Strange people at walmart

I don't know if you remember me it's been forever but I'm disabled and in a wheelchair. I'm paralized from neck down. This story isn't about me this time sorry.

I got dropped off at walmart and i needed a few things i went and got a sales girl and she help me get a pair of pants and a tshirt. She took them up front so i could pay and i thought I'd look around. I was driving around when saw the card isles and remembered i needed a thank you card for my grandma. I saw a mom and her daughter looking at cards, the Mom was my age around 30 and her daughter was maybe 5-6. I was just browsing and the daughter says "mommy i need to go potty" the Mom says ok but not here. The little girl was holding her belly and says again " Mommy i gotta go potty. Mommy I gotta poop soo bad!!"The Mom said "yeah not here honey mommy needs to too" i drove up to the mom and said can i get that thank you card just to your left. She pulled it down showed it to me and i, said thanks as she slid it under my hand. I turned around to leave. There was the little girl just behind that rack holding her little white dress up with her one hand and pulling her panties out in back with her other pooping. She saw me and turned red and put her finger to her lips and said very softly shhh!! I drove up next to her and she said omg this feels soo much better. She finished her poop after another big ball and slowly got out of her panties right then her Mom found us, and was very upset at first and said "Heather you couldn't you wait? " Heather said "no Mommy I'm sorry. " the Mom said to me "are you done shopping?"I said yes just need to pay quick. She says to daughter "Honey you did great just like mommy showed you thow your panties away and we'll go help this nice guy pay" i looked at her and said "You two poop in stores alot? she giggled and said no but i hate their bathrooms here and i, showed her how if your somewhere and totally can't wait it said, oh ok Heather kissed me on the cheek and said thanks for blocking those people's view i really needed to go. I said it's ok glad i could help. We dropped Heather's full panty in the trash and they walked up front and help me pay. We all walked out and the Mom saya to me where is your ride and i said not here yet. And she says oh I'm Brittney by the way, would you mind helping me too? I said what do you mean and she said I know you heard me tell Heather i needed to go too. And i said oh yeah but figured you'd wait. She turned redder than her daughter and said Well I've been waiting since before we met you and I'm busting. I said sure ok what can i do we were walking toward the parking lot and a little blue toyota parked between three big SUVS. She told me to pull just in between her car and the SUV. So i did she opened her door wide almost hitting the SUV, un buttoned her pants and had me pull in further she dropped her jean shorts to the pavement and got out of them and threw them onto her seat. She looked at me and said you probably think we're crazy and i said no everyone needs to go and she laughed as she took off her red thong and layed it on my lap. She squated down behind her door faiing me spread her legs and began to pee she peed and peed. As i watched her stream die she looked at me. She said sorry what your name? I told her and she said nice to meet you and as she said the you she sounded very different because she was straining. I said you too Brittney and she said don't laugh but i need to poop as she was pushing and just barely could hear. I said go ahead i know what it's like. She looked at me and said as she began to push out a very big turd. You need help with yours don't you? I said yes she asked if i had a bag for poop or something else. She now was dropping wet chuncks quickly and often and i said no bag for poop but yes for pee. she was still squating and in between waves of her own poop. She said oh you a finger up there kind of guy? I said yes and was embarrassed she began to pee and push again. she said don't be embarrassed I'm a, nurse i do that for people. And i saii, very happy now oh, ok yeah i can feel my urge to poop. She waa talking as she farted and began to squirrt some and finished. She leaned back to holler in at Heather to get her napkins. And saw her very wet pussy and huge pile of poop. She wiped took her thong back and pulled it on. heat came back out and peed quick Brittney grabbed her shorts and pulled them back on. She kissed my forehead and said thanks for helping us today. I said np she wrote her name and number on a Kleenex and said if you want to hang out with us or you need a good poop too she laughed, she said then very Seriously really i mean it if you want to or need help call me I'll come help. I said thanks and she got into her car and left

I think i might call Brittney tomorrow.



Chamber pots

To Happy Dude: Try antique shops - many will have a "po" knocking around, usually china or "tin" (enamelled steel). I reckon china ones are a little nicer to use (tin ones can get very cold), but tin ones do not crack. You don't want to find that your nice china camber pot has a crack in it after first use!

Alternatively there will almost certainly be some on eBay or similar auction sites.

Upstate Dave

At The Lake With Barbie And Jeannie Two Friends Of Mine Part

Feral Girl this post is for you for what you posted about your time at the creek this was simalair in what you had done. It was one of those early summer days where it was nce and warm with clear skies and lots of sunshine. School had been out only for several days. With it being so nice I decided to go down to the lake fo a swim. I also wanted to see if I would run into that I knew also.

It was after lunch when I did change out of what I was wearing. Since I was going to the lake to swim I only put on a pair of cutoffs made from a old pair of jeans. On my way ot I grabbe a large beach towel and I headed for the lake to go take a swim.I went and took the shortcut way where I would be in the cooler shade instead of being in the hot sun.

Once I came out at the end of the shortcut road I was at the one end of the which was across the road from where I was. I looked ver which there was a lot of people here at this swimming spot. I saw noone that I knew. So I headed over to the path that went down along side the lake to the other swimming spot that was down this path.I crossed over the little bridge that was just befor this swimming spot where there was a creek that flowed into the lake. Sure enough I saw two frinds of mine! Barbie and her sister Jeannie! They both were in the lake swimming.

There were quite a few people swimming here too. So I had to take a couiple of minutes to get a spot to put my towel down on the ground. I did find a big enough spot to do this. I had only my cutoffs on so once my towel was l;aid out Istartedheading ver to go down the embankment to wade out into the water. As I did this Barbie saw me. She gave me a big wave and as she did this she yelled over to Jeannie; Hey Dave's here Jeannie! Jeannie turned gave me a wave and she dove under the water.

I wadeded into the water heading out where Barbie must have been standing now for she wasn't swimming. As I wadeded over to Barbie I went through pools of warm water ande cool water. That happens a lot as far as the lake in the early summer. I got over to whereBarbie was standing and she gave me a good hard hug. I gave her a hug back.

