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Feral Girl

Pooped while running

Happy Dude: lol, sure, i'll try anything that doesn't involve sittin on a toilet like i'm supposed to (lol, though i have done it some interesting ways on a toilet if anyone wants to hear).

Dan: thanks! i want to find more sneaky ways to poop. >:-)

Brandon T: lol, maybe. i'm open to suggestions like i said.

so anyway, lol. sorry about the scared post i made last night. i was freaked out for a bit, but i think i figure dit out (if it gets posted, may get cut, dunno)

okay so, i've been running a lot cuz i'm going to do cross-country this year at school. i've been running more and more and do like 2 miles now before i stop. i usually run right at dusk and right before dinner. and i think i know why this happened, lol. i usually poop in the afternoon at least, 4-5. today i had to go earlier and pooped a little right after lunch and peed.

so anyway, i ended up eating dinner first before i ran tonight, not a lot, just some leftover chicken and rice. so i went out running. i have my mp3 player when i run and a bottle of water, and i just run down the side of the road that comes off the highway to go to my house's driveway (and down my driveway which is long, lol).

it wasn't far into my run when my stomach started gurgling like i had gas. i slowed down to a slow jog and pooted a few times. about when i was going to turn back for the second half the gurgling got worse, and i felt like i had to poo again, but this time when i started to i felt somethin more tryin to come out (and i've pooped my panties several times like that, so i wasn't about to risk it!)

but i did keep going a bit further, and i felt my stomach actually cramping while i felt like i had really bad gas. so i got off the road and walked over into the trees by a field. i got past the underbrush and found a spot and was getting really close to pooping when i finally stopped.

i set my bottle of water down by a tree and pulled my headphones down on my neck so i could hear if someone was coming because i was still kind of in sight of the road. then i pulled my shorts and panties down to my knees and pulled my tank top over my head so it was just on my arms so i could hold it against my chest (i was wearing a sports bra anyway, even though my boobs are too small to need it. >:E ) so i squatted down.

i pushed and it was horrible. :( i had diarrhea kind of. not like, um, totally liquid, but a bunch of small pieces came out fast and there was a bunch of liquid, it looked like my butt exploded all over the ground. there was a *lot* and it smelled bad too, like a lot worse than my poo usually does. i peed a little too and it mostly ran down my butt. i kept feeling like i needed to poo more, but i couldn't make anymore come out.

and my butt was covered in poo it felt like. so i finally stood up and leaned over and grabbed my water bottle, then took a drink, then poured the rest down my butt crack before i finally pulled my panties and shorts up.

i finished the rest of my run fine, but i was thirsty, lol. when i got home i checked the damage. luckily my panties were dark colored, so you couldn't really see the skid mark, so they were fine. lucky.

also J is coming over this weekend, may have another post then.

Herb T.

Couple of Tidbits

Looks like my last post about the cleaning lady in the restroom got posted twice for some reason.

Law Student - I enjoyed reading your post about the ladies restroom in your office. One could argue that you should be able to use any stall you desire, etc. etc., which is true, but I'd suggest going with the flow. Especially given the fact that you're a young intern there and don't want to "stir the pot," so to speak. The only exception would be if the one-person restroom is in use - you shouldn't have to stand there and hold your bowel movement waiting for someone to finish if there are stalls to use - that's just silly. You know - as summer comes to an end, if you aren't planning to seek a job there upon graduation or next summer, you could take some big dumps during your last week. Maybe even bring a newspaper in with you and go into the first stall, and just let loose. That would be funny, but not necessarily my best career advice.

I just found out my wife is pregnant with our first child. I heard pregnancy turns some women into pigs, so to speak. My wife is not shy about her bowel movements as it is, so hopefully she doesn't do anything too disgusting...

I was at Target yesterday on my lunch break to pick up a few things, and went in to take a quick piss when I got there. Some guy was taking a dump in the handicapped stall and while I was pissing, the toilet paper holder fell on the floor. I think he was pulling toilet paper and somehow it got unbolted from the stall wall. The guy was obviously upset about it and said loudly "Oh F*** (expletive)." I couldn't help but start laughing. I tried to laugh quietly, but it was nearly impossible. First time I've ever heard of a toilet paper dispenser falling on the ground.

I've posted before about a sexy Indonesian gal at my office - average height and slim build, with a nice round booty. I was getting a few things out of the supply room today, which is adjacent to the restrooms, and she came downstairs and into the women's restroom. I was not close enough that I could hear anything, plus there is a loud fan in there. There a single user men and women's restroom in our office. Anyhow, I didn't hear any flushes, probably because I was too far to hear, but she was in there for about 5 minutes or so. I kind of loitered there in the supply room pretending like I was looking for something. I can't say for sure that she was taking a dump, but very well could have been.

Anyhow - Herb T. out.

Bodily (Re)actions

To understand this story, you have to know that my older brother is responsible for some of the raunchiest farts I have ever smelled. I think the guy has some gastrointestinal issues or something. He might want to have that looked at...

So, we were on the last leg of a family vacation, and my husband and I climbed in our rental car to head to the airport. We were driving right behind my Dad, my Mom, and my brother, who were in the other rental car. Right before we left, we had eaten breakfast at my grandparents' house, but my Dad hadn't eaten anything because his stomach was hurting. So he drank a cup of coffee and called it good.

Thankfully, my Mom was driving the car. We were almost to the airport when she suddenly pulled over and we saw the passenger door fly open. My husband and I thought they were switching drivers because she was tired, but then all of a sudden my Dad spewed brown liquidy coffee barf everywhere, multiple times. He barely got the door open in time. When he finished, they continued along their way and we met them at the car rental place.

When we got out of the car, I asked my Dad if he wanted a piece of gum and if he was okay. He looked over at my brother and said, "Yeah, it was just the smell of [his] fart that made me sick to my stomach!"

To this day, my brother prides himself in actually making someone throw up with his farts. I think there are better things to take pride in, but he seems pretty content with himself. We all hope he finds a wife someday, but she will have to be able to withstand some pretty awful stenches.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Happy Dude to bad your wife didnt use the bucket maybe one of these days she will and then you will get to post it here and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Matthew that sounds like an intresting article and but it was wrong to do that because poop stinks what is it sposed to smell like roses so basily those people need to live with it I hope that made since it did in my head but im not sure if came out that way oh well.

To: Jadded Jarrod great story asbout your aunt and your friend going to the bathroom and you hearing them and please share anymore stories like that if you have any thanks.

To: Ciara first its nice to hear from you again and it sounds like you and your friends were having a pretty rough day but at least you made it without having an accident and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: who ever wrote about celeberties it looks like my name was put there instead of who ever posted it because even though it has my name where you put the names at I didnt post it just to clarify most likely it was an accident and thats happened before so im not woried.

