Road trip with a friend

Last month I went to see a concert with my friend Christina. Well, the concert was about a three hour drive away and this story actually takes place on the drive to get to the concert. The first segment of the drive was uneventful and we stopped for snacks and gas in a small town about an hour out of our destination. It was very hot that day and we had been drinking a lot, so I felt a slight twinge in my bladder, but I felt I could hold it for another hour. Turns out I was wrong. We were about ten minutes from town but another ten or fifteen on top of that before we actually got to the concert, and I really had to wee right then!

I asked Christina, who was driving, if we could stop anywhere soon as I had to wee. She told me that she had to go pretty bad as well and wished she had gone when we were getting gas. The idea that I wasn't alone in my desperation offered little comfort, because I was so close to just weeing in my pants. For ten long minutes, we suffered in agony, and then as if by a miracle we spotted a gas station. The instant we got there, we made a mad dash for the bathrooms and luckily we didn't need to ask the clerk for a key or anything.

The women's bathroom had two toilets and that was just the most glorious sight I had seen all day. I didn't even care that there was no doors, my bladder was about to burst. I plonked myself down on one of the toilets and Christina sat on the other. Both of us were weeing waterfalls and they lasted quite a while. My stream started to die down to a trickle and stop, but she just kept on going. I wiped and flushed, and amazingly she was still going. Her stream finally slowed down but then it started back up for a few more seconds. It trickled off a second time and stopped then she had one last spurt of wee. She also wiped and flushed and then we headed to the concert.

After the concert was over, we went to a hotel to stay the night. I had to wee again when we got to our room, but Christina didn't go. In the morning, she had another long wee, probably at least a minute and a half. When she was done I also had my usual morning wee, not anywhere near as much as she did though. Then we had breakfast and got on the road back home. We stopped for gas on the way back as well, and we remembered earlier so we both weed while we were there.

@Tom Tit: Since they were all standing in line and not using the middle one why did you even feel the need to ask? I do agree I wouldn't have been exactly comfortable with the situation but they were the ones out of place, if they get embarrassed it's their problem, not yours.

Just a guy

Jennifer G - that was a great post. Look forward to hearing more stories from you. I love all the details you provided.

AmyLee - once again an excellent post. Being that you have mentioned that you're poo shy on various occasions, I would have imagined your first time going in front of your husband would have been an emergency when he was in the shower or something, like that. As Herb T said, feel free to post whether its about the office or anything, as your posts are always very interesting.


concert dump

was at an outdoor concert, about 10k people there, i'm in the VIP section where i can drink ;) so, in the middle of the concert, urge hits but i really hate outhouses cause they're ????ign disgusting
i think i had a sub beforehand too so that wasn't helping matters. so, there's about 5 people in line but i manage to hold on till i get to mine. so, get in close the door and cover the toilet as fast as i can before sitting down..........when my ass actually touched the lid, i let out this massive loud fart, it was a wet one too and went on for about 10 seconds.....i can hear people gasping outside and some guys laughuing at it but i didn't care about being quiet. so once the fart passes, the shit comes but i tend to fart while i'm shitting so it's a combination of sloopy small shits hitting the hole plus the farts being echoed by the plastic. so, another min of loud farts and sloopy shits later, i wipe up, zip up, open the door and put my head down and just try to make it away from the outhouse as fast as possible

Happy Dude

Young girl in public

Planned on posting this last time, but my wife and her best friend were ready to play Zombies on Call of Duty so off I went. The previous weekend we travelled to the beach. On the way there we stopped at a gas station. I started the pump and went to the port a pots. This chain of gas station only has the port a pots. A woman and a young girl of maybe 6 came out of the handicap one. I went into another one and it was standard fare. As.a guy, I don't have to touch anything and use the urinal. Took one of my long as hell pees, probably about a minute and a half in length. Exited, and went back to the car to finish with the pump and watch Jr while my wife went inside to get herself something to drink. I parked in a spot to free up a pump for the next customer and listened to a Hispanic family arguing. Wife came out and we started back on our way. Then I saw the funniest sight in my rear view mirror! Same woman and little girl from earlier were in a corner of the fence around the port o pots, and the woman was stripping the girl from the waist down in plain view! Maybe the handicap port o pot was too messy for the little girl to use? Or maybe the little girl messed herself and the woman was going to clean her up? I don't know, but I started laughing at the situation and explained it to my wife as she had no idea what I was laughing at. Never got to see what the result of the woman and girl were doing because I had to get moving with traffic, but was a good laugh. The girl was not shy at all being naked in public, which I thought was amazing.

Eventually we did get to the beach and had a lot of fun. Aunt was staying a few days in a huge, historic beach house ON the beach and we got to tour it. Spiral staircase and lots of decks. We put a swim diaper on Jr and took him on the beach. Something went wrong with the diaper though. As I was walking I started feeling wet. Sweat? No... Haven't been in the water yet. Oh crap! I was holding Jr and he peed. Diaper was a dud. My shirt was soaked with his pee. I took it off and rolled it up. Wife brought extra underwear for me as a just-in-case but not an extra shirt. D'OH! So I spent rest ofthe day shirtless because it smelled too much like pee. Later I sent wife into Wal-Mart to buy me a new shirt and she surprised me with a new red Mario shirt! Awesome! And I had another good laugh at being peed on by Jr. That had not happened since he was a few months old!

