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More Chamber Pot news

Thank you everyone who responded to my last post. Didn't expect that. Will try to find a proper chamber pot but in the meantime, the bucket will suffice. My wife surprised me the other day with it too! I came home and when I had a moment alone with her, asked what she did with the bucket of pee because she used it last night before going to bed and I did not have time before running out to work to empty it. So she said it got so full she threw the pee out the basement window! What?! She had peed in it 5 or 6 times during the day while I was gone. Originally the plan was only to use it at night, but she just wanted to hang out in the basement all day so continued peeing in the bucket. And now she's going in it again as I type! Wow! She is really taking advantage of the bucket. Lol! Well, gotta go.

To CAR MOM: Enjoy reading your peeing adventures! Sorry to hear what happened with Laura. Wish I could be the first guy to pee in your car. Have fun!

Herb T.

Enormous/Awkward Dump Today

Amylee - very good post, once again. Thanks for posting about your first experience going in front of your husband. You're right - I think my first dump in front of my wife and her's in front of me are probably the most memorable. It even seems to get old after a while,in my opinion, except for the most unique ones. Your husband is a lucky guy - he and I seem to share a similar interest. I will look forward to any future posts, whether it be you at the office, or you and your husband, or even something else.

So... now to my main post - I had kind of an awkward and embarrassing experience today in a public restroom that I thought I'd share. I had to go to the post office to drop off some tax returns that were on extension through July 15. On my way there, I felt the familiar urge that a big dump was coming - like this was going to be a big one that didn't want to wait. I dropped off the returns and thought of my options. There was a Home Depot in the shopping center, but I decided against that, since their restrooms are usually pretty nasty. There was a grocery store across the street, but I decided against that as well. Finally, I remembered a hotel close by that has very nice and clean restrooms. I'd used this hotel's lobby restroom in the past, so I headed over - it was only a mile or two away, or less than 5 minutes from the post office.

I parked along the side of the hotel and entered through the front doors. There were two ladies at the front desk and both said "hello" as I walked by. I told them "hello" back and turned down the hallway toward the restrooms. As I was doing this I noticed a guy walking from the other wing of the hotel behind me, also towards the restrooms. I hoped he was leaving the building or heading to the elevators - basically anywhere but the bathroom. I entered the men's room and it is somewhat small - one sink straight ahead when you enter, one urinal, and two toilet stalls. As luck would have it, there was a newspaper by the sink, so I thumbed through the different sections to see if anything looked interesting. As I was doing this, the guy who was walking down the hall entered the restroom and went straight into the handicapped stall, latched the door, and pulled out a toilet seat cover. DAMMIT! I contemplated leaving at that point, or pretending like I just had to pee, but I really had to take a serious dump - like badly. I reluctantly entered the first stall with the sports section of the newspaper and latched my door. The toilet was sparkling clean, so no need for a toilet seat cover. I wrapped some toilet paper around the auto flush sensor to 'turn it off', then proceeded to lower my pants and boxers down to my ankles and sat down on the toilet. Damn I hate crapping next to complete strangers, but I attempted to take my mind off what I was doing and focus on the newspaper article - a preview of the British Open golf tournament this weekend.

I could feel the poo-poo slowly begin to emerge from my buttocks and I knew immediately that it was going to be what I call a 'potato dump,' basically a very dense, very dry, and very thick log. This thing was stretching my butt-hole to its very limits, to the point of pain. Ouchie. I tried to relax my butt as much as possible. I kept having to re-position my bottom on the toilet seat to spread my butt cheeks wider and wider to accomodate the enormous girth of this brown beast (has anyone else ever taken this kind of dump before). It ended up making it very difficult for me to enjoy my newspaper article. Just when I thought it couldn't get any worse, three or four guys entered the restroom. I could hear them pulling on both stall doors, which were locked obviously, and one of them said "Full house." Thanks for the brilliant observation buddy. You'd think they would have seen my feet and realized my stall was in use, but anyway... So finally my log broke throught the barrier of my butt-hole and dropped into the toilet, though clenched teeth. Wowie that hurt, but the relief factor was pretty good. Although I couldn't see it, this was a very solid log and the smell factor was luckily not too bad. I would have felt a little guilty stinking up a smaller sized restroom - although that is what the bathroom is for, right? The guys basically lined up to use the urinal, pissing one after the other, and washing their hands. Luckily none of them had to go #2.

Finally, the other guy and I were all alone in the restroom again. As soon as the guys left, I began to wipe. My goal was to get out of there quickly before the other guy was finished. First though, I stood up to take a look at the brown sculpture that my digestive system had created. This was a work of art - about a foot long, thick and dense. I almost felt bad that I would have to flush it down into the sewer system. And blasphemy... I could hear the guy beginning to pull the toilet paper too. I didn't hear any of his dump - no toots, splashes, etc., although it's not like I was trying to listen. My butt was surprisingly clean, and only took three wipes. The other guy continued to pull the toilet paper, so I quickly removed the toilet paper from the auto flush sensor - which trigerred a flush, and started tucking my shirt back in. Then a flush from his stall. DAMMIT! Well we both ended up exiting our stalls at the same time. I absolutely hate when this happens, but what can you do? My stall was closer to the sinks, so I avoided eye contact and went over to wash my hands. I set the sports section back on top of the stack by the sink, and began washing my hands. The guy commented "That was a good idea - I should have grabbed a section of the paper too." Why are you talking to me, I thought to myself? I just gave a half smile and hoped he'd shut up. I finished washing and dried my hands, then left quickly through the side door, which I was parked by. As I was driving away, I saw the same guy in the parking lot getting into his car. I wondered if he went there for the same reason I did - just to take a poo-poo. I suppose I can't blame him if he was. OK long enough post already - maybe I'll just go home more often when I need to take a dump and stop stinking up public restrooms.