To: Leanne as always another great story about you pooping with your friend and yes I bet you felt better after that and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Wheelchair Sarah as alway another great story and it sounds like you had a tough decision to make whether to finish pooping and miss the postman or going to meet him and risk having an accident but it could have been alot worse it could have been diarrhea but at least he didnt notice or if he did he didnt say anything I hope that made since because I had no idea where this comment would I wanted to say something but my brain couldnt piece it together right hopefuly it made since and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Upstate Dave as always another great story about watching you friend go to the bathroom and it sounds like you have enough stories to write a book but it betteryou do it here that way everyone can read them for free and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Jasmin K as always another great story and it sounds like our sister felt better after that and as alwys I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Lyndsay great story I bet you wont eat again anytime soon unless you really want to give yourself a good cleanout and I look forward to any other stories you may have thanks.

To: Andrea first welcome to the site and great story at least you made it and ddint have an accident sure it was embarrrassing to tell that guy but it would have been more embarrassing if you had an accidient in fornt of him and please post any more stories you may have thanks.

Well heres a story about a dream I had the other night I was in a unisex bathroom that had no stalls just toilets out in the open and I dont remember what I was doing but then a family came in and the mom said I will meet up with you in awhile those shrimp are diagreeing with me but she said in this anoying chipper kind of way but as soon as her family left she it changed and she said I have to shit so bad something something I cant remember what and the sat on the toilet and exploded and then I woke up so I dont know how it ended and im not if that how it happened or if just my brain trying to fill in the blanks of the dream either way it was a great dream ad I hope to have another like it soon.

well thats all for now

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site


Took a major dump

I was just getting ready to go to bed and I had to take a dump. I hadn't been since Wednesday, that's almost six days. I was only wearing a long tee shirt, so I pulled it up and sat on the toilet. I felt my butt open and a turd poke out. It felt really wide and it was easing out slowly. The turd kept coming and coming and then finally it ended. I had to see this beast I had produced so I stood up and looked. It was about an inch and a half thick and it curled around the whole toilet bowl twice. But surprisingly, it only took one wipe and I was clean.


First time I saw a girl poop

This is a story from a year long gone by, so some of the details are a bit sketchy in my mind, but I remember the major ones. I was about 12 and I met a girl who was a little younger and her name was Kathryn. This was a much different time than now, before we had video games and stuff, so kids spent a lot of time outside playing, and our parents would usually just say "Be home for dinner" or "Be back by dark".

One of the places that Kathryn and I would play at a lot was down by the creek. We would have to pee sometimes and would just go, in my case, on a tree, or for her, behind a bush, not really caring that the other could see. Well, one day, Kathryn told me she had to do a number two. I can't quite remember if she was just too desperate to make it home, or maybe it was getting late and if she went home, her mom would make her stay in for the night, but I suppose that's not important.

So she went over to the bush where she had been peeing that day and pulled down her skirt and undies. I went over to watch her like usual and see said, "You wanna watch me make a number two? Eww you're so gross!" but offered no further objections. Kathryn pooped right there in front of me and I experienced a strange feeling. I now recognize that feeling as being turned on, but back then I had no idea. When she was done there was a sizeable pile and I remember being impressed that a small girl like her could make so much. Then she realized she had nothing to wipe with, and neither did I, so she just pulled up and continued to play with an itchy butt. The next day she came to play and told me her mom was so mad at her, and I was afraid that we'd been caught. Turns out, she was in trouble because her mom thought she wasn't wiping very well.

Story Teller
Not having a whole lot of luck in my efforts. Here's story in the meantime. This one weekend our mom had to go to the bank to do somethings. What sucked is that a lot of other people had to and we ending up standing in a big line for 40 minutes. As soon as that was done she announced that she had to go to the bathroom. My older sister was fairly independant at this point, so she went into a stall by herself. Unfortunetly for our mom, my younger and sister of me both argued into going before her. Looking back on it today I realise that the four minutes me and my sister each took probably made our mom really uncomfortable. As soon as she had me cleaned up she asked us both to move. She pulled her pants down and took a seat. Less then ten seconds later. Sploosh. And then another. You could easily see the relief on her face, she'd probably been holding it in while we were in line. It took her a good ten minutes, she didn't even rip off some toilet paper till after she'd been sitting there for six minutes. Well, that's all for the moment, I'll try and report back with a good story next time.

Huffman High

Urban Legends

To Jennifer G:

I cannot help you with the first Urban Legend, but the second was a true story that happened to a girl in the early 90's at Huffman High School, Birmingham, Alabama (the same HS that Ruben Studdard went to!). I never knew who. But insiders to this story apparently shared it and it turned into the video circulated today on youtube in various forms. Maybe someone else can share more.


Pooped together in a porta-potty

Last week, my girlfriend and I were out having lunch at a restaurant. I'd been holding in a poo for a while, and I suspected that she had as well. When we were done eating, she told me she needed to poo soon and I said "So do I". I came up with an idea to take a longer route home to pass by a park where I knew there were some porta-potties set up. So off we went and I was super desperate when we got to the park. We made a beeline for the porta-potties and both went in the same one.

She sat down and started pooing while I locked the door, then I told her to spread her legs I couldn't wait. She scooted back a bit and I sat in between her legs and I began to poo also. It was so amazing to be pooing at the same time as her. We finished pooing and then I stood up and she wiped my ass. We turned around and I wiped her. Afterwards we left to go home and have some... "fun".

Desperate to poop

special place for number 2

Just interested on the comment of a special bathroom for a number 2 does that mean there would be queues if there was less bathrooms for a number 2? Some places can be quite busy for pooping so if you have a special bathroom with less stalls could be busy

I had a big messy dump at Mcdonalds today. I was feeling hungover from the night before and decided to have a big breakfast. After eating it last nights events came back to haunt my bowels and I had to make a trip to the bathrooms for a big bowel movement.

When I got there, 2 stalls both taken 1 lady waiting. 2 minutes passed and then one lady came out. The other lady went in and only had to pee and then I got in. And just in time too. I sat down quickly and let out a long dispense of soft serve. It was hot and burnt my ass slightly. But I was very relieved and had luckily only got a small stain on my panties.

The lady next door was grunting and farting too but seemed constipated.

I went on and off for about ten minutes and then felt finally finished wiped and left much relieved

Happy Dude

That came out wrong

To CAR MOM: What I meant to say is that because the car was the same model as yours, I thought of you. I did not mean anything because it was a broken down car. That kinda came out wrong. Something I'm prone to. SORRY!!

Wife used the bucket last night to pee while Jr was still up running around. Jr heard the noise of wife peeing so came over to investigate, putting his head right up near the bucket in curiosity. My wife was SO embarrassed by it. Was pretty funny from my perspective. He was just trying to figure out what's going on!

Half Dump Denise

Total Dumping Experience at Wedding

Saturday evening my parents and I went to a relative's wedding. The bride's parents own several businesses os they had a huge guest list, hotel ballroom, huge dinners and all the trimmings, a live band, and a free bar that my dad said caused him to exceed his intake into 2014. We had to stop for gas about midway to the wedding and it was like 100 degrees out, I had a nice dress and heels on and her I was having to sit and pee in this bathroom outside the side of this gas station. There was no toilet paper on the roll and the flusher didn't work. My loose-fitting dress caught the side of the trashcan, which was smaller than what we had at home, but I was too hot and in too bad of mood to even stop and pick it up. I remember getting back into the car and telling my mom that if I had spent another few seconds on that toilet I would have puked, but that there would have been no place for it to go because my nose was right up against the door. I also told her that my butt stuck to the seat. She laughed and said it was part of the real world. I started to say something back, then remembered she doesn't like me to cuss that much. She once said I got my potty mouth a few years ago from the bathrooms at my middle school. She's probably right. Really dirty bathrooms with a lack of privacy are upsetting to me, and I've written about them before.

