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Strict Parents


Frantic Francine

I can empathize with you and your friend Sophia about her parents making her go every 2 hours when she is constipated. My mum was very strict too about going to the toilet and constipation although in my case it was more about doing a poo every day and not getting constipated.
Basically when I was younger I was made to go every day - I had to sit on the toilet straining untill I did something in the morning before leaving for school, if I couldnt do any or didnt do enough I got into trouble and had to go again in the evening.
When i did get constipated - I had to stay on the toilet untill I did it.
I stopped being made to go when I was 12 but I still do it myself now especially if I get constipated.
My younger sister is still made to go.

Ok my answers to a couple of surveys

Tim's survey:

1. How many times a day do u go for a pee? 4 or 5 times - I dont take to much liquid as it fills me up so I dont pee much
2. How long does it take you to pee? not long probably less than a minute

3. Is your pee stream loud or quiet when hitting the water in the toilet? loudish
4. How long do u take to poo? Depends between 5 minutes and an hour or more
6. Whats ur poo like solid, mushy or liquid? usually solid

7. Do u fart when u poo? sometimes when I am straining I fart alot
8. Would u let someone of the same sex in the toilet with you? best friend,sister and my mum.
9. Would u let someone of the opposite sex in the toilet with you? No Not as yet

Lou's survey:
1. Do you sit or stand when you wipe your bottom? I sit.
2. When you have a bowel movement, do you use wet wipes or moisten your toilet paper or just use dry toilet paper alone? Usually just the dry paper or wet wipes if ive got piles.
3. How many times do you typically wipe after a shit? My poo is usually hard so just once.
4. Do you read, smoke, or talk on the phone while you shit? Read, text or sometimes colour my sisters colouring book in.
5. Do you often bathe just after a bowel movement? No, not unless I was going to bathe anyway.
6. How often, usually, do you move your bowels? Try to every day.

Jas x


Adventures in open stalls

I took my morning walk on the beach which "get's things going," if you know what I mean. But I didn't want to use the porta potties set up while the toilet facilities are undergoing renovation, so I headed back to my car. But as I approached the parking lot from the other direction, I saw one of the older men's rooms partially hidden by a bicyle renting place.

Inside, on the wall opposite the entry were two sinks. Next to them were three stalls (no doors), and a 4th stall for changing. Opposite the stalls were two urinals.

Day 1: Someone was standing peeing in the first stall. I don't know why guys like to do that. The second stall had water (or something...) on the floor, so I went into the third stall, took out one of my pocket disinfectant wipes that I carry (a good tip for you guys that don't like your butt on a public toilet seat), and i sat down to do my business. A lot of traffic in and out of the men's rooms. A couple of guys started to walk into my stall until they saw me. One looked at me and offered a polite "excuse me."

Day 2: Middle stall labeled out of order so I took stall number 3 again. One guy looked at me and then stood to the side just waiting. "Hey, buddy, do you want this stall?" I asked. He was embarrassed to be talking to me while I was on the can, but I borrowed a line from Zip and said, "Just let me finish up the paper work and it's all yours." When he heard me flush he stepped over and thanked me as he walked into the stall. I guess he was too embarrassed to use the first stall even though it was available.

Day 3: A guy in the middle stall. He's bent forward, his face down toward the floor. He's not going to let anyone recognize him while he's taking a dump. As if we cared! Middle stall still out of order, so i took the first stall, in full view of everyone who entered the men's room. I dropped a couple of logs, wiped sitting down and finished standing up. I buttoned up the fly on my cargo shorts and left without incident.

Today: Middle stall working so I took it, sitting there doing my business when a guy walks in with his son and daughter. She looks 9 or 10, too old to be in a men's room, and she could have waited outside with her brother who appeared to be 11 or 12. At least she could have waited by the sinks. Instead she's next to dear old dad while he's at the urinal - gross! And she keeps turning and staring at me. He doesn't say a word to her about it. I hate people like that.