Sorry if I got a little long-winded. Typing all this on my iPhone! Anyone else post by cell phone on here?

Beach Bathroom Poop

Me and my friend Patrick went to the beach yesterday. For the whole day before, I had the diarrhea runs, and I wasn't really sure about going to the beach today. But Patrick was really bugging me about going. So our parents dropped us off, and we hit the water. After about twenty minutes, I felt the immediate urge of diarrhea. Anyone who has had the diarrhea runs knows how it is: as soon as you feel it, you need a toilet. I told Patrick I needed to go up to the bathroom, and he said just pee in the ocean. I didn't know what to say and just looked at him, but apparently he got it, because he said "Oh, okay, I guess I'll walk up there with you." We got out and I walked as fast as I could. We entered the tiny dark bathroom to see both of the two stalls taken. I asked how long either one of them would be and they said they just started and at least a few minutes. I didn't have a few minutes. Patrick said he would wait outside. I took a minute to think, the other bathrooms were about 3 streets down, and there was no way I was walking that. I heard the kid in one stall have some diarrhea, and I knew he would be a while. I made the clutch decision to go over to the shower stalls. There were two shower stalls, just like the toilet stalls, where the separation wall was in between the two, but there was space underneath. The firsst one was also up against one of the toilet stalls, so one of the kids pooping had space under the wall to the shower stall. I wasn't thinking of that and took the first shower. I closed the curtain and took off my pants. I squatted my butt hole right over the drain and released nasty diarrhea. The kid in the toilet stall looked down when he heard my gross noises and was able to see everything. He screamed "Ewww! He's shitting in the shower!" And I tried to push faster. I thought it would never end, but after a minute of staright liquid diarrhea, I stopped pooping. Most of it had gone straight down the drain, but the more solid pieces were still there. I turned on the water and washed it down, cleaned my poop hole, and ran the hell out of there. I will never go back to that beach.


To: wheelchair Sara

I'm also disabled. Does being in a wheelchair cause you constipation issues? I sure can mess up my bowels at times.-- JW

Firecracker Guy

Public Toilet Shyness

Slow-Shittin' Sammi may be right about why guys like Sod Buster Spencer don't want to crap in public places. Working outside all day and at peoples' homes, only adds to the anxiety. Lots of splashes on the seat are also turnoffs as are the cases where there's no toilet paper, but there's a stack of large logs clogging up the bowl. Finally, it's a matter of privacy and Spencer might see the portable toilet standing alone at a construction site to be the most inviting. However, in my experience, I've also found them to be among the most filthy. Think about it this way. If a toilet is rented for three months at a building project, after it is delivered and before it is picked up, I doubt it is going to be cleaned on a regular schedule as bathrooms such as at airports, malls and theaters are. Firecracker Girl is probably cleaner with her habits than I am, but while we were still in school and sometimes went into the bathroom together in places like parks and gas stations, she helped me think through some of these things and I'm more critical today of how I use public bathrooms than I was back then. Examples that I've written about before include covering the seat with a seat cover or toilet paper before I sit down and making sure my penis doesn't touch the front of the seat or the bowl. I remember Firecracker Girl being most concerned about that back in high school when we were just friends before we started dating.

Eileen H

Pooping On The Phone

Before I get to my story I want to thank all of my continued supporters for giving me the courage and support to keep doing this. This story happened very recently.
My son came down with some sort of sickness and I wanted to phone the doctor after I had an appointment with him because the medicine he prescribed was not working as advertised. I get on the phone and get stuck on hold. I should say that at this point I had been racing around all day with the need to poop and now it had caught up with me. I was tired and desperate but I needed to get on the phone with the Doc. I was sitting bedside with my son as the stupid little tune kept playing and my need grew and grew. I had hot dogs the previous night and those never agree with me well.

"Please hold. Your call is very important to us." Oh yeah, I'm holding all right.

It was hard to keep this thing in my butt while sitting on a bed. There was no hard surface to stop it from coming out. So, I decided to sit on the floor. While sitting I could feel the tip squish on my panties. I had been holding it all day ad I had just about run out of time. It was making one last push and I needed to get on a toilet or else I'd have a big cleanup. I told my son I'd be right back (perhaps a bit of a stretch. I'd be awhile). I debated on whether or not I should keep the phone with me. I'm against using the phone on the toilet, especially for a #2, but I was not going to wait all this time. I took the phone and raced up to the bathroom.

I set the phone to speaker and placed it on the sink next to the toilet. The log was about halfway out when I was startled by the noise of the secretary. "Hello Dr. (Last name)'s office how may I help you?" Um, you could have called before I was going to the bathroom. I grabbed the phone and nervously said, "Hello, yes, um this is Eileen (Last name) and my son Gavin..." I kept going. It was hard to keep this log from coming out/ Very hard. my stomach was killing me and I just wanted to push it out and been done with it. The secretary put me through to the doctor. It's worth mentioning she's a she. During the quick break I pushed and let the log slid out with a booming fart. The doctor must've heard it. My face was red as a tomato.