Two hours later we got to the hotel's convention center and I couldn't wait to get into a cool bathroom where I could finish my pee and fix myself up. I'm not in a good mood when I'm hot and sweaty and don't feel good. When we located the ballroom where both the wedding and reception were going to be held in, I told Mom I was heading to the bathroom. My makeup was running, I had to pee again because of another water bottle I had drank, and as I threw my weight into the bathroom door, I received a jolt to my arm. There was a beautiful brass doorknob and a door painted in bright white and with no imperfections at all. I paused for a minute to look at it. I entered a lobby with lamps and sofas and another door with a shiny brass sign which I could partially see my face in. I opened that door, again amazed at how much privacy there was and how I could not see anything wrong with it. The doorknob was spotless and I almost worried about putting my finger prints on it.

The main toilet room I entered had easily more light than all the rooms in our large house put together. The 10 toilets were on an elevated level about two inches off the main floor and each toilet was totally enclosed in a closest. Each had a nice varnished wooden door with a brass latch. The door was like those in a clothing closet and the sides of each cubicle went from floor to ceiling. Total privacy. Each toilet was about half bigger than what I normally use and the place smelled good and there was music going. However, it was that type of instrumental music you sometimes get in elevators. As I closed the door, I noticed a cleaning schedule showing that the toilet was cleaned about an hour earlier, the name of the custodian and her signature. To the left of her initials, all ten boxes were checked off. I pulled up my dress to lower my underwear and slowly lowered my butt onto the seat. The seat wasn't hot or cold, just very comfortable to sit on. I figured I could shift my weight a couple of times and not have it so loose that it would throw me into the toilet. Before my pee started, and I'm sure my bladder was startled by this, I looked to the nicely wooden panel on my left and saw one of those toilet tissue holders. It too was brass color and the little tab for me to pull made me want to try one. It came off pretty easily. So I stood, turned around and made three or four attempts to put the cover down. I hate to admit it, but I'm not experienced with them and there was this flap that I tried in two or three different positions. I even thought about tearing it off, but then it finally came to me: the flap should go over the front of the seat where there is that cutout. I fumbled with it one more time and then it worked. I pointed the flap into the bowl, pulled up my dress and placed my butt down onto the paper.

My bladder emptied pretty fast. I combed my hair from the toilet then reached for the toilet paper for a wipe. The toilet paper was in a double size brass holder and on my fingers, seemed to be almost as strong as a towel. The seat was blue marble and the toilet paper matched. I turned to pull down on the flusher and there was none. I stood, turned around and used a flusher pedal at floor level. I had forgetten to slip the seat paper into the flush but the flap in front was drawn in by the water. My question had been answered.

At the sinks, I worked with my makeup and was very impressed by the mirrored lighting that made me feel like a star in her dressing room. I washed my hands and when I got back to our table, Dad put on his cynical, but loving face, about what I didn't like about the bathroom this time. I just showed him a little of tongue and didn't say anything else.

On the way home, we all had to use the bathrooms in a truckstop that were horrible. Worse yet, I had to crap. I was only partially successful and so happy to get onto my toilet at home about an hour later.

My night of being a star was over.

New poster

Mistaken name

Sorry about the mistake I made with my last post. In response to Brandon T's post I mistakenly put his name in the name box instead of my own.

Shane (female)

Visiting the School Nurse Part 3

Hey! It's Shane! I'm really sorry it's taking so long to post this story. This should be the last of it.
Part 1: Page 2069
Part 2: Page 2080
And now, I bring you Visiting the Nurse's Office Part 3:

Mrs. Clark: "Here, sweetie. Let me help. Just push as hard as you can for as long as you can."
Brice: *Deep (and I mean DEEP) breath* "HHHMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Mrs. Clark: "Is it out yet?"
Brice: "Almost, it's stuck!"
Mrs. Clark had Brice take his pants off (how embarrassing) and sit on the toilet backwards.
Mrs. Clark: "When I say 'go,' I want you to push with all your mite while I give you a big bear hug. 123匞O!"
Mrs. Clark: "Are you ok?"
Brice: "Yeah. I feel a lot better now, just really sore."
Mrs. Clark led him back to the cot and put more Vaseline up his butt. When he came out, his face was about as red as a face can get. That was pretty much the end of that.

I couldn't help but feel really bad for the guy. A few days later, I invited Brice to go out to dinner at a local restaurant. I told him I'm really sorry that I had to be there to witness that whole episode. He said it was fine and that he gets backed up all the time, but never like that. We started hanging out more and more often after that, and became really open about pooping. We never watched each other or anything, but we always told each other about our experiences on the toilet. To be honest, I wouldn't even mind if he asked me out, but for the time being, I love being his friend.

This puts an end to Visiting the School Nurse. Thanks for reading!


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Firecracker Girl

Rain Delay at the Stadium

Last night I represented my family's business at a professional baseball game. After the game, a group of business leaders that I am a member of was to present a key to our city to the lead singer of a '60s-'70s era band that was to perform a family concert for fans at the end of the game. Fireworks were also scheduled.

The problem was that in the 3rd inning, a thunderstorm came through and while the field crew immediately put a tarp down, some 15,000 fans had to leave their seats, get inside the stadium and wait out the storm which lasted less than an hour. The halls around the concession stand and the restrooms were jammed with fans largely standing or sitting or doing something in between. Some were half sprawled against the walls, forcing others to step over them. Some went to the concessions window and ordered drinks and food. Unfortunately, a large number went into the restrooms to hang out. Each of the 10 or so ladies rooms has 30 or more stalls, but my friend Kay and I (who had our dinner and several drinks at a restaurant across from stadium) needed to use the bathroom but after trying three and surviving the crowds of those who wanted to hang out down there, we became frustrated. Specifically the problem was that the earliest people in went into the stalls, probably did their thing, but rather than wiping and then leaving, they continued to sit and sit. Both Kay and I moved through several lines and once we peeked into the stall, we saw girls and women just sitting on the toilet and doing nothing.

Many were on their phones. One lady with her underwear and shorts on the floor (not the most sanitary thing in my book as well as sitting butt-down on the seat without any paper cover) pulled a paperback out of her bag and started reading. One lady with a boy in tow shouted out to the crowd that her son had to crap (he was about 5 or 6 years old) sand someone shouted out, "Let him go where he should be going," pointing their thumb to the guys bathroom next door. Kay and I (she had to pee much worse than me) knew that as long as the rain delay lasted, the restroom situation was only going to get worse. I pulled out my phone and took Kay out of the bathroom and into a far hallway where we would have some privacy. I called Firecracker Guy at home, who had heard about the rain delay on television, to tell him what was happening. That was a great decision. He gave me and Kay the code to the press room (a room with computers and extra phone jacks for the media and a stage for press conferences) and he said he's used a small bathroom in there before. It took me four times but finally the coded door worked and Kay and I entered the media room. There were about four or five sports reporters working in there, all were male, but when we explained what we needed and apologized, they were very inviting. One made what Kay thought might have been a sexist crack about just peeing and remembering to lift the seat. I joked back to him about how the unisex toilet was saving a couple of bladders from bursting and everybody laughed. Kay went in first, took about 5 minutes, and when she came out I took her place. When I came out, one of the sportscasters said he had just gotten an e-mail that the game would resume in 5 minutes.