I hope everyone is doing well. Again - Amylee - glad to see you posting again.

Haven't crapped since Monday

Finally crapped

I finally crapped this morning around 9:30--guess the nuts and stool softners did the trick. It wasn't too messy to clean up but the one I did this evening was a lot messier.

although I have no problem pooping anywhere I prefer my own bathroom especaially now. like I said I had surgery that involved an anal fistuala and now in order to help the fluid drain out I have 3 small stitched loops to keep it open with the ends dangling. having to use wet wipes to clean it up properly which means making sure I take a pack everywhere

has anybody else been through this? any suggestions?


To: Wendy

Hey! Wendy that was a good story about you pooping in a bucket instead of the toilet, now that had to be the smartest thing you've ever done, I would of probably did the something if I didn't wanted to stop up the toilet. Damn! 4 pounds of poop, now that had to be the biggest dump I've ever heard of someone taking, I mean what in the world did you eat that day to make you poop that big.

Farting on TV

Hey! I was just wondering does anybody remember that MTV show newlyweds with Nick & Jessica, I was just wondering did she ever do any farting on the show because I've heard of her farting on the show acouple of times. I've had heard her burping a few times on the show, but I was just wondering about her farting.

Nothing new to post I just wanted to respond to a couple people.
Car Mom- I am so sorry about what happened between you and Laura. I have gotten in a few fights like that with friends (not over peeing about about jealousy) so I understand how much it hurts. It sounds like Lori is a great friend though and I am sure you and Laura will be friends again in no time. Keep us posted and as always, great story!
Lori-Welcome to the site. So glad you finally decided to post. Car Mom's posts are always my fave and I look forward to hearing your side of things.

Tom Tit

Girls in the Gents

There have been a couple of posts recently about people using the opposite sex toilets and this put me in mind of an incident that happened a few years ago. I had stopped at rest area that I often used and went into the toilet for a crap. The toilets which have since been completely refurbished were old fashioned. Having gone though the door and around the corner there was a fairly long stainless steel trough urinal on the right. Past this there were three cubicles again on the right and as I knew from previous occasions the door of the middle one had been removed to prevent 'inappropriate behaviour'.

On this occasion a coach had stopped outside and the were lots of girls possibly mid to late twenties queuing right outside the door of the ladies and on entering the gents I found that quite a few of these had decided to use the gents rather than wait for the ladies.
So the two cubicles with doors were occupied and there was a queue of these girls filling the narrow passageway past the cubicles and about half way down the urinal, about ten in total including the occupants of the cubicles. I joined the back of the queue and in desperation I asked whether or not anyone was going to use the middle one and a couple of them explained that there was no door so, no they weren't. (A pity I thought to myself) They did say that if I wanted to use they urinal they wouldn't look.
I explained that that was not what I wanted and after a couple of minutes plucking up courage, I said that I would have to use the door less stall and pushed past them, dropped my trousers and had a good shit right in front of them. They did avert their gaze and I don't know who was more embarrassed, me or them.


New place to poo

To Wild One:
I got up this morning with a big urge to poo but before I went to the toilet I decided to have a look at "The Toilet Stool" first. I found your story about you pooing in that old car and loved it. I did that in an old van a few times untill it got taken away and loved it. I love pooing in unusual places too and after reading your story I just had to go out in search of a new place to relieve myself. Kirsty had already left for work so I got dressed and took a toilet roll and some spare panties before walking outside. I had no idea where I was going, I just wanted to find a really naughty place to empty my bowels. I walked for about two miles and was getting desperate. I wasn't sure how long I could hold on and it made it so much more exiting. I kept thinking about your story and really wanted to find the perfect place. I walked for about another mile before I finaly found an alley with some garages in various states of disrepair. I'd done it in a garage before so it wasn't very original so I rejected that idea. I walked right down to the end of the alley where it came to a dead end. By now I was really desperate and close to losing control. There was an old shed with half the roof missing. Inside there was a bucket full of rainwater and some rags and a stackable chair as well as a lot of other junk. I looked through all the junk in search of an interesting way to relieve myself but holding on to a desperate poo when you're lifting stuff is not easy and I almost went in my pants. I got an idea as soon as that happened. I put the chair on the floor, took off my jeans and panties and placed a thick pad of rags on the chair. I sat down and started to pee, letting it slowly soak into the rags. It felt so good to feel the hot wetness all over my bum but I still needed to poo very badly and could hold it no longer. I let out a long wet fart as a small but soft mushy poo squished into the pee soaked rags. It didn't get very far because I was sitting down but it still felt great. The backup in my bowels caused me some pain so I raised myself off the chair a couple of inches and pushed. A big load came out forming a huge mushy pile under my bum. I pushed the last of my poo out into the rags. I stood up and washed myself with the wet rags before re dressing myself. I walked home feeling very naughty and plan to go back there with Kirsty to show her my production.

Upstate Dave

My Working Vavcation Day 6 With Janet Shopping Part 2

On the bus as we headed north to the town where Janet and I were to go shoping Janet and I were talking. Jante wanted to know when I had started swearing which she paused and giggled befor she gave a example. You know piss instead of pee or shit instead of poop! I then befor I gave her my answer I chuckled.

I told her saying partly from my brother and a guy that used to live in the big farm house Janet. The one next to our house up the road from us. His name was Steve. Steve wasn't as old as my brother. My brother is six years older then I but SAteve was half that being three years older then me.

Now I even told her that Steve had unuasual toilet habbits which I saw him do. Janet asked me saying; How was that Dave? What did he do? So I told Janet for she was interested! Steve was big for his age to start with. Working on a farm will do that to you. Steve was always up early and one of his chores was milk the cows whhich was done by hand instead of machine on the farm where he lived.

So I went on telling Janet that there was time I was in the barn with Steve and he was milking one of the cows. I was watching him as he milked the cow. He finished and befor he went on to milk the next cow Steve went over grabeb a second old metal milking pail. He placed it next to the wooden stool he had sat on when he was milking the one cow.

