the perpetually flushing toilet

once i walked into a toilet stall where the toilet was mid flush. i realized after a few more seconds that it would not stop flushing ever. i sat down while water was still thrashing around, peed, wiped, and reached to flush, even though it would do no good. it was interesting to stand up and see that the water was still clear and my toilet paper had disappeared.

after washing my hands, i went back into the stall to investigate. i realized that the handle was infact stuck down, which is why it was a perpetual flusher.


Story for Wendy

Hey everyone ^^

I read, that Wendy would want to hear some buddy-dump stories, and I have a lot of them. One of my favorites was probably about 5 years ago, when I was 9 years old.

I used to have a lot of friends in the countryside, cuz my aunt had a farm there. I used to go there on summer vacations and spend a lot of fun time there. Since I could spend most of my time there alone, I could do things, that I couldn't do anywhere else. Since I was kinda interested in pooping, I wanted to do something centered about that, so I would usually get some of my friends and we would make eating and pooping contests. At first they tought they were weird, but as time went by, we started to have a lot of fun. One particular summer day, I got an interesting idea. I would gather my two best friends there Annija and Lelde. Annija was my age, while Lelde was a year younger, therefore 8 years old. I got a bizarre idea, that we should eat something, and see, who would hold on for longer, without pooping. Annija told me, that we should find some cranberries, cuz them made you poop sooner, than most stuff. We would fins a lot of bushes, but all the berries were green and not ripe. I knew, that eating them would give the runs to us, so I said to make a contest on eating green cranberries and holding without going to the bathroom. We ate a whole lot of berries, They were very sour and nasty, but as time went by, we got used to it and ate so much, that we felt rarely full. We would spend the rest of the day playing on the swings there and watching other farm animals. About three hours later Lelde's started gurgling and she started to look very uncomfortable. I asked her, "what's wrong?" and she said "I'm ok, I swear". It seemed that me and Annija were ok, and only Lelde had something wrong with her insides. Some 20 minutes later she started clutching and moaning, and I knew that she would need a bathroom really soon. We asked her again is she okay? But she was stubborn and say that she's perfectly fine. However after five minutes, she probably couldn't hold anymore longer, and she said "I think I need the toilet" She rushed to the outhouse, that was just a hole on a wooden bench. She rushed inside, while we waited outside and carefully listened. She got her skirt and panties down and gave a painful moan. Right after that we would hear a really nasty sound like SPLLLRRRRRRTTTTTSLOPSLOPSLOPSLOPSLOPSLOPSLOPSLOPRRRT.
She let loose a huge and runny wave of liquid poop. The smell was awful, and moment later and even nastier noise would come out of the outhouse, as she would let go a huge wave of pure diarrhea like SLRRTSPLURTSPLURTSPLURTSPLURT....SLOPSLOPLOPSLOPP, she moaned in the middle and continued with another burst SPLORTPLOPPLOPSLOPSLOPSLOP. After that she quietly said "I think I have diarrhea" and we replied "No kidding" Right then out of nowhere a massive cramp hit my insides and I knew that I would need a bathroom really soon. I asked Lelde how long would she be there, and she didn't even answer, just moaned, made a watery fart and bursted out more diarrhea. I was surprised how could a 9 year old girl could poop so much, but I guess diarrhea makes you poop your entire guts out, so no wonder. Then Lelde said that. I could find a bucked in the tractor shed, and use it as a potty. I liked that idea and went straight to the shed. I found a white plastic bucket there and went to find a quiet place to relieve my bowels, when suddenly Annija came running towards me, and said that she's gonna shit herself, if she doesn't find a potty. I asked her, if she had an upset stomach too ? and she said "Probably, everything is just bubbling inside me, waiting to come out" Since I really enjoyed buddy dumps, especially if someone had diarrhea, I proposed that we use the bucket together as a potty. She didn't seem to like that idea much, but i guess she was so desperate that she had no choice. We went in to the woods where an old soviet truck was deserted. We went behind it and I asked her "So, who's going first?" She tried to be polite, and said that I could go first, which I gladly did. I pulled down my jeans and panties and carefully sat on the bucket and relieved myself. Moments later I evacuated three soft logs and a bunch of mushy poop, that looked like mud was sliding out of my bumhole. I felt that, I'll poop more in the nearest moments so i didn't move away from the bucket. But when I saw Annija squirming and doubling over in desperation i asked her if she would want to sit beside me, on the bucket. I think she would hesitate if her insides wouldn't been so upset. She got her skirt and panties down, and carefully sat beside me. Just like me she immediately evacuated a bunch of loose mush and sat there moaning and said "Ahhh, that's much better, so who do you think won ?" I had totally forgot about that, so I said that the winner is the one who holds for the longest time, therefore Annija. Actually I was sure i could have held my poop inside for longer, but I wasn't in the mood for torturing myself till the last moment. A few minutes later I started having really sever waves of diarrhea, that would come every two or three minutes, and I would burst out a stream of undigested berries with watery diarrhea, that sounded like SPLOOORRRTSLOPSLOPSLOPSLOPSLOPSLOPPRRRTSLURPSLURPSLURPSLURPPRRRRRRTTT. Annija on the other hand got trough much faster. As she would just let one huge wave of liquid poop out, and spend the rest time farting. Overall it was pleasant buddy-dump, that I remember vividly till this day. My diarrhea stopped after about 30 minutes, when I felt weak and dehydrated, so i want to the well to get some water. When we got there I saw Lelde with a cup of water sitting there and she said, that her diarrhea stopped after about three more waves, while I replied that I had about nine of them. Even after this experience, we would continue making these contests and we would eat some really weird stuff, that would make our insides turn upside down ^^

I'll tell some there stories some other time.
Well sayonara everyone ^^


Hadn't pooped for 8 days

Yesterday afternoon I finally got relief after not taking a dump in 8 days. When I felt the urge to go at long last I started to think about how long it had been since I last went and I realized my toilet would never handle this major shit I was about to unleash. I hurriedly thought of anywhere else I could go to use the bathroom and I came up with nothing I thought I'd make it to in time. But then I remembered a woody area not too far from where I live. So I grabbed a roll of toilet paper and set out.

By the time I got to somewhere with privacy so I wouldn't be seen by any passers by (or at least I hoped), my need to go was getting intense. I was sweating bullets trying to hold back the storm while I unbuttoned my pants and then yanked them and my panties down in one motion. I got into a squat and the feeling was so amazing as a big turd stretched my hole to the limit and it just kept growing. The end had touched the ground and more was still rolling out. The turd started to curl up and pile on top of itself until it snapped off. My hole remained open and I passed a long silent fart. Another turd took position and emerged. It was thick but not quite as thick as the first. I gave a small push and the turd exited my body very quickly. In just a matter of seconds a large amount had come out and was lying on the ground.

I knew there was much more left in me needing to be let out so I waited and continued to squat. Sure enough a turd poked out of my hole after a bit of coaxing. I had pushed out a fair amount and it fell to the ground with a thump. After that I passed another turd remarkably similar. The finale to my huge dump was a ringstretcher. My hole was at its limit and had to go wider to accommodate this beast. But once the head was out, the rest was a little easier to pass. I could feel my insides churning as the mammoth turd came out a bit at a time. I was surprised as how long this turd grew. Every time I thought for sure it would break off it didn't and more exited. And then at last it did end and I didn't feel any more poop in my body.

I stood up and looked at my turds and it was all mixed in one huge pile that looked like a horse or a cow had taken a shit. I tried to wipe but my hole was still sore and I think maybe a bit of blood. I hung around for a while just admiring that an hour ago all of that was inside me. I was able to wipe a bit better some time later although it still hurt a lot. I pulled up my pants and panties and went home to relax. I went to pee much later and there was some blood stains but not too bad, I guess.

I am a girl and I am 16. I think I have a problem. How many times a day is it normal to pee? I pee when I first wake up and that's it. I don't hold in my pee, I just don't ever need to go except in the morning. When I pee in the morning sometimes I go for more than three minutes without stopping. Is there something wrong with me?

Mama's Boy

Desprate at Walmart

Okay this is my first time on this site and I have been a lurker for years so let me tell you about my pooping story at Walmart. Me and my mom where driving around doing some shopping I always enjoy shopping with my mother today I have not pooped in 5 days I am not a often dumper so we where on the high way and my stomach Gurgled really loud and my mom said son are you okay? And I said yeah I'm fine I just have to poop really bad, My mom said okay well to be honest with you I have to poop to that Mexican food I had last night is not turning well in my stomach, and I said okay lets get there as soon as possable and she agreed we got to Walmart and I was almost about ready to shit my self my mom went into the women's bathroom and I went into the Men's bathroom there where two stalls one was out of order and the one was already being used and I could tell the guy in there was Shitting too, witch made me even more desperate about 3 minutes later the guy was out of the stall I went into the stall I pulled my jeans down and my thong (yes I know I wear women's thongs I'm not gay I just like women's underwear)
and I felt my anus stretched really wide, I let out this one big log and was like when the hell is this thing about to end? it seemed endless as soon as it dropped in the toilet boll I felt so relieved. This monster was about 3 inches wide and about 2 feet long I know I doped out some small turds I peed then I wiped my ass I and washed my hands and walked out of the bathroom (I was in there for about 15 Minutes) My mom was waiting for me she said are you okay I said yeah I'm fine I feel about 10 pounds lighter

So that's my first story everybody I hoped you liked it
Mama's Boy

Jennifer G

First Post; Be Nice :)

I've been reading many of the posts on this site for awhile and only now have I mustered up the courage to share my own tale. But first, some background info: I'm 16, average weight, a little on the tall side, with brunette hair.

