Well hello there uh...i got a story to tell, well as a matter of fact i have many stories to tell which mostly revolve around the females in my life along with myself. Some of which are just plain weird, awkward, unreal, embarrassing and kooky which makes me wonder if my life is some kinda disturbing or disgusting sitcom or some dangerous plot from God to make sure that I go home feeling strange and humiliated everyday.It probably is but that's a story for another time.

My name is Tevin but everyone calls me Bob........don't ask. I'm your average African American teenaged boy who loves video games,sports, and peace and quiet but that later never really happens. Well let me start my story, back as far as I can remember to when all this 'crap' started happening to me.

It was back a few summers ago when I was a 10 year old kid who loved staying inside all the time and liked nothing more than to eat, sleep, and play video games. I had no friends in my neighborhood ever since my friend Dillon moved away so I pretty much never went outside other to than to take out the trash or go to school.

I was pretty much content with this until one day.......she moved into the neighborhood. I don't remember ever remember how our first conversation went or what were the first words we said to each other but there was always one phrase she said to me that sticks to my head even to this day.

"Hey, pull my finger!"

Needless to say, she was the weirdest girl I had ever met even if I thought she was kinda cute. Her name was Maya which is was rather easy to remember even though now I wish I could forget it. She was a little light skinned girl, my age, with a goofy smile and a love for cruel, disgusting, and nasty jokes which was pretty.......odd I might add but at the time it didn't bother me much (at the time).

Her mom and dad were pretty nice folk who were way different than my dad (I live with my dad) who just loved coming home late and watching TV while laughing loudly at sitcoms (coincidence?). She had a little sister named Cleo who was 7 at the time who was the complete opposite of her older sister (nice and girly).

It strange that every time I would see her she seemed meek, and timid like as if she was afraid of everything. I didn't think much of it and we all became fast friends (which i kinda regret now.) I felt kinda weird having a girl as a friend and when ever we played outside I could almost hear the statements the boys in the neighborhood would make about me playing with girls. I felt weird but, I didn't care so much, she was my friend after all.......yeeeaaaahhhh.

I remember the first day she ask me to come over to her house. I was kinda surprised by the invitation and afterwards I felt kinda nervous. I never really been over to friend's house before, not even Dillon's when he still lived in the neighborhood. I reluctantly agreed which I can now say was the worst mistake of my life. No...actually the worst mistake of my life was ever meeting her......ever. I asked my dad if I could stay over by Maya's for a few hours and he didn't really care because he had to go somewhere for a few anyway.

So there I was at their house eating at the dinner table with the family. Their house seemed so coozy and homey and felt completely different from mine. The walls had fresh unblemished paint and the floors with carpeted with soft fabric. For once, I actually felt at home.

I was kinda thrown aback about the amount of food Maya could eat. Ever minute it felt like she was asking for seconds, thirds, and fourths....damn and she would drink like 3 cups of milk which I couldn't understand how anyone could drink that nasty stuff unless cereal is in it. Her dad kept asking me weird questions, while Maya kept poking me in my side and Cleo silently stealing peas from my plate.

He would ask questions like "What you plan on doing for a living son?" with a stern face and I'd be like

"....what?" I mean, did he think I was goinna' marry his daughter or something....I was freaking 9.....and a half. I was still trying to figure how to get the brown streaks from my draws.

Anyways, dinner was over and her Dad and Mom went into the back while Maya, Cleo and I watched TV. We sat for a while watching stupid 'disney channel' which is stupid by the way. They seemed to enjoy That's so Raven a little too much....Well sat a complete hour watching reruns of the damn show until I realized that Toonami had came on a while ago and I was probably missing Dragonball Z.

"Hey can you please change this, I want to watch Dragon Ball Z."

"Noooooo this is the good part! Don't you think she looks cute in that outfit?" she said while her sister kept nodding. I got kinda aggravated and muttered to myself.

"...This show is stupid..." Well I guess they heard. Cleo wasn't really that bothered by my silent statement but Maya heard loud and clear I can see the now new expression on her that I'll never forget no matter how hard I try.

She had a eerie smirk on her face as she tilted a little to the side and let out a loud rip that shocked the hell out of me. I feel back off the couch and landed on my ass. I could hear them giggling from the floor.

"That was big one huh Cleo? Did you see him fall? Hhahahahahahah!"

I got up fast and glared her down.

"Hey girls aren;t suppose to do that?!"

"Do what? This?" As she said that she turned on her stomach and let another loud toot which stunk pretty bad. I gasped at how loud it was as even my dad's wasn't that loud. Cleo didn't seem that fazed at all which surprised me the most.

"How do you do that?"

She lifted her butt into the air in front of me and let many more pop out like firecrackers. Phrrttt pHhrrrrtt frrttttt ttrrtttt.

It seemed almost unhuman and it made me question my own body. Then I thought back to dinner time where she ate over plates of food. I understood now.

"I eat alot so I fart a lot. My dad says its healthy." I stood still like stone as she spoke from under her legs while her butt stayed lavitated in the air.


I kinda felt like throwing up...never in my 10 years of life have I ever witnessed anything like this....should I had questioned my existance in this world also because I should dead right now god dammit.

Cleo seemed to ignored the whole thing and just kept watching TV.

"She always does this, don't wowie she'll wun out of gas...soon." I looked at her then back out Maya's butt. I want to go home now.....but my dad probably hasn't come back yet and I don't have a house key....dammit.


"Hhahahhahahaha that one was the loudest!" she kept tooting her ass until one fart seemed a little to wet....

I could literally see the look of horror in her eyes which looked kinda weird on her smiling face. She placed both her hands to her skirted bottom and held them there as she stayed completely still with ass in the air. Beyond her hands I could clearly see a darkened wet spot growing larger in the center of her butt which caused me to panic. Cleo looked from the TV and her sister and what a joking and childish voice said "Uh Ohhh, you dookey'd yo'self"

We all stayed completely still for like 5 seconds until Maya quickly got up and ran from the couch while holding her hands tightly to the middle of her ass.

"Its commin' out!" She screamed while wet farts could be heard as she ran. Phhhrrtrttt phhrrrrttt phhrrrrrrrttttt.