Steve started unbuckleing his belt. As he did Steve said that he had to shit and piss! As Steve went farther on unbuttoning the button on his jenas Steve said to me; Dave do you know what shit and piss is? Steve figuired that I being younger I wouldn't know. Well I kind of surprised him for right away I said back to Steve; Pee is piss and shit is poop!

Steve laughed and told me I was right! Your'e pretty smart! Well by this time Steve had his pants and briefs down and had squated down geting his ass over the metal milk pail. I took a deliberate pause now. Well go on Dave! I want to here the rest! Janet said to me.Well I told Janet that Steve had a real big one! It wasn't hard either! That broke Janet right up.

I told Janet that Steve started off by pising in that metal milk pail first. Boy did he ever piss hard! The metal bucket was moved by the force of his piss stream for it was hiting the side of that metal milk pail! Isaid to Janet. She laughed.So Steve had to hold thepails handle to keep it still I went on saying to Janet.

Then I told her that as Steve went on pissing he also started shiting. I laughed a little and told Janet that Steve like I do when I shit took a real big long fat one that came out of his asshole! Boy did it ever stink too! I added. When Steve had finished he had yet pulled up his briefs and pants he walked with them down over to where all the cowshit was and dumped that milk pail out there. Then he pulled up his briefs and pants.

Janet laughed hard tellin her that. Then she said to me; Dave he didn't wipe himself after he had shit! No he didn't he just came back over and moved his stoll and went and milked the last cow! Then I asked Janet about her learning about shit and piss. Oh that's easy! Janet said back to me. FRom Sissy and your sister Nancy! Don't foget Dave thatSissy and Nancy always hung around together and like you and your brother they both are older then I was! I overheard a lot of stuff from those two! I laughed for i could imagen what they would talk about! Esecially my sister Nancy!

As we rode along Janet and I talked about other things which weren't as fuinny or interesting as the shit and piss talk. But still our talking passed the time. Soon the bus was in town and we wre to get off from it and wait for our second bus which would take us totwo of the stores that we would shop some in.

Ten minutes later we were off the bus and waiting for our second bus to come. It wasn't going to be a long wait either for our second bus. The driver of the first bus when I had asked him had told me ten minutes. I was glad to hear that and so was Janet. Her reason was she giggled and told me that she had to piss! So the first stop was to use the bathroom in the store and I better find it fast!

Well the bus did come in ten minutes which we got right on it and paid our fares. The bus was less crowded then the one we had rode up on. But the time rideing this bus was not all that shorter then the first bus. I thought to myslef; That could be trouble for Janet! At least the way she sounded when she told me that she had to piss that I would have to wait and see.

Well as it turned out the bus didn'ttake as long. It didn't make all thatmany stops along its route. So when we got to the last stop where the two stores were where we were to shop at Janet was still ok. Even though when we got off the bus Janet did hurry to get inisde the store!

Janet knew this store and where the bathrooms were. She went directly where the bathrooms were in the back of the store. She went into the womens bathroom and I wited oustide for her to go and come back out. In a few minutes Janet was done and came out of the bathroom. As we walked back on the floor where veryting was Janet laughed. I asked her why. Janet told me that she had pissed all over the toilet seat when she went to the bathroom!

I cut it to close! Janet said to me starting off with. I went into the stall with my dress already up! I turned around and was about to sit and I started pissing. My piss came out going crazy! It wasshooting all over! So it wetted the seat! Janet said to me. Funny though I didn't piss on myslef! But I sure got the seat and floor both! Janet said to me laughing a little harder. Dave if you had seen it you would had died laughing! I let out a short laugh and then I said back to Janet; I'm sure I would have! So already our shopping trip had its first fun moments! To be continuied.


To: Amylee

--God bless you Amylee!-- If only more women were like you. Believe it or not, it is a difficult task to get a woman to let you watch it actually come out (my favorite part)! In my opinion, if a guy is asking to see it or watch it happen, then he is into it and will not be grossed out by it in any way. But most women think like you did at first and thought they would seem less attractive in their mans eyes. Not the case with me, and I think I speak for every guy that would actually ask to see this happen. However, I guess I can see where there would be some hesitation on a womans part, but no significant reason to object to letting their man witness such a fascinating display of bodily function..

Just a Guy

Emma, that was another great story! It sounded like a very relieving dump, but that sounded like a really agonizing wait for you. I'm glad you made it in time. I've had dumps like that where I expected it to be large and was disappointed, only to have to return for a much larger dump a couple hours later.

Haven't crapped since Monday

Monday I had to have an enema as preperation for some surgery in my rectal area where the surgeon discovered an anal fistula. it is now 11:45 wednesday night and nothing yet. been taking a stool softner and eating a few nuts which usually help. Tomorrow I need to start taking the fiber supplement I hate the taste of.

has anybody ever experienced the softning laxative effect from eating nuts? or is it just me?

wheelchair Sara

Hospital Poo

So went I was at the hospital the other day, I had to have x rays and other scans, so I knew that I would be there all day so didn;t have my morning poo.
I get to the hospital and see the surgon and the other people then I have a gap before needing to be in the x ray department. I went for a coffee hoping to get my bowls moving, so I have my coffee and the urge to poo comes. So I go to the disabled toilet,(the best bit about a hospital toilet is there alway clean) i did my normal sized poo which is normally quite big as I only go now and again. so im about half way through my poo, when they is a knock on the door and some girl ask if I will be lon as she really need a poo, so I tell her that im almost done, then I have a wipe the flush most of my poo goes down. I didn't want to keep the other girl waiting so I open the door and say almost done just need to wash my hands, she say she can wait that long and come in lifs herself on the loo, and right away starts to take a huge poo and I was very stinky. So im still sitting there washing my had and we start chatting an turn out we had the same clinic in the afernoon so she finishes her poo. the we go back to the waiting area having mad a new friend.

hope you enjoyed the story

love Sara

just a short rant about how I came to be in a wheel chair.