My first year in highschool was a rough adjustment, rougher than most probably. I went to an all female private gradeschool beforehand. I was not used to the larger classes and presence of boys. Once I got adjusted, I started to enjoy myself. There was just one nagging issue: bathrooms. I was not comfortable even peeing for my first week, but holding a pee for several hours is painful. #2's were a different story that I'll probably get to later. By sophomore year I was able to drop a deuce at the school bathrooms but it wasn't my preference. I was able to train my body to hold it until I got home. This for the most part worked well, except for one time in particular that sticks out.

Let's put it this way: 3 days constipated + Eggs and sausage for breakfast = Desperate need to take a dump

It wasn't even 2nd period in a 7 period day when I started feeling the telltale signs of a turd on the way. A slight tingling sensation around my butthole, some pressure in my stomach, cramps, and small, barely audible gurgles. When I feel the initial need to poop I don't have much time to let it out of me, in a toilet preferably. I was wearing a new green skirt and I did not want to get it ruined with shit stains. I buckled down in my seat, clenched my buttcheeks, gripped my pencil tightly, and reviewed my options.

Holding it until I got home was out of the question. Leaving for an extended amount of time (trust me, I'd be awhile with this one) is always embarrassing. My only option was the nurse. I could go to her complaining about "stomach pains" and she'd probably let me use her toilet. Next period, I asked to go to the nurse. I shuffled through the halls with my cheeks tight and my teeth clenched. I needed to go so bad I was tempted to go right there in the hallway.

I got to the nurse and she was busy. She was helping some boy in my class who was clearly faking. With the log repeatedly coming in and out of my butthole I was running out of time. The fact that I was put on hold for this kid filled me with rage. She told the kid to lie down in one of the beds and she came up to me. I was so embarrassed. If leaving for the bathroom for 10 minutes is an implication of taking a shit, telling the nurse you have stomach pains and using her bathroom is about as blatant as me getting up on the roof with a megaphone and proclaiming to the world I needed a #2. Perhaps I'm being dramatic, but this kid would certainly blab to his friends about what I was doing. However, that embarrassment would come in a few hours, but this shit was coming out in a few minutes so I was out of options.

"What's the problem Miss (My last name)?" she said loudly. I could see the kid on the bed peering in to see.
"Um, you see Mrs. (Nurse last name), I have some stomach cramps and pains." I said. She got close an whispered.
"Is it that time of the month? Or ya need to move your bowels?"
"Look, could I just use your restroom?" I said as calmly and politely as I could with a gigantic shit touching my panties.
"Sure" she showed me to the bathroom and opened the door. "Take your time sweetie."

Steeping into the bathroom at this point of desperation was like stepping through the pearly gates of Heaven. Sheer bliss as I raised my skirt, lowered my panties, sat down, and ripped a big, smelly fart. It was so loud I know they heard it outside but I was in such relief I didn't care. I moaned as the single log rolled out of me. The fat, stinky, wet, mushy log that crackled out with some of the loudest, most resonant farts I have ever cut. It was something else I tell you what. Even after that gigantic log I wasn't done yet. I snapped back into reality and noticed the foul smell I caused. I reched back to flush this monster away. The load was not over yet. A barrage of loose turds and rank farts exited me. I could smell the eggs in my farts. Flushing it down wasn't enough. Thankfully there was a can of air freshener on the back of the toilet. I grabbed it and sprayed like there was no tomorrow.

I felt like I had done enough to satisfy my need, but I wanted to be sure so I pushed. I sat with my elbows on my bare thighs as the final series of farts and single turd left my body and into the bowl. Plop, plop, plop. Some little balls left too. Another flush to eliminate the stench, but it was still extremely smelly in there. The freshener was all spent so I needed to tough it out for these last few moments. Holding my nose I reached for the paper dispenser.


The damn paper dispenser was empty. Once again, I pondered my options. I could call for the nurse's help, but that might give someone outside a glimpse of me on the crapper. Also, it would be beyond embarrassing having her smell this foul odor I caused, and waft out to whoever was out there. I could just suck it up and not wipe. There was no sink or paper towel dispenser in here. It was outside in the nurse's main office. Whoever designed this building clearly has never run out of toilet paper. Walking around the rest of the day with these greasy remains in my crack wasn't ideal, but it was what I ended up doing. After I got my pass from the nurse and bolted out of her office before she smelled what I did in her bathroom, I stopped by one of the student bathrooms and wiped, but the damage was mostly done.

That's all for now.


Just Random 4

One time back when I was in the fourth grade A lot of boys where standing around a toilet laughing a a lot of poop that hasn't been flushed.One of the men teachers storms in the bathroom and goes in that stall and flushes it and everyone went silent.


Buddy dump with my best friend

My best friend Denise and I were watching a movie at my house. About half way through, I needed to poop. But the movie was really good and I didn't want to put it on pause, so I just waited. Some time later, Denise farted real loud just as there was an explosion on the movie. "Saved that one up on purpose" She said, and I laughed. Every few minutes after that, she'd let off another fart, though none as loud as her first one.

Finally, the movie was over and Denise said, "I really really gotta take a shit!" and then I said, "Yeah, me too." and we ran to the bathroom together. I sat down on the toilet and immediately started to pee and push out a turd. I spread my legs wide and Denise sat on my lap and she pooped between my legs. She was farting a lot and dropping little small turds and we both peed for at least a minute. My turds came out slowly and they felt so good.

I had pushed out two turds and I felt I had one more in me. I farted quietly twice and the head of my turd poked out. It went back in and then out and then in again. I pushed hard and then the turd shot out of me. I said, "I think I'm done how about you?" and Denise said "Not quite". She wasn't farting nearly as much as at the beginning, but still a few now and again.

I heard a few large splunks and after that Denise farted one last time and she said "Okay, now I'm done." and we got up and looked in the toilet. It was mostly full of her small nuggets and turds and you could barely see my big logs down at the bottom. She sat down and wiped herself six times, and then stood up again. I took her place and wiped but I only needed two wipes. I flushed the toilet and we left the bathroom both feeling relieved.

Upstate Dave

Desperate Girl In Alley Pissing!!!

Yestrday I was out with the two guys that live upstairs over me and another friend went out to do some needed chores that they needed to be done and i needed to do a coule rrends for my wife. So I had gone with them. After all the stops had been made except for a last stop which was a stop ina alley that was a block from my house for a part off a fan I had seen that one of the other fellows needed for his fan which was the same fan.

When we got to the alley and had just turned into it up in front f us there was a yellow Ford small model suv had just come to a stop which blocked our way to go through the ally where the fan was out in the trash. There was room to get aroud theyellow Ford suv so we crept further up the alley geting closer.

As we got closer we saw the drivers door suddenly swing open! We saw a girl get out very quickly. Our driver now stoped. The Fords suv girl driver now had stepped past the open door. She wasn't looking our way so she had not seen us parked there in the alley. Her backwas to us and she had ona pair of red shorts and they were already yanked down below her knees!

The driver now said to the rest of us as we were rivited right on this girl She's going to pop a squat! With her shorts already down below her knees her nice looking sort of larger asscheeks were faced right at us! Then she did sqaut down in a high squat! Then she even reached behind her with her twohands and spreaded her cheeks wide apart!

Seein her do this the friend next tome said; I shse going to shit!! It sure lookes like she is!!! None of us others said a word back to him! For now the girl was pissing!!! , and PISSING REAL HARD!!! She had a massive straight downpiss stream which was agushing spraying piss stream! There was so mch piss that we had our windows down we could hear the splash of he piss on the alleys blacktop pavement!

Plus with such a hard piss this girl was doing in seconds she had a big black wet spot formed onthe pavement and along with the big wet spot which was a piss puddle she had a single piss trail creeping out of the big piss puddle heading down the alley towards us in our car!This girl must have had a large bladder for boy did she stayed down her high squat with her spraying and gushing piss stream she stayed squating and pissing for a very long time!!!

Plus we got a bonus!!! For her piss stream eased off so slowly too! Its sparying eased with her stream slimmed down from its hard gushing too.We didn't hear if her stream hissed but that didn't matter! :-)It was great to watch her! Then after some more time her stream was down to being above a trickle. Then she did stop which tured out tobeonly apause!! Then shelet go with several hard spurts of piss and then stayed squated for after her spurts she sure did drip a lot!

Then she took her hands off from her asscheeks. Stayed squated for severalmore seconds and then she stood up without pulling up her shorts. Then she did bend right over grabbed her shorts and started pulling them up. Once they were up she did step back around her open drivers door and got inside her yellow Ford suv.

