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Celebrity misshaps

Brandon T
I agree with yours and Wendys comments about rich and famous peoples toilet habits. It would be easy to post under a made up name and I bet some stars do exactly that. It has been reported that some stars have had accidents like the time Tyra Banks was reported to have messed her pants backstage. There was also a story about Lilly Allen getting diarrhoea during a performance and being so dedicated to her fans she held it untill the set was finished even though she was bursting to go. Then there was the famous photos of Fergie from the Black Eyed Peas wetting herself onstage. There are several more stories circulating on the internet and I love reading them. Could any stars out there with a story to tell please drop up just a hint of who you might be? Nothing obvious but a little clue.

Hi again everyone.

Law Student- What an interesting setup you have in your ladies toilet! I can see why it's been done, but on the other hand surely the smell still seeps into the main room when the door is opened, and what if someone is using the individual toilet and someone else has to poo? Are they allowed to go in one of the cubicles or is it still frowned upon? I wonder if the company specified that or if the builders just built it in! I've never come across toilets with both types of cubicle myself.

Today I had to take such a huuge poo! Yesterday was my Mum & Dad's silver wedding anniversary so we went out for a 3 course meal and then after we had cake, and then a different kind of cake! Needless to say I was absolutely stuffed and didn't poo in the evening. Today I went shopping with my friend Megan. After a while my need started and I had to go soon because a huge load was waiting to come out. Megan wanted some lunch which made my need worse when I ate mine. I told her I had to poo and she said she thought she could go too, so we made our way to the loos. There were hardly any people in there so we took two cubicles and went in. I lowered my jeans and panties and I heard and saw Meg do the same. I sat down and felt my bum open immediately. A huge log slid out into the loo silently. But that was just the start. As Meg and I both weed I felt my next turd moving into position. There were two plops from Meg and then my turd started to come out. The end broke off and plopped into the water and then the rest of a big rope of poo curled out silently. Meg farted twice and then dropped another piece of poo. I leaned forward and then pushed out five logs in quick succession. Meg and I then both had one more piece to get out and we were done and I felt much better afterwards!

Bye for now!

So from time to time I get constipated. The remedy that works best for me is a dose or two of Milk of Magnesia. One time, however, I took a bit too much. The result? Explosive diarrhea. Every ten minutes I was spraying the toilet bowl with watery, green shit. I could feel my stomach quiver each time I needed to relieve my bowels. Thing actually felt kinda good. My anus burned, but my belly felt like it was being cleansed. I actually don't mind getting diarrhea from Milk of Magnesia. For those who are okay with having gentle diarrhea, it really works. No stomach cramps or nausea. But your poops will be VERY urgent, VERY runny, and green. Try holding your bowels for an hour and letting the pressure build up as well. It's really quite an experience.

Brandon T
Well the festival is over and I heard quite a few women peeing but none pooping that I could tell but I think saw some womens poop in the porta potties I cant be sure maybe next year will be better.

wheelchair Sara
To Brandon T

I have not seen the toilets that you have described, does sound good but I'm at the stage where I can pretty much do it all my self. that was one of the main reason that I wanted to live by myself so I would have to learn or not go at all.

I do have a few stories where I was unable to get to the toilet in time or been disturbed by the postman (the story I will post now)

So this take place about 1 year to a year and a half ago. Is i have said before I get blocked up so when I get the urge to go I make sure that I find a toilet quick.

so it was a Friday and I was at home waiting for a delivery for work, the company had sent it to my home address instead of my work address. so I finally get the need to go and as it was Early morning I was waring just a t shirt and some knicker (Was very hot) so I get of the sofa and lift my self into my chair and go into the toilet, then I lift myself on to the toilet and sit down the right away I can feel move meant, I stat pushing out a huge poo along with a few farts. so the poo is half was out when the door buzzes (they have to buzz when out side the I have to press button to let them in and then I leave the door slightly open so I'm sitting on the loo, with half a poo hanging out so I have to break of the poo and pull my knicker up( yes without wipping) so i get back into my chair buy now the toilet is starting to smell. so I open the door and sign the clip board the the young lad says he has more boxes in the van and he will go to get them.(meaning having to dely my poo) so he finall come back and I sign for the rest of the stuff. I'm thinking that I am going to get a bit of peace, when he says can he use my toilet and of course i say yes (even though the loo has my unflushed poo in it) so he goes in and as a wee. then come out a finally leave. so I get back on the toilet but my now my poo is starting to come out so my knicker have a huge poo stain. so i am starting to poo again manage to get a few more big bit of poo out. Then I clean up and take of my knicker and throw the into the washing basket.
It took 2 flushes to get more of the poo down. I left the rest a it was only one biggish poo left. so later Beth come round and as soon as she come in she goes right to the toilet and manages to push out two hugh logs.
That's it for now will post again soon and as always feel free to ask any questions.

