Mine and Jenna's burrito dump

Hey there it's Raven again and as I'm typing this I'm shifting around a bit as today's lunch and dinner is digesting and shifting around in my stomach. I had two Qdoba steal burritos, that's two 13 inch tortilla wraps loaded with steak, cilantro lime rice, black beans, lettuce, and extra cheese and extra spicy red salsa. So basically it feels as though there are two warm bricks sitting in my gut. I've been a bit constipated and haven't had a shit since Thursday and it's now Saturday so helpful that Mexican food would help move things along because it's sure as He'll making me fart a lot.

This actually reminds me of a story with me and my friend Jenna. Jenna is half Latina and half American so she can handle spicy foods just like me because of her mom. And one day she invited me over for dinner and her mother made a lot and I mean A LOT of these awesome Mexican burritos filled with meat, cheese, brown rice, 3 different types of beans, hot sauce, and chillies.

She just left the entire tray, which had at least 10 of this fully loaded burritos, on the table. Jenna's mom said enjoy and just allowed me, Jenna, and her dad to help ourselves. Jenna's dad ate two before mumbling something under his breath and went upstairs to help his wife. Now me and Jenna kept eating, we're competitive with each other so we had our own mini eating contest. We must've scarfed down at least 4 of those before her mom came down and told us to clean up because guest are arriving and it was an adult party so we had to go upstairs until they all left which wasn't going to be till later on that night.

Jenna's eyes went wide and I didn't understand why but even though we both felt full, bloated, and very sluggish we cleaned up the table. Once we got upstairs, she turned to me and said, "Raven, this is bad..."

"Why? Because you forgot that you were having guest? That's not so bad Jen I mean-"

"No! It's bad because...well those burritos have a tendency to clean out anyone who eats them and I can't go when there are people in the house because I'm shy about the smell." and as if to agree with her words both our stomach started to bubble like lava and churn.

Normally I'm not shy about my bowel habits but I wasn't just going to relieve myself while my friend was holding it so I lied and told her I was the same way which seemed to relax her a bit.

I don't know if it was the brown rice or the hot sauce or even the chillies that made my intestines speed up it's production of poo. In a matter of minutes I felt the urge to shit and so did Jenna. It was pure torture having to sit there and wait in her room for what felt like an eternity (more like 5 hours) and it felt like every time our stomach growled, gurgled, and churned (which happened at least once every 5 minutes) a big piece of poo dropped into our rectums. The only comfort we had to relieve the pressure was farting but only lasted so long.

The moment Jenna's mom shouted that we could leave out the room, we both bolted towards the downstairs bathroom, since that was the only one that was working but when Jenna reached the door it was locked and judging by the smell it was being occupied.

Jenna pounded on the door and we heard her dad call out "What?"

"Papa? Can you hurry me and Rave gotta go really-"

But before she finished we heard her dad swear and the noisy plops of water diarrhea fall into the toilet.

"Jen I'm trying to hurry but I'm going to be here a while. Damn it I told your mother about those blasted chillies and my stomach!" another wave of diarrhea exploded out of him and we both know he was nowhere near done.

I moaned and clutched my stomach and my clenched my butt as a powerful cramp hit my stomach. Before I could even say anything Jenna told me to stay here and dashed upstairs leaving me here to fidget and listen to her dad's pooping session.

When she came back down she was carrying one of her grandmother's adult diapers with her.

"Here go in this." Jenna said.

She did t have to tell me twice but as I was ripping down my pants and underwear I noticed that she only had one with her.

"Where's yours?" I asked as I finally put on the diaper.

Jenna looked down and I heard a crackling sound and noticed that she didn't make it and apparently this was her fourth log that was in her panties. I would've comforted her but I got a gut cramp and moaned as a huge log pushed out of my butt and into the diaper and more followed.

"Oh god that feels good!" I said.

Jenna grunted and pushed out more and her pants began to sag due to the weight of her poo. I must've pushed out at least 7 logs but Jenna just kept going and going.

" this isn't stopping!" Jenna moaned out as more poop escaped her obviously sore hole. After like 5 minutes the bathroom door opened and out came her dad sweaty and feverish and the strong smell of poop filled our noses and nearly made us gag.

"All your girls but don't stay too long my stomach is still upset and I'm going to be needing that again in about fifteen-" his stomach let out a low gurgle. "Actually make that...five minutes."

We dashed into the bathroom and disposed of our logs into the toilet, not all at once because that would've clogged it big time. After like the third flush her dad rushed back in, kicked us out and barely managed to close the door before the sound of his moans and diarrhea plops filled the house again.

For the rest of the night we were fine but Jenna's dad was in there for awhile and his wife learned that chillies and her husband's stomach is a big no no.

Happy Pooping Hopefully ^_^

Upstate Dave

My Working Vacation Day 6 Janets Second Overnight Stay

Janet went over to the sink in the kitchen. She opened up the cabinet doors under the sink. She pulled out a one pound empty coffee can with a lid on it! Here we can use this to piss in! I aughed pretty hard. Janet set thecan down on the bencj when she came back and sat down at the little table.

We resumed playing blackjack till we both needed to piss! Which I'll say this was not much all that later! :-) When Janet had to go she had to gopretty badly! Fir she picked up the coffee can ripped the lid off the can and tossed it aside which the lid fell on the floor! Janet placed the lid right into her crot6ch without even moving her pj top too!

Since she was siting next to me a saw all this. I just befor she did start to piss in the can I reached over and I slidthe front of her pj top up so I could see better! Plus Janet wouldn't wet with piss too. Janet let out a hard stream of piss which only had a short way to go into the v\coffe can. It hit the lower side of the can hard! That made a loud mettalic sound as her piss hit the can.

Then in a very few seconds besides the metalic sound there was enough of Janets piss inthe can that now there was the sound of her piss splashing! There was no hiss being given off with this piss. Her stream was cloudy but did as I looked into the can I saw her piss makeing bubbles. To big to be piss foam.

Janetnow let out a little giggle. I can feel through the can the wamth of my piss! I reached overa and felt the lower outsie of the can. Janet was right! It was slightly warm on the outside of the can. Soon Janetspiss had filled the can reaching where her stream had been hiting the side ofthe can. Now the splashing sound was much louder.

This owuld be for a short time only. Janet had pissed hard and long enough that her stream started easing off. The loud splashing eased off and turned into light pattering now that janet was down to dribbleing piss. Then the pattering sound got even less when her dribbleing went into be just driping. Then she stopped driping and Janet was done.

Now Janet hande me the can. It was about a quarter way filled. I stood up and I was going to stand and piss right there at the table. Janet had other ideas! Gave I really want to see how good you are! Janet said to me. I looke at Janet and asked her why. Janet gigglked first then she told me. Dabve stand and piss with the can on the floor! Then Janet luaghed a short hard laugh!