This is when she had to have seen us there in the alley in our car! We heard the engine start and she did come towards us and then pulled over where she could pull over where people lived and had a paved pull in spot to park their cars. I would have seen the look onher face when she did see us there. But you couldn't. All of the windows on her yellowo Ford suv were tinted to dark to see inside of them. They were also all up too.

But we made sure she saw us! WE all were smileing with one thumb up as we apssed her. After we had gone by she raced down the rest of the way down the alley and quickly turned and was gone! We all laughed hard and we stopped where the fan was in the trash and myone friend that needed the part for hisstepped out got the part hopped back in andthe tree of us in a few short moments were dropped off and we were home. Thats it!! Upstate Dave

Cindy Shitter

What carnival food does to 22 year old blondes

I was out at the carnival all my own once. The rides got me dizzy and they stirred up my bowels and on top of that i just had really spicy chicken wings. Soon my stomach rumbled. I started running towards the outhouses. Soon i felt a little fart come out of my butt. I opened the door and i saw a teen girl sitting on the toilet. I immediately closed it. I kept hearing plops and squirts. Soon she came out. I rushed in and closed the door i tried to lock it but it wouldn't work. I lifted up the seat to see it extremely dirty and i saw the teen girl shit inside. i soon grabbed the some toilet paper and tried to make a cover but then my stomach gurgled followed by a fart. I sat down before i finished my cover. Three loud farts and then runny shit flew out my ass more farts then came. Then i felt like a turd was coming. I pushed too hard and my turd flew into the toilet causing splash back. Then my outhouse door opened. A slim dirty Blondie girl came in holding her butt. She said " please let me use the toilet i have the runs!" "fine" I said. I got up and then the girl sat down and had three huge long farts. Then i heard tons of plops followed by a fart. Soon my stomach rumbled again and i sat on the sink like thing. Liquid ran out my ass and into the sink. The other girl said to me "diarrhea, huh" I said "ya" then more liquid came out followed by a barrage of short smelly farts. Then her stomach kept rumbling and rumbling. She let out a 20 second fart that smelled horrible. My bowels then erupted into the sink then i left. My bowels weren't done and i went into the art building. I had Italian food in there (bad idea). I got a huge cramp and headed for the toilets. My stomach kept bubbling and bubbling. The next step was gas. It kept getting worse. I finally made it to doors of the bathrooms. The Women's' was closed. More gas and stomach cramps came. As soon as i got in i pulled down my panties. A huge fart came out followed my an endless stream of shit leading to a urinal. It got all over the wall and the urinal overflowed. I then walked over with my pants down to a stall leaving another trail of poop. I sat down and at least 100 farts along with squirts of shit. I was kind of sweating because of all this shit. Then everything stopped. I looked at the ground covered by my shit. I looked at my long blond hair. I looked at my chest and spread out legs. I stood up and reached for some Toilet paper. My stomach grumbled and i grunted and pushed. It was just a long wet fart to end it all. I wiped and left that that horrid place.

Biggest Liquid Shit Ever!!! Part 2

I looked under the stall door to see her legs..slim and sexy. When i got back up though my stall door opened. I was about to shut it but it was already to late. The girl looked at me sitting on the toilet, my legs spread out and my swollen belly showing out from my white miniskirt. This girl exactly looked like me but slightly younger, I would say about 21. She then looked at me in the eyes. She asked, "are you pregnant?" I replied "No, I just have a really bad case of diarrhea..." "Oh me to..I once overflowed my boyfriends toilet because it was so bad" Right when she said that a small turd shot out my ass followed by a short squirt fart. She then said, "Is it really that bad...oh and by the way my name is Ana" I replied, "Yeah, oh and my names Cindy" Right at that moment we became what i call poo buddies. But then, i heard HER stomach rumble....twice. She said "Oh yeah this what i came for" She ran into the stall next to me and she pulled down her jeans. I heard her ass hit the seat followed by a few farts and at least 20 droppings. She let out a minute long fart after that!!!!!!!( yes i counted). Then a long stream of liquid shit came ending with a fart. I looked down between my legs to see liquid shit rising up and touching my anal cavity. I Have almost overflown this toilet, and my stomach is still gurgling. As all of this is going on Ana is releasing a full force from her anus. At one point i even saw a turd fly out of her toilet onto the floor. Even worse news there wasn't any toilet had been use up by the last girl. But lucky for me I let out a huge log followed by a fart. Ana asked me if i was OK and i said yes but my anus probably has a bruise. She was stilling have an endless chain of gas but the it all ended with her letting a wet fart out followed by a huge PLOP! I then asked her for toilet paper she gave me some which had her phone number written on it. Somehow my shit had made a friendship. Nevertheless i wiped and left the toilet unflushed. Ana did the same. We looked at each other shits and said wow. I gave her my phone number and then left. We would have many other shitty adventures to come

Michelle (Formally M.S)

Wiped my bum with sweaty socks after a poo in a new place...

...I also have some responses to Wendy underneath my story. Oh can I just say I am so sorry for not posting in a long time but I hope I will now be able to post more regularly after all there is no other site like it so I should take advantage of it being here. I love the fact that we can all openly discuss our bodily functions without embarrassment especially admit that I have pood and wet myself as an adult women in her late 20's. I would also like to thank the fantastic moderators who do a great job by not putting any rude, inappropriate or nasty posts on the site. I actually have to admit a few of my posts haven't been put up so I can only say sorry for that, although I think that they were more inappropriate than rude or nasty.

Anyway on to my story. I got an urge to poo this morning and fancied doing it outdoors but I wanted to find somewhere different. I went for a long walk in search of a nice private spot to relieve myself and I ended up in the woods where I have had many incidents which I will post about in the near future. Anyway as I wanted to find somewhere I had never been to before I continued walking along footpaths that take you to the other side of the woods and I must have lost all sense of time as I ended up in a business park that is located about 30 minutes from the front entrance of the woods and by now I was bursting to go which made it really exciting as I have always wanted to poo in a place in which I was at risk of being seen but not too much risk as that would be embarrassing but still somewhere completely inappropriate. I started to look around the business park and noticed it was very busy and I started to get desperate and was about to give up and head back to the woods when I noticed a small shed like building in the corner which was practically out of sight of the businessmen and women in the offices, however there was still a slight risk of being caught. The door was pad locked and I began to panic so I went around the back of the building where I couldn't be seen intending to release the contents of my bowels on the ground but I found an open window and climbed in, almost pooing myself in the process. Once inside I looked around; it was full of old office furniture including chairs, desks and I even noticed a broken toilet so I guessed it was being stored until it was ready to be thrown out. I thought about going in the toilet but it wasn't interesting enough and I started to feel the tip of my poo coming out of my anus so I needed to find something more exciting to poo in or I would end up messing myself. I then had an idea so I quickly pulled my jeans and knickers down and sat on one of the old office chairs. I started to push and a long, thick poo emerged but it only came out about an inch before it met the resistance of the chair and stopped. I pushed a bit harder to force some more out and all I could feel was the hot poo spread itself out between my bum cheeks. It was quite a firm and knobbly poo so I had to push as hard as I could but it still wouldn't budge so I lifted my bum up using my hands and gave a big push and in one big rush the poo crackled out forming a huge pile on the chair. My arms soon started to ache so I sat back down which squished the poo all over the chair and my bum which caused a terrible smelly mess but then I realised a huge error on my part as I had forgotten to take any toilet paper with me and as my bum was caked in poo I couldn't just pull my knickers up and walk away so I sat there for a few minutes, looking around to see it there was anything I could use but there was nothing and that's when I had a brilliant idea even if I do say so myself. I thought I would use my socks so I took them off and immediately felt the wetness of my sweat which was great as it meant I could use it like a wet wipe. I began wiping my messy bum and was surprised by two things; one was how dirty my bum was and the other was how well the sweaty socks worked and within 5 minutes my bum was clean but the same can't be said for the socks which were covered in poo so I left them next to the huge pile of messy poo. Once I had finished wiping I put my jeans and knickers back on, climbed out of the window and started to walk home. While I was walking home I started to think about how well the sweaty socks worked and I am now planning to buy wet wipes when I go shopping next as I feel they will work much better than dry toilet paper. I also couldn't help but think of what the people who will clean it out are going to think when they find my poo on the chair surrounded by some poo covered socks but I loved the experience so it didn't matter.

Response to Wendy's questions

My latest buddy dump was a few weeks ago when I was over at Emily's flat. I got there at 9am as we were going to go into town to buy some new clothes for the summer. When I got there Emily was having her breakfast so we sat in the kitchen and talked. While we were talking I had a slight urge but over time it became more urgent so I to her "I'm just going for a poo, I won't be long...I hope". I got off the chair and started walking to the bathroom when Emily said "Ooh I need a poo as well. Let me just finish my breakfast and we can have a buddy dump" I quickly replied "Sure, it will be fun". After a few minutes she finished her breakfast and got up and followed me into the bathroom. We took off our clothes and I sat right back on the toilet seat and Emily sat between my legs. We started to pee and once we had finished we both started to push out our huge loads. I farted and I felt a turd emerge from my anus and drop into the water with a plop I then began to push out my second turd. Meanwhile I could hear Emily's first poo crackling out of her and after a while it dropped into the water causing both of our bums to get wet. She soon released another log but I was having trouble with my second so I pushed as hard as I could and slowly but surely my anus stretched as wide as it could as this beast emerged. It was unlike the first as it was hard and lumpy and quite painful to pass but it broke off and landed in the toilet. I pushed again and it got soft and just started to flow out on its own. There was a lot of it too and it piled up on top of our poo until it was sticking out of the water. We sat there for a while until we were sure we had finished and as soon as we were we both wiped are bums and flushed the toilet.