It was a little cooler and less humid after the storm and the rest of the game, while running later, was good. Our presentation, the concert and then the fireworks pushed to overall even to just past midnight. I don't think too many people were upset though. At about 12:30 a.m., before we went out to my car, Kay had to take a crap. She says liquor works like a laxative for her. However, she went to one of the regular restrooms because she knew the press room would be pretty crowded with the post-game press conference. She came out with a child about 5 who had wandered away from her mother in the bathroom. We both tried to calm the little girl down, while I called security to come and pick her up. They took the girl down to the security office where they had taken her mother.

Both Kay and I concluded that situations like a rain delay do make fans inconsiderate of others.

Desperate to poop

carrie underwood

There was a story on here by Debbie about Carrie Underwood 1677 cool story

Hi everyone its John from the UK. Loads of great Posts recently guys! Leanne just love your stories and your latest, wow! That was some mega crap hun, you'd put me and lots of guys in the shade. That was a case of Leanne 9 Megan 4. A thirteen turd aggregate, lol. If there was a Team GB for crapping you'd be a leading contender. Tell us what sort of build are you? I imagine you at about 5'6'' ish say about 8.5 stone (119lbs). Hope I haven't offended you. Anyway Leanne keep up the good work. Now Emma I was so amused by the story of you and Lizzie having a fit of the giggles everytime you both did a poo, shows your happy in your "work". Nothing interesting in the poo stakes at home except to say my wife and I were getting ready to go to a wedding last week, I was having a shave and my wife did a wee. She's not used to wearing a skirt and of course tucked skirt into panties (any of you girls done that?) well I did tell her before we left! A big huggle to all the girls and hi to the guys! Bye. x


Latest update

Hi everyone, latest post from Abbie. Sorry I haven't posted in a while, I got invited to my friend Charlotte's at short notice and so I stayed with her for a few days. I've got a story from that trip which I'll get to in a second, but first I realise I was meant to be telling you another story from when I was babysitting so I'll start with that. Just to remind you, I was looking after a brother and sister, Joe and Grace, from when they got back from school until their mum got home around teatime. I noticed that pretty much every day when Grace got home she was desperate for the toilet and by the amount of time she was in there I guessed she was having a poo. One day at the start of the second week Grace and Joe came down the road together, I could tell from how she was walking something wasn't quite right and she looked a bit flustered, as she past by me to go into the house I caught a slight whiff of poo and realised she obviously hadn't quite made it in time. I didn't really know what to do, I didn't know them that well and didn't want to embarass her even more by asking, but when we got into the house and Joe had gone off to watch telly Grace tearfully told me she'd had an accident. "I'm really sorry Abbie, I've pooed my pants, I was really desperate and I just couldn't hold it any more, mum'll kill me if she finds out."
"Don't panic, its OK, its happened to me before" I reassured her. "Do you want me to go up to the loo with you and help you clean up?" She nodded silently, starting to cry.
We went up to the bathroom and she lifted her dress and bunched it up aound her waist, she was wearing full fitting white knickers which were actually quite big on her. As she turned round I saw the bulge at the back and realised it was lucky she wasn't wearing smaller pants otherwise the poo might well not have stayed contained. She carefully pulled her knickers down and I helped her empty the poo into the toilet, luckily it was pretty dry and solid so the stain wasn't actually that bad. I then said "Just sit on the loo a second and make sure you don't need to do any more while I rinse these pants out in the bath. I'll take them home and wash them so your mum won't ever find out."
"Thanks Abbie" said Grace as she sat on the loo. I rinsed her pants out and made sure the bathtub was clean.
"Theres some plastic bags in my room, you can use one of them to put them in" Grace said, I could tell from her voice she was pushing. "Actually I do think I need to do some more" she panted.
"Take your time, I'll go to your room and find you some clean pants" I said, "Give me a shout when you're done."
As I closed the bathroom door I heard a plop, I imagined that would be it so by the time I got back Grace would be finished. I went into her room, found a bag on the floor and put her dirty knickers in it. I then opened the top left drawer in Grace's chest of drawers, that one was full of socks but when I opened the one next to it on the right I found her pants. I pulled out another pair of white pants and went off back to the bathroom, I knocked on the door and Grace told me to come in, she was just rinsing out a flannel I guess she'd been using to clean her bum. I handed her the pants and she pulled them on under her dress and we went back to her room. I then took a deep breath and decided to ask her why she was holding her poo until she got home, basically she told me that most days she feels the need to open her bowels after eating lunch but that she's too embarased to go for a poo at school, apparently some girls made fun of one of her friends a while ago when she was on the toilet trying to poo and Grace said that had really put her off going. She agreed that a bit of teasing which might not end up happening anyway would be better than having another accident so she said that next time she wanted a poo at school she would use the school toilets rather than holding it until she got home. The next day I noticed Grace didn't make a dash for the loo as soon as she got back, we went up to her room and she told me she'd had the urge for a poo as usual after lunch and had gone to the toilet straight away, luckily there hadn't been any problems, in fact she said she wasn't the only one having a poo which I know from my experience makes things easier. Hopefully she'll be able to carry on using school toilets when she needs to when she goes up to secondary school in September.
Anyway, on to my next story, it really comes from a couple of days ago after my trip away to visit Charlotte. That trip was actually quite boring when it comes to toilet experiences, mainly because I ended up getting myself constipated and not being able to go the whole time I was there. It started when I was on the train and I could feel I needed a poo, I'd rather die than use a train toilet so I sucked it back up and by the time I got to Charlotte's house I didn't feel I needed to go any more. It was so busy round her house, she had some relatives staying as well as me, and so I never got to use the loo without there being a queue outside the door meaning I had to be quick. We went out a few times and I tried to have a poo then, but I just managed to get the tip out and nothing else so I had to give up as I didn't want to keep Charlotte waiting. By the time I got home I realised I'd have a major job getting this turd out, luckily the morning I got back I had the house to myself which was a bonus. I rang Lucy up, told her the problem and asked her to come over with the vaseline, I then undressed to my bra and knickers, put on my nightie and started to massage my belly. I was glad I was wearing pants which weren't too small, they would have made my bellyache even worse! On my way back from the station I'd called in at the shops and bought loads of fresh and dried fruit which I'd been eating most of the morning, so as you can imagine by now I wasn't feeling too good. Lucy turned up soon after, I'd asked her to text me when she arrived rather than ring the bell, knowing my luck I'd hear the bell, think it was Lucy and open the door and it would be some total stranger standing there looking at me wearing a rather see through nightie. We went up to my room, Lucy gave me the vaseline which I applied and then we went into the bathroom. I lifted my nightie, pulled down my lilac knickers and sat on the loo, I had a quick wee and then took a deep breath and started to push. Shortly after I could feel the tip coming out, I gasped at how massive the turd felt and knew it was going to be really hard to pass. I pushed as hard as I could for as long as I could, I had no choice but to make the pauses in between pushing really short because as soon as I stopped I could feel the turd getting sucked back up. I could feel myself going really red, it was a hot day and I was having to strain so hard. I finally managed to get the turd out far enough that it wouldn't go back in, so at least I could have a bit of a breather and talk to Lucy.
"Sorry Lucy, I'm having a really hard time," I panted.
"Don't worry hun, you can do this," Lucy said, getting a flannel and running it under the tap, she put it on my head and it felt great, really nice and cool. "Just hold my hand and give your hardest push, you'll get there."
I pushed so hard I ended up practically screeching, I was sounding like one of the women tennis players at Wimbledon. After a few more pushes I stopped and said "Its no good, its totally stuck." My bumhole felt stretched to bursting point and I couldn't get the turd to budge.
"Look, you hold your bum cheeks apart as you give a push and I'll wrap some loo roll round it and try to pull it" said Lucy. I nodded, lifting my bum off the toilet slightly. I did another massive push, this time with my bum cheeks parted and Lucy pulling I suddenly felt the turd slide out further. "Its OK, its not so wide now, I should be able to push the rest out myself" I said, sinking back onto the seat. After a few more pushes the log started moving more quickly and soon after it dropped down into the bowl. All of a sudden some mushy poo came splattering out of me, it stung my bumhole and went on for ages. That must have been all the fruit I ate! I realised I was done, I wiped my bum but it was really sore so I decided to run myself a bath. I looked into the bowl and saw the toilet was totally full of poo, I took a deep breath as I flushed it but luckily it all went down. Its just as well we've got a really powerful flush with some of the poos I've done down there. After I'd undressed and got in the bath Lucy said "I was just about to go for a poo when you rang so do you mind if I go now?"
"No problem" I said.
"I haven't been in a few days so I doubt I'm going to have an easy time either" Lucy said as she unzipped her denim shorts and pulled them down, they were quite tight so her pink and blue spotty pants came down at the same time. She had a wee and then I could see her starting to push, we carried on talking and she did her best to keep her voice sounding normal but I could tell she was having trouble. As time went on Lucy started to go a bit pinker, by now I'd got out of the bath and wrapped myself in a towel.
"Can I do anything to help?" I asked. "Just put the flannel on my head" she panted, "It's nearly out." I got the same flannel she'd used for me and put it on her forehead, just then I heard a splash as her turd dropped. Lucy pushed out a couple more logs but they were a bit easier than the first one, she then wiped her bum and flushed before pulling up her pants and shorts. We then went back to my room, I put some clean knickers on and then a pair of blue shorts and a white top. We spent the rest of the day lazing around trying to recover from our constipation ordeal, next time I'll use a train toilet rather than risking that. Thanks for reading, will post again soon, bye for now!!
Emma- loved your story about your visit to the Lake District and your outdoor poos.
Leanne- great story from when you were younger about that weird toilet you used with Charlotte. It definitely sounded like you'd have to go for a poo with a friend!