Barbie said it was nice to see me which I said back to her it was nice to see her too. We made a little small talk as we stood in front of each other. Now since I wasn't entirely wet Barbie splashed me wiith water. I splashed Barbie back. We did this back and forth for a few minutes untill I was completely wet. Then Barbie and I did divein and took a swim together lastiing about 15 minutes.

That refreshed me and also Barbie. We swam back into shallower water and stood. Now Barbie she is a blonde which her hair was toher shoulders. Barbie also was pleasingly ????. Barbie did have breasts which were for her age were pretty good sized. In the one piece blue suite she was wearing with it being tight her breasts showed off very well! Not only that with being in a cool spot in the water little fat bumps showed in the front of her suite where her breasts showed oh so well!

Seeing this I spoke to Barbie and said to her; Hey Barbie your'e showing off there in the front! There is a matching pair of little fat pointed bumps in your suite! Oh there is Dave? Barbie said right back to me. Barbie did lok down and she let out a giggle as she looked down seeing those two bumps in her suite.

Then Barbie took a quick look around her. Then she then pulled the top part of her swimsuite right out! That gave me a eyefull of Barbies t**s!!! Then Barbie let her swimsuite goand it snaped right back in place! Then Barbie stepped closer in front of me. Barbie then in a whisper said to me; Dave want to play around a little more together? I smiled and said right back to Barbie; WHY NOT!!!

Now since it was a little croweded with people swimming nearby us both Barbie and I waded over to a differet spot geting away from the other nearby swimmers. Once we were we both were still able to stand even though the water was deeper. Barbie then letout a giggle and rightafter she had giggled she said to me; Befor we start I have to do something first.

I didn't ask so I waited standng in front of Barbie. It only took Barbie a few short seconds to do what she had to do! Barbie let one awfull hard fart! For when she let it rip it made real big bubbles pop right to the top of the water which they cam right up from behind her! The water was to deep for to hear her fart only just have the whole series of bigbubbles come to the top of the water and pop!

I laughed hard and so did Barbie. I even asked if she had shit! For it sure looked like she had! She laughed and as she laughed she shoook her head hard and said NO! Then she paused and then said; Ialmost did though! I felt a turtlehead pke out but luckily it slipped back inside my asshole! That made me laugh harder.

Then Barbie told me that she did have to piss! The way she told me she had to was like this. Dave I've got to make the water warmer right here right now! I stopped laughing. Barbie then jiggled around in front of me for a few short moments. Then she stopped her jiggleing. Then she said to me with a small smile on her lips; Dave take a look now!

So I sucked in my breath and sqauted down going underwater. I saw why Barbie had jiggled around for those few short moments! Right in front of me I saw Barbie had slipped her crotch aside of her bathingsuite! Her vagina was right there in all its glory! I then popped right up out of the water with a good splash. Barbie giggled hard and as she giggled she asked me if I did see her! You bet I did! I said back to her.

Then Barbie went on a little more by saying to e giggleing again,Take a fel while I take a feel! So I did slip my hand that was already in under the water I reached farther down with it. Barbie being Barbie was much quicker then I! She already had her hand inside my cutoffs and had it where she wanted to feel! I soon had my hand where she wanted it!

Then Barbie said to me she was now ready to piss. Barbie did start to piss! Where my hand was placed I could feel the lakes water warm and it warmed real fast! Not only feeling the warmth I was so close that I could even feel the water surrounding my hand moving for Barbie was pissing so hard!

Barbies piss was fairly long but I could tell that she was ending for the water around my entire hand was no longer being warmed. Plus her pisses flow had let up I no longer felt the movement of water too. Barbie could feel herslef going all the while she did piss. When she had stopped she told me that she had stopped. So I took my hand away and Barbie slipped her hand out of my cutoffs.

Then Barbie leaned into me and she whispered right in my ear; Dave how bout blowing some bubbles on me! Right on my you know what! Barbie then pulled back away. She had a big grin on her face. I didn't say a word and I ducked under the water. I had taken a good deep breath too befor going under. Now as soon as I was underwater Barbie placed her hands on the top of my head and pushed me down right where I needed to be!

She held me there and I started letting my breath out at first nice and slow which I did make small bubbles which went right where they were wanted! After blowing softly for ten seconds or so Barbie said loud enogh for me to hear her underwater; BLOW HADER! So I did makeing bigger bubbles in a harder stream! I could hear Barbvie laughing and I felt her hands harder pressing on my head!

I went as long as my breath could hold out! I even had to push up hard with my feet and legs to get back up for air! Which I popped way up out of the water when I did break the surface. I also gasped har several times in a row and then I did catch my breath! I wasn't mad but I was almost drowned by Barbie with her keeping down there for so long!

Barbie did say sorry to me butshe told me that it did feel so good! Then she said to me; Lets move a little more! I'v got to do the last ting now! Barbie grabbed my two hands and she pulled me with her geting farther away fromthe other people that were around near us even though they weren't all that near to us. I knew Barbies reason why she was moving a little more.

For as Barbie was moving and pulling me with her another series of small bibbles poppe the surface of the water. Barbie had farted again! Then Barbie after takeing severalmore steps after her fart she stopped. If your'e going to watch Dave you better take another good deep breath! Barbie said to me. I sucked in a good deep breath and I ducked under the waster and moved behind Barbie this time not in the front of her!

Once behind Barbie under water U reached out and I grabbed her legs below her knees and I held myslef there. Then I stayed still as I could and waited. Well I did wait long which was good for me I saw poke right out of Barbies lower asscheeks right where her asshole was a brown fat turtlehead! Barbie was now standing there in the water takeing a shit underwater!

AS Barbie shit her shit was a firm chunky looking one! As I saw it slideing along getting longer small real little bubbles would come out with her shit and they headed up to the surface! This would happen ever so often. Her shit would move then stop move again and stop. The bubbles would appear when her shit would be moving. So I thought right then that Barbie had to push to make her shit move and her pushing did that and made the bubbles too.

