Car Mom
Hey its me!

Ok so today Lori and her daughters Katelyn and Emma were over and so Kaylee told the girls about peeing in the passenger seat of my car and in the console. Of course when she told them about the console they immediately wanted to follow suit since it was something different, and so I decided that it would be fine if they wanted to do it. And so I told them they could and they both got excited when I told them. Then Lori said "ok girls, now what do you say to Miss Megan?" and they both instantly said "thank you" and then we all went out to my car. And so the girls got ready to have their pees. Since they both wanted to pee in the console, they had to take turns, and so Katelyn being the big sister said "go ahead and go first Em." And so Emma got in the car first and she got ready to have her pee. She took off her jeans and her panties. Then she smiled and she said "so I can just sit on here?" I said "yeah go ahead Em" and so she sat herself down on the console just like Kaylee had done. Then she said "where's all the stuff?" Kaylee had mentioned that there was stuff in the console when she had peed in it, and so Emma wanted to pee on the stuff too. By the way, I had actually emptied out the console the other day, and I was able to take it out and dump Kaylee's pee and the wet stuff out. I didn't bother washing it out, I just dumped it and then put it back. It goes in and out with screws. But now it was empty and so Emma and Katelyn didn't have anything to pee on like Kaylee did. But then their mom said "wait" and she went into her purse and got some stuff out, notes and coupons and stuff like that, and then she told Emma "you can pee on this stuff if you want." Emma smiled and said "ok." And so Lori put the stuff into the console. I also told Emma "you can also spray a little bit here if you want" and I pointed to the part of the car that's in front of the console where the drink holders are and where things like candy wrappers and french fries tend to accumulate. Emma smiled. Then she said "so I can let a little bit go on there then?" I said "yeah you can. It doesn't all have to go in the console." She said "cool." Then I said to Katelyn "you can do that too if you want." Katelyn said "ok cool." Then I said to Emma "are you all set?" She said "yep" and then she said "I'm gonna start going now." I said "ok" and so did her mom and then after that she made a little grunt and then a little sigh. She let herself relax. Then she began to pee. Emma began to relieve herself into the console. Her pee made a little patter against the inside plastic wall. It also hit against the papers and things inside. Emma was letting a couple of farts into it as she peed. Emma sat there and peed like that for a few more seconds. Then after that she slowly lifted herself up. As she lifted herself up her spray began to miss the console. Instead it started to hit against the drink holders. As it did it splashed onto the stuff that was there. It actually splashed a little more than I thought it would. But I didn't mind. Emma said "its really splashy isn't it? Should I stop?" I said "no no its ok sweetie, you don't have to stop." And so she continued to pee. And it continued to spray the drink holders and also the parking brake and the gear shift and the sides of the two front seats. Then Emma sat back down and she finished the rest of her pee into the console. Then she was done.

Now it was Katelyn's turn. I could tell she really had to go. She quickly switched places with her sister. She smiled and then she said "this is SO cool" and then right after that she said "I'm gonna go now ok?" Me and Lori both said "ok" and then Katelyn let out a deep sigh as she relaxed. Then she began to pee. She began to pee right into the console where her sister had just peed. It started to make the same patter against the plastic. Katelyn continued to pee. As she peed she also let a fart into the console and then she giggled and said "excuse me." I said "its ok sweetie." I could definitely smell it. But I didn't mind. Katelyn continued to pee. Then after a few more seconds she boosted herself up like her sister did and her spray began to miss the console and hit against the drink holders and the parking brake. It was really splashy. It was actually splashier than Emma's was, and I could tell that it was because Katelyn was moving around a little more than Emma was and so her pee was spraying on more things. I could tell she was doing it on purpose. But I didn't mind. I was glad that it turned out to be such a fun thing for those girls. Katelyn kept peeing. She was making everything soaking wet, including the sides of the seats. Then a little while later she sat back down on the console and finished her pee there. Katelyn continued to sit there and pee into the console until she was completely finished. Then a few seconds later she let a couple more little farts into the console and then after that she was done.

That's when I said to Lori "how about you, Lori? Do you have to go too?" She smiled and then she said to me "I actually do have to go." And so I said "well if you'd like you can go too if you want." She said "you mean in the car? I said "yeah" and then she smiled and said "ok." I smiled back at her and then she got in and sat in the passenger seat and got ready to have her pee. That's when Katelyn said "mom don't you want to go in the storage thingy?" But Lori said "maybe next time honey. Right now I just want to pee into this seat." And so she did. She relaxed herself and then she began to pee. Her pee went right into the seat. I could hear it hiss. Then after a while she was done. And so they all three peed in my car.

