Camping Trip continued

Hi, Abbie here again with the next part to my story, I didn't get chance to finish it last time. After Olivia and I had been for a poo we went back to the tent and quite soon, after the others had been to the loo and had a wash we were all asleep. I woke up early the next morning with a really full bladder, I decided I'd go to the toilets and take my bag with me so I could have a shower while I was there. The others were all still asleep so I had to be as quiet as I could, I unzipped my sleeping bag and got out of it then pulled my jeans towards me. I was just about to pull them on when I realised they were Katie's jeans, I only realised when I saw her pants tangled up inside them so I reached over to the other side and found mine. I'd kept my pants on under my nightie which was just as well as I let a spurt of wee go as I put my jeans on, I was really bursting. I quickly put a jumper over my nightie and picked up my bag before sneaking out of the tent. As I walked down towards the loos I let another spurt go but just about managed to control it in time, I practically ran into a cubicle and pulled down my jeans and pants before groaning with releaf as a massive stream of wee flooded out of me. As I was weeing I looked down at my pants, they had a massive wet patch as well as a skidmark from where I hadn't wiped too well the night before. I made a mental note that I needed to hide them in the bottom of my bag rather than leave them lying around in the tent! After emptying my aching bladder I went across into the showers and had a quick (and warm!) shower before putting on clean clothes. That day we had planned to go for a walk in the countryside, so when the others were up and after eating breakfast we started to get ready to set off. We left around 10 and started walking, I was already feeling a slight need for a poo but after we'd been walking for half an hour I was starting to get more desperate. It was really unusual, I'd only been for a poo the night before and normally it takes me at least a couple of days to feel like I need to go again, but here I was the very next day needing to open my bowels quite urgently. After another half hour I realised I'd have to go, so I told the others I needed the loo and would have to stop. Katie asked if she could come with me and I said yes, as we walked off behind some trees she told me she was bursting for a poo as well. We found a sheltered place and took off our shorts and knickers, I started to push and over to my right I could hear Katie panting as she pushed. Quite soon the tip of my first turd was poking out and it was actually not too much effort to keep it moving, I did have to strain slightly but not as much as normal. After a couple of minutes it splatted down into the grass and I felt the second log slide into place. As my second one fell I heard a thud and realised Katie had got her first log to drop, I sneaked a quick look and saw a fat poo lying under her. She was a bit red in the face so I realised she'd been having to strain quite hard. After a couple more logs each we were done, I borrowed some tissues from Katie to wipe my bum and I tried to be more careful so I wouldn't get skidmarks- I was wearing decent knickers which don't give me a wedgie so that would hopefully help. Katie wiped too and put on her knickers, they were plain white and as she bent down to cover over her poo they got wedged up her bum quite a bit so she probably wasn't going to be so lucky. We put our shorts back on and went over to find the others. We had a great day and apart from a few outdoor wees there was nothing else really to report!
Leanne- Thanks for your comments and glad you enjoyed the start of the story. Sounds like you had a good poo at the services, hopefully your last big log wasn't too hard to push out.


Question for the females

Im male, and go out frequently. In my adventures sometimes id find myself fooling around with as girl in the bathroom stall. Why are females sooo quick to pee in front of a male yet when it comes to pooping they dont either want anyone around or will make you leave? After all their peeing/pooping positions are the same


A Serving of Cereal a Day...

Hey all,

Got a quick poop story for you. Hope everyone's week is going well. Mine is!

My daily breakfast consists of a bowl of cereal, orange juice and sometimes fruit on the cereal. Sat & Sunday its more extravagant. Anyway, I was at work and I felt the rumblings around lunch time. I wanted to check my e-mail, etc, so I held off, until my asshole was constantly open and I feel it wanting out. Off to the restroom I went. I went in, closed & latched the door, and sat down.

Right away upon sitting I let out a quick, deep, echoing fart. Then I felt my load was ready. I did a continuous push, and it felt like a long, soft log coming out. The sound it made though, was in the in between area of a crackling and rapid plops, even though it felt like one turd on the way out. Standing up to wipe, I was surprised to see about 5 soft, broken up medium turds that were pointed at some ends. Feeling quite relieved, I wiped (3 total, surprisngly) and flushed everything down. I had a few other quick trips to the bathroom, due to the amount of water I was drinking.

