Randi P.
Just saw on the show 20/20 last night about a outhouse in Penn. that cost Threehundredthousand dollars. It was made of brick and painted really nice but had only one toliet and didn't even have a sink. Did anone else watch the program? Nothing new to report with me except that I'm back to normal after having a really loose BM.

No Name Given
Does anyone have an opinion about using certain words in talking about uriniating? I feel embarassed about using the word "pee" because it feels feminine to me (I'm a guy). But I don't like to feel inhibited and shy. Does anyone have anything to say about this topic? Does anyone get offended at certain words or look down at people for using them?

Yesterday evening, after dinner, I needed the loo but my husband was in the bathroom taking a shower. Now normally, in those circumstances, I would use the downstairs loo, but I knew he was expecting someone to call, and the loo is next to the front door. This means (and it has happened before) that the visitor gets the full benefit of the aroma of my no.2! So instead I went into the bathroom and told my husband that I was going to use the loo in there. He protested a bit because he knows that I always go for a poo after dinner, but he was in no hurry to get out of the shower, so I got on with it and stank up the bathroom. The worst bit was that I couldn't flush it afterwards because flushing the loo causes the shower water to run hot! So I left him to it, and went off out to play tennis.

Hello to all. George and I have been on holiday (touring) hence we haven't posted for a couple of weeks or so. I notice some of the other regular correspondents are absent so I assume they too are on vacation. I have noticed an interesting aspect looking back on old posts. British correspondents such as George and myself are only interested in good, big, solid formed motions being passed either by ourselves or others while many who post from the USA seem to take a great delight in hearing someone suffering from diarrhea or even having an attack of this illness themselves! (indeed a recent correspondent actually took laxatives on purpose for no medical reson but for fun??? ) To George and myself, and other like minded Scots coprophiliac friends , diarrhea is a TOTAL TURN-OFF! Sure most of us suffer the odd bought of looseness from time to time either as a result of eating tainted food, too much to drink or catching some bug that's going around but certainly we dont take any pleasure from when this happens, anything but. While I enjoy listening to the sound effects when another person is doing a nice big solid motion in an adjoining toilet cubicle I am turned right off if they h! ave diarrhea and in such a case will pull the flush to mask the sounds and leave the toilet as fast as I can. George feels the same way about this. Luckily both of us have strong digestions and seldom suffer from the runs. I wonder if this is owing to the US diet with its many spicy foods from the diversity of Ethnic groups which make up American society compared to the bland foods of the UK? Are Yanks more likely to suffer from looseness of the bowels or is it that we Brits are more Anally Retentive? Other readers views and theories on this would be of great interest. On our holiday, touring round Britain by car and staying in small hotels, we had some interesting toilet experiences and we both saw some real whoppers stuck in the pans in Public Toilets. While in Scarborough (a holiday resort on the North East Cost of England for US readers) I went to one of the Ladies Toilets on the seafront. As I entered the door of one of the cubicles opened and a teenage girl of about 16 or so came out looking a bit red in the face. As I went into the cubicle and closed the door I could smell the aroma of a healthy solid stool and looking down the pan saw the long fat turd she had passed had got stuck. I estimate it was a good 12 inches long and 2 inches fat. I sat on the pan and did my own jobbie which was about the same size but a little fatter on top of hers ( a kind of "buddy dump" I suppose). There was no "kerplonk!" or any sound as my jobbie dropped on top of hers just a slight thud, and of course both stuck side by side when I pulled the flush. When I in turn came out there was a woman of about 60 waiting and as I washed my hands I saw her enter that cubicle but come straight back out and wait for another to become vacant. She didn't say anything but gave me a funny look as she must have thought I had done BOTH the big jobbies. I must say I found this most amusing as did George when I told him and his only regret was that he couldn't go in and have a look for himself. I liked Anne the bus driver's post and hope she writes again. I can tell her that solicitors also need to be able to hold it in as one cannot just leave the court or an important case conference with Counsel and Clients when one wants, but luckily this lawyer hasn't yet produced "exhibit A" in her briefs! Good luck and good motions to all!

Yesterday I was quite constipated, I had'nt taken a dump In 4 days. At first It seem to come out fairly easy then I started to struggle and I had to use that solution to clear out your bowels. I ran out of the solution so I added water and liquid soap and boy did that help. I finaly finished. The next day I took a dump at 8:30 and again at 2:00pm. And It was loose. Any one have this experince?

