For Sophie

Hey Sophie, it sounds as if you're not getting enough fluids. Your urine should normally be anywhere from a straw to light amber color. Kind of like what beer looks like without the bubbles. If it's getting more towards the color of tea, it's an indication that your urine is getting concentrated. This would be a good indicator of possible dehydration. The other thing is to pinch a little of your skin, say on the back of your hand and pull it up and release it. It should snap back fairly quickly, but if not, it's a definite indicator of dehydration. The other possibility is that there is a problem that is not allowing you to empty your bladder and your bladder might actually be quite full. If it looks like dehydration, get more fluids into you ASAP. In summer this can be very dangerous as you can easily get overheated. If not, then you need to get checked out by your doctor, or an urologist. Simple tests include a urine sample for labs, imaging of your abdomen and bladder, and possibly even a one time catheterization to see if there is any residual urine in your bladder.


Post Title (optional)To Amylee

Please post more of your stories. I loved them and you write so well.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Jessica it soudns like you had a pretty rough day but accidents happen and they can happen to anybody and please share anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Feral Girl great story about you pooping underwater or you could say you launched a torpedo or boat or anything to do with water and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: The Listening Ear another great post and I know that my idea would never happen but as you said thats what could be like and theres always the dream world and like you I would to love come back as a ghost and have some fun maybe scare the crap litteraly out of people oh that would be so much fun and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Abbie as always another great post about and your friends pooping together and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Marika great story about you and your friends eatting those berries to purposely get diarrhea it sounds you guys had alot of fun and I bet that will be a memory that you will have forever and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Molly im glad you finaly pooped and it sounds like you really had to go and I bet anyone who saw that probaly thought it came from some animal and well it did a two legged female one and please anyother stories you may have thanks.

To: Sophie I dont think you have a problem all people are different some pee multple times a day while other dont it just how your body and if it not affecting you I wouldnt worry about it that my opion and please share anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Jennifer G first welcome to the site and dont worry were all nice people and great story and pooping at school can be embarrassing but a good idea is to think that everybody poops and everybody poop stinks it what make all humans alike and please share anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Vivian great story about you buddy dumping with you firend and it sounds like you both had fun and please share anyother storires you may have thanks.

To: Upstate Dave great story about seeing that desperate girl peeing I bet she felt better after that and it could be fun to the king as part of your name since youve been here so long just an idea and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Cindy Shitter it sounds like you and that other girl were having a pretty rough time but at least you both made and didnt have an accident and great conclusion to your story about you and Anna and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Michelle (formaly M.S.) great story sometimes you have to improvise like you did by using anything you can find that will work because it better then having a messy underwear and great buddy dump story and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Jasmin K as always another great post and I look forward to your next one thanks.

To: Bob great story about your girlfriend taking a dump in front of you even though it wasnt plsned and please share anymore stories like that thanks.

To: Freshman Freddy great story about seeing ad hearing you babysitter pooping and please share anyother stories about her or anyother girl and/or woman youve seen and/or heard going to the bathroom thanks

To: Herb T great story about your wifes dump and I look forward to anymore of them thanks

To: Eileen H its nice to hear from you again and as always great story it sounds like you really had to go at least you made to a bathroom even if it was a nasty bathroom but thats better then having an accident but as ive said before sometimes an accident is the only option and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Lisa great story and I look forward to any others you have thanks.

To: whoever wrote about that woman have accident at the bar great story and it sounds like it paid off literaly.

To: Ric great buddy dumping story with your girlfriend please share anyother stories like that if you have any thanks.

To: Amylee I could never get tired of your stories and I hope you post some more of them soon thanks.