Wheelchair Sara

Upstate Dave

My Working Vacation End Of Day 9

Janet and I now that it was geting near sunset now got dressed. We picked up our belongings and packed them up. It sure had been one fun day! We both agreed that it had been. We then walked back out over the path heading for the road. Soon we were there and we now hopped on our bikes and began to ride them.

Soon we arrived at Janets house and I heped her with her belongings. While doing that we both got a drink. Then with her stuff taken care of we left her house. Janet was going to ride with me at least I thought over to my grandmothers. But we didn't head there first. Instead there was still some time left for her to be out so we headed over to the old school.

We parked our bikes and walked over to the swings. WE both got on one and we swung on them. The swinging on the swings made a refreshing breeze as we swung. After swinging on the swings for fifteen minutes or so Janet said to me; I think we better think about heading over to your grandmothers Dave. But before we do go I have to piss! Well Janet had perfect timeing! I had to go too!

So we stopped our swings. Janet then got off of her swing turned around and sat back down on it. Seeing Janet do this I did the same. This made us now faced the line of trees instead of the road. Janet had her summer dress on agin. When at her house she had taken her bikini off. So Janet just slid her dress out from under her as she sat on her swing.

I also was siting in my swing and I pulled my zipper down and got out my penis to piss. I saw Janet slide forward on her swing makeing it jiggle around a little. Then she planted her feet firmly on the groud which stopped the swings movement. There was some light from one of the far off streetlights but not all that much. So it was fairly dark where we were on the swings.

We both now were ready to piss. Janet started just before I did. In the dull light I saw that Janets piss stream was a spraying type stream. Her spraying stream did catch some of the dull light from the far off streetlight so it was showing off a dull glistening as it flowed from her vagina going down to the ground weting the dirt and darkening the dirt.

I started my piss. I sent a good long arcing stream through the air. My stream made it all the way to the row of trees that lined the end of the playground. I didn't hit one of the tress. Instead my stream went betwen two trees and smacked into one of the bushes that was there. Janet seeing how far my stream was going let out a good fairly loud giggle. I felt myslef smile. I did have a good stream going!

Now at this point after I had pissed ofr several seconds Janets piss stream had changed. It had gone from its hard spraying stream and now it was not spraying a drop! Her stream was angled slightly foward,it was twisted ,and gave off a nice loud hiss! It might have seemed louder at the time due to thge air being still and there wasn't all that much other noise at the time.

Also Janets piss had wetted the dirt enough on te ground she had a small piss puddle form and her piss gave off a splashing sound. I was still [issing in the same bush at this time too. Janet a short time later as I watched her pissing her stream slacked right off with her streams hiss fadeing and stoping. Same with the splashing of her piss in the piss puddle that had formed down in the dirt.

Then as soon as Janet had stopped pissing she hopped right off her swing and stepped over t me geting behind me. She lightly leaned on me rewached down and front of me and she took a hold of my penis! I let go and I let her hold me till I finished my piss. Then once I was done she let go and I got up off from the swing put my penis back inside my shorts and zipped them up.

We then walked back t where our bikes were holding hands. We then got on ourr bikes and we rode over to my grandmothersd house. When we rode in the kitchen light was on along with the back porches light. The rest of the house was dark. My grandmother had already gone to sleep. Janet gave me another quick kiss after we had put all my stuff away. Then she said good night nad she hopped on her bike and went home. I went inisde the trailer and I went straight to bed. That brough the end of the great day! Upstate Dave