Saturday, July 11, 1998

To Laura: Let's hope your parents do not stay unduly long, because I loved your pooping story and would like to read some more toilet sessions from you ! Welcome to our forum by the way. Philippe.

Kevin (11)
This morning I woke up at about 2 o'clock, having to go poop. I almost never have to wake to poop. Anyway, my poop was really watery. When I got back into bed my 9-year brother, who shares my room got up to go too. He was in their a while and I went in to check on him. He did not look so good. I asked him how he felt. He said "not too good." I told him maybe I should get mom. He said he thinks he's ok. He got up and I see he had diarrhea too. He washed his hands and went back to bed. About six I heard him move around in bed. Remembering how he felt last night, I got up and went to see how he was doing. He said that he felt sick to his stomack, but he did not think he would throw up. He has since he was about five. About five minutes later, I hear him stir again. I looked at him, and I see him sit up a little bit and throw up all over his chest. It was really disgusting because he puked all of his dinner plus there were little black chunks of his Oreo cookies. Then he started crying. I went over to him and said it's ok. We all get sick sometimes. He said that he's not crying because he threw up, but because he pooped again. I said that's ok. I explained to himn how when we poop we use our stomack muscles to help us. Then I said that when we use the same muscles when we throw up we sometimes poop to, if we have diarrhea. I also told him the same thing happened to me. Mom must have heard all the commotion, and came down. Because his sheets and PJ tops had puke on them, I cleaned most of the puke off of his chest with them. I took off his PJ tops and bottoms. His bottoms were all brown and green from his poop. His poop also had some little leave bits and some corn. I cleaned his bottom enough so that he would not drip on the way to the bathroom. While I help him in the shower, mom changed his bed and threw the dirty bedding and PJs in the washer. After his shower, he felt much better. He went back to sleep for a few hours. He I woke up about the same time. We both had to poop again and had a little more diarrhea. I went and ate breakfast while Ken just had some juice. By lunch time we were both feeling normal. After lunch, we went swimming. However, this time we brought some tissues along just in case. We were fine and none of had to go to the bathroom, except my friend Billy. He waited this time until we got to his house. Hopefully, we are ! now over our diarrhea.

i was in H.S.and used to hold it in till i got home because i was embarressed to poop one day coming home i had to go real bad i hadent gone for two days so i thought i could hold it cause it would be hard i was farting not real smelly ones but i could feel this big hard turd in my butt. i started walking faster but i really had to go bad so i ran.when i got home i ran to the bathroom and as i was runnig upstairs it was coming out i could feel this big turd in my panties.

Shit Radar
This is quite amazing ! I was with my girl friend in line to enter into the theater. It was an outside theater and we where close-by to the woods and we hade a nice view of the lake. Suddenly I had bad cramps, probably because the food at the dinner was to spicy ... I could not hold on anymore , I told my girl friend that I want to take a walk, but I did not told her about my problem. I directly walked into the woods nearby and made sure nobody was watching me . It was time to explode because it was getting serious! Near a tree I pulled my pants down and put my body a bit forward and split my legs not to get all dirty. I could not hold-it anymore: I exploded with big farts and tons of mud shit and diarrhea was splashing all over with amazing force and pressure. The noise it did was unbeleivable !! Liquid shit was projected at about 8ft from my ass, and splashed all over that tree. My girlfriend had a very nice but and I wich one day she could the same in front of me !! or even splashing and exploding in her panties .. Wy we are exited about this?? it was just by mysekf a turn-on just thinking that a cute girl could do that !! Happy shitting !!....

Can someone explain to me why gys have to read while taking a dump? Doesit make it come out easier or is it just to pass the time. Only males seem to do it.

I have read some great posts here, of girls talking about taking adump, while actually doing it. I was wondering, if there are any girls, who would like to hear from a guy? I just bought a port-a-potty. And I am considering posting while on it. What would you girls like to know? My looks? What I'm wearing at the time? be specific. Thanks, Will

We know now from many female contributions to this page that women can and do pee standing up. But I am sure that they don't have the aim and control that men have. Have any male readers ever when drunk ("pissed" in this context would be very appropriate) written your name on the grass in front of you as you pissed? [The famous joke to reply to this is "Yes, but never before in my girlfriend's handwriting"]