Hey everyone. Over the weekend I went to visit relatives up in Scotland. Since I see my maternal aunt and uncle a lot because they (and my cousin Tom) live nearby, I don't see my paternal aunt and uncle much because they used to live in the north of England and then they moved to Scotland. I worked out it was cheaper to fly up than drive so I had got a cheap ticket and flew up on the Saturday and came back Tuesday.
When I was there I stayed with my aunt and uncle and my cousin Chris who is 18. On Sunday night I had to poo so I went from my room to the bathroom but Chris was in there. I could hear he was pooing so I went back to my room and waited for him to leave. Eventually (after he had a shower and got ready for bed) he did. I went in and locked the door and sat. I pushed out four decent turds. On Monday I went shopping with my aunt for a bit and we had lunch in a cafe. When we were heading home I started to need to go again and when we got back I did just that.

On the way there I didn't need the loo on the plane and just had a wee in the airport before takeoff. But on the way back after my Aunt's full English breakfast I had to do a number two. After they waved me off and I got through security I had a big cup of coffee so I had a long wee before I boarded but didn't need a poo. On board after a while I started to want a poo. The flight was pretty short, though, and I didn't want to go on board, so I held it until we landed. By the time I got into the arrivals hall to wait for my bag it was really urgent. I had to go straight into the ladies' and join the short queue. When I got a cubicle I locked it and lowered my jeans and panties to my feet and sat gratefully on the warm seat. After a wee I started to have my poo. The head of my first log started to come out and it plopped loudly into the bowl. Then some soft poo started to ease its way out. It was at this point that someone went into the cubicle to my right and shut the door rather hard. Then it transpired that I hadn't actually locked the door and it had started to swing open! The poo was still coming out of my bum and I couldn't stand up because it would end up all over the seat, so I stretched out my feet and stopped it opening any more. After I got rid of the bit of poo that was halfway out I stood up and made sure it was locked this time! I sat down again and pushed out more mushy poo and then two harder logs. I finished my 10-minutes poo in peace with another three logs after that.
I hate it when you haven't actually locked the door properly but it looked like it is until you're halfway through your poo! Has this happened to anyone recently?

Upstate Dave

My Working Vacation Day 10 Mowing Day Part 2

Jill was rideing with me as I mowed. I at times let her steer. She managed to do this most of the time pretty well. I would do the steering when I had to make tight turns like cuting the grass around the few trees in the side yard section. Aslo with Jill siting on my lap and the constent bouncing of the moower as we rode her rearend rubbed up against me and that did effect my p***s!

After finishing the big side yard and befoe I was to mow the small area in front of the house I stopped and shut the engine off. Time to take a short break. I was thirsty. So we both went inside and went straight to the kitchen. I pulled the thermos jug from the fridge and poured out some lemonade into the cup abd I chugged it down. Jill then poured herself a cup and drank it right down too.

I put the thermos jug back in the frdge. As I did this Jill asked me how much was there left to do. Oh about a hours more time wise Jill. Just the front and the side yard that faces your house. That's all that is left. Hey that's not much at all Dave! Jil said to me. No it isn't I said back to her. Then Jill said to me; Before we go back outside I have to piss! I laughed a little and then said to Jill; Well we better go use the bathroom! Jill giggled and she walked out of the kitchen and headed for the bathroom!

Jill had on a top shortsleeve one along with a short skirt. She walked straight over to the toilet and raised the lid and the seat! She turned around and Jill gave me a big smile. Now Jill before she did anything else said to me; Since you pissed doing it my favorite way Dave let me do it your favorite way that you like me to do!

Now I smiled a big smile and said to Jill; OK!!! So now Jill slipped her skirt down and took it off. She placed iit on the sinks counter. Jill had on a pair of her silk panties too! These panties were ones that she bought when we had gone shoping that ne day. The pair she had on were a peach colored pair.

Now Jill slid them over her hips real quick and pulled them right down and took them off too! She placed her panties on her skirt and then turned around giving me a good look at her bare cute ass! Then she stepped forward which she straddled over the bowl of the toilet. Then she got down into a slight squat which she bent over placig her hands on the tanks top.

