wheelchair Sara
To JW you asked about how I deal with constipation, well the truth is I have tried loads of differnt things and not many work. I mostly just have coffee and I just go when I get the need sometimes it twice a week sometimes every day.

Now for a story

Me and Beth went round to a friends house for dinner the weekend just gone, me and Beth me these friends every month or so they all in wheelchairs of have other diserbillitys (apart from Beth who come as shes been my best friend since we were 4) so by this time I hadn't had a poo in a few days so new I might have to go at Jenny's house (she was hosting the dinner and I did not mind as she has she is in a chair as well so her toilet was wheelchair friendly. so we have a glass of wine before hand and that had a roast as it was sunday, this was aroung 4 o clock. so after the dinner we had coffee and chocolate cake and around 30 mins late I start to get the need to poo, so I ask Jen if it was ok to use her toilet and she said go ahead. so Jens flat is only small and the toilet has thin walls, so i thought everyone might hear me poo(not that I really cared because everyone has to poo at some point and if I had of put it of the who knows when i would have the need again.

so I wheel myself into the loo and lift my self onto the toilet, I all so pull down my knicker and jeans. so I start to poo right away but it was not very quiet (I always keep the door open in case I have a fall. so by now everyone (their was about 4 other people in total) start to stop and listen to me, the Beth comes in and asks if im ok and did I want some compy and me thinking she ment just her but everyone come in so they is not much room and by now it was starting to smell a bit. So in the end I finish up and we all go back into the main part of the flat, but the smell was still quite strong (even after 3 flushes they was still some poo left, it was huge) so im starting to feel a bit ashmed because of the smell, when Jen says she as to go as well, she also has problems with going.
lets just say that we were all glad that her toilet had a fan in it because it wasn't nice enought to open any windows.

anyway just wanted to tell so more about me.

I work/own a marketing company (I used some of the money I got from the court case)so I get to travel to Europe quite alot.(I go with Beth as some of the places I have to go arnt very chair friendly)

I live in a flat on my own, its a whole block of flats for wheelchair people or other needs, so they is alway a Doc or someone that live in a place near the flats on call if we need them.

on a side note the story I told about that lad in the fish n chip place got caught perving on some other girls, he may get sent down as he has done other things as well.

hope people like my stories and feel free to ask any qustions.


Wheelchair Sara

Some Guy

Walmart Dump

Hey, all...I'm a frequent reader on the site, but I believe this is only my third post. It's not that I'm not interested in the bathroom, it's just that I never have anything interesting to write! Most of what happens never compares to Car Mom or Zip. I enjoy hearing from both of you -- Car Mom, since your stories are so unique, and Zip, since you buddy dump often and poop right out in the open. If I had anything to compare with either one of you, I'd definitely share it!! But, I have a story to share that is more interesting than normal, so I thought I would contribute since I enjoy reading the stories here. :)

Over the weekend, I decided to do a little exploring around the area. There are different parts of the region that I like to explore when given the chance. It's also nice to see how one community can differ from another. So, while out exploring, I decided to be productive and do a little shopping. Kill two birds with one stone, right?

Anyway, one of my stops was at a Walmart. Like many Walmarts around the country, this one is renovating. I decided I wanted to take a dump while I was there, so I began looking for the restroom as soon as I walked in. Since they're adding on to the store and moving things around, the only restrooms are in the back of the store. I walk in and it's a three-stall restroom (didn't count the urinals -- there's probably three of them).

I could see feet in the first stall, so I went ahead and tried the second one. I pushed on the door (it was closed, but there are stall doors that close even when unlocked), but as it turns out, it was occupied. I noticed the third stall, the handicapped one, was also closed, but before I could even push on it, I heard a voice say, "In use, give me about two minutes." So, instead of waiting right there and making it awkard for the guy, I decided to walk back to the sink and wash my hands. While I was drying my hands, the guy came out. He was somewhat older than I am (I'd say 35-40; I'm 25, but horrible at guessing ages), and kind of nodded at me when he passed by. I tried not to make eye contact; after all, I knew what he was doing, and he likely knew what I was getting ready to do. But I did end up making eye contact and smiling briefly.

So, I went into the stall and locked the door behind me. I happened to notice that for a handicapped stall, the toilet wasn't too high, as they sometimes are. More like a standard toilet, just over closer to the wall. There wasn't a strong poop smell, which is good since it's not exactly one of my favorite smells! I pulled down my pants and underwear and took a seat. Being in the handicapped stall, I felt comfortable spreading my thighs a little more. Let me tell you, it felt really good to do that! Although, I'm comfortable spreading my thighs in a regular stall, too. It's just that in this stall, the door was over to the right, not in front of the toilet. And the door was far enough that nobody could see me sitting there. But it really wouldn't bother me -- we're all guys in the guy's restroom, right?