Well that's it for me!
Car Mom :)

Upstate Dave

My Working Vacation Day 4 Shopping Part 1

We werre in town after our 35 minute ride with my grandmother. It was ten oclock so all the stores were open. Now this was back in the day when there were very few malls built. Plus there were shoping centers but they were in the larger cities in the suburbs if these cities. Downtowns were still the main place to shop.

The downtowns too had five and dime stores (Woolworths Grants etc) or there was department stores to shop in. No chain clothes stores (Old Navy as a example), or fancy butiques. My grandmother let us out right across from J.J. Newberrys which was a department style store which was better then Grants or Woolworths. This would be Jills and mine first stop.

We went inside and went directly over to the clothes section. Being a "gentalman" I let Jill shopo first. So we headed to the girls clothes section. Then we would go to the boys section where I could do my shoping. Jill went straight to where the underware was sold! She said to me once we were in that section; Now I have the money to buy some panties or underware that is not plain white! I couldn't help but laugh a little.

So Jill started rummageinjg through the packages of panties first. She was doing two things while she did this. One checking colors and size. After about ten mintes Jill did pick out two 3 pack of panties that she liked the colord,they were the right size, and weren't all that expensive either.

Then I said to Jill; Those are oh but let me buy you one nice pair! Jill was surprised by my offer. REALLY!!! she said to me. I laughed and shook my head yes at the same time. So I started looking through the underware and I came across exactly what I had in mine to buy for Jill! There they had silk pairs of panties for girls! I told Jill that she would really like the feel of silk! Jill told me she never had a pair and do they really feel better then the others? I laughed and said back to her; You'll find out once you have them on!

So Jill went looking for her size and a color also. After several mionutes Jill had found a pair she liked which was a dark blue pair. She giggled as she did touch the silk for the panties were on a little hanger not in a package! I LIKE THESE!!! Jill said to me. So we were done at least as far as Jill geting underware. Then we went on Jill got a couple of tops and pairs of shorts. The she was done.

Then we headed straight over t the boys clothes. I was faster in icking out what I wanted. I bought a couple of short sleeve shirts on sale. To go along with the two shirts I bought one pair of shorts and a pair of new cords tan coored style jeans. I liked them and Jill did too. I skipped the socks for I could get a bigger packge for less at Grants or Woolworths.

I was done as far as buying clothes. But Jill remembered about replaceing mypair opf briefs she had pissed in and she also wanted to buy some brefs for herself! So we went over into te boys underware and she bought one package which was a two pack. One for her and one for me! Now we were done here except for me trying on my cords. So we walked over to where the mens boys changing room was.

Noone else was in the changing room so I slipped inside of it to try on my cords. Jill was outside. I had taken off my jeans that I had on. I was juststarting to take the new cords off from the hanger when there was a light tap on the door. I heard Jill let out just a hint of a giggle. Then she said to me; Dave there is noone around at all! Let me in!

Are you sure Jill? I asked back to her. Yes I'm sure! she replied. So I unlocked the door and cracked it open. Jill slipped inside in a blink of a eye! She shut the door and locked it. Jill giggled pretty hard but not loudly. Since I had my jeans off and hadyet put on my new cords I was half naked since I wasn't wearing underware!

Jill sat down on the small bench. I took my new cords off from tyhe hanger and I put them on. They felt good. They looked good in the front and back which I did check for fit useing thelarge mirrior on the side wall. I turned and faced Jill. What do you think? I LIKE THEM! she said right back to me.

So I started to take them off to put my jeans back on. Jill watched me of coarse! Once I had my jeans back on and had put my cords back on the hanger I thought it was time to get out of here and go pay for everything. I was wrong! Do't leave yet Dave! Jill said tovery quickly and softly. I asked why. Jill in a loud whisper saiid to me; I don't know where the bathrooms are here in this store! I have to piss and I'll piss there in the little trash can!

Your What Jill!!! Jill just giggled slightly and she had got up off the little bench grabbed the small trash can which did have some trash in it. Jill placed it down on the floor again after she had picked it up. Up went her dress! Jill then knelt down right on the floor with thetrash can under her which her vagina was over the middle of te trash cans top opening!