Jasmin K

A couple of recent constipation events

Just thought I would write about my younger sister Chantelle who is 10 pooing in her pants at Chessington Adventure Park last weekend.
She had been staying at my Aunties for a few days and my Aunty always has loads of sweets,Chocolates,crisps etc that she gets from her works and you can eat them as much as you like.I know from personal experience, particularly when I was younger as I stayed there alot between ages 8 and 12, that whenever I stayed there I would eat so much chocolate that I would have ???? aches but because they are available I would just carry on eating them and not think about the resulting constipation.
Anyway Chantelle had been there a week and came back on Thursday as my Mum was on Holiday from work. Chantelle had ???? ache and after she was on the toilet for ages on Thursday evening and couldnt do anything she got her pull up on for bed and went to sleep. On the Friday morning Mum asked me to see to her so I took her into the bathroom and she took off her wet pullup to reveal she had also done a little poo. She sat on the toilet and did some more and after that we all went to the Beach.
On the Saturday we were going to the theme park and got up extra early even though its only about 1+1/2 hours drive. I used the bathroom first and after about 20 minutes had done a good load of poo - 2 hard logs about 4 inches each and fat enough to hurt when they came out and lots of hard pebbles.My Arse was quite sore so I put a kotex pad in my knickers which I figured was a good move.Let me explain, Last week there was a Fun Fair near my house, so me and katie went every evening and got on some rides free cos we got friendly If you know what I mean with some of the guys who were working there. Anyway on the first evening after getting ready at 17.30 I went to make myself poo before Katie was due to arrive. Because I had less than an hour I sat
there straining as hard as I could and did a couple of hard balls of poo which made my arse bleed as they shot out and splashed into the water then after straining for about 10 minutes out came some pebbles. When I wiped my arse it was really sore so I put some creme on and pulled my knickers and skin tight jeans up.
We went on lots of rides but no matter how I sat the movement of the rides made my arse really hurt. I told Katie and she asked If i had Piles, yes I said and she said she had them as well and was wearing a Kotex in her knickers to cushion her arse. Katie asked the guys there if there was somewhere we could use and he let us go to his caravan. Katie produced a kotex which I put in my Knickers and when we went back on the rides.It felt much better and I was able to sit properly without worrying if it would make my arse bleed and it didnt get so sore.
So back to Saturday - After I flushed Chantelle came in and my mum asked me to stay with her whilst she put the things in the car. Chantelle started to pushing and straining very hard, I kept encouraging her to try harder and push for longer, well after 20 mins she had done a couple of pebbles and some jelly like stuff. I moved the little table thing that fits over her legs so she can have her drawing and colouring books which seem to help her to push. If she doesnt have them she gets board but when she draws and colours she will sit there straining for ages, occasionally being reminded what she is there to do.
After 1 hour we were ready to go, My eldest sister Aimee had arrived and so Chantelle got off the toilet and wiped having produced about 6 pebbles. When we went to the car mum had put chantells old potty on the seat.( Chantelle can still fit on the potty and often has it infront of the TV ) Mum lifted Chantells Skirt an pulled her knickers down and sat her on the potty and then put the seat belt round her. All the way there Chantelle kept straining and farting which sat next to her was not that pleasant. When we got there she had done a wee and 4 pebbles of poo. Mum pulled Chantells knickers up and we set off to the rides. We had been queing for 1 of the rides for half an hour and Chantelle was getting restless, eventually we got our turn and as we finished Chantelle squotted down to fiddle with her trainers. When she caught up to us Chantelle was looking rather flustered and red in the face. My sister Aimee called her to come to her and felt under Chantells skirt and whilst continuing to feel announced to Mum (and all those around) ''Mum She's done it,she's done a poo poo, Mum Shes done a big poo in her knickers'' Mum said to Aimee to stop squeezing it as its bad enough to clean up But Aimee just continued and said ''Mum its a huge poo''. After 2 hours spent on toilet and potty Chantelle had
gone and done it in her knickers in 5 minutes.
Chantelle does her poo in her knickers quite often,and Mum had brought some clean knickers just in case. Aimee took Chantelle to get cleaned up.

The rest of the day was really good and Chantelle was much happier for not having ???? ache and following Katies advice I was able to enjoy the rides.

Will post about Aimee and Katie soon.

Jas K


Thai food cleanout

I should start by saying that I can't really eat Thai food, because if I have more than just a small portion, it really makes me have to shit bad, like diarrhea practically. So yesterday, it had been four days since I last shit but I didn't want to take a laxative. I figured I'd eat a bunch of Thai food for lunch and see if that cleared up my constipation.

I ate at around 11:30 and then I waited for the effect. Around 4:00 I was hit by a major need to shit. I nearly ran to the bathroom and slammed myself down on the toilet. A barrage of mushy semi-solid crap flowed forth from my butt for many minutes. Finally it ended and I took a peek at the toilet. I saw a war zone in there and the smell was horrendous, but at least I wasn't plugged up anymore.

stealth pee

Car Mom/Laura

Car Mom,
It's sad to read that you and Laura had a falling out. Both because we love reading your stories, and because we wish you the very best and care about you.

At first glance it sounds like the kind of bickering my daughters and their pals did in middle school, but there must be more to it than that. It depends a lot on what kind of friendship you had with Laura outside of the peeing. Was there a deeper relationship (did you talk about lots of worldly and personal things, did you go out to restaurants/movies/stores together, did you have other things in common)? Did you share any other kinds of intimacy?

Without knowing your answers either way, communication is at the core of a relationship, even a quirky one. Be honest about everything, talk things out. If Laura thought she was a "special friend", she certainly was as she was the first to pee in new ways in the car and couch. But she must know that you enjoy peeing with other people and should not hold that against you. There are many ways that the bond could become closer. Just spending more time together would increase the friendship, and give more time for chatting.

Be assured that you, Laura, Lori, the kids, and the others are not alone. The internet discloses that there are many, many people scattered everywhere who love "peeing in unusual places", and we all share a special bond. Most of the time that bond is anonymous, and you are very lucky that you have found some real friends that can share that interest, and can also share it with your daughter. I hope you and Laura can get back together.