On page 2057 you asked the question "Has anyone ever peed themselves in the rain?" and up until 2pm Tuesday 28th the answer would have been no but while I was walking home from work it started to chuck it down with rain and within minutes there was thunder and lightning which I did't quite understand as the part of Sussex that I live in was lovely and hot up until that point but I suppose that's British weather *rolling eyes*. It all started near the end of my shift I when started to feel a desperate urge to pee. I thought about going to the ones at work but I thought I could wait until I got home so I started to make my way home. Unfortunately when I was about halfway home it threw it down, then to make matters worse there was thunder and lightning. I got completely soaked and watching the rain fall and feeling it on my skin made my need more desperate and as I was dripping wet I thought I would be able to wet myself and no one would know. I then started to get cold and I knew the pee would warm me up so I just let it out and I started to feel a nice warmth liquid run down my legs. Once I finished I continued my walk home looking like a drowned rat and as soon as I got indoors I took off all my wet clothes, had a nice clean hot bath and put some dry clothes on.

Jasmin K


Just a quick update and some responses.

Since getting that last monster poo out Ive had a couple of other really big poos.

This mornings poo was quite a good one. We had finished breakfast and I washed the pots whilst our Mum took my little sister to the bathroom to change / toilet etc and get ready to go out. As we were going to town and then visit my Aunty in the evening I decided I would make myself do a poo now even though I didnt feel like I needed to poo rather than leave it till we got back in the evening and possibly end up holding It.
I had to wait a little while as untill sis was finished, eventually I heard the flush so I went upstairs into the bathroom and pulled my knickers down and sat down. I pushed a couple of times and farted then peed and pushed again.It still didnt feel like there was anything there. I know when its like this I can make something come out so I waited a couple of minutes then strained really hard and really hard again making my arse bleed. It felt like my poo was coming so I strained very hard again and again. I did this for about 5 more minutes and did a couple of hard pebbles. I could feel a log in my arse so I strained hard again and a piece dropped into the water with a splash. It felt like there was more so i strained again and after a couple of minutes of straining another piece dropped in to the water. I decided that that was enough for now considering I didnt actually need to go. I wiped my arse which was still bleeding, there was only blood on the paper, no poo. I put a wad of tissue between my cheeks and pulled my knickers up and mini skirt down ( well as far as a mini goes )and we had a nice day out. We got back earlier than I thought we would so I went and met some friends. That resulted in a poo story about one of my mates which I will post soon when I get to know how things ended up for her.

Hammer Diva / Brandon T / any one else who is interested

Enemas - I have not had one and having heard about them and read about them on the Internet I can say I really dont think I will ever have one. I knew a girl in my class when was younger who used to get them twice a week but they are not for me.
Hemorrhoids or Fissure. Yes Ive got a fissure at the moment - assuming that is a crack in the skin of my arse hole.. I used to get them alot when I was witholding when I was younger and it used to split my arse when It came out. Ive had fissures on and off that I can remember from when I was 8 yrs old and according to older sister (19 and lives with her BF) I had them alot as a toddler during potty training.
Hemorrhoids refered to as piles in our family - which Ive had several times although not at the moment. I remember when I first found out what piles were, I had heard them mentioned then one day I was in the bathroom and my older sister who was 11 at the time was on the toilet and she mentioned something to my mum about having piles again.She had been there ages and my mum had said to me she had to stay there as she hadnt done a poo yet. I should have been on it ages ago and now it was nearly my bedtime and I hadnt been on the toilet yet and was hoping as I did then that my mum would forget and just put me in my nappy. (I had a nappy sometimes if I was going through a bedwetting phase and also if I was witholding or should I say In hindsite winning the battle of sitting on the toilet appearing to try to do a poo and not being able to)anyway I was waiting and eventually my sister got off the toilet and my mum told her to bend over the bath and wiped her arse for her which seemed pointless as she had been dropping hard pebbles which splashed into the water(my older sister is 5 years older than me)or on the occasions she did it in her knickers which as I recall at that time was a couple of times a week. Mum then took a tube of cream and put the end in my sisters arse which had like 3 or 4 big lumps sticking out and was still bleeding and squeezed then pulled it out and then Mum put cream on them.
They seem to run in our family so I really arnt bothered about them. My Mum only put the cream on me a couple of times then did it myself

Regarding diet and excercise - I walk alot - to /from school, into town etc and yes I do eat some fruit - Bananas and Strawberries my favs and some veg although more often salad. But alas I do like my meat, burgers etc and love milk and cheese, I am aware that some of these can cause constipation but I will not be stopping eating them because of that.
There are a few things I eat that cause me to have very hard poos and sometimes when I am very constipated I have stopped eating them but last time I didnt. Me and my little sister were pigging out at my Aunties today on several things that make me have hard poo. i think the same may be true of my little sister as when ever she has stayed at my Aunties she I always constipated when she comes home.

Anyway more for another time


Outdoor Lady

Peeing convenience

I like to purchase Tena pads in the higher absorbency levels. These are great for when you are out and about and can't find a washroom or bushes to pee. I sometimes stand still, relax and pee into these pads. They are also great at relieving a little pressure - say half emptying your bladder in an emergency and waiting until you find a bathroom or bush or parking lot etc. to pee out the remainder. They can be a girl's best friend. Sometimes a full bladder hurts too much so this is a form of pain relief.

The Perfect Storm

On a cold January day last year, I arrived back into my college town. Too lazy to cook, I had a scrumptious burrito for lunch from the local burrito joint. The burrito was loaded with lettuce, tomato, rice, beans, beef, guacamole. Unfortunately, the lady who worked there accidentally put on some sour cream. I hate sour cream, but I just ate the burrito anyway. For dinner, I met up with a friend to talk about his dating situation. I decided to splurge and get a loaded bacon cheese burger. It tasted juicy, succulent and really good. I went to bed feeling really good and appetite satisfied.

The next morning, I woke up feeling a little funny. My stomach had a sort of a dull ache.I started passing wind in my bed. I noticed that the farts had a very strange smell to them. They almost smelled like rotten eggs. As my farts became more substantial, I knew I would have to get to a bathroom fast. I was still hopeful that my bowel movement would be solid. As I neared the bathroom of my dormitory, the urge became unbearable. I sat on the toilet and I found that I still had to strain a bit. At first, I strained and out came a little squirt of some brownish water. It smelled like a mixture of bacon and rotten eggs. Then I pushed a little harder and a larger squirt came out. Then I pushed even harder and an explosion of brown water came out. Thinking that the hamburger disagreed with me, I decided to go back to my dorm room. Before, I could make it there, I had a pressing urge to go again. I ran back. This time, with an easy push, dark brown diarrhea the consistency and look of curried lentils. I felt quite relieved. I got up and tried to leave the bathroom again only to come immediately back and let out another explosion of watery diarrhea.

Fortunately, my stomach started to calm down. I had to meet with my friend at a brunch place. I decided to walk. Fortunately, I made it. When I came in, I was feeling a little iffy with my stomach but just well enough to order my food and sit and talk with my friend. When our food came, my stomach started cramping violently again. I really was feeling pretty terrible. I went into the mens room. Light brown liquid just poured out of my raw anus. It splattered all over the bowl. As I was finishing up, someone was knocking on my men's room door. My friend told him I was in there and that he should just use the ladies room. After all what difference does two rooms with a single occupancy toilet make?

I came out feeling relieved and proceeded to nibble at my breakfast. At this point, I had lost some energy. After breakfast, we sat and talked for a little while. All of a sudden, I felt that all too familiar urge. This time, it was about ready to rush out right into my pants. Unfortunately, the mens room was locked so I decided to go into the women's room so I wouldn't mess my pants. I pushed a little bit and a bunch of bubbly brownish orangish water poured out. After this, I cleaned up and left.

On the way back to my dorm, I had to stop into the music building. This time around, I had the blast of all baths. Immediately when I hit the toilet seat, a torrent of orangish brownish water, mushroom chunks filled up the entire bowl within 2 seconds. I had to flush 3 times to get it to disappear. Fortunately, after this my stomach was emptied of its demons and I could just go on with my day. Looking back, it was probably the burrito hamburger combination that made for a sort of "perfect storm"


Stand and Deliver

Hi Everyone :

Thanks for your great posts..!!

A question for everyone - Have you tried to poop standing ?

Have tried this a few times with my girlfriend Christine. Recently, we were preparing for a quick shower together in the morning, and were in the bathroom.We were fully undressed and standing in the shower area, but before we could begin bathing Christine felt like taking a dump. We were laughing about it and suddenly the turds came out and fell with a splat on the floor. Just then, I let go too, and felt the warm turds squeezing out and fall on the floor between my feet. We just could not control it, and let all the poop come down. It felt warm and really nice. Of course, there was the added benefit of buddy dumping which both of us love.Thanks everyone.