She tried to run by but tripped over my leg and landed ass first into crotch.....completely sitting on my lil guy with her poopy butt....she didn't even bother getting up as she kept farting and pooping.....IN MY LAP! DO YOU KNOW HOW PISSED I WAS!....sorry I flew off he handle there...

Anyway, she got up when she was finished and you could easily see the mushy poop dripping down her legs from her skirt and the brown stains all over my pants. At that moment her parents ran out after hearing the commotion. Maya and I cleaned up and Maya was spanked by her mom for making the situation while Cleo and I watched. For the rest of the night I sat with a quiet Cleo, a snifling Maya who still had some gas and farted through the tears, and a rather upset me who spent the whole time in my super undies and a polo was cold....good thing that shit didn't leak through my pants.

Needless to say that was a start of all the awkward events throughout my childhood into my teenage years.....good grief

Cindy Shitter

Lifegaurd story 1

I have three stories to tell about my temporary career as a lifeguard. One time i had a 24 piece extremely spicy chicken wing. I went there and my stomach didn't feel right. I went and my boss Leanne immediately told to start as head lifeguard. Our shifts are twenty minutes at a time. I got in my chair and immediately felt wrong. My bowels churned and my stomach rumbled. I really needed to poop but i couldn't since i was head lifeguard. My stomach growled at me. People walking around the pool started looking at me squirming in my chair. I went up to my boss and told her i needed to use the bathroom. She said yes and i ran in. I went in and locked the door to the bathroom. I went in to a stall. It was dirty toilet so i started making a cover out of single toilet paper sheets. I started farting when i made my cover. I felt shit start to come out my asshole. I was only halfway down with the cover. Liquid shit started to come out and i clenched my butt i pulled down my thong and sat on the toilet. A huge fart came out of me. I then started to get A log out it was soft. I let out another fart and then liquid shit ran out of me. Another Foot long log came out and some more farts. Then i realized there was no toilet paper. I got up and saw my cover was messed with shit. Then i heard a bang on the door. I then heard Leanne's voice. She was another one of those clones of me. She banged on the door apparently needing the toilet. I looked around the bathroom for toilet paper. I found one piece in another stall and i used it.


Car Mom

Hey Car Mom, I does sound as if Laura is overreacting to the situation. There's a chance she may cool down yet and be approachable again, but it's hard to say. It does sound as if she saw more of a relationship than you did, perhaps, as I said, a much more intimate relationship. Endorse yourself for at least trying to smooth things over.

Upstate Dave

The Heat Spell!

The current heat spell has reached here in the northeast! I' sure many of you here have been already effected by itor are right now. My small air conditiner sure has been working overtime the last few days! It is a little cooler here in my place and less humod then it is outdoors! But what I've been doing to stay even cooler is several things.

One is in the morning while my wife and her brother is still here is wear a tshirt and boxre shorts. I will drink my three cuos of morning coffee which is not decaff. I know caffime warms you up but I have to have it to get me awake! Then I'lll drink decaff after if I still want more coffee. I have also drank water lots of it or lemonade and decaf ice tea.

Also after my wife l;eaves for work and her brother goe out every day to a group adult place for the day its time for me to get coler by striping right down where I'm naked! I can do this too for except for two windoiws in the kitchen the other windows have closed drapes and veneition blinds! With no clothes on I sure do feel a lot cooler this way.

Now since I'm drinking a lot I sure have been pissing a lot! I do hold back the three drank cups off coffee till after everyone is gone and I'm nude. Then I'll just walk into the bathroom step up to the toilet and take one good hard long piss to start things off! Takeing that first needed piss as I go sure does feel good!

Being so hot and sticky if I've had to go out when I do come home its right in the shower and take a nice cool shower! With my drinking liquids I've been doing a lot of pissing in the shower too! Now let me go on with what about when I have to shit? I'll tell you for I've been doing that differently too at times!

Sometimes I willsit down on the toilet seat but sometimes I'll start sweating and makes theplastic get sticky. So I've been mostly doing is raising the lid and seat up. Step back over the bowl and satnd and piss and shit! I do bend mylegs slightly so that I can look down so that I can see where my piss stream is going to go! There is times that I have my stream going backwards at a pretty good angle when I piss this way!

Now as far as shiting like this I just shit and let it come out! The type of toilet I do have the bowll is never filled with a lot of water. So takeing a almost standing shit there is almost nevr a big splash when my shit does hit the water. Sometimes it will! But my shit manytimes makes a nice loud flum with a small splash or it hits above the water and slides dow the porcillen sometimmes leaving a skid mark sometimes not!

Now as for wipeng my ass I will sqaut down lower and take care f my wipeig. Squating lower does do a better job if you have a messy asshole! Thenmakeing sure my ass is real clean I'll flush the toilet and that is that. Now I wonder if any of you others here have done and gone this way takeing a piss or a shit! Upstate Dave

Grandmom stuffed us silly and sent us home Sunday night. I'm not used to eating so much, and don't poop on the weekends. I poop daily during the week and my bowels take the weekend off. So when we got home I expressed my displeasure to my wife of how it felt I was carrying a bowling ball in my intestines. She offers to make me a fiber supplement (Citrucel) and I say sure! Take the Citrucel Sunday night and Monday get up and go to work. My normal poop time during the week is always around 9AM. The time comes and I head to the bathroom to poop. Extra large normal consistency load comes out. I'm impressed with the volume, but it's to be expected from all the food eaten on the weekend. What I didn't expect was 2 hours later and every 2 hours afterwards, I was pooping another large load, but each time they were really loose and watery, so must have been the fiber supplement pushing everything out. The pressure on my lower abdomen was intense before every evacuation and the relief afterwards was very pleasurable too! All of grandmom's good cooking was out on Monday and the rest of the week I was back to normal. Pooping once a day and back on my diet. Surprised to see I have lost another half a pound when I weighed in on Wednesday of the same week!

Not sure of my total weight loss from the start of the diet because I didn't buy a scale at the begining, but purchased one a few weeks afterwards and started to keep track of the weight loss. My starting weight is estimated to be around 230 pounds and now I'm down to 216.5 according to the scale and a size smaller in my clothing. Calorie reduction is the only change to my diet. There is an iPhone app that has been useful to track calories to ensure I don't go over my calorie goal and it's been a great help. The only drawback of the dieting is no longer having great big pan-buster poops that are so fun to have. But the benefits of being lighter and healthier outweigh the fun bathroom times!