I almost crapped my pants in front of tree pruner guy

Hi my name is Andrea or Andi for short. I told my friend who frequents this site about my embarrassing experience and she got a kick out of it and told me to post it here. Anyways I am a 22 year old brunette who just graduated from college and the main reason for posting is because I became really constipated the other day. I usually poop twice a day but I did not go at all during this specific day. I had some fiber one cereal for breakfast that my mom usually eats and it didn't do any good. For lunch I had a large salad packed with broccoli and spinach and still nothing. For dinner I had a fruit plate with grapes and a pear. An hour later which happened to be about 5:30pm my mom came home and asked how my constipation was doing. I told her no luck and she recommended not to do much since I already had so much to unclog my plumbing.
So to get to the embarrassing part….around 6:30pm I went upstairs to try crapping and I had a few firecracker sounding farts. I took a half hour bath and changed into a tshirt and my gray Victoria Secret hot pants (my usual late evening wardrobe since I am staying in and I'm not expecting anyone to come over or so I think. I think that long bath must have helped since I felt some churning in my stomach. My friend at that moment called me to touch base with her as to what my plans were for the next day. We talked for about 15 minutes and then ended the conversation.
At this point I could feel some gas pains. My mom called from upstairs for me to wash the few remaining dishes in the sink. It was now 7:30pm and I sat in the kitchen watching some TV and munched on a few more grapes. I was feeling like maybe I should try shitting again but I thought I would hold off until I finished the episode of bachelorette. BIG MISTAKE because I could feel my stomach rumbling and then DingDong. OMG I could not believe it. Someone rang the doorbell when I really needed to use the pot. I faintly heard the doorbell so maybe I could ignore it, but my mom called down from upstairs saying I should get the door since she was about to take her shower. I figured it may be one of my friends. I tried to move quickly gripping my hands on the butt as I approached the door. I opened the door just as the person was about to reach for the doorbell button again. Well, what do you was a tree pruner showing up to give an estimate after we called a week ago.

Hi mam my name is Brian with (tree pruner service remains anonymous) are you still interested in getting your trees trimmed? I was really fidgeting now with my hands squeezing my butt trying to hold in my poop or else the tree pruner guy and me would experience a historic Mount Andrea ass explosion. I said sorry, we already are contracted under a different service. He then countered I could beat that price maybe. I was really getting nervous now since I was only covered in my favorite hot pants which barely covered me and I had a massive explosion set to explode in my pantyless shorts any second. I then said "Again I m really sorry sir but we are no longer interested". The pruner looked at me weird and paused and asked if I needed to use the bathroom and he could come back another day. I told him "I am long over due and please leave!" He shook his head and walked away.. I closed the door and rushed to the bathroom yanked down my hot pants and I heard a bomb sound and a bunch of mushy poop exploded out of my butt hole and into the pot. Oh, what a relief and an embarrassing experience.

Brandon T

Comments & stuff

To: Brian great story about seiin and smelling that leftovers of that ladies poop in the bathroom.

To: Wendy & Kirsty, Kirsty great story about you pooping and peeing yourself but it paid out in the end litteraly and as always I look forward to your guys next posts thanks.

To: Tiffany another great poop by poop story and I loook forward to your next one thanks.

To: Law Student great story about the ladies room it sounds like you might have some great stories to tell and I look forward to them thanks.

To: Hermes as always another great story about hearing a woman going to the bathroom and as always I look forward to yoru next post thanks.

To: Leanne great story about you and your friend Charlote ooping together and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

Heres a story back in high school a friend of mine named Lindsay always had to pee at 2pm it happened everyday and she even she said that what she said is it seems like I always have to pee at this time its to bad I never asked her if she was interested in that sorta stuff oh well.

Heres an idea this site should have a mascot like flushy the toilet or something like that could go on the main page and when you click on him he would say welcome to and then a flush sound and I think it might be fun for anybody else on this site to come up with there own ideas so please try and think of something thanks.

Well thats all for now sorry for any mistakes but I didnt get to pre read the posts since it just got updated.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Monday, August 01, 2011

Jennifer G

2 Common Urban Legends

There are two commonly used stories I've seen in several YouTube videos and commercials and I was just wondering if anyone here had experiences like them.

Scenario #1: Woman spends the night with a man she just met. She wakes up in his house and finds him gone. He left a note for her. She spends the morning around in his house until she needs to take a poop. In most cases it is a very desperate situation so she uses his bathroom. She either clogs the toilet, it may be broken, or the turd is floating. Either way, she has no choice but take the turd out with a plastic bag. She leaves the man a note and accidentally leaves the bad with the shit next to it. The door locks behind her so she can't get to it.

Scenario #2: Woman is on a first (or perhaps blind) date with a man. She needs to fart. When she is led to the car she gets in on the passenger side and the man steps around to the drivers seat. While he is walking, the woman lets one slip. The man gets in the car and says something like "Have you met my two friends?" It turns out there were two people sitting in the back seat who witnessed the fart.