Then when barbie had a shit there under water over I would safely say eight inches it fell away from her ass! It was to heavy to float! It ever so slowly sunk to the bottom. I now was running out of air so I let go of Barbies legs and popped back up to the surface behind her.

Barbie felt me splash the water on her back so she knew I had come up. I gasped this time only a few times. I asked Barbie was she still going or had stopped. Barbie let out a very short giggle. Then told me she was still going but I'm holding it! How big did I go? she asked me. Oh a good eight incher Barbie. But don't move for it sank right to the bottom! Barbie let out ashort hard laugh.

I sucked in my breath once more and dipped right down under the water. I did the same thing placed my hands on the back of herlegs. Sure enough as I looked ast her ass there was a second turtlhead poked out between her cheeks! This one was longer then the first turtlehead thatI had seen. Barbie must have pushed for now as I was looking at her ass and the turtlehead shit a big blast of bubbles came out form herasshole and went real fast up to the surface! Barbie had ripped another good fart!

Then her turtlehead started moving whi it moved fast! It reached being a half foot long and then that was it. Barbies assclosed and her second shit wasn't heavy and it went pretty fastup through the water and came out to the surface behind Barbie. I relaesed my hands off the back of Barbies legs. I then swam right through them,flipped over, an pushed myself up to the surface.

Once I was up I said to Barbie don't move back! Splash the water with your hands! Your shit is right behind you! Barbie did rapidly splash the water with her hands. Asshe did we both moved fowards. We stopped after only going three four feet. Then Barbie turned around and looked. There was her second shit bobbing and floating away from us. We both laughed a quick hard laugh and then we dove in and swam away. That's it fir now. So it will continuie!


Story Time

To be honest..I've taken some really huge craps. And somehow I don't know how all of that stays in me. I'm not a huge graphing person, even though I only go once every 4 days.
Story #1
I was about 10 playing video games with this little brat. He kept whining and botching and he would cry and scream if he didn't win. If he cried he'd get upset.. Which oases me off because I'd get blamed because he's crying and younger. So we were playing and I had silent gas. I passed it and it stunk. I looked at him, but maybe he didn't do anything. I felt a big need to crap, so I rushed to the bathroom pulled my pants down.
I farted silently then it slowly came out. It required no effort. When it fell out the room spontaneously stunk like my crap. I wiped and felt much better. When I looked in the bowl I saw this foot long by 3 inches wide. When I flushed the scent didn't go away but left giant skidmarks. I left and the kid went in there.. No reaction. Maybe he liked the scent of my farts and poop.. Hehe
Story 2
So two weeks later I get out of bed and fart to relieve pressure. I ultimately feel poop pressure. I let out this sputtering stinking fart that smelled like rotten eggs. I sat my skinny butt on toilet. I farted and heard a plop. I pushed harder. I leaned down and grunted. I hear this giant splash. I push harder and I hear 3 more splashes and I'm basically then having diarrhea. When I was finally done the room reeked of my butt.
What I saw was amazing. I saw three fat 6 inch logs they were about 3 inch wide and a bunch of giant poop chunks. But I flushed it :). I went back for a second round later but all that was, was smelly poop farts.
Story 3
So this was in 6th grade. I watched as this boy, blonde hair, cargo shorts, and school polo goes in the first stall. I sat next to him and heard NOTHING. All of a sudden he leaves. I go in his stall and get hit by stink.. I see this FAT, HUGE, smelly deuce by this kid. It curved around the bowl a little and he obviously had some diarrhea too.. I just left it...,
Story 4
OK, so we were getting ready for drama practice and we were gonna have to change into our play costumes and I had to pinch a loaf, so I ran in sat down and grunted and strained to get this big moist turd out. It stunk pretty bad when it finally cut off, but smelled even worse when I farted. I left and watched the reactions. One boy had to change next to my shit, although he screamed. When I went back in it stunk so bad I didnt think that I pooped. I flushed my creation and it left huge skidmarks..
Lurking 5
So this one Was a few weeks ago and I was at the mall. And I decided to lurk around and spy on guys ( I can get away with this as nobody is suspicious about a 15 yr old boy). I went in the first floor bathroom and pulled my pants down. A Hispanic guy went in the stall next to me and began pooping. I heard nothing which means constipated or logs. Then he began to grunt and twist his feet.. I went to the second floor which had 1 stall..someone was in there and I heard some farts. But nothing major. Then I went to the third floor.. Same thing as first floor except the handicapped stall had paper all over. I went in the second floor and decided to poop. I saw a trucker guy go in so I figured it'll be a while. He left and no scent. I sat down..the door didn't lock but I didn't care. I sat down and pushed out this semi fat log. It smelled really rank. People were lined up to poop..and some guy saw me with my pants and boxers down to my ankles.. I just waved and smiled. I flushed but it didn't go down.. Tried two more times but didn't. When it finally dis go down the toilet smelled like crap and there was skid marks everywhere.. Guys made funny looks as I left.
So I was camping and my friend..lets call him Trey had to take a crap and so did his friend. There was portaloos so I could see what they did. Trey got the TP and went in. I heard footsteps and a dull thud. When the door opened I could smell it..and it was kinda smelly.. I looked it was this short fat turd that was dark brown. His friend chickened out but I ran in and plopped on the seat and let two big chunks out. Didn't smell this time surprisingly..and it was orange...
Another time I pooped outside was while me and my friend were walking in the woods I had to crap so bad. I told him I had to shit so I left. I squatted down and pushed this fat thing kinda hurt. It smelled really bad. And it was brownish orange. It was huge.. It was about 16 inches long and 2+ inches thick. My friend asked "What smells like a huge dump?"'. I pointed to my log happily. He was amazed on what I could do..he even took a picture..
When I was in 4th grade I went to use the loo to pee. ( i live in the u.s i just love the word loo). I chose the first stall and walked in on a smelled pretty rank I saw two huge fat logs parallel in the toilet with diarrhea. The kid was about 4 foot 9 he was small. And he did THAT??!? I was pretty impressed but after that I ended up leaving..