Dans survey

1 how often do you pee? 4-5 times/day
2. what color is it? light yellow(drink lots of water) often do you fart? not often
4. what type of farts do you do? very soft farts
5. are you shy about farting? yes wife doesn't like it
6. do you fart on the toilet? No
7. how often do you poop? once a day, sonatinas skip a day/
8. how long does it take you? not long minute or two
9. what types of poop do you do? Chunks
10. Does a not come out? No
11> what texture are your loads? Normally solid, tend to be slightly constipated!!
12. When you poop do you require effort? yes if i am stopped up. i use Metamucil once a day!!

hope this helps

Freshman Freddy

What I remember about babysitter Caitee

Just Jerika's story about babysitting the two guys caused me to remember what happened to me like nine years ago when I was 5 or 6. My aunt, who lived several states away, was very sick so Mom and Dad took several days off work to fly out and visit her in the hospital. A couple of weeks later she died. This happened in the summer so I needed a full-time babysitter. My parents selected the girl who lived next door. Her name was Caitee, who was going to be starting high school that fall. She was gorgeous and very uninhibited about her body. But she was also a perfect student who knew everything, and she was in a lot of school activities, so many that a couple of times my Dad had to go up to school and pick her up after late play or newspaper work sessions because her parents were tied up at work.

During the days that Caitee stayed at our house and cared for me she took me swimming most every day, we went to the amusement park (she had a special color pass in her purse because her dad was in advertising and did work with the park), the zoo and some special activity days in the park. Each time before we left home, she went in to the bathroom to pee and a couple of times she took a shit because I could smell it when I went in. She always wanted to make sure I used the bathroom before we left home. I guess I didn't fully understand why that was, but in thinking back and in what Just Jerika wrote about with her two boys, Caitee wanted to avoid that as much as possible.

However, pretty much each day Caitee had to pee or crap. Each time she took me into the girls room with her. With one exception, she was good about pulling me along if there was a crowd waiting for stalls, finding a vacant stall, quickly closing the door behind us and then doing her thing. Unlike Jerika, she didn't require me to turn around and face the door. One day at the zoo, she pulled down her jeans and white underwear so fasts he almost lost me. I think her butt hit the seat and was splattering before her clothing was fully lowered. It sounded like liquid hitting the water, but with large plops that sounded like stones hitting. Even though I was somewhat embarrassed by what I was hearing, I did ask her if she was doing a Number 1 or a Number 2 because I couldn't figure it out. I was surprised and might have even asked her a question after she told me it was both. She lowered her head, throwing her long hair forward, and then I could tell by the look in her face that was was flustered. Finally, after she spread her legs wider and moved forward on the seat, the largest turd dropped.

I guess she figured I was bored, so she asked me to pull off some toilet paper for her. There was this one huge rol1 in a black plastic container. I asked her how much and she showed me with her hands. I pulled off too much and remember her saying something about not being messed up that bad. I told her Mom had been yelling at me about not wiping good enough and leaving messes in my underwear. She said something funny about laundry soap that I vaguely remember. I got to go on the other side of the toilet and see what was in the bowl as she wiped. I also noticed that she had some red zit-like things on her butt and legs right under it. Then she said I could go on the other side and flush. I was a real weak-ling back then. After four pushes on the lever, I still couldn't get it to flush. She cussed, grabbed my hand and while almost crushing it, the stool flushed.

Later that afternoon, it got really hot so we shared a large soda. I think it was a Dr. Pepper, but I may be wrong. Actually, we didn't share that much because she really was able to put it away. I got like three swigs at the very end when we got down to what was pretty much just the ice. She gave me a scare, though, because she choked on one of the pieces of ice, but finally ended up spitting it up and back into the cup. After another half hour or so, I told Caitee I needed to pee. She seemed really understanding and took it much more seriously than if my parents were with me. She picked me up, placed me and her shoulders, and we hurried through the crowd to the bathrooms. We finally got to a modern brick building that was pretty dark inside, had more toilets than I had ever seen and on both sides of the room, and she quickly took me into an open stall, closed the door behind us, and then yanked my shorts and underwear down so fast I thought it was going to rip. She also had longer fingernails which I could feel rake down my thighs.

I grabbed my organ, which Grandma called my "water spout" and pointed it into the toilet. Caitee grabbed my butt and pushed me right up agains the stool (something I remember my Dad also had to do; he would joke that I wasn't going to fall in) and as I started to spray, she took one hand off my organ, placed it on the front of the seat, and told me to lift the seat. Again, I had been taught to do that, but I guess I was careless. I don't know how long I peed, but it sure felt good to get it out. When I got done, Caitee told me to step aside and she seated herself. I remember how she did it so confidently. Her pee started immediately and continued for the longest time. I started to pull off toilet paper for her, but she grabbed my hand and said she didn't need it. She made me feel dumb when she mentioned why did I still have my pants down, but I had been totally amazed with how well she was able to control her pee. She stood and pulled up her underwear and jeans and I moved to the back of the stall and put all my weight on the flusher this time. I used both of my hands, one on top of the other, and I remember Caitee turning around and laughing. I felt so bad and inadequate. Then she took one attempt at it with her right hand and it worked.

I remember apologizing to her again, but she just laughed and said between the two of us we probably overloaded the bowl with a gallon or two more pee than it was use to. Then we went to the snack bar and had ice cream, but only after we washed our hands. Caitee must have spent a minute or more under the faucet and with soap. So I had to invest more time and effort into it, too.

Herb T.

Wife's Dump - & My Dump at the Mall

Hello - Herb T. here. Two interesting dumps today that I thought I would share. I saw the wife taking a nice dump this morning. I took our little dog out and let her go potty in the backyard around 7 this morning. Our other dog sleeps in a cage on the floor. When we went back upstairs, I intended to sleep for another hour or two. I was laying in bed and the wife went into the bathroom to take a poo-poo. There is a door that separates the toilet from the sinks and shower area, but we never close it. If I roll to her side of the bed, I can see a reflection of the toilet in the mirrored closet doors. Well I rolled over, of course, and saw her sitting on the toilet reading a magazine. She let out a couple of small toots, then I could hear a distinctive cracking sound as her bowel movement started. I also heard some splashes and she let out an ahhhh, as if she felt relieved, then did a courtesy flush, which she always does. She asked me if I'd look up some dog grooming places and call around to see if any had availability. I told her I would in a few minutes, as didn't want to stop watching her as she sat on the toilet. She kept reading her magazine and peed some. Finally, she began to wipe. I think my wife is a little OCD, because she always wipes excessively. She also wastes a lot of water, because she's paranoid the toilet is going to clog and flushes after every two wipes. I stayed there, staring into the mirror, as she lifted her butt up slightly on her right side, wiped twice, flushed, etc. After about eight wipes, she began using baby wipes we keep on top of the toilet tank. She used about three or four baby wipes. She was finally finished and began to pull up her panties, so I quickly rolled back over as she came out to wash her hands. Pretty cool - I could see all the action and she couldn't see me because of the angle. Plus, I was far enough away so I didn't have to smell the strong stink of her poo. She went downstairs after that to take our other dog out (he's a bit of a troublemaker - West Highland Terrier for all you dog lovers) and I poked my head into the toilet enclosure to get a quick whiff. Whew, man - it stunk. Luckily we have two windows in there that we always keep open, so the bathroom can air out fast. I also noticed that she used almost two-thirds of the toilet paper roll and she flushed about 7-8 times during the course of her poo-poo session. Man that woman is wasteful, I thought to myself. Money doesn't grow on trees after all - haha one of my dad's favorite sayings when I was a kid.