I got un over my a car, at some traffic lights.
the guy that did this was drunk, had his driving license taken away two week before. The the car he hit me with as stolen and to top it off he didnt even stop.
this happend after going out on my 18th birthday.
and how many years did this guy get 10 year thats all, he was in prision for 10 years and im stuck in my chair for the rest of my life.

will post again soon and hope that you enjoyed my story as I have loads more, just need to find the time to post.

Tom Tit

Second French Experience

At the Campsite in the Vendee I soon found that early in the morning or sometimes late afternoon were good times to visit the unisex toilets on the site. I witnessed plenty of women pooing and weeing, but three stood out for me that holiday, I've already told the story of the first one.

On the third day at about 5pm I was finishing off after a shower when I saw a middle aged lady - maybe late forties - walking along the toilet cubicles looking inside eac one. She wore a black one piece swim suit and looked like she had just come from the pool area. The woman was quite short and curvy shaped, with bleached blond hair.

At the end of the row is a toilet tissue dispenser and she took a large handful of tissue, being an experienced in these matters I took this to indicate a poo was imminent.

She decided to take the disabled cubicle which was at right angles to the other cubicles, convenient for me since taking the closest cubicle would not seem suspicious.

By the time I took my position the woman was peeing furiously. I could just see her carefully manicured toes peeping out of her backless sandals. I clearly heard a small fart as the torrent of pee subsided and after a few seconds the sound of a small pebble of poo hitting the water.

The wash block was a little noisy but I could clearly hear her quietly saying "Ohhh" "Ohhh" and a couple of more pebbles hit the water. She seemed to be shifting around on the toilet and then her feet when into an extreme tip toe position. More quiet groaning and one of those 'last farts before a poop' and then I heard the unmistakable crackling sound of a bowel motion emerging with a fast and quiet panting sound from the woman. One of her feet seemed to leave the floor at this stage.

I didn't actually hear a splash this time (my impression was this thing was entering the water before it left her rectum) but after a few seconds a long sigh, then more peeing. Most of the time people remain seated to clean their bottoms but this woman stood up, turned around and proceeded to wipe. I then heard her pull up the straps of her swim suit and flush. She immediately walked out, not even washing her hands.

After she left I decided to check out the disabled cubicle. As soon as I entered I got the stink of a healthy poo, in fact the sort of smell you get when near an exposed human bowel movement and with good reason!

The woman's poo was standing proud of the water and jammed into the toilet by both it's size and the amount of tissue she'd used. It was about 2 inches maybe more in diameter and standing proud by maybe 5 inches or more. The turd got quite soft at the top and obviously had corn it it, but appeared knobbly and even wider at the point it entered and curved into the water. I decided to try and flush it because I felt sorry for the toilet cleaner. French toilets don't flush from a cistern so I held down the flush button for some time. The toilet partially filled with water until suddenly the whole lot went around the bend, leaving a very heavily skidmarked toilet with a few bits of corn floating around.

The women had given birth to something I would have been proud of and I'm 6ft 2ins and a lot bigger and heavier than this woman.

Let's just say I found the whole thing titillating.

I walked off towards the pool and I spotted the woman lying on a sun bed next to a man I presumed to be her partner. As I often do, I had a humorous thought as I imagined the woman saying to her husband/partner, "I feel so much better now, I've just had the biggest dump you could ever imagine darling, Oh, and I never washed my hands".

I wondered if the woman had been building up to it all day (or even several days), maybe letting off gas as this huge mass built up in her rectum. She'd definitely eaten plenty of corn (does corn actually provide any nutrition for us humans?). She must have felt quite good after that lot.

A great french experience for me, and hopefully for readers. One more tale to tell soon.

Upstate Dave

My Working Vacation Day 6 With Janet Shopping Part 3

After Janet had told me about her mess she had done in the ladies bathroom and we were on the stores retail floor Janet toold me we had to split up. I asked her why. Oh I havea surprise which I don't want you to see! I laughed and said ok back to her. When I'm ready I'll come and find you Janet said to me. I also said ok back to her again.So we did split apart right then.
Where we went when we arrived was right to the changing rooms! There were four of them. All the dors were shut so Janet went down the row of them kncking lightly on the doors to see if they were empty. The third was empty. Janet opeed the door quickly slipped insie and shut the door behind her. Now the bag she had with her was small so that made me wonder what did she buy! I t wasn't anything big like pants or a dress!

Well as I stood there waiting andthinking what Janet had bought and wanted to show me the changing room door that Janet had gone into a short momnet agao burst open wide!Janet flew out of it in one big hurry but she was hystericaly laughing when she had come out! The door had closed but Janet waited standing there till she didstop her lard laughing and then she said to me; DAVE TAKE A LOOK INSIDE!!!!

Janet then opened the door and I did look insi the changing room. There right in the middle of the changing rooms floor was a big pe of SHIT!!! Not only that the shit was in the middleof a big PISS PUDDLE! Some girl or woman Had gone to the bathroom it that changing room! There was so much piss and shit that they had to go really bad to have all thatin there!

Janet didn't hold the door open all thatlong but long enough so that I had a good look and then she shut the door knocked on the last door which was empty and she stepped inside that changeing room to use it. I quickly asked Janet was there any shit and piss in that one! Janet laughed and said no there wasn't! I laughed and waited for her to show me what she wanted to show me.

I only had to wait only a couple of minutes. Then the changing room door slowly opend a littlle more then aslight crack. Janet whispered loudly; Ok Dave take a look! So I stepped fom behind the shopping cart and over to the slightly opened changing room door and took a peek through the opening.

