention it to spare my blushes. My mum was called to pick me up from School even though I was fine. I suppose the teacher must have assumed that I'd really messed myself and I got to go home early which was a result.



A very well known rock group were performing an open air concert in a park about forty miles from where I lived and I wanted to go and see it. I got a ticket, but to get there I would have to leave work and catch the bus immediately with no time go go home first.
I was very busy that day and had to make a mad dash for the bus. As we neared the concert site I felt the need to pee. However, the concert was about to start and I didn't want to miss anything. I reckoned that I could hold on until the interval and then find a toilet. As the show progressed I was finding it more difficult and had to stand with my legs tightly crossed. I just managed to hold it until the ten minute break, but on looking for a toilet I found long queues had already formed. If I waited there I was sure that I would miss the start of the second half. What was I to do? Perhaps it might be possible to hang on a little longer. I went back to my place and hoped for the best. The second half started, but holding on was getting ever more difficult. Even squeezing my legs tightly together wasn't helping. Suddenly I could hold it no more, and I felt a trickle of pee escape. I wasn't wearing any panties to catch it and it ran down my leg. A second even larger squirt soon followed, then another. I just gave up trying to hold on any longer and let it all run out,pouring down my legs onto the grass. I don't think that those around me knew what I had done. It felt so naughty doing it surrounded by people.

Locking the door

Hi all

UK based members may know that the toilets on some trains have automatic doors. You press the button to open the door, walk in, press the button to close it, then have to press another button to lock it. It seems people have difficulty with them and often leave them unlocked! One time I went up to the loo, pressed the door open button, and the door opened to reveal a 20-something girl sitting on the loo, texting on her phone! We were both horribly embarrased and quickly shut the door. After a while, they put large notices inside reminding people to lock the door afterwards.

Another time I went to an Italian restaurant, and needed the loo. You had to walk to the upstairs level, then right to the back, up a spiral staircase, and through a door into the gents. I opened the door to the cubicle and there was a guy probably about 10 on the loo, he looked shocked and leaned forwards, pants around ankles, to shut the door. Unfortunately for him he was mid-poo, and it splatted onto the floor in front of the toilet!


Migraine Loverer


to: Shane (female)
that was a very good story. do you have trouble pooping?

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Feral Girl as always another great story about you pooping outside in that field it sounds like you really had to go at least found a place and didnt have and accident here are some more ideas for places to poop

1. from a tree
2. off a wall
3. on an ant hill but you would have to be careful
4. in a old vehicle of some kind
5. an old shed like what Wendy & Kirsty did

those are just some ideas to try if you havent already and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Herb T congraglation to you and your wife about expecting your first from what I know she will be peeing alot more and with some women they get constipated alot during pregnancy or sometimes it the exact opposite and the get diarrhea alot it all depends on the person and it sounds like you will have great stories to tell us in the months to come and I look forward to them and again congralations and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Alexis great story I bet you felt great after that and I look forward to anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Max Great story about the first girl you saw pooping I know that memory will last forever and please share others stories about girls and/or women pooping if you have any thanks.

To: Story Teller great story about seeing your mom poop and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Jasmine great buddy dump story and I look forward to more posts like that thanks.

To: Desperate To Poop great story it sounds like you just made it but you made it without having an accident which from the sound of it would have been a real mess to clean up and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Half Dump Denise as always another great story yeah it seems like gas station bathrooms are some of the worst from what ive read on here and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: New Poster ive almost done something simular like I will start to type something in the title box but I usualy catch myself.

To: Firecracker Girl great story and I look forward to your next one thanks.

To: Abbie as always another great story about you and your friend pooping together and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Emma great story about you pooping in the ladies room after your flight and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To Upstate Dave as always another great story about seeing one of your female friends go to the bathroom and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

Here are some stories that I posted yesterday but I think it was to late for them to be added to yesterdays update so they will probaly apear in tomorows update but I just post them again just to make sure so yesterday I was sitting at the park enjoying the nice warm weather when I noticed a woman pushing a stroller walk up and I heard her tell the kids she had to stop at the bathroom for awhile so she went in the bathroom and she was in there for awhile and I think I heard pooping I cant be sure it was kinda noisy with cars going by and her kids being loud and I also think I heard a woman fart who was sitting nearme at another picnic table I cant be sure but it sounded like a wet fart and I cant be 100 percent sure of either but it was a great experince and heres another dream I had awhile ago it was about girl sitting on a toilet and just as I see her poop start to come out I wake up and I tried to go back to sleep to finish the dream but it didnt work.