Me and some friends went camping and boating for the weekend at a lake a few hours out of town. My friend Jared has a truck camper that we were going to be staying in. The day we left I got up early to get ready as I had to work the day before and hadn't had the chance to get prepared. I was going to take a dump before I left the house but Jared arrived to pick me up before I had the chance to. Another friend of ours Jacob was also going to come along with us so we had to pick him up afterwards.

Jared's camper has a full bathroom including a toilet and shower but I wasn't sure if I was going to want to use it. I was hoping to use the toilets at the campsite if there were any. After arriving at the campsite we got settled before going boating on the lake for the day. After eating a good sized lunch and a full BBQ at our campsite I was pretty stuffed. I started to feel the urge to unload and knew I needed to find a toilet soon. Since there was no sewer hookup at each individual campsite I knew there must be washrooms on site. At around 8:30 I told Jared that I was going to go for a quick swim to cool off since it was still quite hot and humid. I left in nothing more than a swimsuit, sandals and a towel. In reality, I was going to find the washroom, relieve myself and take a shower since I didn't want to use the small one inside the camper where Jared and Jacob were playing cards. I saw a sign for the men's washroom about a half mile walk from the boat launch where we had docked the boat for the night. By now it was starting to get dark so people were returning to their campers for the night.

In the distance I saw a fairly substantial building that I knew must have been the men's bathroom. The building was set off the main roadway. The women's washroom appeared to be in a separate building a bit further down. I walked around the perimeter to the entrance which was located at the back of the building. As I rounded the corner I saw a very large full length window which spanned from nearly the ground to about a foot before the roof. It was of course frosted for privacy but as I glanced through it I could clearly make out a toilet against the wall opposite of the window. I entered into the bathroom to find three stalls and urinals on the left with the sinks and showers on the right around a wall for a bit more privacy. The handicapped stall with the large frosted window was empty with the two stalls to the left of it occupied. I was going to use the stall. but thought it was very un private with the large window in front of it. I guess nobody was willing to use it for the same reason so I decided to shower first and wait for the one of the other stalls to open up. I took off my swimsuit and enjoyed the hot shower during which time I heard two toilets flush shortly after each other.

I quickly finished my shower but before I could dry up I heard more voices and a few other people enter. I went around the corner as a teenager in a wet swimsuit entered into the stall right next to the handicapped stall. Both stalls were again being used but I decided I had to go now as it was becoming quite urgent. The stall was quite large and took up a good portion of the building. The toilet was more or less in the middle of the stall with the door and wall parallel to the toilet. The stall door was close to the wall where the window ended to accommodate the stall next to me. I set the towel on the door hook before locking the door and positioning myself quickly on the toilet to prepare to dump. It was now dark outside so I couldn't really see well outside the window but surely it would be much easier for someone to see inside at me due to the bright lights in the washroom and the fact that anyone entering or exiting would have to walk past the window. For a moment it was dead silent and I looked down to the stall on the left to see the guy still hadn't sat down and sounded like he was fumbling around to put toilet paper on the seat. The guy in the very far stall let out a barrage of farts before a loud splash of a turd dropping echoed off the walls. I really had to push to get the turd moving and I could feel it was going to be a big one. Just then I saw two people walk past the window before entering into the bathroom. I think one of them wanted to shit but realizing all the stalls were occupied he quickly left and his friend went to go shower. At that point I just wanted to get finished as quickly as possible as I felt I was in a compromising position. I kept on pushing but it felt like the turd was resisting. I peed while continuing to push. By now I had been seated for at least a few minutes. The guy in the far stall had flushed and after he left I saw him look at me through the window. I heard some voices outside and I believe they were the friends of the guy in the stall right next to me as he finished. He let out a few muffled farts before I heard a few quiet splashes from logs hitting the bowl water.

I felt a gurgle in my stomach before releasing a very loud and pungent fart that echoed into the bowl. I gave another push and the turd slowly slipped out and landed quietly in the bowl. I spread my legs a bit and peered down to see the end of a very thick turd floating around the front of the bowl. I unseated myself to bear witness to a god awfully large and thick turd floating in the bowl. It was probably one of the largest that I had unloaded this year. Despite feeling hugely relieved I still didn't feel completely empty. The guy next to me was finishing up and he flushed shortly afterwards before quickly leaving to join his friends. The guy who was showering also left shortly afterwards. I sat back down and let out some gas that finally made me feel relieved. By now the smell was becoming quite strong so I quickly flushed but the turd got caught up and was unable to go down. Another flush quickly forced it around and it disappeared while leaving a nice big skidmark in the bowl. I lifted my swimsuit up and grabbed my towel and left to join Jared and Jacob back at the camper.