And now for the non-story related portion:

- Stac: that sounds like an odd toilet indeed! Hope you get relief soon.

- Fred: Welcome to the board! What does Roxanne look like? Looking forward to her being featured in more stories, as they come.

and Tim's survey:

1. How many times a day do u go for a pee? approx 2-4
2. How long does it take you to pee? 5 seconds to 15 seconds
3. Is your pee stream loud or quiet when hitting the water in the toilet? Well, I'm a guy so it makes sound because the stream leaves a higher area before it reaches the toilet water.
4. How many times a day do u go for a poo? 1-2
5. How long do u take to poo? 30 seconds to 5 minutes
6. Whats ur poo like solid, mushy or liquid? mostly solid, mushy on occasion.
7. Do u fart when u poo? sometimes but rarely. let's average it out to at least once a week.
8. Would u let someone of the same sex in the toilet with you? Prolly not, as I'm a hetero guy and that's a bit beyond my 'comfort zone', ya know?
9. Would u let someone of the opposite sex in the toilet with you? Of course! Was with my ex a few times when she went pee (and likewise) but due to timing of things, we never got around to pooping; which is a shame cus she would have been sexy dropping a load. We did discuss pooping tho. Depends on the girl & comfort level, but yes, I'm open to it.

People come and go on the board, so if I missed anyone, apologies! Hard to keep on top of sometimes. Enjoying the posts!


The Listening Ear

Part 10

My new landlady had no family, and crammed as many lodgers (both short-and long-term) into her 3-storey house as she could. On the top floor there was an oldish woman who had a BM every evening when she got home from work. But I wasn't interested in her, and all the other long-term guests were male.

There was a rather attractive dark-haired Rosemary who was with us for just one week. Mostly the mornings were too busy with comings and goings for me to hang about on the landing, but one morning I managed to listen as she went to the toilet on her way down to breakfast. She began with a strong pee which was a hiss and waterfall combined, and in the middle of it there was an equally powerful fart-blast. Then, as promised by the fart, five or six substantial plops. That was nice. I could have done with more of that! But the one I really wanted to hear, a petite raven-haired Canadian girl called Robin, was totally elusive. Although she must have been there for about three weeks, I never once saw or heard any sign of her going to the toilet.

When I got engaged, I moved out of there and into a top-floor flat of a converted house, with the intention that my wife-to-be would join me in due course. The door of my flat was on the landing of the flat below, where lived the heavenly Marilyn with her boyfriend. Their toilet was right next to my door, and separated from my staircase by a thin plasterboard wall. This was very promising! But no matter when, how often or for how long I sat on those stairs behind my locked door, I never heard anyone use that toilet. Oh Marilyn, Marilyn! You win some, you lose some, and then you lose some more.


To Leanne: Thanks for your story about your motorway services poo. You have no idea how frustrating it is for a Listening Ear at those services, watching all those women going in and out, then being so close to the action but never being able to hear a thing!

After yesterday morning, I started to wonder if that was a one time thing, if Roxanne had just forgot to close the door. But, today it happened again, at almost the same time, she must have a very regular pooping schedule. I listened intently and heard her put the seat down which I had left up last night, and sat down. She let out three short squeaky farts and then a splop. A strong pee stream started up and she continued to pee while I heard a ploonk splosh plooop.

I was kind of dissapointed because the poop smell was noticeable but not nearly as bad as yesterday. Her pee died down and there was a long trumpeting fart followed by splonk ploomp plop ploop. Then she started to wipe. When I heard her flush I got up and started towards the bathroom, we passed each other and she just smiled, not showing any embarrassment that she had just taken a dump.