Jeff A.
Hi all, Laura: what an incredible post! I find that kind of honesty both refreshing and fulfilling. It's great to hear females express their fascinations like that. Hi Bridget: I'll bring on some of those male stories when I get back. I'm going camping up into the high desert for about 8 days. My experience with rattlesnakes has taught me to poop in the wide open spaces, visible or not! I'll try to post a decent story before I leave. I will also work on some illustrations in my spare time up there. To the good folks at "The Toilet": I'll give you a call when I get back. I was taking the train to work one day, and this very attractive young girl got on with her book. She was sitting on a side seat, and she sat forward with her elbows on her knees holding her book reading away. In my mind, I saw her sitting on her toilet at home, pants down to her knees, pooping away. She looked so beautiful, with a knockout figure too! She sat like that for almost 30 minutes, giving my fantasy full sway. I find that I fantasize about people in public places like that alot. Especially on the train. Oh well, happy summer to all. Jeff

I am glad the moderators of this site have finally considered a plan for their picture gallery. I, too, agree that the pictures are displayed way too long and need to be changed more frenquently. I love that you have come up with the idea of an option button so that we can choose a picture of a male or a female, {This makes it more fair for the female population of this site!} I also appreciate that you invite the posters of this forum to contribute their own pictures or artwork as such is the case for Jeff A. Laura, I too am very inhibited by my pooping habits. By looking at me, one would never guess that I had an interest in the aspects of shitting as I, too, have the appearance of being very shy and reserved. Like you, I love to imagine people that are constipated and straining really hard to pass their shit.

Part of the delay was us hoping this crowd of drooling adolescents [grown folks] would dry up and go away, (doesn't look like that's going to happen) You see, there are people (once again, not the regular readers) who are too lazy to find themselves some "entertainment". They want it to be handed to them. They see a photo that was designed to be a "technical reference" atop a discussion forum and think that it is a dysfunctional porno flick. They didn't read the note or don't seem to comprehend that we explicitly state our position as no sex and no visable nudity; it says what we want it to say the way we want to say it. That's free speech. If they want it to mean something else, fine, that's their choice, people can agree to disagree, but that's not the point. The problem comes from people who run a drawn out spam fest about what they think they ought to be seeing. The really scary thing is that there are people here, under age 15 that are capable of discussion on a tremendously higher level than some of these grown folks.. It's going in the FAQ. Then we will start enforcing the "drooling" rule. After that it is back to business as usual.

Friday, July 10, 1998

We have finally reached a verdict, Only two forums here have a picture in their masthead. Both were addeed as specific photo galleries. This one was designed to pick on the ultra-polite folks who think sitting on the can is a sin (I guess they have grown a black hole attached to their colon or whatever they do). The default picture will remain female. True the Japanese model on the crapper is getting old. We are looking for some affirmative action. Jeff A. If you are interested, give us a holler

Also, Trevor please stop by the courtesy phone and you there at the University of Pennsylvania, under whatever alias you are using this week, 7 months of snide remarks IS ENOUGH. Knock it off RIGHT NOW.

Yesterday, I got up and logged in on the computer. I felt a little urge to crap but I decided to hold it until I could head to the University Library to dump a load. A couple of minutes later, the cramp got so bad that I decided I had to shit and it was NOW ! It started hard but turned liquidy ater it was almost out and at the end, there was a good loud fart. it would have been a good dump to share.

The next two posts got run together on 7-1 and are being reposted.

Drew, I saw in one of your postings that you enjoy going to the library at a University to take a shit. It is one of my pleasures as well. However, someof my last few trips were dull since it is summer session. Hardly anyone goes to the library right now. When I was in college and when I visited after I graduated, I always liked going into a dorm to take a dump preferably on a floor with very few people I knew but yet, potential for a good audiance. ----- Being unemployed right now, I have had thoughts of making a trip back to Indiana to go to some old places like UE, Butler, Earlham but they are also in Summer session as well. Go visit some places, see a few friends and dump in a few places as well. I was going to do a trip like that back in Apr/May but couldn't do it.

When I took my girlfriends clothes back today she took me upstairs to get my clothes that had been washed after the baby had peed on them yesterday. She asked me if I had washed them and I said "no!" "Good!" she said "I will put them on tomorrow when I come round to play." She asked if she could put my shorts and briefs on before she gave them back and I said yes. We played a game of cards and then she said " I think I need to go pee." I said she had to wait till we finished the next game. When we had finished playing I saw that she had done a little pee in my shorts. She said "Sorry!" but I did not mind and she took them off and gave me them back. She put her other clothes back on that she was wearing when I came and I let her take off my shorts and undies so that I could put on the clothes that had been washed for me and the ones that she had just peed in. It felt really great as I felt the cold damp patch next to me. I put on my shorts and we finished playing. By the time it was time to go home they had dried so no one knew I was wearing her wet.