So I stepped out form the table set the can down on the floor and with two hands I held my penis! ( I looked like a golfer with a club in my hands! I took carefull aim. It took me several long seconds to start my piss! Then I did. One thingthat helped me was my penis for it was erect. I sent a thin stream of piss from it and hit dead center into the can! Janet said loudly; OH SHIT YOU DID IT!!! I didn't tink you would so easily!

Ismiled and tolkd Janet it wasn;t gard at all. But it was but I wasn't going to say that to Janet! My piss splashed loudly in the can but only made a small splashas I pissed into the cab. So I was safe there too! As I stood there and went on with my piss I also thought about its end. That would be simple! I would just cut it right off when te time came. At kleast that's what I hoped for!

Well I took a long piss and I could feel that I was nearing the end. So I did cut off my stream. But it didn't happen the way I wanted it to. I had my stream come back which my stream befor it stopped with it moving I pissed a little on the floor! Janet giggled pretty good but she didn't say anyting about me pissing on the floor.

So since the toilet paper roll was in the trailerI grabed it tore some paper off and wiped up the little bit of my piss on the floor. Then I tossed the used paper in the can. Ther can was a little more then half fillednow with piss. Janet asked me now; Dave arn't you going to dump the can? I laughed and told Janet since there was toilet paper in the can if I did dump it out outside it would be in plain sight in the yard! Janet giggled a little. But she didn't say a word about being wrong.

Well anyway I had put thelid back on the can and I set it down on the floor out of the way. Janet and I went on playing cards till we were tired. Then we called it quits. I with Jantes help dropped the little table down and flopped the two benches over which now she had her bed. There were stilll sheets in the trailer which she used. I then climbed up in the big bed. We both said goodnight. Janet turned off the lights and soon we both fell asleep. To be continuied.

Roxanne did a quick, but stinky poo this morning. I noticed she was walking to the bathroom with a bit more haste than usual. No sooner had she sat down on the toilet than I heard a loud splosh. A little bit later a ploonk and the room was filled with the lovely aroma of her poo. She peed for a short while and then two quick shploonks. Then she wiped and flushed and that was all.

hey guys this is my first time posting i love the site and thought i should post one. One day my step sister went the the bathroom downstairs while i was on the computer. i then stopped what i was doing and listened. from what it sounded like she put down the toilet seat and sat down. i heard grunting then i heard a "PLOP" and a sigh in relief then she started to sing some kind of song i don't know what it was. anyway she started to PUSHHHHHHH! and then she told her friend she was pooping. so i got back on the computer. It was a pretty good show at least I thought it was. Till next time bye.


Response to Just Jerika

Yes, I can plainly recall my mother taking me into the ladies' room to go if she didn't feel comfortable leaving me unsupervised. None of these visits stand out in my mind, therefore I would venture to guess that nothing unusual happened. It is doubtful that any sort of explanation of the differences between the male and female anatomy took place; my parents were too reserved and 'proper' to explain sexuality to me at any point in time. I got that information in a classroom and from my fellow hellions on the playground.

What would happen is that she would have to rely on my facial expressions to find out if I needed to use the bathroom. For one reason or another, I was always reluctant to divulge that seemingly trivial bit of information. Fortunately, she was always good at determining if I was holding it. I was generally cooperative once my cover was blown. She would say, "Brandt, do you have to go potty?" If I nodded, she continued by asking, "Number one or number two?" I used my fingers to show what I needed to do and thus how quickly we would need to get to a toilet.

Holding my hand, we scampered off together in search of a restroom. Arriving, we next staked our claim on a stall and entered. At first, she would take care of getting me undressed, but later I pulled my pants and underwear down myself. Then, I sat down and peed and/or pooped. She always had me sit, regardless of whether or not I had to go #2. Quiet encouragement was offered if I was having a BM; this included giving my stomach a quick rub, reminding me to relax and not strain in between taking deep breaths, and an occasional assist from her finger which she would insert into my anus to help me pass a particularly stubborn log. Sitting might have minimized the fact that I wasn't female or helped to avoid any potentially awkward questions, but that's a digression.

After I finished, my mother would say "Are you done? [nod] Start grabbing some paper." I took the toilet paper off of the roll and handed it to her so she could wipe me with it. While seated, she wiped my penis off to remove any stray dribbles of urine that I might have gotten on myself. That first bit of toilet paper was then chucked into the toilet bowl and I followed by giving her some more paper to wipe my bottom with. I stood up, faced the toilet, and bent over, crossing my arms over the my chest and putting my head down. This gave her the best view of my butt and the most room to work with for wiping me. Her technique was very thorough; she'd open my cheeks with one hand and bring the paper in between with the other. Using one finger, she wiped in a circular motion, carefully removing all the left over bits of poop [I eventually did the wiping myself].

My underwear and pants were pulled up and then I would reach out and flush. I looked at her, smiled, and we walked out of the stall together to wash my hands. With that taken care of, we left the bathroom and returned to whatever we had been doing before I needed to go. Does this sound familiar to anyone else?