While talking I felt more and more pressure build up. I got to thinking, "She's a doctor, she knows we all need to poop and fart." It would be embarrassing but I needed to go so bad I didn't care. I let a big stinker fly out and then a big turd slithered out. The crackles were painfully loud. "Um, is this a bad time Eileen?" Busted. I said no, thinking of the wait that would ensue if I hung up and just held it all for the rest of the conversation. It seemed to go forever. Things usually do when you have half a log hanging out of your butt that you've been holding for hours. I spoke very quickly throughout the conversation, which ended up making it even longer because I had to repeat myself. She addressed it again. "Are you okay Eileen?" "Fine, fine, I just um, need to go to the little girl's room." (i was already there and sitting.) She seemed surprised. "Oh, um would you like to call me back?" "No, that's fine I can wait." (I really can't though). I kicked myself. I had the perfect opening and I blew it. After what seemed like an eternity she scheduled another appointment. I let the flood gates loose and opened a barrage of wet, smelly logs and ripe farts.


Desperate poo

I went out for a drink with Wendy last night and needed to poo quite badly. I was going to wait untill we got home but as the night went on the urge got worse so we decided to leave the pub early as I didn't want to have an accident in the pub. As we walked home I felt the need getting so bad I just had to go and told Wendy I wasn't going to make it home. We found a nice secluded alley behind a shop and at last I thought I would get relief from holding this desperate poop in for so long. I was going to squat by the wall but Wendy found a super size mcdonalds cup. I relaxed and was just about to let loose when she told me to stop and go in the cup. It was hard to stop it coming out as it was right at my anus but the idea sounded great so I clenched hard using all my strength. Wendy handed me the cup and I placed it on the ground and squatted over it. The moment my bum touched the cup I started to go. It was semi liquid almost diarrhoea and came out fast. The cup filled right up to the top so I stopped going mid flow which was difficult. I was still dying for a poo but somehow that made it more exiting. We walked away leaving the cup behind and decided to look for another container for me to relieve myself in. I managed to hold it untill we got to the end of our road before a big cramp hit me really hard. I felt as though I would burst if I held it much longer and just in time Wendy pulled me into a bush and ordered me to talke my knickers off before it was too late. I was too desperate to argue and did as I was told. At that moment I felt it coming so I bent over and let loose a torrent of diarrhoea all over the leaves and branches of a tree. The relief was fantastic and when we got home I cleaned up with Wendys help. We went to bed straight afterwards and well I won't saw any more as that would break the rules of this site!

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Jenifer G great story at least you made it home without having an accident and I bet you learned you shouldnt hold it so long even if it means you have to disobeye a teacher because its better to get in trouble then risking having an accident and being embarrassed and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Happy Dude great story about your wife peeing in that bucket and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Tom Tit great story about ladies in the mens room that happened to me before and I posted about it but here it is again I was at the library when I had to pee so I went into the mens room just a few seconds earlier someone else when in and into the stall at first I thought nothing of it but when I got to the urinal I heard a womans voice say I wasnt paying attetion to where I was going and then I said to her it happens and she only peed I wish she went in there to poop but nope and I didnt realize it was a woman until she spoke all I knew was somebody went into the restroom and great story about those unisex bathrooms I wish the US was like that and maybe evenlty it will be maybe once it realizes it works alright for other countries and if that happens its going to be pretty interesting and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Wendy & Kirsty Wendy great story about that new place you found to poop and I bet Kirsty might add hers as well next time or maybe both of you and as always I look forward to your guys next posts thanks.

To: Upstate Dave as always another great story about seeing your friend Janet going to the bathroom and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Wheelchair Sarah great story about you pooping at the hospital and at least you werent killed by that drunken IDIOT and this hasnt been the first time someone on this site was it by a drunk IDIOT if anbody remembers Carmalita she got hit by some drunk IDIOT and we also lost 2 great people RjoggerandWife also because of some drunk IDIOT even though wasnt posting back when they were around I have read there posts and I know I reapeted the word IDIOT a few time but thats what drunk drivers are plain and simple and im sure everyone here agrees with me and I know this is off topic but people need to learn not to drink and drive but I would to be something really big to happen to get people to learn but until then there will still be those IDIOTS and I do mean IDIOTS who wioll decide to drive drunk so my best advice is be safe out there and try to watch for them and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Abbie as always another great story and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: The Listening Ear as always another great story about hearing a woman going to the bathroom and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Magnisa Maggie great post about you and your friend Gretchen going to the bathroom together and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: UKN Guy another great story about hearing a woman go to the bathroom and I look forward to your next one thanks.

Well thats all for now and it seems like this week has been pretty busy I mean 3 days in a row of new updates there must be alot happening which isnt a bad thing the exact opposite its a relly good thing and which means this site is getting more popular by the day.

snicerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site


Do Any of You Ladies Out There Share My Problem?

I suffer from chronic smelly butt. As soon as I'm seated on the toilet, my rectal odor rises to greet me (as it does when I'm lowering myself into the bath tub). The faint but acrid smell of my bottom lingers on chair seats and bus seats. My boyfriend has complained in jest about my stinky rear.

My hygiene is generally good. I'm a pretty good wiper, although I refuse to use those wet wipes (don't like something cold and wet on my bottom). I wash thoroughly when I bathe. Yet stink my butt often does.

Can any of you ladies empathize, sympathize, or advise?

I was driving back from working, and though i would go to the horse on the way home what a big mistake so got changed at work, it was a very warm day, and I was busting for a pee, I was meeting a friend and we were going out on a hack.

Got them friend was already their great cant sneak off for a pee, friend very shy. So brought horse in an tack up, and got on my horse, if you have every rode your will understand sitting on a saddle make you need a piss more.