Tim's survey

1. How many times a day do u go for a pee? About 6
2. How long does it take you to pee? 1 minute or less
3. Is your pee stream loud or quiet when hitting the water in the toilet? Usually quiet
4. How many times a day do u go for a poo? Sometimes once..usually 1 every 3 days
5. How long do u take to poo? 5 minutes
6. Whats ur poo like solid, mushy or liquid? Solid, logs and chunks
7. Do u fart when u poo? Alot..Once I farted for 2 minutes straight
8. Would u let someone of the same sex in the toilet with you? Maybe
9. Would u let someone of the opposite sex in the toilet with you? Yes

Herb T.

To Amylee

Hello Amylee - good to see you're still visiting the forum. I'd sure like to see more posts from you. I work in a professional office setting as well. There are numerous attractive women in my office and I sometimes imagine them all going to the restroom at the same time and having bowel movements (even though my office actually only has two single person restrooms). I remember you saying too that you poo in front of your husband - I'd sure like to hear of any memorable experiences of you going in front of your husband. Does he ever complain after you've gone - that the bathroom stinks? Anyhow - I look forward to any future posts.

Elieen - I enjoyed the final post of your UK trilogy. Enjoy the rest of your summer off.

Jennifer G. - I enojyed your post about using the nurse's office bathroom. I too, in my day, have taken some serious dumps in the school nurse's office bathroom. I'll post about them at some point in the near future.

That's it for now - everybody take it easy!


Who Influences You? (Survey Answers)

These are my answers to Constipated Corky's questions:

Name: Gopi
Sex: Female
Age 13

1. Who and under what circumstances were you given the best advice on using public bathrooms?

My family moved to the U.S. from India seven years ago. A few days before I started school, my mother started to get me ready for being away from home five days a week. Only under dire emergencies should women be having stools in public. Otherwise, it should be done at home. She also taught us to urinate immediately before leaving home so that there will be less need to go elsewhere.

2. Do you worry about doing things differently than others?

No. My best friend Jerika has written about how I will not sit directly down on a toilet seat away from home. I spread paper over it first before I sit down and most of the other students at my school don't. The alternative my mother taught me is to stand over the toilet and hover/squat. She does that frequently, but it hasn't come as easily for me.

3. What do you remember about being taught in day care or kindergarten about using public bathrooms?

My mother put so much emphasis on it, so I knew it was important and I didn't want to mess up. My teachers were all about keeping the toilets clean and respecting your classmates. When Jerika and me were in 4th grade, the principal started locking stall doors when the toilets got messed up too bad. Some stalls remained closed off for several days or a couple of weeks.

Corky's survey
1. Dave 16 male
2. A friend from middle school(girl) with whom I had my first buddy dump with. She taught me not to be self concious of m. Bodily functions
3. Not really, all though I have been told that I have to wipe a lot more than others, which is odd because my poop is mostly solid
4. Only not to wet myself, which I did a lot(by accident) up till around 6

Here's a simple survey:
1. When did oh first get interested in bodily functions?
2. How did you first realize you were interested in bodily functions?
3. Do you find peeing:
A) a turn on
B) funny
C) interesting
D) none of the above
4. Do you find pooping:
A) a turn on
B) funny
C) interesting
D) none of the above
5. If you answered a or b to the above, what part do yu find funny/a turn on:
A) the act
B) the smell
C) the output
D) the noise
My answers:
1. About a year ago
2. I saw a show where somebody wet themselves and found myself turned on
3. A
4. D
5. N/A

1. About 5
2. Pretty long, at least a minute
3. Loud
4. Recently, 2 or 3
5. Less than 2 minutes
6. Solid, sometimes mushy
7. No, but I do before
8. Maybe If they really have to go, but preferably not
9. Yes

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Stac great ive seen toilets like that and they be very anoying for tall people but easier for children what they should do is come up with an ajustable toilet where you push a button and the height of the toilet and the size of it would change like for kids it would make it smaller and lower ot the ground or vice versa make it higher up for the taller people the only drawback would be if someone is desperate and the toilet is not the right position for the person that would be something they would have to workout and ive been there before since im just under 5 feet because of my codition of beig a dwarf meaning the higher toilets are hard for me to get up on and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Fred great story about hearing and smelling your girlfriends poop it sounds like you might have quite to few stories to tell in the future and I look forward to them thanks.

