To Wild One:
I'd love to see some more of your pee and poo stories. I've always liked to go in unusuall and daring places. When I was younger I used to hold my poo for days untill I got so desperate I just had to go. Sometimes I'd only just make it to the toilet in time and other times I didn't! I love the relief when finaly go, especially when I hadn't been for 3 or 4 days. I can't wait to read your next post especially your accidents.

olivia & raven love ur posts keep em commin


Latest update

Hi everyone, Abbie here again. I've got a couple of things to share with you in a sec.
Leanne- Great story about your poo at the shops, you must have felt a lot better after that one! My poos don't tend to be that smelly but because they're usually quite hard they nearly always make loud plops, which can be a bit embarasing. Having said that I think anythings better than having a really runny poo or diarhea in a public place, a few times I've been on the loo at school and a girl in the next cubicle has done loads of squirty poo and farts which sounds really bad, I'm glad I don't get that. Today I was round Lucy's house as she's just come back from a few days away visiting her grandparents. We were just chilling out watching telly and stuff when I started to feel the need for a poo coming on, I waited a while longer and then said to Lucy "I want the loo, are you coming?". We both know now that if we give each other an invitation to come it means we need to open our bowels, we both tend to take a while and find that if we carry on talking during a poo (especially if its a difficult one) it seems a bit easier. Lucy nodded as I got up and headed towards the bathroom. Once inside I pulled down my blue jeans and red and white striped pants and sat down, I also needed a wee pretty badly which soon after came fizzing out. I settled back, relaxed and started to push. As Lucy and I kept chatting I remembered I hadn't been for a poo for a couple of days so it was just as well I hadn't kept it in, its still all too easy to do that if I'm not careful. I could feel a big log starting to come out, stretching my hole. I went up on tiptoes and had to pant a bit after pushing for quite a while, I knew I was probably going a bit pink but wasn't bothered. With each push the turd slid out further and further, I was having to push really hard now as I could feel it was getting wider and wider. I told Lucy I'd have to stop talking for a couple of minutes to strain this one out, luckily after a couple more minutes it started to slide out faster and then made a splash as it fell into the bowl. "Sounded like a big one Abs" said Lucy, she was sitting cross leged on the floor in front of me. "Yeah I haven't been for a couple of days, its always harder then," I replied. "I guess I'm going to have to try to go when you're done, I tried earlyer but it wouldn't come out so I gave up.
"When did you last go?" I asked as my second log dropped, this one had not been nearly as hard to push out.
"It must be four or five days, definitely before my trip away," answered Lucy. I took some paper and started to wipe my bum. "Oh god, you're going to have a really hard time" I said to her.
I finished wiping, pulled up my pants and jeans and flushed. Lucy pulled her black leggings and yellow knickers down to her ankles and waddled off to the bathroom cabinet, I could see she had a skidmark in her knickers, I guessed from when she'd tried to have a poo before.
"I'm going to try using some vaseline, that might help it to slide out a bit better" she said as she reached round behind herself with some on her finger. After that she washed her hands and sat on the loo. I could see her taking a deep breath and starting to push, for ages nothing happened apart from she went really red in the face. "Its starting to come out" she panted, "Its just really huge." She lifted her bum off the loo and I could see a really fat log sticking out of her hole. A few minutes later after pulling her bum cheeks apart and pushing so hard I thought she was going to faint she groaned and then shortly after I heard the log sploosh down into the loo. "I think theres more in there, but I'm totally worn out now, I'll try again later" she panted. She took some paper and wiped her bum, she told me she was bleeding a bit but I said not to worry and told her I get that sometimes. Lucy then flushed and took off her leggings and knickers so shw was naked from the waist down. "I need clean pants" she said, walking off into her room. She opened her underwear drawer and took out a pair of pale blue knickers which she pulled on and then put her leggings back on. She spent the rest of the day lying on her front as sitting down was a bit painful, I told her she really needs to go for a poo as soon as she feels the urge and eat more fruit and veg to try to improve things, having said which I know I need to take my own advice especially about what to eat! Hope you enjoyed this, will post more about my babysitting experiances again soon. Bye for now!!