It took Jillony a short couple of seconds to start pissing right into that small trash can! She sent down into it a thin stream of cludy looking piss. Her stream had a thin short twist and gave off no hiss. Her piss did splatter some for it hit the paper and other trash in the trash can. I saw Jills stream get harder suddenly. It made a much bigger splash hiting off the trash in the can. That made a larger splash which some of her slashingpiss droplets no longer wereinside the trach can but were weting the carpet onthefloor makeing small wet spots on the carpet!

I said to Jill Don't push!!! Your splashing on the floor! Jill did stop her pushing and her streamthinned back down and she no longer had so much splashing of her piss which she no longer had splashing drops of piss hiting the carpet. Jill went on with her piss which she did piss close to takeing a twenty second or so long piss! When Jill did stop which she did do some driping. She stood back up and slid the little trash can back over where it had been.

I then unlocked the door after grabbing mny cords. I peeked outside looked around seeing no one I stepped out with Jillright behind me. I shutthe door closed,Jill picked up her clothes and so did I. We hurried away looking for a cashier and to get out of the store too! We did find a cashier. We paid for all of what we had and then we hurried out of the store. To be continuied


To: Amylee

Hey Amylee I was just wondering, if you had to take a dump like super bad And you were driving on the road, and you were far away from your house, what would you do.

A. Wait until you got home.

B. Stop at a nearby gas station.

C. pull your car over at a park, and find a nice spot.


My car accident

I hadn't pood for 3 days untill had a burger for lunch today, which tasted a bit off, but I still ate it as I was starving. After lunch I went back to work feeling a little unwell but nothing too bad. I made it through the afternoon without a problem and after work I waited outside the store for Kirsty to arrive. I felt a rumble in my stomach as I waited for her and knew I would be needing the toilet as soon as we got home. Well things got worse very quickly and by the time Kirsty picked me up I was really feeling the pressure. I told her to get us home fast as I was getting desperate but as luck would have it the traffic was slowing down and the journey home seemed to take forever. Kirsty could see I was really desperate and suggested I went in my pants and cleanup when we got home. I didn't want to mess up the car seat so I pulled up the floor mat from the footwell and placed it under my bum and sat on it. I pushed a tiny bit and a soft mushy poo slid out into my panties. It stopped when it met the resistance of the seat so I lifted my bum a little and pushed again. Then in one big rush I felt a huge load filling my underwear and squishing up all over my bum. I pushed again and felt it go my back. It was very messy but what a huge relief.


Big relief at work

I had a big urge to poo at work today but we were so busy there wasn't time to go to the toilet so I had to hold it untill break time. By then I was getting very desperate and had to run to the toilet with my anus clenched. I found a que be about 5 girls waiting outside and we only get a 15 minute break so by the time my turn came it was time to get back to work. I thought about just going anyway and going back to work late but I knew I might get into trouble for that and everyone would know I was pooping. In the end I just returned to work without going to the toilet in the hope I would make it untill lunch time. I worked away in agony and couldn't concentrate on anything but my desperate poop and not filling my knickers. I wanted to fart but couldn't risk it in case I followed through so I was in pain from that. The 2 hours I had to wait untill lunch time felt like a whole day and by the time it came around I was withing an inch of shitting myself. I ran to the toilet to find all 3 cubicles were occupied but I only had to wait a minute before one became vacant. I rushed inside and ripped my jeans and knickers down together and plonked my bum down on the warm seat. At that instant I began to empty my bowels really fast. It all shot out like machine gun and there was a lot of it. The intense relief after holding it all morning was fantastic but the smell was so bad you could but it with a knife!


A few short stories

First story was when I was nine years old, I was at my grandparents house with my sister (she was 15) and my parents. We were playing Scrabble and my sister excused herself to use the restroom after her turn. But my grandparents didn't have a very big house and the bathroom was really close to the living room. We kept on playing and talking but I heard a few loud farts, and I'm sure everyone else did too. She came out a bit later and was really embarrassed.

Story number two... In high school I had a group of friends and we would walk to the library together and study most days after school. There was one girl in particular, she was shy and what people would call a nerd, but I thought she was kinda cute. Every day, we'd get to the library and find a table, and then immediately, she'd leave for the bathroom. She didn't say as much, but we all knew anyway. None of my other friends really seemed to notice or care, but I observed that she would always be gone between ten and fifteen minutes.