Hi everyone! Today I went to a vintage airshow not far from where I live with my parents and brother. I don't normally enjoy airshows that much but my parents wanted to take my brother so I went along (only 15 with my student ID!) as well. I actually really enjoyed it, it was interesting, plus there was a crash at the end (nobody hurt but one plane was lost apparently).
Anyway, I had a wee when we arrived and then a while later I felt a number two was brewing. I had had a sausage sandwich for breakfast and hadn't pooed the night before after a Mexican dinner, so there was plenty in there. There was still a while until the display started so I said I would look around some of the stalls and displays. I wandered off. After a while of looking round and getting an ice cream I suddenly got a strong urge. I looked around but found no portaloos. Then I remembered the site was a museum and the loos were inside the buildings. I found the nearest toilets and there was a big queue. In front of me was a young girl, about 9 or 10, and just as I joined a slightly older girl of about 12 joined behind me. The turnover rate was low and the line moved slowly. I was pretty uncomfortable because it was hot and I needed to go. After a while the girl in front went in. I was next and the cubicle to her left opened. I went in and locked the door. From her cubicle I heard a loud plop. I dropped my shorts and knickers to my feet and saw that the girl had done the same with her jean shorts, purple tights and knickers. I weed briefly and got settled. I heard her drop two more logs. Then my first one came out. As it did so the cubicle to my left was vacated and replaced by the girl who was behind me. She dropped her orange skirt and white knickers to her feet and had a strong wee. Then I heard three rapid plops from her, another from the other girl, and then one of my own! A chorus of plops came from us while the other cubicles turned over quickly. I pushed out three more turds that felt big but when I looked were actually very small! The girl to my right left as I ended my poo, and when I left the other girl was wiping. I felt a bit better but still a bit bloated. I went back and rejoined my family and we had a picnic lunch.
Towards the end of the flying display I started to need to go again, but it wasn't too strong an urge so I said to myself I would wait until the end because I was actually enjoying the flying. Another hour and a half passed and then the planes set up for the main mas flypast. By now I did have a strong urge and I was letting off farts every few minutes, a sure sign of imminent danger down below! After the flypast all the planes came in to land, but two of them hit each other and one went down in a field. Of course everyone stayed to watch as the fire engines raced towards the crash and to inspect the damage to the other plane which landed with the end of one wing torn off! We stayed too and after 20 minutes or so I was dying for my poo. We finally decided there was nothing more to see so we decided to go. My Mum had been to the toilet not long before the end of the show so she didn't need to go. My Dad and brother went and I did too of course! I said I would meet them back at our car. As we approached the nearest loos I saw a huge queue and groaned silently. Probably 20-25 women waiting for 4 cubicles. I was worried I might not make it because the queue moved so slowly. I pressed my legs together and squeezed my bum. Every minute or so the urge would subside a lot but then I would get a sudden urge and movement of my poo and have to clench tightly to keep it in. By the time I was near the front I was totally desperate, but I really had to fart too! There was no way I could as it would open the floodgates, but I kept getting really bad cramps and pains. I wanted to fart soo much but I couldn't. The cramps got more and more intense and I thought I might have left it too late. But finally I was next to go, and then I heard that wonderful sound- a flushing loo! A lady came out and I got in there as fast as I could to end my agony. I locked the door, wrenched down my shorts and black knickers and sat. The first thing to come out was a very loud, desperate and long fart! Normally I would have been very embarrassed but I was just so glad to be on a toilet! Another shorter fart also released a blast of crap. It felt wonderful! Two big soft turds followed with quiet plops. Another minute passed and I let out five small pieces of poo. More was coming- another two logs next and another fart. 5 minutes had elapsed already. I got rid of another couple of smaller pieces and with lots of pushing a final piece that refused to leave! I still felt gassy so I spent another few minutes waiting for the hand dryers to go on and then letting out a series of loud farts that relieved the pressure and left me feeling, combined with the release of my load, much better!
When I got back to the car my Dad asked what took me so long. I told him there was a very long queue (true) and didn't mention anything about my long and loud poo! On the way back we had to stop because my brother had to wee. He blamed me taking so long in the toilet because he was done long before me- he said if I hadn't gone for a big smelly poo we wouldn't have had to stop- my Mum told him not to be so vulgar!

That's all from me for now. Will post again soon. Bye!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Tom Tit

Another French Experience

I have posted here before about my fondness for visiting French campsites, particularly the Unisex Toilet facilities.

Having just returned from such a holiday in France I have a few stories to tell but I'll save a couple for future posts.

In the vendee I visited a site I hadn't been to before and although it was small it had a high proportion of tented campers so proved a good opportunity to witness women taking bowel movements.

The first story took place on the first morning, just after 11 am when many people had left for the day I was finishing off washing my breakfast pots. The washing area was inside a large timber framed blocked just inside the entrance, and to get to the toilet cubicles you pass through it. Out of the corner of my eye I spotted a women heading that way, she a dark haired rather ???? woman wearing khaki shorts and a bikini top and carried a large towel and wash bag. I got a scent of the delicate perfume she was wearing as she passed. She was about 35 I suppose. I was interested to see she was carrying a toilet roll even though tissue was available in the cubibles.

It can be noisy in this area but fortunately things had quietened down at this time. I abandoned what I was doing and just after she took a cubicle I also entered a wash cubicle directly opposite. My cubicle had a high partition and I could clearly see her feet as she settled on the seat and put the toilet roll down. I immediately heard a loud bassy fart and a soft 'flomp' followed by another spluttering fart which seemed to go on for some time. I was amazed how quickly she had shit from the moment she entered the cubicle - some sort of record I thought to myself. I clearly heard a sigh of relief from her and she started to pee. I normally pee before I shit but this was the other way around!

I decided to move position so I left the wash area, pretended to walk outside but then stopped and walked back in and took the cubible next to her. I could see her feet (she'd kicked off her sandals) and they were really spread wide, in fact her left foot was virtually under the partition between us.

A soft grunting sound was heard and some huffing and puffing followed by a squelchy expulsion of gas and poo which went on for maybe 10 seconds. I could hear a copious amount soft poo was not really hitting water, the previous material was preventing that maybe. This was a much softer poo than the initial one when she first entered the cubicle. I then clearly heard a massive rumble from her ????. I wondered if all that poo had created a great gap in her colon. I found the whole thing an quite exciting experience.

I was then hit by a terrific stink wafting my way at this point, possibly described as a combination of rotten eggs/cabbages and the woman obviously aware of it and decided to carry out a courtesy flush, but she didn't move one inch!

At this point another person went into the toilet at the far side of the woman, I felt sorry for them because the smell was unbelievable - stronger than anything I'd experienced from my own bowels I'm sure, quite a contrast to the lovely perfume I'd smelled as she'd passed me earlier.

A minute or so later I heard more groaning and another slight ???? rumble but nothing else happened. I guessed the urges were coming in waves now. The woman then started peeling off tissue and shuffled about on the toilet for a while as she wiped her bottom, then she stood up but then seemed to sit down again rather swiftly. She flushed yet again, but at the same time above the noise I could hear more plopping into the toilet ending with an explosive wet fart which was not disguised. I guessed she tried to hide this final expulsion because of the presence of two people either side.

It appeared to me that she thought she was finished shitting but as she stood up realized she had more to do hence the suddenness of sitting down again.

A second cleaning up operation started and this time she was able to finish off and she left for a washing cubicle. I left and walked to pick up my pots and pans. A few moments later the woman walked passed me and I glanced at her as she walked off. I lingered upon her lovely rounded bottom that had just produced so much shit and had poisoned the whole toilet block!