Hi again everyone. Well I went to the concert on Sunday. It was in a park nearby and there was a big stage set up where several different bands performed. It was also free which was why I went along. Anyway it started raining after a while so I decided to go home but first I had to poo. I lined up for the portaloos but the queue wasn't too long because most people had left. I got a seat fairly quickly. I sat down and after a wee my poo began. A big soft log came out quickly and plopped down into the tank full of other people's waste. I could hear the rain drumming on the roof of the portaloo as my next log came out. Then came a spurt of wet poo that made me glad I had gone to the loo when I did and not walked home. I gave another push and another turd came out and then a fart. Two more logs completed my poo. The rain was now a lot harder and I was reluctant to leave the dry loo! I wiped as slowly as I could but it didn't ease off so when I left I got soaked anyway!

Will post again soon. Bye!


Early public toilet training remembrances

This goes back nearly 25 years, and there's been a couple of occasions over the past years that my parents have helped me fill some of the gaps in, because sometimes my memory isn't that good.

When my mom and I were out and I had to use the bathroom, I didn't often have to tell her. If we were heading to a place like the circus (I remember it well because we went every year, sometimes twice a year since there were two different circus companies that were booked at our city auditorium). We would usually stop at a McDonalds for breakfast and then we would head down to the performance. As we were ready to throw our trash away, mom would tell me to go to the bathroom because it would be a lot cleaner than what we would have at the auditorium. Even if I had to pee just a little, I would go in at McDonalds because I knew she wanted me to and at age 4 or 5, I enjoyed being independent and coming back to the table to tell her I had gone with no problems. Sure, there were a couple of times where I had gotten up on the stool, crapped, and then found there was no toilet paper. Then I simply hopped next door to the other stall and luckily was able to finish up there. No, I always forgot to tell mom about the extra part of the effort because she would always (and I mean always) say the exact same thing: I should have taken a piece of toilet paper and wiped the seat down first and that also is a way of checking for the availability of toilet paper first. And she would always ask me if I washed my hands, so I deliberately would have a few splashes of water on my hand to show her.

I would never be able to sit through a two-hour circus or program of any kind without peeing. She knew that so if there was lull in the program before intermission or when a difficult act was being set up, she would always say this is a good time to go to the bathroom. She would always (and to this day) ends her sentences with "...don't you think?" and I was never bold enough until I got ready middle school to debate her on things like that. At large places like the auditorium, she insisted on coming into the bathroom and stall (she selected it) with me. She would pull off toilet paper, place it over the seat (something she does most of the time to the present day)and then remind me to stand over the toilet in almost a squat position and then seat myself directly down. What she tried to breaking me from doing was sliding onto the toilet and pushing the seat covering papers off. She would ask if I was going to do No. 1 or No. 2, but knew that if it were the latter, I would also probably be doing a little of No. 1 too.

With a couple of exceptions she was usually pretty patient and I think I earned points toward being able to go independently of her by talking to her and and making sure she knew I just wasn't wasting time when I was seated. When the restrooms were really busy, and she couldn't excuse herself to use the booth next door to me, I remember her sometimes saying "And mommy has to poo, too" as a way to nudge me along. After I wiped, I would step aside and she would pull of more toilet paper (often when the bowl was flushing), place it on the seat, and then sit down. I was always amazed how her strong pee stream would start within a couple of seconds after she sat down and would continue for what I felt was a long time. There was never any interruption. She kept her legs very close together both when she would pee and crap, but when she had large logs to release, sometimes she would reposition herself and then she would look around the side of her legs to make sure she was still on the seat paper. To this day, she's pretty particular about that. Then she would stand and wipe, from front to back. She showed me how to do that several times and she reinforced it a couple of times when I was in high school and we were in single stall bathrooms like gas stations. I do remember once exception when we were at a convenience store with a unisex bathroom when she got so upset with a guy who she thought had been drinking and was about to piss his pants. She got directly up off the toilet, pulled up her underwear and jeans, and left without washing her hands. It was obvious that she was both scared and mad. I think she complained to the clerk when we left, but the guy made a remark to her complaint that she was still fuming about in the care. Something about if a guy's gonna get sick, it's better that it happen in a bathroom than a bathroom than a store aisle.