Three, up until about ten years ago, one of my favorite bathrooms was at the park on the other side of town. The bathroom itself was just like any other I've ever used, except I found that if I was in the second stall, the one right up against the wall, I could hear voices very clearly from the other side. I realized that I was hearing the ladies' bathroom. I would sometimes go out of my way to go to that bathroom, even if I didn't have to use it, just to listen for a while.

A lot of times I heard nothing, save a few voices or maybe a toilet flushing, but occasionally I'd get lucky. Like one time, I had almost given up on hearing anything that day, but then I heard a stall door bang shut, a quick rustling of clothes, someone sit down on the toilet and a large waterfall like pee. Then she said, "Ooh almost didn't make it" as she finished peeing. There was some short loud farts and three distinct sploonk sounds. She started wiping, flushed and that was it. Sadly, there was a remodel of that park and the new bathrooms had much thicker walls and I could no longer hear anything from the ladies' side, so I stopped going there.

Last story for now. A few years ago I was at a coffee shop and I had to go to the bathroom. I found a one occupant unisex toilet and the door was locked. After some time, a blonde woman came out and damn did it stink! I was both repulsed by the stench and also amazed that she was responsible. I considered myself lucky that I just needed to pee, so I was in and out in under a minute, leaving that awful smell behind.

Brandon T
About an hour ago I think a woman pooped in a park bathroom I was sitting there when a woman rode her bike up and went into the ladies room and she was in there for awhile and I think I heard some plops im not sure and about 5 minutes after she left 2 girls went in there and Im not if they pooped but they were in there for awhile and they came out without flushing so I cant be sure and ive these bathrooms leave the doors open meaning anyone with in a few feet can hear whats going on from the outside.

Upstate Dave

My Working Vacation Shopping Part 3

I've read some of the current posts so I want to do some replies to them and the one survey too.
Stac those toilets in the bathroom sure sounded very unusual to me as far as your description of them! Just like everything else these day technoledgy is creeping in everywhere! Sometimes the tech is not all that of a good thing. For you in this case it wasn't. Sorry you had such a time trying to be comfortible so you could pee. You were sure descriptive in describeing the toilet and your discomfort too.

Fred I enjoyed your post about your girlfriends morning poop. Well writen,very descriptive! Almots could feel I was there!

Noal your post was a good descriptiveone too. I laughedat te part of your dog jumping on you. The reason is where I live I have three labs right next door and I'm real good friends with all three and they try to jump up on me when they see me. They are all young being less then a year old. Also the shock of the cold air you felt I know that feeling also. It must have been a good second shot after you had to take your pjbottoms off to take and remove your soiled panties.

Tim here are my answers to your survey:
1. Generaly at least 7 times a day I will pee.
2,That varies. After drinking three cups of coffe in the morning this is my longets pee I'll take it can last a good half minute or more! Most other times it will be less time.
3. Very loud! I aim for the water.
4. Twice a day now. In the morning after I get up and in the early evening too. I eat lots of fiber.
5. Not long at all for me. Most times around ten seconds or so and I'm done.
6. Most of the time my poo is firm. Sometimes though rare it is on the soft side.
7. Not every time only occasionally.
8. Yes
9. Yes

Feral Girl That was a great post with you trying to see yourself shit laying in the water of that creek! Funny descriptive at the same time! You almost got to see yourslef shit! I laughed pretty good when you stimulated yourself to make yourself piss! I laughed even harder when you did piss on yourdelf! When it came to your shiting and farting in the water and haveing made the bubbles with your farts and have your shit come out and flaot away with you first watching it and then goyt up and followed it down stream that was GREAT!!! If you do really want to see all of what happens when you do need to take a shit I believe I have a good suggestion for you to try which you can do this in the bathroom while on the toilet or would be better to do it outside!

Buy a cheap hand mirrior. One that is fairly good sized. If you sit on the toilet just lower the hand mirrior down to get your asshole and vagina in the mirrior! Then just watch yourslef go! You can do the same outside too just by squating and place the mirrior and again watch! Try it! It should work! Me and my wife have done it and it worked with her pissing and shiting! Plus I'll add by saying I toohave had instances in my life where I've neem with girls that had been in with me while swimming in a lake and had done simalair things too. If you want me to post it I will.

Ok now let me get on with my post.