Now Jill began to piss. Jill started with a short dribble which her piss had run down into her crotch and then it dribbled off from there down into the toilet makeing a slight splash. Jill did this for several secnds and then she came to a stop. Then after a short pause Jill restarted pissing. This time she didn't dribble she sent a good strong stream of piss from her vagina!

Her stream went straight down with a clean stream. There was no spraying at all. Her stream had a pretty wide short head. Then it did a long twist and then it had a short section after the twist before her piss hit the water in the bowl. Now with her stream being harder it made a bigger splash which was loud. Her stream wasn't hissing either. But that didn't matter. I was enjoying watching Jill piss!

Jill I would have to say had pissed close to about ten seconds and then she let go with a loud braping sounding fart! Jill giggled slightly as she farted and after she had her fart stop. Now since her ass was faced my way and her leting go that fart I in a short second or two could smell it! Boy it did stink too! I said to jill; THANKS A LOT JILL!!! That made Jill giggle harder and louder! Jill while she let out this giggle said to me; SORRY DAVE! That just slipped out!

The stink of er fart did linger only for a short time. So I didn't have to put up with it all that long. Soon the oder was gone. Jills piss stream had slacked off a little by this time but still being just a little slower her stream did remain steady. Jill also did not fart again.

But Jill I saw her asshole open up and Jill began to shit! Her shit came out from her asshole real quick!(Almost as quick when I would shit!) Her shit was smooth, tan in color and fairly big around! It only took a few mere seconds for Jill to have her shit reach a good six inches long and then have it fall! But when her shit fell it hit on the bowls rim! Which broke it! Some of her shit did slide down the inside of the bowl leaving a long skidmark! But a short piece stayed on the bowls rim!

Now before I could get any words out of my mouth to tell Jill to move forward Jill had a second shgit come out from her asshole and that one too hit the rim of the bowl broke and this time [art of her second shit stayed stuck on the bowls rim. The smaller piece fell on the floor! Also her shit now stank up the bathroom! The stench was just as bad when Jill had farted!

Now as I saw a third shit start exiting from Jills asshole I yelled at Jill; MOVE FOWARD JILL! Youv'e alrewady have shit on the toiilet and floor!!! Jill said WHAT!!! Then Jill had realized what I had said to her and she moved forward. But it was too late for her third shit had fallen and it hit the bowls rim. But it didn't break but it flopped over and it stayed stuck from the rim and the inside of the bowl.

That was it as far as shiting. Jill had this third one be her last. Jill was still pissing while all this had happened and she was still pissing now. But Jill was nearing the end of her piss. For her stream was just above a trickle and then it dribble some with it again comming off her crotch. Then Jill came to a driping stop.

Jill stood up. I told her loudly to be carefull comming back. Jill did look down as she steppped back. Jill saw her shit that was in the toilet which was the part of the firstone that had broke leaving the long skidmark in the bowl. She also then saw the two shits that were stuck on the rim. Last she had stepped far enough back she sawthe ne small piece that had fallen on the floor.

Jill let out a loud short ewwww! Jill now could smell the strong stench that her shit was giving off. I looked at her shakeing my head. I said to Jill; Well youv'e made the mess! YOU CLEAN IT UP!!! I wasn't really mad at her but I wasn't happy havng her make such a mess. There was one thing though in Jills favor. There was a full roll of toilet paper on the hanger!

Jill did spin off a god wad of paper from the roll. Jill sqauted down with the wad in her hand and gingerly picked up the small shit off the floor first. She dropped it in the toilet. Then she stood back up. She reached overand gave the toilet a flush. The flushing water did flush the shit that was in the water down along with removing some of her one shits long skid mark. But the shit on the rim and the one stuck to the rim and was down inside on the bowls side didn't break away and get flushed down. So Jill would have to pick those shits up useing toilet paper to remove them.

Jil did do this which took her three wads of paper to do it. Now there was a toilet brush there in the bathroom which she ised it flushing the toilet and she did get the remaining skid mark taken care of. But there still was some shit left on the rim yet. It was only a little which looked like a skid mark. So Jill wetted some more toilet paper and she wiped that last little bit of shit off the rim. She had to do this twice to get it all.

Jill then wetted more toilet paper and took care of the floor wipeing the floor where she had her shit that had fell on it. Now Jill said to me; Ok now Dave? I told her I guess so Jill. Good now I can wipe my ass! Jill said back to me. So Jill rolled offsome paper from the roll and gave her ass a good hard long wipe useing one side of the toiletr paper. There was shit smeared on it so she turned the paper over and wiped her ass again. There was no smeared shit on the paper so Jill had manged in one wipe to get her ass clean. She dropped the paper in the toilet and gave the toilet a flush. Everything went down and then she put back on her peach silk panties and skirt. Jill was done and we left the bathroom went outside and we started mowing again. To be continuied.

Wednesday, August 03, 2011


Flush and fro

One time me and my friend Dan and his Brother Dante and my brother Chris was at a gym,it was a little resort out in an Country.We always went there to swim in the indoor pool,and in the bathroom it had only one stall and everytime you flush it,it would overflow.Well later before we left I saw that there was a lot of poop in that toilet.I flushed it and a gobb of it went out in the floor.I laughed.Three days later we went back there and we got in the pool.The man that was working there(which was about 7 yrs older and bigger built than me)said I wanna talk to you. He pointed at one of us while we where in the pool, I thought he meant me at first on the count of what I did and got caught.But he was wanting to talk to Dante about some program that they where having.

Happy Dude

Cleaning Lady in bathroom

There was one time in college where I was helping cleanup after an event and had to desperately use the bathroom. So I take a trip to the toilets and the grandeur of the bathroom surprised me. Then again, the event was taking place in a nice convention center setting, so they were appropriate for the setting, but much nicer than the normal student bathrooms. Marble countertops, shiny sink faucets, heavy stall doors that go from ceiling to floor. When I went in to pee, there was a hispanic woman cleaning the sinks. I was a bit nervous in seeing her, but continued to walk with confidence and just take a stall. Lifted the seat with my foot, took a long, satisfying pee, flushed and left after saying gracias to the cleaning lady. She didn't seem to mind I was there and it didn't bother me either. The stall doors were huge and not what I'm used to so had much more privacy.

Also while at college, my favorite Place to use the toilets was always the 3rd floor library. Walls were thin so I would spend extra time in there listening to the women on the other side peeing. Never got to hear any women poop though and was disappointed by that. But oh well. Several times the cleaning staff would come into that bathroom and announce her presence and if she saw my feet under the stall door, would leave and come back later. Several times I would try to use that bathroom but the cleaning lady would already be in there and would tell me to use one on a different floor, which would be uncomfortable because I would be close to going in the first place.

My wife and I are still using our plastic bucket as a chamber pot. Yesterday we were playing Call of Duty: Zombies on the ps3 and my wife announces she has to poop. You can't pause this game! One of the reasons it's so difficult. I suggested using the bucket since she just peed in it last round. She gave me her "I'm crazy" look and said no. So when the danger level was down, she hurried upstairs and pooped in the toilet and came back.