To: Noel first welcome to the site im glad you finaly decided to post something and great story about your accident I bet next time it would be a good idea to go to the bathroom first that way something like that dosent happen again and as the saying goes you can make a friend in the most interesting places and how someone you dont like or get along with can become a really good friend it all depends on the situation I hope that made since my brain couldnt figure out the right words at this time so I did my best and I look forward to more of your stories thanks.

To: Rube first welcome to the site and it sounds like you had a pretty rough time it couldve been a stomach bug or maybe just your body having a good cleanout and please post more stories thanks.

To: Georgia first welcome to the site well it sounds like you learned something your body dosent like tacos well now you what to avoid but thats the thing you dont know how a food is going to affect you so you have to take a chance it could be good and not do anything or the exact opposite you just never know I hope that makes since and please post more stories thanks.

To: Shane first welcome back and great story it sounds you felt better and I hope you dont have something like that happen again to you and I look forward to your next posts thanks.

To: Michelle (formaly M.S.) great story what you couldve done is a buddy dump have her sit between your legs that way you wouldnt have to get up and she wouldnt have an accident and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Leanne as always another great story it sounds like you felt better after that and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Desperate To Poop great buddy dumping story it sounds like if you didnt do that one of you wouldve had an accident but since you did that didnt happen and great story about you pooping on the train and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Upstate Dave as always another great story keep up the great work and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: both Ravens havent heard anything from either of you I hope you guys are still out there and please post again thanks.

Well thats all for now

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site


water pooping

Feral Girl- I have a story in response to your questioin/experience about pooping under water. I actually just recently did that! Me and my friend Connor live close enough to ride our bikes to the beach. We are both 16, by the way. We have known each other forever and had rode our bikes here before. We stopped for some sausage sandwiches for breakfast and hit the beach. It was pretty crowded. We immediately went in the ocean and were having a good time, when I felt a big poop. Since we were so open around each other, I told him that I had to go and asked him if he wanted to walk up with me. He said no and that I should just poop in the water. We are the daring idiot types. It sounded like a great idea to me so I whipped down my swimming shorts. We were a bit more than waist deep in the water. I pulled my knees up toward my chest and pushed while we both laughed our heads off. I felt the long water snake slither out and break off. I stood up again to see that it was floating by us! I was so proud of myself, and failed to realize that I was completely exposed to everyone on the beach. I pulled up my shorts but we left the beach promptly. It was an awesome experience and I will be doing it again!


A Few Comments

Tym - all I can say is, good luck.

Fred - There's nothing like the first time you're in the vicinity when your girlfriend poops, or farts, for that matter. I remember the first time my future wife farted in front of me. I couldn't believe a tiny girl could rip a fart that long or that loud.

Upstate Dave - another good story.

Yesterday I went in to take my usual morning crap. Dropped my pants, sat down, and took out my phone, to do a little web surfing while I crapped. After a few minutes, I strained a bit, and started to squeeze out a fairly lengthy turd. I surfed a couple sites (including this one), then wiped and stood up to see my production. Turned out to be a straight shit, coming up out of the trap, extending straight up to where the end wound up just barely sticking out of the water. All in all, a good crap, although I have had better.

See you soon.


school poo

So this is my first post and I had to tell about the, mega dump I took today. I had not been for 2 day so I knew it was gonna be big, I was in history class and I asked to be excuesed the went to the toilet and it took me 10 minutes to finish, and its was also a bit smelly. the the teacher comes it to check im ok and i tell her im fine just need so toilet paper whitch she gets for me. it was one of the biggest dump i ever took and didn't dare flush as it would have broken the toilet.


Short Survey for Eileen H., Molly, Jennifer G., and Others

I admit it, I am particularly curious about the bathroom habits of literate female posters (of whatever age) on this site. And we do have quite a few. You ladies of this forum who happen to be engaging writers--you are a delight to read. I look forward to your posts. Don't be shy about answering this survey.

1. Do you sit or stand when you wipe your bottom?
2. When you have a bowel movement, do you use wet wipes or moisten your toilet paper or just use dry toilet paper alone?
3. How many times do you typically wipe after a shit?
4. Do you read, smoke, or talk on the phone while you shit?
5. Do you often bathe just after a bowel movement?
6. How often, usually, do you move your bowels?