New Lady In Our Office

I haven't posted about my office ladies' room lately since it's been more of the same. Leigh is still noisy, grunting and pooing loudly, Ann isn't shy about her pooing, and neither is Courtney. So I've had several instances of witnessing them in the restroom but nothing really different so I haven't posted about them. I do have a new story to share which is pretty long, so sorry about that. Recently the company consolidated a small satellite office about 5 miles away into our main building. Everyone retained their job, thank goodness, but it's a sign of the economy that the company is trying to reduce costs. There is a new young woman who came over with the consolidation named Lydia. She is about 25 or 26 years old, quite tall, about 5'8", weighs maybe 120 lbs., with very long great looking legs and is very cute with a short blond haircut. Lydia was assigned to our department. She reminds me a lot of Paris Hilton. Every day she wears short skirts, short dresses, or tight slacks and high heels. Believe me the men have noticed. I overheard the men's water cooler conversation the other day, with one saying, "Have you checked out the legs and ass on that new chick, Lydia? Man!" And when she sits in her chair, she keeps her knees and feet tightly together. So it drives the guys crazy. At first I thought she was kind of aloof or standoffish. She barely spoke to anyone. And with her outfits highlighting her excellent body, it seemed to fit that she was a bit stuck up. Then I was talking to one of my friends, a woman in her late 40's named Donna, who told me Lydia is her niece. She asked me if I'd met Lydia and I said yes, but she wasn't very talkative. Donna said, "I know. She is the most shy, bashful girl I've ever known. She's my brother's daughter, and both he and his wife are very outgoing. But Lydia is so shy people feel like she thinks she's too good for everyone. But she's a real sweetheart once you get to know her. I wish she could do something about her bashfulness, though." With that explanation, I felt a bit sorry for Lydia, being new to the office and so shy she had trouble making friends. One day early this week, I got the urge to poo around 9 in the morning. If you've seen my earlier posts, you know I'm very poo shy. I hate going at work, but have to most days of the week. My biggest concern about going in public places is I ALWAYS fart just before I start pooing. I would say it happens 99% of the time - I sit down, push a bit, I fart, then the poo starts. This is embarrassing to me, so I hate to poo in the presence of others (except my husband). But enough about that. I went to the ladies' room and all the stalls were vacant, thankfully. I took my favorite stall, the first one which has the wall on one side and stall 2 on the other. I had just locked the door and started to pull down my slacks when someone came in the restroom and quickly walked into stall 2 and locked the door. I thought, "Why do you pick the one right next to me?" I glanced under the wall at the person's feet and saw that it was Lydia. I had noticed she wears an ankle bracelet with a small charm with an "L" on it. I could see it around her ankle and I also recognized her heels. I sat down and hoped she was just in for a quick pee. She pulled down her panties and sat down. I immediately noticed her feet - she had them spread very far apart, with the toes of her right foot practically sticking into my stall. I could easily have touched her shoe. I leaned over a bit and looked under the partition and she was definitely sitting in an "unladylike" position, with her feet spread out so far I didn't see how her panties stretched that much. Then she farted extremely loudly, BAAARRRPT, and sighed, then just a torrent of soft sounding poo started coming from her. It came out rapidly with smaller farts slipping out with her poo, which was plopping noisily into the water. She had a good 6 or 8 second wave of poo then sighed again - not quite a grunt, but obviously she was pushing her poo out. I couldn't wait any longer and relaxed and pushed slightly. Sure enough, my pre-poo fart came and then my poo started out. It was hard small turds, which splashed and plopped embarrassingly into the toilet. I had about 8 or 10 plops before I was done. Lydia then farted again, very loudly and as the fart was ending more soft poo interrupted the gas and she did another 6 or 8 second rush of soft poo. I then smelled a wafting of strong poo smell coming from her. I didn't think it was me stinking that badly since mine was so hard (although I've stunk up our ladies' room plenty of times). I pushed out 3 or 4 more balls of hard poo then peed. Lydia peed as well, and began to wipe as did I. I only needed one wipe on my butt, but she wiped about 4 times, and flushed just as I was exiting my stall. She came to the sinks and smiled bashfully and said a weak, "Hello." I said hi, and we left and went back to the office. I thought maybe she was a bit sick to her stomach, and as bashful as she is, she was in an emergency and figured she was probably very embarrassed. But Thursday I went to pee and Lydia was right in front of me going into the restroom. Again, the room was empty, and this time she took my favorite stall so I skipped one and went into the 3rd one. She sat down quickly, farted loudly and started another identical sounding poo. I finished and came out of my stall and Donna, Lydia's aunt came in and said hello. I said hi, and just then Lydia blasted a huge fart. Donna looked at the stall then at me and mouthed "Is that Leigh?" I mouthed back, "No, it's Lydia." She looked kind of shocked and shrugged her shoulders and went into stall 4. I went to the sink and as I passed by Lydia's stall she farted loudly again. When I was back in the office, Donna came by and whispered to me, "So much for her being bashful. I guess she's not shy in the bathroom!" I said, "I guess not. I was by her earlier this week and she was going pretty loudly." Donna said, "I thought Leigh was bad. Now my own niece!" I said, "It's OK, Donna. That's what restrooms are for." Donna said, "I guess." Then Friday came and I got my urge to poo at 10 a.m., the rush hour in our restroom for women doing #2. I went to the restroom and found all the stalls taken with pooing women (there are 6 stalls). I waited and the door opened and in came Leigh. Another half minute or so went by and Lydia came in. There were 3 flushes all virtually at the same time, from stalls 1, 2, and 3. Stall 2 opened first and I started in, then Leigh went in stall 1. Lydia got stall 3 and again spread her feet apart widely as she sat down. We settled and I realized I was between warring pooing women. Leigh grunted her usual "UHHHH" and farted very loudly and started splattering loose sounding poo. Lydia farted equally loudly, and started pooing soft sounding poo in a torrent. I had to go, pushed slightly, and my customary pre-poo fart came out followed by a crackling poo. The other ladies were finishing up and flushed leaving the three of us there. I wondered what they were thinking with the explosion of poo from Lydia and Leigh, and admittedly, I farted loudly enough for them to hear, too. I finished quickly, wiped and flushed. As I was leaving my stall, both Lydia and Leigh farted again almost at the same time, Leigh's followed with another "UHHHH". I could hear Lydia sigh after her fart. So, Lydia, who is so, so bashful in the office, has no inhibitions at all in the restroom. Maybe since she's in a locked private stall she feels she can just let go. And let me tell you she sure does. Other ladies here - do you ever experience shy type women who just explode in the restroom? If there are other further episodes involving Lydia, I'll post again.



Today I woke up with a sore stomach so I just started letting out wet farts all the time. I was on the bus to school and the farsts didn't stop coming I knew this would be a diarrhea explosion, I kelt getting tingled and spasms in my ass and I kept shivering slightly. So when I got to school I kept holding my stomach because the girls toilets were having some work done to them. When it came to lunch it got worse I kept shivering and having to hold my stomach so I was standing up in the line to get my lunch and I let out a major juicy deadly fart, I let out 27 of them (I counted XD) little did I know I had had a major explosion in my panties so whe. I sat down I felt it all squish against my butt I stayed sitting Down though. In class I knew my panties were already messed so I let it fill my panties, when I got home I rushed to the bathroom and let out deadly explosion shits with pieces of slimy shit and liquid I stayed on the toilet for exactly 1 hour and 46 mins, I looked down at my panties they were a total mess! Filled with liquidy horrible shit.


My Answers to Lou and Tim's Surveys

Here's my first time answering surveys:

Lou's survey:
1. Do you sit or stand when you wipe your bottom? I sit and rise up and wipe from behind.
2. When you have a bowel movement, do you use wet wipes or moisten your toilet paper or just use dry toilet paper alone? Dry toilet paper.
3. How many times do you typically wipe after a shit? Typically 3 to 5 depending on how messy I was.
4. Do you read, smoke, or talk on the phone while you shit? Not usually. I don't smoke. I've read a magazine. I'm afraid of talking on the phone with anyone while pooing except my husband for fear of them hearing noises.
5. Do you often bathe just after a bowel movement? Not usually unless I needed to go before my usual shower time, which isn't normal for me.
6. How often, usually, do you move your bowels? Usually at least once per day, many times twice. On rare occasions, I get constipated and will skip a day.