If anyones interested there a show like candid camera but its in spanish it has had quite a few bathroom and fart realated prank like a woman pretending to poop in a stew pot and a little girl prettending to fart and many others the show is called Te Cache I think or somethinng like that

well thats all for now and im glad this site got updated I was kinda worried since it handt been updated for 4 days but I figured it was because of the holiday and speaking of that I hope everyone had a safe and fun 4th of july.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site


Bad day

I'd had a taco and I was in my car then my stomach gurgled and I knew I had the runs so I knew I would not make it Home so I kept faring and Letting it fill my underwear the farts were all wet and juicy. My BF was in the car and he was all like 'Woah woman you gotta pullover' But I ignored him (bad idea.) It was a 2 hour drive home i keep pooping all way trough and then it happend it went all over my seat and every wear, so I pulled over to a gas station, ran inside the toilet and let loose, I was on the toilet for 1 hour and 23 mins it was all wet and splodgy, and too my bad day there was no toilet paper i was too tired to clear ALL the poop out of my Underwear. When i got home i went to bed with the same clothes on (I was soo tired) i had pooped all the way through my sleep too. No more tacos for me!

A survey on toilet habits
1. How many times a day do u go for a pee?
2. How long does it take you to pee?
3. Is your pee stream loud or quiet when hitting the water in the toilet?
4. How many times a day do u go for a poo?
5. How long do u take to poo?
6. Whats ur poo like solid, mushy or liquid?
7. Do u fart when u poo?
8. Would u let someone of the same sex in the toilet with you?
9. Would u let someone of the opposite sex in the toilet with you?
My answers
1. 5 to 6 times
2. 1 mins
3. Loud
4. 3 times
5. 5 mins
6. Mostly solid
7. Only when i have an upset stomach
8. Yes
9. Yes

Shane (female)

About 5 Days Without Pooping

Hey guys, it's Shane. It's been forever since I;ve posted. This is only my second post here I think. Well in case you didn't know, I'm a girl, 14 years old, a freshman in high school, 5 feet tall, I weigh 95 pounds, I'm NOT bi or lesbian, and I live in the good 'ole USA. I'm not a fan of pee stories but I really like stories about pooping. Especially the ones about constipation, which is something I suffer from a lot. They don't turn me on at all, I just like reading them. Ok, enough of that. Here's my story.

Well, today's Tuesday, and I haven't pooped since Thursday or Friday. I didn't really notice until my ???? started hurting Sunday evening. I went to the bathroom and tried to crap, but I got no results.
On Monday (4th of July) I felt fine until we got back from the fireworks. Back at my house, my ???? started to hurt really bad and I realized it was pretty bloated. I went to the bathroom and tried for a long time to poop, but still nothing. I had trouble sleeping that night because of my poor, aching ????.
On Tuesday (today) I didn't feel all that bad until late afternoon when my ???? Started acting up again. Once again, I headed to the bathroom but this time I was able to poop. It came out pretty easily and took hardly any time at all. When I looked, I saw 2 logs (one medium length and the other one small) along with about 4 floaters. After that, I felt much better. I got on my computer to write about this experience when I suddenly let out a silent fart that felt pretty wet. By the smell of it, I knew I needed the toilet. I ran into the bathroom and sat on the crapper and had really mushy diarrhea that was pretty loud. It hurt my poor butthole when it came out. :( After about 2 short waves I felt like I was finished and left. My ???? Looked much smaller.
That's all that's happened so far, and I hope that's all that does. I'll keep you guys updated. :)

God Bless

Michelle (Formally M.S)

Interesting viewing while on the toilet

I was around Emily's today when I felt the need to poo so I went to the bathroom. I sat on the toilet and let out some loud smelly farts and began to feel my poo come out. It was dry and hard so took a lot of effort to push out but soon it dropped into the water with a plop. I then began to push out another turd when Emily rushed in holding her bum. She said "Quick get off the toilet, I'm about to poo myself" but I couldn't as I had a hard, long piece of poo hanging out of my bum. I tried to push really hard to get it out as quick as possible but I wouldn't budge. I sat there straining for 30 seconds until it came out but for Emily 30 seconds was too long as she couldn't wait any longer and she let out a long, loud and wet sounding fart. The air filled with the smell of poo and I knew what was coming next, sure enough there was a squelching crackling sound and a bulge started to form in the back of her knickers. She couldn't stop until it was all out of her system and by the time she finished she had a huge soggy bulge in the back of her knickers which was so full they couldn't contain all of the poo and it started leaking out of the leg elastic and down her legs. Emily stood in front of me in her soiled knickers while I finished my poo. Once I was done I wiped my bum once as there was nothing on the toilet paper the first time I wiped and then I helped Emily clean up as I was technically my fault for using the toilet at the worst possible time especially as it was only a mild urge so I could have held it in which would have meant that Emily could poo in the toilet instead of her knickers. However was a fantastic experience watching Emily poo herself as it felt so hot.