Last time I posted, my post got cut into two and put in two different parts of the day's posts. Not sure if it was a glitch, or if anyone noticed. Just throwing that out there in case it happens again.

Also, has anyone on here ever noticed the abundance of pee filled containers by the side of the road where they live? Where I live they are a real problem. People in this state pee into containers in their car and throw them out their windows. It's awful! It's pee, people! Empty the pee out of the container outside and save it in your car until you find a trash can! Sorry, I don't like litterers. Maybe they should just pee into their cars like CAR MOM??

To Car Mom: Saw a Neon broken down on the side of the road the other day and thought of you. You said that was your type of car, right?

To Feral Girl: Awesome work with that sundress! If you're feeling adventurous, will try to explain a fun way to poop next post if you want to try.


Special bathroom for #2

Law student's post about a special toilet at her firm for the ladies to use for their bowel movements reminded me of a column I read in the local newspaper. It was a q&a column where people wrote in etiquette questions about work-place issues. The question came from a woman who worked in an office where there was an unwritten rule that if the ladies had to have a bowel movement, they had to use a special toilet on a separate floor. This was to minimize the odor in the more frequented bathroom which was supposed to be used only for "number one." The woman felt uncomfortable because if she needed a BM she had to walk upstairs, thereby announcing that she had to take a shit. It had gotten to the point where she was so uncomfortable with this silly rule that she was resorting to holding her bowels until she got home, causing discomfort, not to mention potential digestive issues. The author of the column answered that the rule was absolutely ridiculous, not to mention possibly a case of workplace harassment. She recommended that they abandon this rule immediately, and that they invest in a good air freshened.

It was a super hot day today so I went to cool off at the local lake. I went with a few friends and we spent a few hours drinking beer on the beech before going for a boat ride in my friend's Jared boat that he had brought up. I should have hit the toilet before at the boat launch since I was already needing to unload and after drinking my bladder was ready to explode. Eating a few hotdogs, chips and a hamburger before we got onto the boat wasn't helping the situation. The boat did have a bathroom but it was currently inoperable. Jared told me he had to piss and shit pretty bad. Since he was operating the boat he didn't drink any beer but instead had some exotic fruit drink that seemed to have had a laxative effect on him. My other friend Kyle said he needed to shit as well.

We headed back to the shore quickly and docked the boat. There was a washroom nearby the dock and boat launch fortunately. I walked over and entered into the building that house only two stalls. Kyle was ahead of me and took the handicapped stall so I was left with the regular stall. Jared came in last and waited outside the stall. I slammed the stall door shut and dropped my swimsuit shorts down before sitting down. There was wall next to me on the right where the urinals were and then a fairly large gap between where the stall partition continued to the stall door. I relaxed and had to piss for about 20 seconds before I could start to push. I heard Kyle already start to drop turds and let out a barrage of loud farts.I gave a slight push and a nice thick and greasy log flew out of me without any effort. I felt another pressure build which I relieved my unloading a soft and mushy pile of shit. I looked through the large gap and saw Jared was looking rather anxious so I wiped as fast and I could and flushed so he could use the toilet as Kyle still wasn't finished.

The smell in the bathroom was becoming quite strong now. Jared dropped his shorts and sat down on the toilet while he almost instantly loaded the toilet with his loose stools. I heard him sigh in relief as Kyle flushed and came out of the stall. I felt another sharp pain as I was getting ready to leave. I thought it was just gas but it felt like more shit. I quickly turned and went into the handicapped stall that Kyle had just finished. I sat myself down again and released another wave of soft shit. I stayed seated for another minute or so just to make sure I was done. Jared finished up shortly afterwards and we went back to the boat and headed back out onto the lake.

Jaded Jarrod

Swimming with Aunt Mickie & Cherish

Last week my parents had to leave town for a two-day training workshop put on by our church. So my Aunt Mickie, whom I wrote about on Page 1964, invited me to her house and because she doesn't work as many hours this summer because she's taking some of her vacation time, she was agreeable to take me and one of my friends (I chose Cherish, a new girl who moved into my class at the beginning of 4th quarter because her parents last their jobs and had to move) to a regional theme park. We stayed overnight and made the drive back the next day. Cherish roomed with Aunt Mickie and I had my room in the suite all to myself.

I've started to do more things with Cherish because she's new to the neighborhood, very friendly and she's very open and willing to help me with my homework, even though she's in an honors track and taking accelerated classes. She bought a new swimsuit for the trip out of money she had saved up because she had never been to this beach-like water park before. For example, once when I was studying at her house she took (after I asked) me into the bathroom and showed me how she changed her tampon. Once earlier this summer we rode our bikes over to the much smaller swimming pool in our neighborhood, swam and before we were ready to ride back home, Cherish said she was going to have to pee but that she never pees in the bathhouse bathrooms because the seats are dripping wet and she's not sure if she's sitting in water from the swimming pool or in the previous user's pee. So we rode our bikes about three blocks over to the other side of the park and a very little used bathroom in the picnic area. She invited me in to watch her pee on a condition that I invite her into a mens room sometime so she can watch me. Cherish, who is an only child, is very interested in how guys pee and what the urinals look like. I tease her that I could probably teach her to pee into one. She doesn't think that is possible.
Well Cherish took me into the park stall, fumbled to get her swimsuit (it was yellow) partially off and she seated herself on the black toilet seat. She went for like 2 minutes and I was impressed. I guess I was also surprised that she sat with her knees together, her hands clasped on her knees and with her head into her lap, so far down that her long, wet hair was thrown over to the front of her face. She stood to flush and as she reached her hand down as low as the flusher was, I asked her if she was going to wipe. At that instant I knew that I had asked a really dumb question, because it was a swim suit, yellow, and she had only peed. She asked if the guys wipe and I said no, not after just a pee. She squatted for me, let off a three-part fart that surprised me, but said there had been too many people around for her to have done it in the pool. She washed her hands. It was kind of uneventful, but since there was no soap in the container, it didn't take long.

We started our drive at 6 a.m. the day of the overnight trip. Mickie went in to introduce herself to Cherish's mother and to help her with her luggage. I was half asleep so I waited in the car. When they got to the car, I helped Cherish put her luggage in the trunk and I took the rider's side front seat; Cherish got in the back. Interstates can be boring especially outside major cities because there's nothing to see so both me and Cherish partially slept until we heard Aunt Mickie pull the car off the road. We figured it must be a rest stop and it was. Cherish whispered to me that she was afraid to say anything but that she felt she was going to have to hold her shit until we got to the motel in a couple of hours. Shortly after that Aunt Mickie said there was going to be trouble if the rest rooms were closed for cleaning or remodeling because she needed a dumpster for what she was holding. Cherish laughed and then punched me and leaned over to say that Aunt Mickie seemed like a lot of fun, despite the fact that sometimes she can be very stern.