I thought I'd go back in time for my post today. I was still in junior school and also in the Girl Guides. Our troop went to a camp nearby for a couple of days. The toilets, we discovered, were really weird. There were separate ones for girls and the boys in the scouts who were also there, but each set of loos was divided up. There were five 'rooms' each of which had a sink and an outhouse-type toilet; that is to say a bench with holes in and toilet seats fixed on. So two girls could occupy each one at a time but there was nothing to stop someone else coming in while they were in use. It was weird! Needless to say I wasn't looking forward to using the loo. But soon after we arrived I had to pee but I made sure nobody else was going to come in before I went. My friend Charlotte and I were in the same troop as me and we were staying together in the same tent. After dinner that evening we both had to wee before we went to bed, so we went to the toilets and occupied the two seats in one of the blocks. It was awkward at first, even though we had been in the toilet with each other before we had never been sitting on essentially the same loo! The seats were so close together our legs and bums kept touching each others! After we had weed I realised I had quite enjoyed it!
The next morning we went to pee again together, and while we were sitting there two other girls came in, realised it was full, and left again, which was awkward for us all. For the day's activities Charlotte and I were put in different groups so I didn't see her until dinner time. In the early afternoon we took a break from our activities and I peed in some 'proper' toilets that were near where we were doing stuff. When we went for dinner I found Charlotte again and we sat together. I noticed she looked a bit distant but I didn't say anything. As I ate I started to need a number two. When I said something to Charlotte she didn't answer so then I asked if she was ok. She said, 'I'm fine, I just really have to do a poo! I've been holding it since lunch.' I asked her why and she said she didn't want to go into the toilets by herself in case someone she didn't know came in and sat next to her! She said she would only poo if I was there (aww bless etc). I said, 'You're in luck then because I need to poo as well.' Then she said, 'Can we go now? I'm desperate to go.' I said sure since I had a strong urge too, and we headed off. We had a while before the evening activites started and there were a few girls going in and out of the loos. Lots of them seemed to be doing what we were doing- going in together. We joined the queue and waited until two girls went in to one block together. When they came out a few minutes later, we took their place. Since there was a queue and the girls at the front knew which toilets were occupied, nobody bothered us. Charlotte and I lowered our trousers and knickers and sat together. I heard the crackling of Cahrlotte's poo starting to come out, then it flumped into the tank below (which was presumably emptied regularly!) and she weed for a bit. I pushed out some poo and she did a few more pieces. After a while she was done and said she felt much better! I watched her stand up to wipe her bum, like I do, and then I finished my poo and did the same. We never went back to that camp, and I've never seen toilets like it anywhere else! It was certainly a unique experience for me!

I'll post again soon. Bye!

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Brandon T

comments & stuff

First I noticed theres another Brandon on here I will always put the first letter of my last name so people know which one I am.

To: Dan great story about seeing those girls come out of the bathroom and please share more like that thanks.

To: Michelle great story about your friend Kellys poop and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Olivia great story about watching your friend Abby poop and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Frantic Francine great story about your friend finaly being able to poop and I bet she felt alot better after that and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To unamed poster great peeing story about that girl please share more thanks.

To: Wendy & Kirsty, Kirsty I wonder that as well because as you said we are human after all and I wonder if there are some posting here under fake names like Angelina Jolee or Britney Spears could be posting here and of course they would never admit it becase it might efect there carrer because people might think there weird and/or gross but there is a chance that somebody on here is a celeberty and as always I look forward to your guys next posts thanks.

To: Whistler as always another story about hearing women going to the bathroom and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Wheelchair Sarah as always another great story and some questions first they should if they havent already come out with a wheelchair that can slide over the toilet and the seat would open and all the person has to do is pull down what ever there wearing and just go that way they wouldnt have to lift themselves onto the toilet or have someone help them which would help them not need to rely on others as amuch anymore because they can do it themselves and also do you have a few acccidents like if you have diarrhea or really have to go im not sure if anybodys asked you that because diarrhea can make anybody have an accident and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Moria great story about your friend Hannah it sounds like shes an interesting person kinda of like a rebel doing things her way and not how people tell her it should be done and please share anymore stories about her thanks.

To: UKN Guy as always another great story about seeing a girl and/or woman going to the bathroom and I really look to those stories you have thanks.

To: leanne as always another great story and I look forward to your next one thanks.

To: Emma as always another great story about you and your friend Lizzi poping together and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Ciara havent heard from you in awhile I hope your alright please post again your stories are very good thanks.

Starting today Thursday July 28 there is a festival happening where I live and for the next 4 days and there are porta potties there meaning theres a very good chance I will over hear a woman or 2 pooping and if I do I will post about it here.