Mr. Clogs

Nice pee into my glass canning jar

Last night I had a really nice pee into my container last night. I woke up in the middle of the night with a real sense of urgency for a pee. I quickly got out of bed and got the glass jar and putted up to my "you know" and peed into it. I made a nice golden stream into the container filling nearly half way up. I was amazed by it since I didn't drink water before I went to bed, just fruit juice which made my urine a nice golden color. I put the pissed filled container on my stereo table and went back to bed.

Moria: I would be cautious when eating food from her and not just shaking hands as well. Keep your system up so you don't get sick.

Car Mom: Great stories and keep those adventures of peeing where ever you like coming!

Well that's it for now. If I have something to share I'll post something.


Mr. Clogs

Herb T.

Cleaning Lady in Restroom

Hello everyone - Herb T. here with a quick post. I think most of us guys have experienced this at least once in our lives. It seems to happen to me frequently for some reason... you're sitting in a stall, taking a dump, and the cleaning lady/maid knocks on the restroom door and opens it slightly and says something to alert anyone of her presence - usually "Housekeeping," or just says "Hello." The usual protocol is to say something to let her know someone is in there - like "Just a minute." Then, the cleaning lady usually waits outside until you leave. I've always thought it would be cool if the cleaning lady came in and started cleaning while I'm taking a dump. Well... that actually happened to me on Monday - first time ever that a cleaning lady came in and started cleaning before I was finished. I was going to post about this a couple of days ago, but my wife got home right in the middle of my post and I had to shut this site down and pretend I was checking stocks. Brief description of the events:

I had to go to a local hotel mid-day to drop off an executive at my company who is visiting from out of town. My stomach had been kind of rumbling all morning and I needed to take a dump, and figured I'd use the restroom there. Once the guy got out of my car, I pulled around the side of the hotel to park and took the side door entrance. I found the restroom which was empty and took a stall. This restroom was huge by the way - one room with about 10 sinks, and another with urinals and stalls - probably about 10 urinals and 7 stalls. Well my ass pretty much exploded when I sat down and was a noisy and semi-liquidy mess. It felt like there was more to come, so I just sat there and waited for the encore. A guy came in to piss in a urinal, then right after that - the knock... "Housekeeping," she said. I stayed silent because I thought the guy at the urinal might say something, but he just flushed and left. Another guy came in to piss and left, then another knock and the lady said "Hello Housekeeping." I said "I'll be out in a minute," which I'm sure she heard. But, I could hear a cart being wheeled in, and the emptying of trash cans, checking stalls, etc. I thought WTF,? Does she not know I'm in here. I figured I'd have a little fun, and finally finished my dump, with a couple of toots. I'm not sure if she heard me or not. I stood up to wipe, and the toilet flushed (it was an auto flush toilet), then wiped about five times. Luckily my ass was not too messy. I tucked my shirt back in, then hit the manual flush button to flush one final time. Clearly she heard the flushing. I went over to the sinks and she was standing there doing something with the trash - replacing trash bags or something, and she said "Sorry." Clearly she was not sorry and appeared to be somewhat perturbed that I was taking too long and cutting into her cleaning schedule. I thought about saying something like - "Sorry I really to go poo-poo," or something along those lines - although I didn't want to look like a weirdo, so I just told her "No problem," and kind of gripped my stomach. She was a semi-attractive Hispanic lady. I finished washing my hands, and threw the paper towels in the trash bag she was holding. She said "Thank you," and apologized again. I'm sure she knew I was taking a dump - two flushes, pulling on toilet paper, exiting a stall, etc.

Has this ever happened to anyone before? I would assume it would be hotel policy for the cleaning lady not to enter the men's room when people are in there. I didn't complain or anything like that because I actually thought it was kind of cool. Taking a dump and wiping my ass when an unknown female is in there cleaning. Pretty cool actually. I guess I can scratch taking a dump in the presence of a female hotel maid off my dumping "To Do" list.

Oh, and Amylee - yet another good post. Like I said before, the toilets in your office sure suffer a lot of abuse.

Brandon T
I might have some stories to tell with in the next few days because there is a festival happening and there will be porta potties so theres a good chance I will hear a woman poop.

I was at work today and at lunch time I headed out to get something to eat. After eating I felt the urge to shit but I had already left the restaurant. I had about 10 blocks to walk to get back to the office. I entered into a very old used bookstore nearby to see if I could discreetly use the washroom. It was nearly empty so I wandered around pretending to be looking. I then saw a staircase that went downstairs. I walked down the two flights of stairs and continued to look around. The downstairs area was a bit cluttered but eventually I found a long hallway with the customer's washroom. I hurried over but the door was locked. It was a unisex washroom and there was no sign of needing a key to enter.

I really didn't want to have to bother the cashier for the key. I walked over to an aisle and continued to look around. About 5 minutes had past and eventually a very attractive girl in her early to mid 20s exited out and went up the stairs. I quickly rushed over the bathroom. Clearly she had just unloaded because of the smell and the large skidmark in the bowl. The tiny bathroom was very old and had a large raised toilet with a black seat and a small pedestal sink across the way. I undid my belt and dropped my briefs before sitting on the still warm seat. As I relaxed and sat back I let out a loud fart before the turd quickly came out without any effort. I gathered the toilet paper to begin wiping and quickly unseated myself to flush. The turd went down quickly with the load of water that rushed out after pulling the handle. I finished up and headed back upstairs casually to head back to work.