Saturday, July 09, 2011



So don't be judgemental I just ate five fiber one bars and waiting too see what happens. I'm 15 years old and a long time lurker.. Don't have really much to post so I'll update later.


Trouble at the Airport/Part 1

I've written before about my part-time job as a clerk in a news kiosk at our city's international airport. Now with school out and my needs for my freshman year of college this fall, I'm putting in a maximum allowed 32 hours a week. The biggest problem with the job is that the management company leases several kiosks located on various levels of the several terminals and since there's only one person assigned to each kiosk, we have to call our on-site supervisor to cover for us when we're on break. Sometimes when I call her on my phone, she's there in two minutes, sometimes it's as long as 10 or 15 minutes because she's covering for someone else at the farthest of the terminals.

Because, I was at a college-prep leadership camp with Connor, I had not worked the first three weeks of summer. I had heard that over the past two or three years, there was an on-going remodeling of the terminals, but outside of some new carpeting being laid in departure lounges, I hadn't seen anything else going on in my terminal. Was I ever suprised at about 9 a.m. Friday morning which was about three hours into my shift when I called Lanky (short for her five-syllable last name) and told her I needed a short restroom break. She came within five minutes, complimented me on the display work I had done, and said the bathroom wouldn't take long because there were less flights on the holiday weekend than in previous years. I heard the buzz as she logged me out on the program and I took off down the concourse and I could see the entrance to the nearest (and my favorite) restroom. About eighty percent of the time I'm able to use it, but if the lines are too long (sometimes outside the entrance), a two minute walk farther down the concourse takes me to the next nearest toilets.

I walked in to the bathroom and three women closest to me left the sinks, and were walking to the hand-dryers and they were praising something new, how clean it was and how they liked it. One said that it was sure going to save on toilet paper. Another made a lame joke about not having to strain herself in squatting. The first four stalls were open and I walked into the third. As I was latching the door and starting to unbotton my black slacks to seat myself, something seemed different, but I wasn't actually sure what it was. The stall looked the same. The marble floor was the same. The ceiling light was the same. As I pulled my green undies down and backed up to the toilet, I saw it and thought ####! The normal toilet that I had been use to had been replaced by a much smaller and a little lower metal square seat. Yes there was water in it, but it looked so strange and uncomfortable. I went to put myself down on it and immediately a wheel activated, a red light in back blinked, and the seat wheel partially turned, and then a green light blinked. The wheel looked kind of strange and I took my thumb and placed it on the seat. There was a cellophane liner wrapped on it like the shrink-wrap covering a store-bought compact disc.

With my underwear and slacks already lowered, I seated myself on the new toilet. It probably doesn't help that I'm about 10 to 15 pounds overweight, but the much smaller seat was so uncomfortable. I normally pee with my legs closed, but for greater comfort I spread them out as if I were trying to release a tough crap. It still seemed that I was sitting on something only slightly bigger than the paint cans that are out in my house since my parents are remodeling. I was so uncomfortable and no matter how many times I changed my posture, I couldn't get my urine stream to start. I started to take my mind off my frustration by reading an ad on the inside of the stall door about a family of business journals covering 20 major cities and a discount being offered for new on-line subscriptions.

I slid myself back farther on the toilet, feeling a crease growing under my thighs. After a couple of minutes, I slid forward, again getting that creasing feeling. I had to pee, but couldn't get my stream going. Using the fingering method Mom had taught me a couple of years ago,I got a couple of trickles to hit the bowl. The drops sounded like rain on the roof. I grabbed toilet paper, wiped my hand and then had to spread my legs wider to even get the paper between them and into the bowl.

I reached into my right pocket, took out my phone and called Lanky to tell her it would be a little longer. I could tell by her voice that she wasn't happy.

I'll conclude my story next time.


Girlfriend's morning poop

I met my girlfriend Roxanne a few weeks ago and I spent the night at her house last night. This morning she woke up before me. I felt her getting out of bed and I about half woke up, enough to see her walking towards the bathroom. At that, I got excited and snapped to full awareness. I couldn't see the bathroom from the bed, but I noted that I didn't hear her close the door.