well thats all for now

Sincerly Brandon T

PS I love this site

New poster

My biggest accident

I was 14 when this happened to me. I hadn't pood for a week and had to take a mild laxative to get things moving. I was in class during the last lesson when I felt the laxative begining to take effect. I thought it wouldn't be a problem holding it untill I got home but the laxative was more powerfull than I expected and was soon bursting to go. I even thought about asking to leave the room but that was far too embarrassing plus the rules were very strict about going to the toilet during lessons so I didn't bother. I soon felt the pressure building o the point where couldn't relax for a second or I would end up messing my pants in front of the whole class. We had half an hour to go before School finished and it was agony holding it in all that time. I couldn't take my eyes off the clock which seemed to make it go backwards and all I could think about was the bell going and me sitting on that beautifull toilet. I imagined myself releasing my huge load into the toilet and the relief I was about to have. For a moment I got carried away with my thoughts and felt my bum hole open as the turd poked out touching my pants. I came to my senses and clamped my bum hard to stop the advancing poo getting too far. I did have a very small accident though because I pinched about an inch of poo off which landed in my pants. It was smelly but I tried to act normal so no one would know what happened. By the time the bell rang I was about to explode and I started to run towards the boys toilets. I felt my poo moving downwards and had to slow right down to keep control. I reached the door to the toilets with a feeling of immense joy as the anticipation of finaly getting to a toilet washed over me. Then I tried to open the door and all that joy turned to dispare when I found it was locked for the night. I was devastated as my only chance of relief and avoiding total humiliation was taken away from me. I knew there was no chance of making it home in time and any attempt would result in me needing new underwear! The only other option I had left was to try the girls toilets which felt totaly wrong but what could I do? I went across the corridor to find the girls were not locked. Phew!! As I entered a girl saw me and screamed so I left feeling very embarrassed. Then I realised that if I didn't go in the girls toilets, I'd end up going in my pants so really I had no choice but to swallow my pride and go back into the girls toilet before it was too late. I ran past the girl and into the cleaner who went mad at me and threw me out of the toilets. I tried to expland my situation but the cleaner insisted I left or she would report me for it. I walked out with the most urgent desperate need to defacte I'd ever had. I got to the end of the corridor when I heard the cleaners trolley being rolled out of the girls toilets. I saw my chance and waited for the cleaner to get away and sneaked back to the toilets. There was just one small problem. She'd locked the door! Now what? I thought. I started to walk away from the door but as soon as I moved it happened. There was nothing I could do about it. All I could do was lean on the door and enjoy the relief as I totaly filled my pants. I had to stop mid way in case the poo came out the legs of my pants but I felt a lot better for it even though I still had to go quite badly. I left School with about two pounds in my pants and it smelled so bad I couldn't wait to get out into the fresh air. I could feel the got stickyness all around my bum and my b****s and to be honest it felt nice. When I got home I told my mum I had to take a shower to try and cover up what had happened but she smelled it and saw the swelling in my trousers. I got told off for messing myself at 14 years old and as if that wasn't bad enough my sister was in the bathroom with some of her friends trying out different makeups. They all heard my mum telling me off and giggled about me. I had to aske them to leave the bathroom so I could clean up and finish the rest of my poo. The girls were all holding thier noses as I walked past them and one girl groped my bum. I hated having to clean up with them all knowing about my accident but when I sat on the toilet I had the most wonderfully reliving dump ever.


Francine's story about Sofia

I'm still in school and not an adult yet but I have to wonder why any parent would basically punish their child like Sofia's parents are doing by making her sit down like every two hours and try to take a crap when she's constipated. I think this is especially bad for them to require when she's in a public place like a mall. Having the threat of an enema waiting for me when I get home isn't going to make me crap when my crap's not ready to come out. Period. It seems so simple to me. Read what I wrote on Page 1915 about giving Jerika her enema last fall after she struggled all day to try and get a decent crap to happen. Sitting down alone, and especially in a public place, is not going to do it when your crap's not ready to come out. I know how frustrated Jerika has gotten when we've been together and she's sat down, pushed and pushed, and still is not able to get her bowels to fully move. I feel that sometimes it's the comfort level that's a lot less when you sit on a toilet that's higher or larger than what you have been using at home. There are other distractions and diversions involved. For me, I absolutely hate eyeballs looking in on me when I'm sitting on the toilet I've also had a few girls in nearby cubicles laugh at how hard my crap sometimes splashes into the water. Making someone sit down and try to go when they don't have to is just wrong. I believe in honesty, but sometimes I don't think two or three days without a bowel movement is bad. Too much emphasis on it would just frustrate me and turn me off. I used to think it was somewhat of a hassle to place toilet paper between me and the seat. But after reading about Sofia, I now realize it could be a lot worse. I'm glad my parents aren't as anal as some other students' parents are.

To Tom:
I know what you mean about no girl being able to produce a smell that was too intense for you. Personally, I find that the "worse" a stink, the more I actually enjoy it.

I think my love of poop smells started with my mother. Many times when I was little, she would be supervising me taking a bath, and she would say she needed a poo-poo and then pull the bath curtain and just go. I never remember hearing anything but she sure could stink up the bathroom good. The aroma was very lovely, but she turned on the fan after she finished and it unfortunately dissipated within five minutes. Once I was too old for my mother to need to watch me while I bathed, I didn't get to smell her poop too much. Only if I happened by the bathroom shortly after she had finished. If I ever had been caught, there would be heaps of trouble for me.

Then for most of my adult life, female bathroom experiences were few and far between and none of them ever even came close to my mother's stink, until one day. After I graduated some college, I fell on some hard times and moved in with my cousin and his wife. Rebecca, my cousin's wife was a beautiful woman whose bowels were very regular. Every day at 3 PM, she would head off to the bathroom. If I thought my mother fumigated a bathroom, boy was I mistaken! Rebecca left behind a smell that wafted throughout the entire house. Even at the farthest away point I could tell she had just pooped, and at the epicenter it was so intense. I loved every second. And unlike my mother, she stink lingered for a long time after, probably half an hour or more.

If only I could have lived there forever, that would truly be heaven, but I didn't want to be a burden. They were planning to start a family, after all. We still get together for holidays and if she has to poop, it just makes my entire day.


Reply to J.W.

Did it embarrass me to have my mom standing next to me when I was on the toilet in public places?