There stoood Janet in the center of the changing room with her dress raise above her waist! I saw that Janet had a pair of real dark green,very tight, satin slilk panties on! She was faced towards me and when I desribed thosepanties being so tight that where Janets vagina was those pantioes showed the outline of her vaginas slit! That wasn't all either! Janet sa my hard stare on her crotch andshe turned around and showed me ass! That was even better! The poanties were deep into her cheeks and what a line wre in those panties then!

Janet let her dress down and I stepped back to let her out. After Janet stepped out she told me she had four more pairs just like the opne pair she had on! Then she laughed a short hard laugh. Then she said tome as we started walking away from the girls department; I'll continuie this and tell you in the next part! Upstate Dave


Babysitting story

Hi everyone, Abbie here again with the story I promised you last time, i'll get to it in a minute.
Emma- Great story about your toilet experiances at the airshow, I know it can be a real pain queuing if your bursting for the loo. I guess the fact the other girls were pooing the first time you went made it less awkward, I know if I have to go for a poo at school its less embarasing if the girl next to me is opening her bowels as well. If I'm having a difficult poo and I need to grunt a bit as I'm pushing I try to do it when the hand dryer goes on so no-one can hear me.
This week I've been doing some babysitting for a new family down our road, they have a boy whos 9 called Joe and a girl whos 11 called Grace. Their mum is happy for them to walk home from school on their own but wanted someone to keep an eye on them until she gets back from work around 6 o'clock, I think my mum had been talking to her a while back and volunteered me to do it for this week.
On Monday I made sure I was round at their house about 3.15, I had a key so I could let them in once they were back from school. I massaged my belly through my skirt, typically I was starting to need a poo in a pretty major way and doubted I'd be able to hold it until I got back home. Stupidly I hadn't been for a poo over the weekend so I didn't really want to put it off even if I could, my constipations starting to improve a bit and I don't want to take a step back. About five minutes later they came down the road from school and we went in the house together. Grace said she was going upstairs to get changed and I put the telly on for Joe. Grace didn't come down so I guessed she was up in her room, I just was hoping it wasn't next door to the bathroom so she wouldn't hear me having a poo. After 5 minutes I told Joe I needed to use the loo and went upstairs, I looked at the door locks and worked out which was the bathroom so I turned the handle and walked in. I squealed as I saw Grace sitting on the toilet, her school dress lifted up and her pink pants at her knees. Before she could even respond I rushed out, I felt really awkward, I didn't know her hardly at all and hadn't meant to embarass her like that. I went back downstairs to the kitchen and took a few deep breaths to calm down. Shortly after Grace came in, not looking too bothered thank goodness. I started to apologise but she told me not to worry and said she should have locked the door.
"I'm always bursting for the loo when I get back home" she said to me, "So I usually go straight away."
"Well, I'm quite desperate now" I said, turning to go out of the room and back upstairs. "I'll come up with you" Grace said, "I've got to tidy my room before mum gets back." I wasn't exactly thrilled about Grace being up there when I was trying to poo, I had a feeling that it wasn't going to be an easy one, but I just said "Yeah OK" and she followed me up the stairs. I went in the bathroom and locked the door, luckily Grace's room wasn't right next door so it could have been worse. From the smell I realised that Grace must have been for a poo as well which made me feel a bit better. I lifted my skirt, pulled down my purple and orange spotty pants and sat on the loo. I had a wee and then started to push, I could feel a log starting to move down inside me and then the tip making its way out of my bum. I stopped pushing and couldn't help panting a bit, hopefully I wouldn't end up making any grunts. I could feel the log inching out slowly, I pushed for about 5 minutes before it plopped loudly into the bowl. Almost straight away another turd started to move into place, as I pushed this time I let some loud farts go and blushed, I was sure they could be heard over the whole house. This turd started to creep out but was moving a bit faster than the first one, a couple of minutes later I sighed as it too splashed down into the bowl, I finished with a few smaller pieces and farted again. I took some toilet roll and wiped my bum carefully before pulling up my pants and letting down my skirt. I washed my hands and then walked over to Grace's room, she was busy putting stuff away and trying to tidy up. Anyway, later on we were out in the garden and it was my turn to get embarased, we were doing some dance routines on the lawn and the wind blew my skirt right up, Grace giggled as she said "I just saw your pants!"
"Oh well, I guess that makes us even" I said as I hurridly pulled my skirt down. I hope you enjoyed this story, thanks for reading, bye for now!!

The Listening Ear

Part 12

My job relocated to another city, and while we were trying to sell one house and buy another I stayed in a hotel for four nights a week. It was an interesting building, made up of several Victorian houses knocked together, with extensions. I had a different room each week, always en-suite, but some of the other rooms weren't, which meant there were public bathrooms as well.

I usually wandered around the hotel between getting back in from work and having my evening meal. I got to know it quite well, and the place was such a maze that quite often I was able to help new vistors find their rooms (the staff were pretty hopeless at that). On one occasion I saw a very attractive dark-haired girl heading for a public bathroom which I knew was just across a small courtyard from my own private one. So I dashed back to my room, ran into the bathroom and switched the light off (this was winter time, so it was always dark by then). The frosted-glass window of the public bathroom was slightly open, and right above the toilet, which was sideways-on. I saw the girl position herself in front of the toilet, sit down (apparently, but read on), and lean forward to such an extent that her body became horizontal and disappeared below the window sill. I then heard a long, loud waterfall, after which she stood up, wiped and flushed.

After that, every evening, just before that time, I would go into that bathroom and make sure that the window was slightly open (so I could hear) and the curtains drawn back (so that I could see). Fortunately I got the same room again the following week, and she was there both weeks. Sometimes she would draw the curtains and/or close the window, and sometimes she wouldn't, but she always went at the same time and I did see and hear several repeat performances. Now then, back in those days I didn't know that when some women use a shared or public toilet they hover-squat rather than sitting on the seat. With hindsight, that is probably what she was doing. But was she? An experience later in life makes me less than certain. More on this in Part 19 if all goes according to plan.