When Jill got back to her house which that one mile walk had made us both thirsty we went to thekitchen first and we both drank a big good cold glass of water. That took care of our thirsts. Now I hadn't gotten my ass clean toatly either when I had taken my shit there in the dirt road. I thought I had but I hadn't goten my ass wiped clean. Fr now I coud feel crusted shit in my asscrack! It had hardened on the walk to Jills house.

I told Jll that I had to use her bathroom and told her why I had to. Jill laughed and told me she sure knew what felt like! Jill went to her bedroom to put her new clothes away and I went straight to the bathroom to take of my crusty ass! I rolled off some toilet paper off the roll. I dopped my jeans and I rerached behind e and I pinched down hard on where te crusted shit was between my cheeks.

I pinched real hard and I pullled the paper out. It hurt too which I let out a loud OUCH!! I heard from Jilld bedroom a short buthard giggle. Jill had heard my loud ouch. I dropped the toilet paper in the toilet and rolled off some more. I could still feel there was more left up between my cheeks.

I reached back and felt that there was a small amount left. So I pinched dow with the paper again but only had to pinch a much smaller area so I didn't pinch that hard. This time there was no pain as I pulled on the paper. I was glad of that! The second time was the charm. All of my crusted shit was gone. I dropped the paper and flushed the toilet.

I steppe3d down the hallway to Jills open bedroom door. Jill was still busy with her new clothes which she had opened the packages and had them spread out on her bed. Jill said to me; Dave I'll still be busy a little while longer. Why don't you go take careof my bike tire put the new tubein it. Saying that Jill tossed mke the bag the tube was in. I then left and went outside. I got her bike out of the garage, along with the few needed tools, and the air hand pump that was there in the garage too.

Ten minutes later her bike was all set. New tube inside the tire,and it was pumped up and ready to ride. I heade for Jills bedroom once I was back inside the house. I didn't have to go that far for Jill was in the bathroom! I knew she was for she had meard me come inside and yelled to me that she was in the bathroom. Plus Jill was pissing which I could hear the loud hiss of her stream and its loud splashing in the toilets water!

I stepped right inside the bathrooms open doorway. Jill was siting on the toilet with her dark blue sild panties down at her ankles. She had a hard piss stream flowing from her vagina. Thats why at least the loud splash of the toilets water that I had heard! It turned out to be a short piss. Jill had her stream ease right off after several seconds when I stepped into the doorway.

Jill quickly rolled off a few sheets of toilet paper tore them off and gave her vagina a real short quick wipe. Jill reached for her silk panties as she still sat on the toilet. I saw now that there was a larger dark blue spot in the crotch of them then when she had pulled them down and pissed in the dirt road! That made me wonder why even more! I had wondered why when I saw the smaller dark patch inher panties at the dirt road.

Well any way Jill stood up and slipped her panties back up under her dress. She flushed the toilet and then we left the bathroom and went outside. Jill hopped righton her bike, She rode it down the driveway and then back up it. Hey that's great Dave! THANK YOU!!! Jill said to me. I let out a little laugh and said your'e welcome Jill. Now lets getver to my grandomothers so I can dump my stuff and get my bike! So that is what we did.

I walked while she rode. It was no problem really for me to walk. II can walk fast so with Jill rideing her bike it didn't take us all that much longer to get to my grandmothers house. Jill came inside with me which she also followed me into my bedroom too. Jill helped me ghet my stuff thatwas in packages torn apart. But I told her don;t bother putting it into the dresser drawers. Jill asked me whay. I told her that tomorrow night i was to be out in my grandmothers trailer sleeping. Jill let out a short hard laugh. I laughed to for I was looking forward a lot to do that!

We even took out all of my packed clothes in the dresser and out them in my suitcase and backpack. The only thing that wasn't done were my new pair of brown cord jeans which I put on. Jill got to see me which she let out a little giggle seeing my penis when Idid take off my jeans I had on and put on my new cords. Then we went outside I got my nike an we took off starting our ride.

We pedaled straight over to the little general store. There we bought oursleves bottles of soda which this time we did open the bottles in the store. I had no belt on to opne them with. Then we took off from the store and we did ride for awhile takeing a nice easy pace as we rode. It was sunnny and warm too. As we rode Jill when she wasn't talking or takeing sips of soda was smiling with a big smile on her face. For some reason it seemed to me she was really enjoying this ride a extra lot more!