When I was out with my father, up until I was about 5, he would take me into the mens room, even though I was somewhat bashful about what I would see. Some of the guys waiting in line for stalls were really nice and even offered us cuts in line. Dad would go in with me, wipe the seat off (but he didn't line it) and then indicate it was OK for me to get started. I liked feeling independent at the early age and he allowd me to wipe myself, although he would frequently ask to see what was on the most recent TP I had wiped with. Often he would pull off one more sheet and say "Let's try it once more, honey!" Sometimes the extra wipe would make me sore, but I did it. Then dad would tell me to step behind him and he would lift the seat and start his pee. Sometimes it would take him a few seconds to get his urine going and if it took any longer, he would shake his penis and that would start the stream (My first college boyfriend who was from a farm called that "pump priming" and I found it amusing later that year when my economics professor used the term during a lecture in a totally different context).

I only saw my dad crap a couple of times. Each time we were on vacation and at highway rest stops and mom as asleep. He would wait for me to go, get up off the stool, then flush and while it was flushing he would tear his jeans and boxers down, seat himself on the toilet and and the blast that started his crap came instantly. He would slide back on the seat, look between his legs into the bowl, and then, start pulling off the paper to wipe with. One thing I noticed with dad was that he would encourage me to wash my hands, but that about half the time, he didn't. Sometimes I guess, he didn't want to wait in the line; other times he would look at his watch and softly curse about how many hundred miles we still had to do that day. Always some excuse!


The World's Worst Toilet Paper

As some of you might recall from my earlier postings I have cerebral palsy and occasionally I use a wheelchair especially when I travel. A few days ago my wife, brother-in-law and I took an overnight bus trip to Cooperstown to visit the Baseball Hall of Fame. At the beginning of
this trip I had a bit of a bathroom misadventure that I wanted to share.

My wife and I have used this local tour company many times but this was the first time I had brought my wheelchair. Because I knew I wouldn't be able to do all of the necessary walking and still enjoy the museum, I had to have the wheelchair for this trip. Although I had
my crutches (which I always need for walking) as soon as we got under way, I decided to use the wheelchair throughout this entire trip. Needless to say, none of this has much to do with going to the bathroom.

We left southeastern Pennsylvania and headed-up a certain major highway. We had our first rest stop about an hour later at a rest/service area. While enroute I began to have the need
for a bowel movement and I started debating with myself whether or not I wanted to deal with it at the first stop. When we arrived at ths stop, I got into my wheelchair and began wheeling towards the building with the rest of the passengers, my wife and brother-in-law. We only had twenty minutes and our next stop, at lunch time, was still two and a half hours away. As much as I don't like feeling pressured to get in and out of the bathroom quickly, at the last minute I decided that I'd better get on the toilet and have my BM.

I wheeled into the men's room and needless to say there were lots of other men and boys in there which always makes me a little self-conscious because of my disability and wheelchair. You'd
think at my age I'd be over all this, but I'm not. So, I found a stall (although not a handicapped one...I didn't even both to look for it), parked my wheelchair in front of it, and got myself in the stall and on the toilet. Surprisingly, I had to push to get things "started" and I ended-up having a larger and messier bowel movement than I expected. Of course, I was very anxious to get "done" so that I could rejoin our group and get back on the bus.

So, this stall had one of those large plastic cylinders mounted on the wall for the toilet paper and it must have had a fairly full roll of toilet paper inside. Because I was pretty messy "down there,"
the abundant supply of toilet paper should have been a good thing. But, every time I tried to pull off a reasonable length of paper (so I could make it thicker by folding it so I could wipe myself), the paper either tore or a big hole formed in it as I tried to unroll it. I'm tempted to say that this was 1-ply toilet paper but I'd be afraid of exaggerating.

This difficulty went on for several minutes and as I knew time was passing, I became a little panic stricken as I knew I needed to finish and get back on the bus. Because it was going to be a long day, I didn't want to sit in dirty undershorts all day (although it would not have been the first time), so I knew I needed to make an effort to clean myself. Finally, I got a little lucky and was able to very carefully pull off enough paper so I could begin to get wiped. Then a new cause for panic arose.

