DJ Ben

More adventures with 'Soft-poo Sue' and 'Debbie Doo-Doo'

On Page 2032 I wrote about the first three days of Toilet bonding with Sue and Debbie on our trip to Scotland in Sue's camper van. The rest of the week was also quite eventful.

On Sunday evening, while Debbie was out looking for beavers, Sue and I were alone together in the van. We got into bed together but just as things were starting to get interesting, I was hit by an urgent need to go to the toilet - again! It was caused by the double portion of Debbie's special curry that I had eaten earlier. I spent half the night sitting on the toilet until about 3 a.m. Monday morning, then I crawled back into the double sleeping bag and cuddled up to Sue, hoping to continue where we left off. There was no chance of that because Sue had taken a sleeping pill so that she could sleep while Debbie was snoring.


When Sue and I woke up, Debbie was already up and dressed. I told Debbie that her curry was a bit too much for my sensitive stomach, it had completely cleared me out and it had interrupted something that Sue and I wanted to do in bed together. Debbie said that I needed something to cure my constipation and her special 'max-lax' curry recipe always worked.

Then I heard noises from Sue's stomach. I stroked her stomach and asked her what was happening inside her. She said, "It's Debbie's curry again. Sue got out of the sleeping bag with nothing on and said, "You can come with me if you like. I know you like that". There wasn't room for two of us in the toilet compartment in the van so Sue turned the camping toilet round with the back facing the door and left the door open. Then she sat down and sat forwards on the seat to give me a good back view. I saw Sue doing a long soft poo that slithered out effortlessly into the bag. Sue said, "All that whole grain rice makes me do a nice big soft poo." Then she said. "I've finished now" as she handed the toilet roll to me. Sue leaned forwards and I wiped her bum tenderly.

Debbie said, "Oh, how sweet! You've got him well trained Sue! Would you like to do that for me Ben?" I said that I would, as long as Debbie would let me watch her doing her poo. Debbie said that I could watch her pooing and I could wipe her bum but only if I did it for both her and Sue every time they did a poo for the rest of the week. I would also need to let Sue or Debbie watch me doing my poo and wipe my bum. That sounded like a good deal so I agreed but there was a downside, as I was about to find out.

I wasn't wearing any clothes and seeing Sue with nothing on doing her poo had a certain effect on me. Debbie noticed this and giggled, "You're a lucky girl Sue! Ben's in good working order in that department!" Sue and I got dressed and the three of us ate breakfast. After breakfast, Debbie went into the toilet compartment without shutting the door and took her shorts and panties down. She sat on the camping toilet with her back to the door and said "Hurry up Ben, I've got 'the runs' this morning!" She sat forwards and farted as a stream of runny poo shot out into the toilet bag. Debbie handed me the toilet roll and said, "Sorry Ben, there's a messy clean-up job for you. It must have been my curry last night." Debbie leaned forwards and I gently wiped her messy bum with toilet paper. Then she gave me a pack of wet wipes and asked me to do a final clean-up. She said that it felt nice and no-one had ever done that for her since she was a child.

"It's your turn now, Ben" Sue said. I said that my digestive system was completely cleared out last night and there was nothing left to come out. After breakfast, Sue drove the van to Fort William and we climbed Ben Nevis, the highest mountain in Great Britain. Sue and Debbie were both very fit and I could hardly keep up with them. That evening, we ate sweetcorn with our evening meal and Debbie said that it should come out in our poo the next morning. Then Sue and Debbie both dissolved a sachet of high fibre drink in water and drank it. "We both need this night and morning to keep our bowels regular", Debbie explained. It certainly worked as they both did an easy soft poo every morning and evening.


After breakfast the next morning, Sue let me watch her doing her usual soft poo and I could see that she ate sweetcorn last night. Then I wiped her and watched Debbie as she sat on the toilet and did a soft poo that also contained lumps of sweetcorn. I wiped Debbie's bum, then she said, "Come on Ben, it's your turn now!" I sat on the toilet while Debbie watched and I tried to poo but I couldn't. Debbie said that I must try again that evening.

On Tuesday evening, after our evening meal, Debbie said, "Come on Ben, it's potty time!" She told me to sit on the toilet with the door open but I still couldn't do a poo. Debbie said that last night's sweetcorn should have come out by now so I should take some laxative. Sue and Debbie both drank their usual sachet of high fibre drink and Debbie said, "Come on Ben, you need a good dose of this!"