Indeed, I could hear clear as day her sit down on the toilet and her pee starting off as a tinkle and building up to a full sound like a waterfall for a good twenty seconds. She rolled off some paper and I thought that was all, but then there was silence for a while, not a flush. Then a faint "Nn Nnh" followed by a sploonk. After a short time I heard a plip and a ploop. By then, her poop stink was wafting out to the bedroom and I loved every second of it. I think I heard her fart, but it was very quiet if she did.

There was no noise again but then out of nowhere a large floomp. A bit later I heard her go "Mmh" a definite bassy fart, "ooh", another big fart and a bunch of small plip plip splip sploop plip splip. A wave a stink emanated from the bathroom, leaving me to imagine how bad it must be for her. I began to wonder if that's why she doesn't close the door, because it stinks too much otherwise. Well, it was more enjoyable for me, so I didn't question. One last plunk and she rolled off paper to wipe again. When she was done wiping, she flushed and came out. She saw I was awake and told me she was going to make some coffee and asked if I wanted a cup and I said "Yes, I'll be down in a minute, I just need to pee." Well, that was partly true, as I do pee every morning when I wake up, but mostly I wanted to enjoy her poop smell for a little longer.

Herb T.

To Amylee

Hello Amylee - good to see you're still visiting the forum. I'd sure like to see more posts from you. I work in a professional office setting as well. There are numerous attractive women in my office and I sometimes imagine them all going to the restroom at the same time and having bowel movements (even though my office actually only has two single person restrooms). I remember you saying too that you poo in front of your husband - I'd sure like to hear of any memorable experiences of you going in front of your husband. Does he ever complain after you've gone - that the bathroom stinks? Anyhow - I look forward to any future posts.

Elieen - I enjoyed the final post of your UK trilogy. Enjoy the rest of your summer off.

Jennifer G. - I enojyed your post about using the nurse's office bathroom. I too, in my day, have taken some serious dumps in the school nurse's office bathroom. I'll post about them at some point in the near future.

That's it for now - everybody take it easy!


New here and some stories.

Ok, so I have been around reading the forums and stories, and I must say it's an interesting place. I thought it was time that I join in and share some stories from the play that is my life. I'll post what I can remember when they come to me.

Back when I was 15 or 16 I remember one event. It was fall heading into winter, well it felt more like winter as cold as it was. I was up early one morning, like any other morning. I was, and still am the first up. I did and still do it to get a little peace before my day starts, get a little reading or what ever done. I had gotten up and padded through the dark house to the kitchen, debating on making breakfast or wait. I ended up waiting, and deciding to go ahead and feed the dog. I went out to the wash room and started to get the dogs food, it was then I felt a little cramp, and I brushed it off. So after getting his dry food and mixing it and feeling a pitcher with water, I started for the door, the cramps had stopped, but I still had the urge to go.
When I stepped outside the cold hit me like a wall, the sudden change nearly made wet myself, but I held it. At the time it was still dark outside. It wasn't like pitch black out, but it was dark enough to be hard to see. Thankfully I practically lived outdoors back then, so I know the back yard like the back of my hand. I knew where the dog did his thing, and where all the holes that he dug where. I was about half way to where his house and food and water bowls where when it hit me. 90lbs of lab mutt right in my lower belly. My dog has and is still a big puppy, one that loves to jump on people. I have trained him not to now. I felt him hit me and my balance when and I feel down, his food flying through the air, and his water soaking me. I'm not sure if it was him hitting me, or me landing hard, but I couldn't hold it anymore. I ended up filling my panties with a rather big, and squishy feeling load, my bladder decided to let go to, as if to add insult to injury, but I was soaked from spilling the water so you would have never known that. I finally got up after I finished and carefully took off my pj bottoms and panties, I was so happy that we had a high fence. I ended up tossing the panties in the outside trash can and slipping my pj back on and went in to get more water for the dog.
After that I decided to take a show over breakfast. I tossed my wet bottoms in the hamper and my t shirt too. Took a shower, and by the time I came out of the bathroom, dressed and ready for school, my mom was up and had made breakfast. She thought that I had over slept, and that I had just gotten up. To this day she doesn't know what happened. Sometimes I get lucky, sometimes not so much.