Shit Radar
I whent to a stall to evacuate my load, and in the process another person came to the stall next to me. I enjoy listening to others dumping and farting, well this person next to me did let go a hell of a load and it was incredibly noisy. I could not beleive the noise level it did !! It started with gaz mixed with runny shit than the sound of farts whent louder and louder to be an explosion of diarrhea and than to finish with more very noisy farts ... It lasted for ever, so this guy must have a huge intestine to hold so much stuff ... A cow produce less noise than this guy did !!

My brother is a shit engineer, he is an expert about anything related to shit including, toilet design, septic tanks, farts etc. He came out with the brilliant idea to design, transparent toilets and pipes to examine people shit going down.... Very nice, I can now imagine the hole family watching the pipes when the guess go to take a big dump after diner !! Yes I like it ! ...

Kevin (11)
This afternoon, my three-year old brother, two of our friends and I were walking home after swimming on the beech after lunch when my brother announced he had to go poop. When Brian says he has to go, he has to go soon. My friend Billy, said he had to go, too, but he said that he would wait until he got home. I also felt that I would have to go soon. So we decided to visit the spot where my my nine-year brother, Billy and I made our poo-poos a few days ago. When we were just turning off the path, our friends Jenny and Anne were just coming towards us on their way to the beach. They asked us why we were going back in the woods. I said Brain had to go to the bathroom. Although Billy and I won't go to the bathroom in front of the girls, Brian is too young to care. Plus, Ann usually has some tissues with her. So I asked if they wanted to talk while Brian had his went to the bathroom. So when we got to the pooping log, I helped Brian with his pants, and had him sit with his butt hole behind the log. He then pooped out a lot of little logs, about 1/2 inch in diameter. In his poop you could see a bunch of the kernels of corn he had for dinner last night. He took about five minutes. The girls seemed a little surprised that Brian had to poop, even though he had pooped in front of them at home. When Brian was done, Anne gave me some tissues to clean his butt. Then the girls asked us if we would join them. I asked Billy if he wanted to, and he should sure, but we would be there in a few minutes. Then I remember Billy had to poop. So the girls left, and Billy starrting to poop. Feeling the urge, I start to poop, too. I let out a really loud fart and a huge log fell out. Then I heard some laughing. It was just Brain. Although he had seen me and Billy poop before, he never saw it leave our butts. A second later we heard to girls laugh. Turns out the girls went around a watched us from the back. When we were done, he used to some leaves to clean ourselves, and walked up to the girls. We got the last laugh, though. When we walked passed our droppings, Jenny said, "Yuck. Corn!" Both Billy and I had corn in our poop, too. We said ya, we poop out corn a day or so after we eat corn. Then we just started laughing really hard. After that, we went swimming. All of us went back to my house for some iced tea. First the girls went into the bathroom, and then us boys went. I guess one of the girls had to make a big poop, because there were a bunch of skid marks in the toilet. My brothers and some of my freinds are open about our pooping and we usually do it in front of each other. We all come from big families, so I guess we are used to doing in front of others because we have no other choice. Brian and I had to poop again. Brian must have been a little afraid because he never had to poop in the woods before, so he did not let out all of his poop and I forgot to drop my last turds after the girls started laughing. Billy also cleaned his butt off because he did not get it all off with the leaves. (There were some skid marks in both his underwear.) After this, we all peed into the toilet and aimed at the toilet paper and the floater one of us dropped. After this we got on the porch to drink our drinks, and Mom left us alone. The girls asked us if we took so long in the bathroom because they plugged up the toilet. I said no, but we nearly plugged the toilet ourselves with what we did not drop in the woods. After this, they changed the subject.