Tim's survey:
1. How many times a day do u go for a pee? I've never counted, but I'd say about 5 or 6, including when I poo. I always pee when I'm done pooing.
2. How long does it take you to pee? Maybe 30 seconds.
3. Is your pee stream loud or quiet when hitting the water in the toilet? Pretty loud. Mine sometimes makes a hissing noise, too.
4. How long do you take to poo? I usually take 5 to 10 minutes. I have taken up to 20 minutes on those occasions where I just can't seem to get through.
6. What's your poo like solid, mushy or liquid? I'd say between solid and mushy. It's really soft solid, and usually comes out in pretty long pieces.
7. Do you fart when you poo? Virtually every time. I always fart just as I start pooing before the poo comes out. I usually will have at least one or maybe more farts during my poo as well.
8. Would you let someone of the same sex in the toilet with you? No.
9. Would you let someone of the opposite sex in the toilet with you? Only my husband who often is in the room when I go.


Ate some mexican last night

Last night for dinner I had some burritos, with lots of beans and salsa. It was very good but now I feel like I got a bomb brewing inside me. Brraappppaarrtttaaappppttt Damn that was a big fart. Praaaapp Brrrttt Brraarrppprrt Prrrtttt Bzzztt Pppprraaarrrrrpp. I think I should go sit on the toilet. Braaaatttt Prraapppp Bbbrrttttt Prrrrrttttt Okay I'm sitting down now. Ppppttttt Bbbbaaarrpppaarrrttt Prrraarrppp I'm really stinking up the bathroom, glad no one is here to smell it. Prrrt Prrtt Bbbbrrraarrrttrrrttppp Prrrrarrrpp.

Oooohh here it comes. Splunk Ploonk Plop Ploop Ppprrraarrrtt Plip Splip Splip Ploop Ploosh Plonk Splooonk Shplunk Brrrrrarrrppp Bzzzzzzrrtt Ppppprrtttarrrppptt Sploop Splonk Plop Plip Ploop Splup Sploop Plunk Pffffrrtt Bbbrarrrt Sploosh Ploonk Plop Plop Plip Splip Plunk Splish. Think I might be done now. This is gonna take many wipes. Three wipes in and it's still dirty. Two more, total of five, getting clean. Six and seven are better. Eighth wipe is the last one.

Abbie posted the other day about walking in on somebody on the loo. This reminded me of a time when I did. When I was about 12, a relative retired from their job as a company manager, bought a large house in the middle of the countryside and had a retirement party to which everyone was invited. It was pretty boring, one of those times when you see relatives you hardly ever see and don't know!

We'd had a long car ride there and I needed the loo when we arrived so I headed upstairs where I was told the loo was. I opened the door and to my surprise there was a girl sitting on the loo, pants down to her ankles. I apologised and waited outside. She finished and came out and said it was fine, we looked at the door-frame and the lock had broken so it didn't hold the door shut.

Anyway, it turned out that Nicole (as she turned out to be called) was, at 11, the only person my age there. We were both bored with all the adults so we were chatting. There was a large buffet and BBQ and we all sat outside in the sun for a while. After a while, Nicole and I were getting bored and one of the adults suggested we go down to the village - about a mile and a half away - and pick up some ice cream. We went off on the walk, down a bridleway and reached a level crossing. By this point I realised I should have gone to the loo, as I hadn't been since I arrived and had had a lot to drink. We had to wait at the crossing for a train to pass and I crossed my legs. "Need to go?" asked Nicole. "Yeah" I said "Should have gone back at the house". "Don't worry, there's some bushes after the crossing" she said. We crossed over and went over a gate into a field with bushes at the side. I weed in the bush whilst she looked the other way, then she squatted and had a wee. "Dammit" she said "there's no paper". I realised this was a problem for girls! Luckily when we got to the shop, there was a toilet there so she could use paper.


The Listening Ear

Part 13 (I'm not superstitious)

The new office was L-shaped. At the top of the L was the door to the operations department, and towards the bottom of the stem, on the right, was the exit door. This led into a short corridor (parallel to the bottom bit of the L), with the Ladies toilets immediately on the right, and the Gents unfortunately further along on the other side. If I put my ear to the wall in the Gents I could hear some faint sounds from the Ladies in among the other building noises, but if anyone was using the lift (elevator) everything was drowned out by the motor.

Sometimes, if someone interesting had just gone into the Ladies and a second person then headed in that direction, I would follow her, so that the door would be open as I walked past to the Gents. In this I was greatly helped by a young admin girl with (presumably) a weak bladder, who had to go every half hour or so. Better still, with the Ladies being right next to the office door, if there was someone coming out as my 'escort' was going in, the door would stay open for quite a long time as we all barged into each other and then spent ages sorting ourselves out and apologising in that oh-so-British way that we have.

By these devious means I managed to hear the pee waterfalls of Linda, Carol and Jill, and even a plop from Carol on one occasion, and this then enabled me to recognise Linda and Jill when I was listening in the Gents. Jill was so incredibly loud (I now think she must have peed standing up) that when I heard her through the open door I instinctively glanced inside, and discovered that the Ladies stalls backed on to our office wall. Once I knew that, if I concentrated hard enough I could actually hear Jill peeing from anywhere in the office!

That connecting wall proved useful later on, when there was a shortage of computer terminals and I offered to work non-standard hours to get some computer time in the evenings. But with no-one else in the office, the first thing I discovered was the small theatre across the road. On performance nights, if I stood on a desk I could see the actors moving about through the frosted glass of the dressing-room area, including going to the toilet - front view of standing males and back view of squatting females.

Our operations staff worked 24 hours in three shifts, so in the evenings I had a different crew each week. I positioned myself so that I could see anyone approaching from there, and then if they went into the Ladies I would move into the base of the L and put my ear to the wall. First there was a pretty young girl with waist-length light brown hair, who did a nice waterfall and a couple of plops. But best of all was Christine, who was reckoned by all the men in the company as the Babe of Babes. She was in her early twenties, medium height with dark, medium length hair, in fact medium everything really but perfectly formed. Every evening when it was her shift, at 8:30pm she would come out for a pee, straight into the water and extremely tuneful, with a huge tonal range and some really sonorous low notes. Then she would go back to the operations lounge to eat her sandwiches, and then just before 9 she would come back for another quick pee, followed by her evening dump. This was always entertaining and always different, often with heart-stoppingly long pauses between plops. The tension was all the greater for not being able to hear any air-borne sounds such as shuffling, rustling, heavy breathing or grunting, and I was reminded of the old joke about London buses - you wait ages for a plop and then three come along at once. She really was an absolute gem.

And then there was J. Probably slightly younger than Christine, J had a long, full-lipped, Pre-Raphaelite face, a boyish figure, and an aura of such electric sensuality that the air seemed to fizz and crackle as she moved through it with the grace of a gazelle, her thick, dark brown wavy hair bouncing on her shoulders as she walked. But though whe was thrilling and fascinating to watch, her visits to the toilet were all swift and silent. Just once, with my ear to the wall, I caught the beginning of her pee, but it was instantly curtailed by a sharp CLICK-CLACK of stiletto heels. I knew that sound very well. it's the sound my wife makes when she accidentally misfires into the water and has to re-position herself to hit the porcelain instead. So I knew then that J's silence was deliberate, and that there was little chance of ever hearing anything from her.