I was seated on a self-flushing commode (which I absolutely hate, I don't mind self flushing urinals) and when I saw the size of my BM and all of the toilet paper (used and unused) I was afraid the toilet might overflow. (I might add that when I use a flushable toilet, I'm in the habit of flushing frequently, sometimes before I begin wiping myself.) Fortunately, when I began to raise my buttocks, the toilet flushed automatically and everything went down OK. I got my
clothes fixed, got back into my wheelchair, and because the toilet paper was so thin, I knew I had to wash my hands thoroughly (and actually I was surprised that I hadn't gotten poop on my hand).

Finally I caught up with my wife and brother-in-law with time to spare.

Without question this was the worst toilet paper I've ever had to deal with.


Going to college and Yesterday's crap

Hi everyone. I haven't posted in a long time, maybe some hundred pages (probably a couple of years). I wanted to say that I've kept reading the posts and I find them awesome, in particular those from people around my age, so keep them coming. I'm glad that there are still some people around from when I used to post, like Slow-Shittin' Sammi, Vincene, Stac and Connor(among many others).

Well, now that I'm entering college, I'll reintroduce myself: I'm 6 ft tall, male, somewhat, dark hair. The reason I'm intending to post again is because I'll be going to college in 2 weeks, and I'll be staying at the dorms inside the campus, which I guess will be an interesting experience. I also consider myself a good student. I was very shy when it came to taking a dump in any public restroom or at a friends' house, but somewhat overcame that shyness through the High School experience and friends who were less shy than me when it came to shitting in public. I did have a friend who was as shy as me when taking a shit in public, but I'll probably relate that experience in a future post.

Anyway, now to the story of the day (which made me want to post again):

Yesterday was the third day in which I had not taken a shit. This might have been due to the hot weather and/or putting off my need to go, as is usually the case. I don't know what I had been doing, but probably just lying down. As I woke up yesterday, I realized I hadn't actually taken a shit the past days and that I would most likely need to go during the day. It was already half past noon when I woke up, so my parents and my younger brother were already out (I had asked them not to wake me up if I oversleep and do not have anything important to do, as I really enjoy my dreams, but I digress), and I had the house to myself. I went downstairs and prepared some scrambled eggs and ate them and drank a big glass of orange juice. This must have triggered a response from my digestive system which made me need to go for a shit, which was perfect, because I could shower immediately after I was done. I went upstairs to my bathroom and pulled my boxers down to knee-level. I began peeing, as I most often do when taking a dump. Sitting down relieving my full bladder felt incredible. After my stream died down, I took a deep breath and began pushing. I did feel something moving, but it was going to take a while. I panted and relaxed a bit before taking another deep breath and pushing. I felt it move again, coming closer to its exit. I panted again and pushed harder this time, allowing for this huge shit to come out relatively fast. I released my breath with a big pant, and relaxed. At this point more pee came out, probably from all the pushing and relaxing. After a couple of minutes of just sitting there, I pushed out the last couple of pieces, which were shorter than the first one and came out a lot easier. I looked at what had come out of me, and the biggest piece was at least 10 inches long, most likely 12, dark brown from one side and another lighter shade of brown from the other. It also looked solid. The other pieces were much shorter, 4 to 6 inches each, and light brown in color and softer than the biggest one. I decided not to risk clogging the toilet and flushed it down before I began wiping. It took me at least 5 wipes to get clean. After wards, I entered the shower.

Now, what made this day memorable is that, unless I have a case of diarrhea or mushy poop, I almost never shit more than once a day. This time though, around midnight, I felt the need to go again. Due to the way it felt inside, I knew it was going to be much easier than the one I had earlier in the day. Now, I share the bathroom with my younger brother, and he still sometimes teases me when I take a shit. Well, I went over to the bathroom and closed the door behind me. I pulled my jeans and boxers all the way down and sat on the toilet. I easily pushed my shit out within 5 seconds, while at the same time peeing. I continued peeing even after my shit had come out, but the stream eventually died off. I looked at what I had produced. It was almost as big as the big one earlier that day, but much smoother and lighter in color. I was amazed it was that big because it took almost no effort on my part to push out and it came out quite quickly. Then again I guess it was because the other one was the first one of 3 days worth of poop. What was funny is that, when I flushed this one before wiping, it was left stuck to the porcelain of the toilet bowl at the bottom. It took 3 flushes before it finally went away, and then another one for the paper I used to wipe myself. As usual, when I came out my brother made some remark about me shitting so much that it took that many flushes for it to go down.