Yesterday I drove up north to visit my uncle for his birthday. I took his presents up with me and spent the morning and some of the afternoon talking to some of my extended family that live near him. My aunt made a big buffet lunch so I ended up eating loads of naughty food like sausage rolls and mini pizzas (delicious)! Then there was a trifle for after. On my way back home all that food took its toll and I had to crap. I pulled into the services when I came to them and by the time I got into the loo my urge was pretty strong. I picked an empty cubicle and went in and sat down. After a wee a long, soft log came out and broke in half as it did so. I pushed again and another two logs came out, smaller this time. Then came a couple of small bits of poo. There was a bit more but for a few minutes it wouldn't come. Finally after a big push my final turd came out with a plop. A very enjoyable (and necessary) poo!

Abbie- enjoyed your latest post and I'm looking forward to the conclusion of your camping trip stories!

Desperate to poop

Buddy Dumps

One for Wendy as she was asking. My girlfriend and I have often buddy dumped, but I remember a really desperate one a while back.

We'd both caught some dodgy ???? of some off shrimps and were walking when we both needed an urgent urgent dump. We spent 10mins finding the toilet in the park to find it was a single seater and occupied! We could see the ladies feet under the partition and she was pooping soft stuff.

We both were holding our buts as we were very desperate, I had sweat on the brow and had started to leak slightly. My G/F was hopping from foot to foot and chanting oh god oh god. Finally after seven minutes the lady flushed and exited.

We both dashed in and ripped our clothes off. We both sat back to back as we unleased a torrent of diarreoh! oh god I can still recall the relief at the time. My G/F was also relieved I can tell you!!! We spent a good 20 mins on the toilet and I must admit the whole thing was very erotic and we spent a further 10 mins in the toilet :)

Happy Pooping

Had a good train poop recently

travelling back from Devon train was packed. I was standing in the vestible and 4 people were waiting for the loo. I felt a need to so joined the queue. the 2 ladies in front were talking about how they didn't really like using the train toilets but the lady said needs must on this occasion. She had been farting as well so was in for a number 2. There were 3 ladies waiting and they waited 4 or 5 minutes for a gent to come out. The first lady went in and peed and came out and she was replaced by the other lady who had been chatting, she had said she'd try to be as quick as possible. But she was def pooping and five mins passed with her still in. I decided to make chit chat and said it was very busy on the train, she said it was very. I asked if that was her friend and she said no just someone she'd met on the train. She also said she hoped she wouldn't be to much longer as she needed to poo too. I said me too.

Finally after another 3 mins she came out apologising for the wait. Her new friend replaced her and I waited. She was in for five minutes, reasonably quick and then I got to go in. The toilet was relatively clean given the amount of poopers and I spent 7 mins pooping and relieving myself (in more ways than one)

Happy pooping


Question for Mama's Boy

How old are you. I wear men's briefs under my jeans and cut-offs. That must have been a monster to get out of you. I used to make them when I was a little girl.


To Amylee

Amylee please post more about your workmates I'm sure you witness other
Ladies not mentioned yet in past posts

Just a guy

Amylee, I'm definitely interested in hearing your stories. Please do post some more, even if they are similar in nature, they do vary and have kept my interest.


My accident in my car

To Jessica:
I once had an accident in my car like you did. I posted about it recently and although it was messy I did enjoy the relief. I didn't want it to happen at first but when it did it just felt so good I carried on. Both me and Wendy would love to hear more stories from you so please keep posting.