The most striking things about the whole event was firstly how quickly she pooped when she first arrived, urgent it certainly was, secondly just how much smell one delightful looking woman could make, and thirdly how she thought she had finished but hadn't. Perhaps she overdid the whole french food thing the night before or maybe she has IBS I don't know. It was a wonderful experience for me that was for sure, even writing about it was fun!

I've got two more stories to recount in later posts.

Bye for now all, hope you enjoyed it.


Comments & Constipated Corky's survey

To Stac:

Your airport peeing story was very interesting. My mom and I flew through OHare and I remember they had similar "toilets". I didn't particularly have any problem using them, although it seemed kind of strange to have the liner under me because I'm one of those people that sits right down on the seat. There's a certain feel that your butt grows to expect and it was different. I had to pee the first time and about a half hour later I had to crap. The place got a lot more busy and I was behind an older lady who pulled her skirt up and almost seated herself, but I guess the cellophane inside the machine buzzed but the red light stayed on. She said she wasn't going to use the stool under those conditions, so she turned around, brushed by me and took off for another stall. I sat down and had a wonderfully productive crap without giving it a second thought.

Freshman Freddy:

I enjoyed your story. No one can say that Caitee wasn't totally uninhibited going to the bathroom in front of you. I suspect you appreciated the treat!

Standee Mandy:

When you are in places such as international airports or huge cities with very diverse populations, foreign cultures may come into play. For example, we've learned in our Human Relations class that in former Eastern European bloc countries, public squatting over a trap hole in the concrete is common on the sides of buildings or in huge transportation centers. The pee or crap falls into some type of receptacle well below the street or ground. Sorry, I don't remember the formal name of it, but many in our lecture hall giggled and thought the process sounded gross when our professor showed us a slide.


What that mother did by supporting herself atop the toilet stool from the side partitions of the cubicle was dangerous. The fact that it was done in front of her children makes it even less defensible.


You asked us about our use to the seat tissues and how many we put on the seat each time. I can only speak for my own situation, but I quit using them during high school and I have no qualms about sitting right down on the seat. Also, many school bathrooms don't have them, so we can't get hooked on them like I did at one time.

Constipated Corky:

I like the sense of humor your coach has. Everybody poops! So true. Now here are my responses to your Who Influences You? survey.

Name: Vincene. Age: 19. Sex: F

1. Who and under what circumstances were you given the best advice on using public bathrooms? When my parents moved at the end of my sophomore year, for the first time in my life I was in a school that didn't have the seat tissues. I was kind of forced to change, out of necessity I guess.

2. Do you worry about doing things different than others? Not really. I do what I feel is right for me. For example, in my second high school we had quite a few girls so rushed or dense or a combination thereof that they would sit on a toilet seat that had pee on it. I will usually (if there's toilet paper available) quickly wipe the seat off before seating myself.

3. What do you remember about being taught in day care or kindergarten about using bathrooms. Mom showed me how to put toilet paper on the seat and is really commited to doing that each and every time when she's away from home. She also showed me how to thoroughly wash my hands. At least I feel I do a pretty good job with that.

End Stall Em

Sod Buster Spencer

Since I'm just 15 and it's so hard to get a job in the bad economy, I decided to take a couple of electives in summer school. It occupies my mornings and my grandfather has said you can never learn too much.

On the other hand, a friend of mine who is barely 14 is working almost full time as a sod layer and grass mower. Two generations of his family own the business. His name is Spencer and on some days he starts at sun up and works until well past the dinner hour. I've tutored Spencer at school in English and Social Studies because although he's pretty bright, he has trouble putting his thoughts on paper. I spent so much time with him last year helping him with his writing that he practically bought me the music system I have in my room, plus a lot of my music library.

One afternoon two weeks ago Spencer just showed up at our front door. My dad was off that day and answered the door and to my surprise, was really impressed with Spencer because of his handshake, eye contact, and conversational skills. Spencer had a day of cutting several lawns in our subdivision so here was his large mower and gas can in our driveway and he was seeking to use our bathroom. Dad called me in from my room to make sure Spencer was OK and he gave Spencer, who was quite hot and sweaty, permission to our our upstairs bathroom. I opened the linen closet and gave Spencer a towel and showed him where the bathroom was. I heard the seat drop, Spencer's butt hitting it and then a quick blast that was hard to disguise. Since the bathroom and my room are separated by only a thin wall, I could hear the toilet paper roll being turned and then the flush. I met Spencer in the hall and his first comment "Getting rid of that shit sure feels good." I told him I knew the feeling about four hours earlier when I got rid of mine at school before the second of my two classes.

As we continued our conversation, I offered him something cold to drink and he said that would be great. His Uncle Jim just drops him off at a subdivision in the morning, takes the mower out of the back of the pickup along with the gas can, and Spencer goes from house-to-house cutting, pulling weeds, watering sod, etc. The business doesn't allow employees to ask permission to use the bathrooms of customers so often Spencer walks to the nearest gas station or park to pee. Sometimes he lucks out because there's a portable toilet at a home construction site that he passes. I asked him what happened today and he said he refuses to shit in public restrooms because he's afraid of catching gonorrhea, syphilis and he mentioned several other STDs. Then I teased him with "...the worst of all of them: cooties." He wasn't amused as he shook the ice at the bottom of his soda. Then I got to thinking about the situation I had last year when my cousin Jacob visited and we were sledding and how he carefully lined the toilet seat in the park restrooms before he sat for his crap. Am I a leper for not being afraid to sit right down on the seat?

Three times recently Spencer's stopped at our house in the afternoon and used our bathroom for his crap. Last week, I was out reading in the back yard and didn't even know until Mom brought him out so we could talk.

I want to talk to Spencer about his fears, but haven't brought the subject up yet because I'm kind of scared.

What should I do?