To the moderator I think why people think there post are long is because of that side bar thing what ever its called ont the right of the screen I think they see the bar getting smaller and smaller and they figure there post is getting long but as you said they still have plenty of characters left another reason is how much time theyve been typing I know im like that because sometimes I type for over an hour on here and im also a slow typer and like to make sure I put everything I want to put and thats why I think some peple do that.

Well thats all for now

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site


No privacy at the bar

Today I went to a bar to have drinks and maybe meet a guy. Well, while I was there I was hit by a sudden very intense urge to poop. I really prefer to poop at my house, but I knew I wasn't going to be able to hold this one for five minutes, forget twenty or so to get home. I resigned myself to using the bar's toilets, only to find a horrifying sight. You entered the ladies' room and turned a corner and there was just two toilets and two sinks, no stalls or doors.

I got in line behind one other lady who was squirming and holding her crotch, obviously desperate to pee. The two using the toilets were both pooping and so I waited. Two more people came in while I was waiting, and by then I had to go so bad. But finally, someone finished up and flushed. The lady in front of me dashed to the toilet, plonked herself down and peed a brief storm. She was done and thirty seconds and finally it was my turn.

I was super embarrassed to be pooping in front of two other women but I couldn't hold it. It was a loud, wet poop too, of all the poops to have. I was farting and plopping and my face was turning red. As soon as I was done I flushed and left the bar in such a hurry, I didn't even remember to wash my hands.


Me and Kathryn at the park

A bit after my last story I had another experience with Kathryn. It was a nice spring day and we had just been released from school. We stopped in briefly at our houses to drop off our backpacks and met up at a park close by. When I got to the park, Kathryn told me she needed to go number two and motioned for me to follow her. We went over to the bathrooms and she went in first to make sure it was clear. She came out and confirmed that was no one else inside, so I went with her.

We went inside the handicapped stall, Kathryn pulled down and she sat on the toilet. She started to poop and in the middle, someone came in to the bathroom. Then she put her finger to her lips, telling me to be quiet. My heart was racing and I just hoped that whoever it was wouldn't see two sets of feet under the stall and get suspicious. Luckily, she didn't and took the stall furthest away from us. The other woman just needed to pee and she left fairly quickly. Shortly after, Kathryn was done pooping and she began to wipe. Then she flushed and left the stall to wash her hands. She told me to wait just in case someone else came in. And sure enough another person did while Kathryn was washing. I sat on the toilet so it would look like I was using it, and the mystery woman took a stall. I carefully exited my stall and we left the bathroom and went back to the playground.

Constipated Corky

So many great postings & comments

These are comments on some of the recent stories.

To Some Guy:
You are right that the handicapped stalls can be more comfortable. Like you, I prefer to have more space to spread my thighs. That's essential to me because some of my craps require repositioning and lots of pushing.

To Firecracker Girl:
The mother of the 5-year-old boy was right in bringing him into the ladies room at the ball game with her. Later in your story, you said another child had wandered off and got lost. I can understand why that one lady would pass the time by sitting on the toilet reading her paperback, but I feel that's inconsiderate of the others. I would think such storm situations could bring out the worst in people and probably do. By the way, I agree with you: underwear and clothing laying on the floor in a bathroom like this is not sanitary.

To Half Dump Denise:
Your post was very interesting. Like you, I found that my vocab was expanded too from what I heard in the school bathrooms. A few of the guys rooms have those toilet tissues and I've even had trouble getting them off the roll or box on the wall. I sympathize with you. Since girls don't have the penis to protect over the front of the seat, it's interesting that the flap forces the paper into the water and the flush cycle. How frequent is it for you butt to stick to a toilet seat? What do you think causes it? I like your description of the toilet booth in the hotel and how it gave you total privacy. You must be very observant because of the situation where the seat color and toilet paper matching. Most of the toilets I use have black seats and the white toilet paper.