We went of a hack about 3hrs in total I was more and more close to pissing me self, I said to my friend i need to go to bathroom, and she said i would have to wait till we are home like she does,We were walking though a woodie area, I said I going to have to go, sorry so I dismount and she held him for me and i walked into the woods, as you can imagine I was busting, so unbuttoned my jophurs and pulled down dont ware underwear so it was easier and squatted i must have peed for 4 min, they came back and got on we carry on the ride, My friend keeps asking where i went so i told her in the woods and how so told her that too.

We had drank lots of water by this point as it was hot, and was still out for a couple of hrs, before we got back, i though i would untack in my stable she does not have a stable as I needed another piss so i could go again, To my amazment she came in and said she needed a wee, where should she go, I said come in and use my stable, as long as you dont mind me going too, so she did I had to show her how to the stage on her, have you ever dont that when you are depresete for a wizz yourself it hell! She started so i then went too. but the horse in fields and we stayed talking for an couple of hrs.

Time to go, I was visiting friends that night and my now it was dark had about 80 miles to go, had to pull up at the road side a pee on 4 occasions, and wee and also poop once too.

Oh what a day too much water and not enough loos so i am afraid the world is my loo.

During the winter when i turn out I also have a morning pee in my boys stable feels lovely to piss in straw.

got and stories about peeing in your horses stable?


Got to go so bad (and survey answers)

Alright, so I went out with my friend Eleanor earlier today. We went to see a movie and then had dinner at a buffet place. We were both really hungry and ate a lot, but she ate more than I did. Anyway, now we're back at her place and as soon as we got home she said, "Man, I gotta use the bathroom really bad. I was holding it in at the buffet." and then she grabbed a book and headed to the bathroom

I also had to take a dump, but only just a small urge, so I didn't say anything. Eleanor is in her bathroom right now and she has been for close to ten minutes. I hope she hurries up, or else I might go in my panties. fffffpppp Bbbrarrrrtt, ooh come on. Fffftttt Pff Pffrrtt Ffrrrttt, I'm going to go see if she'll be done soon. I knocked on the bathroom door and she asked "Nhh Yeah?" I told her, "I gotta go too are you almost done?" Brrrttt Her reply, "May-nngh-be, I think just Nnn a few Ooh more minutes."

I don't know if I can wait, but I'll try. Prrrrpp Zzzttt, I can feel a turd so close to poking out. It's actually coming out now, but I just sucked it back in. It poked out again and I sucked it back. At last, a glorious flush! Eleanor opened the door and I wasted no time in pulling down and sitting on the toilet. Sploop Sploonk, Phew! Her dump sure does stink, but at least she left the bathroom fan on. Bzzzzp Prrrrrttttt Ploop Plunk Floomp Pfffffff Shoonk. That last one sounded real weird. Splop Plip. I feel done now, time to wipe. Much cleaner than my last dump, the paper isn't very dirty at all. A second wipe comes back nearly spotless. Flushed the toilet and washed my hands. I saw some surveys on here, so I'll give my answers.

Lou's survey:

1. Do you sit or stand when you wipe your bottom?
I stay seated to wipe.
2. When you have a bowel movement, do you use wet wipes or moisten your toilet paper or just use dry toilet paper alone?
Dry toilet paper works for me.
3. How many times do you typically wipe after a shit?
Between 2 and 5, depending on how messy I am.
4. Do you read, smoke, or talk on the phone while you shit?
I bring my Ipad when I can and browse the internet, but if I'm in public or somewhere, I usually find myself reading a shampoo bottle or well, anything with words really.
5. Do you often bathe just after a bowel movement?
No, unless I happen to take a dump in the morning when I shower anyway.
6. How often, usually, do you move your bowels?
I don't know. I mean it varies. Sometimes I'll go three or four days without a dump, and other times I go twice in the same day.
Tim's survey:
1. How many times a day do u go for a pee?
Never counted, but I'd say at least eight times during an average day.
2. How long does it take you to pee?
First thing in the morning, close to a full minute, but other times only about 20 to 25 seconds.
3. Is your pee stream loud or quiet when hitting the water in the toilet?
I do tend to have a noisy pee stream, but I think most women do.
4. How long do u take to poo?
Five to maybe fifteen minutes, it totally depends on how long it's been since I last went.
6. Whats ur poo like solid, mushy or liquid?
My normal dump is solid, but sometimes I have a mushy dump or flat out diarrhea.
7. Do u fart when u poo?
Yes, a lot of farts close together tell me I need a dump soon and I blast gas all throughout my dumps.
8. Would u let someone of the same sex in the toilet with you?
In the bathroom with me, I guess, if they wanted to. But a buddy dump, like in the same toilet at the same time, that'd be too weird.
9. Would u let someone of the opposite sex in the toilet with you?
Probably not if I was taking a dump, but if I was just peeing I'd be fine.

Haven't crapped since Monday

Finally crapped

I finally crapped this morning around 9:30--guess the nuts and stool softners did the trick. It wasn't too messy to clean up but the one I did this evening was a lot messier.

although I have no problem pooping anywhere I prefer my own bathroom especaially now. like I said I had surgery that involved an anal fistuala and now in order to help the fluid drain out I have 3 small stitched loops to keep it open with the ends dangling. having to use wet wipes to clean it up properly which means making sure I take a pack everywhere

has anybody else been through this? any suggestions?