This brings me to the second part of my post - well we finally found a dog groomer that had availability and dropped the dogs off around 10:30. We had a few hours to kill while we waited, so we went to eat breakfast at a place close by. Good food and cheap - I got a breakfast burrito (good, big, and not greasy) and a double latte and the wife got some kind of healthy egg white dish with avocado and a Mexican mocha. Good breakfast, and I could feel my bowels rumbling as I started to digest the breakfast burrito. The double latte probably acted as a catalyst. There is an upscale mall nearby that we decided to go browse around in until the dogs were ready. I've been to this mall many times, but have never had to take a dump there. I just hoped there would be clean restrooms somewhere in this giant labyrinth of a mall. When we got into the mall, the wifey wanted to go to her favorite make-up store and I mentioned to her that I had to take a dump. She told me - go to B********* - I won't name the store, but it's an upscale department store. She said that she herself has had to go poo-poo at the mall before and always uses the restrooms in that store. So I left her at the make-up store and high-tailed it over to B*********. The store is gargantuan and three stories, so I had to ask one of the sexy women at the make-up counter where the restrooms were. She told me they were on the first floor and the general vicinity. If only she knew that I had to take the browns to the super bowl. I finally found the men's room, and wow - that was a nice restroom. All of the toilet stalls had solid walls between the toilets on the sides. None of those flimsy partitions. I took the first stall and it had a door that closed completely - no gaps on the sides. There was about a foot between the bottom of the door and the floor, but the toilet was far back enough that no one could see my feet. It was a high quality wall mounted Toto toilet with a contoured toilet seat that was sparkling clean. I almost felt bad that I was seriously going to unload some big brown butt bombs into it. No need for a toilet seat cover, so I took my shorts and boxers down to my ankles and sat down. I let out a couple of good loud farts and then the logs started to emerge from my seated buttocks. It was kind of a noisy dump and sludge-like in consistency. I prefer nice solid firm turds, but hey - I was at the mercy of my digestive system and my butt. It felt good to unload, and as I did so, I could hear several people coming in and out to piss in the urinals and a guy took the stall next to me and I could hear him pulling out a toilet seat cover. Luckily the side walls went all the way to the ground, so it wasn't one of those awkward moments where you are sitting next to a complete stranger and forced to look at their feet as you both drop the Cosby kids off at the pool. Oh, and there was music too, which is always a plus in my book to drown out any embarrassing noises. Well I began wiping, standing up of course, and the toilet flushed automatically. This was not one of those annoying auto flush toilets that keeps flushing, though. Well I finished wiping and wanted to get out before the guy dumping next to me finished. Don't you hate those super awkward moments, especially making eye contact with someone you just sat next to while poisoning the sewer system? So I hit the manual flush button and went out to wash my hands. There was a guy at the urinals and another dude at the sinks, which was a little embarrassing, but oh well. Completing a natural bodily function should not cause embarrassment. Well I found my wife, who proceeded to drop about $200 at the make-up store, LOL, and she asked me how the restroom was. I told her it was an excellent recommendation. She said the stalls in the women's room are completely enclosed, as if you're in your own room. The men's were almost enclosed, except for a small gap in the front. Ahhh, by far the best mall restroom I've ever used. If I ever have to take a dump at that mall again, I definitely know where to go. Adios amigos - have a good 4th of July - to all the Americans here, and to those who live elsewhere in the world - have a good weekend.


Welcome and some advice for Constipated Corky


As a fellow athlete, welcome to the forum. I'm starting my sophomore year in college and fully sympathize with your restroom problems. At the junior high, high school and now college level, I've competed in all types of facilities and many of the locker rooms and toilets leave a lot to be desired. If you've gone into the Old Posts, you know that I've also written about many of my experiences. It also helps that my boyfriend Adam, who is at the same college as me, has had some of the exact same issues that you talk about. He's a rugged guy, on a military studies scholarship, but has given up (as of a few years ago) using urinals at school and other public places. Adam takes a stall, sits down and pees. Among other things, a number of years ago he was being bullied at school for taking too long at the urinals and for the relatively small size of his organ. He was somewhat awkward at the time and that made him stand out to the bullies who wanted to hassle him.

Adam and I have talked about your posting. Many people are not able to regulate their bodies like you are trying to. You can't force something that wasn't meant to be. At 6',3" as a freshman in high school, I was frustrated every time I had to enter a stall because I would easily tower over the partition. To some, it would appear that I was standing and wiping when indeed I was just sitting and waiting for nature to take its course. It helped me in high school when I walked into the locker room at the last minute after class for practice and one of our assistant coaches was seated crapping her brains out. She said it would be a few minutes because she had too much meatloaf and potatos the previous day at her parents' house. I was amazed at her positive attitude and how she could joke about something like that while sitting on a doorless toilet in front of the whole team that was dressing for practice. After she got done, I took her place on the toilet to pee, because I didn't think my bladder would take me through the 90 minute workout.

Adam recommends that you don't take the "Trotter" nickname as a negative. Go to the bathroom before the game so that you don't have to do it between innings and don't take the condition of the toilets personally. Both Adam and I don't worry about covering the seats because any germs on the bottom of our butts are not going to harm us because we don't put our hands down there. Wiping, and take extra time to do this, is important and you will get extra confidence if you don't have skidmarks in your underwear (Adam personally can attest to that!). Adam said the shape of the toilet seats could be important, though. There's the circular-type seat that most of us have at home and the much-larger seat with the cut-out in front in most public places. When he's crapping in a public place, before he sits down, Adam will tear off just a small section (like three quarter sections) of toilet paper and lay it over the very front of the seat. That way his penis doesn't touch the front of the bowl. A couple of times when we've buddy dumped in public places, he's showed me the pubic hairs and urine on the front of the bowl. Urgh!!!!

Both Adam and I believe going to the bathroom is a natural activity and the use of public bathrooms is often going to be a necessity of survival. Hope your team does well as you make up the games that were rained out. We both wish you happy(ier)crapping.

Brandon T
I know I just posted a few minutes ago but I got to pooping scenes involving women to you guys about the first ones in the movie hall pass and the other is in bridesmaids.

Hall Pass

This woman is in the bathroom sitting on the edge of the bathtub complaining about a stomach ache and the she sneezes and you see a squirt of diarrhea hit the wall behind her and thenn she I feel better that sneeze helped not realizing she pooped on the wall.


A group of women come down with food poisoning at a wedding dress shop and a couple of them start puking in the bathroom and one poops in the sink and the bride ends up pooping herself in the street no poop is shown but you hear lots of fart before they get to the bathroom.

I just wanted to tell everyone because I just watched both seens a few minutes ago someone posted them on youtube and after watching them I just had to come back here and post about for anybody who might be interested.

Eileen H

Adventures Across the Pond: Story #3 (Finale)

I won't bother with excuses and just skip to the apology for the lack of posting. I'm still here guys and girls.


I hate outhouses more than life itself. Smelly, dirty, bug infested boxes. I try to avoid them whenever possible. While most of the public bathrooms (I should probably start calling them loos) in England I encountered were clean, the outhouse I encountered on a hike. The traditional English meal I had the night before, while delicious, did not agree with my system one bit. Tea, pork pie, pudding, and fish & chips. I'm not used to these foods and my need to shit later that night was clearly the evidence. The toilet in the apartment we were staying at was not very powerful and could clog very easily. There is a term for these types but I forget the name now. I tried to squeeze this monster out in a public toilet, but nothing came out. I went to bed that night with big cramps and an even bigger pile of shit sitting inside me. I knew I would clog that toilet 3 times over so I decided I'd try my luck with the public toilets again the next day.

We had a hike planned the next day, bright and early. My husband noticed my bloated stomach and asked if I was okay. I told him I was a little "clogged up", which wasn't exactly far from the truth. He recommended I take some laxatives. He said it would be much easier to hike without the "extra weight." I took one and hoped for the best.

The bus ride over to the camp site I started to feel the immediate, dire need to vacate my bowels. This could not wait, I needed to go right now. At least I would get it over with I thought. There was thankfully a bathroom on the bus. I don't know if I'd be able to make it all the way there with this need. The cramped bathroom stunk to high heaven. It was the type of stink that you feel like you can taste it is so pronounced and foul. I ignored it as the turd started to come out. There was no stopping this intense force so I rapidly got situated on the toilet before the thing landed in my panties. When I sat down I felt a squish on my buttcheeks. It was too late to get up and put some paper down because the log was already coming out. Also, surprise! There was no paper.

I searched my purse for options as the greasy, smelly log slithered out and landed with a big flop into the plastic bowl. I could feel the warmth of this thing rise up and greet my cheeks. In my purse I found a planner, which would be about as good of a substitute as anything so I held onto it. Unfortunately, nothing in my purse could eliminate the additions I made to the already pungent aromas that permeated this bathroom. The bathroom was about half the size of the normal closet. The shaking and rattling of the bus shook the contents below me all around. I reached back to flush even though I didn't feel completely empty. I wanted to get the hell out of there ASAP. I tore some pages out of the planner I'd already used, wrinkled them up so they'd be a little soften, and wiped. It was not pleasant, but it got the job mostly done. I still felt dirty back there, but the smell in this closet had gotten to be too much so I left.

Much to my dismay, that was only Part 1 of this poo-a-thon. Part 2 took place in the equally disgusting outhouse along the trail. I had been holding the beast back, but there was no way I'd make it the whole hike turtleheading like this so I wasted no time in using the opportunity, however smelly it was. The outhouse was the classic wood style. It was about the size of a closet, so it was a step up from the bus loo, but the smell was much worse. The pile of shit that was clearly visible had been baking in the hot sun for God knows how long. Words cannot describe how bad it smelled in there, but the only other option was dumping in my pants in front of most of my in laws. That option didn't seem half bad around this time honestly. Again, there was no TP, but my shock at the smell allowed me to notice this earlier. I also noticed the seat which I took the time to place sheets of paper from my planner over the seat because I didn't to get splinters or whatever ungodly substances were on this seat. As I danced around trying to place these sheets around I cut a nasty, wet fart. I felt like I had only seconds because the big log left me so I sat. The seat was mostly covered. It was one of those bench seats.

I plugged my nose and prepared for the worst. I closed my eyes and dreamed of a pristine porcelain seat with soft toilet paper as the long log was pulled out of me and into the foul stew below. I had to catch my breath and got a fat whiff of this stink. Another ripe, thick, juicy log left with a repugnant fart to help it along. Some liquid and smaller turds left as well. It all felt like it was all dumping out of me at once. It felt great to let it all go. The fact that it was quick made it even better. Less time in this rancid box. I wiped and swept all of the paper, which had now turned a light shade of brown, into the shit pile below. I exited and got a refreshing whiff of fresh air. My husband whispered to me "I take it the laxatives worked?"