So there you have it! Last Monday I pooped 4 times in one day!


Farty Fridays

Hey all, tis the weekend!

Had some spicy chicken, potatoes, brocoli & whole wheat bread for supper last night. The spicy checken had Red Hot & peppers, so naturally I was letting go of quite a few good blasts the other night, and had an enormous, soft stinky shit this morning; which was about 3 feet long and half as thick as a coke can.

Nothing new at work in regards to the pee / poop situation of myself or others.

just wanted to do a quick post & reply to others before I head out for a good night in NY.

And now for the social aspect..

Whistler - quite the story. I would have tried to go into her toilet after she left (and if the coast is clear, of course. Sometimes such things can be tricky). Or even slightly flirted with her hehe.

Listening ear: love your stories as always. If only unisex toilets were more common...

Emma - wow, naughty! Not quite brave enough to go in public like that... quite the load, too. What types of fart do you usually rip? Looking forward to any posts of your trip with Lizzi, and of course, future ones!

wheelchair sara - how often do you get 'messy poos'? Are they reg or mushy? Sounds like you can do some massive big are they? and what types of farts do you do?

Tom - personally I love redheads...

AmyLee - wow, that was an impressive fart...I doubt I could top that! Look forward to hearing more about Lydia.

Hermes - excellent post! Love Jennifer post more! :)

Abbie - I've noticed that if I don't poop for long periods, my turd(s) become more..impressive yet difficult. thanks to my diet & bowel habits, I never go longer than 1 day without a nice shit.

Fred - all I can say is keep 'em coming! What do you feed her? I wonder what spicier foods would do...Does she burp or fart much outside of the bathroom?

Tiffany - look into Harry & David Salsa, if you like spicy stuff and want some impresive farts & poops. They have like 15 different types.

Before I leave, got some questions for the board:

1. When you say or refer to a' big shit', are you referring to the AMOUNT that comes out, or the SIZE of what comes out?

2. how are you able to determine if your turds come out as pieces, or is one bigger one but 'breaks off', if you're not looking?

3. if applicable, how do you / did you go about bring up pooping / toilet / peeing with anyone you've dated (or are dating) in the past?

Also, try and have cereal for, or as part of your breakfast (or bread) everyday for a week to see how your bowels act. I go a few times day (at the very least once a day), and each time my load is usually medium, and does not require much, if any effort. Course, it goes by what we eat.

Hope your bathroom trips go well this weekend, and I look forward to answering any questions, whether it be via poll / survey, or direct.


Young visitor in mens room at mall

Earlier this week I had to stop at the mall, one that I normally don't shop at because it's too expensive and too big, in order to pay my car taxes and renew my license at the DMV offices there. Stac had done it on spring break and said by going in at the lunch hour there was almost no line and she was done so fast that the had an hour to kill before she had to get down to the airport and her job at the news kiosk.

It didn't work for me. I went in at 11 a.m. and the line was already long. The offices were full and the line extended up the stairs to the main level of the mall. Word had it from those who had just gotten done and were walking past us was that the computers had been down citywide, but now were up. There's something about already having waited 30 minutes in a line; at that point I don't get upset and leave but I tend to stick with it because I know eventually my number will be called.

I had felt my daily crap coming on earlier in the morning before I left home. I knew I should have waited for a few minutes, taken my crap, and then taken off for the mall, but I negelected my body's needs. Now here I was in a line, with the knock on my anal door, and without Stac or anyone I knew in line to hold my place in line. So I knew I would have to wait it out. I was just hopeful that the bathroom would be close for me after I had got served. As soon as my place in line turned the corner about halfway down the stairs, I saw a restrooms sign and arrow hanging from the ceiling. When the line turned another corner, I heard toilets, saw women going in and coming out of a door and knew that if the womens room was there, the mens should be close by. It was, right next door. I counted about 40 people in front of me, saw the elderly man right behind me somewhat shaking because he was kept from smoking while waiting in the line, and I finally turned and introduced myself to him. I directed our conversation toward my need and he said sure he would hold my place and it would probably be 30 minutes or so. He seemed amazed by the fact that I told him I was a fast shitter. "Go for it, young man!", he said.

I went in was was surprised that it was a smaller bathroom. Four stalls, none with doors. A boy about 9 was shitting away in the first stall. His underwear and shorts were all the way to the floor and I could see he wasn't very modest. He had his elbows dug into his thighs and his head was in that classic thinking position as he sat and made plops into the the water. There were two guys at the urinals. I went two stalls down, lowered the seat, and then lined it with toilet paper. I pulled down and my shorts, red boxers to mid-thigh level and carefully placed my butt on the seat. At that point, a father came in dragging a girl who was probably about 3 or 4 and he called out to tell us they were coming in. I don't remember the exact words, but I remember thinking what a polite thing it was to do. I heard him tell her, "Keep your eyes on Daddy" and he led her to the second stall. I heard him pull off toilet paper, wipe the seat off, then he pulled her clothing down, and seated her on the toilet. "Concentrate and take your time pee-peeing," he told her. He stood in the doorway, of course, standing toward her to shield her from the other guys. Without looking into my stall or the other boys', he thanked us for our cooperation and said that he had waited with her for over an hour in the DMC line before he finally got served. We were still talking when I pulled off the first toilet paper to wipe with, stood up and flicked the seat papers into the toilet, and went to wash my hands.

When I got to the sinks to wash my hands, I heard him telling her to wait a half minute or so more before getting up just to make sure she was done. I wiped my hands and went back to the line, finding that it had moved much faster. The old man complimented me on my speed (which I hadn't thought was that great) and told me in a few years I should start clipping the prune coupons that I'll need as I get older. I asked him if he had a favorite brand and he said he just buys what's on sale. He drinks 10 ounces of prune juice a day. I finally got my license renewed and as I was bolting up the steps, I could see other parents with little children getting restless.

I figured several of them would have to use the bathroom shortly.


First post

My very first experiance related to this subject was in Kindergarden. Our classroom had a bathroom built into it. One day I had to pee and I decided that one time not to bother knocking. When I opened the door I was met with the sight of a cute, petite red head sitting on the toilet with her pants pulled all the way around her ankles. Her tip toes were touching the ground and she was leaning foward slightly. To this day I ain't sure but I think she was taking a difficult dump. Despite saying sorry she told the teacher and I got yelled at.