Debbie mixed two sachets with half a pint of water and told me to drink it immediately. Half an hour later, she mixed another two sachets and told me to drink it, then to drink plenty of water. Debbie said, "That should make you open your bowels in the morning." but she didn't say what time in the morning. She explained that it contains soluble fibre that retains water and increases stool volume. She said that the wet stool would pass through my digestive system and it would soften the dry stool then it would all slip effortlessly out of the other end. I asked her if it would cause diarrhea and she said that it doesn't actually cause diarrhea although it might be rather urgent.


Wednesday morning, Sue and Debbie did their usual soft poo and I wiped them. Debbie asked me if I had the urge to open my bowels yet. I said that I didn't although I had a bit of a stomach ache and I could feel that pressure was building up inside me.

We were in Glencoe and Debbie said that we were going to traverse the Aonach Eagach Ridge. The name means 'Notched Ridge' in the Scottish Gaelic language and it is one of the most famous hillwalking challenges in Scotland. Debbie got a climbing rope out but I said that I hadn't done any rock climbing before. Debbie explained that it's not exactly a rock climb, more of a rock scramble and experienced hill walkers do it without ropes but as I was inexperienced, we would be roped together. We hiked up to the ridge then Debbie said, "Do you need to open you bowels yet, Ben? This is you last chance before we tie ourselves onto the rope." I said that I didn't but I had a stomach ache and something would probably happen soon.

Debbie and Sue roped the three of us together with me in the middle, then we traversed the ridge. We reached a section called the "Crazy Pinnacles" and I could see why. Suddenly, I felt a massive 'poo slide' inside me followed by a stomach cramp that felt like a sudden attack of diarrhea. I had to stop. "Are you okay, Ben?" Sue asked. I said that I was bent double with a stomach cramp and I couldn't move. "Do you need to open you bowels, Ben?" Debbie asked. I said that I did and I couldn't wait so I either had to do it there or do it in my pants. Sue got one of her 'Go Anywhere' toilet bags out of her backpack and came up close behind me. She told me to hang on to the rock with both hands then she took my pants down. Then she told me to squat while she held the bag under me. I let rip and the relief was wonderful. Debbie was right. It wasn't actually diarrhea, it was just a big, soft, wet and very urgent poo that was impossible to hold. Sue said, "There's a good boy, Ben. Monday night's sweetcorn has come out at last." Then Sue wiped my bum for me, put the toilet paper into the bag and sealed it up. Then she pulled my pants up and put the sealed bag of poo into my backpack.

This is quite a popular route on a fine day and the narrow sections of the ridge are too narrow for other climbers to pass safely. There were two guys waiting to pass and they saw what happened. One said, "That poor guy is scared shitless!" We continued along the ridge and got down safely.


The next day, we decided that we would have a rest day with a boat trip on Loch Ness. The previous Sunday, we had taken a boat trip to Fingal's Cave and I was sick. This time, Sue said that we should stop off at the pharmacy in Fort William to buy some anti-seasickness pills for me. In the pharmacy, I saw a bag of sugar free chocolate mint truffles. The pack said that these were smooth, dark chocolate truffles with a fresh, minty flavour. The pack also said, "Please note that excessive consumption may cause laxative effects" but it didn't say what was excessive. I knew that Debbie liked chocolate and I wanted to get even with her for making me run to the toilet with her laxative curry and again with too much high fibre laxative drink.

Sue drove towards Loch Ness and on the way, I opened the bag of chocolate mint truffles. I ate one and offered the bag to Sue and Debbie. Sue didn't like them mint but Debbie said they were her favourite so I gave her the bag. It was a hot day and I suggested that we should eat them all before going on the boat in case they melted. I ate a few but Debbie ended up eating most of the bag. Sue said that she didn't want to go on a sedate sightseeing cruise full of grannies (despite being a granny herself). Instead, she chose a trip on a small and fast rigid inflatable boat that was advertised as an exhilarating way to see Loch Ness.

We put on the life jackets and waterproofs that were provided and we boarded the open 12 seater boat. It was certainly fast with a 30 knot cruising speed and although the water was calm, it was quite a rough ride. Nearly two hours later, Debbie looked rather uncomfortable and she was clutching her stomach. Then she announced, "I've got DIARRHEA!"

Debbie sat there looking very uncomfortable for the next half hour then she said, "Oh no! I can't hold it!" I got the empty bag of sugar-free chocolates out of my pocket and showed Debbie the warning that excessive consumption may cause laxative effects. I told her that she should always read the label and she replied, "So your chocolates made me do a 'jobbie' in my panties, Ben! Now you must clean up the mess, you agreed!"