Hello to all. Ive been on holiday for a week or so, hence no posts and I assume many of the regulars, especially the Scots, are on vacation as this is the usual annual holiday season in Scotland. I liked Gerald's post about being turned on by listening to his mother doing a motion and sometimes seeing her big jobbies stuck in the toilet pan at his home. This is similar to my own experiences and a lot of other male posters to this site as far as I can see. Many blokes seem to fix on an older female relative, often their mother, sometimes their grandma, an older sister, an aunt or a female neighbour or family friend who does large turds, rather than their father, a brother or some male figure. I can well remember when I was about 10 an aunt an uncle of mine came to stay for a week. Although my uncle did a really fat whopper of about 12 inches long and I was turned on when I saw it stuck in our toilet pan, I got a far greater thrill a few days later when I saw my aunt's jobbies although these were smaller being two fat turds one 8 inches long the other about 6 inches. I would be interested to read other posters observations and experiences in this aspect. Bus Driver Anne also interested me with her coments about certain occupations making people constipated. I agree that the ones she listed would be likely to be affected that way having to hold it in until they have an opportunity to go to the toilet. I know that when I was at school this tended to be the case with both girls and boys in my class, although I believe that it is "normal" for many women and girls to be slightly constipated all the time compared to men and boys. When I worked on the factory floor and couldn't just go to the toilet when I felt like it I soon found that I would hold it in until my break and this had the benefit of making me pass larger firmer stools . Although I now have an office job and can go to the loo when I want to, I still tend to hold it in and can agree with Anne that it is a pleasurable experience and for a male a large turd pressing against the prostate gland often produces an erection. Finally, to pick up Anne's question what DO sportsmen and women do when they need a motion during a match etc, can they get an interval or in team games be substituted? I know amateur sports players have had "accidents" in their knickers and have read posts to that effect here, but does any reader know of any professional well known players such as Tennis Stars, Footballers, (Field) Hockey Players, Athletes and Runners being taken short?

Hey ! I have 2 questions: ??
1- Why sometimes we have an URGE to have a shit and not mutch is coming out and why when we dont have an urge sometimes a big one apear ?
2- How can we make the difference between a fart and a turd before the action ??
Thank you ,

One time when I was 11 I was In Florida with my family and my Great Aunt and Uncles grandson was there who was 13 at the time. We were outside and he said "Can you show me were the bathroom Is". I said "Ok". I figured he just had to pee and so I took him to the largest bathroom and he went In one of the stalls to take a dump. I just had to pee, then I washed my hands and then I decided to try to take a dump 2 stalls over from him, so I could say "I took a dump with someone I knew". He finished first and then a short time later I finished and I managed to shit a little. I couldn't belive what I had done.

Hi guys! Jay and Paige, thanks for your response :) The family emergency was actually a death; I appreciate your condolences. There was a lot of vibration during that portion of the flight, perhaps that's why I didn't feel anything come out. I did push three times, and three "jobbies" ended up in the toilet- the important thing is that I went :) I've been meatless for five years (though I still consume dairy); my farts usually don't stink [I'm sure Alex would say otherwise :)]- when I do have to fart, I try to wait until I'm outdoors. Donny, thanks also for your response. I'm fairly irregular, as you probably know- I was overseas for four days and dumped on the morning I arrived, a little bit a couple of days later, and then my dump on the flight back. As I mentioned, I had mild diahrrea upon returning to the States; I'm back to normal now, took a "regular" dump this morning, not too hard or soft. Later all. Peace, Steph

Mr. J
On Monday, I had an appointment at a goverment office to furnish some business documents. The clerk told me that I would also have to fill out some other papers. It was early in the morning, about 8:00 AM, and was the Monday after the fourth of July. I had been to two parties with quite a lot of beer drinking and eating a lot of barbeque. While filling out those forms, I felt an immediate cramp and a sudden overwhelming need to shit--NOW! I glanced around the room and saw a guy come out of a door; that turned out to be a mens room. I left my papers on the table and quickly made my way into this restroom. there was only one toilet stall. Fortuniately it was unoccupied. I quickly went in and nrevously undid my pants, pulled my shorts down below my knees and sat down. Immediately my shit rushed out in a ploooooooooop. It way pretty loose and very "mud" like. I could tell there was a terrible smell, even though I don't think you get the full effect of your own shit stink. I wipped several times and was able tto wash my ass from water in the tank, as the cover was missing. As I was washing my hands, another person started to enter the restroom, but made an ugly face and turned aroung and left. I must have made one hell of a stink in that place!

Philippe, as you say the school was very old. I believe that it was boys only until a few years before I visited it. Like you, I only used the urinal at the school. I don't know if girls watched me peeing, but they had the chance if they wanted to. It was rather strange at first, but I soon got used to it.

Jeff A.
In case anybody was wondering, I'm the one who has a nameless post about a male friend sharing the bathroom with me. My name got cut off for some reason, either that or I typed it in the wrong place.

I've never posted before, but I just want to know what is wrong with McDonald's food? I never, I mean never, get diarrhea, but I ate a McDonald's sundae last night and got the worst diarrhea I can remember having since I was a little kid. Has anyone else been "blessed" by McDonald's food like this?