On another occasion there was what sounded like a young female cough occupying the en-suite room directly above mine. In the morning I heard her get up and go into the bathroom, and instantly put my ear to the wall. "Cough-cough-cough-BANG-cough-cough-cough. Cough-cough-cough. Cough-cough-cough-BVOOFF-plop-THUD-cough-cough-cough." It wasn't much, but it was something, and it easily equals Tom Tit's French experience of rapid shitting. The cough enabled me to match her progress through showering and dressing, to get into the breakfast room before her, and to recognise her as she came in. But she wasn't very memorable, in fact, I have forgotten her.


To Niel: I forgot to say last time, yes please!



Post Title (optional)To Amylee and Tom Tit

Enjoyed your posts.
Please keep other stories coming.
Amylee: you really have a fan-club here....

Magnesia Maggie

Me and Gretchen at the court house

My best friend Gretchen called me at 9 a.m yesterday morning. She had an emergency. Her mom had paid off a traffic ticket that didn't clear the bank and Gretchen had to take $125 cash down to the county court house that day or the account was going to be turned over to a collection agency. Since Gretchen didn't have a car for the like 15-mile drive, she called me. Mom said I could use her car, but that I should get a tank of gas and a free lunch out of Gretchen's mom. Well, Gretchen's mom agreed to it so we quickly left. Gretchen walked over to my house, showed me the fine money in her purse, and said she had to pee. Mom had just started her shower in our main bathroom and our downstairs one's drain has been backing up, so we couldn't use that. I told Gretchen she would just have to hold it. She agreed.

We got on the interstate and the traffic was bad. There was a mile or so that was torn up for construction and we had to change lanes and there were a couple of small accidents that held up traffic. Gretchen was still drinking off the large cup of coffee she had brought with her and I told her I didn't think that was wise because we were moving slow and it might be 30 minutes or more until we got downtown to the court house. She agreed with me, and by pointing out other drivers and passengers in cars next to us, was wildly wondering outloud if they had to pee and what were they thinking. She opened the window, tossed the coffee out of the cup, and luckily well away from splashing on our car, then put her hand into her shorts and said she had to pee worse now then before. We were only going about 10 MPH in the traffic jam, so I told her she was going to have to hold on. I turned on some music to try to keep her from thinking about it.

Finally, we got to our downtown exit, but hit several one-way streets that forced us to go like a mile out of our way. "Mags ...I've gotta go now", she said. I saw an Exxon sign about a block and a half down the street and I told her to hold on. I needed to merge like three lanes to my right but the other drivers were coming too fast to allow it. She saw an alley, grabbed the wheel and halfway turned me into it. She pissed me off like never before and I almost hit the building. She threw her car door open so fast that she almost smashed it into the building. She bolted from the car, ran to the front of the car, yanked her shorts and white underwear down, and I figured out she was sitting on the bumper and peeing. It wasn't a bad idea, I had to admit, because the car shielded her from the street and unless someone came out of use the loading dock or dumpster at one of the businesses, in front of us, I figured it would work. I got my phone out, held it up to her as I got out of my door, and threatened to take her picture.

She turned to me and I could see she was crying. On the street bricks immediately under her I could see no pee, but I could she she was starting to cry. She said she was burning her F****** ass off and I looked and saw that she was seated on the bumper which because of its closeness to the engine, and in the hot son, would be hurting her. Then I suggested she squat, but Gretchen said she was no good at it and it would never work. We waited a couple of minutes, I could see Gretchen was in continued pain, and I suggested to her that she walk down the street to the Exxon station. She reluctantly agreed that was the best option and she pulled up her underwear and shorts. She ran across the street, dodging several cars that were lined up for the traffic light and I hoped she was going to be OK. I decided to wait there for her to avoid the traffic. Suddenly, from nowhere I heard a honk, and a garbageman driving a large green truck was right up against my bumper. Not only was he honking, but he was leaning out of his window swearing at me. I had to reach over, close Gretchen's door, and I drove through the alley.

I hit another one-way street, followed by another one-way steet and I swear almost got lost as I tried to find the driveway to the Exxon station. I parked in a temporary space, ran in without even taking the time to put on my flip-flops and saw the the door to the one-toilet ladies room was ajar. I was worried that Gretchen was heading back to the alley and wondering where I was. Suddenly, the mens door to my right opened and Gretchen came out while adjusting her shorts. I made a joke about whether she checked her vagina in for a penis, which she laughed at, before explaining that the womens was in us and that she just missed bursting her bladder by going into the guys' room. Gretchen said it felt so good to have an empty bladder. I knew we were close to the court house and I asked the attendant how to get there. It was only a two block walk so I decided to leave the car there and that Gretchen and I would make the walk to the court house.

Gretchen got her purse from the car and we locked it. We cut through several parking lots to get to the court house. The building is like two blocks long and we had to walk extra go go around to the other side where the main entrance is. The hot sidewalk was taking its toll on my feet and Gretchen was on my case for not putting my shoes on. I told her I had just forgotten. Finally, we got to the main entance and before we walked through the security gate, Gretchen pointed to a sign that said "NO shirt, NO shoes, NO admit!" I knew what that meant and so I told her I would just sit on the outside steps while she went up to the traffic court and paid the fine. I don't know what it was, but sitting on the steps in the humid heat with my legs elevated made me feel like a crap was coming on. As I pulled my soggy hair out of my eyes, I got to thinking about how it had been two days ago at the swimming pool when I last crapped. I felt good about myself because since it was only my second day, going now would keep me from having to take a laxative. Due to the long lines, it took Gretchen about 45 minutes to finally get to the window and make the payment.