When we got off the boat, everyone could see that Debbie had a brown stain at the back of her white shorts. She rushed off to the toilet and took Sue and me with her. Sue went back to the van to get some clean shorts and panties for Debbie while Debbie dragged me into the handicapped stall and slammed the door. She quickly took her shorts and panties right off, sat on the toilet and finished doing her diarrhea into the toilet bowl.

Debbie sat there for about five minutes then she stood up and bent over and told me to wipe her bum. It was quite a messy job as her runny poo had gone up her bum crack while she was sitting on the boat. I finished off with some of her wet wipes then Debbie picked up her shorts and panties from the floor. She flushed the toilet and told me to rinse her soiled shorts and panties in the water in the toilet bowl. After several rinses and flushes, I wrang them out and washed my hands thoroughly. At this point there was a knock at the door and it was sue, with a clean pair of shorts and panties for Debbie. Debbie put them on and the three of us went back to the van.

Sue found a place to park the van near Loch Ness and that afternoon, Debbie had to make several more trips to the toilet in the van where she did a runny poo and I wiped her. She said that she would be more careful about eating sugar-free chocolate in future.

Hi everyone. I went swimming today instead of to the gym. I didn't need the loo when I got there so I went straight into the pool. Naturally enough after a while I had to wee and then I had to poo as well. I did a couple more lengths and then got out. I went in to the changing rooms to go to the toilet.
There are only two cubicles and just as I was approaching two young girls aged about 11-12 who were getting changed went over to them and went in. I stood to one side to wait. The girls were in their swimsuits and I could see one of them, a ginger-haired girl with lots of freckles, lower her swimsuit to the floor. I heard them both wee for a bit and then I heard paper being torn off. But then from the ginger girl's cubicle came two plops which surprised her friend who started to laugh! She then flushed and came out. I took her place and sat down. Her friend was still sitting but I didn't hear anything else and soon she was up and gone. I had my wee and then pushed out three decent sized logs and then a smaller one. Too late I realised the seat was now wet for the next person because I was still dripping water everywhere!

Apart from that nothing much to tell. Bye for now!


A Shit During the Game

A few years ago during my junior year of high school, I was playing outside linebacker in a varsity football game. It was a Friday night and we were playing a game under the lights against our school's arch rival. During the first half of the game I started to feel the urge to shit, but I was the captain of the defense so I couldn't just up and leave to go take a crap. The urge was pretty strong and I could feel that my load would be rather big, but I generally don't have a problem holding my shit, so I wasn't too worried about hanging on for the rest of the game.

During half time, instead of returning to the locker room, we sit at the far end of the field, getting instructions from our coaches. That meant I wouldn't get an opportunity to use the toilet then. The urge to shit was getting stronger and I was starting to feel a little more desperate to relieve myself, but the coach wanted to make sure I understood the changes to the defense we were going to try in the second half.

During the 3rd quarter, I really started to worry because the need to crap was relentless. I was unable to run as hard as I normally do, and was losing my concentration due to an incredible need to take a shit. While waiting for the refs to walk off a penalty against the other team, I told my best friend about my problem. I didn't know what to do. If I continued to play I was going to end up filling my pants with shit.

At the end of the 3rd quarter, I had no choice and realized it was make or break time. I ran to the sideline and told my coach I had to go to the bathroom. He looked at me in shock and said, "Now?" I gave him a pleading look that made it obvious waiting was no longer an option. He yelled for another player to take my place to start the 4th quarter and told me to hurry up. I ran towards the front gate of the field, where the restrooms were. I had to pass my dad and his friend on my way. He asked me if I was okay. I told him I had to go to the bathroom. I got the same look my coach gave me. I really didn't care anymore and didn't have time to care. I only cared about getting to the bathroom without making a mess in my pants.

As I got close, a little bit of crap slipped out, but I wasn't stopping for anything, not even entering a bathroom with a bunch of high school kids hanging out, and noticing the stalls were doorless. I quickly ran into the first available and threw the seat down then turned around to get myself into position. My next problem was getting the laces undone on my football pants. I worked as fast as I possibly could, but a little more shit slipped out as I worked on getting my pants off, my legs now crossed. I was attracting an audience of kids smiling at the football player forced to take a shit in the middle of a game and doing little to conceal my panic. I finally got my pants lowered and dropped my butt on the toilet as fast as I could.