Jaded Jarrod:
Cherish seems like a really fun chick. I can see why you selected her for the trip. Since she's interested in how we pee, you probably have some opportunities ahead for you to demonstrate. Please write about these, if they occur. Aunt Mickie must be a really fun lady and I suspect she and Cherish would hit it off well, despite their age differences.

Frantic Francine:
Sofia has some very anal parents. Would you be willing to try and talk to them? I know they probably mean well, but....

I enjoy your stories. I'm much too young to do it now, but like you say, it's probably good to reflect back on things that happened to you 25 or so years ago. Your memory is very good. Other than the scores of our games, there's not too much I remember about even last week.


Big Shit

About two weeks ago I had three days off from work it was like a mini vacation for me so any ways I just laid around rested took it easy slept a lot I did however go out and eat a lot of food while I was off work I think I had about twenty different types of food such as steak potatos beans rice chili tacos burritos hot chicken wings Mexican food subway mcdonalds wendys arbys ect well on the second day I was off I started to feel full in my bowels so I felt gas build up so I farted burrnt purrfurrt then after that the pressure went away everything was fine it was gettin late so I went on too bed the next morning I got up and decided to go out and go shopping and run a few errands so I got in my truck left my house and drove to town did some shopping aroung 11am I went to cracker barrel and ate a huge breakfast eggs sasuage French toast apple butter and biscuits it was very good, it was added to the other food in my bowels which didn't help matters none I knew sooner or later I was going to have to take a shit so I paid my tab and left I then decided to go to barnes n nobles for a cup of ice coffee I went in got my coffee sat down reading a magazine started drinking my coffee and reading about an hour I felt my stomach starting to burn and cramp then I had to fart I farted a big long silent but deadly fart man did it stink I let about six of them then I knew it was time for a big shit so I got up and headed for the bathroom I went in took the last stall pulled my pants all way down to my ankles and sat down on the toilet farted again loudly then my butt hole started to open I started pushing my butt hole stretched to the max a turd started slowly easing its way out I sat there straing my face got really red the turd felt hard and very chunky finally it deopped in the toilet with a loud splash there was more on their way I pushed again another turd started sliding out this one was much softer it came out faster dropped in the toilet with a loud splash I stiil had more in me so I pushed again another one dropped in the toilet the splash was smaller I felt empty so I sat there to make sure I was done nothing elese came out so I stood up looked in the toilet too see what I had done I had three turds about 13inches long and 4 inches thick I had to wipe about six times too get clean my butt hole was sore after shitting so much I stood up pulled my pants up and when I went to flush the water went down and the turds just stayed there I clogged the toilet major bad anybody ever had this happen to them if so post it on here I do feel bettee if anybody wants to know well good luck happy pooping everybody hope it comes out alright

Friday, August 05, 2011

Upstate Dave

My Working Vacation Day 11 Cam Out At The Lake Part 6

Now as a reminder before going to sleep Janet and I had drank cups of tea. Janet also had asked me if she had to get up and piss durring the night she wanted me to go with her. I told her that I would. The last thing was that we both had been tired right out so it didn't take long for both of us to fall right to sleep.

Now I always sleep on my sides or on my stomach. I and Janet had been on our sides faced to each other when we got in the sleepingbags. That way we had snuggled up tightly which made us nice and warm. But after falling asleep some time durring the night we both had changed positions and I was sleeping on my back. (This is the position I was in when I would when I woke up later!)

Now too I had been dreaming to while I slept. My dream seemed to involve Janet too! I couldn't be 100% sure that it was! You know how dreams can be! :-) I had been dreaming that there was some fooling around by both of us. Then now comes a importenet part. I was being lightly shaken by Janet which she was saying to me as she was shakeing me; Dave get up! Dave get up which sounded there was urgency in her low talking voice.