Well we had taken the road the old school was on. We had riden down it for over five miles which my little milage meter told me that we had gone that far. Then we turned aroud after Jill had asked me if we could. Tha was fine with me forwe would ride tem miles which was a pretty good trip! Befor we got to the old school Jill told me she wa stoping there. That was fine with me too.

When we did get to the school the swings were in thye shade so we both pedaled right over to the swings got off our bikes and sat down on the swings takeing swings right next to each other. Being now out of thye sun and in the shade I felt cooler. Jill must have too. Jill started swinging right away. Jill pumped real hard too which she did a little slideing in the swing a she pumped away and got swingingt real hard with long fast arcs as she swung back and fort.

I had all I could to do to catch up with her and match her swings too! Jill would laugh or have a very excited lok on her face as she swung back and forth. I wondered why too. Then after some time had passed I saw Jill really relax and suddenly too. Jill just letherslef swig back and forth without any pumping now. So she eventually slowed down takeing shortere swings and then she did stop.

Now I had not done the same as she had done by not stoping my pumping as I swung. So now I put my feet down and hit my sneakers in the dirt to slow myslef down and stop which I did. Jill was siting there with a look on her face that she didn't have a care in the world! Sort of a far off stareing look and not seeing anything look too!

I said to Jill; Are you ok? Uhmm what did you say Dave" Jill said back to me slowly,kind of dreamingly sounding tone too. I said to her again if she was ok. This time when Jill talked back to me she had a excited tone to her voice and her voice was louder and stronger! YES I AM!!!! Jill said to me. Then next she said something so strange sounding to me! Dave thanks for buying these pantiies for me!

Now with Jill haveing said that to me I had to know why she had said it! Jill why did you say that to me. Your'e acting so strange! Jill giggled a slight giggle. Then she would tell me why but she needed to do something else first which she would do. But befor she did this I would see more of what I already had seen twice! I was about to learn something that I didn't know about too!

Jill got off from her swing. She stepped over to me reachedout herhand which I reached over and took it. Jill said as she did this come along with me Dave. I held her hand and I got out of my swing. Jill first told me as we walked away from the swings and we were walking heading to go behind the school. As we walked Jill said she would tel me befor she had to piss! I immeadaitly smiled hearing that Jill had to piss. Then for some reason Jill said to me; That should feel like its really going to feel good too!

So we had gone past the old section of the school and Jill now hurried walking a little faster. We went by the entire gym scton walking over where there was a row of pine trees along the school yard past the gym. Here it was shady and provided needed cover for Jill. As soon as we were underneath one of the pine treeesJill very quickly pulledd own her dark blue silk panties from under her dress!

Jill had slid them down to her knees. She also had widened her feet apart so her panties would stay inplaceand would be stretched some also so that I could see down into them. For Jill giggled slightly and told me to look at them. I did. I saw right away that all of the crotch in them was a darker blue!

Part way up in te front was a small dark wet spot allmost matching the size of Jills vagina! It also looked like it had darkenda little bit of her panties where it would have been the lower back side of them if they were pulled up! I said right then to jill; Jill you pissed your new panties! Jill let out a soft short giggle and as she did she said to me; No I didn't Dave!

Then Jill did tell me what did really happened and I learned something I didn't know! Jill said to me and she giggled too as she now talked to me; My pantoes made me do that! I must have had a real funny look on my face right then! Jill laughed a short hard laugh. Then she went on talking. Yeah my panties made me wet them but it wasn't piss! It made me feel so fummy but GOOD TOO! Jill said to me.

Funny in that my body there got all tingly! Part of me down there got stiff, and I slowly felt myslef getting wete and wetter! Jill went on saying. The tingles got more and more too! Then suddnely I felt a short hard spurt of something wet them. When that happened THAT felt real good! Then I had a sudden feeling that all I could do was relax real hard! So that's what happened Dave! And now too I have to really piss!

So Jill squated down and as soon as she squated out fromher vagina came a hard streamof piss. WhenJill started pissing she started to shake a littel with her bodyshakeing. Hard enough Jill had to put her one hand right down on te ground! Jill too let out a very soft moan while she was sqauted there shakeing and pissing! But her shakeing was for a very short time hich lasted for several seconds.