I'll try to post again soon.
Take care all and keep the posts coming.

to High School Guy

what happened with your first accident?


To: Olivia

I think we would ALL love to hear more! Thank you, and keep up the good work. ;)

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Olivia first welcome to the site and great story about your roomate pooping in front of and later you in front of her and please share anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Raven first its nice to hear from you again and great story about you and your friend Jenna pooping yourselves together you in a diaper and her in her pants at least it wasnt diarrhea which would have been a real mess to clean up from the amount you described and it sounds like she really had to go and at least it was solid which made for an easy clean up and not liquid or soft which probaly wouldve meant throwing away something and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Upstate Dave as always another great story about your friend Janet and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

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To: unamed poster great story about you step sister.

To: Amylee as always another great tale from the ladies room and it sounds like leigh might have some competetion from Lydia in bathroom noise department and it sounded like Leigh really had to go and if you wrote a book about filled with all these stories that could be called tales from the ladies room by some name you come up with and of course you would have to change everyones name but its beter posting them here for all of us to read for free but I bet it would sell a few copies its just a thought I had and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Kylie it sounds like you had a rough day at least no one noticed or if they did they didnt say anything and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Tiffany another great play by play or should I say poop by poop it sounds like you really had to and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: UKN Guy another great story about hearing a girl and or woman go to the bathroom and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: The Listening Ear as always another great post about hearing girls and/or women going to the bathroom keep up the great work and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Whellchair Sarah another great story and those people were being real jack asses and they need to learn some respect maybe some day they will realize that they are hurting people not physicly but emotionly and I want to wish all the luck in the world in your goal of standing by age 30 hopefuly sooner and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: DNA its nice to hear from you again hopefuly you will have some stories next time thanks.

To: Wild One if you have any stories about women and/or girls please post them not that I dont I like your stories but im more interested womens stories more.

To: Lori (Car Moms friend) I look to that story from her and anymore from you as well thanks.

To: Cindy Shitter that was an interesting story I can only imagine how that bathroom smelled and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: John another great story about your wife and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Wendy & Kirsty as always another great story Wendy great story you peeing outside while Kirsty pooped and Kirsty great desperation story at least you made it without having an accident and a good thing to from they way you described it and as always I look forward to your guys next posts thanks.

To: Caryl Marie great story and I look forward to your next one thanks.

To: Tom great story about seeing and that maid pooping and I look forward to anymore posts you may have thanks.

To: other Tom Tit great story about hearing all those different women going to the bathroom and I look forward to anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Nicole great desperation story at least you made it and didnt have an accident and I bet you learned from this and wont hold it as long next time and I look forward to anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Leanne as always another great story and I look forward to your next post thanks.

Well thats all for right now im out of time I will post the rest later today

so to be contiued.

To: Sarah great pee about you and your friend and pleas share anymore you may have thanks.

To: Andrea great story about you pooping at that concert and please share anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Happy Dude great post about seeing that girl outside and as always I look forward to yoru next post thanks.

To: Eileen H great story I bet it was pretty uncomfortable holding it in and maybe next time that happens you can jsut go and not worry about what others might think and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Wendy & Kirsty, Kirsty great story about your desperate poop outside and it sounds like you made the right choice by listening to Wendy and going in the bushes that way you didnt have an accident and I know I posted to you guys already but this is the conclusion to that post.

To: Tifanny another great poop by poop and this is the conclusion to my post to you.

well that all for now really this time hopefuly this just gets added on tothe end of my last post and normaly I wouldnt do this but as I said before I ran out of time.

sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Happy Dude

Gate's Toilet

Let's see if I'm the first to post this. A popular article in the news today is a certain millionaire is funding a new toilet initiative, mainly for 3rd world countries but might be a help to us too. What would you imagine if we had a new type of toilet??