Just Jerika

Comments for numerous contributors

to End Stall Em:

I enjoyed your story about Spencer coming over to your house to crap because he doesn't like to do it in public places. I've written about having some of the same difficulties in using public toilets, but mainly due to lack of privacy and my relatively small size that makes it tough for me to be comfortable sitting on a toilet with my feet dangling. Please let us know how it goes with Spencer when you are able to talk to him and tell him he can't get STDs or AIDS or anything like that from public toilet seats.

to Constipated Corky:

I do understand your issues. Those park toilets really suck and you try to schedule your craps around using them, but sometimes it just doesn't work the way we want it to. Me and Gopi have found some park toilets that not only have no stall doors; there are no cubicles at all. Does your coach let the other guys go once you reach the ball park or is it just you that needs to go? Do you ever have to pee between innings?

to Magnesia Maggie:

Does Gretchen feel sorry that she didn't wait at your house for your mom to get done in the bathroom? I would think that a lot of the "drama" would have been prevented if she had just waited for a few minutes. That was very interesting that you crapped so well with the police officers nearby and their radios going. You can probably go on-line and find a site with the definitions and abbreviations of the codes explained. There was a fire down the street from Gopi's house a couple of weeks ago and we heard all the codes being used. One broadcast we heard was about "expediting" at 3rd alarm and that brought six more trucks within three or four minutes. They ended up blocking her dad's car in for several hours.

to Stac:

Your airport story was fantastic. I suppose eventually me and Gopi will come across those new type of toilets that you wrote about. It will probably affect Gopi less than me because she already puts toilet paper liner on the seats before she puts her butt down on them

Freshman Freddy:

I enjoyed your description of Caitee, your babysitter. I, too, am surprised she didn't make you turn around. It would freak me out hugely to have a young boy watching me on the toilet. However, if I were to order him outside the toilet, I would worry about him wandering off and getting into trouble or being picked up by some pervert.

For everyone:

Do any of you have memories of your Dad taking you into the mens room or for the guys, your mom taking you into the ladies rooms? How old were you? What did you fear? What did you see? How did your parent explain the toilets of the opposite sex?

Just Jerika

Upstate Dave

My Working Vacation Day 6 With Janet Part 7

Well there were plenty of places to piss there at y grandmothers place. I started nameing off places which we could piss. Janet said no to the places I had said so far to her.

When I mentioned the big barn and the hay loft Janet told me; NOW you got it! So we went out to the big barn. Once in the room outside the stables Janet climbed the ladder first that went up to the hayloft. I followed behind her. At one time this loft was always full with hay bales. But no longer it was full. With not haveing hoarses anymore hay did not have to be kept for them. So the loft was mostly empty. There were still some balles of hay but not many.

The loft was quite warm so I walkeed over to the large front closed doors in the front of the barn and I opened them. That helped for cooler feeling ar came into the loft. Then I walked back to Janet and she said that haveing the doors open now felt better to her now. Then she smiled a little smile. Then she siad to me next; Ok Dave lets piss!

Janet started striping in front of me! Oh your'e going to get bare naked and go! I said to Janet first watching her undress. I lkaughed and I started to strip with her now! In a few short minutes we were naked as jaybirds! ButJanet didn't piss! Instead she gave my ass a light slap and as she did she shouted; YOUR'E IT!!! I laughed and I chased after Janet whih she took off running hard.

We wound up playing tag fir a short time which was fun for both of us chasing each other around the hayloft. Janet only stopped for she had run out of breath along with telling me shedid really have to piss now. So she stepped in front of me backed away makeing a space between us a good three four feet. Janet stayed standing up but she spreaded her feet way apart on the floor opening herself real wide!

Then it took Janet took Janet a few short seconds to start! Boy did she ever start too! She sent down thehardest stream of piss I've ever seen from her vagina! Her stream didn't spray a drop as it flowed too! Her stream was wide which inclused the long twist it had in it! When her stream hit the floor its splash was BIG!!!

In the first few seconds of her piss on thefloor Janets piss had wetted enough area on thefloor that her bare feet were in piss that had wetted the floor! Plus her stream let off the loudest hiss I've ever heard!! :-)!!! This was partly due too for the hayloft being almost empty!

I knew too looking at Janet she even with such a hard stream of piss flowing her lower belly was swollen enough it showed off well too! So I now took a guess how long Janet had pissed and I now yook a glance at my watch to check where the secons hand was. Then from tis point as Janet pissed I would glance back at my watch checking the time and back watching her piss!

Janet saw what I had begun doing leeping time on her. She giggled and then said to me; Let me know how long! I shook my head yes. Now at this time as far as her pissing which the large wet area Janet had on the floor had been wetted enough in this area there was a piss puddle and there was small pieces of hay floating around in it! Janet also was still pissing as strong as ever!

I made a check again on my watch. I said loudly to Janet 49 seconds Janet!! She let off a loud short giggle. Then after that she saied to me; SPURTS ARE INCLUDED TOO!!! I laughed and told her that would be ok. GOOD Janet said back to me. I made a check which was just before a minute had passed but I said; ONE MINUITE!!! Janet let out a louder giggle. Gut now as I glanced back at her her stream looked thinner.