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Upstate Dave

My Working Vacation Day Three Evening Part 2

My grandmother was soon out to the car and we had left. Ywenty five minuites later we were at the A&W stand and had ordered what we wanted to have to eat and drink. While we waited for our supper to be brought out to us my grandmother paid Jill and I for our todays work. So Jill took part of our money and bought a A&W glass mug.

Now we had nice big glasses to use when we wanted a big glass to drink from. When our order came Jill and I used our big mugs geting them filled right up with root beer. We did take our time eating. We did finish so I gathered up all the trash and I got out of the car and dumped our trash.

When I got back in the car we were ready to leave which we did. I sat up front like I had when we came. Jill was siting in the backseat. So we did talk some while my grandmother drove heading back home. There was more traffic on the highway soit was going to take longer to get back at the house. For me and Jill haveing drank our mugs filled with root beer at least for me a little more then halfway home my bladder was leting me know it needed emptying!

Jill had become quiet there in the backseat. I did turn around in my seat and looked back at her. Jill was siting quite stiffly with her legs clenched together tightly. I mimicked just moving my lips slowly without makeing a sound; Jill do you have to piss? Jill managed to read my lips and she shook her head real hard and she did the same as I had done while she shook her head yes and I read her lips which she said YES!!!!

Well it seemed much longer to get back to the house then it should have. I had to do what Jill had started to do there in the backseat. I had my legs tightly clenched together now as I sat there on the front seat. I even slipped a hand into my jeans pocket and gripped my penis with my hand to keep from pissing my jeans!!!

My grandmother did talk which was to me. So when she did I did answer her but it was hard to do! My mind was on NOT PISSING MYSELF THERE IN THE CAR WITH HER WITH ME!!!! It was geting real agonizing to keep from goiong right then too! I didn't dare move! I couldn't even move to take a look at Jill to see how she was! If I had I would have pissed!

Well we soon reached where my grandmother would turn on her road. JUST A FEW MORE MINUTES! I thought. We will be home! JUST HANG ON!!! I thought too. As we came up to the driveway and befor my grandmother made the turn into it I asked her to stop by the backporch so Jill and I could get out. What a relief to hear her say YES!

My grandmother pulled up even with the backporchand stopped. I opened my door up as fast as I could one handed. (my other hand was still in my pocket holding my penis in a death grip!) Jill aslo bailed out of the backseat as fast as she could go! But the look on Jills face told me there was something wrong. BUT RIGHT NOW THERE WAS NO TIME TO ASK WHAT!!!

My grandmother now pulled away leaving Jill and I beside the driveway together. She headed for the middle barn to park the car. I knew right then too I wouldn't make it inisde the house to the bathroom to piss! So I grabbed Jills hand and I pulled her with me towards the row of the old pine treesthat were only several feet away!

I and Jill dove into the pine trees! After going several trees in which was about 15 feet I stopped! I let go of Jill's hand. I didn't pay any attention to her at all. I yanked my zipper down on my jeans with my free hand. I slipped it in through my open zipper. I felt for where the slit was in my underware! Found it but I had now just had a spurt pf piss shoot out from my penis! I pissed on my fingers and wetted my underware a little too!

I let out a moan for having pissed myslef that little much. I managed to start pulling put my penis buut I pissed a little more while I did that! I now weted my underware a little more and my jeans too!!! I groaned a little louder! I got my penis finaily out! I let go of it wit the hand that I had on it with its tight grip. I immeadianty sent a real hard piss stream frrom my penis which went right down to the ground! (I wasn't erect) Good thing too!!! :-)

I almost let out a sigh but I didn't. Now I remembered I had yanked Jill over here with me. I turned and took a look at her. Jill had remained silent all this time. When I did take my look at her she was standing there and she was pissing very hard TOO!! But she was pissing herself and hard!!! Jill had not raised her dress up or had pulled down my breifs she was wearing!