I didn't have to push for a huge pile of shit to rush out of me and splash in to the toilet. I breathed a huge sigh of relief but I was far from done. At first large pieces of shit were exiting my butt. But it changed to more of a diarrhea as I kept sitting. Now it was running out of my butt. I was really putting on quite a show for the small crowd milling outside the stall. I couldn't have been more embarrassed since they could all seeing my sitting there with my pants down around my ankles and hear all my shit coming out. But I was so relieved so on balance, I came out ahead on the deal. I noticed there wasn't too much in my pants. I tried to make sure the people hanging around outside my stall didn't see anything.

The shit seemed to go on forever, with both large chunks and runny poop leaving my body. I don't think I've ever had so much shit in my life. Every minute I was forced to sit on that toilet was another play I was missing in the game, and another minute for the kids outside to laugh at me pooping on the toilet. Finally I felt like I was done. It took quite a few wipes to clean my butt. It took several flushes to get a clean bowl. I tied the strings on my pants as fast as I could, then ran back out to the field. Considering how long I had been gone, everyone at the game knew why I had to leave the game. When I got back to the sideline, my coach angrily asked me if I was ready to play football now. I blushed and said "Yes Coach! Thanks for letting me go." When I got back to the huddle my friend asked how everything came out. I said, "In the toilet thankfully". After the game my friend and I had a lot of laughs about the whole messy situation. We lost the game so it took a while longer before my coach found any humor in it. My father never said anything else about it other than I should take care of stuff like that before the game.

Hi everyone! Well I'm back from the Lake District after my weekend walking there with my friend Lizzi, and as I suspected I have plenty to talk about toilet-wise!

We drove up on Friday afternoon. It was a long, loong drive of about 5 hours so we stopped twice for toilet breaks and some dinner on the way there. After we ate dinner we went to the loo before we left again and I got rid of a couple of logs. Lizzi didn't poo at the services, and we got to the hotel at about 8 and checked in to our twin room with en-suite. I went for a wee and then so did Lizzi. We unpacked and watched tv for a bit. As we got ready for bed Lizzi went to the loo again and I found that, even with the tv on, I could hear her going. I heard a quick wee and two plops as she pooed.

The next morning we got up and drove to the car park in the hills to begin our first walk. We had cereal for breakfast and we took a picnic out with us. It was a walk that was meant to last 4 hours but of course we took longer because we kept stopping to look at the views and to catch our breath! About half an hour after we had lunch I started to get the first rumblings in my stomach. A while later the urge for a poo came on strong. We kept walking but when we next stopped for a drink the urge became a lot stronger and I knew I would never hold it until we reached a toilet. I also needed a wee quite a lot now.
'Um..' I said. 'What's up?' Lizzi asked. 'Well I....I need the toilet' I blurted out. Lizzi laughed.
'There aren't any toilets out here!' I told her I was well aware of that! Then she said, 'Well I need to wee too, so...' I just couldn't tell her I had to poo. We headed away from the track and behind some rocks where there was a bit of flat ground hidden from any passers by. Lizzi went in front and she hiked up her skirt and lowered her panties and squatted. I lowered my shorts and knickers and squatted too. Lizzi started gushing her wee onto the ground and I joined in. 'Well, this is different!' she said. I agreed. My bum was starting to let out my poo and I pushed out a big log. Lizzi couldn't help but burst out laughing.
'I didn't know you had to do that too!' she said. 'Sorry...I just couldn't wait!' I told her, and joined in her laughter as I pushed out a second log. Then after a fart that drew fresh laughter I got rid of two small pieces of poo and then that was it. Lizzi asked me if I needed something to wipe with but I said I had my own tissues. We both wiped and rejoined the track. I felt much better!
After dinner that night while we were watching tv Lizzi said she had to poo, so she went into the bathroom and I heard her sit herself down on the loo. Firstly she farted and then she pumped out four pieces of poo that all made loud plops. Then there were two much bigger logs that made much bigger plops. Then she sat for a couple of minutes before she flushed and came out. I just looked at her and smiled. Then we both started laughing again. So immature!
On Sunday we went for another walk. Naturally enough after lunch I had to go again. I didn't fancy pooing outside again but after a while I again knew I wouldn't make it back. I hadn't pooed the evening before so I had two loads to get rid of. But then Lizzi turned to me and said, 'So...I need to poo today!' I told her I did as well. We started laughing again and looked for somewhere to do our business. Off the beaten track and over a small rise we stopped and squatted. We were facing each other and I could see Lizzi's wee come out and she could see mine. Then Lizzi screwed up her face and I saw a log start to come out of her bum. I was very excited by the whole affair! She sighed as her log started to curl out onto the ground. It looked soft and as it came out she farted too. Then another log shot out and then two more came out more slowly. Lizzi sighed again. 'That's better!' she said. I started pushing out my poo and two logs came out easily. My next one took a bit longer to come out and while I was pushing it Lizzi got rid of another turd. After one more of my own we were both done. We wiped with our own tissues and carried on our way!
And that was my weekend in a toilet-based nutshell!