But it didn't quite work out like that . . .


wheelchair Sara
To JW yeah I do get blocked up most of the time part dure to all the pill I need to take, im glad their is someone else on here who understand what its like when other people use the disabled toilet and the people who really need it have to wait( will post story below)

First I would like to thank all the people for the support and would like to say that im 25 now soon to be 26 and have a goal of having a party for my, 30 where i will stand up to give a thank you speech.

on to so stories:

So me an Beth had been out shopping most of the day had I had eaten a huge lunch and had a few coffee's in the hope that it would get thing moving. So on the way home we decide to stop and have some food at our local fish & chip place (Also has a clean disabled toilet)it was around 7 so it was busy but as we know them they found us s table, just it was right by the loo, so wasnt the best but we were hungry so we ordered out food,so our food comes and we eat it all the have coffee.Then just before we are about to go I start to feel the need to go, so rather than wait till I go back to my flat and risk getting more blocked up I chose to use the toilet here as its always clean. So Beth goes and pays so she can come and help me with bits I need, so we both go into the toilet and she helps me on to the loo. I ask her to stay as it could take awhile, so I start almost right away with a few small fart a some small bits of poo, so Beth Say shes going to go for a smoke a would be back soon and she would leave the door unlocked incase I needed anyone. so im sitting there thinking no one would comeing here as I wa the only customer in a chair. How wrong I was so thisg started moving along and just when I get going the door opens wide open and there is this boy of about 17 who then starts taking photos of me, so buy now I start to panic because the door is open so most of the people in the place can see, hear and most of all smell what i was doing, so this kid thinks he is really funny and im sitting there crying. then he start asking all these rude qustions like was I in a chair (he said crippled and i HATE that term)and was I trying to stink the place out. So finally Beth comes back and tells this kid to get lost and he just goes back to his mates thinking he is a really big man. So by now Im conpleatly block up again and just want to go home a cry, but Beth says we sould call the police, so we did then the kids starts calling me all thease rude names. The I find out a few days later he got let of with a warning and told to delet the photos. so once again the things so rubbish.

hope you all like the story and do plan on putting a few more on this week sometime.

wheelchair Sara

To Lisa:

I posted a couple years ago about how my boyfriend at the time seemed to share the same problem. I know you seem against the wet wipes, but it sounds like that may really help during the day in between showering. Have you tried powder also? I've noticed this for me personally to be only a time when I am sweating alot, and using a small amount of powder prior to the activity helps, so mabye a quick powder after your shower could help.

Wild One

Summer greetings!

Brandon T: Thank You. This is just magnificent site so I decided to share my Wild experiences. Im a young male but I have lots of stories to tell.

Wendy: Im very glad you like my story. It seems that we have the same passion to pooing (and peeing) unsual and naughty places. I have to say that I enjoy very much your story about peeing and pooing all over those rags in that shed.

Lori (car moms friend)


To Brandon T, J, and Whinnie: it is such an honor to have you talking to me! I am so glad that megan (car mom) got me into the fun of peeing! Actually I have thought about peeing somewhere in my own house but so far I haven't done it. But I'm thinking I'll do it soon though, the temptation is getting to be too great! If and when I do I will post about it that's for sure!

Car mom said she is glad to hear from all of you and also from Happy Dude! She also said she has a story for you but she'll post it later this week proabaly. She said it involves 2 teenagers one a girl and one a boy. She said to let everyone know it'll be comign up!

Well that's it for now!

Cindy Shitter

Epic brawl for toilet

One time me and Ana had a sleepover. We invited Jamie, Kristi, and Shanie. We were all kind of dumb blonds. We all had these chicken wings that tasted a bit off. We were all telling funny and embarrassing stories. Ana had to tell everyone about our Mexican food story. Right when she was about to finish the last sentence her stomach rumbled. She laughed and large wet fart come from her. She got up and the couch was stained with shit. She pulled down her pants and ran to the bathroom liquid shit came out of her ass all the way to the bathroom. Ana couldn't stop shitting i watched her keep pooing and pooing. She flushed the toilet quite a few times to stop from overflowing. She came out with her pants off. She said "It came out of me like lava". Jamie stomach then grumbled then Shanie's then mine. Kristi started to laugh at all of us. I said, "stop, you will get the runs to shortly". She laughed again. "I put turbo lax in all the drinks". Now that the door to the bathroom is locked you will all suffer. Then i heard Kristi's stomach rumble. I laughed. She drank lot of that wine. "But mine wasn't supposed to have laxatives". All our stomachs rumbled. We ran all around the house. Ana got a trash can. Jamie got a pot. And Shanie just pooped all over the floor. Me and Kristi raced to the upstairs bathroom. i got to the door first must Kirsti pulled my pants down causing me to trip. I did the same to her. We had an all out brawl for the toilet. She kicked me in the stomach and i shit all over the floor. She laughed but i pushed her down and ripped her shirt off. She got back up and sat down on the toilet i heard liquid diarrhea and gas come out. i pushed her out an into the tub. I sat down and did the same as her. she pushed me off and ripped of my shirt. We both now were completely naked. I then sat on her and got shit all over her. Then she played a reverse and she got shit all over me. We stopped fighting and we both just pooped literally all over the bathroom. Kristi left after that. That was quite the shit. It was like the scene from dumb and dumber but 10x worse.

Hi everyone its John from the UK here! Been busy these past few weeks and just been catching up on all your Posts. To Leanne, Emma and Abbie great stories girls and I see that the summer hols hasn't diminished your "output" so to speak, in fact you all seem to be more prolific than ever, lol! Really enjoy your Posts. Tom Tit and Listening Ear great stories too, likewise Amylee, keep em coming! I have a couple of amusing incidents of late which involve my wife. One day last week we both had a day off and decided to go out for a drive. Now I hadn't done my usual morning no.2 and neither had she. Anyway we'd stopped off at a small cafe had a bite to eat and a coffee paid up and went on our way. About 20 minutes into the drive my wife said "ooh I need a pushy!" (that's our pet name for a no.2). I said ok we'll stop at the next town/villgage. About 10 mins later on the outskirts of this village we saw a small brick structure which was the public loo. I parked and we walked over and entered by our respective entrances. The gents consisted of a urinal and a single cubicle. The brick dividing wall didnt reach as far as the roof. I stood at the urinal and peed and heard my wife go into the cubicle adjacent to the dividing wall. I heard her pull down her shorts and panties and plonked her bum on the seat immediately followed by a fast hissing pee which was punctuated by wet sloppy farts a brief silence followed by a cascade of turds plopping into the water. I'd washed my hands and waited outside. Five mins later my mobile (cell phone) bleeps, a text from my wife "Help ONLY 1 SHEET OF LOO ROLL!". So it was back into the gents and I tore off a substantial amount of tissue. Seeing the coast was clear went to my wife who had her navy shorts and pale blue panties at her knees and white t-shirt at her belly button, handing her the tp. I gave her a kiss and said good luck and left. She emerged several mins later looking as beautiful as the first time i saw her over 30 years ago! A big X & huggle 2 all the girls & hi 2 the guys.