Jill had just no time to do any of this. Her piss had ran down her legs some for I saw that her legs were wet. Plusnow there was a small thin piss stream going straight down to the ground which made a slight pattering sound in the pine needles. Jill was not looking at me. Instead sh had her head down and I saw that her eyes were tightly closed!

I thought then; Here we are just likle two little kids! We both had pissed ourselves! Me a little and Jill a whole lot more! Jill was strill standing stiffly but did have er feet slightly apart which made her thghs open slightly. Then Jill widened her stance. Withher doing that move the thin pissstream that was comming out from under her dress got thicker pius I could hear a very slight hiss as she pissed.

Then I heard over in the houses direction the backdoor close. My grandmother was now inisde the house. I said to Jill; Sorry I pulled you over here with me Jill. I pissed myslef some too. Jill lifted her head up and looked at me. Then she told me that was ok. I wouldn't have made the house either. But Dave I already had pissed a little before you pulled me over here. I started in you grandmothers car!

I asked Jill/ How much Jill? Only a little Dave Jill said right back to me. Your briefs soaked it all up I think. They are soaking wet now! I started pissing to when we got out from the car and all the way over here too. Your underware I can feel is all wet. Now Jill raised her dress up. I looked at my white briefs and I could see all of the front of them right up to the waistband were wet with a hint of yellow color what had been white.

They also were sagging being soaked with piss. Jill kept her dress up now which she also pulled the back of her dress up too. I then turned so that Jill could see my jeans and he saw where I had wetted them some around in the front by the sides of the zipper and a little underneath the zipper too.

We both went on with our pissing. Jill stayed standing pissing in my underware right till she stopped. Jill after stoping held her dress up and waited for me to finish my piss. I did a short time after she had stopped. Then I did put my penis back inside my jeans and zipped them up.

Then Jill still standing with her dress raised asked me; Dave will you take my underware off? I don't want to touch it! I thought for one quick moment that Jill being a girl didn't like touching piss soaked underware. SO I did reach over and when I placed my fingers on the elastic waistband of mypiss soaked briefs the waistband was wet with Jills piss!

Befor I started to pull them off of Jill I took a peek to look at the back of the briefs. They were all piss soaked in the back too! Then I started to peel them down off of Jill. Piss came out of the matierail as I peeld them down. That piss didrun down Jills legs bothfront and back. I said to Jill; That can't be helped Jill. I know Jill said right back to me. Just get them off!

I got them peeled downpast her ass. Then I let go of tem and being heavy soaked with piss they slid down to Jills ankles and she pushed them off over her sneakers using her fot to push them off one foot at a time. I could smell the oder of piss. Not all that srongt but it was there. Jill could even smell it for she told me that shesmelled like piss.

So I said to Jill; Look swe can stay here for just a little while. Then we can go down to the big barn and use the shower. Now Jill let out a little giggle. I was glad to hear her giggle too. So we stoood there in the pine trees and waited. We both knew that my grandmother would be going to bed very soon. From where we stood in the pine trees we could see over to thehouse and would see the light turned on in her bedroom.

Well we did wind up waiting a little longer then we had thought we would have to. Almost for a half hour! Long enough that I too a second piss there in te pine trees! Jill laughed lightly to since I did pissthat second time. Then we saw the light go on in my grandmothers bedroom. Jill and I ran all the way down to the big barn and ran inise right to where the shower was in the outside room by the stables.

Jill as soon as we were in the room took her dress right off. She stepped right over where the hose hung down and got right under it. I turned on the water. It came out of the hose and weted Jill right down. Jill after being only under the spraying water saiid to me; Dave your'e going to have to get me a towel this time!

Jill was right. There was no longer strong sun for it was seting now to dry off like we had when we had showered this afternoon. So I ran all the way to the house,quietly slipped inside,went into the bathroom,grabbed a big towel and ran all the way back to the barn.

Jill thanked me when I came into the room. I placed the towel on the stepladder. I stoood there as Jill stayedunder the water. Jll stayed forseveral minutes more and then she stepped out of the spray and came over took the towel and started drying herslef off. Jill made sure she was dry too.