I had been planning to stay in the car, but my interest in what was going to happen convinced me that I should walk up there with them. I went to a urinal in the boys room, did about a 15 second piss and then walked out to the main entrance where I could hear flushing and some talk in the ladies room. I heard a toilet seat being lowered and was wondering which of the two of them had dropped the seat. Then I heard Aunt Mickie laugh out and then it was followed by an eruption of noise that I heard Cherish call a "volcano", only to be followed by a "Thank you, Cherish" from Aunt Mickie. Then I heard a toilet flush, water run and towels being pulled. Cherish was the first out and was in a really loose mood, putting her right hand up to her mouth and reporting in a deep broadcast-quality voice that it was only a "7 incher". What surprised me is while we were walking back to the car, I asked her about Aunt Mickie and Cherish said (and I had never hear this analogy before, "It was a bowl cracker that shook my stall too." Looking back behind us to make sure Aunt Mickie wouldn't be walking up on us, Cherish described several thuds, splashes and a couple of groans when Aunt Mickie partially stood up off the seat to get a better push going to get her shit out. I asked Cherish what had surprised her the most and she said it wasn't any of that. Cherish had passed that stall up because the stall had no toilet paper available, but Mickie hadn't noticed. As we were continuing to wait outside very quietly, about two minutes later we heard the scream "Cherish!" and Cherished winked at me then turned around and walked back into the bathroom.

Cherish came out walking pretty fast and said Aunt Mickie was getting grumpy, and we both looked at one another and laughed. While Cherish and I stook out there talking quietly, we finally heard a flush, the stall door bounce open and water running. Aunt Mickie was till pull up her shorts and tucking her top in when she started walking down the winding concrete to where we stood. "Thanks, for the toilet paper, honey," she said as she put her arm around Cherish, "but next time you might want to be less frugal with the toilet paper next time because I had 2 1/2 shits and then some."

The rest of the drive to the theme park was uneventful, although I heard Cherish fart once or twice from her fetal position on the back seat. I think she was asleep and she probably didn't hear herself. The radio was on and Aunt Mickie wouldn't have heard it either.


Back to Kalee

Kalee, thanks for your extensive reply, you DO give a different perspective on things than I had. I can see where your Mom being with you would be a comfort in strange situations (like with the bag lady). But from my perspective, privacy when pooping was always my priority, from as early on as I can remember. Its always been hard for me to move my bowels, no matter what I do, I always have to but in a LOT of effort on the toilet to get my poop to come out. Whenever I strain and push my hardest I can't help but grunt. For some reason, grunting in front of my mother always made me uncomfortable, to the point where I would not be able to do my poop because I wouldn't strain hard enough to get it out. Thus my original question, and why I hated it when my Mom insisted on taking me in the ladies room and standing there watching.


One Last Road Trip

Hello, everyone! I know I haven't written anything in a while, but between getting ready for my first year of college and working part-time, I've been super busy. Here's my story:

My friend Heather left for BCT training on June 27, so there won't be any stories about her for awhile. A few days before she left, the guys, Heather, and I decided to take one more road trip before she had to leave. This time, we decided to go to King's Dominion. We were about 2 hours from our destination. I started to say, "I can't believe that you're going to be gone for 12 weeks, Heather! We're really going to miss--BRRRRRRTTT!"

Tom suddenly let out a loud fart in the middle of my sentence. We stared at each other for a few seconds, then everyone started laughing, including Tom.

Once we arrived to King's Dominion, we went to the hotel to unpack our things. As soon as we got inside our hotel room, Tom immediately rushed to the restroom. He was in a such a hurry that he forgot to close the door (not that anyone minded). He sat down on the porcelain throne and immediately let out wave after wave of diarrhea while sighing in relief. Tom must have noticed that the horrid stench was getting to us, because he said sheepishly, "Sorry for the smell, guys."

"That's OK, Tom. We've smelled worse," Bill replied, and everyone looked at Georg. Georg was known amongst us for having the worst-smelling poo. He looked up at us and said innocently, "Why is everyone staring at me?"

We all laughed and waited for Tom to finish up so that we could ride some rides.

Once everyone was ready, we all headed to the park to have some fun. At around 12:30 pm, we ate lunch at Trail's End Grill. I ate a bacon cheeseburger, Heather ate a regular cheeseburger, and the guys ate spicy chicken sandwiches. Then, we headed to the Old Dominion Dairy for some ice cream and Starbucks for frappucinos.

Then, 6 pm rolled around and we ate Panda's Express for dinner and Cinnabon for dessert. Everyone ate quite a lot that day, so it didn't come to any of us as a surprise when we had stomach issues the next day.

I woke up the following morning with major stomach cramps, so I knew that I was going to have to make a huge deposit. I smelt the horrid stench of poop and peeked into the restroom to discover that Heather was already on the toilet making a huge deposit of her own. I asked a little desperately, "Do you know when you're going to be done?"

"I'll be done in a few seconds," Heather responded as she let out a loud fart and some more plops. I then heard a deep groan behind me, and I turned around to see Bill standing by the door while holding his stomach.

"Do you think you could go a little faster?" Bill asked Heather.

Heather wiped herself, stood up, and said, "Alright, I'm done now."

Bill and I both rushed into the restroom, and it became apparent that we were going to have to share the toilet. So, we both squatted over the toilet and diarrhea exploded out of both of us. We then heard someone exclaim, "You have got to be kidding me!"

I looked up and saw Gustav standing by the door, looking quite desperate for a poo. After a few moments, Bill and I were finished. We wiped each other's bums and left so that Gustav could go in.

Tom went to the gift shop to pick up some air freshener. Meanwhile, Gustav sat on the toilet and let out some soft poo. He was done in about 5 minutes. Georg was the last person to wake up. He wrinkled his nose as soon as he woke up, and exclaimed, "Whew! It stinks in here.!"

"Everyone has been having stomach problems," I informed him.

Suddenly, Georg let out a loud stinky fart and placed a hand on his stomach. He said with a little strain in his voice, "That's OK, because I'm about to make it even worse!" and ran into the restroom. The entire room already stunk of poop, so when Georg went inside to do more damage, it got even worse. He also let out some soft poo, and was done in about 10 minutes. By that time, Tom had came back with the air freshener. He went inside the restroom, sat on the toilet, and closed his eyes as he started to push. After a few minutes, he grunted and then we all heard a massive PLOP! and a sigh of relief from Tom. The rest of us laughed and Tom said playfully, "Oh shut up!"

Once the room smelled fresh again and everyone took some Pepto-Bismol, we all went back to the park to hang out for the last time and to have a deep conversation.

"You know, I'm really going to miss you guys," Heather said with a sigh.

"We're going to miss you, too, Heather. You be careful, OK?" Bill said tearfully, then started to sob quietly. Heather started crying as well, and suddenly, we were all in a tearful group hug.

"I'll see you guys in twelve weeks," Heather said tearfully

"We would just like to wish you good luck, and tell you to be careful, and to thank you for helping to serve our country," Georg's voice was full of tears as well.

Gustav then raised his glass and said proudly, "I would like to propose a toast to Heather, for being so brave and strong and for her decision to serve our country. To Heather!"

"To Heather!" the rest of us exclaimed and raised our glasses.

We all spent the last few days at King's Dominion together, and the day of Heather's departure, we all embraced her one last time before she went off to BCT training. I would just like to wish my friend good luck, and hopefully I'll see her soon.

The End

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