I'll post again soon. Bye for now everybody!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Happy Dude

Pooped 4 times in 1 day!

My wife and I spent the weekend with her Grandmom at the beach last week. As grandmom's tend to do, she cooked a lot of food and stuffed us silly for breakfast and dinner. Foods I don't eat much of anymore,, like French toast made with thick slices of bread and homemade sticky buns with pecans.

You have to remember too, my wife and I have been dieting for about 2 months, working on loosing the extra pounds we have been carrying around for so long. As you can image, my amount of poop prior to this has been much smaller than I'm normally used to.

Feral Girl

Figured out pooping in a dress

Upstate Dave: thanks, lol, i've done that with a mirror before. but i want to see it underwater! i think it'd be funny. gotta figure out how. also thanks for the story.

Happy Dude: thanks

okay so back on page 1947 i posted about trying to poop secretly while wearing a sun dress and it didn't work. so couple of days ago some of my friends started talking about pissing contests and how girls could do them. and they were talking about how you could piss really far if you did it from a like crab walk position.

so i wanted to try peeing that way. so the next day when i needed to pee i saved it up until i really had to go, then went outside. i took off my pants and panties and then went out in the yard and go down so my hands were on the ground with my feet out in front, like a crab, lol. i was trying to figure out how to aim my hips best, but i couldn't exactly hold my y'know and needed to go bad, so a little pee leaked out and ran down my butt then dripped off. so i lifted my hips up and pushed and started peeing hard. and it *did* go a long ways! like at least six feet! i kept peeing until i couldn't push anymore and my stream slowed down and started running down my butt again. i got up then and shook my butt off and went and put my panties and pants back on and went back inside.

i realized then i could poop in that position too! it was lunch time, so i still needed to go that day. so i got some water to drink and went back to my room.

about 4:30 i was needing to poo and pee again. so i took all my clothes off and put on a sun dress my mom game me, white this time, and went fora walk.

about 15 minutes i was pretty far out at the same field i tried this in before. did the same thing, stomped down the grass again. was needing to go bad and kept pooting. so i finally tried to figure out what to do with the dress. i hiked it up and got into position, but it felt like the dress might get in the way. i made sure it was hanging against the ground and away from my butt, and the front was over my knees so it was like a canopy, lol.

after how far i peed earlier i was kind of afraid of hitting the front of the dress. so i started peeing slow and it constantly dripped off my butt. i started to push and felt my butthole open as a piece of soft, mushy poo started to come out. it felt long, and just kept coming when i pushed. i kept thinking i was done, but it'd push, then need to poo again. i'd wait, then feel like i was about to poot, and more poo would come out. it was all soft and mushy and smelled horrible.

i finally finished and my butt was soaked with pee. so i stood up finally, really carefully so the back of my dress didn't touch my huge pile of poop. and it worked! the dress was clean

but then walking back to my house left a skidmark on it cuz i farted on the way back :(

gonna do it in that position more often


Thougths on bathroom needs/urgencies/holding/relief

I was pondering today about why we have urges or needs to go to the bathroom, sometimes urgent needs, and also why sometimes we hold off on those needs. I had 3 situations today (alone at home) where I really had to go. The first was upon waking up this morning; I don't remember having to pee so badly. I was doing the proverbial pee-pee dance which is something I don't normally do. I eventually used the toilet, and relief, with my eyes watering. The second was about an hour after eating breakfast, I could feel a poop wanting out (hadn't gone in two days, and it was ready); that one I held for awhile and then gave in and used the toilet (sort of standing because it was a very hard poop). Gosh it felt good to be rid of it. The third was shortly after lunch; had a much softer poop and this one wasn't going to wait like the first one did and I quickly sat down just in time to let out a heavy turd, with lots of loose turds after that, that came out big time and splashed. Whew, that felt good too, but in a different way.

So, I got to thinking about why our bodies get these urges and needs, why sometimes they are urgent, and why sometimes we hold off on going. Well, the simple answer is its nature (you know, nature calls). But what exactly is going on inside that causes a need to pee or poop to be just so-so or to be really urgent. I would imagine it has to do with the human need to eliminate waste, but not sure why some needs are more urgent than others. Also, once we are toilet-trained, we learn to hold off on these needs until we are able to get to a toilet to allow ourselves to do the bodily function needed, often times with a feeling of great relief. For myself, I actually enjoy that feeling of relief, and will sometimes purposely hold it for awhile in order to enjoy a much-needed pee or bm. So, likewise, why do we get that great feeling of relief? Anyhow, those are just some thought-provoking questions. If you have any answers or comments, please post.