It was thinning so I checked my watch now quicker. I told Janet one ten. Then one fifteen. As far as Janets piss stream now it was still going but no longer hissed and its splashing on the floor was a lot less. I told Janet one twenty. Then Janet was down now sending out spurts of piss from her vagina.

With each one of ger spurts of piss Janet was pushing them out to keep het time longer. Janet grunted lightly with her pushes going ungth! Then she did stop with no piss with her last push. But did she ever blast out a fart instead. I was telling Janet her toatlk time when she blasted out her fart. I only manged to say one minute thirty th not getting out ree in the word three. Her fart had made me stop. With Janets farting and makeing me stop cutting off the word three we both had broke into hard laughing!

We laughed for a pretty long time. We did stop. Then I told Janet that she did piss for one minute thirtythree seconds. Janet and I both laughed again but not as hard or as long. Then Janetasked me for my watch. I'm timeing you! as I jadslipped mywatchoff ad she had taken it from me. Now Dave to keep it fair Janet said to me; You can't squeeze when you hold! Janet let out a giggle and I let out a little laugh!

I told her ok go on. Janet did too. Also you can't push yourself way down! I know that slowsyor piss down too! I laughed harder and so fid Janet. Then that was all Janet had to say. I did reache down and I di lighty pushe my penis down where it was at a upward angle. I looked at Janet and asked her if this was ok. Janet giggled hard looking right at my penis and shetold me it was.

So I in a short couple of seconds after that I started to piss which I saw Janet take a quick glance at my watch to check my starting time! Te contest was on! I started my piss with my stream making a short arc which went down to the floor only a foot out in front of me. But as I pissed I pissed hadre. My stream made a lobger arc as it flowd so whermy stream hit the floor it moves across the floorgeting farther out in front of me. Janet watching me piss giggled as my stream got longer,harder, and its raced across the floor leaving a wet trail on the floor.

My strean reached as far as it would go better then six feet away from me. There I wetted the floor makeing a much smaller area on the floor then Janet had. But I had a piss puffle form which was deeper then Janets. The floor itself dipped where I was pissingon it so that was the reason my area was smallerand my piss puddle formed being deeper. Jaet gave e mny firts time now only being 35 seconds.

Now with pissing witha erect penis like I was then even the way my penis was angled and my light hold on it my stream was effected that I could have been pissing harder. So this would help my time being longer. But I thout only to myslef; Would it be long enough! Janet had made another time check saying; Fifty seconds Dave! There was no change in mypiss streams flw yet. I again thought tomyslef; Keep going this way!

I went on pissing Janet told me one miute five seconds. Now Isaw my stream thinning and it also had started slowly back across the floor out in front of me. I then thought; I'm not hoing to make as long as Janet had! I didn't want to bear down to slow myslef down even more! Thatwould be a gead give away which Janet would see and that would be the end right there! So Ijust did nothing and my piss stream slackened off more as now Janet said; One minute ten seconds!

In a few more seconds tme my piss had come all the way back hiting the floor where ithad started. A little more then a foot in front of me. It was just about to stop too. I then waited for it to stop. Then I would do my spurts of piss to finish with. Janet said one minute eigteen seconds when my stream did stop! Then I started my pushing to make my spurts pf piss come out.

Now here was the point on my piss I thought I could beat Janet! As long as I did spurt piss from my penis I could dojudt short ones! So I did one! Then a second one and a third one. With these first three surts of piss I managed to add several seconds to my time which was now up to a minute twent six seconds! I gave another push sending out a better spurt of piss from my penis!

But that was a mistake and a big one! I had pushed to hard! I tried a push agin and I had NO PISS!!! cpme oput from my penis! It was all over! Janet laughing for she had won while she laughed she tolc me one minute twenty nine seconds! She hande me back my watch. Then Janet did something that would put both of us in hystarics!

Janet stepped right over in front of me. She reached down with herhand and shook my penis! Asshe did she said loudly and gggleing; I want to shake the challenger for puttiong up a good close time piss! Boy that was what made us both break out in our hysetrical laughter! We laughed os hard tha both of us did piss a little while we did laugh. When we pissed it was reallky only enoughg to be a dribble.

That made us laugh more for both of us saw each other do it. Then once we had stopped our laughing we picked up[ or clothes off the foor. I wentand closed the doors in front of the barn. Janet and I climbed down out of the hayloft. W gordressed in the stable rooom. Then left the barn. We walke back to the house and got ourdelves drinks again which we drank big glasses of water. I glanced at my watch and we still had a couple hours left till my grandmother would be home. To be continuied.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Jennifer G

Held It All Day (Freshman Year)

I already told you about an experience pooping in school, so let's go back to early freshman year, when I was so uncomfortable about going in school I help it all day. Not pleasant.

It was a recipe for disaster that day. A perfect storm. Last #2 was 3 or 4 days ago. Bran flakes (only cereal left in the house) for breakfast. I felt the need pretty early on, but it was so light it wasn't even worth thinking about. It came back a few times but I wasn't even going to consider going to the bathroom because it was such a minor urge. An urge still, but minor. I sat uncomfortable but still able to function. However, things took a turn for the extremely desperate after lunch.

The greasy food they served us did not agree with my system at all. I have since learned to brown bag my lunch because the food always made me uncomfortable. "Uncomfortable" being a polite way of "I need to take a shit so bad right now." With 3 hours of school in front of me, this was not going to be pleasant.