My crap was getting more urgent--urgent to the point where I could smell it between my legs ... and I was outside! Finally, Gretchen came out, very apologetic, but showed me the receipt and said we should go to lunch. I told her not so fast, I had to crap. Then I showed her my bare feet. She said no problem, sat down beside me, and took off her white socks and athletic shoes. She's a size larger than me, but I knew it would work for getting me inside, on the seat, and the opportunity to take my crap. I quickly put her socks and shoes on and went into the building. I know I look young for my age, but the guard asked me where I was going, but it worked to my favor because he gave me really good directions to the closest womens room. When I pushed the door open to the really, really old-style womens' room, I found three stalls, two were in use, and whereas some bathrooms have music on the sound system, there was a police radio/911 program going. I immediately went into the middle stall, the seat was up and I dropped it (silently thanking the hover pisser who actually lifted it) because I was dripping from sweat and need to crap. I pulled my shorts and blue underwear down to knee level and seated myself. There was a lot of code for the calls coming in, but I recognized street names and that several beeps would make a call more of a priority. The lady to my right was obviously a police officer and I saw a little movement of her feet. The lady to my left got up off the seat and I could hear her pull off a lot of toilet paper, so she must have had a large wiping job.

I only had to make a small push and my crap was history. I knew it was large from the way it came out, and as I looked between my legs as they sat over the black seat, I could see thetip of the lengthy log sticking up about an inch from the top of the water. I knew I felt good, so I stood, carefully looked at the amazing log, and then reseated myself to wipe. It was softer than many of my craps, so it took me four wipes, after which I stood and flushed, and then reseated myself for another four or five wipes. Then I flushed again and then made another wipe, just to prevent skidmarks in my underwear. I pulled up my underwear and shorts, and went out to the sink. An officer, with her radio going on her belt, was just finishing washing her hands, and started a conversation with me about what I was doing down there. She was really interested, but I only gave her a limited amount of information about the morning Gretchen and I were having.

When I got back outside Gretchen was happy for me because she knows how much I hate having to answer questions from my mother about my bowels and then having to take Milk of Magnesia. Gretchen let me select where we had lunch and she paid. Then back at the gas station, she filled our tank. She even let me keep her shoes on until we got back to the car. Luckily the restaurant was so busy over the lunch hour, they didn't check for the shoes on each customer.

Upstate Dave

My Working Vacation Day 6 With Janet Shopping Part 4

While Janet and I were walking to the second store with both of us and needing to piss we looked for a place where we could go. There was a spot up ahead of usd that we both could piss! It was a small open field which the grass was high as hay! Janet seeing this field that way let out a giggle and said to me; Hey Dave just like you and Luise pissing in your field by the driveway! I laughed.

WE now had reached the field and turned right into it and started walking through the high grass in the field. At first the grass was shoulder high on me and a little higher then that on Janet. But soon after walking deeper into the field the grass was over bothour heads! So we wre outof sight so Janet and I stopped walking.

Janet raised her dress right up and slipped down her new satin sild\k panties. But she stopped after getting them down at the tpos of her thighs only. Janet was giggleing hard too. Thenshe did manage to stop her giggleing. Dave she said to me; This high grass is tickling my ass and p***y! Can you stomp it down so I can piss! I laughed and I did stomp the high grass down makeing a small area which Janet could take her piss without being ticked by the high grass.

Now it was breezy too which where I hadn't stompee thegrass down all of the high grass was swaying in the breeze. Janet stepped to where I had made the small clearing. Janet asked me to stay behind her to hold her dress up. I have to hold my panties Dave so I don't piss in them I'm going to stand if I can and go! I was already standing behind Janet so I held her dress up and waited for Janet to get started with her piss.

But then Janet said to me; Wait a minute! I'm going to take my panties off! So I stood behind Janet andshe went and did take her pantiies right off! Now I won't piss on them! Then Janet paused a second time and let another giggle slip out. Still having her ass towards me Janet said this to me; Dave whay don't you piss while your'e standingbehind me! My legs are wide enough open! Your stream should miss mine and come right through!

I laughed first. Then when I stopped and told Janet I would try. But to do this Janet I will have to bend down a little. My knees will most likely hit your legs and you'll have to bend a little too! Janet Giggle just a little and she told meto try it! SO keeping one hand on her dress I unzipped my cords,slipped my fingers in through y open zipper and got my penis right out!

But I didn't have to after all to make Janet bend herlegs. I manbaged to step back which I was right up against where the edge f the high grass and haveng thepspace between us when I did bend down just a little I didn't hit the back of Janets legs. I tild Janet I was all set. Janet did ask me why she didn't feel me touching her legs. Oh I just stepped back! Now the high grass is rubbing on my bare ass! Plus I also was having a time not trying too break out laughing! The high grass since it was being blown by the breeze was movng lightly on my b***s and that was tickleing me!

With that happening I started to piss befor Janet did! My stream did shoot right between Janets well spread out legs and went right into the swishing high grass in front of her! Janet saw that and she let out a short hard laugh! Then Janet started her piss! She first sent out a split piss stream from her vagina. A thin front stream along with a backwards thick piss stream! Both of Janets stream missed my stream!

The backward stream only angled back slightly and came down between my sneakers which I had pretty far apart. Her thicker piss stream wetted the stomped down grass in only a small area. Her very thin front stream had gone straight down and it only wetted a smaller spot in the stomped grass. As I watched Janets double streamed piss flow I wondred how long would it stay that way. Or when it came back together would I have to get out of its way!

Well I did have just a little whil;e wait to see what would happen to Janets stream of piss. They did merge together but went into a thick straight down stream which still missed my stream of piss. Then Janet went on pissing this way for a shirt time. Her stream eased right off and she went and started dripping piss down into the stomped down grass.