Daniela :)


Hi i'm Daniela, i'm 13 and i don't usually post here but i wanted to do these 2 surveys:

Lou's survey:
1. Do you sit or stand when you wipe your bottom?
Don't wipe :)
2. When you have a bowel movement, do you use wet wipes or moisten your toilet paper or just use dry toilet paper alone?
see above
3. How many times do you typically wipe after a shit?
0 times.
4. Do you read, smoke, or talk on the phone while you shit?
sometimes i read
5. Do you often bathe just after a bowel movement?
only at night.
6. How often, usually, do you move your bowels?
once a day

Tim's survey:

1. How many times a day do u go for a pee?
like 4
2. How long does it take you to pee?
30 seconds hahaha i pee a lot :)
3. Is your pee stream loud or quiet when hitting the water in the toilet?
4. How long do you take to poo?
5 minutes?
6. What's your poo like solid, mushy or liquid?
Mushy usually
7. Do you fart when you poo?
8. Would you let someone of the same sex in the toilet with you?
I have before
9. Would you let someone of the opposite sex in the toilet with you?
I have before again

:) <3

Rag Muffin Reanna

Debate Camp Trip

For two weeks this summer, my debate partner Tank and I attended a two-week debate camp held for high school students at a college about six hours away. I knew it would be fun because both Tank and I are going to have to make college decisions shortly and, of course, we want to get ready for the upcoming debate season. Tank's dad drove us up and my dad came and got us two weeks later.

Tank's dad picked me up at 4 a.m., a few minutes before what was scheduled, but that's the way that family is. They have so much enthusiasm for everything (my dad says he wants to see them pay their bills and whether they are so enthusiastic about that too!) and I was literally on the toilet peeing when I looked out our bathroom window, and saw the headlights in the driveway. When Tank called my phone, I told him I was peeing (and I was having a tough time getting my stream started) so although I had woken up with a full bladder, here I was hoping to get a tablespoon full out. Oh well, I've always had that problem when I'm nervous and under pressure at places like school. I've written about that, and I doubt it's going to get better any time soon. I pulled up my panties and shorts and grabbed my bags from the hall, dragging them out to the car.

I've written before about how amazing it is to me at least that Tank craps every morning when he wakes up and almost never has to go at school. He says he's always been pretty regular, except when he's sick and then he gets the runs. Because he's so big, I'm sure that's a big effort for him. He and I have become best friends, spend about 20 hours or more a week working on our cases and practicing--often at his house because it's bigger and I just feel so couped up in our small house. I use their bathroom quite a bit and it too is much nicer than what we have at home.

The trip was largely on the interstate so after about an hour I asked for a rest stop. Tank's dad was so nice about it and even made a note about him personally wanting to "drop" before sun-up. It took me a minute to get what he was saying. They are so open as a family about such things. We got to the rest stop, which had a lot of trucks parked near the toilet building, and all three of us got out. This was one of those less private bathroom buildings with the mens bathroom in back, probably a 3/4 wall between it and the ladies bathroom on the other side. Behind the girls stalls and the partial concrete wall were the mens toilets and before Tank's dad would have gotten himself on the seat, I heard a big blast of gas and shit and figured it was one of the truckers. As I closed my stall door and quickly took my seat, I heard a seat drop behind me, someone seat himself and cough, and then there was a little trickle of something. I figured it was pee. Then there was a different splash into the water, followed by two or three others. I recognized when he took God's name in vain, called out to Tank and told him to bring him some toilet paper. I laughed, but not in a burst that could be heard, and then Tank handed him some and there was some insult exchanged to which Tank's dad told him that he shouldn't have to explain his need, that debators are obnoxious and think they are better than others (that's true!), but that life skills and something else that I couldn't completely make out were more important. I don't know why, but I just found that conversation so amuzing and before I realized it I had a steady stream going and with a little bit of a push, I easily dropped two turds of an average size.