Cramps came from every which way and struck hard. The worst was the feeling of the mega-deuce coming out. I could feel it sitting in my stomach. It would move south on occasion and I tried my best to halt it. Trying to be nonchalant and normal while a gigantic turd tip is touching your underwear isn't easy. I could definitely smell poop and I wondered if it was me. The gas buildup was also extreme. The period in front of me was an hour long and I only made a 10 minute dent in it. I needed to leave the room and release this gas and try to get to the bathroom and make a deposit. I tried to ask early on before the teacher saw that everyone was going, but I was still denied. The usual "You are supposed to go at lunch" nonsense. With a solid 45 minutes of class ahead of me I sank in my seat and hoped I wouldn't have an accident.

I tried all sorts of tricks to try to keep this gas and poo combo inside me. I gripped my pencil, the edge of my desk. drove my feet and ass down, and gritted my teeth. I tried to keep it cool on the outside while my insides were about to explode. I checked the clock roughly every five minutes and it seemed to move about as quickly as a turtle. Speaking of turtles, I was turtleheading pretty serious now. Log comes out, suck it back in. Repeat roughly 100 times over the span of one hour. When I was done with that class I was about ready to bust. Actually, standing and walking slowly is the best remedy for holding one in for me so I was fine in the hallways. They were so crowded I was able to let a few SBD's rip. I prayed they would not lead to solid expulsions out of my ass.

Next class was more of the same desperation. With the end of the day so close I decided I could just hold it. I made it this far I might as well enjoy the fruits of my labor. When the day ended I was the first out the door. Usually my mom picks me up from school but she had a meeting so I had to take the bus. It was one of those short buses with only 4 or 5 rows, so there was no hiding from anyone. There was only one other person on there with me and he was also interested in not talking. I stayed in the back and blasted my iPod and tried to shift my thoughts elsewhere from my dire need to shit. It was a 2 block walk from the bus stop to my house. I took it very slow and took frequent breaks for big butt squeezes. When I got home I kicked it into high gear because my time had all but run out at this point. It was going to come out whether I was on a toilet or not. I struggled with my key on the front door. I rushed upstairs and found that my sister, who was home sick, was occupying the toilet. She'd be in there for awhile by the sounds of it.

I couldn't believe it. I was staring the relief I needed so badly in the face and I was stopped. I bolted upstairs to my parents room. They have a private bathroom. They are supposed to use it only, but these were extenuating circumstances. Seeing the toilet was a true sight of beauty. It sat there, white and pristine ready to be seriously defiled. I fumbled with my zipper and belt but finally, after all of these hours, sat down on a toilet and released the monster that had been brewing inside me for so long.

For as long as I had been holding it, I was only pooping for about 1 minute. The logs were big and creamy but passed very quickly. I set my legs up against the wall parallel to the toilet (it's a pretty small bathroom) and just sat back and reveled in my relief, ignoring the foul smell. I was abruptly disrupted by my sister at the doorway. In my haste I had forgotten to close and lock the door.

"Whew, pretty smelly sis." She plugged her nose
I snapped back to reality "Leave, now."
"Mom and Dad are gonna be pissed when they find out you bombed their toilet."
I got up with my pants around my ankles "Leave, now!" I slammed the door in her face and got back on the toilet. I saw if I could squeeze anything more out but really I was just stalling. My sister was right, I dropped a huge bomb in this toilet and would without a doubt clog it.

I wiped and got my pants up and looked at the situation in the toilet. The paper covered a good bit of it but I could still see three large logs sitting there. I reached for the plunger and broke them up a bit. They say poops from constipation smell worse because the food is rotten. They are not lying. It stunk in there like a Taco Bell bathroom. I sprayed the air freshener, turned the fan on and open the window, all to try to eliminate the smell. But eliminating the large mass in the toilet was another story. Breaking it up with the plunger hadn't done much. A few bits went down but one large one completely blocked the hole in the toilet. I broke it up again and gave another flush. Some more bits went down then it stopped. There was some small remainders left floating around the bowl which had now reached the brim with water. I had done all I could do now all I had to do was wait. Another painful wait for the day.

When my mom got home she seemed a little perturbed about the situation in her bathroom, but only because she looked like she needed to go too. I told her I was desperate and my sister was busy blasting our toilet. She seemed more mad that I held a #2 all day and advised me not to do that again because I might not be so lucky next time.

Upstate Dave

My Working Vavacation Day 7

Janet laughed and I went and got a roll to use from the bathroom. Then we went to the big barn with both of us under the umbrella. Once in te barn Janet closed the umbrella up. Where we wnet was into thelarge single stable just outside the stable room. The reason was there was plety of loose hay still in this table.

Once inside the stable I removed my shorts completly. Then I only got into the slightest squat barely bending my legs. Janet stood beside me which she was now holding my penis. Stanidng wher she was she could seeme piss and when I startedto shit she could see me do that too! I started by pissing first. I sent out a pretty good arcing stream which reached outward close to five feet.

Janet let out a lsight giggle and tolme that I was going pretty far. I agreed. I pissed for about twnty seconds and then my stream died right out. Then I felt my ashole being stretched open which now I was staring to shit. I tldJanet take a look back now! I'm shiting! Janet did glance back to watch.