A instance when I was 11ish, we had company over and a girl the same age asked me where the bathroom was. I led her there and led her in and motioned to the toilet. While I was walking out I heard the shuffling of clothes but I didn't turn around.

This happened twice, my aunt used our upstairs bathroom and didn't bother to close to door. Both times I caught brief glipses of her sitting there and turned around and went back downstairs. A few years later my intrest really took off. Whenever I look back to these memories I kick myself and feel sad because I know I'll never experiance them again. Many days I sit and wonder what I could've done and wish I could turn back time. Especially with my aunt. I just now realized that the upstairs bathroom had a layout to where I could peek from the doorway and have a great view of my aunt and she wouldn't see me.


RE: Port-o-johns (another comment) and also Luo/Tim survey

I also just wanted to mention about seeing poop in the port-o-johns. I guess I am a little curious about how badly a person had to go and what they did; maybe its a bit gross, but I like to see it uncovered, especially if solid and especially if I knew it came from a woman. I will likewise leave my turds uncovered in hopes someone may find that of interest.

Lou's survey:
1. Do you sit or stand when you wipe your bottom?
I sit, but will sometimes wipe one or two times after I stand.
2. When you have a bowel movement, do you use wet wipes or moisten your toilet paper or just use dry toilet paper alone?
Dry toilet paper, but have moisten it and/or used wet wipes sometimes if not getting clean.
3. How many times do you typically wipe after a shit?
About 4 or 5.
4. Do you read, smoke, or talk on the phone while you shit?
A magazine sometimes, but usually not; I usually just sit and try to relax and let it happen.
5. Do you often bathe just after a bowel movement?
No, although it is nice to poop right before I shower.
6. How often, usually, do you move your bowels?
Usually once a day, but sometimes twice.

Tim's survey:
1. How many times a day do u go for a pee?
Maybe 4 or 5, but usually don't keep count.
2. How long does it take you to pee?
30 seconds to a minute, depending.
3. Is your pee stream loud or quiet when hitting the water in the toilet?
4. How long do u take to poo?
At least 5 minutes usually.
6. Whats ur poo like solid, mushy or liquid?
Typically hard and solid.
7. Do u fart when u poo?
8. Would u let someone of the same sex in the toilet with you?
9. Would u let someone of the opposite sex in the toilet with you?
Yes; that would be most interesting.

Herb T.

Wife Taking a Dump

Hello everyone - I hope all is well - this will be a very quick post...

Amylee - sorry to hear about your embarrassing recent experience at the family reiunion. At least you can take comfort in the fact that it's better to "go" in a toilet than in your pants. You are definitly a Toiletstool all-star.

OK - my wife is taking a serious dump right now and she's starting to wipe. Phew - it stinks - like BAD!!! She was sitting on the toilet reading a magazine with her pants and panties below her knees. I went into the bedroom to see what she was doing, and she happened to be taking a dump. I was about 6-7 feet from the toilet and it still stunk. I didn't bother her becuase she was reading a magazine. Well she is about to wash her hands, and our office room is right next to the bedroom, so I'd better sign off. Man - my wife takes some serious dumps, let me tell you!


Grade School accident

Hey guys I'm Danny. I'm a 16 year old male and have been checking out this site for a while now. Since December, in fact. So I thought I should post my own story! :)

This one is from when I was in 3rd grade. It was reading time near the end of the day and I had my favorite TMNT book. See, I was one of those kids who hated using the school toilets for some reason and never used them. Well, the thing is....I had an accident that day. :( During reading time, I had to pee more than usual (dunno why, just did). But because I hated the schools toilets, I held it in. My bladder began to tickle and was getting urgent. I finally broke my fear of the schools toilets and went to the bathrooms.

As soon as I got my pants down, I started going in my underwear. I was thinking "no...please not be the sound I'm thinking." But it was. I had a huge accident in my briefs. Now I'm not afraid to use the schools toilets anymore because of that day, but not the way I would've prefered to learn. :(


Lady Friend Comes Over

Hello everyone! Last time I told you about my young friend that I met who's 19. She did agree to come visit last Friday but couldn't come because of her "cycle". She finally came over this Friday and chilled with me. We were lying in bed as I was lying my head on her back. Without warning, she let out a short fart that popped about 3 times. It was no louder than a finger snap and had some smell to it. She said, "Excuse me." I moved my face closer to catch the smell and as she laughed and said, "Awww! You're just like a puppy dog when you sniff my booty." I laughed as a pushed her and said, "Whatever!" She told me that she had to take a dump as we went in together.

She took a short pee and started to push, but it didn't take much. It start falling out her butt with ease. There had to be about 12 small pieces that fell out of her. She stunk the bathroom up badly as she started to spray the bathroom. She told me that Chinese Food always does this to her. I looked inside before she wiped and cleaned up and that was it. We both went back to watching TV.



Kalee: Did it ever embarrass you to have your Mom stand in the stall while you pooped?
I never minded it when it was easy, but when I was constipated and had to struggle with it, I hated having my Mother watch.

Wheelchair Sarah: How do you deal with your constipation?


Girls using porta potties?

Hello. My name is Danny and I want to know if there's any girls out there who have used a portable toilet recently? If there are, post the story :)


RE: Port-o-johns

Several posts back, Tom had mentioned about port-o-johns and how sounds travel when they are next to each other. I think there is a certain amount of anonymity when you are in one of those versus that of a public restroom stall, and especially in a large-crowd situation. And although most people probably know that the sounds they make do travel, they are less inhibited by that anonymity and are thus not as concerned about being overheard. At least that is my take on it.

I guess I first noticed this several years ago when I was at an outdoor games festival and had some issues with loose BMs and had to visit the port-o-johns a few times (too many times, unfortunately), spending more time in there than I had wanted. I could hear people in the ones next to me quite clearly, as the restroom facilities were a distance away from the noises of the festival. I was more concerned with my own issues, and I realized that if I could hear them that they could hear me as well, but I had to take care of my bathroom needs and wasn't too concerned about the noises I was making. I did overhear quite a few pisses, but also numerous people doing their bowel movements, both men and women.