I reached to my right, pulled off the toilet paper and wiped from my seat. I liked the fact that I wasn't that messy and I reached back from my seat, pushed the flusher and then stood quickly enough so that I didn't get splashed. I got to thinking that I hadn't heard the flush from the other side and didn't know if Tank's dad was done. I opened the stall door, washed my hands quickly, and the towel container was pretty full, so I had to push down on the towels so as not to have them spillover on the floor. Then I walked back to their car and felt good about myself because I was the first one back. We had to make two other stops on the way down there (Tank's dad talks about his 50-something prostate and how he downed too much beer the night before at his bowling league), but I didn't have to use the facilities; something I really emphasized to Tank. Tank's bladder was bursting too because he drank a couple of coffees and cokes.


Peeing in Car Mom's Car

Hi eveyone!
My name is Shelby and I'm 13 and I'm the one who car mom was talking about. I peed in car moms car! I bet a lot of you wish you could say that! She told me about this site and so I spent the last few days reading on here and I see tyhat there are a few people on here that are readers of her stories. She is actualy a really good writer! I will try to be as good biut I probly won't be! Anyway I was walking in a parking lot with Devin. Devin is a little older than me and he is sort of my boyfriend but we're not really serious. We just mess around a little. But I won't getinto that. I really like him a lot. So anyway we were in the parking lot because I had to pee and so I was going to pee bewtween some cars and devin was going to stand guard. But he wasn't able to be that good of a guard cause Car Mom saw us! She was in her car and she asked me if I had to go to the bathroom. I said "yeah but its too far away." She said "well you don't have to pee in the parking lot" and I said "yeah well try and stop me!" and she said "no wait what I mean is you can pee here in my car instead if you want." I said "yeah ok whatever" and I continued to get ready to pee in the parkinglot. I thgought she was just kidding. But then she got out of the car and at first I thought she was going to yell at me or something. But she came over and said "no wait I'm serious. You can pee in my car if you want!" She then asked me to come over and when I did she showed me the inside of her car and I saw where other people have peed before. And so I knew she was tellig the truth. And so I decided that I would pee in her car. I kind of liked the idea and I also knew that I would probably never get the opportunity to do it again. And so I got ready to do it. I got in and pulled down my pants and then I sat on the seat. Devin stood and watched. I don't mind when he watches me do things. I really like him a lot. Anyway I satdown and I started to pee in the seat. It was the first time I had ever done that. It felt good. I can see why car mom and other people here think that it feels good. I peed in my pants a couple years ago on accident and as I was doing it I did think that it felt good but now this felt even better. I have also peed in my swimsuit but this was way better than that too. And so I peed in the seat. It was all nice and wet when I was done. I also farted a couple times as I peed. And then I was done. I got up and said thank you to Car Mom. Then Devin asked if he could pee too. Car mom said "of course" and so he did. He got on his knees on the seat and he peed right into my pee. I thought that was so sweet! Our pee will always be mixed together in Car Moms seat! Well I guess that's my story! Its not as good as car moms. But I hope you enjoy!