Car Mom & Lori: can't wait for your next posts!!

Olivia: Welcome to the board and what a welcome! You have interesting living arrangements.

Onto my news... My wife and I were at the beach all weekend with beautiful weather before the heat wave moved in. We saw several people diapering little children out in the open in public. There were a few times we did the same with Jr, but we have stopped doing that as he has gotten older. Not so much for Jr, as he doesn't care, but not to offend others around us. Anyway, this is not bathroom related, but as www were trying to find parking at this one place, a REALLY large man was showing hairy plumber's crack and my wife remarked how disgusting it looked. I responded with, "just say no to crack." So we turn the corner in the parking lot and there is a small child (a boy) naked from... Actually I think he was completely naked to which I laughed and asked my wife if this sight is better. She didn't think it was that funny. Oh well, she had bigger problems because she has had to poop for quite awhile beforehand. She is picky with her toilets, esp. when it's a #2. I dared her to swim out deep into the ocean and do her business out there. (where could I have gotten that idea? ;-) ) but she didn't go for it. Good idea! The water was freezing! Later, everyone!!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A question to all the girls & women out there when was the first time you realised you intrest in this subject post the story please.



Hi all, this is my first post here. I'm 19, in my second year of college, tall-ish, medium build with long dark hair. I live with my boyfriend, Michael, who is 24. I also two other roommates, and their names are Garrett and Abby. Garret is 25 and Abby is 22. So, I've been close friends with Abby for a long time, and we've lived together for about a year now--we started getting really close when I got together with Michael.

I'm going to start my story with Michael. Michael and I got very close very quickly. It was about a month before I could burp and fart and pee in front of him. It took a while before I could poop in front of him--it was like a month-long process from shutting and locking the bathroom door to cracking it, to leaving it open, to having the sink on, and finally just asking him to come in with me! I've always been very poop shy. However, it's a very open household. No one cares about anything, really, and we all remain respectful. We can all walk around naked, "do the dirty" and leave a hat wherever is being occupied (sorry moderators, that's it on that topic), fart, pee with the door open, whatever really. Michael is the first person that I could poop in front of, and the first person I have ever told that poop turns me on and interests me. He is still the only one who knows. Now, he is a very open guy. He didn't care at all and in turn shared his "stranger" turn-ons and stuff with me to make me feel less uncomfortable about telling him. Turns out being peed on really turns him on, so I do that for him every now and again and he'll poop for me.

So now you know that I am poop shy, and a bit of background. This story is mostly about Abby, not Michael. Even though I'm dating Michael, I'm bisexual and mostly into women. In fact, I consider myself a lesbian--Michael is one of two men in my entire life that I've been attracted to--but we work! I would never tell anybody this, but I actually sort of secretly have this little crush on Abby. She's bisexual too, and I kind of think she may have a little crush on me, too. But oh well--it's never going to happen. BUT, it makes this story THAT much more exciting for me. So I never asked or talked to Abby about anything poop-related. I mean, I can tell her when I go take a dump or when I have to but I've never been able to go in front of her. A few days ago, I was in her bathroom putting on makeup when she went to take a pee. After a minute she was like, "Hey! I have to poo as well." She knows I don't care so just went on to drop a load. I expected that she wanted me to let her have her privacy when I was done with my makeup (especially because I can't poop in front of anyone but Michael, so I always make her leave when I feel the urge to poop), which I was, so I opened the door to leave. She was like, "Noo! Wait for me." I certainly wasn't going to argue, but I tried to act chill. I sat down on the sink and watched her poop and wipe! She kinda stared at me the whole time with a look of... I don't know how to explain it... like admiration kind of? Like she was just really happy we could share that, I guess? But she didn't say anything like that. She just said, "Now you need to poop in front of me, darn it!" She always teases me for my poop-shy-ness and inability to crap around her. I guess I've been with her pooping in the girls' room and stuff in public, but never up-close where she actually requested my presence. It was really exciting, actually.