I had my dump, and that felt really good, too. The guy to my right sat there continuing to take his dump. I wouldn't consider it a buddy dump since there were stall partitions. If the toilets were out in the open, then I would definitely consider that a buddy dump -- something I would LOVE to do. Guess I need to find the restrooms that Zip frequents. LOL. Happy dumping!


Summer with the sis

I don't have too many interesting stories about myself. i may share some of the major ones later on but now I want to talk about my sister hannah who i'm spending the summer with. I live a normal job life in New York. My sister lives up in vermont on a farm with several of her friends. She doesn't really work much. She prefers writing and other artsy things. sometimes i envy her structureless life, so its nice to visit her. i go on the summers for 2 or 3 weeks then go back to the real world. there's one slightly disturbing thing i've picked up on over my last trip. she never wipes. not for pees or poops. the house she lives at has a regular bathroom but she prefers the stinky outhouse on the farmland. often we'll just be walking and talking and she'll just go over to the outhouse and drop a deuce while still talking to me. she doesn't wipe and just keeps going. I just make sure never to shake her hands ;)

i sometimes envy the fact that she is able to poop right in front of someone while talking. i'm like the girl on scrubs, i can't poop while someone is talking to me. she kinda smells sometimes. it's probably because of that. i heard she also doesn't shower much. i see her wearing the same pair of overalls day after day. no bra or panties so at least nothing precious is getting stained. i'm sure the denim can handle a few skidmarks. i do see her picking back there sometiems. itching and pulling out a wedgie. i asked one of her friends about it and she says she doesnt wipe either. she at least uses a regular toilet.

when i asked hannah about it she said that wiping is "bull****" she went off on a tirade about how toilet paper was invented to profit off of peoples butts. she also used some historical knowledge but i don't think it was correct information. she said the same thing about air fresheners. she wants the feelings and smells of going to the bathroom. clearly she's never been in a taco bell bathroom at lunchtime :P she's quite a handful.

thats all for now at least. love moira

Activity Camp : 1

In our last week of primary school in year 6, we went to an activity centre, and did various activities during the day - go-karts, climbing, swimming etc. We arrived on a Sunday and left the following Saturday, and stayed in one of the older accommodation blocks. This was a converted house, and we were on the top floor. The central landing had sofas and chairs, and off each side was a dormitory. From the landing there was a door leading to a staircase which went up another level to the bathrooms - one room had 6 individual shower cubicles, the other 6 toilets and wash basins. Our group of 10 boys was allocated to this dormitory, which we didn't like at first as all the other groups from our school were in another area. There was nobody in the other room opposite us. However, this changed on the Monday - there had been a problem with one of the other blocks so a group of girls from another school moved into the other room, and we shared a bathroom with them.

There were various things I heard and saw over the week which I'll relate over my next few postings.

On the Monday night after dinner one of the wardens got us all together for a talk about the activities, schedule etc which ended up lasting over an hour. I noticed a girl who was crossing her legs quite often, and sure enough once the talk had finished she rushed up the bathroom stairs. I waited a short while and followed, as I walked up she crossed from the shower area to the toilets (presumably she went the wrong way!). The cubicle door slammed as I entered the room and I heard a belt being unbuckled, as I entered the next cubicle I could see her jeans pulled down and a high-pitched sound as she weed heavily for a long time. After a while, she wiped, pulled up her pants and trousers and left.
As she was washing her hands another girl took her place, pulled her trousers down to her ankles and a pink thong, which I thought was quite unusual. She let out a loud fart then three waves of diarrhea. I left whilst she was still in the cubicle, but a little later she came back down to the landing - she was quite pretty, long blonde hair, and I later found out called Marie.

Anyway, more to come next time.


Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Feral Girl great story about you figuring out how to poop in a dress now you just have to figure out how to not get pee on your legs and avoid skidmarks and you will be set and it sounds like you might have some interesting stories to tell later on now that youve figured it out and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Rag Muffin Reanna as always another great story and I look forward to your next one thanks.

To: Shelby first welcome to the site and great story about you peeing in Car Moms car and please share anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Amylee as always another great tale from the ladies room it sounds like Ann was having a pretty rough day and I hope she felt better soon after that yeah stomach bugs can very nasty and can strike very little if no warning meaning you have to find a bathroom now and I mean right this second or risk having a very nasty and messy accident and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Hermes as always another great story about hearing a woman going to the bathroom and apparently you and some of these other people on this chart must have some lucky charm or something to be able to hear all these different women or maybe its just luck who knows and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Wendy & Kirsty Wendy great story about seeing that girl pee and poop herself on the bus and it sounds like she didnt care or to drunk or what ever to realize what she was doing either way it was an interesting sight and Kirsty great story about pooping in Wendys old shed and your desperate poop at least you made it and it seems like your body picks the time to really have to go when everyone else has to as well and as always I look forward to your guys next posts thanks.