Ann's Stomach Problem

Ann, our human resources manager who I've posted about before, was apparently under the weather recently. I've mentioned she strongly resembles Jenny McCarthy. One day this week I needed to poo around 3 o'clock at work. I was hoping for an empty restroom because my stomach was gurgling and rolling around, signaling a gassy one (I hate to be noisy in the restroom around others). I left my desk and went out to the hallway where the restrooms are and from the other direction, I saw Ann approaching. We reached the door about the same time and she said hello. We know one another quite well, having gone on company business trips together. Ann went in first and I followed, hoping she was going for a quick pee. There were three ladies in the 3rd, 4th and 6th stalls. Ann went into stall #1 so I went to stall 5 to avoid pooing next to her, only to find it was clogged with some lady's massive poo and toilet paper. So that forced me to take stall 2 next to Ann. As we both pulled down our slacks to sit, stall 3 flushed as did stall 4. They exited quickly, leaving someone in stall 6 and Ann and me. I sat for a second hoping for Ann and the other lady down the line to leave before I started my poo. But I heard a small fart and three quick plops from stall 6. Ann then let out a gush of near liquid diarrhea, almost sounding like she was peeing, but at the end of the spurt, she did a large splattering fart and sighed. The lady in stall 6 started wiping. I knew I'd have to start going sooner or later so I pushed, and as is my usual custom, farted (not too loudly, but enough for others to hear) and a soft almost runny poo started from me, plopping continuously. The lady in stall 6 flushed and exited her stall and left the restroom without washing her hands (UGH!). That left Ann and me. I literally heard Ann's stomach make a loud groaning sound and she sighed like it was hurting her. Suddenly she started spewing liquid poo and gas simultaneously, very loudly, in about a 6 or 8 second rush. She sighed and quietly said, "Amylee, is that you?" I said, "Yes." She said, "I am so sorry. I think I've caught a stomach bug and this is the 4th time I've been in here today blowing like this. I can't help it." I said, "It's OK. I'm going myself." She said, "Yeah, but you're at least polite about it." I laughed and said, "I don't think so." I had to go some more and pushed slightly. More loose noisy poo started from me, with two small farts. I said, "Sorry." Ann said, "Hey, no problem, that's nothing to what I'm doing." I heard her stomach again and she said, "Oh, my stomach is a mess. Can you hear it making all that noise?" I lied and said, "No." She said, "It's just churning like crazy." She started trickling what I thought was pee, but it increased in velocity and I realized she was having more diarrhea poo, splattering with gas, and she did a whispered but audible "ohhhhh" when it subsided. I then got a horrible whiff of what smelled like a mixture of rotten eggs and sulfur. It was terrible. Ann suddenly said, "Oh my goodness I stink." She flushed the toilet thankfully. Someone else came into the restroom and went into the 4th stall. She peed and left quickly, probably noting the severe rotten smell (I'm not saying mine didn't smell too, but Ann's was very pungent). I pushed out one more round of loose poo and peed, then was done. Embarrassingly, I had to wipe 5 or 6 times due to my messy poo, then stood up and flushed. I said, "Ann, I hope you get to feeling better." She said, "Thanks, me too." I went to the sink and was washing my hands when my friend Roxy came in. She said, "Whew, Amylee, did you make all this stink?" I was embarrassed and didn't know what to say. Roxy obviously didn't know Ann was in the stall. She rounded the corner and saw the stall door closed and came back around to the sinks with her hand over her mouth and whispered, "Who is it?" I whispered, "Ann." She fanned her hand in front of her face and went to the 6th stall, as far as possible from Ann. Roxy proceeded to fart and poo within seconds of going in her stall. I left the restroom. Roxy came back to the office a few minutes later and stopped by and said, "Why didn't you tell me she was in there?" I said, "I didn't know you were going to blurt out like that." She laughed and said, "I hope she didn't recognize my voice. She was still in there blasting away when I left." A while later I saw Ann again and asked if she was OK. She said she was feeling a little better and hoped she was done with the restroom visits.


More Tales from the Toilet of Terror (part 2)

Hello hope you are all well.The post (14) by the Listening Ear brought back many memories!

I have another tale to tell about somewhere I used to work at.In a recent post I mentioned the office toilet which everyone had to use at some point during the day.It was very busy and because the Admin Offfice was alongside, I usually got to hear the women in the office poo in there at least once during the course of the day.

Claudette was a pretty French blonde of average height with short blonde hair.She always wore black trousers and an orange or blue top.She was a girl of very regular habits.

At exactly 3pm Claudette would go into the toilet, and I would hear her pull her pants and trousers down and the clank as she sat down.

She would start off with a lengthy pee. This was then followed by two grunts as she strained, followed by a fart, two large soft poos and a larger poo.There was a


There was then a short period of quiet followed by a SPLASH-SPLASH-PHUTTPLOPPLOPPLOP! as two soft poos, a fart and three small hard poos fell out of her bottom.

She finished by farting and doing three soft poos with a PHUUUTSPLASH SPLASH SPLASH!

I then heard her wipe once, adjust her clothes, wash her hands and then leave the toilet. Claudette was only with us for a couple of months, but I have fond memories of her for a variety of reasons..

Bye for now take care, please keep those posts coming!


Shameless girl

I had to get the bus home from work last night as Kirsty was working late and on the bus I saw a young girl about 16 or 17 sitting in front of me fidgeting about in her seat. I knew she wanted the toilet very badly and as luck would have it she got off at the same stop as me. She was holding her bum as she walked away from the bus stop but after a while she stopped and took her hand off her bum. the girl was wearing skin tight white jeans which turned out to be an unfortunate choice of colour for her as a brown stain formed in the seat of them which grew bigger by the second. She moved her feet apart as she continued to mess herself. She peed a lot as well, soaking her jeans and when she finished her jeans were not quite so white now! She didn't seam to upset about what had happened which surprised me and said she'd been waiting to do this all day. She had another wave of diarrhoea and peed a little more before she walked off as if nothing happened. I couldn't believe it. She must have been mad or on drugs to do that whith no shame at all. I got home a few minutes later and started to make dinner as Kirsty was due home in an hour. She arrived just as I was ready to serve up and after dinner I told her about the girl. Kirsty told me, "Oh that's, (not her real name), Claire Smith. She's a druggie and was probaly high when she did that."

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