I've been reading this site for several weeks now, and I enjoy it very much. Let me start by saying that I love having a bowel movement. I enjoy every aspect of it: the sensation of being full and anticipating the minute I'll get the urge to go, getting the urge, the minute I enter the bathroom, sit on the toilet and feel my ass hole strech, the feeling of my hot smelly shit starting to slide out, and the relief I get after finishing. I've always been obsessed with my BM. I'm very shy and inhibited and for years I didn't go for #2 in other place than my home. I was always afraid that someone might hear me if I was in a public toilet or in a friend's house and was even embarrassad at the thought that someone would know that I do such a thing (and secretly even enjoy it immensely...). I always tried to notice when my friends had to go. I usually was able to tell by their behaviour they had to, and even the thought that the person next to me was thinking about the shit pressing against his or hers sphincter turned me on. If any one happened to go to the restroom in my house to take a dump, I'd try to get to the door as close as I could, and to listen. I guess no one had ever thought I'm so obsessed with it, as I seem like a very regular shy girl... What turns me on most is the thought of someone who is desperate to go take a good solid dump but can't, either because there is no restroom around or (and especially...) because he's too shy, and therefore has to hold it in until he gets home, and the great sensation of relief he gets when he's finally able to shit (happened to me several times, and it was soooo good...). I also like to think about people being constipated and straining while trying desperately to get rid of the hard, heavy shit that has accumulated inside of them... Next I will tell you about the BM I had today...

As I've promised, the story of my day at the bathroom: Usually I'm very regular. I go every day after the morning coffee and have short sessions on the toilet, as my shit is soft and goes out in 1 - 3 waves. That means, of course, that I don't get to enjoy it as much as someone who has more solid dumps, but on the other hand, I enjoy the sensation of relief and getting rid of the heaviness I carry with me usually since the evening before (after the heavy dinner I usually have that gets me full for 12 hours). 8 days ago, my parents came for a visit from another country. I tend to get nervous about having to shit while there are other people at my home, and my parents particulary make me nervous. Of course the result was me being unable to go... That drove me crazy. As much as I've tried, I could'nt produce more than some small pieces of shit, and I felt heavy and full and dying to shit but just couldn't... Today, my parents went to visit my aunt and they'll be gone for 2 days. In the morning, while they were still at home, I went to the bathroom after my morning coffee and couldn't do more than a 3 inch lonely turd. After I returned from the train staion, where I had dropped my parents, I finally had that familiar urge to go.. I took a little mirror with me and first of all watched my ass hole as it streched, anticipating... then I set on the toilet, leaned forward and put the mirror so I could see the shit coming out of me. After a few seconds it began... a dark brown head was poping out of my sphincter, and than I began shitting, and shitting... I've produced about 5 turds, each one about 4 to 5 inches long. I had to strain in order to get them out (which I usually don't). After I was done, I started wiping, when I felt another wave coming. I had 4 more turds. Surprisingly, the sense of relief wasn't as strong as I had imagined it would be when I fantasized all week long about this moment. Two huors later, I felt again the urge to go. I went and had 5 more turds, which were much softer. All this happened about an hour ago, and though my sphincter hurts a little bit, I'm so happy, cause I finally got that wonderful feeling of being empty and lighter.. I love it and I've missed it so much! I thought about having a bowel movement so much this week.. I longed for it. Tommorrow my parents will be back for another week, and I wonder how this will affect my BM... I hope I won't get constipated again, eventhough the tought about being constipated turns me on (especially when I think about the huge dump I'll enjoy afterwards...). That's it for now..

pooping girl
Just listened to a friend go to the toilet outside the door at my house. She went in and I just kind of hung around andheard clothes being pulled down. She was wearing shorts and I could hear them hi the floor, dont know where her underpants ended up. She started to weewee and then some gas . She farted twice fairly loud followed by a sigh. I have a magazine basket next to the toilet as she started to read. I knew this as I heard pages turning. She started to grunt and I heard a jobbie starting out as it was crackling as it slid out I heard it hit the water and she grunted more not real loud but I heard it and more jobbies splashed into the toilet. After that wave she sighed kind of like ahhh. For the next few minutes there was just turning pages. She passed a squeeky fart followed by a short wee. I heard the toilet paper start o unrloo so I knew she was almost finished on the toilet. I went into the other room and sat down and waited for her return. She came out and said that she felt much better now.

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