Another story happened later that year....I think. It was late one spring afternoon, and me and my friends where hanging around in the park, waiting on one other friend. We didn't know that she was going to bring one of her friends. When she finally showed up with her friend....we all had a feeling hell was about to break lose. The friend that she had brought was a girl at the time that I didn't get along with at all. We had gotten into a fight or two at school, the friend didn't know that we didn't get along. For the sake of everyone there I did my best not to let her bother me or anything.
Everything went well, until she got to complain about the hike we where on, and how her shoes where hurting. I just told her to take them off, and keep walking. I didn't mean to sound mean or anything to her, but I must have, cause she started arguing with me. We argued for a bit, and then I must have really made her made. She slapped me, and that's when the full on cat fight started. Now, I have never had a strong bladder or back end, so accidents where common, and my friends knew that. The fight was short but a rather feirce one, our friends finally pulled us apart, and it was then I noticed that I felt wet. In the excitement of the fight I had ended up wetting myself, I was in a dark skirt, so your really couldn't tell. The other girl whoever wasn't so lucky. She had on light blue jeans with a large wet spot. I'll admit that I was mean about it, and said something smart to her, and she broke down.
It was then, through her sobbing she told us that she also had the same bladder troubles as me. I felt bad and I ended up running over to her hugging her and telling her that I was sorry about everything. In the end we both forgave one another, and after that we became really good friends. She and I even dated a few times, we still hang out quite often. I might post a few of the stories that she has shared with me.

And one last one. It's late and I need to be working on some drawings and stuff. This story happened not to long ago. Last week actually. I was sitting at my drawing desk, and I had some soft music playing. I was the only one at home at the time. I feel asleep at my desk, and I didn't hear my friend come into the house. [The same friend from the above story]. My parents left the front door open, and didn't lock the screen door. The next thing I know is my friend comes into my room and yells my name, waking me up. The sudden loud awakening caused me to pee. It wasn't a lot or a full release, but it was enough to make a decent wet spot on me and my chair. She had come to wish me a happy birthday, seeing as she wouldn't be around later this month when my birthday is. She ended up staying the night, that's when I got my pay back, but that's a story for later.

Well that's all that I have at the moment. I'll try my best to post pretty regularly. I hope y'all enjoy all the stories and experiences.



Wonderful Holiday Picnic

We had a wonderful family picnic on Monday. About 60 family members showed up, everybody brought food and beverages and picnic supplies and we all pitched in with the cooking and clean-up. We played volleyball, Frisbee and had a great time. The comfort station was like a bit different from any other I have ever used. The Menes comfort station was around the wall of a cinder wall. When you walked in, there was a long urinal trough on the viewers right side, three sinks on the left side, and 3 toilet bowls directly on the wall as you walked in. No partitions, totally latrine style. The toilet tissue dispensers were located on the wall behind the toilets, between the bowls, so it was 2 rolls for the 3 toilets. Sharing is a great trait, but this was a bit Well, picnic food does have an effect on most people, myself included, so I found myself making numerous trips to the trough and to the toilets. I actually made 3 bowel movements during the day and I experienced all three bowls. It was interesting to sit there and crap while other guys dropped their shorts bared their asses and sat down next to you, squat foward and drop their poops. After the second trip I was much more relaxed and by late afternoon, my brother Dennis joined me (after quite a few beers) and sang "Moon River" as he dropped his shorts and bared his ass to me and my father-in-law. Like I said we were much more relaxed wiping by late afternoon. The cleaning guys were wonderful, they mopped and re-stocked the paper all day, as they were using the same comfort stations it was to their advantage to upkeep them. On the way home I was explaining the situation to my wife and she laughed and said the womens comfort station had individual stalls with locking doors. Wonder who designed these comfort stations?


Costa Rica Diarrhea Attacks

Hi, my name is Rube and I am new to posting but not reading. I have enjoyed reading all your posts.