Bad time for a phone call

This afternoon I was having lunch and I felt an urge to take a dump. I finished eating and then I was about to head to the bathroom when the phone rang. I decided since I didn't have to go real bad I could talk on the phone for a few minutes. But, it turned out one of my friends was calling. This particular friend (I won't put her name on here) talks and talks for a very long long time, leading to thirty to even forty five minute conversations about nothing important.

I didn't want to tell her I had to shit, or be rude, so I kept talking for some time. Unfortunately, she just would not take the hints that I didn't want to talk right at that moment, and kept on yakking. Eventually, I just absolutely couldn't wait any more. I told my friend I had an emergency and I had to go right away. I practically ran to the bathroom, seconds away from an accident, and plopped down on the toilet, pulling down my pants just in time.

But guess what? I had a log of shit hanging half away out of my butt and the phone rang again. I figured it was just my friend calling again, and I wasn't about to get up and answer it, so I let it go to voice mail. I continued to push out the log and two more came after it, then I wiped.


Monday's Dump

Hello everybody. This past week has been pretty good for me, crap-wise. Each days offering to the porcelain god has been pretty impressive, but Monday's was the best by far.

I got up at 5:30, peed, made my coffee, took a shower, then I took the dog out and got the newspaper. By this time the coffee was done, so I poured a cup and sat down at the computer. I checked my e-mail and did a little web surfing while I drank my coffee, at the same time I was becoming aware of a growing pressure and fullness in my lower abdomen.

About 6:20, the heavy feeling was becoming uncomfortable, so I took a couple sections of the newspaper and headed for the bathroom. I pulled down my shorts and sat on the toilet. I peed, then started leafing through the paper. Finally finding an interesting article, I leaned forward and took a massive dump.

After I finished my dump, I sat reading for about 10 more minutes, then I put the paper down and started to wipe. It took about 5 wipes before I was totally clean, then I stood up to check out my work.

It was, in a word, awesome. It looked like I was looking into a snake pit. It kinda looked like a couple of brown snakes, intertwined together. No way of knowing how long it was, but I'm guessing at least 2 feet.

After that, I pulled up my shorts, flushed, washed my hands, and left the bathroom. Then it was about 6:35, so time to get dressed and ready for work. I was a little sad I didn't have my phone with me to get a picture of that dump, because it was definitely photo worthy.

That's all for now. Hope everybody has a safe and happy 4th!

Frantic Francine

My ideal cubicle choice is.....

The stall selection I do all starts with E: is the seat clean? I prefer white over black seats for a couple of reasons. It's easier to see things like smeared shit and pubic hairs on a white seat. Also, white seats just look cleaner and more modern and like the ones we have at home. I also like the seats that most public places have that have the front of the seat cut out. Because there's often not enough toilet paper or seat tissues to cover the seat with before sitting down, I only sit over the very front end of the seat. The u-shaped seat works the best because that way my pubic area is not directly touching down on the front of the seat.

have an accident, get paid

Staying at a hotel this weekend for my girlfriends family reunion. Last night a lot of the younger people in the group were hanging out at the hotel bar where there was a live cover band playing. A wedding that was also taking place at the hotel this weekend was having its reception in a nearby ballroom earlier in the evening, and a lot of people from the wedding were hanging out in the bar too. We were all schmoozing together and having a good time, and the bar was pretty busy. There were two pretty cute young girls, had to be only 21-22, tending the bar. One was tall and very thin with curly brown hair, the other was a bit more full figured (not fat, she looked good) with straight, lighter brown hair that was in a pony tail, she had a nice round curvy butt that looked nice in the stretchy black pants she was wearing. They were both wearing such pants, and red baseball t shirts. Anyway, it was just the two of them and they were working non stop. After a while i noticed the girl with the nice butt seeming really whiny and agitated and kept complaining to the other girl whenever they were both near the cash register. At one point there was a latin looking guy in an all black suit with a gold colored name badge on near the bar, who i presume was the manager. She talked to him anxiously for a minute with a very desperate expression on her face and he just kept irritably shaking his head and gesturing with his hands at all the people. She turned around and walked back over near the cash register looking very upset, as she begrudgingly went back to work. Within minutes i could hear a few other people near the other end of the bar making a bit of a commotion. I looked over to see the one skinny bartender with an expression of disbelief, then i saw the bartender who I'd been watching crouched down on the floor with her face in her hands. After a minute she stood up and her face was as red as her t shirt, but more importantly, her legs and her butt were all wet and there was a bulge in the back of her pants the size of my fist. The poor girl had both peed and pooped in her pants in front of all those people. And the worst part for her was, she got no sympathy from the manager or the other bartender because it was so busy. She never really lost her composure, she just looked miserable and embarrassed, and very red in the face. She grabbed a couple of bar rags and cleaned up the pee puddle and used one to blot some of the wetness on her pants, then she threw them out. She then put an apron or something on backwards that covered the wetness and the poop bulge on her butt, and she washed her hands and got back to work, like a pro. Obviously she was working like she had a chip on her shoulder, and she had this interesting energy and a bit of an edge, like "I'm done being cute, what the hell do you want to drink?" (She didn't say that, i just mean that's what her attitude was like.) Anyway, when she was nearby there was only a very faint odor, like if you didn't already know she was carrying a load in her wet pants you probably wouldn't have noticed the smell. But here is the most interesting part- after her accident, her tips increased like you wouldn't believe! Whether it was out of sympathy, guys trying to be funny, guys being turned on, whatever, people were throwing down $5 and $10 tips after each drink she got them rather than the customary $2-3. After a few minutes she knew it was working for her so she kind of lightened up, and the other bartender just laughed about it. It was pretty crazy, i kind of have to wonder how much the money made her feel better or if next time she's strapped for cash she'll decide to "accidentally" pee or poop her pants while working the bar! Anyway, definitely going back to that bar tonight.

Zip - nice to see you here. I've missed your posts. Yes, "everybody shits," but it's also considered a very private act. Look at the post from the guy who won't even leave the stall to wash his hands because the guys there will know he's the one shitting.

I'm with him, or I was, which is what started me using open stalls to get over that fear. And like you, I've found most people don't care, at least most guys over the age of 13.

There are fewer open stall in my area, all being replaced by those unisex single cubicles with their own door. Even the rest rooms on the Interstate are being redone.

A big park in a city near me has open stalls, but I never see anyone elese in the men's rooms. Oh, well. It did help me get over my extreme embarrassment.


Al fresco buddy dump

My gf and I have become close and intimate; we are no longer shy to say when we need to go the bathroom and that sometimes, by implication, because we need to poo. It is a fact but not one we've ever discussed as such.
Yesterday the weather was beautifully mild and sunny and so, after work, we decided to take an evening walk in the countryside close to home. It was only a few miles but about half-way I started to feel the need to the need to pee. No big issue - behind any tree or bush will do - but we were in open country at this point so I put the issue to one side. A few minutes later, as we were approaching a small patch of scrubby woodland that was on a steep slope overlooking the downland below,I was thinking about this rather more when she said, quite out of the blue:

"I need to take nature's call".
I said that I needed to pee too, to which she replied
"So do I, but I really need more than that."
I said
"You go first. I'll keep look-out."
The offer was politely declined and by then I knew that I could really do with one too.
"Let's just go into the copse, where nobody can see us."

There was nobody else around anyway, so without more discussion it happened. We both squatted behind some bushes, half-facing so we could watch each other and still admire the wider vista, and had our first buddy dump: It was so cool and also so hot!


To Herb T

To Herb T: Yes I still visit the site. I haven't posted in a while since all I have lately is more stories about our ladies' room at work. Kind of more of the same, but if there is interest, I could share them.

Cindy Shitter


Hii shall now go by the name Cindy Shitter i did the biggest liquid shit stories and Im also the one with the freind Ana.

Thank You Brandon T for the good comments i do have nasty times shitting btw and Ana is sometimes worse :)

Monday, July 04, 2011


My Take on Just Jerika's Post

Twenty-some years ago when I was babysitting and Jerika's age, I remember vividly how difficult two boys 5 and younger can be. She got off easier, though, because her five-year-old wasn't eager to seat himself. One of mine raced into a stall way ahead of me at a ballpark and started shitting on the bowl, because he forgot to drop the seat. And when I dropped the seat for him, in just a few second standing up, he had his accident.

Jerika was right-on in telling the younger of the two boys what she was going to do when she was getting ready to pee; turning the boys around and having them face the door during her time on the toilet is a wonderful idea and one, which frankly, I don't think I would have thought of at her age. The question about why I was not using one of the seat papers (and I don't and I've written about this before) could have been answered by Jerika that as guys, some of the toilets can have some pee splashes on the seat and that when they start school, they may want to wipe the seat off before sitting on it. The mother seems pretty rigid, however, in what she's taught them.

Although I don't have children of my own, I am impressed with how Jerika seems to have good confidence in her skills set. Having to babysit for two children of the opposite sex is no easy assignment and she seems to be off to a great start.