Janet did say again a couple more times trying to wake me alosng with her light shakeing me. I did wake up and Janets face was right in my face. I sleepilly said to Janet; What's wrong? It was almost pitch black inisde the tent. I could just barely see Janets face nest to mine. There's something outside makeing a lot of noise and I HAVE TO PISS RIGHT NOW! I don't want to go outside if there is a animal out there!

I mumbled a ok to Janet. Now I had the flashlight buried beside me somewhere. I fumbled around for it for a few long moments and I then found it. Janet was right in that there was something outside for I heard rustleing of leaves then a brief time of no noise and then light splashing in the lake. I turned on the flashlight inside the tent first.

With just being woken that flashlights beam of light was so bright it momentarilly blinded me! I covered my eyes over for a fast moment. Janet said come on get outside and see what it is! I flipped the sleepingbag off from me. Now that there was good light in the tent Janet let out a short fairly loud giggle. She had a good reason to to giggle.

For now with the flashlight having the tent lit right up and I had thrown aside my sleepingbag I was kneeling now. Rememeber we both had only worn flannel shirts when we went to sleep. Between the front tails of my flannel shirt sticking way out between them was my erect penis! That is what made Janet giggle.

Anyway I still on my knees made my way to the front of the tent opened the sceening doors and then I slipped through and stood right up. Janet had folowed me outside. Now she was right behind me and clinging right to me too! I shone the flashlight to the right first checking that direction along the shore of the lake. There was nothing that I could see in the light.

I now swung the flashlight to the left down the shore of the lake. Way down the shore near the beam of the flashlights light there was what had made the noise Janet heard and then I heard also! It was a pair of racoons that were searching for food! Both racoons in the flashlights light were frozen by it or by Janet and I. That was hard to say which had done it.

But then theyy both quickly ambled into the brush and trees that were right there which they made again noise of rustleing leaves and a snap of a branch or twig as they went through the woods. Janet and I now laughed a little. After stoping our laughing I said to Janet; Ok it's afe for you to pee! Hurry up though it's cold out here! It was too. I now had just started to feel that it was.

So where we both stood was on the sandy clear strip along side the lake and Janet sqauted right down. I moved the flashlight and I had it shining right on Janets lower body! Janet in a few short seconds was pissing! Boy did she ever make a lot of noise when she went too! Good reason was for this it was so quiet outside so any noise made would be loud!

Jantes piss stream had shot right out into the water makeing a big splash which was part of the loud noise with her pissing! The other her stream gave off one loud hiss too! Her stream had one long wide head to it before it trwisted! The tist in her stream ended just before where her stream was striking the water of the lake.

Janet let off a sigh which that too seemed to be loud to me. Seeing how hard Janet was pissing I asked her if she was pushing to make it that hard. Janet said right back to me; No I'm not! I'm that full! Now I let out a short laugh. Janet went despite it being cold and pissing real hard tookone long piss! I wasn't now feeling the cold anymore! :-)!!!

Now I'll say this. With me having the flashlight on Janets lower part of the front of her body I saw that her lower belly looked swollen some. As Janet pissed that area flattened down! She wasn't kidding at all about being full! Now also I knew why Janet had been so urgent to get out of the tent and piss besides hearingthe noise that those two racoons had made too.

Now Janet must have felt that she had pissed enough for she came to a complete stop when she ended her piss. Janet stood right up after stoping. Janet grabbed my hand. Come on lets get back in the tent! Its too freaking cold out here! I now again felt the cold for I got a sudden chill. We both almost ran to the tent to get it in it!

Once inisde we both threw the sleepingbags over us and we faced each other and we both clung to each other very tightly! Boy did that ever feel so good! After several minutes of doing this Janet said to me; Your really warm in one spot Dave! I said right back to Janet; Where's that? Janet gave me a poke in my ribs and laughed a little. Then she said to me; YOU KNOW WHERE!!! I laughed now for I did know where Janet Janet said I was warm!

I still had the flashlight on so I turned it off now. Now being warmed back up again and the light no longer being on both Janet and I drfted off to sleep but it did take longer this time then it had when we had first got in the tent to sleep when we went to sleep! Janet kept herslef warm with my warm spot and took care of aa very near by spot that had gotten cold! To be continuied.

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