"Hold Your Nose"

Hi all. I am back with my final story and the one that motivated me to continue to post here. Last weekend I went camping with a few friends. We went to campground and rented what is best described as a small cottage or trailer. 2 bedrooms and pull out sofa etc. It had a "real" bathroom as opposed to something you would find in a camper. A new girl came along with us. She is a friend of my buddy's wife. Her name is Kelly. She is in her early 30s. Kelly is a BIG girl. She is both tall and heavy. That being said she is also HOT. She is about 5'10" and I won't even guess at her weight. She has a huge rear and huge breasts. She has long blond hair, blue eyes, very white teeth and a pretty face. She is the type of girl who really takes care of herself and looks hot despite the fact that she is overweight. She also has a great personality and is very unselfconscious and likes to joke around. Anyway, Saturday we were sitting around outside after a big dinner and drinking some beer. Kelly got up and went into the trailer. She was dressed in this tight orange dress that really revealed her boobs and these white high heeled sandals that were half made of cork. After about 5 minutes I started to get suspicious wondering what she was doing in there. I told everybody that I had to go grab some more beer. I went into the trailer and Kelly was in the bathroom with the door closed. I tiptoed to the door and stood outside. I must have gotten there at the tail end of things because I heard the toilet lid slam and then a flush. I quickly stepped away from the door. I heard her wash her hands and then the door opened. She looked at me with a smile and said "What's up?". "Gotta pee" I responded. Without missing a beat, she looked me right in the eye and said with a big smile "Hold your nose. I just took the shit of the century in there." I almost fell over. This hot, voluptuous woman just admitted to taking "the shit of the century". She grabbed another beer and headed outside. My knees were shaking from excitement as I made my way into the bathroom. Before I even got inside, the smell hit me. It was a powerful, overwhelming smell that seemed to paint the air brown. It was sharp and pungent and had a rotten egg tinge to it. The best part was yet to come. She had closed the lid before flushing and my hand was shaking as I bent over to lift it up. Jackpot! What was inside is best described as "remnant city". There was a piece of TP floating with a large, long brown stripe on it. There were tons of medium brown skidmarks. They were most heavily concentrated around the hole. Best of all, there was quite a bit of her feces that didn't make it down. Most of it were tiny brown "pebbles" no bigger than your pinky nail that were floating around and had also sunk to the bottom. There was also a bigger floater. It was medium brown like the skidmarks and about 2" long, fairly thick and pointed at one end. Embedded in this piece of shit was corn. Lots of it. Upon close inspection, it looked almost like 1/2 corn and 1/2 shit. I took several pictures with my camera phone. I stayed in there for about 5 minutes and headed out. What an experience!

Herb T.- You are a lucky guy. There is NO way I would ever refuse to go into a bathroom while a lady was taking a stinky shit no matter how "bad". Trust me on this one.


Post #2... Pending Update

Thank you so much to all who appreciated my post! I'm so glad you liked hearing as much as I liked sharing! Well, nothing has happened with Abby and I since then, but I can share a Garret story, a Michael story, and update you on what may happen!

So Garret isn't too open about too much. I mean, he'll get naked in front of us and stuff, he doesn't really care, he just seems to prefer his privacy. But I was going to take a shower the other day, and had already stripped, and then realized there was no TP in my bathroom for my pre-shower piss. So I ran into the other bathroom, and lo and behold, there is Garret, stinking up the bathroom. So he said, "Well... you're kinda naked." And I went, "Yep. You're kinda pooping!" Then I leaned over him, snagged a roll, and left. But that's pretty much as far as it goes with Garret!

Now, Michael has fantastic dumps. The other day, we were getting ready for bed when he took a seat on the pot. He knows I like to hang around when he takes a shit and I don't have to be sneaky about it. So I just stayed and chilled and watched [: He strained a bit for the first log, and then I heard a big PLOP. I asked to see. He said he wasn't done. I said for him to move up a little so I could see better and I sat on the sink and watched his butthole. His first log, I could now see, was about 1 inch by 8 inches. Then his asshole opened up and I saw it start poking out--this poop was huge! At least two inches around, he pushed it out for about two whole minutes to get this foot and a half-long poop out. It didn't plop, but man it stunk! I was about to get up 'cause I figured that was it (it was so big!), when he told me he STILL wasn't done! I saw them all come out, PLOP PLOP PLOP PLOP PLOP. It was so much! All between 4 and 10 inches long, at least an inch and a half wide. PLOOP PLOP PLIP PLOP PLOP. He just kept pooping more and more. I loved watching this one. All the poop! But then he had to wipe. Laaaaame. But I got to see it all, and the poop had piled up over the top of the water--if you can imagine how this smelled! It all went down, somehow. We took a shower, and after, he was like, "Babe... I actually think I need a #2 round 2!" So he sat back on the pot, and produced a few more big 'ol poops. Four of them, actually. PLOP PLOP PLOP PLOP. I waited, and then plop PLOP plop. PLOP. Another four! At this point he'd said he'd been constipated for about a week. It made sense! PLOP PLOP PLOP PLOP. I was freaking blown away, I'd never seen a dump this big. Again, I had watched his asshole open up as each poop came out. I hope maybe someday I can get to this point with Abby. PLOP PLOP PLOP. The poop was above the water level so he flushed. Surprisingly it all went down again. Good thing too, 'cause he immediately turned around and continued pooping. PLOP PLOP PLOP PLOP PLOP PLOP. Aaaand he was finally done, for real this time!