Saturday morning

I saw someone ask for a description of Roxanne. I'm not very good at this, but here goes. She has beautiful blue eyes and brunette hair that hangs down a bit past her shoulders. Her smile is the kind that can just light up an entire room. If she's happy, it's hard not to also be happy. She has a wonderful figure and keeps in shape, she goes to the gym quite often. I'd say her breasts are about average size, not too big, but not too small either, and her butt is her best feature, if you ask me.

This morning, Roxanne ripped a big fart as she was walking to the bathroom. Then another loud fart just before she sat down. She farted twice more and the smell was spreading out to me already. I heard "Nnnnhh" a long squeaky fart. She started to pee a weak stream, farted again and her pee began to grow stronger. "Nnh Nnnh" as her pee died down then After that, she let off a long juicy fart and a sploop. A ploonk followed and a "Mmmh Ngggh Nnnh" she was having more trouble than usual I guess. Again a "Nggh Ngghhh Nnnhhh" and finally a very big floomp. Two quick splips and a plop and then she started to wipe. I heard her wiping and flush, but then from nowhere an odor hit me like a wave, I think she did a silent fart.

Out of all the girlfriends I've had, Roxanne is the most open with her pooping habits. One girl I dated had no problems with farting with me around, but we had other problems and that relationship didn't last. And aside from these two, nobody else had mentioned anything beyond needing to pee.


The Toilet of Terror -Part 1

Hello All!

Hope you are all OK. Enjoying all the posts as ever.Please keep them coming.

The Listening Ear raised an interesting question in a previous post.

Can you tell who's pooping by the noises they make? I would concur that the answer is probably not, but I used to work with someone who could be relied on to disprove the rule.

Ms X was a pretty brunette in her mid twenties, and worked in the same office as me, a few years back.(circumstances, dates and names changed for obvious reasons) Ms X was really nice, and we got on OK. She always made an effort to dress smartly for work - rather more smartly than the Management, it has to be said, but I digress..She usually wore a grey or black jacket with short skirt and brown or black tights.

I won't go into too much detail, but just outside our office, was a large disabled toilet with ensuite basin etc..As the Admin Files were located nearby, and as our filing was pretty disorganised, invariably we would spend several minutes near the toilet whilst trying to find
the paperwork we needed.

As a result all of us in the office eventually got to hear each other pee and poop."The Toilet of Terror" was what we called it - some of us more jokingly than others.

The first time I heard Ms X poo, was on her first day at work with us at 1030am. I had noticed that she had been shifting around in her chair for the last 30 mins so I wasn't entirely surprised, when I saw her in her grey jacket and skirt run into the toilet and slam the door
shut and then lock it.

I heard her rapidly whip up her skirt and pull her tights and pants down.The instant she sat on the toilet I heard an explosive wet fart and two plops rapidly came out with a SPLAAAANK_PLOP_PLOP.She then peed for around ten seconds and then things really kicked off.

It is difficult to describe in words what happened but there was another violently explosive wet fart and a shower of hard pellet-like poos which shot out at supersonic speed.The nearest thing I can think of is as if a machine gun had gone off for a second or two in the toilet bowl - with associated wet farting and rapid plopping.

I heard Ms X fart again with a squelchy wet fart and another two second "machine-gun poo" came from her bottom, before she finished with a lengthy wet fart which made a SPLEEEE_EEEE_BRUUUUPP!
noise.I then found the file I was looking for and was back at my desk some time before Ms X.She came back smelling of perfume - it has to be said that she always left the toilet spotless, if you get my meaning.

Ms X usually had to excuse herself at frequent intervals during the working day, as by her own admission, the poor woman occasionally suffered with an irritable bowel, which would flare up with little or no warning from one week to the next.Suffice it to say that she always pooped when using the toilet..

I could always tell on every occasion that it was Ms X sitting on the toilet behind the locked door whenever I went past because of those distinctive gassy detonations and supersonic plops I could hear.

Ms X got a job at another company after six months and I never saw her again.

More tales from the Toilet of Terror next time.

Bye, take care

Hermes xx

PS The Pooping Waitress of xxxxxx "went" when I visited the restaurant the other day at her usual time and did not disappoint in the farting and plopping sound effects department!

Happy Dude
To Feral Girl: Enjoyed your last post and all your other ones too! You are very adventurous in your toileting needs. Keep posting, I like reading them!

On to my story. Recently my wife has suggested we need a chamber pot, and I could not agree more. We live in a townhouse with my brother and another roommate. My wife, son and I all occupy the basement and if we have to go to the bathroom, we need to hurry up a flight of stairs to the closest one. That's difficult to do when you wake up in the morning and our bladders are bursting! I have even had some accidents on the carpet because of it. But that's not necessarily a bad thing because I enjoy such things! >:-) So the only chamber pot I could think to use as one would be a plastic utility bucket. My wife and I use it sometimes when we wake up in the morning and know we can't make it upstairs. Then I have cleanup duty because I enjoy all things toilet. Btw, my son is still in diapers, so he doesn't have a need for such things. Wondering where we could get a real chamber pot?


Trouble at the Airport/Part 2

Lanky's voice changed when she answered her phone and I told her I would be tied up a few more minutes. I might have been a little short with her, because I was getting increasingly frustrated with myself just sitting on this new God-awful excuse for a toilet and not being able to get my pee stream going. I finally stood up, pulled up my underwear and slacks and bolted by the sinks and onto the concourse. I could still feel the crease and what it had done to my butt and I immediately decided to go down the concourse to the next restroom and hope for better results. My hope was that the restroom there had not yet been converted and that my butt would be able to sit on a normal-size toilet like I sit on at home, school and all the other places Connor and I go. I was encouraged by the lack of a line stretching into the concourse and knew that I would have to pick up speed or deal with the wrath of Lanky who, while it hadn't been a problem with me, was said to be tough on people who were late, lacked discipline or didn't promote the company's vision statement to the best of their ability. I maintained my pace as I took about the three minute walk to the entrance of the bathroom and I quickly entered the first stall I saw with its door ajar. When I saw the new toilet in front of me I thought "####!", turned around, walked about six stalls down the line to where another door was partially open, looked in, and again, I was furious.