Now as I felt my shit foirst start out from my asshole it was dry, very hard, and very bumptso it was chunky. Plus it did stretch my asshole wide open! My shit too was moving along but not as fast like it always did. As soon as Janet did see my shit she said it was fat and chunky. I said back to Janet; That I could feel that it was.

In fact it was so hard as it di slide form my asshole a few off its chunks broke off which they nade dull thuds on the floor for the hay covering the floor where I was shiting was thin. In fact I would have sevral pieces of chunks fall. My shit too would break off a little later which it made a real good thud when it hit the floor. I would have a second loud thud wgen the remaining partr of my shit would hit the floor too.

But I wasn't done shiting then also. For I would have a second shit that would push out form my asshole right after my first shit. This one would change from bien cunky and dry going into a softer smooth one but stayed the same brown color. It was just as fat! As this shit slid out form my ass I did tell Janet that it did feelk a whole lot better! That made Janet giggle a hard short giggle.

It didn't take me long to do this second shit! This one stayed whole! When i dropped to the fllor wuth a prett goo thump Janettolme ne I better look at it! So I did! I too a step foward, swung around, and then I looked down! There laying on the floor as I looked at the floor my last shit was a good fat 15 incher! Plus my broken first chunny broken shit with its two broken two parts were almost as long! Was a lot of shit!

As I stood ther lookinjg at my shit Janet standing there lookiy too said to me; Dave I would hate to see how much shit you would do if if you hadn't gine in three days! I head Janet and I laughed and also told her I wouldn't want to know either! We bothh laughed aagin pretty hard! Then Janet said it was time for her to go. I said to her; Gee Janet don'y I get time to wipe my ass! Janet laughed again a short hard laugh. Go ahead I'll wait!

As I started t terar paper from the roll after I had rolled off sveral sheets from out in the barn came Jills voice; Are you two in th big stable? Janet hollered right; Yes we are Jill! The door slid open and Jill walked right in. Jill saw me with the roll of toilet paper in my hand,my shorts down around my feetm Janets shorts pulled down, and she smelled and saw my fresh shit on the floor!

Jill let out a hard short giggle. That's a lot of shit! Looks like Dave you haven't gone in a good couple of days! Janet and I started ;laughing hard together. Jill looked at us silently. When Janet and I had stopped laughing Janet told Jill that she was reighgt. I hadn;t shit in a couple of days! Now she laughed hard.

Now I started wipeing my ass and Janet move over where I had been. She turned around so her ass was faced to me not forward like I had been. Now Jill spoke upsaying to us both; I dob;t have to shit but I'll piss with Janet! I had wiped my ass by now ad I toswsed the toilet paper on the floor and I rolled off another small wad and had torn it off.

I said to Jill now like I had said to Janet; Let me wipe my ass! Jill giggled hard but she didn't do aything so I got my chance to wipe my ass. I went ande gave my ass another wipe. As I did this Janet and Jill talked which Janet started telloing Jill about what we had been doing! I inetruppted them for after I had wiped my ass I was done.

So Janet got ready to start going as well as Jill too. Jill had on a dress which all she had to do was lift it up front and back! Jill wasn't wearing panties! Which she giggled slightly right after she had raised her dress up. Then she was faced at me and she did get close to the same postion as Janet had. Then Jill would start her piss. Janet would start her piss and shit!

Jill started pissing sending out between her vaginas lips a short arced stream of slightly spraying piss stream for almost the first ten seconds. Her piss wa quite yellow looking. Plus it did let off a piss oder which I had no problem smelling where I was standing! First piss? I asked Jill. Jill told me it was. I got up late too she said to me giggleing.

Then Jills stream chand\ged which it went form its short arc and spraying it went right into a twisted stream letting off a nice soft hiss! Janet meanwhile had n;t started yet. Jill noiticeing that Janet hadn't started asked her quickly if she was holding back. Janet told her she was. YThat mae Jill let out another slight giggle.

Then now as Jill piss and Janet waited to gto the girls talked which Janet managed to tell Jill about some parts of last night! Thatgot Jill giggleing off and on as she pissed. Then soon Jill was done pissing which she did stand up and let her dress fall back down. But she di tell Janet keep talking while you go! Janet did just that!

Janet did now start her piss frst. She sent a foward piss stream which wetted the wall in front of her. Her stream wasn't all that hard so it lightly splashed on the wooden wall and her piss ra right down it. Janet did piss close to a half minutes time and then she came to a dribbleing stop. Then her assshole crept open so now Janet was starting to shit.

I saw along with Jill a dark tan tip poke out of Janets asshole. It was prettylarge sized too. It was slow moving at first. Then it doid peed right up and shortly her shit was poked out pastr her asscheeks. It was firm but did bend as it grew longer. When it wa close to being a ten incher it fell to the floor with a good thud. Her asshole closed and that was it for Janet. She was done.

I handed her the toilet paper which she tore off a wad of it. She handed it to Jill but Jill told her she was fine. So Janetr handed it back to me. Janet reached down and back and wiped her ass. Janet then gave the paper a quyick look and dropped it in her shit. That was too the oly wipe she would do. Janet turned out to be cleah with her shit this time.

Now Janet and I took care of our shorts. We all then exited the stale and I closed its door. I would take care of the stable later. We all then went and headedto the traler which both girls would spend some time fiishing up telling the last two days events as far as Janet telling Jill all about what we two had done. Boy did at times Jill giggle or laugh hard! To be continuied.

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