Then befor she grabbed her dress Jill smiled,squated down and sh took a piss right there in the rooom pissing on the floor in front of me. Then she after she pissed did put on her dress,socks amd sneakers. Then I turned off the water,and the light and we left the barn and I walked Jill home. That ended our third day evening. The end

Constipated Corky

Who influences you? survey

I've been reading this board for six months, although I just did my first post last month. The stories and comments on them are really great and it seems that all of us are willing to share. I'm learning so much and that others have some of the same problems and concerns that I do. So, here's my survey called "Who Influences You?". This pertains to using bathrooms away from home, which it seems like many of the posts are about. Thank you.

1. Name, age & sex: Costipated Corky, 13, Male.
2. Who, when and under what circumstances were you given the best advice on using public bathrooms?
It came from my baseball coach. I had just apologized to him about having to stop the van on an hour long road trip so I could go in an crap at a rest stop. He seemed pissed at first, but when three other guys got out and went into stalls, he just laughed and said it (crap) needs to come out one way or another, and he prefers it not be in my uniform.
3. Do you worry about doing things different than others? Yes, because I've been hassled about taking time to try and cover the toilet seat with toilet paper before I sit on it. Many on my team just sit right down. I'm also more careful when wiping.
4. What do you remember about what you were taught before beginning day care or kindergarten? Nothing.



In response to Herbs suggestions ref songs or poems to do with the toilet.
Here is one I have put together

Eileen, Eileen you wiped your bottom clean
You,ve done it so well that its left no smell
Your bottoms clean Eileen.

Put it to music, I suggest Jolene, by Dolly Parton.

I,ll try and add a few more verses if I think of any


Accident in my car

I was driving home the other night and had dinner with friends. I had a half hour ride and halfway in, the urge to go hit me. I had to pee and poop. The food went right through me. So I got off looking for a bathroom and everything was closed. I stopped at a gas station and was in tears it hurt so bad. As soon as I got out I started peeing. So in shock I just got back in the car and drove off. I got stuck at a light and let out a fart when I started going again. But the fart was actually poop. I was like OMG I'm pooping too. It was a soft one and smelly. I started to cry. There was a puddle in my seat too. The light turned green and as I drove off I stopped peeing. But I had more to go. The next red light I relaxed and let it go now and pooped some more. Then it turned green and finally I was home. I pulled in the parking lot and felt there was still more. I was already a mess. My jeans were soaked and my panties bulging. So I parked and just let go. Completely soaked my jeans and it moved down my legs to my socks and up my back. I could hear the tinkling sound quite loud. I lifted my bum off the seat then pushed and farted and completely filled my panties. It felt so good, but was so smelly. Whew. I went inside my apartment and no one saw me since it was late. I took a shower, put on jammies and clean undies and went to bed. I cleaned my car the next morning.

Feral Girl

Pooping underwater

okay here's another post i did this last week.

Brandon T: lol, thanks, i guess it did. i still think I can smell it in the kitchen, it stunk really bad. but no one's said anything...

so i guess i have a question; has anyone seen someone poop underwater before? like, seen their butt as the poo comes out? I want to know what it looks like, i bet it's funny >:E

i've been trying to figure out how to watch myself, but haven't yet. i did try the other day.

so i wasn't gonna go in my bathtub or anything. it's been really hot and sunny some days so i've been going on walks through the woods. there's this creek pretty far out from my house like, a mile or two into the woods. no one ever goes out there except during huntin season, so no one's around this time to year. there's this big like, pond in the creek that's deep enough to swim in. i go skinny dipping there sometimes. then it runs out and on down the creek, water's a little under knee deep there and runs i guess fast for a creek.

so about 3:30 or so i went for a walk, wore one of those sun dresses i mentioned before my mom keeps giving me and nothing else lol. probably like 4pm by the time i got to the creek as i took my time. it was nice out in the shade in the woods. i always need to go to the bathroom about the same time every day so i was starting to kind of feel it then. i went ahead and took off my dress and laid it on the grass and got used to the water and swam around for a while.