Please remember this was about 25 years ago. When I was about 4 it was a bit reassuring because some of the places where I had to use the bathroom were kind of scary. I remember one, I think it was a park or rest stop when we were traveling. We walked into this room and it was really big with several stalls. All the stalls had doors with the exception of one and on the stool was this person that today we would call a bag lady. She's sitting on the seat, jeans and underwear all the way down to the floor (something Mom told me never to do!), has her legs spread pretty wide and not caring what she's exposing, if you know what I mean, and for the 5 or 10 minutes I was using the stall next to hers, this lady is singing this really dumb song I had never heard before that went like "Do Wah Diddy Diddy Dum Dah Do...." I scared me to sit there next to her as she continued singing from the song, but as usual, mom put the seat papers down for me, and this time she comforted me by talking to me and trying to take my mind off the horrible singing. Interestingly enough, several years later while I was in college and at the wedding reception for one of my sorority sisters, the DJ played the song late in the dance, and everyone went out on the floor and was crazy. Off course, we were all drunk by then.

But I feel my attitude changed when I started school and at age 6 and 7 Mom was still taking me into the stalls. This was true at places like gas stations and Burger King, too, that had much smaller toilets. I wanted my space like my friends were getting and I didn't understand what was wrong with going into a stall alone, sitting down like you do at home, and peeing or crapping. All of my friends were doing it without their Moms covering the seat for them and hawking them. I think I was in about 4th grade when I started to rebel and convinced Mom that I could go in and would cover the seat and wash my hands on my own. Eventually, I gave in on the seat covering because my friends didn't and still don't most of the time, but I do wash my hands. I understand the need for supervision because of perverts and criminals and that type of thing, but I feel you can also smother a child and his/her creativity and independence.

JW, I'm sorry for the random thoughts, but I hope my response helps you.

Mike of MD U.S.A

Survey Answers i am 51 and Male

Lou's Survey
1.Do you sit or stand when you wipe your bottom? I usually sit
2.When you have a bowel movement,do you use wet wipes or mission your toilet paper or just toilet paper alone? I use dry toilet paper alone
3.How many times do you typically wipe after a shit? 2 to 6 times
4.Do you read, smoke, or talk on the phone? I usually read
5.Do you bathe just after a bowel movement? No I usually do it 2 hours before bed during the winter and 6 hours during the summer
6.How often usually, do you move your bowels? Usually 2 times a day

Tim's Survey
1.How many times do u go for a pee? 4 to 6 times a day and 1 or 2 times a night
2.How long does it take you to pee? 20 seconds
3.Is you pee stream loud or quiet when hitting the water in the toilet? It's usually quiet
4.How long do u poo? About 2 minutes
5.What ur poo like solid, mushy, or liquid? Mine usually mushy and liquid
6.Do you fart when u poo? No
7.Would u let someone of the same sex in the toilet with you? Most likely No
8.Would u let someone of the opposite sex in the toilet with you? No except if was married mose likely.

To Update Dave you a good story
To Car Mom are crazy to let you daughter of pee in you car i bet it smells a lot

Herb T.

Cleaning Lady in Restroom

Hello everyone - Herb T. here with a quick post. I think most of us guys have experienced this at least once in our lives. It seems to happen to me frequently for some reason... you're sitting in a stall, taking a dump, and the cleaning lady/maid knocks on the restroom door and opens it slightly and says something to alert anyone of her presence - usually "Housekeeping," or just says "Hello." The usual protocol is to say something to let her know someone is in there - like "Just a minute." Then, the cleaning lady usually waits outside until you leave. I've always thought it would be cool if the cleaning lady came in and started cleaning while I'm taking a dump. Well... that actually happened to me on Monday - first time ever that a cleaning lady came in and started cleaning before I was finished. I was going to post about this a couple of days ago, but my wife got home right in the middle of my post and I had to shut this site down and pretend I was checking stocks. Brief description of the events:

I had to go to a local hotel mid-day to drop off an executive at my company who is visiting from out of town. My stomach had been kind of rumbling all morning and I needed to take a dump, and figured I'd use the restroom there. Once the guy got out of my car, I pulled around the side of the hotel to park and took the side door entrance. I found the restroom which was empty and took a stall. This restroom was huge by the way - one room with about 10 sinks, and another with urinals and stalls - probably about 10 urinals and 7 stalls. Well my ass pretty much exploded when I sat down and was a noisy and semi-liquidy mess. It felt like there was more to come, so I just sat there and waited for the encore. A guy came in to piss in a urinal, then right after that - the knock... "Housekeeping," she said. I stayed silent because I thought the guy at the urinal might say something, but he just flushed and left. Another guy came in to piss and left, then another knock and the lady said "Hello Housekeeping." I said "I'll be out in a minute," which I'm sure she heard. But, I could hear a cart being wheeled in, and the emptying of trash cans, checking stalls, etc. I thought WTF,? Does she not know I'm in here. I figured I'd have a little fun, and finally finished my dump, with a couple of toots. I'm not sure if she heard me or not. I stood up to wipe, and the toilet flushed (it was an auto flush toilet), then wiped about five times. Luckily my ass was not too messy. I tucked my shirt back in, then hit the manual flush button to flush one final time. Clearly she heard the flushing. I went over to the sinks and she was standing there doing something with the trash - replacing trash bags or something, and she said "Sorry." Clearly she was not sorry and appeared to be somewhat perturbed that I was taking too long and cutting into her cleaning schedule. I thought about saying something like - "Sorry I really to go poo-poo," or something along those lines - although I didn't want to look like a weirdo, so I just told her "No problem," and kind of gripped my stomach. She was a semi-attractive Hispanic lady. I finished washing my hands, and threw the paper towels in the trash bag she was holding. She said "Thank you," and apologized again. I'm sure she knew I was taking a dump - two flushes, pulling on toilet paper, exiting a stall, etc.