I decided to try again and make the best of it. I latched the door, dropped my underwear and slacks to my knees, and when my butt got within an inch or two of the metal seat that looked as uncomfortable as a paint can, the red and green light action started again, the seat rotated, and I knew I had better get my butt down on the creased cellophane liner. I tried to make myself as comfortable as possible, and with the burning in my bladder, I was hopeful that relief would immediately come. It didn't. I got to thinking that I was probably 20 minutes into my clocked-off period and I started thinking about what I was going to tell Lanky. As I sat trying to calm myself down despite the pain in my bladder and that creased feeling behind me, I got to thinking about how many of the other close-calls of the past two years had worked out. (I've written about many of these, such as peeing on a hot railroad track, using a wooden trap-door type toilet with a flush chain several summers at church camp, as well as an open stall at the bus station when I was really desperate and Connor and I had no other alternatives). I was hopeful that my stream would start, but it didn't and I became more agitated. Finally, as I continued to sit, I called Lanky and told her I was on my way back. Again, I could tell by her voice that she wasn't going to drop the issue and the pain between my legs was getting more immediate.

I lost no time in getting back to the kiosk. I apologized profusely to Lanky, who quickly typed me back into the computer program and walked off without saying anything. Once she got down the concourse and it was obvious that no customers needed help, I put my employee ID number into the program and got the bad news that I had been logged off for 28 minutes. I felt like a real dumbhead for having drank so much coffee a couple hours earlier, an orange juice plus the 16.9-ounce water bottle. Then I started to beat up on myself again about the fact that while I had gone through the same routine dozens of mornings at the airport, I always had my favorite bathroom with normal toilets to fall back on. I got to thinking again about how I had survived occasional diarrhea attacks under the worst of circumstances and how I was one of the only drama students not even somewhat embarrassed about using our closest-type toilet just off the seat of our theater's stage. My mind raced as to what I was going to do. I figured the floodgate would eventually be opening.

It helped when a group of customers from some junior high athletic team came in because it took my mind off my situation. Once they had gotten their magazines and the coach his newspaper, I started looking around the kiosk to develop a possible emergency plan. I knew my lunch break wasn't for a couple of hours and that I wouldn't be able to call Lanky until then. The burning between my legs was becoming more intense and I noticed at the very back of the kiosk Lanky had a foot stool and half-sized trash can. Interestingly enough, there was sun-glasses display that was more than four feet high that would mostly shield me if (actually when) the need arose. I had time to map out my plan: I would sit on the top of the footstool with my with my butt extending we beyond the back of it and the pee would go into the trash can. It had a liner in it, no trash, and something told me I would be contributing a gallon or two to it.

I had a handful of executives who came in and were glancing through the financial papers and I resorted the daily newspaper display from a deliberate squat that I hoped might help open my bladder. There was a Time issue partially under the counter and I got down on my knees to pull it out and when I did, I started gaining confidence. The executives left, and talked about killing some time in the bar down farther onto the concourse. I walked outside the kiosk, saw little traffic, did a quick circular walk through the displays, and quickly backtracked to my temporary toilet setup. I seated myself, with my underwear and slacks just low enough for the urine to clear, and checked my aim by running my left hand straight down from my pubic area as if staking out the one last emergency plan for my anticipated stream. I was able to get my stream started after about 10 seconds being seated and was about 35 seconds into my heavingly pee when I heard a lady clear her throat, say "Mam" and I sheeplishly told her I had my hands full, to stay at the counter and I would be right with her. Luckily the non-stop paging on the terminal's sound system probably drowned out the sound of my warm, yellow pee hitting the cellophane liner, but I quickly halted (and I might add, painfully) my piss, yanked my underwear and slacks up, and greated my customer with a full smile. She asked if I could break a $50 bill for her. I told her it would be tough to do because it had been slow (and I knew I didn't want to call Lanky again)and I didn't have it. She was very polite, thanked me, and just as I turned to resume my pee I felt a warm stream starting to slowly run down the inside of my right thigh. Once I got back to the makeshift toilet and reseated myself, I placed my right hand on my underwear and my green undies were indeed moist. I ran my left hand over my dropped slacks, and could feel some moisture on them, but luckily, it hadn't totally penetrated the fabric.

Once I was satisfactorily contributing to the bucket which was now about a third full and my stream was so intense that it was giving off splashes and I feared some detectable noise, my phone rang. It was Connor and I told him I'd have to call him back. He detected from my voice that something was wrong and I didn't want to worry him, but I didn't want a customer or Lanky walking in on me in such a compromising position. Again, and this hurt just as bad, I had to cut off my pee stream, make up my excuse, and make myself presentable for an older lady who wanted to buy a gardening magazine. I rang her up, returned to my seat, and luckily got about another minute of a steady stream in. I felt so much better with the pain and fear gone that I actually started to cry. I had just stood up and and turned back toward the main counter when an elderly male custodian barked, "Got trash." I quickly said no and as he walked away, my mind started staking out where the larger trash bin was. It was against the wall and about 10 yards down the concourse. I used a rubber band from our miscellaneous drawer to tie it up and I wound it around like three times. It didn't break on me, thank God, like it often does at home. I quickly walked the trash bag over to the dumpster and quickly looked to see if I was being watched. When I found that I wasn't, I set it down and for some reason wanted to quickly wash my hands. But I knew that wasn't going to be possible.

I called Connor back and he was quite amused by what happened. While he was sympathetic for what I had gone through, he said the new toilets are probably a lot more sanitary and that he will probably want to try one next time he comes down to visit me. (He always puts toilet paper between himself and the seat even at places like school and I've written about this before). He was at work, too, so he couldn't come down for lunch and I told him I had my graduation present that night. My grandmother who knows I like theatre and musicals had tickets for us to go to "Jersey Boys" at the performing arts center downtown. It was a great show and I enjoyed being with her. She knows so much and told me one of the songs sung by the lead character Frankie Valli was a big hit in the early 1960s and that my mom was partially named Ronnie because of it.

I want in and peed twice at the performing arts center. There's no substitute to normal toilets that you can actually sit your butt on.

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