i swam and just kind of walked around and laid back in the water and relaxed for a while, it felt really nice lol, just listening to the birds and stuff. i was finally starting to need to go more and i stood up and got about waist deep in water, i leaned forward and spread my legs under water and pooted as hard as i could. thought i might let something go there, but it was just a poot and lots of bubbles floated up and tickled my butt, lol.

i walked down to the place where the water ran out real carefully so i didn't stir up too much silt and cloud the water up. the part the water runs out at is mostly rocks on the bottom so it doesn't get cloudly when i walk on it. i got up to the knee deep water then went to the bank, it 's hard clay so i don't have to worry about sinking in it or anything.

so i laid back on the clay and got so i was comfortable. the water came up just under my boobs, and i put my hands behind my knees and pulled my legs up like i was trying to put them behind my head, but i can't cuz I'm not that flexible. but i couldn't see my bootyhole from that angle like i thought i could. :( guess i should've practiced at home first. or maybe do stretches or something, i don't know if it's possible.

anyway, was already there, needed to go pretty bad. so i started to pee. and since my y'know was just barely under water it came up like a fountain! it fell right back down and i started laughing. i pushed harder and peed again to make it go higher, but i tilted or something and this time it all fell back down on my face and chest. X( so i accidentally peed all over myself

i lowered my butt down some and finished peeing and pooted as I did. this time the bubbles came up and tickled my kitty, lol. From my position I could see the bubbles come up, but couldn't see my butthole still. i kind of lowered my butt back down more since i couldn't see anyway and relaxed. more bubbles floated up as i felt my bootyhole open and the first piece of poo come out. it felt really wide and was only out a few inches when i think i could feel the current pushing on it. it broke off early and i could barely see it float along the bottom. i pushed hard to keep it going and could see a few more small bubbles float up as it came out. the piece got long and finally the end came out and it floated away. i was done for then, it had to be almost a foot long all together. i waited to be sure it was gone before lowering my legs entirely and getting up. i washed my booty with the water and followed my poo along for a bit until it got caught on some rocks and just sat there.

so i don't know anything else i can do for that. :(

-feral girl

The Listening Ear

Part 9

To further my career I got a new job out of town, and would you believe on the very day I started I met someone special from out of town in the opposite direction. The logistics were impossible, and when things started to get scary at work (I won't go into that), I quickly found another new job back in town, and more convenient lodgings.

My new office was open-plan, with a glass partition into the next department providing a good view of who was going to the toilet when. Outside on the landing, the first door was the Ladies, then the lifts (elevators), then the Gents and finally the door to the stairs. I quickly found that the two sets of toilets met up behind the lift shafts with the stalls back-to-back and good acoustic transmission. Almost as quickly I discovered Sue, who had a daily BM at around 10 every morning. This was the first time I'd witnessed a regular female #2 at work, and at first I was thrilled to bits. But do you know what? Sue was rather boring and predictable (and not vey attractive), so my excitement didn't last long and I soon gave up making a point of being in the Gents at 10am.

Obviously I had to be careful how often I followed people out, and I did have work to do as well! But there were also times when I happened to hear something while I was in there, and could time my exit to find out who was responsible for what I had heard. Apart from Sue it was all peeing. The regulars I remember were the much put-upon secretary Kathy, who did a nice long waterfall, the loud posh Jessica - thunderous waterfall, scary Val the sprinkler (very distinctive), and a skinny Oriental girl who peed in short bursts of soft tinkling. I had heard that sound once before, at a friend's house, when a group of us had been out and were rounding off the evening by chatting and drinking coffee. I was standing by the open door of the room when one of the women went out to the toilet, which was just down the passage. I heard tinkle-tinkle, pause, tinkle-tinkle, pause, tinkle-tinkle, pause, on and on and on, for ages and ages and ages. If she had been remotely attractive I would have been quite excited. As it was I was merely intrigued.