Roadside pee and poo

I went out for a drink with Kirsty last night and as we walked home I felt a strong urge to pee. Kirsty needed to go as well but it was more than just a pee that she needed. We found a dark spot where the street light wasn't working and lowered our underwear and squatted over a drain grate together. I peed for ages as Kirsty began to drop her load on road. She must have been holding it for a while by the size of the pile she created and she looked very relieved. We had nothing to wipe with so we just pulled our underwear up and walked home. As soon as we got indoors Kirsty went upstairs to clean up followed by me. Her panties were badly skid marked and her bum was caked in poo.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Caryl Marie

Me and My Dad in the Mens Room

Compared to my friends, my parents were more (and still are) more protective of me when we are out in large public places. I'm going to be starting 6th grade this fall and remember my Dad taking me into the guys' bathrooms until like three years ago. We were at a professional basketball game at our municipal arena when he finally walked me to the entrance of the ladies room and let me go in alone. I had been waiting for that to happen for a couple of years. When I told him about my friends and how their parents let them go in unsupervised, his response was always "Since their last name is not ########## (ours) I'm not about to change my mind." Although I occasionally got so frustrated and violated his "there's no need to debate me on it!" argument, I guess I knew it would be futile.

I probably got dragged into mens rooms a couple dozen times because since we're a working class family, Mom usually worked weekends and evenings so she was not able to go out with us a lot. Dad walks very fast normally and when he would take me in he would walk even faster. As much as possible, he would walk in with me and be on the side of the guys standing at the urinals. Sometimes the line for the urinals were so long, that even if we held hands, Dad would look back and I was being dragged from behind him because the hole that opened for him closed before I got there. When we got over to the side of the bathroom with the stalls, many didn't have doors and I was able to see many guys--some pretty old and others my age--seated and taking craps. Some were reading the program or a newspaper on the toilet. Since they had dropped their clothing all the way to their ankles, my eyes saw enough to make both me and sometimes them blush. I remember seeing one guy sitting with a wad of toilet paper in each hand. Better to have too much instead of not enough, I remember thinking.

Dad always looked for the first two toilets side-by-side that were available. He would reach in, and if the seat was up, drop it and point to me to use it. Then he would either pee or crap in the one right next to me. When I didn't immediately hear him drop the seat, I knew that meant that he might be crapping. He's always worn boxers and he would lower them and his jeans to just the level necessary to allow his crap to drop. He doesn't allow himself much time on the stool and he starts pulling off toilet paper before the first piece drops. There's almost no noise or movement on his part. "How's it going, pumpkin?", he would ask. If I didn't immediately answer he would tap on the cubicle side and make some joke about not falling asleep on the toilet.

Although there were some embarrassing things about being dragged into the bathroom with my Dad, especially for a couple of years after I felt I should have been allowed to go in on my own, like my Mom, he aways checked that I flushed and then that I went to the sinks and washed my hands. What was different between Mom or Dad taking me in was huge to me and that was Mom making me stand on the side of the toilet stool while she tore off toilet paper and placed in over the seat. Only then would she allow me to sit on the seat. Once when I was about 5 and we were at the state fair, I told her several times I was going to have a pee accident. But she didn't want to hurry and leave the livestock building for the restrooms. When we finally got to the restroom building, she took the usual minute or two to tear off the toilet paper to place over the seat. She was very exact about it--a strip on each side of the seat, another smaller one across the front, and another one across the back. I believe she had only one sheet down when the gusher hit and I peed my shorts and underwear. Luckily, my shorts were made of a dark blue jeans fabric, so the accident wouldn't show on the outside. She got mad, had me stand still while she finished the papering task.

While I waited crying for what seemed like an eternity, she finished the papering, and then allowed me to place my pee-drenched legs and butt on the seat papers. I was able to go a little more. Then she had me raise my feet so she could take off my shoes. Next she took off my clothing, while telling me to remain still and not move. (She didn't want me to get off the seat papers any more than I already had). First, she took my underwear, and with it hanging from her thumb and finger, took it over to the trashcan and dumped it. Then she wiped me up the best she could. She called Dad on his phone and explained while were taking so long and I heard her tell him something was "a great idea." We waited there about 15 minutes when Dad called her back to say he was in the doorway. Mom immediately returned with a Wal-Mart sack and a package of three new pairs of underwear. She had me put the new pair on and they were almost an exact match.

We washed our hands and went out and did two or three hours worth of rides. I had to pee just once more that day, about 10 or 15 minutes before we left the park. Mom suggested we hold off until we got out of the park because there was the Wal-Mart across the street and she wanted to pick some other things up. She also knew the bathrooms would be cleaner there. Mom took me right to the back of the store, into a stall and pulled off a seat sheet, to put down before I could be seated. As I waited for my pee to get started, I remember thinking about what those seat papers weren't in many of the other bathrooms we use.

They sure make the toilets easier to use. Mom used one too and she took longer than me this time because she had to crap. It seemed to smell worse there than it does at home. But I don't know exactly why. All I know is that I remember it that way.


Weekend Trip

Hey all,

So I'm sitting here @ the PC in my place in NY, and I just go that pressure feeling. Going to go poop now, and post it when I return...definitely turtle heading now...

That was definitely a load. It feel like that much would come out. So, I sat down, and waited a couple seconds. I think I farted 9I know that sounds weird) because it felt like a fart coming out, but i didn't hear or feel anything 'launch', so it could have been my ass opening. I could feel it coming and gave a few pushes to help it along it's way. It was a long, medium width one and it broke off into chunks with about 4-5 plips and plops. There was a definite shit smell in the air. The smell of a nice, healthy, 'earthy' dump, which was slightly pungent which I admit, bordered on 'stink.'

Standing up, i saw a few skids, as well as my impressive load. Seemed like it came out as one massive thing, but with the pushing, falling, and water contact, my load was a good 5 or 6 pieces that covered the bottom of the toilet. It was firm but messy. Took me about 8 wipes (I lost count after 5, but it wasn't more than 10) to get all clean. I flushed, and the water moved a bit, but nothing happened. I tried again, and everything slowly went down, leaving some confetti and a few marks.

That's it, hope you enjoyed as much as I did...

And now for some feedback

Sarah - sounds like you really had to pee a that concert! I've had days where I'm surprised how much I can pee.

Andrea - sounds like you had two subs, by the sounds of your post haha. Hope you didn't miss any of the how 9or shows...depending on what type of concert it is).Although, I think you probably put on a good how of your own.

Happy Dude - I've never (as far as I can remember) witness anyone having an accident.