Moira made me curious

Reading moored post made me curious about not wiping, so I figured why not try it? I just finished going to the bathroom and just pulled my boxers up and laid in bed. When I walled it felt a little stickier than usual and kinda warm, but once I laid in bed I kinda feel the same as if I wiped. I guess I'll see how it feels in the morning. I'm curious to know if anyone else read that post and tried it or has ever tried it before. Also Moira did u try it once u saw your cousin not wipe? Good night


Pood and wet myself for work

I was 19 at the time and we had to get a very urgent and valuable order finished in time for a collection. It absolutely had to go out that night and I got the job of packing it all up into boxes. We had no time for breaks as the order couldn't be late or we'd lose the business. We were all told there would be a bonus if we got the order out on time so I wanted to get the job done. I was on my own in the packing room and I needed to pee and poo. I worked for about an hour untill my bladder felt like it would burst but I still had loads of boxes to fill. I was so determined to get this order out I just wet myself while I worked. I had a much bigger problem than just wet knickers though. I was desperate for a poo and I'd been holding it all day so it was going to be a big one. I felt the pressure in my bowels getting to the point where it hurt to keep holding it. I had to go so bad but I couldn't stop working so in spite of the pain I carried on working. The poo was right at my anus and it began to force it open against my will. I wanted to run to the toilet but the order was too important to be late out the door. I clenched hard against the advancing poo but it hurt so much I had to relax to release some of the pressure. I let go for just a second and about six inches of poo slid straight into the seat of my knickers before I could stop it. The pain eased but it was only a temporary relief. As soon as I clenched the pain returned. I packed some more boxes while the pain got worse untill it got so bad I had to let some more out, so I let go again. In an instant a huge load shot into the back of my knickers, filling them right up. In the space of 10 seconds I had about two pounds of soft poo sitting in my knickers but the relief was unbelievably good. I packed the rest of the boxes while I pushed out the last of my poo into my knickers and finished just as the van turned up to collect them. I'd never felt so embarrassed as the driver signed the paperwork and the moment he drove off I ran to the toilet to clean up. By the time I locked the building up and left to go home it was 10:30 at night and I was exhausted.
I phoned my boss to let him know the order went out on time and he was over the moon about it. He told me not to come in untill lunch time the next day to get some sleep and he said he wouldn't forget my efforts. When I went back to work the next afternoon I was handed an envelope by the boss and when I opened it there was a letter and a check for a hundred pounds. RESULT! When I read the letter it turned out that order was worth half a million pounds and we would get an order like that every month so I was top dog at work I can tell you. Even if I did have to poo and wet myself to do it!

Wild One

School Days - Part One

It was those days when smoking was cool and rebel thing. We have this our own smoking place near our school what we chosen because it was quiet place and near but not too near - low risk to get caught. It was old abandoned and very trashy house which backyard we smokers used - non-smoker friends were also always welcome to chat and killing time in there. Left and rightside there was also old abandoned houses while in front side there was main road and our smoking place backyard there was light trees and grass and plants until there was quiet crossroad and few apartments and occupants (mostly harmless quiet living senior citizens) so there was very nice and peaceful place to smoke, chat and chilling.

While the place was primarily used in smoking and chatting (and chilling) we young and wild (mostly male) students of course used the backyard and houses back wall to empty our full bladders and few times there was shit piles on the ground what always offered a cheap and nasty (but nice) fun to broke and mess those piles and logs using pee sprays. Everyone doesn´t wanted to use school toilets (many reasons for that) so they decided use fresh nature while they probably enjoy stimulating cigarette in same time. Of course it ask some real courage and speed to release your logs on there when you really dont guess when some smoker or smoker group surprise you having panties on your ankles, bare ass naked and probably log hanging out and/or half-ready shitload under your ass. But like we all know: when you just have to go - you just have to go. And I have to say that some piles were very big.

It was also always great fun when few times we lots of guys (3-6) decided to spray our young urine fluids aginst the house back wall in the same time. It was fun and naughty thing and we have those childish competitions like who can pee higher and wider. Sometimes we also notice some thrashy (half-burned, rubbish, dirty) old homework papers and those were also nice targets to pee.

To be continued.....

Story Teller
A question for some of the male visitors of this site. Does anyone have any stories/experiances relating to peeing outdoors in cold weather? I did that last November while we were out one Saturday. It was fairly difficult to do, possible do to what cold does to that area. The stream was really weak.

On another note, I was looking through old posts and I came across a interesting story about a user called John the Lurker. He posted a interesting story about stealing toilet paper from the bathroom, then waiting for his mom to call him to bring her some TP. It's a interesting trick...I think I'll try that with one of my aunts or something.