At work we also had the floor above, which I had to visit regularly. The landing was the same as on our floor, and on one occasion, as I was coming through the door from the stairwell a totally gorgeous black girl from Data Prep was coming through the door from the office corridor. As soon as she had gone into the Ladies I doubled back into the Gents, put my ear to the wall and heard PLOP . . . . . . PLOP . . . . . . tinkle-tinkle-tinkle-tinkle PLOP tinkle-tinkle-tinkle-tinkle etc. That was an unexpected bonus, and an extremely pleasurable one!


To Brandon T: Re your idea about a town where we could meet and discuss these things in person. No it isn't going to happen in this life, but we don't know what happens after we die, do we? Heaven might be whatever you want most. Personally I'm looking forward to coming back as a ghost and accompanying people to the toilet!



Latest stories

Hi everyone, Abbie here again. Sorry I haven't posted in a while, I've been really busy and also I've been away with my friends so I haven't had chance.
Emma- I enjoyed your story about needing a poo at the theme park. As you said, its great now I've finished my exams and I can have a poo whenever I need to. I've more or less got used to going for a poo at school but its not ideal, some days I'm desperate but I just don't get time to use the toilet and even when I do have time there are quite often big queues for the loo (that is if you go to the decent ones!) I suppose the only good thing about those toilets is that a lot of girls who use them also want a poo so at least I'm not alone!
Jasmin K- I'm really sorry to hear your constipation has been so bad. If I have a hard poo quite often my bum is sore and I bleed a bit but what you were describing sounds really terrible. It nust be really embarrasing to go to the toilet while you're at school and find you've pooed your knickers, I feel really sorry for you.
Anyway, back to my story for today. Last week I went camping for a few days with Lucy, Katie and Olivia, Lucy's parents drove us down but we had our own tent. On the way there I started to feel the need for a poo, but it wasn't too strong so I knew I could wait a bit. Just as we were arriving at the campsite Olivia squirmed around next to me in Lucy's people carrier and whispered to me that she wanted a poo. I whispered back that I did as well and we could go to the loo after we'd put the tent up. As it happened, it took us ages to sort the tent out and by then Katie and Lucy had sorted something out for tea as it was getting late, so we ate that and then went in the tent to get ready for bed. As I got undressed I was really happy that I was with friends who I know well, normally I get quite nervous of people seeing my underwear as I still wear girls pants, but luckily so do Lucy, Olivia and Katie so I knew I could be a bit more relaxed. As the others took their jeans off I realised I had nothing at all to worry about, Katie was wearing a tight pair of pink pants which were giving her a wedgie, Olivia had plain white knickers and Lucy was wearing green flowery pants which hardly covered her bum they were so small!! After I'd got my nightie on I was in two minds about what to do, I still had a slight need to open my bowels but not as bad as before. In the end I thought I'd better try to go otherwise it would only end up harder the next time, so I said I was going to the loo and Olivia followed me out of the tent. We had both put on jeans so no-one would see we were ready for bed. "I'm like totally bursting now," she said, "My poo's starting to come out in my pants." We got to the loos soon after and managed to get cubicles next to each other. I was in between Olivia and a girl who looked about 12 or 13. I locked the door to my cubicle, pulled down my jeans, lifted my nightie and dropped my yellow pants to my thighs before sitting on the loo. I had a wee and then started to push, I could feel my turd moving down inside me and starting to poke out of my bum. Next door I could hear Olivia weeing and the other side the girl was grunting softly, she obviously needed a poo as well. I looked under the cubicle partition and saw her denim skirt and orange and yellow spotty pants at her ankles. I caught my breath and pushed some more and a few minutes later a loud plop rang out as my first turd dropped into the water. Not long after I heard the same from Olivias cubicle together with some panting. We both let go a few more turds and finally the girl next to me made a loud plop after a few really loud grunts. I knew then I was done, so I took some loo paper and wiped my bum, next door I could hear Olivia doing the same. We both left as the other girl continued to plop away, she must have been a bit constipated. I do have another story to share from the trip but have run out of time tonight. Hope you enjoyed this, will post again soon. Bye for now, Abbie.

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