Fred - loving the posts about Roxanne. Writing is quite good too, and as always, look forward to another installment. Do you guys talk about bathroom habits in any shape or form??

Eileen - I'm envious of the person on the other end of that phone! you must have been relieved, though. does it ever take you multiple flushes to get everything down? Seems like you have no problem filling the bowl ;)

Lisa - I'm not a doctor or anything, but the smell you talk of, is it the same or similar to your farts and poop? Or does it smell different? When you do fart & poop, is it usually very smelly? The only thing I can think of is maybe your food doesn't digest properly. Are your poops 'unusual'? (always diarhea, mushy,etc.) or do you have any trouble with them?? Keep us updated!

Tiffany - i don't know about you, but if I went more than 1 day without pooping, it would be massive, or a lot. Enjoyed your posts, and the way you write them.

Tom Tit - since I've come here, it's surprising what types of women do what types / how much poop.

That's all for me, laundry time!

Twice this past week, I've had to crap in bathrooms where each and every toilet seat was badly splashed up. One was at the zoo, where me and Stac went on discount Tuesday. The other was in the park where there was an all-day alternative rock concert. I would suspect that more than one guy contributed to the mess on each of the seats. So each time I had to take off a lot of toilet paper, roll it around my hand and then use it as a mitt to wipe down the seat. Then after throwing it in the bowl and flushing it, I had to pull off additional toilet paper to spread over the seat before I seated myself on it. In both bathrooms, however, as I was using them, younger kids would come in, throw themselves onto the seat, and pay no attention to what they were sitting in. These might have been real emergencies, but I just want those who fail to lift the seat before peeing to know that they are causing problems for the future users. Why are so few of the seats lifted prior for the toilet being used for peeing? Finally, I was the only person who washed his hands.


To: Andrea

Hey Andrea that was a good story about your pooping at a concert, I just wanted to say how many beers did you drink, because I've heard that beer makes you shit after a few cups, is that true about beer does it make you shit.


To: Lisa

It helps me when I take deodorant/anti-perspirant and run a strip or two up the crack.. like its impressive the wonders it works. I know you said you don't like the wet wipes due to the coldness and what have ya but I think this ten second task will really be pleasing in the long run and throughout the day. I'm not sure why you issue stems from but I'm sure it isn't pleasant for you. Its just one idea that will help. Good luck.

High School Guy

I Thought I Had My Second Accident

Well today I experienced something that hasn't happened in years where I think I have to fart but it's so big it felt like poop came out with it. Anyway today on my way home from my part-time job I could feel pressure building up I knew that I'd have a lot of gas. I so I farted continously and then I had to raise my butt off the seat. At the time I heard no indication of a fart so I was horrified I was most certain that I had just my second poop accident ever. Well I continue to drive home and quickly run to the upstairs toilet to inspect the damage. Well low and behold nothing. There wasn't any ounce of poop in my pants and it was a Fart after all.

Well I wanted to know if anyone here has anything else like this happen to them or if they had an accident because it was thought to be nothing but a harmless fart


Maid's shit

Hi everyone. Sorry I haven't posted in quite a while but rest assured that I have been out there smelling as much female bowel movement as possible. I have 3 new incidents I would like to share. I will post them one at a time. The first occurred sometime in early June. I went to a wedding and stayed in a hotel. I came back to my room to find the maid's cart parked outside my door which was wide open. I walked in and didn't see the maid. Although it was obvious she had been there since the bed was made and the room clean. I started to get angry because she left my door open for anyone to just walk in. That is when I noticed the bathroom door was closed. I figured she was in there cleaning so I opened the door. I saw a young skinny Latina with long curly black hair. Dressed in a maid's outfit with white sneakers. She was sitting on the toilet with her elbows on her knees and her head in her hands. When she saw me she gave a little scream and almost jumped off the toilet. I quickly closed the door. Within seconds I heard her pulling paper off the roll. She wiped 3 times then flushed the toilet. A few seconds later she walked out and wouldn't look at me. She was very pretty, maybe late teens or early 20s. She mumbled something in Spanish and closed my room door. As soon as she was gone I was in the bathroom. She had left the seat up and there were no "remnants" but floating on the air was the smell of her waste. It wasn't mild you definitely knew she had just shit but it wasn't overwhelming either. I stayed in there and sniffed up for a few minutes and really enjoyed the experience.

I have noticed a few other guys posting about smelling the bathroom after their wife or girlfriend has taken a dump in it. Keep them coming. Also, in all the years that I have had this interest, I have NEVER smelled a girl's shit that was "too stinky". No matter how potent it is, I love it. More to come later...


Big relief

I dropped Wendy off at work this morning and needed to poo very badly. The drive home was easy so I was home in ten minutes. By then I could barely move and as I got out of the car I nearly lost it. I ran into the house holding my bum and just made it to the bathroom in time. I ripped my jeans and knickers down in a flash and threw myself onto the toilet. As soon as my bum made contact with the seat I exploded a load of mushy poo while I peed. It lasted for about 30 seconds and it was a huge relief. When it stopped I felt I still needed to go so I pushed and out came another big load which felt so good. When I felt I was done I looked in the toilet to see so much poo there wasn't much water left. I wiped a lot and flushed the toilet but it left some big skid marks below the water so I had to get them off with the toilet brush.

On the last day of my recent camping holiday in the Vendee area of France I got up early to pack my tent and load up my motorcycle ready for the trip back to Caen for the ferry.

Just after 6 am I visited the wash block for a S.S.S. I was just starting the shave part of the sequence in one of the wash cubicles which just has a wash basin and mirror.

It was very quiet at this and time of the morning and only a couple of campers had been up and about the block while I was there. Just then I help the distinctive sound of a woman wearing flip flops approaching. I am quite tall and could just see over my cubicle partition. A woman wearing a pink dressing gown and carrying a towel approached the block. She was aged about 25-30 years with long black hair tied loosely in a bunch. After walking up and down the cubicles she entered one almost opposite my wash cubicle.

I was tempted to move into an adjacent toilet but thought this unwise because it was so quiet and it would be somewhat suspicious behaviour so I stayed where I was. In any case it was so quiet I could hear everything very clearly. I very quickly heard a bubbly fart which paused and then continued for several seconds - quite an expulsion of gas I thought. She then peed and after a few moments silence I heard a short 'shart' sound, the sort of noise one makes when gas is combined with a little bit of liquid poo.

It was silent for maybe a minute except for a cough or two (a smoker perhaps?) and then I heard a quiet moaning and some huffing and I assumed she had a stomach ache. She lit up a cigarette to confirm her smoker status and carried on letting off a few bubbly farts, but nothing much else. I glanced under the partition and I could see her feet and a toilet roll which she must have concealed inside the towel as she walked over - this is something I do, although I've noticed French women are often quite care free about openly carrying toilet rolls.