This January, I went on a camping trip down in Costa Rica. The area was absolutely gorgeous with a beautiful view of the Pacific Ocean some 2000 feet above. The cuisine was simple and wholesome with tons of fruits and vegetables and fresh farm raised meats. The lifestyle was idyllic save and underlying worry of getting travelers diarrhea. In case if I had issues, I had the doctor prescribe me cipro if I needed it and I brought along some Immodium.

On the first day upon arrival in San Jose, I woke up feeling on top of the world. I toured a coffee plantation and had what looked like a really enjoyable lunch. However, the food tasted a bit stale and it was lukewarm. Shortly after this, I started having a funny feeling in my stomach. I excused myself to the restroom where I had a few mushy logs. Could have been the long airplane journey from the day before. On the bus ride, the bumpy roads were getting to me. At one point, I turned pale and almost spewed puke over everything. Fortunately, the lady I was sitting next to gave me a motion sick pill and I was will on my way to having a great trip.

After a few days of enjoying paradise, I realize that I had not pooped for three days. Then on the fourth night, after having a great evening outdoors with some karaoke and dancing in our hut, I felt tired from a hard days worth of fun. I lied on my air mattress and my stomach just felt downright strange. My stomach was hollow, extremely dull and achy. All of a sudden, I started letting out these silent farts and boy were they deadly. They smelled of garbage, rotting fish and manure all mixed together. After a few more farts, I felt a huge mass of poop building on my anus. I started running out of my tent and into the outhouse about a quarter mile a way into the dark. I sat on the toilet only to release one of the most explosive dumps of my life. It seemed like everything that I had eaten in the past year was released into that toilet. The toilet bowl had it all, huge foot long logs, mushy chunks off poop and brown water. The contents barely flushed. I went back feeling better or so I thought.

When I lied down, my stomach had that familiar feeling of soreness. Only now, it was churning its contents. The pressure built up to the extent that I was about to have a major accident in my tent. I ran through the dark again. I barely put down my pajama bottoms before a torrent of dark brown, almost black water was in the toilet. I sat for 15 minutes making more squirts of watery diarrhea every few minutes. About 2 hours later, I came back for some more watery diarrhea with a few chunks of mush. When I woke up in the morning, after eating my first bite of breakfast, I rushed back into the bathroom. This time, when I pushed, continuous streams of watery diarrhea would fly out of my butt. Since I had to go on a mangrove tour, I decided to go take some immodium. However, I did not want to take Cipro as the label told me not to take it with a lot of sun exposure.

The immodium worked wonders and I was even able to enjoy some pleasant solid bowel movements for the next several days. Towards the end of the trip, I had a similar night of diarrhea to the night I mentioned to you above.

The final night of my trip, I had quite the scare. I ate a weird tasting pasta with Italian Sausage dish and downed an Imperial Beer. All of a sudden, I felt extremely tired as if I were about to collapse. So I excused myself to go to bed early. Immediately upon hitting the bed, I began to feel really naseuas and churning in my stomach. The pain became unbearable over the next hour. Finally, I just sat on the toilet. Without much effort, yellow diarrhea poured from my ass with the sound reminiscent of a bathtub filling up. In this yellow diarrhea, there were probably about 30 or 40 soft 2 inch pieces of poop. I finally felt well enough to go back to bed. I still felt quaesy for the next hour or two. The next morning, I had a really dry mouth but I quickly began to feel better after drinking an orange juice.

The trip back home was uneventful. I was even able to down a Fudruckers hamburger in a stop at the airport on the way back. The first evening I was back home I slept like a baby. I woke up the next morning with a really good feeling. I went to the toilet and out came a beautiful perfectly formed 8 inch log. It is funny how that stomach bug/parasite thing could just magically go away. Perhaps, I was only feeling sick because of the climate or the change in scenery or something.

I know that some other people on the trip also experienced upset stomachs. One of my friends excused herself 10 times in one day and at one point even asked me for some immodium. The Costa Rica experience was totally worth in spite of the occasional diarrhea that I experienced. Even the diarrhea itself was not too bad as it gave me plenty of relief and the explosions were fascinating.

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