Has this ever happened to anyone before? I would assume it would be hotel policy for the cleaning lady not to enter the men's room when people are in there. I didn't complain or anything like that because I actually thought it was kind of cool. Taking a dump and wiping my ass when an unknown female is in there cleaning. Pretty cool actually. I guess I can scratch taking a dump in the presence of a female hotel maid off my dumping "To Do" list.

Oh, and Amylee - yet another good post. Like I said before, the toilets in your office sure suffer a lot of abuse.


Another trip to Starbucks

Hey all,

Mon night I felt the need to get out of the apartment, so after dinner I headed out to Starbucks for some dessert. For supper I had pasta with sauce featuring hamburg, corn, & peppers (green, red, yellow & orange), with a salad (lettuce, tomatoe & carrots w/ ranch dressing) & two rolls, washed down with a beer.

At Starbucks, I got a frapchino & treat. Shortly thereafter, I felt some mild rumblings. I notcied this particular location had lots of merchandise on the floor for sale - mugs, books, many pounds of various coffee, the works. They also had two unisex bathrooms (single room, single toilet, single sink etc. A one person bathroom). Shortly after I was finishing my drink, one of the doors opened, and out came a dirty blonde (which was slightly curled & up in a pony tail) girl, slightly doe eyed, slim with a sizable chest. As I took the final sip, I glanced at my watched, got up, walk past her & headed into the bathroom.

There was a slight smell. Bathroom smell? Pee smell? Poop smell? Caffeine smell? I squirted out a tiny pee into the toilet (which had no toilet paper, skidmarks or 'leftover' turds in it), washed, flushed & left. Out in the main lobby area, I continued to browse the merch.

A few minutes after that, when I was ready to leave, a tall-ish girl with wavy / curly hair entered the other bathroom. Now, I was curious & held off leaving. I was also messaging about2-3 people on my phone at the same time.
She was in there no less than 5 minutes, no more than 10. After she came out, I went in, tho as i was looking at my phone, then my watch. Now, because it's Starbucks and they're busy there, I couldn't hear anything from the bathroom really, aside from the door opening and closing.

When I entered, I could faintly smell her perfume, and a hint of something else, but the perfume covered it up. In the toilet, at the bottom, was some shredded looking toilet paper, with about half a handful of brown flaky mush...perfectly light brown.

I enjoyed that for a bit, then left for back home. Once I arrived, I had to poop also. I got seated, leaned forward & flipped through a Men's Health I picked up. I let out a juicy machine style fart, which surprised me, as I usually don't blast those out. My butt then crackled for a good seconds, & I could a long, thick lumpy turd crawl out of me. I could smell it as it emerged - smelt...spicy, though not too stinky. It landed with a huge PLOONKSH. Feeling lighter and relieved, I investigated before the cleanup. It was about 1-1.5 inches thick, dry, lumpy and about 8-10 inches long. The top & bottom looked a bit jagged, and was a brown-ish / grey color. I only needed 2 wipes, and that was that!
Before I go, some shout outs...

Feral girl - wow, sneaky with that dress ;D

Danno - I think it depends on what we eat, how much eat & when we eat (in relation to how far apart between eatings, and what time of day)

Daniella - welcome to the board!

AmyLee - sounds like quite the place you work at! Each story brings about an event! Are ALL the ladies noisy when it comes to using the toilet??

Michelle (Formally M.S)


Sorry I haven't posted in a while, I tried last week but it didn't get posted.

At work today I noticed a colleague and close friend of mine called Kelly who is 24 years old. She was farting a lot so I casually mentioned to her "If you keep that up you'll end up pooing yourself" she replied "I know. I'm going to the toilet after I have finished sorting these boxes". After five minutes she still hadn't finished when she let out a loud fart. I thought nothing of it at first until she said "oops", I looked over and noticed she was holding her bum and told me "I think I should have gone to the toilet earlier" so I mentioned "shouldn't you go to the toilet now to clean up" to which she replied "I need to do more than clean up. Only a little bit has come out". On her way to the toilets she walked past me and I noticed a fainted smell of poo but a fairly noticeable bulge in her work trousers. She was gone for about half an hour so it must have been a really big poo but during the time she was in the toilet I felt an urge to pee but I had to hold it until Kelly got back as there is only one usable toilet available as the other is clogged and no it wasn't me that did it. When she got back she said "That was a big one. I'm so relieved that only a little bit come out when I farted, because that would have been really embarrassing" I then asked her "what have you done with your messy knickers" to which she replied "I've still got them on as there were no stains as it was only a dry one so I just lifted the poo out and dropped it in the loo". I told her that I needed a wee and headed towards the toilets and when I opened the door I was met with the strong smell of Kelly's poo. I went into the stall to find thick skid marks below to water and a huge brown streak at the front of the bowl. I sat on the toilet a peed for about a minute and wiped my vagina, flushed the toilet and went back to work.