Then Jill looked right up at me and sai; THAT REALLY FELT GREAT!!!! I kne it might! Jill went on and pissed for a short time longer then stoped. She then as she stood up pulled up her panties back in place. Then to finish up about this Jill said t me smileing; See Dave its like you when you rub your penis and get a funny feeling and you will piss! It's the same with us girls getting rubbed too!

Now I smiled for I knew now being told by Jill about it. I learned something new! We started walking back. Jill had a real tight grip om my hand and I had a tight grip on hers. Once back to the swimgs we hopped on our bikes. I had checked the time and I had to leave. So I rode Jill home and went back to my grandmothers house. Tomorrow would be a working day again getingher trailer and cleaning it up. But since I was going to sleep in it that was what I was looing foward to doing! The End



I was going in the mens bathroom at JC Penny's I saw a woman go in the mes's restroom,I didn't get a look at her face.So I walked in there anyway.The women's Restroom was closed for cleaning by the way.I thought I was going to hear some good bathroom sounds,but all I heard was loud pee pouring in the toilet.I got in the next stall pretending to pee.And she got on her cell phone and started talking.She flushed and left.After she left I started to sit down and let it rip.I tried to hurry before more women came in there.after I left a woman and her young daughter was heading toward the restroom.


Super desperate for a poo

A few years ago, my girlfriend (well, back then we were just good friends) came up with the idea that we should hold in our poo as long as we could. After just a couple hours, we both had to go very badly and so we went to the bathroom. I said she could go first and she sat on the toilet and started to poo.

It was very exciting to watch her pooing when I was so desperate myself. I was clutching my bum to help hold it. She kept pooing and I could see, hear every log dropping into the water. I didn't know how much longer I could last but it was so hot. Finally she stood up and I sat down right away and let loose. I think my entire poo lasted all of fifteen seconds. It just shot out of me so fast.

I stood up and we looked into the toilet and then tried to flush. Both of our poos together were so much that we actually blocked the toilet. After a bit of work with the toilet brush and another flush, all our poo went down the drain. After that, my friend bent over and spread her butt and I wiped her. Then I did the same and she wiped me. I flushed the toilet one last time and we left the bathroom. I knew we'd do this again, and sure enough we did many times since then.

Story Teller
This story actually happened just about a week or two ago. We were driving somewhere a couple miles away, but we stopped at a rest stop because my younger sister and me had to go to the bathroom. The problem was, that for whatever reason the mens room had completely flooded and was a mess. There wern't any other people there, and the cleaning lady said I could go into the ladies room if I absoutely needed to go. I was a bit nervous about the idea, but my sister poked her head inside and said there wasn't anyone in there already. I decided it couldn't do to much harm. I wnet into the first stall and started peeing. My sister took a stall three ones down. Like me, she startting peeing. I finished and flushed and went to go wash my hands. Things had gone quiet so I assumed my sister still had to relieve herself. I heard a splash as I went over the dry my hands. I couldn't really hear anything while the machine was on, though when it shut off I heard TP being ripped off. I heard her flush as I left.

Has anyone else had a story like that? Having to go into the opposite gender bathroom cause the other one is out of order?


leanne & emma

alright leanne & emma... im also at university in the uk... i just finished my first year in halls.. and going into my second year at september with my new housemates.. i was wondering if you have any interesting stories about going for a poo in halls in the first year.. i mean i have loads.. their was times where i would go and people would be chatting outside of my room.. or when i had to get people to leave my room so i could shit in peace etc haha especially in the first few weeks where i didnt know anyone properly.. would love to hear some!

to everyone else.. i am kind of new here... and i have got loads of stories to tell you all if you would like to hear them :)
take care!x

Desperate to poop

Serious desperation

This was a story I've been meaning to post for a while.

A while ago I went down with a virus and had it whilst travelling to a client site on work. I was travelling along a country road and got a severe urge for runny poop. I could tell it was going to be bad diarreoh and I was really struggling to hold my poop in as I searched for a gas station

I hunted around for 15 minutes until I came upon a small gas station. I parked up and hurried into the toilet. Alas it was taken just one female toilet and in use. I was now holding my bum desperately. I had to wait for 4 minutes before the lady flushed and came out, I dashed past her and ripped my jeans down and plopped onto the toilet as a parrrrrrppppppppppppp erupted and a large gush of brown liquid fired into the toilet. Oh what relief and just in time. I spent 10 mins having several waves of diarreoh but I was very relieved at the end

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