On the train

I'm typing this while I'm riding the train back to my house. I feel a small need to poop, so when I get home I'll have to go. There's three stops until I get off. I kinda need to fart, but I don't want anyone else to hear or smell it. Okay, the train just stopped. Some people are getting off and others getting on. I count seven other people in this car. If I were alone I'd be farting up a storm, I'm just holding it back and it's really hard to do. Pfffff Oops I let a silent one go. It doesn't smell too awful so hopefully no one will notice. Prrt I couldn't help it, I had to fart. The next stop is the one I get off at. Bbbbrrt. I know someone had to have heard that. I'm so embarrassed. Okay, I'm leaving the train now. I'll finish the post when I get home.

I'm home and I farted several times while I was walking. I don't quite have to poop just yet, but very soon. Zzzzttt Pffffrrtt Bbbtttt Feels good not to have to hold in my farts anymore. Prraarrrrrrt Fffffff I'm off to the bathroom. Prrrarrrtttt Pfffffffrrrtt Bzzzzt Lowers my pants and panties and I'm sitting on the toilet. Praaaaat Splonk Ploosh Sploonk. Pffffff Pfffff Brraaatt Splip Sploop Shloop Splunk Bzzzzzzrrt Splish Splop Pfffrtt Plunk Sploosh Splish Splop Ploop Brrraarrtt Pffffrrt.

Whew, now I'm done. Wiping and it sure is messy. Going to take many wipes today. Second pass, absolutely filthy. Third one, cleaner but still a lot of brown. Four, and five, okay, all clean.

Last night I was sitting on the computer when I had to pee. I was being lazy and didn't feel like getting up to go. Finally a little while later my sister made me laugh and a few squirts came out. I decided I better go. I go up to the bathroom and this weird idea pops into my head. Its my time of the month so I had a pad on and I for some reason wanted to pee in it. I squatted over the toilet and started to pee. I was scared the pad wouldnt hold all my pee so I stopped and finished in the toilet

I'm a relatively new poster, though I'm not new to the site. I've been reading for several years, but I've only posted once before, and I can't remember what page. Hopefully in the near future I'll have more time to post some stories, because I do have a few, but for now I have a question/suggestion for Car Mom.

You seem to be open to peeing in new places, so I was wondering if you'd be open to peeing in your bed? Or maybe even in your car, but keeping your pants up? If anything, they'd be new places to try, even if they're not your thing. Just something to think about.


Law Student

Law Firm Ladies' Room

I just finished my first year of law school back in May and I've been working the summer as an intern in a local law firm. The job is great and the people there are great. And the ladies' room there is great. But there is something unusual about it that I want to tell you about.

As I said, the ladies' room at the law firm is great. It has 4 stalls, all very roomy with full size partitions and sturdy locks on the stall doors that really protect your privacy when using the toilet. The facilities are also kept immaculately clean and very well stocked with toilet paper (the good kind), paper towels, soap, and everything else. I've never been one to worry about less than stellar bathroom facilities, but I sure do appreciate how nice these facilities are. I've always had very active bowels - rarely do I go a day with having 2 bowel movements and occasionally I have 3 bowel movements in a single day. That can be a mixed blessing, to be sure. So I suppose that I appreciate having nice facilities to use more than most people do. I also played softball in high school and played on a very competitive summer travel team in those years. I think my athletic endeavors have contributed to my healthy bowels. But playing all that softball, you wouldn't believe some of the places that I've had to move my bowels. As a softball player, you are pleased to have regular flush toilets to use even if there were less than clean school facilities or park restrooms that oftentimes didn't have doors on the individual stalls. Much of the time, I found myself using port-o-potty facilities, but there were times when I didn't even get that. There were indeed times when I found myself just squatting in the bushes or squatting behind a storage shed or something and dropping a bowel movement that way. That was not fun but with active bowels like mine, it was just something that I had to do and deal with it as best I could.

But I digress. I guess the point is that I really appreciate the wonderful ladies' room that I have at work.

As I said, there are 4 stalls in the ladies' room at work, including the very large handicapped stall. But right there in the ladies' room there is a door that leads to another ladies' room. This one consists of a single toilet with a sink all enclosed in its own room behind a full door. It's just like your bathroom in your house except that there is no bathtub or shower. It seemed very odd to me to have this bathroom within a bathroom and I wondered what it was for. I'd see various women at the law firm go in there on occasion but other times these same women would use the regular toilet stalls. I just couldn't find any rhyme or reason as to why they had this other bathroom within the ladies' room. As for me, I was more than happy to take care of my business in those very comfortable stalls in the main ladies' room and I never had any reason to go into the single-user one. But I still wondered why it was there.