As for Abby, we're going on a ladies-only camping trip this weekend with a few of our girlfriends (and bringing some booze of course ;) so perhaps she'll ask me to be her pooping buddy. I'll let you all know [:


Wendys old shed

After Wendy had her poo in those rags in that old shed I wanted to try it out for myself so I didn't have a poo when I got up this morning and only peed. I had to go quite badly and peeing while holding my poo wasn't easy but I did it. We had breakfast and I took Wendy to work. By the time I got home again I was getting desperate for a poo so I grabbed some wet wipes and walked out of the house to find that alley with the old shed where Wendy had pood. The area where we live is criss crossed with back alleys and I got lost. I couldn't find the old shed anywhere and was getting more and more desperate to poo. The thought of doing it in my knickers crossed my mind but I couldn't let it happen in public. The more I thought about it the more exited I became. I knew I couldn't hold on much longer but where was that b****y shed?! I was clenching hard to avoid having an accident and my bowels were aching after a while. Eventally I found the right alley and saw the shed in the distance. It was like a religious experience for me. In my mind I imagined the sound of angels and a light surrounding the shed. The only problem was the shed was about 2 hundred yards away and suddenly the reality hit home that I had to make it all that distance before I could get the relief I so desperately needed. I started to run but that made it harder to keep control of my bowels so I slowed down to a brisk walk. Even that didn't help so I had to walk slowly in baby steps. By the time I got to the shed my bowels were about to burst and when I opened the door I was hit by the putrid smell of Wendys decomposing poo. I carried the chair outside and went back into the shed and closed the door behind me. With no chair to sit on, I couldn't re enact Wendys experience but I had a next best plan instead. I took off my jeans, lowered my knickers to my knees and lined them with some rags to form a make shift nappy. I pulled my knickers back up and relaxed, quickly filling my home made nappy. It was a huge relief but there was so much mess, it leaked out the sides a bit. I pulled my knickers down to find my improvised nappy was caked in poo and I got it all over my upper thighs. The cleanup was difficult to say the least and it took most of the wet wipes to get all the poo off my legs. My knickers were ruined so I put my jeans on without them and went home commando style.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Whistler as always another great post about hearing a woman pooping and I agree with you and others about porta potties you can hear everything and thats what I love about them and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: The Listening Ear as alway another great story about hearing women in your work place going to the bathroom and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Car Mom there still might be a way to fix things with Laura you could call her and ask if would to use her car if she has one and that can be something that you only to with her mean while still do it with others in your car that you both get what you both want you get her as a friend and she get that special thing with you hopefuly this idea helps and I look forward to shelbys post when ever she posts it and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

well thats all for now

Sincerly Brandon T

Hey all,

Two more tales from me today.

A few years ago I was catching a train early in the morning. In typical style it was running late, there had been a signal failure or something. Anyway, I had been to the loo on the station before making my way down to the platform, but I noticed a young lady - 20s, blonde and slim, called Katie - who was crossing her legs. We got chatting and after a while she mentioned how badly she needed a wee. I pointed out the toilets, but they were on the other platform - the train was due and we didn't know how far away it was, so it would be too risky to go over to them, lest the train arrive. She continued to cross her legs for another 20 minutes or so until the train eventually turned up. The carriages were full so we both stood in the door area, but the train sat in the station for another 5 minutes or so, during which time Katie became increasingly frantic (I should explain to any American readers that toilets on trains here in the UK all have notices stating the "must not be used whilst the train is in a station" - once upon a time the contents were dumped onto the track and the notices have stayed). The train started moving slowly, but before Katie could run to the loo the ticket inspector turned up and asked to see her ticket. She bent over, legs pressed together, fumbling around for the ticket to show him. He disappeared, and the train had come to a halt just outside the station. "Stuff it!" said Katie, and went into the loo. From just outside I heard her sitting down then a high-pitched hissing which went on for a very long while, then stopped, then resumed. "Feel better?" I said as she came out, she grinned "Yes!".

Now from longer ago, when I was about 8. At my primary school, the school fields had been turned into extra classrooms so our teachers would take us down to the local park for PE. It was about a 15-minute walk away from the school, through the housing estate, down to a large field with thick bushes around the side. One particular day, we got changed at school and went down for our 2-hour lesson. I noticed a friend of mine Peter looked uncomfortable, and sure enough at the break halfway through he asked the teacher if he could go back to school for the loo. The teacher on this day was a nice enough older lady who said yes, but he must take someone, so I said I'd go too as I needed a wee. We walked towards the exit from the park and Peter said "I really can't wait till we get back to school, I'm bursting, I'll have to go in the bushes". As we got to the edge of the field, we turned into the bushes - the grass was shoulder-length, but there was an area where it was shorter. I suggested this would be a good place, pulled my shorts down and started weeing. Peter was moaning as he kicked his shoes off, undid his shorts and pulled them and his pants down. As he bent forwards to take his pants off his feet I saw his bum, there was a large poo sticking out already. He squatted down and let out three large poos. Looking around he fetched some leaves to wipe with, we waited around for a bit then headed back to the class.


DJ Ben

More adventures with 'Soft-poo Sue' and 'Debbie Doo-Doo'

On Page 2032 I wrote about the first three days of Toilet bonding with Sue and Debbie on our trip to Scotland in Sue's camper van. The rest of the week was also quite eventful.

On Sunday evening, while Debbie was out looking for beavers, Sue and I were alone together in the van. We got into bed together but just as things were starting to get interesting, I was hit by an urgent need to go to the toilet - again! It was caused by the double portion of Debbie's special curry that I had eaten earlier. I spent half the night sitting on the toilet until about 3 a.m. Monday morning, then I crawled back into the double sleeping bag and cuddled up to Sue, hoping to continue where we left off. There was no chance of that because Sue had taken a sleeping pill so that she could sleep while Debbie was snoring.


When Sue and I woke up, Debbie was already up and dressed. I told Debbie that her curry was a bit too much for my sensitive stomach, it had completely cleared me out and it had interrupted something that Sue and I wanted to do in bed together. Debbie said that I needed something to cure my constipation and her special 'max-lax' curry recipe always worked.

Then I heard noises from Sue's stomach. I stroked her stomach and asked her what was happening inside her. She said, "It's Debbie's curry again. Sue got out of the sleeping bag with nothing on and said, "You can come with me if you like. I know you like that". There wasn't room for two of us in the toilet compartment in the van so Sue turned the camping toilet round with the back facing the door and left the door open. Then she sat down and sat forwards on the seat to give me a good back view. I saw Sue doing a long soft poo that slithered out effortlessly into the bag. Sue said, "All that whole grain rice makes me do a nice big soft poo." Then she said. "I've finished now" as she handed the toilet roll to me. Sue leaned forwards and I wiped her bum tenderly.