A few days after that, a few days before now, we were at the park and since it was just an old abandoned baseball field where we took my dogs to play, there was no one around and I popped a squat and took a piss. She was about to, but then stood up and stated she had to poop. So I didn't think much of it, again--I try to restrain my excitement about poop-related things wherever possible just in case I can't watch or have anything to do with it or whatever. Plus I'm embarrassed about it. But we got home, had a smoke, and she told me to come pee with her (this is very standard in our house). Again, she had me sit and wait while she took a poop. This time she strained a little more, and I could hear it crackling out. She was like, "I can't believe there's more!" Maybe I'm constipated. Then she looked in the potty, made me look in the potty (I was more than happy to!) and went, "Nope... not constipated" and we laughed. I watched her wipe again and both times she made me go get toilet paper.

We've been kinda talking about me pooping in front of her, sort of jokingly just because it IS funny that we're so comfortable with everything in this house and Abby and I are SO close and I still can't poop in front of her... so lately every time I tell her I need to crap she'll ask to come or follow me to the restroom when I go pee. But I always say no, or my poop gets all shy and the urge to go goes away at the thought of being watched. So I finally told her if she wants to catch me shitting, then she has to come in the morning after I've had my cup of coffee. So this morning, we were both sitting on our boyfriends' laps having a smoke when I caught her attention and mouthed "I have to poop." She got a really excited look and pointed to her half-smoked cigarette in inquiry if she could finish it first. I said I wanted to finish my coffee first! So we went in--all secretively from the boys. I sat and pushed. It took a while to get it going, I think because I was nervous. She sat on the floor right in front of me and my bathroom is small so her legs were almost touching mine. Then she sat on the sink and I kept catching her sort of looking at my butt. She asked if she could see in the toilet with a big cute smile, and I said no because there was one half-out! She said, "All the better! Lemme see!" And I still wouldn't let her! She moved back to the floor and kept looking at the toilet/my pee-pee area. I was so turned on that she seemed so turned on and excited by this. Then lastly and most exciting (I think for both of us), to my surprise, when I was about to wipe she said, "I want to see in before you wipe!" So I let her. This is my biggest turn-on about pooping--seeing the end product. I can't help but wonder if maybe she has the same fascination I do with poop. What do you guys think? Maybe she's just being a goof or trying to push me further so I get more comfortable with her, or maybe it turns her on. I really can't tell. I'd prefer the latter!

Sorry this story is getting so long--I've just gotta tell it! Almost done here...

So I wiped and got up (I think I still had to go more, but I had already been pooping for like 5 or 6 minutes and she had asked before I sat down if it was going to be quick so I figured she had to pee). She stood up and pulled down her pants and to my pleasant surprise, started to take a dump. I was just about peaking in my pants here because I was so thrilled that I was doing all this with this cute girl I have a crush on and she seemed to be enjoying it as much as or more than I was! She starts pushing and crackling again and I heard it all plop out. It was awesome. Then I watched her wipe and we talked about wiping styles. Then we washed up and went back outside :)

I don't know what it is about her... if it's me, or the bathroom, or seeing me going to the bathroom or me watching her that turns her on but it's something. The other day we were out somewhere and she had me come pee with her, and me being a little shit, while she was peeing I leaned over her to see what the people had in their medicine cabinet above the toilet (hehe... I didn't take anything or anything, just curious!), and she carefully put her hands around my stomach to my back and butt, and then leaned in and really softly started biting and nuzzling my hip/stomach area while she sorta caressed my butt... this only lasted for like, 5 or 10 seconds but it was freaking awesome. Then I backed up and she kinda smiled shyly and went, "Sorry, I couldn't help it." I just giggled. You know, I've asked her on several occasions if she was interested in me that way (even when we were drinking and she had no inhibitions) and she always says no. Last time she said she thinks I'm cute and likes to kiss me when she's drinking and that's it. But when she was caressing me as she peed... she was totally sober. I don't know. But anyways, I'd really like to keep up this poop-buddy thing... I hope she does because I'm usually too shy about poop to say much about the subject unless someone else starts it. I'd love it if she ever wanted to wipe me... but I think she would take that as like, too sexual maybe? We will see! Let me know if you guys are interested in hearing more (if anything more happens, anyway!) and I'd love to post.

shane, your post about the boy with the nurse seemed interesting, would you tell us the rest of the story? :)

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