Now as she dripped piss Janet said to me; Dave I'm going to bend over! I want to hold you! I'm going to reach back now! If you have to move just move! So Janetdid bend right overbut kept her body frommoving so I didn't have to move myslef or penis! Janet reached back throughnow that she could see under herself moed her hand and arm off to the side of mypiss stream and she did reach my penis and held it!

I let go with my fingers. Janet did giggle offand on slightly looking back through underself and back at me! I was stiffleing mylaughter not bcuase what she had done, what we were now doing, it was that breeze still makeing me get ticled on my b***s! As it happened I didn't piss to long after Janet had reached back and held me! For as soon as I stopped I told Janet to let go! Janet did and I took a small stepand the high grass no longer was touching my b***s and tickled me there!

I stil had Janets dress raised which she did slip back on her satin silk panties back on. Then I let her dress drop. I then slipped my penis back insiode my cords. As I did this Janet turned around. As I zipped up my zipper Janet asked me whyI was chuckeing all the time that she had held me. I told he thatI thought it was just funny what she was doing.

Janet didn't believe me! Come on Dave tell me the truth! Janet said to me as she slightly laughed. That was not it! I'll tell you that I'm not a good liar. So when I toldJanet that the grass was ticklein my b***s Janet laughed hard and when she stopped laughing she said to me; SO THAT"S WHERE YOU ARE TICKLISH!!!! I stood there and knodded my head yes. My long kept secret was out. Janet was the first girl to know!. At this point we started walking back through the field again to get over to the second store. To be continuied.


To Lori

Welcome to the site you will probably notice I ask a lot of questions especially of Car Mom because I love to hear the stories of the mom's peeing places. I had a question or two for you too. First I was curious is the peeing in strange or naughty places like you do, is it just an innocent thrill or does it actually turn you on, I know a lot of people get turned on by the naughtiness of it? Also you said you where single so I am guessing asking questions about your significant other is out but I was curious if you have ever let it be known to anyone especially male friends whom you where interested in or formerly(such as your kids' dad) that peeing places excites you? Also if you are single I am guessing you live alone except for the kids do you ever pee anywhere at your own place, I understand that peeing in a car is a lot because those things aren't cheap but there are always places around any house that can be used as a substitute bathroom? Hope to hear from you soon and maybe you could also write stories parallel to Car Mom kinda giving your point of view on each peeing situation and what went through your head at the time stuff was happening, especially like the first time you peed in the car and you kids did too as well as like when you asked about peeing on the couch and stuff what where you thinking what where your fears and such. I really wish there was a way to get together on an instant messenger or email or something to chat more because I hate abusing this board asking stuff that not everyone might find as interesting.
Hope to hear from you soon.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Wendy & Kirsty Wendy great story about you pooping in that bucket while Kirsty peed in the toilet and I bet your garden will grow nicely with your "special" fertilizer and as always I look forward to your guys next posts thanks.

To: Wheelchair Sarah first welcome to the site and great story about you and your friend beth pooping with that other girl it sounds like she really had to go and I hope you post some more stories thanks.

To: Jeff great story about your friend Ally peeing in different places she sounds like an interesting person and do you have any pooping stories about her if so please share them and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Lori (Car Mom's friend) first welcome to site ive heard alot about and im glad you decided to join us and great peeing story and I look forward to anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Tiffany great story and great play by play or should I say poop by poop and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Fred as always another great story about your girlfriend Roxane and it sounds like she really needed to go and a question does she know about this site if not maybe you could tell her and maybe she might want to post something as well and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: SportsFan as always another great story and thats what I love about porta poties you can always hear whats going on in the one next to yours and sometimes I will spend a liitle more time then I need just to over hear whats going on next door but not to long so I dont look suspicous like I might be done with in 5 minutes but I will stay an extra 5 minutes just to see if I hear something interesting and to make sure im really done and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Amylee great story about you pooping in front of your husband it sounds like he enjoyed it and I cant wait to hear more tales form the ladies room and as alwys I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Abbie as always another great story and I look forward to your next one thanks.

To: Blueboy as always another great story it sounds like your going to have some great stories to tell about your new and I look forward to every one of them and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

Well thats all for now and I wonder if the creator of this site knew how popular it would become I mean we got pepole from all over the world posting here and its free and thats probaly what makes it so popular people can come here and who have this intrest and talk to others that are like them without being made fun of or be thought as being weird or what ever.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site

University halls (again)

Although I stayed in a male-only hall there were often female visitors, girlfriends, friends etc. However, all the bathrooms had gents signs on them, which caused some confusion. The halls themselves were like a rabbit warren - twists and turns all over, random stairs etc.

On my way back from the laundry one day I came across a lost looking girl who asked where the ladies were? I explained that only guys stayed in the hall so all the bathrooms were gents. She asked if I thought anyone would mind her using one of them. I said no, and showed her where the nearest one was. She thanked me and said "thanks, I wouldn't ask if I wasn't bursting!".

Another story from more recently. I was at a local pub, where to get to the toilets you have to go right to the back, down a passage, up a flight of stairs where there was a landing. On the right was a room containing the gents urinals, whilst on the left in another room there are two cubicles, male and female, with a partition which doesn't quite reach the floor or ceiling. I was heading upstairs and following a pretty blonde girl about 20. She went into the ladies cubicle, I into the gents. She pulled down her tights and green spotty knickers and had a quiet tinkle wee. Then I heard a fart and she had, by the sounds of it, a runny poo. She wiped and left. A couple of minutes later I heard footsteps up the stairs and two female voices talking in a foreign language - Spanish I think. One girl went into the cubicle, sat down and there was an almighty SPLASH as she pood. The other girl was talking to her and pacing up and down, but the first girl wasn't finished yet. After a couple of minutes she finished, wiped, and the second girl tore into the cubicle, pulled down her shorts and pink knickers and sat down. There was silence! She sounded like she was trying to go, but nothing. After a couple of minutes the floodgates opened - she must have been dying to go too! The girl sighed heavily, wiped and left.


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