Debbie said, "Oh, how sweet! You've got him well trained Sue! Would you like to do that for me Ben?" I said that I would, as long as Debbie would let me watch her doing her poo. Debbie said that I could watch her pooing and I could wipe her bum but only if I did it for both her and Sue every time they did a poo for the rest of the week. I would also need to let Sue or Debbie watch me doing my poo and wipe my bum. That sounded like a good deal so I agreed but there was a downside, as I was about to find out.

I wasn't wearing any clothes and seeing Sue with nothing on doing her poo had a certain effect on me. Debbie noticed this and giggled, "You're a lucky girl Sue! Ben's in good working order in that department!" Sue and I got dressed and the three of us ate breakfast. After breakfast, Debbie went into the toilet compartment without shutting the door and took her shorts and panties down. She sat on the camping toilet with her back to the door and said "Hurry up Ben, I've got 'the runs' this morning!" She sat forwards and farted as a stream of runny poo shot out into the toilet bag. Debbie handed me the toilet roll and said, "Sorry Ben, there's a messy clean-up job for you. It must have been my curry last night." Debbie leaned forwards and I gently wiped her messy bum with toilet paper. Then she gave me a pack of wet wipes and asked me to do a final clean-up. She said that it felt nice and no-one had ever done that for her since she was a child.

"It's your turn now, Ben" Sue said. I said that my digestive system was completely cleared out last night and there was nothing left to come out. After breakfast, Sue drove the van to Fort William and we climbed Ben Nevis, the highest mountain in Great Britain. Sue and Debbie were both very fit and I could hardly keep up with them. That evening, we ate sweetcorn with our evening meal and Debbie said that it should come out in our poo the next morning. Then Sue and Debbie both dissolved a sachet of high fibre drink in water and drank it. "We both need this night and morning to keep our bowels regular", Debbie explained. It certainly worked as they both did an easy soft poo every morning and evening.


After breakfast the next morning, Sue let me watch her doing her usual soft poo and I could see that she ate sweetcorn last night. Then I wiped her and watched Debbie as she sat on the toilet and did a soft poo that also contained lumps of sweetcorn. I wiped Debbie's bum, then she said, "Come on Ben, it's your turn now!" I sat on the toilet while Debbie watched and I tried to poo but I couldn't. Debbie said that I must try again that evening.

On Tuesday evening, after our evening meal, Debbie said, "Come on Ben, it's potty time!" She told me to sit on the toilet with the door open but I still couldn't do a poo. Debbie said that last night's sweetcorn should have come out by now so I should take some laxative. Sue and Debbie both drank their usual sachet of high fibre drink and Debbie said, "Come on Ben, you need a good dose of this!"

Debbie mixed two sachets with half a pint of water and told me to drink it immediately. Half an hour later, she mixed another two sachets and told me to drink it, then to drink plenty of water. Debbie said, "That should make you open your bowels in the morning." but she didn't say what time in the morning. She explained that it contains soluble fibre that retains water and increases stool volume. She said that the wet stool would pass through my digestive system and it would soften the dry stool then it would all slip effortlessly out of the other end. I asked her if it would cause diarrhea and she said that it doesn't actually cause diarrhea although it might be rather urgent.


Wednesday morning, Sue and Debbie did their usual soft poo and I wiped them. Debbie asked me if I had the urge to open my bowels yet. I said that I didn't although I had a bit of a stomach ache and I could feel that pressure was building up inside me.

We were in Glencoe and Debbie said that we were going to traverse the Aonach Eagach Ridge. The name means 'Notched Ridge' in the Scottish Gaelic language and it is one of the most famous hillwalking challenges in Scotland. Debbie got a climbing rope out but I said that I hadn't done any rock climbing before. Debbie explained that it's not exactly a rock climb, more of a rock scramble and experienced hill walkers do it without ropes but as I was inexperienced, we would be roped together. We hiked up to the ridge then Debbie said, "Do you need to open you bowels yet, Ben? This is you last chance before we tie ourselves onto the rope." I said that I didn't but I had a stomach ache and something would probably happen soon.

Debbie and Sue roped the three of us together with me in the middle, then we traversed the ridge. We reached a section called the "Crazy Pinnacles" and I could see why. Suddenly, I felt a massive 'poo slide' inside me followed by a stomach cramp that felt like a sudden attack of diarrhea. I had to stop. "Are you okay, Ben?" Sue asked. I said that I was bent double with a stomach cramp and I couldn't move. "Do you need to open you bowels, Ben?" Debbie asked. I said that I did and I couldn't wait so I either had to do it there or do it in my pants. Sue got one of her 'Go Anywhere' toilet bags out of her backpack and came up close behind me. She told me to hang on to the rock with both hands then she took my pants down. Then she told me to squat while she held the bag under me. I let rip and the relief was wonderful. Debbie was right. It wasn't actually diarrhea, it was just a big, soft, wet and very urgent poo that was impossible to hold. Sue said, "There's a good boy, Ben. Monday night's sweetcorn has come out at last." Then Sue wiped my bum for me, put the toilet paper into the bag and sealed it up. Then she pulled my pants up and put the sealed bag of poo into my backpack.

This is quite a popular route on a fine day and the narrow sections of the ridge are too narrow for other climbers to pass safely. There were two guys waiting to pass and they saw what happened. One said, "That poor guy is scared shitless!" We continued along the ridge and got down safely.


The next day, we decided that we would have a rest day with a boat trip on Loch Ness. The previous Sunday, we had taken a boat trip to Fingal's Cave and I was sick. This time, Sue said that we should stop off at the pharmacy in Fort William to buy some anti-seasickness pills for me. In the pharmacy, I saw a bag of sugar free chocolate mint truffles. The pack said that these were smooth, dark chocolate truffles with a fresh, minty flavour. The pack also said, "Please note that excessive consumption may cause laxative effects" but it didn't say what was excessive. I knew that Debbie liked chocolate and I wanted to get even with her for making me run to the toilet with her laxative curry and again with too much high fibre laxative drink.

Sue drove towards Loch Ness and on the way, I opened the bag of chocolate mint truffles. I ate one and offered the bag to Sue and Debbie. Sue didn't like them mint but Debbie said they were her favourite so I gave her the bag. It was a hot day and I suggested that we should eat them all before going on the boat in case they melted. I ate a few but Debbie ended up eating most of the bag. Sue said that she didn't want to go on a sedate sightseeing cruise full of grannies (despite being a granny herself). Instead, she chose a trip on a small and fast rigid inflatable boat that was advertised as an exhilarating way to see Loch Ness.