As I'm typing this post I am currently holding in my poo as long as possible so I can have a nice long poo somewhere inappropriate. You can probably tell from my previous posts I love a good poo. I love to hold my poo for as long as I can and experience the desperate feeling when I need to poo really badly especially when I am about to completely fill my knickers. Then the intense relief it gives me when I release the load either into the toilet or my knickers which is an incredible experience that I have encountered many time.

I will post what happens soon xxxBYExxx


Camping Trip Success!

Abby and I had a ton of fun on our camping trip with our friends. I only saw her poop once, though. We woke up in the morning (we stayed at the fire station with my firefighter cousin because it was halfway to our destination and too late to keep driving) and after drinking some coffee, she said she had to poop and made me come. As usual, I was not reluctant. We went into the potty, and she sat on the shitter to let loose. I sat up behind her. I got to see EVERYTHING! All her turds were kind of skinny, but there were like ten or twelve of them, and they were like 6 to 8 inches long. I got to see her little butthole open up to release each poop! Then she wiped, and folded each piece of paper up really neatly, wiped, and then checked the paper. I could hear the crackling and plop noises as her poop hit the water. If any of you guys gets the chance to watch a hot girl take a dump at a firestation, I would recommend it!

Anyways, toward the end of our trip, we went and visited her parents because they were close to our destination. They had thought we were a lesbian couple, even though we both have boyfriends. I tried to act as straight as possible, just like casual friends (which we are, but like I said, I like her and I'm pretty sure it's mutual), but apparently her parents saw something I didn't. At one point, she announced she had to go take a poop but I didn't come just because I didn't want things to seem weird with her family around. I saw her take plenty of pees and she saw me take plenty too (I really mastered how to "pop a squat" on this trip!). But--unfortunately I couldn't poop for her. I never poop when I go on vacation. I don't hold it, I just don't have to. But DAMN my dump was epic when we got back home. Logs all over the place, inch and a half wide by 12 to 14 inches long, and they came up to above the water line. STINKY!

Frantic Francine

Sit, Sit & Hopefully Shit

My newest friend is Sofia, whose family moved into the large apartment building across from our house two months ago. Because they are having problems with the current economy, they had to move to a less expensive apartment. She didn't necessarily want to but felt that her parents may fight less about the money issues in a different apartment. She's looking forward to starting 6th grade with me this fall.

What's different about Sofia is that her parents are very strict. She thinks it's because they've always been short on money and that her parents struggle to keep their job. For example, her dad has been laid off twice in the past couple of years and one business went broke two months after he started. Her mom's a temp, meaning she almost weekly is switched between jobs and companies by some agency with a really funny sounding name.

Last week Sofia talked her parents into letting us spend a day at the largest mall in our state. It's located in our city, but if we went we would have to be staying there all day. Her dad dropped us off at 8 a.m. on his way to work and my mom picked us up at 6 p.m. We knew that would be the longest amount of time we've ever spent at a mall in one day, but both of us had earned some money, and with several hundred stores and theatres there, we figured we had enough to do. And since we both have phones with us in case of an emergency, our parents decided to allow the trip.

When Sofia's dad dropped us off, he turned to her, and said "10-12-2 &4" and counted it off a second time on his fingers. Then he asked her to repeat it. When we got out of the car and started to walk toward the grand entrance, I immediately asked Sofia what the count was for. I knew that she's had trouble with constipation and that her parents are very strict with her, but she surprised me when she explained that when she's constipated for more than two days at a time, her parents make her go to the bathroom every two hours and sit on the toilet in hopes that it will help her crap. When they are out in places like restaurants or traveling, they have her go in, sit and try to go. Since most of the time it doesn't help much, Sofia hates the rule but she knows there is nothing she can do about it.

So at 10 a.m. when we had just gotten into a clothing store to look at jeans, she excused herself to go out into the customer service area where the nearest bathrooms were. I got curious after about 10 minutes and walked down to the bathroom I thought she had probably gone to. Sure enough, as I looked into the stalls in use, in the middle stall there's Sofia, her jean shorts and blue thong down on her ankles, as she sat like a statue with her arms together and hands folded on her lap. I could see she was crying as she took out her phone to see if her time-out time was up yet. I asked her if she was having any luck, and she murmured "No as usual." Then she stood, pulled up her clothing, and she said something about how hard it is to sit and not need to wipe herself or flush. Other than to put my arm around her when she came out, I couldn't think of anything to say to her that would make her feel better.