The LIstening Ear

Part 8

In my new abode the toilet was just across the landing from my bedroom, and therefore I'm surprised at how little I remember hearing. But thinking about it, the place was a lot quieter than the last one. I do remember a commotion in the middle of one night: anxious voices upstairs followed by the thumping footsteps of the landlady's 13-year-old daughter on the landing, and then PLOP . . . . PLOP . . . . PLOP . . . . PLOP amid a lot of heavy breathing and panting. But that's all it was. From the fuss the family made about it the next morning you'd think the girl had been up all night with diarrhea or something. Still it was nice to hear.

My landlady had a friend who lived nearby, a blonde German lady whose name began with E. She visited frequently, sometimes bringing her two equally blonde daughters, aged about 9 and 11. I heard all three of them pee at one time or another; they all peed on the porcelain with the same rich, sonorous hiss.

I met a girl called Fran on an activity holiday. She lived alone in a small flat in a town which was on my route home. (She didn't believe me when I told her that, but it was true.) So I gave her a lift (ride) home, went in for a cup of tea and of course, listened when she went to the toilet. She only peed (unlike me - I'd been bottling up an explosive mixture of gas and mush for most of the journey!), but it was a very distinctive pee. Contralto semiquavers danced in the water, accompanied by a variegated shushing sound like the rustling of leaves.

It was a sound I could easily have grown to love, but sadly I was only to hear it once more. I went round to her flat for a meal with a couple of her friends, and then we all went out to a concert. Between the meal and the concert Fran went to the toilet, leaving the tree of us around the dining table next door, and during the gaps in the conversation I heard it again, exactly the same as before. Someone on this forum once asked if it's possible to know who is using a toilet from the sounds they make. The answer seems to be sometimes yes, sometimes no. At one extreme there's E and her two daughters sounding absolutely identical, and at the other, Fran, who was probably unique.

But I hated her friends, the evening was a disaster and I never saw her again.


To Hermes: Great to see you back. I had been wondering about you, Isn't it time you visited your favourite restaurant again? I would have thought you'd have all the waitresses' bowel habits sussed by now!


hammer diva
Jasmin K - when you were constipated you shouldn't have sat straining like that. You've learned the hard way now - I'm not sure whether it was hemorroids you gave yourself, or a fissure.
That's just one of the reasons you shouldn't let it go on for as long as five days. I know I harp on about autointoxication (on other sites) - but it exists, and is a real worry!
I don't know what your diet and exercise regimen are like but you need to eat more fruit and veg, less dairy, less meat (or none!) - and make sure you're physically active (suggestion: regular 45+ minute walks)
But if it does get to the point where you haven't done a smelly for five days - take an enema!


first post and story

Hi everyone, I've read a while and recently decided to start posting. I'm a sixteen year old boy, skinny and average height. I just got back from a vacation and I found a weird bathroom I thought I'd tell about. It was at a waterpark, and it was an extreme invasion of privacy to have to use it. It was a little rectangular room, maybe 8' by 6'. There were 2 sinks on the long wall to the left of the door. On the opposite wall of that one (to the right of the door), there were 2 urinals, one was a small one, with no little separation partitions. Directly to the right of the door, there were two sit down toilets. BUT, there were no separation partitions OR doors, so these toilets were just there by themselves. Between them on the wall there was a toilet paper roll. So, whoever was using the urinals was completely exposed to a person pooping. And, two people could poop side by side without any privacy at all. Also, if a person walked in the door and looked right, they got a nice view of a perrson on the toilet. It really was a terrible setup.

SO, I'm sure you're wondering if I had to use these weird toilets. I actually did, and it was the most embarrassing moment of my trip. I met this kid my age at the waterpark and we hung out there most of the day. My lunch of beef tacos was not my best idea, and soon later I could feel that they were ready to exit. After a waterslide I told my new friend that I had to run to the bathroom. He said that he also did too, to "take a mean dump". Clearly he was more open about this than me, and I knew what the bathroom was like and was nervous about going now. Anyway I walked over there with him and saw that there was one person using a urinal in the bathroom. Jason (my friend) was already sitting down, so I did the same. Jason had some really, really bad farts, and seemed to enjoy it. I thought for a moment, realized I really didn't have anything to lose, and let it rip. I had farts even bigger than Jay's and massive poop snakes shot out of me. He found this hilarious. I eventually saw the humor in it. I decided to be a turd burgular and left without flushing! I'm glad I ended up going, it sort of helped me get over my semi-fear of using public bathrooms. Happy posting!

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Feral Girl as always another great post at least most of the poop ended up in the toilet and you only had to clean up a little and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Ashley first welcome back and I hope some great stories from you soon thanks.

To: Emma as always another great post and I look forward to your next one thanks

To: Leanne another great story about you and your friend meg pooping together and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Blueboy as always another great post about your aunt and to answer your question ive done a few interesting farts but the one I remember most was when I farted and something else came out as well it happened when I was watching TV and I had to fart so I farted but as soon as I did a squirt of diarrhea came out so I haad to hurry to the bathroom I think I posted that story before and as always I look foward to your next post thanks.

To: Nikki great story I look forward to anyothers you have thanks.

To: Jasmin K I hope you feel better and are able to have a good poop and yeah constipation can be very anoying and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Hermes as always another great story it sounds like your friend Anne Marie really had to go and I bet she felt better after words and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: The Listening Ear another great story about hearing a woman going to the bathroom and as alwsys I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Angelica im glad my advice helped and great story it sounds like you and that other woman really had to go and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

Heres an idea for everyone to try take a poem and remake it with bathroom humor like Roses are red and violets are blue exscuse me a second I really have to poo or think of a scene from a play, movie, TV show Etc. and think of a funny or intresting remake of it but bathroom humor instead like in Romeo & Juliet the part where Juliet is saying Romeo oh Romeo how have it happening while shes trying to poop so it would go like Romeo ehh uhh Romeo uhhh (fart) or the play Cerano Debergeac (have ever thats spelled) the part where there talking to Roxane through the window how about having on the toilet and her telling him to go away shes triyng to poop this was just something I think would be fun to do and I hope you guys respond I would to here some of your ideas thanks.

Well thats all for now I just want to say how much I love this site and I only wish I found it only wish I had found it earlier and I visit this site everyday usualy more then more then once per day and again I want to thank the creators of this site for creating such a wonderful site where people who have intrest in this type of stuff can come and post things for free and I know there are some people who think were weird but were not hurting anybody so they should mind there own business and one more thing there should be town just for us that way we could talk to each other in person and have conversations other might find gross or weird but that wont ever happen but if it did it would be great and im sure many of you could agree with me.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS I love this site

Migraine Loverer


Question for everybody: when you have to strain to make a big poop, what sound(s) do you make?

Today I went into town shopping. Because of the teachers strikes there were loads of kids around. That included in the loos. I had to poo while I was there so I went to the shopping centre toilets. There were six cubicles and when I arrived they were all in use. Two girls were waiting for a toilet to open. They were about 14 or 15 and both had brown hair. The first girl looked pretty urgent. After a couple of minutes one cubicle opened and the first girl went in. I heard her explode into the toilet with a loud fart and a series of plops. Her friend giggled. Another cubicle on the other side of the room opened and she went in. Then soon after another, and I was in. Mine was next to the first girl and as I sat down she let out another two logs. I joined her quickly with a big log that sild out easily. I could see that she had her feet wide apart and her jeans but not her underwear were around her ankles. I let out another two turds and the girl let out one more. While I pushed out my final two pieces of poo I heard her moan quietly. I don't think she was pooing anymore, if you catch my drift!
When I came out her friend was waiting outside- I guess she was only weeing.

Will post again soon. Bye everyone!

Herb T.

A Few Shoutouts

Eileen and Amylee: No posts in a while - especially for Amylee. Do you still visit this site? Both of your posts are very entertaining and I hope you continue to post from time to time.

John and Brandon T.: I too have read the Gretel post - and her other one posted around the same time. I think she only has two posts. I agree with you guys - if there was such thing as a Toiletstool Hall of Fame, those two posts would be in it.

D. Anderson: As to who poops the most between myself and my wife, I would say me, as I usually go once in the morning and once around lunch time, or when I get home from work. Plus, I weigh about 220 lbs., while she weighs about 135 or 140 lbs. I also eat a good bit more than her, so my dumps are definitely larger, although she does have the occasional whopper. As for a farting contest, she would probably have no interest in it. She doesn't fart too often either - usually just during her first pee of the morning. If there was a contest, hypothetically, I would win for sure. My wife does not know of my interest in the topics associated with this forum, or at least know that I'm turned on by women moving their bowels and farting. I can say that comfortably, as most people who frequent this site probably share the same interest.

nikki: I enjoyed your daily ritual post - good imagery, with a touch of humor. I watch my wife go on occasion as well, although she could care less about me going. Sometimes her seeing me is inevitable, such as when I sit down for a dump while she's brushing her teeth. Anyhow, I look forward to any future posts.

Too everyone else - sorry, I just don't have time to address everyone individually. Please keep up the good posts. I like the funny posts too, so to all you comedians, please keep up the funny stuff!

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