We put on the life jackets and waterproofs that were provided and we boarded the open 12 seater boat. It was certainly fast with a 30 knot cruising speed and although the water was calm, it was quite a rough ride. Nearly two hours later, Debbie looked rather uncomfortable and she was clutching her stomach. Then she announced, "I've got DIARRHEA!"

Debbie sat there looking very uncomfortable for the next half hour then she said, "Oh no! I can't hold it!" I got the empty bag of sugar-free chocolates out of my pocket and showed Debbie the warning that excessive consumption may cause laxative effects. I told her that she should always read the label and she replied, "So your chocolates made me do a 'jobbie' in my panties, Ben! Now you must clean up the mess, you agreed!"

When we got off the boat, everyone could see that Debbie had a brown stain at the back of her white shorts. She rushed off to the toilet and took Sue and me with her. Sue went back to the van to get some clean shorts and panties for Debbie while Debbie dragged me into the handicapped stall and slammed the door. She quickly took her shorts and panties right off, sat on the toilet and finished doing her diarrhea into the toilet bowl.

Debbie sat there for about five minutes then she stood up and bent over and told me to wipe her bum. It was quite a messy job as her runny poo had gone up her bum crack while she was sitting on the boat. I finished off with some of her wet wipes then Debbie picked up her shorts and panties from the floor. She flushed the toilet and told me to rinse her soiled shorts and panties in the water in the toilet bowl. After several rinses and flushes, I wrang them out and washed my hands thoroughly. At this point there was a knock at the door and it was sue, with a clean pair of shorts and panties for Debbie. Debbie put them on and the three of us went back to the van.

Sue found a place to park the van near Loch Ness and that afternoon, Debbie had to make several more trips to the toilet in the van where she did a runny poo and I wiped her. She said that she would be more careful about eating sugar-free chocolate in future.

Hi everyone. I went swimming today instead of to the gym. I didn't need the loo when I got there so I went straight into the pool. Naturally enough after a while I had to wee and then I had to poo as well. I did a couple more lengths and then got out. I went in to the changing rooms to go to the toilet.
There are only two cubicles and just as I was approaching two young girls aged about 11-12 who were getting changed went over to them and went in. I stood to one side to wait. The girls were in their swimsuits and I could see one of them, a ginger-haired girl with lots of freckles, lower her swimsuit to the floor. I heard them both wee for a bit and then I heard paper being torn off. But then from the ginger girl's cubicle came two plops which surprised her friend who started to laugh! She then flushed and came out. I took her place and sat down. Her friend was still sitting but I didn't hear anything else and soon she was up and gone. I had my wee and then pushed out three decent sized logs and then a smaller one. Too late I realised the seat was now wet for the next person because I was still dripping water everywhere!

Apart from that nothing much to tell. Bye for now!

Amanda M
I don't have anything interesting to post so i'll just do therse surveys.

Lou's survey:
1. Do you sit or stand when you wipe your bottom?
I sit.

2. When you have a bowel movement, do you use wet wipes or moisten your toilet paper or just use dry toilet paper alone?
Usually, I just use dry toilet paper but, occasionally i'll wet it.

3. How many times do you typically wipe after a shit?
I Don't keep track.

4. Do you read, smoke, or talk on the phone while you shit?
Sometimes i'll text on my phone thats about it.

5. Do you often bathe just after a bowel movement?

6. How often, usually, do you move your bowels?
I don't know but its not a lot.

Tim's survey:
1. How many times a day do u go for a pee?
I don't keep track.

2. How long does it take you to pee?
I'd say about 30 seconds. If I hold it for a while it will last a full miute.

3. Is your pee stream loud or quiet when hitting the water in the toilet?
usually fairly quiet.

4. How long do u take to poo?
about 5 mins.

6. Whats ur poo like solid, mushy or liquid?
usually solid.

7. Do u fart when u poo?

8. Would u let someone of the same sex in the toilet with you?
I wouldnt mind with peeing but pooping is another story.

9. Would u let someone of the opposite sex in the toilet with you?


Huge relief

I had a very satisfying poo after I did the shopping this morning. When I left the house I had a big urge to go but thought I could hold it untill I got to the supermarket and go there but when I reached the supermarket I found I didn't have to go that badly and did my shopping first. Then as I walked around the isles I felt a sharp cramp in my stomach by the time I had everything we needed I was getting desperate and I had to que for ages at the checkout. As I waited my turn my bowels began to rumble and I felt my colon filling up as my poo moved down towards the exit. I had to clench tightly to stop it coming out but it was painfull to keep holding it back and I almost lost control for a moment. Finaly at was my turn to load my shopping onto the checkout but as did so I almost loaded my knickers too! I struggled to hold it in and by the time I was ready to pay I was seconds away from having a very big accident. I quickly made my way to the car and loaded the boot while clenching hard but my bowels wanted this monster poo out and I had to battle with my body to stop it from happening. I don't know how I managed to avoid filling my underwear in the car park and I locked the car and ran back into the store with both hands on my bum and my anus clenched. I raced into the customer toilets to find two of the three cubicles were taped off with an out of sign on them. The one remaining one was occupied and a young girl of about 17 was waiting impatiently outside. She was hopping and fidgeting a lot so I knew she was desperate to go and she was holding her bum which wasn't a good sign to me. The when the cubicle finaly became vacant the girl rushed in and seconds later she was having some explosive diarrhoea. I was very close to losing it myself and listening to her blissfully relieving herself made of even more desperate. She took ages and by the time she came out I was beyond desperate. I rushed in to be hit full in the face with the putrid smell of the girls messy diarrhoea. The pan was spattered with bits of brown and there were bits of it floating around in the water. I was far too desperate to worrry about the mess in the toilet as I was about to make a big mess in my knickers! I fumbled with the button on my jeans as it was tight and I began to panic as it was so difficult to undo. I felt my bowels pushing against my will but somehow I kept control but it was close. Once my jeans and knickers were down I threw myself onto the toilet and instantly released my huge load just in time. It was soft and mushy and a very, very big relief. I pushed out the last bit and wiped and flushed feeling a lot better and much lighter for it. What a huge relief!

Monday, July 25, 2011

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