But as I was working there, I began to notice that I'd sometimes get funny looks when I was coming out of a stall in the ladies' room. At first, I just wrote it off as something I was imagining, but as I began to pay more attention to it, it was unmistakable that I was getting a negative reaction as I exited that stall. I also began to notice that the disapproving looks would come after I'd done a bowel movement in there. And since I very rarely go a day without having a bowel movement at work, I was getting these looks quite a bit. About the only time, I'd not get a look after doing a bowel movement is when I'd be alone in there and that was quite rare in this very busy ladies' room.

I began to feel a little self-conscious about it - I know that mine doesn't smell like roses but was it really worse than anyone else's - but as a young intern, I wasn't about to say anything. Then finally someone said something to me. I was coming out of a stall late one afternoon after having a bowel movement and one of the more senior legal secretaries was at the sinks. She asked me if I had done "a #2". I was a bit taken aback at the question, but again, as a young intern, I didn't know what else to say besides "yes." She then asked me why I had done it in there. I was completely dumbfounded by the question as I couldn't imagine where else I was supposed to go to the bathroom other than a toilet. I also got the distinct impression that she was a bit annoyed at me for doing it. As I looked at her puzzled, I guess she grasped that I genuinely didn't know what she was talking about.

She then went on to explain that the bathroom within a bathroom was for "going #2." Apparently we were only supposed to urinate in the toilets in the regular stalls. "Why would you go in there (meaning the regular stalls) when you could have more privacy in the other one (meaning the single user bathroom)," she asked me. I explained that I hadn't really thought about it, but that the regular stalls were very nice and very private and that I had no problem using them regardless of which function I had to do. "It certainly isn't as private as using the separate room," she said to me - again in a disapproving tone. "A lot of people have to use this ladies' room and we'd appreciate it if you'd go in there for #2 from now on," she told me. I was taken aback by her comments - I mean, I wasn't refusing to use that separate bathroom, I was just surprised that having a bowel movement was such a big deal at this place - but I just told her "O.K."

So now when I have to do a bowel movement at work (which is basically every day), I go in this separate bathroom within a bathroom. It certainly isn't a big deal for me to go in there - it's just a toilet like any other toilet - but then again, it wasn't a big deal to go in the regular stalls, either. But at least now, I don't get dirty looks when I do bowel movements at work. I certainly don't see any harm in having a separate, more private room to do bowel movements in, but it just seems kind of odd to me. As I've said, with some of the places that I've had to go back when I was playing softball, I'm more than happy to have a regular toilet for "going #2." Doing it in a regular ladies' room with multiple stalls has never been an issue for me and the law firm has about the nicest ladies' room (even without that separate room) that I've ever seen. It just seems like a whole lot of fuss about something that we all do and shouldn't be a fuss at all.

But obviously the women at this law firm like it this way. I have no idea what the facilities for the men are like. I was just wondering if anyone out there has every seen a bathroom like this and what you think of this arrangement.


Today at the Hotel

Hi All!

Hope you are all OK.Love all your posts.

Pooping experiences always happen when you least expect them to - take today for example.

On my way back from a businesss meeting the other side of the country I stopped off in the foyer of a hotel chain which shall remain nameless in order to catch up with the e-mails and other items on my Blackberry.

I sometimes stop off here as I use the toilets which back onto the Ladies and in theory you can hear what is going on the other side. Until today I had never been in there whilst someone was using the Ladies on the other side.

Today two women were interviewing candidates in the hotel lobby.One was a red-head and the other was a tall blonde who looked a lot like Denise Van Outen. Between candidates the blonde woman went into the toilet and as I needed a pee I went into the Gents.

The woman was already on the throne when I got there, I heard from the other side of the wall, a TONKLE+TONKLE_SWEEEE as she peed,followed by a lengthy silence.

Just as I thought she was only in there for a pee, the silence was broken by a UGH_UNNNNNNGH_BRAAAPPPPP-KERSPLASH-PLOP-PLOP! as she strained, did a raspy crackling fart, a large poo and two smaller poos.

There was another period of quiet followed by a PLOPPLOPPLOPPLOPPLOP-BRUUUUUUUMMMMP! as she did five pebbles then a bassy fart.

There was another period of quiet followed by a wet sounding

SPLEEEEEE-SPLANNNK-PLIPPLIPPLIPPLIPPLIP-PLOP-PLOP-PLOOOP! as she did two wet farts four or five pellet-like poos and three increasingly larger poos shot out of her anus.

There was a minute of quiet followed by a BRUMMP-PLOP_SPLUT-PLIP-SPLUT-PLOP-PLOP-PLOP!

Another minute passed and there was a rapid

UGH-UNNNH-SPLANNNNK-SPLANNNK-SPLUUUUTT-PLOP-PLOP-PLOP-BRUMMMMMMP! and I then heard the rattle of the toilet roll holder.

I returned to the foyer and the blonde was in a rush to get back to the table for interviewing so she accidentally bumped into me. "Sorry Darlin'" she said with a husky voice, and I got strong whiff of poo from her. I left the hotel then and continued on my journey.

Bye for now

Hermes xx

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