I was a bit disappointed when she suddenly got up and flushed and left the cubicle. She walked out to the entrance area, stopped and lit up another cigarette. After a short while another women came to the block and as she passed our smoker they had a short conversation in French, they seemed to be acquainted, possibly family because the first woman rubbed her stomach and clearly indicated to the second woman she had a stomach problem. I now knew this woman was in fact French, so I was wrong about the toilet roll thing!

After a minute or two the second woman left so I continued to discreetly observe the woman in the pink dressing gown. As she finished her cigarette I could see her face scrunch up and then a really long bubbly fart was released - she looked all around to check and see if anyone had heard it!

She rubbed her stomach once more and after another minute or so released another (this time very short) fart, cut short because she rapidly marched back to the same toilet cubicle, slammed the door and WHOOOOSH, an explosion took place. It sounded like someone pouring a large bowl of sloppy porridge down the toilet. I heard her mumble something and then it went quiet once more.

For me this was turning out to be a most exciting witnessing of a woman taking a poo. For some reason I particularly like the notion of a woman having an urgent bowel movement. In this case it appeared she almost 'touched cloth' so to speak and dashed to the cubicle - great stuff.

After a minute or so there was more moaning and a rapid 'plop, plop, plop' that went on for several seconds. Nothing much else happened apart from the clean up operation, but I sure did feel sorry for the increasing numbers of campers entering the block, because as usual with full blown diarrhoea the stench that quickly filled the area was pretty strong.

The woman washed and left the block. I thought about discreetly seeing where the woman went to but for reasons I can't go into on this forum I was forced to have another shower!

I tried to figure out what exactly happened to the woman that morning, I guessed that she woke up with guts ache and judging by the amount of gas she had I imagine she had considerable pain. After the first aborted visit to the toilet (which seemed to be mainly farts and a bit of loose poo) she seemed to know more was to come and decided not to walk back to her tent/ motor home, maybe from her own experience who knows.

Hope you enjoyed my three stories from the Vendee. I notice there is another Tom Tit on this forum; I'm not sure who came first so maybe I will call myself Thomas Tit in future.

For the information of U.S. readers 'Tom Tit' is Cockney rhyming slang for a four letter swear word. A Cockney might say, "I'm just going to the Loo (Toilet) for a Tom Tit". Hope this is informative!

Best regards to the other Tom Tit and everyone else. Bye for now.

Hey all, how's everyone been??

The other day at work, I was a shit machine. For breakfast I had berries over my cereal & apple juice. Maybe the berries were over / under ripe, cus on the bus ride I kept squeezing quick pleasurable puffs out of my ass.

Got to work, and worked for it, then it was break time. Well, I went to a nearby starbucks & got myself a drink there as well as a snack. Shortly thereafter, I felt my stomach rumbling and the urge to poop. But it wasn't pressure or anything, more like things moving in my stomach / abdomen, if that makes sense. Shortly after getting myself situated, I let out an amazing fart. Now for all you far lovers, I'll describe it - it was quick, wet & echoed in the toilet, and sounded like shampoo bubbling out of the bottle if you squeeze it too hard. So, shortly after I blasted that out of my butt, my poop started. I pushed, and I feel it coming out without stopping or slowing for a good 10 seconds. Feeling I relieved, I stood to wipe & inspected. It was about 2-3 feet long, about 1-1.5 inches thick, soft, and med-dark brown. There was a smell, but not a stink. The toilet paper was filthy and took 7 wipes.

On my way out, one of my more attractive female co-workers went into the ladies. Now, I've noticed passing by the door that it doesn't close all the way. It seems to close max about an inch from the door way, but close enough for this to be easily missed. It was quiet and there was no one around, so I stuck around across the hall a bit, and had my phone out, pretending to check messages, text, etc.

I heard her enter a stall, close it, and lock it. A few seconds later I heard a quick deep muffled fart, followed by a moan. She grunted a bit, pushed and shat out 3-4 medium to large sounding turds. After that, I heard the tp, so started walking away a few feet, then put my phone away.

Later on in the day, I had to shit 2 more times. Once was after my massive lunch, and the output was about 6 medium brown cracked, slightly lumpy carrot looking turds which left a lot of marks.

The last time was a softer one, and they were about 3 small turds.

That's it for now, will post again by Mon.


Nearly had an accident at work

I've been a morning crapper for as long as I can remember. I start my day with a good crap just after I wake up. But two days ago, on Thursday, I guess I forgot to set my alarm or something, because I woke up with just barely enough time for a very quick shower and breakfast on the go if I wanted to be on time to work. I was able to pee in the shower, but there was definitely no time to crap. It didn't matter too much though because the initial urge was easy to ignore and it subsided quickly.

So I left for work and grabbed a coffee and a donut on my way there, arriving just in time to not be late. As things calmed down and I got into my daily routine, the need to crap came back. I wouldn't be able to take a break for about an hour and forty minutes, so I had to hold it some more. At first, it was pretty easy, but as time went on, I was getting uncomfortable. I checked the clock and saw there was still one more hour before my break, although my need was growing pretty intense.

I was stopping to hold my butt whenever nobody was looking and that was helping a little. The as crap was so close to coming out, it took all my effort to hold it back and I certainly wasn't getting any work done. When it was just five minutes until my break, I had already almost lost it several times but just barely managed to suck it back in. Finally, break time and I hurried just as fast as I could without losing control to the bathroom. I had to crap worse than I ever remember and all the stalls were in use, just adding to my misery. But luckily, there was a flush and some agonizing seconds later a stall became free. I rushed in and tore down my pants and sat down on the toilet.

Sweet, sweet relief! I very nearly didn't make it to the bathroom, but at the last possible second, I did. I loaded that toilet with a very very needed crap which shot out of me so fast. The whole thing was over almost before it ever began. I wiped, flushed, washed my hands and returned to work feeling so much better.

Hi everyone! I haven't posted for a while so here goes.

Hi Emma- I really enjoyed your story about your airshow poos! Keep posting!

Abbie- Another great story. At least neither of you seemed too embarrassed about your seeing Grace on the loo!

Today I had a really big and smelly poo. I went clothes shopping and after having fish and chips for dinner yesterday my poo started to arrive early. Suddenly I had to go so badly! I had to hurry to the loos because it was one of those poos that keeps pressing to be released and you can't ignore it because it's always about to come out! There were four cubicles but they were all occupied and two other women were waiting. I held on and waited. After a few minutes I got a seat. I gratefully sat down and got ready. With one push an embarrassingly large number of loud turds shot out of me rapidly. Another push produced three more turds and within seconds I had filled the bowl. My poo smelled so much! It was really embarrassing but it felt great to get rid of it all. Another log and then a soft fart came next and then that was it. I wiped and flushed the loo after a satisfying dump!

Tomorrow I'm going to a local concert and after eating quite a lot today and only producing a couple of logs this evening I'm expecting to have something to post about tomorrow evening! Bye for now!

Monday, July 18, 2011

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