At about noon, we were just finishing our lunch in the food court when Sofia said she would need to find the nearest bathroom. I told her I had to piss and I'd go with her this time, so we saw the restrooms sign, and after dumping our trash, we walked to the toilets. This bathroom had about 15 or 20 cubicles, but all but one was in use. Sofia suggested that we share one. She told me I could go first because my ability to go was "guaranteed". I pulled off two sheets of toilet paper, placed them over the sides of the seat, and then pulled down my underwear and shorts and seated myself. Just as she and I started to talk about what movie we wanted to see, my piss stream started and Sofia said my stream was a lot stronger and louder than heres. I told her it helps at school because the longer you sit, the better the chance you're going to be late to class and get yelled at by the teachers and be assigned detention time. I think I pissed for about a minute, and I reached over for a small piece of toilet paper and wiped. I asked Sofia if she wanted to keep the tp down for her. She said no, that she's never not wanted to sit right down on a toilet seat, and as I moved to the side and was pulling my clothing up, she seated herself. Again, she went into that strange sitting stance. She seemed happy that I was willing to stay with her and keep her company. I asked her if she was feeling anything. She said no but in about a minute, she let off a couple of farts. That made me hopeful, but she said it was probably just the fast food.

After Sofia checked the time on her phone, she stood, pulled up her clothing and we agreed we'd go to the movies next. She drank another 20 ounces of soda at the theatre and at about 2:30 when we got out of the movie, we headed into the lobby where the toilets were. I didn't have to go, but Sofia--brave person that she is--went directly into the first open stall, the seat was up and I heard her drop it and she seated herself for the third time. Again, no luck. Just after 4 p.m. I had to piss so she went in with me. This was a little smaller bathroom in the lower level where the game rooms were. There were a lot more guys in there than we had seen before, so when we got into the bathroom, most of the stalls were open. This time we took adjacent stalls. I covered the seat, seated myself and pissed for a little under a minute. I continued to sit because I knew Sofia would be seated longer. A few minutes later, she apologized for the time she was taking, but I told her not to worry. I knew she was getting even more depressed, when she opened the door and came out.

We got done with our shopping by 5:30 and Sofia said he was going to make one more try at it. We went to the nearest bathroom, one that we hadn't used, and again she seated herself, put the timer on her phone, and then said this was the last chance for her to avoid an enema that night. After about 10 minutes, she got up, and came out.

We were picked up right on time and at about 8 p.m. that night, Sofia texted me that she had just received her enema and that she was cleaned out for at least the next three days.

I feel so sorry for Sofia. This makes me realize that while I've had problems at school using the bathrooms and especially shitting without having an accident, others are in a worse situation.

I got a pee story for you,

I was with driving to go on holiday with a friend, and we were meeting a group of friends at this campsite We had about 120 mile to get to the coast, My friend and I stop for lunch at a services and make use of the facilities.

Carry on the journey and arrived at the camp site, which was love, meet the owners how showed us around, and where everything was, was starting to need a wee by them it must have shown, so they said I better tell you the loo arrangements, their is an outhouse 15-20 min walk I looked at her and said I will never make it she said this is camping use the hedges, bushes and fields.

I said to my friend i going to go for a pee, she said I need to go to so came with me, we were the only ones of the side but did not have out tent up so we went into the bushes, found a spot and went to pee what a relive i was busting. do you know it has never felts so good to piss in the open.

we got settle and waited for out friends and the party to get started they did not mean the owner so we were drinking away well i was not drinking achocol, and one said does any one know where the loo is i said yep use the site anyway, i could see she was busting and she was not up to peeing outside i said you have a choice go on hold she decided to hold it we were partying away, all though the night we are was peeing and weeing away normal where we were.

It got very late so their left and we stayed the night camping of course, so we got ready and got into our own sleeping bags, we was talking for hrs, by this time i was holding myself never been so depresete in my life, i said to her i got to pee i going to wet my self, it was winter and freezing, so i said to my friend are you coming she said yep.

We opened the tent, I said to her i going to go to the back of the tent i depreste not going to make much further


A question

Are there any famous people out there who have ever had a bathroom accident? It happens to us all at times and it must happen to rich and famous people too.