To: Tevin aka Bob first welcome to the site and great story about that girl it sounds like she is a very interesting person and I bet youi have plenty of stories abotu her and please share them with us thanks.

To: Cindy Shitter it sounds like you had a pretty rough day and it might be a good idea to carry a roll or two of toilet paper with you that way if you come across a stall with none you will be prepared and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Upstate Dave try and stay as cool as posible and avoid doing anything outside I know this is off topic but heat like that canm be deadly im lucky where I live in Oregon it dosent get that hot that often we only usualy get 80s sometimes 90s a very rarely low 100s and again try and try and stay cool and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: I agree with you about porta potties if I see a pretty woman hurriyng towards one I will usualy go in that one after she has left just to see what she did a couple of times ive seen a big pile of diarrhea and I think to myself that girl or woman just did that a few minutes ago and I think why we do it is because of curoisty mostly.

To: Herb T great story about your wife taking a dump and as always i look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Blueboy as always another great story about you watching a woman poop and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Tom great story about seeing the leftovers of that womans poop to bad she flushed other wise you wouldve seen a good size load from the way she descirbed it and as alway I lok forward to your next post thanks.

To: UKN Guy another great story and as alwys I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: DJ Ben another great bathroom adventure about Soft Poo and Debbie Doo Doo it sounds like you had a pretty interesting time and it sounds like they did as well and I look forwrd to the next adventure thanks.

To: Leanne as always another great story and I look forward to your next one thanks.

Well thats all for now no story right now but I might have something later today seeing as I ate most of a large cheese pizza from Dominoes last night and I cant feel it working its way through and maybe that means a good sized dump later today maybe or maybe not who knows if its a good one I wiil post about it if not I wont.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS I love this site

great stories Abbie keep them up

New poster

Diarrhea desperation

I had had a fish supper last night that didn't seem to be cooked properly. Well this morning I went to work feeling a little bit off colour and on the way I felt a sudden urge to poop. I felt sure I could hold it untill I got to work but the urge got stronger and I had trouble holding it. By the time I got to work I'd leaked a little bit and my boxers were sticky. I couldn't even got out of the car without losing it and totaly emptied my bowels in my underwear. It was so messy I couldn't go into work, so I got back into my car and went home to clean up. I decided to call in sick as I felt so ill and as soon as got through to my boss I had to go again. He gave me a hard time about it and wanted me to go back to work but while I talked to him I lost control and messed my pants again. There was no way I could go to work like this but he wouldn't take on for an answer. I felt a rumbling in my gut as another wave of diarrhea hit me and I basicaly told him I was about to s****t in my pants and he got the message. I put the phone down and ran to the toilet with liquid diarrhea running down my leg. I ripped my trousers and boxers down and sat down releasing a blast of liquid poop. I had to go six times during the day before it stopped but I felt totaly drained so I went to bed to regain my strength.

Natalie X

Survey Answers...

Hi everyone! Sorry I haven't posted in a while, just been busy. I shall post more stories soon.

Lou's survey:
1. Do you sit or stand when you wipe your bottom?
I sit usually but if its a terrible mess I stand up to wipe the remains
2. When you have a bowel movement, do you use wet wipes or moisten your toilet paper or just use dry toilet paper alone? Again it depends how messy my shit is, if its soo bad I do use wet wipes
3. How many times do you typically wipe after a shit?
My dumps are usually pretty bad so around 10 - 15
4. Do you read, smoke, or talk on the phone while you shit?
Theres no point because my dumps are quick and VERY audible so if i was on the phone the conversation would be interuppted constantly by farts and poo sounds
5. Do you often bathe just after a bowel movement?
Not intentionally when I do, no
6. How often, usually, do you move your bowels?
Once a day

Tim's survey:
1. How many times a day do u go for a pee?
Probably 7 - 10 cause I have a small bladder
2. How long does it take you to pee?
Only about 10 seconds
3. Is your pee stream loud or quiet when hitting the water in the toilet?
Fairly loud
4. How long do u take to poo?
Not long as they come out very rapidly, under a minute. Though if its longer than a minute its just because theirs a lot that wants out
6. Whats ur poo like solid, mushy or liquid?
Almost always a very mushy half liquid shit with a lot of air
7. Do u fart when u poo?
YES! Too much lol cant help it
8. Would u let someone of the same sex in the toilet with you?
Wouldnt really feek comfortable but might
9. Would u let someone of the opposite sex in the toilet with you?
Probably not no

I'll answer more if they're given :)
Thanks everyone love ya
Natalie x



On time when I was Sixteen me and my friend Dan was at a little gym.It had two showers and one to toilet stall.Dan looked in the toilet and said there is a snake in there.(Every time I see a foot long turd in a stall I tell him there is a snake in there).I gone in there and flushed it but the water wouldn't go down,it keeped going up,I flushed it again and it was rising.The turd got to the ring and it finally went down.It left a brown stain on it.

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