Lady at the Hotel

I went to a two day business seminar at a hotel recently. My meeting room was on the second floor and there were about 30 people at the session. I noted there were restrooms at the end of the hall. The second day of the meeting, the restrooms were blocked off with a sign for people to use the restroom in room 210. I walked down to room 210 to see, not needing to go yet, but thought I'd check it out. There were other restrooms on the lobby level of the hotel but one would have to take the elevator or stairs down to use them. Room 210 was a regular hotel room with the door propped open. It had a sign on the door saying "Restroom". A bit later in the day I needed to pee and maybe poop. I slipped out of my meeting and noticed a 40ish woman with a short skirt and heels walking down the hall in front of me toward room 210. I saw her earlier and she was a very attractive woman with dark shoulder length hair and a very nice build. She was attending a company's meeting in a different room. The hallway was carpeted so she didn't hear my footsteps behind her from about 50 feet. She turned into room 210 so I knew she was going to the restroom. I walked into room 210 and the restroom door was closed and she was just locking it (I heard the click). I waited and heard her heels clacking on the tile as she moved toward the toilet. I could hear rustle of clothes and then quiet for a few seconds. Just then another woman came into room 210. She was about 50, fairly attractive and dressed nicely and apparently also there to use the restroom. She looked at me and smiled. As I smiled back there was a fairly noticeable fart from the locked restroom. The 50s lady kind of winced and whispered "OOPS". I just smiled. There were a couple of heavy plops as the woman in the restroom had her bowel movement. The woman behind me in line seemed uncomfortable with our being able to hear. But we were standing about 10 feet back, so it wasn't like we were right against the door. A couple more minutes went by. I was now definitely feeling the urge to poop and wondered if the lady behind me would likewise hear me when it was my turn. We heard another lower volume fart, not a blast, but certainly we could hear it well. The lady behind me kind of sighed and I looked at her and she whispered quietly that she was going to come back later, and left. Another 5 minutes went by. The lady on the toilet was taking a long time. I heard another few rapid plops, then I heard the sound of peeing. I could hear her unrolling toilet paper, then quiet, then unrolling more paper, etc. about 4 times. I heard her heels clacking on the tile and the sound of plastic hitting plastic. I figured that was her putting the lid down on the toilet. She flushed it. The toilet was one of the tank (or cistern) types like in homes. I heard her washing her hands and drying them. I decided to step into the hallway and when she opened the door, act as if I was just arriving so she would not be embarrassed about seeing me there waiting for her. She opened the door and I came around the corner into the room. She looked at me and smiled but looked down and walked quickly out of the room. She'd pulled the door into a closed position, but not latched. I went into the restroom and was struck with a strong poop smell. It stunk but not overwhelming. I locked the door and sure enough, she'd closed the lid to the toilet. I lifted the lid and saw a large number of skid marks, some of them in a circular pattern, as if her turds had spun around in the water when she flushed. There were also several small pea sized chunks of poop at the bottom of the toilet. She'd definitely taken a healthy poop judging from the skid marks. I guessed if she'd not closed the lid she would have seen all her waste didn't go down, and surely would have flushed again. I dropped my pants and sat down. The seat was still extremely warm, actually quite hot, from her butt. I pushed and farted, not too loudly, but enough that someone could hear. I was glad the other woman in line had left. I pushed out a log and peed and wiped. I flushed and washed my hands, opened the door, and there was the 50s lady back "later" as she'd said. The restroom was still foul with the lady's poop and now mine. I quickly left and the lady waiting started toward the restroom. Later that day during a break, I saw the pooping lady. She saw me and avoided eye contact. All in all, a very interesting experience.

Shane (female)

Visiting the School Nurse Part 2

Hey guys, sorry to keep you waiting. Part 1 is on Page 2069. Here's Part 2:

Mrs. Clark put on the rubber gloves and told Brice to lay flat on his back. She gently began to rub his ?????. I could tell Brice was in pain by the look on his face. It looked like he was trying not to cry out. Mrs. Clark must have noticed too, because she looked at him and said, "Oh, you poor thing. Let it out. It's just you and me in here." She must have forgotten about me, haha. Brice must have forgotten about me too, because he took a deep breath and went, "Ooooohh! Ehh! This huuuurtss!!" Mrs. Clark was like, "I know, I know. Constipation is never fun. Do you want to go to the toilet and try to poopie, or do you wanna wait a while?" Brice hesitated and said, "I'm ready now, I guess. But, umm, do you mind coming in with me, Mrs. Clark?" "Of course not!" She said. "Just let me check on poor Shane real quick." Brice's face went beet red. He must have realized that I just watched everything. Mrs. Clark got me an ice pack for my still aching head and headed back to Brice. She had him lay on his ????? on the cot. She gave him the towel to lay on while she put some Vaseline up his bottom. Brice was squirming around like crazy with Mrs. Clark's finger up his back passage. Finally when that was over, they headed to the bathroom and closed the door. I could still hear everything! Once Brice was seated, Mrs. Clark said, "Now sweetie, I'm going to rub your ????? a little bit harder this time. I won't lie, it's probably going to hurt quite a bit. Are you ready?" Brice sighed and said yes. After about a minute, I heard a soft whimper. "Brice, don't hold anything back. This is a bodily function and no one is going to make fun of you for it." I guess when she said, "no one" she meant me. I heard Brice gasp suddenly. It'd be easier to script out what happened next.
Mrs. Clark (sounding worried): "What is it, hun?"
Brice: "IT'S COMING!!"
Mrs. Clark: "Calm down, calm down. Now, take some deep breaths and push very lightly."
Brice (not listening): "Uuuuggghhhh!!! NNNNHHHHHH!!! OOOHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!"
Mrs. Clark: "Take it easy, you're gonna hurt yourself!"
Brice started breathing really really hard. Then I heard his stomach growl really loudly, followed by a loud crackling noise.
Mrs. Clark: "Are you alright?"
Brice: "I don't think so, here it comes!"

Once again, I really don't wanna do this, but I have no choice. TO BE CONTINUED


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